Corner Gas

Season 3 Episode 16

Physical Credit

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on CTV
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Physical Credit
Karen gets stuck in the middle when Brent and Lacey fight it out to see who is the best at getting people to open up to them. Both Wanda's credit rating and her ego take a beating when she's denied a credit card that Hank is approved for. Oscar helps Davis get into shape, but Oscar's standards, like much else in his life, are somewhat out of date.moreless

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  • Canadian humour at it's best

    Physical Credit-47.Season: 3 Episode: 16First Aired: 2/27/2006 Prod Code: 315 - Brent and Lacey battle for the title of who can best keep a secret with Karen stuck in the crossfire. Wanda is angry and perplexed when she is turned down for a credit card especially when she finds out Hank was approved for the same card. Oscar coaches Davis to his physical peak, at least according to an old Canadian standard.

    There are funny cutaway jokes that are alot funnier than Family Guy's rubbish. This is the first episode of Corner Gas I've watched and now I plan to watch Corner Gas onwards now. Great episode, great show!moreless
Paul Mather

Paul Mather


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Ken Read


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Mark Dieter

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Lacey: Hey, Karen, did I ever tell you about the time my ex-finace came to town and I poured gravy on a piece of pie?

      Lacey's ex-finace visited Dog River in the season one episode All My Ex's.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (about her not being approved for a credit card)
      Wanda: What a kick in the teeth this is!
      Hank: Don't feel bad Wanda, you're just like me.
      Wanda: What a kick in the teeth that is!

    • Brent: So what did you buy with your credit card?
      Hank: A wallet. It holds my credit card.
      Brent: It also holds money. If that ever comes up.

    • Karen: Didn't you read the memo?
      Davis: I don't have time to read memos! (looks at his Hardy Boys book) Oh boy. Frank and Joe are in quite a pickle.

    • Brent: That computer is for work-related purposes. And Solitaire. And occasionally Minesweeper.

    • Brent: All the good movies are out. The only ones left are the ones with lousy production values.
      Wanda: All that matters is character and story. Production values aren't important.
      (a boom mike swings down and hits Wanda on the head)

    • Lacey: Hey, what's new?
      Brent: Oh, Wanda's all cranky...
      Lacey: What's new?
      Brent: Yeah, good point...

    • Oscar (to Davis): Now give me twenty!
      (Davis drops to the ground and begins doing push-ups)
      Oscar: I mean twenty bucks! I don't coach for free.

    • Wanda: The reason I didn't get a credit card is because I had my identity stolen.
      Hank: Really? That is so cool! What's it like? Do you experience what the person who stole your identity experiences?
      Wanda: Well, if they're somewhere talking to a moron, then yeah, I'm picking up that vibe.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Brent (to Wanda): Who stole your identity? Probably that Bourne guy, that's his thing.

      Brent is referring to the character Jason Bourne, created by Robert Ludlum in his novel The Bourne Identity (1980), which was made into a movie starring Matt Damon in 2002; the character develops amnesia and struggles to regain his memory while people try to kill him.

    • Oscar: Don't just think about it, do it!

      The song that follows during the sports montage is the Official Participaction theme song used in television commercials from 1983 to 84, and the montage itself is similar to those commercials.

    • The music that plays while Davis is "saving" his Hardy Boys books is similar to the Titles theme from Chariots of Fire (1981), a movie about competitors in the 1924 Olympic running events.

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