Corner Gas

Season 4 Episode 14

The Good Old Table Hockey Game

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on CTV
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The Good Old Table Hockey Game
When Davis buys a classic table hockey game and sets it up at the DRPD, he finds that he's set events in motion that lead to the ultimate showdown... the Summit Series between Karen and Brent. The whole town takes sides in the tournament, and Hank decides that he now wants Karen as his role-model, after watching both her and Brent train. Lacey joins a new club and nominates Emma for some long-overdue recognition.moreless

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    • QUOTES (16)

      • Brent: I'm having a coffee, I hope that's okay.
        Wanda: I'll say this for your training methods, you certainly keep up your fluid intake. But I guess you have to wash down the jelly donuts.
        Brent: It's Bavarian cream. Bavarians are very good at hockey.

      • Wanda: You should be home resting!
        Brent: Who are you, my mother?
        (cut to)
        Emma: You should be home resting!
        Brent: Who are you, my annoying employee?

      • (at the Town Bar)
        Hank: Are you sure you should be here drinking?
        Brent: Where should I be drinking? At the playground?

      • Oscar (about the television): I hooked it up.
        Wanda: And it doesn't work right? Huh, now my whole world makes no sense.

      • Wanda: Brent will destroy you! He's a terrifying table hockey monster!
        Brent (looking at the miniature hockey players): Hey look, these guys have mustaches.

      • Lacey: You have to stop thinking of women only in traditional roles!
        Brent: You're right. Hey, can you get me some more coffee?

      • Hank: So, you thinking of joining that D.R.Y.... D.A.... W....
        Lacey: Yes. And if I join, I can nominate someone as a 'Distinguished Woman.'
        Brent: What's their definition of distinguished?
        Hank: A woman who was on fire, and they put her out.
        Lacey: It's a woman who's distinguished herself.
        Hank: Oh, that's even harder.

      • Hank (to Brent): Yeah, [Karen] called you a knob. You gotta go take her out.
        Oscar: I'll show that stuck-up cop who's a knob! (he leaves)
        Brent: I bet he will, too.
        Lacey: Mm-hmm.

      • Wanda (to Davis): [Karen]'s not the best, Brent's the best! You better be prepared to put your money where your mouth is... where your Karen is... put your Karen where your mouth is!

      • Hank: Training for the big match?
        Karen: Well, I run normally, but I guess it could help.
        Hank: You're like a machine. How far do you run?
        Karen: Down to the thing (motioning behind her)
        Hank: It's like a science with you!

      • Brent: So, you've trained pretty hard. I heard you've been jogging.
        Karen: I heard you've been drinking.
        Brent: Well, I don't want to brag...

      • Brent: You ready?
        Karen: Yeah, now that Hank put his shirt back on.
        Hank: What? There's always a streaker!

      • Hank: You beat Brent! You're Queen of the Knobs!
        Karen: Please don't call me that.

      • Lacey: Emma should charge admission and donate the money to charity!
        Wanda: What charity?
        Lacey: I don't know... who cares?
        Wanda: Your heart's in the right place.

      • Lacey: Oh, but you deserve this Emma! This is about women coming together, honouring each other, celebrating what it is that keeps our woman-ness.
        (Emma stares at her silently)
        Lacey: I'll give you 100 bucks.
        Emma: All righty, then!

      • (Brent has just won the hockey series)
        Oscar: That's my boy! (they hug)
        Brent: I've never heard that before. It's kinda creepy.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Rob de Lint was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award 2007 in the category of "Television Direction - Special or Episode" for this episode.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Davis: You may have lost, partner, but you played a hell of a series.
        Karen: Yeah, it reminds me of something, but... I don't know what.
        Oscar: Yeah, that'll go down in Dog River history.
        Wanda: They'll be talking about it 30 years from now.

        This entire episode uses the 1972 Summit Series (Canada vs. Russia) as its basis, with many points matching exactly: the series was 8 games, with 4 games in Canada (Oscar & Emma's house) and 4 games in Russia (the police station); the order of winning the games is the same, with Karen representing Russia and Brent representing Canada; the third game was a tie; the Canadians were booed off the ice after losing game 4, and Phil Esposito gave the speech that Brent gives in the episode about being disillusioned and disheartened by the booing because the team was giving 150%. The final game saw the series tied with three wins per team, and one tie; the Russians (Davis) claimed that if the final game was a tie, they were going to claim a win in the series due to more goals, however, Canada won the final game, with Paul Henderson scoring the winning goal with only seconds remaining in the final period. When Brent wins the final game, he comments that the 'player' who knocked the puck in was Henderson. The series was and is a proud moment for Canadian sports, and is still talked about, more than 30 years later.

      • The title of the episode, The Good Old Table Hockey Game is a play on the chorus of the 1973 Stompin' Tom Connors song, The Hockey Song, in which he sings "the good old hockey game..." This song was used in the commercial for the episode, as well as the episode itself.