Corner Gas

Season 3 Episode 8

Trees A Crowd

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2005 on CTV
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Trees A Crowd
Brent and Hank rediscover their old tree house, only to find that it's been taken over by a new group of kids. Deciding that they want it back, Brent and Hank sink to new lows in their fight to reclaim a piece of their lost childhood. Elsewhere, Davis tries to keep Wanda in custody, but she proves her Houdini-like prowess, showing why everyone hates magicians; Lacey tries to learn kung fu from a less than willing Karen. Oscar helps an old friend with her hot water and finds that it's not just the water that's hot.moreless

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  • What started off well, didn't end so well.

    I came. I saw. I laughed ... a little. Although this episode was fine enough to be considered funny, it really is not up to the standards that I hold this show. That isn't to say it's not funny, just that it could have been funnier.

    The major joke was supposed to be about Brent and Hank finding their old tree house. However, for me the major joke was the Lacey, Wanda, Karen and Davis side line. (Hmmm, ever notice all the five letter names?) You just knew that Wanda was messing with Davis' head and that the reason for her great escapes would be obvious. Frankly, I did not see Karen helping, but I did think she was abusing the system. It was still pretty good though.

    It was really crazy though that when Wanda let Lacey take her down, Lacey didn't notice it was faked for her. Not that it really matters. It kind of made it funnier for me actually. They really did well with the two conversations at once bit too. That's actually hard than you think to keep going. I've been in conversations like that, and I find it hard to concentrate sometimes. But then, I'm a guy.

    Lastly, we had the grand Dame (my words) of Saskatchewan, Shirley Douglas do a guest appearance. The last time I saw her she was at least 30 pounds heavier and 20 years younger on Wind at My Back. This is kind of funny, since she was supposed to be ancient in that show. But it looked good on her anyways. If you don't know who Shirley Douglas is, then you should find out.

    Overall, an okay episode that was better than last week’s, but not as good as a few other episodes this season. I am looking forward to more good comedy as the season goes on.moreless

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    • Brent: What are you going to do with a front-end loader?
      Hank: Are you kidding? I'm gonna load things! From the front end!
      Brent: You don't know how it works, do you?

    • Brent: Well, that was kind of embarrassing.
      Hank: No one needs to know, right?
      Brent: That's right, we never talk about this again. (pause) That was no fair, they had a gun!
      Hank: We could've lost an eye... then no more fun and games. Except for pirates. A lot of pirates have just one eye. They have lots of fun and games.
      Brent: We should go back to that 'not talking about this.'

    • Hank: Money is power, Brent.
      Brent: Is this where you try to borrow some power off me?
      Hank: No. (long pause) Can I borrow twenty bucks for an unrelated thing?

    • Emma: The last thing Oscar fixed was breakfast. And he broke the toaster. And we weren't even having toast.

    • Brent: Hey, remember when we were kids, we had that tree house?
      Hank: Oh, yeah, that was a great tree house; I wonder if it's still standing?
      Brent: Sure it is.
      Hank: How do you know?
      Brent: That old tree house was such a big part of our childhood that if it had fallen down, somehow a part of me would just know it. Plus I can see it over there.

    • (looking at pictures of Peggy's grandchild)
      Oscar: What a cutie! She'll break hearts!
      Emma: For the fifth time, it's a boy!

    • (looking at the tree house)
      Hank: When I build something, it stays built.
      Brent: I built it.
      Hank: I built the rope ladder, it's still there. (pulls down the ladder) ...It's a chain now!
      Brent: Have you been secretly coming here on the weekend, doing renos?

    • Hank: To defeat a child, you gotta think like a child.
      Brent: Well, you are uniquely qualified.

    • Davis: Please? Do it again... double or nothing!
      Wanda: Double or nothing what? We're not betting anything.
      Davis: I thought it was just an expression.

    • Hank (laughing): Did you see the look on their faces?
      Brent (laughing): Yeah... (stops laughing)...Actually, no, I didn't, because the bucket was up.
      Hank: Yeah, me neither, but I bet they were all 'ahhh!'

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    • Brent (to Wanda): Watch the store, Houdini.

      Brent calls Wanda 'Houdini' in reference to her skills at escaping from the locked police cruiser. Harry Houdini (March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926) was a famous magician who originally began his escapes with a handcuff act, but eventually moved up to bigger and bigger escapes. He was renowned in the US by 1910 for his escapes from ropes, chains, handcuffs, and also his escapes from these while under water or hanging suspended from a rope.

    • (Davis, in pursuit of a 'dine & dash' customer, slides across the hood of a car and falls to the ground)
      Wanda: Good work, Starsky.

      This is a reference to the mid-70s police drama, Starsky & Hutch, where the main characters would often slide across the hood of their car when in pursuit of a criminal.