Corner Gas

Season 4 Episode 12

Mother's Day

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2007 on CTV
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Mother's Day
Brent neglects to get Emma a present for Mother's Day, causing her to see red. To make matters worse, Hank shows up with a present, creating a rivalry in Emma's mind. Oscar takes full advantage of the situation when he realizes that he can get away with anything, due to Emma's distraction. Lacey and Davis try to out-embarrass each other, while Karen and Wanda have some trouble putting together their purchase from a Swedish Superstore.moreless

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    George Alexander

    George Alexander

    Flower Guy

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    Shane Arbuthnott

    Shane Arbuthnott

    Store Clerk #1

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    Amanda Park

    Amanda Park

    Store Clerk #2

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    Josh Strait

    Josh Strait

    Ruby Cook/Busboy (uncredited)

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Hank: Ah, Mother's Day with your mom. Sounds nice. It's too bad my mom's not in town.

        In the third season episode Friend Of A Friend, we found out that Hank's mother lives in Saskatoon.

      • Karen: For me, it's a headache in a box. A nasty Swedish headache.
        Wanda: Do not mock the Swedes. The Swedes will not be trifled with.

        This is opposite to the attitude the show took in Ruby Newsday, when Lorne Calvert, the Premier of Saskatchewan, mocked Sweden for being smaller than the province of Saskatchewan.

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Lacey: You're really going to like what Brent's making you.
        Emma: Well, I hope he's making me a great big nothing, because then I'll have a matching set.

      • Wanda: Davis, have you seen the instructions?
        Davis: No, but these cartoons are really funny. The guy can't put his furniture together!
        Wanda: Those are the instructions.

      • (Brent and Hank pass a flower stand)
        Brent: Hey, maybe this is what I should get my mom for Mother's Day.
        Hank: Sure she wants to run her own business? A flower stand seems like a lot of work.
        Brent: Yeah, right... maybe just some flowers, then.

      • Hank: Man, flowers are expensive!
        Brent: I think Mom's worth it. She did raise me from a... 25 bucks! What a rip! Forget this noise.

      • Karen: You can't throw out police reports!
        Davis: I know that now.
        Karen: We need to get a cabinet or something.
        Davis: Or do less reports.

      • Davis: I just lost touch with my mother. My parents split up not long after I was born and she moved off to Winnipeg, joined some rock group.
        Lacey: Oh, Davis, I'm so sorry!
        Davis: For a long time, I didn't know. There was this woman around the house, I just assumed she was my mom. Turns out she was the cleaning lady.
        Lacey: Davis, I've never heard this before.
        Davis: Oh, yeah. There's women out there, you pay them, they'll clean your whole house.
        Lacey: I meant about your mother.

      • Karen: You know a lot about this stuff.
        Wanda: Yeah, I like putting it together. It's like a big puzzle, like a mathematical equation... a delicate, elegant riddle... that requires a wrench.

      • Store Clerk: Here's your Yagen-Plütz.
        Karen: There must be 9,000 pieces in here!
        Wanda: Ah, relax! You don't have to use all of them!

      • Emma: Listen, I moved dinner up tonight. Can you come at 5?
        Brent: I work 'til 5.
        Emma: Oh, I didn't take into account the rush-hour traffic. See you at 5:01.

      • (showing a photo)
        Brent: Check this out, it's hilarious. Here's Mom with a beehive.
        Lacey: Her hair looks the same.
        Brent: No, behind her, there's a beehive and the bees are stinging Dad. They're not stinging Mom, though. Bees know what time it is.

      • (Oscar has run over Emma's tomatoes)
        Emma: Can you believe what he did?
        Davis: Now, Emma, it was an accident; there's no need to go crazy, now.
        Emma: Nothing! Is that what I'm worth? Nothing? Nice way to treat your mother!
        Davis (to Oscar): Emma's your mother?
        Oscar: Wait, I think she's talking about Brent.
        Emma: I've never been so disappointed and humiliated.
        Oscar: That could be either of us.

      • Oscar: If you think I'm going to stand around and let you be nice to your mother, think again!
        Brent: You are so self-centred. This isn't about you... it's about me.

      • (Karen has built the hutch)
        Wanda: But I said I'd do it!
        Karen: You were taking too long.
        Wanda: Well, these things are finnicky.
        Karen: I didn't find it finnicky. I didn't encounter a single finnick.

      • (Karen comes into the Police Station; Wanda has the hutch in pieces)
        Karen: What are you doing?
        Wanda: Fixing it. It had some flaws.
        Karen: There were no flaws! (to Davis) I built it perfectly... flawlessly!
        Davis: Refresh my memory... did I start caring about this?

      • Brent: Look, I know I did a bad, stupid thing, but I'm going to make it up to you.
        Emma: Oh, you don't have to do anything. Oh, wait! You already did that!

      • (Oscar & Emma walk in to Corner Gas)
        Emma: What are you doing?
        Brent: How'd you get past Hank? ...That might be the stupidest thing I've ever said.

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Karen: We could get a hutch.
        Davis: Now you're talking my language!
        Karen: You know it has nothing to do with Starsky & Hutch, right?

        Starsky & Hutch was a mid-70s TV show about two police detectives who drove fast, dressed cool, and always caught the bad guy.

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