Corner Gas

Season 5 Episode 15

No Time Like The Presents

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on CTV
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No Time Like The Presents
Karen and Davis resort to bribery to find out what they're getting for Christmas. Lacey begins to doubt Wanda's friendship. Hank decides to practice Daylight Savings Time in Saskatchewan, even though the rest of the province doesn't.

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    Jodi Sadowsky

    Jodi Sadowsky


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    Bernie Mullen Green

    Bernie Mullen Green


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    Cavan Cunningham

    Cavan Cunningham


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    Josh Strait

    Josh Strait

    Ruby Cook/Busboy (uncredited)

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • The end of the episode skips ahead to (presumably) Christmas 2008, and Lacey can be seen watching intently the 'fireplace log' channel on the television. Lacey's love for the Christmas log channel was first established in the season 5 episode Cable Excess.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Lacey: They should have Daylight Savings in this province.
        Davis: Ah, it's better for the farmers this way.
        Hank: I'm with Lacey. Do that spring back, fall forward thing.
        Lacey: No, it's spring forward, fall back.
        Hank: But then you're right back where you started.
        Davis: No, you go an hour ahead in the spring, so spring ahead, fall forward.
        Lacey: No, then you'd just be going forward.
        Hank: Yeah, that's the idea.
        Lacey: You have to go back in the fall.
        Hank: Back fall, spring back?
        Davis: Now you're getting it!

      • (Hank calls Brent and wakes him up)
        Brent: Hello?
        Hank: Where are you? I need gas.
        Brent: It's eight in the morning.
        Hank: Nine by my watch. I'm on Daylight Savings Time now.
        Brent: Well, your Daylight Savings Time is cutting into my Brent Likes Sleeping Time.
        Hank: It's awesome. It's lighter at night, I save on electricity, a win-win.
        Brent: No, win-win implies that both sides win. This is more like win-annoy.

      • Hank: (to Brent) I think you should avoid confusion and just move ahead an hour, like me.
        Wanda: You're ahead an hour? What's the future like? Do I get replaced by a robot?
        Brent: How do we know you're not already a robot?
        Wanda: That's ridiculous. Foolish human.

      • Oscar: Hey, coppers! Want to know what you're getting for Christmas?
        Karen: A promise you'll never call us coppers again?

      • Hank: Hey, what's the lunch special?
        Lacey: BLT and fries, but I don't start serving that 'til noon.
        Hank: But it's 12:30. Oh, right, I forgot. I'm three hours ahead.
        Lacey: If you're on Daylight Savings Time, you're only one hour ahead.
        Hank: Yeah, I know. But this morning I woke up at seven and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I moved my watch ahead two hours and got up at nine. And you know, I tell you, it felt good to sleep in.

      • (on the phone)
        Wanda: Do you need something?
        Lacey: No! No, no, I just called to chat. You know, like, ohhh.... what do you call those people who phone you just to chat?
        Wanda: You don't want to know what I call them.

      • Wanda: Have you noticed anything different about Lacey lately?
        Karen: Too upbeat, a little needy, overly fastidious. Nope, same old Lacey.
        Wanda: Nah, she's more needy than usual. She's hanging on me like an orphaned chimp. ..."Let's do stuff. Let's have lunch. Let's... do stuff." It's weird.

      • Emma: I think Oscar's telling people what I'm getting them for Christmas.
        Lacey: Oh, that is just so sad.
        Emma: I know. He's got nothing better to do.
        Lacey: No, I meant you buying all your gifts in July. Woman, relax.

      • Davis: Looks like my oven mitt trick worked with Emma.
        Karen: You have an oven mitt trick?
        Davis: More of a skit, really. I pretended that I love my oven mitts, though I didn't have to pretend much. It comes from a real place.

      • Hank: I have to admit, the time change was getting a little confusing.
        Brent: Oh, I don't know if I'd call you a bonehead.
        Hank: Yeah. ...I didn't say bonehead.
        Brent: Oh, regardless. I'm just glad you switched back.
        Hank: Oh, I didn't switch back, I moved ahead 12 hours. It's a lot easier to keep track of.

      • Karen: What's to argue? It's two-hour parking and you were there all morning. Just pay the ticket.
        Hank: This was issued at 11 a.m., and because I'm 12 hours ahead, that's actually 11 p.m. my time, and parking is free after six. So technically, my truck isn't even parked there yet. This is harassment!

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