Corner Gas

Season 3 Episode 12

Ruby Newsday

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2005 on CTV
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Ruby Newsday
Lacey gets into the newspaper business by printing up a newsletter for The Ruby; she has Brent draw cartoons for it, which he thinks are totally innocent, but everyone else is seeing hidden barbs in them. Hank loses his job delivering papers to Oscar, who claims that this has been his lifelong dream; unfortunately, it's just a nightmare for everyone else. Hank comes up with a way for Lacey to increase her tips and find out the way the town thinks all in one go; Wanda tries to use the idea as well, but her improvements don't go over so well.moreless

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    Vicki Gabereau

    Vicki Gabereau


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    Lorne Calvert


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    Lindsay Ruth Hunt

    Lindsay Ruth Hunt

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    Tim Allen (II)

    Tim Allen (II)


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    Chris Cunningham

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    Josh Strait

    Josh Strait

    Ruby Cook/Busboy (uncredited)

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Lacey: Hank's short on cash and the paper boy industry is being taken over by twelve year-olds.
        Brent: What's next, dogs chasing cats?

      • Hank: I lost my part-time job delivering papers.
        Brent: Oh, why'd they give you the boot?
        Hank: Ah, something about lack of focus, reliability... it's kind of fuzzy.
        Lacey: I didn't know they delivered The Howler.
        Hank: No, it was one of those big-city ones... The Globe & Post, or The Post & Beam... National Stick... I can't remember.

      • Vicki Gabereau: Well, I'm with the world famous cartoonist, Brent LeRoy. Tell me, Brent, is this the best your imagination can come up with, being on the Vicki Gabereau Show?
        Brent: What, I love your show!
        Vicki Gabereau: But this isn't even my set.
        Brent: Oh, this is just all in my head.
        Vicki Gabereau: Uh-huh... well, your imagination sucks. I'm getting a coffee. (she leaves)

      • (Lacey's tip jars are empty)
        Lacey: What's wrong with trees?
        Hank: Dogs pee on 'em, they get sap on your clothes, you gotta rake up their leaves, they don't make any sound when they fall in the forest... no one trusts them.
        Lacey: Did you fall out of one? Maybe at an early age?
        Hank: Let's not make this personal. Trees suck, is all.

      • Emma: You're delivering papers? Wow, Oscar, I'm feeling something for you I've never felt before.
        Oscar: Pride?
        Emma: Pity.

      • Emma: You're going to be out of the house all morning, every morning?
        Oscar: Damn straight.
        Emma: Chase your dreams, Oscar.

      • Lacey: What do you think of the trivia section?
        Hank: There's an air of triviality to it.
        Lacey: Makes you think though, I mean Brent's cartoon is funny but who knew that the Saskatchewan was bigger than the entire country of Sweden?
        (cut to the Office of the Premier of Saskatchewan)
        Lorne Calvert: So what do you think of that, Sweden?

      • Wanda: Nice haul. I wish I got tips.
        Lacey: Oh, well... I work in the service industry.
        Wanda: I work at a service station... a station of service.
        Lacey: Yeah, but you don't serve food.
        Wanda: You mean Gummi-Floss isn't food?

      • Emma: The phone's been ringing off the hook from people who didn't get their papers.
        Oscar: Well, don't look at me; I don't know how they got our number.

      • Oscar (to Brent): You're taking the food out of my mouth. I need to feed my family!
        Wanda: He is your family.
        Oscar: You're taking the food out of your own mouth!

      • (as people leave tips in the question jars at The Ruby)
        Hank: What can I say? I do good jar.

      • Wanda: Just adding a little something to augment my tips.
        (Brent looks at her)
        Wanda: I said tips.

      • Brent: Hey, Dad! Good news; I'm out of the newspaper business.
        Oscar: How does that get me a red wagon?
        Brent: One sentence into the conversation, and you lost me.

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • In The Ruby, Hank comes up with a choice question for Lacey to ask her customers, and labels the jars "Betty" and "Veronica". This refers to the two female characters in the Archie comic book series which began in 1939; the story line was based on the lives of teens in a smallish town, with the main character being Archie Andrews. His two love interests were Betty Cooper, the blonde down-to-earth girl who's in love with Archie, and Veronica Lodge, the brunette rich girl, who only seems to want Archie so that Betty doesn't get him.

      • (Wanda has jars labelled with a choice question, in an attempt to get tips)
        Brent: Free will versus Determinism. Yeah, that's got "party" written all over it.
        Wanda: Don't under-estimate people's intelligence. (Davis enters)
        Davis: Free will? Love that movie! When the whale got away, I cried.

        Davis is mistaking "free will" for the 1993 movie about a whale, Free Willy.

      • The title of this episode Ruby Newsday is a pun on the 1967 Rolling Stones' song Ruby Tuesday.