Corner Gas

Season 5 Episode 6

The Eight Samurai

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on CTV
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The Eight Samurai
Dog River has a sister-town in Japan, and Emma and Karen have to find an appropriate present to send after receiving and losing a gift from them. Lacey wants to make Corner Gas and The Ruby 'green' and drags a reluctant Brent into her plans. Wanda fills in as bartender at the Hotel, and starts doling out advice that no one wants.moreless

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Bill Gardiner

Bill Gardiner

Al Goar

Guest Star

Jill Morgan

Jill Morgan

Henkenvyorken Newscaster

Guest Star

Inge Ryan

Inge Ryan

Henkenvyorken Mayor

Guest Star

Josh Strait

Josh Strait

Ruby Cook/Busboy (uncredited)

Recurring Role

Cavan Cunningham

Cavan Cunningham

Fitzy (uncredited)

Recurring Role

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    • (after describing all the great give-aways that other gas stations have)
      Hank: How come you don't do stuff like that?
      Brent: I tell you what, Hank. Go to my house, fire up the barbeque, make yourself a hotdog, go into the kitchen cupboards, grab any glass you want, you can keep it; get the garden hose, wash your truck. All that stuff for free, providing you pay for this tank of gas, today.
      Hank: See? There's always a catch with you.

    • Lacey: You know what a composter is, don't you?
      Brent: Of course. It composts things. Things that are compostable. Turns it into compostage.

    • Lacey: You know, Brent, there are so many things you can do to help the planet... like composting, or... or that thing rock stars do...
      Brent: Oooh, I'll do that. I assume it has something to do with groupies?
      Lacey: Carbon trading. You off-set your driving by turning off your air conditioning ...reduce your carbon footprint.
      Brent: How about I just try not to step in any carbon?

    • (Wanda is putting on her jacket)
      Brent: What, did it suddenly get cold in here?
      Wanda: I told you, I was leaving early.
      Brent: No you didn't
      Wanda: I implied it by leaving early lots of other times.

    • Oscar: The branch is trespassing on this property! It's illegal.
      Davis: First of all, this is my yard, so it's not your problem.
      (Oscar hits Davis with the branch)
      Oscar: See what can happen?

    • Hank: This book has every drink imaginable... help you be a better bartender.
      Wanda: Mix It Up, Baby! Drinks For Swinging Cats. That's great if you want to get drunk and swing cats.

    • Wanda: So what's your poison?
      Emma: I need something cold and stiff.
      Wanda: Have you checked the morgue? (she laughs) Just a little bartender humour for you.

    • Hank: Hey guys, say goodbye to your boring old booze. Check out these snazzy cocktails.
      Brent: I just want a rye and water.
      Lacey: Oh, a Singapore Sling. I haven't had one of those since college.
      Hank: Oh, I didn't know you went to school in Singapore.

    • Hank: Hey, can I make Lacey's Sling? The directions are right here in the book.
      Wanda: Fine, but there's three rules behind the bar: Shut up; don't annoy me; and shut up.
      Hank: That doesn't make any sense. The first and third rule are the same.
      Wanda: Well, you broke all three.

    • (Hank delivers drinks to Brent and Lacey)
      Hank: Here you go, folks.
      Brent: What the hell are these?
      Hank: Surf dreams. Only, I couldn't find coconuts, so I used potatoes. I call 'em 'Turf Dreams.'
      Lacey: Why is it red?
      Hank: Well, that's the ketchup; I couldn't find any grenadine.

    • Oscar: You ever notice how every few weeks, either me, or Hank, or Wanda has some crazy new job?
      Emma: I hadn't noticed and I'm sure no one else has either.

    • Wanda: Hey there, stranger!
      Davis: Stranger? It's me, Davis.

    • Lacey: You expect me to believe you, Brent Leroy, rode a bike to work?
      Brent: Well, stranger things have happened.
      Lacey: Yeah, like maybe twice in the history of the world. The big bang... evolution of the platypus... and then you, on a bike.

    • Karen: Why is [Davis] mad at me? I do all the work!
      Wanda: Maybe that's the problem.
      Karen: You think?
      Wanda: Well, I don't not think that it isn't it.

    • Hank: Do you realize you can't get dried lime rind in this town? Or even a passable papaya? I mean, just look at this mango.
      Brent: That's an apple.
      (Hank looks surprised)
      Hank: I hope the other customers aren't as sharp as you are!

    • (Oscar is leaving the bar)
      Hank: Oh, watch the highways, I heard the Mounties are out doing that ride thing.
      Oscar: The Musical Ride?
      Hank: No, the RIDE program.
      Oscar: The Musical RIDE program?

    • Wanda: So you're going to put [the energy conserving light bulbs] up in here?
      Lacey: Yeah, without Brent knowing. Can you create a diversion?
      Wanda: Sure thing. I'll start a fire. Hand me those newspapers.
      Lacey: Or you could just talk to him.
      Wanda: Yawn.

    • Emma: Okay, I know you're all probably going to make fun of me, but... here it is. (she puts the ruined sword down on the table)
      Fitzy: Davis's paper cutter.
      Fitzy's Grandma: Oscar's wood chopper.
      Karen: You mean Josh's sandwich slicer?
      Fitzy: It's the perfect gift for our twin town!
      Fitzy's Grandma: Something from Dog River we all use!
      Karen: And it's kind of Japanesey. Good thinking, Emma!

    • Lacey: Okay, so you got the plaque, but I guess the real winner here is the environment.
      Brent: No, the real winner is Brent Leroy. See, it says right there. (pointing to plaque)

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