Corner Gas

Season 4 Episode 18

Happy Campers

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2007 on CTV
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Happy Campers
Things get complicated when Emma forces Oscar and Brent to take Davis along with them on their annual camping trip. Hank's having a first-ever 'good hair day' and tries his best to hold on to more than just the feeling. Lacey and Wanda argue over whose job is more difficult, which leads them to a switch to settle the argument.moreless

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    • QUOTES (18)

      • Hank: Hey, check it out!
        Wanda: I'm not looking. Last time you said, "Check this out!", you had a boil on your neck.

      • Lacey: I don't think of you as 'outdoorsy'.
        Brent: What? I'm outdoorsy. I go outdoors, in doors, through doors. I'm crazy-doorsy.
        Oscar: We go every year; we love it. Me and the boy.
        Brent: Yeah, we love to camp, me and the dad.
        Lacey: That doesn't have the ring of truth to it.
        Brent: Okay, Mom makes us.
        Lacey: There's the ring.

      • Davis: Wish I could go to Owl Lake.
        Oscar: Well, you can, just not with us.

      • Wanda: Wait. Are you saying that you've had a bad hair day, every day, for 20 years?
        Hank: At least! Why do you think I've always got that hat on my head?
        Wanda: To muffle the voices?

      • (Oscar and Brent are arguing)
        Emma: It's nice to see you two having a little father-son time.
        Brent: 'Nice' as in 'heart-warming', or 'nice' as in 'gladiator blood sport'?
        Emma: A little of both. Heart-warming blood sport.

      • Emma (to Oscar and Brent): Oh, don't go without Davis! You guys'll have fun!
        (Davis runs up)
        Davis: Hey! Look, I brought a waffle iron!
        Emma: Well, try to have fun anyway.

      • Lacey: I run a full-service dining establishment.
        Wanda: Dining establishment? You're just above a greasy spoon! Maybe an eatery.
        Lacey: Oh, this is an eatery! Look at all those people... eatering.

      • Davis: This is going to be great!
        Brent: Uh-huh.
        Davis: I mean, we don't have to make waffles the first night; the first night, we can have beans. Then in the morning, we can have waffles. I brought maple syrup, but I didn't bring blueberry syrup, because I thought, 'Camping, we're roughing it.'
        Oscar: We're not going camping! Jackass.
        Davis: Huh?
        Brent: He said we're not going camping. And then he called you a jackass.

      • Davis: Don't worry, I can keep a secret. I'm good at secrets.
        (cut to: three headlines from The Howler:

        Davis: He missed big city life... decided to go home.
        Brent: In the middle of the night, after he burned down his own house?

      • Hank: Last night, I realized as long as I don't go to bed, my good hair day never ends.
        Lacey: Ah, well, that's a logical assumption. So you'll just never sleep again?
        Hank: Well, it's either that, or go back in time. And I'm months away from cracking that nut.

      • Wanda: You know the key to good customer service?
        Karen: I was being sarcastic.
        Wanda: Wrong. The key to good customer service is to listen to the customer. Value their input.
        Customer in a Booth: Do you have any decaf coffee?
        Wanda: Yeah, it's called 'tap water,' Princess, and you can get it at home.

      • Oscar: Do we have to do this?
        Davis: The portage is half the fun of canoeing.
        Brent: Really? You mean the whole thing's only going to be twice as fun as this?

      • Oscar: Think there's owls in these woods?
        Brent: Who cares?
        Oscar: It's dangerous. They're preditors.
        Brent: If you're a mouse.
        Oscar: Once they taste human flesh, they lose all fear.
        Brent: They don't eat human flesh! ...Do they? Davis?

      • Oscar: Hey, guys, this is Shy Pete.
        Shy Pete: You gonna eat that?
        Brent: It's dice.

      • Lacey: Go home! Get some sleep. Have a bath... have a series of baths.
        Hank: What are you, nuts? I can't afford to get my hair wet.
        Lacey: Hank, your hair is all in your head. It's a psychological thing. It's one of your many psychological things.

      • Emma: Lacey's been working me like a rented mule. I didn't realize how hard it was to run [Corner Gas].
        Karen: Well, it can't be that hard; Oscar used to do it.
        Emma: Well, that's what I thought.

      • Fitzy: Can I have some pie?
        Emma: Finish your meatloaf first.
        Wanda: Emma, I'm new to the restaurant business, but I have learned that if you let the people choose what they want to eat off the menu, they get less pouty and huffy.

      • (Oscar, Brent and Davis come into the bar)
        Oscar: Hey! We're back!
        Wanda: Did you bring me anything?
        Oscar: No!
        Wanda: I've lost interest.

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Brent: Who do you think we are? Opie, and ...Opie's dad, the Sheriff... Matlock?

        Brent is referring to the character Opie Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show in the 1960s, and his father, Sheriff Andy Taylor, played by Andy Griffith, who also played the title role in the mid-80s to mid-90s drama, Matlock, who was a lawyer.

      • Wanda: Lacey and I were arguing over whose job was harder, so we switched.
        Hank: You mean like on Gilligan's Island or something?
        Wanda: No, not like on Gilligan's Island; they didn't have jobs on Gilligan's Island.
        Hank: Well, they did in that episode where the Professor made a bamboo movie camera and Ginger made a movie. An actor's a job, so's a bamboo-movie-camera-maker.
        Wanda: Ah, Hank, grow up. An actor's not a job.

        The episode of Gilligan's Island that Hank is referring to could be from the second season, Castaways Pictures Presents, where the denizens use movie cameras that washes up on shore. While the Professor didn't make the camera out of bamboo, this was a common occurence in many of the episodes, where he would make radios, cameras, and other non-essential items out of bamboo, shells, and reeds.