Corner Gas

Season 3 Episode 3

Dog River Vice

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2005 on CTV
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Dog River Vice
Brent's coffee habit is proving too much for him, so he makes a deal with Emma: he'll quit coffee if she'll quit knitting. Emma takes up a new hobby, but isn't so happy with it when Oscar goes overboard with it. Davis and Karen, looking for respect, start a ride-along program, which doesn't work out quite the way that they'd hoped; Hank gets a new electronic organizer and very quickly finds that he simply can't live without it.moreless

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  • Brent and Emma vie to see who'll break first; Hank organizes everyone's life.

    Often in Corner Gas, the three story lines don't intertwine at all; however, this episode has two of them joining together - Karen and Davis do a ride-along program and have Hank as their first rider. Hank, using his new electronic organizer, arranges all their appointments, as well as his own life. In fact, he organizes Karen right out of the cruiser, leaving her drinking in the bar. The third story line has Brent going up against Emma to see who'll break first in giving up their addictions: his caffeine vs. her knitting.

    I found the outcome to be surprising - I would have thought that Emma would crush Brent, which was the general consensus among the people of Dog River as well. Brent was in denial as well as withdrawal all through the episode, and it seemed obvious that Emma would win. But Oscar's obsession with Ukrainian culture was an unforeseen development, and caused Emma to snap before Brent did. Brent wandering around, confused about where he was and what he was doing was mildly amusing, and not the strongest part of the episode.

    Hank and Davis were probably the strongest characters this week. The two of them are usually good, especially when they have toys to play with like guns or electronic organizers.

    We also had a cameo by e-Talk Daily and Canadian Idol host Ben Mulroney. And was that a shot taken by Corner Gas writers, when Hank told Wanda that he didn't think it was a good idea to keep moving Corner Gas around on the schedule? I think so...

    Overall, this was another good episode. Perhaps not as good as some of the best episodes of Corner Gas, but certainly not bad. And what a Canadian compliment that is..."ah, not bad..."moreless
Ben Mulroney

Ben Mulroney


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Murray Grant


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Mark Dieter

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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Lacey: You want some decaf?
      Brent: Decaf? The caf is what I need. I'm not just jonesing for some hot brown liquid. I need the caf!
      Lacey: You need therapy.
      (Lacey gives Brent a glass of milk)
      Brent: This isn't caf. It's for a calf.

    • Brent (to Emma): You quit your vice, and I'll quit mine.
      Wanda: What, belching?
      Brent: That's not a vice, it's a gift.

    • Karen: Nothing ever happens here.
      Davis: Nothing is what the town expects from us, and that's exactly what we deliver.

    • Hank: What's that?
      Lacey: It's a late birthday present from my cousin.
      Hank: Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your cousin.
      Lacey: The present's late, my cousin's fine.

    • Karen: Okay, Hank, you get to come on one partol, but remember that if...
      Hank: Shotgun!
      (Karen looks at Davis, who shrugs)
      Davis: He called it.
      Hank: Oh, speaking of that...
      Karen: You're not getting a gun!
      Davis (quietly, to Hank): If anything goes down, we'll share mine.

    • Oscar (to Lacey): You have any perogies? Only they're not really called 'perogies,' they're 'perohi'. (he laughs) Yeah, that's Ukrainian!
      Emma: Master linguist.
      Oscar (shocked): Watch your mouth!

    • Karen: Lacey's car won't start!
      Davis: Let's roll!
      Karen: Shotgun!
      Davis: Grow up, Karen.

    • (a man is lying on the sidewalk, unconscious, while a crowd stands by and looks on)
      Man: Is anyone here a doctor?
      Ben Mulroney: No, but I'm Ben Mulroney.
      (the crowd gasps in awe)
      Man: Let him through.

    • Brent: Do you think there's such a thing as caffeine gum?
      Lacey: I could let you chew on a used coffee filter.
      Brent: See, you say that, but I know you won't.

    • Paul: Maybe it's none of my business, but are you allowed to drink on duty?
      Karen: Who's to say I am on duty? ...My partner drove off and left me here.
      Paul: Well, are you getting paid?
      Karen: Yeah, but I'm not doing anything.
      Paul: Sweet! Getting paid for not doing anything! I sorta respect that.

    • Brent: I am totally brain-dead today.
      Oscar: Hey.
      Brent: At least I'm not alone.

    • Davis: You're just mad 'cause I made fun of your hairdo.
      Karen: You didn't make fun of my hairdo.
      Davis: I'll do it later. Get off my back.

    • Emma (about coffee): You're not supposed to have more than three cups.
      Brent: Three cups? That's for pre-schoolers or something. And they get nap time.
      Lacey: Everybody deserves a vice, Emma.
      Brent: Exactly.
      Lacey: Sex, drugs, coffee...let Brent have at least one of those!

    • Brent: You knit! It's a compulsion. You knit like it's going out of style. Which it actually did, some time ago.

    • Brent: Quitting coffee is hard; quitting knitting is easy...and fun to say. Quittin' knittin', quittin' knittin'....

  • NOTES (1)

    • Brent Butt and Paul Mather won a 2006 Canadian Screenwriters Award in the category of "Best Comedy or Variety Writing" for this episode.


    • Hank: Look at this, I got my whole day mapped out: 1 p.m., hang out at Corner Gas; 2 p.m., eat chips...
      Wanda: That thing's turned you into a real go-getter.
      Hank: ...4 p.m., hang out at Corner Gas...
      Wanda: Oh, um, can you rebook to 5? That's when I get off.
      Hank: Oh, I don't know. I don't think it's a good idea to keep bouncing Corner Gas around the schedule.

      Hank's last line refers to the real life situation regarding the TV schedule for Corner Gas. In its second season, CTV "bounced it around the schedule", mostly due to programming conflicts with American Idol, changing not only the time it was shown, but the day as well.