Corner Gas

Season 5 Episode 9

Game, Set and Mouse

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2008 on CTV
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Game, Set and Mouse
Oscar is on a mission to get rid of an errant mouse that has found its way into Corner Gas, but Davis has a soft spot for the little rodent. Wanda hurts her back, and both Emma and Karen try to help her, but aren't very successful. Lacey spoils things for Brent and Hank when they come up with a new game.moreless

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Warren Bates

Warren Bates

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Josh Strait

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Oscar: Too late, Do-Little. I just set up the ultimate mouse trap. I got it at a yard sale.
      Davis: Ooo-kay.
      Wanda: I think the scuba diver has to face backward.

      The 'ultimate mouse trap' that Oscar has set up is the game "Mouse Trap", which was first released in 1963 by Ideal. When Wanda points out, correctly, that the scuba diver is to face backward (meaning away from the washtub), the scuba diver is already facing backward.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Hank: Did I ever tell you about that time in public school when I stole that kid's lunch and...
      Brent: Buried it in the sandbox? Yeah. I was the kid.

    • Lacey: Trivial Pursuit, everybody's heard of it! It sold, like, a zillion kajillion copies.
      Hank: Those aren't even real numbers!
      Brent: Yeah, what a giveaway. Hey, could we get a skillion prillion cups of coffee, please? (Brent and Hank laugh) Seriously, more coffee.
      Hank: Just two, though.

    • (Lacey shows Brent and Hank a Trivial Pursuit game)
      Hank: Oh, man, way to steal our idea. Why don't you go invent your own game?
      Brent: Though I do admire your craftsmanship.
      Lacey: (laughing) My craftsmanship. Oh, come on. How could I have made a professionally printed board game with custom-fitted plastic pieces in under four hours?
      Brent: You've got big-city connections! Who knows what you can do?

    • Karen: Hey, you feel any better?
      Wanda: I feel like you hit me in the spine with a pickaxe!
      Karen: Is that better or worse?

    • Emma: Rest for now... I'll whip you up a batch of paste that'll fix you right up.
      Wanda: (suspiciously) What kind of paste?
      Emma: Oh, you know... paste. I don't fully understand how it works, but it's been in the family for generations.
      Karen: Like some old hillbilly mudpack or something?

    • (Emma applies her homemade paste to Wanda's back)
      Wanda: It's burning!
      Emma: The warmth means it's working.
      Wanda: I didn't say warmth. It feels like you're welding my spine!
      Emma: That also means it's working.
      Karen: What do the red blotches mean?
      Emma: It means it's time to shut up.

    • Wanda: Ow! Now it's really burning! My skin is on fire!
      Emma: Jeez, I'm glad that's not me.

    • Karen: Hey, Trivial Pursuit!
      Lacey: Oh, so you've heard of it.
      Karen: Uh... yeah. I have the Genius Edition at home.
      Lacey: It's 'Genus'. There's no 'i'.
      Karen: There's an 'i' in 'genius'.

    • Karen: (to Lacey) Brent's had Trivial Pursuit parties at his house. (Lacey gives her a look) ...before you moved here. I think they were before you moved here. Pretend I never mentioned the parties.

    • (Wanda is telling Emma that her back is much better)
      Emma: I'm just glad Karen didn't damage you with her (doing air quotes) science.
      Wanda: That quack? No, no... it was all you, and your bucket of hot crap.

    • Lacey: Ha! So you admit you've had Trivial Pursuit parties!
      Brent: No! I mean... I've had parties... at my house... where there were board games. Some of which may or may not have involved trivia. And, we, you know, we 'pursued' the answers. Uh... (to Hank) ...little help?
      Hank: (giving him the thumbs up) No, you're doing great.

    • (Karen cracks Davis's back)
      Davis: What was that?
      Karen: That means it's working. How do you feel?
      Davis: If I say 'good', will you let me leave?

    • (Lacey tries to get Hank and Brent to believe that there will be no more coffee)
      Brent: I'm just going to smile and nod.
      Lacey: Ha! I sucked you in!
      Brent: Sucked me into what? A conversation? I kind of think you're missing the point of the game.
      Lacey: Not from where I'm standing.
      Hank: You're sitting.
      Lacey: Ha! I sucked you in!

    • Oscar: Holy Hell! What is that stink? Smells like you're boiling fish heads and gasoline.
      Emma: It's medicinal. It's got tea tree oil, and linament...
      Oscar: And gasoline?

    • Lacey: Oh, you idiots! This wasn't part of that stupid game; her back is really hurt!
      Brent: Really? Oh-oh.
      Lacey: I should call a doctor.
      Hank: Yeah, 'cause she's going to kill us.
      Wanda: No one's going to kill you. I should give you a beating out of principle, but I won't. Because my back's feeling better.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Oscar: It was a mouse! It was the biggest mouse I've ever seen.
      Brent: Did it have boxing gloves on, and bounce up and down? That mistake has been made before.
      Oscar: What are you talking about? It was a mouse! And I'm going to catch it.
      Brent: Oh, Father.

      The voice that Brent uses when he says, "Oh, Father" as well as his description of the 'mouse' as wearing boxing gloves and bouncing up and down are a reference to Looney Toons cartoons that featured Sylvester the Cat teaching his son the ways of the world, and a cat's place in the world. These cartoons also featured a baby kangaroo which Sylvester insisted was just an over-grown mouse; one that wore boxing gloves (on occasion) and bounced up and down a lot. Whenever Sylvester would insist that he could beat the 'mouse', his long-suffering son would say, "Oh, Father" in the same voice that Brent used.

    • (Karen and Emma argue over who cured Wanda)
      Karen: Whatever primes your still, Jethro.

      Later on, when confronting Wanda about the fact that she's not better, Karen says:
      Karen: It was Emma-May's swamp goo! You're lucky to be alive.

      Both of these are referring to The Beverly Hillbillies (CBS, 1962 - 1971), a sitcom about a family from the back woods of Tennessee who become rich after oil is discovered on their land. Jethro was a cousin of the family who lived with them, Ellie-May was the daughter of the family, and Grannie ran a still to keep herself supplied with 'tonic'.