Corner Gas

Season 1 Episode 3

Pilates Twist

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2004 on CTV
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Pilates Twist
Lacey offers free Pilates classes to the people of Dog River but the town is strangely hostile to the idea. Then Brent and Hank's fashion worlds collide; Dog River's not big enough for two sharp-dressed men, so Hank comes up with a way of making sure they never steal each other's fashion thunder again. Meanwhile, Brent's dad Oscar takes steps to avoid being buried in a cheap looking coffinmoreless

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  • Beware the use of "quotes"!

    The main story in this episode is Lacey's desire to fit in with the rest of the community, which, this week, she tries to do by offering a "Free" Pilates class. The town is suspicious of her use of the quotation marks around the word free, and I have to admit, I found that part of the story line absolutely hilarious, because that's one of my personal pet peeves. Reading things on-line, in message boards, and having to get through someone's use/over-use of "quotes" around random words -- well, it's annoying. And I've even started to notice it in newspaper headlines! Extremely annoying! Lacey does eveything she can to encourage people to attend her class, and eventually finds out that she's competing with Wanda, who teaches a similar class.

    The sub-stories were: Brent and Hank having the same shirt, and the fashion faux-pas that occur when both wear it at the same time. The shirt itself is truly ugly, and that just makes the whole thing funny. Let's face it, two guys wearing the same shirt - well, that's mildly amusing. Two guys ~caring~ that they're wearing the same shirt - that's funnier. The fact that it's a loud plaid shirt that most people wouldn't be caught dead in - well, that's even funnier. And the twist at the end of the episode with regard to the European-ness (or not) of the shirt, really makes this plotline stand out.

    The second sub-story was Oscar deciding to build his own coffin, after attending the funeral of a friend, and declaring, loudly enough for friends and family of the deceased to hear, that the coffin was cheap, shoddy workmanship. Emma takes Oscar's new project in stride, pointing out to him that he still hasn't finished building a bookcase that he started. We all know that Oscar will find new and inventive ways to mess up the building of a coffin, and he doesn't disappoint. This storyline was, in my opinion, the least of the three - it was sort of amusing, but the other two were funnier.

    Overall, this episode, for a first season episode where we're still getting to know the characters, is a good one.moreless
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George Grassick

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Paul Mather


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Josh Strait

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The Pilates Method is a physical fitness system that was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates.

    • In the first scene in The Ruby, Hank's sweatshirt is completely off his right shoulder when he starts talking. In mid sentence, the angle changes and it is up on his shoulder.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Wanda: What's in the bag?
      Brent: Coffin nails.
      Wanda: Cigarettes?
      Brent: No. Actual coffin nails. They're for my dad.

    • Lacey: Hi guys. Oh wow! Those are some nice shirts. What, ya on a team?
      Hank: I gotta go.
      Brent: See ya at practice!
      Hank: We're not on a team!

    • Emma: I can't believe Sparky Dougsford is dead.
      Oscar: I thought he died years ago.

    • Brent (to Hank): Oh, just a heads-up, I'm having a coffee. So if you have a coffee too, we'll both be drinking the same drink and people might think we're on some kind of coffee team.

    • Hank: We're identical!
      Brent: We're not identical, I have different pants than you.
      Hank: I don't even wanna get into your pants.
      Brent: You're not gonna with that kind of whining.

    • Hank: I've got a plan.
      Brent: Count me out.
      Hank: You haven't even heard it yet.
      Brent: See how I've learned?

    • Brent: When Mrs. Wopisky first started her macrame class, people picketed.
      Lacey: They picketed macrame class?
      Brent: They said it was a waste of string.

    • Emma: This place is fuller than when you bought all that Y2K survival junk.
      Oscar: Don't laugh about the Y2K, it could still happen.

    • Brent: No Fear, that's what I say. No Fear. You know where I read that?
      Lacey: Where?
      Brent: On the T-shirt of a kid working down at the Co-op. He didn't let fear stand in his way. He stood there bravely bagging onions.

    • Wanda: The shirt's fine, but not as good as I built it up to be when I said "Nice shirt".
      Brent: Oh.
      Wanda: I mean "Nice shirt" is just something you say. It doesn't mean anything. It's like "Pardon me," or "Have a nice day," or "You look good, Brent!"

    • Wanda: Nice shirt.
      Brent: Well, thank you. But it's really no surprise. I have a way with shirts.
      Wanda: A way with shirts?
      Brent: Yeah. Great shirts just come to me.

    • Emma: You've been working on the same bookshelf for thirteen years.
      Oscar: Do you want it done fast, or do you want it done right?

    • Hank: This whole shirt thing, this could ruin our friendship.
      Brent: No it won't. Remember that cult? Everybody wore the exact same shoes and sweats.
      Hank: Yeah, they commited mass suicide.
      Brent: Yeah. But they got along great.

    • Lacey: Come on Brent. Don't you want to unify your mind and body?
      Brent: No! I'm not gonna put all my eggs in one basket.

    • Brent: What kind of team wears plaid shirts? Not even the CFL is that broke.

    • Lacey: Okay, if I start a Pilates class will you join?
      Brent: That depends.
      Lacey: On what?
      Brent: On, what's Pilates?
      Lacey: Oh, okay. Pilates is a method of unifying your mind and your body--
      Brent: You lost me.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Brent: Not even the CFL is that broke.

      The Canadian Football League (CFL; French: Ligue Canadienne de Football) is a league located entirely within Canada that plays football according to Canadian rules which include a larger field than American football (110 yards as opposed to 100 yards), more player per side (12 as opposed to 11), and fewer downs (3 as opposed to 4). It is considered to be the highest level of play in Canadian professional football.

    • Brent: Remember that cult? Everybody wore the exact same shoes and sweats.
      Hank: Yeah, they commited mass suicide.

      This is a reference to the Heaven's Gate cult, the members of which committed suicide en-mass in 1997 in suburban San Diego, in an attempt to catch a ride on a spaceship they believed was hidden in the tail of a comet.

    • Hank: You have shirt powers. But you're forgetting - with great shirt power comes great shirt responsibility.

      This is a reference to the line in Spider-Man, that "with great power comes great responsibility."