Corner Gas

CTV (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • It's Been A Gas
      It's Been A Gas
      Episode 19
      Brent Butt talks with the cast and crew of Corner Gas about the characters, the show, and their memories and favourite moments.
    • You've Been Great, Goodnight
      A new opportunity arises that may allow Brent to follow his dreams.
    • Get The F Off My Lawn
      A windstorm changes the name of The Ruby; Wanda requires equal rights at work, leaving Brent with more problems than he'd expected; the results of a jam contest leave Oscar concerned about Emma.
    • Happy Career Day To You
      Emma somehow manages to fall into the role of substitute teacher, and asks Wanda and Karen to speak at Career Day; Lacey comes up with a scheme to make The Ruby a friendlier place to be for the patrons on their birthdays; Brent and Hank stumble upon a 30-year old treat at Corner Gas.moreless
    • Crab Apple Cooler
      Crab Apple Cooler
      Episode 16
      Brent gets Hank into hot water when the two of them steal some apples from a neighbour's yard; Oscar proves to be skillful at charades; Davis and Wanda find a new way to get free stuff.
    • R2 Bee Too
      R2 Bee Too
      Episode 15
      When Hank gets a robot, Davis feels the pangs of jealousy and orders one for himself; Lacey tries to broaden Brent's eating horizons, but only succeeds in turning him into a food critic; Wanda and Oscar fight off a swarm of bees outside Corner Gas.
    • Queasy Rider
      Queasy Rider
      Episode 14
      Wanda inherits a motorcycle that changes her life; Hank changes the way he greets people, much to the annoyance of Oscar; Lacey needs some help moving.
    • TV Free Dog River
      TV Free Dog River
      Episode 13
      The Dog River denizens get involved in a contest against Wullerton to see who can last the longest in "Turn Off Your TV Week."
    • Super Sensitive
      Super Sensitive
      Episode 12
      After making one too many blonde jokes, Davis is forced to take some sensitivity training, but it doesn't take; Hank's superstitions come under fire; Wanda finds out the hard way just how much Emma does around Dog River.
    • Cat River Daze
      Cat River Daze
      Episode 11
      Lacey tries to save the annual Dog River Days from getting the ax; Oscar has more problems than he anticipated when he tries to clear the garden of stray cats; Brent tries to teach Wanda a thing or two by pretending to be injured.
    • Shirt Disturber
      Shirt Disturber
      Episode 10
      Brent and Hank have a falling out after an embarrassing trip to visit a comic book author; Lacey's seconds find their way into Karen's wardrobe; Oscar and Emma install a new home security system that has Davis on the run.
    • Rock Stars
      Rock Stars
      Episode 9
      Brent's guitar lessons force him to see himself in a new light, and cause Oscar some painful memories; Wanda begins writing a column for The Howler; Hank has a crisis of strength when he goes up against Emma.
    • Reader Pride
      Reader Pride
      Episode 8
      Brent has to prove that he really is a Roughriders fan after failing to keep up his end of a pact; Wanda learns the unwritten rules of making a mixed CD; Karen takes up reading to seniors, which has an unexpected effect on Oscar.
    • American Resolution
      Oscar has some startling news about his nationality; the denizens of Dog River make some new year's resolutions and then try to keep them.
    • Good Tubbin
      Good Tubbin
      Episode 6
      Oscar and Emma hold a hot tub party, but Lacey is the only one to attend; DRPD has a new mascot, Safety Pete, who is a crowd-pleaser until Karen gets in on the act; Hank's house suffers damage leaving him homeless.
    • All That And A Bag Of Chips
      Karen's forgetfulness gets her into trouble with the law; Wanda attempts to think like Hank in order to discover his e-mail password; Brent's days of free dinners at home may be coming to an end.
    • Meat Wave
      Meat Wave
      Episode 4
      When Hank makes fun of the air conditioning at Corner Gas, he suddenly finds that the heat is on; Karen and Davis win some meat in a contest, but have trouble finding a place to keep their winnings; an abandoned pet brings out the motherly instincts in Lacey and Wanda.
    • Self-Serving
      Episode 3
      Both Brent and Lacey try out the self-serve option at their businesses with mixed results; Wanda tries to regain her rightful place as the Rumour Queen of Dog River, while Hank tries to rid himself of his old laptop.
    • Bend It Like Brent
      The parents of the players aren't happy when Corner Gas and The Ruby sponsor Davis's soccer team; eerie circumstances force Karen out of Police Cruiser #1, causing her to look elsewhere for transportation; Wanda's past comes back to haunt her.
    • Full Load
      Full Load
      Episode 1
      Brent puts his own reputation into question by making Lacey participate in an eating contest; Oscar takes advantage of Emma's new mp3 player; Hank and Wanda end up in a battle due to Karen's auctioneering skills.
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