Corner Gas

Season 3 Episode 2

Key To The Future

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on CTV
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Key To The Future
Hank confides his possibly psychic dreams to Wanda, who isn't 100% sure that he's not psychic; when his dreams involve her, Wanda becomes a believer. Lacey tries to do her civic duty by fixing a pot hole, which leads to more problems than she ever imagined; Karen and Davis both lose their keys, but in order to fight chaos and anarchy, they can't let anyone know.moreless

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  • Hank is PHYCIC!

    This episode of Corner Gas wasn\'t the best that I\'ve ever seen, but it was better than a lot of things that are on tv, and for that reason, it rates an \"above average\" label.

    Lacey once again tries to fit in, is misunderstood and is treated as an outsider and general strange person. I\'d like to see Lacey fit in for once - that would be a change of direction for her. It seemed to be happening at the end of the second season, when she was chosen as the \"Harvest Honey\", but that moment in the sun for her seems to be forgotten. She\'s out filling potholes and then building speed bumps this week, and generally annoying everyone.

    The Karen/Davis story line was a minor one, and really only there for the humour value. The two actors work well together, which is good, since they\'re rarely apart. And it was a change of pace to see Karen pulling the same stupid mistakes that Davis always makes.

    Of course, the main story line, Hank\'s psychic ability, was the main focus. Brent\'s attempt to turn Hank\'s abilities against Wanda were amusing, but I certainly didn\'t have much doubt that trying to fool Wanda is a pointless exercise. Of course, she would find out what was really going on - she always does!

    This episode wasn\'t as strong as some others, but still a good installment, overall.moreless
  • Glad this wasn't the season premier.

    I am very glad this was not the season premier. I read on various sites after last weeks hilarious episode that it was not as good as the original premier, which is this episode. This episode frankly was funny, but not "Corner Gas" funny. Thank you to whoever switched the shows.

    Again, this is not to say that the episode was not funny. There is some typical Lacey getting herself in trouble type stuff. She consults with people and when she then acts on that consultation, they complain that she didn't consult anyone. That was a nice gag, but not the main one.

    The main gag was that Hank thought he was phycic. Or rather, he thought he was physic, but the ever ready Howler thought it was spelt "phycic". As Brent said, "how much does a spell checker cost"? It was amusing, but not terribly funny. Even the punch line at the end when Wanda figures it out was lackluster. I even missed it the first time.

    Now where is the fun in that?

    Overall, this was a disappointing episode. If I had never seen another episode before I would not be encouraged to watch the next one. Thankfully I have seen others so I will tune in and look for the better comedy.moreless

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    • Brent: Maybe it's just a coincidence.
      Wanda: Science hates a coincidence!
      Brent: Science should lighten up.

    • Wanda: Do you know what the odds are of Hank having a dream about my hair and a clock moving forward, and then me having to move my hair appointment forward?
      Brent: Ten to one?
      Wanda: Unfathomable! Science hates when things are unfathomable! The scientific mind demands that everything be fathomed!
      Brent: I understand. Or fathom.

    • (discussing whether to say 'the pothole' or 'a pothole')
      Brent: Actually, since the town only has one, Wanda's use of 'the,' while a tad pretentious, is technically correct.
      Wanda: And saying the word 'tad'? That's not pretentious?

    • Hank: I just woke up with this feeling of uneasiness!
      Brent: You had cotton candy and pepperoni for dinner, you're lucky you woke up at all.

    • Lacey: The suspension on my car is trashed. I just ran over a pot-hole.
      Wanda: You mean 'a' pot-hole, or 'the' pot-hole?
      Lacey: Okay, you know what? You really gotta knock off the article stuff!

    • Hank: I wanted to tell you about a dream, but I didn't want [Brent] to make fun of me.
      Wanda: So you think I won't make fun of you? I don't know if I like this development in our... uh... uh...
      Hank: Relationship?
      Wanda: Oh, that's way too strong! Much, much too strong!

    • Hank: I mean, maybe there's some higher power, you know, that's using me as a tool.
      Brent: You as a tool? I buy that.

    • Lacey: Yes! There's nothing in the Howler that says the town hates me.
      Oscar: Don't believe everything you don't read.

    • Davis: Hey, Hank, can you fix the trunk release on the patrol car?
      Hank: Yeah, probably. (he turns away, then turns back) Oh, you want me to.
      Karen: If you don't mind.
      Hank: Don't even talk to me about my mind!

    • Hank: I had a dream about your mom!
      Brent: You have five seconds to make my skin stop crawling.

    • (looking at the new speed bump)
      Emma: The speed bump is slowing people down, but there's something wrong.
      Lacey: Of course there is.
      Oscar: You know what it is? It doesn't look natural!
      Lacey: It's not natural. We made it!

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