Corner Gas

Season 1 Episode 1

Ruby Reborn

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2004 on CTV
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Ruby Reborn
Not much happens in Dog River, Saskatchewan, which is how everyone likes it. So, when Brent Leroy adds video rentals to his gas station and Lacey arrives from Toronto to run the coffee shop next door, it's a sign that things are about to change, but the town has to decide if it's a change for the better or for the worse.moreless

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  • The pilot episode of Corner Gas revolves around Brent LeRoy who is the proprietor of the rural gas station, his grumpy father, his take-charge mother, the owner of the coffee shop, the mostly unemployed village idiot, and several others.moreless

    My stomach ached from laughing so hard at this edisode. I absolutely loved the charactors, the storyline, and the theme. I was hooked from the first few minutes of viewing. This show was created, developed and aired in Canada so the public, except for those that have satellite dishes, have not really had the opportunity to watch this show but WGN, in my opinion, made a very wise decision to buy the rights and begin broadcasting the show on September 10th, 2007.

    Brent Butt, a stand-up comic and creator of the show, has said that he wasn't sure whether U.S. viewers would get the Canadian humor but when I started watching, I believed that the humor was not native to Canada. In fact, if the characters didn't talk about Saskatchewan, I could believe that the corner gas station was located in French Lick, Indiana, Moose River, Maine, or any other rural town in America. If you get the type of humor in Seinfeld, you will bust your gut laughing at this show. Actually, there are some similarities to "Corner Gas" and "Seinfeld". The locales in the show are very few (WGN has only aired four episodes and maybe in the later seasons, there are more locations).

    The cast is limited with only 5 main charactors and 3 secondary charactors, much like Seinfeld. Another similarity is that this is also basically "a show about nothing". One other thing that I have to mention. The much-unemployed "village idiot" who is always coming up with crazy schemes and makes the most laughable comments, reminds me alot of George Constanza.

    If you love comedies and you are looking for something different, set your TiVo or DVR to record the upcoming shows or go to to find out when they are broadcasted. You won't be sorry and there's a good chance you'll get hooked very quickly.moreless
  • An excellent starting episode

    This is a great start to a fantastic series. The major characters are all given time and allowed some comic lines, letting you know that this is not the Brent Butt show, but real comedy ensemble. The teaser alone is worth the price of admission.

    Often early episodes show characters that had to be removed or taken in a different direction, but after three seasons this episode is still strong on the comedy, and clearly shows the characters and casting were an ideal fit from the very beginning. We are also shown from the very start that the comedy would be coming from the entire cast, not from one or two people with the rest of the cast playing set up for the jokes.moreless
  • corner is the best ever and the debut episode for the show was actually one of my favorite episodes. the first season of corner gas was so well put together!

    corner is the best ever and the debut episode for the show was actually one of my favorite episodes. the first season of corner gas was so well put together!

    for a a show to be so funny for a pilot episode was weird to me. i have alot of favorite shows but i hated all the pilots. Coach, will and grace, the simpsons, ext. they all had bad pilot episodes but they got better and became big hits.

    anyway, This episode had so many great parts,

    were oscar was renting the vcr and jaws, were hank was trying to boycot "the ruby" and much more. it was a great episode.

    This is a prime example of what all pilot episodes should be like. fun, entertaining and total goofy.moreless
  • As far as pilots go, this one's not too bad.

    Not all shows start strong. Some start strong then quickly start to bomb. Or some just bomb off the start. As history has shown, this show started good and got better. This episode is a classic Corner Gas and because it was first, but because the jokes are timeless. Even in a DVD world, people can get the VCR jokes. Now that's classic.

    This show has several great scenes, but two step out of the crowd. The first was when Emma, Oscar and Brent were discussing the video rentals at the gas station. There's a nice piece of dialog where Brent and Oscar get told off by Emma, followed by Emma telling them to have Oscar rent a video. The two guys think it's a stupid idea, but Emma disagrees. Not with words, but with an "OK Corral" showdown that she wins.

    Very humourous to watch, hard to relay by text. You have to see it to find it funny.

    The second was when Brent decides to have fun at Oscar's expense. This was specifically when they discuss the movie Jaws. There are some great lines in this scene, and Lacey even got into the act. It was followed up at the end with a great Oscar line. "There's supposed to be a sword fight. You hooked it up wrong Emma." Even once he watched the movie, he didn't get the joke. Classic!

    Overall an A of an episode. This is the second best "starter" episode for those new to Corner Gas.moreless
Andrea Runge

Andrea Runge


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Mark Farrell

Mark Farrell


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Josh Strait

Josh Strait

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  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Emma: So, do you still carry baker's yeast or do I have to go all the way to the co-op?
      Oscar: Emma, tell your idiot son to get his head out of the clouds.
      Brent: And tell my crank of a father to go home and look up the word "retired."
      Emma (to Wanda): So is there baker's yeast or do I gotta go to the co-op?

    • (upon seeing inside of coffee shop for the first time)
      Wanda: Looks like Martha Stewart blew up.
      Brent: I feel mildly violated.

    • Hank: Brent, this coffee tastes terrible.
      Brent: Oh, well, let me refund your money. What'd you pay for it, zero?

    • (after Oscar rents a video for the first time)
      Wanda: Do you really think your dad will like Jaws?
      Brent: He might, if he owned a VCR.

    • Brent: So, here we are, the finest drinking establishment in all of Dog River.
      Lacey: Nice. Kind of homey.
      Brent: I suppose, if you grew up in a home of pickled eggs and pinball.

    • Brent: (about Oscar) He doesn't know how it works, but he's against it. It's the touchtone phone all over again.

    • Brent: But he's never even rented a video. He doesn't know what he's talking about.
      Oscar: I don't want to know what I'm talking about.

    • Emma: Now Oscar, when Brent took over the business, you knew he was going to make some changes. So butt out.
      Brent: Thank you.
      Emma: And you. Your father ran this business for nearly 40 years, so I expect you to show some respect for his opinions.
      Oscar: Yeah.
      Brent: Geez, you're asking a lot, Ma.
      Emma: Well pretend to show some respect for his opinion.
      Oscar: Yeah. (glares at Emma)

    • Oscar: Wait a minute. What does that sign say?
      Brent: Well take it slow. Sound it out.
      Oscar: I can read it smart guy, but we don't rent movies.

    • Brent: [Lacey] wants to reveal it all, at what I believe she refers to as a gala reopening.
      Hank: Is it ga-la or gay-la?
      Brent: Wear whatever you want.

    • Hank (upon seeing the changes to the coffee shop): What the hell did she do to this place?
      Brent: Here we go. Would ya settle down Hank? It's just a little different.
      Hank: Different? We're in the seventh circle of Hell here.

    • (Hank is questioning the salt shakers)
      Hank: What if it's a trick?
      Wanda: Shake some on your hand.
      Hank: That's unsanitary!
      Brent: I've seen you eat gum off your shoe.
      Hank: What's that got to do with anything?

    • Lacey: You don't see a photo of me with a Hitler mustache, tossing puppies into a woodchipper.
      Hank: Does such a photo exist?

    • Emma: The red wire goes to the red hole. The white wire goes to the white hole. See?
      Oscar: ...It must be one of those new Japanese models.

    • Brent: Maybe she doesn't want us in the coffee shop because she's turning the whole place into a methamphetamine lab. Get the town kids hooked on the meth and the crack cocaine, 'cause once you're hooked on that, you know....what next? Marijuana, then jazz music, forget about it.

    • Oscar: Your son is turning the gas station into a movie theater
      Brent: Bear in mind that Dad has a tendency to overstate things
      Oscar: I have never overstated a single thing in the history of the planet

    • Hank: Wanda, what do you know about this Lacey person ?
      Wanda: I know she doesn't have cataracts, so you don't have a chance.

    • Lacey: I mean come on, a boycott? Look it, I'm not clubbing baby seals and I'm not using Honduran children to make sneakers.
      Hank: You could be clubbing baby seals with Hondurian children and I don't care about that.

    • Wanda: Ya know, Jaws is a pretty intense movie. Is that a good idea to rent that to your old man? He's wound tight enough as it is.
      Brent: It doesn't matter. In a million years, he'll never figure out how to hook that up to the TV.

    • Hank: Freaky abstract art on the walls, and she puts weird cloths on the table.
      Brent: You mean tablecloths.
      Hank: It's too much. She's turned the coffee house into a gay bar.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Janet Wright was nominated for a "Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series: Best Performance or Host" Leo Award for this episode.

    • This is the only episode where the diner is called the "Cafe". At the end of the episode it is changed to its final name "The Ruby."


    • Brent: Maybe I have an inner-ear disorder.

      A disorder in the inner-ear can cause a person to be unable to maintain balance or orient the body. Since Wanda is the second person to criticize Brent's ability to hang a sign straight, he suggests he may have this problem.

    • Brent: Jaws. It's a classic.

      Steven Spielberg's 1975 horror film Jaws was the story of a series of attacks by a great white shark on a New England community.

    • Hank : Different? We're in the seventh circle of Hell here.

      "Seventh circle of Hell" is a reference to Dante's Divine Comedy, the first part of which is Inferno and describes the various circles of hell.

    • Hank: I'm standing by my principles.
      Brent: Your principles? Who are you? Lech Walesa?

      Lech Walesa was trade union and human rights activist; a founder of Solidarity, the first trade union in the Soviet bloc; and eventually became President of Poland.

    • Oscar: Who do you think you are, Ed Sullivan? "We got a big shew, we got a really big shew!" What are you thinking?
      Brent: I'm thinking your Ed Sullivan needs work.

      Oscar is imitating Ed Sullivan, who opened his weekly show by telling the audience and viewers that "We've got a really big show!"