Corner Gas

Season 1 Episode 2

The Taxman

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2004 on CTV

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  • Not "The" tax man, "a" tax man. You gotta see it to believe it.

    This episode is one of my favourite episodes of Corner Gas. It has everything you need: humour and good acting. We get a great performance Kevin McDonald as Marvin Drey, a Tax man, two excellent running gags. One is about the price of coffee and the other about the correct way to address Marvin.

    There are many quotes from this episode, but most of them are not as funny as when done live by this cast. They have some really great timing and rhythm with the script. This given that it's only the second episode of the season. It truly is fine example of "you need to see it to believe it".

    Oscar continues to be a jackass, while trying to insult or ignore everyone else. Funny thing about his catch phrase though. It reminds me an awful lot of Red Foreman's catch phrase. I wonder why that is?

    Nicely done is Lacy in this episode. She seems to be a lot less like Lucy (of the famous show) in this one, as she never really getting in trouble this time. Instead the entire town pays for her goof and not her directly. She gets out of the situation (which is also rare) on her own with a little tax man help.

    Overall this is one of the best episodes of Corner Gas’ early years. I use this episode to get more people introduced to the show as all the characters are pretty self explanatory. The humour is bang on, and the laughs are natural.