Corner Gas

Season 5 Episode 19

Final Countdown

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2008 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • The song that plays while the Dog River denizens are watching the fireworks go off is "Fireworks" (1998) by the Tragically Hip.

    • Brent: Look, I'm sorry about getting you out of bed, Wes, but this is an emergency.
      Hank: I thought you died, or moved to Winnipeg, or something.
      Wes: No, I've always been here. You guys just didn't seem too interested in calling me.

      Hank comments that he thought Wes had died or moved to Winnipeg. Wes was a regularly recurring character in the first three seasons, then was completely absent for the first half of the fourth season. This absence caused fans to speculate (on chat boards) as to the reason for his absence; the first rumour was that he had died. His appearance in two episodes of season four put that rumour to rest (for the most part), but then a second rumour arose that he had moved to Winnipeg, and this was why he was not appearing in more episodes.

  • Quotes

    • Wanda: So, everybody, synchronize your watches... now!
      Oscar: Now?
      Wanda: No, not now, then.
      Oscar: When?
      Wanda: Just then, when it was now.
      Karen: (to Lacey) Did you get that?
      Lacey: I stopped listening two nows ago.

    • Hank: So does it feel weird being 40?
      Brent: I don't know, I'm not 40 yet.
      Hank: Yeah, but you're, like, you know, 39 and 24 hours and 35 minutes old, I mean, isn't that weird?
      Brent: Weird that you can't add? A little.
      Hank: I can add. There's 60 seconds in a minute, yeah? And there's 60 hours in a... you're old is all I'm saying.

    • Davis: We have a situation. There's a small shipment of consumer-grade explosives set to go off in a densely populated area.
      Fitzy: Brent's fireworks across the street?
      Davis: Major fire hazard. We need a field team on it right away.
      Fitzy: Don't call the field hockey team... again.
      Davis: But they signed permission slips.
      Fitzy: And not the football team.
      Davis: They got their own helmets.
      Fitzy: No!

    • Hank: I'm in a bind. Give me all your 40-year old scotch.
      Lacey: I don't have any. I've got some old cooking sherry I use to capture flies.
      Hank: How old is it?
      Lacey: It's got flies.

    • Lacey: Wow, that's a great looking cake.
      Emma: Chocolate double-chocolate with chocolate icing. I've been serving it to Brent for 39 years.
      Lacey: You fed Brent cake when he was one?
      Emma: Well, that's how we got him to walk.

    • Brent: Hey, have you seen Hank?
      Lacey: Yeah, he was just in here looking for scotch. I should tell you, he drank yours.
      Brent: No, he only thinks he did. But... I out-smarted Hank. Which isn't that hard, I admit, but the point is, I know Hank too well and I always have.

    • Hank: Hey, I need a bottle of 40-year old scotch.
      Phil: I have three bottles of one-year old scotch.
      Hank: Do you have one bottle of... (he thinks) 37-year old scotch?
      Phil: No, but I've got 10 bottles of four-year old scotch.
      Hank: Is that cheaper?
      Phil: I was just kidding. I thought we were adding stuff up to 40.

    • (watching fireworks go off)
      Davis: Take that, god of darkness!
      Wanda: It's like a nighttime rainbow.
      Davis: Oooh, a nighttime rainbow!
      Wanda: Actually, the chemistry's quite complicated. The blue happened because of copper salt; the yellow, your sodium salts; and many hues of red are derived from strontium.
      Davis: A nighttime rainbow!
      Wanda: Sure, we'll stick with that.

    • Lacey: What are you doing?
      Oscar: I'm baking fireworks.
      Lacey: Do you want to sauté some gasoline while you're at it? Get them out of there!
      (the oven dings)
      Oscar: Oh, they're done now anyway.

    • Brent: I think this deserves a toast.
      Lacey: (raising her glass) To Brent; good guy, good friend.
      Hank: Yeah, you know, if it weren't for you, Brent, I probably wouldn't be here right now.
      Lacey: I didn't know Brent saved your life.
      Hank: No, I just mean I'd be at home sleeping.

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