Coronation Street

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    • Sunday 11th April 2010
      Sunday 11th April 2010
      Season 51 - Episode 73
      Sophie's true feelings for Sian become clear as she comes to terms with her friend's rejection. John takes a drastic step to return to teaching that threatens everything he holds dear, Rosie dumps Kyle when she learns his real job at Weatherfield County, and Lloyd find himself smitten with Leanne's friend Cheryl.moreless
    • Fri 7 Apr, 2006
      Fri 7 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 70
      Mike's in hospital with an oxygen mask to help him breath. Jamie's by his bed. Kelly's annoyed when Becky makes Joanne swap machines so she can be next to her. Emily visits Mike. She's upset when he thinks she's his mother and keeps asking after his father. Liz becomes consumed with jealousy - adamant that Michelle is trying to get her claws into Vernon. Bev warns her she'll drive him away if she's not careful. In a very ill and confused state Mike walks out of the hospital. He wanders the streets in his pyjamas. Danny and Jamie are in a blind panic when they realise Mike is missing. Ken finds Mike standing outside the factory bare-footed and in his pyjamas. Ken puts his jacket round him and phones for an ambulance. Danny arrives. He's relieved to see Mike but distressed to see the state of him. While Ken and Danny wait for the ambulance, Mike suffers a massive heart attack and dies in Ken's arms. Distraught Danny cradles his dead father.moreless
    • Wed 21 Jun, 2006
      Wed 21 Jun, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 123
      Gail is tipped off by Sarah that David is playing truant again. Gail hurries home and tells David that she is taking him straight to see the headmaster. Mr Griffin pulls no punches until David reveals that the reason he has been bunking off is because bullies have been making his life hell. When the head refuses to accept David’s claims, Gail plays right into her son’s hands and decides she is going to keep him at home. Keith is despondent after going house hunting, he catches up with Craig in the street and tells him that he will have too accept the fact that the move is happening and help him find somewhere for them. Craig is still in denial but everything is brought into sharp focus when Keith collapses with chest pains. Elsewhere – Dev starts to think that being a father might not be such a difficult job after all when Amber comes home from school with a glowing report. Shelley is starting to feel that the Rovers is not big enough for her, Fred and Bev. She tells Betty that she has come to decision and plans to leave Weatherfield for good.moreless
    • Sun 16 Apr, 2006
      Sun 16 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 76
      Loved-up Molly and Tyrone kiss on the doorstep. Maria watches whistfully. David forgets it's Gail's birthday and rushes to the Kabin to buy a card. Danny tries to explain to first Ken and Deirdre and then Frankie and Jamie that he had no influence over Mike's will. Noone believes him. Gail's upset when she receives a birthday card from Richard Hillman. Sarah tells Maria about the fake cards. Janice persuades Leanne she should attend Mike's funeral. Diggory's delighted that Molly and Tyrone are now an item. He suggests that Tyrone might like to come into the family bakers business. Tyrone's gobsmacked. Norris returns from a disastrous lunch date with Sandra who he's met through the internet agency. He decides he's going to set an intelligence test for future potential candidates. With tensions at an all time high between Danny and the rest of his family, Ken worries that things are only going to get worse.moreless
    • Mon 17 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 17 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 78
      Mike's burial takes place. Adam and Penny weep at the graveside. Genna the social worker calls at the Battersby-Browns to interview Kirk and Fiz. Adam puts a letter he's written to Mike on top of the coffin. He's distraught that both his parents are dead. Norris gossips to Blanche about the Hillman cards. Rita tells him off. Sarah tells Audrey about Tracy's abortion. Audrey innocently mentions it to Blanche. Mark Redman turns up at Mike's burial but stays in the background. Later he finds Adam alone in the factory. Mark introduces himself to his brother. Adam explains how Mike's left everything to Danny. Mark tells Adam if he's a true Baldwin he'll put up a fight. Blanche embarrasses Audrey by introducing Keith to Archie as Audrey's boyfriend. The wake takes place at the Rovers and Danny buys champagne for everyone. Janice and the factory girls enjoy getting drunk at Danny's expense. Danny tries to apologise to Adam for the row at the church but Adam ignores him. Drunken Janice starts brawling with Cilla on the street just as Genna is leaving No. 5. Chesney's distraught thinking it's ruined his chances of being adopted. Blanche lets Tracy know she's found out about her abortion. Tracy pleads with her not to tell Deirdre or Ken. Adam makes up his mind to contest Mike's will.moreless
    • Wed 19 Apr, 2006
      Wed 19 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 79
      Keith's obvious jealousy of Archie starts to irritate Audrey. Ken offers to help Adam contest Mike's will. Adam's grateful for the support. Tracy blames Charlie for her abortion secret getting out. Charlie's unfazed. Janice pops into the factory for old time's sake. Danny tells Leanne he wants Janice out of the flat so they can be on their own again. When Ashley hears about the Hillman cards he's furious in case Joshua should hear anything. He shouts at Gail for not telling him. Gail's apologetic and very upset. Tracy gives Blanche a sob story about not wanting another baby so she could focus all her attention on Amy. Adam tells Danny he's going to contest Mike's will. Danny's worried that Adam might have got hold of a copy of Mike's most recent will. Blanche tells Deirdre about Tracy's abortion. Archie, Rita, Emily, Norris and Audrey all enjoy a good laugh over a few drinks. Keith's uncomfortable and Audrey can't help feeling annoyed with him. Tracy explains to Deirdre how she loves Charlie but knew he didn't want a baby. Deirdre feels sorry for her and apologises for being such a hard and unfeeling mother that Tracy couldn't tell her about her pregnancy. Feeling guilty, Tracy comforts Deirdre.moreless
    • Fri 21 Apr, 2006
      Fri 21 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 80
      Emily and Rita ask Norris how his date went but he remains tight-lipped. Danny insists he and Leanne must visit the villa in Spain to look for the original of Mike's most recent will. Leanne's only too happy to have a holiday. Craig and Rosie go to visit Katy's grave as it's a year since her death. Sally thaws a little toward Craig and gives them some money for lunch. Deirdre pays Charlie a visit and accuses him of forcing Tracy into an abortion but Charlie's adamant that it was Tracy's decision. Jack, Vera, Fred and Eileen gossip about Gail and the cards from Hillman. Gail walks in just as Eileen's being particularly vicious. Gail leaves upset. Norris admits his date was doomed from the off as she had a squint. Gail's upset and convinces herself that it's Eileen sending the Hillman cards. Audrey and Sarah try to calm her down. Deirdre's distraught. She breaks down and cries blaming herself for being a hopeless mother. Tracy feels guilty and confesses to Deirdre there was no abortion as she was never pregnant. Deirdre's stunned as Tracy explains it was just a scam to get Charlie to allow Amy to live with them. Deirdre's appalled at her daughter and shouts at her to get out of the house.moreless
    • Wed 26 Apr, 2006
      Wed 26 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 84
      Archie asks Rita to the Theatre with him tonight and she accepts. Gail is still very distressed about the Hillman events and decides to take the day off work. Kelly and Lloyd discuss the watch Becky bought Kelly for her birthday. Lloyd thinks the watch is genuine. Sarah is seriously worried for Gail as she is becoming paranoid. Sally and Kevin take Rosie home and Craig joins them. Sally is just grateful that everything is ok. Rita has her hair done in the Salon before her Theatre visit with Archie. Gail lashes out at Rita, Norris, Emily and Blanche for interfering in her business. Gail sees someone on the street who looks like Richard this scares her. Les is discussing with Eileen about adopting Chesney. Keith suggests taking Audrey on an O.A.P day out however she is not too impressed and doesn't want to go. Kelly tells Becky she is not impressed with the fact that she stole the watch and Becky storms off. Les and Chesney are really keen on the idea of the adoption however Cilla doesn't seem to share their enthusiasm. Becky produces a receipt for the watch Kelly thought she had stolen. Kelly feels guilty. Sally invites Craig to stay for tea. Gail confides in Audrey about thinking she saw Richard. Gail is clearly losing it.moreless
    • Friday 28th March 2008 (Episode 2)
      Friday 28th March 2008 (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 63
      David panics when he sees Audrey and Tina having row about both the accident and his false alibi and covering his tracks he confronts Audrey and thinks she is bullying his girlfriend.When he later tells Gail what Audrey has done, she is furious and demands she backs off but is Audrey about to expose the turth about David and Tina's flase alibi? Leanne tells Paul about her plan to burn down the resturant on Monday and when a devoted to Leanne, Paul moves in for a kiss and Leanne, delighted that her plan has worked and tells Dan the plan is on for Monday but is Dan worried that he, Leanne and Paul have got themshelves into a hole they can't get out of and will Paul go through with it? Vernon is not happy that his buliders friends have not finshed workon the smoking shelter and things go from bad to worse when Blanche questions whether they have planning permission to build the shelter.moreless
    • Fri 14 Apr, 2006
      Fri 14 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 75
      Danny's nervous of Adam thinking he might have a copy of Mike's latest will. Adam's equally nervous, worried that Danny might inherit everything. Keith takes Audrey fishing on the canal. She's not impressed and even less so when Les and Chesney turn up. Chesney soon realises Les has never fished before but explains that just having him around is all that matters and not the fishing. Les is touched. Les and Chesney catch an enormous fish only to be fined £200 for not having a rod licence. The Baldwins and the Barlows gather nervously as Mike's solicitor reads out his will. Mike leaves £50000 each to Jamie and Warren and £10,000 to Adam. He leaves everything else - his 51% of the factory, the flat, apartment in Spain and investments to Danny. Adam's furious, convinced Danny manipulated Mike into it. Ken tries to persuade Danny to give Adam his share of the factory but Danny refuses. Tyrone cooks Molly dinner. He worries she won't want him when she sees him naked. But all his insecurities evaporate when she compares herself to Maria saying she's not pretty enough for him. Tyrone tells Molly she's gorgeous and she assures him she loves hairy men. They kiss passionately and sleep together for the first time. Danny takes a wander round the factory surveying his empire.moreless
    • Wed 5 Apr, 2006
      Wed 5 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 69
      Frankie and Jamie look after Mike at No. 7. Mike's got a nasty cough. Leanne's pleased to have a day off from nursing Mike and refers to him as a human vegetable. Danny's furious and threatens to chuck her out. Norris studies the classified section in the Gazette. Rita wonders what he's up to. Danny tries to take Mike back to his flat but he refuses to leave No. 7. Vernon sets off for rehearsals leaving one of his drums behind. Liz takes the opportunity to drop in on him unannounced. She worries he's becoming over friendly towards Michelle the glamorous singer. Mike's cough has got worse and he's in a poor way. Frankie calls an ambulance. Danny's on the phone to a client when Sally runs in and tells him Mike's being taken off in an ambulance. Norris writes an ad for the lonely hearts column in the Gazette. He hides it from Rita. Danny, Frankie and Jamie go with Mike to the hospital. Penny arrives deeply worried about Mike. She's shocked to be told he's got pneumonia. Much to Kelly and Lloyd's embarrassment Becky tells them how much she loves them both. Jamie blames Danny for Mike's state of health - he wouldn't have spent the night in a park in the rain if he hadn't been trying to get away from Danny and Leanne.moreless
    • Sun 9 Apr, 2006
      Sun 9 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 71
      Danny tells Frankie about Mike's death. She's upset. Danny asks her to break the news to Jamie. Deirdre's upset when Ken tells her what's happened. When Joanne admires Kelly's bag she gives it to her saying she'll get another one. Joanne's chuffed but Becky's silently furious at Joanne getting Kelly's attention. Jamie's distraught at Mike's death and goes to sit with the body. Liz continues to be suspicious about Vernon and Michelle's relationship. She decides to turn up at their "rehearsal" unexpectedly. The regulars in the Rovers are all shocked to learn of Mike's death. Adam arrives and is upset he's too late to see Mike. Danny's convinced everyone's blaming him and Leanne for not looking after Mike properly. Liz finds out from Lloyd that Vernon and Michelle have gone to a flat. She follows them there expecting the worst only to find the flat is for let and Michelle's showing him round. Vernon asks Liz to move in with him. Liz is delighted. Becky threatens Joanne telling her to stay away from Kelly. Joanne's frightened. Distraught Jamie throws Mike's personal possessions at Danny telling him he's got everything else so he may as well have the lot. Leanne's pleased thinking she and Danny will now have everything of Mike's. Penny witnesses the exchange and tells Fred that Mike's had the last laugh as unbeknown to Danny, Mike's made another will.moreless
    • Mon 10 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 10 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 72
      The factory girls are upset about Mike's death but Danny insists on opening the factory as normal. Norris is busy emailing an internet dating agency called Konnections. He tells Rita he's emailing stationery suppliers to put her off the scent. Deirdre's very upset over Mike. Ken can't help feeling a twinge of jealousy. Liz admits to Vernon she does want to live with him but not in that flat. They agree to look for somewhere else. Molly's upset when Tyrone lies to get out of seeing her. She tells Vera she's worried she isn't good enough for him. Danny's furious with Leanne when he finds her going through all Mike's things. Rita gets Ken to show her how to tap into Norris's email. She's amused to find he's joined a dating agency. She decides to send a reply pretending to be Norris. Janice arrives back from visiting Toyah. Leanne agrees to let her stay in the flat. Joanne tells Kelly how Becky threatened her. Kelly's worried. Leanne rifles through Mike's briefcase. She's shocked to discover he's made a new will.moreless
    • Mon 10 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 10 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 73
      Leanne reads Mike's new will and is horrified that he's left everything to Adam. Janice reads the front of the envelope and points out that Mike forgot to post it so nobody knows of its existence except them and the Spanish solicitor who drew it up. Jamie and Adam take over the funeral arrangements. Danny feels pushed out. Norris is excited as he has a date that evening. Liz and Vernon settle on a flat. Liz tells Steve she's moving out. Janice advises Leanne not to tell Danny about the will but to keep it as "insurance". Molly's depressed thinking Tyrone's not interested in her. Jack gives Tyrone a pep talk but Tyrone's adamant he just doesn't want to rush things. Norris is furious when his mystery date turns out to be Rita taking the mickey. He's about to leave but Rita apologises and insists on buying him dinner. Kelly makes Becky apologise to Joanne. Rita promises Norris she'll help him find a companion. Danny arrives home but Leanne decides to heed Janice's advice - she remains tight lipped about the will.moreless
    • Wed 12 Apr, 2006
      Wed 12 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 74
      Liz and Vernon load up the van ready to move into their new flat. Janice suggests Leanne should make a copy of the new will to show Danny, whilst keeping the original in a safe place as her "insurance". Leanne gives Janice the original new will to look after and shows Danny the copy. Danny's horrified realising he could lose everything. Genna the social worker calls at the Battersbys. She demands to know why Les lied about his criminal record. The meeting goes from bad to worse and Chesney cries his eyes out thinking they've blown all chances of adopting him. Danny frantically hunts for the original of Mike's last will but to no avail. Tyrone admits to Jack and Vera he's worried he's too ugly for Molly. Vera tries to convince him otherwise. Ronnie and Steve are fed up when their romantic evening is spoilt by Liz and Vernon who arrive back saying the new landlord's thrown them out because of Vernon's drum kit. Tyrone invites Molly for an evening at No. 9 when Jack and Vera are out. Molly's delighted. Leanne's worried when Danny points out Mike could have made several copies of his will, and for all they know Adam may already have one of them.moreless
    • Fri 28 Apr, 2006
      Fri 28 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 85
      Frankie tells Danny she has received her divorce papers through the post. Les and Chesney are waiting for a letter to come through from the adoption agency. Kelly and Lloyd continue to discuss the watch Becky bought her for her birthday - Kelly is still not happy about the situation. Audrey tries to cheer up Gail but fails as Gail just snaps at her. Rita tells Emily and Norris about her date with Archie - Norris is clearly put out now that Archie is on the scene. Danny continues to wind up Adam about Mikes will. Les tells Cilla he's invited the social worker around to help his chances of adopting Chesney. Becky tells Sean she has been evicted. Gail's been prescribed some sleeping tablets. Audrey is clearly very worried about her daughter. Cilla gives a genuine and heart warming speech to the social worker about why Les is such a good Dad to Chesney.moreless
    • Wed 23 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Wed 23 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 237
      Gail's fraught - she can't believe that Sarah is getting mixed up with the Grimshaws again. Violet can't work out why David attacked Jason. Jason points out that David has been through a lot lately, which may explain things. The midwife tells Sunita that she's fine, but she has to take things easier. Sarah pesters Jason to finish with Violet. Claire hears Amy still coughing and tells Deirdre that she thinks she may have whooping cough. Deirdre immediately rushes Amy off to A and E. Cilla insists to Fiz that she was faithful on holiday. Yana later confides that Cilla was faithful, but not for the want of trying - Cilla thinks she's got the scent of a married woman on her and men can smell it. Amy's fine, but Tracy's fuming that Claire poked her nose into her business and has a go at her in the Rovers. Gail winds up Sarah. She calls her a mug for thinking that Jason will finish with Violet. Sarah races to the Grimshaws, determined to prove Gail wrong. She screams at Jason to tell Violet what's going on. Violet works out everything and a seething Jason slams the door in Sarah's face. Jason's recent odd behaviour is suddenly explained for Violet, and it's obvious that Sarah has been no one-night stand. Jason pleads for forgiveness, but Violet is adamant, it's over. Violet leaves. Eileen is furious and slaps Jason across the face, then throws him out.moreless
    • Sun 20 Aug, 2000
      Sun 20 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 134
      Emma moves all her belongs into No. 7. She takes over the house but Curly is thrilled. Leanne asks Jez to leave her alone. She tells Steve she's frightened so he advises her to run away. Geena refuses to be Best Woman until Linda begs her, saying she needs her to make sure she does actually marry Mike. Ken urges Toyah to search for a course she can do with her grades rather than just give up. Tyrone interviews people wanting to buy Monica's pups but they find the questions insulting. Maxine starts having golf lessons. Fred is put out to hear she's a natural. Les and Dennis dump the trolleys on waste ground but are followed by Curly and Emma who bring them back and put them back in Les' yard. Leanne is horrified when Jez sends her flowers every hour.moreless
    • Fri 18 Aug, 2000
      Fri 18 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 133
      Janice demands Les gets rid of the trolleys which are in their backyard. Les offers them to Curly but he says they've got a design fault and he doesn't want them. Toyah's hopes for studying Media at Warrington University are ruined when she only gets three Es. She feels useless but Ken tells her she should be proud as she's still got three A levels. Dev is pleased when Deirdre takes the job in the shop. Blanche warns her she'll be a laughing stock but she just wants a job with no responsibilities. Leanne tries to work out who has sent her the flowers but can't think of anyone. She is stunned when a gold necklace is delivered. Geena is surprised when Linda asks her to be her best woman. Leanne is horrified when Jez tells her he sent the flowers and necklace as he's decided he wants her as a girlfriend.moreless
    • Monday 19th April 2010 (Episode 2)
      Monday 19th April 2010 (Episode 2)
      Season 51 - Episode 80
      Kevin's horrified to discover that Tyrone's taken the car but when he calls the mobile, Molly insists that he turn the phone off so they can enjoy the drive. Unaware of the impending danger, Molly and Tyrone continue along the road, while Kevin jumps into the breakdown truck in a bid to catch up with them. However, Molly and Tyrone stop for a pub lunch and take a different route. As they set off again down a country lane, their car hits a pothole and Tyrone's helpless as he squeezes the brakes which fail. With that, the car catapults through a hedge, rolling and ends up on its roof. Will Molly and Tyrone survive? Meanwhile, Rosie gives Sophie a makeover in a bid to cheer her up, presuming that she's having boy trouble. Sophie perks up until Ryan reveals that he's spoken to Sian and they may be getting back together. Sophie's heart breaks. Elsewhere, Cheryl's grateful to have her phone back but doesn't take too kindly to a flirty Lloyd who's far from put off by the fact she's a stripper; and Anna begins to worry about why Gary's gone AWOL when he claims that he loved the army so much.moreless
    • Fri 2 Dec, 2005
      Fri 2 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 243
      Rita and Norris, Fred and Bev, Diggory and Liz leave for the WTA dinner dance. Emily feels sorry for herself at being left behind. Keith discovers Audrey lied about the suit and it's a new one. Telling her he's not a charity case he storms off refusing to go to the dance. Carol's trying to poison Frankie against Danny but it's not working. Frankie admits to Eileen and Deirdre she still loves Danny and although she can't forgive him she wants to give him one more chance. At the dance Norris refers to Rita as his partner to her embarrassment. Audrey's lonely, especially as Fred only has eyes for Bev. Diggory's upset when Liz flirts with Vernon, the drummer. He proceeds to get drunk. Fred and Bev kiss. Leanne pleads with Jamie to give her one more chance but he refuses. Leanne sobs her heart out. Danny finds her upset and takes her back to his flat. Danny and Leanne row, both blaming each other for ruining their relationships. Their anger turns to passion. They kiss and Danny carries Leanne to the bedroom. Frankie calls round to Danny's flat. She tells him she still loves him and will give him another chance but is horrified to then discover Leanne in the bedroom. Keith turns up at the dance and apologises to Audrey. Audrey's upset and tells him it's too late they're finished. Drunken Diggory gives a speech to the WTA. He makes a fool of himself and resigns as President. Frankie's distraught at finding Danny and Leanne together. Leanne stays the night with Danny both realising they've lost everything and have no-one else to turn to.moreless
    • Mon 28 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Mon 28 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 241
      Frankie's not impressed with Danny's balloon and insists he take it down. Claire has a go at Nathan for punching Ashley. Nathan's guilt-ridden. Feeling humiliated Danny gets the balloon down from the factory roof. On Fiz's instructions Kirk goes to sack Molly. But Molly not only manages to talk him out of it but gets a pay rise into the bargain. Fiz is not happy. Danny's furious with Mike when he finds out Mike's forgotten to bank an important cheque. Mike denies all knowledge of it. Violet continues to blank Sean. Nathan visits Ashley and apologises to him. Ashley's understanding telling him it was six of one and half a dozen of the other. When Claire turns up she's furious to find Nathan there. Diggory persuades Liz to attend the dinner dance with him when he offers to pay her time and half to do so. Jamie and Frankie insist Carol attends her alcoholics' meeting. Claire lets slip to Ashley he might lose the sight in his left eye. Ashley's terrified. Bev agrees to accompany Fred to the WTA dinner dance. Nathan explains to Kevin how he was a fighter as a kid and worries he's returning to his old ways. Danny calls round to see Frankie. He apologises about the balloon but explains he'll do anything to win her back. Frankie starts to soften towards him when Jamie and Carol arrive home. The moment is lost and Jamie punches Danny and throws him out on the street.moreless
    • Mon 21 Aug, 2000
      Mon 21 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 135
      Leanne is frightened of Jez and tries to be pleasant to him without encouraging him. He insists she is the love of his life and swears he's a changed man. He gets angry when she refuses to go out with him and turns violent. Rita feels uneasy when Anthony puts his arm around her. She is confused by her feelings. Leanne escapes Jez by warning him that if he hurts her, the police will be onto him straight away. He tells her he's gone off her.moreless
    • Mon 9 Apr, 1979
      Mon 9 Apr, 1979
      Season 20 - Episode 29
      Ivy asks Brian not to tell anyone about the engagement until she's had time to come to terms with it. She wants time to think about breaking them up. Eddie names the hens after the Street's residents. Gail doesn't like the idea of keeping the engagement quiet but goes along to keep the peace. Suzie tells her to get things straight with Ivy. Hilda returns home to find a chicken on her table. She is amazed to see the yard full of hens and tells Eddie to get rid of them. Gail and Brian choose an engagement ring from a catalogue. Rita tells Derek he's a louse to give the cutlery to his mother after Mavis risked her job to help him win the prize. He tells Mavis the cutlery is hers but she doesn't want it as it wasn't offered to her in the first place. Hilda is horrified that one of the hens is named after her. Suzie is angry to hear Ivy putting Gail down and tells her she doesn't think Brian is good enough for Gail. Eddie tells Hilda the hens are going to be slaughtered. She agrees to let them stay so long as they lay eggs and are profitable. Gail writes to her mum telling her about the engagement. Derek makes Mavis accept the cutlery, she promises to cook him a meal to christen it.moreless
    • Wed 23 Aug, 2000
      Wed 23 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 136
      Leanne decides to pawn the necklace Jez sent her and buy a flight to Amsterdam. Rita snaps at Norris when he questions her over Anthony. She insists they are just good friends. The Platts please David by agreeing to let him have a dog, hoping it will cheer him up. Toyah is stunned when Leanne tells her she's flying out to Amsterdam as she's too frightened to stay in Weatherfield. She is grateful when Natalie agrees to her leaving her job at no notice. Les is fired when someone spots him dumping the trolleys in the canal. Rita admits to Fred that she's falling for Anthony and doesn't know what to do. She wants to feel what it was like when she was young. He tells her to be grateful for the friendship she has with Anthony as its better than nothing. Janice, Les and Toyah bid an emotional farewell to Leanne as she leaves. She is touched when, for the first time, Les tells her he loves her. Steve drives her to the airport, wishing her well.moreless
    • Fri 8 Sep, 2000
      Fri 8 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 145
      Gary enjoys having Paula and Warren around. She's pleased he gets on so well with Warren. Sarah complains that her life consists purely of school work and Bethany but Gail refuses to look after Bethany twenty-four hours a day. Alma goes on holiday to Florida, wishing Mike a happy wedding. She is flustered around him. Sally and Danny leave for the Canaries, with Sally worrying that Kevin won't be able to manage the girls alone. Steve chats up a fare and carries her shopping into the car park of a flat for her. Once there he finds Jez and his heavies waiting for him, complete with dogs. Sarah takes advantage of Hayley, getting her to babysit, so she can visit friends. Hayley loves being with Bethany. Steve realises he's been set up and begs Jez for mercy but Jez refuses to listen. Linda and Geena settle into the wedding hotel, with Linda telling Geena that Mark meant nothing. Alma decides not to tell Mike about Mark and Linda when he assures her he really loves Linda. He is touched when she wishes him well. Steve is left for dead, battered and alone.moreless
    • Wed 6 Sep, 2000
      Wed 6 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 144
      Toyah moves into the Rovers. Mark can't bear to look at Linda. The factory girls take Linda on a hen party, trawling pubs and clubs and giving driver Vik a hard time. Sarah gets excited about a new after school club, working on a school magazine but Gail points out she has to look after Bethany after school. When Linda is dared to kiss a gorgeous barman she wins his agreement by giving him a huge tip. Eileen tries to get off with a bouncer whilst Bobbi throws up. Alma realises Mark is distraught at the thought of Mike marrying Linda and, assuming he thinks she's a gold digger, urges him to allow Mike some happiness. Alma is stunned when he tells her he's been sleeping with Linda. Sally wins Danny round by suggesting they go on a romantic holiday together. Alma is disgusted with Mark for betraying Mike. He is adamant he loves her and doesn't know what to do.moreless
    • Mon 4 Sep, 2000
      Mon 4 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 143
      As Sarah goes back to school, Gail starts looking after Bethany full time. Danny admits to Sally he's jealous of her relationship with Kevin. She agrees to be more thoughtful of him. Toyah is angry to receive a two month eviction notice from Duggie. Gail insists on handing Bethany over to Sarah as soon as she returns from school, making Sarah realise life isn't going to be a breeze. Danny is annoyed when, as he's late home, Sally lets Kevin take the girls swimming. Steve is disturbed when Jez is all matey with him, telling him there's no hard feelings. Mike questions Linda as to why she wants to marry him. She tells him she loves him and can't explain what he means to her. He is delighted when Mark arrives for the wedding. Mark feels very awkward around Linda. Toyah is pleased when Natalie offers her a room at the Rovers. Mark tells Linda he's only returned for Mike's sake; he wants nothing to do with her.moreless
    • Sun 21 May, 2006
      Sun 21 May, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 100
      The post arrives at the Platt's and there's still no birthday card for Richard. Gail's relieved thinking that David must be innocent. Kelly asks Danny for her job back but he refuses her saying she's a thief. Keith gives Gail a letter which was delivered to him by accident. Gail's horrified to discover it's a birthday card from Richard. Gail feels sick knowing David's the culprit. Gail confronts David with the card. At first he denies it but Gail reveals how she lied to him about Richard's birthday which is in December. David admits he sent the cards. Sarah's disgusted when she finds out it was David. Hayley leads the factory girls in pleading with Danny to give Kelly her job back. He eventually relents. Kelly's delighted. Amber and Craig work together in the shop. Amber tells Craig what a useless father Dev is. Ashley plans to blacken Matt's name to strengthen his case against him. Amber asks Dev if she can live with him rather than go to Finland but Dev tells her Sunita's moving into the house and he's moving out. Amber leaves in tears. Gail blames herself for David's behaviour saying that if he's such a bad lad then she must be an even worse mother. David overhears.moreless
    • Fri 25 Aug, 2000
      Fri 25 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 137
      When the Platt's discover Monica's pup costs £400 they tell a disappointed David that he can't have it. Pat and Steve finish the health centre job. Impressed Duggie buys the builders drinks all day. Deirdre sorts out paperwork at the shop for busy Dev. Fred worries when he hears a supermarket is to open near his butchers shop. Duggie suggests he relocates in Victoria Street. The Platt's are relieved when David agrees to take on a dog from a rescue centre. Vinny gets tired of Duggie bragging and throwing his weight around. They arm wrestle but the match turns into a fight when Duggie suggests swapping girlfriends as Natalie needs a real man. Rita feels uncomfortable when she sees Anthony with his wife and sees how tender he is with her. Whilst drunk, Duggie offers Vinny a job. Tyrone minds Tommy at the garage, but when his back is turned Doreen snatches him. Vera is horrified to see them driving away together.moreless
    • Sun 10 Sep, 2000
      Sun 10 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 146
      Linda is stunned when Mike sends her a pair of aquamarine earrings as something blue. Vik and Jim grow concerned when Steve stays out all night and his cab radio is dead. They track down his wrecked taxi to a deserted car park and search for Steve. Alma flies off to Florida, saddened that Mike is getting married. Mike is nervous as the guests arrive at De Lisle House but Mark is worse, desperate to stop Linda from marrying him. Just before the ceremony he runs out on Mike. Jim finds Steve is a bloodied heap. Vik calls for an ambulance. Linda is horrified when Mark calls on her and begs her to run away with him. She refuses and begs him not to spoil things for her. Geena helps Linda stand up to him and supports her when she breaks down. Mark storms off when Linda says she loves Mike and not him. Steve is rushed to hospital with Jim fearing he'll die. Geena tells Mike that Mark is too ill to carry on. He is forced to accept Roy as stand-in Best Man. Gary can't believe his luck in meeting someone as fantastic as Paula. They spend the day making love. Mike and Linda are married. Steve has bruising to his face, dog bites on his limbs, seven broken ribs, all fingers broken and extensive internal injuries. Horrified Jim gets Steve to confirm that Jez was involved. Frightened Vik gives Jim Jez's address. Mike is furious that Mark let him down and Linda works on calming him down. They tour the grounds in a horse-drawn carriage, with Mike feeling humiliated by Mark's actions. Alone in the bridal suite, Mark attacks the mini bar. Paula is thrilled when Gary tells her he loves her and asks her to move in with him. When they realise that has complications Gary decides to move to Blackpool instead. Paula is delighted. Roy gives an impromptu speech at the reception, in which he toasts odd couples who love each other. Hayley startles Roy by saying she wants a baby. Jim calls on Jez, telling him he's come to avenge Steve. When Jez tries to attack him with a hammer Jim beats him up. Mike and Linda are horrified to find drunk Mark in their room. Mike slaps him across the face and demands to know why he made him a laughing stock. To Linda's horror Mark tells Mike that he and Linda have been having an affair.moreless
    • Mon 3 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 3 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 68
      Mark's worried by Mike's confused state. Mike thinks Mark is Adam. Genna from Social Services interviews Les, Cilla and Chesney who are all on their best behaviour. Les lies saying he has no criminal record. Mike asks Mark if he can live with him. Worried Mark says there isn't room. Liz and Vernon audition various girls but none of them is any good. Vernon suggests Liz should audition. Mark tries to apologise for his affair with Linda and hurting Mike in the past. Mike slowly remembers who he is and becomes angry. Mike walks out in a fury. Mark contacts the Rovers to let them know where Mike is but soon discovers Mike's stormed out into the night wearing dressing gown and slippers. Mike staggers into the park, talking to himself and swigging from a whisky bottle. Jamie and Frankie arrive at Marks and immediately go in search of Mike. Liz's audition goes well and Vernon's about to give her the job when Michelle, a glamorous last minute hopeful turns up. Liz is disappointed. Jamie finds Mike on a park bench. Mike cries, a broken man. Jamie manages to persuade him to come home with him.moreless
    • Mon 3 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 3 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 67
      Danny promises Leanne this is the last time she has to look after Mike as he's taking him to the nursing home this evening. Les phones Social Services and sets the wheels in motion to adopt Chesney. Norris and Rita bicker about the changes he's made to her flat. Leanne tries to give Mike his pills but he's convinced she's trying to poison him. He tells Leanne he's going to live with Adam and while she's in the shower he escapes from the flat. Blanche ends her boycott of the Rovers and claims her free drink. Mike goes to the train station intent on catching a train to Doncaster. He chats to a stranger. He gets confused and tries to sell the stranger some women's underwear. Danny, Jamie and Leanne search frantically for Mike. Leanne thinks he's probably heading for Scotland in search of Adam. Danny informs the police that Mike's missing. Liz attends the auditions for a new vocalist with Vernon. She's put out that all the candidates are girls. Les, Cilla and Chesney nervously await a visit from Social Services. Mike turns up at Mark Redman's house in Doncaster having found the address in a father's day card. Mark's shocked to see him.moreless
    • Mon 19 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 19 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 255
      Keith and Audrey catch Craig trying to sneak Rosie out of the back door. Both Rosie and Audrey make a sharp exit while Keith demands an explanation from Craig. Craig admits to Keith he's sleeping with Rosie but defends their actions saying they're in love and have been going out for eighteen months. Charlie suggests he and Tracy should spend Christmas together. When Keith suggests he might turn a blind eye to Craig and Rosie's having sex, Audrey's appalled, citing Sarah's teenage pregnancy as the reason they must put a stop to it. Rosie scared stiff when Imogen phones and Sally answers. Rosie grabs the phone and in hushed tones explains to Imogen how she said she was staying with her. Blanche proceeds to show everyone their Christmas present in advance to ensure they like it. Tracy and Steve argue over who's having Amy at Christmas. Tracy insists she's having her but only to wind Steve up. Gail has little choice but to let Phil move in when his flat is flooded. Emily invites Rita to attend Reverend Ashbourne's last service with her. Rosie and her friends go carol singing. Audrey takes Rosie to one side and puts the fear of God up her saying she's going to tell Sally and Kevin what she's been up to.moreless
    • Sun 18 Dec, 2005
      Sun 18 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 254
      Sally is writing Christmas cards. Rosie tells her that most families at Oakhill have pre-printed ones. Keith and Audrey agree to visit the Christmas market in Salford. Keith suggests they walk there to save money but Audrey insists they take a taxi. It's Tyrone's birthday. Tyrone, Jason and Maria arrange to go into town. Sarah's annoyed she can't go as she has to collect Bethany. Sarah likens she and Jason to Romeo and Juliet. Violet enjoys taking the piss. Carol makes bitchy comments to Frankie about the way she's decorated the Christmas tree. When Jamie admires it, Carol passes it off as her own handiwork. David shows Gail no respect which annoys Phil. Phil asks him how he'd feel if they had Christmas dinner together. David's just dismissive. Kelly takes Lloyd to the Clock and proceeds to flash her winnings about. Lloyd's cross with her and leaves her to it. Rosie lies to Sally saying she's staying at Imogen's in Alderley Edge when really she going to Craig's. Kelly's mugged by a guy saying he's got a knife. She loses her new bag, her phone and all her money. Mike has a couple of memory lapses which he quickly covers up. Lloyd collects Kelly from the police station and comforts her. Rosie and Craig have sex for the first time. Rosie stays the night. Keith and Audrey are oblivious in the next room.moreless
    • Mon 5 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Mon 5 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 246
      Keith starts his paper round. Audrey persuades him to meet her for a drink later. Danny and Leanne arrive in the pub to find Frankie and Jamie already there. Frankie finds out that Jamie had Leanne round to the house. She feels betrayed by him and leaves the pub upset. Diggory sacks Liz for letting her love life get in the way of her job. Frankie's inconsolable. Jamie apologises saying he was only warning Leanne away from Danny. Frankie and Jamie cry on each other's shoulders. Carol eavesdrops from the stairs. Liz confides in Deirdre how much she likes Vernon and hopes he's "the one". Liz introduces Steve and Ronnie to Vernon. Ashley and Claire have a drink with Nathan and Tracy. Ashley's makes it clear he doesn't blame Nathan for his eye problem. Tracy however enjoys goading Claire at every opportunity. Claire eventually snaps and tells Tracy she's spiteful and twisted. Steve overhears and vows to buy Claire a drink! Danny and Leanne return home feeling like social outcasts. Frankie vows to divorce Danny. Nathan finishes with Tracy, saying he agrees with Claire, that she might be a pretty face but she's an ugly person. Tracy's furious while Charlie's amused.moreless
    • Sun 4 Dec, 2005
      Sun 4 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 244
      Frankie's about to tell Jamie about Danny and Leanne but stops herself. Sally's doing her best to stop Sophie from seeing Nicolette and insists they go on a family picnic. But when they return Nicolette turns up anyway. Claire tries to look after Ashley but her fussing annoys him and they end up rowing. Bev and Fred are coy with each other but both secretly fancy each other. Mike's embarrassed when Danny has it out with him over the lost cheque. Nathan feels uncomfortable going in the Rovers but brazen Tracy enjoys winding everyone up. Penny's upset when she catches Mike trying to set the table again after they've eaten. Mike puts it down to pressure of work. Upset Frankie gets drunk in the Rovers. Tracy tries to pair her off with Charlie but Nathan stops her and helps Frankie home leaving Tracy and Charlie together. Nicolette and Sophie sit on the Platts' wall and eye up the local talent. Sally's mortified when Nicolette calls her Aunty Sal in front of Gail. Both Bev and Fred are disappointed when Shelley unwittingly makes them think that neither is interested in the other. Leanne goes to stay at Danny's again, both resigned to the fact no-one else wants them. Jamie and Carol help Frankie onto the sofa. Frankie's comatosed and Carol enjoys seeing her at her lowest ebb. Out of Jamie's earshot she calls her a teenage slut.moreless
    • Mon 25 Dec, 2000
      Mon 25 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 212
      Roy manages to get Wayne to open up slightly about why he is in the Home, but when Hayley announces she has contacted his mother he looks miserable. Alex Swinton, Wayne's mother's boyfriend, comes to collect Wayne, he is full of false charm and Wayne is obviously uncomfortable around him. Janice melts when Les gives her an emerald ring. From their window Roy sees Alex hit Wayne. Roy confronts him and demands that Wayne stays with them. Alex backs down for the time being and leaves. Kevin gets upset by something Natalie says that reminds him of Alison. He admits to Natalie that he feels guilty about her death because he slept with Sally on the night before their wedding. Vera comes home and is amazed at the new kitchen and is even more stunned when Jack presents her with tickets for a three week Caribbean cruise. The atmosphere is tense at Ken and Deirdre's, Liz storms out after a comment from Peter. Roy, Hayley and Wayne enjoy the short amount of time they have together. Andrea and Paul turn up to see Vera and Jack. Shirley arrives to take Wayne back to the Home. Martin and Gail agree to give David an 'official' birthday, this year on New Year's Eve and after that the 25th of June. Martin and Gail are both very relaxed and happy around each other. Kevin kisses Natalie but they both agree that they should be just good friends. Roy and Hayley take Wayne back to the Home, he is obviously miserable, and they are unhappy about leaving him there. Jason, Eileen's son turns up at the Battersby's and is introduced to Dennis. Martin goes to see Rebecca, but from outside sees her kiss someone else, so he leaves.moreless
    • Fri 23 Dec, 2005
      Fri 23 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 258
      The factory workers try to convince Danny and Mike to let them off early so they can go for Christmas drinks. Mike's bought a Diamond engagement ring. Street Cars is hectic. Ronnie complains to Steve they're 'ships that pass in the night'. Carol's upset that Jamie sees his present early, a ring engraved 'love from mum'. He says he likes it, but his face falls when she suggests they move in together. Frankie's fuming as Danny winds her up. He tells her he'll miss her over Christmas. Rita and Emily go to Rev Ashbourne's final service, Emily says farewell to the reverend. Mike struggles to add up the workers' bonuses, Penny helps but is upset that Mike is being forgetful again. Mike wonders what's upsetting her. When Steve asks Tracy if he can see Amy on Christmas day, Tracy winds him up and tells him Amy is with Deirdre. When Ken and Steve confront Tracy she admits Amy is at nursery and she doesn't think Steve, Ken or Deirdre should see her on Christmas day. Charlie says she should let them. Tracy gives in as long as they promise to back off about her and Charlie. Ken thanks Charlie. Ed drives Emily and Rita home from church. Emily tells Rita Ed is only nice to her because he sees her as a good cause, a lonely old widow. Steve leaves Ronnie with the impression he's got serious money worries. Mike realises he's left the engagement ring at Underworld. When he gets to the office he forgets why he's there. He goes home with Penny, but without the ring.moreless
    • Sun 25 Dec, 2005
      Sun 25 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 259
      Penny's disappointed with her present from Mike, a Road Atlas, but relieved it's something he's remembered she needs. Maybe she's been wrong to worry. Carol tells Frankie she and Jamie might move out. Frankie's hurt but cheers up when Warren phones. Danny's depressed about the state of his family, Leanne tells him not to mope. The Battersbys' oven breaks and they have nowhere to cook the turkey. Steve's angry when Ronnie gives him £5000 of Jimmy's money as a present. He throws it back at her. Ronnie's seething and can't see the problem. Deirdre's pleased when Tracy comes round, they try to call a truce about Charlie. Mike, Penny, Danny, Leanne and Adam arrive at the restaurant and wait for Viv. Mike's frustrated he can't remember how many people he booked the table for. Danny's irritated to see Carol and Eric there and tells Eric he's being used. After Kirk, Fiz and Chesney try to cook the turkey on the sunbed, Cilla and Yana put it in the deep fat fryer at the chippy and they all go to the pub. Keith and Audrey leave so Craig texts Rosie to come over, but Sally won't let her go. Ronnie's bored spending time at the Barlow's but Steve wants to spend time with Amy. Tracy's intrigued when she notices them arguing. Adam's had too much wine and mocks Leanne for sleeping with three Baldwins. Claire's frustrated she can't get Ashley alone for long enough to give him his present. Frankie says she'll miss Jamie, he assures her he doesn't want to live with Carol. Carol tells Eric how Danny made her life a misery and makes a drunken scene at the Baldwin table. Eric leaves in disgust. When Viv arrives Mike asks where Harry is. He's shocked and bemused when Penny reminds him that Harry died six months ago. Vera loves her present from Jack. She's bought him the deeds to a burial plot so they can rest in peace together. Jack admits he sold his body to an artist to buy her present, she's distraught and vows to buy his body back. Charlie calls at the Barlow's. Deirdre's seething but Tracy wins over and he stays. Penny tells Mike he needs help from a doctor, he says he's fine and goes for a walk. Craig joins the Webster's, Sally later allows him and Rosie to go out for a while. Claire tells Ashley and Fred she's pregnant. Ashley's ecstatic and Fred's stunned. They decide to keep it quiet until after twelve weeks but Fred's already blurted the news to a delighted Bev. The Battersby clan see the chippy is on fire and scamper away into the house. Craig and Rosie find Mike sobbing on the steps to Underworld. When Jamie comes over they disappear into Craig's house for a Christmas quickie. Mike couldn't find his way back to the restaurant or home and tells Jamie he forgot his own brother was dead. Scared he's losing his mind he sobs in Jamie's arms.moreless
    • Mon 26 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 26 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 260
      Adam thinks Mike will be fine, Penny tells him she can't go on pretending that's true. Steve won't drop the subject of the money - Ronnie tells him it won't be a problem. Mike and Viv brush off yesterday's events when Penny brings it up. Danny and Leanne discuss Mike and Alzheimer's. Danny worries about the factory. Steve's thinking about Karen and last year's events. Liz worries about him. Sophie's still after a booster bra but Sally's adamant she's too young. Jamie tells Frankie Mike freaked him out yesterday. He then finds Carol's not in her room. he says she's probably out drunk. Frankie comforts him but he's uncomfortable with the intimacy between them. Janice is touched when Leanne buys her a posh (for her!) figurine. Cilla reminisces to Les about how her Mum used to treat her. She threatens Mr Wong with tribunals if she's out of a job. Jimmy sends Ronnie an amethyst bracelet. Steve worries how it got into Liz's flat, where he found it. Not happy, he accuses Ronnie of getting off on the situation. Craig takes Rosie upstairs to 'listen to music'. Keith's uncomfortable. Claire and Ashley are mortified that Fred's told half the street their news. Penny makes Adam see how serious things are. They try to persuade Mike to get help but he refuses. Viv says it's no wonder he's cracking up with Penny around. Ronnie thinks Jimmy knows about the money as he's asked to see her. Steve's sickened. He blurts out a hurtful remark about Jimmy knocking Ronnie around. Ronnie storms off.moreless
    • Mon 2 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 2 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 2
      Sophie moans about spending New Year's Eve with Rita. She clocks Rosie trying to sneak out the door and points her out to Kevin and Sally. Penny's back and asks Adam how Mike's been. She's worried to hear he's had more lapses while she's been away. Mike tells Danny he's going to propose to Penny. Danny pretends he's pleased but really he's worried about his inheritance. Frankie's put out when Jamie calls saying he's gone to stay with Warren in Spain. Ed finds Emily in the café. She tells him she doesn't like the new vicar's modern approach. Ed agrees and suggests they form a bible study group. Emily's pleased. Rosie escapes from the house. She and Craig cling to each other in the street until Kevin forcibly drags them apart. Keith's at his wit's end with Craig. Audrey tries to console him. Sophie pours her heart out to Hayley about how she desperately wants a booster bra but life's so unfair. Liz is feeling put out as Vernon's got a job on a cruise for three weeks starting in Naples. Bev suggests they follow him out there and have a holiday. Shelley, Sean, Violet and Sunita have a night out. Sean admits he'd really like to be a dad one day. Violet offers to have a baby with him. Rosie tells Sophie she's been having sex with Craig. Sophie thinks it's gross. Mike takes Penny to the Clock and proposes to her. Penny's gobsmacked.moreless
    • Mon 2 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 2 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 3
      Penny tries to let Mike down gently but he's hurt and storms out of the restaurant. Mike's scared and confused when he can't remember the way home. Gail calls on Sally and sympathises over the Rosie/Craig problem but points out there's nothing she can do to stop it. Ed, Emily, Rita and Norris go for a drink. Rita and Emily are totally enamoured with him but Norris is sceptical. Mike struggles to remember people's names. He asks Rita where Bet is! When Liz tells Vernon she and Bev will be joining him on his cruise he's put out but quickly covers up when he finds out they can only come for two weeks. Bev invites Fred to join her on the cruise. Fred's delighted and accepts. Penny finds Mike in the pub and takes him home. Hayley tries to talk to Sally about Sophie but Sally gives her short shrift telling her to go and interfere with someone else's kids. Hayley's very hurt. Mike becomes angry telling Penny the reason she won't marry him is because she thinks he's losing the plot. She knows he's right but can't admit it. Jack's dyes his hair and borrows Sean's fake tan. He's bright orange and Vera accuses him of seeing another woman. Mike throws Penny out of his flat accusing her of making him think he's going mad just so she can get her hands on his money. Penny tries to defend herself but Mike refuses to listen and slams the door on her.moreless
    • Sun 1 Jan, 2006
      Sun 1 Jan, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 1
      Sally and Kevin are distraught that their little girl has had sex. Blanche heads of to Lena's as they've arranged to go to a funeral together. Carol's jealous of Frankie's good looks and makes bitchy comments insinuating Frankie's a tart. Jamie's uncomfortable in Frankie's company and Frankie can tell. Carol accuses Jamie of fancying Frankie but Jamie tells her she's sick in the head. Danny and Leanne go for lunch at Les and Cilla's. Danny thinks it's hysterical while Leanne is embarrassed when Les shows him her child's nurse's uniform. Kevin and Sally drag Rosie round to No. 6 where they have a showdown with Keith, Audrey and Craig. When Kevin and Sally discover Keith already knew Craig and Rosie had a sexual relationship they're incensed. Sally has a go at Audrey citing Sarah's teenage pregnancy. Craig and Rosie declare they've done nothing wrong as they're in love but no one will listen. Jack and Vera bicker while Hilary snaps away with her camera. Blanche's friend Lena has died, causing Blanche to mull over her own mortality. Keith tries to bar Craig from leaving the house but Craig ignores him. Jamie gets a taxi to the airport and refuses to tell Carol where he's going. Sally banishes Rosie upstairs. Rosie cries her eyes out for Craig.moreless
    • Wed 28 Dec, 2005
      Wed 28 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 262
      Ronnie books a holiday in the Caribbean for her and Steve. When Tracy finds out she asks Charlie to book them a holiday at the same time. With Carol's nasty thoughts ringing in his ears Jamie starts to look at Frankie in a new light and realises how attractive she is. Frankie's oblivious. Carol goes to work hung-over and gets the sack. Penny goes to visit her sick mother leaving Adam to look after Mike. Sally, Kelly, Fiz and Janice talk about Sophie wanting a booster bra and when they first got a bra. Hayley feels left out. Conniving Tracy get Steve to agree to have Amy and cancel his holiday so she can go away with Charlie. Frankie tells Jamie she couldn't manage without him. Jamie reads more into this than was intended. Danny finds an engagement ring in Mike's office drawer. Ronnie makes Steve realise Tracy booked the same holiday week on purpose. Steve storms round to the Barlows and tells Tracy he's not cancelling his holiday. Jack arranges to do some nude modelling work for Hilary as he needs the money. He makes her promise not to tell Vera. Tracy's fed up when Charlie admits he never actually booked the holiday anyway as he knew it would never happen. Danny worries that once Mike's married he'll leave everything to Penny and Adam. Mike shows Jamie the second engagement ring he's bought Penny. He tells Jamie that one day he'll meet the right girl. Jamie's completely confused by his feelings towards Frankie.moreless
    • Mon 26 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Mon 26 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 261
      Penny's worried about Mike and thinks he might have Alzheimers. Mike buys another engagement ring and sneaks it into the flat. Carol disappears and Jamie's worried sick about her. Vera phones Hilary, the artist who gave Jack £200. She rants and raves down the phone telling her to keep her hands off Jack. Keith and Audrey are in the kitchen while Craig and Rosie listen to music upstairs. Sophie's still in a sulk over not being allowed a booster bra. Vernon's got a gig at the Weatherfield Palace. Liz ends up lugging all the kit again. Hilary pays Jack and Vera a visit. She manages to win Vera round by suggesting she does a painting of both of them. Ronnie visits Jimmy in prison. She tells him she's keeping his £5k as severance pay and that she'll spill the beans on all his dodgy deals if he tries anything. Carol turns up drunk. Jamie's relieved but upset when Carol again suggests there's something going on between him and Frankie. Danny talks to Mike about the factory and his will. He's furious when Mike says of his 51% of Underworld he's going to leave 50% to Adam and 1% to Danny so that Danny has overall control. Danny points out that he's already bought and paid for his 49% so it's only fair that Mike should split his 51% between him and Adam. Mike disagrees. Mike asks Danny if he thinks he's losing his marbles. Danny assures him he's fit as a fiddle.moreless
    • Mon 3 Jun, 2002
      Mon 3 Jun, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 92
      Roy is eventually released from the police cells and is just in time for the re-enactment although he's cutting it fine. The re-enactment takes place, Fiz is spy but decides she won't double-cross Roy to Fred's annoyance, Karen is a witch, Maxine is a princess on a pantomime horse, Sam is hit by a flying pie and breaks his arm. The whole thing disintegrates into farce, Roy is furious with Fred for ruining his day and eventually they have to be led away by security to make way for the Bessie Street Twirling Kazoo Band. Back at the Rovers and Roy's Rolls the Roundheads and Cavaliers rally their respective leaders and convince them that the fight is not over. Roy and Fred go head to head in the Street, Fred ends up on the ground while furious Roy holds his pike to Fred's throat. Hayley drags Roy off before any damage is done.moreless
    • Sun 15 Jan, 2006
      Sun 15 Jan, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 11
      Molly teaches Ken how to train Eccles. Ken's pleased with their progress until he takes the muzzle off and Eccles bites him on the ankle. Vera's suspicious of Jack when in confusion he starts to take his trousers off when they're modelling for an art class. Sunita names her babies Asha (the girl) and Aadi (the boy). Tyrone and Maria get through to the next round of Surprise the Bride. Maria's cross and calls it a tacky competition. Tyrone's hurt. Amber's put out when Dev refuses to take her with him to see the twins. Ed suggests to Eileen they should be friends telling her how attractive she is. Frankie and Jamie discuss their feelings for each other and realise they have a totally normal mother/son relationship. Anything else is in Carol's poisonous mind. Jamie's furious with Carol. Carol's blinded by jealousy for Frankie and accuses them of having an affair. Jamie's disgusted with her and throws her out. Carol begs him to come with her but he refuses. Dev hopes he and Sunita can start again. He's shocked when Sunita tells him she doesn't trust him - he might abandon their children like he abandoned his other. She bans him from having anything to do with their babies.moreless
    • Wed 12 Oct, 1983
      Wed 12 Oct, 1983
      Season 24 - Episode 82
      Emily is flattered when Percy flirts with her. Mavis bakes a cake with a mystery ingredient in it. Annie and Hilda also bake cakes. Fred is amazed to find Miss Weatherfield selling kisses at the Fayre. Marion tells Winifred about the wedding. She takes the news well. Elsie guesses that Marion is pregnant. She tells her she's very happy for her. Rita runs the Bring and Buy, Mavis the cake stall, Vera the bingo stall, Percy the jumble. Eddie decides he'd like Hilda to know about the baby from him rather than hear from anyone else. Hilda is thrilled when the Deputy Mayoress buys Hilda's cake. Gail is sad when she has to start packing the house up. Albert guesses that the mystery ingredient in Mavis' cake is sage. When she gives him the cake he refuses to take it as only a fool would eat a cake with sage in. Victor is horrified when his pottery ends up on the plate smashing stall. Eddie tells Hilda that Marion is pregnant, she is disappointed in them but also pleased for them.moreless
    • Mon 18 Sep, 2000
      Mon 18 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 151
      Jack and Vera are stunned and hurt to hear Gary is moving to Blackpool. When he explains he wants to escape the ghosts in No. 9 they wish him well. Gail accuses Martin of never backing her up and always putting her in her place. Emma is thrilled to find her ring has been handed in at the Rovers. Janice sees her with it so Toyah is forced to tell her the truth about Les pretending it was hers. Natalie tells Jim that justice has been done; Jez the murderer is dead and now he must think of the future and not waste his life. Emma joins forces with Janice to give Les a shock. Janice tells Les she got the ring back when Emma arrested Dennis. Janice is amazed when Les happily lets them think Dennis stole the ring. Janice reveals the truth, telling him he's disgusting. Tyrone is upset to discover the B&B is to be sold and he'll be homeless. Hayley suggests to Roy that they could apply to adopt a child. He is stunned at the thought and panics, saying that he fears not being about to protect her. Anthony cooks a meal for Rita and is thrilled when she asks him to stay the night. Jim gets dressed in his smartest clothes before going to the police and confessing to Jez's murder.moreless
    • Fri 15 Sep, 2000
      Fri 15 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 149
      Janice is overwhelmed when Les gives her an emerald ring on their anniversary. Emma searches for her lost ring. Sarah gets Hayley to baby-sit so she can review a band for the school mag. Steve is horrified when Jez manages to get to his hospital room and tells him they've got scores to settle. As a weakened Steve pleads with him, Jez plays with the equipment surrounding Steve's hospital bed before suddenly collapsing with blood pouring out of his mouth. When Gail disapproves of Hayley baby-sitting Sarah reminds her that Benthany is her baby and she'll decide what's right for her. Roy is touched to watch Hayley tenderly taking care of Bethany. When she sees Roy with Beth she is filled with a longing. Toyah recognises Janice's ring as the one found in the pub, she warns Les to tell her the truth before she does. Steve and Jim are stunned to be told Jez has died.moreless
    • Wed 31 Dec, 1980
      Wed 31 Dec, 1980
      Season 21 - Episode 105
      Martin buys Karen an engagement ring with his Christmas money. Elsie worries that Karen won't accept him. Martin tells Karen they should do something positive and gives her the ring. He tells her he wants to be engaged. She likes the ring and says she will marry him. Ken buys a VW. Albert refuses to go in it as it's German. Gail refuses to see New Year in at home so the family go to the Rovers. Karen gives Martin the ring back, telling him they're too young to get engaged. She tells him it would be best if they finished. Gail feels unwell in the Rovers. Martin packs and leaves for Birmingham. Elsie is upset to see him so hurt. He tells her he doesn't like it in the Street anymore. Gail goes into labour, Annie lets the family wait in the living room and calls for an ambulance. Gail and Brian go to hospital, through the Rovers' bar. Elsie sees the New Year in alone and in tears. Brian phones the Rovers and tells Audrey that Gail has had a 7lbs 2oz son. She passes on the news to the delighted regulars, Ivy and Bert.moreless
    • Wed 13 Sep, 2000
      Wed 13 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 148
      Janice demands a decent present off Les for their wedding anniversary. Gary puts No. 9 on the market for £28,500. Harvey Reuben takes over Underworld whilst the Baldwins honeymoon. He flatters and charms the girls. Natalie is intrigued to hear Jim has beaten Jez up and put him in hospital for attacking Steve. She feels bad for making Steve give evidence against Jez. Edna finds an emerald ring whilst cleaning the Rovers and hands it into Natalie. Karen flirts with Harvey but he prefers Bobbi. Steve is alarmed when Jim tells him he beat Jez up. Steve is appalled as he thought now he'd been beaten it would be an end to his nightmare. He feels Jez will put him in his grave. Les hears about the ring found in the Rovers and claims it as one belonging to Janice. Dev urges Vik to end his partnership with Steve, fearing they'll get caught up with the local mafia. Vik refuses to dump a mate. Les plans to give Janice the ring as an anniversary present. Natalie visits Jez in hospital and begs him to put a stop to the beatings. He tells her he'll decide when it's all over.moreless
    • Friday 23rd April 2010 (Episode 1)
      Friday 23rd April 2010 (Episode 1)
      Season 51 - Episode 82
      Having spent a sleepless night at Molly's bedside, Tyrone's pleased to hear that she's now in a stable condition. Regaining consciousness, Molly asks what happened and when Pam angrily reveals that Kevin didn't fix the brakes on the car, she begins to wonder if he sabotaged the motor. Full of guilt, Kevin arrives at the hospital but Molly's gunning for him, accusing him of deliberately trying to kill her and the baby. Kevin's horrified by her claims and explains that he's there to apologise for pressuring her over a termination. Molly, however, tells him to save it for the police. With that, Kevin begins to panic. Meanwhile, Sophie's going through the motions as she dresses in Rosie's clothes, before heading out for her date with Lee. Later, Sian arrives at the Websters' in search of Sophie but when she sees her looking cosy with Lee, she's horrified. Devastated, Sian rushes off. Elsewhere Audrey refuses to accept Rita's olive branch; and Anna's upset to hear that Gary faces court-martial and a custodial sentence when he's eventually found.moreless
    • Fri 22 Sep, 2000
      Fri 22 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 153
      Martin tries to get his family to get along with each other for one day but Gail tells him she's sick of him being the voice of reason. Fred considers applying to be a magistrate. Discharged from hospital, Steve visits Jim on remand, furious with him for confessing. Jim explains that as he killed Jez he should take the punishment. Sarah hates the way Gail takes over Beth, making decisions about her without consulting her. Martin has enough of Gail snapping at everyone and rows with her. He tells her he can't bear the insinuations and snide remarks. During their row Sarah takes Bethany and leaves home. Sarah dumps herself and Bethany on the Croppers. She tells them she can't cope with all the rows at home. Hayley is keen for them to stay but Roy doesn't approve. Gail is furious when Sarah tells her she's staying with the Croppers and threatens to go to social services if they force her to return home.moreless
    • Sun 24 Sep, 2000
      Sun 24 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 154
      Maxine buys Ashley an eternity ring on their first anniversary. He buys her golf clubs. Gary visits Judy's grave on the anniversary of her death and tells the twins that she will always be in his heart. Gail is furious with the way Sarah hides away at the Croppers and refuses to come home. Sarah tells the Platts she's sick of them rowing and shouting all the time. Ashley is delighted when Fred gives him and Maxine the Victoria Street shop. Vinny is annoyed to discover Natalie is planning to visit Jim in prison. She is adamant he needs to know his friends care and plans to give him the £10,000 reward money. Audrey is concerned when Sarah tells her it's awful living at home as Gail and Martin keep arguing. She makes Sarah see that she needs to return home and be supportive. Hayley is sorry to see them go but Gail is relieved when they return. Audrey holds Martin responsible, telling him he's pathetic and selfish for hurting everyone. Hayley is thrilled when Roy tells her he's prepared to apply for adoption. Gail tells Martin she can't cope with their situation any more and wants a divorce.moreless
    • Mon 25 Sep, 2000
      Mon 25 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 155
      Roy cautions Hayley not to get too excited at the prospect of adopting. Vinny feels Natalie shouldn't interfere with Jim's court case but she refuses to listen. She goes to visit Jim in prison and tells him the £10,000 is his but he just wants to be left in peace. Sarah tells Candice all about the problems at home and feels that by moving out she made matters worse between Gail and Martin. Karen throws herself at Harvey and is annoyed when he shows an interest in Bobbi. Natalie is furious when Vinny accuses her of using Jim to hang onto Tony and her grief. Hayley and Roy fill in an application form to become adoptive parents. Roy gets agitated by the process, hating bureaucratic systems. Gail feels empty inside and tells Martin she wants the chance to find someone who will love her.moreless
    • Sun 3 Dec, 2000
      Sun 3 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 199
      Jack tries to convince Vera not to go through with the operation. Duggie chases Dev for the money, but Dev can't remember agreeing to anything. Matt and Charlie start to move in. Andy says goodbye to Toyah; she is going to miss him. Maxine is in a particularly good mood because she thinks she is pregnant. She and Ashley help Matt and Charlie to move in, although they do not seem keen to have the assistance, Charlie seems unhappy about their new home. However, Maxine seems delighted to have some new friends. Andy is concerned for Steve and tries to convince Steve to move away and make a fresh start but Steve insists that he wants to make a go of Streetcars. He asks Liz if she wants him to stay longer but she says no, so he leaves. Although Jack doesn't agree with Vera's determination he goes to the hospital with her. Deirdre comforts Liz. Maxine's mood changes when she realises she is not pregnant. Liz asks Natalie for her job back.moreless
    • Wed 10 Jan, 1968
      Wed 10 Jan, 1968
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      Stan is suspicious when Hilda treats him well. Jenny joins the hippies but tells Dennis she thinks they're crazy. Jerry's divorce case is heard in court. Agnes calls on Stan and tells him Hilda is seeing George. She produces the scarf as evidence. Jerry is granted his Decree Nisi. Agnes tells Stan that George always strikes up friendships in the Winter. It's quite harmless. She tells him that George always feels guilty and treats her well and that Stan should make the most of Hilda spoiling him as well. Annie takes to her bed. Stan enjoys having Hilda waiting on him. The hippies decide to move on. Jenny decides to stay and Dennis gets her a job at the Hotel. Lucille doesn't know whether to join the hippies or stay in the Street.moreless
    • Wed 11 Oct, 2000 [Episode 2]
      Wed 11 Oct, 2000 [Episode 2]
      Season 41 - Episode 165
      Curly, Alma, Fred, Ashley, Ken and Mike are trapped inside Freshco with assistant Wendy and retiring security guard Frank. Curly explains that all the money is in the safe and that won't open until the morning. Dean holds Curly at knife point and demands he opens the safe but terrified Curly convinces him its on a time delay. Hearing there's £20,000 in the safe Dean and Lenny decide to sit it out all night with their hostages. Angry Mike mouths off at the robbers, demanding they let them go. Ken tries a calmer approach, talking kindly to them. Dean is annoyed by them both so locks them up together in a storeroom. Alma tries to cheer up depressed Frank who blames himself for the robbery. She is flattered when he reveals he's always had a soft spot for her. Ken and Mike bicker with each other, with Mike telling Ken that Deirdre only stayed with him because she felt sorry for him. Mike tells him he'll always be a loser. The hostages talk Dean into letting them cook a barbecue. Mike tells Ken that they both know Deirdre made do with second best when she stuck with him. Mike gets angry when Ken throws his affair with Julia Stone in his face. Ashley manages to phone Maxine and raise the alarm before being hit on the head by Dean. The smoke from the barbecue sets the fire alarm off. Dean forces Curly to turn the alarm off but the system is connected to the fire brigade. Ken is alarmed when Mike suffers a heart attack. He forces him to stay calm and tries to relax him. Fearing he's going to die, Mike tells Ken to tell Linda he forgives her. When he recovers he and Ken acknowledge they've been behaving like children. Dean forces Curly to lock the fire brigade out of the store when they attempt to enter. Alarmed Maxine rushes to Freshco with Audrey. She sees the gunmen and alerts the fire officer who calls the police. Mike confides in Ken about Linda's affair with Mark. Ken advises him to get on with his marriage and forget the past. Dean and Lenny are scared when the police arrive. The building is surrounded. Dean demands £100,000 in exchange for the hostages. Linda and Deirdre hear about the Freshco siege and rush to the store. When Dean starts to cry, Curly comforts him and nearly succeeds in taking the gun off him but the police storm in. Dean fires the gun so Emma, in combat uniform, shoots him.moreless
    • Wed 11 Oct, 2000 [Episode 1]
      Wed 11 Oct, 2000 [Episode 1]
      Season 41 - Episode 164
      Vinny is put out when Duggie cuts his wages, telling him times are hard. Tyrone and Maria plan their engagement party. Tyrone hopes his mum will come. Sarah and David miss having Martin around. He promises them he'll always be around for them. Dev offers Duggie a cash deal on his house, £50,000 less than the asking price. Duggie is forced to accept. Linda and Mike return to work, pretending they had a great honeymoon. Mark sends Mike a letter telling him he told Alma about the affair. Mike demands to know why Alma didn't tell him. When she hears Martin has bought David a present Gail accuses him of trying to win him over. She tells him they must create rules and keep to them. Debs is thrilled when Duggie asks if he can move in with her. Two youths, Dean Sykes and Lenny Larkin, hold up Freschos at closing time.moreless
    • Fri 6 Oct, 2000
      Fri 6 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 161
      Martin is irritated when Gail insists on getting a solicitor. Sally is relieved when Gail suggests they forget their row as she doesn't want to lose their friendship. Sally warns her that there's no such thing as an amicable divorce. Bobbi and Karen plot together and organise a farewell party for Harvey. Anthony talks Rita into visiting the theatre in York with an overnight stay, in separate rooms. Kevin urges Martin to make certain he gets all the access to the children he wants. Harvey turns on the charm to Bobbi, promising her he thinks she's special. He then does the same with Karen. Bobbi and Karen play along but both know the score. Steve is amazed when Liz turns up in the Street. She is aghast when he tells her about Jim being in prison for manslaughter. Duggie is relieved when Simmonds settles out of court. Maria shows off her engagement ring. The factory girls get Harvey drunk and phone his fiancée to pick him up. They graffiti his car, pour baked beans over him and tell his fiancee all about his womanising. Bobbi and Karen are victorious. Duggie is horrified to learn the Council have dumped him over the article. Gail is horrified when Martin tells her he wants custody of the children.moreless
    • Mon 31 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 31 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 147
      Danny is annoyed that Janice knows all about the twisted deal he has with Leanne and warns her to keep her mouth shut. Later, Leanne finds out that the money has cleared in her account and calls Danny who orders her to bring the will to the factory. She arrives and despite her pleas to reconcile, Danny is furious at the way she has double crossed him and tells her she is the worst thing that has ever happened to him. But Leanne hasn’t finished her plan and produces mystery envelope to Blanche and tells her to give it to Adam. Curious Blanche doesn’t know what is in it and is forced to wait for Adam to come home. What will Adam find in the envelope? Could it be another copy of Mike’s will? Over in the salon, Sarah is stunned when Jason arrives declaring his love for her and explains that he has booked the registry office for a fortnight’s time. He goes down on one knee and begs Sarah to marry him. Does Sarah say yes to Jason’s proposal? Elsewhere Kevin is worried about Craig dossing on his mate’s floor, but Sally is less sympathetic and says he can always go back to his granddad. But little do they know that Craig is sleeping rough.moreless
    • Wed 18 Oct, 2006
      Wed 18 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 204
      Jamie apologises to Violet for his strange behaviour but she’s had enough and tells Jamie their relationship is over. When Frankie asks what’s gone on between them, Jamie blusters that he doesn’t know. But as the pair spend their first night in the house alone both suddenly know exactly what’s going on. With the eye contact and the long charged looks will they take the plunge? Maria’s had time to think following last night’s bust-up and tells Charlie she’s not prepared to wait for him forever. Charlie’s charm personified as he tells her he’ll be worth the wait. But Liam, meanwhile, has been suitably scared off and tells Maria he’ll be steering clear of her in the future. It’s the day of Fred’s will reading and tensions are running high. It’s also Bev’s birthday but she’s in no mood to celebrate, especially when she discovers she’s been left nothing in the will whereas Ashley has been left everything. Elsewhere, the shell-shocked Websters arrive back in Weatherfield. But is daughter Rosie with them? And Kirk has a surprise for girlfriend Fiz – a scooter!moreless
    • Fri 27 Oct, 2006
      Fri 27 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 211
      David turns up in Charlie’s garden and pretends to Tracy that he has lost his football but refuses to budge until Charlie appears. He tries to stare Charlie out but Charlie is not riled by the teen and heads off to work. However, it’s not long before he finds his van vandalised and then discovers a card saying ‘tut-tut what will Charlie say’ when he goes into the office. Later, Charlie is with Tracy, and David whistles at her. It is obvious that David is intent on causing trouble so, later on, Charlie marches up to him, and warns him to stay away from Tracy. But David is unconcerned by Charlie's threats and challenges Charlie to the consequences of David leaking his secret. Will Charlie lose his rag and hit the devious lad? Gail tells the Platts that the whole family needs to go in for counselling and both Audrey and Sarah refuse point blank to have anything to do with it. Will Gail manage to stop Sarah from hankering after Jason and talk her family round? Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Danny is on top of the world but knows there is a still a way to go with winning back Frankie even though they slept together. Frankie is growing more comfortable with living the lie, and goes round to collect her clothes from Jamie's house. She tells a distraught Jamie that she is in love with Danny and that he should get back with Violet. Jamie is floored.moreless
    • Wed 25 Oct, 2006
      Wed 25 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 210
      David is supposed to be having a meeting with the Education Welfare Officer and Gail, but skives it to seek out Maria instead after her revelations from yesterday. He finds her, and in a bid to keep him quiet she invites him to her flat for a beer. Maria then starts to turn on the charm and tells David that although he is too young for her she sees him as her best friend and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Once smitten David has gone, an intrigued Charlie goes round to find out why he has been at the flat for so long. Maria tells him that David knows everything about their affair and Charlie orders her to keep David sweet, but unbeknownst to either of them, David goes crazy with jealousy and slashes Charlie’s tyres and smashes the windscreen on the van. What will Charlie do when he discovers the mess his van has been left in? Over at Danny’s flat, Frankie still feels awkward around him and they have slept in separate rooms again. Frankie goes to Deidre’s with the girls after work for a drink or two and it’s not long before the subject of Danny is brought up. She later goes back to the flat a bit tipsy, and decides to finally give in to Danny’s charms and they spend the night in his bedroom! And it's Norris and Rita's trip to Budapest today with Norris waking a reluctant Ken up at 5.30am, to remind him that he starts temping at the shop whilst they are on their travels. Rita tries to outdo Norris with her Hungarian phrases, and this riles him no end as Les drives them to the airport.moreless
    • Fri 13 Oct, 2006
      Fri 13 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 200
      Danny’s pursuit of Frankie continues and when he presents her with flowers she agrees to go for a drink with him. After what Frankie confesses has been a lovely evening Danny offers to walk her home. As they reach her doorstep Danny moves in for a kiss. Will Frankie give in to passion? As those close to Fred struggle to cope with his shocking death there are funeral arrangements to discuss. Ashley wants Fred to be cremated but when Bev tells Archie she wants a family burial plot tensions rise. It seems Fred will not be resting in peace just yet. As Craig and Rosie finish their last day at school the young lovers burn their ties in preparation for their flit. This time tomorrow it will be Auf Wiedersehen Weatherfield. And Maria feels let down by Charlie again when he tells her he has to take a rain-check on their plans for the weekend.moreless
    • Wed 26 Oct, 2005
      Wed 26 Oct, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 215
      Sally receives some hate mail calling her a scab and quoting Jack London. Sophie lets slip that Rosie printed it off from the internet. Lloyd rallies the troops telling them they will not be beaten by Jimmy Clayton and they must all stick together. Mike points out to the factory girls their strike is illegal and he's considering sacking the lot of them. Hayley's concerned. Tracy dumps Amy on Steve unannounced. Eileen gets a threatening phone call from Jimmy. Danny pays his mum Viv a visit. Danny's angry that she kept his true parentage a secret from him. Viv explains she just wanted to protect Harry. Mike tells Janice she can have her job back and stop the strike or he's sacking all of them. Janice agrees and the girls go back to work thinking Janice is a hero. Kirk gets Blanche's girdle off her washing line. Cilla accepts he's passed the task. Blanche catches him putting it back and calls him a pervert. Janice dupes Sally into picketing by herself unaware the girls have gone back to work. Tracy accuses Steve of putting Amy's life in danger because of the Jimmy situation. Danny's distraught realising Harry must have known all along he wasn't his son. Danny breaks down and sobs uncontrollably.moreless
    • Mon 24 Oct, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Mon 24 Oct, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 214
      Danny's reeling at the news that Mike's his father. His confusion turns to anger when he realises it's true. He feels betrayed. Danny thinks Harry must have known he wasn't Danny's father but Mike insists Viv was the only one to know. Ashley's angry at Claire for going back to work but Claire insists she'll be extra vigilant. Ashley and Claire make up. Scooter gets Das Boot out on DVD. Sarah's unimpressed. Norris gets a new sign made for the Kabin which reads "Cole and Sullivan". Rita's furious at Norris putting his name first. Yana distracts Diggory while Les steals a wedding cake from the bakers. Kirk asks Blanche what size girdle she wears. Blanche hits him round the head with her walking stick. Les and Cilla hide their stolen cake under a towel. They tell Kirk it's a budgie in a cage. Jimmy threatens Lloyd again and makes racist comments. Lloyd's angry and decides he's on Steve's side when it comes to Jimmy Clayton. Danny sits in the factory alone feeling emotionally drained.moreless
    • Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 208
      Ashley asks Archie for Fred’s ashes, but Bev has already collected them. Ashley is absolutely mad at Bev and vows to get them back. He confronts her in the Rovers but Bev refuses to hand them over and tells poor Ashley she pans to scatter them where Fred proposed to her. What is Ashley’s reaction to this? Sarah is asked to go to the wholesalers by Audrey but she hasn’t got her mobile so Audrey demands that Maria lend her hers. Maria hastily deletes any outstanding texts from secret lover Charlie and asks David to take Charlie a note for her, telling him she hasn’t got her phone. She tells David she is telling him this because of a rent problem. He begrudgingly does this, but can’t help and sneak a glance on the way back to the salon. Has David rumbled their illicit affair?Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Frankie’s return is the talk of the factory floor and Danny delights in telling Liam that Frankie has moved back in. But it’s a different story for Frankie, who has moved back in to get out of the mess she is in with Jamie Danny wants to show Frankie off in the Rovers later, but his ex wife is not so sure.And Ashley is having a wobbly day, grieving for the loss of Fred. Claire visits the butchers to see him and offers to rename Thomas to ‘Freddy’ as a tribute to his father. Ashley is touched by Claire thoughtfulness but this is ruined by Bev barging in the shop and handing over half of Fred’s ashes in a heartless and cruel fashion.moreless
    • Mon 2 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 2 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 193
      Charlie is determined to try and win Tracy round and once more apologies for sleeping with Shelley. But it seems Tracy will take much more persuading and Charlie has got his work cut out. She finally agrees to go for a drink with him and as the old Stubbs charm goes into overdrive it seems she might be softening towards him. Will she really fall for his lies again? Fred is still troubled by Audrey’s behaviour the previous afternoon and decides to pay her a visit. She tells him that she has never felt so alone in her life and can’t believe that she will never be able to call on him again once he is married. He points out that she has the chance of marrying him and turned him down and is stunned when she confesses that she wishes she had accepted. Sally and Kevin are thrilled to discover that Kevin’s dad’s anniversary present is a trip to Paris for the whole family. They decide to invite Craig along too and are more than a little put out when the kids seem less than impressed with the idea. Meanwhile, Claire is well on the road to recovery and tells a delighted Ashley that she is determined to be well enough to attend Fred and Bev’s wedding.moreless
    • Wed 2 Nov, 2005
      Wed 2 Nov, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 220
      Eileen and Sean are convinced Jason's upstairs with Violet until there's a knock at the door and it's Violet. Eileen covers for Jason saying he's gone to work. Tracy drops her florist bill round to Cilla. When they say they can't pay Tracy threatens legal action. Eileen's appalled to discover Jason spent the night with Sarah. She tells Jason how Violet was looking for him hoping they could start again. Jason's gutted. Martin helps Robyn move all her belongings to Liverpool. David's upset when Martin forget he promised to help him with his homework. Sarah lies to Gail and Scooter pretending she stayed the night at Candice's. Kelly tries to persuade Lloyd to give up his darts match for her but he refuses. Candice is fed up when Status Quo fail to phone her. She asks Audrey for her old job back. Audrey begrudgingly agrees. Candice lies to Adam saying she turned the job down with the Quo as she didn't want to leave him. Adam's flattered. Cilla's unimpressed with the knackered hi-fi system Les has bought. She gives Yana Les's honeymoon ticket to Magaluf. Cilla and Yana leave for their "honeymoon". Robyn asks Martin to move to Liverpool with him. Martin agrees. Jason tells Violet he still loves her and they agree to try again. He desperately wants to confess to his night with Sarah and explain it was a mistake, but he bottles out. Violet leads him upstairs.moreless
    • Fri 11 Nov, 2005
      Fri 11 Nov, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 226
      Gail's walking on air having spent the night with Phil. Danny's annoyed with Adam and later takes the credit for getting a new order with Sangria Holidays which really should have been Adam's. David's got stomach cramps but Gail doesn't believe him and sends him to school. Adam gets his own back on Danny by telling Janice that Mike is really Danny's dad. Amber winds Dev up to distraction with her incessant wittering about celebrity gossip. When Lloyd's bit on side Tina turns up saying she wants to move in with him Lloyd finishes with her, telling her she can whistle for the money he owes her. Janice soon makes it known about Mike being Danny's dad. Danny's furious with Adam and they starting fighting. Mike and the factory girls have to break them up. Joanne and Jamie's date isn't a success although they enjoy a snog at the end. Leanne sees this and can't help feeling jealous. Lloyd tries to make up with Kelly but she tells him where to go. Sean teaches Eileen, Violet and Jason to play the Film Game. Jason can't concentrate - he keeps thinking about Sarah. Jamie breaks down realising what a mess his life is. Frankie comforts him.moreless
    • Sun 15 Oct, 2006
      Sun 15 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 201
      As Frankie wakes up next to Danny she’s full of doubts about the previous night. But before she can do anything, Jamie arrives home to find his dad back in the house. He launches himself at Danny, throwing him into the street where a fight ensues. Back in the house things are far from calm as Jamie then demands to know how drunk Frankie was last night. She slaps him across the face and demands to know what’s going on. Will Jamie open his heart to Frankie and tell her he’s in love with her? The Websters are in high spirits as they set off for Paris but as they say au revoir to the street the goodbyes are a bit more poignant for Rosie and Craig. However, as the young lovers arrive in the city they’re caught up in its romance as they plan their escape. Kevin, meanwhile, is thrilled to meet up with dad Bill again. Back on the street, Liam makes a play for Maria in the Rovers. She’s flattered by his attention and when he offers to walk her home she accepts. Unbeknownst to Maria, Charlie is watching the pair as they arrive outside her flat. Is he about to witness his mistress falling for another man? And the gossip about the events surrounding Fred’s death is starting to get to those who were closest to him.moreless
    • Fri 25 Feb, 2000
      Fri 25 Feb, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 33
      Martin struggles to cope as Gail keeps breaking down over Sarah's lost childhood. Sarah is upset when Gail keeps her a prisoner in the house. When a buyer arrives in Mike's absence, Linda introduces herself as his partner and takes the meeting. She wins the buyer round by flirting and telling him what a woman wants in underwear. Gail makes Sarah see that her life will never be the same again. Jim catches Gwen giving money to a debt collector. He is amazed when she admits to not knowing how much she owes. Ken discovers that shopkeeper Bernard Cartwright was hanged for murder so the street was renamed. He determines to investigate the murder for his book. Duggie takes Debs to a charity auction, going with Bob and Alma. Sarah snaps when Candice calls on her, feeling that her life is ruined.moreless
    • Sun 29 Oct, 2006
      Sun 29 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 212
      David returns to his old tricks and sends Tracy a sympathy card. Tracy however jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes that it is Bev who is sending it because of Shelley’s baby. Charlie seizes on her assumption and agrees that Bev is pathetic, so then Tracy wastes no time in confronting a drunken Bev who denies everything. Meanwhile, Charlie finds David and bundles him into the back of a van. Liam sees this and questions Charlie if the kid has been annoying Maria also. Will Liam and Charlie come to blows over David? And Jamie feels even more devastated that Frankie and Danny seem more at ease in each others company when he spies Danny with his arms around his ‘mum’. Jamie tackles Frankie who tells him he must accept the way things are, but he argues that he will never give up on her until she admits that they should be together. What will torn Frankie do next? Over in the Rovers, Liz is determined to try and start running the pub her way, but Bev is showing no signs of moving on. Liz feels sorry for her friend and tells her there is no rush for her to move out, but Bev doesn’t help matters by sitting at the bar and getting increasingly drunk.moreless
    • Mon 2 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 2 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 192
      It is the morning after the night before and Jamie is regretting his drunken confession to Sean. Sean is struggling to cope with the secret and knows that Violet is going to want a full report about what happened. He manages to avoid her for most of the day but with Jamie and Violet’s holiday just hours away she needs to know the truth. Sean manages to convince her that Jamie is not gay, but can he keep the real truth from her? Gail has made an appointment with the deputy headmistress for her and David to discuss the bullying accusations. David is convinced that she won’t believe them but Gail vows that she will stand by him. Once in the teacher’s office it becomes clear that there is no proof of any bullying and Gail is left to interrogate David further – will he tell her the truth? It is a difficult day for Audrey as she accompanies Fred on the trip to the jewellers. She helps him pick out a beautiful watch for Bev but refuses when he offers to buy her a present by way of thanks. She accepts his invitation to take her for lunch however but he can’t help but notice there is something on her mind. Meanwhile, Tracy is still avoiding Charlie and over at the Barlow’s Blanche is still fishing for information about what exactly is going on. Charlie calls round to see Tracy and she realises that she won’t get any rest until she has heard what he has to say.moreless
    • Fri 4 Nov, 2005
      Fri 4 Nov, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 221
      Martin and Robyn are excited at the thought of moving in together. Sarah bumps into loved up Violet and Jason. Jason can't look her in the eye. Phil spots Gail in the café. They're awkward with each other but it's obvious they still fancy one another. Dev boasts to everyone about his and Sunita's new house. Kelly's furious when Lloyd cancels their date again. She decides to seek revenge. Ronnie's pleased when she lands the Harlow's Restaurant contract for Street Cars. Lloyd meets Kelly for a quick drink before his supposed darts match. While his back's turned, Kelly slips half a bottle of laxative into his beer. Martin calls round to tell Gail, Sarah and David he's moving to Liverpool. David's out but Sarah's pleased for him. Gail's sad knowing she'll miss him. Sarah's texted Jason but had no reply. Scooter wonders why she keeps checking her phone. Lloyd suddenly doubles over in pain. Kelly's really worried. Violet moves back into No. 11. Jason's delighted but feels uncomfortable when he sees the text messages from Sarah. Lloyd's taken to hospital. Kelly's beside herself and admits to the doctor she laced his beer with laxative. The doctor says she might have caused him serious harm.moreless
    • Wed 11 Oct, 2006
      Wed 11 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 199
      Fred’s death and the events surrounding it are the talk of the street. A devastated Bev is back in the Rovers still in her wedding dress, while Audrey is looking for support at the Platts’. The two women are mourning the loss of a loved one but how will they react when they come face to face? Meanwhile, Ashley struggles to hold it together as his family is torn apart again. Elsewhere, Danny makes a new play for Frankie saying he’s booked a romantic meal at an expensive restaurant for that evening. Frankie turns him down but it’s clear his playful optimism is starting to wear her down. And as Rosie and Sally share a laugh as they pack for their trip to Paris, for Rosie it’s tinged with sadness for what she and Craig are about to do.moreless
    • Wed 16 Aug, 2006
      Wed 16 Aug, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 159
      Charlie asks Maria is she fancies a quick drink in the Rovers over lunch but she has already promised to spend it with David in the café so declines his offer. But manipulative Charlie takes fate into his own hands and when the coast is clear, he lets himself into Maria flat and takes the washer off the cold tap and pockets it! Later, when an unsuspecting Maria comes home and pours herself a glass of water, a stream of water erupts from the tap. She panics and calls Charlie to come over and fix the problem so he rushes over, playing the dutiful landlord, and fixes it. It’s not long before some major flirting ensues and the two are kissing passionately on the couch. Does Maria ask Charlie to stay the night? Claire goes into the cab office and can’t help herself by getting stuck in as Eileen has not come into work. As the baby sleeps quietly in his buggy in the corner, Claire happily works the switch but Ashley is shocked when he comes in by chance and finds her. Back at the Peacocks’, Claire rows with Ashley and angrily tells him that plenty of women go back to work - so why can’t she?And in the Rovers, Sean spies Steve giving Michelle the eye, but Vernon tries to put Steve off by warning him that him that her scary older brothers put the Sopranos to shame!moreless
    • Wed 19 May, 1975
      Wed 19 May, 1975
      Season 16 - Episode 40
      The copper is stolen from the Yard, valuing £200. Fury is missing. Ernie and Harry Goulden form WARP. Rita arrives at the Gatsby whilst Blanche tries to finish her outfit at home. Deirdre gets the outfit to Rita on time and agrees to stand in behind the bar for the night. Ray accuses Eddie of being in on the break-in. Blanche returns the wedding presents. The regulars tell Stan and Eddie they'll be responsible if Fury bites any body. Stan and Eddie search for him. Deirdre and Rita are picked up by a couple of oil riggers. Blanche is furious when a drunken Deirdre returns home at 3am.moreless
    • Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 3]
      Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 3]
      Season 47 - Episode 209
      David gives Maria Charlie's note, without saying a word. Charlie goes to Maria's and tells her that he will finish with Tracy when the time comes. Just after he leaves, the doorbell goes and it is David telling her he wants to talk to her about her secret relationship with Charlie! Maria is stunned and lets him in. A hurt David doesn’t hold back and forces her to tell the truth about her and the wayward builder. She gushes to him that she loves Charlie. David is angered by this and threatens to tell Tracy, but can Maria manipulate him into keeping quiet for the sake of their ‘special friendship?’ Over in the Rovers, Jamie is consumed with jealousy when Frankie arrives with Danny so he storms out in a huff. Sean follows his friend and Jamie pours his heart out and says he is convinced that Frankie loves him. Sean tries to reason with him by saying that you can’t wish someone to love you, but Jamie is resolute and vows to win her heart. And the Platts talk about David’s behaviour and how many of the Street residents are shunning Audrey over her alleged ‘affair’ with Fred, with some even cancelling their hair appointments in a bid to spite her.moreless
    • Mon 17 Oct, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 17 Oct, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 208
      Lloyd calls a meeting of all Street Cars' employees. He's worried about the hoax calls and thinks Ronnie should leave before there's more trouble. Leanne and Frankie are at each other's throats in the café. Leanne's empties a salt cellar over Frankie and storms out saying she's leaving. Gail complains to Keith about the noise his two pigs make. Ronnie says she's leaving and tells Steve it's best if they finish. Steve begs her not to go and Ronnie gives in. They spend the afternoon in bed. Ken's furious to discover Deirdre's started smoking again. Martin's depressed that Robyn's been ignoring his calls. He tracks her down to the school where she teaches but she tells him they're finished. Martin's gutted. Les gives a vicar a lift to his church in Cheshire. Les wonders if he and Cilla could get married in his church. Leanne leaves Weatherfield to stay with a friend in Leeds. Janice is worried she won't come back. Jimmy Clayton sees Steve and Ronnie kissing.moreless
    • Fri 22 Dec, 2000
      Fri 22 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 210
      Janice and Les get a Christmas card from Leanne - she is waitressing in Sydney and will not be back for Christmas. This puts Janice in a bad mood, she wants to cancel Christmas. Duggie convinces Mike that they should form an alliance against Fred, Fred then tries the same with Mike later. Martin sees Rebecca in a store, he tries to speak to her but she disappears. Les decorates the outside of their house to cheer up Janice. Glen visits Sarah and tells her he doesn't mind about Bethany, he asks her out. After his stag night in the Rovers, Curly is arrested for being drunk and disorderly however, this turns out to be a practical joke by Emma. A young boy, Wayne, breaks into the café to steal food, he runs away before Roy can catch him. Martin makes up his mind to find Rebecca and talk to her.moreless
    • Fri 15 Dec, 2000
      Fri 15 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 206
      David continues to manipulate Sarah. Liz tells Deirdre about Peter, this is the fuel Deirdre needs to do something about him. Duggie asks Dev to become his financial partner so they can buy the Rovers, but Dev turns him down. Deirdre confronts Peter, Ken overhears and tries to question Peter, but Peter storms out. Deirdre tells Ken about Liz. Ken tells Deirdre to be more understanding, in return Deirdre accuses Ken of being nave. Mr Hartnell visits Ray and Hayley and tells them their fostering chances have not been jeopardized. He tells them that they are just the sort of candidates he is looking for. They are touched to hear this. Sarah leaves Bethany with Martin so that she can meet Glen. She lies to Martin and says she is going to meet Candice. Martin is disappointed as he was looking forward to spending time with her. He later notices the lights go off in Gail's house, thinking there are burglars he goes over, instead he finds Sarah and Glen. Martin confronts her and announces to Glen that Bethany is her daughter. Martin is angry with Sarah and Glen leaves in a confused state. Sarah is very upset and pleads with Martin not to tell Gail. Maxine and Ashley get drunk despite their no drinking policy. Duggie gets Fred and Mike drunk and convinces them to become equal partners in buying over the Rovers.moreless
    • Sun 24 Dec, 2000
      Sun 24 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 211
      Ashley practices his best man speech and Maxine nags him about drinking. Roy feels guilty about the boy who broke in, wishing he could have helped. Martin phones Carol to try and get in touch with Rebecca, they arrange to meet. Roy sees Wayne in the builder's yard, he invites him in for some food. Curly and Emma's wedding is a success. Deirdre catches the bouquet. Roy and Hayley take Wayne home so he can have a bath. As Roy phones the police, Wayne overhears and tries to run away, Roy and Hayley talk to him and find out he lives in a Children's Home, but has just run away from his mother's where he was to spend Christmas. Martin and Carol talk, Martin realises Rebecca is staying with Carol. Peter chats up Karen in the Rovers.moreless
    • Sun 17 Dec, 2000
      Sun 17 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 207
      Martin comes round to see Gail and tells her what Sarah did. In her determination to become a 'good parent' Maxine pours out all their alcohol. Ken tells Deirdre that it is not likely that Peter will move out before Christmas. Tyrone's eighteenth birthday, Maria gives him a watch, Kevin gives him a rise. Dev offers Deirdre the flat above the shop for Peter to move into, they hug and this is witnessed by Duggie. Sarah is convinced that no one will ever want to go out with her. Peter accepts the flat, but somewhat reluctantly. Liz is also unhappy about this, she would rather see him move away completely. Tyrone and Maria have a special meal together, Maria has also booked them into a hotel for the night, but just as they are signing in Tyrone runs away. Gail asks Martin to come round for Christmas dinner, but he has to work. Liz is offered the position of bar manager when the Rovers becomes the Boozy Newt. Linda convinces the men to speak to Natalie about buying the Rovers, she agrees, subject to contract.moreless
    • Mon 18 Dec, 2000
      Mon 18 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 208
      Peter moves into the flat. Toyah and Liz are concerned about their jobs when Mike, Fred and Duggie take over. Tyrone is embarrassed about running away and will not speak to Maria about it. Mike asks Betty to come back to the Rovers, she only agrees after she bargains for a pay rise and a holiday. Duggie turns up in the Rovers with a reporter and a photographer to do a story for the local newspaper about saving the pub however he ignores Fred and Mike, much to their disgust. Audrey talks to Sarah about Glen. Peter asks Ken if he can borrow his car to visit Susan in Scotland for Christmas, Ken is unsure but does agree. Deirdre asks Liz to spend Christmas day with them. Blanche insults Natalie, Natalie gets very angry and storms off claiming she cannot wait to get away from Weatherfield and people like Blanche. Sarah and Candice have a slight row, Candice stomps out.moreless
    • Wed 20 Dec, 2000
      Wed 20 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 209
      Sarah and Candice meet in the Kabin, the atmosphere between them is icy. Candice invites Sarah to come to the Christmas party but she rejects the offer. Candice tells Sarah she is pathetic and nothing but a misery. Fred, Mike and Duggie draw straws to see who should be licensee, Fred is unhappy when Duggie is picked. Natalie tells Liz and Betty that she will move to the Cotswolds until the baby is born. She is planning on leaving on New Year's Eve. Kevin is upset at the thought of Natalie leaving, Natalie is touched by this sentiment. Peter tells Ken and Deirdre that he will visit Susan at New Year rather than Christmas, because of this Liz says she will not come round on Christmas day. Martin says he will spend Christmas with his family after all. Fred, Mike and Duggie cannot agree on anything regarding the Rovers. Charlie goes round to the Platt's to complain about noise, she ends up trying to advise Sarah about Bethany and school.moreless
    • Sun 10 Dec, 2000
      Sun 10 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 203
      Fred is in an exceptionally good mood due to the defeat of the council but is taken aback when Roy does not share this sentiment. Duggie tells Fred the paperwork was fake, used to buy them time. Hayley stayed the night with Alma, she is obviously upset. Natalie announces that she is selling the Rovers. Les is left scrubbing the surveyor's marks off of the street, much to his annoyance, but to the pleasure of the nest of the street. Les overhears Ken and Duggie talking about the fake paperwork. He also makes a joke about Hayley and Roy reacts violently. Once Les has gone, Roy realises just how upset he is. Roy goes to Alma's to look for Hayley, she is not there. He admits his feelings to Alma; he can't bear to be without Hayley. Les tries to bribe Ken and Duggie about the road but they are able to call his bluff because they now have the official preservation statement. Betty is furious about Natalie's plans to let the Rovers become the Boozy Newt and so announces to all the customers that Natalie is selling up, quits, then storms out.moreless
    • Mon 11 Dec, 2000
      Mon 11 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 204
      At work Roy is obviously distracted by his row with Hayley. Toyah convinces him to speak to her. Sally tells Kevin that Natalie is selling the Rovers. It is implied that Sally thinks Natalie is getting what she deserves. Hayley tells Janice and Karen that she thinks her and Roy's differences cannot be resolved. Ken suggests a campaign to save to Rovers. Natalie and Kevin discuss her plans to move, he seems to be the only one to understand her situation. Roy turns up at the factory with flowers for Hayley, although she agrees to meet him later, she leaves him with the flowers. Peter and Linda have a confrontation in the Rovers, he warns her Mike is poison. Liz asks Natalie if she could put her name forward as the new bar manager. David interrupts Sarah and Glen kissing, he realises that Glen doesn't know about Bethany and their parents don't know about Glen, he uses this to have power over Sarah. Hayley goes to see Roy in the cafe but a leaking tap distracts him, she leaves frustrated. Then Peter Hartnell arrives to discuss the fostering process, Roy ends up telling him everything.moreless
    • Genesis of the Platts (Episode 2)
      Genesis of the Platts (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 68
      David is panic striken when Gail finally puts the pieces of what happened on the day of the fall together and when she confronts him the turth about how David pushed her down the stairs comes tumbling out and as Tina breaks off their relationship and both Audrey and Gail disown him again, has David finally been pushed too far? Steve begins to realize the real reason for Michelle's distress at Ryan being able to see Nick whlist she's not able to see Alex and decides to track him down and tells him that althrough he does not want him to live with them permantly does not mean he can break off contact with Michelle but will Steve manage to convince Alex to get back in contact with his Mum? Liz is furious when Vernon and his so called friends leave for their cruise without finishing the smoking shelter.moreless
    • Wed 12 Apr, 2000
      Wed 12 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 60
      Maxine starts questioning why she eats meat after Toyah tells her how much animals suffer. Natalie is embarrassed when the police question her about her sex life. She realises they want to believe she and Colin killed Tony together and breaks down, saying she could never kill her child. Vik asks Dev to lend him £8,000 for his taxi firm until he can sell the house. When Vinny keeps pestering her about sleeping with Colin Natalie tells him it's nothing to do with him. Leanne lets slip to the customers about Natalie sleeping with Colin and is horrified when the word spreads. Emma tells Curly that, unofficially, she thinks Cavanagh is stalking him. She explains he's done it before but she has no proof and needs his help to trap him. Vera lays into Natalie for sleeping with Colin, accusing her of having no feelings for Des or his memory. Les is trapped on an island in the lake when Tyrone steals his rowing boat. Dev agrees to lend Vik the money on the condition he pays interest. Vik is forced to agree. Natalie accuses Vinny of telling everyone she slept with Colin. Scared of crocodiles, Les is stranded on the island. Rebecca grows tired of only stealing hours with Martin and stuns him by saying she's going to take a six month contract in Dubai. He begs her not to go but she's adamant.moreless
    • Wed 6 Dec, 2000
      Wed 6 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 201
      Les confides to Janice that the tarmacing will commence later that day, which Janice and Toyah relay to the rest of the residents. Ken rallies the residents into forming a protest, and investigates getting a preservation order for the cobbles from Northern Heritage. Duggie has 'Save Our Street' t-shirts printed and hands them out free of charge - much to everyone's surprise. The Duckworths prepare for Vera's operation, with the Claytons full of gratitude for Vera's sacrifice. Jack and Vera say their tearful goodbyes as Vera is wheeled into the operating theatre. Natalie has a visitor from the brewery, offering staff and training for the Rovers. Audrey is worried that she'll be blamed for the tarmacing of the cobbles, but is too busy preparing for a visit to Weatherfield by Prince Charles. Roy and Hayley have another visit from Mr Hartnell from the fostering agency. He quizzes them on Hayley's transexualism, but Roy's blunt responses, describing Hayley as a misfit, upset her. After the meeting Hayley wants to discuss the issue, but Roy is too distracted by saving the cobbles. The residents form a barricade to stop the tarmackers gaining access to the street. There is a stand off, with both sides pledging not to give up the fight. Jack is sitting with Vera waiting for her to come round after the operation when she suffers an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic.moreless
    • Mon 10 Apr, 2000
      Mon 10 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 59
      Curly is stunned to find his furniture has been moved around in the night. Les is sent to work in the park for his Community Service. The park keeper warns him that a crocodile lives in the lake. Nervous Hayley starts as supervisor with responsibility for quality control. Martin organises all the shifts at work so he and Rebecca are always together. Colin turns up at the Rovers, telling Natalie the police had to let him go as they know what Tony was killed and at the time he was in bed with her. Natalie is mortified. Tyrone is enraged when Les turns his hose pipe onto Monica in the park. Nita horrifies Vik by saying she's invited all the family to his party but cheers him up by saying she will sell the house. Sgt Emma Taylor investigates Curly's mysterious break in. She's interested to hear Cavanagh is involved in the case. Vinny is stunned when Natalie tells him how she spent the night with Colin. Leanne hears them arguing about it.moreless
    • Mon 4 Dec, 2000
      Mon 4 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 200
      Ken receives a letter from the council telling him the road resurfacing has been brought forward. Curly and Emma discuss honeymoon arrangements; they plan to go to New York. Vera prepares to have her tests done. Tyrone is tense about Vera's tests but Curly tells him he is no use to anyone in the state he is in. Maxine is determined to get pregnant. She buys a bundle of magazines in the hope they will give her fertility advice, she also speaks to Matt about this. One possibility is to give up alcohol, this idea stuns Ashley. Ken tries to rally support for a residents meeting. Curly convinces Vera to let Jack know about her apprehensions. Les tells Janice that everyone is petitioning in vain as he has been put on the team to resurface the street and they start this week. Vera's tests are positive. She hands Jack a letter/will, he doesn't want it because he doesn't want to think of life without her.moreless
    • Wed 13 Dec, 2000
      Wed 13 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 205
      Roy does not turn up to open the cafe. Candice tries to convince Sarah to come clean, but she refuses. Natalie meets with Max Dale who tells her the pub will need a complete overhaul and a cut in price of £5,000. She accepts, but is not happy about it. Hayley tries to find Roy. She is worried because he was not at home. She finds him on his own at the boating lake. He is frustrated and upset because he told Mr Hartnell that Hayley had left him. Hayley admits that she has been lost without Roy. They make up and go home together. Liz refuses to sign the petition to save the Rovers. Peter Barlow gets drunk in the Rovers and tries to kiss Liz, when she refuses he gets nasty, but she manages to force him out.moreless
    • Sat 2 Dec, 2000
      Sat 2 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 198
      Liz, Andy and Steve discuss the trial. Steve wants to appeal; he is also looking for someone to blame. Andy tries to convince him that it is no ones fault. Jack and Tyrone go off in search of Terry. Vera is bitter over Terry's actions and turns to Emma for advice. Emma tells her that she has no legal means of getting the money back. Liz visits Jim, she tries to be positive but Jim seems to be past caring. He claims their wedding was a mockery of a ceremony and since they can't be together they should forget the whole thing. Liz is initially stunned but manages to convince him that she wants to be his wife for the rest of her life, as long as he will be her husband. Jack confronts Terry. Terry admits he is a coward, but he cannot return the money as he has already used some of it to pay off debts. Ken and Roy discuss their petition. Ken informs Roy that they may be able to get a preservation order on the whole street but is concerned that the process is not moving quickly enough. Duggie asks Fred for £75 000 to go towards his new contract but Fred says no. He then approaches Dev who says he will consider it if he and his solicitor can see contracts. Vera makes up her mind to donate her own kidney.moreless
    • Fri 1 Dec, 2000
      Fri 1 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 197
      Andrea convinces Terry to see Paul before the operation, but it is clear that Terry is unhappy. Later, Vera tells Terry she is very proud of him. Geena and Dev arrange another date, Deirdre is jealous of their relationship. John Harris briefs Jim before going to court. He tells Jim he should get no more than twelve months. Terry forces Jack to deposit £25 000 in his bank account by threatening not to go through with the operation. Although Jack calls Terry despicable for this, he still gives in. Duggie is positive about an up and coming deal with the council. Liz, Andy, Steve, Natalie, Deirdre and Blanche all go to see Jim in court. Jim pleads guilty. Terry disappears from his hospital bed. Vera spots him heading towards the taxi rank and questions him. Terry apologizes, gets in a taxi and drives away leaving Vera confused and upset. Jack then tells her about the money and Vera, distraught, calls Terry a monster. Sylvia Monroe, for the prosecution, and John Harris, for the defense, outline their cases. The judge sentences Jim to eight years. Liz is devastated, so too is Margi, Quigley's mother, who thinks Jim should get life. Andy and Steve are shell-shocked; Jim is lost and expressionless.moreless
    • Sun 5 Nov, 2000
      Sun 5 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 180
      JANICE: "Having owt to do with our Les is like water skiing down the back of the Titanic. He just brings you right down after him." Dennis feels awkward staying at No. 5 without Les but Janice insists he stays. Debs feels she's made a fool of herself over Duggie. Natalie tells her Duggie is the fool for letting her go. Molly, the practice nurse at the health centre, introduces herself to the residents. Les expects Janice to take him back when he gives her a bunch of flowers. Dennis warns him that his marriage is falling apart. Janice throws the flowers at him, saying she can't bear to look at him. Out at the pictures, Candice and Sarah pick up a couple of boys. Vinny is disappointed when Natalie refuses to give him a job at the Rovers. He accuses her of only wanting him around when it suits her. Jim accuses Liz of running away from Michael. She assures him she's only staying around for him and she loves him. Debs and Vinny share a meal and a bottle of wine together and slag off Duggie and Natalie. Glen Middleham gives Sarah his phone number but Candice is furious when her lad admits to having a girlfriend. Gail tells Martin his departure has kick-started her life. She's looking forward to the future. Vinny and Debs enjoy each other's company and end up kissing. Les convinces himself Janice has thrown him out in favour of Dennis. He brawls with him in the Street, with Janice laying into him, telling him she hates him. Duggie calls on Debs and finds her making love to Vinny. He fights Vinny and tells Natalie what's been happening. Natalie slaps Debs' face.moreless
    • Mon 6 Nov, 2000
      Mon 6 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 181
      Natalie is devastated by Debs' betrayal and feels she never wants to see her again. Roy worries when Jessica writes him a glowing reference for adoption. He fears it's too complimentary. Liz tells Steve she's split with Michael. Natalie is amazed when Vinny refuses to apologise to her and clears his stuff out of the pub. He accuses her of never thinking of his feelings, saying he doesn't have to justify himself. She tells him she did care for him but he refuses to believe her, telling her she needs to move on as she's still in love with Des. Les decides to spoil himself by booking into an expensive hotel. Fred refuses to talk to Audrey all the way home from France. She is furious to find the Salon is shut. Vinny tells Debs they should salvage something from the mess they're in. He has no regrets and really likes her. She tells him she has no feelings for him and they've done a terrible thing to Natalie. She turns him away and is horrified when Natalie sees him kissing her goodbye on the cheek. Natalie tells them they're welcome to each other.moreless
    • Wed 8 Nov, 2000
      Wed 8 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 182
      Deirdre looks after ill Dev and enjoys making a fuss of him. Alma is delighted for Hayley when she tells her they're going for adoption. Les makes a great show of buying designer clothes and enjoys rubbing Janice's nose in it. Debs begs Natalie to forgive her, wanting to mend their relationship. Natalie tells her she betrayed her and throws her out of the pub in front of the customers. She orders her out of No. 6 and her life. Curly books the church for Christmas Eve and presents Emma with an engagement ring. She is thrilled. Ashley agrees to be his best man. Les chats up a woman, June, at the hotel. He is pleased for himself when she gives him her card. Janice enjoys living alone with Dennis as he treats her with respect. Audrey tries to speak to Fred but he cuts her out of his life. She is sad as she still wants to be his friend. Duggie calls Vinny a loser and a mug for working for so long without pay. Vinny decides to hit back by collecting the rent off Duggie's tenants.moreless
    • Fri 10 Nov, 2000
      Fri 10 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 183
      Natalie takes Liz on at the Rovers, as manageress whilst she takes a holiday. Dennis is sickened when Les boasts he intends to find another woman as Janice doesn't want him. Dev asks Deirdre to become his assistant, keeping an eye on all his shops. She is bowled over when he tells her she's an asset. Debs admits to Vinny that she does fancy him. He urges her to forget about Natalie and run away with him. He tells her he thinks she's special. They go to bed but are disturbed by Natalie who attempts to patch things up. Natalie accuses Debs of having no self respect or control. She tells them they're both disgusting. Les wines and dines June at the hotel. Debs packs her bags and is buoyed up by Vinny who insists they can be happy together. She makes plans with her old cruise firm and organises jobs for them both, leaving Southampton at the weekend. He is delighted. Les is affronted when June reveals herself to be a prostitute. He is forced to pay her £50 for her time. Fred shows Ashley round the finished butcher's shop and presents him with the best bacon slicer available. Roy is intrigued to listen to a foster parent talking about her charges. Duggie is stunned to hear Vinny has been collecting rent from his tenants. He is horrified to see Vinny and Debs driving off in a taxi.moreless
    • Fri 3 Nov, 2000
      Fri 3 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 179
      Sally knocks Duggie down to 25% on the extra rent. He celebrates the piece in the Gazette, putting the blame for the evictions on Vinny. Vinny reads the article and is furious. Debs is upset to read him saying he'll always remain true to his dead wife's memory. Jim is stunned when Michael visits him in prison. Jim is pleased to see he's worried and jealous but tells him to sort his problems out with Liz, not him. Amanda demands to know what sort of relationship Rita has with Anthony, sensing they are more than friends. Rita tells her to talk to Anthony, not her. Janice gives Les' camel coat to David for his guy, knowing Les hid the money in the coat pocket. Duggie tries to explain to Debs that he mentioned Laura in the article to win sympathy. She accuses him of making her look a mug and throws him out, telling him they're finished. Anthony refuses to stop seeing Rita to please Amanda. Candice is embarrassed when Vik takes her to the Rovers. Vik is horrified when Rita sees her and tells him she's only 14. Steve thinks the situation is hysterical. Candice runs off and is upset that it's over because Vik was gorgeous. Michael tells Liz that Steve and Jim are no longer her life. She insists she can't turn her back on them. Michael accuses her of running from him because he wants a child and she doesn't. She tells him she belongs in Weatherfield and gives him back his engagement ring, saying she's sorry. Les panics when he can't find his coat. Janice confronts him with the money and throws his clothes at him in the Rovers, saying she never wants to see him again.moreless
    • Wed 1 Nov, 2000
      Wed 1 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 178
      Maxine questions Audrey as to why she wants to marry Fred, thinking she won't be happy. Audrey knows she can wrap him round her finger but Maxine warns her he'll demand plenty of sex. Audrey has second thoughts, knowing she doesn't love him. Curly decides to track Emma down to prove she's the one he loves. Audrey is stunned when Fred takes her to an expensive jewellers to buy her an engagement ring. She tries one on and tells Fred she can't accept it, saying she can't marry him. Horrified Fred begs her to reconsider but she is adamant it wouldn't be right for them to marry. Fred accuses her of being cruel and hurtful. Ashley is shocked when Maxine reveals she posed nude for the artist. Maxine is horrified when her painting turns out to be abstract. Ashley finds it hysterical and happily buys it. Emma is delighted when Curly turns up. They go on a boat trip down the Seine where he tells her he was obsessed with Raquel but never loved her. What he has with her is more equal and she makes him feel really in love. He proposes and she accepts.moreless
    • Mon 30 Oct, 2000
      Mon 30 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 177
      Vik fancies Candice and asks her out. She is thrilled. Duggie tells a reporter that Vinny was to blame for the evictions and has since been fired. Michael turns up demanding to know when Liz is returning to Milton Keynes. She is adamant Jim needs her. Rita joins Anthony and his children as they celebrate his birthday. Amanda makes it clear she dislikes Rita. Anthony makes it clear they're a couple. Candice leads Vik on to believe she's a lot older and enjoys their date. Liz confides in Deirdre that her relationship with Michael isn't going well. Janice is horrified to find Les's £3,500. She fears he's stolen the money so Dennis tells her about the bike sale. Furious Janice is upset that he's hidden it from her and plans her revenge.moreless
    • Mon 23 Oct, 2000
      Mon 23 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 173
      Candice starts at the Salon on work experience, upsetting Sarah who has to look after Bethany by herself all day. Debs puts a brave face on splitting with Duggie. Gail takes a computer course to improve her job prospects. Liz returns to stay at No. 11 to help Jim. Duggie charms Debs into forgiving him and letting him stay at No. 6. Liz avoids talking about Michael and why she's free to stay in Weatherfield. She blames Steve for Jim being in prison and says she's only back because they're still her family and she loves them. Steve thinks she's deluding herself.moreless
    • Wed 25 Oct, 2000
      Wed 25 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 174
      In France, Curly and Emma arrive at Raquel's chateau. Emma is stunned by its size and grandeur. In Paris, Ashley has a panic attack on top of the Eiffel Tower and has to be carried to safety by a fireman. Curly is thrilled to see Alice but she is nervous of him. He feels bad that Alice is missing out on a family holiday so he can see her. Maxine is thrilled when an artist asks to paint her portrait. Indulgent Ashley commissions him. Audrey enjoys the romance of Paris and enjoys being courted by Fred. He is moved when she tells him he's dear to her. He tells Ashley that he intends to propose to Audrey.moreless
    • Fri 27 Oct, 2000
      Fri 27 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 175
      Vinny grows sick of waiting for Duggie to pay him what he owes in wages. A Council colleague suggests he goes to the Gazette and blames someone else for the evictions to clear his name. Liz assures Jim that she's not leaving Weatherfield until she knows he's alright. He is depressed, feeling he'll be in prison forever. She orders him to fight as she loves him. Candice is thrilled when Vik flirts with her. Dennis is disgusted with Les' treatment of Janice as he continues to fleece her. Sarah feels trapped with Bethany as everyone else enjoys half term. Vinny has enough of Duggie putting him down and resigns, much to Duggie's delight. Debs is upset by his behaviour.moreless
    • Sun 29 Oct, 2000
      Sun 29 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 176
      Fred, Audrey, Maxine and Ashley stay at Raquel's chateau. Emma feels neglected as Curly focuses solely on Alice and goes on about wonderful Raquel. Fred and Audrey tour a vineyard where Fred buys some vines for her. Audrey is overcome by her generosity. Maxine and Ashley decide to try for a baby. Emma decides to return to Paris with the others, upset that Curly isn't paying her any attention. She tells him she feels he'd rather she was Raquel. Fred proposes to Audrey and is stunned when she accepts, saying they're right for each other. Ashley is delighted for him.moreless
    • Sun 12 Nov, 2000
      Sun 12 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 184
      Les is furious at the size of his hotel bill which wipes him out. Alma tells Fred she's disgusted by the way he's ignoring Audrey. She tells him that Audrey's really hurting. Natalie doesn't care where Vinny and Debs have gone so long as she never has to see them again. Liz is appalled to discover Jim has been fighting in prison. Jim is amazed when she tells him she's finished with Michael and wants to be back with him. He tells her he wants her and always has. Roy and Hayley entertain another couple wanting to adopt. She is moved when Roy gets impassioned about the needs of problem children. Audrey tells Fred she doesn't want to lose their friendship and only turned him down because she cares for him. He melts when she twists her ankle on the cobbles and rushes to her aid. Les offers to take Janice out for a meal but she tells him she's not interested. Natalie goes on holiday leaving Liz in charge of the pub. Roy tells Hayley he feels that rather than going for adoption they should be foster parents so they could help many children rather than one. Dennis comforts Janice when she gets upset about not wanting Les back in her life. She feels their marriage is really over. Audrey tells Fred he'll always be a dear friend and she'd be honoured if he'd care for her. Toyah feels sorry for homeless Les and agrees to let him stay overnight at the Rovers. Geena decides to organise a karaoke night at the pub. Janice is stunned when Dennis tells her she's got so much going for her and is a beautiful woman. He kisses her before apologising for over-stepping the mark.moreless
    • Mon 13 Nov, 2000
      Mon 13 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 185
      Eileen tries to figure out Janice and Dennis' relationship. She finds him attractive and can't believe Janice doesn't. Steve is horrified when Jim tells him he and Liz may be getting back together. Steve tells him they must be mad to either consider it and that Liz is just leading him on to make him feel better. Hayley and Roy talk to Rita about her experiences as a foster parent. She tells them fostering was better than adoption for her as the children needed her more than she needed them. Ashley and Maxine are delighted when the butcher's shop, Elliott & Son, opens. Toyah warns Les that Dennis is getting his feet under Janice's table and if he doesn't act soon it might be too late. Hayley fears she won't be able to cope with giving foster children back to their parents. Dennis packs, telling Janice he doesn't trust himself being alone with her. She kisses him and begs him to stay. They are interrupted by Les who begs Janice to take him back, saying he loves her and they belong together. Steve asks Liz to leave Jim alone and not mess his life up again. She tells him it's not his business. Janice is confused by her feelings for Dennis and Les. She wishes she could hate Les.moreless
    • Mon 27 Nov, 2000
      Mon 27 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 193
      Gail is stunned to get the receptionist job. Steve is pleased to see Andy back but Andy demands to know what is going on between Liz and Jim. Andy is stunned to hear Jim killed a man and feels the family is a disgrace but Steve urges him to stay around to support Jim. Geena and Sam host the 'Mr & Mrs' contest at the Rovers. Ken determines to fight the tarmacing of the cobbles and rallies the residents. Deirdre and Ken realise Blanche put both their names down for the 'Mr & Mrs' and refuse to take part. Blanche is put out that her plan failed. Maxine is mortified by the answers Ashley gives at the 'Mr & Mrs' contest. Roy and Hayley are talked into taking part and end up winning. Vera and Jack are stunned when Andrea tracks them down and tells them she needs to find Terry as his son, Paul, needs a kidney transplant. Vera is shocked to discover Jack lied to her and that Paul was never adopted. Roy and Hayley are horrified when Les says they can't win as they're both men. Martin stands up for them and a brawl breaks out. Natalie returns in the middle of it.moreless
    • Mon 5 Jun, 2000
      Mon 5 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 91
      Sarah lacks confidence with her baby. After hours in labour, Alison gives birth to a boy, who she calls Jake. Kevin is delighted to have a son. Maya is furious to hear about Streetcars' discount trips to Frescho. She confronts Vik who knows nothing about them. Eileen admits the idea was hers and when Vik rows with her she accuses him of letting Maya take advantage with free taxi rides. Alison is horrified when Jake turns blue. The doctors discover he has an infection, Group B Strep. Maya insists Vik takes her money, upset at being seen as a scrounger. Kevin and Alison are distraught to be told Jake's condition is fatal. They are given him to hold and he dies in their arms.moreless
    • Wed 29 Nov, 2000
      Wed 29 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 195
      Hayley feels she can't have a child as it wouldn't be fair on it to discover that she was once a man. Audrey opens the Health Centre. Gail starts work running the reception. Matt gets to know his patients. Jack calls on Terry and tells him that Paul needs a kidney transplant. He is sickened when Terry refuses to help, saying that Paul is nothing to him. Geena finds Dev attractive and wishes he'd ask her out. Natalie warns her that he's a rat. Vera is emotional when she meets Paul for the first time in hospital. Andrea is comforted by Connie, who tells Vera his condition is worsening. Natalie throws a hen party for Liz. Dev asks Geena out and is disappointed when she turns him down. Andy takes Toyah out clubbing for the night. Roy makes Hayley see they need to put their feelings behind the feelings of a needy child. Rather than tell Vera that Terry won't help, Jack says he couldn't track him down. He is alarmed when she decides that she will give her kidney.moreless
    • Thu 30 Nov, 2000
      Thu 30 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 196
      Andy spends the night with Toyah at the Rovers. Vera's tests show that she is a match for Paul. She ignores Jack's insistence that she is too old to have the operation. Deirdre, Ken, Natalie, Steve, Andy and Kevin attend Jim and Liz's wedding in the prison. As soon as they are married Jim is taken back to his cell. Deirdre hates being back inside the prison. Jack goes back to Terry and offers him money to give his kidney. Terry agrees on £25,000. Vera is delighted when he turns up at the hospital swearing that he would never let his son down. Hayley babysits for Sarah and is stunned when she passes Bethany off as her daughter in front of Glen. Dev is pleased when Geena agrees to go out with him. Andrea is grateful for Terry turning up and is delighted when he is proved to be a match for Paul. Terry prepares for the operation.moreless
    • Sun 26 Nov, 2000
      Sun 26 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 192
      Janice is amused to discover Eileen and Dennis have spent the night together. Les tries to get the questions for the 'Mr & Mrs' contest off Toyah so he and Janice can win. Anthony decides to sell his house and jag and live with Amanda. He assures Rita that he won't let her come between them. Blanche determines that Ken and Deirdre should win the 'Mr & Mrs' contest, telling them the other put their names down. Liz has doubts about marrying Jim, thinking she's making a fool of herself. Andrea Clayton turns up looking for the Duckworths. She calls at No.9 but Tyrone sends her off, thinking she's after a hand-out. Janice refuses to enter the 'Mr & Mrs' contest knowing Les knows nothing about her. Ken is appalled to hear Audrey telling Fred the Council are planning to tarmac over the cobbles. Liz is thrilled when Andy turns up.moreless
    • Fri 24 Nov, 2000
      Fri 24 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 191
      Vera worries that having money will change her and Jack. Maxine decides to enter a Mr and Mrs Contest at the Rovers and forces Ashley to crib up on her. Jim tells Steve he's going to marry Liz with or without his blessing. Steve gives in, realising it will be good for Jim to get married. Jim is pleased when he agrees to be his best man. Sarah doesn't want Glen to know about Sarah so doesn't give him her number. Anthony talks to Emily about how much Rita means to him. She is touched to see him so torn between her and Isabel and advises him to make his feelings known to Rita. Eileen's hopes to get alone with Dennis are thwarted when Les insists on playing cards. Eileen suggests strip poker. Anthony gives Rita he can't give her up, saying loneliness is worse than guilt. He wants her to be happy and urges her to try as he loves her so much. She is touched and agrees to carry on seeing him. Rita tells him she went to see a minister for guidance and was told to listen to her heart. She decides to face the future whatever happens. Les is furious when he loses at strip poker. Janice takes him to bed to leave Eileen and Dennis alone. He feels awkward with her but is pleased when she agrees to stay the night. Vera and Jack give Tyrone £1,000 towards his wedding. He is stunned. Liz is delighted when Steve gives his blessing to the wedding.moreless
    • Wed 22 Nov, 2000
      Wed 22 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 190
      The Duckworths make plans to spend their money. Vera demands a new kitchen. The press take a photograph of them being presented with the cheque. Liz is disappointed when Jim tells her they can't marry outside the prison. He is amazed when she feels it doesn't make any difference and wants to go ahead. Sarah decided not to tell Gail about her date with Glen. Eileen goes with Dennis to collect his new bike. They are both frustrated that it's hard for them to be alone together. Glen takes Sarah bowling and for a pizza. She is thrilled when he kisses her. Rita feels that her relationship with Anthony is wrong but Fred assures her no one condemns her. She tells Anthony she can't help feeling guilty about them. He tells her it can't be wrong as they love each other and begs her not to give up on him. She is upset but finishes with him.moreless
    • Wed 15 Nov, 2000
      Wed 15 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 186
      Dennis feels Les doesn't deserve Janice but tells him that if he wants her back he has to prove he means business. The Mayor fails to arrive to officially open the butcher's shop so Audrey does the honours. Jim is depressed on his birthday and tells Liz she's better off without him. He asks her to walk out of his life again. She insists she loves him and isn't going anywhere. Les tells Janice he's a changed man and is going to get a job. He tells her he hates himself for hurting her and, despite herself, she takes him back. Isabel's brother George confronts Anthony and Rita and accuses Rita of being a home-wrecker. Anthony demands he keeps Rita out of things and is furious when he calls Rita a trollop. Anthony tells Rita they've done nothing to be ashamed of but she feels uncomfortable being the other woman. He tells her he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Dennis is upset to see Les and Janice back together. Linda is irritable and snappish. She confides in Geena that she thinks she's pregnant and isn't sure if it's Mike or Mark's baby.moreless
    • Fri 17 Nov, 2000
      Fri 17 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 187
      Les is joyful at being back with Janice. His happiness sickens Dennis. Steve suggests Liz crawls back to Milton Keynes and does them all a favour. He is adamant Jim isn't a changed man and they'll be back at each other's throats straightaway. She accuses him of being bitter because he has no one in his life. Les asks Steve to take him on as a cab driver. Steve fobs him off, saying he'll have to qualify. Geena advises Linda to sound Mike out to see if he wants a baby. Janice tells Dennis it's for the best that nothing happened between them. She assures him he'll find a wonderful woman. Les celebrates getting a job at the Council. George tells Anthony that times are hard and he can't afford to sharing the cost of Isabel's home. Geena is fed up when her karaoke night is a flop. Eileen starts the singing off, singing That Ole Devil Called Love to Dennis. Anthony tells Rita that he'll sell his house and business if necessary but he won't give her up.moreless
    • Sun 19 Nov, 2000
      Sun 19 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 188
      Hayley feels her needs won't be met through fostering. Maxine wears Ashley out with her sexual demands as she focuses on getting pregnant. He seeks refuge in the shop to sleep. He feels he can't keep up. Janice tries to match-make between Eileen and Dennis but he drags his heels. Geena buys Linda a pregnancy testing kit. She is relieved when it's negative. Rita asks Anthony to keep her out of any decision he makes about Isabel's nursing home. He tells Amanda that thanks to her complaining to George he may have to move Isabel out of the home. Dennis accuses Janice of trying to get him off with Eileen because she feels guilt for dumping him for Les. She tells him that Eileen does genuinely like him. Hayley agrees to foster but warns Roy that she won't rule out adopting. Liz tells Jim she's been missing him for ages and it broke her heart to hear he was with Gwen. Eileen is pleased when Dennis seeks her out to say he'd like to go out with her. Liz stuns Jim by proposing marriage, saying she doesn't want to lose him again. He says yes.moreless
    • Mon 20 Nov, 2000
      Mon 20 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 189
      Gail gets an interview for a receptionist's job at the Health Centre. Jack bets £100 on a 5-horse accumulator. Rita offers to help Anthony financially but he refuses her money and looks for ways to raise funds. Jim is thrilled that Liz hasn't changed her mind and still wants to marry him. She refuses to wait and tells him they'll marry as soon as they can. As his horses win Jack grows nervous. Vera is furious to discover he's got £5,000 riding on a greyhound. Deirdre is stunned when Liz tells her she's marrying Jim. Anthony realises he'll have to sell the house to pay Isabel's fees. Steve tells Liz she's mad for thinking she can marry Jim as they're always fighting. She is upset he isn't happy for her. Dennis is pleased when Eileen agrees to help him buy a new bike. She is pleased when he kisses her. Sarah is thrilled when Glen asks her out on a date. The Duckworths celebrate when Jack's dog comes in, winning them £60,000.moreless
    • Tue 28 Nov, 2000
      Tue 28 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 194
      Ken asks Audrey to help stop the tarmacing but she wants rid of the cobbles. Vera searches in vain for Terry. She breaks down, telling Curly about Paul Clayton. Natalie tells the bar staff that she is pregnant and that she won't be telling Vinny. Matt and Charlie Ramsden take out a six month tenancy on no. 6. Charlie isn't taken with the area. Jim is thrilled to see Andy. Roy and Hayley start to have home assessments. Roy feels he's on trial. Hayley is upset when questioned how they would tell a child about her sex change. Toyah takes a fancy to Andy and is pleased when he asks her out. Sarah has to cancel her date with Glen to look after Bethany. Vera is amazed when Emma finds Terry's address on the DVLA database giving it to her in secret.moreless
    • Tue 26 Dec, 2000
      Tue 26 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 213
      Rita invites Emily and Norris to spend New Year with her and Anthony. Roy and Hayley are both upset at seeing Wayne returned to the Children's Home. Sally is suspicious of Natalie's motives towards Kevin. Martin visits Rebecca. She admits that had he not turned up, she would not have gone to look for him. Although she tries desperately to hide her feelings for him, it is too much, she breaks down and they end up sleeping together. Gail tells Sally and Rita that Christmas was a success with Martin, she is confident that their relationship has turned a corner. Sally confronts Natalie about her relationship with Kevin. Natalie is so annoyed, she tells Sally she knows that she and Kevin slept together before he and Alison got married. This embarrasses and hurts Sally so she leaves. Martin asks Rebecca to quit he job in Dubai which she won't do, she then asks Martin to go back with her.moreless
    • Fri 25 Jan, 2002
      Fri 25 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 16
      Frustrated with life, Deirdre gets annoyed with Ken who is feeling the strain of their relationship. She confides in Sunita. Roy discloses that he suffers from SAD and has a light box in the cafe. Duggie hands Richard the figures on the property development. Gail warns Richard about Duggie. After being told everything by Geena, Eve warns Karen and Steve that if they step out of line one more time they are barred from the Rovers. With Richard feeling that costs are too high Duggie proposes a deal and they become business partners. They arrange a foursome lunch date with Sunita and Gail to celebrate. Ken pours his feelings out to Anita who sympathises with him. Steve takes the weekend off work and arranges to go with Karen to Leeds. Blanche suggests to Deirdre that Ken may be having an affair with Anita. After a few drinks Anita makes a pass at Ken who pulls away and leaves.moreless
    • Sun 27 Jan, 2002
      Sun 27 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 17
      Gail and Richard decide to cook for their guests Duggie and Sunita rather than go out. Gail feels uncomfortable about the lunch date. Ken struggles to arrange quality time with Deirdre who doesn't want to be pinned down. Hazel calls on Vikram's services once more. After a busy afternoon shopping she enquires about his life and they arrange to do it again. Anita has a private word with Deirdre about her problems with Ken who inadvertently interrupts them. Deirdre becomes annoyed and Ken tells Anita to leave while ending their working relationship. The meal at Gail's house goes well, even with Gail questioning Duggie about his work on the Medical Centre. Ken tells Deirdre that he doesn't want Anita and feels his future is with her. They embrace. While making a private call on his mobile Duggie reveals that he thinks Richard is out of his depth and that he's set to make a killing.moreless
    • Mon 28 Jan, 2002
      Mon 28 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 18
      Duggie and his builders start work on Richard's house. Richard pops in to meet the men and see how it's going. Duggie instructs Dave Turner who's in charge to put all the whistles and bells into the flats so they look great but to skimp on anything the client can't see. Toyah finds out from her Aunty Janet that Janice has moved to Sheffield. Toyah goes to find her and tries to persuade her to come home but Janice is adamant she needs to start afresh. Peter cooks a meal for Shelley and she discovers he's a fantastic cook, he learnt in the Navy. Karen feels uncomfortable in the pub. She feels sure that everybody is talking about her and laughing at her. Later she tells Steve she wants to move away from the Street. Steve is stunned. Vikram goes to collect Hazel Wilding from the Plaza Hotel. She is waiting for him in some sexy lingerie and with a bottle of Champagne. They have sex. Vikram can't believe his luck.moreless
    • Wed 30 Jan, 2002
      Wed 30 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 19
      Shelley wants to move in with Peter and after telling this to Betty and Eve, Eve has a word in Peter's ear. Shelley gets upset with Eve but Peter reveals that he wanted to ask Shelley to move in anyway. Karen tells Steve that she wants to leave the street. Toyah is worried about telling Les that Janice's intends to stay in Sheffield. Sam feels put out when his offer of support is rejected. Mike admits to Dev that he's worried about Linda. They arrange a drink. Dev tells Richard that Duggie is not as sharp as he thinks he is. Richard checks on the conversion site and they later discuss marketing drives for the four luxury apartments. Jason is fuming with Steve regarding the sale of what he considers his house. Vik tells Steve all about Mrs. Wilding and that she was the reason he got clamped. Toyah tells Les and he is deeply hurt but hides his pain. Later Les tells Rita that he fears he may never see Janice again. Mike and Dev join Duggie and Richard at the Rovers. Duggie suggests a card school round at his place and they are all hooked. Richard catches Duggie with a secret stash of cash. He is in disbelief when Duggie admits the taxman doesn't know! Sam is worried about his relationship with Toyah and Vik tells him to dump her first.moreless
    • Restaurant of fire (Episode 1)
      Restaurant of fire (Episode 1)
      Season 49 - Episode 64
      Paul and Leanne are full of nerves as they prepare to go through with their plan to burn down the Resturant as the thought of a future with Leanne proves too much to resit and he goes through with it when he lights a pan full of oil which then bursts into flames.As the fire grows out of control, Paul phones Leanne to tell her the job is done but as he does so, Amber comes back in having forgotten her mobile phone-Will she rumble Paul and Leanne's sheme? Gail attempts to will hershelf to remember what happened on the day of her fall and as Jason arrvies to run through his version of events with her, she has a flashback and realizes that their argument took place downstairs and it couldn't have been Jason who pushed her.She is delighted with the breakthrough but how will David and Tina react when they find out Gail beginning to get her memory back? Liz and Dirdre end up gratefull to Harry after he saves Amy from being run over by a builder's van but who will be forced to take the blame?moreless
    • Mon 21 Jan, 2002
      Mon 21 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 14
      A mobile blood bank arrives on the street and Eve's offer of a free pint generates interest. Matt faints at the sight of his own blood. Karen and Gill's plan to set up Dev is on for that evening. Ken arrives home after spending the night at Anita's and the atmosphere is awkward. Duggie arranges another date with Sunita while bonding with Richard after they give blood together. As they share a pint Richard highlights a business opportunity that interests Duggie. David tells Martin that he's fine over Gail's decision to marry Richard. Karen's plan to seduce Dev is not going to plan and with Gill and Geena arriving back at the flat she takes the last resort by taking off her top and throwing a glass of wine over Dev's clothes. On cue Geena and Gill walk through the door. Geena is gobsmacked to see Karen in her bra and Dev with disheveled clothes. She ignores Dev's pleas as Gill comforts her.moreless
    • Sun 20 Jan, 2002
      Sun 20 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 13
      Audrey shows her investment statement to Ken who tells her that Richard's advice looks to be all above board. Audrey apologises to both Richard and Gail but later tells Gail that she still doesn't trust him. Karen tells Steve that she's going to go ahead with Gill's plan and try to seduce Dev. Steve tells her not to but she ignores him. Sunita tells the girls what a great night of sex she had with Duggie. Karen starts making moves on Dev but he just looks confused. Ken goes to Anita's house to work on the next chapter of her book with her. They drink several bottles of wine and he confides in her that his relationship with Deirdre has become stale. Ken decides to stay the night at Anita's. He phones Deirdre to tell her but she's not bothered. Sunita arranges to go out with Duggie again. Duggie is delighted.moreless
    • Sun 13 Jan, 2002
      Sun 13 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 9
      Terry says an emotional goodbye to Jack and Vera; he's heading back to Huddersfield where he lives now. Geena makes up with Dev and explains to everyone why they haven't gone to Tobago. They start planning a big Easter wedding. Ken apologises to Anita and she accepts. They agree that they will work on her book on her life history together. Fred annoys Eve by giving away free Elliott pies in the Rovers. She bans him from doing it again. Terry calls in to see Curly, Emma and the baby. He tells Curly that he feels quite jealous of him. Sam moves in with Vik. He walks into the bathroom when Bobbi is using the shower. Bobbi is embarrassed, Vik is quietly pleased. Gill calls round to see Geena and Dev. She tells them that she is pleased they changed their minds and pretends that she has changed her opinion of Dev. When Geena is out of the way she again tells Dev that she will do everything she can to stop him marrying Geena.moreless
    • Mon 14 Jan, 2002
      Mon 14 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 10
      Audrey is worried when she finds out that the investments she made through Richard have dropped £6000. She tells Rita about it and Norris overhears. It's Curly's first day back at work after his paternity leave. He can't stop phoning Emma every ten minutes to check on Ben. Gail and Richard arrive back from visiting Nick in Canada. Tony Lawson turns up and has another go at Richard about the money from his mother's estate. Richard threatens him, telling him to stay away. Audrey sees all this from across the road. Karen tells Gill that Dev is a womaniser. Gill again tells Dev that she's only playing along with this wedding as she knows Geena will wise up soon. There's an article written by Anita in "What's on in Weatherfield" all about Ken and very complimentary. Norris tells Audrey about Emily's dealings with Richard. Audrey gets increasingly concerned. Deirdre is feeling very neglected as all Ken is interested in is helping Anita with her memoirs.moreless
    • Wed 16 Jan, 2002
      Wed 16 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 11
      Deirdre suggests to Ken they go and see a film. He says he can't as Anita is coming round. Deirdre feels very put out. Audrey tries to tackle Richard about her financial statement which says she's £6000 down. Richard becomes evasive and says he's too busy to talk. Matt is trying to drum up some interest for the blood donor unit which is visiting the street in a few days time. Emma is finding being stuck on her own all day with a baby a bit frustrating. She and Curly decide to go out for a drink and leaving Maxine baby-sitting. They're only gone five minutes when they realise they're missing Ben so they go home again. Ken and Anita work on her book. Ken finds Anita's life fascinating. Karen tells Gill that she needs to catch Dev with another woman in order to put Geena off him. Gill tells Karen she wants to set Dev up and asks Karen if she would be prepared to seduce him. Gail asks Richard to move in with her. Richard says he won't move in until they're married and proposes to Gail. Gail accepts.moreless
    • Fri 18 Jan, 2002
      Fri 18 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 12
      Gail and Richard tell Sarah, David and Audrey that they're engaged. Sarah and David are fine about it but Audrey isn't happy. Karen tells Steve what Geena's mother asked her to do. Steve is amazed. Gill approaches Karen again and this time offers her money to seduce Dev. Sunita invites Duggie round for dinner and they end up in bed. Audrey is furious that Richard still seems to be avoiding discussing the money she's lost. Audrey goes to see Gail and airs her doubts about Richard and tells her not to rush into marriage. She and Gail have a row. Karen and Geena have a huge row about Dev. Later Karen sees Geena's mum and tells her that she will seduce Dev and that the wedding will definitely be off by the time she's finished.moreless
    • Fri 1 Feb, 2002
      Fri 1 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 20
      Sam is getting more and more depressed as Toyah seems to be ignoring him. Toyah tells him that she's sick of him following her about. Sam's gutted. Karl tells Tyrone that he wants him steal an MOT certificate from the garage for one of his cars. Tyrone tries to refuse but Karl threatens him. Duggie tells Sunita that he's taking her away for Valentine's Day to Blackpool. Sunita is delighted. Shelley moves into Peter's flat. They are both really happy. Karen sees Steve talking to Duggie and thinks that he's doing as she asked and putting their names down for one of the new flats. She shows off to everyone saying that she's moving up in the world. Steve realises that Karen has got the wrong end of the stick. He daren't tell her so instead phones his mum and arranges to buy no. 11 Coronation Street from her and surprise Karen. Steve tells Karen of his plans. Karen is furious and says she'd rather sleep on the streets than in no. 11.moreless
    • Sun 3 Feb, 2002
      Sun 3 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 21
      Karen and Steve have a major row. Karen refuses to move to no. 11 and Steve storms off. Rita is fed up with the noise from Steve and Karen's flat and goes to see what's going on. She finds Karen in tears. Rita calms Karen down and the two of them start to bond. Rita gets her to change her mind about no. 11. Karl pays Tyrone £100 for a blank MOT Certificate. Tyrone is worried as the Certificate has the garage address on it. Vik picks up a fare from Bagley Drive it turns out to be Hazel Wilding and her husband John. He drops them off at their Solicitors where he sees John talking to Karl Harper. Hazel tells Vik she'll call him but he tells her not to as he feels the situation is getting too complicated. Karen shows off to the girls that Steve has bought her no. 11, a house rather than a flat. Later she apologises to Steve but Steve tells her that in the meantime he's let the house to Eileen for a further six months. Karen lies to the girls and says that they've decided not to move after all because Rita is old and infirm and needs them as neighbours. Norris overhears this and reports back to Rita. Rita confronts Karen. Richard is increasingly concerned that Duggie is ripping him off. Toyah finishes with Sam. Sam walks home crying.moreless
    • Mon 4 Feb, 2002
      Mon 4 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 22
      Les tells Sam that he shouldn't just accept that that Toyah has dumped him. Richard wants to go and look at the house again. Duggie is not happy that he is continually watching the men at work. When Richard leaves, Duggie rings through the foreman to tell him to get the men looking busy. Shelley invites Toyah and Sam, Roy and Hayley to her housewarming party. Toyah says she has split from Sam but would come. Roy declines for himself and Hayley explaining that parties aren't "their thing". Richard arrives at the house and is suspicious as a lot of the fittings have been taken apart. Peter invites Sam to the party by mistake. Toyah and Sam are given advice by many different people to get them back together. Hayley is annoyed that Roy has turned down the invitation to the party. She wants to go. Richard tells Gail that he thinks they are gutting the house unnecessarily. However he is not sure if he is right. He says he will go tonight when nobody is around to have a good look around. Les tells Sam to do something spectacular and spontaneous to get Toyah back. That night in the Rovers, Duggie overhears Gail telling Audrey that Richard is out tonight doing other things. Richard goes round to the house and is followed by Duggie. They row about the work. Sam proposes to Toyah at the party but makes a mess of it. Toyah says no. Richard and Duggie's argument gets violent and Duggie falls down the stairs. He is dead. Richard takes his keys and leaves him. He goes to Duggie's flat where Sunita almost catches him when she sees a light on. When she has gone, Richard leaves with some stolen money. Vik tells Steve he is staying clear of Hazel since he met her husband. Richard goes back to the house and puts Duggie's keys back in his pocket. Richard meets a depressed Sam in the street and takes him for a drink as an alibi. He makes a pretence of phoning Duggie. At the party, Sunita does the same but gets no reply.moreless
    • Mon 18 Feb, 2002
      Mon 18 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 30
      Janice and Toyah decide to rent Duggie's flat. Toyah breaks the news to Les who hides his grief and says he's pleased for her. Bobbi starts planning a surprise birthday party for Vik. Jason is fed up as Maria spends all her time swotting for her hairdressing exams. Candice again forces Sarah to use the keys to the Ramsdens on the pretence of feeding the fish. While they are there Todd and Jason turn up. Candice starts helping herself to the drinks cabinet. Sarah is really worried; the place soon looks like a bomb site. Ken goes for his interview for the supply teaching job. He is successful and they tell him he can start next week. Deirdre feels both pleased and jealous at the same time. Unbeknown to Sarah, Candice gets a copy of the Ramsdens' keys made. Vik receives a call from Hazel and they arrange to meet again. Gail realises something is going on when she can't find the keys. She and Richard go round to the Ramsdens and see the mess. Gail is furious with Sarah.moreless
    • Tue 19 Feb, 2002
      Tue 19 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 31
      Downhearted Les says goodbye to Toyah as she leaves. Maria upsets Jason by saying that she's got no time for him. He gets even more upset when he finds her talking to Sam. Gail admonishes Sarah over the Ramsden incident. Richard's lenient approach leads to Gail letting her and Candice off. Candice still has the keys to the house and invites Todd round. They argue and Todd leaves. Candice then entices Jason in and they get drunk. Dev congratulates Ken on his new job, Deirdre is unconvinced. Karen asks Bobbi about Vik's birthday arrangements. Bobbi feels as though he's not showing any interest. Karen consoles her. Vik cleans his flat as he's expecting Hazel round. She stays for an hour and then leaves saying that she wants to take things slowly. Les gets dressed up in his fake snakeskin jacket in preparation for a night on the town. He is going to enjoy his bachelor lifestyle. Jason initiates sleeping with Candice. As they dress, Todd calls round to see Candice. He catches Jason and realises what's gone on. Gail, Richard and Sarah hear shouting and go out to investigate. They find Todd, Jason and Candice arguing. Todd hits Jason and says he doesn't want to speak to either of them ever again.moreless
    • Fri 22 Feb, 2002
      Fri 22 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 32
      It is Vik's birthday and Toyah and Bobbi hide the secret party from him. Eileen catches Todd and Jason fighting and Todd tells her about Jason sleeping with Candice. Candice tells Sarah about sleeping with Jason. Gail is furious with her but Candice turns on the tears and Gail falls for her story that nothing happened. Eileen calls round to Gail's and realises that she has fallen for Candice's story. Eileen tells her that she has no chance with Jason. Vik has a special birthday meeting with Hazel and she gives him a gold bracelet. Les tries to make Janice jealous by shouting about his date at the Rovers. Steve learns about Bobbi's intentions to move into Vik's flat. Todd tells Maria about Jason and Candice. She tells him to get lost. Tyrone sees her crying and tries to comfort her. He then sees Jason and thumps him leading to Kirk finding out. Jason walks out of home feeling that he's not wanted anywhere. Candice waits for him and Jason tells her that it was a mistake. Vik arrives home to the party later than expected. He and Bobbi argue and she cries.moreless
    • Sun 24 Feb, 2002
      Sun 24 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 33
      Bobbi thinks it is over with Vik. Karen tells her to make him sweat. Sarah and Candice discuss Todd and Jason. Candice goes round to the Grimshaws to apologise to Todd. Todd plays it cool and Candice ends up storming out. Eileen tells Todd he's better off without her. Janice catches Les buying cleaning materials for the house. He lets her know he's got a lady coming round. Dev uncovers the truth about Vik's other woman. He gives Vik advice about going out with married women. Fiz tells Tyrone that he's not to speak to Maria but then finds out it was Tyrone who hit Jason. Les and Sandra have a drink at the Rovers. She meets Janice. Rita lets it be known that she is 70 years old tomorrow much to Norris' excitement. Emily suggests a birthday lunch with her and Betty. Blanche invites herself. Karen and Maria promise Bobbi that she'll get Vik back if she does it their way. Karen tells Vik that Bobbi is at her flat. Vik calls round and tells her he's met someone else. Dev thinks Vik is mad to finish with Bobbi but offers his support. Sarah checks to see if Todd is all right. Archie thinks Blanche is a right laugh. Janice sees Les take Sandra into his house.moreless
    • Sun 17 Feb, 2002
      Sun 17 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 29
      Shelley lightheartedly accuses Peter of being a neatness freak. Peter blames the Navy. They share a laugh. Gail is having a sort out making room for Richard moving in. She accuses David of throwing away her Blue Peter Annual signed by Valerie Singleton. Candice persuades Sarah to borrow the keys and let them use the Ramsdens' house. Sarah feels guilty. Richard turns up with a new people carrier car and says that Gail can have his old car and some driving lessons. Ken and Deirdre throw a surprise party for Mike's 60th birthday in their house. Mike is pleased and flattered. Blanche introduces her boyfriend Archie who's an undertaker to everyone. Adam confides in Emily that he misses his mum. Emily sings to him a song that her mother used to sing to her.moreless
    • Fri 15 Feb, 2002
      Fri 15 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 28
      Matt and Charlie leave for their skiing holiday. They leave their house keys with Gail. Peter buys Shelley a Valentine's card and is disappointed when he doesn't get one from her. Ken and Deirdre exchange Valentine's cards. To their amazement Blanche also receives one which she later tells them is from Archie who she meets at the cemetery. Vik decides that he's going to go on seeing Hazel Wilding come hell or high water, he tells Steve. Vik goes to see Hazel. They talk and agree that they both want an affair. Duggie's funeral takes place. None of his family are present. Fred makes a speech. Mike announces that it's his 60th birthday. Deirdre decides to organise a surprise belated party for him. Ken says that he will fetch Adam from Scotland.moreless
    • Wed 13 Feb, 2002
      Wed 13 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 27
      Richard manages to persuade Steve to agree to take on the job of consultant overseeing the refurbishment of the flats at The Ridings. Steve agrees in return for a one-off fee plus first option on one of the flats at 5% less than valuation. Richard and Gail attend Duggie's inquest. The result is accidental death. Ken tells Deirdre that he's thinking of going back to teaching. Vik goes to see Hazel Wilding. They talk at length, no sex, but when Vik leaves it's obvious they both still want each other. Deirdre buys a Valentine's card for Ken at Blanche's insistence. Kevin relents under pressure from Molly and gives Tyrone his job back. Janice and Toyah are considering renting Duggie's old flat on Victoria Street. Gail asks David and Sarah if they mind if Richard moves in with them. They are fairly indifferent and say they don't mind.moreless
    • Wed 6 Feb, 2002
      Wed 6 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 23
      Gail insists that Richard takes her to the house conversion to show her round. They discover Duggie's lifeless body. Richard pretends to be as shocked as Gail. They call the Police. Fiz tells the factory girls they failed to win on the hospital lottery. Karen is suspicious when Fiz says she's thrown the ticket away. Toyah goes to visit Janice in Sheffield and pours her heart out about Sam and how guilty she's feeling. Janice comforts her. Karl Harper threatens Tyrone again and gets another five MOT Certificates out of him. Tyrone is worried sick that Kevin will find out. He gives the £500 which Karl pays him to Fiz as he wants nothing to do with the "dirty" money. Richard breaks the news about Duggie's death to Sunita who is distraught. Shelley is inconsolable when she hears about Duggie. Peter tries to comfort her but feels jealous of her feelings for Duggie. Richard disposes of Duggie's sports bag which contained the stolen money and transfers it to another bag. Richard feels relieved as he seems to have got away with it.moreless
    • Fri 8 Feb, 2002
      Fri 8 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 24
      Fiz has bought herself a gold necklace with Tyrone's money. Karen is convinced she's bought it out of the lottery winnings. The Police question Richard and Gail about Duggie. They're pretty certain that his death was an accident. Richard is relieved. Sam has a go at Toyah and then regrets it. He and Toyah apologise to each other but Sam realises that it's over. Sunita and Shelley contact Duggie's son Tom via email. Tom asks them to sort out Duggie's belongings which they do. Sunita tells Richard that Duggie has some money stashed in the flat and asks him what she should do with it when she finds it. Richard advises her to hand it over to Duggie's solicitor. Janice tells Toyah that she's thinking of moving back to Weatherfield to be near her. Hazel requests Vik's taxi again but Vik refuses to go. Steve goes instead. Tyrone can't live with the guilt anymore and confesses to Kevin about the MOT Certificates. Kevin is furious and sacks him.moreless
    • Sun 10 Feb, 2002
      Sun 10 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 25
      Fiz is upset the factory girls aren't speaking to her, they're convinced she's stolen their winnings. Molly tells Kevin that he wants to be careful getting rid of Tyrone as Tyrone knows all about the kick-back payments with Mr Rush. Peter and Shelley have Ken and Deirdre round for lunch. Shelley is still very upset over Duggie. Peter accuses her of being too upset and asks if they were lovers. Shelley is very offended and threatens to leave. Peter apologises. Tyrone tries to talk Kevin into giving him his job back but with no luck. Fiz finds the lottery ticket and the factory girls have to apologise to her. Janice moves back to the Street. Vera goes to see Kevin about Tyrone. Karl Harper turns up and Kevin and Vera tell him what they think of him. Karl threatens to get set his heavies on them.moreless
    • Mon 11 Feb, 2002
      Mon 11 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 26
      Richard is guilt-ridden over Duggie's death. He can't sleep and he's not eating. Gail is worried. Janice is staying with Karen and Steve temporarily. She and Toyah are looking for a flat together. They are dreading telling Les that Toyah will be moving out. Peter is grief stricken as today is the anniversary of Susan's death. Shelley helps him through it. Tyrone has no luck finding a job. Kevin agrees to give him a reference at Molly's suggestion but only because Tyrone knows about his scam with Mr Rush. Janice gets her job back at the factory. Mrs Wilding asks for Vik to pick her up at 4pm but he sends Vernon instead. Richard asks Steve if he would take over from Duggie and look after the building of the flats but Steve refuses. The Police request that Richard and Gail attend the inquest into Duggie's death. Richard is scared.moreless
    • Fri 11 Jan, 2002
      Fri 11 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 8
      Fred arranges for a sign painter to put Eve's name up over the Rovers door now the temporary licence has arrived. Unfortunately he puts Betty's name up instead of Eve's by mistake. Eve is furious. Later he changes it to Eve. Dev and Geena set off for the airport on their way to Tobago. Geena's mum turns up to see them off and gives Geena an antique ring to wear. Vera is delighted when there is a knock at the door and it's Terry. He's been released, Julie went to the Police and Terry is in the clear. Anita calls round at Ken's to work on her memoirs. She is wearing a low cut dress and is very touchy feely. Ken decides to put her straight and tells her he's happy with Deirdre. Anita takes offence and strops off telling him he got the wrong end of the stick. Geena changes her mind and tells Dev that she doesn't want to get married in Tobago. She wants a big wedding with all her friends and family. Dev is devastated.moreless
    • Wed 9 Jan, 2002
      Wed 9 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 7
      Vera thanks Fiz for her newspaper article without which Julie Reardon would never have come forward and offered to help. Anita calls round to see Ken and ask him to help her write her memoirs. Ken feels uneasy as she is a bit too familiar. Sunita and Vik organise a surprise hen/stag party for Dev and Geena in the Rovers. They deck the pub out with palm trees and tropical flowers to give a Caribbean theme. Toyah is worried about Janice who is very depressed sorting out Dennis's belongings. Les calls round and offers her a divorce. Vera is on pins wondering if Julie has been to the Police yet. Norris tells Curly he would have liked a family of his own but at least now he has Ben. Deirdre is depressed she feels that her relationship with Ken is empty and she feels lonely.moreless
    • Wed 29 Mar, 2000
      Wed 29 Mar, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 52
      Natalie turns to drink, feeling responsible for the way Tony ended up. Audrey is forced to pay Pat £50 when he says he's caught ten mice. She knows she's been had. Maxine is distraught when she hears Tony is dead. Linda tells Mike that instead of selling seconds to Sally they should take their own market stall. Gail is visited by Neil's father who wants to shoulder his responsibilities. She refuses to let him become involved and assures him they want nothing from Neil. Natalie doesn't understand why she's grieving so much as she hated Tony since Des' death. Colette recognises the handwriting on Curly's note but refuses to talk to him about it. Tyrone admires Pat mouse trap scam. Gwen is scared when her debt collector tells her the debt has been sold on and urges her to pay fast. Drunk Natalie accuses her customers of being two faced hypocrites for feeling sorry for her.moreless
    • Wed 7 Dec, 2005
      Wed 7 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 247
      Sophie brings Nicolette home for lunch. Nicolette's rude to Sally about the food she serves up. After an eye examination Ashley's delighted to find his sight is starting to return. Steve's annoyed to get a letter from Karen's solicitor demanding half of all his possessions as part of her divorce settlement. Carol enjoys showing off to Frankie that she's got a date with her boss. Frankie's feeling low having been to see a solicitor about her divorce. Leanne swans into the factory loaded down with shopping bags. Sally and Kelly tell her what they think of her. Janice tries to defend her and a fight breaks out. Mike stops the fight and throws Leanne out of Underworld. Tracy flirts with Charlie hoping to make Nathan, Shelley and Steve jealous. Kevin and Sally go out for a pizza leaving Rosie and Craig to baby-sit Sophie. Steve's put out when Ronnie says she wants a flat of her own as a base. Ashley, Claire and Nathan celebrate Ashley's news with a bottle of champagne. Jason's unimpressed when he goes to collect Sarah for a night out to find Bethany's coming with them. Sally and Kevin are furious to hear Sophie disobeyed Rosie and has been out smoking with Nicolette. Sally vows to go and have it out with Nicolette's parents.moreless
    • Sun 15 Jul, 2001 [Episode 2]
      Sun 15 Jul, 2001 [Episode 2]
      Season 42 - Episode 115
      Martin, Sally, Roy and Hayley and all the children go on their camping holiday. Sarah starts to feel worried realising that Gary is rather creepy. She rings Candice to come and get her. Meanwhile Gary carries her upstairs and locks her in his bedroom. Sarah is really frightened. Candice and Todd go round to Gary's house. Candice spots Sarah in an upstairs window but Gary tells her that Sarah has gone home. Candice is really worried and phones Gail. Dennis gives Gail a lift to the house. Todd breaks into the house but trips and hits his head on the fire place. There is a scuffle, Dennis hits Gary and the Police arrive.moreless
    • Sun 11 Dec, 2005
      Sun 11 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 249
      Danny's shocked to receive a letter from Frankie's solicitor starting divorce proceedings. Leanne tries to convince him that she's his future but Danny's unconvinced. Shelley, Sunita and Violet have a girls' night in. They play tricks on their ex-boyfriends. Dev receives a pizza order he didn't want, Charlie a taxi and Violet puts a notice up in the phone box advertising Jason as a gay masseur. Craig leaves for a field trip in the Peak District. Rosie tells him how much she's going to miss him. Shelley invites Liz to the girls' night in but she turns her down in favour of Vernon. Mike spots a problem with the accounts saying some cheques have gone missing. Adam insinuates to Mike that Danny's the thief. Keith cooks dinner for Audrey and they awkwardly admit that they have feelings for one another. Danny finds himself continually comparing Leanne to Frankie which annoys Leanne. Jason's delighted when Sean has to work at the last minute meaning the house is empty. He phones Sarah who's round like a shot. Steve's upset when Ronnie insists on going home to her flat. He's even more put out when tipsy Liz brings Vernon home and they head for the bedroom. Keith tentatively suggests Audrey could stay the night. Admitting she finds him attractive she agrees and they kiss.moreless
    • Mon 12 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 12 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 250
      Audrey and Keith are loved up over breakfast. They're shocked when Craig appears. Carol excitedly tells Jamie she's meeting Eric again. Jamie's proud of his new sober happy mum. As Carol leaves a roll of ten pound notes falls out of her handbag. Blanche sees Audrey leaving Keith's and clocks she's still in the same clothes she had on the night before. Gail and Eileen row again. Gail blames Eileen for letting Jason and Sarah use her house. They proceed to slag off each other's children. Still worried about the missing cheques, Mike decides to step up security and insists everyone has their bags and pockets searched before they leave the factory. Jason assures Eileen he doesn't love Sarah, it's just sex. Blanche enjoys spreading the gossip about Audrey and Keith. Norris is agog. Dev offers Craig a job in the corner shop. He starts that evening after school. Lloyd's impressed to hear how Jack once won £60k on the dogs and the horses. He asks him for some tips. Audrey and Keith go public with their relationship. Gail's delighted for them. Hayley's offended and furious that Mike could possibly think she's a thief. She refuses to have her bag searched so Mike sacks her.moreless
    • Mon 5 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 5 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 245
      Keith tells Craig and Rosie that self-respect if the most important thing in life. Danny calls round to see if Frankie's okay. Carol's vitriolic and enjoys pointing out how he's dumped Frankie for a younger model just like he did with her. Leanne's hopeful when Jamie phones her saying they need to talk. Frankie calls Danny a lying cheat and slams the door in his face. Diggory's getting fed up with Liz who turns up for work late having been out all night with Vernon and then spends the day gossiping on her mobile. Tracy accuses Nathan of spending the night with Frankie. He assures her he didn't but is unimpressed when Tracy doesn't believe him. Audrey's embarrassed when Keith returns the suit to her. Sally resolves to stop Sophie from seeing Nicolette who's a bad influence. Leanne's disappointed when Jamie makes it clear he never wants her back. Keith gets a job at the Kabin as a paper boy on a week's trial. Danny and Leanne agree to settle for each other and try and make it work as neither Frankie nor Jamie wants them.moreless
    • Sun 9 Apr, 2000
      Sun 9 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 58
      Steve finishes the Victoria Street development so Duggie starts to sell the units. Steve is annoyed that he can't be paid until the Council pay Duggie. Sally and Danny take possession of their shop. Curly finds Cavanagh fiddling with his car. Cavanagh says he frightened a man off and tells him he believes he is being hounded by someone. Curly takes him into No. 7 where Cavanagh steals his back door key. Hayley helps Sarah make costumes for Grease. Vinny tells Natalie how useless he feels, unable to help her in her grieve. He warns her that she's becoming totally obsessed by Tony's death and urges her to let go of both Tony and Des. Dev makes Nita see she's only against selling the house because it's Vik's idea. Dev urges her to agree to selling the house so Vik can set up his own business. She agrees. Natalie is shocked when the police tell her they're questioning Colin over Tony's murder.moreless
    • Mon 1 Jan, 2001
      Mon 1 Jan, 2001
      Season 42 - Episode 1
      It is still New Year's Eve. Sally doesn't give Danny an immediate answer to his proposal, she wants to talk about it at home, this thought troubles him. Ken is depressed, he is determined to make a fresh start. The atmosphere is still tense at Anthony's. Isabel is confused and uncomfortable but Amanda forces her to stay. Rita tries to confront Amanda but is interrupted by Norris. New Year's Day Danny is hurt at Sally's lack of response. Rita tells Anthony that she is determined not to let Amanda scare her off. Maria wants to spend the night with Tyrone, but he keeps changing the subject, she is not happy about this. Toyah, Geena and Liz are fed up with Fred, Mike and Duggie interfering. Danny tells Sally that if she doesn't want to marry him then they should split up so he can find someone who does.moreless
    • Genesis of the Platts (Episode 1)
      Season 49 - Episode 67
      Tina panics when Gail tells her she knows she had another argument with someone else on the day of her fall and is suspicous when Tina dashes upstairs packs her bags and leaves on the verge of tears but as she leaves, Gail has another flashback and when David arrvies home, Gail tells him that she knows the turth- that they were arguing on the top of the stairs over Tina's abortion just before he pushed her! What will David do next and will he be forced to confess all? Paul meets Leanne in the cafe for a coffee and demands to know why she's lied to him and when he declares his feelings for her, Leanne rejects him saying she does not feel the same way but will this make Paul even more determined to go to the police? Liz and Steve are shocked when Vernon devises a new menu for The Rovers that does not include Betty's hotpot! How will Betty react when she finds out?moreless
    • Wed 27 Dec, 2000
      Wed 27 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 214
      Rebecca tries to convince Martin to leave Gail and the children. Sally confronts Kevin and tells him they will never get back together. Fred, Mike and Duggie hold interviews for the bar manager's position. Ken asks Deirdre if they should go to Scotland with Peter, Deirdre tells him that this would not be a good idea. Sarah sees Martin with Rebecca. Les gives Janice a surprise present; an interview for the bar manager position. Hayley and Roy take a present to the Home for Wayne, but are not allowed to give it to him, though Shirley does take it anyway. Wayne sees this. Martin rejects Rebecca's offer and she leaves. They are both very upset. Liz gets the job as bar manager.moreless
    • Fri 29 Dec, 2000
      Fri 29 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 215
      Janice is worried she'll get the sack, but Mike lets her off with a warning. Deirdre overhears Dev making a restaurant reservation and thinks it is for her. Peter Hartnell visits Roy and Hayley and warns them that if they try and see Wayne again their application may be rejected. Danny admits to Sally that he found Christmas because he felt left out. Sally promises to make sure he never feels this again, but he is not convinced. Peter crashes Ken's car but he has a driving ban so gave Ken's name at the accident scene and asks him to lie to prevent him from going to jail. Jack and Vera leave for their three week cruise. Deirdre is humiliated when Geena turns up for a date with Dev instead of her. Les is angry that he and Janice were not chosen for the bar manager position.moreless
    • Sun 31 Dec, 2000
      Sun 31 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 216
      New Year's Eve: David celebrates his 'official' birthday. Audrey is upset because this is the anniversary of Alf's death. Deirdre tells Ken she is not at all happy with Peter's behavior. Danny tells Gail that he wants to ask Sally to marry him. Sarah tells Martin she is going to see Glen again, he seems fine about this. Dev gives Deirdre a bouquet of roses but is surprised by her cold response. Ken refuses to lie for Peter, Peter storms off. Danny catches David and his friends burning plastic toys, this marks an end to the birthday party. Glen comes round and Sarah officially introduces him to Bethany. Everyone in the Rovers wishes Natalie good luck and gives her a leaving gift. Glen tries to push things with Sarah. Emily and Norris have dinner with Anthony and Rita, Amanda turns up unannounced with Isabel, Anthony's wife. Danny proposes to Sally in the Rovers while everyone else bids farewell to Natalie. Natalie leaves in a taxi and doesn't look back.moreless
    • Wed 14 Dec, 2005
      Wed 14 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 252
      Fred stays the night at the Rovers. Shelley jumps to the wrong conclusion and is embarrassed when Bev explains he stayed on the sofa as he'd forgotten his key. Adam tells Penny about Mike sacking Hayley and the missing cheques. Carol can't face going back to work at the bookies after her humiliating evening. Mike asks Hayley why she's not at work. Bemused, she tells him he sacked her. Mike's no recollection of the conversation but covers up saying it was a misunderstanding and to get back to work as soon as possible. Penny's seriously worried that he's losing his marbles. Hayley's frosty towards the factory girls for not standing by her and refusing to strike. Adam continues to wind Danny up and suck up to Mike. Mike's delighted when the accountant phones saying he's located the missing cheques. Danny's still annoyed at Mike for accusing him of stealing. Rosie and Craig leave for the Oakhill Christmas Ball. Sally's furious when she finds Rosie's taken the scissors to her new ball gown to give it a goth look. But her opinion changes when Rosie's friend Imogen says how impressed the art master will be. Lloyd borrows £10k from the bank to pay off Tina. Kelly's pleased and agrees to go out with him again. Danny tells Leanne how Adam's trying to undermine him. Danny resolves to get the better of both Mike and Adam before they destroy the business.moreless
    • Fri 7 Apr, 2000
      Fri 7 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 57
      Curly is summoned by the police who say his car was doing 85 mph at night when it was clamped outside his house. Tyrone has his driving test practical but has to abandon it as his examiner suffers a heart attack. Tyrone drives him to hospital and saves his life. Mike decides to split the factory girls up by making Janice supervisor. Linda begs him not to and instead suggests he gives the job to Hayley. DC Simon Cavanagh shows Curly a photograph of his car on a motorway at night. Curly is amazed. Hayley is delighted to be offered the job of supervisor and accepts although she worries about being alienated by her friends. Steve offers to go into partnership in Vik's taxi business. Nita is furious when Steve and Vik decide to throw a party at the house. Linda tells Janice she tried to get Mike to make her supervisor but he insisted on Hayley.moreless
    • Mon 19 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Mon 19 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 256
      Audrey spells out to Rosie that she's underage and what she's doing with Craig is illegal. David's furious to find Phil moving in. He doesn't believe his flat is flooded and resolves to go and check it out. Sophie wants a Blossom booster bra for Christmas. Rosie takes the mickey. Eric tries to persuade Carol to have Christmas dinner with him in a posh hotel but she insists she wants to spend Christmas with Jamie. Dev's annoyed that Amber's been telling everyone he's her dad. Whilst getting her hair done Sally tells Audrey what a great relationship she has with Rosie and Sophie and how they tell her everything. Audrey keeps her counsel. Gail's shocked when the police bring David home having caught him trying to get into Phil's flat. Gail forgives him but Phil thinks she's too soft with David. Carol arrives home to find Frankie and Jamie sharing a joke on the sofa. She feels left out and jealous. Amber can't understand Sunita's animosity towards her until he explains that Sunita thought their babies were his only children. Eileen's upset Todd's not coming for Christmas. She blames Jason and Sarah. When Carol sees Frankie and Jamie in the pub, her twisted mind starts to read too much into their relationship. She tells Eric she will spend Christmas with him after all.moreless
    • Restaurant of fire (Episode 3)
      Season 49 - Episode 66
      The police question Paul and Leanne about the Restaurant fire and Leanne lies and says she was with Dan at the time her Restarunt burnt down and Dan goes along with it and when Paul wants to come over and discuss his story with Leanne, Dan refuses to leave and when Paul then catches Dan at Leanne's flat he realizes he's been taken for a ride.Will he dob her into the police? Meanwhile Gail offacilly rules out Jason as a suspect in her fall, Eileen is delighted but Tina starts becoming very worried about the turth coming out and tells a shocked David that Gail should get it all out in the open anyway as she's sick of all the lies-Will David talk her round or will she tell Gail the turth? Tony arrvies with a doll for Amy and tells Steve that the site foreman has agreed to redirect the traffic away from the street.moreless
    • Sun 6 Jan, 2002
      Sun 6 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 5
      Toyah is worried that Les might attempt suicide again. Sam has a word with him and Les apologises for Toyah for being so selfish. Dev and Geena invite Geena's mother over to try and iron out their differences. Geena tells her that they are getting married in Tobago and her mother is angry and upset. Fiz has spoken to the reporter from the paper about Terry behind everyone's backs. Vera and Tyrone are furious. Fiz was paid £1000 for her story. Curly and Emma borrow Norris's cardigan from him thinking that maybe it's Norris's scent that baby Ben likes. Betty complains to Eve about the amount of hours she's working. Eve tells her to put up with it and Betty walks out saying she resigns. Janice goes to see Eileen to discuss funeral arrangements for Dennis. At first the atmosphere is very frosty but eventually they make up as they realise that they both loved Dennis very much.moreless
    • Restaurant of fire (Episode 2)
      Restaurant of fire (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 65
      Leanne prepares to put on a golden globe winning performance as she "mourns" the death of her "beloved" business but Paul nearly gives the game away when questioned at the scene by fire officers.He then ends up spending the night at Leanne but when Dan calls, furious about what's going with Paul, Leanne hangs up on him! but will Paul find out about Leanne and Dan's deception.Steve is fuming about Amy's near traffic accident in the street eariler and the residents are pleased Whne Tony to have a word with the site foreman about the level of traffic. Meanwhile having remembered that Jason could'nt have pushed down the stairs, Gail asks to speak to DC Weller alone who warns her that if she can't remember Jason leaving the Platts just before the fall he's not in the clear just yet as David and Tina dread the fireworks that could go off if they are found out.moreless
    • Fri 31 Mar, 2000
      Fri 31 Mar, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 53
      Natalie refuses to let anyone comfort her, saying no one knows what its like to have a husband and son murdered. Debs and Vinny feel helpless. Curly is puzzled when his car moves down the Street in the night. Pat agrees to lend Tyrone his mice so he can pull the infestation trick at the Kabin. Linda tells Sally she can't have any more seconds and is miffed when Sally tells her she's giving the stall up anymore to open her own shop. Tyrone's mouse plans backfire when Rita sees through the scam and throws him and his mice out. Jim is amazed when Gwen says she'd like to move in with him. She says she wants a new start so has sold all her belongings. Duggie helps Natalie by listening to her and not trying to comfort her. She agrees to let him make the funeral arrangements. Steve agrees to move out of No. 11 as he doesn't want to cramp Jim and Gwen's style. Audrey hears about Tyrone pulling the mouse scam in the Kabin and threatens Pat until he gives her her £50 back. Frightened Gwen collects her most precious belongings from her home under the cover of night.moreless
    • Wed 2 Jan, 2002
      Wed 2 Jan, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 3
      Dennis is in intensive care, Janice at his bedside. Toyah tells Janice about Les's attempted suicide. Janice is furious with Les and shouts at him. She blames him for Dennis's condition. Les is beside himself with guilt and shame. Fred and Eve move their belongings into the Rovers. Shelley tells Eve she's taking a job at the Rugby Club. Emma and Curly are hardly getting any sleep as Ben keeps crying. To their amazement Norris manages to get Ben off to sleep by singing to him. Dev shows Geena the tickets he's booked for their Tobago wedding. Vera goes to visit Julie Reardon, the policeman's wife who Terry had the affair with to try and get her to tell truth but she pretends she's never heard of Terry. Matt and Maxine call a truce. Eileen goes to the hospital to see Dennis. She watches as the crash team try to revive him with Janice crying by his bedside. Dennis dies and both Janice and Eileen are distraught.moreless
    • Tue 1 Jan, 2002 [Episode 2]
      Tue 1 Jan, 2002 [Episode 2]
      Season 43 - Episode 2
      Anita is making a play for Ken. Ken loves the attention and Deirdre isn't really bothered. Matt tells Maxine he can't keep up the pretence to Ashley. Maxine is really worried that Matt is going to spill the beans, especially as he is very drunk. Steve sees that one of his cabs has been in an accident and that the driver looks as though he's dead. He radios the news to Eileen. Eileen breaks the news to Janice who completely guilt ridden rushes to the hospital thinking that Les is dead. She finds out that Les has a broken arm and is being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning but that the driver, Dennis is critical. She breaks down. Dev suggests to Geena that they marry in the Caribbean without their parents present. Geena suggests Tobago. Audrey threatens Matt that she will report him to the Medical Council for getting one of his patients pregnant if he doesn't stop worrying Maxine.moreless
    • Tue 1 Jan, 2002 [Episode 1]
      Tue 1 Jan, 2002 [Episode 1]
      Season 43 - Episode 1
      Les tries one last time to talk Janice into giving it another go but she is adamant she wants a divorce. Anita turns up in the Rovers and lavishes compliments on Ken about his writing skills. Peter is cynical. Les asks Vik if he can do a shift on the taxis as he's nothing else to do this New Year's Eve. Vik agrees. Dev tells Geena he doesn't want to wait until July to get married & he wants to do it in the next month. Geena is very happy. Charlie and Ashley are talking about things they've regretted doing when they've been drunk. Maxine and Matt just stare at each other. Eileen sees Janice's new bag and tells Janice that Dennis originally bought it for her. Janice is gutted. Janice goes for a curry with Toyah and Sam. Les drives his taxi to a piece of waste ground, finds a hosepipe and tries to top himself. Dennis sets off on his bike, finds Les unconscious, puts him in the passenger seat and sets off driving the taxi to hospital. On the way they have a head on collision with another car.moreless
    • Wed 21 Dec, 2005
      Wed 21 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 257
      Jack wants to buy Vera a decent Christmas present after last year's fiasco. He sees an advert for artists' models and decides to apply. Gail gives Phil a set of keys to No. 8. Audrey insists Keith and Craig must have Christmas dinner at Gail's with her. Craig's crying on Rosie's shoulder having visited his mum in prison. Phil has a cup of tea at Eileen's. They chat and he realises how much he enjoys her company. Hilary interviews Jack for the artists' model job. She likes the fact he looks "lived in" and pays him £200 up front. Jamie's put out when Frankie announces she's got a date with Nathan. Carol clocks this and thinks he's jealous. Vera continues to work extra shifts as she needs the money to buy Jack the Christmas present she has in mind. Rosie tells Kevin how sorry she feels for Craig with his mum in prison and how lucky she feels to have her mum and dad at home. Kevin's touched. Jamie worries about Frankie while she's out with Nathan which annoys Carol. Jack shows Tyrone the Edward VII figurine he's bought for Vera. Frankie arrives home after a lovely evening with Nathan. To Jamie's disgust Carol accuses him of being jealous of Nathan and insinuates he fancies Frankie.moreless
    • Wed 5 Apr, 2000
      Wed 5 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 56
      Janice is furious when Linda sacks Bobbi for substandard work. She warns Mike that the girls won't stand for being bossed by Linda. Nita demands Vik gets rid of Steve as his presence makes her feel uncomfortable. Debs and Duggie decide to distract Natalie by cooking her a meal. Duggie encourages Natalie to let those who care for her to share her grief. Vinny is put out when she opens up to Duggie and not him. Janice leads the factory girls in striking until Mike sorts Linda out. Bobbi feels bad and thinks she should resign but Janice refuses to let her. Hayley defuses the situation by suggesting they put their case against Linda to Mike. Janice goes with her but is put out when she's not allowed to be very militant. Hayley asks Mike to clarify the chain of command. He agrees to tell Linda she's not the girls' boss and in return they return to work. Natalie takes Vinny along to the meal with Debs and Duggie. Natalie feels better for getting out of the pub. Angry Mike tells Linda she has nothing to do with the workforce, just sales.moreless
    • Mon 3 Apr, 2000
      Mon 3 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 55
      Nick Horrocks arrives for Tony's funeral and is appalled to have Natalie say Tony wasn't any good. She tells him she won't be weeping over the grave. Vik invites Steve to move in with him and Nita in the hope Nita will want to move out and agree to sell the house. Debs, Vinny, Duggie, Kevin and Maxine support Natalie as she buries Tony. Colin turns up to make certain Tony is dead and ends up brawling with Nick. Linda worries about the Cooper order as the girls keep producing shoddy work. She annoys Janice by threatening the girls with the sack unless their work improves. Nita is appalled to learn Steve's moving into her home. Janice calls a meeting of the factory girls and urges them to make a united stand against Linda.moreless
    • Sun 2 Apr, 2000
      Sun 2 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 54
      Curly is bemused when his car is moved in the night and blocks the entrance to the shop. Vik tells Steve he's setting up his own mini-cab firm. Debs encourages Natalie to think of Tony as he was as a child, when he needed his mum. The police question Natalie over the last time she saw Tony. She has to admit they rowed and is stunned when the police know she gave him £4,000. Vinny is frustrated as Natalie won't let him comfort her. Gwen is uncomfortable when Janice questions her about her motives for moving in with Jim. She tries to convince her she wants the security. Natalie breaks down when the police question her about why she paid off Tony and if she blamed him for Des' death. Curly buys a clamp to put on his car. The residents think he's gone mad. Gail is surprised when Sarah takes it for granted that she'll bring up the baby for her. Gail tells her her problems are only just starting. Gwen tells Jim she's going back to using her maiden name, Davies. He is delighted, thinking she's making a great commitment to him.moreless
    • Sun 22 Oct, 2000
      Sun 22 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 172
      Tyrone is nervous about Maria meeting his mum. Debs tries hard to get close to Duggie but he keeps her at arm's length and refuses to discuss his business problems with him. Tyrone is upset when Jackie phones to say she can't attend his party as she's been arrested for stealing his engagement present. Martin tells Kevin about his affair with Rebecca. He is sad it's too late to get her back in his life. The Duckworths throw an engagement party for Tyrone and Maria. Les worries about Janice finding his £3,500 but refuses to open a bank account. Curly tells Emma that Raquel never loved but used him. He assures her he feels more for her than he ever did for Raquel. Tyrone tells Maria and her parents that he loves his mother even though she's always in prison and is a slapper. The Sutherlands tell him she should be proud to have him as a son. The Duckworths tells him he'll always be part of their family. Debs slaps Duggie when he calls her a stupid cow for putting someone off on his mobile. She tells him she's had enough of his treatment and orders him out of her house.moreless
    • Fri 20 Oct, 2000
      Fri 20 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 171
      Karen goes with Linda to Dean's funeral. Linda meets the rest of her family again and is shocked when her mother, Eve, turns up. Dennis sells the bike and splits the money with Les. Eve tries to explain to Linda why she abandoned the family but Linda holds her responsible for Dean going off the rails and is upset that she left her to be mother to them all. Duggie smarts when Dev tells him he's sold his house and made a huge profit. Dennis feels sorry for Janice and gives her £500 of his bike money. Fred and Audrey decide to take a holiday with Ashley and Maxine in France. Mike isn't pleased when Linda decides she wants to stay in contact with her family.moreless
    • Wed 18 Oct, 2000
      Wed 18 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 170
      Danny and Sally are furious when Duggie doubles their rent on the shop. Danny accuses him of fleecing them as he's down on his luck. Gail signs up for a computer course to increase her work skills. Vinny gets tired of fielding enquiries about Duggie's finances. Curly talks Emma into going away to France to help them get over the seige. Gail feels bad telling David he can't go on a school trip as it costs too much. Alma enjoys her birthday, having a meal out with Frank. Dennis and Les haggle over the value of the bike before agreeing to split the profits £5,000 for Dennis and £3,500 to Les. Les insists Janice knows nothing about the deal. Linda blames herself for deserting Dean when he was young and needed her. Karen insists she's done nothing to feel guilty about.moreless
    • Mon 24 Jul, 2000
      Mon 24 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 119
      Spider is nervous as he goes for promotion. Toyah hopes he doesn't get the job. Rita decides to look into her genealogy. Ken is alarmed when the Gazette is full of letters agreeing to his column. He knows Audrey won't be pleased. At the interview Spider is aware that somewhere along the way he has lost his principles. Les brings home a motorbike dredged from the canal. Thrilled Dennis agrees to renovate it, with Les hoping he'll be able to join the Hells Angels when its up and running. Dennis is stunned when he discovers the bike is a Vincent-HRD Series C Black Shadow. Tyrone is thrilled when Monica gives birth to five puppies on Norris' bed. Norris is horrified at the intrusion and feels his grandmother's bedspread has been defiled. He refuses to stay at the B&B and dumps himself on Rita. Spider gets through to the next stage, telling Toyah he's determined to make something of himself. Maxine decides Curly and Emma are ideal friend material. Toyah tells Spider she doesn't want to be taken care of and he's no longer the man she fell in love with.moreless
    • Wed 26 Jul, 2000
      Wed 26 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 120
      Spider is hurt that Toyah thinks he's selling out. She spells out how much he's changed and that he no longer wants to change the world. Mike is puzzled why Linda hasn't invited her family to the wedding. She says she doesn't like them and they don't matter to her. Norris refuses to return to the B&B and offends Vera by criticising her cleanliness standards. Rita is quick to point out he can't stay with her. Spider's interview goes well but when he is forced to deny a single mother benefit he snaps, standing on his desk and shouting about condemning the poor. He resigns. Ken wins Audrey round by writing an article for the Gazette in Alf's memory. Jim agrees to help Dennis and Les renovate their bike. Toyah is stunned when Spider tells her he resigned and that they're going on a spiritual journey to India.moreless
    • Mon 29 May, 2000
      Mon 29 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 87
      Danny tells Martin that the only reason Sally has kept quiet about his affair is because she can see that Gail has enough on plate at the moment. Ashley and Maxine make up. Tyrone goes on his first date with Maria. Monica is jealous and gets in the way. Sally is so sickened by Martin putting on his "devoted husband" act that she decides she will and see Rebecca to put a stop to it. Sally tells Rebecca to pack in the affair or she will do it for her.moreless
    • Fri 28 Jul, 2000
      Fri 28 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 121
      Toyah is annoyed by the way Spider has planned the Indian trip without consulting her. Ken proudly shows off his first published copy of 'Weatherfield Yesterday'. He assures Fred that he hasn't said that Bernard Cartwright was a murderer. When Leanne puts Spider down Toyah gets angry and decides she's had enough of small-minded Weatherfield. Emily is surprised to hear Spider is going traveling in India. She wishes him well. Rita goes to Stephens Bookshop to look for a genealogy book and is helped by owner Anthony Stephens. Emily offers Norris her back room, no longer wanting to live alone. He's delighted. Toyah is confused at the thought of spending a year in India and feels rushed by Spider. Ken urges her to do what she wants to, not what other people want of her. Spider is stunned when she tells him the time isn't right for her to travel but that he should go without her. Norris moves into No. 3. Toyah assures Spider she does love him and tells him she's been lucky to love him. He leaves.moreless
    • Sun 23 Jul, 2000
      Sun 23 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 118
      Alma organises Audrey's secret birthday party. Paula travels from Blackpool to apologise to Gary, saying that she's no longer seeing Lewis. She is disappointed when he is short with her. Dennis reports his van stolen to the police and is grateful when Les agrees to him staying whilst Janice is away. Vera urges Gary not to shut Paula out, telling him he'll regret it if he does. Audrey is thrilled by her surprise birthday party. She is amazed to see Gladys again and is forced to thank Ken for finding her. Audrey patronises Gladys when she finds out how lowly she is. Emily is frustrated when Les throws a noisy barbecue when she's trying to work. He refuses to turn his music down for her.moreless
    • Fri 21 Jul, 2000
      Fri 21 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 117
      Emily is sceptical that Spider and Toyah are really happy about making the commitment of a mortgage together. Leanne isn't enthusiastic either but Toyah accuses her of being jealous. With her birthday coming up, Audrey reminisces about how popular she used to be when she was young, this gives Alma an idea and she sets about organising a surprise party for Audrey. A subdued Linda hands the keys to Mark's flat back to Rita. She later sobs to Geena that Mark has gone for good. Feeling sorry for sacked Gary, Eileen tells Maya that the twins could be taken into care. Outraged Maya orders Vik to help him. When Dennis' van is towed away Les insists he stays at No. 5. Ken agrees to help Alma trace Audrey's best friend from school, to try and get back in to Audrey's good books. Gary is grateful when Vik gives him another chance.moreless
    • Mon 17 Jul, 2000
      Mon 17 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 115
      Dennis spends the night in his campervan, parked outside Audrey's Salon, to her annoyance. Audrey springs an idea for the newspaper column into Ken's head after a conversation about the new health centre. The pressure of lying to his father gets to Mark when Mike lays in to him about the business, and he walks out of the office. Mike attempts to give Mark a chance to say what's on his mind and reassure him that he's getting better and not about to die at any moment. Toyah forces herself to be enthusiastic that Spider has been recommended for a promotion. On the spur of the moment Gary goes to see Paula in Blackpool. He finds her with her boyfriend, Lewis, who aggressively tells Gary that only he'll be taking Paula out from now on. Dejected Gary starts to fight Lewis when he pushes Paula around. They police are called and Gary is arrested and cautioned. Mr Sutherland jokingly tells Tyrone that if he is to give his blessing for Tyrone and Maria's engagement, he wants to do a fair swap, Maria for Monica. Tyrone agrees to the swap, impressing Mr Sutherland who tells him he was only kidding. Paula tells Gary that Lewis doesn't mean anything to her but he isn't interested any more. Spider suggests to Toyah that they should think about getting a mortgage and a place of their own now that he would have extra money from his promotion. She's surprised by his attitude. A dismayed Gary tells Emily that he doesn't think he will ever be lucky in love again as he had his one chance with Judy and there will never be anyone like her for him again.moreless
    • Mon 10 Jul, 2000
      Mon 10 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 111
      Mike confides to Mark that he wants to stay active so that Linda won't see him as an invalid and thus leave him. Ken is given a job as a columnist on the Weatherfield Gazette. Curly realises how dangerous Emma's job is after seeing her in action with the burglars. He asks her to consider changing her job but she refuses. Gary plucks up the courage to ask Paula out for dinner. The paper pays for them to go to a posh restaurant. They enjoy each other's company, with her telling him she really likes him. Mark and Linda acknowledge their love for each other. She breaks down when he tells her he has to leave because he loves her too much. Tyrone stuns Maria by admitting he's a virgin and saying he wants to wait until he's married before having sex. Paula and Gary escape the newspaper people and share a passionate kiss on the beach.moreless
    • Wed 12 Jul, 2000
      Wed 12 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 112
      After a fall Celeste is unable to dance so Norris is forced to plead with Vera to be his partner again. Maria is cool towards Tyrone, thinking he doesn't really like her. He is certain she's the girl he's going to marry and doesn't want to rush sex as she's so special. Gary advises Tyrone to make a gesture to show her what she means to him. Linda tells Mark she can't cope with being away from him but he tells her one of them has to finish the affair and he's definitely going to Amsterdam. Spider offers to organise a belated party to celebrate Toyah and Leanne's 18th birthdays. Les decides to take over when he discovers her radio station boss is going to attend. Tyrone proposes to a happy Maria at the top of Blackpool tower and gives her a matching ring to his.moreless
    • Fri 14 Jul, 2000
      Fri 14 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 113
      Norris eventually convinces Vera to be his partner by buying her a new frock. They draw with the reigning champions, the Kershaws, and have a dance off. Vera enjoys herself but Norris panics under the pressure. Tyrone and Maria decide to keep their engagement a secret as he wants to formally ask her father's permission. Jack spikes Mrs Kershaw's drink with vodka so she can't control her legs and Vera and Norris win the contest. Les takes over the 18th party at the Rovers, installing himself as DJ. Toyah is embarrassed by his blatant attempts to impress the boss at the radio station. Her friends dislike DSS Spider and she ends up going clubbing without him. Gary agrees to keep in contact with Paula when he's back in Manchester. The Duckworths leave Blackpool. Vera is upset when Tommy begs her to take him with her. In order to stop Mark from leaving the country, desperate Linda tells him that if he leaves now, he will never see his dad again because he's dying.moreless
    • Sun 16 Jul, 2000
      Sun 16 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 114
      Mark feels wretched over Mike's illness and agrees to stay in Weatherfield but Mike urges him not to stay for his sake. Gary is embarrassed to let people know of his romance in Blackpool. Les is pleased when his mate Dennis hangs around the Street. Les puts him onto work at the building site. Desperate to do the right thing, Tyrone nervously asks Mr Sutherland's permission to marry Maria. Janice tells an unsympathetic Les that she's going to stay with her mum who has broken her ankle. Mr Sutherland kids Tyrone into believing he only wants Maria to inherit the Sutherland family's wealth. He tells a dismayed Tyrone that he won't let them get engaged until he knows exactly what his prospects are. Jim advises Gary to contact Paula again. Ken is troubled over inspiration for his new newspaper column in the Gazette. Mike advises Mark to go traveling, reassuring him that he will always be here to return to.moreless
    • Sun 30 Jul, 2000
      Sun 30 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 122
      Toyah feels lost without Spider. She feels she's made the wrong decision. David resents the fact that Bethany has taken over and there's no money left. Sarah decides she wants Bethany christened, with Candice and Hayley as Godmothers. Martin gets her to ask David to be Godfather but he isn't keen. The Peacocks dine with Curly and Emma. Maxine advises Curly to move Emma into the house. Steve is shaken when a brick is thrown through the cab office window. He knows it's a warning to him not to give evidence against Jez.moreless
    • Mon 31 Jul, 2000
      Mon 31 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 123
      The Platts book Bethany's christening at St Paul's. Norris spies an old train set amongst jumble given for the charity shop. He gives Emily £7.50 for it. Rita starts selling Ken's book. Roy organises a launch for it at the café. Hayley is touched when Sarah asks her to be Bethany's Godmother. A thug warns Steve that if he attends court he'll be killed. Emma is stunned when Curly asks her to move in with him. She tells him she needs time to think. David stays out late, worrying the Platts, and tells them all everyone thinks about is Bethany. He accuses them of having no time for him anymore. Gail and Martin realise he's got a point. Edna tells Ken that work conditions at Underworld are similar to those in Victorian times. He encourages her to tell him more. Steve decides to stay away from the court case.moreless
    • Sun 13 Aug, 2000
      Sun 13 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 130
      Natalie has no faith in British justice anymore. Steve hides away from Jez and tells Jim he's going to get away from Weatherfield. Jim begs him not to run away as he can't face losing him. Dev advertises for an assistant. Doreen tries to take Tommy from the Duckworths but Vera refuses to let her have him and Jack throws her out. Natalie makes Steve see that the police will be keeping a close eye on Jez and there's no need for him to run away. He agrees to stay in Weatherfield. Anthony tells Rita how lonely his life is without Isabel. He's pleased when she agrees to still be his friend.moreless
    • Mon 14 Aug, 2000
      Mon 14 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 131
      Natalie is determined to make sure Jez is punished for murdering Tony. Dennis contemplates starting up a motorbike repair shop. Jim agrees to him operating out of the garage, taking 20% commission. Tyrone decides to interview all prospective buyers for the puppies to ensure they go to good homes. Natalie and Leanne are horrified when Jez drinks in the Rovers. Natalie throws him out. Jim warns him to stay away from Steve, warning him that if he gets hurt he'll know who's to blame. Jim gives Steve a crowbar to keep with him for protection. Fred takes the Peacocks to the golf club and offers to nominate Ashley for membership. Ashley refuses but Maxine puts herself forward, startling Fred who hates female golfers. Jez corners Steve in the mini cab office and asks why he gave evidence against him. Steve tells him the police leant on him. Jez demands his £8,000 back and admits to him that he did kill Tony.moreless
    • Wed 16 Aug, 2000
      Wed 16 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 132
      Deirdre is charmed when Dev offers her a job at the shop. Blanche urges her not to accept, saying it'll be a step backwards. Janice returns from nursing her mother and is suspicious to find No. 5 spotless. She assumes Les has had a woman in before Toyah tells her Dennis has been staying and he's house proud. Doreen turns up at the B&B with her boyfriend Carl, determined not to leave without Tommy. She tells the Duckworths that she is Tommy's legal guardian and she wants him back. They refuse to let her take him and alert Geoff to her plans. Vera worries when Doreen threatens to bring the police in. Natalie realises she can't get at Jez and just hopes he gets his comeuppance one day. Steve pays Jez the £8,000 back. Rita is grateful when Anthony helps her track down her grandmother Louisa Beatrice's grave. Dennis is pleased when Janice tells him he can carry on lodging at No. 5. Leanne is puzzled to receive and anonymous bunch of flowers.moreless
    • Sun 28 May, 2000
      Sun 28 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 86
      Maxine is distraught because Ashley hasn't come home. Sally is furious that Danny knew about Martin's affair and didn't tell her before. Maxine sees Ashley coming out of Debs' house and accuses him of sleeping with her. Danny tells Martin that Sally now knows what's going on. It's Toyah's 18th birthday but she wants to stay in and revise. Mark gives Linda a driving lesson. They drive to Mark's flat and go to bed.moreless
    • Fri 11 Aug, 2000
      Fri 11 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 129
      Ken tells Deirdre that he's glad she's no longer working for Mike as he despises him so much. She agrees to stop blaming him. After talking to her friends Rita regrets being so hard on Anthony. Geoff Horton asks the Duckworths to look after Tommy as Doreen has run off with another man. Ken tells Deirdre that Edna was his source. Steve and Natalie are horrified when Jez is found not guilty. Smug Jez warns Steve that he'll see him around.moreless
    • Wed 9 Aug, 2000
      Wed 9 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 128
      Deirdre is bitter that she's left a job she enjoyed. Debs, Duggie and Vinny support Natalie at Jez's trial. Edna feels bad when she hears that Deirdre has lost her job over the article. Rita refuses to have anything to do with Anthony, seeing him as a womaniser. Natalie gives evidence and is made to look foolish as the defence make her admit she has no evidence against Jez. Ken talks to Toyah's boss and gets her job back for her. She is pleased he enjoyed her interview. Natalie is upset when the court hears that the bat that killed Tony was found in Jez's house. Jez swears on oath he didn't kill Tony. Anthony begs Rita for another chance, saying his wife is in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer's. She accuses him of writing his wife off. Les plans to steal trolleys from Freschos and sell them back to Curly.moreless
    • Mon 7 Aug, 2000
      Mon 7 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 127
      Steve and Natalie go to court as Jez stands trial for murder. Natalie worries that Steve will be too scared to give evidence. Deirdre gets fed up with Mike accusing her of betraying him. She begs Ken to reveal his source but he refuses. Steve gives evidence in court, saying how Jez threatened him. The defence team accuses him of lying to get the reward money in order to pay Jez back the £8,000 he borrowed. Deirdre is furious when Mike starts locking drawers and entrusts the keys to Linda. She refuses to stay where she's not trusted and resigns. Mike is surprised but Linda is delighted. Natalie worries that the fact that Steve owes Jez money will ruin the case against him. Anthony and Rita enjoy each other's company at the theatre. When Ken isn't bothered about Deirdre's lost job she tells him she hates his principles. Rita is shocked when Anthony tells her he's a married man. She accuses him of leading her on.moreless
    • Monday 14th April 2008 (Episode 1)
      Monday 14th April 2008 (Episode 1)
      Season 49 - Episode 74
      The envromental health inspector arrvies to inspect the building site and finds no bats on the site but is suspicous that the bats have been removed by force and when word get back to Roy about what has happened he is furious and storms over to confront Tony and when he orders him to leave, Roy stages a sit-in in revenge for him removing the bats! The rift between Michelle and Ryan over Alex begins to heel but when she then invites him to go with her to meet him again declines but will she let the rift between her and Ryan be opened again? Darryl wakes up with the hangover from hell and has clearly fogotten that he told Jerry to stick his job at the karab shop the previous night and when he is then wound up by both Jerry and Lauren, he finally snaps and resigns for real!moreless
    • Wed 2 Aug, 2000
      Wed 2 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 124
      Norris enjoys playing with his train set. Emma gives notice on her flat and tells Curly she's moving in with him. He's thrilled. Toyah is pleased when DJ Jason agrees to her interviewing Ken about his book. Martin tries to show David he's cared about by buying him a computer game. Natalie warns frightened Steve that if he backs out of the court case he won't get the reward money. He isn't bothered. Ken writes in his column about factory owners running sweatshops. Deirdre is furious as its obvious its about Underworld. Emily is angry when Norris confesses the train set is worth £160. She makes him ashamed for defrauding the charity shop. She orders him to pay £170. Roy holds Ken's book launch at the café. Natalie warns Steve that if he withholds evidence he'll go to prison and be at Jez's mercy.moreless
    • Fri 4 Aug, 2000
      Fri 4 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 125
      Hayley makes Bethany a christening gown. Linda passes her driving lest first time. Candice lies to her mum to go to the christening, bringing boyfriend Darren Michaels with her. Gary is frustrated when Paula comes to stay and his time is wasted by a run-around fare. The Platts have Bethany christened at St Paul's but David runs away from the church and misses the ceremony. Roy stands in as Godfather. Hayley and Candice are Godmothers. Mike is furious to read Ken's article damning his working policies. He accuses Deirdre of stabbing him in the back, refusing to believe she had nothing to do with it. Candice's mum drags her away from the christening party, upsetting everyone and making Sarah cry. The Platts are horrified when David is brought home by the police having been caught shoplifting.moreless
    • Sun 6 Aug, 2000
      Sun 6 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 126
      Ken assures worried Edna that he won't tell Mike that she was his source for his article. Sarah goes for David when he calls her a slag. They fight and Gail is horrified when he says he wishes his whole family was dead. Toyah is furious when Jason refuses to play her interview with Ken. Gary and Paula struggle to keep up their relationship with the distance between them. Deirdre is angry that Ken won't reveal his source and is happy for her to take the blame. Les is interested to learn Freschos shopping trolleys are worth £80 each. Toyah locks herself in the radio station to broadcast her interview and is sacked by Jason. Rita is pleased when Anthony looks her up and chats to her about her days as a singer. He offers her tickets to see local shows when he reviews them. Martin is frustrated when David refuses to talk to him about his troubles. Gary realises he's fallen for Paula in a big way.moreless
    • Sun 9 Jul, 2000
      Sun 9 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 110
      Mark is surprised when Mike tells him he'll buy him the ticket to go away again on the condition that he will return in September to be his best man. Gary is furious when a photo of him and Paula appears in the local paper. He feels Paula has tricked him and is angry. He accuses her of running to the Press but she swears she knows nothing about it. When Linda lays into Alma for visiting the flat Blanche launches into an attack, telling her she has no decency. When Vera cries off with exhausted feet, Norris dances with Celeste and feels he's more in tune with her. He agrees to be her partner, much to Vera's annoyance. Whilst the residents gather at Roy's Rolls for a Home Watch meeting the burglars ransack No. 7. Emma and Curly interrupt them, with Les' help. Emma arrests the youths whilst Les enjoys pretending to be a detective. Paula drags the reporter round to Gary and gets him to tell him she had nothing to do with the photograph. Gary is confused.moreless
    • Fri 7 Jul, 2000
      Fri 7 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 109
      Emily is grateful when Spider stays with her. He admits to her that the spark has gone out of his and Toyah's relationship. Norris pushes Vera into a strict dance regime. Warren's mother, Paula Shipley, pays a visit to thank Gary and offers to take them to the Pleasure Beach, he accepts. Les decides to cash in on the local burglaries by buying a load of empty alarm boxes for people to put on their houses. Gary tells Paula about Judy's death. She tells him about her divorce. They enjoy each other's company. Alma visits Mike. He admits to her that he thought he was going to die and says he's not ready for that yet. Ken is thrilled when his disc is handed in at the Gazette. Tyrone determines to win Maria a cuddly toy at the fun fair but doesn't have any luck. Danny installs a burglar alarm system for Emily at No. 3. She tells Spider she won't be beaten by thugs and sends him back to the bedsit. Mike can't understand why Mark wants to throw away the opportunities he is giving him but Alma makes him see Mark is his own person. He realises she's right and tells alarmed Linda that Mark should go to Amsterdam.moreless
    • Sun 18 Jun, 2000
      Sun 18 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 98
      Gail struggles to stomach the children making a fuss of Martin on Father's Day. Sally invites Kevin round for a Father's Day barbecue. Kevin is stung when the girls draw him a picture of Alison and Jake as angels. He can't cope being around Danny and the girls and leaves early, upset that his family are happy with another man. Jim tells worried Janice all about Gwen's debts and how she tried to steal his money. Kevin shuts himself away in the garage and contemplates killing himself but realises he can't do it because of the girls. Sally tries her best to cheer him up but he feels he's being paid back for hurting her and the girls. Gary urges Jim to get his money back from the police before Gwen tries to claim it. Audrey urges the Platts to put Neil's name on the birth certificate but Sarah is adamant he doesn't count. She announces the baby is going to be called Bethany.moreless
    • Mon 19 Jun, 2000
      Mon 19 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 99
      Pat starts his nephew Sam on at the health centre site. Steve is horrified to learn he's going to be called as a witness in Jez's court case. Kevin decides to go and stay in Germany with Bill, leaving the garage in Jim's hands. When a debt collector calls looking for Gwen Jim tells her she can take all the store's furniture back with pleasure. The Platts register the baby as Bethany Britney Platt. Linda suggests employing her old friend Karen, and Edna from packing, as machinists to help get out an important order. When Maria questions Tyrone about his family he tells her they're rich and live in Spain. Jim piles all the furniture up in the Street, covers it in petrol and sets light to it all.moreless
    • Wed 21 Jun, 2000
      Wed 21 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 100
      The fire brigade arrive to put out the flames whilst the residents row with Jim, accusing him of endangering them all. The debt collector calls in the police. Emma has to caution Jim, making him see that the situation could have got out of hand. Linda starts her friend Karen Phillips at Underworld from Wheelers. Edna moves from packing onto the floor. Tyrone passes off a Jag as his Dad's and offers to take Maria out in it for a day trip. Audrey offers to pay for a Platt family portrait. Linda warns Karen not to tell her family about her being engaged to Mike. Tyrone is horrified when the Jag's owner collects it for the weekend. Steve fears Jez's reaction to him testifying against him.moreless
    • Sun 27 Nov, 2005
      Sun 27 Nov, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 239
      Claire persuades Ashley to keep his training date with Nathan, and to vent his anger with Tracy out on a punch bag. Tracy insists on going with Nathan to training. At Ashley's insistence, she leaves, but not before throwing a few more insults on her way out. There's been a last-minute cancellation at the register office. Les drags Cilla away from her work at the chippy - they've got an hour to get there! Ashley gets even more worked up when Nathan tries to defend Tracy's behaviour. Molly is about to kiss Kirk, when Les interrupts to drag his best man to the wedding. Ashley continues a barrage of abuse about Tracy. Nathan tries to leave the boxing ring, but Ashley grabs him and spins him round. Nathan delivers a clean punch and Ashley is out for the count. Sarah visits Jason at the yard and tells him she wants a proper date. Ashley is in a mess. Realising it's serious, Nathan calls for an ambulance. Cilla is now Mrs Battersby-Brown and goes back to the chippy to continue her shift. Fiz can't control her jealousy when she sees Kirk and Molly together and punches Molly. She realises that she's played into Molly's hands. Nathan tells Claire and Fred that it was all an accident. They hear that Ashley needs surgery after a scan revealed his retina may have detached and hemorrhaged. He may only regain partial vision, or worst case, lose the sight in one eye.moreless
    • Fri 16 Jun, 2000
      Fri 16 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 97
      Martin is amazed by Gail's calm attitude. Danny is amazed that he's confessed and Gail still wants him. Martin doesn't care what happens now Rebecca has gone. Gwen withdraws £35,000 from the bank, planning to go to London. She goes on a shopping spree and panics when someone steals her bag. Jim buys an engagement ring, planning to give it to Gwen during a romantic meal. Sally acts surprised when Gail tells her about Martin's affair. She's amazed Gail hasn't thrown him out. Gail feels she can't start all over again without Martin. Gwen returns to work, telling everyone she was mugged at knife point. The police call on Jim and tell him Gwen's handbag has been found containing £35,000 and her passport. Jim goes for Gwen, knowing she's only been after his money. Martin tells Gail he'll stay and pretend as much as possible that their marriage is normal. Jim throws Gwen out of the house.moreless
    • Wed 14 Jun, 2000
      Wed 14 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 96
      Gail breaks down as Martin explains he's in love with Rebecca and has been having an affair. He doesn't understand why he's telling her now she's gone. Gail's hurt by his coldness and accuses him of enjoying her pain. Steve is stunned to hear Jim and Gwen are engaged. Janice accuses Gwen of taking Jim for a ride, knowing she doesn't love him. When Sally offers him comfort Kevin kisses her before asking her to leave, feeling he's sick. Gail tells Martin he's a cheating coward when he says he stayed as Sarah was pregnant. Danny is annoyed by the amount of time Sally is spending with Kevin. Gail urges Martin not to give up on their marriage. He tells her none of it is her fault; he couldn't stop falling in love with Rebecca. She tells him she still loves him and wants to stick with him, pointing out Rebecca left him so there's no point in him leaving. Gwen confesses about all her debts to Janice. She feels everything is closing in on her. She phones the bank and asks to withdraw £35,000. Martin doesn't know what to do so agrees to stay until he decides.moreless
    • Mon 12 Jun, 2000
      Mon 12 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 95
      Sally stays with Kevin all day, supporting him through the funeral. She tells him that he'll always have her. Martin is stunned to discover Rebecca has resigned from the hospital to take a job in Dubai. Linda, Gail, Sarah, Ken, Deirdre, Rita, Jim, Tyrone, Danny, Gwen, Hayley, Janice and Vera attend Alison and Jake's cremation. Alison's parents leave the funeral early after acknowledging that Kevin did love her. Martin rushes to the airport and catches Rebecca at the check-in. She tells Martin she has to leave as she can't rip his family apart. He begs her not to go, saying he needs her more than ever. She breaks down, telling him she loves him but they have different realities and she needs someone of her own. He breaks down as she boards the plane, saying she'll never return. Gwen is embarrassed when Jim tells people about their engagement. Kevin breaks down in Jake's nursery. In tears, Martin tells Gail that Rebecca has left himmoreless
    • Wed 7 Jun, 2000
      Wed 7 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 92
      Linda gets Mark to stand Leanne up and take her out clubbing. Sarah realises how lucky she is when she hears of baby Jake's death. Distraught Kevin turns to Sally for comfort over Jake's death whilst Alison tries to help Sarah who is exhausted with looking after her baby. Mark and Linda panic when Geena spies them kissing at the club. Linda tells her that she's trapped as she loves both Mark and Mike and begs her not to tell anyone. When Sarah falls asleep Alison snatches the baby and runs out of the hospital. Kevin and the Platts are sent for. Kevin struggles to understand how Alison could have been left unattended whilst Martin refuses to have the situation covered up. The police are called in and radio broadcasts alert Weatherfield to the missing baby. Audrey is hurt when she hears the news over the radio and rows with Gail for not telling her in person. Sarah is upset by the rows and breaks down. Out walking Monica, Tyrone sees Alison in the park. He tells Kevin who rushes there with the police. Linda pushes Mark into finishing with Leanne. She is sad to be dumped by him again. Kevin finds Alison and the baby outside a pram shop. He talks the police into letting him talk to her alone. She tells him how she can't face not having a baby as she knows she would make a great mother. She hands the baby to him and before any one can stop her runs in front of a lorry and is killed.moreless
    • Fri 9 Jun, 2000
      Fri 9 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 93
      Tyrone is distraught after witnessing Alison's death. Kevin blames himself for not staying at the hospital with Alison. Sally comforts him and Danny feels in the way. The Platts bring the baby home. Rebecca is upset to see their unity as they leave hospital. A debt collector demands £1,000 from Gwen and refuses to leave until she's withdrawn the money. Sarah decides to call the baby Britney. Audrey joins the family in toasting her with champagne. Alison's parents question Kevin over her death and annoy him by saying how unstable she was. He's left alone in the flat and breaks down in the empty nursery.moreless
    • Sun 11 Jun, 2000
      Sun 11 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 94
      Rebecca feels neglected as Martin spends so much time with his family. Jim is given a £25,000 bank loan on No. 11 to buy the garage. He adds it to the £10,000 his uncle left him. Kevin apologises to the Platts, saying Alison didn't know what she was doing. Rebecca doesn't know what Martin is thinking so calls at the house. He's out so Gail entertains her and sings Martin's praises. Jim is furious to discover Gwen has withdrawn £1,000 from their account. He accuses her of stealing from him and finishes with her but she says she took the money to book them a honeymoon. Jim feels wrong footed and in order to stop her leaving proposes to her. Rita tries to console Kevin, urging him to remember happy times with Alison. Martin is shocked to hear Rebecca has called round.moreless
    • Sun 4 Jun, 2000
      Sun 4 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 90
      Martin gives Rebecca a ring, promising her a better one in time. Their love making is interrupted by Sally who tracks him down to tell him Sarah is in labour. Linda and Mark encourage Mike to go to a trade fair in Cologne so they can have a week together. Sarah has an agonising labour, helped by Gail. She gives birth to a girl. Martin feels guilty over not being around for her and tells her he's proud of her. To spite Maya, Eileen starts discounted taxi fares to Frescho. Gail is thrilled to be a grandmother and shows off pictures of the baby. Alison is delighted when she goes into labour.moreless
    • Mon 28 Nov, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 28 Nov, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 240
      Ashley's in hospital. He doesn't know yet if he's still got his sight. Diggory asks Liz to accompany him to the Weatherfield Traders' annual dinner dance but she refuses. Diggory tells Molly she'll have to accompany him instead. Danny buys Frankie a huge bouquet of flowers for the anniversary of when they first kissed. She's unimpressed. Tracy, unaware Ashley's in hospital, jokingly suggests she and Claire should have a boxing match. Claire dislikes Tracy even more. Carol's completed her first shift at the bookies and managed to go without a drink. Kirk overhears Fiz apologising to Molly and realises she's genuinely sorry. Kirk and Fiz declare their love for each other and make up. Nathan admits to Fred he wasn't wearing gloves, and they weren't in the ring when he punched Ashley. They were arguing and Ashley riled him. Ashley insists he's as much to blame as Nathan. Fred vows to report Nathan for assault if Ashley doesn't make a full recovery. Danny surprises Frankie by hiring a balloon to fly over the factory. On it says "Frankie I love you, Happy Anniversary. Danny".moreless
    • Fri 2 Jun, 2000
      Fri 2 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 89
      Martin celebrates his birthday, telling Gail he has to work late so he can be with Rebecca. Tyrone worries about his relationship with Maria as he's a virgin and doesn't know how to act with her. Candice stands up for Sarah when Blanche rows with her over her morals, saying she isn't decent. Sarah is upset by the row. Kevin agrees to work for Jim when he buys the garage. Mark can't cope with only having Linda behind Mike's back, telling her she's all he thinks about. Tyrone is annoyed when Vera insists on meeting Maria but is delighted that she'd rather watch Pulp Fiction than a soppy romance video. Monica refuses to let the pair be alone and growls when they attempt a kiss. Gail rows with Blanche for upsetting Sarah and gets irate when Blanche insists she belongs in care. When Sarah suddenly goes into labour Gail rushes her to hospital.moreless
    • Fri 30 Jun, 2000
      Fri 30 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 105
      Vera invites Gary and the twins to Blackpool as well. Mark makes a decision to leave Weatherfield and go to Thailand, knowing that Linda will never tell Mike the truth. Linda is confused when she realises that Mark really is leaving, she enjoys the security with Mike, but knows that it is Mark she loves. Mark writes Mike a letter, telling him he's left the country. He is emotional and hugs him for the last time before leaving the letter for him. The Masked Python performs at the Rovers where drunken Janice pulls off his mask. Sam is mortified when his mother Brenda turns out to be in the pub. She is furious and drags him home. Linda tells Mark that she loves him and will tell Mike about them. He warns her that he's leaving the country at midnight and is stunned that she's chosen him over Mike.moreless
    • Sun 2 Jul, 2000
      Sun 2 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 106
      Emily is broken into by two thugs who ransack her house, stealing £312 from a sponsored walk. Mike is horrified to read Mark's letter that he's left the country. He doesn't understand why he'd run out on him. Linda is stunned when Mike suffers a heart attack in front of her. He is rushed to hospital and is told to look at the attack as an early warning. The thugs break into No. 1 and steal Ken's laptop with the disc containing the final draught of his book. Mark and Craig fly to Amsterdam. Toyah takes a job working at a radio station over the Summer. Spider and Toyah help Emily clear up the mess in No. 3. She feels violated. The Duckworths, Norris, Tyrone, Maria and the Mallets set off to Blackpool. There's no room for all of them at the Hortons so Norris is forced to sleep in a caravan. Linda manages to phone Mark in Amsterdam and tells him about Mike's attack. She tells him he has to return.moreless
    • Mon 3 Jul, 2000
      Mon 3 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 107
      Emily spends the night downstairs in her armchair, terrified that the burglars will return. On Mark's return, Linda blames him for causing Mike's heart attack by leaving in the way he did. She tells him she was going to tell Mike all about them and accuses him of running out on her. Ken is frustrated that his book has been stolen. Out of desperation he puts an ad in the Gazette, offering a reward. Mike is pleased when Mark visits him in hospital but demands to know why he left. Mark tells him he just got itchy feet. In Blackpool, Gary saves a young boy, Warren, who is out of his depth in the sea, but he avoids the attention by not telling anyone. Mike is told to diet and not to work too hard. Linda determines to make sure he doesn't die. Danny decides to stock burglar alarms, taking advantage of the local burglaries. Spider is concerned as Emily appears vague but she insists she's fine. Mark tells Linda that they must never tell Mike about their affair as it would definitely kill him. He tells her they're finished.moreless
    • Wed 5 Jul, 2000
      Wed 5 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 108
      The Blackpool paper carries a report of the life saving. Gary is forced to admit he was the hero. He plays the incident down and refuses to talk to the paper when Vera contacts them. Mark refuses to be manipulated by Linda, insisting that Mike must never find out about them. Mike discharges himself from hospital, against the doctor's orders. Maria and Tyrone's hopes for time alone are ruined by Vera who keeps chaperoning them. Roy considers starting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Mike refuses to change his lifestyle and reveals to Fred that Mark is the main beneficiary under his will, until he marries Linda. Vera and Norris enjoy dancing at the Tower Ballroom and decide to enter a competition. A local woman, Celeste, is taken with Norris' style. Linda tells Mark that Mike needs him more than ever and he can't leave. Mark hates the thought of her being tied to a sick old man and makes love to her. Emily takes to living completely in her living room. She admits to Spider that she can't sleep and her nerves are in shreds. She fears the thugs will return. He promises to look after her. Alma is stunned to hear Mike has had a heart attack. She's hurt that nobody contacted her. She later witnesses Linda and Mark talking intimately together.moreless
    • Monday 1st September 2008 (Episode 2)
      Monday 1st September 2008 (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 173
      Teresa heads back to the hospital ready to confess all to Jerry about her poison plot and when Doctor checks him over, her resolve goes and when Jerry confesses that he's still on love with her and wants them to get back together,Will Teresa shatter his dreams and confesses all about the poison plot as she fight back the tears? Sean has another bust up with Marcus on the phone over his relationship with Noel but are his affections about to be redirected to Liam's cousin Tom? Gail begins to worry that Tina has rumbled her and Joe's secret relationship and when she tells she wants to slow things down, Joe incredulous but can he talk her round?moreless
    • Wed 28 Jun, 2000
      Wed 28 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 104
      Spider is miffed that Toyah is going to the stripper night. He feels they don't share the same values anymore. The Hortons invite Vera and Jack to look after Tommy in Blackpool for a week. Jack is amazed when Vera sets about inviting Tyrone, Maria and Norris, so she can close the B&B. Norris agrees to go as it means he won't have to cook for himself. Gail and Martin take time to discuss their problems and the future of their relationship. He doesn't want to be a weekend father so says he wants to stay with her but she demands that if he does so he has to make a go of their marriage as she won't live a sham forever. Mark suggests to Linda that they tell Mike about the affair but she disagrees strongly. Mark gives her an ultimatum, she has to choose between him or Mike, or else he will move to Thailand.moreless
    • Mon 26 Jun, 2000
      Mon 26 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 103
      When she finds Martin has slept downstairs, Sarah feels he's tired because of Bethany and makes a fuss about how wonderful he is. Sick of the praise, Gail tells her about his affair. Natalie agrees to a 'Women Only' night when Geena tells her about Sam stripping. Sarah is devastated by the news of Martin's affair and confronts him. She feels it's all her fault and fears he'll leave home just when she most needs him. Mark tells Craig about his affair with Linda. Craig encourages him to move away from the mess.moreless
    • Wed 30 Nov, 2005
      Wed 30 Nov, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 242
      Penny finds the missing cheque in Mike's pocket. He has no recollection of putting it there. Penny's concerned. Bev tells Emily she's going to the WTA dinner dance with Fred and suggests Emily should go with Norris. Emily likes the idea. Ashley's eye dressing is removed. Ashley's distraught to find he's blind in that eye. The doctor placates him saying there's an 80% chance he'll regain his vision. Audrey gives Keith a new suit but pretends she bought it in a charity shop to save his pride. Penny tries to talk to Danny about Mike's memory lapses but Danny's preoccupied with his own problems with Frankie. Sophie brings her new friend Nicolette home. Sally's unimpressed with Sophie's rough and common friend and horrified to discover she's Sophie second cousin - she's related to the Seddons. Emily drops hints to Norris she'd like to go to the dinner dance but Norris is oblivious and suggests he might ask Rita to accompany him. Fred's furious with Nathan, blaming him for Ashley losing the sight in an eye. Frankie tells Danny she wants a divorce. Danny's gutted. Ashley arrives home a broken man. He blames himself for goading Nathan resulting in his going blind in one eye.moreless
    • Wed 31 May, 2000
      Wed 31 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 88
      Martin tells Gail that he's got to work on his birthday but really he's planning to take Rebecca out. Maya makes it clear that she doesn't expect to pay for taxis as she's family. Kevin suggests to Alison that she should tell her parents about the baby but she refuses. A brewery rep calls at the pub and he and Natalie end up going for a pizza much to Vinny's annoyance. Tyrone goes for a walk with Maria but every time he tries to kiss her Monica starts whining. Martin calls on Sally. Sally tells him exactly what she thinks of him and his affair. Vinny asks Natalie if he's missed his chance or can they try again. Natalie finally agrees.moreless
    • Fri 23 Jun, 2000
      Fri 23 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 101
      Martin feels hypocritical posing for family photographs. The builders give Sam money to put on a horse. When Jack tells him the horse is useless he pockets the money. Linda celebrates her birthday and is annoyed when Mike makes little of it. Audrey takes the Platts to have their photographs taken. Martin leaves early after Audrey insists he and Gail have their picture taken together. Sam is aghast when the horse wins. He confesses to Pat who orders him to pay the builders what they would have won. Audrey breaks Gail down into telling her that Martin's had an affair. She urges her to throw him out. Tyrone is thrilled when Mark leaves his BMW at the garage for the weekend. Linda is delighted when Mike buys her a silver sports car, a Toyota MR2 convertible.moreless
    • Sun 25 Jun, 2000
      Sun 25 Jun, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 102
      Geena recognizes Sam's tattoo and realizes that he is a stripper she has seen perform. She invites him to do a gig at the Rovers and, as he needs the money, he agrees. Mark gives Linda a watch as her birthday present, saying he knows he can never compete with Mike. He tells her he loves her and demands to know what she feels about him. Tyrone borrows Mark's car to impress Maria by taking her into the country. She is relieved when he confesses that his family aren't really rich. Audrey rows with Martin over his affair and is astounded when he isn't remorseful. He tells her it's nothing to do with her. Mark bumps into an old traveling friend, Craig who invites himself to stay with him. Maria illustrates to Tyrone the importance of telling the truth when they are pulled and questioned by the police whilst driving Mark's car. Martin rows with Gail for telling Audrey and says he'll sleep on the sofa.moreless
    • Fri 26 May, 2000
      Fri 26 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 85
      Steve and Vik have a wager on who manages to pull Bobbi or Geena at the girls' party that night. Bobbi and Geena find out what's going on. Danny and Martin pretend to go to Tommo's stag night. In reality Martin takes Rebecca out and Danny goes to his mum's. Sally finds out that there was no stag night and after accusing Danny of having an affair he comes clean and tells her that it's Martin who is having the affair. Mike asks Mark to start giving Linda driving lessons. Linda is pleased but Mark isn't. Bobbi and Geena have their party. Vik gets very drunk and while he's asleep they put makeup and false nails on him which they have taken from the Salon downstairs. Maxine leaves in a huff as Ashley is getting drunk and ignoring her. She locks him out and he ends up staying on Debs' sofa.moreless
    • Wed 24 May, 2000
      Wed 24 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 84
      Martin and Rebecca make plans to spend Friday night together. Roy is impressed with Vera's friendly approach with the customers. Audrey feels that Sarah's pregnancy is somehow her fault for setting a bad example. Martin asks Danny to lie for him about Friday night and say they were together at a stag do if asked. Danny agrees but isn't at all happy about it. Audrey tells Gail who her father is (for the first time). He's called Ted Page, she didn't love him but knew he loved her. Thought if she got pregnant Ted would marry her and then she would be able to get Stephen, her son, back. However didn't marry him as she realised she didn't love him. She shows Gail a photo of him. Natalie arranges to meet Vinny he agrees. They meet and she asks him if they could try again but he doesn't think it would work. Tyrone finds out that Maria doesn't have a boyfriend, she was with her brother the other day. They arrange to meet.moreless
    • Mon 22 May, 2000
      Mon 22 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 83
      Gary starts his new job as a taxi driver working for Street Cars. Vera gets a job in Roy's Rolls and tells Natalie she doesn't want her cleaning job anymore. Jim finds out that he is the sole beneficiary to Uncle John's will and therefore he might be able to buy the whole garage. Blanche and Audrey have a slanging match in the Kabin over Sarah's pregnancy. Steve manages to wangle an invitation for he and Vik to Geena's flat-warming party. Jack and Tyrone take Monica to the kennels to get her impregnated. Sarah tells Hayley how worried she is about the baby now it's getting so near. Tyrone spots Maria on the Red Rec with another lad, he is heartbroken.moreless
    • Wed 20 Sep, 2000
      Wed 20 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 152
      Hayley is upset when Roy refuses to consider adoption. Jim is charged with manslaughter and kept in police custody. Janice is amazed when Les blames Janice for the whole ring incident as she wanted an anniversary present. Steve is horrified when Natalie tells him Jim has given himself up to the police. Vera determines not to lose Tyrone and is thrilled when he agrees to move wherever they go. Audrey tells Gail she's deluding herself if she thinks she and Martin can carry on as normal. Janice tells Dennis it was Les who told her he'd stolen the ring. She tells him how awful her life is married to Les but she still loves him. She is pleased when he agrees to move back in. Dennis forces Les to buy champagne to make amends. Jim is locked in a police cell.moreless
    • Mon 17 Apr, 2000
      Mon 17 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 63
      Natalie has reward posters put up around the area. Curly and Colette are pleased that Cavanagh has been taken into custody. She wishes him luck in finding a girlfriend. Ashley is furious when Maxine keeps on refusing to serve him meat. Vik is furious when the mini cab firm licence is put in jeopardy because of Steve's criminal record. He tells him to forget all about their partnership. Sarah feels lonely as she seems to have no friends her own age. Emma praises Curly on his bravery and surprises him by asking him out for a drink. Maxine tricks Ashley into eating veggie sausages when he thinks they're meat ones. Martin apologises to Rebecca and tells her he's been too selfish. She confesses she's really unhappy and doesn't know what to do but knows she couldn't bear to be away from him for six months. He is thrilled when she agrees to stay. Gwen tries to interest Jim in buying a new bed. Leanne notices Jez's horrified face when he sees the reward posters about Tony's death. Curly drinks with Emma and is thrilled when she agrees to a date with him. Leanne tells Steve she thinks Jez was involved in Tony's murder.moreless
    • Wed 27 Sep, 2000
      Wed 27 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 156
      Gail and Martin have an awkward wedding anniversary, trying to put on a show for the children. Vera worries when a prospective buyer looks around the B&B. Needing a mechanic, Kevin takes Sam on as an apprentice. Tyrone is disturbed to discover he used to be a stripper and is uphappy when Maria chats to him. Audrey tells Gail she's doing the right thing pressing for a divorce. The buyer likes the B&B so Tyrone and Maria pose as dissatisfied boarders in order to change her mind, much to Vera's delight. Toyah finds Phil Simmonds begging in the street. She buys him lunch and determines to get Duggie back for evicting him. Hayley decides to give up work if they're given a baby to adopt. Karen and Bobbie decide to both go after Harvey, agreeing that there are no rules. Gail and Martin are horrified when Sarah overhears them talking about divorcing. They try to comfort her but she is devastated.moreless
    • Fri 29 Sep, 2000
      Fri 29 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 157
      Tyrone is jealous when Sam talks to Maria. He tries to influence Kevin into not taking him on at the garage but Kevin doesn't listen. Vera is amazed when Jack shows her around No. 9, explaining that Gary's buyers have pulled out and its back on the market. He convinces her not to view the move as a step backwards, pointing out that at least they'll be amongst people they know. Gary is thrilled when they agree to buy the house off him. An official from Social Services, Peter Hartnell, interviews the Croppers regarding their application. Hayley tells him about her being a transexual and is relieved when he doesn't rule out the idea of them adopting. Karen throws herself at Harvey, offering to take him out. He goes along with the idea. Gail and Martin tell David about the divorce and Martin moving out. David takes the news badly.moreless
    • Genesis of the Platts (Episode 4)
      Season 49 - Episode 70
      As Kevin phones the police, The rest of the street looks on in shock As David goes into meltdown and when Ken tries to intervene, David attacks before destroying both Tyrone and the Barlow's front windows sending both Tyrone and Deirdre on the warpath but David hasn't finished yet as he then goes to damage The Salon, a Bicycle which is then closely followed by the window of Jerry's takeaway shop before elbowing a policewoman in the face and being taken away by the police but as the rest of the street begins the clear-up operation, will David's arrest make him tell the police the Truth about Gail's fall? Lauren asks Sean to cover her shift at The Rovers but when Marcus then spots her shopping, he and Sean realize they have been taken for a ride. Roy begins to worry when he discovers that bats have invaded the building site where the flats are being built.moreless
    • Wed 19 Apr, 2000
      Wed 19 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 64
      Curly is nervous about going on a date with Emma as he wasn't dated in years. Steve advises Leanne to forget all about Jez being involved with Ton's death as she shouldn't get involved. Fred is appalled to learn Ashley has eaten veggie sausages and determines to stop the rot. Vinny is hostile towards Duggie, annoyed that Natalie prefers his company. Duggie suggests his attitude is alienating her. Vinny tells Natalie he's sick of her giving him the cold shoulder. She accuses him of trying too hard to make their relationship work. She is annoyed when he refuses to drop the fact she slept with Colin. She refuses to apologise any more and tells him there's nothing left to say between them. Sally and Danny set their shop up. Vik tells Steve he can come into the business if he comes up with the money immediately. Emma tries to put Curly at ease as they eat together and chat over their life histories. After Maxine asks him to stand up for her, Ashley warns Fred not to keep on at her over her believes and in defiance tells him he is going to be a vegetarian too. Steve asks Jez for a £8,000 loan, saying he'll pay him back quickly. Jez assures him they'll be no rush for the repayment and hands over the money.moreless
    • Fri 21 Apr, 2000
      Fri 21 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 65
      Gwen skives off work to go to a retail park with Jim. He is alarmed when she tries to get him to buy a £600 bed on credit. When she accuses him of not trusting her over money he backs down and agrees to buy it. Steve gives Vik the £8,000 and they start to plan their business. Sally and Danny open for business with Duggie the rugby celebrity performing the opening ceremony for the benefit of the local press. Hayley realises Gwen is taking advantage of her so challenges her about her shoddy work and attitude. Gwen is shocked when Hayley threatens to report her to Mike. Jez tells Steve to look upon him as a sleeping partner and warns him not to cross him.moreless
    • Wed 26 Apr, 2000
      Wed 26 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 68
      Gail is put out when Hayley tries to help Sarah, giving her literature to read and listening to her problems. Jerry refuses to let Rebecca divorce him, accusing her of being infatuated with Martin. He promises her a fight. Steve and Vik buy cars at auction. Steve is frustrated when Jez refuses to accept he has no part in the firm and orders him to take one of his lads, Rich, on as a driver. Vik is furious when Steve takes Rich on without consulting him. When he sees Linda is determined to give performance related pay a go Mike agrees to implement it although he's certain it won't work. Maxine is put out to find Ashley has invited Spider and Toyah to dinner without telling her. Gail doesn't like the way Sarah finds it easier to talk to Hayley than her.moreless
    • Mon 24 Apr, 2000
      Mon 24 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 67
      Debs feels humiliated by Duggie and feels he's had his chance. Steve is adamant that Jez is not his partner and won't be distributing any packages for him. Gary struggles to make ends meet and feels bad as he can't afford new shoes for the twins. Tyrone has his driving test again, with the same examiner. When the car breaks down desperate Tryone gets the examiner to let him fix it, reminding him how he saved his life. The car working again, Tyrone passes his test. After reminding himself how much Ashley means to him, Fred tells him he's welcome to his own beliefs. Linda investigates performance related pay and thinks Underworld should adopt it but Mike isn't sure. Steve agrees to employ Gary as a taxi driver once he's got a licence. Duggie apologises to Debs, explaining he had a panic attack as he was scared. She tells him he's very screwed up and should get sorted out. Steve tries to give Jez his £8,000 back but Jez refuses it, telling him to do as he says or he'll end up like Tony Horrocks, the last person to cross him.moreless
    • Mon 11 Sep, 2000
      Mon 11 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 147
      Mike is amazed when Linda confirms she's been seeing Mark, saying it was a mistake she couldn't get out of. Mark insists they are in love but she tells Mike she kept trying to finish with Mark but he pursued her constantly. Paula is relieved when Warren is happy about the idea of Gary moving in with them. Mike struggles to understand what has been going on. Mark is ashamed of his actions but tells Mike he can't own people or stop them falling in love. Mike tells Linda he's been stupid not to see her how she really is and now sees how untrustworthy she is. She assures him it was only ever sex and is adamant she loves him but he doesn't believe her. She tells him she did once fancy Mark but she has more with him and loves him for giving her the respect she's never had. She says Mark was obsessed with her and she felt trapped, fearing he'd tell Mike and she'd lose him. She says Mark tried to get her to run away with him but she refused. Mike decides to believe her and throws Mark out, telling him he never wants to see him again. Jez is admitted into hospital. Mike and Linda make a great show of being happy as they leave the hotel for honeymoon.moreless
    • Sun 23 Apr, 2000
      Sun 23 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 66
      Steve and Vik sign the lease on their new premises. Hayley feels she isn't hard enough to be a good supervisor. Dev's Aunt Maya comes out of retirement to start work in the shop. Martin promises Rebecca one day everything will be sorted. She tells him she's decided to start divorcing Jerry so she's able to move on. She tells Martin she needs to be certain of the future. Debs invites Duggie for a meal, planning to seduce him. Jim and Gwen start to redecorate but he feels uncomfortable by the way she wants expensive paints and papers. Fred gets frustrated when people laugh at him for employing a vegetarian. He tells Ashley that unless he changes his views he can't be a butcher. After kissing passionately Debs invites Duggie up to her bed but he chickens out and runs off.moreless
    • Sun 1 Oct, 2000
      Sun 1 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 158
      Gary packs up the house but panics when Paula doesn't turn up to help with the move. He fears she's having second thoughts. Tyrone feels he can no longer afford a car as he's promised Maria a diamond engagement ring. Roy worries that he won't be able to cope if he is asked to adopt a troubled child. Tyrone is sad as Eric collects his two pups. When David blames Bethany for the Platts splitting Sarah tells him it's because Martin had an affair. Gary is relieved when Paula arrives having overslept. Toyah helps Simmonds ask around after Duggie's bully-boy tactics. David knows he's going to hate the divorce so Sarah promises to help him cope, so long as he stops getting at Bethany. Ashley is horrified when he realises he's given Maxine's dry cleaning to Emily's jumble sale. Gary hands over the keys to No. 9 to the Duckworths and they wave him off as he leaves the Street.moreless
    • Mon 2 Oct, 2000
      Mon 2 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 159
      After spending the night with Harvey, Karen is full of herself. Duggie receives a letter from Simmond's solicitor threatening him with legal action. He accuses Toyah of encouraging him and she stands up to him. Bobbi is thrilled when Harvey takes her out for the night. Gail is angry when Sally confesses to knowing about Martin's affair months before she found out. She tells Sally she'll never forgive her. Ashley goes round buying back Maxine's clothes for £25 an item. When he confesses to Maxine she refuses the clothes and demands a new party wardrobe. Emma introduces Curly to her police colleagues. Their wives' gun tales disturb him. Maria tells Tyrone she'll happily settle for a second-hand ring so he can buy a car. Rita is uneasy when Anthony tells her he wants her to meet his children. Toyah compiles a list of the tenants Duggie has unlawfully evicted.moreless
    • Thu 12 Oct, 2000
      Thu 12 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 166
      Lenny grabs the gun as paramedics look after Dean. Deirdre and Linda join Maxine and Audrey outside Freshco. Curly, Ken, Mike and Alma run free but Lenny grabs Ashley and holds him at gunpoint in Curly's office. Fred sneaks into the office, refusing to leave Ashley alone. He urges Lenny to keep him as a hostage and let Ashley go. Maxine becomes hysterical when everyone but Ashley is released. When Lenny threatens to shoot Fred Ashley jumps him. Fred grabs the gun and the police rescue them. Ashley and Maxine have an emotional reunion. Linda is stunned to see wounded Dean being carried out of the store. Mike is horrified when she reveals he's her brother. They go to the hospital with him. Emma is congratulated for shooting Dean but she feels sickened by the incident. Alma agrees to go out for a meal with Frank. Linda is horrified when Dean goes into cardiac arrest in the ambulance. Mike comforts her as she breaks down realising Dean is dead. Curly thanks Emma for saving his life but she is shocked to hear she killed Dean.moreless
    • Fri 13 Oct, 2000
      Fri 13 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 167
      Emma is haunted with images of shooting Dean. Linda mourns Dean but Mike feels he got what he deserved. She can't understand how Dean turned out so bad. Duggie moves his stuff into Debs' house. Emma's boss tells her she did right shooting Dean as he could have killed a policeman. She feels guilty for killing someone. Karen comforts Linda over Dean's death. Her father Ray and brother Jimmy turn up and are introduced to Mike. Duggie takes over No. 6, turning the lounge into his office. Debs struggles to cope with the chaos. Mike has enough of Ray and Jimmy seeing Dean as a victim and spells out that he was a violent robber. Linda stops them shouting at each other. Debs is annoyed when Duggie concentrates on working and ignores her. Emma is frustrated when Curly can't express his feelings over the siege.moreless
    • Sun 15 Oct, 2000
      Sun 15 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 168
      Emma suffers nightmares and is embarrassed to be treated as a hero. Martin asks Carol to let Rebecca know he's getting a divorce. Emma offers condolences to Linda. When Linda realises she killed Dean she flies at her, calling her a murdering pig. Emma is devastated by the attack. Alma urges Gail to see that her life isn't over just because Martin has gone. Curly can't help thinking that he could have talked sense into Dean and Emma didn't have to kill him. Mike is annoyed when the Sykes accuse Linda of marrying him for his money. She tells her father she owes him nothing - he treated her like a skivy when her mum left - but she will pay for Dean's funeral. Curly feels he can't help Emma as he believes she did wrong in shooting Dean.moreless
    • Mon 16 Oct, 2000
      Mon 16 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 169
      With the sale of his house going through, Duggie feels he can salvage his business. Gail decides to get a job. Jimmy questions Curly trying to work out if Mike was in any way responsible for Dean's death. Jimmy accuses Mike of winding Dean up, annoying Mike who finds the whole situation ridiculous. Hayley and Roy attend an adoption preparation class. He finds talking to other prospective parents hard going. Mike and Linda agree to put the past behind them and wipe the slate clean. Janice is furious to find Les hasn't paid any of the household bills. She orders him to get a proper job. Dennis finds a buyer for the Vincent for £8,500. He is annoyed when Les insists the bike is his. ROY: I don't see the world the same way as other people do. Put me in a room of ordinary well-adjusted adults, I'm an oddity. Roy feels an oddball compared to the other prospective parents and worries that he's too strange to succeed. Hayley reassures him he's special. Emma breaks down, unable to cope with Curly's lack of support over the shooting. He apologises, promising never to let her down again.moreless
    • Fri 14 Apr, 2000
      Fri 14 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 61
      Les spends the night stuck on the island until the police rescue him, thinking he's a flasher. Guilty Tyrone stops the police from arresting him by vouching for him. Les says he owes him. Ashley is alarmed when Maxine becomes a vegetarian and stops serving him meat. Vinny has enough of Debs treating him with indifference. Rebecca tells Martin that being apart for a few months will prove if their love is as big as they think it is. Fred urges Ashley to stamp on Maxine's vegetarianism before she goes too far. Ashley tells Maxine she's free to do what she wants but he needs meat. Natalie decides to offer a £10,000 reward for information on Tony's killer.moreless
    • Fri 8 Apr, 2005
      Fri 8 Apr, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 70
      There are two episodes numbered 5999. Granada made a mistake in assigning episode numbers to writers and since Episode 6000 had already been assigned but an episode was needed before that, they had to create an extra episode number before 6000. The episode for Friday 8 April was left as 5999, Sun 10 April was given the number 5999a, with the first episode for Mon 11 April remaining 6000.

      Nathan leaves No. 1, having spent the night with Tracy who flaunts kissing him goodbye in front of a watching Ray. Deirdre has a hangover after her hen night as the women rush round getting ready for the wedding. BLANCHE: (about Liz): " Skirt no bigger than a belt, too much eyeliner and roots as dark as her soul." Chesney roots down the back of Roy and Hayley's sofa for spare cash. He asks Roy if he can change his copper coins into pound coins as he needs them for something. Audrey arrives at No. 1 to do Deirdre's make-up. Emily has had a sherry and loudly reminisces about Ken and Deirdre's first wedding. Blanche makes cutting remarks about Liz – who's on her second gin – as Tracy worries where Steve is with Amy. Liz taunts her with comments about Louise. Ken turns up, saying he couldn't stand being at Mike's any longer and the women shove him into the front room before he sees Deirdre and brings bad luck. Ray is there, struggling to get dressed and puzzled as to why Tracy still won't talk to him. He tells ken that he's arranged to go into a hospice tomorrow. Steve returns Amy to Tracy. Lena tries to get Tyrone to give her an MOT certificate on her ancient car without actually carrying out the check. He refuses so she has no option but to make him carry out the check. Blanche has a heart-to-heart with Deirdre, telling her to make it work this time and how proud of her she is. Mike and Penny meet Vera and a reluctant Jack at the Registry Office. Rita and Ray turn up. He hasn't been there since 1975 for his wedding to Deirdre. As no one is at the garage, Maria takes Tyrone into the office and they start to make love there. The others arrive at the Registry Office. Tracy refuses to sit next to Ray. Chesney takes pictures of himself and Schmeichel in a photo booth together for passport pictures for Spain. Ken and Deirdre say their own heartfelt vows and are pronounced man and wife. All are pleased, except for Ray.moreless

    • Mon 9 Oct, 2000
      Mon 9 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 163
      Rita and Anthony enjoy their night together. Gail tells Martin she'll never forgive him if he forces David to choose between them. He packs his bags and moves into 18 Victoria Street, causing Gail to break down. Mike and Linda return from honeymoon still hostile. He tells her he can never trust her with another man. She begs him to forgive her, swearing she loves him. Duggie's accountant advises him to sell his house as he needs capitol quick. Mike struggles to work out how the affair happened and demands to know why Linda did it to him. She tells him there's no point tormenting himself, they have to think of the future. He breaks down, saying that because of her he can never see his son again. Martin tells the children he's moving out. Distraught David begs him to stay and Martin gets upset but tells him he has to stay at No. 8 to help look after Gail. Linda begs Mike not to throw her away, promising she'll never be unfaithful again. He agrees to take it one day at a time. Gail thanks Martin for not taking David from her. David flies at Gail, blaming her for Martin leaving. Sarah tries to comfort Gail. Martin moves into his empty flat.moreless
    • Wed 4 Oct, 2000
      Wed 4 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 160
      The Duckworths and Tyrone move into No. 9. When Monica goes missing Tyrone fears she'll try and find her way back to the B&B. Duggie is furious to find his face all over the Gazette, accused of unlawfully evicting his tenants. Toyah tells him she gave the paper the story. David plays truant and is rude to Roy when he catches him out. Bobbi and Karen are furious to discover Harvey has taken them both out. They confront him but he shrugs them off. They are amazed to discover he has a fiancée. Roy tells Gail about truant David but when she tackles him he tells her no one really cares about him or they wouldn't be divorcing. Duggie's solicitor advises him not to retaliate over the newspaper allegations. Nervous Rita meets Anthony's children, Gregory and Amanda. They are curious about their relationship and Rita suspects don't like her. Tyrone is delighted when Norris brings Monica home after finding her asleep on his bed. Martin assures David that whatever happens between him and Gail he'll always be around for him. Gail tells Martin they shouldn't drag things out - she wants him to move out.moreless
    • Genesis of the Platts (Episode 3)
      Season 49 - Episode 69
      Gail goes back to The Platts to continue questioning David to find him still in his clothes from the previous day and finds him full of self-loathing and as she presses him for a reason as to why he would push her down the stairs, David goes into meltdown and demands that she calls the police on him and when she refuses saying she wouldn't give evidence againest him in court he storms into the street and as Tyrone and Kevin look on in horror he starts to destroy the street starting with Roger's van! but is this only the start of David's rampage? When Paul and Leanne are told the investigation into the Restruant fire could take months, Paul is fuming and tells Leanne he wishes the whole had never happened but then Dan intervens and tells them to stop brickering or they will be found out but will they rumbled? Liz sacks Vernon as project manager when she discovers that he didn't find a replacemnt bulider before he left for his cruise.moreless
    • Sun 16 Apr, 2000
      Sun 16 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 62
      Gwen complains to Jim that No. 11 is full of signs of Liz which make her uncomfortable. Danny and Sally name their shop D and S Hardware. Jez returns to the Street and discovers that Steve needs money to start up a mini-cab firm. Rebecca gives Martin her resignation but he refuses to pass it on telling her he doesn't want her to leave. She tells him that if he really loves her he'll let her go. Leanne confesses to Natalie that it was she who let it out in the pub about her and Colin. She is horrified when Jez drinks in the Rovers and warns him to stay away from her. Colette tells Curly she hates the idea of being stalked by Cavanagh. He leaves her at No. 7 whilst he goes for a curry. Cavanagh watches him go and then lets himself in. Jim agrees to redecorate No. 11 but Gwen was hoping for much more. Natalie apologises to Vinny for thinking he told everyone about her and Colin. They agree to put the past behind them. Jez offers to lend Steve the money he needs but Steve refuses. Colette is terrified at being alone with Cavanagh. He warns her that Curly is after her and mustn't be trusted. When he finds them together Curly tells him the police are on to him. Cavanagh tries to flee but Curly gives chase and gets Duggie to rugby tackle him to the ground.moreless
    • Sun 8 Oct, 2000
      Sun 8 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 162
      Gail accuses Martin of trying to hurt her as he insists he's taking David with him. She is appalled when he suggests asking David who he wants to live with. Excited Tyrone takes possession of a car, a Vauxhall Nova. Sarah tries to comfort upset David over the divorce. Liz has an emotional time visiting Jim in prison. He is cold towards her, not understanding why she's come back. He admits that he can't cope in prison and feels so alone. Martin rents the flat over the hardware shop on Victoria Street. Vinny is annoyed when Duggie keeps him out of the picture as he struggles to hang onto his Council contracts. Liz urges Jim not to give up and to fight all he can to get out of prison. Anthony and Rita go to Leeds to see a play. Afterwards they book into a hotel and she insists they spend the night together. Martin warns Gail that he's going to get a solicitor and fight for his rights. Toyah is shaken when Duggie goes for her, telling her she's brought down his business and ruined his reputation.moreless
    • Fri 28 Apr, 2000
      Fri 28 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 69
      Hayley is upset when Gail asks her not to spend so much time with Sarah. Mike and Linda issue the girls with new contracts, telling them they're on performance related pay. Debs enjoys being chatted up by Dev and agrees to have dinner with him. Martin interrupts when Jerry grabs Rebecca. He dodges Jerry's punches and refuses to let hgim touch Rebecca. Jerry promises to get him. Gail realises she's being over protective and apologises to Hayley, telling her she's a good friend. Rebecca feels she must find someone to live where Jerry can't find her. The machinists sign their new contracts understanding they'll be better off. Jim is saddened by the death of his Uncle Brendan in Ireland. The Peacocks entertain Spider and Toyah to a vegetarian feast. After her night out with Dev, Debs takes him back to her place, observed by Duggie.moreless
    • Sun 30 Apr, 2000
      Sun 30 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 70
      Convinced Dev was a better option than Duggie, Debs is confused when he gives her the brush off the next morning. Natalie overhears Dev telling Aunty Maya the women he was with last night wasn't wife material. Debs is devastated to hear how he feels about her. Meanwhile, Duggie tells Debs he saw her with Dev the night before. Curly's back from France and on course for his second date with Emma. He's ready to get on with his life and reveals to her the reason for his trip to France - his daughter. Emma is nonplused by the news. They enjoy a romantic meal which ends in a tender kiss. Janice tells Vera there's someone outside to see her. Vera is surprised to find Jack decked out as a lollipop man. She's worried about his health but even more concerned to hear he'll be standing outside the local betting shop. Martin and Rebecca's flat hunting begins, but they are soon faced with the grim reality of the accommodation on offer. Linda talks to Mike about the wedding preparations and is delighted when he gives her a gold credit card.moreless
    • Fri 1 Sep, 2000
      Fri 1 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 141
      Duggie gets Vinny to evict tenant Phil Simmonds. Vinny resents being used as hired muscle. Betty gets tired of acting as cleaner in the Rovers and tells Natalie to hire someone. Audrey refuses to attend Mike's wedding out of loyalty to Alma, until Fred offers to buy her a new hat. Toyah is outraged to find Vinny using force to evict her neighbour Phil. Rita tells Anthony she doesn't want to lose his friendship but fears they both want more and she can't get involved with him as he's married. He is upset when she says they shouldn't see each other again. Natalie takes Edna on to clean at the Rovers. Norris tells Rita he approves of Anthony and urges her to take her happiness where she can. Alma tells Audrey to attend Mike's wedding, with her blessing. Curly is stunned when Emma tells him she's applied to join the Armed Response Team. Rita tells Anthony she doesn't want to lose him from her life and kisses him.moreless
    • Weds 9th April 2008
      Season 49 - Episode 71
      David wakes up in a prison cell following the aftermath of the previous day's events,he finally confesses his actions to the police before being chraged with criminal damage and assault before being bailed to appear in court the following day and once he arrives home, He confesses to Gail all his past actions including pushing Jason off the scafolding and trying to ruin his and Sarah's wedding with his sucide attempt, Gail's shocked but is David ready to face the demons of Jail? Roy makes his disapporval of Becky's flirting with builder Rick very clear (much to her fury) but he has more things to worry about when he discovers that Bats are living in the foundations of the new flats that are being bulit and when Bill reazlies this could put the porject in jeapody, Tony tells him and Jason to get rid of the bats or they can kiss goodbye to their bulding contact but will they break the law and infuirate Roy in their attempts to get rid of the bats?moreless
    • Wed 17 May, 2000
      Wed 17 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 80
      Tyrone is despondent as he wants to buy a car but he only has £120. Curly doesn't get the job in Scotland, Nita does. This pleases Curly, Nita and Emma. Sarah Lou finally admits to Gail that her main concern is having to leave school and her mates behind. Gail says she will give up work and look after the baby so that Sarah can stay at school. A debt collector shows up at the factory looking for Gwen. Janice covers for Gwen telling the debt collector that Gwen left ages ago. Gwen later admits to Janice the scale of her debts. Geena and Bobbi agree to look for a flat together. Norris tells them about the flat over the salon. Jack suggests to Tyrone that to raise some funds for a car he could let Monica have pups. Gail tells Martin that they will be dependent upon his sole salary when the baby is born. Martin realises that his future with Rebecca is looking more and more remote. Rich turns up with a message from Jez. Jez want to see Steve. Steve is terrified.moreless
    • Mon 15 May, 2000
      Mon 15 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 79
      Steve is relieved to hear that Jez has been arrested. Gail is very concerned that Sarah is thinking of having the baby adopted. Nita tells Vik that they have now completed on the sale of their house. Jim tells Tyrone that Kev is thinking of selling his share of the garage. Tyrone is worried that he might lose his job. Curly finds out that he failed to get the Area Manager's job. Sarah bursts into tears in the Kabin - she's frightened about the birth. Rita calms her down. Steve and Vik move into the flat about the minicab office. Nita tells Curly that he's in the running for a job in Scotland. He doesn't know what to do as he doesn't want to leave Emma. Sarah sobs in Martin's arms, she's so confused and wishes the whole pregnancy were a bad dream.moreless
    • Wed 30 Aug, 2000
      Wed 30 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 140
      Edna has enough when she witnesses Linda rowing with Deirdre and accusing her of being Ken's mole. She reveals that she gave the story to Ken. Kevin returns from Germany and tells Sally he wants to see more of the girls. She's agrees. Duggie gives Vinny a van to drive round in and a list of his properties. Geoff and Doreen turn up at the B&B together, saying they're back together. The Duckworths have no choice but to hand Tommy over to them. Linda tells Mike that Edna was the mole but urges him not to turn her into a martyr by sacking her. Mike tells the workers there'll be no bonuses as Edna is producing too many rejects. She admits to being the mole and threatens a strike if she's sacked but no one backs her up. Mike sacks her. David doesn't like any of the dogs at the rescue centre so takes a rabbit called Barney instead. Kevin tells Jim he's no longer selling the garage. Jim is disappointed but still has Natalie's share. The factory girls get at Edna for letting Deirdre lose her job. Emily entertains Norris, Anthony and Rita. Norris has a little game, getting the others to guess the contents of his pastry parcels, and is put out when Anthony guesses them all correctly. After their lovely evening Rita is pleased when Anthony kisses her.moreless
    • Mon 28 Aug, 2000
      Mon 28 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 139
      Maria tries to talk Tyrone out of his plan but he refuses to listen. She insists on going to Blackpool with him. Natalie shows Toyah the ropes at the Rovers. Dev is grateful when Deirdre organises his business correspondents. He asks her to do it on a regular basis, with more money. Tyrone and Maria track Doreen and Tommy down and lie in wait to snatch him. To help Rita feel at ease over her friendship with Anthony, Emily invites them for dinner. Fred takes a two year lease out on one of Duggie's units, 14 Victoria Street. When Doreen's back is turned Tyrone snatches Tommy, leaving her a note to say he's safe. Natalie isn't impressed when Toyah refuses to flirt with the customers and orders her to be more accommodating. Vera is delighted when Tyrone and Maria bring Tommy back. Tommy begs Vera to let him stay. Jack thinks the whole situation is a mess.moreless
    • Sun 27 Aug, 2000
      Sun 27 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 138
      Tyrone is upset when Vera blames him for Tommy being snatched. Duggie is disturbed to be told he offered Vinny a job whilst drunk. He honours the job offer by making Vinny his property manager. Rita tells Anthony she realises what a strain it must be for him looking after Isabel. He admits he feels guilty that he didn't notice her illness sooner. Toyah gets in at Weatherfield Uni, studying journalism. Natalie agrees to take her on, working evenings in the pub. Rita feels better now she's decided that she and Anthony will only ever be friends but Fred suggests she's kidding herself. Tyrone tells Maria he wants to snatch Tommy back for Vera.moreless
    • Friday 11th April 2008 (Episode 2)
      Friday 11th April 2008 (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 73
      Tony propositions Jason to get rid of the bats before the council arrvie the following day and he goes through with removing the bats bit when bumps into Roy later he begins to feel guilty-Will Roy discover the turth about what Jason has done? The judges are furious at Gail's attempts to plead David's innocence and adjounrn the case for a week so that pre-sentening reports can be carried out but is David really ready to pay for his crimes? Darryl decides he's had enough of life and in a drunken outburst, he tells Jerry to stick his job at the kerab shop but will he really mean it the next morning?moreless
    • Sun 21 May, 2000
      Sun 21 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 82
      Geena and Bobbi move into their new flat and plan to have a party. Gail tells Roy that she will no longer be working in the café as she has to look after the Sarah. Sally and the girls visit Alison in hospital. Sally tells Alison how good Kevin is with the girls. Martin and Rebecca are holding hands in a café bar when Sally and Danny walk in. They let go of each other before they are seen. Jim decides that he will buy Kev's half of the garage. Natalie agrees to pay Steve the reward money on the day that Jez Quigley is found guilty. Kev tells Alison that he's going to sell the garage to buy a house for them.moreless
    • Friday 11th April 2008 (Episode 1)
      Friday 11th April 2008 (Episode 1)
      Season 49 - Episode 72
      The day of David's court case for his rampage dawns and as David resigns to a prison sentence and insits on seeing the judges alone and when he pleads guilty to all the charges brought to him, Gail stages a intervention but will the judges be swayed? Roy coninues to disapprove of Becky's wild ways but soon comes to compromise with her about having boyfriends stay over but how long will their truce really hold.Darryl's birthday dawns but he's in no mood to celebrate after he's dumped by Lauren.moreless
    • Fri 19 May, 2000
      Fri 19 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 81
      Nita has a fairwell party in the Rovers with Dev, Vik, Maya and Linda. Sarah persuades Gail and Martin to let her go to a party. She doesn't enjoy the party as she realises that she doesn't fit in any more. She realises she's no longer a kid but not an adult. Geena and Bobbi agree with Audrey to rent the flat over the hair salon. Steve visits Jez in prison and is relieved to find out that Jez suspects a mate of his - Lee Sankey - of grassing him up over the Tony Horrocks murder. Tyrone suggests to Jim that he buys out Kev's half of the garage. Jack and Tyrone take Monica to a stud kennels and strike a deal with the owner. Tyrone fancies Maria Sutherland the daughter of the kennel owner.moreless
    • Sun 14 May, 2000
      Sun 14 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 78
      Janice and Gwen are furious when their pay packets are down. Sarah is put out when Candice starts hanging out with Kirsten and going out with sixteen year old Darren Michaels. Steve is victorious when he hears Jez has been charged with Tony's murder and is locked up. Emma is pleased when Curly expresses his feelings for her and begs her not to leave his life. Kevin decides to sell the garage in order to buy a house for when the baby is born. Gwen and Janice accuse Linda of conning them into signing the contracts and are confused when she tells them she made up their quotas the previous week. Sarah gets upset when Gail refuses to let her attend the end of show party, telling her she has to think of the baby. Sarah tells her she's sick of the baby and is going to give it away.moreless
    • Wed 8 Jan, 2003
      Wed 8 Jan, 2003
      Season 44 - Episode 6
      Ken has spent the night on Peter's sofa. Deirdre has spent all night crying. Blanche gives her a stiff talking to. To Maxine and Ashley's horror they find out that whilst drunk Doreen and Fred got engaged to each other. Now sober neither wants to marry the other but neither dare admit it. Blanche tries to talk to Ken for Deirdre's sake but he won't listen. Norris finds out that Toyah will be spending the day at Emily's studying on Friday so thinking that Emily will be safe in her company he accepts a place on a Passport Course in Liverpool for that day. Karen and Steve argue. She thinks he should consider Dev's offer but he refuses. Ken goes to see Dev and tell him that he had better treat Tracy well or else. Peter and Shelley view No. 11 and to Jason and Todd's disappointment they really like the house. Ken calls to see Deirdre to talk things through. Peter and Ciaran agree that they will start being friends again, for old time's sake, but behind Shelley's back as she wouldn't approve. Ken decides that he wants to try and make another go of his relationship with Deirdre. Deirdre cries with relief.moreless
    • Sun 7 May, 2000
      Sun 7 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 74
      Vik celebrates finding a cash buyer for the house. Steve refuses to tell the police about Jez knowing he'd be killed, telling Natalie its up to her what she does with the information. Leanne tells Natalie that it was Jez who was behind the Rovers break-in. Gwen resents Jim running her life. She decides to leave him but is talked out of it by her friends who make her see she's lucky to have a good man. Natalie tells the police about Jez but refuses to give the name of the informant. Curly is alarmed when Emma suggests a walking weekend in the Peak District. Duggie tries to avoid Debs but she tracks him down and drags him off to bed. He is relieved when their love making is successful. Sally worries that business is bad and desperately wants to make a success of the shop. Martin is alarmed when Gail insists he invites lonely Rebecca round for a meal. Natalie tells dismayed Steve that she's going to have to give his name to the police; she wants Tony's killer in jail.moreless
    • Fri 5 May, 2000
      Fri 5 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 73
      Maxine tells Ashley she loves him too much to see him suffer without meat. He is delighted to give up being a vegetarian. Janice and Gwen row with Linda when they find that they've only just broken even in their wages whilst Hayley is impressed by the amount she's earned. Linda is annoyed by their attitude and decides not to help them in future. Jez is annoyed when a cab fails to pick him up as Vik doesn't like him. He gives Steve packages and orders him to deliver them for him. Steve is horrified. Martin helps Rebecca move into her flat. She gives him his own set of keys. Jim forces Gwen to cut their store card up. Alison is forced to stop working because of her blood pressure. Steve delivers the packages and is frustrated when Jez tells him they're just the first of many. Steve panics and tells Natalie that Jez killed Tony.moreless
    • Wed 3 May, 2000
      Wed 3 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 72
      Debs confides to Natalie that Duggie was impotent. Vik gives Eileen Grimshaw a ride in his cab and, impressed by her local knowledge, ends up employing her to operate the radio at Streetcars. She demands £5.50 an hour. Sarah has her first ante natal class. Debs assures Duggie she can be patient and sex isn't everything. Martin and Rebecca get their mobiles mixed up. Jim returns from Ireland to find Gwen has replaced all his furniture with new. He is horrified she's bought it all on their store card. Linda is annoyed when Mike cuts the girls timings down so Janice and Gwen won't meet their normal wages. She stays at work late, sewing more knickers to add to their piles. Maxine worries that she's bullied Ashley into vegetarianism. Gail phones Martin's mobile and is puzzled when a woman answers. Later Martin tells her she must have misdialled. Jim insists the furniture is sent back until Gwen confesses all his old stuff was taken to the tip.moreless
    • Mon 1 May, 2000
      Mon 1 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 71
      Vik and Steve open for business. Danny worries that business is bad, after taking just £39 in a week. Vik is annoyed when Jez uses his cab and then refuses to pay, saying Steve's set up an account for him. Linda tells the girls the new contracts were her idea and she assures them they'll be better off. Duggie is pleased when Debs agrees to have dinner with him. Martin helps Rebecca look for a flat, insisting that she lives somewhere decent. She is thrilled when he tells her he'll pay part of the rent. Ashley and Maxine have dinner at Spider and Toyah's bedsit. Their friends think Maxine is a bimbo and get at Ashley for being a butcher. Toyah enjoys their discomfort but Maxine refuses to stay, saying she's proud of Ashley being a butcher. Duggie tells Debs he's been a fool and doesn't want to lose her. She is pleased.moreless
    • Mon 8 May, 2000
      Mon 8 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 75
      Steve tells Natalie that if she goes to the police he'll deny everything. Gwen is pleased when she talks Jim into opening a joint bank account. Sally is annoyed when Danny helps Kieran on a haulage job to earn extra money, leaving her alone in the shop. Nita applies for promotion, as area manager in North Lancs. Alison collapses and is rushed to hospital with high blood pressure. She is told she needs bed rest and is admitted. Jez is furious when Vik refuses to give him free rides and throws him out of Streetcars. Rebecca is caught out when Gail phones to invite her for a meal and she ends up agreeing. Martin is appalled when he learns Gail's invited Gary so she can match-make. Steve tells Vik how dangerous Jez is so Vik urges him to get him off their backs. Steve sees he has no option but to go to the police.moreless
    • Fri 3 Jan, 2003
      Fri 3 Jan, 2003
      Season 44 - Episode 2
      Dev arranges to take Tracy out. Tracy agrees but later stands him up. Dev is very angry. Deirdre is delighted as she thinks Tracy has dumped him. Eileen tells Todd and Jason that the house is being sold. Roy tells Ciaran that they no longer need him in the cafe. However Aidan comes into the cafe and tries to steal some food. Roy tries to stop him, there's a scuffle and Ciaran comes to Roy's rescue. Later Toyah asks if she can cut her hours at the cafe down and so Hayley insists that they keep Ciaran on. Ciaran is delighted. John calls round to see Maria, he knows that Toyah is out. Sarah visits Ade again. She feels sorry for him when he explains how his mum left and he had a fight with his dad. She promises to bring him food and money. John and Maria end up in bed and have passionate sex. As soon as it's over Maria is guilt ridden realising how she's betrayed her friend. She chucks John out. Deirdre is so thrilled that Tracy has stood Dev up that she takes Ken out for dinner. John is just leaving the flat when Fiz arrives back. Fiz can see what's been going on and is disgusted, especially with Maria.moreless
    • Sun 5 Jan, 2003
      Sun 5 Jan, 2003
      Season 44 - Episode 3
      Fiz tells Maria that if she doesn't tell Toyah what's been going on then she will tell Toyah herself. Maria is very worried. Sunita admits to Deirdre that she's still hung up on Dev. A prospective buyer views No. 11. Todd and Jason turn their music up to wind Vera up. Vera turns her TV up and bangs on the wall. The prospective buyer is put off the house. Todd and Jason are delighted. Shelley is upset to find that Ciaran is still working in the cafe. Peter suggests that they should have a look at buying No. 11. Shelley likes the idea. Dev put a proposal to Steve: that he will buy out Vik's half of the business to help Steve out of the financial mess created by Vik. Steve refuses. Audrey moves back home. Dev and Tracy get back together which infuriates Deirdre and upsets Sunita. Sarah takes more food to Ade and again suggests that he goes home and sorts things out with his dad. Ade refuses. Tracy is all ready for her date with Dev when he stands her up. Sunita tells her that Dev treats all his women like that. Tracy accuses Sunita of being jealous. Sunita is hurt and upset and before she can stop herself she tells Tracy that Dev once slept with Deirdre. Tracy is shocked and disgusted.moreless
    • Fri 12 May, 2000
      Fri 12 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 77
      Natalie is horrified to see Jez hanging around the Rovers. He warns her to be careful. Martin hides when Gail calls on Rebecca whilst he's there. He's shaken by the close shave. Sally is angry with Danny for getting drunk and warns him that after Greg Kelly she's not getting involved with anyone who drinks. He feels they made a mistake opening the shop and should give it up. Emma and Curly go off for a camping weekend. He puts a brave face on all the walking but is relieved when she reveals she's booked them a night in a luxury hotel. Danny assures Sally he doesn't turn to drink to solve his problems. Steve goes to pay Jez his money back but witnesses Jez being carted off by the police.moreless
    • Mon 6 Jan, 2003 [Episode 2]
      Mon 6 Jan, 2003 [Episode 2]
      Season 44 - Episode 5
      Tracy tells Blanche that Deirdre slept with Dev and that she told Ken just before he went into court. Blanche slaps Tracy across the face. Tracy says she's disgusted that her boyfriend Dev has slept with her mother. Dev tells Karen that he's offered to buy out Vik's half of the business. Karen can't believe that Steve hasn't mentioned this. Joe looks round Vik's old flat above the taxi office and tells Karen that he wants to rent it. Deirdre and Ken arrive back home. Ken is devastated at Deirdre's revelation. Deirdre and Tracy have a blazing row. Deirdre throws Tracy out of the house. Blanche goes to the Rovers and leaves Ken and Deirdre to talk. Blanche is worried and upset. Deirdre explains to Ken that she just had a stupid crush on Dev but that it meant nothing. Ken can't accept it and tells her that she's never loved him as much as he loves her. Tracy confronts Dev. Dev says that it was a one-off mistake sleeping with Deirdre and persuades Tracy to come and stay with him. Doreen is feeling depressed. Fred comforts her. Ken tells Deirdre that he can't live with her anymore and walks out. Deirdre is inconsolable.moreless
    • Wed 10 May, 2000
      Wed 10 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 76
      Steve tells the police all Jez has said about killing Tony. Natalie thanks him when Jez is taken in for questioning. Kevin tries to calm Alison as she fears she's put the baby's health at risk by working too late. Nita goes for her job interview full of enthusiasm. Danny regrets opening the shop, thinking its going to ruin him. Martin panics when Gail introduces Rebecca to Danny. Rebecca feels uncomfortable being a guest in the Platt house. Gary is stunned to discover he's been set up by matchmaker Gail. Rebecca makes it clear she's not available and feels bad having Gail being nice to her. Sally refuses to let Danny sleep in her bed when he rolls home drunk. Steve is horrified when Jez turns up and accuses him of grassing on him. Steve convinces him he wouldn't dare grass. Jez demands his £8,000 back.moreless
    • Mon 6 Jan, 2003 [Episode 1]
      Mon 6 Jan, 2003 [Episode 1]
      Season 44 - Episode 4
      It's the day of Ken's court case. Deirdre and Tracy are going to support him. Tracy tells a horrfied Deirdre she knows about her affair with Dev. Maria is relieved when Fiz says that for Toyah's sake she's decided not to tell her about Maria and John having sex. Sarah's first day back at school since the accident. Peter tells Ciaran that he's wasting his time trying to rebuild their friendship. He tells Ciaran it would be best if he just left the area. Jason manages to put off another buyer for the house. Eileen finds out what he's doing and tells him to keep up the good work! Doreen is upset when she overhears Ashley gleefully telling Maxine that now Derek has signed the financial statement in the divorce she will soon have some money and be able to move out. John starts coming on to Maria again but she tells him to go away. Tracy and Deirdre are rowing over Dev in the Court waiting room. Ken wants to know what they're arguing about. Tracy forces Deirdre to tell Ken that she slept with Dev. Ken is shocked. His hearing goes ahead. He pleads guilty and receives a conditional discharge for a period of twelve months.moreless
    • Wed 19 Jul, 2000
      Wed 19 Jul, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 116
      Tyrone and Maria tell Vera the good news about their engagement. Audrey is thrilled when the health centre is going to be named after Alf. She is thrilled until she discovers Ken has used his column to criticise the Council for promoting fat cat councillors. He is horrified to discover he's inadvertently slurred Alf. Mark asks Mike's doctor about his heart condition and is confused as the doctor explains to him that the heart attack was a warning and that Mike probably has another 20 years left in him. Vera cheers Tyrone up when he explains that his mum isn't bothered that he is engaged so Vera suggests that they have an engagement party. Angry Mark confronts Linda who struggles to cover up her lies. He tells her that it is her that is sick and not Mike. Linda and Mark row as he tells her that she only loves herself, not him or Mike. Vik sacks Gary for taking the day off to go to Blackpool. Mark goes to see Mike intending to tell him the truth but is unable to when Mike talks on about the wedding and how he's never been happier. Mark chickens out and shamefully tells him that he will miss him as he is definitely going away. Linda walks in to the two men hugging and for a moment thinks Mike knows the truth. She is relieved to realise that Mark didn't tell him but also feels sad as Mark leaves for Amsterdam.moreless
    • Mon 25 Feb, 2002
      Mon 25 Feb, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 34
      Blanche and Deirdre fret over Ken's first day at school. Vera has a go at Eileen regarding Jason's behaviour towards Maria. Blanche, Rita, Betty and Emily set off for their quiet day in the country. They get lost and encounter Johnny James who is on the run from the police. Sally is angry with Jason after her and Shelley find him sleeping rough in the Hardware shop. Vik tells Hazel that he's dumped Bobbi and that she makes him happy. Eileen threatens Jason with drastic action if he doesn't return home. Johnny reveals a gun and when the car stops with the police in pursuit Rita attacks him and Blanche pours her hot flask of tea on his groin. He is arrested and the ladies go to the police station to give statements. Todd is still angry at Jason but Eileen helps ease the pain. Ken is exhausted after the day's teaching. After hearing all about the heroine's day out, Norris toasts Rita on her 70th birthday.moreless
    • Mon 29 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 29 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 106
      Charlie and Jason are loading up their van when an anxious Keith finds them. He explains that he has got a leaky roof and asks builder Charlie to fix it as an emergency. With the job done, a relieved Keith praises Charlie and Jason’s efforts for helping him out at such short notice but the mood quickly turns sour when Charlie hands the staggered pensioner the bill. Keith thinks Charlie’s bill is extortionate and refuses to pay. An angry Charlie refuses to let Keith make a fool of him and quickly hatches a plan that will see his non paying customer once again open to the elements. How will Keith react to the builder’s strong arm tactics? Elsewhere, it’s the day of the preliminary hearing in the family court and Ashley steels himself to face Dr Matt Ramsden. A concerned Fred pleads with his son to settle the matter with Matt personally rather than let the court decide Josh’s future, but a determined Ashley decides to go through the official channels. Once in court a smug Matt quickly claims the upper hand when he makes his plea and establishes he is happy to submit to DNA testing. Can Ashley counter the eloquent GP’s claims and put his side of the case to the judge? Meanwhile, Lloyd is still keen to patch things up with Kelly and asks Steve and Ronnie to put in a good word for him. Ronnie agrees but later on makes it clear to her boyfriend that she really does not like Kelly and that Lloyd is better off without her. Steve is left exasperated by Ronnie’s character assassination of Kelly. Also, Tracy has a bad day when, firstly, she cannot find one of her expensive designer shoes and, secondly, Charlie once again stands her up when he dashes off from a lunchtime date. Amber is delighted to be staying in Weatherfield with Dev.moreless
    • Wed 15 Jun, 1977
      Wed 15 Jun, 1977
      Season 18 - Episode 48
      Ivy tells Mike he can't take their work away from them. Betty worries as noone is interested in her china cabinet. Mike tells the girls that his London factory is already on a 3 day week and if he doesn't divert some of the work he'll have to close the factory down. He rows with Ivy when she tells him the girls don't care what happens to the London factory. The Langton's train from London is delayed. As Blanche has to return home, Ena babysits. Ray phones from Crewe, in her haste to answer the phone, Ena trips and falls and knocks herself unconscious.moreless
    • Mon 29 May, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 29 May, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 107
      Keith is aghast to witness Charlie and Jason removing the repaired roof tiles from his house. The triumphant builder informs a stunned Craig and his granddad that he will replace the tiles when his bill is paid. A stubborn Keith refuses and calls the police to report Charlie’s antics. The police arrive but are powerless to help the frustrated pensioner and Keith is left shaken when a physically aggressive Charlie later demands that Keith enlists his landlord’s help in paying the bill in full. How will Keith find the money to settle his bill with the disgruntled builder? Tracy also falls foul of Charlie’s tricks when he reveals the whereabouts of her missing shoe. More mind games from Charlie. Elsewhere, Ashley and Claire come to terms with the courts decision to adjourn the case in order to appoint a welfare officer to assess Joshua’s home life. An angry Ashley hates the intrusion into their private lives. Meanwhile, Steve attempts to help out a desperate Lloyd when he tries to speak to Kelly about her their break up. But will his efforts have any effect? Ronnie, however, does not appreciate Steve playing cupid for Kelly and Lloyd, and wastes no time in letting Steve know her feelings. As the pair row and Ronnie roars off in her cab, Steve is left bewildered. Are Ronnie’s mood swings becoming too much to take? Also, at the Rovers, having to share her space with Fred and Bev, Shelley is feeling increasingly ignored and isolated and Sean wonders why his dad has never got in touch with him. Eileen encourages her lodger to make contact with his father. Will Sean be brave enough to make the call?moreless
    • Wed 31 May, 2006
      Wed 31 May, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 108
      Having spent the night apart, Steve and Ronnie fail to reconcile their differences when they once again clash. This latest spat ends with the warring couple deciding to call an end to their tempestuous relationship. Feeling they may have been too hasty, Steve repeatedly attempts in vain to contact Ronnie, who is ignoring his calls. The frustrated minicab boss seeks solace in the Rovers, where he bemoans his plight to a sympathetic Kelly. Finding comfort in each other’s current domestic doom, Kelly and Steve head back to his flat to continue pouring over the ruins of their relationships. The booze flows as the pair begin to flirt with one another. Are Steve and Kelly about to give in to temptation? Meanwhile, Eileen talks to Ronnie and persuades her to give Steve another chance. Later on, whilst driving her cab, Ronnie is distracted while using her mobile phone to leave Steve a message. Her attention is so focused on the phone call she fails to avoid an object in the road and a heavy collision follows. What has Ronnie run into and how will she react to the accident? Elsewhere, having still not been paid for his work to Keith’s roof, Charlie makes plans to talk to Keith’s landlord in order to settle the debt. The bully boy builder returns later and smugly informs girlfriend Tracy that his meeting went well and he has sealed a new business deal, but he is going to keep the exact details of the contract a secret. Tracy’s intrigued, just what has mischievous Charlie been up to this time? Meanwhile, Frankie and Danny’s divorce is finalised when they both receive their Decree Absolutes. Leanne is pleased that Danny is finally free from his now ex-wife, whilst Frankie is in a more reflective mood and decides to head to her villa in Spain alone, leaving Nathan behind.moreless
    • Friday 7th March 2008 (Episode 1)
      Friday 7th March 2008 (Episode 1)
      Season 49 - Episode 47
      Steve and Liam join forces to tell Michelle that keeping Alex at The Rovers is only cuasing too much heartache and he should be send and Michelle, already under pressure following Ryan's ultimatum the previous day, makes the difficult decsion to send Alex home and calls Wendy but how will Alex react to the news?moreless
    • Friday 7th March 2008 (Episode 2)
      Friday 7th March 2008 (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 48
      Ryan is delighted when Wendy finally collects from The Rovers and takes him home and he also decides to move back into the Rovers with his mum but is Alex leaving The Rovers really the end of the Matter? Claire beings to feel increasingly worried about Chesney's safety and when Norris arrives to complain to Chesney about the loud music it appears she's not the only one who worried about Chesney.Tina and Gail decide to keep Tina's plan to abort David's baby secret but how will he react when he finds out and will this finally push David back to the brink?moreless
    • Monday 10th March 2008 (Episode 1)
      Monday 10th March 2008 (Episode 1)
      Season 49 - Episode 49
      As Claire's worry over Chesney reaches breaking point she is forced to have a huge word with Kirk about the health and safety and Number 5 but the matter is taken out of Kirk hand's when both the RSPCA and Social services arrive to take Chesney's dog away and him into emergency care and when Kirk arrives bakc home to discover Chesney's been taken away he's gutted-Did Claire dob them in for their own safety? David starts to get suspicous of Gail's behaviour and when he overhears Gail and Tina talking is he about to rumble their to get rid of his baby? Is Liam really thinking about selling his share of Underworld to Tony?moreless
    • Wed 24 May, 2006
      Wed 24 May, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 103
      It’s the day of Kelly’s court appearance, facing theft charges for a crime that old friend Becky committed. Lloyd maintains that she should enter a guilty plea but Kelly is still unsure, fearing what her friends will think of her. Her mood lifts when Sean and Joanne turn up at court to show their support. Will Kelly take boyfriend Lloyd’s advice and if so will it be enough to stop the magistrates handing out a prison sentence? Meanwhile, Amber is still desperate to impress her father Dev in attempt to get him to change his mind and let her move in with him. She kindly offers to look after the shop whilst Dev goes to visit Sunita and the twins. However, Amber has other plans and once Dev has left, she offers Craig double pay if he takes over in the shop whilst she heads off to tidy her fathers new flat. How will Dev react to Amber’s double dealing? Elsewhere, Gail faces down the gossips. Having spotted the police car outside the Platts’ earlier in the week, a nosy Blanche and Norris quiz Gail about the nature of the police’s visit. Gail gives the pair short shrift and remains tight lipped about the identity of the Hillman hoaxer. However, when Audrey later overhears Blanche gossiping about Gail in the Rovers, she advises her daughter to reveal the true identity of the person behind the hurtful cards. Will Gail remain resolute in her belief that keeping the truth hidden is the best option? Also, Claire attempts to reassure Ashley that the courts will not give Matt Ramsden custody of Joshua.moreless
    • Mon 4 Dec, 1978
      Mon 4 Dec, 1978
      Season 19 - Episode 97
      The Ogdens celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. Suzie and Gail take their redundancy money. Steve is hurt when Suzie accuses him of liking the power he wields. The Social Security cut Eddie's benefits from £13.50 to £8.45 because he keeps turning jobs down. Eddie stores a one armed bandit at No. 13 overnight for a friend. Stan feeds it with money hoping to win the jackpot, not realising it was empty to begin with. Suzie and Gail decide to go to London to find their fortunes.moreless
    • Weds 12th Mar 2008
      Season 49 - Episode 51
      The day of Tina's abortion arrives and as she waits with Gail at the clinic she feels horrible about deceving David.After she had the Abortion she texts David to say she can't come to the concert, David storms over to Tina's and finshes with her but will he find out that Gail was behind the end of his relationship? Liam and Carla launch an investigastion into who's been stealing the knickers at Underworld-Will Kelly be forced to come clean? Becky is convinced that it was Norris who dumped Kirk and Chesney in it with both the RSPCA and Social services but when Claire witnesses their showdown and confesses that it was her but reveals that she had no idea that they would take Chesney into caremoreless
    • Monday 10th March 2008 (Episode 2)
      Monday 10th March 2008 (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 50
      Kirk is devastated about Chesney going into care and as Roy takes full charge of the situation, Maria comforts him.Meanwhile realizing what her actions have caused, a guilty Claire confesses all to Ashley but will she be forced to confess all to poor Kirk? Tina continues to panic as the abortion gets ever closer and when David offers tickets to a concert, she feels even more guilty- will he find out why Tina been feeling so downhearted? Liam is shocked when Lauren gets her dressed soaked and discovers that she been wearing Underworld's own brand of Bra's! but will Kelly's scmeme be exposed?moreless
    • Fri 19 May, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Fri 19 May, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 99
      Bev insists on accompanying Claire to her antenatal class. Ashley's pleased she won't be on her own. Rita moves back into her flat and Norris moves back into Emily's. Emily's secretly pleased to see the back of Rita and glad to have Norris back. Gail keeps popping home to check if any cards from Richard have arrived but there's nothing. Audrey's concerned at Gail's state of mind. Ashley tells his solicitor he doesn't want Matt Ramsden to have any contact with Joshua. The solicitor tries to persuade him otherwise but Ashley's resolute. Dev's pleased that Sunita's agreed to move into the house which he owns with the twins. He plans to move into the flat above the shop. Kelly pleads not guilty at her hearing but she's dreading the trial. Amber turns up at the shop upset. She explains to Dev how Ravinder is moving to Finland with her new boyfriend and wants Amber to move with her. The factory girls finally believe Kelly's telling the truth. They promise to stand by her and Kelly's delighted. Amber persuades Dev to let her stay the night at his house. The police call and tell Gail that Phil Nail is back in the area. Gail's confused not sure whether to suspect David or Phil.moreless
    • Mon 22 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 22 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 101
      Gail is still in turmoil over how to deal with the culprit behind the poison pen letter campaign. Determined to keep the identity of the card sender from the other street residents, Gail asks Sarah to keep quiet but Sarah quickly spills the beans to a stunned Audrey. The shocked salon owner disagrees with her daughter over what action to take next. Over at Underworld, tensions are also running high as Leanne is unhappy at Danny’s decision to give Kelly her job back. However, staffing issues are the least of Danny’s concerns as Frankie pays him a visit and the pair agree to settle their divorce as quickly and amicably as possible as the current stalemate situation is not helpful to all concerned. Will Frankie and Danny be able to settle their differences and allow each other to move on with their lives?Elsewhere, Lloyd is trying to be as supportive as possible as Kelly frets about her upcoming court appearance.moreless
    • Fri 2 Jun, 2006
      Fri 2 Jun, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 109
      Having slept together the previous evening, Steve and Kelly guiltily regret their indiscretion and it’s with only a slightly bruised ego that Steve agrees with the flighty machinist that it was a mistake and they should keep their night of passion to themselves. The pair vow never to mention it again. Meanwhile, having left the scene of her accident last night, a worried Ronnie keeps the hit and run collision to herself and manages to put a brave face on the situation when she later patches up her differences with Steve. However, Ronnie is stunned when she sees a newspaper report asking for help in tracking down a hit and run driver who fled the scene of a fatal accident. Is Ronnie responsible for someone’s death and if so, how will she react? Meanwhile, Keith is still seething about his roof. He has nailed a tarpaulin down to keep the rain out but knows this is not a long term solution. However, his mood is lifted when he observes Charlie and Jason replacing the missing tiles. Feeling he has won, he heads off to the Rovers for a celebratory drink. His joviality is soon ended when Charlie enters the bar and makes a shock announcement that leaves Keith not only needing a new roof but also a whole new house to go with it. A thrilled Tracy suddenly realises the truth behind Charlie’s new business deal. Elsewhere, in the wake of his divorce, Danny throws himself into his work at Underworld and after not hearing from his father, Sean wonders if his dad will attend his Aunt Betty’s funeral.moreless
    • Sun 4 Jun, 2006
      Sun 4 Jun, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 110
      Despite it being Sunday, there is no rest for the wicked as Danny and Leanne head into work at Underworld. Whilst alone at the factory, Leanne takes the opportunity to take stock of her relationship with Danny. She questions whether Danny is completely over his ex-wife Frankie. Eager to reassure his younger girlfriend, Danny makes it clear that with his divorce finalised, he is building his future plans around Leanne. With Leanne placated and their work completed the pair head over to the Rovers where Jamie once again takes the opportunity to have a go at his father over his relationship with Leanne. Tired of his son’s constant criticism, Danny fervently outlines his true feelings and intentions towards Leanne. However, an eager Leanne overhears his romantic pledge. Has the recently divorced Danny inadvertently popped the question? Elsewhere, Steve feels guilty as an excited Lloyd informs him that Kelly seems to be warming to him again and might possibly be willing to give their relationship another try. Meanwhile, Ronnie is beginning to feel the pressure of hiding her hit and run shame. She begins to panic when she hears cab driver Les discussing a dent in one of the Streetcar’s cabs. How long can she keep quiet about her accident? Also, Sean confesses he’s scared at the prospect of meeting his dad again, and Dev anticipates Amber moving in with him at his flat above the cornershop.moreless
    • Mon 12 Jun, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 12 Jun, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 117
      Sean is pleased when his dad turns up in the Rovers and tells him how much he missed him when he first left. He gives Sean his watch but bottles it when he comes to tell Sean something important and the pair end up hugging instead. Sean’s thrilled at what he sees as a big step but Jamie can’t force himself to be so enthusiastic knowing that Brian lied to Sean earlier. Meanwhile Sean has witnessed Danny watching his father and son liaisons so decides to help his boss and his friend patch up their relationship. But Jamie doesn’t want to make up with his dad and as the conversation becomes heated it looks like he may be about to burst Sean’s bubble too? Lloyd’s still not in a forgiving mood. First Kelly tries to explain herself but he refuses to accept her apologies. Later Steve attempts a different tack and tries to talk to him about his life. He tells Lloyd he wants them to be mates and partners again. How will Lloyd react? Meanwhile Leanne tries her best to join in with the factory girls. Will they welcome her into their pack? And Amber makes a cautious step towards friendship with Rosie.moreless
    • Tue 13 Jun, 2006
      Tue 13 Jun, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 118
      An excited Sean tells Jamie and Violet of his plans to book a restaurant for a meal with his dad on Fathers’ day, but Jamie is not convinced about Brian and admits to him that he saw Brian peering out of the bedroom window when they visited the other day. He warns his friend to be careful because he doesn’t want to see him get hurt, but Sean is angry at Jamie’s apparent concern and accuses him of being jealous of his relationship, seeing as Jamie doesn’t have one with his own father. Meanwhile, in Underworld, Danny is getting increasingly irritated by Sean’s constant posing with the flashy watch his father has bought him, so threatens to sack him if he continues to slack off in the workplace. He eventually orders Sean into the office for a ticking off, but thanks to Leanne’s intervention, he lets him keep his job. But later on Leanne tries to persuade Sean to make Jamie reconcile with his father. Will Sean agree to help? In the corner shop, Dev tells Amber off for pinching fizzy pop from the store but is completely unaware that she has also been stealing vodka as well! After school she meets Craig and Rosie outside the chippy, and produces her home made Alcopops. The trio tuck into the booze, but Dev spots his cheeky daughter and heads over for a chat. Does he catch the wayward teens’ red handed?moreless
    • Mon 19 Jun, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 19 Jun, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 121
      After Sally has put a drunken Sophie to bed, she sets about trying to find out where she got the alcohol. When Rosie confesses it was hers, and that she got it from Amber, Sally heads off to confront Dev. Dev tries to apologise to Sally but when it comes to dealing with Amber he seems unsure what to do. Desperate to offload the problem to her mother, Amber is stung when he implies he thinks she would be better off in Finland. Sean is still trying to out on a brave face but decides he wants some answers from his mother. She is the only person who can tell him what really went on all those years ago. He leaves a message for her to return his call. David is still AWOL and Gail is determined to get to the bottom of his absence from school. He arrives home full of lies about football practice and when Gail confronts him about the truancy he insists he has never done it before and won’t do it again. But can Gail believe him this time? Maria is almost knocked down by a good looking stranger in a fast car. He tries to make amends later but Maria is playing hard to get. Elsewhere – Keith and Craig are devastated when Charlie gets his mortgage for the house.moreless
    • Mon 19 Jun, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 19 Jun, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 122
      David is mortified when Gail insists on seeing him to the bus stop and putting him on the bus herself. Despite promising her that he wouldn’t bunk off school again David waits till the coast is clear and lets himself back into the house at lunchtime. He spends the afternoon at the cinema before coming home and pulling the wool completely over Gail’s eyes. How long can he keep deceiving her without getting caught out? Amber surprises everyone by behaving in a mature way and apologising to Sally about the incident with the alcohol. She is saddened however when Dev seems quite happy for her to spend the entire summer with her mum. Craig now realises that Charlie’s purchase of the house is going through and he is going to have to accept the move is inevitable. He takes Rosie for a pizza and confesses that he is going to miss her whilst she is away on her exchange trip but that he will be waiting for her to return. Fiz is winding Maria up about Chris’s relentless pursuit of her and shames the hairdresser into agreeing to go out on a date with him. Meanwhile, Shelley is getting tired of Bev and Fred’s attempts at matchmaking for her.moreless
    • Thu 22 Jun, 2006
      Thu 22 Jun, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 124
      Keith is recovering in hospital after his angina attack. The worries over his health have brought everything into sharp focus and he realises that he and Craig are going to have to sort out their living arrangements. Craig knows he is right but he is stunned when Keith reveals that they are going to live in Bournemouth. With Rosie about to leave for her foreign exchange trip Craig has to break the news – how will she react? David is secretly thrilled to be staying at home and as far as he is concerned his summer holidays have started early. Gail has other ideas however and is determined to teach him herself from home – much to David’s dismay and Sarah’s anger. Amber and Dev part company on better terms. As she heads off for the airport the pair clear the air, she leaves a few things behind for him to remember her by and the pair joke about what they won’t miss about each other. After finally agreeing to go on a date with Chris, Maria is less than impressed when he doesn’t even bother to turn up!moreless
    • Mon 12 Jun, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 12 Jun, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 116
      It’s the day after the night before and Steve’s a mess as he tries to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend was prepared to let him take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. It’s the ultimate betrayal but Steve’s mood is compounded by the knowledge that his night of passion with Kelly is also now out in the open. Steve can’t face the office but Liz convinces him he can’t avoid Lloyd forever - how will Lloyd react when the men come face to face?Meanwhile Lloyd wants nothing to do with Kelly, despite her protestations that they were on a break when the fling happened. Kelly is gutted, knowing she has made a mistake, but will she be able to talk Lloyd round? Elsewhere, Sean’s in a bad way, convinced his dad wants nothing to do with him. Eileen does her best to console him but nothing she says helps and in the end Sean asks Jamie to drive him to Brian’s. Jamie waits in the car as Sean goes to the door, only to be told that Brian is out. But when Jamie sees Brian at the bedroom window he starts to wonder if Sean could be right. And Leanne mounts a charm offensive on the factory girls. What has she got up her sleeve?moreless
    • Sun 11 Jun, 2006
      Sun 11 Jun, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 115
      A despondent Steve awakes after spending the night in a police cell. The investigating officers have gone to speak with Kelly to establish if she can corroborate Steve’s alibi that he was in bed with her at the time of the accident. The police find Kelly at the Streetcars office with boyfriend Lloyd. As the officers begin their questioning, Kelly is forced to reveal that she had indeed spent the night at Steve’s flat. The leggy machinist’s confession gets Steve off the hook but Lloyd is stunned to hear that is business partner has slept with his girlfriend. The police meanwhile release Steve from custody and he promptly wastes no time in racing back to Weatherfield to confront the scheming Ronnie. Will Steve’s guilty girlfriend come clean and admit to her crime and how will Lloyd react to Kelly and Steve’s betrayal? Meanwhile, Sean is looking forward to once again meeting up with his estranged father, Brian. The pair seem to be getting on well and have arranged to meet up at a pizzeria to continue getting to know one another. Sean sits awaiting his father’s arrival but with the minutes ticking by and no sign of Brian, has Sean’s dad had second thoughts? Will Brian make an appearance and if not how will Sean deal with this latest disappointment? Elsewhere, Keith is annoyed when Charlie and Tracy arrive at number six with a surveyor in tow to have a look around the bully boy builder’s latest project. Also, Craig is unhappy when Rosie informs him she is going away on a school trip to France.moreless
    • Fri 9 Jun, 2006
      Fri 9 Jun, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 114
      Following their investigations, the police once again arrive in Weatherfield. To Steve’s horror the police inform him they have found clothing fibres on the Streetcar vehicle that match the dead man’s clothes and he is promptly arrested. A guilty Ronnie watches as the innocent Steve is led away for questioning. Down at the station, realising how serious the situation is, the worried cab firm owner comes clean to the police that it was Ronnie driving the car that evening and not him. The police quickly track Steve’s girlfriend down but she vehemently denies asking Steve to claim he was the driver of the speeding cab. Will the police believe Ronnie’s lies or will Steve have to reveal he was in bed with Kelly at the time of the accident? Meanwhile, Sean gets a second chance with his father. Brian and Sean meet up again and share a drink in the Rovers. The camp machinist takes the opportunity to tell Brian about his sexuality. Brian is not surprised and tells a relieved Sean that he knew his son was gay from a very early age. Delighted they are getting on so well, Sean introduces his father to his pals. Have the father and son pair finally put aside their differences? Elsewhere, after her disastrous relationship with Charlie, a tentative Shelley puts her toe back in the romantic water when she goes out on a date with Rovers customer, Simon.moreless
    • Mon 5 Jun, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 5 Jun, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 111
      Sean is anxious on the day of his Aunt Betty’s funeral. Not only does he have the funeral to get through but also he is anxious about meeting up with his dad Brian again after nearly twenty years apart. Lending their moral support, Violet and Jamie attend the funeral with Sean and are there to witness his disappointment when his father fails to show up at the church. With the funeral over, the group head off to Roy’s Rolls and Sean cannot understand his dad’s no–show. Determined to make contact again, Sean decides to confront his father at home. Will Sean be plucky enough to ring the door bell once he arrives at Brian’s house? Over at Underworld, the girls are gossiping about Leanne and Danny’s shock engagement. The news of their union is not the only shock in store for the factory girls when Danny leaves his fiancée in charge of hiring a new machinist and Leanne wastes no time in putting family first and promptly gives Janice her job back. How will Danny and the Underworld employees react to Janice’s reinstatement? Meanwhile, the net is beginning to close in on Ronnie. Streetcars are sent a speeding ticket for the cab that Ronnie was driving when she killed the pedestrian. Fearing the police are closing in on her the, Steve’s scared girlfriend initially keeps quiet but later admits it was her driving the cab at the time. Wanting to distance herself from the accident, a cunning Ronnie asks Steve to say he was driving, saying that she already has six points on her licence and does not want to risk a driving ban. Will Steve take the rap for Ronnie and therefore implicate himself in the hit and run incident? Also, Shelley gets chatted up in the bar and Amber finally gets her wish when she moves in with Dev.moreless
    • Wed 5th Mar 2008
      Wed 5th Mar 2008
      Season 49 - Episode 46
      As Michelle continues to Alex his undivded attention,Ryan finally reaches breaking point and issues an ultimatum-He's not moving back into The Rovers until she gives Alex his marching orders but will Michelle be forced to choose between him and Alex? Tina worries about waiting for her abotion on the NHS so Gail gives her a shocking propostion-She will pay for the abotion to be done at the clinic! Kirk gets some bad news from Ashley about his job but when Ashley laters offers a peace offering, he makes a shocking discovery about the condidtion of the house he and Chesney are living in.moreless
    • Mon 5 Jun, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 5 Jun, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 112
      Taking a deep breath, Sean walks up the drive way to his father’s house. The door is opened by Brian, who initially does not recognise his son and is further shocked to discover Sean standing on his doorstep. The atmosphere is awkward between the estranged pair, especially when they are joined by Brian’s wife, Maggie. The meeting does not go well and Sean leaves disappointed that his father has not made any arrangements for them to meet up again. However, when Brian later arrives in the Street looking for Sean, it appears the pair have much more to discuss. After his earlier disappointment, will Sean once again allow his father time to explain why they have been apart for the last twenty years. Meanwhile, over at Streetcars, under intense and calculated pressure from Ronnie, Steve eventually agrees to take the rap for Ronnie’s speeding ticket, and Kelly and Lloyd agree to give their relationship another chance. Elsewhere, the reality of living together hits home for Amber and Dev. The street’s newest resident locks herself out and she is too scared to go and bother her father. It is left to Roy and Hayley to go and find Dev who is holed up The Rovers. It is clear Dev is finding it difficult living with his teenage daughter. Also, Shelley agrees to go a date with Simon, a customer who chatted her up at work and Danny is forced to accept Janice back into the fold.moreless
    • Wed 7 Jun, 2006
      Wed 7 Jun, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 113
      Steve is enjoying a quiet drink in the Rovers when he receives a call telling him the police have arrived at the Streetcar’s office. He dashes round to work to discover the police are investigating the fatal hit and run. Steve is stunned to learn that the police would like to examine the cabs being used on the evening of the accident. When the officer finds damage on one of Streetcar’s vehicles he immediately impounds it for forensic testing. Steve begins to worry that Ronnie’s request for him to take the blame for the speeding ticket may not have been as innocent as she first explained. Will Steve challenge his girlfriend and if so will the guilty Ronnie come clean? Meanwhile, Sean is thrilled when he receives a call from Brian. His father would like to meet up again to explain his side of the story. The brief meeting goes well and Sean outlines to Brian his wish to get to know his father again. The pair part without making plans for another meeting. Has this initial contact been enough to persuade Brian to be a part of his son’s life? Is Sean about to be let down all over again? Elsewhere, Craig and Keith worry about Charlie’s looming eviction. Keith pays the Citizens Advice Bureau a visit to check his legal rights while Craig worries that the move will force him away from Weatherfield. Will Charlie’s eviction notice spell the end for Rosie and Craig? Also, Amber and David share their thoughts on their respective fathers’ faults.moreless
    • Monday 22nd June 2009 (Episode 1)
      Monday 22nd June 2009 (Episode 1)
      Season 50 - Episode 123
      Rosie is nursing a hangover and hasn't surfaced yet. Sally tells Kevin that their daughter is considering investing in Underworld, Kevin isn't happy but Sally thinks it is a great idea and wastes no time seeking out Luke with a proposition of her own - if Rosie is going to invest in the factory she wants Rosie's job as PA. Fiz is growing increasingly concerned about John and despite having no visiting order heads off to the prison with a letter for him. She pleads with the governor to let her see him but without a visiting order it is clear she is getting nowhere near him - despite the fact he is on suicide watch. After making a scene around other visitors arriving at the prison she realises that desperate measures are called for. John is stunned when he is called to the governor's office and, via the cctv screen, he sees Fiz chained to the prison railings complete with a banner asking him to marry her! Jack is worried about the problems he is causing between Molly and Tyrone, he tells Pam that Tyrone only has his best interest at heart hence his supicions about Connie. But Molly is convinced Connie is good for Jack and tells Tyrone he is having tea with them later whether he likes it or not. Slug calls in the Rovers again to see Becky arousing Lloyd's suspicions. Sean also watches with interest at the familiar banter that starts between the two old friends. Elsewhere Minnie manufactures a date with Jason much to Tina's amusement and Bill and Pam agree to write each other's adverts for the personalmoreless
    • Wed 6 Dec, 1978
      Wed 6 Dec, 1978
      Season 19 - Episode 98
      Hilda is horrified that Stan has put £1 into the fruit machine. She refuses to let it leave the house whilst it has their money. Stan feeds the machine with the gas and electricity money but still doesn't win the jackpot. The residents try to put the girls off London. Gail begins to worry that they're making a wrong move. Bet uses the fruit machine and wins the jackpot. Hilda demands her £6 back but Bet says the money's hers as she won it. Eddie takes the machine away. The Ogdens can't watch TV as Stan took the plug off and put it on the fruit machine so he could use it. The electric goes off and they haven't any money left for the meter. Gail gets cold feet about London so Suzie goes on her own.moreless
    • Mon 11 Dec, 1978
      Mon 11 Dec, 1978
      Season 19 - Episode 99
      Gail worries about Suzie's fate in London. Karen Barnes tells Ken she's illiterate and wants to be taught. Ron tries to make up with Elsie. Karen doesn't want to go to classes and asks Ken to teach her. He agrees when he sees she's desperate. Renee offers Gail a job at the shop over Christmas. Elsie is pleased when Ron calls. They go for a drink together. Emily and Betty plan to spend Christmas together. Eddie recognises Karen as having a husband in Risley.moreless
    • Mon 24 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 24 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 82
      Sally, Rosie, Sophie and Kevin are getting ready for the school run. Keith and Craig are running late and Craig is rushing for the bus. Charlie and Tracy are bickering after the 'new shoe' incident and Charlie takes one of the shoes with him to work to teach Tracy a lesson. Its Kelly's birthday and she is opening her presents and cards in underworld. She opens a huge card which is from Lloyd. In the Cab office Eileen and Steve are making fun of the Richard Hilman problem when Claire overhears. Eileen suggests that Gail has been writing the letters to herself. Fred persuades Claire to tell Audrey that Eileen has being saying Gail sent those letters to herself Audrey is obviously upset by the accusation. Tracy is in a mood with Ken for putting Adam first and going to the Solicitors with him instead of offering to help her with Amy. Sarah is practising her hair cutting skills on David in the Salon. Sarah goes onto tell David the rumour Eileen is spreading about their Mum. David then suggests Sarah has been feeding Eileen with the relevant information such as birthdays and anniversaries so Eileen can send the cards herself! Sarah is very hurt and upset at this idea. Sally receives a call at the Factory from the Hospital. Rosie has been involved in a car accident outside School. Ashley and Gail discuss going to the police about the Hillman letters. Lloyd gives Kelly a key to his flat for her birthday. Nathan tells Craig Rosie has been involved in a car accident and he rushes off to get a taxi to the Hospital. Gail rushes over to the Rovers to find Eileen to confront her.moreless
    • Mon 24 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 24 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 83
      Kelly is angry at Lloyd for giving her a key to his flat for her birthday - she thinks he is being cheap. Gail confronts Eileen in the Rovers about the rumours she has been spreading. Gail suspects that Eileen was doing this to break up her and Phil. Gail lays into Vera suggesting that it could have been her sending the letters because she is bitter about him taking her money. Blanche is excited at the fact that Archie is back and hopes that something will happen between them. Blanche confides her feelings about Archie to Deirdre. Craig joins Sally and Kevin at the Hospital waiting for news on Rosie. Gail decides to call the Police about the letters. Blanche, Archie, Emily, Rita and Betty are all drinking in the rovers - Blanche is obviously dressed up for the occasion because Archie is there. Joanne tells Kelly not to be upset with Lloyd about the key because it was a romantic idea however Becky is purposely making Lloyd out to be a bad guy. Kelly takes Joanne' advice and finds Lloyd to tell him she wants to move in. Becky is not impressed. Gail is frustrated with the Police as they don't seem to understand just how serious the situation is. Rosie is told she is going to be ok despite some broken bones. Sally starts to warm towards Craig. Deirdre is left looking after Amy again without even a second thought from Tracy. Adam sees his Solicitor about Mike's will he is not happy with the out come. Becky gives Kelly a very expensive looking watch for her birthday. Blanche decides to ask Archie about their relationship however he doesn't seem to think they have one. Eileen sees the Police at Gail's and immediately storms round there. Gail is obviously distressed about the whole situation.moreless
    • Stairs of the Platts (Episode 4)
      Stairs of the Platts (Episode 4)
      Season 49 - Episode 55
      As Gail comes round and David waits on tenterhooks, it is clear that Gail has no recollection of the fall at The Platts and David is relieved when she remembers having a fight with Jason, who is then called into the Police stationwho tells the police that they did have a row and she did slap him but did not push her down stairs but does reveal that David once fantaised killing his mother but with Jason the only suspect in the investigation will be forced to take the blame for a crime he did not commmit? Carla is shocked when she arrvies home to find the dinner party already in progess and during the meal, Tony gets out a diamond ring and asks her to marry him but will Carla accept when she realizes the whole dinner party was a set-up so that Tony could propose? Vernon reveals his next idea for renovating the pub-A smoker's shed!moreless
    • Sun 30 Apr, 2006
      Sun 30 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 86
      Danny goes to speak to Frankie about settling their divorce. Becky is becoming friendlier with the Factory girls and Sean. Archie asks Rita to go to Chatsworth House on a day out with him. Rosie seems to be enjoying what happened to her in the accident and is gossiping to her school friends about it - both Craig and Sally are unimpressed. Danny offers Frankie £50,000 in her divorce settlement but she says she will have to think about it. Fiz asks Danny if Becky can have an advance on her wages as she is homeless. Becky spends the advance on drink. Kelly begs Lloyd to let Becky stay for a while until she finds somewhere to go - he reluctantly says yes. Leanne is angry with Danny for speaking to Frankie about the divorce. Cilla gets a call from Geena, the social worker saying that Les has been recommended for adoption. Audrey is jealous of all the places Archie is taking Rita out to. Craig decides he wants to ditch the Goth image and become more Grunge, Rosie is not happy with his decision. The Battersbys throw a party due to their good news. Cilla launches at Yana as she thinks that she fancies Les. Becky moves her stuff into Lloyd and Kelly's. She has spent the last of the advance on her wages on a bottle of Champagne for Lloyd and Kelly but they're unimpressed.moreless
    • Mon 1 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 1 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 87
      Gail is still extremely depressed about the 'Hillman' card situation and is clearly not coping, Sarah and David are concerned. Jamie and Violet discuss Danny's offer to Frankie of £50k. Danny approaches Frankie to see if she has made a decision about the money or not - she keeps him waiting for her answer. Ken is angry with Keith as he didn't deliver his paper. Jamie doesn't want Frankie to accept Danny's offer as he thinks she deserves more. Steve winds Lloyd up about having Becky and Kelly living with him. Danny offers Leanne the job of his PA, she quickly accepts. The factory girls are unimpressed. Gail gets upset when she walks into the Kabin and Norris is making fun of the situation to Kelly, Violet, Sean and Fiz. Danny continues to belittle Adam at every opportunity. Danny discusses with Frankie about wanting an amicable divorce however she decides she wants half of everything. Danny confesses he still loves her, wants to share everything with her and wants her back for good.moreless
    • Sun 23 Apr, 2006
      Sun 23 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 81
      Blanche, Deirdre and Ken argue about who's fault it is that Tracy's turned out to be such a manipulative bitch. Blanche overhears Audrey gossiping to Norris about Tracy's abortion. Blanche is quick to tell them there was no abortion and they've got their facts wrong. Ronnie winds Tracy up by asking her where she got her expensive shoes in front of Charlie. Audrey tells Sarah she was wrong about Tracy's abortion. Sarah in turn berates Jason for lying to her. Jason tells Charlie who immediately becomes suspicious. Rosie tells Craig how much she loves him. Craig gives her a bracelet as a symbol of his commitment to her. Rosie's touched. Sarah tells Jason how Gail suspects Eileen of sending the Hillman cards. Danny and Leanne arrive back from Spain having found another copy of the will in the villa. But Danny's still worried there are further copies. Adam tells Danny he's spoken to his solicitor. Danny pretends he's not bothered. Eileen denies sending the Hillman cards. She reckons Gail's lost the plot and is sending them to herself. Charlie accuses Tracy of lying about her abortion. Tracy has to admit there was no baby and no abortion. Charlie thinks she did it just to get £300 for some new shoes. He tells her if she pays back the money she can stay but never to take him for a mug again.moreless
    • Fri 16 Sep, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Fri 16 Sep, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 184
      Jason's having trouble finding inspiration for his best man's speech. Bev gives him a few choice phrases. Norris is depressed when another rejection letter arrives. The call sign system breaks into chaos as Les keeps offending Eileen. Prompted by Steve, she pretends to quit, until Lloyd begs her on bended knee to return. Norris and Rita are stunned when Angela Hawthorne calls into the Kabin. Someone has sprayed "Slag" on Bev's door and dumped three bin bags full of clothes on her doorstep. She's convinced it's Charlie. Fred offers to paint the door. Angela's sixth husband has just died and she thinks it's kismet that Norris came for an interview. She offers Norris a job and invites him out for dinner. Yvonne, Barry's wife, turns up at Bev's door and accuses her of sleeping with Barry. Bev works out that Yvonne is her mysterious stalker and is to blame for the door. When Barry and Liz arrive, a huge slanging match breaks out. Yvonne drags Barry away, with his tail between his legs. Bev and Liz laugh together as Liz promises to steer clear of married men.moreless
    • Sun 2 Apr, 2006
      Sun 2 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 66
      Sophie's looking at Chesney's birth certificate. She queries why there's no mention of his dad. Chesney's embarrassed and tries to make excuses. Living under the same roof is starting to get on both Emily's and Rita's nerves although neither wants to admit it. Chesney tries to find out who his real dad is but Cilla's no idea. Mike has a great time in the Rovers with all his friends and family. Danny's gutted knowing this will be Mike's last evening in the pub before going into a home. Norris throws a party in Rita's flat. Rita's upset to see he's re-arranged her furniture and cleared away all her knick knacks. Vernon tells Liz the vocalist of his band has just quit and they're having an emergency meeting. Jamie's surprised to find Sean's come clean and told everyone about his abortive date. Norris's party is a flop and everyone leaves early and heads for the Rovers. Only Blanche stays even though Bev apologises to her and offers her a free drink. Chesney asks Les if he'll adopt him as he's more of a dad to him than anyone else. Les is touched and agrees to do it. Danny comes to the decision that Mike would be best off in a nursing home. He doesn't tell Jamie.moreless
    • Mon 27 Mar, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 27 Mar, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 63
      Becky threatens Norris telling to stay away from her mate Kelly. Norris is bemused. Ronnie exchanges lingering looks with Charlie and suggests they should leave the pub and go back to Tracy and Charlie's for a drink. Charlie agrees. Phil tries to talk to Gail about the cards but she busies her self and avoids the subject. Phil's frustrated. Sean arrives in the Rovers walking on air. He explains how he copped off with a gorgeous bloke called Chris and spent the night with him. The Baldwins have a meeting to discuss Mike. They all agree that a nursing home is not an option and he's better off with family. Danny persuades Leanne to agree to look after him at home. Penny looks after Mike for a couple of hours. They look at old holiday snaps together but she's upset when he refuses to recognize her as the woman in the photos. Ronnie plays games with Charlie. She asks him if he fancies her and when he admits he does, Ronnie turns the knife telling him she certainly doesn't fancy him. Charlie's not impressed at being made a fool of. Phil loses his temper and grabs Gail's arm in an attempt to make her listen. David leaps to his mum's defence. Phil pushes David over. Gail's furious and throws Phil out of the house saying she never wants to see him again. Ronnie tells Steve she wants to go as she has a headache. Tracy's suspicious wondering what went on between Ronnie and Charlie. Distraught Gail apologises to Sarah and David for bringing another violent man into their lives.moreless
    • Wed 29 Mar, 2006
      Wed 29 Mar, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 64
      Gail's upset when she overhears Norris, Eileen and Blanche gossiping about her and Phil. Sean's delighted when Chris texts him suggesting another night out. Deirdre takes Mike out for the day to give Leanne a break. Leanne's grateful. Steve suspects Charlie tried it on with Ronnie and threatens him in the street. Charlie denies it saying Ronnie tried it on with him. Tracy's furious with Charlie. Deirdre takes Mike to Roy's Rolls. While her back's turned he disappears. Mike turns up at No. 5 thinking he still lives there with Bet. With barely concealed delight Eileen quizzes Sarah about Gail and Phil's split. But when Sarah explains how Phil was violent towards David and how upset her mum is, Eileen feels guilty. Danny, Deirdre, Jamie and Les rush to No. 5 worried about Mike. They find him playing drafts with Chesney while Schmeichel watches. Realising Steve's not going to let it drop, Ronnie admits that she flirted with Charlie and led him on just to teach both Charlie and Tracy a lesson. Jamie, Frankie and Deirdre think Mike would be better off on Coronation Street rather than his flat. Danny's torn.moreless
    • Fri 31 Mar, 2006
      Fri 31 Mar, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 65
      Sean lies to Violet telling him what a fantastic night he had with Chris. Emily calls to see Mike and give Leanne a break from looking after him. Norris annoys Rita by suggesting various changes he'd like to make to her flat. Mike enjoys his time with Emily but gets confused and asks her how Ernest is. Danny and Leanne are preparing dinner when Mike wanders in. He doesn't recognise them and tells them to get out of his flat. When they refuse and try to explain who they are Mike becomes aggressive and phones the police. Blanche buys herself a drink and one for a friend. When the friend doesn't turn up she drinks both drinks. Shelley's amused at her ruse. Blanche takes offence accusing Shelley of calling her an alcoholic and declares she's boycotting the Rovers. Sean bursts into tears and admits to Jamie his date never showed up but he wanted to save face. Jamie sympathises and promises not to tell anyone. The police arrive at Mike's flat. Mike becomes confused and upset wondering why they're there. Danny's at his wit's end. Blanche asks Emily and Rita to support her in her boycott of the Rovers but they refuse. Blanche is offended. Jamie calls to see Danny. Danny's upset about Mike but doesn't know what to do for the best.moreless
    • Stairs of the Platts (Episode 5)
      Season 49 - Episode 56
      Gail feels lucky to be alive following her fall and becomes worried about Jason being made prime suspect for her fall at The Platts.Audrey meanwhile, heads over to the Builder's yard about his part in the events leading up to Gail's fall and soon realizes that they were rowing becuase he thought that Sarah had had an abortion and that David must have overheard them talking and decides to confront David- is David's part in Gail's fall about to be unravled? As Liam's jealousy comes boiling back up to the surface, Tony again proposes to Carla in private and this time she accepts but will the turth ever come about Carla and Liam's real feelings for each other? Michelle becomes worried about Ryan as he prepares for his Easter break away with Nick but is she starting to fear she will lose Ryan in the same way she lost Alex?moreless
    • Mon 29 Dec, 1980
      Mon 29 Dec, 1980
      Season 21 - Episode 104
      Ken considers buying a car so he can go to Glasgow more often. Gail has stomach pains. Ivy makes Bert call for an ambulance. Martin apologises to Karen for creating a scene. Gail goes to hospital in an ambulance. Brian rushes to hospital to be with her. Hilda tells Mrs Palin she can't afford her anymore and reluctantly lets her go. Gail's contractions stop and she is discharged. She feels embarrassed that it was a false alarm. Martin asks Karen out for the night but she has made other arrangements with Paul. She assures Martin she loves him but she had arranged to see Paul. Martin is jealous. She tells Martin she doesn't want him running her life for her. Elsie tells Martin it's not as if he was engaged to Karen.moreless
    • Mon 1 May, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 1 May, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 88
      Frankie turns Danny and his offer of half of everything down. Ken is trying to persuade Adam to have an eighteenth party but he is not keen on the idea. Kelly is getting annoyed that Becky is always in the way and has invited herself everywhere with them. Frankie is angry at Danny's offer and confides in Nathan about it. Audrey is jealous of Archie and Rita's relationship and is feeling fed up with Keith. David is very worried about Gail. She is now drinking in the day time alone! Jason and Sarah discuss wedding plans - Gail is not in the mood to be excited. Danny continues to wind up Adam. Frankie tells Nathan that she likes being with a bloke like him and she's no longer interested in Danny's life. Jamie, Sean and Violet try to convince Adam to have a party. He agrees to have one at Jamie's house. After having a drink with Archie, Audrey tells Keith he is boring and she doesn't want to see him anymore. Keith thinks it's down to Archie and tries to confront him about it. Frankie tells Leanne that Danny offered everything back to her but that she said no and would be a fool to take it. Leanne is not impressed and Danny is left shattered by Frankie's words.moreless
    • Wed 3 May, 2006
      Wed 3 May, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 89
      Jamie and Adam are buying booze for his party. Leanne starts at the factory. Sally is wary of her intentions. Tracy tries to get Blanche to baby-sit however she is going to the party too. Vera is rushed off her feet at the Café as Frankie has the day off for the party. Blanche tries to get the gossip out of Keith about him and Audrey. Craig and Sophie get invited to Adam's party. Lloyd ways up the pro's and con's of living with two women. Danny goes to see his solicitor about the divorce and Frankie wanting half. He lies about Nathan living with Frankie. Kelly is complaining to Lloyd about never having a minute alone together. Rosie and Sally are distraught to find out that they are both at Adam's party. Adam swings a punch at Danny and they end up fighting on the street. Kirk and Sean break it up. Gail goes to the Rovers with Audrey but is clearly very uncomfortable. Audrey tries to tell Keith why she broke up with him but he is still very hurt. Adam has a heart to heart with Sean telling him how Mike must have loved him less because he left everything to Danny.moreless
    • Stairs of the Platts (Episode 2)
      Stairs of the Platts (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 53
      As Gail lies still at the bottom of the stairs following her confrntation with David,he becomes convinced she's dead and runs off nearly getting run over by a car himshelf in the process and goes to Tina's and tells her he knows about the abortion.Meanwhile Audrey arrives at the Platts and makes the shocking discovery of Gail lying at the bottom of the stairs and calls Ambulance-She then calls David who (along with Tina) arrives at the hopsital and plays dumb, relieved that his mother has survived the fall but how long will it be before the turth emerges? During a candle-lit dinner with Tony, Carla confesses that the she once kissed Liam and Tony plays it cool but as soon as she's out of the kitchen, his fury gets the better of him and he breaks some wine glasses in the sink but does Tony really have an evil side? Meanwhile Kelly's confession about her being the Underworld kincker stealer earns her, her marching orders from Carla but Vicki soon manages to get her reinstated.moreless
    • Fri 19 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Fri 19 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 98
      Gail acts calmly in front of David hiding her inner turmoil. Ashley's upset to receive a letter from Matt's solicitor saying he wants contact with Joshua. Claire feels the baby kick for the first time. Dev gets Keith to run the shop while he baby sits for the twins. Keith's horrified at how expensive the shop is and so sells everything at a knock-down price. Gail tells Audrey that she suspects David's behind the . Audrey thinks she's being ridiculous. Rita cleverly tells Norris that Emily's missing him and Emily that Norris is missing her. Secretly she wants her own flat back. Gail rifles through David's bedroom and finds a blank birthday card. She lies to David telling him that it's Richard's birthday on Friday. Dev tells Steve he's going to offer his house to Sunita and suggest that he moves into the flat above the shop. Ashley makes an appointment with his solicitor. Claire's disappointed that it clashes with her ante-natal class. Gail follows David hoping to catch him posting the birthday card. Audrey stops her telling her she's taken leave of her senses but Gail's determined to prove it's him.moreless
    • Mon 8 Jan, 1979
      Mon 8 Jan, 1979
      Season 20 - Episode 3
      Eddie gives Hilda a frame for her painting. Albert finds Dave in the house and orders him out. Dave shoves him away and waits for Ken. Eddie shows the painting off in the Rovers without telling anyone who did it. Annie likes it and buys it for £20. Emily takes Gail on at Dawsons. Brian meets Gail in the Rovers, he is chatty but she tells him to get lost. Ken finds Dave at No. 1 holding Albert prisoner. Dave threatens to kill Ken but Ken somehow manages to knock him unconscious to the floor. Albert keeps him in check with the poker when he comes too. Ken tells him he is not having an affair with Karen and advises him to learn to read and write himself. Albert thinks he's a fool when he lets Dave go. Hilda is thrilled that Eddie got £20 for the picture and they split the money in half. She is delighted that Annie has bought it and kisses Eddie. Dave wants the police informed so he can tell a court about Karen and Ken's affair. Albert tells Ken he's going to report Dave to the police.moreless
    • Wed 13 Dec, 1978
      Wed 13 Dec, 1978
      Season 19 - Episode 100
      Gail gets a letter from Suzie. Ken starts giving Karen lessons. Hilda thinks it's disgusting that Elsie has two men after her. Ken and Karen keep getting interrupted at the Centre so he takes her to No. 1. Hilda tells Ron that Elsie is seeing Harry behind his back. Harry calls when Elsie is out, Ron lets him think he lives at No. 11. Harry gets the message that he is being warned off. Gail starts work at the Corner Shop. Ron lets Elsie believe he bought Harry's champagne. Eddie tells Ken that Karen's husband is on remand.moreless
    • Stairs of the Platts (Episode 1)
      Stairs of the Platts (Episode 1)
      Season 49 - Episode 52
      Gail feels unhappy about being the cuase of David's break up with Tina but when Becky overhears her talking to Audrey and gets the worng end of the stick by thinking that it's Sarah that has had an abortion, she tells Jason who confronts Gail and ends up with a slap round the face as a result but when David overhears their row and confronts her she is forced to tell him the turth about Tina's abortion leaving him absoultely furious with her-As he goes to pack his bags and Gail tries to stop him,David lashes at his mother with disastarous concequences-Has David clamed another victim? With a heavy heart Kirk visits Chesney at the care home and suggests going on the run but an upset Chesney just tells him that it wouldn't work but when will he be allowed back on the street? When Carla sacks Vicki thinking that she's the underworld kincker thief, Kelly is forced to confess all but how will Carla rect when she hears the news?moreless
    • Mon 15 May, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 15 May, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 97
      Norris and Helen chat over a coffee. They discuss Rita's lack of skill when it comes to interior design. Rita seethes in the cupboard. Sally tells Kevin he can do the cooking since he's invited Craig for tea. The police call at the Platts. Gail's relieved they're taking her seriously and they take the card away for tests. Gail suggests Phil is behind the whole thing. Kelly's upset with Lloyd for thinking she was the thief but starts to thaw towards him. Helen suggests to Norris they could listen to her Andrew Lloyd Webber CD but Norris suddenly gets cold feet and suggests she leaves. As he ushers her out the broom cupboard door swings open and they're horrified to see Rita standing there. Craig arrives at the Websters armed with flowers and a bottle of wine. Sally can't help feeling touched. Rita apologises to Norris for spying on him. Norris admits that dating isn't for him as he's not after a physical relationship and really he just misses Emily. Jason changes the locks at the Platts and Gail buy them all a fish and chip supper. Bev and Fred agree to set a wedding date. Claire and Ashley plan to turn Fred's bedroom into a nursery for the new baby. David complains he's got salt into the paper cut on his finger. Gail freezes in horror wondering if David is behind the Richard Hillman cards.moreless
    • Mon 15 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 15 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 96
      Kelly's grateful for Joanne's support but still upset and confused as to why Becky would frame her for stealing. Claire covers the switch in the taxi office. She introduces a no smoking rule much to Les's disgust. Vera starts back at the café. She cheekily asks Roy if he'll pay her for the week the café was closed but he refuses. Becky disappears and fails to show up for work. Craig's pleasantly surprised when Kevin invites him round for his tea. Norris goes on a second date with a lady called Helen. While he's out Rita lets herself into her flat to have a look what changes Norris has made. David's ill and stays off school. When Gail arrives home she's shocked to find a Get Well card to David on the table. It's signed from Richard. Audrey studies the card from Richard. She notices a bit of blood on it. Lloyd tries to talk to Kelly but she's frosty towards him. Rita panics when Norris and Helen arrive back at the flat early. She hides in the broom cupboard. Gail phones the police hoping they can DNA test the blood on the card.moreless
    • Fri 12 May, 2006
      Fri 12 May, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 94
      Lloyd and Kelly are finding it difficult whilst Becky is still there. Rosie asks Kevin if he will seriously think about taking on Craig when he finishes school. Sally is not keen on the idea. Hayley and Roy have been up all night cleaning the Café and it is now spotless. Vera is spring cleaning her house to keep her self busy seeing as she resigned. Jack is worried for Vera. The factory girls and Sean are gossiping about Norris and the Café. Fiz announces her purse is missing. Hayley is introduced to Becky. Norris continues to spread malicious rumours about Gail and the cards Audrey walks in and is very upset. She leaves angry with both Norris and Rita. Kelly gives Becky £200 after Kelly sold the watch Becky bought for her. Blanche's purse goes missing - Becky has stolen it. Claire and Ashley discuss living arrangements for when the baby comes. Hayley suggests that she and Roy should give all the left over food they can't use in the Café to the homeless. Becky has clearly got an evil side and she has stolen both Fiz and Blanche's purses along with other miscellaneous things.moreless
    • Fri 5 May, 2006
      Fri 5 May, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 90
      Sean is telling the factory girls about Adam's fight. Ken overhears and rushes off worried. Kelly is getting thoroughly fed up with Becky being in her space all the time. Adam brought a girl home last night but Blanche and Ken are less than thrilled to see her at breakfast. Frankie receives a phone call when she is working telling her Danny has told his Solicitor that Nathan and she are living together - she runs out to have it out with him. Frankie makes it clear to Danny that she is disgusted by his behaviour. Norris, Blanche and Emily gossip in the Kabin about Rita and Archie. Rita overhears. Kelly is getting concerned about Becky's overly nice behaviour. Vera is not well and Jack is left to fend for himself. He cooks Vera a meal she is made up. Ken likens Adam and Danny to himself and Mike all those years ago. Danny continues to wind up Frankie about Nathan however she plays him at his own game and asks Nathan to move in - he accepts.moreless
    • Stairs of the Platts (Episode 3)
      Stairs of the Platts (Episode 3)
      Season 49 - Episode 54
      Gail continues to be unconscious in intensive care the police reveal that Gail's fall was no accident and that she was pushed and Claire reveals that she saw Jason leaving the Platt's at the time of her fall but when Gail cmes round and says that she's ready to talk David panics!- Is he about to be found out by the police? Carla is bemused when invites Michelle, Liam, Maria and Steve to dinner at his flat that evening but just what is Tony planning? Paul is shocked that Leanne would even consider selling her resturant and when she gets an offer she can't refuse he's furious but will she able to bring him round to her way thinking?moreless
    • Wed 10 Dec, 1975
      Wed 10 Dec, 1975
      Season 16 - Episode 97
      Emily gets Mavis to play Baroness Stoneybroke to take her mind off the shoplifting not knowing that Rita has cast Annie. Alf tells Len he's seen Ray with a woman. Len confronts Ray who tells him to get knotted. Mavis tries to make amends to the Wheelers by giving them presents for the children but Bob throws them back. Blanche worries Deirdre by asking Ray what his feelings for Deirdre are. Rita gets round Annie by asking her to give the cast speech lessons. Blanche tells Deirdre that Ray has another woman. She tells him she knows he's not being unfaithful.moreless
    • Mon 8 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 8 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 92
      Tyrone tells Frankie she will have to cope on her own at the Café as Vera is having the day off. Jamie and Frankie discuss Norris's accident. Lloyd finds Becky in his room trying on Kelly's clothes - she is acting strangely. Rosie tries to persuade Kevin and Sally to let Craig come over but they are just not ready for that yet. Kelly is cross at Becky for wearing her clothes without asking. Adam is very hung over from the night before Kan and Deirdre are not happy. Ken wants Adam to get a job. Lloyd confides in Steve about Becky's behaviour - Steve just laughs it off. Frankie is not coping well on her own in the Café and is also worried what Norris will do when he gets home from Hospital. Norris arrives home and Frankie thinks it is a good idea to buy him flowers to butter him up. When she sees Norris is in genuine pain and needing the aid of a wheelchair she doesn't speak to him and takes the flowers back with her. Jamie tells Frankie the Café has got mice - she is more bothered about Norris. Kelly tells Lloyd it is time for Becky to move out. The Health Inspector calls at the café because of the accident yesterday. He sees the mice and tells Frankie she has to shut the place down until he gives it the all clear in a few days.moreless
    • Mon 8 May, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 8 May, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 93
      Gail is still clearly not coping with the 'Hillman' card situation. Frankie is frantically trying to clean the Café with Jamie's help - Frankie is very worried about Norris and what Roy will say. Hayley and Roy are on their way home. Deirdre and Ken are still on Adam's case about getting a job. Jamie finds a mouldy egg mayo sandwich in the café behind a radiator - that was the cause if the smell in the Café. Vera goes to help Frankie and speaks to Roy on the phone - he gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Vera has 'mental health issues' not 'environmental health issues' and sends her home for the day! Norris has got Rita as his nurse maid and is taking liberties. Audrey is concerned about Gail and goes to see her - Gail is clearly not well and is still taking the sleeping tablets. Rosie wants Craig to bond with Kevin so she thinks it's a good idea for him to help at the garage - Craig actually enjoys it. Frankie finds out Norris has only sprained his wrist and ankle and is angry because she thought she thought it was much more serious. Kelly asks Becky to move out - Becky pretends not to be bothered but clearly is. Roy goes to visit Vera but soon realises she is not mentally ill - Roy says he will fire Vera but she resigns first!moreless
    • Wed 5 Apr, 1972
      Wed 5 Apr, 1972
      Season 13 - Episode 28
      Emily refuses to let the delay upset her and she sets out for the Mission, surprising everyone. Ernie follows Emily to the church and they are married. At the reception, Mavis takes a shine to Jerry. Ken reads the telegrams from Dave, Jed and Dennis. The Bishops honeymoon walking in Edale. Ray asks Vicki to marry him. She tells him she's pregnant.moreless
    • Fri 23 Jun, 2006
      Fri 23 Jun, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 125
      It’s Steve’s birthday but he doesn’t want to celebrate until he knows whether his licence will be renewed. Meanwhile Lloyd is still giving both Kelly and Steve the cold shoulder. Eileen and the drivers are worried about their jobs and things look grim when Steve returns from the meeting with bad news. Sean has got a lot of questions to ask his mother when she returns from holiday and he is frustrated when he receives a postcard from her on the day she is due to return home. He leaves another message on her answer machine. Gail’s home study plans for David falter at the first hurdle when she struggles to help him with his maths problems. David suggests asking Craig for help but instead of discussing school work the youngsters end up mulling over their family problems. Maria is still seething about Chris standing her up and is less than impressed when he turns up a day late. He insists he was working and couldn’t let her know – will he manage to win her round? Elsewhere - Diggory is concerned about the future of the bakery as business continues to fall. Steve is confident that the business can keep going if Lloyd takes over the licence but Lloyd has no intention of doing that unless Steve quits. Les and Eileen become increasingly worried as it seems Steve and Lloyd aren’t going to agree. Steve insists they will soon be back in business but with the main partners at loggerheads it seems increasingly unlikely. Meanwhile Liz wants to celebrate Steve’s birthday but it is the last thing he feels like doing. Sean finally gets hold of his mum and arranges to meet her tomorrow but keeps the reason for his visit a secret – hoping to catch her on the hop. Chris finally manages to convince everyone he is genuine when he drops hints about a famous client who prevented him from keeping his date with Maria and when he serenades her with a song it seems she is finally won over. Elsewhere Molly’s concerns about Diggory grow when he admits that he has had to get a bank loan to keep the business afloat.moreless
    • Fri 30 Jun,2006
      Fri 30 Jun,2006
      Season 47 - Episode 128
      Janice persuades Kelly to join the girls on Leanne's night out. Eileen agrees to put Lloyd up as he vacates the flat. Charlie doesn't return from his night out until the morning and Tracy is seething. He is convinced he is in for an earful but she is surprisingly calm and insists that she has no problem with him staying out. Steve struggles to get his business back off the ground. Lloyd is determined to do the same and interrupts a car deal that Steve is doing in the street but Eileen is sick and tired of the pair fighting each other and bangs their heads together before heading off to London to leave them to sort it out. Charlie thinks he has got away with his night out whilst he is in the bath, Tracy writes him a note with instructions on how to cook his tea and Amy’s bedtime routine. With a smile on her face she slips out of the flat leaving the unsuspecting Charlie holding the baby. Bev is feeling guilty for muscling in on Shelley’s territory, but Fred insists she is worrying unnecessarily and a change of scene won’t do Shelley any harm. Meanwhile, Shelley is starting to look forward to leaving Weatherfield and her memories behind. Ashley, Claire and Josh return refreshed from their holiday but the cheery mood dissipates when Ashley opens a letter from the court about arranging a home visit with Matt. Sean is playing Cupid with Adam and Joanne. Charlie congratulates Tracy on getting one over him and next day Tracy is trying to butter Charlie up to persuade him to babysit so she can attend the family party. Charlie is having none of it and gets his own back by slipping out to the pub whilst she is in the bathroom. Furious Tracy heads to the Rovers and asks him to look after Amy - Shelley has overheard the entire thing and when Charlie refuses she can’t help but worry that Amy has been left home alone. Adam gives Sean internet site details and a laptop to start his family search. The factory girls are a bit wary about Leanne’s plans to take them all out for the night but with free drink on offer they aren’t about to complain. Leanne is determined to show that she is one of the girls but things don’t go quite as she had hoped when she overhears the girls talking about her morals and dubious past. In Eileen’s absence, Liz takes up the challenge of getting Lloyd and Steve to see sense over the cab firm. Steve reluctantly apologises for sleeping with Kelly and the two men are forced to accept that there is no room for two cab firms on the street. They agree to a partnership but on more equal terms this time. Sean starts his internet search. Shelley, worried about Amy, calls at the flat. Getting no reply to her calls, she spots Steve and tells him that his daughter is home alone.moreless
    • Wed 27 Sep, 2006
      Wed 27 Sep, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 189
      Bev comes clean to Fred and confesses that she has told Deirdre about the baby. She hasn’t the heart to own up to Shelley yet - a decision she will come to regret. Deirdre and Ken realise they have no choice but to tell Tracy the news. Tracy is stunned and wastes no time in heading straight for the Rovers where she demands to see Shelley. Having lit the blue touchpaper Bev and Deirdre can only stand well back and watch as the fireworks start! With Liam and Frankie no longer an item Danny seems more prepared to give the business partnership a go and the girls can’t help but be pleased that Liam is sticking around. Danny is highly amused though when he discovers what really happened between Frankie and Liam. Violet’s suspicions continue to grow and when Jamie seems overly keen to let Sean join the pair of them a pre-holiday shopping trip she sees this as yet more evidence that he has feelings for his mate. Steve is enjoying making plans for the future and lets Michelle know that he would love her to stay on at the pub when he and Liz take over. Liam can’t help but wonder if it is just Michelle’s barmaid skills that are interesting Steve.moreless
    • Fri 29 Sep, 2006
      Fri 29 Sep, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 190
      Charlie Stubbs is the only topic of conversation at the Barlow household. Tracy tells Ken and Deirdre that he won’t know what has hit him. Meanwhile, oblivious to the welcome awaiting him, Charlie is saying his farewells to Maria after their night of passion in Birmingham. Once back on the street he goes straight home to see Tracy and walks straight into a barrage of accusations and body blows. Over at the Rovers, Shelley has decided to leave a day early to avoid Charlie – but she doesn’t manage to give him the slip and he finds her leaving via the back door of the pub. Will he succeed where Bev failed in her bid to get her to have an abortion? Eileen jokes with Violet and Sean about the number of text messages Jamie sends Sean – oblivious to the can of worms she is opening for both Sean and Violet. When Sean is in the loo Violet takes the opportunity to have a look at his phone and is horrified at the number of texts with Jamie’s name on them. She decides the time has come to take the bull by the horns and asks Sean to find out once and for all if Jamie is really gay. Kevin’s dad calls to offer the Webster’s a surprise anniversary holiday; and Audrey can’t help but wonder what might have been if she and Fred had got together all those years ago.moreless
    • Sun 1 Oct, 2006
      Sun 1 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 191
      With Jamie and Sean’s big night out planned Violet and Frankie tease Jamie about going out with a gay bloke. When he doesn’t rise to their mickey-taking Violet takes this a further proof that she is right about his feelings for Sean. Meanwhile, Sean has mixed feelings about the whole plan but after a few drinks takes the bull by the horns and tells Jamie how he feels about him. Jamie is initially horrified and makes it clear that he is not into blokes! Sean’s embarrassment turns to shock however when Jamie confesses that he knows how Sean feels as he too is in love with the wrong person! Tracy is still not willing to talk to Charlie and refuses to let him back into the house. Deirdre is worried about her daughter and asks her if she and Amy would like to move in with them for a bit. Tracy realises that she needs space away from Charlie and agrees. Charlie meanwhile copes with the situation in his own inimitable style – by spending some time with Maria! Bev and Fred are entertaining Audrey, Emily and Rita in the pub a situation which Audrey finds increasingly uncomfortable. When Rita starts talking about how much she will miss Fred and Bev when they have gone it all becomes too much for Audrey who heads to the ladies for a little weep. On her return she is put in an even more awkward position when Fred asks her to accompany him on a shopping trip to buy a special present for Bev.moreless
    • Monday 3rd August 2009 (Episode 1)
      Monday 3rd August 2009 (Episode 1)
      Season 50 - Episode 153
      Joe is desperately in need of painkillers but Gail is oblivious as she wonders what's happened to the new packet of paracetamol she bought. Joe waits until she's gone then pulls them from his pocket and downs a couple but it is clear they aren't enough and Joe begs the doctor for a painkiller prescription but she refuses saying he needs to make an appointment. Gail's shocked as a furious Joe storms out of the medical centre.
      Fiz goes to visit John and lies about her engagement ring saying she's dropped it into the jewellers to have the altered. Meanwhile Chesney offers to clean Rosie's car for her, secretly hoping to look for the ring but Rosie insists she cleans it herself. When she finds Fiz's ring in her car she gives it to Sally as a present pretending she bought it unaware of the identity of its rightful owner. Sally's thrilled and as she shows it off to the factory girls a stunned Fiz recognises it as hers and while Sally's distracted, Fiz takes it from her handbag. How will Sally react when she discovers it is missing?
      An excited Becky and Hayley go shopping for a wedding dress but Becky takes offence at the snooty assistant in the shop and they return empty-handed.
      Elsewhere Michelle arrives home on a break from her tour and Jason has a meeting with his bank manager and is thrilled when he gets the go ahead for a mortgage.moreless
    • Wed 4 Oct, 2006
      Wed 4 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 194
      Following his confession to Gail, David has decided that there is no point in pretending he is going to school. Gail is devastated when he refuses point-blank to put on his uniform and instead walks out of the house leaving her frustrated and clueless about what to do with her wayward son. Audrey comes up with a suggestion that might just make David change his mind. Tracy is trying her best to make a go of things with Charlie but can’t get the image of him kissing Shelley out of her head. Charlie knows he has got work to do trying to make amends but he is determined to put on a united front and Deirdre and Ken are forced to ‘enjoy’ a drink with them at the Rovers. Sally is frustrated that Rosie does not want to go to Paris with the family but her mind is put at rest when Rita says that Rosie can stay with her. However, Rosie and Craig had been planning a romantic weekend on their own and are not too impressed by the idea of Rita babysitting. Fred can’t think straight after Audrey’s declaration of love and uses the excuse of needing a bit of pre-wedding grooming to nip across to the salon. Audrey manages to get rid of Maria and once she is on her own with Fred she tells him that she would marry him if he asked her. Fred is thrown into turmoil.moreless
    • Mon 25 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 25 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 188
      Bev and Fred are reeling from the shock of Shelley’s pregnancy but she has more surprises in store for them. Bev wants to know who the father is and is stunned when Shelley cracks under pressure and confirms her mum’s worst fears – the baby is Charlie’s. Bev can’t believe she is even considering keeping it and tells Shelley as much. Shelley is furious at her mother’s attitude and storms out of the pub. Bev chases after her and is discovered sobbing in the alleyway by Deirdre. Desperate for someone to talk to Bev tells Deirdre everything – remembering too late that Deirdre’s own daughter is shacked up with the bully boy builder! Will she be able to persuade Deirdre to keep quiet? Sean is a man on a mission. Spurred on by Violet and also his own desire to find out the truth he arranges a night out with Jamie. Jamie is totally oblivious to the pair’s plotting and is a little confused by Sean’s strange behaviour but agrees to the offer of another night on the town. Liam finally gets Frankie on his own but not for the right reasons. She tells him that the relationship won’t work and dumps him. Liam is philosophical about it and decides to play the situation to his own advantage. Knowing Danny was never entirely happy with the fact that he was dating Frankie, Liam tells him he ended the relationship for the sake of the business. Can he really kid a kidder? Elsewhere, wedding talk is really starting to get Audrey down and Rosie and Craig discuss the future.moreless
    • Mon 25 Sep, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 25 Sep, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 187
      Bev is excited that Shelley is coming to stay for a few days to help her with the wedding plans and try on her bridesmaid dress. She's concerned however when Shelley can't seem to share her enthusiasm for the big day. Suspicious that the dress has got too tight, and the fact that Shelley won't share a celebratory drink with her, Bev quizzes her daughter about what is going on. Faced with Bev's interrogation Shelley is left with no choice but to come clean - she's pregnant! It's Fiz's birthday and yet again she is under whelmed by Kirk's gift of a bank note in a card! He insists that he has got her something else but that it is too big to wrap. When Chesney then presents her with a splendid pair of furry dice, and tells her Kirk suggested them, Fiz can't help but be excited. Could Fiz be right - has Kirk done something properly for once and actually got her a car for her birthday? Liam is made up when he realises just how much him seeing Frankie is getting on Danny's nerves. He suggests a night out at the cinema but Frankie is starting to wonder whether Liam is actually worth all the hassle; and before the date even got going Liam finds himself getting dumped. What will Danny make of it? Fred calls round with flowers for Audrey following the break-in and she can't help but feel more than a little disappointed that they were Bev's idea not his. But, with Fred having to make himself scarce at the pub, Audrey takes the opportunity to share some quality time with him.moreless
    • Sun 24 Sep, 2006
      Sun 24 Sep, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 186
      Violet is concerned that Jamie did not come home after his night out with Sean. She has spent half the night texting him with no response. Meanwhile, Jamie is sleeping off his bad head on Eileen’s sofa, oblivious to Violet's worry. Sean however is starting to think that Violet's concerns about her relationship with Jamie may have some foundation - especially after Jamie opened up to him the night before. Violet decides not to give Jamie a hard time about staying out and decides instead to enlist Sean's help in some detective work. Could Jamie be gay? Fred and Audrey are in reflective moods. Fred is counting how many more Sundays he will be spending on one side of the Rovers' bar or another, and Audrey tells Gail that her neighbours are moving away and that she is starting to feel that everyone she knows is disappearing. Is Fred's departure having more impact on her than she thought it would? Anxious to escape her growing feelings she makes her excuses and leaves the pub heading for home. But she's in for a nasty shock when an intruder gets into the house - leaving her no option but to call upon Fred for assistance. Maria feels a pang of jealousy when she spots Charlie playing happy families with Amy but her spirits are lifted when Charlie tells her he might just be able to manage both nights at the hotel with her. Rita and Norris are still squabbling over the trip to Hungary and Emily for one is heartily sick of their bickering. She comes up with the ideal solution - why don't they both go? How will Rita react to the idea of spending her holiday with Norris?moreless
    • Sun 17 Sep, 2006
      Sun 17 Sep, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 181
      Ashley’s misery worsens as he visits Claire in hospital. She refuses to forgive him, blaming him for putting her there. Struggling to care for his children alone, Ashley breaks down in tears. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse the doctor has shocking news in store for him. Danny returns from Spain and immediately has a run in with the Connors after they nearly bump cars. Danny snipes if they sell more drugs they might be able to afford an even bigger car. Blissfully unaware of the news that a smug Adam has in store for him! Jamie is becoming increasingly annoyed as Liam and Frankie become closer. Liam finds a post card from Danny stating “with all my love” but seems undeterred. Paul, however, has different ideas and warns Liam his fling with Frankie could jeopardise their business. Violet confides in Eileen over her concerns for her relationship with Jamie. Eileen becomes suspicious after catching Sean and Jamie acting very chummy. Elsewhere, Fiz convinces Les to give her driving lessons. Kirk’s pleas for her to learn the Highway Code first fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Fred and Bev return acting sheepishly after mysteriously cutting short their holiday.moreless
    • Fri 16 Nov 2007
      Fri 16 Nov 2007
      Season 48 - Episode 227
      Jamie and Violet prepare to tell Sean about their new relationship while Sean prepares to tell Violet about wanting to be the baby's father. That evening Jamie and Violet get there first with their announcement and tell Sean that Jamie's going to raise the baby as his own. Sean is gutted about the annocment and storms off into the night. Claire is full of nerves as she heads on the singles night with Lloyd but things go wrong when she gets very drunk and Lloyd leaves with a girl. Kevin then arrives to pick her up and Claire ends up kissing him! When she arrives back in the street she's sobered up enough to be mortified and ends up breaking down in Ashley's arms. Will she finally give her marriage another chance? Carla's delighted when Liam returns to the street but is jealous when he showers Maria with gifts. Does he still have feelings for him following their kiss?moreless
    • Mon 18 Sep, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 18 Sep, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 182
      Danny’s first day back at the factory and he sets the alarms off as his code no longer works. Liam arrives with the new code and introduces himself as Danny’s new partner. Danny is furious and marches off to see his solicitor. How far will Danny go to get rid of the Connor brothers? Liz visits the mortgage broker with high hopes of getting a loan to buy the Rovers. Steve warns her not to get her hopes up, but she doesn’t listen and returns devastated having been refused. Steve overhears Liz telling Violet her plans are over and thinks of how he can help. He might just have a plan! Meanwhile, it’s Craig’s 16th birthday, he is feeling down with only the Croppers to celebrate with. Until Rosie arrives back from Devon in time to wish him many happy returns. Elsewhere, Ashley and Fred are still struggling to cope as Joshua falls ill. Fred considers delaying the wedding but how will Bev react?moreless
    • Mon 18 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 18 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 183
      Liam tries to win Danny round by saying he wants to be partners and learn about the business. Danny is having none of it as he thinks Liam is out of his league and throws him out the factory. Later, Liam tries to convince Frankie she should tell Danny about them seeing each other. Frankie agrees but when Danny comes round she throws Liam out the back door saying she needs to do it at the right time. Will Frankie tell Danny the truth?Elsewhere, Eileen is sceptical about Steve’s decision to buy the Rovers. Steve is caught up in all the excitement, seeing it as a money spinner and puts in an offer. Fred declares if Steve and Liz match his asking price the Rovers is theirs. Meanwhile, Claire is still angry with Ashley for putting her in hospital. Fred sides with Ashley telling her that is was for her own good. Ashley is at breaking point as he just wants his wife back. Also, Maria and Charlie’s affair continues as Maria becomes more infatuated with the cheating builder.moreless
    • Wed 20 Sep, 2006
      Wed 20 Sep, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 184
      Liam’s persistence with Danny pays off, as Danny gives in to allowing him a trial run. Liam joins Danny in the Rovers and decides it’s a good time to tell Danny about him and Frankie. Danny storms out. Has Liam blown his chances? Jamie continues to be cold towards Violet. She bumps into him going to the café for his lunch and questions why he won’t go to the Rovers. Sean persuades him to go, but when Violet tells Jamie they have the house to themselves tonight, he makes an excuse that he has to work. Elsewhere, Fred tells Audrey he is selling the pub to Liz and Steve. Both Audrey and Fred know this is not what he really wants with everything that is going on at home. Meanwhile, Maria is offered a two-day spray tanning course in Birmingham and tries to persuade Charlie to go with her. Also, Rita wins a weekend for two in Budapest, much to Norris’s annoyance.moreless
    • Fri 6 Oct, 2006
      Fri 6 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 195
      Fred is still brooding over Audrey’s confession. Bev is totally unaware of what is going on and is convinced he is worried about Ashley and Claire. Audrey feels uncomfortable when Bev calls into the salon to discuss hair styles and when Bev tells her how stressed Fred is she can’t help but ask if she thinks he will cancel the wedding. Who will Fred choose? Rosie and Craig are feeling increasingly suffocated by Rosie’s family interfering in their lives and start to discuss a life away from Weatherfield. As they talk about all the amazing places to visit in the world an idea starts to form in their minds and they come up with the hair brained scheme to travel to Paris after all – but then to run away to Berlin!Ashley is emotional that Claire is returning home and wants everything to be just right for her homecoming. Claire is nervous about seeing baby Thomas but after an initial awkwardness she takes him in her arms and Ashley heaves as sigh of relief as it looks as though everything is going to be okay. Elsewhere, Fiz is growing increasingly fed up with Kirk’s attempts to teach her to drive and, after spending her lunch hour driving round and round in circles, she storms off leaving Kirk bemused and confused.moreless
    • Thursday 6th August 2009
      Season 50 - Episode 155
      Sally berates Rosie for giving her a ring that wasn't hers to give but Rosie's unrepentant and starts to phone the police to report Fiz until Kevin stops her. Not believing Fiz's story that it was her who stole the car Kevin calls to see her and gets her to admit the truth about Chesney's involvement. Joe meets up with Len and the project manager at the flats. The project manager tells him he's unreliable and clearly unfit to work immediately firing Joe from the job. Gail comes home from work and finds Joe at home in a state visibly shaking as he explains he's lost his job. While Gail's back is turned, Joe steals the keys to the medical centre from her handbag and disappears. What is Joe planning to do? Jesse asks Sean for advice on how to deal with his forceful mother. Sean gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Jesse's trying to tell him he's gay meanwhile Julie overhears Jesse and Sean's conversation and is shocked also wrongly assuming that Jesse is gay. Elsewhere Jason, Tina and Eileen set off for the auction of the flat over the Kabin. Luke chats up Michelle and makes it clear his relationship with Rosie isn't serious. However Rosie is quick to break up their cosy chat and lay claim to her man!moreless
    • Fri 20 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Fri 20 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 206
      Frankie has ended the kiss and runs away from Jamie. He follows her back to the street insisting that she feels the same way about him as he does her. But Frankie isn’t prepared to listen and with her head in a mess she makes her way to Danny’s flat where she tells him she wants to give their relationship another go. Danny can’t believe his luck, although he’s a little surprised when she then moves into the spare room. Frankie knows she needs to make this work if she’s to stop thoughts of Jamie. But as the pair cosy up on the sofa Jamie arrives at the flat determined to plead his case. The funeral is now over but as the party make their way back to the pub there’s a strange and unpleasant atmosphere. Bev and Ashley are now ignoring one another but Rita tries to cheer up proceedings by starting a sing song. The atmosphere lightens but when Audrey enters keen to say her piece there’s a deadly silence. As she declares how much she loved Fred how will Bev react? Maria pays Charlie a surprise visit but when he tells her he can’t see her now as he’s meeting Tracy Maria’s back is up again. It’s clear the novelty of playing mistress is starting to wear thin. And Fiz gets her first scooter lesson.moreless
    • Fri 3 Nov, 2006
      Fri 3 Nov, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 216
      Tracy is still adamant that it should be Charlie who moves out of number six, so she is stunned to come home to find the locks changed and her belongings in bags, dumped outside the Barlows’ back door. Tracy is devastated by his actions and finally admits to her family that he is a complete rat. Deirdre takes her daughter to the Rovers but all eyes are on Tracy as she drowns her sorrows. However, as they leave, a horrified Tracy can only look on as she sees Charlie getting out of a cab with an attractive blonde woman. Charlie smiles over and waves sarcastically, but this only angers Tracy more and it’s clear that the seed of revenge has been firmly planted in her mind. Over in the Platts’, the family are reluctant to see the mediator at first but as the session begins, Gail is shocked as they unburden themselves one by one with Sarah blaming David for everything that has gone wrong with the family and David admitting that he doesn’t like who he has become. Thoroughly humiliated but determined to see it through, Gail books another session. And Frankie continues to talk up the idea of moving to Spain in a bid to cut an increasingly desperate Jamie out of her life for good. After a heart to heart in the Rovers, Danny eventually agrees to leave with her. But will he ever find out the real reasons why she wants to leave Weatherfield for good?moreless
    • Friday 14th August 2009 (Episode 2)
      Friday 14th August 2009 (Episode 2)
      Season 50 - Episode 162
      The McDonalds and their assembled guests are horrified to discover that the police are searching the entire premises and even more shocked when they find what they are looking for and arrest a devastated Becky. Steve reassures Becky and tells her he will stand by her but she realises that he has automatically assumed she is guilty and is gutted as she is taken away by the police. But when he later discovers that Becky had really won the dream honeymoon and not paid for it by breaking the law he feels guilty and heads off to the station to support her. At the station Hooch is crowing over Becky's arrest and she soon realises that he was behind the whole thing – but with no way to prove it she finds herself spending her wedding night in a cell. Tony goes to see Maria at No.7. He's delighted when she suggests that he should move in on a permanent basis and heads home to pack his things. Maria's thrilled as she now feels they're a 'family'. Elsewhere Lloyd and Jim lock horns over Liz.moreless
    • Mon 30 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 30 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 213
      Charlie continues to intimidate and bully young David by calling him dead meat, but scared David goes to Maria and tells her that Charlie is threatening him. Charlie wins Maria round by smooth talking her and they end up together in the flat again. She has to leave for work and leaves her mobile in the flat. Charlie decides to teach David a lesson he will never forget and texts David pretending to be Maria and invites him round. David falls for the bait and before he gets the chance to escape Charlie drags him inside. He has David by the scruff of the neck and shoves his head under water in a bath, knowing full well about David’s fear of water. Will Maria arrive back home in time to rescue David from evil Charlie’s clutches? Over in the Websters’, Kevin announces that his dad is coming to stay but Rosie is in no frame of mind for visitors as she is still pining for Craig. Sally is pleased that Bill is visiting them but doesn’t relish all the extra work. And Jamie is still making it clear to Frankie that he won’t stop pursuing her, and when a beautiful bunch of flowers arrive at the café everyone thinks they are from Danny, but Frankie knows better. Will troubled Frankie keep them or give them away?moreless
    • Mon 30 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 30 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 214
      Maria flies out of the flat, hotly pursued by Charlie. He tries to reason with her but she is raging at what Charlie has done to poor David and she hammers on Tracy’s door to demand a word with her. Maria can’t be stopped despite Charlie’s appeal for her to keep quiet, and she stuns Tracy by telling her all about their secret affair! The two women begin an almighty row which spills onto the street and the neighbours watch in amazement as the screaming match climaxes. Will Tracy finally dump Charlie after these latest revelations of his philandering have left her completely broken hearted? And Bill Webster returns to Weatherfied to stay with Sally and Kevin. Kevin and his dad spend an all night session in the pub which upsets Sally who has prepared a homecoming meal for them. Elsewhere on Coronation Street, Roy nearly spills the beans to Danny about the mystery flowers, and Jamie can’t help but follow her around the street. Frankie is aware of Jamie’s eyes on her but this secretly excites her, even though she requests that he try and move on with his life. Is Frankie beginning to thaw?moreless
    • Friday 14th August 2009 (Episode 1)
      Friday 14th August 2009 (Episode 1)
      Season 50 - Episode 161
      It's the day of Becky and Steve's second wedding. Becky is determined nothing is going to spoil this one as best man Lloyd helps Steve get ready for the big day and things get off to a great start for the groom when his mum and brother arrive at the Rovers. Meanwhile over the road Hayley and Natasha help an excited and, more importantly, sober Becky with her wedding dress, hair and make-up, whilst Eddie puts the finishing touches to Steve and Becky's wedding cake and he and Anna deliver it to the Rovers for the reception. Despite some pre wedding nerves from Becky the stage is set for a fabulous day and when Jim arrives at the last minute Becky and Steve feel nothing can go wrong and prepare to make their vows. But neither had banked on Slug and Hooch's revenge and as the happy couple return to the pub for their reception the nightmare that awaits them makes Becky's drunken antics at their first wedding pale into insignificance as the police announce they are searching the pub for drugs. Elsewhere Michelle collects her stuff from No.7. She apologises to Maria for overreacting and wishes her and Tony well.moreless
    • Fri 20 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Fri 20 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 205
      It’s the day of Fred’s funeral and Ashley and Bev are winding each other up. Liz and Claire try to keep the peace but it’s clear everyone’s on tenterhooks, and as the funeral cortege arrives Bev is shooting daggers at Audrey. It’s clear things are going to get nasty, and when Bev decides to make a speech the proceedings turn emotional. Meanwhile, Danny’s getting to Jamie as he urges him to patch things up with Violet and leave him and Frankie to it. When he then sees Danny slip an arm round Frankie in the church it’s too much to bear and Jamie storms out. It has the desired effect and Frankie follows him demanding to know why he’s in such a state. Jamie’s forced to spell it out - he’s in love with Frankie and he moves in for a kiss. How will she respond? Elsewhere, Kirk’s in the good books when he presents Fiz with her scooter and Molly celebrates her birthday.moreless
    • Mon 16 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 16 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 203
      As Sally and Kevin rush to the station, Rosie and Craig buy their tickets for Berlin. But as they’re about to get on the train, Rosie freezes. She tries to persuade Craig to stay whilst he tries to persuade her to go. It’s stalemate and as the train finally pulls away, the Websters race onto an empty platform. Have they arrived too late? Maria arrives for her date with Liam but is immediately uncomfortable when Charlie comes in with Tracy and shoots daggers at her from the bar. Charlie then steps up his game by engineering a foursome. The pressure’s too much for Maria and she tells Liam she wants to go home. But as they leave, Charlie follows and gets rough with Liam. How will the two women in his life react? And has Charlie met his match this time with new boy Liam? Elsewhere, Danny gets the door slammed in his face again when he tries to convince Jamie that he’s the man for Frankie. Sean, meanwhile, tells Jamie he can’t keep up the pretence with Frankie and Violet forever, and he’s going to have to choose. And, desperate to know where she stands with the pub sale, Liz is forced to confront Ashley.moreless
    • Sun 5 Nov, 2006
      Sun 5 Nov, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 217
      A very different Tracy emerges from the night before and with all her fight returned, she applies the final bits of killer make up and sets off to talk to Charlie. As he orders the blonde woman home, Tracy tells him that she couldn’t sleep and that she desperately wants him to take her back. He is finding it hard to believe her but she warns him that if he ever cheats again he will be a dead man! Charlie takes her back and as they watch the Platts’ fireworks they play to a crowd. Tracy seems happy to be back but the occasional flicks of anger and disgust across her face show that all is not what it seems. What does Tracy have up her sleeve for Charlie? Is this really a case of forgive and forget? Danny is being pushed by Frankie to up sticks and move to Spain so he questions Liam about buying the factory. Although Danny tells him it’s just an idea that they sell at the moment, it’s obvious that Frankie’s feelings for Jamie are growing which is why she wants to leave Weatherfield for good. And elsewhere on Coronation Street, Molly gives Tyrone a piece of her mind when she finds out that Bill took all the boys to a lap dancing club. What will Sally’s reaction be when she finds out that Kevin went too?moreless
    • Killer Exposed (Episode 3)
      Season 50 - Episode 231
      As Tony stands on the canal towpath he watches Roy fight for his life in the water. Will Tony's conscience catch up with him or is this the end for Roy? Eventually Tony makes his choice before walking away into the night. Meanwhile at the café flat Hayley tells a distraught Maria they must call the police and report Roy as missing. A frantic Hayley and Becky then head to the canal to search for Roy as Maria tells an incredulous Michelle about her suspicions of Tony. Realising her own life could be in danger Maria starts to panic that Tony could come back to hurt her and baby Liam. But in the dark of night Tony calmly walks into a police station and confesses to murder. As Tony is then interviewed he confesses to paying Jimmy to run over Liam out of jealousy, and admits to trying to kill Roy at the canal. Maria's shocked to hear Tony's handed himself in and needing some answers she heads to the station. As the police confirm her worst fears Maria's horrified. In the interview room Tony pleads with her to believe that his feelings for her were genuine and that he's tried to make amends for his evil deeds. Will Maria be able to forgive him?moreless
    • Killer Exposed (Episode 2)
      Killer Exposed (Episode 2)
      Season 50 - Episode 230
      Knowing he's lost Maria, Tony grabs the set of café keys he's stolen and heads off into the night. Letting himself in Tony lurks in the shadows as Hayley sees Roy off on a bat watch. Picking up a kitchen knife Tony follows Hayley towards the flat but he's stopped in his tracks when he hears Maria banging on the door. Hiding again Tony listens as Maria sobs her heart out, while Hayley informs her of his confession and threats to kill Roy. Realising he has nothing to lose anymore Tony goes after Roy. Finding him at the canal Tony makes it clear he has come seeking revenge. As Roy demands to know what he's done to Hayley, he's horrified to see the blood-stained knife. Believing Tony has killed Hayley, Roy lunges at him. They fight but a younger, fitter Tony easily overpowers Roy then throws him semi-soncsious into the canal. As Roy struggles to stay afloat Tony watches him slip beneath the water. Has Tony killed again? Elsewhere Eileen's annoyed that Jesse didn't tell her about his fortieth birthday on Friday. She tries to force him to come clean but when he still won't confess Lloyd suggests she should throw him a surprise party. And as David discusses Gail's impending wedding with his new girlfriend Zoe, she correctly deduces that David would never approve of Gail's choice of man.moreless
    • Killer Exposed (Episode 1)
      Killer Exposed (Episode 1)
      Season 50 - Episode 229
      Tony's a desperate man and as he frantically tries to cling on to the new life he's created he packs Maria off to a health spa for the day, knowing the police are about to come calling. Keeping up the façade Tony goes to work but when the police arrive and arrest him on suspicion of Liam's murder he can feel his world falling apart. Down at the station Tony's interviewed about the Croppers allegations. As the police pile on the pressure, saying they'll speak to Maria, will Tony crumble and confess to murder? Meanwhile Roy and Hayley return to the café and are relieved to hear that Tony has been arrested and taken to the police station. But as gossip about Tony's arrest spreads Maria arrives back on the street. Is she about to discover the awful truth about Tony? Elsewhere Julie is furious with Eileen for making Jesse sack her, insisting she has no designs on her man. But when Eileen makes another discovery while nosing through Jesse's wallet she wonders what else he's hiding from her. Anna worries when Gary reveals he has decided to go on an army taster weekend and Ted is delighted when Gail asks if he will give her away at her wedding.moreless
    • Mon 16 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 16 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 202
      Rosie and Craig are anxious to make their bid for freedom. Rosie’s feeling the pressure but after one last family snap they make their way back to the hotel to pack. Elsewhere, Sally and Kevin are celebrating their anniversary with champagne and gifts, unaware of what their daughter is about to do. But as they arrive back at the hotel they’re flung back down to earth with the news that Rosie’s nowhere to be seen. A search of her room reveals a note to her parents and a train timetable to Berlin. Beside themselves they set off for the station, but will they get there in time? It’s still tense at the Baldwins’ as Jamie continues to act strangely around step mum Frankie. Violet’s puzzled by his behaviour and when he stomps off with their holiday photos the minute Frankie enters the room, Violet can’t understand what has got into him. Danny, meanwhile, is doing everything he can to work his way back into Frankie’s affections. Maria’s suitably riled when Charlie asks her what’s going on with Liam. She snaps back about him spending the weekend playing happy families with Tracy, so how will she respond when Liam follows up on their recent flirtations and asks her on a date? Bev tells Liz that she can’t go thorough with pub sale following Fred’s death.moreless
    • Fri 15 Sep, 2006
      Fri 15 Sep, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 180
      After Claire’s dangerous actions the previous day, Ashley is at a loss as to what he should do to help his distressed wife. Realising that Claire is ill and in need of professional help, he hatches a plan to get his wife to the hospital. Ashley lies to Claire and tells her they should go back to the maternity ward in order to find her real baby. Relieved that Ashley believes there has been a mix up, Claire gladly agrees. Once at the hospital Claire quickly realises that she has been deceived and struggles with her husband as Ashley is forced to take her to the psychiatric ward. Claire is interviewed by the hospital staff and from her answers they are forced to section her believing her to be a risk to both herself and her baby. As a screaming Claire is led away will Ashley allow his wife to be detained at the hospital and how will he live with himself having duped Claire into attending the hospital in the first place? Meanwhile, the Rovers holds a karaoke night to mark Sean’s birthday and Violet feels increasingly distant from boyfriend Jamie as he agrees to sing a song with Sean but declines an invitation to sing a duet with her. Elsewhere, Liam faces older brother Paul’s wrath when he stuns him by telling him he has no intention of ditching Frankie ahead of Danny’s imminent return from holiday. And Cilla heads off for her holiday in Cyprus with Yana leaving a deflated Les at home.moreless
    • Wed 13 Sep, 2006
      Wed 13 Sep, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 179
      A worried Ashley frets over his wife’s mental state. Claire is refusing to see a doctor and won’t accept that she is ill. She continues to insist everything will be fine when she gets her own baby back. The social worker pays the Peacocks a visit, as does the GP who warns Ashley that in his opinion Claire is suffering from post-natal depression and needs treatment. He prescribes some medication for Claire and the troubled family take a walk to pharmacy to pick up the prescription. As they walk, Ashley raises the subject of getting Claire some professional help but Claire becomes very agitated and pushes her pram away from her. Ashley looks on in horror as the pram races onto the road and into on coming traffic. Will baby Thomas escape injury and how will Ashley deal with Claire’s latest out of character behaviour? Elsewhere, Liam continues to make his mark at the factory. He calls Hayley into his office for a chat and she is thrilled when he proposes that she take on more responsibility in her role as factory supervisor. However, having charmed Hayley, the crafty business man begins to quiz her for information about his new business partner Danny. Liam’s brother Paul later arrives at the factory to check up on his younger sibling and is pleased when Liam informs him that he has ditched Frankie. But this is a lie; Liam later chats to Frankie and the pair arrange another date. Is Liam playing with fire going against his brother’s advice to end his relationship with Frankie? Meanwhile, Fiz is unimpressed with boyfriend Kirk’s attempts to give her a driving lesson and Sean celebrates his 30th birthday.moreless
    • Friday 18th Jan 2008 (Episode 2)
      Friday 18th Jan 2008 (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 13
      Vera's family and friends are in shock as they reel from the dreadful news of her death and Jack stuggles to cope as Tyrone, Molly and Paul try to comfort him as he attempts to come to terms with his tragic loss.Michelle's search for Ryan doesn't bring any results and she and Steve head off to confront Nick and as she stuggles to control her anger as she blames him for Ryan's disapperance, Steve tries to comfort her but Michelle continues to fear that Ryan has disappered for good? Maria is furious when Liam has to tell her that he's going to miss the appointment to view wedding venues becuase of his business trip with Carla but has she just stuck another blow to his and Maria's relationship? Gail catches David and Tina about to head off to the bedroom but assumes that he's beginning to act like a normal teenager!moreless
    • Sun 23 Jul, 2006
      Sun 23 Jul, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 141
      Danny can’t get Frankie out of his head and even though she refuses to talk to him, with Nathan out of the way, Danny’s confident he can win her back round. Blinded by love he tells Leanne he wants her out. Stunned Leanne tries to put their relationship to rights but Danny is brutal as he tells her he never loved her. She tries to keep a brave face but Leanne is devastated that her dream is over. Will she be able to talk Danny back round or will the chancer walk straight into Frankie’s arms? Back on the street, Maria is still waiting for Tyrone’s response to her revelation that she’s still in love with him. Fiz is sure he’ll take her back again but Tyrone’s a changed man and despite knowing he’ll always love her he’s realised he’s better off without her. He lets Maria down gently, explaining he can be himself with Molly, but Maria’s heart is broken. Later as she surveys her life in tatters yet again she tells Fiz it’s time to make some changes. It’s an emotional day as Ashley and Claire finally bring baby Peacock back to the street. The proud parents are keen to show him his new home but he still doesn’t have a name. Will the gang at Streetcars come up with any useful suggestions? Meanwhile, Sarah and Jason have very different ideas about the specifics of their wedding, and Vernon works hard to get himself back into Liz’s good books.moreless
    • Wed 16 Jan 2008
      Season 49 - Episode 11
      Ryan is fuming when he finds out that he was the last to find out that his stalker is his father and storms out of the Rovers intending on running away. Meanwhile Michelle recieves a visit from Alex's mother Wendy who reveals she had no idea that Nick was trying to find Ryan and does not want Alex to find out the turth about what's gone on but when Michelle discovers that Ryan has gone missing, Liam is forced to call the police but will Ryan reuturn safe and sound? Vera and Jack prepare to pack up for the move to Blackpool and when the situation continues to hit home, they annouce to Tyrone, Molly and Paul that they will be moving in in six weeks but how will the street cope without weatherfield's golden couple? Maria tries to stop Liam from going into work in an attempt to stop him from seeing Carla but when she catches Carla bringing Liam paperwork to the house, she begins to feel sidelined.Is Carla winning her war with Maria?moreless
    • Wed 9 Jan 2008
      Season 49 - Episode 6
      Maria has not slept a wink as she's still worried by the fact that Liam could still have feelings for Carla following their previous kiss and as Michelle advices her to confront Liam and Maria does see him at the hospital, Maria emtionally begs Laim to change the wedding date and bring it forward to February which he agrees to do but Michelle is shocked when she discovers what Maria has done but is she in denial about what has been going on? Gail takes great pleasure in telling Tina that her appointment has been cancelled when she arrives late at the medical centre but as she storms out of the surgery she bumps straight into David and spills her coffee all over his shirt but is it love at first sight? Sally continues to worry that Kevin will go to prison over his fight with John but as Kevin mates to reassure him that he won't go to prison, Sally's not so sure.moreless
    • Sun 6 Aug, 2006
      Sun 6 Aug, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 151
      Sally and Kevin go to pick up Rosie who is back from her exchange trip, but are slightly put out when she runs off to see Craig. It’s no contest between Craig and Sally and she realises that Rosie should have time on her own to see her beloved boyfriend. Craig then takes Rosie to his squat inside Diggory's boarded up bakery and she is at first horrified at the way Craig is living but then starts to realises that he is doing it out of his love for her. Later Craig mentions the possibility of them moving in there together. Does Rosie agree to slum it with Craig? Over at the Barlows’ Adam decides that he won’t accept Danny’s poor offer and Ken stands firm with him on this as he knows there are principles and serious money at stake. Blanche agrees with this but Deirdre isn’t so sure and thinks that Adam could loose everything with legal costs. What will Adam's next move be? And elsewhere in Weatherfield, Fred tells fiancée Bev that he is thinking of retiring to the country, and although she thinks he won’t adjust to it after having such a busy life, she keeps her opinion to herself. Later Fred announces to Ashley and Claire that he intends to retire and is upset when they immediately agree he is doing the right thing.moreless
    • Wed 19 Jul, 2006
      Wed 19 Jul, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 139
      After a heated argument between Frankie and Nathan, the relationship has turned as sour as the milk they were rowing over. As a jealous Nathan storms out of the house, a smug Danny looks on. Nathan returns with the milk only to find it was a wasted trip as Frankie now doesn’t want it. With the relationship on the rocks will Frankie’s chat with Eileen be the final straw? Danny can’t help but feel triumphant as Frankie and Nathan’s relationship comes to an end but Nathan isn’t about to take the rejection lying down and has one final parting gift for Danny. After losing Vernon’s entire collection of music, Liz is feeling guilty. In a desperate attempt to replace the records she asks Lloyd to locate some. Will she be prepared to pay to make Vernon happy? After a night out with Adam, Joanne gets to work late to face a disapproving Danny. It looks as though dating the boss’s half-brother is going to do her no favours at all. Elsewhere, a nervous Maria prepares herself for an interview at a new hair salon after boyfriend Chris put in a good word. Will she finally be able to escape the cobbled street and Audrey’s blue rinse brigade?moreless
    • Vera's funeral (Episode 2)
      Vera's funeral (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 20
      As Vera's funeral continues, Jack begins his eulogy. It's clear to the congragation that he's speaking from the heart. As the wake starts at The Rovers, Terry, asks him not to sell his house to Tyrone and then leaves. Jack is not fooled and tells Tyrone, Molly and Paul that as far as he's concerned they are his family now and that he trusts them with his life. When alone later the grief he feels for Vera finally becomes too much and he breaks down in tears. Michelle is furious when Nick arrives at The Rovers demanding to know Ryan's decsion; she prodcues Ryan's letter saying that he wants nothing to do with him and Wendy. Matters take another turn when Wendy arrives and says that Alex wants things to stay the same. Maria is furious when she discovers, from Carla, that Liam only returned early from his business meeting, in Brimingham, because Tony arrived.moreless
    • Mon 17 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 17 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 137
      Ashley’s anxious as the arrival of Matt grows closer. With every minute that passes Ashley nervously checks his watch hoping he won’t show. As the clock ticks and Matt hasn’t yet appeared Ashley’s anxiety is at an all time high. How will Ashley cope with the ever-prominent figure of Matt becoming a more influential part of Baby Joshua’s life? Distracted by Matt’s arrival, Ashley hasn’t noticed that Claire’s contractions have become more frequent and her pain more agonising. It looks as if baby Peacock will be making an early entry into the world. Will Ashley put his relationship with Matt behind him and allow the doctor to come to the rescue and deliver the baby? Ken and Deirdre become increasingly worried about Charlie’s motives and whether Tracy will open her eyes to what they see as Charlie’s hidden agendas. However Tracy feels she has won a minor confrontation over the flat and the house. But will Charlie agree to the move? Frankie is unhappy after Nathan declines her offer of lunch and chooses instead to go for a pint in the Rovers with Tyrone. Elsewhere, after a heavy night of drinking, Liz goes in search of Vernon’s van which was left on a street nearby the night before. After a frantic search Liz returns to tell Vernon the bad news, the van, and its contents, have been stolen.moreless
    • Mon 10 Jul, 2006
      Mon 10 Jul, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 133
      Charlie’s unhappy when he overhears Shelley and Steve planning a night out and quickly arranges a meal with Tracy – at the same restaurant. The two couples spend the evening bitching about one another but an opportunity falls into Charlie’s lap when Tracy gets a phone call to say Amy has been taken to hospital with a rash. Steve offers to drive her and Shelley is left alone with Charlie who can’t believe his luck. When Shelley’s taxi arrives Charlie challenges her to stay and have a drink with him. She agrees and the pair embark on a dangerous game, but where will it end? Elsewhere as Jason and Sarah kick off their wedding plans they decide their mums should be spending more time together as they’re going to be family soon. But how will old enemies Eileen and Gail react when their children conspire to force them together in the Rovers? Now Sean knows his dad is from Sheffield he sets about the task of finding him again. When Adam hands him a list of 164 Paul Jones’ from the area Sean decides to start calling them all. And there’s tension in the air at the Peacocks as Claire plans to go to her ante natal class without Ashley. Shelley decides it’s time for Charlie to go home but he’s got other ideas and when she let him behind the bar the inevitable happens and he moves in for a kiss. Shelley responds and it’s not long before they’re in the throes of passion. But when the fun’s over, Shelley’s brought back down to earth with a bump – revenge is best served cold for Charlie. Sean’s growing increasingly despondent as he slowly makes his way through his list of Paul Jones’ and when Eileen finds him sitting alone in the dark she knows he needs to talk. Is Sean about to give up on the idea of finding his real dad? Tyrone and Molly are eager to kick off the pizza delivery service at the bakery, but Diggory’s not so keen, sure they’re fighting a losing battle. Tyrone and Molly do their best to drum up business but by the end of the night Diggory’s serving his very last customer. And Jason and Sarah decide they want to get married asap, but how will their battling mothers react?moreless
    • Monday 11th Feb 2008 (Episode 2)
      Monday 11th Feb 2008 (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 30
      As the rest of the street waits with baited breath at the hotel for the wedding to begin Liam attempts to talk Maria into going ahead with the wedding and eventually they head into the hotel and tie the knot but later in the ladies toilet Maria has another showdown with Carla and slaps her round the face as warns her again to stay away from Liam before she and Liam leave for their honeymoon leaving Carla reeling in defeat.Just as the day seems to be going well for Michelle, Steve, Ryan and her parents, Alex turns up unannouced and causes all hell to break loose when Alex annouces to Helen that he's her real grandson! How will Michelle react to her parents finding out that Ryan is not Michelle's son.moreless
    • Sun 16 Jul, 2006
      Sun 16 Jul, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 136
      After days of rows following Shelley’s revelation to Tracy, the relationship between Tracy and Charlie looks rocky to say the least. Tracy decides, however, that she isn’t going to let Shelley think she has won and decides to put in an appearance at her leaving do with Charlie. Draping herself all over Charlie, she is determined to put on a show of unity. Meanwhile, Bev is suspicious about Shelley’s behaviour around Charlie and confronts her daughter in the toilets. Shelley denies sleeping with him and insists she made the whole thing up to let Tracy know what sort of man he is. Unbeknownst to Bev and Shelley, Tracy is in the toilets and overhears the whole thing. The regulars can only watch in amazement as she unleashes the full Tracy Barlow fury on a stunned Shelley. Over at the Peacocks’, Claire is concerned when she starts to get what feels like contractions but is reluctant to ask for help after her earlier false alarm. As the pain begins to become unbearable will she speak up or try and mask her agony? With the relationship between Adam and Joanne looking ever stronger after a night of passion, will it be able to blossom under the watchful eye of the disapproving Blanche?moreless
    • Monday 11th Feb 2008 (Episode 1)
      Monday 11th Feb 2008 (Episode 1)
      Season 49 - Episode 29
      The day of the wedding dawns and after Catching Liam kissing Carla the previous night, Maria begins to have doubts about going ahead with the wedding.Meanwhile as Carla dresses to kill in her attempt to outdo the bride, she is in a dangerous mood and realizing she's can't live a lie any longer she finally tells Tony that their relationship is over as despite Audrey's best attempt's Maria arrives and tells Kirk to summon Liam before telling him she can't go through with the wedding.Will the ceremony go ahead or will the turth about Liam and Carla's relationship be exposed to the rest of the street? Michelle feels proud as Ryan prepares to take on his duties as Liam's best man as Steve feels relieved that things seem to be returning to normal but how long will it last before Alex makes another move?moreless
    • Mon 17 Jul, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 17 Jul, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 138
      As Charlie finally agrees to the trial move with Tracy, Ken and Deirdre’s suspicions over Charlie’s true motives grow? Meanwhile, Tracy shows her parents around her new house totally oblivious to Charlie’s plans. Will she find out that he sees her as little more than a tax dodge? After the dramatic birth of their new baby, Claire and Ashley race to hospital with the premature tot. They are torn when Matt suggests looking after Joshua while they go to the hospital. How will Ashley react to this suggestion? While Nathan regrets his decision to turn down Frankie’s offer of lunch, Danny makes his move on his ex-wife. Nathan realises some serious grovelling is called for and walks over to Frankie’s house to apologize, only to find Danny with her. How will he react? Elsewhere, Diggory collects the last of his possessions from his shop as it finally closes and Liz asks Steve for a driving job for Vernon in a further attempt to make amends for the theft of his van. But will Vernon welcome her interference.moreless
    • Wed 9 Aug, 1972
      Wed 9 Aug, 1972
      Season 13 - Episode 64
      Elsie disturbs the man in her backyard. Ernie suggests starting a vigilante committee and the residents patrol the area. Len tells Benny he's got no serious intentions towards Rita. The committee catches Stan down the backing.
    • Mon 7 Aug, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 7 Aug, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 152
      The tension in Underworld is starting to affect the whole workforce. All the girls march into the office and ask Dannyif their jobs are safe and he coolly tells them he will make them aware of any developments. Later in the Rovers, Danny sees Ken and Adam at a table with documents spread out before them, and cracks a joke saying they will never get a better offer then the one he has already made. This riles Adam no end and he decides to take action against Devious Danny by calling the police straight away to report him for conspiracy to commit theft. Danny is shocked when two CID officers arrive at the factory to arrest him and take him to the station for questioning! Rosie seems reluctant to spend time with Craig in the squat, and instead of taking up Craig’s offer to take her shopping she demands he go and use the shower at her house while her mum and dad are out. Will Sally catch him lurking in the house? And over in the Platts’, Sarah and Jason are off to view a flat. They are happy with what they see and start visualising their little love nest. Later, in the Rovers, they tell Audrey all about it and she gives them the deposit. What will Gail’s reaction be when she finds out that Audrey has gone behind her back?moreless
    • Mon 21 Aug, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 21 Aug, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 163
      A panicked Ashley rushes to the park, he quickly discovers his son abandoned in the locked Streetcars cab. With Claire nowhere to be seen an angry Ashley smashes the window and rescues his son. Claire arrives and explains to Ashley that she left the baby in the car as he was sleeping and she did not want to wake him. She reassures her frustrated husband that she was watching from nearby, but Ashley is not convinced and voices his concerns about Claire’s recent odd behaviour. Claire is very defensive but when Ashley pushes her, his wife informs the stunned butcher that her mother is dying from cancer. Ashley is stunned. Why has Claire kept such important news from him? Is Claire being entirely truthful?Meanwhile, a desperate Jason thinks that a big gesture might help move things along between Sarah and himself. He attaches a huge banner to the front of his house once again apologising for his actions and proclaiming his love for her. Will Sarah begin to soften? Elsewhere, Tyrone helps Molly move her belongings into the Duckworths’, Maria’s liaison with Charlie is stopped when Tracy joins him at his builders yard and unwittingly stops him from visiting his lover, and Amber asks Kevin for a part time job at the garage.moreless
    • Wed 23 Aug, 2006
      Wed 23 Aug, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 164
      When Maria spots Charlie and Tracy indulging in some of their usual fiery banter she takes this as a sign that their relationship is in trouble like Charlie has said. But when she speaks to Tracy she makes it clear that - far from being over - it’s what keeps their relationship passionate. It’s not what Maria wants to hear and she decides it’s time to turn the tables on cheating Charlie. Jason’s convinced that he can still win Sarah back round after the wedding debacle – by plastering posters all over the street with a picture of them both declaring they’ll be together forever. Will his grand gesture melt Sarah’s heart or cause her anger to boil over? Elsewhere, Ashley realises that the deadline for registering the baby’s birth is on Friday. Still having not decided on names he makes a suggestion to Claire and is surprised by how easily pleased she is with his choices after weeks of disagreement. And Kirk tries to cheer Fiz up by booking a holiday. Having bemoaned her boring life she’s thrilled to discover it’s a cottage in the Peak District but her excitement soon dissolves when he informs her that Tyrone and Molly are coming along too!moreless
    • Mon 11 Sep, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 11 Sep, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 177
      Ashley is pleased when Claire announces she is going to take baby Thomas with her when she goes to visit her sick mother Yvonne. He confides in Audrey that looking after a new baby and helping her mother through her illness is taking its toll on his wife. He thinks Claire has had a rough time of it lately but is happy she finally seems to be coping better. However, his world crumbles when a fit and healthy looking Yvonne enters the butchers fresh from a holiday abroad. Realising that Claire has been lying for weeks about her mother being terminally ill a panic stricken Ashley realises that he has no idea where his wife and newborn son are and sets about trying to track them down. Will Ashley be able to find locate the missing pair? Meanwhile, a reluctant David is taken to school by Gail in order to meet with the headmaster. The moody teen again refuses to name the culprits behind the bullying but when Mr Griffin informs a stunned Gail that she is breaking the law in keeping her son out of school the pressure is on for David to come clean. Backed into a corner will David reveal the identity of his tormentors and is he telling the truth? Elsewhere, over at Underworld Adam hands over the reigns to Liam who wastes no time in stamping his authority when he sends Kelly home to change her risqué outfit to something more suitable for the workplace. Also, Cilla is pleased when her items start to sell on the internet auction site and Steve attempts to persuade Liz to think about buying the Rovers herself.moreless
    • New Year's Eve 2007 (Episode 2)
      New Year's Eve 2007 (Episode 2)
      Season 48 - Episode 261
      In the last Episode for 2007, Steve manages to stop Deirdre from sending the guest and tells them the wedding is on but the guests are shocked when a bloody and battered Vernon hobbles his way down the aisle supported by Liz who's still in shock from his fight with Jim eariler and they end becoming man and wife but how will Vernon feel if he finds out Liz was about to call the ceremony off? Carla returns from Paris and annoys the living daylights out of Liam and Maria who end going to the back of The Rovers to see the new year fireworks and as the clock strikes midnight and 2008 arrives, Liam and Maria decide to take a holiday of their own but will 2008 carry on in the same form as the outgoing year. Fiz gets totally drunk and ends up snogging the face off Dev!moreless
    • Mon 11 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 11 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 178
      A clearly distressed Claire arrives at the maternity ward and stuns the receptionist when she announces that there has been some mistake and she believes that the baby she has been caring for is not hers and demands to know where her real baby is. Concerned for her well being the receptionist asks Claire to wait while she contacts a colleague. Seizing the opportunity the troubled new mother abandons baby Thomas in the toilets and heads off. Claire arrives back home with Joshua but Ashley realises baby Thomas is missing and he fears the worst. Claire tearfully reveals that she believes Thomas is not her child as she has no feelings towards the young tot. A panic-stricken Ashley dashes to the hospital to retrieve his son. Once at the hospital he is relieved to be re-united with Thomas but his relief is short lived when the hospital staff informs him that Claire may be suffering from postnatal depression and that social services have been informed of Claire’s actions. How will the young butcher come to terms with this latest bombshell? Elsewhere, months after his indiscretion, Cilla continues to make Les pay for his one-night stand with Janice when she announces she is using the money raised from her internet auctions to go an a holiday to Ayia Napa with friend Yana. Meanwhile, Liam presents Frankie with some flowers and she agrees to go out on another date with him but with Danny due back off holiday soon will Liam’s relationship with Frankie cause problems in his business dealings with Danny? Also, Gail is proud that David has finally named his bullies? Is this the end of David’s problems?moreless
    • Mon 21 Aug, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 21 Aug, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 162
      Things are tense in the Peacock household. Ashley is annoyed when it becomes apparent Claire has forgotten that Josh has an access visit with Dr Matt Ramsden. Claire reacts angrily to her husband’s criticism. Once Ashley is out of the house, Claire herself heads out, taking the baby with her. The troubled young mum pays Eileen a visit and asks to borrow one of Streetcars cabs, explaining to Eileen that driving seems to help the baby to sleep. Eileen agrees and hands over a set of keys, but Claire’s behaviour turns odd when she drives to a nearby park and leaves the baby alone in the back of the car. A passer-by notices the abandoned child sleeping in the car and calls Streetcars to raise the alarm. A worried Eileen informs Ashley and he frantically heads off in search of his wife and newborn child. Will Ashley be able to find his missing wife? Meanwhile, Sarah is not finding it easy with Jason back in Weatherfield. She has made it clear that she is not going to forgive him for what he did at the wedding. Jason, meanwhile, is not finding it easy either, as the other street residents also give him a hard time. He wants Sarah back and will stop at nothing in order to win her round. When Charlie asks him to do some painting on the house next door to the Platts’, Jason can’t resist the opportunity to loudly proclaim his love for Sarah. Will his shouted declarations sway his heartbroken ex? Elsewhere, Maria’s plans to arrange another date with Charlie are thwarted, Tyrone and Molly make arrangements to live together at the Duckworths’, and Dev’s daughter Amber returns from her trip to Finland.moreless
    • Sun 20 Aug, 2006
      Sun 20 Aug, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 161
      Still reeling from the events of last week, Sarah at piecing her life back together again. The devastated young mother sets about cancelling all the plans she had made for her married life with Jason. Just when she thought things could not be worse, she is dismayed to learn that she has lost her £500 deposit that grandmother Audrey had given to the her and Jason for them to set up home together. A heartbroken Sarah feels that her ex-fiancé has a lot to answer for and it looks like she‘s going to get the chance ask the questions when a dishevelled Jason, still wearing his wedding suit, arrives back in Weatherfield and heads straight to the Platts’ house. How will Sarah react to the sight of an apologetic Jason on the doorstep? Elsewhere, Joanne is keen to move into the spare room at Maria’s flat. The young hairdresser agrees to talk to Charlie about it, but after recent events, Maria is thinking of moving out of the flat in order to distance herself Charlie. When the two-timing builder later pays Maria a visit she breaks down and reveals her plans to move out. Keen to keep his illicit affair on the boil, Charlie comforts her. Will his unusually kind words be enough for to keep Maria in the flat and more importantly will she remain his mistress? Meanwhile, Underworld boss Danny hands over the managerial reigns to Adam as he prepares for a trip to Spain in order to visit footballer son Warren and Ashley is concerned when wife Claire begins to look into the possibility of hiring a childminder. Also, Craig is once again left behind in Weatherfield when Rosie goes to stay at school friend Laura’s holiday cottage in Devon.moreless
    • Mon 14 Aug, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 14 Aug, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 158
      Gail and Eileen stand in the Street after the wedding party have gone and both insist to each other that they have done the right thing and walk off to their respective houses. However, once home the women have a dramatic change of heart, and rush to try and get a cab to the wedding. Steve races to get them to the church on time. The service is about to begin and when they rush through the door of the registry office, both Jason and Sarah are thrilled their mums have finally seen sense and come to support them during their special day. Everyone is geared up for a wonderful Weatherfield wedding. But does everything run according to plan? Elsewhere, The Croppers tell the Websters that if Craig does need a play to stay then he could stay with them. Rosie agrees to talk to Craig about this. After some persuasion he eventually agrees to give it a go, if only to make Rosie happy. Both Hayley and Roy are overjoyed when Craig tells them he would like to live with them for a while. And with the wedding underway, Sarah can’t help herself and cheekily asks Maria is she fancies Charlie. Maria denies it but it’s clear that they cannot stop giving each other the eye. Throughout the romantic fuelled day, the chemistry continues to build between them, but will Maria fall for Charlie’s charms?moreless
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