Corner Gas

Season 3 Episode 17

Telescope Trouble

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2006 on CTV
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Telescope Trouble
The automatic door at Corner Gas is broken, and Brent wants only the best to fix it. The repairman is successful, but Brent finds that success can be fleeting. Wanda, meanwhile, is out star-gazing, and tries to keep her new telescope safe; she becomes a little paranoid in her efforts. Oscar and Emma take up camping, and annoy everyone with their choice of camp grounds.moreless

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  • Another funny episode well-done!

    Telescope Trouble - The hydraulic door closer at Corner Gas breaks, so Brent takes Lacey's advice and hires the best door guy in the business to fix it. The repairs go well, but when Brent tries to fine tune the new device on his own, he earns the scorn of a true professional. Meanwhile, Wanda goes to great lengths to protect her new telescope and witness astronomical history while Oscar and Emma drive everyone crazy when they borrow an RV and camp in some unusual places. The cutaway jokes in this episode are funny, way funnier than Family Guy's cutaway jokes.moreless
Tim Allen (II)

Tim Allen (II)

RV Owner

Guest Star

Thomas Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell

Terry 'The Door Guy'

Guest Star

Josh Strait

Josh Strait

Ruby Cook/Busboy (uncredited)

Recurring Role

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    • Lacey: The male ego is a fragile thing.
      Hank: It's like a delicate flower. A rugged, delicate flower.

    • Karen: What do you need a telescope for anyway?
      Brent: It makes far away things seem closer.

    • Lacey: If the door is broken, you should do something about it.
      Brent: I've been working on it all morning.
      (he holds up a sign that says, "Watch The Door.")
      Lacey: Way to throw yourself at the problem.

    • Hank: I want to see that meteor shower.
      Wanda: Why does the concept of a shower suddenly interest you?

    • Lacey: It's coffee flavour, for your coffee.
      Brent: But coffee already tastes like coffee... like, a lot.

    • RV Owner: You'll love it... pulling up your roots, travelling around. My dad had a great time.
      Oscar: If it's so fun, how come he's not doing it now?
      RV Owner: He's dead.
      (silent pause)
      Oscar: Did he die in the RV? 'Cause then I want a discount!

    • Brent: This meteor thing, can it only be viewed inside the gas station?
      Wanda: I'm only leaving [the telescope] here 'cause my kid would wreck it. He'd tear this thing apart before you could say 'Copernicus'!
      Brent: Maybe not before I ~could~, but probably before I ~would~.

    • (Lacey is talking to a man; they are standing in front of a large truck with the words "Terry's Doors" on the side)
      Brent: You the door guy?
      Terry (looks at the truck): That's right. What seems to be the problem?
      Brent: It's the door.
      Terry: I'm the guy.

    • Lacey (to Hank): Oh, come on! Brent asking for help does not take away from his masculinity!
      Brent: Yeah!
      Lacey: It shows he's mature enough to subordinate himself to another, more capable, man.
      Brent: Where does that come from? Who's subordinate?
      Terry: Brent!
      (Brent immediately turns and heads towards Terry)
      Brent: Yes, sir?

    • Brent: I try to fix my own door, and I get emasculated!
      Wanda: Ouch! I told you it was dangerous.
      Brent: Metaphorically.

    • Wanda: Hey, Lacey, want to go to a meteor shower?
      Lacey: Do I have to buy a present?
      Wanda: Never mind.

    • Hank: Thanks for showing me, Wanda.
      Wanda: Actually, it was kind of cool having someone to watch this with.
      Hank (looking confused): I don't get it. That barely even sounds mean.
      Wanda: And if you tell anyone, I'll gut you like a fish.

    • Hank: It's a good thing Lacey's door broke. It's a window of opportunity.
      Brent: The door is a window?

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    • Hank: I can't believe you're letting this guy fix your door for you. It takes away your masculinity.
      Brent: You've taped every episode of the Powerpuff Girls.
      Hank: It's a good show. And I'm missing three episodes.

      The Powerpuff Girls is an animated show about three little girls who fight evil. While it has a broad audience, the show is rated for children.