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  • Season 6 Episode 10: Shirt Disturber

  • Emma: Here we go... some skirts, pants, a couple of sweaters, a crimping iron.
    Wanda: Sweaters and a crimping iron? Is Twisted Sister doing a show at the curling rink?

    Twisted Sister, active mainly in the early '70s to the late '80s, was a big-hair metal band. The lead singer from 1976 on was Dee Snyder, who had long blond hair that was crimped.

  • Season 6 Episode 9: Rock Stars

  • Brent: You are aware I was the leading guitarist in a band all through high school?

    Brent, Wanda and Hank had a band called "Thunderface" in high school. They revived it in the episode Rock On! (season 2, episode 15).

  • Season 6 Episode 8: Reader Pride

  • Oscar: You're wasting your time. The Riders haven't been any good since the old days. Joe '747' Adams, 'Polecat' Poley, ...Molly McGee. She was as tough as nails.
    Hank: Molly McGee was a guy.
    Oscar: I don't think so! First woman to play in the CFL. Look it up!
    Brent: What, dementia?
    Oscar: Joe Dementia played baseball, you jackass!

    Molly McGee, was, in fact, a man. He played for both the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Ottawa Rough Riders, and was a player for Saskatchewan when it was involved in the 1976 Grey Cup.
    Joe '747' Adams played in the early '80s.
    Bob 'Polecat' Poley played for the Roughriders from 1978 - 1984.

  • Lacey: So how's it goin' on the ol' griddle?
    Brent: Gridiron.
    Lacey: Right.
    Brent: Well, you'll be happy to know the Argos are winning.
    Lacey:Oh, I'm cheering for the Riders. Been a fan of theirs ever since they moved the team from Ottawa.

    Brent comments that Lacey will be happy that the Argos are winning; Lacey is from Toronto, home of the Toronto Argonauts.

    Lacey comments that she's been a fan since the team moved from Ottawa; the Saskatchewan Roughriders were never based in Ottawa. They began as the Regina Rugby Club in 1910, and in 1924 changed their name to the Roughriders. Ottawa had a team called the Rough Riders, which folded in 1996, but the two teams were always separate.

  • Oscar: You know who I always think is dead is that guy that played Fish on Barney Miller... what was his name?
    Emma: He is dead.
    Oscar: Get the hell out of here!
    Karen: No, he's not dead!

    The actor Oscar is talking about is Abe Vigoda, who, at the time of the airing of this episode, is alive.

  • Season 6 Episode 2: Bend It Like Brent

  • (while watching the video of Wanda impersonating Winston Churchill)
    Oscar: Holy hell! She's like a Canadian Rich Little!

    Rich Little (November 26, 1938) is a Canadian impersonator, known as the man of a thousand voices.

  • Season 6 Episode 1: Full Load

  • In the scene where Brent and Lacey are having their eating contest, Davis comes in with a full batch of perogies. Fitzy serves up two large bowls out of the container, yet when the camera returns to show Fitzy and Davis, the container is still full.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: Final Countdown

  • The song that plays while the Dog River denizens are watching the fireworks go off is "Fireworks" (1998) by the Tragically Hip.

  • Brent: Look, I'm sorry about getting you out of bed, Wes, but this is an emergency.
    Hank: I thought you died, or moved to Winnipeg, or something.
    Wes: No, I've always been here. You guys just didn't seem too interested in calling me.

    Hank comments that he thought Wes had died or moved to Winnipeg. Wes was a regularly recurring character in the first three seasons, then was completely absent for the first half of the fourth season. This absence caused fans to speculate (on chat boards) as to the reason for his absence; the first rumour was that he had died. His appearance in two episodes of season four put that rumour to rest (for the most part), but then a second rumour arose that he had moved to Winnipeg, and this was why he was not appearing in more episodes.

  • Season 5 Episode 18: Bed And Brake Fast

  • The t-shirt that Davis is wearing when he returns Brent's car and tells him that he replaced the tail light is for Prairie Fire RFC, a local rugby club.

  • Season 5 Episode 17: The Accidental Cleanist

  • Wanda's birth certificate lists her date of birth as April 16, 1968, her height as 5' 0" and her eye colour as green. The licence is valid from Nov. 1, 2002 to Oct. 31, 2010.

    The final number in the year of date on the licence is smudged; It looks like it was originally 1966, but was changed to 1968. Wanda is supposed to be the same age as Brent (and Hank), and Brent turns 40 in the final episode of this season, making his year of birth 1968; thus, Wanda's year of birth must be 1968 as well.

  • (Brent reads The Howler with the headline: Make-out bench causes moral tailspin)
    Brent: At least with my tree the kids keep their pants on. There's probably going to be a population boom now, thanks to your sex bench.
    Oscar: It's not a sex bench! It's a make-out bench. And it's not a make-out bench!
    Brent: Whatever you say, Hef.

    Hugh Hefner (Apr. 9, 1926 - ), whose nickname is 'Hef', is the founder of the Playboy empire.

  • When Lacey drops the key on the deck, in the close-up shot, it lands over the crack between two boards, and is in front of Davis's foot. In the next shot, a long camera shot, the key is in the middle of one board (no longer straddling the gap) and is beside Davis's foot.

  • (Hank and Wanda crawl out from under the deck as the crowd applauds)
    Lacey: Well good work, Hank. You rescued Groucho Marx.

    Groucho Marx (Julius Henry 'Groucho' Marx (Oct. 2, 1890 - Aug. 19, 1977)) was a comedian whose distinctive on-stage characteristics included glasses, a cigar, and a greasepaint moustache, much like the one that Wanda is sporting.

  • Season 5 Episode 16: Coming Distractions

  • In the flashback to when Fitzy almost hit Oscar with his car, when Oscar says, "Jackass!" his mouth is not moving.

  • Karen: Yeah, I'm picking up Mertyl; she's got a bad hip.

    In Hurry Hard, (season 2, episode 11), the character of Mertyl Runciman is introduced. She couldn't participate in the Clavet Cup Bonspiel on the Leroy curling team due to her hip injury.

  • Season 5 Episode 15: No Time Like The Presents

  • The end of the episode skips ahead to (presumably) Christmas 2008, and Lacey can be seen watching intently the 'fireplace log' channel on the television. Lacey's love for the Christmas log channel was first established in the season 5 episode Cable Excess.

  • Season 5 Episode 12: The J-Word

  • Lacey seems pretty convinced of her fate as told by the Tarot Card reader. Yet, when she meets Roy, the unemployed lawyer, Lacey forgets or ignores the fact that the Tarot Card reader said she had already met the person she would marry.

  • Season 5 Episode 9: Game, Set and Mouse

  • Oscar: Too late, Do-Little. I just set up the ultimate mouse trap. I got it at a yard sale.
    Davis: Ooo-kay.
    Wanda: I think the scuba diver has to face backward.

    The 'ultimate mouse trap' that Oscar has set up is the game "Mouse Trap", which was first released in 1963 by Ideal. When Wanda points out, correctly, that the scuba diver is to face backward (meaning away from the washtub), the scuba diver is already facing backward.

  • Season 5 Episode 4: Dark Circles

  • Davis's house number is 314.

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