Corner Gas

Season 1 Episode 5

Grad '68

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2004 on CTV
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Grad '68
While Karen the cop tries to break a cold case involving graffiti on the local water tower, Brent has his hands full trying to revamp the bathrooms shared by the gas station and restaurant. Meanwhile, Lacey is determined to be published in The Howler.

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  • Grad '68

    Grad '68 - Lacey wants to write for the local paper The Howler. But, when she finds out that almost everyone in town has written for the paper, which has refused to publish her letter to the editor, she is severely disappointed. When Karen voices her intrigue regarding the graffiti "grad '68" that is painted on top of the town's water tower, Lacey decides to carry out some investigative journalism. Stars Brent Butt, Eric Peterson, Janet Wright, Gabrielle Miller and Fred Ewanuick. Another very good installment from Corner Gas, CTV, Canada. Canada you've done it again. Great great great and great.moreless
  • All small towns have their secrets that people want to cover up.

    This episode is reminiscent of Cold Case or City Confidential. Beneath the surface of a nice community lurks a dark secret and people don't want to dig up the past. Except that instead of an unsolved murder or disappearance, it's a spray-painted water tower. That's why it's silly - in a good way. My favourite scene is when Karen imagines Hank with a mullet and he says she should look at his picture in the yearbook, so in the flashback his head turns into a square that says "Photo Not Available." Apparently Hank slept in on Picture Day. I just wonder how everyone was smart enough to be involved in a cover-up for all those years and yet they aren't smart enough to know the difference between chicken wings and the Detroit Redwings.moreless
  • The mystery that no one cared about ... until Karen.

    This is the required mystery story episode. The problem is that the only one that is interested in the mystery is Karen. It seems someone added "rad '68" to the Dog River water tower. Because of an editorial in the Howler, Karen decides to investigate this cold case.

    Of course, everyone is pretty much involved in this "crime" so they tell her not to worry about it. We even get a nice little spoof of both CSI and Cold Squad with a cameo by Julie Stewart. Of course she mocks the knock off Cold Case during the scene. "Cold case? Who cares?". That at least was funny for us former fans.

    The primary side story is that Lacey seems to be the only person in Dog River that has not written for the Howler. Even Brent gets into the paper's Letters to the Edit section by writing a quick "Please print one of Lacey's letters". That was actually the best joke of that whole story line.

    The last side story was just a little on-going joke about the difference between a ladies room and a men’s room at the gas station. These were all pretty standard (i.e. old) jokes. But well done enough that it was okay. The added posse was a nice touch.

    Overall, this was the first low episode. Sure it was funny, but not as funny as the ones that came before it.moreless
Sheldon Bergstrom

Sheldon Bergstrom

Local Posseman

Guest Star

Sally Crooks

Sally Crooks

Elderly Customer

Guest Star

Julie Stewart

Julie Stewart

Paint Store Clerk

Guest Star

Josh Strait

Josh Strait

Ruby Cook/Busboy (uncredited)

Recurring Role

Cavan Cunningham

Cavan Cunningham


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When the Howler is shown with the "Grad '68 Solved" headline, if you pause the show on the text that follows, you will see that only the start of the two paragraphs make sense. The rest is all just random letters.

    • Davis said, after he came out of the bathroom, that the bathroom "smells great" but he doesn't have his sense of smell until the second season episode Smell Of Freedom.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lacey: I just got off the phone with Gus.
      Wanda: And?
      Lacey: He wants me to ask Hank if he'd consider coming back to the paper.
      Hank: Oh no! No more writing for me. From now on, I just wanna direct.

    • (Karen and Davis are out in the street directing traffic)
      Karen: Isn't there something better we could be doing?
      Davis: I suppose we could try thwarting that string of diamond heists.

    • Hank: I never had a mullet.
      Karen: I don't know what you looked like in 1986. I'm just imagining you with a mullet.
      Oscar: What's a mullhead?

    • Karen: Why would someone paint Grad '68 if it wasn't 1968?
      Davis: I don't know, but if you figure that out you'll be half way to I-don't-give-a-damn.

    • Wanda: Well, I don't understand the Howler either and I used to write for it.
      Lacey: Wanda, that's a great idea! I'll write for the Howler.
      Wanda: When did I say that?

    • Brent: What's with the new symbols?
      Lacey: I wouldn't call them new. They're the ancient Roman symbols for male and female.
      Brent: Ah. We had a lot of ancient Romans stopping by lately?
      Lacey: Brent, they lend an air of sophistication to the place. They're classy.
      Brent: Not so classy when a farmer wets his pants because he can't figure out which can to use.

    • Davis (angry): At least I'm not...
      Karen: Blonde? Thin? Pretty?
      Davis: I'm pretty. (pouts)

    • Lacey: It's give a hoot, don't pollute. Everybody knows that. They're ripping off Smokey the Bear.
      Wanda: That's not Smokey the Bear.
      Lacey: It isn't?
      Wanda: Do you know any bears that hoot? It's Woodsy the Owl.
      Lacey: Oh yeah, he's good too.

    • Karen: Admit it Davis, you'll stop traffic at the drop of a hat.
      Davis: I was young and bored -- thin and pretty.
      Wanda: What the hell happened?

    • Brent: I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the cleaning form idea -- but, ya know, Lacey co-owns the bathrooms and she hates change.
      Lacey: Ah, do whatever you want -- I don't care.
      Brent: Hmm, seems to contradict the last thing I just said.

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