Corner Gas

Season 2 Episode 6

Poor Brent

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2004 on CTV
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Poor Brent
Brent enters into the final stage of manhood by buying a big-screen television. He knows this sort of thing can attract a lot of envy, so he's surprised to find he's suddenly the object of pity among his friends. Then Lacey makes the mistake of buying some handmade jewelry from Wanda, realizing you can put a price on friendship. And Oscar and Emma engage in a battle of petty revenge after Oscar criticizes Emma for never putting the lid back on the sugar bowl.moreless

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  • This was only painful to watch because...

    This was only painful to watch because it is so much like every day life. And I know that Brent created this series because this is what he'd be doing if he weren't an actor, but this is actually how people really are. They try to do their best keep others away from their stuff rather than share it. It was pretty cool though in the end because when he figured out he had a big screen tv he let him in. It was funny how he kept getting money from people and just taking it rather than asking why they were giving it to him.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • While Wanda and Lacey are discussing the price of french fries, the price total on the cash register changes from one shot to the next; the first shot shows a total of $4.75, but then when the camera angle changes to the other side, it shows a total of $0.46.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (about the curse jar)
      Oscar: Whose jackass idea was that?
      Hank: Mine. Uh, ours.
      Davis: Hey, Oscar, you cursed. Now you've got to put money in the jar.
      Oscar: Go to hell!

    • Davis: You have a big TV!
      Brent: Yeah.
      Davis: It's huge!
      Brent: That's what big means.

    • Brent: A curse jar? Whose dumb-ass idea was that?

    • Emma: I'm not putting the tube back on your toothpaste anymore.
      Oscar: It doesn't need your cap. It's not just going to squirt out of the tube on its own. Brent, do you think the toothpaste is just going to squirt out of the tube on its own?
      Brent: I'm on a tropical beach right now.
      Oscar (to Emma): See, he agrees with me!

    • Brent: I got a new TV. Big screen, high-def. Makes you feel like you're right in the show.
      (cut to Lloyd Robertson in the CTV studio)
      Lloyd Robertson: Labour leaders called a general strike in ...
      (Brent is sitting next to him, eating chips loudly)
      Lloyd Robertson: Do I come to where you work and crunch chips?
      Brent: No, but you're welcome to.

    • Lacey: It must be nice to just be able to tune someone out while nodding and adding a few, "Yeah, I guesses," to the conversation.
      Brent: Yeah, I guess.

    • Brent: I thought I had another flyer.
      Wanda: I chucked it. It's outside in the garbage.
      Brent: Why would you throw away ... ?
      Wanda: Garbage? I'm an enigma.
      Brent: Does that pay well? Because I get a feeling your gas station career is winding up.

    • Wanda (to Brent): Do you think a four-foot-wide TV is a good idea when your living room is five-foot-square?

    • Brent: I wouldn't have thought it was possible but I think my TV is too big.
      Wanda: Well, you sit a foot away from it.
      Brent: Oh, man, I've got Burt Reynolds burnt on to my retina.

    • Brent: Wow, nice rock! Who're you trying to impress?
      Lacey: Well, Wanda. I don't think she noticed.
      Brent: Maybe you should send her flowers instead.

    • Hank: We're guys. We don't interact in a meaningful way.
      Davis: It's one of the things that sets us apart from women. Plus, that and the fact that we can stand up to...
      Karen: Yeah, yeah! Quit bragging.
      Davis: No brag, just fact.

    • Emma: What's this?
      Oscar: I'm naked!
      Emma: Well, I didn't think you were holding a wrinkly handbag.

    • Wanda: You're not 50?
      Brent: You're not fired?

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