Corner Gas

Season 5 Episode 5

Wash Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on CTV
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Wash Me
Wanda's love life gets a boost, and things are going well until suddenly, everything depends on the cleanliness of Hank's truck. Brent begins to wonder if he's losing his sense of smell, but only when he's near Oscar and Emma. Lacey gives The Ruby a make-over courtesy of Karen.moreless

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  • Apostrophe humour... gotta love it!

    Most of the story lines in this week's episode of Corner Gas were funny, but I just didn't find the Oscar/Emma plot funny... at all. I would have thought that a couple that's been married as long as they have wouldn't have 'sharing' issues any more.

    The dirty truck being used as a notepad was funny, and inevitable that the phone number, the one important thing written on it, would be washed off. Having the Scouts be the ones to ruin things for Wanda was unexpected, and so made it funnier than if Hank had just messed things up the way he always does.

    Karen's unexpected sketching ability was also humorous, particularly since everyone knew it was Davis she was drawing, except Davis. Small quibble with Davis shutting down the art show... since Lacey wasn't selling the liquor, did she really need a liquor licence? Hmmm...

    But overall, a fairly humorous episode, although not the best of the season so far.moreless
Richard Quesnel

Richard Quesnel


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Nola Baskette

Nola Baskette

Old Woman

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Shane Arbuthnott

Shane Arbuthnott


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Josh Strait

Josh Strait

Ruby Cook/Busboy (uncredited)

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Cavan Cunningham

Cavan Cunningham

Fitzy (uncredited)

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    • Brent: Have you asked [the Milk Guy] for his phone number yet?
      Wanda : No. I'm just...
      Brent: A fraidy-cat?
      Wanda : I am not a fraidy-cat!
      Brent: Scaredy-cat? Chicken-cat? Chicken cacciatore? Cat Stevens?
      Wanda: I'll do it when I'm ready.
      Brent: Well, time's ticking. Cat's in the cradle... jeez, I got a real theme going here!

    • Lacey: Hey, isn't that the guy you like? The milk guy? Oh, it looks like the perfect moment to get his number.
      Wanda: Yeah, to a layman; but the perfect moment never appears as the perfect moment.
      Lacey : It doesn't?
      Wanda: No. There's always room for error.

    • Brent: Is Mom here?
      Oscar: No.
      Brent: 'Cause I kind of smell a lavender, or berry bouquet... did you hug Mom before you came here?
      Oscar: Why the hell would I do that?

    • (about Karen's drawing "Sleeping Cop")
      Lacey: Hey, would you mind if I hung that in The Ruby? I have got the perfect spot for it.
      (cut to: Wanda and Lacey in The Ruby, Wanda has just punched a hole in the wall)
      Wanda: Sorry about that.
      Lacey: Oh, it's all right, I'll just cover it up with a crappy picture or something.
      (cut back to present)
      Karen: I'd be honoured!

    • Wanda : Hey.
      (she and the Milk Guy smile nervously at each other)
      Joe: Wow, that's a dirty truck!
      Wanda : Sure is... I hate dirty things. I mean... unless you're into dirty things. I, I'm not saying that I am, but... I'm no prude. (she laughs; he looks puzzled)

    • (upon seeing Karen's picture, "Sleeping Cop")
      Davis: Hey, that cop is totally asleep! What a lazy cop! I shouldn't really laugh, it doesn't help the stereotypical image of police officers.
      Lacey: Uh, Davis, that's you.
      Davis: Oh, I don't think so.
      (Brent comes in and sits down, sees the sketch)
      Brent: Hey, Karen, great sketch of Davis sleeping.
      Lacey (to Davis): Yeah, she really captured your laziness.

    • Karen (to Davis): You spent an hour on duty sleeping in the car. Shameful.
      Brent (to Karen): Didn't you spend an hour on duty sketching him?

    • Oscar: This "Sleeping Davis" sketch is a hoot! How much do you want for it?
      Lacey: Oh, it's not for sale.
      Oscar: I'll give you ten bucks.
      Karen: Sold! (she takes down the picture, sees the hole in the wall and turns accusingly to Lacey)
      Lacey (acting surprised): Oh, wow! There's a hole there!

    • (everyone smells too much after shave, Brent thinks it's coming from Emma)
      Emma : Look, we all know that Hank put on too much after shave. Now it's time to leave him alone.
      Hank: Thanks, Emma.
      Emma: Shut up, Hank. (to Brent) And you, you should get your nose checked.
      Brent: Smoky bacon?
      Lacey : No, that's the soup.
      Brent: Oooh, I'll have that!

    • Karen: What are you doing?
      Davis: Standing at the ready, not sleeping. Waiting to help the good citizens of Dog River.
      Karen: In front of a field?

    • (about the second "Sleeping Davis" sketch)
      Lacey: This is my favourite "Sleeping Davis." Look at the sun glistening off the morning dew.
      Karen: That's drool. He's a deep sleeper.

    • Oscar: What the hell is this written on your truck?
      Hank: 'Pay taxes'?
      Oscar: No, the other thing.
      Hank: Oh, 'be more considerate to the elderly'?
      Oscar: No!
      Hank (yelling): Come on, old man, just tell me, I don't got all day!

    • (Hank's truck now says 'don't dont' wash me')
      Scout Leader: So you do want your truck washed!
      Hank: Jeez, you guys are like vultures!
      Scout: Someone smells pretty.
      Oscar (pointing at Hank): It's him!

    • (putting a "Sold" sign on "Sleeping Davis #2")
      Lacey: Wow, these things are really moving. You know, you should have a show here.
      Karen: Ah, you sure people have enough holes to cover up?
      Lacey : Karen, they don't have to be just to cover up holes. ...Cracks, dents, any blemish, really.

    • Wanda : Yeah, I was ah, just ah, just gonna ask you for your phone number, so I could give you a call some time.
      Hank (laughing): Oh-ho-ho, boy, did I arrive at the right time!
      Joe : I thought you didn't like me.
      Wanda: No, no, I like you.
      Hank : Like, you ~like~ like him? Huh?
      (Wanda gives Hank a purple nurple; he staggers off in pain)

    • (looking at Hank's newly clean truck)
      Wanda: Joe's number was on that truck.
      Hank: Relax, I backed everything up, wrote it all down.
      Wanda : Do not say 'on another dirty truck.'
      Hank: No, on a notepad, a real notepad. It's in my lock box.
      Wanda : I under-estimated you. Which I didn't think was possible.

    • Brent: Mom smells like Mom, Dad smells like Dad, this chili cheese dog smells like the way angels up in Heaven smell. My sniffer's working again!

    • Hank: The combination to the lock was locked in the lock box that the lock was locking.

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