Corner Gas

Season 4 Episode 3

Two Degrees Of Separation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on CTV
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Two Degrees Of Separation
Oscar and Emma try to cut their heating bills by having Hank install a digital thermostat, but they find that knowing exactly what temperature it is isn't all it's cracked up to be. Lacey fails to yield and then mocks the signage which causes Karen to take things up to the next level. Davis installs a new security decal at Corner Gas, which provides Hank with a new, relaxing hobby, and Brent with a new mission in life.moreless

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  • I was not impressed with this episode. It was good, compared with other crap out there, but it was not <i>Corner Gas</i> funny. I was entertained, but it was all very predictable.moreless

    I was not impressed with this episode. It was good, compared with other crap out there, but it was not <i>Corner Gas</i> funny. I was entertained, but it was all very predictable.

    The Oscar and Emma joke was old as soon as I saw it. I loved Hank's solution though. Put it at 20°C and then they won't know if it's 70°F or 72°F. They screwed that joke up though by making Oscar hot (still) and Emma cold (still).

    As for Lacey, how does one forget their out of province license has expired? Also, why didn't she get someone to drive her into the next town (with the Sears that Emma shops at) and get her license there?

    Now that the short Davis joke was explained, I have to say that's bull. 5'5" is not tall for women I know. 6'1" is not average or short for men I know. It was just plain stupid.

    I loved Hank calling out the heights though. It seemed so random and I find random funny. Actually Hank seemed more normal and handy than usual. That was actually a good thing about the episode.

    Overall, I liked it better than other comedy shows, but it's making <i>My Name is Earl</i> more my favourite current comedy.moreless
Josh Strait

Josh Strait

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    • Oscar: It's like a pressure cooker in here! It's like Cuba!
      Emma: Are you going to go through the names of every hot country?
      Oscar: It's like Mexico!
      Emma: I should never have gotten you that atlas.

    • Hank: What if the robber shoots Brent? Then he can't read the decal!
      Davis: If it's an armed robbery, they call in a special unit. Not my problem.

    • (about the security sticker)
      Davis: See, if I was a robber, you'd know how tall I was.
      Brent: If you were a robber, I'd just say, 'Davis robbed me.'

    • Karen: You can mock me, but don't mock the yield sign!
      Lacey: I wasn't mocking you.
      Karen: Oh. Well, you could have.

    • (a customer leaves)
      Hank: Five-foot seven!
      Brent: You gonna call out people's heights all morning?
      Hank: I find it relaxing.
      Brent: Yeah, 'cause you're normally so tightly wound. Any more relaxed, you'd be a stain on the floor.

    • (Oscar has just stalked off after yelling at Lacey for ignoring the yield sign)
      Lacey: That was grumpy, even for Oscar.
      Emma: We just got our heating bill; it's murder.
      Lacey: You know what you should try?
      Emma: On-line dating?

    • (Brent is "checking tax information")
      Brent: And what's your height?
      Wanda: Seven-three.
      Brent: Haha, you fell right into... oh, well played.

    • Karen: I'm not the bad guy here. You had an expired out-of-province driver's licence.
      Lacey: So you're going to make me take a driver's test?
      Karen: The province is... not me. I'm not doing anything.
      Wanda: That's sort of her motto as a police officer.
      Karen: See? You can mock me; that's fine!

    • Oscar: It's like Africa in here. It's like a sauna. It's like a sauna in Africa!
      Emma: It's imperceptible!
      Oscar: Well, I percept it!

    • Karen: I was looking on the internet, and it turns out that although 6'1" is taller than 5'5"...
      Davis: Way taller!
      Karen: ...for a woman, 5'5" is taller than 6'1". Compared to other women, I'm taller than you are, compared to other men. So, scientifically, I'm taller than you.
      Davis: Huh?
      Karen: Sorry, short stuff!

    • (Brent and Hank are watching the door, waiting for Wanda to come in; she walks in from behind them)
      Wanda: What are we watching?
      Brent: How'd you get in here?
      Wanda: Came in through the back. It's almost like I somehow anticipated your plan.
      (cut to earlier)
      Brent: Hey, uh, Wanda... where's the tape measure? (she hands it to him) And the sharpie? (she hands it to him) Hehehe... just go about your business.
      (back to the present)
      Wanda: It's like I'm psychic!

    • Karen (to Davis): So what if you're not that tall for a man? You're still tall... just not if you think of yourself as a man.

    • Oscar: I know what this is about! You're trying to get me to turn up that thermometer!
      Emma: Thermostat. And I wouldn't ask you; I don't have five days to spare.
      Oscar: It only took two days!

    • Brent: I don't know why I even involve you in my schemes.
      Hank: Well, maybe you're afraid of success on some level.

    • Hank: There, done! You can't get a thermostat with less information that than. (to Oscar) You won't know if it's hot, and (to Emma) you won't know if it's cold. I alone will know that it's set to 73. (pause; Hank sighs) I'll reset it to another number. You go wait outside.

    • (Oscar pulls the tape off the thermostat)
      Emma: Oscar! Do I hear ungaffing? You better not be ungaffing!
      Oscar: I just had to see if I was hot or not.
      Emma: You're not, trust me.

    • (Hank resets the thermostat)
      Emma: Twenty? What's twenty mean?
      Hank: Celsius. Look, all you need to know is that it's approximately room temperature. Ignorance is bliss.
      Emma: Well, you speak from experience.

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    • Brent: Hey, how tall are you, Wanda?
      Wanda: In the words of Will Rogers, tall enough that my legs touch the ground.

      Will Rogers (November 4, 1879 – August 15, 1935) was a Vaudeville entertainer, humourist, social commentator and actor. He is famous for many quotes on the human condition, as well as satirical jabs at government.

    • (Davis is wearing platform boots)
      Davis: Do they look funny?
      Lacey: Not if you're in Cirque du Soleil. Oh, come on, I'm just kidding! They'd look funny even if you were in Cirque du Soleil.

      Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian 'alternate' circus, which uses human performers rather than animals. It began in 1984 in Montreal, and is now world-famous, with shows that tour, as well as numerous "in house" shows in the larger hotels in Las Vegas. The shows focus on acrobatics, and include jugglers, contortionists, clowns and trapeze artists.

    • Davis: It's not so great, being tall. Abraham Lincoln was tall, and he got shot.
      Karen: Did they catch the height of the guy who did it?
      Davis: Nah, they didn't have decals back then.

      Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865), the 16th President of the United States, was 6'4" tall. He was shot on April 14, 1865 at about 10 p.m.; he died nine hours later, on April 15th. John Wilkes Booth (May 10, 1838 – April 26, 1865), the shooter, was 5'8" tall; he was, indeed, caught, and shot, on April 26th, 1865.

    • The title of this episode is a play on the 1993 movie, Six Degrees Of Separation, starring Will Smith, in which it was posited that everyone is connected by only six degrees of separation. This lead to a spoof of that, based on Kevin Bacon's movie roles; with the premise that everyone is connected to Kevin Bacon by six degrees of separation (or less.)