Corner Gas

Season 3 Episode 5

The Littlest Yarbo

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2005 on CTV
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The Littlest Yarbo
Hank is in trouble, and gets some help from a dog that he believes to be The Littlest Hobo. He tries to prove this to Brent and Wanda, but finds that the erst-while Hobo isn't so easy to trick. Lacey is upset about everyone's differently sized travel mugs and Brent has the perfect solution: Corner Gas & The Ruby travel mugs. The only problem is that he can't decide which side to put his logo on, and feels that Lacey is trying to outsmart him. Karen and Davis are looking for respect, but that's difficult to find with Carol and Davis, the new fire department, stealing their thunder.moreless

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  • It is still better than most, but not as good as Corner Gas should be.

    It is still better than most, but not as good as Corner Gas should be.

    Apparently we are going to be treated another funny episode. It is just too bad that it was not as funny as it could have been. This was a funny episode, just not as funny as Corner Gas was last season.

    In this episode we have several stories, as usual. There is the main one about the dog that Hank thinks is the dog that used to play in The Littlest Hobo. For those of you not familiar with that show, a homeless dog (German Shepard) roamed the country (Canada) and helped people along the way.

    I recently found out that The Littlest Hobo has first a movie in the 50's, then a series in the 60's and again a series in the 80's. So best case scenario the dog would be 20 years old now (assuming he was born in 1985 when the last episode was aired). Big dogs don't last that long. Of course that is the joke that Hank cannot understand that it cannot be the same dog.

    What was funny was that by the end Wanda was starting to believe in the dog herself, despite her attempts. In the end the dog is only used to get rid of the Firefighters. A rather sad ending to the joke. It would have been funnier to have the do leave like the Hobo did (who's name was apparently London) or to have kept the dog for another week where he eventually gets bored and moves on.

    Then there was the "Davis-Karen" vs "David-Carol" thing. It wasn't very funny after the first couple of gags. It was funny to see David give Hank mouth-to-mouth as David thought Hank was choking. It was especially funny when Hank comments on David's choice of sandwich.

    Overall, it was a passable example of the show, but it left me wanting more and better jokes.moreless
Brooke D'Orsay

Brooke D'Orsay


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Shane Bellegarde

Shane Bellegarde


Guest Star

Josh Strait

Josh Strait

Ruby Cook/Busboy (uncredited)

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Cavan Cunningham

Cavan Cunningham


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    • (looking at the new travel mugs)
      Brent: Corner G and The Rub? Is that your favourite hip-hop band or something?
      Lacey: I'm sorry, Brent, I don't know how this happened.
      Brent: Actually, call me Corner G. I think I like that. Peace out, Rub.

    • Karen: Do you think firefighters get more respect than we do?
      Davis: We have respect.
      Oscar: Hey! Dingledorks! I need you to do something for me.
      Karen: Dingledorks?

    • Hank: Have you seen the Littlest Hobo?
      Brent: Are you still on about that? I thought you'd be digging for pirate treasure or building a time machine by now.

    • Lacey: Listen, I need to ask you some advice. A lot of people come to The Ruby and get coffee to go.
      Brent: Well, you put the word 'CAFE' on the roof in giant letters... bound to happen.

    • Hank: If [The Hobo] knew I was dying, why didn't he save me?
      Wanda: Maybe he knows you.
      Hank: Oooh... because he knew that help was nearby, or that I was faking it. He knew I wasn't in peril.
      Wanda: A big fireman french-kissing you isn't peril?

    • Hank: I miss the Hobo. I felt maybe if I could've got to know him better, I could've convinced him to stay.
      Wand: A: he's not the Hobo; B: if he was the Hobo, the Hobo only comes around when there's trouble and then moves on. That's the term 'Hobo'; and C: he's not the Hobo.

    • Oscar: Some German Sheperd came up and started barking at me!
      Hank: See? It's the Hobo! This proves it!
      Wanda: Sure it does. What other dog would think to use the Hobo's signature "bark" sound?

    • Karen: What about the volunteer fire department?
      (cut to volunteer firefighter answering the phone)
      Volunteer Firefighter: Hello? I can't go to a fire now, it's 3:30. That's when I take my afternoon nap.

    • (referring to The Littlest Hobo)
      Wanda: I know that David and Carol were trying to catch him.
      Hank: What?
      Brent: Well maybe the dog found out and hit the road.
      Wanda: Maybe there was a voice that kept on calling him.
      Brent: Maybe down the road, that's where he wants to be.
      Wanda: And every stop he'd make... (starts singing) He'd make a new friend!
      Brent and Wanda: (singing) Just grab your hat, we'll travel light that's Hobo style. Maybe tomorrow...

    • Brent: I'll go halvsies with you. Pretty please?
      Lacey: You know I can't resist you when you talk like a seven year-old girl.
      Brent: You're the bestest.

    • (reading travel mugs)
      Oscar: The Rub?
      Emma: What's that? A massage parlour?

    • Hank: That would've been cool if that was the real Littlest Hobo, eh, Brent? ...Brent? ...I mean, Corner G.?

    • (David gives Hank mouth-to-mouth)
      Hank: What are you doing! I'm okay! ...What is that, ham and cheese?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Wanda: [Lacey] told you she doesn't care about the logos in an effort to make you believe that she doesn't care about the logos. Cagey wench.
      Brent: Yeah, she's doing some sort of Zen-Vulcan mind-twist. She's playing this better than I thought she would.

      Brent is mixing eastern religions with Star Trek, in which Mr. Spock, a Vulcan, could mind-meld with others, either with their consent, or against their will.

    • Hank: Here, Hobo! Here boy! (a dog comes up to Hank, but it's not The Hobo) You wish!

      The dog that comes up to Hank has a striking similarity to the movie dog, Benji, who was the star of various moives, including Benji (1974), For The Love Of Benji (1977), and Benji The Hunted (1987). There were also some TV movies; in all the movies, Benji was the plucky dog who rescued those in danger.

    • Wanda: What's up, Sad Sack?
      Hank: Mhhhhn...
      Wanda: Still bummed because the fictional TV-dog left town? Well, maybe another fictional character will drop by. Maybe Sad Sack!

      Sad Sack is the cartoon character created by George Baker when he was in the army during World War II. Sad Sack was a perpetually glum army private who was just trying to make it through the war in one piece.

    • (Hank is going out to look for The Littlest Hobo)
      Wanda: Say hi to Scooby and Dino!

      'Scooby' is the cartoon dog, Scooby Doo, from The Scooby Doo Show, which began in the mid-70s. 'Dino' is the pet from The Flintstones, which began in 1960. However, Dino wasn't a dog, he was a large purple dinosaur.