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Coronation Street is credited as being one of the longest running soaps in the world and the longest running television soap in Britain (with the longest running overall being The Archers on BBC radio). The show has been on British TV screens since 1960 and has aired over 6,000 episodes. Coronation Street was created by Tony Warren, who drew on his own experiences living in Salford when developing the show for Granada Television in Manchester. The show's working title was Florizel Street. In a memo from Tony Warren to Granada, he explains the basis of the show: "A fascinating freemasonary, a volume of unwritten rules. These are the driving forces behind life in a working class street in the north of England. The purpose of Florizel Street is to examine a community of this nature, and to entertain." The first episode of Coronation Street, written by Tony Warren and containing the first airing of the iconic theme music (composed by Eric Spear), was transmitted live at 7.00pm on Friday 9th December 1960 and was an instant success due to its eliment of "realism". The series began as a twice weekly serial (airing originally on Wednesdays and Fridays) and was initially only commissioned for twelve episodes but due to the series' success with the viewers it became a perminant fixture, soon changing its transmission days to Monday and Wednesdays. Almost 30 years later the number of episodes increased to three per week in 1989 (additional episode on Fridays) and then to four in 1996 (additional episode on Sundays). Recently that has increased again with a second episode being added on a Monday night at 8.30, leaving a half hour gap between the end of the first episode of the evening and the start of the second. Coronation Street, Corrie or The Street (however you know it) has been at the top of the ratings for most of it's long run and despite tough competition from new soaps and even new TV channels it remains the highest rated programme on British television. William Roache is now the only original cast member remaining - he's played Ken Barlow since episode one. The Set: In early 1960, after Granada Television commissioned twelve episodes of Coronation Street, the set designer Denis Parkin was taken on a tour of Salford by series creator Tony Warren for inspiration on the set. The street's set was based on Archie Street in the Ordsall district, a film shot of which was used in the opening credits of the programme from 1960 to 1964. Archie Street itself was knocked down in 1971. The original television set was built indoors, the cobbles and paving slabs were painted to the floor and the houses were made out of wood. The set was so big and the studio so small that it had to be erected in two parts which explains why shots of the entire street were not seen until 1968 when Granada decided that the interior set was too limiting and so re-erected the set outside in a yard rented from British Railways on Grape Street on Manchester, behind the Granada studios. The cast hated it! They complained that it was draughty and cold; nevertheless it was soon re-built in bricks and mortar and survived until the end of the 1970s when the decision was made to incorporate the set into the Granada Studios Tour. By 1982 a brand new set had been erected on a new site just a few hundred yards away. When the set was complete it was opened by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. The new set was first seen on-screen in episode 2210, broadcast on Monday 7 June 1982. From 1982 up until 1999, it was possible for fans of the show to visit the exterior set as part of the Granada Studios Tour. With the closure of the tour, Granada were able to expanded the exterior set to incorporate further buildings on Rosamund Street (the Health Centre) and later on Victoria Street (Roy's Rolls & Elliot and Son). Coronation Street currently airs on the following days in the UK: Monday @ 7.30pm & 8.30pm, Wednesday @ 7.30pm, Friday @ 7.30pm, Sunday @ 7.30pm. Note: This episode guide mirrors the episode numbers that are used by Granada Television. These, in turn, are based on the episode production numbers. On the odd occasion over the years these have proven to be slightly haphazard. To explain; the first episode of the programme was production code P228/1, the second P228/2, etc. In 1970, the production team reached episode 999 with the episode that was broadcast on Wednesday 19th August that year. The next episode, the 1000th, was not given the production code of P228/1000 but instead was given the new production code of P694 and the number 1! (To confuse matters more, Granada also publicised episode 999 as the 1000th episode!). The actual 1000th episode was therefore known as episode P694/1. As the seventies went on, two episodes (P694/26 and P694/27) were edited down into one half-hour episode, supposedly because Doris Speed - playing Annie Walker - was ill, and four episode numbers were not used at all - P694/503, P694/504, P694/505 and P694/549. You will therefore not find episodes 1503, 1504, 1505 or 1549 in this guide - because they were never made! When the 4000th episode was broadcast in April 1996, Granada's production codes skipped from P694/2999 to P694/4000, thereby mirroring better the actual episode number being shown and publicised. The fact remains though that other episode numbers have been skipped or counted as double episodes and therefore the publicity over episodes such as number 6000 in 2005 are a few episodes out. This is no big secret and, on occasion, comments have appeared in the UK press about this anomoly.

William Roache

William Roache

Ken Barlow (1960 - )

Philip Lowrie

Philip Lowrie

Dennis Tanner (1960 - 1968; 2011 - )

Eileen Derbyshire

Eileen Derbyshire

Emily Nugent Swain Bishop (1961 - )

Betty Driver

Betty Driver

Betty Turpin Williams (1969 - )

Barbara Knox

Barbara Knox

Rita Littlewood Fairclough Sullivan (1972 - )

Anne Kirkbride

Anne Kirkbride

Deirdre Hunt Langton Rachid Barlow (1972 - )

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  • Tod Mugging

    was very disappointed when Tod looked in the mirror that his scar had changed sides
  • david boring platt yawnnnn.

    How many more times does david platt need to brush that floor everytime I look up he has that damn strippy brush in his hands and how small is that new community room/library hardly room to turn around seriously.. like everyone else I record so I can wind past the terribl acting of the new family cant bear her shes like a hyena screechin in my earhole reminds me of an employer I used to have they way she looks over her glasses makes you feel like nothin... get rid of that tony with puffy eyes cant look at his face anylonger he cant act get rid of maddie waste of space sofie whats her purpose.. sniffling crybaby les dennis sick of him and gails relationship sooooo cringing to watch.. tims funny cant bear looking at fizz's cakeole her gobs always wide open with disbelief when talking to roy jeez I cud go on n on and yawn n yawnmoreless
  • The new family

    And yes, it is unfortunate I mean the 'new muslim family'. That woman screaming her lines is so irratating and I have to switch over albeit to the news such is the hurry I'm in! Please do not bring racisim into this, because I do know the actor 'Dev' and he and his family fitted in to Corrie quietly with some great story lines. I fear we shall have marriages, babies, fights and more visits from overseas re same family. I tried (with fingers crossed) to watch Peter's trial and with remote control at the readyin case that woman - extended brood popped up. Great hearing the news of Jim returning with Cilla, but 'up' that family pops again and off I go (C 66 COPS). So I daresay when Curly returns I will miss out any storyline involving him. Why didn't Corrie opt for a West Indian family/ Greek family/Chinese family? We have recently being subjected to harrowing news re our British men being murdered - so Corrie should have known their would have been some un-rest thus affecting the viewing. Of course not all muslim people are to be tarred with same brush, but it is unfortunate this family cannot act and the viewers are turning off.

    Same thing happened with EE and look at the ratings despite winning the Soap Awards. I'm not a saddo, but have enjoyed Corrie for years with great storylines - alas no more. As someone said on another site: will the last person watching Corrie turn the lights off on their way out....moreless
  • Conventions of Coronation St. (1)

    There are hardly any aspirational females. Any female character with a career will soon lose it and happily revert to the norm: ie barmaid/waitress/shop assistant.

    However, all females can transform themselves, seemingly without training, into skilled seamstresses.
  • Terrible acting and story line.

    Can the writers please press the DELETE button on Andria and Lloyd - sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo boring I change the channel for a few minutes.

    I don't mind the gays and lesbian story lines, but come on - PC is ok but there would not be that many gay and lesbians people living on a small street like that.

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