Corner Gas - Season 5

CTV (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Final Countdown
    Final Countdown
    Episode 19
    In the final 30 minutes before Brent turns 40, Wanda tries to pull off a fireworks display for the occasion that goes terribly wrong. Lacey and Emma disagree over just who should be baking Brent's birthday cake, and Brent is dismayed to discover that his special bottle of scotch has gone missing.moreless
  • Bed And Brake Fast
    Bed And Brake Fast
    Episode 18
    Oscar has a new get-rich-quick plan that might actually work... until Emma finds out about it. Davis borrows Brent's car, but won't say why he needs it. Lacey bids in a silent auction and wins Hank's services as a prize that turns out to be more work than she bargained for.moreless
  • The Accidental Cleanist
    Karen and Davis discover the secret of Emma's cleaning habits, and use it to their advantage. Hank discovers the underside of life. Brent donates some money to Dog River to create a legacy, which causes Oscar to start a legacy of his own.
  • Coming Distractions
    Coming Distractions
    Episode 16
    Hank has to resort to bribery to get Brent and Davis to see the latest hit movie with him. Oscar puts in a sidewalk in front of his house, and then forces Karen to guard it. Lacey joins the local women's club against her better judgment.
  • No Time Like The Presents
    Karen and Davis resort to bribery to find out what they're getting for Christmas. Lacey begins to doubt Wanda's friendship. Hank decides to practice Daylight Savings Time in Saskatchewan, even though the rest of the province doesn't.
  • Contagious Fortune
    Contagious Fortune
    Episode 14
    Everything is in the pink for Hank, but Brent and Wanda see things a different way than Hank does. Lacey creates Dog River Dollars, and then becomes suspicious that they are being counterfeited. Karen tries to get Davis to think for himself.
  • Outside The Box
    Outside The Box
    Episode 13
    Hank and Davis run afoul of Emma in her new job promoting a call centre. Wanda finds a morbid new hobby, and when Oscar finds out about it, he joins her. Karen and Brent become suspicious of a mysterious box in Lacey's house.
  • The J-Word
    The J-Word
    Episode 12
    Brent gets tired of hearing Oscar using the same name for everyone, and decides to use what he thinks is a fool-proof way to put a stop to it. Lacey finds out some not-so-nice things about her future when she visits a psychic. Davis finds that it is possible to scare yourself silly, while Wanda and Emma have some difficulties organizing a party.moreless
  • Top Gum
    Top Gum
    Episode 11
    Hank starts up a new business, and gets some unwanted help from Oscar, but it's Karen's help that really make things take off. Brent tries something new, but finds only embarrassment. Lacey and Davis play the real estate market, until Davis decides that play time is over.
  • Knit Wit Of The Month
    When Lacey starts up an 'Employee of the Month' program at The Ruby, Wanda tries to get Brent to do the same, but finds that she has some hurdles to jump before she gets the appreciation she feels she deserves. Hank's new hobby is knitting, much to Emma's dismay. Oscar also has a new hobby: writing for The Howler, and Karen and Davis have to keep him out of trouble.moreless
  • Game, Set and Mouse
    Oscar is on a mission to get rid of an errant mouse that has found its way into Corner Gas, but Davis has a soft spot for the little rodent. Wanda hurts her back, and both Emma and Karen try to help her, but aren't very successful. Lacey spoils things for Brent and Hank when they come up with a new game.moreless
  • Classical Gas
    Classical Gas
    Episode 8
    Brent is suprised to meet a member of the Leroy clan that he didn't even know existed. Wanda finds that she needs some help from an unexpected source in order to prove her abilities in math. Lacey makes some additions to the menu at The Ruby, much to Davis's delight.
  • Buzz Driver
    Buzz Driver
    Episode 7
    Oscar becomes a school bus driver, and sets so many rules that the kids aren't the only ones having trouble keeping them straight. Hank talks Lacey into letting him advertise The Ruby; Wanda gets hooked on a new energy drink.
  • The Eight Samurai
    The Eight Samurai
    Episode 6
    Dog River has a sister-town in Japan, and Emma and Karen have to find an appropriate present to send after receiving and losing a gift from them. Lacey wants to make Corner Gas and The Ruby 'green' and drags a reluctant Brent into her plans. Wanda fills in as bartender at the Hotel, and starts doling out advice that no one wants.moreless
  • Wash Me
    Wash Me
    Episode 5
    Wanda's love life gets a boost, and things are going well until suddenly, everything depends on the cleanliness of Hank's truck. Brent begins to wonder if he's losing his sense of smell, but only when he's near Oscar and Emma. Lacey gives The Ruby a make-over courtesy of Karen.
  • Dark Circles
    Dark Circles
    Episode 4
    Hank pulls a prank on the denizens of Dog River, but his trick comes back to haunt him; Brent changes his look, raising Lacey's interest; Wanda gets involved in Lacey's love life; Oscar and Emma decide to repaint the house.
  • Whiner Takes All
    Whiner Takes All
    Episode 3
    A fun day of golfing for Lacey, Brent, and Hank turns into a competitive disaster; Oscar and Emma have a competition of their own going on over what setting their new bed should be on. Karen is shocked to find out that Davis is taking free meals from Wanda without giving anything back in return.moreless
  • Spin Cycle
    Spin Cycle
    Episode 2
    Karen signs up for an exercise class, but is surprised when she meets the instructor. Wanda upgrades the Corner Gas communications systems, but finds that all the wrong people are using it. Emma decides to commemorate Dog River in a calendar, which Lacey wants to get involved in, until she finds out what the job requirements are.moreless
  • Cable Excess
    Cable Excess
    Episode 1
    Local access cable shows hit Dog River, and everyone has an idea for what the best kind of show would be. Brent is saddled with the decision-making, making him everyone's favourite person. Emma, Wanda, and Lacey can't agree on anything for their programme, and Hank finds himself the subject of Davis and Karen's police show.moreless