Corner Gas - Season 3

CTV (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Road Worthy
    Road Worthy
    Episode 19
    Lacey wants to buy a new car, and asks for Brent's help, relying on his specialized knowledge gained from his job; unfortunately she only learns what not to do. Oscar looks to Wanda for advice on what to get Emma as an anniversary gift; unfortunately he only learns what not to buy... the next time. Karen and Davis, tired of the 'cop in the donut shop' stereotypes, try out some new and unusual snacks.moreless
  • Bean There
    Bean There
    Episode 18
    The children's park in Dog River is going to the dogs, making it unsafe for the kids. Brent comes up with the idea of having a jelly bean jar contest, which everyone likes, until the jelly beans cause strife in the community. Davis relives some of his favourite movies when a convoy of truckers comes through Dog River. Hank joins a new club, which requires him to tell one little lie, which then leads to more and more lies; he somehow manages to involve Wanda in his web of deceit.moreless
  • Telescope Trouble
    Telescope Trouble
    Episode 17
    The automatic door at Corner Gas is broken, and Brent wants only the best to fix it. The repairman is successful, but Brent finds that success can be fleeting. Wanda, meanwhile, is out star-gazing, and tries to keep her new telescope safe; she becomes a little paranoid in her efforts. Oscar and Emma take up camping, and annoy everyone with their choice of camp grounds.moreless
  • Physical Credit
    Physical Credit
    Episode 16
    Karen gets stuck in the middle when Brent and Lacey fight it out to see who is the best at getting people to open up to them. Both Wanda's credit rating and her ego take a beating when she's denied a credit card that Hank is approved for. Oscar helps Davis get into shape, but Oscar's standards, like much else in his life, are somewhat out of date.moreless
  • Block Party
    Block Party
    Episode 15
    It's Dog River's centennial birthday, and Hank wants to honour the town by recreating it in Lego. His quest for artistic perfection causes him to take some drastic steps when he runs out of Legos for his scale-model. Wanda has a birthday as well, and doesn't want anyone to celebrate it. And Karen becomes the town laughing-stock when people find out that she was involved in a sport that no one had ever heard of before.moreless
  • Friend Of A Friend
    Friend Of A Friend
    Episode 14
    A friend of Lacey's visits Dog River and shocks the town with her behaviour. Lacey, using her past experience as a measuring stick, decides that this is just another case of Dog River not accepting outsiders; Hank devises a plan that will settle matters. At Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda try to stop the points card program from going out of control, while Davis considers just how good, or bad, Karen is at undercover work.moreless
  • Merry Gasmas
    Merry Gasmas
    Episode 13
    Emma plans to have a traditional Christmas, but finds that her idea of "traditional" is in conflict with Brent's fond childhood memories of Christmases past; Lacey decides to return to Toronto to visit her family, but bad weather sends her in the wrong direction. She eventually realizes that "home" isn't where she thought it was. Hank tries to help a less fortunate family, and learns that the needy don't always need the attention; meanwhile, Wanda has her own needs: she has to get this year's hot toy for her son, or suffer the consequences.moreless
  • Ruby Newsday
    Ruby Newsday
    Episode 12
    Lacey gets into the newspaper business by printing up a newsletter for The Ruby; she has Brent draw cartoons for it, which he thinks are totally innocent, but everyone else is seeing hidden barbs in them. Hank loses his job delivering papers to Oscar, who claims that this has been his lifelong dream; unfortunately, it's just a nightmare for everyone else. Hank comes up with a way for Lacey to increase her tips and find out the way the town thinks all in one go; Wanda tries to use the idea as well, but her improvements don't go over so well.moreless
  • Hairloss
    Episode 11
    Brent's stress levels are causing him to lose hair; unfortunately, the thing he's most stressed about is his hairloss. Lacey has some products that will help his hair be fruitful, but they don't do much in the 'multiply' department. Hank tries to convince Brent that he can fix small appliances; he does fix them, but not in the way that anyone would expect. Wanda spends a little to get a lot an an estate auction, then finds that she bought a lamp that belongs to someone else. Oscar falls for Lacey's magic tricks, the biggest one of which is when she gets Oscar to stop complaining.moreless
  • Safety First
    Safety First
    Episode 10
    Karen has written and drawn a bicycle safety colouring book for kids, but when Brent and Wanda criticize the writing and drawing, Karen looks for help. With Brent's drawing skills and Wanda's writing, the book shapes up; Wanda, however, has a little too much on her plate, as she's also helping Hank, who after discovering that he's not the Virgo he thought he was, decides he needs a whole new personality. Oscar gets Davis to help him reshingle the roof, and Lacey is on the look-out for a new busboy after her previous one takes up llama farming.moreless
  • Picture Perfect
    Picture Perfect
    Episode 9
    Brent feels that he's behind the times with his old-fashioned camera, so he goes digital to be in the now. Unfortunately, being in the now requires an instruction booklet, which Brent neglects to read. Paul adds a trivia game to the bar, creating some unlikely teams, and bringing out the competitive spirit in quite a few Dog River denizens. Oscar takes a disliking to his neighbour's lawn ornaments, particularly the gnomes, which bear a striking resemblance to a certain crotchety Dog Riverite.moreless
  • Trees A Crowd
    Trees A Crowd
    Episode 8
    Brent and Hank rediscover their old tree house, only to find that it's been taken over by a new group of kids. Deciding that they want it back, Brent and Hank sink to new lows in their fight to reclaim a piece of their lost childhood. Elsewhere, Davis tries to keep Wanda in custody, but she proves her Houdini-like prowess, showing why everyone hates magicians; Lacey tries to learn kung fu from a less than willing Karen. Oscar helps an old friend with her hot water and finds that it's not just the water that's hot.moreless
  • Fun Run
    Fun Run
    Episode 7
    In order to prepare for the local Fun Run, Lacey and Wanda start a running club; Lacey tries to get others to join, and manages to convince Brent. Unfortunately, his idea of running isn't quite what Lacey had in mind. Oscar cons a doctor into giving him handicap plates for his car, which embarrasses Emma, until a shopping trip shows her just how handy those handicap plates can be. Hank decides to contribute to society by becoming the crossing guard, but his commitment to the job is put to the test, and Hank is torn between duty and fun.moreless
  • Mail Fraud
    Mail Fraud
    Episode 6
    It's time for Brent's annual vacation; his trip to Aruba and Madrid has Lacey wondering how he can afford such luxury, until she discovers the secret of his travel-savvy. It's also time for the annual Dog River Pot Luck dinner, and Karen goes to great lengths to ensure that Davis brings exactly what he signed up for. Oscar takes a step towards the future when Emma gets a computer, and becomes a little too proficient at sending e-mail.moreless
  • The Littlest Yarbo
    The Littlest Yarbo
    Episode 5
    Hank is in trouble, and gets some help from a dog that he believes to be The Littlest Hobo. He tries to prove this to Brent and Wanda, but finds that the erst-while Hobo isn't so easy to trick. Lacey is upset about everyone's differently sized travel mugs and Brent has the perfect solution: Corner Gas & The Ruby travel mugs. The only problem is that he can't decide which side to put his logo on, and feels that Lacey is trying to outsmart him. Karen and Davis are looking for respect, but that's difficult to find with Carol and Davis, the new fire department, stealing their thunder.moreless
  • Will and Brent
    Will and Brent
    Episode 4
    Brent overhears a conversation that leads him to believe that Oscar and Emma are writing their wills and leaving him the couch he loves, but his misunderstanding only causes everyone to wonder just what it is that Brent's planning. Karen orders a new breathalyzer machine for the road checks, and finds that everyone in town suddenly wants to be pulled over. Lacey puts up a new bulletin board in The Ruby, but too many rules for the board make it one of the less popular spots in town to announce things.moreless
  • Dog River Vice
    Dog River Vice
    Episode 3
    Brent's coffee habit is proving too much for him, so he makes a deal with Emma: he'll quit coffee if she'll quit knitting. Emma takes up a new hobby, but isn't so happy with it when Oscar goes overboard with it. Davis and Karen, looking for respect, start a ride-along program, which doesn't work out quite the way that they'd hoped; Hank gets a new electronic organizer and very quickly finds that he simply can't live without it.moreless
  • Key To The Future
    Key To The Future
    Episode 2
    Hank confides his possibly psychic dreams to Wanda, who isn't 100% sure that he's not psychic; when his dreams involve her, Wanda becomes a believer. Lacey tries to do her civic duty by fixing a pot hole, which leads to more problems than she ever imagined; Karen and Davis both lose their keys, but in order to fight chaos and anarchy, they can't let anyone know.moreless
  • Dress For Success
    Dress For Success
    Episode 1
    Wanda wears a skirt to work and notices that Brent is acting differently; but is it the clothes, or something else? Oscar and Hank play at investing in the stock markets; Emma lends a helping hand to Lacey and later regrets it; Karen and Davis try to manipulate each other.
  • Beyond Corner Gas: Tales From Dog River
    This one-hour special focuses on the real-life stories of people whose lives have been affected by Corner Gas, and includes appearances by the cast and crew and a tour of Rouleau, Saskatchewan. Narrated by Mark McKinney.