Corner Gas

Season 2 Episode 3

Smell Of Freedom

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2004 on CTV
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Smell Of Freedom
Davis regains his sense of smell; Lacey plays Scrabble with an unlikely opponent; Brent's lack of observation about his friends and neighbours causes problems.

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  • Smell Of Freedom

    Smell Of Freedom-Davis regains his sense of smell in a freak but fortuitous accident. It's a beautiful new world, until the smell of his fellow officer proves too much. Meanwhile Brent realises just how little he knows about his fellow Dog Riverites and scrabble champ Lacey is challenged by an unlikely - some would say inarticulate...wordsmith. Another nice episode from Corner Gas. Funny,smart, clever is what I would describe it. I'll just make up another 30 words to finish this darn review of. This episode I'll give a 8/10 and I would say most people agree with me on my score.moreless
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Jonelle Gunderson

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Louise Hanford

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Mike O'Brien (IV)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Karen says, "you shouldn't joke about a 12-11." But there is no 12-11 in standard police radio codes.

    • When Emma & Hank are playing Scrabble he plays the word "aaaaaahh". There are four other A's on the board, making a total of 10. There are only 9 A's in an English Language Scrabble game.

    • Davis says that he hasn't smelled anything since he was a child; however, in the season 1 episode Grad '68, Davis comments that the bathrooms at Corner Gas/The Ruby smell great.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (playing Scrabble)
      Hank: Okay, Emma, why don't we start things off... with a bang?
      (Hank plays "ABANG")
      Emma: "A Bang" is two words.
      Hank: Fine, have it your way.
      (Hank removes "BANG", spelling "A")
      Emma: Wow. One Point.

    • Brent: Man, I have gotta start paying more attention to the people around me.
      Emma: Well, it won't be easy. Like I said, you've always had your head up in the clouds. (pause) Or up somewhere.

    • Lacey: You've got a real talent for Scrabble, Hank. You've got a beautiful mind.
      Hank: You mean like in that movie? Uhh, Weird Science!

    • Lacey: What you need is a mentor, a coach.
      Hank: Like in Cheers?
      Lacey: What?
      Hank: No, not that guy, he died.
      (thoughtful pause)
      Hank: What was that other show, with the coach? Oh, yeah, Coach!

    • Oscar: You're not gonna learn nothin' in a stupid book!
      Brent: Wise words, Dad, but I disagree.

    • Davis: Could you do something about your hair? It smells too much like . . . hair.

    • Karen: Oscar's got a cat up his tree.
      Davis: Oh, I see what you're saying.
      Karen: No. Oscar's got a cat up his tree.
      Brent: What did you think she was saying?
      Davis: I thought it was a euphemism for something.
      Brent: For what?
      Davis: I don't know, it just sounded like a euphemism. (shrugs) I didn't want to be left out.

    • Oscar: How'd you lose your smell in the first place?
      Davis: I got hit in the face with a ball.
      Oscar: Then what you need to do is get hit with a ball again.
      Davis: I don't think that'll work.
      Oscar: Why not?
      Davis: This isn't Gilligan's Island.

    • Oscar (about the cat up the tree): I'm calling the cops.
      Emma: You're supposed to call the fire department.
      Oscar: I'm not talking to them. Bunch of do-gooders. Always telling me what I can and can't set on fire.

    • Oscar: Davis! The cat is getting away! Quick, give me your gun.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Oscar: You know who I like? I like that Neil Diamond. Man, that Neil Diamond's a good singer!

      Neil Diamond is a popular American singer/songwriter who has sold over 100 million records.

    • Davis: This isn't Gilligan's Island.
      - Gilligan's Island was a popular sitcom in the 1960s. It featured a small group of people stranded on an island. A trademark of the show was the outlandish coincidences and the unlikely circumstances that would help stories be resolved within a half hour.