Corner Gas

Season 6 Episode 8

Reader Pride

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • Oscar: You're wasting your time. The Riders haven't been any good since the old days. Joe '747' Adams, 'Polecat' Poley, ...Molly McGee. She was as tough as nails.
      Hank: Molly McGee was a guy.
      Oscar: I don't think so! First woman to play in the CFL. Look it up!
      Brent: What, dementia?
      Oscar: Joe Dementia played baseball, you jackass!

      Molly McGee, was, in fact, a man. He played for both the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Ottawa Rough Riders, and was a player for Saskatchewan when it was involved in the 1976 Grey Cup.
      Joe '747' Adams played in the early '80s.
      Bob 'Polecat' Poley played for the Roughriders from 1978 - 1984.

    • Lacey: So how's it goin' on the ol' griddle?
      Brent: Gridiron.
      Lacey: Right.
      Brent: Well, you'll be happy to know the Argos are winning.
      Lacey:Oh, I'm cheering for the Riders. Been a fan of theirs ever since they moved the team from Ottawa.

      Brent comments that Lacey will be happy that the Argos are winning; Lacey is from Toronto, home of the Toronto Argonauts.

      Lacey comments that she's been a fan since the team moved from Ottawa; the Saskatchewan Roughriders were never based in Ottawa. They began as the Regina Rugby Club in 1910, and in 1924 changed their name to the Roughriders. Ottawa had a team called the Rough Riders, which folded in 1996, but the two teams were always separate.

    • Oscar: You know who I always think is dead is that guy that played Fish on Barney Miller... what was his name?
      Emma: He is dead.
      Oscar: Get the hell out of here!
      Karen: No, he's not dead!

      The actor Oscar is talking about is Abe Vigoda, who, at the time of the airing of this episode, is alive.

  • Quotes

    • Wanda: How come [Karen] gets a CD and I don't? I like music.
      Davis: You want me to make you a CD? (leaning forward) Are you ready for it? (leaning even further forward) Are you ready for a 'Davis Disc'?
      Wanda: I'm ready for you to back up a bit.
      Davis: And so it begins.

    • Lacey: Whoa, somebody wimped out on the pact!
      Hank: No, no, no, I painted my face green, see?
      Lacey: Yes. You did. And so did I, because we are real fans. Unlike Brent.
      Brent: I'm a fan! Look, that spearmint gum, green. These chips I'm eating got flecks of green stuff all over them. The washer fluid ... all right, that's blue, but if I put some lemon juice in there, green.
      Lacey: You use that lame excuse on St. Patrick's day too.

    • Karen: Mrs. Carmichael? It's Officer Karen Pelly.
      Mrs. Carmichael: I didn't know the watch was his... I can't see well.
      Karen: No, I'm here to read to you.

    • Emma: I brought you some leftovers from the Seniors' Home.
      Oscar: That place gives me the creeps. Bunch of old people sitting around, not doing anything, watching TV.

    • Davis: So how'd you like the CD?
      Wanda: Fantastic, blew my mind, no need to make another!
      Davis: Which was your favourite song?
      Wanda: Um... song two. I liked how it came right after the first one there, like, right after, and sort of slid into song three. Did not see that coming!

    • Brent: Dressing up doesn't make you a better fan! Until last week, Lacey thought the players went into a cuddle before each play. And Hank only wants to wear that green face paint for a month so he doesn't have to shower.

    • Wanda: Ta-da! (pulls a CD out from behind her back)
      Davis: Already? You didn't even ask me any questions.
      Wanda: Oh, I've been silently studying you for a long time. This CD has been years in the making.
      (cut to: Wanda at home in front of her computer)
      Wanda: Shuffle, burn, done!

    • Lacey: What are you supposed to be?
      Hank: I think he's the Jolly Green Giant.
      Brent: No, no, I'm 'Saska-Man'... it's a character I invented. I'm like you guys... go 'Riders!
      Hank: Are you mocking us?
      Brent: No, I'm not mocking you; I'm one of you.
      Lacey: No, you aren't. Are there mirrors on your planet?

    • Fitzy: Davis says you're good at mixing CDs; can you mix me one?
      Wanda: Oh, I don't know if I'd use the word 'artist'.
      Fitzy: I didn't say 'artist'.

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