Corner Gas

Season 1 Episode 4

Oh Baby

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2004 on CTV
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Oh Baby
When Wanda needs to go to the dentist in Saskatoon, she gets Brent to baby-sit her son Tanner who is quite the problem child. While Brent baby-sits, the rest of the town place bets on what will happen to him first.

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  • Wanda has a kid?

    This episode of Corner Gas has all the storylines revolving around one plot point - Wanda's kid. Wanda needs a babysitter while she travels to Saskatoon overnight to see the dentist; Brent ends up volunteering for the job, knowing full well ow much of a job it's going to be, since Tanner (Wanda's son, who is never heard from nor seen again, much like Chuck Cunningham in Happy Days!) is known to be hellspawn.

    The subplots this week both revolve around Brent's babysitting gig - Oscar looks after the gas station while Brent's at Wanda's and the rest of the town places bets on what Tanner will do to Brent and how serious his injuries will be. This is one of the first time that all three of the plotlines are intertwined - usually two of the three may intertwine, and occasionally, all three are separate, but rarely do all three involve the same story as this one does...and that's what makes this episode so good.

    But here, the stories are all related, and quite funny. The betting in the bar is one of the best parts, and the possible injuries that the townsfolk keep coming up with are quite inventive. Oscar's ineptness at running the station are also quite funny, especially since it used to be ~his~ station. In the end, Emma has to come and rescue Brent, and Lacey, from Tanner, and she reveals some of the closely-guarded secrets of motherhood.

    But the best thing of all in this episode is Tanner. No father is ever mentioned, as far as I noticed, and all the talking up of Tanner that Brent, Hank and all the others do, makes you wonder just what this Hellspawn will look like. The fact that we never find out just makes the episode better.moreless
Cory Livingstone

Cory Livingstone

Gas Customer # 2

Guest Star

Brian Hlushko

Brian Hlushko

Young Brent

Guest Star

Mike Simpson

Mike Simpson

Bar Local # 2

Guest Star

Mike O'Brien (IV)

Mike O'Brien (IV)

Bar Local #1

Recurring Role

Josh Strait

Josh Strait

Ruby Cook/Busboy (uncredited)

Recurring Role

Mark Dieter

Mark Dieter

Paul Kinistino

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (16)

    • Karen: I don't wanna be a hard case but gambling is technically illegal, you know.
      Hank: It's not gambling, it's probability analysis.

    • Oscar: What the hell are you doing?
      Customer: I'm taking a penny.
      Oscar: Right under my nose, plain as day. You got some nerve, I'll give you that.
      Customer: It says, "Need a penny, take a penny."
      Oscar: What are you, a Communist? Get out of here, I don't need your pinko pennies!

    • Brent: I'm not gonna call my mom. I'm a grown man. He's six. I should be able to handle it.
      (the scene cuts to Emma on the phone)
      Emma: You're a grown man. He's six.

    • (having a whispered conversation in the library)
      Brent: Do you have any books about child psychology?
      Alice: About what?
      Brent: Child psychology.
      Alice: Chives on top of me?
      Brent: Yes, that's right, Alice. I want a book about chives on top of you.

    • Wanda (about the last time she saw a dentist): 1992, okay? It was 1992!
      Brent: Well, you should really try to squeeze in a visit every decade or so. Four out of five dentists recommend seeing a dentist. I don't know what the fifth guy's thinking.

    • Lacey: There's something really attractive about a man who likes kids.
      Brent: Well listen, if you're in a bind, Wanda, I could babysit.
      Wanda: But you said you were ...
      Brent: Very, very busy, yes. But I could help out with little Tanner. Tanner's a great kid. I love Tanner. His name's Tanner, right?
      Wanda: Yeah.

    • Lacey: One chili cheese dog.
      Brent: Bless you for putting hot dogs back on the menu.
      Lacey: You like it?
      Brent: Love it.
      Lacey: Ha! That's a tofu dog and veggie chili.
      Brent: No it isn't. It's a ... Maple Leaf "Top Dog" ... all beef. I compliment your choice.
      Lacey: They were on sale.

    • Wanda: Dr. Hertz. Dr. Pane. Dr. Yankum. Not very encouraging.
      Brent: You're making those names up.
      Wanda: Uh-uh.
      Brent: Wow! Dr. Pane. I think he fought Spider-Man.

    • Oscar: Sure, you can trick a kid. Kids are stupid.
      Brent: Well, your days of outwitting seven year-olds are over. Thankfully now it's illegal for kids to smoke.
      Oscar: What? Since when? (turns to Davis) Is it illegal for kids to smoke?
      Davis (shrugs): What am I, a lawyer?

    • Brent: I'm getting a little tired of the toy cars to the head. Any suggestions?
      Lacey: I don't know. I'm no good with kids. Did you ask him not to whip cars at your head?
      Brent: Yeah, so he threw a truck. Kid's clever.

    • Wanda: If I went, I'd have to get a baby-sitter for Tanner.
      Brent: Oh that shouldn't be too difficult,.....I mean he's a bit of a bratty kid....
      Wanda: What do you mean, bratty?
      Brent: You know .... like a, like a brat ... kind of Hell-spawnish.

    • Brent: Hey, is nougat even a real thing or did they just make that up ?

    • Lacey: Hey Wanda, you want some lunch?
      Wanda: I want somebody to kick me in the jaw.
      Lacey: So hard to have a regular conversation in this town.

    • Paul: Hi Lacey, what can I getcha?
      Lacey: I feel like a glass of wine. What's your house red?
      Paul: Not sure ... hey, what's it say on that bag of wine over there? No, that's ketchup, the one beside it.
      Lacey: You know what? Beer's good.

    • Brent: You know you're sweeping gravel, huh ?
      Oscar: Nobody else is going to do it.
      Brent: I wonder why that is? What's next on your to-do list ? Vacuum the trees? Give these bugs a good polish, and wash those rocks?

    • Brent: So you're OK looking after the place while I watch Wanda's kid ?
      Oscar: I ran the place for 35 years, I think I can handle it for one night without burning it to the ground.
      Brent: In those 35 years, there were 7 fires.
      Oscar: None of those were my fault.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Davis: Trying to steal your own truck? Not exactly Lex Luthor, are you?

      Lex Luthor is the master-mind nemesis of Superman.

    • Lacey: I think I heard "vig" on The Sopranos.
      Lacey impresses Hank with her discussion of gambling terms like "What's the over-underage on the vig?" but then she admits that she just invented the terms. The HBO Mafia crime drama The Sopranos is well-known for its mob lingo.

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