Corner Gas

Season 4 Episode 19

Gopher It

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2007 on CTV
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Gopher It
Hank has another great idea on how Dog River can increase its tourism, and this one actually works, but has far-reaching consequences. Dog River's sudden fame causes an up-swing in business for both Brent and Lacey, and Wanda finds a new talent that she never knew she had: reporting the news, while Davis takes on some duties as a personal body guard for the movers and shakers of Dog River.moreless

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  • Hilarious and sad at the same time. Great twist at the end.

    This is one of the best Corner Gas episodes ever. It is hilariously funny and the Canada AM idea was genius! Stephen Harpers appearance was hilarious. Seriously go to and watch this episode now. The ending surprised the crap outta me, and it wrapped up a great season. Corner Gas just keeps chuggin along.
  • Best season finale yet.

    Season 4 of corner gas is so far the best season yet. From the gopher problem. To having the best guest stars including Steven Harper (Our current prime minister), to Bev Thompson and seamus oreagon from CTV's Canada AM. Before this episode started CTV started a rumour that made it seem like this hit show was about to go off air. The show started out with a mayor race. Fitizy the current mayor of the town and the only one running is worried about losing. So he starts the fitizy challenge that allows citizens to input their ideas to him so Dog river is put on the map.

    This gets out of control however and makes the unthinkable happen to this town. The question for those who haven't seen the episode is will the town return back to normal? you'll just have to watch and see.moreless
  • Great season finale...

    Well Corner gas did a really great job with this season finale. In the previews it showed lacey leaving Dog river and Brent sold corner gas. but i knew it and probably everyone else knew that wasn't really going to happen. This episode was one of the funniest ever they even got our prime minister Steven Harper in the episode which was pretty funny. Even though i knew none of what I saw in the preview wasn't going to happen the ending still took me by surprise. This was a very great episode and I can't wait until season 5. Later...moreless
  • AAARGH! I was ready to give this episode a 10 . . until the cheap ending.

    Oh Corner Gas! Why is it you frustrate me so!

    In truth, this was a great episode. It lost major points with me for the ending, but let's start with the positives. This episode was hilarious. From the Fitzy campaign, to Hank's gopher - sorry, prairie dog idea, to Seamie and Bev, to Emma's crazy casino promise (they knew what they weren't getting! haha!), to Stephen Harper blaming the previous Liberal government, it had me laughing for the first 25 minutes. Only in Canada would the leader of the country make a cameo in a primetime sitcom! But I labelled this episode as 'nothing happened', because outside of Hank's daydream sequence, nothing actually did happen. Which has always been a point of frustration of mine with Corner Gas. Why are they so afraid to do anything that remotely resembles character development? I think there's not a lot going on. It's like we watch a new Brent Butt standup routine every week. Don't get me wrong, the show is really funny, but I appreciate so much more the shows that dare to go somewhere with their characters.

    Why couldn't something happen between Brent and Lacey when they went to the Grey Cup? OK, the show was young then, and they weren't too sure how long they'd be on the air, so they didn't want to open that potential can of worms. I'll forgive them for that. But now the show has been on for four seasons. They can afford to take some risks, because they know they'll be on the air pretty much for as long as they want to be.

    It's not like they have to make major changes. Why couldn't Emma be the new mayor? Why couldn't Karen become the 'head cop' (or whatever they called her). Why couldn't Brent sell Corner Gas, even for just an episode or two, or Lacey move back to Toronto, even for just an episode or two? I'm not saying these changes can't have a quick fix somewhere down the line. Just give us something different, and something that will allow us to get to know these characters a little bit more. I'm sure if Lacey were to move back to Toronto, Brent and the gang would be sick with sadness. I was looking forward to seeing how the writers would deal with that in the new season. But instead, they take the easy way out. It was all a dream sequence? Give me a break!

    But I guess it is just a sitcom, and it had me laughing. That's why I'll continue to watch Corner Gas, but for me, it will never be one of those shows that I remember as being brilliant.moreless
Jean Freeman

Jean Freeman

Press Conference Denizen #3

Guest Star

Mike O'Brien (IV)

Mike O'Brien (IV)

Press Conference Denizen #2

Guest Star

Ryan McLeod

Ryan McLeod

Davis' New Partner

Guest Star

Cavan Cunningham

Cavan Cunningham


Recurring Role

Josh Strait

Josh Strait

Ruby Cook/Busboy (uncredited)

Recurring Role

Darla Biccum

Darla Biccum


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Wanda (to Hank): Not just stand there, staring into space, and then start humming a Blue Rodeo song.

      The Blue Rodeo song that Hank was humming was the song used as Lacey drives away; Bad Timing, written by Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor, on their 1994 album, Five Days In July.

    • Hank previously had an idea to increase tourism in Dog River, as seen in the episode World's Biggest Thing. His idea was not fully thought-out, and didn't work out so well.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Lacey: What's this 'Mayor Challenge'?
      Brent: Fitzy's looking for ways to put Dog River on the map.
      Wanda: Yeah, whenever election time rolls around, he starts to pretend he cares.
      Hank: How can you guys be so cyclical?
      Wanda: That's 'cynical.'
      Lacey: Maybe he meant we talk in circles; we do that sometimes.
      Hank: Yeah, Wanda, if you weren't so cyclical, you'd know that.

    • Hank: You know how in Regina, they have all those painted pig statues, and Toronto has all those painted statues of mooses?
      Wanda: Moose.
      Hank: No, there's more than one. Well, anyway, I was thinking, you know, we should do the same thing here.
      Brent: Do what? Confuse plurals?

    • Wanda: That's the best idea you've ever had.
      Hank: Really? You like it?
      Wanda: No. But it's the best idea you've ever had.

    • Fitzy: Quinton, Pelly, what's the word on the streets?
      Karen: Don't you mean 'street'?

    • Hank: Hey, I got an idea for improving the town.
      Karen: You're moving? Geez, I don't normally slam Hank, but it's just so easy.
      Hank: Just let me tell you my idea.
      Fitzy: Sorry, I'm kind of busy.
      Hank: Wow, maybe everyone in town's right; this is just a cyclical ploy.
      Davis: Don't you mean 'cynical'?
      Karen: If he means it happens every election, it actually is 'cyclical.'

    • Oscar: Name one bad thing about casinos.
      Emma: People become problem gamblers and lose all their money.
      Oscar: If you take a problem gambler's money away, problem solved! See? You just don't think things through.
      Emma: That would explain the ring on my finger.

    • Oscar: I've got a good idea for the Mayor's Challenge. But I've got a reputation as a...
      Lacey: Curmudgeonly coot?
      Oscar: No.
      Lacey: Fly-off-the-handle crank?
      Oscar: No.
      Lacey: Ummmm... loveable eccentric?
      Oscar: What was the first one?

    • (at his press conference)
      Fitzy: Look, to make everyone happy, I'm ordering a crate of fiberglass gophers and prairie dogs... big and small. But don't worry, they're statues, so they'll be much easier to paint!

    • (at Fitzy's press conference)
      Emma: I'll be running for Mayor on the platform of bringing a casino to Dog River.
      Denizen #1: Big or small?
      Denizen #2: Can we paint it?
      Emma (under her breath): I'm already sorry I did this.

    • Beverly Thomson: Seems a little town in Saskatchewan is in the middle of an election. The hot-button issue: prairie dogs versus gophers.
      Seamus O'Regan: Well, with a story like that, you know the fur's going to fly! (they both laugh)

    • Wanda: So... what did you think of the show?
      Lacey: The show? Oh, I thought the show was good. You know, Emma seemed reasonable and confident; Hank, you were a little crazy; and you came off as very knowledgeable.
      Wanda: Did you actually watch the show, or are you bluffing based on the stuff you think you already know about us?
      Lacey: How did I do?
      Wanda: Spot on.

    • Davis (to Emma): You're messing with forces, powerful forces. You play with fire, it'll bite you.

    • Rob: You Brent LeRoy?
      Brent: I wish! (pause) Okay, yes, I am.
      Rob: Rob Bennett. I represent the Pump 'N Go chain.
      Brent: No, you don't. A little marshmallow guy riding a donut represents the Pump 'N Go chain.
      Rob: That's an oil filter riding on a tire.
      Brent: Oh! Okay, 'cause I always thought, 'black donut, what's that about?'

    • Hank (to Brent): You can't sell Corner Gas!
      Wanda: Yeah, why would you want a huge wad of cash when you can have a gas station with Hank in it?

    • Rosemary Thompson: Mr. Prime Minister, what do you make of this controversy?
      Stephen Harper: Now, look, I like prairie dogs and I like gophers. But, sadly, neither were given the respect they deserve under the previous Liberal government.
      Rosemary Thompson: If you had to choose one, which would it be?
      Stephen Harper: Well, I guess I'd pick prairie dogs.
      (the crowd draws back in shock and horror)
      Stephen Harper: No, no... gophers. I meant to say gophers. (he smiles and gives a 'thumbs up')

    • Brent (to the Pump 'N Go Rep): I'm going to work harder for you guys than I ever did for myself. (pause) That's actually not saying much.

    • Brent: I guess I'm retired now. I finally get a chance to sit back and read some comic books.
      Lacey: Yeah, take a few years off... then get yourself a green hat, and start being cranky to people.
      Brent: I have no choice; it's genetic.

    • Brent: And you were going to tell me...?
      Lacey: Now. Remember, I just said, 'Now is as good a time as any'?
      Brent: Right. I have a hard time with chronology.

    • (Hank runs out of The Ruby screaming, afraid that his dream is coming true)
      Lacey: Whoa, is he okay? Do you think maybe we should go after him?
      Brent: He seems really worked up. (he stands to go after Hank, then notices...)
      Brent: Is that banana loaf? (he sits down)

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode was nominated for a Director's Guild of Canada Award in 2007 in the category of "Television Series - Comedy".

      Hugh Shankland was also nominated for a Director's Guild of Canada Award (2007) for his work on this episode in the category of "Production Design - Television Series".

    • Stephen Harper was credited as: Special Guest Star, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.


    • (Oscar tells Brent that Lacey came up with the casino idea)
      Brent: She's not exactly Doyle Brunson.

      Doyle Brunson is a world poker champion and a professional poker player.

    • (after hearing that Canada AM wants to interview Dog River denizens)
      Brent: Really? Wow, that network will put anything on the air.

      "That network" is CTV, which airs both Canada AM and Corner Gas.

    • (at The Ruby, Brent tells Hank and Lacey that he's selling Corner Gas)
      Hank (loudly): What? This is terrible! It's awful! I'm going to be sick to my stomach!
      Woman: Well, I won't have what he's having.

      After seeing Hank's reaction to what she assumes is his lunch, the woman comments that she won't have what he's having. This is an allusion to the 1989 movie, When Harry Met Sally, particularly the scene in the diner, in which Meg Ryan (Sally) fakes an orgasm for Billy Crystal's (Harry) benefit. A woman sitting in a booth nearby tells the waiter "I'll have what she's having."

    • (Fitzy's concession speech)
      Fitzy: You're all rubes! Rubes! Well, you won't have old Fitzy to kick around! (he makes the "Vee for victory" hand gesture with both hands)

      The "Vee for Victory" as well as the statement that the denizens of Dog River won't have old Fitzy to kick around are both references to Richard M. Nixon. Nixon made the statement, "you won't have old Dick Nixon to kick around anymore" after losing the 1962 race for Governorship of California, which was, in turn, shortly after his 1960 loss for the Presidency to John F. Kennedy. During his presidency, from 1970 to 1974, he became famous for making the double-handed "Vee for Victory" gesture.

    • Hank: So, does this mean Lacey hasn't moved away, and Wanda, you're not co-hosting Canada AM?
      Wanda: That's right, Dorothy. Oh, but tonight, I ~am~ filling in for Lloyd Robertson.

      Canada AM is a news/entertainment show on CTV, shown Monday to Friday; it stars Seamus O'Regan and Beverly Thomson, both of whom guest starred in this episode.

      Wanda refers to Hank as "Dorothy". This is a reference to the character Dorothy Gale from the 1900 book written by Frank L. Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, made into a 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz. The major part of the story is just a dream of Dorothy's.

      Lloyd Robertson is the news anchor for the 11 p.m. news on CTV; he has also guest-starred in an episode of Corner Gas, season 2's Poor Brent.