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    • Fri 7 Apr, 2006
      Fri 7 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 70
      Mike's in hospital with an oxygen mask to help him breath. Jamie's by his bed. Kelly's annoyed when Becky makes Joanne swap machines so she can be next to her. Emily visits Mike. She's upset when he thinks she's his mother and keeps asking after his father. Liz becomes consumed with jealousy - adamant that Michelle is trying to get her claws into Vernon. Bev warns her she'll drive him away if she's not careful. In a very ill and confused state Mike walks out of the hospital. He wanders the streets in his pyjamas. Danny and Jamie are in a blind panic when they realise Mike is missing. Ken finds Mike standing outside the factory bare-footed and in his pyjamas. Ken puts his jacket round him and phones for an ambulance. Danny arrives. He's relieved to see Mike but distressed to see the state of him. While Ken and Danny wait for the ambulance, Mike suffers a massive heart attack and dies in Ken's arms. Distraught Danny cradles his dead father.moreless
    • Wed 21 Jun, 2006
      Wed 21 Jun, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 123
      Gail is tipped off by Sarah that David is playing truant again. Gail hurries home and tells David that she is taking him straight to see the headmaster. Mr Griffin pulls no punches until David reveals that the reason he has been bunking off is because bullies have been making his life hell. When the head refuses to accept David’s claims, Gail plays right into her son’s hands and decides she is going to keep him at home. Keith is despondent after going house hunting, he catches up with Craig in the street and tells him that he will have too accept the fact that the move is happening and help him find somewhere for them. Craig is still in denial but everything is brought into sharp focus when Keith collapses with chest pains. Elsewhere – Dev starts to think that being a father might not be such a difficult job after all when Amber comes home from school with a glowing report. Shelley is starting to feel that the Rovers is not big enough for her, Fred and Bev. She tells Betty that she has come to decision and plans to leave Weatherfield for good.moreless
    • Sunday 11th April 2010
      Sunday 11th April 2010
      Season 51 - Episode 73
      Sophie's true feelings for Sian become clear as she comes to terms with her friend's rejection. John takes a drastic step to return to teaching that threatens everything he holds dear, Rosie dumps Kyle when she learns his real job at Weatherfield County, and Lloyd find himself smitten with Leanne's friend Cheryl.moreless
    • Wed 12 Oct, 1983
      Wed 12 Oct, 1983
      Season 24 - Episode 82
      Emily is flattered when Percy flirts with her. Mavis bakes a cake with a mystery ingredient in it. Annie and Hilda also bake cakes. Fred is amazed to find Miss Weatherfield selling kisses at the Fayre. Marion tells Winifred about the wedding. She takes the news well. Elsie guesses that Marion is pregnant. She tells her she's very happy for her. Rita runs the Bring and Buy, Mavis the cake stall, Vera the bingo stall, Percy the jumble. Eddie decides he'd like Hilda to know about the baby from him rather than hear from anyone else. Hilda is thrilled when the Deputy Mayoress buys Hilda's cake. Gail is sad when she has to start packing the house up. Albert guesses that the mystery ingredient in Mavis' cake is sage. When she gives him the cake he refuses to take it as only a fool would eat a cake with sage in. Victor is horrified when his pottery ends up on the plate smashing stall. Eddie tells Hilda that Marion is pregnant, she is disappointed in them but also pleased for them.moreless
    • Mon 2 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 2 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 2
      Sophie moans about spending New Year's Eve with Rita. She clocks Rosie trying to sneak out the door and points her out to Kevin and Sally. Penny's back and asks Adam how Mike's been. She's worried to hear he's had more lapses while she's been away. Mike tells Danny he's going to propose to Penny. Danny pretends he's pleased but really he's worried about his inheritance. Frankie's put out when Jamie calls saying he's gone to stay with Warren in Spain. Ed finds Emily in the café. She tells him she doesn't like the new vicar's modern approach. Ed agrees and suggests they form a bible study group. Emily's pleased. Rosie escapes from the house. She and Craig cling to each other in the street until Kevin forcibly drags them apart. Keith's at his wit's end with Craig. Audrey tries to console him. Sophie pours her heart out to Hayley about how she desperately wants a booster bra but life's so unfair. Liz is feeling put out as Vernon's got a job on a cruise for three weeks starting in Naples. Bev suggests they follow him out there and have a holiday. Shelley, Sean, Violet and Sunita have a night out. Sean admits he'd really like to be a dad one day. Violet offers to have a baby with him. Rosie tells Sophie she's been having sex with Craig. Sophie thinks it's gross. Mike takes Penny to the Clock and proposes to her. Penny's gobsmacked.moreless
    • Fri 21 Apr, 2006
      Fri 21 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 80
      Emily and Rita ask Norris how his date went but he remains tight-lipped. Danny insists he and Leanne must visit the villa in Spain to look for the original of Mike's most recent will. Leanne's only too happy to have a holiday. Craig and Rosie go to visit Katy's grave as it's a year since her death. Sally thaws a little toward Craig and gives them some money for lunch. Deirdre pays Charlie a visit and accuses him of forcing Tracy into an abortion but Charlie's adamant that it was Tracy's decision. Jack, Vera, Fred and Eileen gossip about Gail and the cards from Hillman. Gail walks in just as Eileen's being particularly vicious. Gail leaves upset. Norris admits his date was doomed from the off as she had a squint. Gail's upset and convinces herself that it's Eileen sending the Hillman cards. Audrey and Sarah try to calm her down. Deirdre's distraught. She breaks down and cries blaming herself for being a hopeless mother. Tracy feels guilty and confesses to Deirdre there was no abortion as she was never pregnant. Deirdre's stunned as Tracy explains it was just a scam to get Charlie to allow Amy to live with them. Deirdre's appalled at her daughter and shouts at her to get out of the house.moreless
    • Wed 26 Oct, 2005
      Wed 26 Oct, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 215
      Sally receives some hate mail calling her a scab and quoting Jack London. Sophie lets slip that Rosie printed it off from the internet. Lloyd rallies the troops telling them they will not be beaten by Jimmy Clayton and they must all stick together. Mike points out to the factory girls their strike is illegal and he's considering sacking the lot of them. Hayley's concerned. Tracy dumps Amy on Steve unannounced. Eileen gets a threatening phone call from Jimmy. Danny pays his mum Viv a visit. Danny's angry that she kept his true parentage a secret from him. Viv explains she just wanted to protect Harry. Mike tells Janice she can have her job back and stop the strike or he's sacking all of them. Janice agrees and the girls go back to work thinking Janice is a hero. Kirk gets Blanche's girdle off her washing line. Cilla accepts he's passed the task. Blanche catches him putting it back and calls him a pervert. Janice dupes Sally into picketing by herself unaware the girls have gone back to work. Tracy accuses Steve of putting Amy's life in danger because of the Jimmy situation. Danny's distraught realising Harry must have known all along he wasn't his son. Danny breaks down and sobs uncontrollably.moreless
    • Mon 9 Apr, 1979
      Mon 9 Apr, 1979
      Season 20 - Episode 29
      Ivy asks Brian not to tell anyone about the engagement until she's had time to come to terms with it. She wants time to think about breaking them up. Eddie names the hens after the Street's residents. Gail doesn't like the idea of keeping the engagement quiet but goes along to keep the peace. Suzie tells her to get things straight with Ivy. Hilda returns home to find a chicken on her table. She is amazed to see the yard full of hens and tells Eddie to get rid of them. Gail and Brian choose an engagement ring from a catalogue. Rita tells Derek he's a louse to give the cutlery to his mother after Mavis risked her job to help him win the prize. He tells Mavis the cutlery is hers but she doesn't want it as it wasn't offered to her in the first place. Hilda is horrified that one of the hens is named after her. Suzie is angry to hear Ivy putting Gail down and tells her she doesn't think Brian is good enough for Gail. Eddie tells Hilda the hens are going to be slaughtered. She agrees to let them stay so long as they lay eggs and are profitable. Gail writes to her mum telling her about the engagement. Derek makes Mavis accept the cutlery, she promises to cook him a meal to christen it.moreless
    • Mon 3 Jun, 2002
      Mon 3 Jun, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 92
      Roy is eventually released from the police cells and is just in time for the re-enactment although he's cutting it fine. The re-enactment takes place, Fiz is spy but decides she won't double-cross Roy to Fred's annoyance, Karen is a witch, Maxine is a princess on a pantomime horse, Sam is hit by a flying pie and breaks his arm. The whole thing disintegrates into farce, Roy is furious with Fred for ruining his day and eventually they have to be led away by security to make way for the Bessie Street Twirling Kazoo Band. Back at the Rovers and Roy's Rolls the Roundheads and Cavaliers rally their respective leaders and convince them that the fight is not over. Roy and Fred go head to head in the Street, Fred ends up on the ground while furious Roy holds his pike to Fred's throat. Hayley drags Roy off before any damage is done.moreless
    • Fri 23 Dec, 2005
      Fri 23 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 258
      The factory workers try to convince Danny and Mike to let them off early so they can go for Christmas drinks. Mike's bought a Diamond engagement ring. Street Cars is hectic. Ronnie complains to Steve they're 'ships that pass in the night'. Carol's upset that Jamie sees his present early, a ring engraved 'love from mum'. He says he likes it, but his face falls when she suggests they move in together. Frankie's fuming as Danny winds her up. He tells her he'll miss her over Christmas. Rita and Emily go to Rev Ashbourne's final service, Emily says farewell to the reverend. Mike struggles to add up the workers' bonuses, Penny helps but is upset that Mike is being forgetful again. Mike wonders what's upsetting her. When Steve asks Tracy if he can see Amy on Christmas day, Tracy winds him up and tells him Amy is with Deirdre. When Ken and Steve confront Tracy she admits Amy is at nursery and she doesn't think Steve, Ken or Deirdre should see her on Christmas day. Charlie says she should let them. Tracy gives in as long as they promise to back off about her and Charlie. Ken thanks Charlie. Ed drives Emily and Rita home from church. Emily tells Rita Ed is only nice to her because he sees her as a good cause, a lonely old widow. Steve leaves Ronnie with the impression he's got serious money worries. Mike realises he's left the engagement ring at Underworld. When he gets to the office he forgets why he's there. He goes home with Penny, but without the ring.moreless
    • Wed 19 Apr, 2006
      Wed 19 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 79
      Keith's obvious jealousy of Archie starts to irritate Audrey. Ken offers to help Adam contest Mike's will. Adam's grateful for the support. Tracy blames Charlie for her abortion secret getting out. Charlie's unfazed. Janice pops into the factory for old time's sake. Danny tells Leanne he wants Janice out of the flat so they can be on their own again. When Ashley hears about the Hillman cards he's furious in case Joshua should hear anything. He shouts at Gail for not telling him. Gail's apologetic and very upset. Tracy gives Blanche a sob story about not wanting another baby so she could focus all her attention on Amy. Adam tells Danny he's going to contest Mike's will. Danny's worried that Adam might have got hold of a copy of Mike's most recent will. Blanche tells Deirdre about Tracy's abortion. Archie, Rita, Emily, Norris and Audrey all enjoy a good laugh over a few drinks. Keith's uncomfortable and Audrey can't help feeling annoyed with him. Tracy explains to Deirdre how she loves Charlie but knew he didn't want a baby. Deirdre feels sorry for her and apologises for being such a hard and unfeeling mother that Tracy couldn't tell her about her pregnancy. Feeling guilty, Tracy comforts Deirdre.moreless
    • Mon 2 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 2 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 3
      Penny tries to let Mike down gently but he's hurt and storms out of the restaurant. Mike's scared and confused when he can't remember the way home. Gail calls on Sally and sympathises over the Rosie/Craig problem but points out there's nothing she can do to stop it. Ed, Emily, Rita and Norris go for a drink. Rita and Emily are totally enamoured with him but Norris is sceptical. Mike struggles to remember people's names. He asks Rita where Bet is! When Liz tells Vernon she and Bev will be joining him on his cruise he's put out but quickly covers up when he finds out they can only come for two weeks. Bev invites Fred to join her on the cruise. Fred's delighted and accepts. Penny finds Mike in the pub and takes him home. Hayley tries to talk to Sally about Sophie but Sally gives her short shrift telling her to go and interfere with someone else's kids. Hayley's very hurt. Mike becomes angry telling Penny the reason she won't marry him is because she thinks he's losing the plot. She knows he's right but can't admit it. Jack's dyes his hair and borrows Sean's fake tan. He's bright orange and Vera accuses him of seeing another woman. Mike throws Penny out of his flat accusing her of making him think he's going mad just so she can get her hands on his money. Penny tries to defend herself but Mike refuses to listen and slams the door on her.moreless
    • Sun 25 Dec, 2005
      Sun 25 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 259
      Penny's disappointed with her present from Mike, a Road Atlas, but relieved it's something he's remembered she needs. Maybe she's been wrong to worry. Carol tells Frankie she and Jamie might move out. Frankie's hurt but cheers up when Warren phones. Danny's depressed about the state of his family, Leanne tells him not to mope. The Battersbys' oven breaks and they have nowhere to cook the turkey. Steve's angry when Ronnie gives him £5000 of Jimmy's money as a present. He throws it back at her. Ronnie's seething and can't see the problem. Deirdre's pleased when Tracy comes round, they try to call a truce about Charlie. Mike, Penny, Danny, Leanne and Adam arrive at the restaurant and wait for Viv. Mike's frustrated he can't remember how many people he booked the table for. Danny's irritated to see Carol and Eric there and tells Eric he's being used. After Kirk, Fiz and Chesney try to cook the turkey on the sunbed, Cilla and Yana put it in the deep fat fryer at the chippy and they all go to the pub. Keith and Audrey leave so Craig texts Rosie to come over, but Sally won't let her go. Ronnie's bored spending time at the Barlow's but Steve wants to spend time with Amy. Tracy's intrigued when she notices them arguing. Adam's had too much wine and mocks Leanne for sleeping with three Baldwins. Claire's frustrated she can't get Ashley alone for long enough to give him his present. Frankie says she'll miss Jamie, he assures her he doesn't want to live with Carol. Carol tells Eric how Danny made her life a misery and makes a drunken scene at the Baldwin table. Eric leaves in disgust. When Viv arrives Mike asks where Harry is. He's shocked and bemused when Penny reminds him that Harry died six months ago. Vera loves her present from Jack. She's bought him the deeds to a burial plot so they can rest in peace together. Jack admits he sold his body to an artist to buy her present, she's distraught and vows to buy his body back. Charlie calls at the Barlow's. Deirdre's seething but Tracy wins over and he stays. Penny tells Mike he needs help from a doctor, he says he's fine and goes for a walk. Craig joins the Webster's, Sally later allows him and Rosie to go out for a while. Claire tells Ashley and Fred she's pregnant. Ashley's ecstatic and Fred's stunned. They decide to keep it quiet until after twelve weeks but Fred's already blurted the news to a delighted Bev. The Battersby clan see the chippy is on fire and scamper away into the house. Craig and Rosie find Mike sobbing on the steps to Underworld. When Jamie comes over they disappear into Craig's house for a Christmas quickie. Mike couldn't find his way back to the restaurant or home and tells Jamie he forgot his own brother was dead. Scared he's losing his mind he sobs in Jamie's arms.moreless
    • Wed 10 Jan, 1968
      Wed 10 Jan, 1968
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      Stan is suspicious when Hilda treats him well. Jenny joins the hippies but tells Dennis she thinks they're crazy. Jerry's divorce case is heard in court. Agnes calls on Stan and tells him Hilda is seeing George. She produces the scarf as evidence. Jerry is granted his Decree Nisi. Agnes tells Stan that George always strikes up friendships in the Winter. It's quite harmless. She tells him that George always feels guilty and treats her well and that Stan should make the most of Hilda spoiling him as well. Annie takes to her bed. Stan enjoys having Hilda waiting on him. The hippies decide to move on. Jenny decides to stay and Dennis gets her a job at the Hotel. Lucille doesn't know whether to join the hippies or stay in the Street.moreless
    • Mon 26 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 26 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 260
      Adam thinks Mike will be fine, Penny tells him she can't go on pretending that's true. Steve won't drop the subject of the money - Ronnie tells him it won't be a problem. Mike and Viv brush off yesterday's events when Penny brings it up. Danny and Leanne discuss Mike and Alzheimer's. Danny worries about the factory. Steve's thinking about Karen and last year's events. Liz worries about him. Sophie's still after a booster bra but Sally's adamant she's too young. Jamie tells Frankie Mike freaked him out yesterday. He then finds Carol's not in her room. he says she's probably out drunk. Frankie comforts him but he's uncomfortable with the intimacy between them. Janice is touched when Leanne buys her a posh (for her!) figurine. Cilla reminisces to Les about how her Mum used to treat her. She threatens Mr Wong with tribunals if she's out of a job. Jimmy sends Ronnie an amethyst bracelet. Steve worries how it got into Liz's flat, where he found it. Not happy, he accuses Ronnie of getting off on the situation. Craig takes Rosie upstairs to 'listen to music'. Keith's uncomfortable. Claire and Ashley are mortified that Fred's told half the street their news. Penny makes Adam see how serious things are. They try to persuade Mike to get help but he refuses. Viv says it's no wonder he's cracking up with Penny around. Ronnie thinks Jimmy knows about the money as he's asked to see her. Steve's sickened. He blurts out a hurtful remark about Jimmy knocking Ronnie around. Ronnie storms off.moreless
    • Fri 18 Aug, 2000
      Fri 18 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 133
      Janice demands Les gets rid of the trolleys which are in their backyard. Les offers them to Curly but he says they've got a design fault and he doesn't want them. Toyah's hopes for studying Media at Warrington University are ruined when she only gets three Es. She feels useless but Ken tells her she should be proud as she's still got three A levels. Dev is pleased when Deirdre takes the job in the shop. Blanche warns her she'll be a laughing stock but she just wants a job with no responsibilities. Leanne tries to work out who has sent her the flowers but can't think of anyone. She is stunned when a gold necklace is delivered. Geena is surprised when Linda asks her to be her best woman. Leanne is horrified when Jez tells her he sent the flowers and necklace as he's decided he wants her as a girlfriend.moreless
    • Mon 2 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 2 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 192
      It is the morning after the night before and Jamie is regretting his drunken confession to Sean. Sean is struggling to cope with the secret and knows that Violet is going to want a full report about what happened. He manages to avoid her for most of the day but with Jamie and Violet’s holiday just hours away she needs to know the truth. Sean manages to convince her that Jamie is not gay, but can he keep the real truth from her? Gail has made an appointment with the deputy headmistress for her and David to discuss the bullying accusations. David is convinced that she won’t believe them but Gail vows that she will stand by him. Once in the teacher’s office it becomes clear that there is no proof of any bullying and Gail is left to interrogate David further – will he tell her the truth? It is a difficult day for Audrey as she accompanies Fred on the trip to the jewellers. She helps him pick out a beautiful watch for Bev but refuses when he offers to buy her a present by way of thanks. She accepts his invitation to take her for lunch however but he can’t help but notice there is something on her mind. Meanwhile, Tracy is still avoiding Charlie and over at the Barlow’s Blanche is still fishing for information about what exactly is going on. Charlie calls round to see Tracy and she realises that she won’t get any rest until she has heard what he has to say.moreless
    • Fri 28 Apr, 2006
      Fri 28 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 85
      Frankie tells Danny she has received her divorce papers through the post. Les and Chesney are waiting for a letter to come through from the adoption agency. Kelly and Lloyd continue to discuss the watch Becky bought her for her birthday - Kelly is still not happy about the situation. Audrey tries to cheer up Gail but fails as Gail just snaps at her. Rita tells Emily and Norris about her date with Archie - Norris is clearly put out now that Archie is on the scene. Danny continues to wind up Adam about Mikes will. Les tells Cilla he's invited the social worker around to help his chances of adopting Chesney. Becky tells Sean she has been evicted. Gail's been prescribed some sleeping tablets. Audrey is clearly very worried about her daughter. Cilla gives a genuine and heart warming speech to the social worker about why Les is such a good Dad to Chesney.moreless
    • Fri 4 Nov, 2005
      Fri 4 Nov, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 221
      Martin and Robyn are excited at the thought of moving in together. Sarah bumps into loved up Violet and Jason. Jason can't look her in the eye. Phil spots Gail in the café. They're awkward with each other but it's obvious they still fancy one another. Dev boasts to everyone about his and Sunita's new house. Kelly's furious when Lloyd cancels their date again. She decides to seek revenge. Ronnie's pleased when she lands the Harlow's Restaurant contract for Street Cars. Lloyd meets Kelly for a quick drink before his supposed darts match. While his back's turned, Kelly slips half a bottle of laxative into his beer. Martin calls round to tell Gail, Sarah and David he's moving to Liverpool. David's out but Sarah's pleased for him. Gail's sad knowing she'll miss him. Sarah's texted Jason but had no reply. Scooter wonders why she keeps checking her phone. Lloyd suddenly doubles over in pain. Kelly's really worried. Violet moves back into No. 11. Jason's delighted but feels uncomfortable when he sees the text messages from Sarah. Lloyd's taken to hospital. Kelly's beside herself and admits to the doctor she laced his beer with laxative. The doctor says she might have caused him serious harm.moreless
    • Wed 26 Apr, 2006
      Wed 26 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 84
      Archie asks Rita to the Theatre with him tonight and she accepts. Gail is still very distressed about the Hillman events and decides to take the day off work. Kelly and Lloyd discuss the watch Becky bought Kelly for her birthday. Lloyd thinks the watch is genuine. Sarah is seriously worried for Gail as she is becoming paranoid. Sally and Kevin take Rosie home and Craig joins them. Sally is just grateful that everything is ok. Rita has her hair done in the Salon before her Theatre visit with Archie. Gail lashes out at Rita, Norris, Emily and Blanche for interfering in her business. Gail sees someone on the street who looks like Richard this scares her. Les is discussing with Eileen about adopting Chesney. Keith suggests taking Audrey on an O.A.P day out however she is not too impressed and doesn't want to go. Kelly tells Becky she is not impressed with the fact that she stole the watch and Becky storms off. Les and Chesney are really keen on the idea of the adoption however Cilla doesn't seem to share their enthusiasm. Becky produces a receipt for the watch Kelly thought she had stolen. Kelly feels guilty. Sally invites Craig to stay for tea. Gail confides in Audrey about thinking she saw Richard. Gail is clearly losing it.moreless
    • Mon 5 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Mon 5 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 246
      Keith starts his paper round. Audrey persuades him to meet her for a drink later. Danny and Leanne arrive in the pub to find Frankie and Jamie already there. Frankie finds out that Jamie had Leanne round to the house. She feels betrayed by him and leaves the pub upset. Diggory sacks Liz for letting her love life get in the way of her job. Frankie's inconsolable. Jamie apologises saying he was only warning Leanne away from Danny. Frankie and Jamie cry on each other's shoulders. Carol eavesdrops from the stairs. Liz confides in Deirdre how much she likes Vernon and hopes he's "the one". Liz introduces Steve and Ronnie to Vernon. Ashley and Claire have a drink with Nathan and Tracy. Ashley's makes it clear he doesn't blame Nathan for his eye problem. Tracy however enjoys goading Claire at every opportunity. Claire eventually snaps and tells Tracy she's spiteful and twisted. Steve overhears and vows to buy Claire a drink! Danny and Leanne return home feeling like social outcasts. Frankie vows to divorce Danny. Nathan finishes with Tracy, saying he agrees with Claire, that she might be a pretty face but she's an ugly person. Tracy's furious while Charlie's amused.moreless
    • Wed 28 Dec, 2005
      Wed 28 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 262
      Ronnie books a holiday in the Caribbean for her and Steve. When Tracy finds out she asks Charlie to book them a holiday at the same time. With Carol's nasty thoughts ringing in his ears Jamie starts to look at Frankie in a new light and realises how attractive she is. Frankie's oblivious. Carol goes to work hung-over and gets the sack. Penny goes to visit her sick mother leaving Adam to look after Mike. Sally, Kelly, Fiz and Janice talk about Sophie wanting a booster bra and when they first got a bra. Hayley feels left out. Conniving Tracy get Steve to agree to have Amy and cancel his holiday so she can go away with Charlie. Frankie tells Jamie she couldn't manage without him. Jamie reads more into this than was intended. Danny finds an engagement ring in Mike's office drawer. Ronnie makes Steve realise Tracy booked the same holiday week on purpose. Steve storms round to the Barlows and tells Tracy he's not cancelling his holiday. Jack arranges to do some nude modelling work for Hilary as he needs the money. He makes her promise not to tell Vera. Tracy's fed up when Charlie admits he never actually booked the holiday anyway as he knew it would never happen. Danny worries that once Mike's married he'll leave everything to Penny and Adam. Mike shows Jamie the second engagement ring he's bought Penny. He tells Jamie that one day he'll meet the right girl. Jamie's completely confused by his feelings towards Frankie.moreless
    • Mon 26 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Mon 26 Dec, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 261
      Penny's worried about Mike and thinks he might have Alzheimers. Mike buys another engagement ring and sneaks it into the flat. Carol disappears and Jamie's worried sick about her. Vera phones Hilary, the artist who gave Jack £200. She rants and raves down the phone telling her to keep her hands off Jack. Keith and Audrey are in the kitchen while Craig and Rosie listen to music upstairs. Sophie's still in a sulk over not being allowed a booster bra. Vernon's got a gig at the Weatherfield Palace. Liz ends up lugging all the kit again. Hilary pays Jack and Vera a visit. She manages to win Vera round by suggesting she does a painting of both of them. Ronnie visits Jimmy in prison. She tells him she's keeping his £5k as severance pay and that she'll spill the beans on all his dodgy deals if he tries anything. Carol turns up drunk. Jamie's relieved but upset when Carol again suggests there's something going on between him and Frankie. Danny talks to Mike about the factory and his will. He's furious when Mike says of his 51% of Underworld he's going to leave 50% to Adam and 1% to Danny so that Danny has overall control. Danny points out that he's already bought and paid for his 49% so it's only fair that Mike should split his 51% between him and Adam. Mike disagrees. Mike asks Danny if he thinks he's losing his marbles. Danny assures him he's fit as a fiddle.moreless
    • Friday 28th March 2008 (Episode 2)
      Friday 28th March 2008 (Episode 2)
      Season 49 - Episode 63
      David panics when he sees Audrey and Tina having row about both the accident and his false alibi and covering his tracks he confronts Audrey and thinks she is bullying his girlfriend.When he later tells Gail what Audrey has done, she is furious and demands she backs off but is Audrey about to expose the turth about David and Tina's flase alibi? Leanne tells Paul about her plan to burn down the resturant on Monday and when a devoted to Leanne, Paul moves in for a kiss and Leanne, delighted that her plan has worked and tells Dan the plan is on for Monday but is Dan worried that he, Leanne and Paul have got themshelves into a hole they can't get out of and will Paul go through with it? Vernon is not happy that his buliders friends have not finshed workon the smoking shelter and things go from bad to worse when Blanche questions whether they have planning permission to build the shelter.moreless
    • Mon 19 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 19 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 255
      Keith and Audrey catch Craig trying to sneak Rosie out of the back door. Both Rosie and Audrey make a sharp exit while Keith demands an explanation from Craig. Craig admits to Keith he's sleeping with Rosie but defends their actions saying they're in love and have been going out for eighteen months. Charlie suggests he and Tracy should spend Christmas together. When Keith suggests he might turn a blind eye to Craig and Rosie's having sex, Audrey's appalled, citing Sarah's teenage pregnancy as the reason they must put a stop to it. Rosie scared stiff when Imogen phones and Sally answers. Rosie grabs the phone and in hushed tones explains to Imogen how she said she was staying with her. Blanche proceeds to show everyone their Christmas present in advance to ensure they like it. Tracy and Steve argue over who's having Amy at Christmas. Tracy insists she's having her but only to wind Steve up. Gail has little choice but to let Phil move in when his flat is flooded. Emily invites Rita to attend Reverend Ashbourne's last service with her. Rosie and her friends go carol singing. Audrey takes Rosie to one side and puts the fear of God up her saying she's going to tell Sally and Kevin what she's been up to.moreless
    • Mon 17 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 17 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 78
      Mike's burial takes place. Adam and Penny weep at the graveside. Genna the social worker calls at the Battersby-Browns to interview Kirk and Fiz. Adam puts a letter he's written to Mike on top of the coffin. He's distraught that both his parents are dead. Norris gossips to Blanche about the Hillman cards. Rita tells him off. Sarah tells Audrey about Tracy's abortion. Audrey innocently mentions it to Blanche. Mark Redman turns up at Mike's burial but stays in the background. Later he finds Adam alone in the factory. Mark introduces himself to his brother. Adam explains how Mike's left everything to Danny. Mark tells Adam if he's a true Baldwin he'll put up a fight. Blanche embarrasses Audrey by introducing Keith to Archie as Audrey's boyfriend. The wake takes place at the Rovers and Danny buys champagne for everyone. Janice and the factory girls enjoy getting drunk at Danny's expense. Danny tries to apologise to Adam for the row at the church but Adam ignores him. Drunken Janice starts brawling with Cilla on the street just as Genna is leaving No. 5. Chesney's distraught thinking it's ruined his chances of being adopted. Blanche lets Tracy know she's found out about her abortion. Tracy pleads with her not to tell Deirdre or Ken. Adam makes up his mind to contest Mike's will.moreless
    • Sun 18 Dec, 2005
      Sun 18 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 254
      Sally is writing Christmas cards. Rosie tells her that most families at Oakhill have pre-printed ones. Keith and Audrey agree to visit the Christmas market in Salford. Keith suggests they walk there to save money but Audrey insists they take a taxi. It's Tyrone's birthday. Tyrone, Jason and Maria arrange to go into town. Sarah's annoyed she can't go as she has to collect Bethany. Sarah likens she and Jason to Romeo and Juliet. Violet enjoys taking the piss. Carol makes bitchy comments to Frankie about the way she's decorated the Christmas tree. When Jamie admires it, Carol passes it off as her own handiwork. David shows Gail no respect which annoys Phil. Phil asks him how he'd feel if they had Christmas dinner together. David's just dismissive. Kelly takes Lloyd to the Clock and proceeds to flash her winnings about. Lloyd's cross with her and leaves her to it. Rosie lies to Sally saying she's staying at Imogen's in Alderley Edge when really she going to Craig's. Kelly's mugged by a guy saying he's got a knife. She loses her new bag, her phone and all her money. Mike has a couple of memory lapses which he quickly covers up. Lloyd collects Kelly from the police station and comforts her. Rosie and Craig have sex for the first time. Rosie stays the night. Keith and Audrey are oblivious in the next room.moreless
    • Mon 3 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 3 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 67
      Danny promises Leanne this is the last time she has to look after Mike as he's taking him to the nursing home this evening. Les phones Social Services and sets the wheels in motion to adopt Chesney. Norris and Rita bicker about the changes he's made to her flat. Leanne tries to give Mike his pills but he's convinced she's trying to poison him. He tells Leanne he's going to live with Adam and while she's in the shower he escapes from the flat. Blanche ends her boycott of the Rovers and claims her free drink. Mike goes to the train station intent on catching a train to Doncaster. He chats to a stranger. He gets confused and tries to sell the stranger some women's underwear. Danny, Jamie and Leanne search frantically for Mike. Leanne thinks he's probably heading for Scotland in search of Adam. Danny informs the police that Mike's missing. Liz attends the auditions for a new vocalist with Vernon. She's put out that all the candidates are girls. Les, Cilla and Chesney nervously await a visit from Social Services. Mike turns up at Mark Redman's house in Doncaster having found the address in a father's day card. Mark's shocked to see him.moreless
    • Sun 15 Jan, 2006
      Sun 15 Jan, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 11
      Molly teaches Ken how to train Eccles. Ken's pleased with their progress until he takes the muzzle off and Eccles bites him on the ankle. Vera's suspicious of Jack when in confusion he starts to take his trousers off when they're modelling for an art class. Sunita names her babies Asha (the girl) and Aadi (the boy). Tyrone and Maria get through to the next round of Surprise the Bride. Maria's cross and calls it a tacky competition. Tyrone's hurt. Amber's put out when Dev refuses to take her with him to see the twins. Ed suggests to Eileen they should be friends telling her how attractive she is. Frankie and Jamie discuss their feelings for each other and realise they have a totally normal mother/son relationship. Anything else is in Carol's poisonous mind. Jamie's furious with Carol. Carol's blinded by jealousy for Frankie and accuses them of having an affair. Jamie's disgusted with her and throws her out. Carol begs him to come with her but he refuses. Dev hopes he and Sunita can start again. He's shocked when Sunita tells him she doesn't trust him - he might abandon their children like he abandoned his other. She bans him from having anything to do with their babies.moreless
    • Fri 11 Nov, 2005
      Fri 11 Nov, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 226
      Gail's walking on air having spent the night with Phil. Danny's annoyed with Adam and later takes the credit for getting a new order with Sangria Holidays which really should have been Adam's. David's got stomach cramps but Gail doesn't believe him and sends him to school. Adam gets his own back on Danny by telling Janice that Mike is really Danny's dad. Amber winds Dev up to distraction with her incessant wittering about celebrity gossip. When Lloyd's bit on side Tina turns up saying she wants to move in with him Lloyd finishes with her, telling her she can whistle for the money he owes her. Janice soon makes it known about Mike being Danny's dad. Danny's furious with Adam and they starting fighting. Mike and the factory girls have to break them up. Joanne and Jamie's date isn't a success although they enjoy a snog at the end. Leanne sees this and can't help feeling jealous. Lloyd tries to make up with Kelly but she tells him where to go. Sean teaches Eileen, Violet and Jason to play the Film Game. Jason can't concentrate - he keeps thinking about Sarah. Jamie breaks down realising what a mess his life is. Frankie comforts him.moreless
    • Mon 24 Oct, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Mon 24 Oct, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 214
      Danny's reeling at the news that Mike's his father. His confusion turns to anger when he realises it's true. He feels betrayed. Danny thinks Harry must have known he wasn't Danny's father but Mike insists Viv was the only one to know. Ashley's angry at Claire for going back to work but Claire insists she'll be extra vigilant. Ashley and Claire make up. Scooter gets Das Boot out on DVD. Sarah's unimpressed. Norris gets a new sign made for the Kabin which reads "Cole and Sullivan". Rita's furious at Norris putting his name first. Yana distracts Diggory while Les steals a wedding cake from the bakers. Kirk asks Blanche what size girdle she wears. Blanche hits him round the head with her walking stick. Les and Cilla hide their stolen cake under a towel. They tell Kirk it's a budgie in a cage. Jimmy threatens Lloyd again and makes racist comments. Lloyd's angry and decides he's on Steve's side when it comes to Jimmy Clayton. Danny sits in the factory alone feeling emotionally drained.moreless
    • Sun 3 Dec, 2000
      Sun 3 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 199
      Jack tries to convince Vera not to go through with the operation. Duggie chases Dev for the money, but Dev can't remember agreeing to anything. Matt and Charlie start to move in. Andy says goodbye to Toyah; she is going to miss him. Maxine is in a particularly good mood because she thinks she is pregnant. She and Ashley help Matt and Charlie to move in, although they do not seem keen to have the assistance, Charlie seems unhappy about their new home. However, Maxine seems delighted to have some new friends. Andy is concerned for Steve and tries to convince Steve to move away and make a fresh start but Steve insists that he wants to make a go of Streetcars. He asks Liz if she wants him to stay longer but she says no, so he leaves. Although Jack doesn't agree with Vera's determination he goes to the hospital with her. Deirdre comforts Liz. Maxine's mood changes when she realises she is not pregnant. Liz asks Natalie for her job back.moreless
    • Fri 25 Feb, 2000
      Fri 25 Feb, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 33
      Martin struggles to cope as Gail keeps breaking down over Sarah's lost childhood. Sarah is upset when Gail keeps her a prisoner in the house. When a buyer arrives in Mike's absence, Linda introduces herself as his partner and takes the meeting. She wins the buyer round by flirting and telling him what a woman wants in underwear. Gail makes Sarah see that her life will never be the same again. Jim catches Gwen giving money to a debt collector. He is amazed when she admits to not knowing how much she owes. Ken discovers that shopkeeper Bernard Cartwright was hanged for murder so the street was renamed. He determines to investigate the murder for his book. Duggie takes Debs to a charity auction, going with Bob and Alma. Sarah snaps when Candice calls on her, feeling that her life is ruined.moreless
    • Sun 1 Jan, 2006
      Sun 1 Jan, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 1
      Sally and Kevin are distraught that their little girl has had sex. Blanche heads of to Lena's as they've arranged to go to a funeral together. Carol's jealous of Frankie's good looks and makes bitchy comments insinuating Frankie's a tart. Jamie's uncomfortable in Frankie's company and Frankie can tell. Carol accuses Jamie of fancying Frankie but Jamie tells her she's sick in the head. Danny and Leanne go for lunch at Les and Cilla's. Danny thinks it's hysterical while Leanne is embarrassed when Les shows him her child's nurse's uniform. Kevin and Sally drag Rosie round to No. 6 where they have a showdown with Keith, Audrey and Craig. When Kevin and Sally discover Keith already knew Craig and Rosie had a sexual relationship they're incensed. Sally has a go at Audrey citing Sarah's teenage pregnancy. Craig and Rosie declare they've done nothing wrong as they're in love but no one will listen. Jack and Vera bicker while Hilary snaps away with her camera. Blanche's friend Lena has died, causing Blanche to mull over her own mortality. Keith tries to bar Craig from leaving the house but Craig ignores him. Jamie gets a taxi to the airport and refuses to tell Carol where he's going. Sally banishes Rosie upstairs. Rosie cries her eyes out for Craig.moreless
    • Wed 16 Aug, 2006
      Wed 16 Aug, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 159
      Charlie asks Maria is she fancies a quick drink in the Rovers over lunch but she has already promised to spend it with David in the café so declines his offer. But manipulative Charlie takes fate into his own hands and when the coast is clear, he lets himself into Maria flat and takes the washer off the cold tap and pockets it! Later, when an unsuspecting Maria comes home and pours herself a glass of water, a stream of water erupts from the tap. She panics and calls Charlie to come over and fix the problem so he rushes over, playing the dutiful landlord, and fixes it. It’s not long before some major flirting ensues and the two are kissing passionately on the couch. Does Maria ask Charlie to stay the night? Claire goes into the cab office and can’t help herself by getting stuck in as Eileen has not come into work. As the baby sleeps quietly in his buggy in the corner, Claire happily works the switch but Ashley is shocked when he comes in by chance and finds her. Back at the Peacocks’, Claire rows with Ashley and angrily tells him that plenty of women go back to work - so why can’t she?And in the Rovers, Sean spies Steve giving Michelle the eye, but Vernon tries to put Steve off by warning him that him that her scary older brothers put the Sopranos to shame!moreless
    • Mon 31 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 31 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 147
      Danny is annoyed that Janice knows all about the twisted deal he has with Leanne and warns her to keep her mouth shut. Later, Leanne finds out that the money has cleared in her account and calls Danny who orders her to bring the will to the factory. She arrives and despite her pleas to reconcile, Danny is furious at the way she has double crossed him and tells her she is the worst thing that has ever happened to him. But Leanne hasn’t finished her plan and produces mystery envelope to Blanche and tells her to give it to Adam. Curious Blanche doesn’t know what is in it and is forced to wait for Adam to come home. What will Adam find in the envelope? Could it be another copy of Mike’s will? Over in the salon, Sarah is stunned when Jason arrives declaring his love for her and explains that he has booked the registry office for a fortnight’s time. He goes down on one knee and begs Sarah to marry him. Does Sarah say yes to Jason’s proposal? Elsewhere Kevin is worried about Craig dossing on his mate’s floor, but Sally is less sympathetic and says he can always go back to his granddad. But little do they know that Craig is sleeping rough.moreless
    • Mon 3 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 3 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 68
      Mark's worried by Mike's confused state. Mike thinks Mark is Adam. Genna from Social Services interviews Les, Cilla and Chesney who are all on their best behaviour. Les lies saying he has no criminal record. Mike asks Mark if he can live with him. Worried Mark says there isn't room. Liz and Vernon audition various girls but none of them is any good. Vernon suggests Liz should audition. Mark tries to apologise for his affair with Linda and hurting Mike in the past. Mike slowly remembers who he is and becomes angry. Mike walks out in a fury. Mark contacts the Rovers to let them know where Mike is but soon discovers Mike's stormed out into the night wearing dressing gown and slippers. Mike staggers into the park, talking to himself and swigging from a whisky bottle. Jamie and Frankie arrive at Marks and immediately go in search of Mike. Liz's audition goes well and Vernon's about to give her the job when Michelle, a glamorous last minute hopeful turns up. Liz is disappointed. Jamie finds Mike on a park bench. Mike cries, a broken man. Jamie manages to persuade him to come home with him.moreless
    • Wed 5 Apr, 2006
      Wed 5 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 69
      Frankie and Jamie look after Mike at No. 7. Mike's got a nasty cough. Leanne's pleased to have a day off from nursing Mike and refers to him as a human vegetable. Danny's furious and threatens to chuck her out. Norris studies the classified section in the Gazette. Rita wonders what he's up to. Danny tries to take Mike back to his flat but he refuses to leave No. 7. Vernon sets off for rehearsals leaving one of his drums behind. Liz takes the opportunity to drop in on him unannounced. She worries he's becoming over friendly towards Michelle the glamorous singer. Mike's cough has got worse and he's in a poor way. Frankie calls an ambulance. Danny's on the phone to a client when Sally runs in and tells him Mike's being taken off in an ambulance. Norris writes an ad for the lonely hearts column in the Gazette. He hides it from Rita. Danny, Frankie and Jamie go with Mike to the hospital. Penny arrives deeply worried about Mike. She's shocked to be told he's got pneumonia. Much to Kelly and Lloyd's embarrassment Becky tells them how much she loves them both. Jamie blames Danny for Mike's state of health - he wouldn't have spent the night in a park in the rain if he hadn't been trying to get away from Danny and Leanne.moreless
    • Sun 16 Apr, 2006
      Sun 16 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 76
      Loved-up Molly and Tyrone kiss on the doorstep. Maria watches whistfully. David forgets it's Gail's birthday and rushes to the Kabin to buy a card. Danny tries to explain to first Ken and Deirdre and then Frankie and Jamie that he had no influence over Mike's will. Noone believes him. Gail's upset when she receives a birthday card from Richard Hillman. Sarah tells Maria about the fake cards. Janice persuades Leanne she should attend Mike's funeral. Diggory's delighted that Molly and Tyrone are now an item. He suggests that Tyrone might like to come into the family bakers business. Tyrone's gobsmacked. Norris returns from a disastrous lunch date with Sandra who he's met through the internet agency. He decides he's going to set an intelligence test for future potential candidates. With tensions at an all time high between Danny and the rest of his family, Ken worries that things are only going to get worse.moreless
    • Wed 2 Nov, 2005
      Wed 2 Nov, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 220
      Eileen and Sean are convinced Jason's upstairs with Violet until there's a knock at the door and it's Violet. Eileen covers for Jason saying he's gone to work. Tracy drops her florist bill round to Cilla. When they say they can't pay Tracy threatens legal action. Eileen's appalled to discover Jason spent the night with Sarah. She tells Jason how Violet was looking for him hoping they could start again. Jason's gutted. Martin helps Robyn move all her belongings to Liverpool. David's upset when Martin forget he promised to help him with his homework. Sarah lies to Gail and Scooter pretending she stayed the night at Candice's. Kelly tries to persuade Lloyd to give up his darts match for her but he refuses. Candice is fed up when Status Quo fail to phone her. She asks Audrey for her old job back. Audrey begrudgingly agrees. Candice lies to Adam saying she turned the job down with the Quo as she didn't want to leave him. Adam's flattered. Cilla's unimpressed with the knackered hi-fi system Les has bought. She gives Yana Les's honeymoon ticket to Magaluf. Cilla and Yana leave for their "honeymoon". Robyn asks Martin to move to Liverpool with him. Martin agrees. Jason tells Violet he still loves her and they agree to try again. He desperately wants to confess to his night with Sarah and explain it was a mistake, but he bottles out. Violet leads him upstairs.moreless
    • Fri 14 Apr, 2006
      Fri 14 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 75
      Danny's nervous of Adam thinking he might have a copy of Mike's latest will. Adam's equally nervous, worried that Danny might inherit everything. Keith takes Audrey fishing on the canal. She's not impressed and even less so when Les and Chesney turn up. Chesney soon realises Les has never fished before but explains that just having him around is all that matters and not the fishing. Les is touched. Les and Chesney catch an enormous fish only to be fined £200 for not having a rod licence. The Baldwins and the Barlows gather nervously as Mike's solicitor reads out his will. Mike leaves £50000 each to Jamie and Warren and £10,000 to Adam. He leaves everything else - his 51% of the factory, the flat, apartment in Spain and investments to Danny. Adam's furious, convinced Danny manipulated Mike into it. Ken tries to persuade Danny to give Adam his share of the factory but Danny refuses. Tyrone cooks Molly dinner. He worries she won't want him when she sees him naked. But all his insecurities evaporate when she compares herself to Maria saying she's not pretty enough for him. Tyrone tells Molly she's gorgeous and she assures him she loves hairy men. They kiss passionately and sleep together for the first time. Danny takes a wander round the factory surveying his empire.moreless
    • Wed 12 Apr, 2006
      Wed 12 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 74
      Liz and Vernon load up the van ready to move into their new flat. Janice suggests Leanne should make a copy of the new will to show Danny, whilst keeping the original in a safe place as her "insurance". Leanne gives Janice the original new will to look after and shows Danny the copy. Danny's horrified realising he could lose everything. Genna the social worker calls at the Battersbys. She demands to know why Les lied about his criminal record. The meeting goes from bad to worse and Chesney cries his eyes out thinking they've blown all chances of adopting him. Danny frantically hunts for the original of Mike's last will but to no avail. Tyrone admits to Jack and Vera he's worried he's too ugly for Molly. Vera tries to convince him otherwise. Ronnie and Steve are fed up when their romantic evening is spoilt by Liz and Vernon who arrive back saying the new landlord's thrown them out because of Vernon's drum kit. Tyrone invites Molly for an evening at No. 9 when Jack and Vera are out. Molly's delighted. Leanne's worried when Danny points out Mike could have made several copies of his will, and for all they know Adam may already have one of them.moreless
    • Mon 10 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 10 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 73
      Leanne reads Mike's new will and is horrified that he's left everything to Adam. Janice reads the front of the envelope and points out that Mike forgot to post it so nobody knows of its existence except them and the Spanish solicitor who drew it up. Jamie and Adam take over the funeral arrangements. Danny feels pushed out. Norris is excited as he has a date that evening. Liz and Vernon settle on a flat. Liz tells Steve she's moving out. Janice advises Leanne not to tell Danny about the will but to keep it as "insurance". Molly's depressed thinking Tyrone's not interested in her. Jack gives Tyrone a pep talk but Tyrone's adamant he just doesn't want to rush things. Norris is furious when his mystery date turns out to be Rita taking the mickey. He's about to leave but Rita apologises and insists on buying him dinner. Kelly makes Becky apologise to Joanne. Rita promises Norris she'll help him find a companion. Danny arrives home but Leanne decides to heed Janice's advice - she remains tight lipped about the will.moreless
    • Fri 2 Dec, 2005
      Fri 2 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 243
      Rita and Norris, Fred and Bev, Diggory and Liz leave for the WTA dinner dance. Emily feels sorry for herself at being left behind. Keith discovers Audrey lied about the suit and it's a new one. Telling her he's not a charity case he storms off refusing to go to the dance. Carol's trying to poison Frankie against Danny but it's not working. Frankie admits to Eileen and Deirdre she still loves Danny and although she can't forgive him she wants to give him one more chance. At the dance Norris refers to Rita as his partner to her embarrassment. Audrey's lonely, especially as Fred only has eyes for Bev. Diggory's upset when Liz flirts with Vernon, the drummer. He proceeds to get drunk. Fred and Bev kiss. Leanne pleads with Jamie to give her one more chance but he refuses. Leanne sobs her heart out. Danny finds her upset and takes her back to his flat. Danny and Leanne row, both blaming each other for ruining their relationships. Their anger turns to passion. They kiss and Danny carries Leanne to the bedroom. Frankie calls round to Danny's flat. She tells him she still loves him and will give him another chance but is horrified to then discover Leanne in the bedroom. Keith turns up at the dance and apologises to Audrey. Audrey's upset and tells him it's too late they're finished. Drunken Diggory gives a speech to the WTA. He makes a fool of himself and resigns as President. Frankie's distraught at finding Danny and Leanne together. Leanne stays the night with Danny both realising they've lost everything and have no-one else to turn to.moreless
    • Mon 28 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Mon 28 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 241
      Frankie's not impressed with Danny's balloon and insists he take it down. Claire has a go at Nathan for punching Ashley. Nathan's guilt-ridden. Feeling humiliated Danny gets the balloon down from the factory roof. On Fiz's instructions Kirk goes to sack Molly. But Molly not only manages to talk him out of it but gets a pay rise into the bargain. Fiz is not happy. Danny's furious with Mike when he finds out Mike's forgotten to bank an important cheque. Mike denies all knowledge of it. Violet continues to blank Sean. Nathan visits Ashley and apologises to him. Ashley's understanding telling him it was six of one and half a dozen of the other. When Claire turns up she's furious to find Nathan there. Diggory persuades Liz to attend the dinner dance with him when he offers to pay her time and half to do so. Jamie and Frankie insist Carol attends her alcoholics' meeting. Claire lets slip to Ashley he might lose the sight in his left eye. Ashley's terrified. Bev agrees to accompany Fred to the WTA dinner dance. Nathan explains to Kevin how he was a fighter as a kid and worries he's returning to his old ways. Danny calls round to see Frankie. He apologises about the balloon but explains he'll do anything to win her back. Frankie starts to soften towards him when Jamie and Carol arrive home. The moment is lost and Jamie punches Danny and throws him out on the street.moreless
    • Mon 10 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 10 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 72
      The factory girls are upset about Mike's death but Danny insists on opening the factory as normal. Norris is busy emailing an internet dating agency called Konnections. He tells Rita he's emailing stationery suppliers to put her off the scent. Deirdre's very upset over Mike. Ken can't help feeling a twinge of jealousy. Liz admits to Vernon she does want to live with him but not in that flat. They agree to look for somewhere else. Molly's upset when Tyrone lies to get out of seeing her. She tells Vera she's worried she isn't good enough for him. Danny's furious with Leanne when he finds her going through all Mike's things. Rita gets Ken to show her how to tap into Norris's email. She's amused to find he's joined a dating agency. She decides to send a reply pretending to be Norris. Janice arrives back from visiting Toyah. Leanne agrees to let her stay in the flat. Joanne tells Kelly how Becky threatened her. Kelly's worried. Leanne rifles through Mike's briefcase. She's shocked to discover he's made a new will.moreless
    • Sun 9 Apr, 2006
      Sun 9 Apr, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 71
      Danny tells Frankie about Mike's death. She's upset. Danny asks her to break the news to Jamie. Deirdre's upset when Ken tells her what's happened. When Joanne admires Kelly's bag she gives it to her saying she'll get another one. Joanne's chuffed but Becky's silently furious at Joanne getting Kelly's attention. Jamie's distraught at Mike's death and goes to sit with the body. Liz continues to be suspicious about Vernon and Michelle's relationship. She decides to turn up at their "rehearsal" unexpectedly. The regulars in the Rovers are all shocked to learn of Mike's death. Adam arrives and is upset he's too late to see Mike. Danny's convinced everyone's blaming him and Leanne for not looking after Mike properly. Liz finds out from Lloyd that Vernon and Michelle have gone to a flat. She follows them there expecting the worst only to find the flat is for let and Michelle's showing him round. Vernon asks Liz to move in with him. Liz is delighted. Becky threatens Joanne telling her to stay away from Kelly. Joanne's frightened. Distraught Jamie throws Mike's personal possessions at Danny telling him he's got everything else so he may as well have the lot. Leanne's pleased thinking she and Danny will now have everything of Mike's. Penny witnesses the exchange and tells Fred that Mike's had the last laugh as unbeknown to Danny, Mike's made another will.moreless
    • Sun 20 Aug, 2000
      Sun 20 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 134
      Emma moves all her belongs into No. 7. She takes over the house but Curly is thrilled. Leanne asks Jez to leave her alone. She tells Steve she's frightened so he advises her to run away. Geena refuses to be Best Woman until Linda begs her, saying she needs her to make sure she does actually marry Mike. Ken urges Toyah to search for a course she can do with her grades rather than just give up. Tyrone interviews people wanting to buy Monica's pups but they find the questions insulting. Maxine starts having golf lessons. Fred is put out to hear she's a natural. Les and Dennis dump the trolleys on waste ground but are followed by Curly and Emma who bring them back and put them back in Les' yard. Leanne is horrified when Jez sends her flowers every hour.moreless
    • Mon 2 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 2 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 193
      Charlie is determined to try and win Tracy round and once more apologies for sleeping with Shelley. But it seems Tracy will take much more persuading and Charlie has got his work cut out. She finally agrees to go for a drink with him and as the old Stubbs charm goes into overdrive it seems she might be softening towards him. Will she really fall for his lies again? Fred is still troubled by Audrey’s behaviour the previous afternoon and decides to pay her a visit. She tells him that she has never felt so alone in her life and can’t believe that she will never be able to call on him again once he is married. He points out that she has the chance of marrying him and turned him down and is stunned when she confesses that she wishes she had accepted. Sally and Kevin are thrilled to discover that Kevin’s dad’s anniversary present is a trip to Paris for the whole family. They decide to invite Craig along too and are more than a little put out when the kids seem less than impressed with the idea. Meanwhile, Claire is well on the road to recovery and tells a delighted Ashley that she is determined to be well enough to attend Fred and Bev’s wedding.moreless
    • Fri 13 Oct, 2006
      Fri 13 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 200
      Danny’s pursuit of Frankie continues and when he presents her with flowers she agrees to go for a drink with him. After what Frankie confesses has been a lovely evening Danny offers to walk her home. As they reach her doorstep Danny moves in for a kiss. Will Frankie give in to passion? As those close to Fred struggle to cope with his shocking death there are funeral arrangements to discuss. Ashley wants Fred to be cremated but when Bev tells Archie she wants a family burial plot tensions rise. It seems Fred will not be resting in peace just yet. As Craig and Rosie finish their last day at school the young lovers burn their ties in preparation for their flit. This time tomorrow it will be Auf Wiedersehen Weatherfield. And Maria feels let down by Charlie again when he tells her he has to take a rain-check on their plans for the weekend.moreless
    • Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 208
      Ashley asks Archie for Fred’s ashes, but Bev has already collected them. Ashley is absolutely mad at Bev and vows to get them back. He confronts her in the Rovers but Bev refuses to hand them over and tells poor Ashley she pans to scatter them where Fred proposed to her. What is Ashley’s reaction to this? Sarah is asked to go to the wholesalers by Audrey but she hasn’t got her mobile so Audrey demands that Maria lend her hers. Maria hastily deletes any outstanding texts from secret lover Charlie and asks David to take Charlie a note for her, telling him she hasn’t got her phone. She tells David she is telling him this because of a rent problem. He begrudgingly does this, but can’t help and sneak a glance on the way back to the salon. Has David rumbled their illicit affair?Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Frankie’s return is the talk of the factory floor and Danny delights in telling Liam that Frankie has moved back in. But it’s a different story for Frankie, who has moved back in to get out of the mess she is in with Jamie Danny wants to show Frankie off in the Rovers later, but his ex wife is not so sure.And Ashley is having a wobbly day, grieving for the loss of Fred. Claire visits the butchers to see him and offers to rename Thomas to ‘Freddy’ as a tribute to his father. Ashley is touched by Claire thoughtfulness but this is ruined by Bev barging in the shop and handing over half of Fred’s ashes in a heartless and cruel fashion.moreless
    • Fri 8 Sep, 2000
      Fri 8 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 145
      Gary enjoys having Paula and Warren around. She's pleased he gets on so well with Warren. Sarah complains that her life consists purely of school work and Bethany but Gail refuses to look after Bethany twenty-four hours a day. Alma goes on holiday to Florida, wishing Mike a happy wedding. She is flustered around him. Sally and Danny leave for the Canaries, with Sally worrying that Kevin won't be able to manage the girls alone. Steve chats up a fare and carries her shopping into the car park of a flat for her. Once there he finds Jez and his heavies waiting for him, complete with dogs. Sarah takes advantage of Hayley, getting her to babysit, so she can visit friends. Hayley loves being with Bethany. Steve realises he's been set up and begs Jez for mercy but Jez refuses to listen. Linda and Geena settle into the wedding hotel, with Linda telling Geena that Mark meant nothing. Alma decides not to tell Mike about Mark and Linda when he assures her he really loves Linda. He is touched when she wishes him well. Steve is left for dead, battered and alone.moreless
    • Sun 10 Sep, 2000
      Sun 10 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 146
      Linda is stunned when Mike sends her a pair of aquamarine earrings as something blue. Vik and Jim grow concerned when Steve stays out all night and his cab radio is dead. They track down his wrecked taxi to a deserted car park and search for Steve. Alma flies off to Florida, saddened that Mike is getting married. Mike is nervous as the guests arrive at De Lisle House but Mark is worse, desperate to stop Linda from marrying him. Just before the ceremony he runs out on Mike. Jim finds Steve is a bloodied heap. Vik calls for an ambulance. Linda is horrified when Mark calls on her and begs her to run away with him. She refuses and begs him not to spoil things for her. Geena helps Linda stand up to him and supports her when she breaks down. Mark storms off when Linda says she loves Mike and not him. Steve is rushed to hospital with Jim fearing he'll die. Geena tells Mike that Mark is too ill to carry on. He is forced to accept Roy as stand-in Best Man. Gary can't believe his luck in meeting someone as fantastic as Paula. They spend the day making love. Mike and Linda are married. Steve has bruising to his face, dog bites on his limbs, seven broken ribs, all fingers broken and extensive internal injuries. Horrified Jim gets Steve to confirm that Jez was involved. Frightened Vik gives Jim Jez's address. Mike is furious that Mark let him down and Linda works on calming him down. They tour the grounds in a horse-drawn carriage, with Mike feeling humiliated by Mark's actions. Alone in the bridal suite, Mark attacks the mini bar. Paula is thrilled when Gary tells her he loves her and asks her to move in with him. When they realise that has complications Gary decides to move to Blackpool instead. Paula is delighted. Roy gives an impromptu speech at the reception, in which he toasts odd couples who love each other. Hayley startles Roy by saying she wants a baby. Jim calls on Jez, telling him he's come to avenge Steve. When Jez tries to attack him with a hammer Jim beats him up. Mike and Linda are horrified to find drunk Mark in their room. Mike slaps him across the face and demands to know why he made him a laughing stock. To Linda's horror Mark tells Mike that he and Linda have been having an affair.moreless
    • Wed 11 Oct, 2000 [Episode 1]
      Wed 11 Oct, 2000 [Episode 1]
      Season 41 - Episode 164
      Vinny is put out when Duggie cuts his wages, telling him times are hard. Tyrone and Maria plan their engagement party. Tyrone hopes his mum will come. Sarah and David miss having Martin around. He promises them he'll always be around for them. Dev offers Duggie a cash deal on his house, £50,000 less than the asking price. Duggie is forced to accept. Linda and Mike return to work, pretending they had a great honeymoon. Mark sends Mike a letter telling him he told Alma about the affair. Mike demands to know why Alma didn't tell him. When she hears Martin has bought David a present Gail accuses him of trying to win him over. She tells him they must create rules and keep to them. Debs is thrilled when Duggie asks if he can move in with her. Two youths, Dean Sykes and Lenny Larkin, hold up Freschos at closing time.moreless
    • Wed 11 Oct, 2000 [Episode 2]
      Wed 11 Oct, 2000 [Episode 2]
      Season 41 - Episode 165
      Curly, Alma, Fred, Ashley, Ken and Mike are trapped inside Freshco with assistant Wendy and retiring security guard Frank. Curly explains that all the money is in the safe and that won't open until the morning. Dean holds Curly at knife point and demands he opens the safe but terrified Curly convinces him its on a time delay. Hearing there's £20,000 in the safe Dean and Lenny decide to sit it out all night with their hostages. Angry Mike mouths off at the robbers, demanding they let them go. Ken tries a calmer approach, talking kindly to them. Dean is annoyed by them both so locks them up together in a storeroom. Alma tries to cheer up depressed Frank who blames himself for the robbery. She is flattered when he reveals he's always had a soft spot for her. Ken and Mike bicker with each other, with Mike telling Ken that Deirdre only stayed with him because she felt sorry for him. Mike tells him he'll always be a loser. The hostages talk Dean into letting them cook a barbecue. Mike tells Ken that they both know Deirdre made do with second best when she stuck with him. Mike gets angry when Ken throws his affair with Julia Stone in his face. Ashley manages to phone Maxine and raise the alarm before being hit on the head by Dean. The smoke from the barbecue sets the fire alarm off. Dean forces Curly to turn the alarm off but the system is connected to the fire brigade. Ken is alarmed when Mike suffers a heart attack. He forces him to stay calm and tries to relax him. Fearing he's going to die, Mike tells Ken to tell Linda he forgives her. When he recovers he and Ken acknowledge they've been behaving like children. Dean forces Curly to lock the fire brigade out of the store when they attempt to enter. Alarmed Maxine rushes to Freshco with Audrey. She sees the gunmen and alerts the fire officer who calls the police. Mike confides in Ken about Linda's affair with Mark. Ken advises him to get on with his marriage and forget the past. Dean and Lenny are scared when the police arrive. The building is surrounded. Dean demands £100,000 in exchange for the hostages. Linda and Deirdre hear about the Freshco siege and rush to the store. When Dean starts to cry, Curly comforts him and nearly succeeds in taking the gun off him but the police storm in. Dean fires the gun so Emma, in combat uniform, shoots him.moreless
    • Monday 19th April 2010 (Episode 2)
      Monday 19th April 2010 (Episode 2)
      Season 51 - Episode 80
      Kevin's horrified to discover that Tyrone's taken the car but when he calls the mobile, Molly insists that he turn the phone off so they can enjoy the drive. Unaware of the impending danger, Molly and Tyrone continue along the road, while Kevin jumps into the breakdown truck in a bid to catch up with them. However, Molly and Tyrone stop for a pub lunch and take a different route. As they set off again down a country lane, their car hits a pothole and Tyrone's helpless as he squeezes the brakes which fail. With that, the car catapults through a hedge, rolling and ends up on its roof. Will Molly and Tyrone survive? Meanwhile, Rosie gives Sophie a makeover in a bid to cheer her up, presuming that she's having boy trouble. Sophie perks up until Ryan reveals that he's spoken to Sian and they may be getting back together. Sophie's heart breaks. Elsewhere, Cheryl's grateful to have her phone back but doesn't take too kindly to a flirty Lloyd who's far from put off by the fact she's a stripper; and Anna begins to worry about why Gary's gone AWOL when he claims that he loved the army so much.moreless
    • Wed 25 Oct, 2006
      Wed 25 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 210
      David is supposed to be having a meeting with the Education Welfare Officer and Gail, but skives it to seek out Maria instead after her revelations from yesterday. He finds her, and in a bid to keep him quiet she invites him to her flat for a beer. Maria then starts to turn on the charm and tells David that although he is too young for her she sees him as her best friend and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Once smitten David has gone, an intrigued Charlie goes round to find out why he has been at the flat for so long. Maria tells him that David knows everything about their affair and Charlie orders her to keep David sweet, but unbeknownst to either of them, David goes crazy with jealousy and slashes Charlie’s tyres and smashes the windscreen on the van. What will Charlie do when he discovers the mess his van has been left in? Over at Danny’s flat, Frankie still feels awkward around him and they have slept in separate rooms again. Frankie goes to Deidre’s with the girls after work for a drink or two and it’s not long before the subject of Danny is brought up. She later goes back to the flat a bit tipsy, and decides to finally give in to Danny’s charms and they spend the night in his bedroom! And it's Norris and Rita's trip to Budapest today with Norris waking a reluctant Ken up at 5.30am, to remind him that he starts temping at the shop whilst they are on their travels. Rita tries to outdo Norris with her Hungarian phrases, and this riles him no end as Les drives them to the airport.moreless
    • Mon 4 Sep, 2000
      Mon 4 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 143
      As Sarah goes back to school, Gail starts looking after Bethany full time. Danny admits to Sally he's jealous of her relationship with Kevin. She agrees to be more thoughtful of him. Toyah is angry to receive a two month eviction notice from Duggie. Gail insists on handing Bethany over to Sarah as soon as she returns from school, making Sarah realise life isn't going to be a breeze. Danny is annoyed when, as he's late home, Sally lets Kevin take the girls swimming. Steve is disturbed when Jez is all matey with him, telling him there's no hard feelings. Mike questions Linda as to why she wants to marry him. She tells him she loves him and can't explain what he means to her. He is delighted when Mark arrives for the wedding. Mark feels very awkward around Linda. Toyah is pleased when Natalie offers her a room at the Rovers. Mark tells Linda he's only returned for Mike's sake; he wants nothing to do with her.moreless
    • Wed 6 Sep, 2000
      Wed 6 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 144
      Toyah moves into the Rovers. Mark can't bear to look at Linda. The factory girls take Linda on a hen party, trawling pubs and clubs and giving driver Vik a hard time. Sarah gets excited about a new after school club, working on a school magazine but Gail points out she has to look after Bethany after school. When Linda is dared to kiss a gorgeous barman she wins his agreement by giving him a huge tip. Eileen tries to get off with a bouncer whilst Bobbi throws up. Alma realises Mark is distraught at the thought of Mike marrying Linda and, assuming he thinks she's a gold digger, urges him to allow Mike some happiness. Alma is stunned when he tells her he's been sleeping with Linda. Sally wins Danny round by suggesting they go on a romantic holiday together. Alma is disgusted with Mark for betraying Mike. He is adamant he loves her and doesn't know what to do.moreless
    • Wed 23 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Wed 23 Nov, 2005 [Episode 2]
      Season 46 - Episode 237
      Gail's fraught - she can't believe that Sarah is getting mixed up with the Grimshaws again. Violet can't work out why David attacked Jason. Jason points out that David has been through a lot lately, which may explain things. The midwife tells Sunita that she's fine, but she has to take things easier. Sarah pesters Jason to finish with Violet. Claire hears Amy still coughing and tells Deirdre that she thinks she may have whooping cough. Deirdre immediately rushes Amy off to A and E. Cilla insists to Fiz that she was faithful on holiday. Yana later confides that Cilla was faithful, but not for the want of trying - Cilla thinks she's got the scent of a married woman on her and men can smell it. Amy's fine, but Tracy's fuming that Claire poked her nose into her business and has a go at her in the Rovers. Gail winds up Sarah. She calls her a mug for thinking that Jason will finish with Violet. Sarah races to the Grimshaws, determined to prove Gail wrong. She screams at Jason to tell Violet what's going on. Violet works out everything and a seething Jason slams the door in Sarah's face. Jason's recent odd behaviour is suddenly explained for Violet, and it's obvious that Sarah has been no one-night stand. Jason pleads for forgiveness, but Violet is adamant, it's over. Violet leaves. Eileen is furious and slaps Jason across the face, then throws him out.moreless
    • Wed 31 Dec, 1980
      Wed 31 Dec, 1980
      Season 21 - Episode 105
      Martin buys Karen an engagement ring with his Christmas money. Elsie worries that Karen won't accept him. Martin tells Karen they should do something positive and gives her the ring. He tells her he wants to be engaged. She likes the ring and says she will marry him. Ken buys a VW. Albert refuses to go in it as it's German. Gail refuses to see New Year in at home so the family go to the Rovers. Karen gives Martin the ring back, telling him they're too young to get engaged. She tells him it would be best if they finished. Gail feels unwell in the Rovers. Martin packs and leaves for Birmingham. Elsie is upset to see him so hurt. He tells her he doesn't like it in the Street anymore. Gail goes into labour, Annie lets the family wait in the living room and calls for an ambulance. Gail and Brian go to hospital, through the Rovers' bar. Elsie sees the New Year in alone and in tears. Brian phones the Rovers and tells Audrey that Gail has had a 7lbs 2oz son. She passes on the news to the delighted regulars, Ivy and Bert.moreless
    • Fri 6 Oct, 2000
      Fri 6 Oct, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 161
      Martin is irritated when Gail insists on getting a solicitor. Sally is relieved when Gail suggests they forget their row as she doesn't want to lose their friendship. Sally warns her that there's no such thing as an amicable divorce. Bobbi and Karen plot together and organise a farewell party for Harvey. Anthony talks Rita into visiting the theatre in York with an overnight stay, in separate rooms. Kevin urges Martin to make certain he gets all the access to the children he wants. Harvey turns on the charm to Bobbi, promising her he thinks she's special. He then does the same with Karen. Bobbi and Karen play along but both know the score. Steve is amazed when Liz turns up in the Street. She is aghast when he tells her about Jim being in prison for manslaughter. Duggie is relieved when Simmonds settles out of court. Maria shows off her engagement ring. The factory girls get Harvey drunk and phone his fiancée to pick him up. They graffiti his car, pour baked beans over him and tell his fiancee all about his womanising. Bobbi and Karen are victorious. Duggie is horrified to learn the Council have dumped him over the article. Gail is horrified when Martin tells her he wants custody of the children.moreless
    • Sun 15 Oct, 2006
      Sun 15 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 201
      As Frankie wakes up next to Danny she’s full of doubts about the previous night. But before she can do anything, Jamie arrives home to find his dad back in the house. He launches himself at Danny, throwing him into the street where a fight ensues. Back in the house things are far from calm as Jamie then demands to know how drunk Frankie was last night. She slaps him across the face and demands to know what’s going on. Will Jamie open his heart to Frankie and tell her he’s in love with her? The Websters are in high spirits as they set off for Paris but as they say au revoir to the street the goodbyes are a bit more poignant for Rosie and Craig. However, as the young lovers arrive in the city they’re caught up in its romance as they plan their escape. Kevin, meanwhile, is thrilled to meet up with dad Bill again. Back on the street, Liam makes a play for Maria in the Rovers. She’s flattered by his attention and when he offers to walk her home she accepts. Unbeknownst to Maria, Charlie is watching the pair as they arrive outside her flat. Is he about to witness his mistress falling for another man? And the gossip about the events surrounding Fred’s death is starting to get to those who were closest to him.moreless
    • Fri 22 Sep, 2000
      Fri 22 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 153
      Martin tries to get his family to get along with each other for one day but Gail tells him she's sick of him being the voice of reason. Fred considers applying to be a magistrate. Discharged from hospital, Steve visits Jim on remand, furious with him for confessing. Jim explains that as he killed Jez he should take the punishment. Sarah hates the way Gail takes over Beth, making decisions about her without consulting her. Martin has enough of Gail snapping at everyone and rows with her. He tells her he can't bear the insinuations and snide remarks. During their row Sarah takes Bethany and leaves home. Sarah dumps herself and Bethany on the Croppers. She tells them she can't cope with all the rows at home. Hayley is keen for them to stay but Roy doesn't approve. Gail is furious when Sarah tells her she's staying with the Croppers and threatens to go to social services if they force her to return home.moreless
    • Sun 24 Sep, 2000
      Sun 24 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 154
      Maxine buys Ashley an eternity ring on their first anniversary. He buys her golf clubs. Gary visits Judy's grave on the anniversary of her death and tells the twins that she will always be in his heart. Gail is furious with the way Sarah hides away at the Croppers and refuses to come home. Sarah tells the Platts she's sick of them rowing and shouting all the time. Ashley is delighted when Fred gives him and Maxine the Victoria Street shop. Vinny is annoyed to discover Natalie is planning to visit Jim in prison. She is adamant he needs to know his friends care and plans to give him the £10,000 reward money. Audrey is concerned when Sarah tells her it's awful living at home as Gail and Martin keep arguing. She makes Sarah see that she needs to return home and be supportive. Hayley is sorry to see them go but Gail is relieved when they return. Audrey holds Martin responsible, telling him he's pathetic and selfish for hurting everyone. Hayley is thrilled when Roy tells her he's prepared to apply for adoption. Gail tells Martin she can't cope with their situation any more and wants a divorce.moreless
    • Mon 25 Sep, 2000
      Mon 25 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 155
      Roy cautions Hayley not to get too excited at the prospect of adopting. Vinny feels Natalie shouldn't interfere with Jim's court case but she refuses to listen. She goes to visit Jim in prison and tells him the £10,000 is his but he just wants to be left in peace. Sarah tells Candice all about the problems at home and feels that by moving out she made matters worse between Gail and Martin. Karen throws herself at Harvey and is annoyed when he shows an interest in Bobbi. Natalie is furious when Vinny accuses her of using Jim to hang onto Tony and her grief. Hayley and Roy fill in an application form to become adoptive parents. Roy gets agitated by the process, hating bureaucratic systems. Gail feels empty inside and tells Martin she wants the chance to find someone who will love her.moreless
    • Wed 18 Oct, 2006
      Wed 18 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 204
      Jamie apologises to Violet for his strange behaviour but she’s had enough and tells Jamie their relationship is over. When Frankie asks what’s gone on between them, Jamie blusters that he doesn’t know. But as the pair spend their first night in the house alone both suddenly know exactly what’s going on. With the eye contact and the long charged looks will they take the plunge? Maria’s had time to think following last night’s bust-up and tells Charlie she’s not prepared to wait for him forever. Charlie’s charm personified as he tells her he’ll be worth the wait. But Liam, meanwhile, has been suitably scared off and tells Maria he’ll be steering clear of her in the future. It’s the day of Fred’s will reading and tensions are running high. It’s also Bev’s birthday but she’s in no mood to celebrate, especially when she discovers she’s been left nothing in the will whereas Ashley has been left everything. Elsewhere, the shell-shocked Websters arrive back in Weatherfield. But is daughter Rosie with them? And Kirk has a surprise for girlfriend Fiz – a scooter!moreless
    • Sun 4 Dec, 2005
      Sun 4 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 244
      Frankie's about to tell Jamie about Danny and Leanne but stops herself. Sally's doing her best to stop Sophie from seeing Nicolette and insists they go on a family picnic. But when they return Nicolette turns up anyway. Claire tries to look after Ashley but her fussing annoys him and they end up rowing. Bev and Fred are coy with each other but both secretly fancy each other. Mike's embarrassed when Danny has it out with him over the lost cheque. Nathan feels uncomfortable going in the Rovers but brazen Tracy enjoys winding everyone up. Penny's upset when she catches Mike trying to set the table again after they've eaten. Mike puts it down to pressure of work. Upset Frankie gets drunk in the Rovers. Tracy tries to pair her off with Charlie but Nathan stops her and helps Frankie home leaving Tracy and Charlie together. Nicolette and Sophie sit on the Platts' wall and eye up the local talent. Sally's mortified when Nicolette calls her Aunty Sal in front of Gail. Both Bev and Fred are disappointed when Shelley unwittingly makes them think that neither is interested in the other. Leanne goes to stay at Danny's again, both resigned to the fact no-one else wants them. Jamie and Carol help Frankie onto the sofa. Frankie's comatosed and Carol enjoys seeing her at her lowest ebb. Out of Jamie's earshot she calls her a teenage slut.moreless
    • Wed 13 Sep, 2000
      Wed 13 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 148
      Janice demands a decent present off Les for their wedding anniversary. Gary puts No. 9 on the market for £28,500. Harvey Reuben takes over Underworld whilst the Baldwins honeymoon. He flatters and charms the girls. Natalie is intrigued to hear Jim has beaten Jez up and put him in hospital for attacking Steve. She feels bad for making Steve give evidence against Jez. Edna finds an emerald ring whilst cleaning the Rovers and hands it into Natalie. Karen flirts with Harvey but he prefers Bobbi. Steve is alarmed when Jim tells him he beat Jez up. Steve is appalled as he thought now he'd been beaten it would be an end to his nightmare. He feels Jez will put him in his grave. Les hears about the ring found in the Rovers and claims it as one belonging to Janice. Dev urges Vik to end his partnership with Steve, fearing they'll get caught up with the local mafia. Vik refuses to dump a mate. Les plans to give Janice the ring as an anniversary present. Natalie visits Jez in hospital and begs him to put a stop to the beatings. He tells her he'll decide when it's all over.moreless
    • Fri 15 Sep, 2000
      Fri 15 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 149
      Janice is overwhelmed when Les gives her an emerald ring on their anniversary. Emma searches for her lost ring. Sarah gets Hayley to baby-sit so she can review a band for the school mag. Steve is horrified when Jez manages to get to his hospital room and tells him they've got scores to settle. As a weakened Steve pleads with him, Jez plays with the equipment surrounding Steve's hospital bed before suddenly collapsing with blood pouring out of his mouth. When Gail disapproves of Hayley baby-sitting Sarah reminds her that Benthany is her baby and she'll decide what's right for her. Roy is touched to watch Hayley tenderly taking care of Bethany. When she sees Roy with Beth she is filled with a longing. Toyah recognises Janice's ring as the one found in the pub, she warns Les to tell her the truth before she does. Steve and Jim are stunned to be told Jez has died.moreless
    • Mon 18 Sep, 2000
      Mon 18 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 151
      Jack and Vera are stunned and hurt to hear Gary is moving to Blackpool. When he explains he wants to escape the ghosts in No. 9 they wish him well. Gail accuses Martin of never backing her up and always putting her in her place. Emma is thrilled to find her ring has been handed in at the Rovers. Janice sees her with it so Toyah is forced to tell her the truth about Les pretending it was hers. Natalie tells Jim that justice has been done; Jez the murderer is dead and now he must think of the future and not waste his life. Emma joins forces with Janice to give Les a shock. Janice tells Les she got the ring back when Emma arrested Dennis. Janice is amazed when Les happily lets them think Dennis stole the ring. Janice reveals the truth, telling him he's disgusting. Tyrone is upset to discover the B&B is to be sold and he'll be homeless. Hayley suggests to Roy that they could apply to adopt a child. He is stunned at the thought and panics, saying that he fears not being about to protect her. Anthony cooks a meal for Rita and is thrilled when she asks him to stay the night. Jim gets dressed in his smartest clothes before going to the police and confessing to Jez's murder.moreless
    • Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 3]
      Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 3]
      Season 47 - Episode 209
      David gives Maria Charlie's note, without saying a word. Charlie goes to Maria's and tells her that he will finish with Tracy when the time comes. Just after he leaves, the doorbell goes and it is David telling her he wants to talk to her about her secret relationship with Charlie! Maria is stunned and lets him in. A hurt David doesn’t hold back and forces her to tell the truth about her and the wayward builder. She gushes to him that she loves Charlie. David is angered by this and threatens to tell Tracy, but can Maria manipulate him into keeping quiet for the sake of their ‘special friendship?’ Over in the Rovers, Jamie is consumed with jealousy when Frankie arrives with Danny so he storms out in a huff. Sean follows his friend and Jamie pours his heart out and says he is convinced that Frankie loves him. Sean tries to reason with him by saying that you can’t wish someone to love you, but Jamie is resolute and vows to win her heart. And the Platts talk about David’s behaviour and how many of the Street residents are shunning Audrey over her alleged ‘affair’ with Fred, with some even cancelling their hair appointments in a bid to spite her.moreless
    • Fri 27 Oct, 2006
      Fri 27 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 211
      David turns up in Charlie’s garden and pretends to Tracy that he has lost his football but refuses to budge until Charlie appears. He tries to stare Charlie out but Charlie is not riled by the teen and heads off to work. However, it’s not long before he finds his van vandalised and then discovers a card saying ‘tut-tut what will Charlie say’ when he goes into the office. Later, Charlie is with Tracy, and David whistles at her. It is obvious that David is intent on causing trouble so, later on, Charlie marches up to him, and warns him to stay away from Tracy. But David is unconcerned by Charlie's threats and challenges Charlie to the consequences of David leaking his secret. Will Charlie lose his rag and hit the devious lad? Gail tells the Platts that the whole family needs to go in for counselling and both Audrey and Sarah refuse point blank to have anything to do with it. Will Gail manage to stop Sarah from hankering after Jason and talk her family round? Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Danny is on top of the world but knows there is a still a way to go with winning back Frankie even though they slept together. Frankie is growing more comfortable with living the lie, and goes round to collect her clothes from Jamie's house. She tells a distraught Jamie that she is in love with Danny and that he should get back with Violet. Jamie is floored.moreless
    • Wed 23 Aug, 2000
      Wed 23 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 136
      Leanne decides to pawn the necklace Jez sent her and buy a flight to Amsterdam. Rita snaps at Norris when he questions her over Anthony. She insists they are just good friends. The Platts please David by agreeing to let him have a dog, hoping it will cheer him up. Toyah is stunned when Leanne tells her she's flying out to Amsterdam as she's too frightened to stay in Weatherfield. She is grateful when Natalie agrees to her leaving her job at no notice. Les is fired when someone spots him dumping the trolleys in the canal. Rita admits to Fred that she's falling for Anthony and doesn't know what to do. She wants to feel what it was like when she was young. He tells her to be grateful for the friendship she has with Anthony as its better than nothing. Janice, Les and Toyah bid an emotional farewell to Leanne as she leaves. She is touched when, for the first time, Les tells her he loves her. Steve drives her to the airport, wishing her well.moreless
    • Mon 21 Aug, 2000
      Mon 21 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 135
      Leanne is frightened of Jez and tries to be pleasant to him without encouraging him. He insists she is the love of his life and swears he's a changed man. He gets angry when she refuses to go out with him and turns violent. Rita feels uneasy when Anthony puts his arm around her. She is confused by her feelings. Leanne escapes Jez by warning him that if he hurts her, the police will be onto him straight away. He tells her he's gone off her.moreless
    • Wed 11 Oct, 2006
      Wed 11 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 199
      Fred’s death and the events surrounding it are the talk of the street. A devastated Bev is back in the Rovers still in her wedding dress, while Audrey is looking for support at the Platts’. The two women are mourning the loss of a loved one but how will they react when they come face to face? Meanwhile, Ashley struggles to hold it together as his family is torn apart again. Elsewhere, Danny makes a new play for Frankie saying he’s booked a romantic meal at an expensive restaurant for that evening. Frankie turns him down but it’s clear his playful optimism is starting to wear her down. And as Rosie and Sally share a laugh as they pack for their trip to Paris, for Rosie it’s tinged with sadness for what she and Craig are about to do.moreless
    • Wed 18 Jun, 1986
      Wed 18 Jun, 1986
      Season 27 - Episode 49
      Kevin and Sally return at 5. 30am. They spot smoke coming out of the Rovers' door. Sally wakes the residents whilst Kevin tries to wake Bet. Ken phones the fire brigade. Percy is raised and he and Kevin get a ladder up to Bet's window. Bet wakes up and tries to escape but the fumes force her back to her room. She vomits and collapses. The residents move their cars and try to wake Bet. Kevin climbs up the ladder and smashes Bet's window. He climbs in as the fire engine arrives and the front windows explode. Kevin tries to drag Bet to the window, the firemen take over and carry Bet to safety. Kevin is proclaimed a hero and refuses to go to hospital; he's only inhaled some fumes. Bet is taken to hospital in an ambulance. Jack is worried that he might have caused the fire by putting the wrong fuse in. Gail feels she should tell Brian about her affair. Audrey advises her to leave it. The brewery tells Betty that they intend to pull the Rovers down.moreless
    • Mon 17 Oct, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 17 Oct, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 208
      Lloyd calls a meeting of all Street Cars' employees. He's worried about the hoax calls and thinks Ronnie should leave before there's more trouble. Leanne and Frankie are at each other's throats in the café. Leanne's empties a salt cellar over Frankie and storms out saying she's leaving. Gail complains to Keith about the noise his two pigs make. Ronnie says she's leaving and tells Steve it's best if they finish. Steve begs her not to go and Ronnie gives in. They spend the afternoon in bed. Ken's furious to discover Deirdre's started smoking again. Martin's depressed that Robyn's been ignoring his calls. He tracks her down to the school where she teaches but she tells him they're finished. Martin's gutted. Les gives a vicar a lift to his church in Cheshire. Les wonders if he and Cilla could get married in his church. Leanne leaves Weatherfield to stay with a friend in Leeds. Janice is worried she won't come back. Jimmy Clayton sees Steve and Ronnie kissing.moreless
    • Fri 25 Aug, 2000
      Fri 25 Aug, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 137
      When the Platt's discover Monica's pup costs £400 they tell a disappointed David that he can't have it. Pat and Steve finish the health centre job. Impressed Duggie buys the builders drinks all day. Deirdre sorts out paperwork at the shop for busy Dev. Fred worries when he hears a supermarket is to open near his butchers shop. Duggie suggests he relocates in Victoria Street. The Platt's are relieved when David agrees to take on a dog from a rescue centre. Vinny gets tired of Duggie bragging and throwing his weight around. They arm wrestle but the match turns into a fight when Duggie suggests swapping girlfriends as Natalie needs a real man. Rita feels uncomfortable when she sees Anthony with his wife and sees how tender he is with her. Whilst drunk, Duggie offers Vinny a job. Tyrone minds Tommy at the garage, but when his back is turned Doreen snatches him. Vera is horrified to see them driving away together.moreless
    • Mon 25 Dec, 2000
      Mon 25 Dec, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 212
      Roy manages to get Wayne to open up slightly about why he is in the Home, but when Hayley announces she has contacted his mother he looks miserable. Alex Swinton, Wayne's mother's boyfriend, comes to collect Wayne, he is full of false charm and Wayne is obviously uncomfortable around him. Janice melts when Les gives her an emerald ring. From their window Roy sees Alex hit Wayne. Roy confronts him and demands that Wayne stays with them. Alex backs down for the time being and leaves. Kevin gets upset by something Natalie says that reminds him of Alison. He admits to Natalie that he feels guilty about her death because he slept with Sally on the night before their wedding. Vera comes home and is amazed at the new kitchen and is even more stunned when Jack presents her with tickets for a three week Caribbean cruise. The atmosphere is tense at Ken and Deirdre's, Liz storms out after a comment from Peter. Roy, Hayley and Wayne enjoy the short amount of time they have together. Andrea and Paul turn up to see Vera and Jack. Shirley arrives to take Wayne back to the Home. Martin and Gail agree to give David an 'official' birthday, this year on New Year's Eve and after that the 25th of June. Martin and Gail are both very relaxed and happy around each other. Kevin kisses Natalie but they both agree that they should be just good friends. Roy and Hayley take Wayne back to the Home, he is obviously miserable, and they are unhappy about leaving him there. Jason, Eileen's son turns up at the Battersby's and is introduced to Dennis. Martin goes to see Rebecca, but from outside sees her kiss someone else, so he leaves.moreless
    • Sun 21 May, 2006
      Sun 21 May, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 100
      The post arrives at the Platt's and there's still no birthday card for Richard. Gail's relieved thinking that David must be innocent. Kelly asks Danny for her job back but he refuses her saying she's a thief. Keith gives Gail a letter which was delivered to him by accident. Gail's horrified to discover it's a birthday card from Richard. Gail feels sick knowing David's the culprit. Gail confronts David with the card. At first he denies it but Gail reveals how she lied to him about Richard's birthday which is in December. David admits he sent the cards. Sarah's disgusted when she finds out it was David. Hayley leads the factory girls in pleading with Danny to give Kelly her job back. He eventually relents. Kelly's delighted. Amber and Craig work together in the shop. Amber tells Craig what a useless father Dev is. Ashley plans to blacken Matt's name to strengthen his case against him. Amber asks Dev if she can live with him rather than go to Finland but Dev tells her Sunita's moving into the house and he's moving out. Amber leaves in tears. Gail blames herself for David's behaviour saying that if he's such a bad lad then she must be an even worse mother. David overhears.moreless
    • Sun 29 Oct, 2006
      Sun 29 Oct, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 212
      David returns to his old tricks and sends Tracy a sympathy card. Tracy however jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes that it is Bev who is sending it because of Shelley’s baby. Charlie seizes on her assumption and agrees that Bev is pathetic, so then Tracy wastes no time in confronting a drunken Bev who denies everything. Meanwhile, Charlie finds David and bundles him into the back of a van. Liam sees this and questions Charlie if the kid has been annoying Maria also. Will Liam and Charlie come to blows over David? And Jamie feels even more devastated that Frankie and Danny seem more at ease in each others company when he spies Danny with his arms around his ‘mum’. Jamie tackles Frankie who tells him he must accept the way things are, but he argues that he will never give up on her until she admits that they should be together. What will torn Frankie do next? Over in the Rovers, Liz is determined to try and start running the pub her way, but Bev is showing no signs of moving on. Liz feels sorry for her friend and tells her there is no rush for her to move out, but Bev doesn’t help matters by sitting at the bar and getting increasingly drunk.moreless
    • Wed 19 May, 1975
      Wed 19 May, 1975
      Season 16 - Episode 40
      The copper is stolen from the Yard, valuing £200. Fury is missing. Ernie and Harry Goulden form WARP. Rita arrives at the Gatsby whilst Blanche tries to finish her outfit at home. Deirdre gets the outfit to Rita on time and agrees to stand in behind the bar for the night. Ray accuses Eddie of being in on the break-in. Blanche returns the wedding presents. The regulars tell Stan and Eddie they'll be responsible if Fury bites any body. Stan and Eddie search for him. Deirdre and Rita are picked up by a couple of oil riggers. Blanche is furious when a drunken Deirdre returns home at 3am.moreless
    • Friday 23rd April 2010 (Episode 1)
      Friday 23rd April 2010 (Episode 1)
      Season 51 - Episode 82
      Having spent a sleepless night at Molly's bedside, Tyrone's pleased to hear that she's now in a stable condition. Regaining consciousness, Molly asks what happened and when Pam angrily reveals that Kevin didn't fix the brakes on the car, she begins to wonder if he sabotaged the motor. Full of guilt, Kevin arrives at the hospital but Molly's gunning for him, accusing him of deliberately trying to kill her and the baby. Kevin's horrified by her claims and explains that he's there to apologise for pressuring her over a termination. Molly, however, tells him to save it for the police. With that, Kevin begins to panic. Meanwhile, Sophie's going through the motions as she dresses in Rosie's clothes, before heading out for her date with Lee. Later, Sian arrives at the Websters' in search of Sophie but when she sees her looking cosy with Lee, she's horrified. Devastated, Sian rushes off. Elsewhere Audrey refuses to accept Rita's olive branch; and Anna's upset to hear that Gary faces court-martial and a custodial sentence when he's eventually found.moreless
    • Fri 12 May, 2006
      Fri 12 May, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 94
      Lloyd and Kelly are finding it difficult whilst Becky is still there. Rosie asks Kevin if he will seriously think about taking on Craig when he finishes school. Sally is not keen on the idea. Hayley and Roy have been up all night cleaning the Café and it is now spotless. Vera is spring cleaning her house to keep her self busy seeing as she resigned. Jack is worried for Vera. The factory girls and Sean are gossiping about Norris and the Café. Fiz announces her purse is missing. Hayley is introduced to Becky. Norris continues to spread malicious rumours about Gail and the cards Audrey walks in and is very upset. She leaves angry with both Norris and Rita. Kelly gives Becky £200 after Kelly sold the watch Becky bought for her. Blanche's purse goes missing - Becky has stolen it. Claire and Ashley discuss living arrangements for when the baby comes. Hayley suggests that she and Roy should give all the left over food they can't use in the Café to the homeless. Becky has clearly got an evil side and she has stolen both Fiz and Blanche's purses along with other miscellaneous things.moreless
    • Fri 19 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Fri 19 May, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 98
      Gail acts calmly in front of David hiding her inner turmoil. Ashley's upset to receive a letter from Matt's solicitor saying he wants contact with Joshua. Claire feels the baby kick for the first time. Dev gets Keith to run the shop while he baby sits for the twins. Keith's horrified at how expensive the shop is and so sells everything at a knock-down price. Gail tells Audrey that she suspects David's behind the . Audrey thinks she's being ridiculous. Rita cleverly tells Norris that Emily's missing him and Emily that Norris is missing her. Secretly she wants her own flat back. Gail rifles through David's bedroom and finds a blank birthday card. She lies to David telling him that it's Richard's birthday on Friday. Dev tells Steve he's going to offer his house to Sunita and suggest that he moves into the flat above the shop. Ashley makes an appointment with his solicitor. Claire's disappointed that it clashes with her ante-natal class. Gail follows David hoping to catch him posting the birthday card. Audrey stops her telling her she's taken leave of her senses but Gail's determined to prove it's him.moreless
    • Fri 16 Apr, 1999
      Fri 16 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 61
      Nick rows with Miranda for talking to Leanne about the abortion. She is amazed that Leanne didn't know she knew. She rows with him for not telling Leanne she was giving him advice. He is furious when she tells him he's selfish in not thinking of Leanne and decides he's had enough and quits college. Mike feels guilty when Alma makes a fuss of him before his trip to London. Curly feels sorry for Tyrone sleeping rough and lends him his sofa for the night. Roy is trapped when the menfolk insist on giving him a stag night. Kevin woos Alison by cooking her a romantic meal. He tells her he thinks he had a breakdown and didn't know what was happening to him after losing the girls. He assures her she is the only woman he wants. Les is furious when he discovers Nick talked Leanne into an abortion. He goes for Nick in the Rovers, accusing him of ruining Leanne's life. When Gail starts to row with Les Nick tells everyone he's had enough of them all. Mike is nervous and Julia feeds him and takes him to bed. Hayley is disappointed when Curly and Spider get Roy drunk on his stag night.moreless
    • Mon 5 Apr, 1999
      Mon 5 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 55
      Leanne worries about the abortion and Nick struggles not to let her change her mind. Toyah is pleased to be asked to be Hayley's bridesmaid. Emily is delighted to hear Ken and Deirdre are back together. Gary knocks together a cart from odds and ends and arranges to borrow Steve's ladders. Tyrone begs for money in streets. Nick and Leanne talk to a doctor about the abortion. Nick asks all the questions whilst Leanne is sick at the thought. When he discovers there's a waiting list Nick insists Leanne goes private. Roy doesn't want to invite too many people to the wedding but Hayley refuses to marry in secret and wants everyone to know. Nick assures Leanne he hasn't spoken to anyone about the abortion, especially Miranda. Mike is intrigued when Julia hangs round the Rovers waiting to see him. She tells him she's going to the annual rag trade ball and hopes to see him there.moreless
    • Wed 7 Apr, 1999
      Wed 7 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 56
      Gary starts his window cleaning round. Alma is thrilled when Hayley asks her to be her Matron of Honour. Les refuses to let Toyah and Janice attend Hayley's wedding as he thinks she's a freak. Curly feels guilty when he finds Tyrone sleeping round by his bins. Tyrone explains that Jackie is back in prison after assaulting his Dad's girlfriend. Curly promises him 50p for each trolley he can locate in nearby streets and bring back. Alma is told to attend a training seminar in Birmingham. It clashes with the rag trade ball. Leanne goes to the private clinic and is councelled about the operation. Alma tells Mike she can't go to the ball with him.moreless
    • Wed 14 Apr, 1999
      Wed 14 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 60
      Sally agrees to give up her share of the garage in exchange for Kevin giving her the house. They go to a solicitor to make the agreement legal. Leanne tells Nick she's been upset by the easy way he's lied to people about the baby. Alison sees Kevin with Sally and jumps to the conclusion that they're back together. She tells him he could have had the decency to tell her they're over. Leanne tells Janice and Toyah about the abortion. They comfort her when she says she feels empty. She goes to the college and meets Miranda who stuns her by knowing all about the abortion. Hayley presses Roy to invite his mother and her husband to the wedding. Leanne tells Nick she always thought he was more caring than other husbands and tells him he's really hurt her by confiding in Miranda. She accuses him of not treating her as his equal. Kevin tries to win Alison round but she tells him it's obvious she isn't important to him and tells him she hopes he'll be miserable with Sally.moreless
    • Fri 9 Apr, 1999
      Fri 9 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 57
      Mike has second thoughts about going to the ball, not able to trust himself around Julia. Curly gives Tyrone odd jobs to do around the supermarket as he feels sorry for him. Frightened Leanne goes to the clinic and has the abortion. Roy plans a honeymoon abroad until Hayley points out she can't go anywhere on her passport. They decide to go to York instead. Mike books into the hotel for the ball and meets Julia who makes it clear she wants him. Alma's course is cancelled so she decides to surprise Mike by turning up at the ball. Leanne has bad cramps after the operation. Nick fusses over her and tells Ashley she's lost the baby. Mike is flattered by Julia and agrees to go to her room but is stopped by Alma's arrival. He is startled but manages to cover his shock.moreless
    • Mon 12 Apr, 1999
      Mon 12 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 59
      Roy wants Gail as his best man but Hayley insists he chooses a man so he asks Martin. Alison is furious when she discovers Kevin has been back all weekend but hasn't called her. Martin guesses that Leanne has had an abortion and tells Nick it's nothing to be ashamed of. Kevin discovers someone has been sleeping in the garage. Mike panics when Alma suggests she accompanies him on his 'business trip' to London. He puts her off by saying he'll be travelling around. Natalie rows with Kevin for disappearing and letting the business down. Leanne is touched when Les gives her flowers and is upset over the baby. She is amazed when Nick tells her she shouldn't dwell on the baby and must start thinking about emigrating. Curly tells Kevin he can stay at No. 7. They lay in wait at the garage and find Tyrone breaking in to sleep there. Leanne can't cope with Gail's sympathy and annoys Nick by telling her she had an abortion. Gail is shocked when Leanne tells her that her 'sensitive' son was so keen for her to abort he paid for her to go private.moreless
    • Sun 11 Apr, 1999
      Sun 11 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 58
      Mike gets a note from Julia with her phone number on when he checks out. Gail feels sorry for Leanne when Nick tells her she's had a miscarriage. Leanne feels awful lying to Janice and Toyah by saying she's miscarried. Sally is stunned when Kevin returns. He explains he needed time to think and has come back as he now feels he can be calm over the situation. Sally warns him she's not giving up the house and tells him the girls haven't missed him. He tells her he's not going to please her by walking out of their lives. Hayley uses her work sewing machine to make her wedding dress. Les is upset to hear Leanne's lost the baby. Mike tries to phone Julia but can't get through to her. Leanne is annoyed by the way Nick lies so easily and doesn't seem at all upset whilst she's in turmoil. Julia phones Mike and invites him to spend the weekend with her. He assures her nothing will stop them this time.moreless
    • Sun 5 Jan, 2003
      Sun 5 Jan, 2003
      Season 44 - Episode 3
      Fiz tells Maria that if she doesn't tell Toyah what's been going on then she will tell Toyah herself. Maria is very worried. Sunita admits to Deirdre that she's still hung up on Dev. A prospective buyer views No. 11. Todd and Jason turn their music up to wind Vera up. Vera turns her TV up and bangs on the wall. The prospective buyer is put off the house. Todd and Jason are delighted. Shelley is upset to find that Ciaran is still working in the cafe. Peter suggests that they should have a look at buying No. 11. Shelley likes the idea. Dev put a proposal to Steve: that he will buy out Vik's half of the business to help Steve out of the financial mess created by Vik. Steve refuses. Audrey moves back home. Dev and Tracy get back together which infuriates Deirdre and upsets Sunita. Sarah takes more food to Ade and again suggests that he goes home and sorts things out with his dad. Ade refuses. Tracy is all ready for her date with Dev when he stands her up. Sunita tells her that Dev treats all his women like that. Tracy accuses Sunita of being jealous. Sunita is hurt and upset and before she can stop herself she tells Tracy that Dev once slept with Deirdre. Tracy is shocked and disgusted.moreless
    • Mon 6 Jan, 2003 [Episode 1]
      Mon 6 Jan, 2003 [Episode 1]
      Season 44 - Episode 4
      It's the day of Ken's court case. Deirdre and Tracy are going to support him. Tracy tells a horrfied Deirdre she knows about her affair with Dev. Maria is relieved when Fiz says that for Toyah's sake she's decided not to tell her about Maria and John having sex. Sarah's first day back at school since the accident. Peter tells Ciaran that he's wasting his time trying to rebuild their friendship. He tells Ciaran it would be best if he just left the area. Jason manages to put off another buyer for the house. Eileen finds out what he's doing and tells him to keep up the good work! Doreen is upset when she overhears Ashley gleefully telling Maxine that now Derek has signed the financial statement in the divorce she will soon have some money and be able to move out. John starts coming on to Maria again but she tells him to go away. Tracy and Deirdre are rowing over Dev in the Court waiting room. Ken wants to know what they're arguing about. Tracy forces Deirdre to tell Ken that she slept with Dev. Ken is shocked. His hearing goes ahead. He pleads guilty and receives a conditional discharge for a period of twelve months.moreless
    • Fri 23 Apr, 1999
      Fri 23 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 65
      Hayley is distraught as Roy takes her back to the cafe. She feels the world will never accept her. He urges her not to give up hope. The residents turn on Les for ruining the wedding. Mike calls at Julia's flat only to find it's deserted and she's moved out. Hayley is stunned when Roy gathers all their friends together at the cafe, with Jessica. She is taken back when Uncle Bert offers his arm and gives her away, with Jessica performing the ceremony in the cafe. They are married. Gail is horrified when Leanne tells her Nick has left her and emigrated to Canada. Roy is thrilled when Hayley tells him she's legally changed her name to Cropper. Mike receives photographs through the post of him in bed with Julia.moreless
    • Wed 8 Jan, 2003
      Wed 8 Jan, 2003
      Season 44 - Episode 6
      Ken has spent the night on Peter's sofa. Deirdre has spent all night crying. Blanche gives her a stiff talking to. To Maxine and Ashley's horror they find out that whilst drunk Doreen and Fred got engaged to each other. Now sober neither wants to marry the other but neither dare admit it. Blanche tries to talk to Ken for Deirdre's sake but he won't listen. Norris finds out that Toyah will be spending the day at Emily's studying on Friday so thinking that Emily will be safe in her company he accepts a place on a Passport Course in Liverpool for that day. Karen and Steve argue. She thinks he should consider Dev's offer but he refuses. Ken goes to see Dev and tell him that he had better treat Tracy well or else. Peter and Shelley view No. 11 and to Jason and Todd's disappointment they really like the house. Ken calls to see Deirdre to talk things through. Peter and Ciaran agree that they will start being friends again, for old time's sake, but behind Shelley's back as she wouldn't approve. Ken decides that he wants to try and make another go of his relationship with Deirdre. Deirdre cries with relief.moreless
    • Sun 25 Apr, 1999
      Sun 25 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 66
      Mike braces himself to confess all to Alma but is halted when she finds a lump in her breast. Janice returns the borrowed money to Leanne and is told about Nick leaving. Gail feels a failure as a mother as Nick left without saying goodbye. Martin tells her it's not who's a failure, it's Nick. Alma worries about her lump as her aunt died of cancer. Mike promises her the best treatment can buy. Nita struggles with running the shop on her own and gets annoyed when Ravi criticises her for asking Spider to mind it for her. Leanne refuses to sit and home and mope, determined to carry on as normal. She tells the Platts they don't have to bother with her anymore. Spider is pleased when Nita invites him for a meal. Jim is pleased when Kevin agrees to employ him on an occasional basis to man the office. Mike fears Alma is going to die.moreless
    • Mon 26 Apr, 1999
      Mon 26 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 67
      Ashley is pleased when Leanne plans to remain living at No. 4. Deirdre is puzzled when Mike keeps snapping at her. Leanne tells Gail to stop pretending to be upset she and Nick have split. Gail shouts at her, saying they were never right for each other and due to her, her son's gone halfway round the world. Alma breaks down, fearing death. Leanne goes clubbing with Toyah and Sharon, putting Ashley out as he thought they were going together. Nita cooks Spider a Thai dish. They talk about their shared dream to travel. Alma is referred to a breast clinic. She is impatient for her results. Julia phones Mike and tells him £10,000 will buy him the negatives of the pictures.moreless
    • Wed 21 Apr, 1999
      Wed 21 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 64
      Hayley's relatives - Monica and Bert arrive for the wedding. Hayley has to convince Bert that she is a woman and isn't just going through a phase. Les locks Toyah in her room to stop her going to the wedding. Spider helps her escape out of the window. When Leanne insists they have nothing more to say to each other Nick buys a one way ticket to Canada. She is stunned he is leaving immediately. Roy is despondent on his wedding day, believing he isn't good enough for Hayley. Martin panics that he's going to jilt her but Roy is just doubting himself. Les calls in the local press and tells them about the wedding, hoping for money but they trick him into revealing a woman is marrying them and guess it's at St Paul's. Leanne doesn't stop Nick leaving but tells him she'll never forget him. He tells her he's not going to waste time remembering her. She breaks down as he leaves. Emily and Spider wait at the church and are horrified when the press turns up. Emily worries that the publicity will ruin Jessica. Ashley drives grief stricken Nick to the airport. Whilst Jessica keeps the press occupied Emily stops the wedding party and tells them they've been hunted down. Roy tells Hayley they'll have to call the whole thing off.moreless
    • Sun 7 Mar, 1999
      Sun 7 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 38
      Rita accuses Natalie of enjoying ruining people's lives. Natalie is baffled until Rita tells her Ian is Sharon's fiancé. Rita and Betty are certain she's lying when she swears she didn't know. Vik tells Steve his accounts are in a terrible state. Gary's father and brother, Shane arrive for the christening. Shane feels Gary should be relieved the twins look like him after Judy's affair. Ian is stunned when Natalie confronts him over his lies. He tells her he's confused by his feelings and never planned to hurt either Sharon or her. She tells him he's weak and pathetic and is amazed that he intends to go through with the wedding. She is stunned when he says he hopes they can still see each other after he's married. Ian begs Rita not to tell Sharon about him and Sharon, swearing Natalie did all the running. Vera, Jack and Jim are the Malletts' Godparents. Jack discovers he can't be Godfather as he hasn't been christened himself so the Vicar quickly christens him. Ken and Vera are forced to be his Godparents. Natalie proves to Rita that Ian would carry on being unfaithful by phoning him and letting her listen as he tries to woo her again. She is nervous on her wedding day but is taken care of by Sally. Whilst everyone goes to the church Rita tells her that Ian has been seeing Natalie. Sharon blames herself for rushing Ian into marriage and makes excuses for him. She tells herself he still loves her and feels it was a last fling. Rita is amazed when she says the wedding will go ahead. Vic warns Steve that his business is going down the drain. He suggests he reduces his outgoings. Rita gives Sharon away at St Mary's but whilst Ian says his vows Sharon attacks him, calling him a liar before running out of the church. Sharon goes for Natalie, calling her a whore. Natalie pities her. Curly returns to find Jackie and Tyrone living in his house.moreless
    • Mon 6 Jan, 2003 [Episode 2]
      Mon 6 Jan, 2003 [Episode 2]
      Season 44 - Episode 5
      Tracy tells Blanche that Deirdre slept with Dev and that she told Ken just before he went into court. Blanche slaps Tracy across the face. Tracy says she's disgusted that her boyfriend Dev has slept with her mother. Dev tells Karen that he's offered to buy out Vik's half of the business. Karen can't believe that Steve hasn't mentioned this. Joe looks round Vik's old flat above the taxi office and tells Karen that he wants to rent it. Deirdre and Ken arrive back home. Ken is devastated at Deirdre's revelation. Deirdre and Tracy have a blazing row. Deirdre throws Tracy out of the house. Blanche goes to the Rovers and leaves Ken and Deirdre to talk. Blanche is worried and upset. Deirdre explains to Ken that she just had a stupid crush on Dev but that it meant nothing. Ken can't accept it and tells her that she's never loved him as much as he loves her. Tracy confronts Dev. Dev says that it was a one-off mistake sleeping with Deirdre and persuades Tracy to come and stay with him. Doreen is feeling depressed. Fred comforts her. Ken tells Deirdre that he can't live with her anymore and walks out. Deirdre is inconsolable.moreless
    • Mon 15 Mar, 1999
      Mon 15 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 43
      Leanne is happy as Nick makes a fuss of her. Steve is pleased when Nita agrees to have a drink with him. Jim sends his wheelchair back to the hospital and uses his crutches to go everywhere. Toyah hangs around the Salon to be near Tom. Rita phones Alec and gets him to agree to Sharon renting his flat. Sharon is delighted. Maxine warns Nita to be careful with Steve as she collects notches on his bedpost. Tracy goes on a spending spree using Robert's credit card. Tom is amused when Tyrone warns him to keep away from Toyah as she's his bird. Tom tells Toyah, who is furious. Ken is shocked when Robert turns up, demanding to see Tracy. He explains he caught Tracy kissing another man. Ken refuses to tell him where Tracy is but lets him stay the night. Nita asks Steve if he wants more than friendship from her. When he can't deny it she stops drinking with him. Spider and Curly let themselves into No. 7 and steal the television.moreless
    • Mon 19 Apr, 1999
      Mon 19 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 63
      Mike is puzzled as he can't reach Julia on her mobile. He gets confused when her company says they've never heard of her. Leanne doesn't want to go to leave her family and go to Canada. Nick accuses her of closing her mind to everything. Linda refuses to get carried away with Hayley's wedding, saying it's just a freak show. Spider is impressed to find Nita sells organic goods and is vegetarian. Leanne accuses Nick of always hiding things and never facing up to things. She feels they would have made terrible parents and tells him she doesn't love him anymore and doesn't want anything to do with him. He is stunned when she asks him to move out and go to Canada without her. Hayley gets upset, thinking her friends have forgotten her hen party but she is taken to No. 5 where the girls are making her wedding train. She is overwhelmed by their kindness. Ashley is shocked when Nick tells him his marriage is over and he's going to live in Canada. Les is outraged when Janice tells him she's sold his best albums to get money to pay Leanne back and lay on Hayley's hen party. He is furious that he has paid for a freak's party and swears vengeance.moreless
    • Fri 5 Mar, 1999
      Fri 5 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 37
      Betty advises Natalie not to rush into another relationship so soon after Des. Toyah falls for Tom. Sharon assures Ian she has no doubts about getting married. He is disappointed. Jack sadly says goodbye to his pigeons as Charlie West takes them to breed from. Betty sees Sharon kissing Ian and is horrified to learn they're getting married at the weekend. Jack refuses to accept a lift in Charlie's truck when Les tells him it's stolen. Vera buys christening gowns for the Malletts as she knows they've no money. Judy is touched and tells her she's like a mother to her. Ian spends his Stag Night wining and dining Natalie. Betty tells Rita that Ian is seeing Natalie behind Sharon's back. Sharon has her Hen Party at the Rovers. Natalie is stunned when Rita calls her a hard-faced bitch.moreless
    • Sun 18 Apr, 1999
      Sun 18 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 62
      Mike enjoys his night with Julia but she can't wait to get rid of him. Leanne is annoyed that Nick has given up college with only two months to go. Roy has a terrible hang over. Nick tells Leanne they have to leave Weatherfield and get away from their families. She is furious when he calls Les an animal. Mike is disappointed when Julia tells him she has to break their weekend to work. Roy's mother writes saying she is too busy to attend his wedding. He is sad that she's never been there for him in his life. Miranda calls to talk Nick out of leaving college and upsets Leanne by telling her she assumed Nick had told her all along she'd advised him to abort. Nick tells Miranda he's not returning to college and thanks her for doing all she's done for him. Mike returns home and tells Alma he felt bad about leaving her all weekend. Hayley worries as her dress isn't ready and she won't have time to finish her train. Tyrone lingers at No. 7 as he has nowhere else to stay. Curly is forced to let him stay another night. Nick tells Leanne he wants them to go to Canada immediately. Julia clears everything out of her flat.moreless
    • Sun 4 Apr, 1999
      Sun 4 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 54
      Realising there isn't a window cleaner in the area, Gary decides to start up a round. Judy isn't keen on the idea as she doesn't want to give up her freedom at the Rovers. Les is furious when he discovers Janice borrowed money from the Tilsleys. Miranda tells Nick that she had an abortion and has never regretted it. She advises him to talk Leanne round and afterwards tell people she miscarried. Deirdre is embarrassed when the factory girls find out about Ken and her. She is stung when Mike finds the news amusing. Roy and Hayley are thrilled when Jessica agrees to marry them. Curly has Tyrone thrown out of Freschos when he turns up. Tyrone says he's starving and is desperate but Curly refuses to believe him. Nick asks Martin how to get an abortion. Martin is sad that he's even thinking of it. Nick tells him how frightened parenthood makes him feel and how he doesn't want his life to be ruined. Tyrone sleeps rough near the bins at Freschos. Judy warms to the idea of Gary cleaning windows when he suggests he only works when she isn't at the Rovers. She likes the idea as it means she doesn't have to give up the Rovers. Nick is relieved when Leanne tells him she will have an abortion. He promises her that she won't regret the decision.moreless
    • Fri 2 Apr, 1999
      Fri 2 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 53
      Nick is furious when he discovers, after receiving a bank statement, that Leanne gave £200 to Janice. He rows with her for lying to him, doing something he'd told her not to. He accuses her of getting pregnant on purpose. Sharon thinks people will think she's a liar if Rita doesn't give her the Kabin. She tells her she's hurt over the way she's been treated. Ken is thrilled to have Deirdre living with him and assures her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She isn't as certain as he is. Maud gets Tom to cut her hair in the Street, outside the Salon to make Audrey look foolish. Audrey puts a stop to it and is forced to back down and give Tom and Maxine their jobs back. VERA: (about Natalie) "She's that hard faced, if she fell on the pavement she'ck crag a flag." Les is baffled when Nick accuses him of cadging of him. Rita apologises to Sharon for mucking her about and tells her she does want her to have the Kabin, lock, stock and barrel. Sharon is pleased. Ken worries when Deirdre tells him she doesn't want people to know they're back together. Leanne tells Janice that Nick doesn't want the baby. Janice warns her that if she doesn't go along with him he might leave her.moreless
    • Mon 22 Mar, 1999
      Mon 22 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 47
      Ashley can't bring himself to tell the Tilsleys they'll have to move out. Les delights in telling Jackie he's given Curly the keys to her house. Sharon celebrates her thirty-third birthday but feels she's got nothing to look forward to. Audrey returns to work and finds Tom employed at the Salon. She rows with Maxine for taking on behind her back but has to be impressed by the full appointments diary. She agrees to him staying for the week but says he'll have to leave then. Curly determines to take his house back when Jackie tells him she intends to sell his telescope. He and Spider use Toyah as bait to get Tyrone out of the house. Tyrone is amazed when Toyah seduces him into going for a walk with her. Gail warns Nick that he'll be her age before he's free of his child. She tells him he must want the baby more than anything else in the world. Jackie finds Spider and Curly lying in wait for her to leave the house so she locks herself in. Ken and Deirdre succeed in getting the Prestons to sit down together and talk. They get caught in the crossfire when Robert and Tracy row about her friendship with Dan. Deirdre ends up rowing with Ken for not taking Tracy's side. Tracy tells them they're hypocrites. Sharon is stunned when Rita tells her she's retiring and wants her to have the Kabin.moreless
    • Sun 14 Mar, 1999
      Sun 14 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 42
      Gary looks after the twins whilst Judy starts work and feels guilty about leaving them. Rita is bothered by the thought of Sharon returning to Nottingham. Nick and Leanne feel too young to be parents but she urges him to think positive about it. Deirdre is thrilled when Tracy turns up on Mother's Day. Tracy tells her she's left Robert as he keeps finding fault with her. Leanne is amazed when Nick says they should consider an abortion. She can't believe he'd think of getting rid of their baby and tells Toyah she wants to keep it. Steve makes the corner shop flat more inhabitable for Nita and chats her up. Toyah tells Nick he's selfish and immature for not thinking of Leanne's feelings. Deirdre and Ken worry about Tracy and can't work out why she's left Robert. Judy is annoyed that after spending all day worrying about the twins, Gary has coped with them. Spider suggests to Curly that he waits until the Dobbs are out and then reclaims his house. Nick apologises to Leanne and assures her he wants the baby.moreless
    • Fri 12 Mar, 1999
      Fri 12 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 41
      Nick refuses to believe Leanne is pregnant as she's on the pill. Rep Julia Stone tries to interest Mike in some samples and offers to take him out for a meal. Sharon takes her mind off Ian by throwing herself into the Kabin. Curly bores Spider by showing off his holiday slides of Australia. Alison is thrilled when Kevin phones to say he's in Germany staying with his Dad. The doctor confirms Leanne is pregnant. She is upset at the news and is comforted by Toyah. Curly tells his boss that Frescho owes him for employing Anne Malone and endangering his life. He scares them into giving him his job back and a company car. Alma is annoyed that she's no longer manager. Natalie gets annoyed when Lorraine runs the customers down. When she cheeks her for sleeping with Ian, Natalie sacks her. Lorraine says she's happy to go and calls her a hard-faced cow. Natalie is shaken by the outburst. Judy sees Lorraine being sacked and immediately offers Natalie her services as barmaid. Natalie takes her on. Nick is horrified by Leanne's pregnancy and upsets her by offering no support.moreless
    • Wed 24 Mar, 1999
      Wed 24 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 48
      Ashley feels guilty when the Tilsleys ask him to be their baby's Godfather. Robert tells Ken his marriage is obviously over. Sally is amazed when Sharon tells her Rita has given her the Kabin. Sally tells her how Rita once gave her £5,000 and advises her to find out what Rita gets out of the arrangement. Audrey asks one of her colleagues to get Martin his job back at the hospital. Ashley tells the Tilsleys Fred won't allow them to have a baby in the house. Rita is annoyed to discover Sally has told Sharon about her helping her out. Sharon suggests she's only giving her the shop in an attempt to keep her close by. Rita is adamant she's not doing it because she's a lonely old woman and is disappointed when Sharon refuses to accept the Kabin. Tracy admits to Deirdre that Dan did want an affair with her but she didn't. Deirdre urges her not to make the mistakes she's made and advises her to stick with Robert. Rita accuses Sally of trying to put Sharon off accepting the Kabin as she wanted it herself. Curly and Spider enter No. 7 whilst Tyrone is alone and refuse to leave. Rita is delighted when she talks Sharon into accepting the shop. Jackie finds Curly and Spider in the house and warns them she's not leaving.moreless
    • Fri 26 Feb, 1999
      Fri 26 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 33
      Maxine blows Vik out for lying to her. He says he just didn't want her to think him a failure. Nurse Delaney calls on Martin and tells him he's missed at the hospital. Roy finally opens the cafe. Kevin can't cope with the thought of only seeing the girls at the weekend. Alison tries to cheer him up but he fears Sally will move away or meet someone else and he'll lose them forever. Nita accuses Sharon of spreading rumours about her selling out-of-date stock. Nita promises her she can fight dirty as well. Les gets a job dredging the canal. Kevin delivers the girls to Sally and is stunned when she tells him she intends to take No. 13 off him as well. He tells her to go to hell and throws the house keys at her, saying there's nothing left for him in Coronation Street.moreless
    • Wed 24 Feb, 1999
      Wed 24 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 32
      Kevin assures Sophie that whatever the courts decide she must remember both he and Sally love her very much. Sophie tells him she's sad that they can't all live together. Hayley and Steve arrange for a cooking stall to be delivered to Roy so he can serve food outside the cafe. Nick helps him serve. Sally and Kevin go to court. She is devastated when his lawyer makes her out to be an irresponsible, emotionally volatile woman with nothing to offer her children. Maxine is upset to hear Vik has been lying to her when Nita tells her that he isn't a qualified accountant as he failed his exams. Sally's lawyer blames the break up of the Websters' marriage on Kevin's affair and suggests he only wants custody of the children to hurt Sally. Les discovers Mike didn't give Janice a sub and accuses her of prostituting herself for the money. She tells him she pawned her jewellery for it and is stunned to discover Charlie has paid him in toilet rolls rather than money. Kevin creates a scene in the court when the judge awards custody to Sally. She is victorious.moreless
    • Wed 17 Mar, 1999
      Wed 17 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 44
      Nick urges Leanne to keep the pregnancy a secret until Gail returns from Canada. She thinks he doesn't want to go public because he's still not sure about it. Jackie and Tyrone are horrified to find the TV missing. Curly delights in telling them he stole it. Jackie orders Tyrone to replace it. Tyrone fears a beating and urges Marcus to help him get one. Toyah threatens Tyrone with violence if he continues to tell people they're going out. Tracy refuses to explain herself to Robert. Ken tells Deirdre it's up to them to get the Prestons talking to each other. Leanne tells the Battersbys she's pregnant. They are delighted for her until they realise they're going to be grandparents. Toyah promises Tom Tyrone is not her boyfriend. Tyrone and Marcus trudge around town looking for a TV for £15. Spider feels uncomfortable when Marcus tells him Jackie will beat Tyrone if he doesn't replace the TV. Nick tells Martin about the baby. He's shocked by the news. Janice worries that Les won't fancy her when she's a grandmother. They brag about the news, despite agreeing to keep it quiet until Gail's return. Martin rows with Les for interferring in the Tilsleys' lives. Vera offers to clean the Salon in exchange for free hair cuts. Maxine agrees. Spider leaves the front door open after telling Tyrone the TV is in the hall. When Tyrone steals it back Spider puts up a front of being dismayed for Curly's benefit. Curly declares war on the Dobbs.moreless
    • Mon 22 Feb, 1999
      Mon 22 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 31
      Roy and Hayley are horrified to find the cafe is flooded. Janice asks Mike for a sub on her wages but he refuses. She panics when she realises the rent is due on the house and fears eviction. Leanne takes pity on her and agrees to lend her £200. Roy blames Steve for the leak after discovering the pipe was burst by the person who nailed in the skirting boards. Gary is horrified as he realises he's to blame and tries to cover up for himself. Kevin takes Alison out to Stockport for lunch and can't be contacted when Rosie has an accident at school and is taken to Casualty. Nita alters her prices to be cheaper than the Kabin. Steve supplies Roy with a heater to dry up the wet but Roy threatens to sue him for the delay in the cafe's opening. Janice pays for the electricity to be reconnected and is issued with a card-fed meter, telling Les she got a sub off Mike. Sally rows with Kevin for not being available when Rosie needed him. The hospital clear Rosie but Sally warns Kevin she'll make sure the courts know.moreless
    • Fri 19 Mar, 1999
      Fri 19 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 45
      Jackie gets Les to change the locks to No. 7 with the promise of sexual favours. Ashley is hurt to discover the whole street knows about Leanne's pregnancy and he doesn't. Nick is furious to hear Les has broadcast the news. Sally is jealous of the way Rita is going out of her way to look after Sharon. Nick accuses Les of selfishly disregarding his and Leanne's feelings. Les changes the locks for Jackie and looks forward to a night with her plus £25 for the job. Vera starts work cleaning the Salon. Mike gets Julia to take him to an expensive restaurant. He isn't impressed by her samples and isn't amused when she heavily flirts with him. He tells her he's not interested in her fabric or her. Ken and Deirdre plot to get Robert and Tracy together. Deirdre feels like she's turning into a manipulating mother like Blanche. Emily babysits to allow Gary to take Judy out for a meal. They rush home early when they fear Emily can't cope, only to find all is well. Miranda feels sorry for Nick when he tells her Leanne is pregnant. She urges him to be absolutely certain he wants a baby. Tracy refuses to meet with Robert and accuses her parents of taking his side against her. Mike tells Alma about Julia offering herself to him and assures her he turned her down. Julia reports back that she's confident she can weaken Mike.moreless
    • Sun 21 Mar, 1999
      Sun 21 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 46
      Rita is concerned as Sharon sinks into depression. She feels she needs a fresh start. Curly is furious to find Jackie's changed the locks. Audrey and Gail return from Canada to the news that Leanne is pregnant and Martin is unemployed. Leanne is annoyed by Gail's lack of enthusiasm over the news. Nick is frustrated when Leanne rants on about her never being good enough for Gail. Jackie cooks a meal for Les and lets him crawl over her having rearranged for Tyrone to return home early to spoil Les' fun. She steals money from his wallet and 'pays him'. Fred is aghast at the idea of the Tilsleys having a baby in his house. Ashley isn't keen either but feels he can't evict them. Les finds his money missing and realises Jackie has picked his pocket. In revenge he sells Curly a spare set of keys to the new locks.moreless
    • Wed 10 Mar, 1999
      Wed 10 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 40
      Sharon wants to leave the area but Rita urges her to stay and not run away. Sally and the girls move into No. 13. Judy is hostile towards Steve for sacking Gary. She worries about feeding the family. Natalie can't believe her gullibility in falling for Ian and feels she can't trust men anymore. Nick is stunned when Leanne tells him she's pregnant.moreless
    • Sun 28 Feb, 1999
      Sun 28 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 34
      Natalie orders Jack to move his pigeons. Judy is stunned when Gary books the twins christening at only seven days notice. Ian tells Natalie he's broken his engagement and feels bad about hurting his fiancée. He tells her he thinks she is special and that he knows he could fall in love with her. Lorraine gets off work by telling Natalie she's studying but in reality goes to the pictures with Ashley. Rita returns to find the Kabin in the middle of a price war. Sally worries about Kevin's whereabouts. Natalie is annoyed to discover Lorraine has lied to her to get off work. She goes out with Ian and tells him she wants to take their relationship slowly.moreless
    • Wed 3 Mar, 1999
      Wed 3 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 36
      Rita is pleased when Sharon asks her is give her away at her wedding. Natalie gets sick of the way Lorraine takes advantage of her because she's her aunt. Tom Ferguson answers Maxine's advertisement. She takes him on on trial and is impressed with his style and confidence. Ashley is upset when Lorraine tells him she's not interested in him. Ravi apologises to Rita for Nita upsetting her by selling newspapers. He pleases Rita by saying they should work together and not in competition. They agree to go back to normal. Tom is pleased when Maxine agrees to keep him on until Audrey returns. Alison reports Kevin to the police as a missing person. The police tell her he's at risk because of losing the children. Betty is embarrassed to see Natalie kissing Ian. Ian has a narrow escape when he calls to spend the night with Natalie and sees Sharon drinking in the pub.moreless
    • Wed 31 Mar, 1999
      Wed 31 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 52
      Nick tells Leanne to admit to herself that the baby is going to mess things up for them. Calling themselves, 'A Cut Above', Tom and Maxine place a board outside the flat and lure Audrey's customers upstairs for their haircuts. Audrey is furious when she finds out and threatens to evict Maxine. Ravi tells Rita she's making a mistake giving Sharon the Kabin, pointing out that Sharon could sell up and move away leaving Rita alone and without her business. Deirdre is taken a back when Ken says that perhaps Blanche and Tracy are right and they should get back together. Roy and Hayley visit Jessica at St Paul's and find the church exactly what they're looking for. Jessica isn't bothered by Hayley's sexuality but tells them she'll have to carefully consider her position. Deirdre feels she and Ken live in each other's pockets and there's no need for them to be more 'together' but Ken insists that they owe it to themselves to give their relationship one last try and move in together. Sharon is surprised and annoyed when Rita backtracks and suggests a handing over period of a few months, with them having a 50-50 partnership. Deirdre tells Ken she'll give it a go and move in with him. He's delighted.moreless
    • Mon 14 Nov, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 14 Nov, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 228
      Sunita quizzes Dev about the photo but he's evasive. Sunita's worried. Violet's upset when Jason ignores her. It's obvious his mind's elsewhere. Sophie's tells Kevin how a girl at school keeps taking the mickey out of her trainers. Kevin buys her some new ones. Sally's cross as there's nothing wrong with her old ones. Jamie arranges another date with Joanne promising it'll be better than the last one. Sunita pours her heart out to Shelley telling her about the photo. She shows her one of Dev's files which proves Ravinder is living in the flat rent-free. Paul Riley calls in the café again. He tells Roy he wants to do an article about him but Roy's reluctant. Hayley however thinks he should go ahead. Charlie tells Jason it's obvious Sarah fancies him. Jason is embarrassed. Sunita discovers Dev's been lying to her. He secretly visited Ravinder that morning. Carol phones Jamie saying her house in Birmingham's been broken into. She arranges to meet him in the Rovers. Janice buys Carol a vodka. Carol can't resist and starts drinking again. Jason apologises to Violet for ignoring her and they arrange a night out. Sunita pays Ravinder a visit. She's shocked to discover Dev and Ravinder had a relationship years ago and Amber is Dev's daughter.moreless
    • Wed 16 Nov, 2005
      Wed 16 Nov, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 230
      Dev's alone in his flat. Sunita's spent the night at the Rovers. Carol's embarrassed when Frankie and Jamie discover she's wet the bed. Proud Sophie sets off for school in her new trendy trainers. Jason's working at the Platts when he smacks his thumb with a hammer. Sarah puts a plaster on it. The temptation is too great but as they lean in for a kiss Gail arrives home and they're thwarted. The estate agent gives Dev the keys to his new house. Jason apologises profusely to Violet for his mood swings. She forgives him. Sally's furious when she gets a call to say Sophie's trainers have fallen apart and as a result she's been fighting at school. Carol suggests she and Jamie should get a flat together. Frankie tells Carol if she gives up the booze she can move into No. 7 with them. Carol agrees. Kevin gets masterful with the twins and demands the money back for the trainers. Sally tells him she's sick of playing "bad cop" with the girls and in future he can lay down the law as he's good at it. Kevin's not happy with his new role. Sarah calls in the yard with Jason's money. She lures him up to the office where they kiss passionately and end up on the sofa. Dev pushes Shelley out of the way insisting he sees Sunita. He tells Sunita that Shareen's baby is nothing to do with him but Shareen is his daughter. Shocked Sunita says she wants an abortion.moreless
    • Mon 8 Mar, 1999
      Mon 8 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 39
      Rita comforts Sharon as she keeps breaking down. Curly stays with Emily and Spider and learns about the Dobbs squatting. When he tries to enter his house Jackie throws a bucket of water over him. He determines to get them out. Ian tries to apologise to Sharon but makes things worse by admitting he never wanted to marry her but didn't want to upset her by stopping the wedding. Curly is stunned to discover Alma has taken his job. Sally rows with Natalie, telling her she's nothing but a home-wrecker and tells her she's moving out of No. 6. She decides to move into No. 13. When Steve tells him how bad business is, Jim agrees to him moving into No. 11. Leanne buys a pregnancy testing kit. Linda is annoyed when she suggests Steve wines and dines her only to have him say he's no mug. Curly is horrified when Alma tells him she made Jackie his legal tenant. Steve tells Gary he has to lay him off.moreless
    • Mon 29 Mar, 1999
      Mon 29 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 51
      Audrey struggles to cope on her own at the Salon. Deirdre and Ken are relieved when Tracy and Robert make up. Roy visits minister Marvin Winstanley after finding him on the internet. Marvin is keen to marry a transsexual but his weirdness disturbs Roy. Janice overhears Nick chatting to Martin about emigrating to Canada. She is furious and tells him he's not taking Leanne away. She confronts Leanne who doesn't know what she's talking about. The Prestons return to London but not before Tracy tells Deirdre that she and Ken look good together. Leanne rows with Nick for making plans to emigrate without consulting her. She tells him she's not going to Canada as the only person who will benefit will be him. Hayley refuses to be married by someone who advertises on the Internet. Emily suggests that she and Roy meet Jessica, the new curate at her church who is very progressive. Leanne gets Nick to admit he doesn't really want the baby.moreless
    • Mon 1 Mar, 1999
      Mon 1 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 35
      Ashley is convinced Lorraine fancies him. Rita tries to talk to Nita about the price war but Nita refuses to speak to her. Jack offers Tyrone his pigeons. Tyrone is interested in having them and breeding them but Jackie refuses to let him. Ravi is alarmed to find Nita is making little profit because of her price war with the Kabin. Maxine is worn out at the Salon, coping without Audrey. Lorraine finds Ashley too dull. Alison worries about Kevin's whereabouts. She tells Sally that it'll be her fault if he's done anything stupid. Ian makes the final arrangements for the wedding whilst continuing to work Natalie into bed. Jackie goes for a job at the Salon but Maxine refuses to employ her. Natalie is troubled that she fancies Ian so soon after Des' death. She feels it's not normal. Maxine advertises for an assistant.moreless
    • Fri 26 Mar, 1999
      Fri 26 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 49
      Curly and Jackie spend the night in the living room, each refusing to leave the other alone. Tyrone advises him to leave before Jackie gets violent but Curly is adamant he's not leaving his house. Ashley admits to the Tilsleys he couldn't bear to see them with a baby as he misses Zoe and Shannon so much. Martin gets an interview at the hospital but is furious to learn Audrey has pulled strings to get it. Tyrone worries that Jackie will go back in prison if she attacks Curly so he phones his Dad and asks him to help. Maxine tries to get Audrey to keep Tom on by going on about his skills as a hairdresser. Jackie is pleased when Tyrone tells her Darren is coming round to sort things out. She warns Curly and Spider that he's a very violent man. Miranda tells Nick he shouldn't be so accepting of everything. She tells him that all his plans and ambitions will go out of the window when the baby's born. Jackie refuses to move out in exchange for £1,000 but Curly refuses to pay her. Audrey is furious to learn Maxine is giving Vera free hair-cuts in return for her cleaning the Salon. Martin is amazed when Administrator Yorke tells him he can start in the Casualty department. Yorke explains Audrey's friends have threatened not to renew his contract if he doesn't let Martin return. Jackie is thrilled when Darren arrives but to her amazement he aplogises to Curly and Spider for her behaviour. He refuses to let her hit anyone and orders her to pack, saying he's taking her and Tyrone back home with him. Jackie thinks he's romantic. Curly and Spider are relieved. Martin thanks Audrey for helping to get his job back. The Dobbs leave the Street. Linda chats up Robert and is disappointed when he tells her he's married. Tracy sees them talking and flares up at him, refusing to talk about a reconciliation. Audrey agrees to keep Tom on but tells Maxine she'll have to go as she can't afford three salaries.moreless
    • Fri 3 Jan, 2003
      Fri 3 Jan, 2003
      Season 44 - Episode 2
      Dev arranges to take Tracy out. Tracy agrees but later stands him up. Dev is very angry. Deirdre is delighted as she thinks Tracy has dumped him. Eileen tells Todd and Jason that the house is being sold. Roy tells Ciaran that they no longer need him in the cafe. However Aidan comes into the cafe and tries to steal some food. Roy tries to stop him, there's a scuffle and Ciaran comes to Roy's rescue. Later Toyah asks if she can cut her hours at the cafe down and so Hayley insists that they keep Ciaran on. Ciaran is delighted. John calls round to see Maria, he knows that Toyah is out. Sarah visits Ade again. She feels sorry for him when he explains how his mum left and he had a fight with his dad. She promises to bring him food and money. John and Maria end up in bed and have passionate sex. As soon as it's over Maria is guilt ridden realising how she's betrayed her friend. She chucks John out. Deirdre is so thrilled that Tracy has stood Dev up that she takes Ken out for dinner. John is just leaving the flat when Fiz arrives back. Fiz can see what's been going on and is disgusted, especially with Maria.moreless
    • Sun 28 Mar, 1999
      Sun 28 Mar, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 50
      Ken and Deirdre tell Tracy time's running out for her to save her marriage. Leanne struggles to understand her place at the Kabin now Rita has given it to Sharon. Sharon assures her her job is safe. Tom is stunned to learn Audrey has sacked Maxine in order to pay for him to stay on. Gary tells Nick how wonderful parenthood is but Nick is appalled by the idea of ending up like him. Maxine is distraught about losing her job. Tom supports her by refusing to work for Audrey and resigning his job. Fred tells Rita she must be mad giving the Kabin away to someone she's only had around for a couple of months. Roy plans to find a vicar willing to marry him and Hayley so Curly helps him surf the net to find someone. Nick gets a letter from Stephen encouraging him and Leanne to emigrate. Gail tells Nick Canada is no longer an option now the baby is coming. Tom assures Maxine that Audrey will crawl to her to return now he's resigned. Audrey struggles on single-handed but refuses to crawl to Maxine for help. Tracy cooks Robert a meal to attempt to patch things up so Deirdre spends the evening with Ken. Tom suggests to Maxine that they set up in opposition to Audrey, using the flat as a Salon. Deirdre ends up sleeping in Ken's spare room to give the Prestons some space.moreless
    • Fri 30 Apr, 1999
      Fri 30 Apr, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 69
      Deirdre tells Mike she can't stand working for him as he's on her back all the time. She melts when he tells her he's worried about Alma's cancer scare. Vik is interested to hear Nick has left and makes a play for Leanne. Spider pushes him to organise a treat for Nita's birthday and they plan a night out. Mike hands over the £10,000 to Julia in exchange for the negatives, relieved that his nightmare is over. The Baldwins are relieved when Alma's tests come back clear. She is touched when Mike cries in her arms. Linda bemoans being manless and hard up. Spider buys a present for Nita but isn't able to give it to her as Steve impresses her by buying champagne for two. She enjoys it when Steve makes bitchy remarks about Spider out of jealousy. The clubbers return home at 2am to find Sally's van on fire. She is woken in time to watch it, and all her stock, explode.moreless
    • Sun 2 May, 1999
      Sun 2 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 70
      Ravi gives Nita an engraved bracelet for her birthday. Spider gives her a dream catcher and is pleased when she kisses him in thanks. Sally despairs of losing over £1,000 worth of stock. Mike starts to relax once he's burnt the photographs and negatives. Tryone hangs around the garage hoping to make himself useful and prove his worth to Kevin. Sally is grateful when Kevin helps her with her insurance claim, although she discovers only £150 of her stock was covered. Spider realises he's in love with Nita but knows she only views him as a friend. Ashley is jealous when Leanne goes to the pictures with Vik.moreless
    • Mon 3 May, 1999
      Mon 3 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 71
      Sally is pleased when Danny offers her support over her burnt-out van. Ashley is offended when Leanne tells him not to harbour any romantic thoughts about her they're just pals. Mike agrees to sell Sally some seconds to replace her stock. With Vera spending the day with the Armstrongs, Eunice makes a play for startled Jack. When Vik refuses to pull his weight Nita calls in Ravi who orders him to be more help at the shop. Vik has to stand Leanne up so she spends the evening with Tom. Eunice makes a pass at Jack and tries to undress him but he suffers pains and is rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. Vera returns home unexpectedly and fears for him. Julia phones Mike and tells him she's got more negatives which could be his for another £10,000. He tells her he's not interested. She reports back to Greg who is confident Mike will pay up.moreless
    • Mon 2 Aug, 1999
      Mon 2 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 123
      Les is furious that Leanne spent £2,000 without giving him any. Janice accuses her of letting the family down by not sharing it. Natalie gets the drayman, Vinny to help her in the cellar as a favour. Curly agrees to take Toyah and Spider to see the eclipse in Cornwall. Deirdre can't find work because of her criminal record. Maxine mouths off about Gary being best man unaware that Judy can hear her. Judy is incensed by her comments about him and flies at her. Judy orders Gary to stay away from the wedding and he upsets Ashley by saying he can't be his best man. Curly is amazed when the regulars quiz him about his relationship with Nita. He lets everyone believe they're an item. Maud shocks Fred and Ashley by telling them she's getting married to an OAP called Sidney Templeton.moreless
    • Wed 4 Aug, 1999
      Wed 4 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 124
      Deirdre gets an interview at a travel agents but doesn't get the job because of having been in prison. She breaks down, thinking she'll never by free of Jon. Fred is amazed when Maud asks him to give her away and says she's getting married in a week's time. Ravi tells Nita that Curly has told everyone they're an item. She is horrified and tells him to put people straight before she resigns. Fred thinks Maud is going senile and tells Audrey they'll have to save her from herself. Maud introduces Sidney to them. When Sidney tells them he wants to live in the Far East, Fred convinces himself he's a gold digger after Maud's wealth. Curly accuses Spider of spreading rumours about him and Nita out of jealousy. Curly tells him they're no longer friends and he won't take him to Cornwall.moreless
    • Fri 6 Aug, 1999
      Fri 6 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 125
      Linda overhears Alma referring to her as a gold digger and tells her she's a sad old woman. Fred and Audrey take Sidney out for a drive to probe his background and finances. They are horrified when he suddenly dies sat in the back of the car. Audrey feels they've killed him but Fred is more concerned in getting him back to the home without being spotted. Ken talks Curly into employing him as a trolley boy. Alma treats herself to a holiday in Spain. Fred and Audrey are forced to take Sidney to the hospital when Maud's presence prevents them returning him to Mayfield Court. They break the news to Maud who tells them she's grateful to them for trying to interfere on her behalf. Fred comforts her as she weeps. Deirdre is furious to discover Ken has taken a menial job. He assures her he wants a job where he doesn't have to think but she feels it's humiliating.moreless
    • Sun 8 Aug, 1999
      Sun 8 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 126
      Natalie's outing sets off to the races, with Jack, Vera, Les, Janice, Ravi, Audrey, Fred, Leanne and Vik. Vera hopes Jack won't get too excited. Audrey buys a new hat for the occasion. Desperate to go to Cornwall, Toyah tries to get Curly and Spider to make up their differences but neither will apologise so Curly goes alone. Emily agrees to help Mike out at Underworld on the condition she isn't taking Deirdre's job. Ravi takes Audrey into the Members Enclosure but frustrated Fred isn't allowed to follow them as he's not a member. Deirdre is amazed when Blanche comes to stay. She disapproves of Deirdre leaving Underworld and is horrified to discover Ken working in a supermarket. Betty's Hotshot is running so out of sentiment, Jack puts £100 on her, thinking it may be the last horse he ever backs. It comes first, winning him £800. Audrey is horrified when Fred stamps on her hat to prevent it blowing away. Back in Weatherfield, Jack suffers a heart attack in front of horrified Vera.moreless
    • Mon 9 Aug, 1999
      Mon 9 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 127
      Vera drives Jack to hospital with him fearing he's going to die on the way. He is taken into cardiac care and put on monitors. He panics when he suffers a big attack which spreads up his neck. Emily starts work at Underworld but struggles with the computer system. The doctors decide to operate on Jack. Blanche accuses Deirdre of forcing Ken into working at Freschos by being too stubborn to return to Underworld. She tells Emily she wants to see them married. Spider and Toyah agree to watch what they can of the eclipse together. Jack talks to a nurse about desperately wanting to survive the operation so he can see his grandchildren grow up.moreless
    • Wed 11 Aug, 1999
      Wed 11 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 128
      As Jack prepares for his by-pass operation he regrets wasting so much of his life. Blanche is furious to hear Emily has replaced Deirdre at Underworld. Spider and Toyah set up a tent on the Red Rec to watch the eclipse. Vera gets emotional as Jack goes for his operation. She tells him she loves him. He is scared as he's taken down. Spider realises Toyah has blossomed into a woman and kisses her. She is thrilled and responds. They miss the eclipse as they make love in the tent. Afterwards he feels bad for taking advantage of her but she is thrilled. Blanche tries to get Deirdre to apologise to Mike and be reinstated but she refuses. Vera sits by Jack's bedside as he regains consciousness after the operation and tells her he loves her. Spider is alarmed when Toyah tells him she's always loved him and they're soulmates.moreless
    • Fri 13 Aug, 1999
      Fri 13 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 129
      Vera summons Terry to visit Jack in hospital. Blanche continues to get at Deirdre for being unemployed whilst Ken slums it. Emily is stunned when she accuses her of stealing Deirdre's job and calls her hard-faced. Toyah tells Leanne she's slept with Spider and loves him. Leanne accuses Spider of taking advantage of her. He swears he'll never hurt her. Tom is puzzled when Maxine asks him to be Ashley's best man. Betty accompanies Maud to Sidney's funeral on the day she should have married him. Jack is horrified to receive a visit from Terry and accuses him of coming round in the hope he'd die. Vera is upset when he refuses to see him. Blanche urges Ken to propose to Deirdre. Jack's operation is a success. Terry assures Vera he's a changed man but won't stick around where he's not wanted. Ashley refuses to have Tom as his best man as he hardly knows him. Maxine is angry that he won't let her have her way. Terry is interested to hear that Sharon is back and now owns the Kabin.moreless
    • Sun 15 Aug, 1999
      Sun 15 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 130
      Terry finds out from Vera that she has £30,000 in the bank. Maxine wants to honeymoon in the Caribbean but Ashley is frightened of flying. Toyah is annoyed when Spider keeps avoiding her. Terry calls in Sharon and flatters her. Rita warns her to be cautious of him. Jack tells Vera he's not returning home until Terry has gone. Blanche urges Ken and Deirdre to marry, telling them to make the most of their second chance. Linda discovers Mike was planning a trip to the Far East but is now too busy to go. When Spider is reluctant to further his relationship with Toyah she tells him he's a coward.moreless
    • Sun 1 Aug, 1999
      Sun 1 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 122
      Kevin promises Alison a foreign holiday and starts to save. Ashley wants Gary as his best man but Maxine refuses to let him as she feels Gary will spoil the wedding pictures. Linda is frustrated when Mike treats her just as a bed partner and doesn't take her anywhere. She takes Alison to the flat to show off but Alison feels uncomfortable. Curly tries to talk Nita into going to Cornwall with him to watch the eclipse. She refuses as she hates camping. Leanne enjoys telling Gail and Martin she blew the £2,000 at the casino. Gary is pleased when Ashley asks him to be his best man. Mike begs Deirdre to return to work and drowns his sorrows with her. She refuses to return and warns him Linda is a taker. He feels he's running out of choices and fears making the wrong one.moreless
    • Fri 30 Jul, 1999
      Fri 30 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 121
      Deirdre rows with Mike for not telling her about his affair with Linda. She tells him she's been put in an impossible situation and asks him to get rid of her. He makes her feel guilty by reminding her how much he did for her when she was in prison. She backs down when he assures her he'll keep Linda under control. Alma visits her solicitor, wanting to bleed Mike dry. Gail pays Leanne in £50 notes and tells her she wishes Nick had left her in the gutter. Deirdre realises Linda isn't going to change and resigns from Underworld, annoying Mike. Alison is annoyed that Linda didn't tell her about her affair with Mike. Vikram is horrified when Leanne blows all her £2,000 at the casino. She feels she's finally got Nick out of her system.moreless
    • Mon 1 Jan, 2001
      Mon 1 Jan, 2001
      Season 42 - Episode 1
      It is still New Year's Eve. Sally doesn't give Danny an immediate answer to his proposal, she wants to talk about it at home, this thought troubles him. Ken is depressed, he is determined to make a fresh start. The atmosphere is still tense at Anthony's. Isabel is confused and uncomfortable but Amanda forces her to stay. Rita tries to confront Amanda but is interrupted by Norris. New Year's Day Danny is hurt at Sally's lack of response. Rita tells Anthony that she is determined not to let Amanda scare her off. Maria wants to spend the night with Tyrone, but he keeps changing the subject, she is not happy about this. Toyah, Geena and Liz are fed up with Fred, Mike and Duggie interfering. Danny tells Sally that if she doesn't want to marry him then they should split up so he can find someone who does.moreless
    • Fri 16 Jul, 1999
      Fri 16 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 113
      Sally makes a date with delighted Danny who confesses he fancies her. Melanie breaks her engagement so Maxine jumps in quick and books the church for her own wedding - September 24th. Alison tells Kevin she can't cope with having the girls around all the time and demands just one night alone with him. Jack has a cigarette before going to hospital to have an angiogram, certain he's facing death. The specialist tells him his heart isn't getting enough blood pumped to it. Kevin dumps Rosie on Sally, spoiling her date with Danny. Rosie plays up so Sally has to break the date. She tells Danny she does fancy him but feels they're destined never to get together. He is annoyed that she keeps putting Rosie first and walks out. Linda is thrilled when Mike gives her a front door key. Danny goes to the Rovers and spends the evening chatting to Sharon. The Duckworths are horrified to be told Jack needs a triple heart by-pass.moreless
    • Sun 18 Jul, 1999
      Sun 18 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 114
      Sally is put out when Danny tells her he had a laugh with Sharon. Jack convinces Vera that his heart's bad because he's worked too hard all his life. Gary has a ticket to see a boxing match but is aware that Judy doesn't want him to go as it's her evening off work. He sells the ticket before discovering Judy has agreed to work. Vik is alarmed to hear Leanne is admitting adultery in order to get a quick divorce. Mike is annoyed when he finds Linda has let herself into his flat and has had a nosey round. She takes offence and accuses him of just wanting her for sex. He backs down and tells her she can come and go as she pleases. Jack refuses to sit about and wait to die and insists on carrying on working at the pub. Vera tracks him down and rows with Natalie, accusing her of helping Jack to the grave. Natalie feels sorry for him but is annoyed as he expects to be paid just to sit behind the bar and not actually work. Ravi is pleased when Alma offers to cook him a meal. Vik tells Leanne he doesn't want to be involved with her divorce and it's too heavy. He finishes with her.moreless
    • Mon 19 Jul, 1999
      Mon 19 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 115
      Sally has to take Rosie to the market with her. She and Kevin receive their decree nisi. Leanne is angry with Vik for getting scared off. Sharon goes to the market and admires Danny's selling techniques. Audrey is annoyed when Maxine tells her she wants to move out of the flat. Martin feels Gail takes no notice of his opinion and is furious that she plans to pay Leanne £2,000. Leanne signs her divorce papers. Jack buys a mobile phone so Vera will always be able to contact him. Alma cooks a pasta dish for Ravi and is annoyed when Audrey invites herself to the meal. Tyrone is concerned when he finds Jack having an attack at the B&B. Jack urges him not to tell Vera. Linda takes Nita to her boyfriend's flat for a drink. Nita is stunned that he's Mike.moreless
    • Wed 21 Jul, 1999
      Wed 21 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 116
      Gail signs Leanne's cheque. Sharon is thrilled when Danny asks her out and accepts the invitation. Rita urges her to read careful as Sally is keen on him. Vera worries that the waiting list is too long and looks into Jack going private. Vik decides the divorce makes no difference and asks Leanne to carry on going out with him. Jim is appalled to find Steve selling tobacco to Lee in the house. He throws Lee out and rants at Steve, fearing he'll end up in prison again. He tells him he'll have to move out if he intends to carry on smuggling. Tyrone tells Vera about Jack's attack. She can't cope with the worry and insists he has a private operation. He refuses to go private, stating Vera will need all the money if he dies. Steve tells Jim he won't go to Belgium anymore but then secretly phones Lee to set up their next consignment. Sally is taken aback when Sharon tells her Danny has asked her out. She is forced to give her her blessing, saying Danny is just a friend. Linda is thrilled when Mike buys her an expensive dress. Martin is furious to hear Leanne is considering an exotic holiday and rows with Gail for giving her money when all they can afford is a caravan in Wales.moreless
    • Fri 23 Jul, 1999
      Fri 23 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 117
      Leanne borrows money on the strength of her settlement cheque. Vera tries to talk Jack into having a private operation for £12,000 but he refuses to consider it. Alison is furious when Kevin buys trainers for the girls when they're supposed to be saving money. Natalie decides to organise a trip to the races. Martin sees Leanne in a new dress and realises she'll blow all Gail's money. Sharon takes Danny bowling. Hayley offers to make Maxine's wedding dress but Maxine refuses to let her, wanting a professional job. Ashley realises she's offended Hayley so she agrees to her making the bridesmaid's dress. Ravi is insulted when Mike tells him he's a randy old goat and Alma's just after a meal ticket. Nita urges Ravi to tread carefully with Mike and tells him he's got a young girlfriend. Martin empties the bank account so Gail's cheque to Leanne will bounce.moreless
    • Sun 25 Jul, 1999
      Sun 25 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 118
      Sally is put out to hear Sharon and Danny are getting on well together. Vera reminds Ken that he's Jack's Godfather and asks him to talk him into having a private operation. Ken makes Jack admit that if it was Vera in need of the operation he'd gladly pay for it. Leanne rows with Gail when the cheque bounces. Gail is furious to discover Martin has emptied their account and accuses him of humiliating her and bossing her. He is adamant he did it for the good of the family but she makes him feel guilty. Alma is startled when Mike accuses her of becoming a lush as she's always in the Rovers. Jack tells Vera to drop the idea of going private. He will not waste their money. Gail is surprised when, rather than apologising, Martin rounds on her over being heavy-handed and refuses to tell her where he's put the money. Ravi breaks it to Alma that Mike has a new young girlfriend.moreless
    • Mon 26 Jul, 1999
      Mon 26 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 119
      Gail accuses Martin of being jealous of Nick. She tries to explain to Leanne about the money but Leanne refuses to listen and calls her a twisting cow in front of the cafe customers. When Kevin tells Alison he wants to take her out for a special meal she allows herself to think he's going to propose, especially when he's spotted coming out of a jewellers. Leanne reminds Gail that she made her lie on the divorce papers and threatens to go to the police, pointing out Gail will get the blame. Alma lets herself into Mike's flat and finds evidence of a woman living with him. Beryl gives Ashley his birth certificate which says his mother is Kathleen Gutteridge, his father unknown. He decides he wants to find Kathleen. Gail panics about being in trouble with the police and turns to Martin for help. He tells Leanne he'll give her the money, in cash. Kevin takes Alison for a meal and shows her a necklace he's bought for Rosie. She tries to cover the let-down. When Alma tells her she knows of Mike's girlfriend, Hayley tells her it's Linda.moreless
    • Wed 28 Jul, 1999
      Wed 28 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 120
      Fred is shocked when Ashley tells him he wants to find Kathleen. Fred puts him off by saying she went to live in Australia. Sharon spends the night with Danny and is full of lust for him. Rita advises her to take things steady. Alma confronts Mike and Linda at the factory, saying she knows all about them. She rows with Mike for getting at her friendship with Ravi when he's been involved with a scrubber. The factory girls are amazed when Alma tells them about Linda sleeping with Mike. Janice and Alison feel they can't trust Linda anymore if she's involved with the boss. NATALIE: "Beauty's not always in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes it's in the inside breast pocket." Linda turns on Hayley for telling Alma. Hayley refuses to row with her. Linda asks Mike to sack her but he refuses as she's his best worker. Deirdre fears Linda will undermine her authority and decides to quit.moreless
    • Mon 16 Aug, 1999
      Mon 16 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 131
      Leanne accuses Spider of not being sensitive enough to know how to treat Toyah. Maxine is furious when Ashley admits he's scared of flying. She refuses to honeymoon in the UK and tells him to sort himself out. Audrey makes her change her mind by saying it's fashionable to be scared of flying. Mike is delighted to see Ken pushing trolleys at Freschos. Terry asks Sharon to help him pick a wedding anniversary present for his parents. Spider tells Toyah he's seeing her as a woman and not a child and it's confusing him. Gary and Kevin lecture Tom and Ashley about being manly and dealing with women. Tom is skeptical but Ashley feels he must stand up to Maxine. He tells them he wants Gary as his best man. Maxine makes a fuss of him over his pterophobia and is so nice to him that he chickens out of telling her Gary is his best man. Toyah helps Spider over his confusion by kissing him.moreless
    • Wed 18 Aug, 1999
      Wed 18 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 132
      Emily despairs of the Underworld computer and panics when she deletes the payroll. She resigns, feeling she'll never understand it. Jack returns home from hospital but refuses to stay when he sees Terry is still there. When Gary tells Judy he's going to be Ashley's best man she refuses to attend the wedding. Jack arranges to stay at the Rovers, refusing to believe Terry is a changed man. Terry tells him not to bother going and leaves himself, taking the Rovers' room to please Vera. Kevin takes Alison out for a meal but leaves her at the restaurant when Sally phones to say she's flooded the bathroom. Alison is annoyed he's still at her beck and call. Linda tells Deirdre she's worried about Mike as his business is suffering without her knowledge. She begs her to return to Underworld, saying Mike needs her. Sharon helps Terry shop for a present for Jack and Vera. Alison is followed home by a mugger who tries to snatch her bag. Terry hears her screams and sees the man off.moreless
    • Fri 20 Aug, 1999
      Fri 20 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 133
      Alison blames Kevin for her mugging, accusing him of abandoning her in favour of Sally. The Duckworths celebrate their 42nd anniversary. Mike is surprised when Deirdre tells him Linda has asked her to return. He promises her a pay increase and the title 'factory manager' and is delighted when she agrees to return to work. Alison is furious to discover Kevin has told Sally they've had a row. She feels their relationship isn't going to work as he never puts her first. Linda makes the arrangements for a Far East business trip, telling Mike they can go now Deirdre's back at the factory. Toyah talks Roy into letting her cook a romantic meal for Spider in the cafe. Maxine is annoyed when she hears from Judy that Gary is to be Ashley's best man. Linda is thrilled when Mike books them a three-week holiday in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bali. Terry gives his parents a silver picture frame but Jack throws him out of the house. Terry tells him everyone deserves a second chance. Alison packs her bags but Kevin stops her from leaving by proposing. She is thrilled and accepts.moreless
    • Fri 10 Sep, 1999
      Fri 10 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 145
      The vicar assures Maxine her wedding booking is safe. Kevin tells Sally Alison has left him. She tells him no one's to blame but him. He searches for Alison but she stays away from work. Sally and Danny go to George's funeral together. Ashley is stunned when Kathleen calls and introduces herself to him. He is hostile towards her and refuses to make eye contact. He feels his opinion doesn't count - everyone treats him like a toy. Kathleen admits she's been selfish and had to see him. He hurts her by saying he doesn't want to get to know her, Beryl is his real mum. Kevin is angry with himself for throwing away something special. Ashley decides to put the past behind him and look to the future. Danny tells Sally he can relax better with her than Sharon. He tells her he knows he's on the rebound from her and still wants her. Sally is shocked.moreless
    • Sun 12 Sep, 1999
      Sun 12 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 146
      Sally is uncomfortable when Sharon moans about inattentive Danny. Alison resigns from Underworld and considers moving to London. Danny apologises to Sally for declaring his feelings but insists they are genuine. She refuses to be mucked around and tells him he's pathetic for coming to her behind Sharon's back. He keeps on at her, saying Sharon means nothing to him. Maxine panics as she has no bridesmaid. Vinny starts work full time at the Rovers. Danny tells Sally he knows she has feelings for him and asks her to be honest with herself. She tells him she can't cope with the situation. Alison gives the girls goodbye presents and tells Sally she's sorry she won't see them again. Ashley decides he will invite Kathleen to the wedding. Sharon tells Sally that sex with Danny is fantastic and she intends to invite him to move in with her. Alison collects her stuff from the flat and, despite Kevin begging her to stay, walks out of his life.moreless
    • Mon 13 Sep, 1999
      Mon 13 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 147
      Kevin is in a foul temper over Alison leaving him. Natalie makes matters worse by complaining the garage isn't making enough profit. Danny is stunned when Sharon asks him to move in with her. He turns the offer down and tells her they're finished. Ashley invites Kathleen round and tries to understand how she could have given him up. She explains she didn't want a child and refused to sacrifice herself for him. They agree that they'd like to get to know each other. Danny tells Sally he's finished with Sharon and wants them to have a relationship. Ashley is disappointed when Kathleen tells him she won't attend his wedding; Beryl is his mother. Natalie presents Jack with a tankard for his leaving present and proud Tyrone gives him Fergie the pigeon, stuffed and mouthed. Jack is horrified but doesn't want to hurt his feelings. Sharon feels she's frightened Danny off and fears she's going to be alone for the rest of her life. Rita tries to comfort her. Kevin tells Jim and Tyrone the garage is doing bad business and Natalie says they must be fired. Jim is disgusted with him whilst Tyrone is distraught.moreless
    • Wed 15 Sep, 1999
      Wed 15 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 148
      Janice is annoyed when Les forgets their fifth wedding anniversary. Gary is delighted when Becky's first word is 'Dadada'. Jack is furious when Tyrone tells him he's been sacked because Natalie told Kevin to get rid of him and Jim. He rows with Natalie, who doesn't know what he's talking about. Danny kisses Sally but she runs from him, saying she can't betray Sharon. Natalie rows with Kevin for sacking the staff and then blaming her. He admits he was just hitting back because Alison has left him. Ashley doesn't like the idea of Maxine promising to obey him in the vows. Toyah entertains Spider in the cafe after hours. They're disturbed by Les so Toyah reminds him about his wedding anniversary and sends him home. Natalie doesn't like it when Vinny keeps springing to her aid in the pub. She tells him she can handle all problems herself. Kevin apologises to Jim and Tyrone and gives them their jobs back. Jim tells him to be open with them and suggests he teaches Tryone, freeing Kevin's time to take more work. Janice cooks Les a special meal and is thrilled when he remembers. Sally is alarmed when Sharon questions her, fearing Danny's got another woman. Janice breaks the news to Les that Toyah and Spider are an item. He goes berserk and charges over to the cafe. Toyah and Janice have to stop him from attacking frightened Spider. Spider insists he loves Toyah but Les warns him to stay away.moreless
    • Fri 17 Sep, 1999
      Fri 17 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 149
      Janice urges Les to act sensitively with Toyah. He startles Toyah when he tells her he understands about young love and suggests she has a crush on Spider. She tells him he's never known love like she has. Les gives up on being sensitive and decides to warn Spider off with violence. Vera gives Judy a lift home from Freschos but is rammed in the car park by another car, the car's door buckles and she suffers a pain in her leg. Maud and Emily prepare for their trip East with Sidney's ashes. Judy refuses to wait in hospital as Casualty is so busy and comes home, assuring Gary she'll be fine. Toyah refuses to stay living in Les' house so Spider talks Emily into letting her stay the night, assuring her they'll sleep apart. Gary realises he couldn't cope without Judy. Sally tells Danny she does want them to be happy and responds passionately when he kisses her.moreless
    • Sun 19 Sep, 1999
      Sun 19 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 150
      Danny spends the night with Sally. Sharon anguishes over why Danny finished with her. Judy has a limp but shrugs her injuries off. Gary is annoyed she won't see a doctor. Whilst investigating Vera's car, Jim discovers it's actually two cars joined together as is a death trap. He tells the Duckworths. Jack is certain Terry must have known before he sold it to Vera but she takes his side. Vera is adamant he won't have sold her a death trap. Emily assures the Battersbys she doesn't approve of Toyah and Spider's relationship but doesn't want to see them roaming the streets. She is furious when she discovers Spider and Toyah having sex in her house when they promised they wouldn't. She insists Toyah leaves. Spider says he'll go with her. When Sharon blames herself for Danny finishing with her he's forced to tell her he's seeing Sally. Furious Sharon throws him out.moreless
    • Mon 20 Sep, 1999
      Mon 20 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 151
      Sally is furious that Danny has told Sharon about them. Sharon tells Rita who isn't surprised but feels sorry for her. Sharon thinks Sally is evil. Toyah accuses Emily of being a prude and never enjoying sex. Emily is speechless. Sally assures Rita she didn't start seeing Danny until after he'd finished with Sharon. Rita tells her she's ashamed of her. Judy agrees to see a doctor but gives up the idea when there are no appointments. Spider talks Curly into taking him and Toyah in. Curly agrees on the condition Les isn't told and it's only for a few nights. Sally begs Sharon not to hate her. Sharon rows with her for letting her think she had no feelings for Danny and accuses her of going after him out of jealousy. Sharon tells her she's lost her lover and her best friend and hopes they both rot in hell.moreless
    • Wed 22 Sep, 1999
      Wed 22 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 152
      Sharon hits the bottle in depression. Maxine decides against a hen party as she doesn't want to spoil her looks. She is upset that she doesn't have a bridesmaid. Janice feels upset that Toyah is dossing down because Les disapproves of her fella. Sharon stays away from work and wallows in self pity. She tells Rita she needs more from life than the Kabin. Toyah tells Curly about her love for Spider and begs him to let them stay at No. 7 longer. He relents and agrees to them staying. Furious Maxine is kidnapped by her mother and dragged to the Rovers in pyjamas and handcuffs for a hen party. Fred lays on a stripper for Ashley's Stag Night at the golf club but the steward refuses to let her perform and sends her home. The men are outraged. Tom drags Melanie to Maxine's hen party and makes them patch up their differences. Maxine is thrilled when Melanie agrees to be her bridesmaid. Ashley gets bored at his Stag Night and joins up with Maxine. Maxine is upset when drunk Sharon tells them some tart like Natalie or Sally will steal Ashley from her. Rita takes her home.moreless
    • Wed 8 Sep, 1999
      Wed 8 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 144
      Kevin tells Sally about Alison and her sister and admits he's worried about the girls. She insists he calls the police. Melanie shocks Maxine by saying she's back with Philip and they want their wedding spot back. Furious Maxine refuses to let her have it. The pair row and end their friendship. Alison brings the girls home after having had their photograph professionally taken for Kevin's birthday. She is stunned to discover Kevin has told Cheryl and he's thought she'd hurt the girls. She accuses him of betraying her trust and packs her bags, saying he's ruined everything. He swears he still loves her but she leaves, giving him back her engagement ring.moreless
    • Mon 6 Sep, 1999
      Mon 6 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 143
      Alison takes the girls off in secret for a surprise for Kevin. Danny tells Sally he didn't enjoy Blackpool as much as Sharon did. Fred tries to explain Ashley's feelings to Kathleen but she is upset by his rejection. She accuses Fred of upsetting too many people. She is bitter that Ashley was her only child. Vera is furious to discover Vinny has replaced Jack. She fears the news will kill Jack. Natalie doesn't have to break the news as Jack guesses and doesn't mind. Vera lays into her and threatens her with unfair dismissal until Jack tells her he's no use anymore. Danny is shaken by the death of a market trader. Kevin is puzzled when Alison is late home with the girls. He tells Sally he doesn't know where they are.moreless
    • Sun 5 Sep, 1999
      Sun 5 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 142
      Fred drives Ashley to Kathleen's but Ashley can't bring himself to knock on her door and gets Fred to drive him home, saying he doesn't want to see her. Joan calls on Alison saying she wants her to be happy but still drags up Cheryl. They end up rowing, with Joan accusing Alison of killing her. Alison refuses to let the memory of her sister ruin her life and manhandles Joan out of the flat. Ashley convinces himself he doesn't need the upheaval of having another mother. He refuses to take the risk of being disappointed in her. Fred comforts him. Curly thinks it's hysterical when Spider tells him he's going out with Toyah. He accuses him of being hard up. Spider is frustrated as the only time they can be together is babysitting the Platt children. Alison tells Kevin she doesn't need her parents - he's her future.moreless
    • Sun 22 Aug, 1999
      Sun 22 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 134
      Maxine tries to emotionally blackmail Ashley into dropping Gary but he puts his foot down over him being best man. Vinny sorts out Natalie's beer pipes as the beer tastes sour and he promises to do it on a regular basis. Sharon is disappointed when Danny tells her he doesn't mind her going for a meal with Terry. Terry takes her to a restaurant and tries to put her off Danny. Spider is petrified Les will find out he's sleeping with Toyah. Maxine is thrilled when Ashley says she can have her Caribbean honeymoon. Kevin buys Alison an engagement ring. Fred buys Audrey a new hat but accidentally sits on it. Terry woos Sharon and she is pleased when he gives her a long good-night kiss.moreless
    • Mon 23 Aug, 1999
      Mon 23 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 135
      Kevin presses Alison to tell her parents about them but she is reluctant. Sharon likes Terry as he has an edge to him. Sally wishes Kevin well when he tells her he's marrying Alison but the news makes her realise how lonely she is. Judy warns Vera that Terry is after Sharon as he knows she owns the Kabin. Jack tells Vera everyone else knows Terry is no good. She asks Terry to stay around and prove to Jack he's changed but he says if he was to stay he'd need some cash to sort himself out. She is horrified, realising he really is after her money. Vera advises Sharon to tread carefully with Terry, warning her that he might be after her money. Alison tells Kevin about her sister's death and how her parents think she killed her.moreless
    • Wed 25 Aug, 1999
      Wed 25 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 136
      Kevin tries to convince Alison he knows she didn't kill her sister. She is distraught as she can't remember the details of Cheryl's death and feels she might have been responsible. Terry is furious to discover Vera has put Sharon off him. She realises she had a narrow escape when he shows his true colours. Ken suggests a home delivery scheme for OAPs which O'Donnell insists Curly takes up. Terry tells Vera she's hurt him and threatens to walk out of her life for good. She apologises to him and begs him to forgive her. He takes advantage of her state in mind to offer to sell her his car. She takes it for a ride and seeks Jim's opinion. He tells her the car is a bargain. Ashley considers hiring a private detective to track Kathleen down. When Mike criticises her work, Alison runs out of Underworld in tears. Kevin tells her they'll face her parents together and not let them ruin the future as they're ruined her past.moreless
    • Fri 27 Aug, 1999
      Fri 27 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 137
      Toyah gets her exam results but saves opening the letter until she's with Spider. She gets an A for English Language, 'B's in Literature and Drama, C's in Maths and French and an E in Combined Studies. Spider is delighted for her. Deirdre returns to Underworld. Maud is stunned when Sidney leaves her £10,000 in his will. Les and Janice throw a party to celebrate Toyah's results, the first Battersby to go to college. Toyah tells Ken she couldn't have done it without his help. Alison introduces Kevin to her parents, Bob and Joan. They are shocked to hear of the engagement and waste no time in telling him about Cheryl's death. Fred tells Beryl that Ashley wants to see Kathleen and he doesn't want to lie to him anymore. Terry returns to Birmingham after selling the car to Vera for £1,500 cash and taking her old car in exchange. Kevin rows with the Wakefields, telling them they're the only ones to blame for Cheryl's death. He throws them out. Fred calls at Kathleen's house.moreless
    • Sun 29 Aug, 1999
      Sun 29 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 138
      Kathleen is startled to see Fred and isn't pleased that he wants to talk about Ashley. She is stunned that Ashley knows about her and wants to meet her. She tells Fred she doesn't want to meet Ashley but is pleased to hear he's getting married. Jack is furious to discover Vera has bought a car from Terry. Alison is grateful to Kevin for standing up to her parents. When Toyah spends all her time hanging around Spider Emily thinks she sees him as a father figure and tries to put her off calling. Sharon decides to surprise Danny and take him away for a dirty weekend. She asks embarrassed Sally to look after his stall so he can go. Lee asks Steve to go to Amsterdam and smuggle in something other than tobacco. Steve agrees to Jim's alarm. Fred puts Ashley off searching for Kathleen by saying it will hurt Beryl. Toyah insists Spider tells Emily the truth about their relationship.moreless
    • Mon 30 Aug, 1999
      Mon 30 Aug, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 139
      Sally hates the idea of Sharon and Danny going away together. As Steve leaves for Amsterdam, Jim pleads with him not to get involved with drugs. Alma returns from Spain, telling her friends she's met a man called Anthony from Kent. Sidney's daughter and son-in-law track Maud down and ask her to give them the £10,000 for their children as Sidney hasn't left his family anything. Emily is astounded when Spider tells her he's seeing with Toyah. Ken is made 'employee of the month' at Freschos. Fred is amazed to find Kathleen buying meat from Ashley. She tells him she just wanted to see him in the flesh. She tells him she's changed her mind and wants to meet Ashley. Beryl tells Fred she wishes he'd never opened his mouth in the first place. Fred tells Kathleen he'll tell Ashley and then leave it up to him whether or not he wants to meet her.moreless
    • Wed 1 Sep, 1999
      Wed 1 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 140
      Maud feels guilty about the money and decides to give it to Sidney's daughter. Emily is horrified when Toyah tells her she and Spider have already had sex. Ashley is astonished when Fred tells him Kathleen lives in Oldham and wants to meet him. Alma hears Deirdre is back in the factory but rather than slag her off, makes a show of wishing her well. Jim rows with Lee, accusing him of turning Steve into a drug runner. When their row becomes heated Vinny throws Lee out of the Rovers, annoying Natalie who felt she was handling the situation herself. Spider starts voluntary work helping the homeless. He tells Emily his love for Toyah is not criminal, so she challenges him to tell Les about it. Ashley feels he's not in control of his emotions but admits to Fred he does want to meet Kathleen. After telling Sidney's daughter she can have the money, Maud reads in the paper that he left £60,000 in his will.moreless
    • Fri 3 Sep, 1999
      Fri 3 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 141
      Nuttalls find out about Vinny moonlighting in the Rovers and order him to stop. Natalie pleases him by insisting he leaves the brewery and works for her full time. Alison plans a birthday surprise for Kevin. Toyah is amazed when Spider suggests they tell her parents about them. They tell Janice who warns them not to tell Les. Jim is furious to find Steve being paid £1,000 by a stranger for his smuggled goods. He makes a scene before discovering Steve hasn't smuggled drugs but a dog into the country. Maud summons Sidney's family and tells them she's not giving them the money. Instead she's going to pay for a trip to the Far East to scatter his ashes on the site of the bridge over the river Kwai. Emily is amazed when Maud asks her to go with her. Ashley tells Beryl he wants to meet Kathleen. He assures her she'll always be his mother but he needs to meet her. Sharon takes Danny off to Blackpool. Steve is amused that Jim thought he was getting drugs. Natalie realises she's going to have to sack Jack.moreless
    • Wed 14 Jul, 1999
      Wed 14 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 112
      Alison accuses Kevin of being a coward when he expects her to tell Rosie she has to have school dinners. She reminds him that she's not Rosie's mother. Gail gives Leanne a cheque for £2,000, saying that's all she can have. She refuses to sign the cheque until Leanne signs the divorce papers. Leanne is forced to agree. Melanie confesses to Maxine that she doesn't like her fiancé but feels she can't stop the wedding as it means so much to her parents. Maxine tells her not to be stupid and put a stop to the wedding before it's too late. She realises that if Melanie cancels they'll be a wedding slot free in September. Mike takes Alma out for a meal but smarts when he finds out it's the same restaurant she visited with Ravi. She calms him and suggests they see if they can talk to each other decently. He gets annoyed when she keeps talking about advice Ravi has given her. She flares up accuses Mike of never having listened to her. She's humiliated when he walks out on her. Vik takes Leanne to the casino and loses all his money. He is grateful when she still supports him. Linda waits around for Mike to return to see if he has Alma with him. He is touched by her jealousy. Jack worries about his future and is annoyed with himself for treating his body badly in the past.moreless
    • Mon 12 Jul, 1999
      Mon 12 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 111
      Mike is jealous of Ravi seeing Alma and is annoyed when Linda keeps on at him to go public with their affair. Rosie gets Alison to make her a packed lunch although she's meant to have school dinners. Maxine is down as she fears she won't find an available church until the spiring. Sally is furious to find Rosie playing Alison off against her and tells Kevin that if Alison is so perfect they should look after Rosie for the whole week and sort out her problems. Gail phones Nick and tells him about Leanne's demands. She agrees to take care of the matter as he hasn't any money. Martin despairs. When Linda continues to cheek Deirdre Mike asks her to stop and not rock the boat. Tyrone moves into the B&B and assures the Duckworths he hasn't told his mother where he is. Alison is annoyed when Kevin tells her they have to have Rosie for the week. Alma is pleased when Mike invites her out for a meal. Ashley pushes Maxine to move in with him, saying the money they save in her rent could pay for their honeymoon.moreless
    • Sun 23 May, 1999
      Sun 23 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 82
      Sally buys an old landrover for £850 and calls it Arnold. She is concerned as Rosie stops talking to her. Audrey is embarrassed when Fred tackles her about telling Ashley his secret. He tells her she's hurt him. Martin books a family holiday, caravaning in Wales. Sally books the same site thinking it will cheer the girls up. Mike determines to see Greg suffer and decides to tell the police about the blackmailing. Ashley knows Fred is lying to him about not having a son. Jack tries to eat more healthily and stops smoking. He suffers further attacks but tries to cover them up. Janice snaps at Les, saying she's sick of being an outcast in the Street. Mike discovers the police have the envelope of negatives that Greg was blackmailing him with. He tells them about the blackmailing but they have no proof as the envelope only contained old newspapers. Mike is furious that Greg was conning him. .moreless
    • Mon 24 May, 1999
      Mon 24 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 83
      The Websters and Platts go to Wales. Sally is disturbed as Rosie think they're going to live in yet another house. Mike tries to track Julia down to give evidence against Greg. Janice is aghast when Les hires a campervan from Charlie to take her on holiday. Toyah is mortified when she's told she has to go with them. Ashley tells Fred he's sick of being taken for a mug by him and refuses to work for him anymore. The Websters and Platts settle in at Happy Days Holiday Park. The Battersby's van breaks down outside the Park and they are forced to seek refuge inside. Eunice hands the B&B over to Vera. Ken is furious when Mike gets Deirdre to talk to the police and back up the blackmail story. Fred tells Ashley he has got a son - him.moreless
    • Wed 26 May, 1999
      Wed 26 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 84
      Ashley feels his whole life is a lie and can't cope with the revelation. Fred tells him he's always been proud of him and has longed to tell him the truth. He explains how his mother Kathleen ran off after his birth and Beryl and Sam took him in as they couldn't have children. Mike hires a private detective, Harry Pringle, to find Julia. The Battersbys are forced to hire a caravan in the park. Martin and Les are disgusted with the idea of holidaying together. Toyah is pleased as she fancies Owen Williams, the owner's son. Nita points out to Ravi that she needs independence as Vik will inherit the shops, not her. He is frustrated. Audrey is stunned when Fred tells her Ashley is his son. Ashley tells Maud about Fred being his real father. She advises him not to be too hard on him. He wants to question Beryl but Fred begs him not to and insists nothing has changed - she's still his mother.moreless
    • Fri 28 May, 1999
      Fri 28 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 85
      Deirdre gets fed up with running Underworld whilst Mike is obsessed with finding Julia. She urges him not to neglect Alma and remind her of what she's missing. Toyah tries to befriend Owen but he's always working. Sally decides she's finished with men and from now on is going to concentrate on the girls. Beryl is bitter that Fred has told Ashley the truth and is upset that Ashley is suffering. She tells Fred he's ruined everything. Les complains about the in-active Social Club and brightens things up by unearthing a karaoke. Nita has her Frescho interview and ignores Ravi when he urges her to reconsider. Beryl tells Ashley that she'll always look upon him as her son. He harshly tells her to face up to the truth that she's just his aunt. She maintains she's been a good mother and moves him by telling him how she first held him in her arms. Alma mellows towards lonely Mike before discovering he's cancelled her credit cards. Ashley breaks down when he remembers how Fred comforted him at Sam's funeral when he thought his father was dead. He can't cope with the deceit and tells her and Fred he never wants to see them again.moreless
    • Sun 30 May, 1999
      Sun 30 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 86
      Les talks the site owner into letting him DJ in return for the rent of the caravan. Alma feels that the cancer scare has given her strength to manage without Mike if she has to. Sarah Louise idolises Toyah and follows her around, borrowing her makeup and copying her vegetarianism. Natalie grows concerned for Jack's health as he suffers more attacks. She feels she's going to have to find another cellarman. Vera is worried when Jack tells her he's given up smoking and drinking. She tells him they'll cope, whatever happens. Toyah is frustrated as she can't have time with Owen. Fred shows Ashley his will, saying he inherits everything but Ashley isn't interested. He breaks down and is forced to accept Fred when he tells him he's proud to be his father. Janice is stunned when Owen kisses her and tells her he is attracted to her. She doesn't know how to react, especially as she knows Toyah fancies him.moreless
    • Mon 31 May, 1999
      Mon 31 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 87
      Janice has a rotten time as Les spends all his time preparing for his clubhouse gigs. Natalie offers Gary a job, helping Jack in the cellar. Gary agrees on the condition he's not taking Jack's job. Janice is horrified when, to raise a laugh, Les throws her fully-dressed into the swimming pool. Owen dives in to help her and she thumps Les in the face. Toyah is embarrassed by the whole show. Pringle tells Mike he can't find Julia and suggests he presses the police to find her. The police tell Mike he's not going to find any proof of the blackmail so they can't charge Greg. Natalie talks Jack into agreeing to let Gary do the cellarwork by saying he needs the money and will be called his assistant. Janice is humiliated when Owen tells her she deserves better than Les. He tells her she's lovely. She's flattered but tells him she's too old for him. Les plugs his microphone into a wrong socket and suffers an electric shock. His heart stops but Martin is on hand to save his life. Toyah panics and Janice feels guilty as she was with Owen when he received the shock.moreless
    • Wed 2 Jun, 1999
      Wed 2 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 88
      Martin can't believe he saved Les' life. Vikram is horrified at the thought of running the shop when Nita leaves. He urges Ravi to refuse to let her go but Ravi tells him he'll make a splendid job as a shop keeper. Les begrudgingly thanks Martin for saving his life. Janice refuses to let him sue the camp site for compensation. Mike tells Alma she has to reach a decision about them as he's tired of her not forgiving him. When Betty tells her it's her 30th anniversary at the Rovers, Rita informs Natalie. Vikram envies Nita escaping the shop. Betty is asked to work the evening shift only to have the regulars throw a surprise party in her honour. Audrey advises Alma to keep Mike sweating before returning to him. Janice urges Owen to accept the fact that she's happily married. He is adamant she's not happy and tells her he wants her.moreless
    • Fri 4 Jun, 1999
      Fri 4 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 89
      Toyah is pleased when Owen takes her bowling but disappointed when he doesn't say goodbye as they return to Weatherfield. Linda enjoys gossiping about the state of the Baldwin marriage. Alison advises her to keep her nose out incase Mike sacks her. Owen tells Janice he only took Toyah out because she asked him to. She is sad to return to England. To make amends to Fred Audrey offers to take him out for an expensive dinner. Ravi wishes Nita well as she leaves the shop. She is dismayed when he presents her with a rent book for the flat. When Alma tells Mike she hasn't reached a decision about the future he stuns her by saying he wants a divorce.moreless
    • Fri 21 May, 1999
      Fri 21 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 81
      Sally can't believe it when Kevin calls early in the morning to check if Danny spent the night. Nita hates having Ravi breathing down her neck at the shop. The Duckworths can't find anywhere to live so Vera talks Eunice into letting them manage the B&B for her. Deirdre calls on Alma to prove she isn't taking sides against her but makes the situation with Mike a lot worse by revealing he'd told her about the affair weeks ago. Alma threatens to slap her and throws her out. Ashley tells Fred he's sick of him joking at his expense. Nita gives Curly her CV. He gets her an interview for a management trainee position. She shocks Ravi by telling him she's thinking of leaving the family firm and wants to strike out of her own. Alma tells Mike his relationship with Deirdre upsets her as they are closer than lovers. She collects some clothes from the flat, saying she's not returning to him. Ashley confronts Fred about him having a son but Fred denies it.moreless
    • Wed 19 May, 1999
      Wed 19 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 80
      Alma stays with Audrey and struggles to cope with Mike betraying her. Eunice hears from her sister Dolly in Spain who tells her that her husband Bernard has died. She tells the Duckworths she'll be staying with her for a while and will have to close the B&B. Maxine feels sorry for Ashley not knowing Fred has a son. Tom tells her she must tell Ashley as he has a right to know. Eunice suggests to the Duckworths that they buy the B&B from her. Alma is stunned when, rather than apologising to her, Mike brings up her infatuation with Stephen Reid, saying that he knows she would have gone to bed with him if he hadn't turned her down. She tells him she can't forgive him as he obviously planned his night with Julia as it was when he'd told her he was going to be working in London. She tells him he disgusts her. Ravi feels Nita isn't running the shop well enough and feels he's losing out to Frescho. Alison tries to interest Kevin in a holiday. She gets frustrated as he spends so much time with Sally and the girls. The Duckworths tell Eunice they can't afford to buy the B&B and know Jack's heart condition would stop them getting a bank loan. Eunice is disappointed. Kevin is uncomfortable when Sally introduces him to Danny. Ashley is stunned when Maxine tells him Fred has got a son.moreless
    • Mon 17 May, 1999
      Mon 17 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 79
      The police interview Mike when Sally tells them Greg was after his money. Uneasy Mike tells them Greg thought he was owed redundancy and says it's nothing to be concerned about. Kevin accuses Sally of maintaining her relationship with Greg and bringing the siege upon herself. She tells him Greg turned up because he was blackmailing Mike over an affair. Kevin is amazed and tells Alison, who in turn tells Linda. Nita takes Curly to lunch and tells him she wants to work at Freschos. He asks her to put something down on paper and promises to recommend her. Alma is stunned when Linda maliciously tells her Greg had photographs of Mike in bed with another woman. She confronts Mike who is forced to tell her everything. She is amazed when he refers to himself as the victim and says he's been trying to protect her. He assures her that even if he hadn't been blackmailed he would never have carried on seeing Julia. The police tell Sally Greg's been charged with assault and unlawful imprisonment and refused bail. She is relieved he's locked up. Alma tells Mike she needs to think and can't stay with him at the moment.moreless
    • Wed 5 May, 1999
      Wed 5 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 72
      Vera and Eunice visit Jack in hospital where he has tests. Sally is upset to receive a postcard from Greg asking after her business. She realises he must have torched the van. Leanne enjoys playing the field with both Vik and Tom. Tyrone is thrilled when Kevin offers him an apprenticeship at the garage. He promises not to let him down. Ravi is furious when he discovers Vik has closed early to take Leanne to a party. The doctor tells Jack that his arteries have narrowed and he's got angina. He's given a spray to alleviate the pain and he worries for his future. When Deirdre accuses Mike of not trusting her and getting at her all the time, he tells her about the blackmail. She urges him to tell Alma. Vik gets Leanne drunk and tries to take advantage of her but Ashley sees him off.moreless
    • Fri 7 May, 1999
      Fri 7 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 73
      Leanne oversleeps and forgets to mark up the papers. Rita talks Sharon out of sacking her and she's given another chance. Julia assures Greg that she'll do anything for him. He just wants to see Mike sweat. Jack feels he should move out of the B&B and get away from Eunice as she may make his health worse. Vik accuses Ashley of fancying Leanne and throws him out of the shop. Ravi orders Vik to put the shop first but Vik refuses to be dictated to. When Julia asks for money Mike tells her he's told Alma everything and she's not getting another penny.moreless
    • Sun 9 May, 1999
      Sun 9 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 74
      Leanne makes an effort to be a good worker but Sharon doesn't trust her. Mike is pleased to have stood up against Julia. Greg is confident that Mike hasn't told Alma about his affair and decides to frighten him by sending Julia to his flat. When the Kabin till jams Leanne puts a £20 note in the paper book and then forgets all about it. With his divorce going through Fred decides to play serious court to Audrey. Sharon is annoyed when she finds Vik and Leanne larking about in the Kabin. Mike is stunned when he finds Julia in his flat, chatting to Alma. He turns on her, warning her that he'll kill her if she wrecks his marriage. Julia is shaken by the outburst and tells Greg she doesn't think Mike will pay up. He is annoyed when she says she doesn't want to carry on. Roy and Hayley return from honeymoon. Julia is frightened when Greg hurts her, refusing to let her stop getting at Mike. She warns him to stay away from her. Fred takes Audrey out to lunch and is disappointed when she tells him she's only interested in friendship. Julia packs her bags and leaves, telling Greg his obsession with Mike is dangerous. She is furious when he refuses to give her any of the £10,000.moreless
    • Wed 8 Jun, 1988
      Wed 8 Jun, 1988
      Season 29 - Episode 45
      Ivy is amazed when the factory girls start celebrating her marriage in the afternoon, getting drunk at the Rovers. Vera organises her hen party. Mike is annoyed when the girls return late to work after drinking Ivy's health. In anger he closes the factory, locking the girls out, telling them he'll dock them all half a day's pay. Jack collects his suit. The girls get Ivy merry at her hen party. Jack escapes Vera and goes on Don's Stag Night. He returns at 2am without the suit.moreless
    • Mon 10 May, 1999
      Mon 10 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 75
      Sharon demands to know what happened to the £20 Ken paid his paper bill with. Jack refuses to stop work just because the doctor has told him to stop lifting. When Sharon accuses Leanne of pocketing the £20 she walks out and, discovering Natalie is looking for barstaff, starts at the Rovers. Julia tracks Mike down and offers to tell him who's behind the blackmail for £2,000. Rita is annoyed to discover Leanne has left because Sharon accused her of theft. Sharon feels awful when Rita finds the £20 in the paper book. When he has another twinge Jack realises he's sicker than he thought. Rita assures Leanne she's never doubted her honesty but Leanne refuses to return to the Kabin, saying she's more suited to the Rovers. Mike is stunned when Julia tells him Greg used her to get at him. She gives him his address but when he tries to force her to take him to Greg but she runs away from him.moreless
    • Wed 12 May, 1999
      Wed 12 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 76
      Spider offers to cook a meal for Nita but she stalls him. Greg is stunned to see Mike peering into his flat. He hides from him and curses Julia. Leanne hopes Natalie won't find out she's only 17 and shouldn't be working in a pub. When he fails to book an exclusive restaurant, Fred cooks Audrey a meal. He tells her not to mourn Alf too long as she's not suited to being a nun. Spider gets drunk and declares his feelings for Nita only to embarrass her and himself as she's with Steve. Greg phones Mike and tells him he's going to tell Alma everything. Mike is forced to agree to pay more money to keep him quiet. Audrey is intrigued when Fred confides in her that he has a son.moreless
    • Fri 14 May, 1999
      Fri 14 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 77
      Audrey assures Fred she won't tell anyone about his son. She is keen to know more but he won't say anything else. Mike is at a loss over what to do about Greg. Natalie thinks there can't be anything wrong with Jack or he'd have taken advantage of going to hospital to skive, unaware that he is in great pain which he refuses to show incase he's sacked. Vera is forced to help him by secretly bringing up crates from the cellar. Greg arranges for Mike to meet him in a lay-by to exchange money and negatives. Ashley is bemused when Audrey questions him about his family. She gets uncomfortable when he asks her about Gail and Stephen's fathers. Mike gets Deirdre to keep Alma occupied whilst he organises a heavy, and tells Greg he'll only meet him at the factory, having no intention of paying him. Audrey confides in Maxine about Fred having a son. Sally is horrified when Greg lets himself into her house and takes holds of Sophie.moreless
    • Sun 16 May, 1999
      Sun 16 May, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 78
      Greg phones Mike and tells him he's not stupid enough to go to the factory. He orders him to bring the money to No. 13, saying he's holding the Websters. Sally struggles to remain calm as he refuses to let go of Sophie. He tells her that he's blackmailing Mike and demands she collects the money whilst he holds on to the girls. She goes to walk across the Street but Kevin sees her and makes a fuss about her leaving the girls unattended. Kevin gets alarmed when frightened Rosie calls out to him, saying Greg is in the house. Kevin tries to break down the door but Sally pleads with him to leave them alone for the sake of the girls. Kevin causes a scene, alerting the residents to Greg's presence. Mike and Alison try to calm him and have to restrain him. Greg blames Rosie and Sally has to stop him hurting her. Kevin calls the police and Mike realises the situation is hopeless for him. Greg is furious when the police turn up. Sally begs him to let the girls go but he feels they're his only bargaining tools. Kevin grows impatient as the police refuse to rush the house. Greg blames Sally for ruining his life and tells her he despised her. She tries to keep the girls occupied but they are terrified as Greg shouts and hurts Sally. Ken is appalled when Deirdre tells him about Mike being blackmailed over his affair. He feels the police should be told. The police surround No. 13. When Greg rips the phone from the wall the girls scream, causing the police to smash into the house. When Greg tries to grab hold of Sophie, Sally smashes a chair over his head and knocks him unconscious.moreless
    • Mon 21 Jun, 1999
      Mon 21 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 99
      Sally is frustrated as Rosie makes a great deal of saying she likes Alison. Maxine spends the night with Ashley and is pleased they're back together. Alma is flattered when Curly invites her to the Frescho ball. Steve gives Vik tobacco to sell but Ravi finds it and rows with Vik, telling him he can't handle it as it's against the law. Linda notices one of the girls, Jean, stealing knickers. Alma sees a solicitor about a divorce and safeguarding her entitlement to his money. Ravi tries to put Leanne off Vik by telling her he has many girlfriends. Fred is horrified when Ashley tells him Maxine is his girlfriend. Ashley warns him not to try and come between them. Alison is thrilled when Kevin says he wants to find somewhere for them to live. Betty throws Steve out of the Rovers for selling tobacco. Hayley is stunned to see Mike squeezing Linda's hand in an intimate way.moreless
    • Sun 6 Jun, 1999
      Sun 6 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 90
      Toyah mopes around, missing Owen. Alma is sad to think Mike obviously doesn't love her anymore. Audrey urges her to get a solicitor. Janice receives a love letter from Owen. She phones him to tell him he mustn't write again. Nita starts at Frescho and is furious when Ravi phones because he can't find the marmalade. Rita wraps a ribbon around the Kabin and presents it to Sharon after sorting out all the legal paper work. Sharon is delighted and tells Rita she doesn't know what she'd have done without her. Janice tries to put Toyah off from keeping in touch with Owen. Mike tells Alma their marriage has to be black or white; if she doesn't want to be with him they have to divorce. She feels she can't just blot out what's happened but wants their marriage to survive. Leanne enjoys herself when Vik takes her to a casino. Mike tells Alma that if they do get back together she'll have to forget all about him and Julia. His attitude annoys her and she refuses to return to him, furious that he still sees himself as the injured party. Toyah finds Owen's letter and is devastated to discover it was Janice he fancied all along. She accuses Janice of throwing herself at him and doesn't believe her when she says nothing happened. Janice begs her not to tell Les.moreless
    • Mon 7 Jun, 1999
      Mon 7 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 91
      Ashley is uncomfortable when he discovers Vik has spent the night with Leanne. Sally struggles to cope with sullen Rosie. She is touched to find Danny has kept her stall going whilst she's been on holiday. Curly gives Alma moral support and takes her to the flat to collect her things. When Mike interrupts them she throws her wedding ring at him. She tells Curly she knows she's doing to right thing by not going back to Mike. Toyah has her first GCSE exam. Ravi cooks for his children but Vik sneaks away early to takes Leanne out. Sally takes Danny to the Rovers but gets the Platts to join them so she's not on her own with him. Ravi tells Nita that if her new career doesn't work out she can always come home. Leanne is furious when Ashley makes Vik feel uncomfortable and tries to stop him from staying the night. She tells Ashley she'll do what she likes in her room.moreless
    • Wed, Mar 20, 2013
      Season 54 - Episode 56
      As the Rovers burns, the onlookers are shocked to see Karl’s face at the window with Stella. Rita’s overcome with shock and emotion. Dr Carter tries to calm her down.
    • Wed 30 Jun, 1999
      Wed 30 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 104
      Ashley takes Maxine to buy an engagement ring to make her feel more secure. Kevin and Alison decide to rent the flat over Skinner's betting shop. Alison is thrilled as she feels she is part of a proper couple. Janice is amazed when Owen brings the broken down campervan back. Sally breaks down when Rosie tells her she hates her. Owen tells Janice he can't stop thinking about her and urges her not to deny her feelings for him. He begs her to return to Wales with him. Toyah is furious to find them together and tells Owen he's a creep. Deirdre has enough of Linda cheeking her and asks Mike to sort her out. He tells Linda to back off and stop causing problems for him. Alma is stunned when Les rows with her and tells her Mike is threatening to close the factory as she wants his money. Janice is appalled when Les tries to pair Owen off with Toyah. Toyah spells it out to Les that Owen is interested in Janice, not her. Les is amazed when Owen tells him he loves Janice and wants her to leave with him. Janice tries to hold Les back but he goes for Owen and fights him. Janice tries to stop them and tells appalled Toyah it's all her fault. Owen gets the better of Les and hits him to the ground. When Janice rushes to help Les, Owen is bitter.moreless
    • Fri 2 Jul, 1999
      Fri 2 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 105
      Les accuses Janice of making a fool of him and tells her Owen was mad if he fancied her. Toyah tells him that Janice should have run off with Owen because at least he cared for her. Les begins to worry that Janice might run off with Owen. Owen lays in wait for Janice and tells her his feelings haven't changed. He tells her she's frightened because she knows he can offer her more than Les can. Ashley is furious when Fred accuses Maxine of being after his money. He tells Fred to stay away from them if he can't be happy for them. Fred tells them he's selling No. 4 so they can't live there. Janice gets rid of Owen by telling him she thinks he's a joke and she doesn't like him. She threatens to contact the police if he keeps pestering her. Leanne has a miserable 18th birthday and receives a letter from Nick asking for a divorce. Les tells Janice he forgives her. Sally has her hands full with Rosie on the market all day. Maxine introduces Ashley to her parents, Derek and Doreen. They approve of him but talk ill of Maxine's old boyfriend who dumped her for another girl, unaware that it was him. Maud advises Fred to give Ashley and Maxine his blessing, or face losing his son. Hayley is horrified to see Linda kissing Mike. Linda sees her watching them.moreless
    • Sun 4 Jul, 1999
      Sun 4 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 106
      Gail is pleased Nick wants a divorce. Kevin and Alison move into their new flat. Leanne phones Nick who says he wants a divorce so that they can both be free again to enjoy life. She is annoyed as she was enjoying life before she got his letter. Linda asks Hayley to keep quiet about her relationship with Mike. Hayley decides not to tell anyone as she doesn't want to hurt Alma. Ashley and Maxine look at churches but they're all booked up. Maxine is adamant she wants a big church wedding. Rosie is upset at the thought of Kevin moving into another flat until he assures her she can visit whenever she wants. Fred puts Beryl off Maxine by saying she's a slut. Beryl makes it clear she hates Maxine, causing her to think everyone must be right and calls off the wedding.moreless
    • Mon 5 Jul, 1999
      Mon 5 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 107
      Ashley assures Maxine that his family are wrong - they're made for each other. Vera finds running the B&B single-handed too much. Leanne resents the fact that Nick is still calling the shots. She is appalled that the divorce will take at least two years to go through. Maxine assures Beryl she loves Ashley and isn't going to hurt him. Maxine makes it clear to Fred she knows he's Ashley's father and asks him to make amends for lying to Ashley by giving his blessing. Alma pleases Ravi by agreeing to have dinner with him. Ashley forces Fred to apologises to Maxine and welcome her into the family. Leanne hears, through Audrey, that Nick has got a good job in Canada and has his own flat. Linda tells Mike she wants them to be open about their relationship but he doesn't want Alma to know. Leanne tells Gail she supported Nick all through their marriage and if he wants a divorce it'll cost him.moreless
    • Wed 7 Jul, 1999
      Wed 7 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 108
      Maxine is thrilled when her old school friend Melanie tells her she's getting married as well. Alma worries that Ravi wants more than friendship from her. Rosie runs away from school and hangs around the Street hoping to see Kevin but he's out on a job. Alison takes her under her wing and takes her to the cafe, annoying Sally who thinks she shouldn't have spoilt her. Alma is nervous as Ravi takes her out for a meal. She tells him how much she's missing Mike so he urges her to tell him. Sally rows with Alison for treating Rosie. Kevin makes her see that if it wasn't for Alison Rosie would still be roaming the streets. After thinking about it, Sally apologises. Leanne tells Gail either Nick can wait five years for a divorce or she'll admit adultery for £5,000.moreless
    • Fri 9 Jul, 1999
      Fri 9 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 109
      Alma invites Mike out for a meal so they can talk together on neutral ground. Linda is nervous of seeing them together but Mike assures her they're not going to get back together. Alma hopes that she can still salvage her marriage but Audrey warns her Mike is only interested in saving his money. Kevin and Alison throw a flatwarming party. Audrey advises Gail to pay Leanne off and be rid of her. Ashley and Maxine introduce her parents to Beryl and Fred. Sally feels she's forgotten how to have fun. Gail encourages her to go mad and invite Danny out. Rosie lets herself out of No. 13 at night and turns up at Kevin's flatwarming. Fred proudly tells the Heaveys that he's Ashley's father. They think Maxine is getting involved in a very mixed up family and aren't happy. Sally is humiliated when she is called to Kevin's party and is forced to let Rosie stay the night.moreless
    • Sun 11 Jul, 1999
      Sun 11 Jul, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 110
      Tyrone tires of dossing down at Marcus's and asks Natalie to rent him No. 6 before discovering how much rent she's asking. Jack feels sorry for him. Martin is amazed when Gail considers paying Leanne £5,000 out of her savings. He accuses her of sorting out Nick's mess and resents the thought of their money going into Leanne's pocket. Linda confides in Nita that she's seeing an older married man. She is stunned when Nita tells her about Ravi taking Alma out. Jack wants to offer Tyrone the box room at the top of the B&B at a reduced rate but Vera thinks he'll lower the tone. Martin accuses Leanne of being out to punish Nick and tells her that it'll be Gail's money in the end. Leanne tells him she doesn't care if it comes out of Sarah Louise's piggy bank, she wants what she's due. Rosie refuses to leave Kevin's flat and return home with Sally. She gets her way, annoying Alison who feels she's in the way. Jack gets Vera to agree to taking Tyrone in in exchange for him helping out at the B&B. Linda tells Mike that Alma is seeing Ravi.moreless
    • Mon 28 Jun, 1999
      Mon 28 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 103
      Rosie is suspended from school for locking a child in a cupboard. Her teacher tells Sally she needs to see a child psychologist. Sally tells Kevin she can't cope with her anymore. Alma accuses Mike of lying to her over his finances and tells him she wants half of everything. She warns him she'll fight him for what's hers. Steve does another tobacco run and tells Jim it's easy. Mike tells his workers Alma's pushing him for money and he might have to sell the factory. The girls blame Alma but Hayley stands up for her. Fred takes Audrey out to watch dog racing from a private box. Nita confronts Alma over her opinion of her. Alma apologises, saying she is feeling insecure. Nita assures her she's not after her job. Maud warns Maxine that Fred will try and break her and Ashley up. Maxine is stunned when Ashley tells her Fred is really his father. She worries that Fred will turn Ashley against her.moreless
    • Sun 27 Jun, 1999
      Sun 27 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 102
      Maxine is happy that Ashley has proposed until Audrey tells her Fred proposed as well. She thinks they've had a bet to find someone to marry and is furious. When Steve plans another trip to Belgium, Jim urges him to be careful, worried he'll end up in prison again. Ashley swears to Maxine he had no idea Fred proposed to Audrey at the ball. She doesn't believe him and refuses to marry him. He begs her to believe him and swears he loves her and will move away if she doesn't marry him. She is finally persuaded and when he asks again, she agrees to marry him. Sally spells it out to Danny that she only wants them to be friends as she needs to devote herself to the girls. He accuses her of making excuses and backs off. Audrey lets Fred down lightly, saying she can't contemplate remarrying yet. He is stunned when Ashley tells him he's marrying Maxine. Sally wishes Kevin well when he tells her he's going to move in with Alison. Fred thinks Ashley's throwing himself away on Maxine and determines to stop him making a big mistake. Alma is furious to hear Mike is spending money on luxury hotels and the good life.moreless
    • Fri 25 Jun, 1999
      Fri 25 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 101
      Alma worries that Nita is pushing her out at Freschos. Mike searches all his workers lockers. He finds Jean's full of underwear and sacks her on the spot. Linda is thrilled by the rush of power the confrontation gives her. Curly struggles to prepare for the summer ball, which he has to host. Fred escorts Audrey to the Frescho ball, Nita takes Ravi and Alma goes with Curly. Ashley takes Maxine and is amused by Fred's attempts to pair him with Belinda. Ravi and Fred lock horns in order to spend time with Audrey and Alma. Alma feels jealous as Curly goes out of his way to introduce Nita to influential people and praises her in his speech. Belinda tracks Ashley down and annoys Maxine by being over-friendly with him. Maxine warns her off and pushes her in Curly's direction. Steve asks Linda to help him celebrate his birthday but she isn't interested. Nita is devastated to overhear Alma and Audrey bitching about her, with Alma saying she's throwing herself at Curly in order to get ahead at Freschos. Audrey is shocked when Fred proposes to her at the ball. Maxine is stunned when Ashley proposes to her.moreless
    • Wed 9 Jun, 1999
      Wed 9 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 92
      Ashley is annoyed at the size of the phone call as Nick kept phoning Canada. She tells him she's not paying it and can't afford the rent either. Gary interrupts a burglar whilst cleaning windows. He frightens the burglar off but the houseowner, Mrs Hardy, brings in the police thinking Gary is the burglar. Leanne gets a sub off Natalie but tells Ashley she's no money. Judy is indignant when the police search No. 9 before believing Gary's story. She is proud of him. Mike is stunned when Linda calls at his flat with a bottle of whisky, saying she feels sorry for him. Leanne spends all her money at the casino with Vik.moreless
    • Fri 11 Jun, 1999
      Fri 11 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 93
      Leanne is three weeks behind with the rent and tells Ashley that Natalie has refused her a sub. Mrs Hardy tells Judy she's lucky to be married to Gary and apologises for over-reacting. Mike worries that Linda is having a joke at his expense but she assures him she's genuinely concerned for him. Danny tries to get Sally to go out with him but she tells him she can't as she has to think of the girls. Ashley is hurt when he hears Leanne refering to him as her 'Auntie'. He is surprised when he learns Natalie is always subbing her staff. He finds Leanne hosting a card school in the house and throws the players out, telling her she's not taking him for granted anymore.moreless
    • Sun 13 Jun, 1999
      Sun 13 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 94
      Sally is concerned when Rosie tells her she's being bullied at school. Mrs Hardy gets the Gazette to do a piece on her hero, Gary. He is embarrassed by the attention. Steve discovers there's a market for duty-free tobacco from abroad. Ashley tells Leanne he doesn't like her taking him for a mug. She accuses him of trying to run her life and tells him she's moving out. She is put out when he doesn't try to stop her. Steve receives a bill for unpaid VAT. Leanne is forced to return to No. 5. When she calls Ashley an old woman Maxine accuses her of stabbing him in the back when he was helping her. Linda spends the evening with Mike in his flat.moreless
    • Mon 14 Jun, 1999
      Mon 14 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 95
      Gary is in the paper but Judy isn't pleased to see Mrs Hardy all over him in the photograph. Steve asks Jim for £800 to help him start up a new business, smuggling tobacco. Toyah is forced to revise at Emily's as No. 5 is too noisy. Mike is uncomfortable having Linda at the factory as he doesn't want the girls to know his business. She offers to resign if it would help but he tells her it's alright so long as she's discrete. Sally is summoned to see Rosie's teacher who shows how Rosie's work has become dark and sinister. Sally is horrified when she's told Rosie isn't being bullied; she's the bully. The teacher says she's insecure and seeking attention, annoying Sally who takes it as criticism. Jim worries about Steve ending up in prison again but Gary advises him to help Steve all he can. Sally tells Kevin they have to stop fighting and make Rosie feel more secure. Leanne is appalled when the Battersbys entertain Vik for his tea. Les encourages her to see him as his father is wealthy. To cheer her up, Curly cooks Alma a meal of spaghetti. She starts to cry over her wasted marriage. Steve is relieved when Jim agrees to lend him the money. Mr Hardy has a go at Gary and warns him to stay away from his wife.moreless
    • Wed 16 Jun, 1999
      Wed 16 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 96
      Alma feels she hates Mike and is annoyed she's too old to find another man. Sally is upset that Rosie is so unhappy but is angry with her for bullying. Mike is put out when Linda tells him she's going out with her boyfriend. Gary is amazed to see Mr Hardy drinking in a pub with his girlfriend. Mike thinks it's a joke that Alma is spending time with Curly. Vik shows Leanne around his family home. Ravi is cross to find them together and reminds Vik that she is married. Steve sets off for Belgium with Jim's £800. Leanne is thrilled when Natalie offers her a room at the Rovers. Linda makes up a boyfriend and then tells Mike she's finished with him. He doesn't understand what she wants from him.moreless
    • Fri 18 Jun, 1999
      Fri 18 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 97
      Linda spends the night with Mike but he forces her to go to work on the bus, telling her he doesn't want anyone to know about them. Ravi worries that Vik will ruin his life by getting involved with Leanne. Ashley helps Maxine decorate her flat. Leanne moves into the Rovers. Mr Hardy punches Gary in the face and accuses him of telling his wife about his girlfriend. Mrs Hardy apologises and assures Judy there's nothing going on between Gary and her. Gary is annoyed that Judy did think he was being unfaithful. When Rosie is rude to a dinner lady at school she is sent home. Sally decides to ground her for the weekend. Maxine relaxes at No. 4 after decorating and enjoys being with Ashley. Linda is thrilled when Mike tells her they're going away for the weekend. Maxine admits to Ashley she made a mistake finishing with him. He is thrilled when she kisses him.moreless
    • Sun 20 Jun, 1999
      Sun 20 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 98
      Linda and Mike enjoy their weekend in the country. Rosie is angry when Sally grounds her for the weekend instead of having fun with Sophie and Kevin. She throws paint over the living room wall. Danny talks Sally into letting him take them both out but Rosie picks on another girl and throws her teddy into a pond. Sally is embarrassed and horrified when the child's father rows with Danny. Steve returns from Belgium with a boot full of tobacco. Sally feels trapped by Rosie and tells Danny that she can't have a relationship with him until Rosie feels more secure. Fred invites the abattoir owner to Frescho's Ball in the hope of pairing Ashley off with their daughter Belinda. Ashley refuses to play along and invites Maxine. Kevin is furious to discover Sally and Danny took Rosie out. Rosie enjoys stirring the situation. Alma celebrates her wedding anniversary by deciding to take Mike to the cleaners.moreless
    • Wed 23 Jun, 1999
      Wed 23 Jun, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 100
      Mike is furious when Alma's solicitor writes demanding half of his business. He tells her she's not getting anything as he's always paid everything for her. Maxine slips on the Salon stairs and sprains her ankle. Mike tells Linda he doesn't want anyone to know about them because he doesn't want her involved in his divorce. Hayley wants to tell Alma about Linda and Mike but Roy urges her to keep out of it. When she finds Jean shoplifting she advises her to stop but Jean refuses to listen. Steve tries to sell tobacco in a pub and is warned off by Lee, whose patch he's on. Steve recognises him as an ex-con. Lee agrees to take the tobacco off him cheap. Mike tells Alma he can't afford to buy her out and if she takes half his business he'll have to close down and make his workers redundant. Maxine is pleased when Ashley insists on taking her to the ball, even if her foot is bandaged. Steve repays Jim's £800. Jim is furious when he tells him he's going to Belgium again and refuses to let him use his money again. Linda tells Mike Jean is stealing from him and enjoys the power of spying for him.moreless
    • Sun 21 Feb, 1999
      Sun 21 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 30
      Sharon starts to sell bread and milk to hit at Nita. Roy and Hayley prepare the new cafe for opening. A Social Services official inspects Weatherfield Vale, to Martin's surprise. Lickley blames Martin, calls him a troublemaker and sacks him. Les tries to get an extension lead running from Curly's observatory to No. 5 but Jackie catches him and refuses to let him nick her electric. Janice asks the Tilsleys to lend her money but Nick refuses, knowing it'll just end up in Les' pocket. Ken and Deirdre chat about their disastrous pasts and acknowledge how good they were for each other. Sharon warns Nita that Rita is a popular resident and people might start boycotting the shop. Ian gets annoyed when she insists on keeping the Kabin open into the evening. He complains that he never sees her. Steve gives Vik his accounts to go through. Blanche returns and is pleased to hear from her spy, Betty, that Ken and Deirdre have been in each other's company a lot. Hayley pulls out a nail sticking from the cafe's skirting board. The nail was holding in a leak in the water pipe and water starts to pour out.moreless
    • Fri 19 Feb, 1999
      Fri 19 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 29
      Natalie makes a date with Ian and hopes she isn't rushing things, so soon after Des. Emily and Blanche don't enjoy themselves on holiday but Blanche refuses to return home as she wants Ken and Deirdre to spend time together without her. Ken and Deirdre arrange to go out for a meal so there's no way Blanche can reach them. Maxine advises Vik to steer clear of Steve, saying he's trouble. Sharon books the church for a March wedding. Leanne is annoyed to find Sharon is manageress at the Kabin and that her working hours are going to be longer. Rita goes to visit Mavis and leaves them to it. Alma provides champagne to toast with Gail and Roy as they close Roy's Rolls. Toyah moves in with Leanne, saying she can't cope with no electricity. Audrey and Gail set off for Canada. Les DJs but only brings home £8. Janice breaks down, telling him she can't take much more. Ian assures Natalie he's not married but admits he's engaged. He promises he'll break the engagement for her.moreless
    • Wed 17 Feb, 1999
      Wed 17 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 28
      Rita feels too old for aggravation but Sharon prepares to battle Nita. She is pleased when Sharon agrees to stay on at the shop after Leanne returns. Janice is horrified when the police arrive to help the electricity man cut off their supply as the bill hasn't been paid. She realises Les must have spent the bill money as she gave it to him to pay. Natalie agrees to extend Sally's lease on the house for another three months. Roy takes Hayley to meet the local vicar, confidant that they'll be allowed to marry but as Hayley suspects the vicar refuses to. Hayley tells Roy they don't need anyone's blessing for what's between them. Steve is interested to discover Vik is an accountant. Blanche and Emily leave for Blundell Sands. Natalie annoys Lorraine by forcing her to serve Linda. Les gets a job helping Charlie shovel manure. He returns home stinking and is attacked by Janice for having the electricity cut off. Nick and Leanne return from Canada with the news that Stephen is getting married and he's arranged for Audrey and Gail to fly over for the wedding.moreless
    • Wed 11 Jan, 2006
      Wed 11 Jan, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 9
      Tyrone and Nathan compare waxed chests. Maria suggests she tackles his nostrils next. Tyrone's worried that she wants to change him. Sunita tells Dev he's not welcome at the birth as Shelley's agreed to be her birth partner. Dev feels very left out. Mike's forgotten he bought two engagement rings and argues with the credit card company. He's embarrassed when he finds the other ring in his desk drawer. Penny pours her heart out to Frankie about Mike's mood swings and forgetfulness. Sunita's touched when Shelley, Frankie, Deirdre and Betty club together and give her a hamper full of pampering products. Tyrone finds out he and Maria are through to the next round of "Surprise a Bride". Gail's grateful to Sarah for being so understanding about Phil. Penny tries to talk to Mike about the accusations he threw at her. Mike's dismissive but secretly he can't remember what he accused her of. Phil tries to smooth things over with David but David's refuses to pack in his hate campaign. Amber tells Dev not to give up with Sunita. For the first time father and daughter bond. Leanne gets her engagement rings valued. She decides to sell the one Jamie gave her for £80.moreless
    • Wed 14 Oct, 1998
      Wed 14 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 164
      Alma decides to take the job of manager until Curly returns. Lorraine asks Natalie if she can be her bridesmaid. Natalie agrees and tells Des to get a decent Best Man. Des asks Martin who refuses as he doesn't want to upset Kevin. Des advises Kevin to leave Natalie alone and move on in his life. Mike throws Greg and Sally out of the factory in front of the girls, telling them how they've set up against him and are planning to undercut them all. Greg is furious when he discovers Kevin told Mike about their plans and rows with him, threatening him with a glass bottle. Martin has to separate them. Sally is upset that all her friends hate her but Greg tells her to grow up. He tells her they can't afford to buy a new house now that they are going to have to concentrate on the business. For a joke Des invites Les to be his Best Man but Les takes the offer seriously. Sally turns to Gail for sympathy but doesn't get any. Michael tells Liz he's going to stop working with Jim as he's too involved with them both. She kisses him and tells him she doesn't want to stop seeing him.moreless
    • Fri 13 Jan, 2006
      Fri 13 Jan, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 10
      Ken struggles to take Eccles for a walk and eventually gives up. Carol gets a phone call from Jamie to say he's on his way home. She lies to Frankie pretending it was someone else but Frankie's suspicious. Sunita's contractions start. Shelley goes to the hospital with her. Carol buys a bottle of vodka and drinks half of it. Fred tells Dev that Sunita's gone into labour. Dev rushes to the hospital only to be told Sunita doesn't want to see him. He pleads with the midwife but to no avail. Eileen joins Ed and Emily for a drink. She introduces Ed to Jason and Sean. Sunita gives in and lets Dev into the delivery room. Ken promises to give Eccles one more chance providing she wears a muzzle if they go for a walk. Frankie gets a call from Jamie confirming Carol was lying to her. She finds Carol drunk at home and asks her why she lied. Frankie's shocked when Carol accuses her of trying to get Jamie into bed to replace Danny. Jamie arrives home and senses the tension. Sunita gives birth to a girl and a boy. Dev and Sunita are temporarily reunited as they gaze proudly at their twins.moreless
    • Fri 16 Oct, 1998
      Fri 16 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 165
      Mike tells the girls that as Greg is undercutting him and buyers are cancelling orders he may have to sack some of them. Sally is appalled when she hears the girls are threatened with redundancies. Rita offers no sympathy, telling her it's all her fault. Des is appalled to discover Les thinks he's going to be his Best Man. Les is excited as he's never been a Best Man before. Greg is furious when Sally fails to pick up a cheque from the Building Society. He refuses to feel guilty if Mike makes anyone redundant. She is upset that she's already spent £30,000 of her inheritance. Greg urges her to get the cheque before they lose out on a deal. Liz is annoyed when Jim tries to match-make between Deirdre and Michael. Hayley is upset that Mike is continuously nasty to her. Roy begs her to resign and is horrified when she decides to face the girls and tell them the truth.moreless
    • Mon 15 Apr, 2002
      Mon 15 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 63
      Maxine is still trying hard to be cheerful with Ashley. She asks him if he'd like to come with her to see the baby but he refuses. He tells her he needs time to think. Maxine finds that he's been look at photos of the baby. Weatherfield Hardware Supplies make Sally an offer of £17000 for all her stock. She accepts it. Charlie is asked to resign from her teaching post. She accepts and leaves. Miss Johnson tells Ken that he will have to cover half of Charlie's hours. The pupils think that he got Charlie sacked on purpose because he wanted the work. A boy called Aidan Critchley gives him a hard time. Fred has another go at Ashley; he can't understand why he's taking so little interest in his wife and child. Roy gets the go ahead to stage a re-enactment of a Civil War skirmish by the Historical Society. He decides on the Queen's Jubilee weekend and the Red Rec which he suggests to Hayley might have been called so because of the amount of blood shed there in 1642. Matt calls to see Charlie. She tells him that she's moving away to London. The radio in the hardware shop is still switched on with the volume down. The plug starts to smoulder, catches light. The hardware shop is on fire. Martin and David are asleep in the flat above.moreless
    • Tue 16 Apr, 2002
      Tue 16 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 64
      The Ramsdens talk about making a fresh start away from the street. Richard and Gail spot the fire as they return after their romantic night out. As Gail hammers on the door there is an explosion from inside the shop. David wakes up. Terrified and choking on smoke fumes he tries to wake Martin. Richard tries to calm Gail who is hysterical with fear. David unable to rouse Martin, tries to drag him out, when Richard comes to the rescue, but David insists on still helping lift his dad to safety. The fire brigade arrive, then Richard and David emerge with Martin. Sally arrives with Kevin and is distraught to see all the damage. Les gives Janice a smoke alarm. Martin agrees to stay at Gail's while they clean up his flat. Matt decides he will leave with Charlie and they drive off together. Audrey pokes fun at Roy's efforts over the historical re-enactment, but Norris offers to help. Ken is covering for Charlie's classes. Maxine informs Ashley that the Ramsdens have gone and they can now get on with their lives, but Ashley is adamant. Eileen takes Sally a bottle of wine to cheer her up.moreless
    • Sun 15 Jul, 2001 [Episode 2]
      Sun 15 Jul, 2001 [Episode 2]
      Season 42 - Episode 115
      Martin, Sally, Roy and Hayley and all the children go on their camping holiday. Sarah starts to feel worried realising that Gary is rather creepy. She rings Candice to come and get her. Meanwhile Gary carries her upstairs and locks her in his bedroom. Sarah is really frightened. Candice and Todd go round to Gary's house. Candice spots Sarah in an upstairs window but Gary tells her that Sarah has gone home. Candice is really worried and phones Gail. Dennis gives Gail a lift to the house. Todd breaks into the house but trips and hits his head on the fire place. There is a scuffle, Dennis hits Gary and the Police arrive.moreless
    • Mon 9 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Mon 9 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]
      Season 47 - Episode 8
      David tells Phil he and Gail are finished and threatens to report Phil to the police. Maria gives Tyrone a back and chest wax. Tyrone screams in agony. Amber tells Sunita it's her birthday and Dev doesn't even know it. Sunita lets her into the flat for a chat. When Gail arrives home David tells her how Phil threw him against the wall. Phil lies, saying he shouted at David but never laid a finger on him. Gail believes Phil. Blanche prepares for a night out with the Monday Nighters. She leaves Ken in charge of Eccles. Rosie sneaks round to Craig's. They declare their love for each other and swear they won't let Kevin and Sally tear them apart. David accuses Gail of caring more about having a boyfriend than she does about her children. Gail loses her rag and hits him across the face. David runs upstairs telling her he hates her. Gail's mortified at what she's done. Ed chats to Emily, Blanche and Rita. He sees Eileen at the bar and buys her a drink. Sarah finds Gail in tears and comforts her. David's angry with Sarah when she doesn't believe his story about Phil either. Deirdre chats to Eccles in the back yard whilst having a sneaky fag. Gail and Phil relax after the trauma of the evening. David looks at them with pure hatred.moreless
    • Mon 9 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Mon 9 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]
      Season 47 - Episode 7
      David continues to treat Gail like a servant. Phil's appalled at his behaviour. Amber tells Dev she wants some work in the shop and how eventually she wants to be a fashion designer. Dev's amused by her. Blanche cons Keith into walking Eccles for her while he does his paper round. Danny's delighted when Adam tells him he's moving back to Scotland. In the Salon the girls compare Christmas presents. Audrey and Sarah are appalled that Maria only got Tyrone a £20 voucher. Tyrone decides to enter Maria for a competition called "Surprise the Bride". First prize is a white wedding. He enlists Molly's help with the entry form. Ken and Deirdre wave Adam off as he leaves for Scotland. Sarah practises her waxing skills on Maria's legs. Audrey lies saying she's booked up at the Salon to avoid helping Keith on his allotment. Ken quizzes Mike about his row with Adam wanting to know why Adam's left, but Mike's evasive. Maria takes Tyrone to the Salon in the evening promising him a surprise. He's excited when she tells him to take all his clothes off. At David's request Gail goes to the chippy. While she's out David is rude to Phil telling him to clear off. Phil sees red, grabs David and throws him against the wall, telling him it's time he learnt his lesson.moreless
    • Sun 8 Jan, 2006
      Sun 8 Jan, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 6
      Eccles continues to give Ken a hard time and refuses to let him have his newspaper. Adam confronts Mike about the hurtful things he said but Mike has no recollection. Mike's mood changes again and he rounds on Adam again accusing him of having an affair with Penny. He throws distraught Adam out of the flat. Danny hates himself for cashing in on Mike's confusion. Leanne's unrepentant. Kirk advises Ken on how to handle Eccles suggesting he gets down to Eccles' level. Rosie changes tack and is pleasant to Sally and Kevin. They're relieved at her mood change. Sophie's upset when Rosie pokes fun at her lack of boobs. Fred pulls out of the cruise wrongly thinking his feelings for Bev aren't reciprocated. Bev's disappointed but tries to hide it. Eileen babysits Bethany while Sarah and Jason have a night out. Gail's furious when she finds out and accuses Eileen of giving in. Kevin and Sally are pleased when Rosie says she wants to make a fresh start. They tell her they're willing to trust her again and return her mobile phone. Mike gives Danny a letter to post. It's a conciliatory letter to Mark forgiving him for his affair with Linda. Danny intentionally throws it away. Sophie's delighted when Hayley gives her a padded bra which she's made herself. Ken gets down on all fours and tries but fails to bond with Eccles. David continues to give Gail and Phil hell. Phil tries to talk to David but David makes it clear he intends to get Phil out of his mother's life.moreless
    • Mon 5 Oct, 1998
      Mon 5 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 159
      Janice worries about Toyah going out with yobbish Dobber. Leanne is annoyed when Toyah admits she had sex without precautions. Michael suggests to Jim that he should venture into the unknown and go out for a meal with Liz. Gail is alarmed when Roy suggests they arrange weekly dinners. She backs out of it. Dobber gets annoyed when Toyah suggests taking precautions and she gives up as she doesn't want to loose him. He then gets her to steal £10 out of the cafe till. Natalie moves in with Des. Janice makes it clear she doesn't like Dobber and Les throws him out of the house when he says Janice looks like a horse. Anne admits to Spider that she set Curly up. She tells him she has a plan - she'll set Alma up by writing a letter which has Alma's fingerprints on it. Leanne forces Toyah to take morning-after pills. Jim takes Liz out to a restaurant and is furious when she is chatted up by a businessman who feels sorry for her stuck with a man in wheelchair. Liz is embarrassed when Jim makes a scene.moreless
    • Wed 7 Oct, 1998
      Wed 7 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 160
      Toyah threatens to run away again if her parents stop her seeing Dobber. Liz is upset that Jim is still his old aggressive self. She tells Michael that she's been kidding herself; Jim isn't the man she wants, mobile or paralysed. Maxine worries when Audrey advertises for a trainee at the salon. Toyah plays truant to be with Dobber. Spider tells horrified Alma about Anne's plan to set her up. Alma suggests he gets Anne to show him the letter whilst under the surveillance camera. Dobber demands Toyah steals £40 from the cafe so they can have a night out. She doesn't want to but is eager to please him. Anne shows Spider the letter and is picked up by the security camera. Alma tries to take the tape but is interrupted by the security guard. Toyah takes money from Janice to pay for a lesson with Ken but instead goes out with Dobber. He's disgusted at so little money so she promises more when she gets paid. Spider is disappointed that Alma couldn't get the tape. Maxine fears Audrey intends to sack her.moreless
    • Fri 9 Oct, 1998
      Fri 9 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 161
      Alma tries to retrieve the security tape before it's wiped. Anne catches her and realises what's been going on. Maxine works hard to prove her worth to Audrey. Fred admires Audrey's business practices as she makes Maxine feel uneasy about her job prospects. Gary decorates the house as a surprise for Judy and buys a couple of identical cots with his drum money. Anne sacks Alma, infuriating Spider who decides to have it out with her. Michael tells Liz she should admit her feelings to Jim so he's under no pretence. He tells her how his wife left him and took his children to live with another man; he wishes someone would have helped him. She tells him that she needs to feel desired and held, and Jim can't do that. Toyah dreams about settling down with Dobber but he's just interested in sex and cash. Spider tries to see Anne but the security guard refuses to let him into the store. Anne sprays antifreeze in the lock-up freezer, planning to get Spider arrested for criminal damage. She is horrified when the security guard closes the freezer door, unaware that she's inside. Liz is surprised when Michael kisses her and tells her he desires her. She responds by kissing him back. Anne calls for help but no one hears her.moreless
    • Sun 11 Oct, 1998
      Sun 11 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 162
      Spider and the security guard find Anne's frozen body. Fox tells Spider that he's the prime suspect and takes him in for questioning, thinking he killed her as an environmental protest. Jim signs up for wheelchair basketball. Natalie moves in with Des and decides to rent her house out. He is upset that she's hanging on to it for security. Michael apologises to Liz for taking advantage of her. Fox lets Spider go after Alma backs up his story and the video tape is found. Greg returns home from a business trip to find Sally has moved the children in. He isn't happy but hides his feelings. Sally is nervous about his reaction to them. Alma doesn't feel sorry for Anne, realising that she isn't sacked as no one knew but Anne. Greg is put out that he and Sally have to sleep on the sofa bed. Des presents Natalie with a For Sale sign, urging her to take it, sell her house and marry him. She accepts.moreless
    • Mon 12 Oct, 1998
      Mon 12 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 163
      Natalie celebrates her birthday and engagement. Kevin is stung when he hears Natalie is marrying Des. Sally is shocked when Greg copies Mike's database so he can steal his customers. Liz is torn as she is attracted to Michael but feels she mustn't cheat on Jim. Alma is amazed when she's promoted to temporary manager at Freschos. She turns it down when she realises it's to stop her telling anybody else about what has happened. Kevin rows with Sally when he finds her drinking with Greg in the Rovers, having left the girls with a childminder. He tells Natalie she's making a mistake marrying Des. He gets drunk and proposes to her himself. Jim thinks he'd never have made such progress without Michael's help. Alma is annoyed when Mike tells her she wouldn't be any good managing a supermarket. Alec throws Kevin out of the pub. He tells Mike that Sally and Greg have set up in business together and are stealing his orders.moreless
    • Wed 4 Jan, 2006
      Wed 4 Jan, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 4
      Mike wonders where Penny is. Adam reminds him he threw her out. Mike tries to cover but it's obvious he has no recollection. David continues to show no respect of Gail and treats her like his slave. Phil becomes increasingly irritated by him. Sally and Kevin tell Rosie she's barred from leaving house and they'll be nipping back from work to check on her. Mike tells Danny how Penny refused to marry him insisting he needs to see a doctor. Danny's secretly delighted, telling Mike he's best off without her. Sally apologises for having a go at Hayley and admits she's neglected Sophie of late. Adam and Mike row. Adam thinks Mike should apologise to Penny. Mike disagrees. Jack does his first nude modelling for Hilary's art class. She pays him £25. Danny wins a big factory order from Meadows. Mike's delighted and gives him the engagement ring he'd bought for Penny telling Danny to give it to Leanne as a gift. Sean clocks Phil looking at Eileen and is convinced Phil fancies her. Craig shins up the wall in the Websters' back yard and talks to Rosie through her bedroom window. They vow to stick together declaring their love for each other. Eileen's upset to find Sarah at No. 11 and insists Jason send her home. Danny gives Leanne the ring from Mike. Leanne's overwhelmed and slips off her clothes to show her appreciation!moreless
    • Fri 6 Jan, 2006
      Fri 6 Jan, 2006
      Season 47 - Episode 5
      David's rude to Phil and mimics his accent. Gail reprimands him but to no avail. Jason's fed up with Eileen's interfering in his relationship with Sarah. He tells her he's moving out. Eileen's upset. Mike tells Danny he's thinking of forgiving Penny and his son Mark. Danny's quick to put in the poison and suggests Mark's probably still with Linda. Eileen chats to Todd on the phone. She realises Todd's not bothered about Sarah and Jason any more as he's got a new boyfriend. Both Fred and Bev privately worry about the sleeping arrangements on the cruise and wonder if they're sharing a cabin or not. Penny wants to talk to Mike but Danny manages to head her off saying Mike's in one of his moods and she'd best leave it until later. Deirdre and Blanche arrive back from Lena's funeral with Lady Freckles, Lena's dog which she's left to Blanche in her will. Amy calls her Eccles. Eileen apologises to Jason and gives him and Sarah her blessing. Jason accepts and says he's changed his mind about moving out. Eccles takes an instant dislike to Ken who finds himself banished to the hallway. Mike's confused. He thinks Penny is Linda and Adam is Mark. Angrily he tells Penny he never wants to see her again and Adam to get out of his factory and flat. Danny starts to hate himself for fuelling Mike's confusion.moreless
    • Wed 17 Apr, 2002
      Wed 17 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 65
      Ashley agrees to go with Maxine to collect the baby. Gail receives an early phone call telling her Matt has left for good. Sally is sulking about how everything always goes wrong for her. Rita tells her to use this as a chance to make a fresh start. Eve receives a mystery phone call, when Fred questions her she says it was the brewery. Richard is regretting the offer of letting Martin stay. Peter asks Sally if the fire was an insurance scam, this angers both Sally and Kevin. Ken is told that Charlie has resigned and beams when he is asked if he would like to stay. Ashley wont hold the baby when the go to collect him. The insurance assessor talks to Sally about the stock. Tensions mount at the Platt's house, so Kevin invites Martin to stay at his flat. Maxine decides to choose the babies name from Fred's family tree. Ashley storms out angry with Maxine saying the name doesn't make the baby his. Sally tells Rita she was right and it is time to make a new start. Ashley tells Maxine that he wants a paternity test.moreless
    • Fri 19 Apr, 2002
      Fri 19 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 66
      Maxine pleads with Ashley not to go ahead with the paternity test. Deirdre is worried that Ken might be taking on too much by teaching full time. Sally tells Kevin that the fire started with an electrical fault Hayley is pre-occupied with thinking about their third wedding anniversary. Audrey tells Maxine to refuse a DNA sample. Eve tells Fred she can't go to see the baby. Blanche tells Norris and Betty that she is going to one of Archie's funerals, and manages to talk Betty into joining them. Audrey also tries to convince Ashley not to have a paternity test, again he is adamant. Fred goes to visit the baby. Sally accuses Jason of causing the fire. Fred returns to the pub to find out that Eve has been out. Eve tells him she went to Freshco. Eileen gives Jason grief about finding another job. Fred eavesdrops on Eve's telephone conversation. Fred asks Eve if she is worried about something, she tells him she has to go somewhere on Sunday, so can't make it to Ashley's. Blanche feeds Ken and Deirdre the sandwiches left over from the funeral. Fred checks up on Eve's story about why she cannot go to Ashley's on Sunday and finds she is lying. Ashley tells Maxine he has already made an appointment for DNA testing.moreless
    • Sun 21 Apr, 2002
      Sun 21 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 67
      Fred questions Eve further, but she continues to lie. Martin is feeling more and more awkward at Gail's house. Ashley agrees to pretend all is well until he gets the test results. Roy and Hayley unwrap each other's anniversary presents. Fred is behaving sarcastically towards Eve during the meal at Ashley's. Martin moans to Kevin about being at Gail's, Kevin repeats his offer for him to stay at his flat. Molly says nothing but is secretly put out. Fred follows Eve. Eve is told by Ray that Linda is still alive and living in Dublin, but no one else has to know. Molly is jealous of Kevin's concern over Sally. Roy recreates an authentic meal from the Civil War period as a surprise for Hayley. Hayley is disappointed. Richard is relieved when Martin tells them he is going to Kevins. Ashley continues to protest that he will not be a father to the baby until he knows for sure. Fred watches Eve and Ray exchange farewells on the doorstep and jumps to the wrong conclusion.moreless
    • Mon 26 Oct, 1998
      Mon 26 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 171
      Maxine is getting on very well with Tony who learns from a friend who drops off some of his belongings that his flat has been set on fire. Greg wants to celebrate getting the contract with Reubens by taking Sally out for a meal, but Sally assumes this includes the girls. Michael has applied for a job in Milton Keynes and Liz who has just confided in Deirdre about their relationship learns this from Jim. Nick tries to ask Kevin for a job but is snapped at when Kevin sees Greg and Sally going out with the girls. Zoe applies for a job but is not successful.moreless
    • Mon 29 Apr, 2002 [Episode 2]
      Mon 29 Apr, 2002 [Episode 2]
      Season 43 - Episode 73
      Ashley forgives Maxine and tells her he loves both she and Joshua. He moves back in to the marital bed. Maxine is delighted. Roy is so depressed at being told that the re-enactment can't go ahead that Hayley goes to see Councillor Naysmith and pleads with him to bend the rules. Molly finds out from Gail about Kevin lending Sally the holiday money. She is hurt that he couldn't tell her in the first place. Audrey and Fred call round to see Joshua. Fred is a very proud grandfather. Fred gets a temporary licence for the pub in his name so that he can remain open. He doesn't know if Eve will be back or not. Geena starts making bitchy comments to Deirdre and eventually she flips and tells Geena that she's only got Dev's version of events. Geena confronts Dev who admits he slept with Deirdre. She throws her engagement ring at him.moreless
    • Fri 3 May, 2002
      Fri 3 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 74
      Molly sees Kevin talking to Sally and realises that there's still a closeness there, she feels slightly jealous. Dev is furious with Deirdre accusing her of spilling the beans to Geena. Peter takes Shelly shopping for a new coat on his credit card as the business is doing so well. Geena tells Shelley and later Betty that she's finished with Dev because he slept with another woman. Ken tells Miss Johnson that he would like to accept the role of Senior Pupil Mentor. He also tells Miss Johnson about his problems with Aidan Critchley. Vik tells Steve about a tip he's got on a horse, Laughing Boy. Dev tries to talk Geena round but she is adamant she wants nothing more to do with him. He realises it's over. Councillor Naysmith tells Roy that thanks to Hayley he's changed his mind and the re-enactment can now go ahead. Roy is ecstatic. Steve picks Shelley and Peter up from the shops in his cab. Shelley gets a piece of chewing gum from the car seat stuck on her new coat. Steve refuses to pay for it to be dry cleaned. Dev is drunk. He shouts at Deirdre and sacks her from the shop. She leaves in tears, worried sick that he might tell Ken what went on.moreless
    • Wed 28 Oct, 1998
      Wed 28 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 172
      Greg has won the Reubens contract off Mike, but as he and Sally begin to celebrate Mike is winning the contract back. Mike also offers a job to Deirdre which she is happy to accept. Liz confronts Michael about applying for a job in Milton Keynes, but he cannot hang around waiting and hoping that she will leave Jim who, unknown to Liz, is beginning to use his legs again. Zoe joins Tony, Maxine, Leanne, Nick and Ashley at a club where she loses her purse and the next day her new friend Ruth returns it to her. Tony is carrying on his business from Manchester.moreless
    • Sun 5 May, 2002
      Sun 5 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 75
      Deirdre tells Ken that she's got the day off so that he won't know she's lost her job. Ashley is now behaving as a proud father. Maxine finally starts to feel that their problems are behind them. Steve goes to place a bet at the Bookies. Peter goads him into upping his bet. Steve places £100 on Laughing Boy to win. Blanche places 50p on Chunky Monkey. Roy starts practicing 17th century recipes which he can use for the re-enactment. He makes a stew out of cow's cartilage. Audrey tries to talk to Fred about Eve but he just clams up. Laughing Boy wins the race. Steve has won £500. He tells Peter he'll collect the money on Monday. Archie chats up Audrey at the bar. Blanche is jealous. Deirdre tries to talk Geena into taking Dev back but Geena refuses. Peter tells Steve he won't get a penny of his winnings until he pays the dry cleaning bill for Shelley's coat.moreless
    • Mon 6 May, 2002
      Mon 6 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 76
      Steve goes to collect his winnings from the Bookies and to his horror finds he's lost his betting slip. Peter is delighted and denies all knowledge of Steve ever having made a bet so as to avoid paying. Steve is furious. Deirdre still can't bring herself to tell Ken that she's lost her job so she goes and sits in Roy's Rolls all day. Vera is suspicious. Fred seems to be in a better mood but he still refuses to talk to Eve when she phones. Audrey tells him that he needs to talk to her to sort everything out but he's not interested. Blanche backs Peter up saying that Steve never made a bet and she was in the shop. Richard tells Gail that the new flats will soon be sold and they will have plenty of money for the wedding. Deirdre asks Sunita to cover for in the shop in case Ken asks any awkward questions. Steve tells all Peter's other punters that Peter has refused to pay up. They all stage a walk out from the Bookies leaving Peter on his own and worried.moreless
    • Wed 8 May, 2002
      Wed 8 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 77
      Deirdre tells Ken and Blanche she's been sacked but doesn't tell them why. Steve continues to make sure everyone boycotts Peter's bookies and Peter still refuses to pay Steve his winnings. Karen and Shelley agree that they are both being incredibly childish. Ashley and Maxine persuade Fred that he must talk to Eve. He agrees to see her. Jack sneaks into the Bookies to put a bet on hoping Steve won't see him. Dev has been for a night out with Vik and apparently pulled the best looking woman in the room. Dev tells Sunita that he sacked Deirdre for lying to Geena about him. Sunita tells Deirdre who is furious. Deirdre calls to see Dev and implies that unless he gives her her job back she will tell everyone the truth. She gets her job back. Ken tells Sarah and Candice that he is now their mentor and they can come to him with their problems. He finds out that he's also looking after Aidan who again gives him a hard time and has had his eyebrow pierced. Fred and Eve meet. Fred tells her that their relationship is over as they were never married. She tells him that the pub is still legally hers and she wants it.moreless
    • Sun 25 Oct, 1998
      Sun 25 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 170
      Liz is annoyed that Jim embarrassed her at the Barnes' wedding reception. Greg did not return home the previous night and a frantic Sally phones around the hospitals, he finally turns up and tells Sally that he has won a contract with Reubens, one of Mike's clients. Toyah is finding out that the romance is rapidly going out of her relationship with Dobber. Tony invites Maxine out on a date. Leanne is fed up with the no money situation. Michael tells Liz that she must tell Jim why she cannot marry him, but she finds it impossible when she arrives home.moreless
    • Fri 23 Oct, 1998
      Fri 23 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 169
      Alec is startled to find Des and Les coming round on the floor of the Rovers as he tidies up in the morning. Natalie, unaware of a tear in her wedding dress (mended by Hayley) or the marquee collapsing on Martin's fence (later decorated by Hayley) gets married to Des at Weatherfield Registry Office. The married couple return to a reception where Dobber tries to steal a present and Les reminds everyone that they never knew which door either Des or Natalie would walk out of in the morning. Liz goes home to change and ends up letting Michael in - the inevitable happens. She returns to Jim who announces to all that he'd be the happiest man alive if Liz would marry him again.moreless
    • Mon 29 Apr, 2002 [Episode 1]
      Mon 29 Apr, 2002 [Episode 1]
      Season 43 - Episode 72
      Kevin tells Martin about how he's give the holiday money to Sally. The Police decide to drop the investigation into Sally's fire. She is very relieved. Sally tells Gail how uncomfortable she feels borrowing money from Kevin. Ashley and Maxine set off for the hospital to collect baby Joshua. They then go to the surgery for the DNA test. Ashley suddenly decides that he can't go through with it as it would be unfair on Joshua. Maxine begins to feel that may be there is some hope for their relationship. Dev is trying to placate Deirdre who is still upset that he won't let her go on a business trip with him. Deirdre blames what happened between them at Christmas. Geena enters the shop and overhears the conversation. Geena asks Dev what's been going on. He tells her that Deirdre tried to kiss him at Christmas. Geena says he must sack her. Miss Johnson asks Ken if he would like to become a Senior Pupil Mentor. Sarah arrives home really late with Bethany; she's had a terrible journey home from the crèche. Molly is upset when Kevin tells her he's taking her for dinner on her birthday as she thought he'd booked a holiday. Eve turns up for her belongings. Fred can't bear to be near her. Ashley finally decides to accept baby Joshua as his own, although he'll never be 100% sure.moreless
    • Mon 22 Apr, 2002
      Mon 22 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 68
      Fred is in a mood with Eve and refuses to eat the breakfast she has made him. Kevin tells Martin that he is thinking of taking Molly to Mallorca as a birthday surprise. Ken is visibly shaken when Aiden antagonises him during one of his classes. Curly tells Roy that he would be happy to chase up possible funding for the re-enactment on the Red Rec. At work Fred is troubled over thoughts of Eve. He goes to Rover's and asks Mike if a craggy looking man as been in. Eve and Betty are getting suspicious of his behaviour. Archie tries to flatter Rita into also becoming a professional mourner, but she refuses. Fred goes to Ray's house and asks him what is going on. Ray refuses to tell Fred why he saw Eve the previous day, but leaves Fred gobsmacked when he tells him that him and Eve never divorced. After letting Blanche down by cancelling their plans for a day out, Archie promises to take her out for a slap-up meal the following evening.moreless
    • Sun 18 Oct, 1998
      Sun 18 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 166
      Roy advises against it but Hayley tells everyone at work that she's a transsexual. News spreads and Roy's biggest concern seems to be how it's going to affect him. Greg pushes Sally for money. She gets a cheque for him and he's off like a shot, saying she can give the office a good clean. Sally resents and rejects Rita saying Greg's conning her. Natalie pushes Des to choose his best man, only to find that he's agreed to Les - a week ago. Natalie tells Des he has to say no to Les - or she will. Liz sees Jim with Michael - says he'll be seeing less of Jim - Liz said they should too, they made a mistake.moreless
    • Tue 23 Apr, 2002
      Tue 23 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 69
      Sally is embarrassed when she doesn't have enough money to pay for her groceries. Deirdre tells Sally to stop being so hard on herself over the business. Curly has a day off from looking after Ben and uses the time to go to see the council about funding. Blanche cadges money from Deirdre for a new outfit and hairdo. Fred admits to Mike to having domestic problems. Ken has to endure Aiden's rendition of a poem written with the intention of humiliating him. Curly goes to see Councillor Naysmith about funding, but is told the event will not even take place. Naysmith explains that they needed to apply for all sorts of permits weeks ago. Sally is visited by the police in connection with the fire. They say the insurance company are not happy with how and when the fire happened. Egged on by Mike, Fred drags Eve into the backroom for a serious talk. Eve comes clean about Linda and Fred believes her, but then he tells her how Ray told him that he and Eve had never been divorced. It looks as if Blanche has been stood up by Archie. Eve admits to still being married and this makes Fred angry. They have a terrible fight and Eve walks out on Fred.moreless
    • Mon 19 Oct, 1998
      Mon 19 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 167
      Roy's questioning his relationship with Hayley now everybody knows about her. He says he couldn't live without her, but after Les' insults in the cafe he's very low. Hayley also faces insults from Les and from Linda, and feels guilty about Roy. Des won't tell Les he's not best man, so Natalie does. When anger turns to tears, Natalie gives in, saying they do want him after all. Jim's disappointed that Michael's going to call less often. Greg calls Sally his secretary to a customer, and he's loathe to give her an income from the business.moreless
    • Fri 26 Apr, 2002
      Fri 26 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 70
      Sally tells Rita that the police think she burned down the shop. Fred is upset that Eve has gone. Norris is spreading Sally's bad news about the police wanting her for questioning. Rita is angry with him. Kirk warns Jason to keep quiet or he may get blamed. Archie tries to apologise for standing Blanche up, but she is having non of it. Fred tells Betty, Geena and Shelley that Eve has gone for good. The three barmaids bicker over who will act as Landlady. Sally tells the police that Jason fitted the wrong fuse, making the fire a genuine accident. When questioned Jason admits to trying to fix the radio putting Sally in the clear, but Blanche and Norris act as if they still think she did it. Curly tells Roy the bad news about the re-enactment needing permission. The midwife hands Ashley the baby and he is clearly moved, this pleases Maxine, but later Ashley tells her that having feelings for the baby makes it harder for him if he isn't his. Fred confides in Mike about the marriage being a sham and that Linda is alive. Ken talks about how is age will go against him for the teaching post, Peter tells him not to give up. Archie turns up at the Barlow's to serenade Blanche into forgiving him. This attracts many of the Rovers customers who are touched by his gesture, except Fred who looks sad. Blanche forgives Archie.moreless
    • Sun 28 Apr, 2002
      Sun 28 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 71
      Archie arrives early at the Barlow's making Deirdre think that Archie has stayed the night. Shelley tells Betty that she thinks Fred could have murdered Eve. Kevin tells Molly he feels guilty about Sally's money problems. Molly tells him he is not to blame. Kevin teases Molly about his surprise birthday gift to her. Deirdre, Shelley and Gail discuss how murder could run in Fred's family. Dev won't take Geena on a business trip, so she storms out. Deirdre tells Dev that she will go on the trip with him, but Dev is against this also, because of what happened at Christmas. Mike insists that Eve tells the police that Linda is alive. Dev refuses Sally credit, Kevin sees this and follows her out, she is clearly embarrassed. Audrey advises Maxine on how to behave in future towards Ashley. Blanche is pleased when she hears from Deirdre how she thinks Archie stayed the night. Sally tells Kevin she doesn't need pity, then she accepts a loan of £400. Kevin hugs her but Sally looks uncomfortable. Ashley falters when Maxine says she loves him whatever the outcome. Mike tells Fred he has seen Eve and knows about Linda wanting a divorce. Molly tells Gail she thinks Kevin has booked a City break for her birthday. Gail says that means he must think a lot about her.moreless
    • Wed 21 Oct, 1998
      Wed 21 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 168
      Jim's so upset about Michael stopping visiting that Liz goes to his clinic. He says he can only handle not seeing Liz by staying away. Sally resents Greg going for lunch with a businesswoman which she's indirectly paying for. Greg angry when he brings the buyer back to the office to find Sally has the girls with her. Les taunts Hayley and she's had enough. Tells Roy she's leaving. Roy begs her to stay and they brave the Rovers together. Judy upset at Natalie's hen night answers the door to Tony. Les and Des are incapable of leaving the Rovers and have to stay overnight.moreless
    • Sun 4 Oct, 1998
      Sun 4 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 158
      Roy realises he's ruined everything for Hayley but she refuses to hide away and faces the music at work. She tells Mike she'll pay for his suit to be cleaned and begs him not to tell anyone about her; for Roy's sake. Toyah returns from holiday with a boyfriend, Philip Dobson, alias Dobber, in tow. Natalie and Des enjoy Colin's wedding, although she's still uncertain about living with him. Alma goes through the personnel files to find Sheila's address. Anne gets her to handle some blank sheets of paper. Gary has an audition for a band but is completely out of his depth and ends up selling them his drum kit and giving up all ambitions of fame. Alma gives Spider Sheila's address. Dobber puts pressure on Toyah to have sex with him. Natalie agrees to move in with Des but worries that it means more to her than him. She tells him she needs some commitment from him. Spider fails to find Sheila but is pleased when Anne calls asking to see him. Dobber takes Toyah out in his brother's car and pushes her onto the back seat. She is nervous but goes along with it.moreless
    • Wed 27 Sep, 2000
      Wed 27 Sep, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 156
      Gail and Martin have an awkward wedding anniversary, trying to put on a show for the children. Vera worries when a prospective buyer looks around the B&B. Needing a mechanic, Kevin takes Sam on as an apprentice. Tyrone is disturbed to discover he used to be a stripper and is uphappy when Maria chats to him. Audrey tells Gail she's doing the right thing pressing for a divorce. The buyer likes the B&B so Tyrone and Maria pose as dissatisfied boarders in order to change her mind, much to Vera's delight. Toyah finds Phil Simmonds begging in the street. She buys him lunch and determines to get Duggie back for evicting him. Hayley decides to give up work if they're given a baby to adopt. Karen and Bobbie decide to both go after Harvey, agreeing that there are no rules. Gail and Martin are horrified when Sarah overhears them talking about divorcing. They try to comfort her but she is devastated.moreless
    • Fri 2 Oct, 1998
      Fri 2 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 157
      Spider asks Anne to help him find Curly. She is intrigued when he tells her Curly was fond of her. He tells her that if Curly goes to prison then their love will never come to anything. Vera tells Jack he's going to Tenerife whether he likes it or not, and bundles him off to the airport. Sally isn't sure how Greg will react to the news the girls are living with them. She tells Gail about their business venture. Anne gets drunk and vows to free Curly from prison. Gail worries about Sally investing all her money in Greg and tells Rita about her concerns. Alma decides to try to track down Sheila, the shelf-stacker who say Anne set Samantha up on the shop lifting charge. Natalie is surprised when Des asks her to live with him. Roy is furious when Mike calls Hayley a freak. Mike is amazed when Roy asks him to step outside and throws a pint of beer over him. Mike tells him it wasn't a clever move.moreless
    • Fri 4 Sep, 1998
      Fri 4 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 141
      Les and Janice grow frustrated as the police hunt for Neil and Toyah. Sally worries about what Kevin has found out. Kevin tells the girls Sally has moved out. The police bring Neil in. He has to be protected as Janice goes for him. Greg enjoys having Sally to himself but isn't keen when she talks about bringing the girls to live in his flat. He advises her to wait a while. Curly is horrified to receive an extortion letter at Freshcos, demanding £100,000. He tells Anne they shouldn't called in the police as it could be from Spider and Toyah. Impatient Les threatens to thump Neil and has to be restrained by the police. Sally is distraught as she watches Kevin looking after the girls. Neil admits to taking Toyah to Epping Forest but says she ran away from him. The police search the Forest with Janice and Les. Curly confronts Spider with the letter but he swears he never wrote it. Alec and Rita decide that they're too old to marry and that they may as well live together. The Rovers is valued at £60,000. Alec gives the Duckworths a cheque for £30,000. Kevin changes the locks and tells Sally she can only see the children when he says so. Alec plans to run the Rovers with Rita but she refuses, telling him he has to stand by his agreement and not throw the Duckworths into the street. Janice and Les are relieved when badly-shaken Toyah is found.moreless
    • Wed 27 Mar, 2002
      Wed 27 Mar, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 52
      It's the day of Charlie's abortion. Maxine decides to tell Matt about Charlie's pregnancy so that he can try and stop her from terminating it. Matt tries to talk Charlie out of it but to no avail. Tyrone sees Maria with a new bloke and realises that she's not interested in him any more. Steve and Vik are very worried about the state of the business and wish they could find out who reported them to the Licensing authority. Curly tries to persuade his fellow Councillors to keep the crèche open but they won't listen. In desperation Sarah and the other young mothers stage a protest outside the Town Hall. Curly is arrested by Emma. Kirk delivers a job lot of Easter Eggs to Bobbi and Maria's flat, he's intending to sell them. Bobbi confides in Maria that she was the one who reported Street Cars to get back at Vik for dumping her. Charlie arrives back from her abortion; she tells Matt that she can understand that he will probably never forgive her. He says that he has done something far worse; he tells Charlie about Maxine's baby probably being his own. He suggests to Charlie that they forgive each other.moreless
    • Fri 29 Mar, 2002
      Fri 29 Mar, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 53
      Charlie tells Matt she never wants to see him again and he leaves. Steve and Vik are getting very concerned about the business. Steve tells Vik that he has no option but to go and talk to John Wilding. Maria tries to talk Bobbi into admitting to Vik that she is behind the complaints but Bobbi refuses. Sally tells Gail that she's really short of money and that the business isn't doing very well. Kirk persuades Tyrone to come in with him on the Easter egg scam but they find it difficult to flog them. Emma asks Curly to give up his crèche campaign as it's causing her embarrassment at work but he refuses. Charlie tells Maxine that she now knows the truth about the baby. Maxine is worried sick that Charlie will tell Ashley. She pleads with Charlie to keep quiet but Charlie makes no promises.moreless
    • Sun 6 Sep, 1998
      Sun 6 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 142
      Sally feels sorry for Maxine and asks Greg to tell her about them. The Battersbys return home. Sally warns Kevin she's seeing a solicitor to sort out custody. Maxine is devastated when Greg tells her they're finished. She realises he must have someone else and forces him to tell her about Sally. Fiona comforts distraught Maxine. Toyah is subdued and feels foolish for having walked into Neil's trap. When Curly receives another letter Anne insists he calls in the police. Leanne makes Toyah see that Les really cared about what had happened to her; he's more of a father than Ronnie will ever be. Sally is embarrassed when Maxine makes a scene at the factory over her stealing Greg. Janice is stunned to hear about Greg moving Sally in with him. Greg physically throws Maxine out of the factory. Janice warns Sally that Greg won't want her children. Les is surprised when Toyah hugs him and thanks him for his support. Kevin throws a pint over Greg, telling him he knows he's just after Sally's money. Insp Fox reprimands Curly for not contacting the police earlier. Ken is surprised when Les apologises to him for hitting him. Ken agrees to start teaching Toyah again. Jim is thrilled when he feels a twinge in his leg. Michael warns him it could be nothing. Martin tells Kevin that he can't keep the girls from Sally; they need her. Rita is amazed when Alec suggests having a door put between their flats so they can come and go as they please. Sally writes Greg a cheque for £12,500 to help start up the business.moreless
    • Fri 27 Oct, 1989
      Fri 27 Oct, 1989
      Season 30 - Episode 88
      Alan moves into a bedsit at 31 Redford Street. Curly enjoys his new found authority. He is shocked when Vera sees Reg for a job. Dawn tells Audrey the docklands are starting a new phase. Audrey is keen to buy one of the flats. Reg gives Vera a job when she gives Curly as a reference. Curly fears she'll be no good and he'll be responsible. Alan tries to interest Maurice in backing an alarm business. Maurice isn't interested. Audrey shows ex-army sergeant Jim McDonald and his wife Liz round the house. Alf is horrified when they agree to buy it.moreless
    • Mon 7 Sep, 1998
      Mon 7 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 143
      Toyah's cousin Kirsty invites her to go on holiday to San Antonio. Rita is amazed to hear Sally has moved in with Greg. She is stunned when Sally tells her she's left the children. Sally assures her she loves Greg. Steve takes Fiona out for the afternoon in order to spoil her. Janice raises funds for Toyah's holiday as she fears she'll run away again if she doesn't get what she wants. Greg's solicitor friend Richard draws up partnership papers, with Greg assuring Sally it must be noted that she paid for the initial start up costs. Fiona tells Steve she feels that at some point Alan will turn up, wanting to see Morgan. He gets annoyed when she admits she'd let him have a part in Morgan's life. He is angry that she doesn't see him as Morgan's father. She accuses him of looking upon Morgan as an accessory so he hits back, telling her she always needs to be the centre of attention. She walks out to spend the night at her parents'. Richard tells Sally they can apply for a court order granting her access to the children but that will take months. Janice pawns her jewellery, including Les' present for her 21st, to raise the money for Toyah's holiday. Steve spends the afternoon buying drinks for Maxine. She commends him for taking Morgan on. Alec gets a builder in to start work on the door between his flat and Rita's. When Steve kisses her, Maxine responds and allows him to take her to Fiona's flat.moreless
    • Wed 9 Sep, 1998
      Wed 9 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 144
      Fiona apologises to Steve for being so selfish. She surprises him by suggesting he adopts Morgan. Steve is delighted. Jim has pains in his leg and hopes that means it's healing. The police plan to catch the supermarket blackmailer by having Curly making a money drop whilst under police surveillance. Curly is alarmed when he has to wear a bullet proof vest. Steve wants to forget all about his night with Maxine but she feels awful for having cheated on Fiona. She tells him she's fed up with being used by men. He is alarmed when she tells him she's going to tell Fiona what happened. Curly is a wreck after making the drop and is disappointed when the police don't catch the blackmailer. Anne makes a great show of thanking him before making certain the police know he felt bitter about Frescho taking over. Sally signs the partnership contract without reading it. The consultant and Michael both warn Jim not to build his hopes up about his legs. Jim tells Michael he regards him as a mate and hopes they can continue their friendship. Vera and Jack enjoy annoying Alec by working to rule. Anne creates another letter and places glass into a bottle of beetroot. Fiona discovers Steve needs to be married to her in order to adopt Morgan so she proposes. He accepts.moreless
    • Wed 2 Sep, 1998
      Wed 2 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 140
      Janice and Les arrive in London and call on Ronnie. He tries to get rid of them but is forced to explain to his wife Paula who they are. Paula is stunned to discover Ronnie has a daughter. Janice breaks down when she finds Toyah isn't with Ronnie. Toyah is pleased to be with her Dad and glad that he accepts her and gives her a bed. Kevin is surprised when Sally splashes out on his birthday. Anne creates a letter out of words cut from Curly's book. Janice rows with Ronnie for never caring about Toyah. Rita arranges with Mavis to be her Matron of Honour. Janice and Les call at Ronnie's old address and talk to Neil. Toyah hides from them but is puzzled when she hears Janice introducing herself to Neil. She realises Neil isn't her father and begins to feel frightened. Jack and Vera agree to Alec buying them out so long as solicitors are involved. He talks them out of involving solicitors as they're so expensive. He agrees to pay them 50% of the pub's value. Toyah is terrified when Neil locks her in the house and admits he's not her father. He explains he shared a cell with Ronnie in prison. When she tries to call for help he binds and gags her. Janice is alarmed to hear Neil was in prison for GBH. She fears Toyah might be with him after all and she and Les rush back to his flat but he's disappeared. Janice calls in the police. Neil unties Toyah to get her into his van. Suspicious Kevin spies on Sally as she and Greg kiss in the factory. Neil takes Toyah to Epping Forest. Kevin locks Sally out of the house and throws her bags into the street. She is distraught but he refuses to talk to her. Greg takes her in. Toyah breaks free and is chased through the forest by Neil.moreless
    • Mon 25 Mar, 2002
      Mon 25 Mar, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 51
      Tyrone feels depressed now that he's split up from Fiz. Sarah organises a sit-in in protest of the crèche being closed down. The Gazette turns up and interview her. They take pictures of her and Bethany and ask her how old she is. Curly also supports the sit-in. Steve and Vik go to see the Licensing people to find out why Street Cars is under investigation. They are told that they have received some sexual harassment complaints. Steve assumes they must be from John Wilding. Jason borrows a tenner off Eileen and has a win on the horses. He gives Todd some of his winnings to give to Eileen. Mike tells Fiz that her design is good and with some practice she could be excellent. Fiz tells Tyrone that it's for the best that they've split up as she is ambitious and he's not. Maxine realises that Charlie is avoiding her and decides to have it out with her. Charlie tells her that she's pregnant and going to have an abortion and that Matt must never know.moreless
    • Mon 31 Aug, 1998
      Mon 31 Aug, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 139
      Janice is upset that Toyah has gone looking for Ronnie. Kevin tells Sally that Greg is just after her money but she accuses him of resenting the fact that she's going to be more than a housewife. Alec tells the Duckworths that if they can't agree on a price they'll have to put the business up for sale. Janice decides to go to London, revealing to Les that Ronnie has kept in touch and she knows his address. Les decides to go with her after Leanne points out he's more a father to Toyah than Ronnie ever was. Toyah arrives in London. Vera fears she'll end up homeless and jobless. Alec takes Rita to look at wedding rings but decides they're too expensive at retail. Anne cuts out words from Curly's book. Alec suggests to the Duckworths that if they sell their share at a fair price he'll continue to employ them and let them live in the pub. Toyah calls at a house and introduces herself to a man, Neil Flynn, saying she's his daughter. He takes her in.moreless
    • Mon 24 Aug, 1998
      Mon 24 Aug, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 135
      Kevin is furious when Sally refuses to sign the bank documents to mortgage the house. He tells her he's sick of her mucking him around but she accuses him of just being interested in her money. When Les rows at Toyah over the bomb call she tells him to stop bossing her; he's not her real father. Greg urges Sally to stand firm and not sign the mortgage papers. Alec is furious when Vera docks his pay for spending so much time with Rita. The Duckworths are stunned when he tells them they're petty and he wants out of the partnership. Sally is relieved when Kevin tells her it's obvious she doesn't want him so he's packing his bags. Anne is unnerved when Curly tells her he'd like to meet her boyfriend. She tells him that there has to be cut backs and tells him to sack part of his workforce, including Alma. Kevin packs and leaves Sally. Curly can't bring himself to sack Alma as he knows she needs her independence from Mike. Jack orders Vera to apologise to Alec as they can't afford him to dissolve the partnership. She tries but he's adamant things have got to change. Sally tells Greg she wants them to run away with the girls as soon as possible.moreless
    • Tue 19 Mar, 2002
      Tue 19 Mar, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 48
      Harry Hollands, a buyer visits Mike at the factory. He's unimpressed with Mike's designs but then he spots Fiz's designs and tells Mike he's interested in them. Ken's article about the creche appears in the Gazette. Audrey tells Curly that in order to get people to listen to him on the Council you sometimes have to pull strings. She recommends that he speaks to Clive Howell and mentions her name, as he still owes her a favour. Vik is still very down about Hazel. He tells Dev that he still loves her. Dev tells him to pull himself together. Rosie tells David that Sally and Martin have been rowing. Martin regrets finishing with Sally and tells her that he'd like to try again. Martin is upset when Sally says that she now thinks it's for the best if they finish. Charlie confides in Emma about her pregnancy. She makes Emma promise not tell anyone, especially Matt. Fiz is chuffed when Mike pays her £500 for her underwear designs. She tells the girls that she is the next Vivienne Westwood.moreless
    • Fri 22 Mar, 2002
      Fri 22 Mar, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 49
      Curly misses his appointment at the Council to discuss the crèche because he has to look after Ben. Sarah is furious with him. The girls point out to Fiz that Mike has ripped her off, that £500 as a one-off payment with no percentage deal is terrible. Trevor Stamp from the Taxi Licensing Enforcement Team turns up at Street Cars saying that they are under investigation. Charlie tells Emma that she's made an appointment for an abortion and asks Emma to go with her. Emma tries to talk her out of it and encourages her to tell Matt. Charlie refuses. Vik and Steve are worried about their taxi business. Steve suggests that Hazel's husband might be behind it. Fiz tells Mike she's not happy with the deal. He tells her it's too late as she's signed a contract. Fiz throws his drink in his face and tells him to stick his job. She then regrets it.moreless
    • Wed 26 Aug, 1998
      Wed 26 Aug, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 136
      Sally is pleased to have spent the night with Greg but he is uncomfortable with the girls. She becomes irritable when Rosie keeps asking for Kevin. Ken tries to cheer Toyah up, telling her that she has to accept rejection if she's going to be a writer. She tells him she's been rejected all her life and thinks it started with her real father. Les sees Toyah coming out of Ken's house and overhears them talking about lessons. He accuses Ken of being a pervert and headbutts him. Toyah is horrified and explains about the lessons but Les still thinks it's disgusting Ken taking money off her. When he goes to hit Ken again Toyah kicks him to the ground. Curly tells Anne they shouldn't sack Alma as she's their best worker. Rita is stunned when Alec tells her he's going back to Southampton. She thinks it's because she refused to marry him. Ken retires with his bleeding nose and shrugs off concerned Toyah. Anne tells Alma she's not going to be made redundant as Curly thinks so highly of her. Sally is annoyed when her childminder says Rosie is clearly disturbed by something. Janice slaps Toyah's face when she says Les isn't her father and belongs in the sewer. Natalie tells Kevin she needs her money out of the garage. Sally tries to explain to Rosie that Kevin is gone and she'll be getting a new Daddy. Rosie is upset and hits her in the face.moreless
    • Fri 28 Aug, 1998
      Fri 28 Aug, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 137
      Kevin accuses Sally of pushing him out of the house and tells her he'd happily return but he knows she doesn't want him. He suggests she realises she's got responsibilities to her family. Janice is weary of all the rows and accuses Les of just living for the chance to hit people. Ken realises he was naive not to tell the Battersbys about the lessons and tells Toyah there won't be any more. She is devastated. Vera is upset at the thought of being working class again if they lose the Rovers. Alec is adamant that they're splitting and tells the Duckworths they have to agree on a price. Toyah runs away from home. Jack and Vera tell Alec they'll only sell for £100,000. He tells them they're mad. Greg suggests to Sally that if Kevin moved back in she would have a babysitter and they could go out together more freely. She feels that she wants to spend more time with him, not less but he thinks she needs to drive Kevin off into the arms of another woman so she isn't the guilty party. She finds his logic confusing. He suggests that they go into partnership together, rivalling Mike. Then they'd see each other all the time. Alec is amazed when Rita tells him she does want to marry him.moreless
    • Sun 24 Mar, 2002
      Sun 24 Mar, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 50
      Vik and Steve call a meeting at Street Cars. Vik tries to blame one of the drivers. Steve gets angry and tells them that Vik has been seeing a married woman and that her husband is probably behind the investigation. Emily suggests to Fiz that she should protest in some way about the way in which Mike has treated her. Fiz stages a protest on the garage roof. Everyone including Mike comes out to watch. The Gazette turns up. Fiz takes off her top to show everyone the bustier which she designed. Emma and Charlie are discussing the abortion when Maxine arrives. They both fall silent and Maxine is miffed at being excluded. Fiz finally takes her bustier off and goes topless. Mike tells her that she can have her job back and that they'll discuss money on Monday. Fiz is delighted but Tyrone finishes with her for humiliating him in public.moreless
    • Sun 30 Aug, 1998
      Sun 30 Aug, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 138
      Janice has a sleepless night worrying about Toyah's whereabouts. She blames Les for making her run away. Sally asks Kevin to move back in. He accuses her of only wanting him back so the girls don't feel so upset. She promises to try and make their marriage work. Les starts hiding his belongings when Janice calls the police in over Toyah's disappearance. She gives the police a photo of Toyah and is amazed when they say that as Toyah is 16 she can't be forced to come home. Alec and Rita agree to marry as soon as possible. Greg takes Sally to an empty office and tells her about his dream, chasing orders for people like Mike. She doesn't like the idea of working behind Mike's back until they're established. He tells her he needs £800 for rent in advance and they'll need funds for furniture and equipment. Alec tells the Duckworths he's marrying Rita and suggests they buy him out of the pub, saying £100,000 is a good price. Kevin moves back into No. 13. He tells Sally he still loves her but she can't bear having him near. Anne tells Curly she knows he's right to feel uncomfortable with her but swears she's changed. She confides in him that she's going to be promoted and is planning to suggest he is made area manager. Behind his back she steals a book from his bookshelf. Kevin is stunned when Sally tells him she's going into business with Greg. Toyah phones Leanne to tell her she's going to London to find her father.moreless
    • Fri 11 Sep, 1998
      Fri 11 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 145
      Steve asks Maxine not to make Fiona suffer by telling her about them. Anne places the beetroot amongst the others in Freschos. Curly receives a letter, warning that beetroot has been tampered with. He has all the jars checked and finds glass in one. Steve tells Jim he's marrying Fiona and is pleased when he offers congratulations. Sally is frustrated by the time it's taking for her to get the girls back. When Curly has his afternoon off, Anne calls in the police and voices her suspicions that Curly is the blackmailer. Later she calls on Curly at home and replaces his book. Alec is frustrated by the Duckworths' attitude as they only do what he asks them to do and nothing else. Vera suggests he calms down before he has a heart attack. Maxine gets annoyed when Fiona goes on about how trustworthy Steve is compared to Greg. She hits back by telling Fiona about her night with Steve. Sally is upset when Kevin refuses to let her see or talk to the girls. Curly is stunned when the police search his house and find the book with words cut out. He is arrested. Fiona tells Steve about Maxine's revelation and is confused when he is outraged, assuring her Maxine's made it all up.moreless
    • Sun 13 Sep, 1998
      Sun 13 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 146
      Steve sleeps on the sofa but insists that Maxine is just jealous of Fiona. Curly has been charged with trying to extort money from Freschos and bailed. Inspector Fox tells Anne that Curly thinks she planted the book. She tells him that Curly was in love with her and obviously the extortion is his revenge. Alma overhears and realises that Anne has set Curly up. Steve accuses Maxine of wrecking Fiona's life and tells her only she can make things right. He points out that unless she tells Fiona she lied she'll lose her job. Emily and Spider worry about Curly when he disappears. Fiona accuses Steve of betraying her and tells him he makes her feel worthless. He is adamant Maxine is lying. Rita gets frustrated as the builder fails to turn up and she's left with a huge hole in her wall. Alma receives a note from Curly telling her he's going on the run as he doesn't want to go to jail. Emily and Spider worry over the implications with her. Maxine tells Fiona she lied about Steve because she was jealous. She is horrified when Fiona ends their friendship and sacks her.moreless
    • Mon 14 Sep, 1998
      Mon 14 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 147
      Steve tells Fiona she was right to sack Maxine and they should never forgive her. Audrey is amazed to hear Fiona has sacked Maxine. Kevin struggles when the child minder falls ill. He tries to find someone to pick the girls up from school and ends up closing the garage as he doesn't want to ask Sally for help. Steve tells Maxine to stay away from Fiona and promises her he's sorting everything out. Alec decides to finish the door off himself. Emily, Spider and Alma want to help Curly but don't know what to do. Rita is horrified when Alec's leg is trapped under rubble. She rushes for help from the neighbours and is embarrassed when they see the door. Maxine can't cope with Fiona hating her and tells Steve she's going to tell the truth. Steve rows with her, telling her to keep her mouth shut. Fiona overhears them rowing about their night together.moreless
    • Tue 9 Apr, 2002
      Tue 9 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 60
      Archie invites Blanche to go to Blackpool for the weekend with him. Blanche says she'll think about it. Deirdre is horrified. Charlie is hitting the bottle again. She staggers into the Medical Centre looking for Matt but he isn't there. Sarah sees her and later when she's telling Candice about it, Miss Johnson the Headmistress overhears. Fred visits his new grandson in hospital and is surprised to find that Ashley isn't there. Maxine is upset that Ashley hasn't been to visit and tells Audrey that she's worried that she's lost Ashley forever. Jack offers his services to Archie as a pall-bearer Archie says he'll bear it in mind if they're ever desperate. Fred buys drinks for everyone in the Rovers and they wet the baby's head. Matt calls to see Maxine to try and win her round. Maxine tells him that if he doesn't leave her alone she'll get him struck off. Audrey calls to see Ashley and tells him how sorry Maxine is and that he should be at his wife's and son's side. Ashley cries.moreless
    • Wed 23 Sep, 1998
      Wed 23 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 152
      Fiona asks Audrey if she wants to buy the Salon. Maxine asks Fiona for a reference but isn't given one. Greg hopes Sally won't bring the girls round anymore but she thinks they need to see more of him. Vera points out to Jack that they both need to sign their passbook to get money out of the building society. Kevin confides in Martin that he loves and hates Sally and he's frightened to be alone with her in case of what he might do. Gail suggests to Roy that Hayley might not want to live on her own. Jack gets Vera to sign a building society form saying only his signature is needed to take money out. Audrey tries to raise the money to buy the Salon and asks Maxine to work for her. When Alf isn't keen to invest she asks Fred for financial help. To spoil Sally's night out with Greg, Kevin tells her she'll have to look after the girls as he's going out. When Greg accuses Kevin of just making Sally feel guilty, Kevin hits him.moreless
    • Fri 25 Sep, 1998
      Fri 25 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 153
      Jack withdraws £1,000 from the building society. Michael urges Jim not to look on the dark side; he's still got Liz. Audrey shows Fred around the Salon. He is keen to invest if it means seeing more of Audrey. Maxine offers Fiona a leaving present but she refuses it. Maxine is upset as Fiona refuses to forgive her. Jack works on a system, betting on greyhounds, on lanes 1 and 6, doubling his money with each race. It goes wrong and he loses £1,200. Rita is concerned over the affect Kevin and Sally's fighting is having on the children. She warns Sally that Greg is just out for what he can get. Sally tells her to mind her own business. Hayley is thrilled when Roy invites her to move in with him. Fiona leaves the Street to live with her parents. Steve watches her go but doesn't say goodbye.moreless
    • Fri 12 Apr, 2002
      Fri 12 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 61
      Sally is increasingly worried about her financial problems. Kevin offers to lend her some money but she refuses, pretending everything is okay. Charlie is back in teaching in school but is drunk, the pupils can tell. Roy decides he wants to stage a Historical Society event in the summer. He settles on a Civil War re-enactment as it's relevant to Manchester. Sally tells Gail that the new owners of the shop have doubled the rent. Fred is getting more and more worried about Ashley's apparent disinterest in the baby. Archie and Blanche leave for Blackpool in Archie's hearse. Ken catches Charlie swigging from a Vodka bottle in the Staff Room, he tries to talk to her but she won't listen. In desperation Ken reports Charlie Miss Johnson. Charlie is suspended. Ken feels guilty. Ashley visits the baby. He tells Maxine that he just feels numb. He feels like both she and the baby are strangers. Maxine is very upset.moreless
    • Sun 27 Sep, 1998
      Sun 27 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 154
      Alf refuses to buy the Salon so Audrey alarms him by saying she'll get backing elsewhere. Jack panics when Vera talks about withdrawing some money for a foreign holiday. Maxine starts work under Audrey's management. Fred tells Audrey he'll be happy to back her in the business. Hayley moves into the cafe flat, with Roy nervous at the thought of co-habitation. Jack urges Alec to refuse to let him and Vera have time off for a holiday. Sally takes matters into her own hands. She collects the children and moves them into the flat, telling them they're living with her for good. Kevin is furious when he finds out. Jack resorts to betting in a desperate attempt to win back the £1,000. Roy and Hayley are nervous about spending their first night together. He tells her he's sleeping on the sofa until they're married. He tells her he wants to marry her and proposes. She is moved but tells him they can never marry because she's legally a man. When Kevin demands his children back, Sally threatens him with the police.moreless
    • Mon 28 Sep, 1998
      Mon 28 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 155
      Hayley wonders if she'll ever be able to make Roy happy. She assures him she'd marry him if she could. He is angry that she's discriminated against. Sally asks the girl's headmistress not to let them go anywhere with Kevin but the headmistress refuses to get involved unless Sally has a court order. She takes the girls to work with her but Mike isn't happy and gives her holiday until she can get sorted. When Kevin threatens to snatch the girls back, Sally points out she can afford to move away from him at any time if he becomes unreasonable. Audrey plays with Alf, infuriating him by telling him Fred is buying the Salon for her. He is startled into agreeing to buy the Salon himself. Vera is horrified when she discovers Jack has withdrawn £1,000 from their account. Fred realises Audrey has used him to make Alf jealous and is affronted. Jack wins the money back plus £800 profit but Vera is still annoyed with him and tells him she's transferred all the money to a new account and it's in her name only. Roy decides to sleep with Hayley but admits he's petrified as he's a virgin. Kevin agrees to let Sally have the girls if he can see them. She agrees. Hayley tells Roy she's a virgin as well and they'll both be learning as they go along.moreless
    • Wed 30 Sep, 1998
      Wed 30 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 156
      Hayley and Roy are bashful after their first night together. KEVIN: "Women. Dun't matter what they do, they all support one another. All on the same side!" When Jack begs Alec to refuse their holiday, Alec delights in giving them time off. Steve demands £1,000 from Audrey for work he carried out at the Salon for Fiona. Des and Natalie get ready for Colin's wedding, although she worries about what his family will make of her. Kevin snaps under the pressure of seeing Sally with Greg and not having his children. He pours out his heart to sympathetic Rita. Judy feels guilty when she thinks Gary plans to get rid of his drums. Jack is horrified at the thought of going abroad with Vera as he knows she'll be feeling randy. Audrey is frightened of Steve and asks Fred to help her deal with him. Fred points out to Steve that Audrey as a Councillor could make life difficult for his building projects. Steve tells Audrey to forget about his £1,000. She tells Fred he's her hero. Spider decides to introduce himself to Anne as Curly's cousin and try to win her confidence. Gary tells Judy he's not selling the drums - he's got an audition in a band. When Sally calls for some clothes Kevin goes for her, accusing her of ruining his life. Kevin throws her out, saying he never wants her to return. Rita rushes over and is relieved to find Sally safe but when Sally seeks sympathy Rita accuses her of bringing everything on herself, she's become nasty and selfish and refuses to help her anymore.moreless
    • Mon 8 Apr, 2002
      Mon 8 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 59
      Maxine's baby is born prematurely. It's a little boy. Deirdre has a go at Blanche for staying out all hours with Archie. Ken sees Charlie at school with a terrible hangover. He tells her to go home. Later he is surprise and concerned to see her drinking again in the pub. Maria introduces her new boyfriend Dan who works in the car trade to Tyrone. Tyrone is jealous. Hayley persuades Mike to give Fiz her job back at the factory. Sally tells Gail that she won't be taking Richard's financial advice. Matt arrives at the hospital to see Maxine but Ashley tells him to get out. Sally tells Jason she can't afford to keep his job on and gives him two weeks' wages redundancy. Ashley realises that Maxine intended to keep the whole question over the baby's father quiet. He tells her he can never believe another word she says and breaks down.moreless
    • Sun 7 Apr, 2002
      Sun 7 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 58
      Sally is worried that the business is doing so badly she might have to let Jason go. Jason manages to sell a whole lot of home safety products to Emma, Sally is pleased but she knows it's not enough. Mike suggests to Sol Pepper that Underworld could make the bustiers for Sol's company more cheaply than he makes them himself. Sol realises this is a good proposition and says he'll consider it. Charlie arrives back and sees Matt going into the Peacocks house. She confronts him and soon realises that Ashley is still ignorant of the situation. Ashley realises that there's something going on and questions Matt and Maxine. Matt forces Maxine to tell Ashley about their one night stand. Ashley is devastated and realises that the baby could be Matt's. Maxine is so distraught that she goes into labour six weeks early. Ashley calls an ambulance and goes with Maxine to the hospital after telling Matt to get out of the house and leave them alone.moreless
    • Fri 5 Apr, 2002
      Fri 5 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 57
      Jason buys the Easter Eggs off Kirk for £25 to give away as part of a promotion at the Hardware Shop. Sally is cross as he didn't consult her. Ashley invites Matt to leave the B&B and stay with them. Maxine tries to talk Matt out of it but Matt says that he wants to stay with her and the baby. Maxine is distraught. Mike tells the factory girls that Sol Pepper is taking him to Court and he could end up closing down the factory. Martin has a look at the remortgage papers which Richard gave to Sally and tells her that it's a terrible deal. Sally is concerned. Bobbi returns the flat keys to Audrey and leaves the Street. Roy becomes the new Chairperson of the Weatherfield Historical Society. Blanche has a date with Archie, Ken and Deirdre arrive home to find them dancing in the front room. Jason sells the Easter Eggs to Vik for £60 to give away free with taxi rides to help bolster business. Fred tells Eve that for tax relief reasons he's going to sign the Rovers over to her.moreless
    • Wed 16 Sep, 1998
      Wed 16 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 148
      Steve tries to cover up but Maxine insists that Fiona is told the truth. Fiona throws Maxine out and then tells Steve they're finished; she's had enough of his lies and explanations. Rita arranges for a builder to sort out the door. When the police search for Curly, Emily Spider and Alma cover for him. Liz and Jim are amazed that Steve has blown his chances with Fiona by sleeping with Maxine. Jim warns him that he'll soon feel disgusted with himself. Rita is annoyed when the neighbours gossip about her and Alec. Alec hopes Audrey will sort things out at the Council so he can get a late opening licence but she tells him she's not mixing business with pleasure. Fiona refuses to listen to Steve. He clears his stuff out of the flat. Sally tells Kevin she's missing the girls and begs him to let her see them. She is stunned when he tells her he doesn't want her anywhere near them. Alma breaks down under police questioning and admits Curly has run away. Jim agrees to let Steve stay at No. 11.moreless
    • Sun 31 Mar, 2002
      Sun 31 Mar, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 54
      Curly apologises to Emma and says that he will give up fighting over the crèche. Tyrone and Kirk are desperately trying to sell the Easter Eggs but not having much luck. Matt calls in to collect his things from Charlie. He tries to talk to her but she doesn't want to know. Matt tells Ashley about Charlie's abortion. Charlie tells Ashley about Matt's affair but doesn't mention Maxine's name. Richard discovers that David has been using his computer and in the process has lost a whole lot of work which Richard was in the middle of. Richard is very angry and threatens to give David a good hiding. Vik calls to see John Wilding. John tells him he had nothing to do with the complaints about Street Cars. David tells Martin that Richard threatened him. Martin rows with Gail and Richard. David goes to stay with Martin for the night. Richard tells Gail that she should have stood by him over the David situation and threatens to leave if she doesn't.moreless
    • Fri 18 Sep, 1998
      Fri 18 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 149
      Pam comforts Fiona whilst telling her Steve would never be faithful for long. Steve goes to stay with friends in London. Sally feels she can't cope without the girls. She doesn't want to confuse them by making a fuss but misses them so much. She rows with Martin when he feels Kevin did right to hang onto his daughters. Vera and Jack are furious when Alec docks their rent from their wages. When they complain he tells them they can move out if they're not happy. Martin suggests to Kevin that he lets Sally see the girls, for their sakes. Kevin knows Martin is right when he says they need a mother but doesn't want them to see her. Sally urges Greg to hurry his solicitor along. He tells her not to press him and walks out when she nags him. Later he apologises and assures her he loves her. She tells him he must realise she comes as a package with her daughters. Jim urges Fiona not to cast Steve away over just one mistake. She tells him Steve is a bad person and lets it slip that Steve pushed him off the scaffolding.moreless
    • Mon 1 Apr, 2002
      Mon 1 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 55
      Kirk and Tyrone melt down the Easter Eggs to make chocolate apples which they hope to sell to the corner shop. Monica upsets them all over the floor. Martin is worried about David's relationship with Richard but Kevin advises him to give Richard a chance. Sally is really worried about the business as a new DIY store has opened in town. Roy tells Ken that Anita has left the area and the Historical Society need a new Chairperson. Ashley asks Matt about the affair which he had. Matt tells him that it was about 10 years ago with Charlie's best friend. David arrives back at home. Richard apologises to him for getting cross and David says he's sorry for using Richard's computer. Richard tells Gail they should set a date for the wedding. Maria tells Karen that it was Bobbi who shopped Street Cars to the Licensing Authority. Karen tells Vik and Steve.moreless
    • Sun 20 Sep, 1998
      Sun 20 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 150
      Natalie helps Kevin out by looking after Sophie. Greg tells Sally there's no point in looking for a house as they have to concentrate on the business. Vera and Jack have all their money in a joint account. Jack tries to get his hands on some of it but Vera refuses to let him. Jim accuses Fiona of lying to him to get back at her for wrecking her wedding. She tells him Steve really did try to kill him. Hayley views a flat and wants it but allows Roy to talk her out of it. Sally is furious to see Natalie looking after Sophie. She tries to take her but Kevin steps in a refuses to let her have her. Liz is stunned when Jim tells her about Steve pushing him off the scaffolding. Natalie advises Kevin to let Sally see the children. Liz accuses Fiona of telling Jim about Steve as she wants to destroy both of them. Fiona throws her out of the Salon. Sally is surprised when Kevin tells her she can have the children for tea.moreless
    • Mon 21 Sep, 1998
      Mon 21 Sep, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 151
      Sally looks forward to having the children but Rosie is sick so she only has Sophie. Steve returns from London and is petrified when Jim tells him he knows how he fell off the scaffolding. Jim rages at Steve, accusing him of trying to kill him. Steve tells him his memory is playing tricks but Jim says Fiona's told him the truth. Steve is stunned when Liz refuses to believe him. Jim tells Steve he's going to get the police on to him for attempted murder. Steve tells him that if he'd wanted to kill him he'd have done the job properly. Pam advises Fiona to move away from the McDonalds and sell the Salon. Greg finds it hard having Sophie in the flat and is furious when she spills lager over his lap top. He upsets Sophie, shouting at her. Sally tries to soothe him. Jim assures Liz he isn't going to the police. Sad Sally takes Sophie back to Kevin as she's upset. Steve accuses Fiona of being vindictive in telling Jim and calls her a bitch. Fiona is shaken by his anger. She tells her mother she wants to leave the Street.moreless
    • Tue 2 Apr, 2002
      Tue 2 Apr, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 56
      Richard tells Gail he would like a big Church wedding in July, Gail agrees. Bobbi arrives for work and Karen starts shouting at her for trying to destroy Street Cars. Karen and Bobbi start fighting. Mike has to split them up. Matt tries to talk to Maxine again, saying that the baby is all he's got left. Maxine tells him to go away. Sol Pepper, a competitor of Mike's arrives at the factory. He accuses Mike of copying his designs and says he'll sue him. The designs are Fiz's designs. Fiz swears they were her own work but Mike sacks her anyway. Vik and Bobbi row over the letters of complaint which she wrote. Bobbi promises to try and put things right. Richard has a look at Sally's finances for her and suggests she remortgages. Sarah gets a letter telling her that Bethany has a place in a crèche over the other side of town. Richard promises to give her a lift each day. Matt gets very drunk, Ashley takes him home and tells Maxine that Matt will be staying with them for a few days. Mike receives a letter from Sol Pepper's solicitor threatening proceedings.moreless
    • Fri 10 May, 2002
      Fri 10 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 78
      Peter's business is really starting to suffer. Steve enjoys watching him sweat. Deirdre starts back at the corner shop. She and Dev call a truce. Ken is having more and more problems with Aidan. Aidan has decided to make it his mission to get Ken to leave. He tells Ken this. Aidan wreaks havoc in class. Miss Johnson enters the room and shouts at everyone not realising that Ken is there and meant to be in charge. Gail starts looking for wedding venues. Audrey admits that she's warming to Richard as her investments have now started to do very well. Fred has a meeting with Eve, Mike is present. He tells her that he will make sure she doesn't leave the marriage empty handed but she's not having the Rovers. He threatens to have her charged with bigamy if she doesn't agree to his terms. Eve realises she's beaten and is very upset. Vera decides that she's going to get Richard's advice regarding their savings. Karen finds Steve's betting slip and gives it to him. Steve says he's not going to cash it in just yet as he wants to make Peter suffer a bit more. Ken discovers that the tyres on his car have been slashed. He sees Aidan watching and smiling in the distance.moreless
    • Sun 12 May, 2002
      Sun 12 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 79
      Ken tells Deirdre about his problems at school with Aidan and the vandalism to the car. Deirdre is shocked. Fred is very depressed as he feels that Eve was his last chance of love. Jack approaches Richard for some financial advice. Richard thinks he's interested in the equity release scheme and tells him it's not suitable for couples. Vera thinks it's because their money isn't good enough. Karen shows Peter the betting slip and advises him to pay Steve the £500 to sort the matter out. Peter takes her advice and pays Steve in front of everyone in the Rovers. Steve suspects that Karen had something to do with it. Patricia, Richard's ex-wife unexpectedly turns up saying she wants Richard to buy out her 20% share of the business. Richard is unnerved. Geena's father Maurice visits her. She tells him that she and Dev have split up. Later she and her mother are reconciled on the phone. Ken visits Aidan's parents. He talks to Aidan's father about the problems his son is causing and mentions the vandalism to the car. Bob Critchley is hostile and throws Ken out of the house.moreless
    • Sun 10 Jan, 1999
      Sun 10 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 6
      Les tries to get round Toyah but ends up threatening her to keep her mouth shut. Fred and Ashley open their new counter in Freschos. They tempt customers away from the tinned meat but offering samples. Natalie has the pub redecorated and decides the Rovers needs more life. Roy celebrates when he gets the coffee machine to work. Janice is annoyed when Les changes their holiday in Paris to one in Vegas. She insists that they go to Paris but he invites Jackie to join him in Vegas. Alma tells Jackie she can rent No. 7 but insists on her having a rent book and treating the arrangement seriously. Nita annoys Maud be stressing she's the manager of the shop. Toyah assures Les she won't tell anyone but makes certain he knows she doesn't approve. Ashley tries to befriend Nita but she's not interested in him. Kevin is nervous as he takes Alison out for a meal. Afterwards she gets upset when catches him looking at his watch and storms off.moreless
    • Mon 11 Jan, 1999
      Mon 11 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 7
      Les looks forward to a huge amount of compensation from the hospital and asks Janice to tell the doctors how he's not been performing as well as usual. She refuses. Gary returns to work but is nervous about leaving Judy to cope alone. Janice is furious to hear Jackie is planning to go to Vegas with Les. She convinces herself that Les is planning to leave her once he's got his compensation. Martin goes before the panel of doctors and is annoyed when they say they intend to compensate Les. He feels that he's not trusted and resigns. Les goes before the panel and demands a lot of money for his mental anguish. The doctors are about to offer a sum of money when Janice arrives and tells them Les took the overdose himself. Kevin apologises to Alison for spoiling their evening. She feels she might have over-reacted. Gail is annoyed that Martin has resigned but tries not to show him her feelings.moreless
    • Wed 29 May, 2002
      Wed 29 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 89
      Gail signs the papers and becomes Richard's new business partner. Fred shows David his re-enactment sword. David is impressed and lends his support to Fred and the Royalists. Sam asks Kevin for a couple of weeks' holiday and is annoyed when he's refused. The factory girls are warming to Joe except for Karen who is determined to give him a hard time. Sarah and Aidan bunk off school. Aidan shop lifts some chocolate from the Kabin and they take it back to Sarah's house to eat. They are almost caught by Gail and Richard but manage to slip out of the back door just in time. Sarah agrees to play truant again with Aidan. Betty finds Fred trying on his re-enactment costume. Roy gets to hear about Fred's red tights and floppy hat and marches round to see Fred. He demands that they have a meeting to ensure that the re-enactment is taken seriously and is historically accurate. Sally tells Rita that as soon as her insurance cheque arrives she will pay her back. She also promises to take the girls on holiday. Joe asks Geena out in front of Dev. Geena agrees. Dev later tries to warn Joe off accusing him of being a crook just out of jail. Joe is angry and threatens Dev.moreless
    • Wed 13 Jan, 1999
      Wed 13 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 8
      Les spends the night sleeping outside when Janice locks him out. He asks Jackie to put him up and she agrees. Alf's will is read. Audrey is horrified when, after £2,000 to each of the grandchildren, his assets only come to £1,427.13 in cash, plus the house and the salon. She doesn't know how she's going to survive. Vera resents having Natalie as a boss and is convinced she'll ruin the pub. Nick and Leanne are thrilled that Alf left him £2,000. Emily babysits the twins so the Malletts can go out but when they fall asleep she babysits the whole family. Kevin introduces Alison to the girls and is pleased when they get on. Martin discovers Les' case was thrown out when the tribunal found out he was lying. He goes for Les and tells everyone how he cost him his job. Natalie throws Les out and the residents shun him. Jackie refuses to take him in now he has no money. Kevin assures Alison he has no feelings for Sally. She encourages him to make a pass at her.moreless
    • Fri 15 Jan, 1999
      Fri 15 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 9
      Alison stays the night with Kevin. Gail urges Martin to find another job. Steve gives Roy an estimate of £12,000 for fittings at the new unit. Roy calculates that it is too steep but is bemused when Steve suggests the haggle. Roy doesn't understand and offends Steve by suggesting he does the job for £2,000. Leane tells Les she's ashamed to be his daughter and refuses to help him get back with Janice. Natalie is annoyed when the Duckworths still act as if they own the pub. When she takes Spider on to help behind the bar Vera accuses her of lowering the tone. Kevin suggests to Alison that they go away together for a weekend. He employs Tyrone to help out at the garage. Rita is thrilled when Sharon Gaskell looks her up and tells her she's getting married. Natalie starts serving designer beers. Hayley gets Steve and Roy to haggle again and they settle on £7,950. Roy still fails to see the point in haggling. Janice weakens and takes Les back in when he swears he loves her. Natalie tells the Duckworths she won't have them interfering in her pub. They are stunned when she gives them new jobs - as cellarman and cleaner.moreless
    • Fri 31 May, 2002
      Fri 31 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 90
      Sarah and Aidan bunk off school again. Dev tries to warn Geena off Joe but she tells him to leave her alone. Dev tells Vik about Joe's prison history and says he wishes he could tell Geena. Vik advises him to keep quiet. Todd accuses Sarah of two-timing him with Aidan. She denies it. Ken asks Sarah where she's been all day and she pretends that Bethany hasn't been well. It's obvious Ken doesn't believe her. Sally is shocked when she receives a letter from the insurance telling her that the amount she's due is a lot less than she was expecting. She discovers that she was under insured. Joe takes Geena out for dinner and she looks fantastic. Dev is green with envy. Sally gives Rita a post dated cheque for the amount she owes her. Later she pours her heart out to Kevin saying that she can't afford to take the girls on holiday. Kevin comforts her. Roy, Fred and everyone involved have a meeting about the re-enactment. They have a vote and it's decided to alter history in honour of the Queen's Jubilee so that Royalists win the battle. Roy is livid.moreless
    • Sun 17 Jan, 1999
      Sun 17 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 10
      Leanne is eager to spend Nick's inheritance but he wants to save it for college. Vera refuses to clean the Rovers. Jack begs Natalie to let her work behind the bar but Natalie refuses. Sharon tells Rita she'll be living in Manchester when she marries Ian. Rita is thrilled. Ashley tries to chat Nita up but she's not interested. Martin advises Nick to take decisions in light of the fact he's married and involve Leanne more. He feels uncomfortable as he knows he should take his own advice with Gail. He tells her he'll go to the hospital and ask for his job back. She's delighted. Lorraine talks Spider into helping out behind the bar. Vera makes a scene in the Rovers, telling the customers that Natalie's tried to retire her. She swears they haven't heard the last from her. Sally gets a letter from Kevin's solicitor saying he wants a divorce and custody of the children.moreless
    • Fri 8 Jan, 1999
      Fri 8 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 5
      Les panics when Janice tells him she's disgusted with him and is going to make sure he doesn't get any compensation off the hospital. Roy takes possession of a second-hand espresso machine. Nick is upset when he thinks of Alf's death. He tells Audrey that Alf was definitely alive after midnight. Natalie decides to decorate the pub. Lorraine is upset when she refuses to let her move in with her. Gary hopes to return to work but knows the twins are too much of a handful for Judy. Jackie tells Alma that Curly has fallen behind with his mortgage repayments and the house is going to be repossessed. She suggests Alma makes her a tenant and the DSS will pay the rent. Les offers Janice a holiday in Paris if she keeps quiet. Kevin is pleased when Alison agrees to go out with him. Fred introduces Maud and Ashley to his new assistant, Nita. Ashley thinks she's gorgeous. She shows an interest in every aspect of the shop. Roy struggles, in vain, top make his coffee machine work. Janice agrees to collaborate Les' story when he promises her home improvements. They are disturbed by Toyah who overhears their plotting and tells them they're both despicable.moreless
    • Wed 6 Jan, 1999
      Wed 6 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 4
      Audrey breaks down at Alf's funeral and seeks reassurance from Gail that she came through in the end by providing her with a father. Gail and Martin take David and Sarah to the funeral, along with Nick and Leanne. Deirdre, Blanche, Emily, Ken, Fred, Maud, Rita, Kevin, Sally, Betty, Alma, Mike and Maxine join the family as Alf is buried. Emily and Ken are annoyed when Blanche condemns Alf for always looking after himself and not the Community. The Mayor offers Audrey Alf's title and to become "Mrs Millennium" but she fears it will make her sound ancient. When she finds out about the insurance policy running out on New Years' Eve, Audrey insists he must have died before midnight. She becomes hysterical when no one can confirm he died on the 31st. She fears she's going to be a pauper. Les admits to Janice that he took the drug over dose himself.moreless
    • Mon 4 Jan, 1999
      Mon 4 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 3
      Audrey makes certain Alf is dressed in his best clothes to be buried in. Maxine apologises to Sally for not believing her when she said Greg was violent. Ashley is annoyed when Fred tells him he has to leave the shop and work at his new butcher's shop in Freschos. Kevin is pleased when Alison tells him she is still attracted to him sober. Roy tells Steve he's interested in one of his new units on Victoria Street. Jim feels down on his wedding anniversary. Martin discovers that Alf's insurance policy expired on New Year's Eve. Gail is horrified at the thought of telling Audrey.moreless
    • Mon 27 May, 2002
      Mon 27 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 88
      Mike drives Joe Carter to Roy's Rolls where they have breakfast. Mike has given Joe the job of Factory Manager at Underworld. Mike is pleased that he's got Joe cheaply as nobody else will employ him having just come out of prison. Joe is worried that Mike has hired him to perform dodgy deals for him and tells Mike he's not interested. Mike assures him that's not the case. Roy is furious with Norris who has said he's no longer going to fight for the Parliamentarians as he feels it would be a conflict of interest as he's employed by Her Majesty as a Post Office worker. The girls in the factory are intrigued by their new boss, Joe. Karen is furious as she hoped the job would be hers. She decides to try and make his life hell but Joe remains one step ahead. Joe chats up Geena over the bar. Dev sees this. Dev asks Mike where he's come from and Mike tells him in confidence that he's just come out of prison. Fred is jealous when he sees the pike that Roy has acquired for the re-enactment. Eileen finds out that Jason has stayed in Blackpool as he's got a job. Sally phones the insurance company and is relieved to hear that the official notification is in the post - all she has to do is sign, return and she should then receive her cheque.moreless
    • Fri 25 Dec, 1998
      Fri 25 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 205
      Alec sleeps in the Rovers' sitting room waiting for the Duckworths to emerge. He accuses them of trespassing and orders them out of the pub but they refuse to leave. In hospital, Judy has an epidural and is helped along by Gary. The Duckworths discover Alec has removed all their clothing. They're cold and hungry. Jack is touched when Vera tells him that despite his faults she still loves him. Judy gives birth to a boy at 6.40am and a daughter an hour later. She is exhausted and Gary becomes very emotional. Sally is upset when the girls open their presents before she's arrived at the house. Les splashes out on buying presents relying on his compensation covering the cost. He buys Toyah a new laptop and Janice a designer jacket. Betty is uncomfortable when Alec tells her she's not to help the Duckworths. He tries to upset them by cooking a dinner of tempting smells. The Duckworths open their bedroom window and appeal to the neighbours for help. The residents provide food and drink, delivering it by climbing a ladder. Greg turns on the charm to woo Maxine. She is pleased by his attention. Deirdre gets annoyed as Blanche criticises her choice of men. Blanche wishes she had a daughter to be proud of. Alec is furious when Rita tells him she told the Duckworths he was throwing them out. He tells her she had no right and accuses her of betraying him. He tells her he doesn't want to see her anymore and she tells him she's pleased. Sally advises Maxine to have nothing to do with Greg, saying how he hit her and that he's soon going to be evicted from his flat. Leanne gets upset when she discovers Miranda has given Nick a sweater for Christmas. She thinks it's proof that they're sleeping together and tells him he can go to her as far as she's concerned; they're finished. When Maxine tells him to stay away from her, Greg realises Sally has warned her off him. Vera tries to make the most of her imprisonment to seduce to Jack, to his horror. Sally panics when Greg trails her home and tells her they have unfinished business.moreless
    • Sun 27 Dec, 1998
      Sun 27 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 206
      Alec turns the heating off so the Duckworths freeze. Rita feels that if Alec could turn on the Duckworths he could very well turn on her. Fred demands his rent from Greg but Greg tells him he can't pay it. Tyrone finds bin bags full of clothes in the Rovers' back yard. One of them has Jack's camel coat in it. He takes it and sells it to Les for £5. Fred tells Greg to vacate the flat immediately and threatens him with a heavy from the abattoir. The Battersbys think the idea of Nick modelling is disgusting. Les thinks it's like being a flasher. Greg leaves his flat and dumps himself upon the Battersbys. Gail tells Roy she wants to sell her share of the cafe. The Malletts win a load of baby equipment in a local competition for having the first baby born on Christmas Day. They feel they're the happiest people alive. Roy is pleased when Hayley tells him she'll help him with the cafe venture. He thinks she means to work with him and feels let down when she explains she means give him moral support. Jack is horrified to see Les wearing his coat and assumes Alec has given it to him. Rita is upset when Alec has their connecting door boarded up. Steve tries to be friendly with Vicky but she remains hostile. Alec tells Natalie he's had enough of the Rovers and would love to sell up. She tells him she'd be interested in buying it.moreless
    • Mon 28 Dec, 1998
      Mon 28 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 207
      Natalie tells Alec that if the Duckworths remain sitting tenants she'll want money knocked off the value of the pub. Nick mopes around without Leanne. Fred demands Greg's rent arrears but Greg tells him he's not going to pay up. Kevin tells him to disappear and find another woman to fleece. Alec offers the Duckworths £1,000 to leave the pub but Natalie urges them to hang on as Alec must be weakening. Mike catches Jackie stealing knickers and tells her he's calling the police. Deirdre gets him to change his mind about the police but he insists Jackie is fired. Jackie leaves, grateful to Deirdre. Deirdre is quick to tell her they're even now; neither of them owes the other any more favours. Nick tries to talk to Leanne but Les throws him out. Hayley solves Roy's staffing problem by getting Gail to agree to keep working at the cafe after she's sold her interest in it. She then tells delighted Roy that she'll buy Gail's share of the cafe and be his sleeping partner. Greg feels useless and gets drunk. He phones Sally and warns her he's going to get her. Alec asks Vicky if she'd let him go into partnership with her, running her restaurant. She is thrilled at the idea.moreless
    • Wed 30 Dec, 1998
      Wed 30 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 208
      Rita urges Sally to tell the police about Greg's threats but she feels she can't prove anything. Alec can't wait to leave Weatherfield. Rita is stunned when he tells her he's going to live in Brighton. Gail prepares a party for Nick's 18th but he doesn't want to celebrate it without Leanne. Alec hands the keys to the Rovers over to Natalie. He tells the Duckworths they've won; he's given up. Alec and Vicky leave for Brighton and the Duckworths discover Natalie is their new boss. Rita feels that she never meant anything to Alec as he left town so easily without her. The Duckworths venture out of their bedroom and are delighted when Natalie tells them they can have their jobs back. They celebrate beating Alec. Gary and Judy bring the twins home. Greg is intreged to hear about the door between Alec and Rita's flats. Nick's party starts, with his friends and family. Alf feels old and out of place but Audrey intends to have a good time. Greg breaks into Alec's flat and then, via the door, into Rita's. Sally tries to escape but he catches her.moreless
    • Fri 1 Jan, 1999
      Fri 1 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 1
      Greg attacks Sally but she manages to escape him and reach the front door. Nick sees them struggling and rushes to Sally's aid. He fights Greg off. Leanne hears about the fight and is reconciled with Nick over her concern for his injuries. Rita comforts terrified Sally and tells her she must report him to the police. Greg packs and leaves the Street after stealing all the cash he can find at No.5. Natalie admits to Lorraine that one of the reasons she bought the Rovers was to remind herself of Des all the time. Factory girl, Alison Wakefield finds Kevin attractive. She has too much to drink and introduces herself to him. He is flattered by her interest and kisses her on the stroke of midnight. The Duckworths are upset to find their ruined clothes dumped in the back yard. As the residents see in the New Year, Martin discovers Alf dead in his chair at the Platt's party. Martin is horrified.moreless
    • Sun 3 Jan, 1999
      Sun 3 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 2
      Audrey is in a state of shock and is comforted by the Platts. She feels she should have noticed he was ill and doesn't know how she's going to cope alone. Rita is stunned by Alf's death. Fred tells Ashley the shop is turning him into an old woman and he must return to butchery. Sally reports Greg to the police. They interview Nick who feels uncomfortable shopping Leanne's brother but she tells him Greg deserves to be locked up. Les is horrified to hear Sally's saying Greg hit her. When the police interview him he says Sally must be inventing the whole story. When he sees Sally he warns her to keep her mouth shut but Kevin sees him off. The Duckworths are surprised when Natalie tells them they'll have to vacate the living quarters as she intends to move in herself. The Malletts decide to call the twins William and Rebecca Joyce. Les is furious when he hears Nick told the police about Greg attacking Sally. When Leanne stands by Nick he tells her she's no longer his daughter.moreless
    • Sun 2 Jun, 2002
      Sun 2 Jun, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 91
      Fred has had the sign over the Rovers front door changed to Fred Elliott, Licencee. Kevin asks Sam if he can do some overtime on Bank Holiday. Despite Kevin's offer of triple pay Sam refuses as he's taking part in the re-enactment of the Civil War battle. Mike is going on holiday to La Manga. He is leaving Joe Carter in charge of Underworld whilst he is away. Geena tells Shelly she had a great night with Joe. Dev asks Vikram to have a word with Geena and tell her that Joe is a crook. Vik refuses and warns Dev not to get involved. Roy goes out to Bolton. Hayley is worried that he is going to do something stupid in an attempt to get back at Fred. Gail suggests to Todd and Sarah that they plan Bethany's birthday party. Todd and Sarah are not impressed with the idea of a party with their neighbours. Candice comes round and she and Todd have a laugh at the idea of Bethany's party. Sarah gets upset and announces that she is inviting another boy. Todd is not pleased. Roy visits Laurence Burford, a civil war fanatic who hires out replica guns. He hires a replica musket. Laurence gives him a few tips on how to handle the gun. On his way home Roy pops into a mini-mart. He is practicing with his musket in the shop and is arrested for attempted armed robbery. He tries to explain but is taken to the police station and locked up for the night. Sally tells Sophie and Rosie that she cannot afford to take them on holiday. They are disappointed and she tells Kevin that she thinks she is a bad mother.moreless
    • Mon 18 Jan, 1999
      Mon 18 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 11
      Sally refuses to let Kevin have custody of the girls and vows to fight for them. Vera challenges Jack to swap jobs so he does the cleaning. He goes along with the idea when she cuts cards for the job but then he chickens out, saying it would be unmanly. Miranda suggests to Nick that he appeases Leanne by taking her on a cheap holiday to Canada. Spider refuses to work at the Rovers as he feels he's doing Vera out of a job. Martin goes to see the Hospital Administrator and is stunned to be told he's no longer wanted at the hospital as his resignation could have prejudiced the enquiry. Linda and Nita are surprised to see each other as they were in the same class at school. Martin offers himself to Natalie and is taken on as barman at the Rovers. Gail is appalled. Nick arranges to take Leanne to Canada for three weeks. Alison worries about the Websters' divorce but Kevin assures her she won't get dragged through the courts. She suggests that they take the girls away with them when they go for the weekend. Sally applies for a residence order.moreless
    • Wed 20 Jan, 1999
      Wed 20 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 12
      Rita is left in the lurch when Leanne tells her she's going to Canada for three weeks. Martin starts work at the Rovers. Jack suggests to Natalie that they swap homes, saying that Vera is upset by the thought of house-hunting. Natalie is hoping to sell No. 6 but considers the idea. Maud is puzzled when Nita questions her about stock control and prices. Lorraine asks Natalie to consider her as a tenant for No. 6. Vera searches for a job but is too old and inexperienced. Kevin worries about telling Sally about Alison and him taking the girls away for the weekend. Nick and Leanne leave for Canada. Sally is stunned when the girls tell her they're going away with Kevin and his girlfriend. She tackles Kevin so he tells her about Alison. She accuses him of manipulating her; she can't object as the girls are looking forward to it. When Vera shouts at Denise and calls her a witch, Denise tells her there's no way she's renting No. 6 to them and she wants them out immediately.moreless
    • Fri 5 Feb, 1999
      Fri 5 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 21
      Natalie and Colin both regret spending the night together and feel they've betrayed Des. Sally and Kevin go to court to fight for custody of the children. They both reject mediation so the Judge orders reports to be made. Mike is part of the panel who interview the Duckworths at the golf club. Vera is nervous but tries to bluff her way through it. In the end they don't get the jobs because they have no catering experience. Alison doesn't like the idea of a Welfare Officer questioning her about her relationship with Kevin. He assures her he won't let worry over the case spoil their weekend together. She is upset when Kevin makes a scene in the Street, grabbing Sally and calling her a lying, selfish bitch. Ian calls at the Rovers and cheers Natalie up. When Betty comments on him Natalie warns her to mind her own business.moreless
    • Sun 7 Feb, 1999
      Sun 7 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 22
      Martin is amazed how badly run the Vale is and how little Lickley cares. Lickley is annoyed to discover Martin has been trying to get Walter moved to his sister's home. He tells him how hard business is but Martin points out they're talking about people's lives. Nita takes possession of the shop and shows her brother Vikram around. Fred tries to get her to buy the furniture in the flat but she refuses. Martin is pleased when he manages to secure a place for Walter in his sister's home but when he comes to tell him he discovers Walter is dead. Vikram is taken with Maxine. Martin rows with Audrey for not having done anything to help Walter. Lorraine flirts with Steve but he isn't interested in her. Martin feels the Vale needs exposing but Gail points out if he does anything he'll lose his job and asks him to think of his family instead of his principles. Hayley is suspicious of Roy's movements when he puts his best clothes on to go for a walk.moreless
    • Mon 8 Feb, 1999
      Mon 8 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 23
      Hayley tells the girls about Roy having a secret from her. They think he's seeing another woman. Nita pays delighted Fred for the shop. She tries to kid herself it's her shop and not Ravi's. Maud is sad as she stops work and knows she'll never have a job again. Fred is furious when she tells him she told Ravi about him tricking him. Martin asks Audrey to order an inspection of Vale. Kevin and Sally have a shock when Sophie runs into the street and is nearly knocked down by Ian. Sally accuses Kevin of not keeping a proper eye on her. Janice, Linda and Hayley follow Roy when he sneaks off at night. Audrey tells Fred about the Vale but he warns her against reporting Lickley as he's a Square Dealer. Hayley is distraught when she sees Roy meeting a woman.moreless
    • Wed 10 Feb, 1999
      Wed 10 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 24
      Ravi supervises the opening of the shop and clashes with Nita over how it should be run. Vikram isn't keen on working under Nita. Maxine is impressed by Vikram and fancies him. Hayley tells Roy she was him with a woman and demands to know who she was. He explains he's having dancing lessons. She is relieved. Ravi tells Nita he's proud of her. Blanche cooks Deirdre a meal and then invites Ken and leaves them together. Janice tells Hayley she shouldn't believe Roy as he's probably making excuses. Hayley demands that he shows her his dancing but he feels he can't. Fred warns Lickley that Martin wants his place inspected.moreless
    • Fri 12 Feb, 1999
      Fri 12 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 25
      Fred is shocked when Nita starts to sell newspapers. She refuses to stick to the unwritten agreement between shop and Kabin. Blanche tells Deirdre to stop denying the truth - she and Ken are made for each other. Rita is horrified to learn Nita is selling newspapers. She fears it'll put her out of business. Les buys an old turntable and set of lights for his disco. The Court Welfare Officer interviews nervous Sally. She tells him she's not proud of moving in with Greg, she just wants her children back. She is upset when he feels a three month lease on No. 6 isn't much to offer the girls. The Welfare Officer questions Kevin about how he can cope with business and the girls. Lickley lectures his staff on going behind his back and asking for official investigations of the Vale. He makes sure Martin knows it was him and threatens him with libel. Les borrows Toyah's speakers for his system but overloads it and blows them. She is furious. Sharon goes down with flu and has to cancel a weekend away with Ian. Martin rows with Audrey for talking to Lickley about the inspection but she swears she's not said anything. When he finds out it's her night off, Ian takes Natalie out for a meal. Vikram takes alcohol from the shop to get Maxine drunk. Hayley spies on Roy and his dance tutor Beryl. When she trips over in the garden he finds her. He is upset that she obviously doesn't believe him or trust him.moreless
    • Sun 14 Feb, 1999
      Sun 14 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 26
      Toyah is aghast when Tyrone sends her a Valentine's card. Ken and Deirdre are sent identical Valentine's cards by Blanche, hoping they'd think they were from each other. Hayley decorates the function room at the Flying Horse with 70s pop posters. She is sad as Roy refuses to talk to her. She breaks down, telling Alma she knows she should have listened to him and not other people. Deirdre is amazed by Blanche's bare-faced lies when she says Ken gave her the money to buy her Valentines card. Les dresses in a silver body stocking to DJ the party. Jackie and Janice both dress as Blondie, Linda dresses as Suzi Quatro and Alma as Kate Bush. . Janice is furious when Jackie says she looks like Margaret Thatcher and has to be stopped from hitting her. Lorraine takes Steve to the disco and is annoyed when he dumps her on Ashley and makes a play for Linda. Linda makes it clear she's interested in him and they leave together. Jackie is interested to discover some of Les' albums are worth money. Alma urges Roy to forgive Hayley before he loses her. Les is thrilled when Jackie comes on to him. Blanche wins the disco raffle. The prize is a week at Blundell Sands. Janice is furious when Les gives Jackie the prize for the best costume. Hayley is thrilled when Roy turns up at the disco and makes up with her. Lorraine gets drunk and, to get at Spider, makes a pass at Ashley. Ashley is thrilled when she suggests they spend the night together. Les is mortified when he discovers Jackie trying to make off with his rare Buddy Holly album. Janice sees him searching her and gets the wrong idea. She hits him and smashes the record. Les has to pay Charlie £50 for the equipment and ends up with £5 wages after spending the rest on booze. Roy gives Hayley his grandmother's ring and proposes. She agrees to marry him.moreless
    • Mon 15 Feb, 1999
      Mon 15 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 27
      Roy and Hayley celebrate their engagement. Gail is delighted for them but Martin thinks they're kidding themselves as the law says they can't marry. Les wants to become a full-time DJ but Janice demands he gets a proper job as they've no money. Rita asks Nita to stop selling papers as her livelihood is being damaged. Nita says she'll sell whatever she wants to. Rita warns her she needs friends as well as customers. Lorraine is upset when Steve refuses to apologise for dumping her. Emily agrees to go to Blundell Sands with Blanche. Audrey is annoyed with Fred for tipping off Lickley. Sharon is furious that Nita is ruining Rita's profits. Maxine quizzes Nita over Vik. Steve tells her she's too obvious and he'll only be interested in her for her body. Lorraine hates seeing Linda with Steve and goes for her in the Rovers. Linda fights back, to Steve's amusement. Natalie is furious and shouts at Lorraine, humiliating her.moreless
    • Wed 3 Feb, 1999
      Wed 3 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 20
      Roy can't dance and worries about letting Hayley down at her disco. Audrey discovers Alf's pension died with him as he made no provision for her. She feels she couldn't have meant much to him. Natalie goes to court to see the killers and gets upset when Colin shouts at her about Tony. He apologises when she tells him she shopped Tony to the police. Jack asks Mike to put in a good word for him and Vera at the golf club. Mike is amused to think of them as club stewards. Natalie sees that Colin genuinely mourns Des and realises they both need to talk about Des. They go out to a bar together and discuss how their lives have changed since Des' death. She insists he stays at the Rovers as he drinks too much to drive home. Martin asks Audrey to use her influence to get Walter and his sister placed in the same home. Roy sneeks out behind Hayley's back to keep a secret appointment. Natalie cries when she misses Des holding her. Colin comforts her and they end up kissing.moreless
    • Mon 5 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Mon 5 Dec, 2005 [Episode 1]
      Season 46 - Episode 245
      Keith tells Craig and Rosie that self-respect if the most important thing in life. Danny calls round to see if Frankie's okay. Carol's vitriolic and enjoys pointing out how he's dumped Frankie for a younger model just like he did with her. Leanne's hopeful when Jamie phones her saying they need to talk. Frankie calls Danny a lying cheat and slams the door in his face. Diggory's getting fed up with Liz who turns up for work late having been out all night with Vernon and then spends the day gossiping on her mobile. Tracy accuses Nathan of spending the night with Frankie. He assures her he didn't but is unimpressed when Tracy doesn't believe him. Audrey's embarrassed when Keith returns the suit to her. Sally resolves to stop Sophie from seeing Nicolette who's a bad influence. Leanne's disappointed when Jamie makes it clear he never wants her back. Keith gets a job at the Kabin as a paper boy on a week's trial. Danny and Leanne agree to settle for each other and try and make it work as neither Frankie nor Jamie wants them.moreless
    • Mon 1 Feb, 1999
      Mon 1 Feb, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 19
      Nita urges Ravi to offer Fred more for the shop. The Duckworths get interviews for the club steward's jobs. Janice and the girls plan a Valentines Disco but Mike refuses to let them have it at the factory. Fred has fun with Nita, ordeing her to polish every jar in the shop. Jack and Vera look round the golf club. She feels they're out of their league but he hopes Mike and Fred will stand for them. Hayley is pleased when the girls make her social secretary and ask her to find a venue for their disco. Nita is relieved when Fred agrees to sell the shop for £7,000 extra. Ravi is annoyed to have spent so much but Fred is delighted. When Fred refuses to pay Maud any redundancy she tells Ravi how Fred has tricked him. Ravi calls Fred a crook so he tells him he knows Nita is his spy. Nita has enough of the tricks and locks the shop until a deal is hammered out. Hayley hires Les to be DJ at their 70s disco. Natalie is told Des' killers have been arrested.moreless
    • Wed 7 Dec, 2005
      Wed 7 Dec, 2005
      Season 46 - Episode 247
      Sophie brings Nicolette home for lunch. Nicolette's rude to Sally about the food she serves up. After an eye examination Ashley's delighted to find his sight is starting to return. Steve's annoyed to get a letter from Karen's solicitor demanding half of all his possessions as part of her divorce settlement. Carol enjoys showing off to Frankie that she's got a date with her boss. Frankie's feeling low having been to see a solicitor about her divorce. Leanne swans into the factory loaded down with shopping bags. Sally and Kelly tell her what they think of her. Janice tries to defend her and a fight breaks out. Mike stops the fight and throws Leanne out of Underworld. Tracy flirts with Charlie hoping to make Nathan, Shelley and Steve jealous. Kevin and Sally go out for a pizza leaving Rosie and Craig to baby-sit Sophie. Steve's put out when Ronnie says she wants a flat of her own as a base. Ashley, Claire and Nathan celebrate Ashley's news with a bottle of champagne. Jason's unimpressed when he goes to collect Sarah for a night out to find Bethany's coming with them. Sally and Kevin are furious to hear Sophie disobeyed Rosie and has been out smoking with Nicolette. Sally vows to go and have it out with Nicolette's parents.moreless
    • Fri 22 Jan, 1999
      Fri 22 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 13
      Vera and Jack leave the Rovers. She tells Natalie they've nowhere to go but she'd rather sleep in the streets than in the pub. Vera wishes they'd never left No. 9. Sally tries to stop Kevin taking Alison away with the girls but he insists she comes with them. Nita is put out when Ashley takes her to the wholesalers. She panics when she's recognised by the shoppers. Spider is bored of being with Lorraine and plans to finish with her. Sally warns Alison off attempting to mother her children. Jack finds B&B accommodation on Park Road, run by Eunice Gee. She takes a fancy to him and offers him her best room thinking he's single. Martin has an interview at a nursing agency but doesn't get anything because of the drug trolley mix up. He is bitter. Sally is upset to see how happy the girls are with Alison. Eunice is put out to find Jack is married but warms when she recognises Vera. Lorraine cooks Spider a meal and suggests they move in together at No. 6. She is upset when he tells her he'd rather not. The Websters and Alison go away to Centre Parcs. Ashley is shocked to see Nita kissing an older man.moreless
    • Sun 24 Jan, 1999
      Sun 24 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 14
      Natalie buys in a load of sell-quick beer and plans to sell it half price to fill the pub. Lorraine is stunned when Spider spells it out to her that they're finished. Sally rings up over a house to rent and is horrified to discover she's talking to Natalie. Natalie tells her she's welcome to the house if she wants it. Sally swallows her pride as she knows having a house with garden will help her win the girls back. Eunice goes shopping with Vera and is amused by the way she pretends to be well-off. Vera tells Jack it's obvious the B&B is a goldmine. Blanche tells Deirdre she was a fool finishing with Ken. When Deirdre asks when she's going home Blanche gets upset and accuses her of wanting rid of her. Deirdre ends up saying she loves having her to stay. The Rovers fills with people buying the cheap beer. Les and Jackie get drunk together.moreless
    • Mon 25 Jan, 1999
      Mon 25 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 15
      Kevin is stunned to discover Sally is going to rent No. 6 from Natalie. He accuses her of playing games and confusing the girls. She tells him there's no way she's just disappearing. Eunice gets Jack to do odd jobs around the house, annoying Vera. Vera is downhearted when the only jobs offered her are cleaning. Ken is amazed when Blanche tells him Deirdre regrets splitting with him and cries herself to sleep holding their wedding picture. Kevin accuses Natalie of renting the house to Sally in order to get at him. Vera is interested when Eunice tells her her plans to retire to Spain. She tells Jack she wants to buy the B&B. Gary tells Judy he'd like to have the twins christened in order to please his dad. She goes along with the idea. Blanche tells Deirdre that Ken wants them to get back together. Sally tells Kevin he's got no chance of getting custody of the girls so he might as well give up the fight.moreless
    • Wed 27 Jan, 1999
      Wed 27 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 16
      Sally moves into No. 6. Jack makes Vera see that if she wants to buy a B&B they'll have to save money and she must get a job. Fred decides to sell the shop. Maud is sad as she knows it will mean the end of her working life. Vera asks Mike for a job but he tells her she's too old. Deirdre is alarmed when Ken invites her out for a drink. She hopes he hasn't got ulterior motives. Vera decides to take the cleaning job at the Rovers. Natalie agrees but forces her to work straight away when the bar is full of customers. Vera feels humiliated. Martin is interviewed by Gerald Lickley for a job in his old folk's home. He is amazed when he's given the job of Assistant Manager. Sally creates a scene when she finds Alison buying sweets for the girls. She feels he's neglecting them by leaving them in Alison's care. Alison swears she's not trying to come between her and the girls but Sally refuses to believe her. Ken is confused when Deirdre tells him she's happy living on her own. Alison tells Kevin to keep her out of his fight with Sally as she's had enough.moreless
    • Fri 29 Jan, 1999
      Fri 29 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 17
      Kevin is annoyed when Alison tells him he should stop using the girls to score points over Sally. Lorraine changes her image and is more confident with herself. Martin starts work at Weatherfield Vale and tries to get to know the residents. He is frustrated as Lickley gives him the run around and realises he is expected to run the place with little help. Deirdre is horrified when Ken buys her flowers, saying as how Blanche has told him she wants them to get back together. She throws the flowers at him. Fred hopes to sell the shop to Ravi Desai. Nita is nervous when Ravi looks round it. Deirdre tells Blanche to stop matchmaking and makes her cry by shouting at her. Blanche feels she's in the way. Roy fears that compared to her new friends at the operatics, Hayley might find him dull. Natalie is interested in a stranger, Ian, and flirts with him. Rita sees their exchange and is later alarmed to discover he is Sharon's fiancee. Ashley is stunned when Linda tells him Nita is Ravi's daughter and he owns loads of shops.moreless
    • Sun 31 Jan, 1999
      Sun 31 Jan, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 18
      Fred is horrified when Ashley tells him Nita is Aziz's daughter and has been planted as a spy. Blanche packs her bags, saying she's outstayed her welcome. Deirdre feels guilty and ends up asking her to stay. Jack is interested to hear there's a vacancy for steward at the golf club. Kevin worries that he'll lose custody of the girls now Sally has a garden. Martin is concerned for resident Walter who is off his food. Walter explains he's worried about his sister who is in a different home. Fred gets Audrey to tell him about a new housing estate being built on the Red Rec to make Nita think there's going to be more customers available. Sally agrees to let Sharon lodge at No. 6 until she gets custody of the children. Lorraine is thrilled when Steve flirts with her. Aziz is shocked when Fred says he's decided not to sell the shop. Nita explains to her father that it's because of the new estate being built.moreless
    • Wed 23 Dec, 1998
      Wed 23 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 204
      Leanne tries to get out of having dinner with the Battersbys but they refuse to change their plans to suit the Platts. Alec has the locks changed at the Rovers and puts all the Duckworths' belongings in bin bags. Rita is suspicious of his actions and makes him admit to throwing the Duckworths out. She thinks he's being nasty and phones the Duckworths in Blackpool to warn them. Greg is furious when his car is repossessed. Nick and Leanne decide not to go to anyone's house for Christmas. They invite Ashley to join them and he invites Maud. Fred does the draw for the raffle whilst no one is looking. Kevin and Sally have a strained time trying to make Rosie's birthday a happy one. Kevin insists on her having minimal contact with the girls and accuses her of ruining their lives. Alf and Audrey celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary. Blanche arrives to spend Christmas with Deirdre and immediately starts criticising her lifestyle. Fred announces the winning raffle ticket number in the Rovers and feigns surprise when Audrey has the winning ticket. Everyone knows it's a set up job. Alf is annoyed but donates the hamper to the Platts, saying they'll join them for Christmas Dinner. Fred is stunned when Audrey tells him he won't be eating with them as they'll be at the Platts. Judy's contractions start so Gary rushes her to hospital. The Duckworths rush back to the Rovers, rush up to their bedroom and barricade themselves in before Alec can stop them.moreless
    • Mon 21 Dec, 1998
      Mon 21 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 203
      Gail invites Nick for Christmas dinner but Janice invites Leanne. Leanne tells Nick there's no way she's going to Gail's and says he'll have to tell her they're going to Janice's. Gail refuses to change her plans and orders Nick to stand the Battersbys up. Alec is impressed by Vicky's plans for her new business. Fearing squatters, Audrey asks Maxine to move into the Salon flat over Christmas. Maxine holds out until Audrey agrees to her moving into it permanently. Maxine is thrilled to finally have a place of her own. Greg is interested to hear Maxine has her own flat. Alec suddenly has a change of heart and tells the Duckworths they're welcome to spend Christmas in Blackpool.moreless
    • Sun 20 Dec, 1998
      Sun 20 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 202
      The Hortens invite the Duckworths to spend Christmas in Blackpool with them. Jack warns Vera that Alec won't let them have the time off. Deirdre sees Jackie stealing knickers from the factory. With her house sale having gone through Natalie is depressed that she and Des won't be able to spend all her money together. Sally tells Kevin she wants to be involved in the girls' Christmas but he tells her she can only see them at set times. Steve is stunned but Alec delighted when Vicky arrives on a visit. She tells Alec she's going into a partnership to open a restaurant and wants him to look over the figures for her. Hayley confides to Gail that she's bought Roy a load of presents but feels none of them suit so she's returned them all. Gail advises her to buy him something warm. Roy is puzzled by an ever increasing number of Santa Claus who sit about in the cafe. Charlie West is one of them and explains they're all rent-a-Santa to deliver presents. Nick and Leanne agree not to take sides in their families dispute and to spend Christmas together. Martin suggests to Gail that she gets Roy to buy her out of the cafe as they may end up needing all the money they can find to live on. Roy cooks Hayley an early Christmas dinner and rents a Santa (who turns out to be Les) to give her her present. They discover they've both bought each other the same scarf. Alec is flabbergasted when Vera announces she and Jack won't be available behind the bar over the Christmas period. He forbids them to go.moreless
    • Mon 20 May, 2002
      Mon 20 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 84
      Richard receives a phone call from Patricia, but refuses to talk to her about money. Jason and Kirk fail to pull when they go in search of girls in the posh hotel bars on the North Prom. Meanwhile Toyah is on her second date with Goran. Maria and Tyrone are alone on the sea front, both are reminiscing about when the got engaged at the top of the tower, when they bump into each other. Patricia turns up at the Platt's house when Richard refuses to acknowledge her calls. Her remarks unnerve him and he takes her outside to talk, away from Gail and the kids. At the top of the tower Tyrone and Maria have an intimate moment where they declare their feelings. But when they get back on to the street Maria tells Tyrone that they can never go back to the way they were. Fred offers to sponsor Roy's re-enactment, but as a way of making himself money. Roy is worried that by allowing Fred to be sponsor he will hi-jack the whole event. Richard takes Patricia to the conversion and tries to explain why he cannot pay her. They argue and she threatens to expose him as a cheat and a liar. Richard loses his temper and picks up a spade and wacks Patricia over the head with it killing her.moreless
    • Wed 22 May, 2002
      Wed 22 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 85
      Toyah wakes up in Goran's caravan. They decide to spend another day together. Richard makes an early start at the conversion, where he hears a noise, and is given a nasty shock when a dog leaps out of the trench. Roy is irritated over the way Fred wants to change aspects of the re-enactment. The building inspector arrives and a tense Richard is relieved that he doesn't delve too deep into the trench where Patricia's dead body lies. Tyrone and Maria plan a day together leaving Fiz to tag along with Jason and Kirk. Steve spots a woman's bracelet in the trench, and stops the concrete being poured. Richard tells him it belongs to a potential buyer and takes it from him. Richard is shaking with relief as the concrete is finally poured in. Steve asks him why he is happy, Richard says it's because he can now start making money. Jason and Kirk go off with Carol and Steph, leaving Fiz on her own. She feels even more alone when she spots Toyah and Goran looking happy together. Fiz tries to buy a candy floss with a Scottish note but is refused. She insults the candy floss man, who chases after her. Fiz hides in a fortune teller's booth. Fiz takes money from an old woman, and pretends to be the fortune teller. The woman then gets her friend to also have a reading from Fiz. Jason and Kirk spend a fortune on Steph and Carol, who then dump them. A pleased Fiz is rumbled by the real fortune teller and chased out on to the street. As Toyah and Goran watch the sunset, he tells Toyah that he wants to marry her.moreless
    • Mon 9 Nov, 1998
      Mon 9 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 179
      Zoe arrives at her new job at the Etheric Foundation. Ben gives Zoe the crystal of Nirab. Liz finally decides to go away with Michael. Hayley & Roy decide to take evening classes in Spanish. Des finds Tony burying drugs in the back garden. Tony tries to retrieve it when Des flushes the powder down the sink telling Des it was his only chance to find the money he owes. Ruth shows Zoe how to do the sales patter when selling crystals of Nirab to housewives. Des promises not to call the police if Tony clears off and starts again.moreless
    • Wed 11 Nov, 1998
      Wed 11 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 180
      Natalie is horrified to learn how much money Tony owes and gives him all she has which he hands over to Carl Foster. Hayley and Roy end up going to a 'life' class only to find a nude Nick as the model. Natalie learns that Tony is a drug dealer. Rita's not pleased to find Alec making her breakfast. Natalie threatens to leave if Des calls the police when Tony becomes abusive on learning that Natalie can't raise the remainder of the money for him. Liz and Michael depart and are astounded to see Jim standing unaided. Liz knows if she stops - she may never leave.moreless
    • Fri 13 Nov, 1998
      Fri 13 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 181
      Rita isn't pleased to find Alec making breakfast. Tony despairs when Natalie tells him it will be at least a week before she can get any money from the house but will try to borrow it from the bank. Nick asks Leanne to lay off Zoe as her job is helping her to come to terms with the loss of Shannon. Tony becomes abusive when he learns that Natalie can't raise the money from the bank and Natalie threatens to leave if Des calls in the police. Liz and Michael are astounded to see Jim standing in the doorway unaided. Liz knows if she stops she may never leave.moreless
    • Sun 15 Nov, 1998
      Sun 15 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 182
      Zoe discovers that the Foundation disagrees with the consumption of alcohol. Natalie gets hold of more cash for Tony, who uses it to buy more drugs. Betty stays at Rita's for the night and gets a nasty shock off Alec. Gail threatens to join Hayley and Roy's art class but they persuade her otherwise.moreless
    • Mon 16 Nov, 1998
      Mon 16 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 183
      Tony tells Des and Natalie he's leaving tonight. Zoe tries to get rid of the booze in the Peacock household but is stopped by Leanne. Alec doesn't know how to face Betty after last night's embarrassing incident. Roy & Hayley have decided to take up Spanish. Zoe and Ashley are invited for dinner at the Foundation. Miranda wants Nick to have a drink with her and the other students but he declines. Tony gets beaten up by some thugs. Des joins in and Natalie arrives to pick up the pieces.moreless
    • Sun 8 Nov, 1998
      Sun 8 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 178
      A beaten-up Tony is carried out to the ambulance. Natalie accompanies him to the hospital leaving a fed up Des who is sceptical that it could have been burglars. Nick is secretive about his new part time job. Jim threatens to report Michael to the health authorities if Liz goes off with him but Michael refuses to change his mind. Alec and Rita have an official opening of the door. Rita invites Alec for dinner so they can celebrate. Tony gives a useless description of the burglars to the police and Des is determined to find out what he's up to.moreless
    • Sun 19 May, 2002
      Sun 19 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 83
      Maria is at the end of her tether and lets it slip to Jason and Tyrone that the caravan was given to them for free by their uncle. Richard reassures Gail that everything is under control. Kevin tells Sally that Molly has moved out. Sally arrives at Kevin's flat just as Molly is packing her last bags. Molly accuses Sally of standing in the way of her and Kevin. Kirk breaks into another caravan and Tyrone, Fiz and Jason move in, unaware that it is not all above board. Toyah is clearly attracted to Goran and he is paying her a lot of attention. Maria chats to Goran and Toyah gets jealous, although they are in actual fact talking about Toyah. Richard is getting anxious about the underpinning, but Steve reassures him that he is going to make a killing on the flats and not to worry. Toyah meets Goran and they sit eating chips, watching the sea and talking. Goran is late for work and is fired by his boss. Roy holds a meeting about the re-enactment and it is clear that he and Fred will not be seeing eye-to-eye about many aspects of the event. Richard tries to stall Patricia who is demanding her money by the following day. Toyah tells Maria that Goran is the most incredible man she has ever met.moreless
    • Fri 17 May, 2002
      Fri 17 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 82
      Fiz persuades Kirk to let her come to Blackpool and Tyrone is furious. Richard is despairing about where to find the £45,000 he needs to underpin the house. Molly confides in Gail that there is no passionate spark in her relationship with Kevin. Kirk, Tyrone, Jason and Fiz turn up at the caravan in Blackpool only to find that Maria and Toyah have also just arrived. Aidan pays Ken a visit and tells him that he is too old to be a teacher. Richard is very interested to know that Vera and Jack have money to invest. Blanche tries to tout for coffin business for Archie, but has little success with Betty. Ken tells Peter to keep out of his business in future. Molly moves out of Kevin's flat, but on good terms. Vera and Jack discuss investment opportunities over chardonnay and dry roasted at Richard and Gail's house. Things get heated in Blackpool and Maria tells the Kirk, Tyrone, Jason and Fiz to leave. Vera writes Richard a cheque for £20,000. Richard tells Steve to go ahead with the underpinning.moreless
    • Fri 30 Oct, 1998
      Fri 30 Oct, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 173
      Maxine is feeling very tired after her night out and Tony suggests she goes home and has an early night as he has some business to see to. Zoe has lost her purse at the club, but Ruth returns it to her and they have a friendly chat. Whilst Sally and Greg celebrate the Reubens contract, Mike wins it back. Liz decides to concentrate on her relationship with Jim. Les and Dobber start to dig up the cobbles but are interrupted by car lights and Dobber and Charlie run off leaving Les to hobble home.moreless
    • Sun 1 Nov, 1998
      Sun 1 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 174
      Janice takes Les to casualty with his damaged foot but he gets no sympathy. Toyah tells Dobber it's over; he buys her a present but she's adamant. Ruth and cousin Naomi visit Zoe; they tell her she has a special gift. Tony has a visit from Jason who's brought him drugs but Jason gets angry when Tony hasn't the cash to pay for them. Honeymooners Des & Natalie return & Des isn't pleased when Tony asks to stay a while. Liz is upset to learn that Michael is moving away. An unseen Steve witnesses an emotional moment between them. Jim shows Maud that he can stand on his crutches.moreless
    • Mon 13 May, 2002
      Mon 13 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 80
      Ken is concerned about the situation with Aidan and Deirdre suggests speaking to Miss Johnson about it. Ken tells Deirdre that he needs to fight his own battles. Richard tells Gail that Patricia has been to see him and wants to be bought out of the company. Roy and Norris put up posters to advertise the skirmish. Martin is still staying with Kevin and Molly and tells a fuming Molly that he has no idea when his own flat will be ready. Miss Johnson asks Ken to introduce the policeman that is visiting the school that afternoon. Patricia agrees to sell her share of Kellet Holdings for £25,000. Kirk suggests to Maria that they go to their Uncle Bob's caravan in Blackpool, although Maria would have to lend him the money. Maria refuses, but tells a disappointed Kirk that she may go to Blackpool anyway. Molly prepares for a romantic evening in with Kevin, but Kevin has already arranged to go for a drink with Sally. The food is ruined and Molly is disappointed. Kevin lies to her that he has been at the Rovers with Sam. Aidan leaves a shopping trolley from the canal on Ken's doorstep. Peter and Deirdre despair that Ken still refuses to involve the Head or the Police. Candice tells Peter where Aidan lives and Peter goes round and threatens Aidan's Dad to keep his son under control.moreless
    • Mon 2 Nov, 1998
      Mon 2 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 175
      Zoe has invited Ruth and Ben to supper but isn't pleased when Ashley invites Nick & Leanne. Zoe unhappily finds out during the meal that they're vegetarian. Tony tries to make contact with the drug dealer but Viv tells him that Lenny has been arrested & can't buy his drugs, Greg is furious that he's lost a big contract & is sure that Mike Baldwin is involved. Nick sees an ad at college for modelling work. Jim buys Liz flowers and an engagement ring but when he gets home he finds Liz & Michael in his bed together.moreless
    • Wed 4 Nov, 1998
      Wed 4 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 176
      Jim has found Liz and Michael in his bed and orders them out. Liz tries to explain her feelings for Jim but fails. Jim tells her she's too old for Michael. She stays overnight with Deirdre, Michael asks her to go to Milton Keynes with him but she said no. Nick applies for the modelling job & Miranda tells him what's expected. Next day she has a job for him. Tony tries unsuccessfully to borrow money from Des. Greg is depressed about losing the contract then it turns to fury when he finds Sally has told Gail who must have told Alma, surrounded by unsold stock he hits out at Sally.moreless
    • Tue 14 May, 2002
      Tue 14 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 81
      Richard suggests to Gail that they all go to Florida for their honeymoon. Gail is over the moon. Maria and Toyah plan to go to Blackpool, but Audrey refuses to let Maria have the week off. Sally tells Molly that it was her that Kevin was in the Rovers with, not Sam. Molly is hurt that they are still so close. Steve tells Richard that there are serious cracks in the walls at the house. Steve is annoyed that Richard does not take the problem seriously. Despite his denial, Molly feels that Kevin is prioritising her last after Sally and even after Martin. Fred pokes fun at Roy about his Re-enactment plans and tells Roy that he will be catering for the upper end of the market. Emily agrees to help Roy and Hayley make the costumes for the re-enactment. David and Sarah are thrilled that Richard is taking them to Florida. Ken finds out that Peter went to see Aidan's father and tells Peter that he has made things much worse. Kirk cons Jason and Tyrone into paying £50 each to stay in the caravan that he is getting for free. Audrey changes her mind about Maria going away and tells her that she will get a temp to cover. Steve breaks the bad news to Richard that the house needs underpinning.moreless
    • Fri 6 Nov, 1998
      Fri 6 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 177
      Sally won't forgive Greg for hitting her he sees his solicitor who warns him that the business will fold without Sally. Greg manages to lie his way back into her affections. Michael wants Liz to change her mind and go with him, he tries to make peace with Jim and fails. Steve calls Liz a hypocrite but Deirdre says she should get away from the McDonalds. Nick asks Lorraine not to tell anyone about his modelling. Zoe announces her office job with Ben & Ruth. Tony has visitors when Des and Natalie are in the pub they return to find him injured on the floor and the house in a mess.moreless
    • Wed 18 Nov, 1998
      Wed 18 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 184
      Tony and Des are taken to hospital - Natalie will never forgive Tony for all the trouble he's caused. Alec and Rita spend a pleasant evening together and Judy recounts the events of the evening to all those gathered in the Rovers. Next day Martin tells Natalie that Des is over the worst and the police want statements from her and Tony. Roy and Hayley practice their Spanish. Judy meets Ruth for the first time and tells Ashley her reservations about the woman. Des suffers a severe setback. He has a massive heart attack and dies with Natalie at his side.moreless
    • Fri 20 Nov, 1998
      Fri 20 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 185
      Natalie and co. return from the hospital. Natalie stays with Kevin, as she's not allowed into her and Des' house. She's in a state of shock at Des' death. Tony wants Natalie to back up the untrue statement he gave to the police which she does. Ruth and Ben ask Zoe to attend their team meeting - they think she's ready for more responsibility. Roy and Hayley give Spanish a miss in favour of Emily's opera. Des' death has made Judy feel very worried about the two babies she'll be bringing into the world. Miranda invites Nick out for a drink and this time he accepts.moreless
    • Sun 22 Nov, 1998
      Sun 22 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 186
      Zoe starts to practice harmonic convergence in the hope it'll help her learn to speak to Shannon. Natalie is allowed back into the house and is upset to find the police move moved things. Lorraine takes charge of her. Kevin comes to Natalie's aid when a reporter upsets her by questioning her about Des' death. Deirdre is amazed when Jackie Dobbs turns up at her flat having come out of prison. She tells her her fella's got a new girlfriend and she's homeless. Deirdre is forced into letting her stay until she can find somewhere else. Roy and Gail are offered £65,000 to sell the cafe so the next door shop can expand. Gail doesn't want to accept but Roy likes the idea of starting again somewhere else. Emily encourages Roy and Hayley to join the Amateur Operatics. Leanne tries to be supportive of Zoe but thinks she's gone too far when she tries to summon up Shannon's spirit.moreless
    • Mon 7 Dec, 1998
      Mon 7 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 195
      Rita and Sally ask Alec's advice on how to end her partnership with Greg. Alec tells her to move faster than Greg to grab what she can. Les tells the hospital manager that he only took the drugs Martin gave him and reveals that they don't get on. He swears he didn't touch the drugs trolley and insists Martin tried to kill him. Colin Barnes calls on Natalie and appeals to her, for Des' sake, to tell the police the truth. He demands justice for Des and accuses her of protecting the thugs that murdered him. When she says she can't do anything he accuses her of never loving Des. Greg is furious when he discovers Sally has closed the bank account. Sally and Rita snatch all the boxes of underwear they can find. Sally then tells the leasing companies to take the computer equipment and car back. The police call on Natalie after Colin talks to them. She says there's no truth is what he's told them. Greg catches up with Sally and threatens her for stealing his stock. He goes to hit her but Rita arrives and throws him out. He promises Sally he'll get even with her.moreless
    • Wed 9 Dec, 1998
      Wed 9 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 196
      Sally tells Rita she's lost £40,000 of her mum's money. Tyrone earns money by helping Kevin out at the garage. He shows an interest in Toyah and discovers No. 7 is empty. Les counts on getting a load of compensation from the hospital. Natalie is surprised when Tony turns up. He begs her to forgive him and swears he loves her and wants to look after her. He swears he's not selling drugs anymore. Tyrone and his mate Marcus break into No. 7. Natalie goes through Tony's jacket pockets and finds packets of cocaine. Deirdre has enough of Jackie and Tyrone taking over her flat and tells them they need to move on. Ashley discovers a book of letters Zoe has written to Shannon. Natalie rows with Tony for lying to her and tells him she's disgusted with him. She calls the police and forces Tony to talk to them. When he refuses to she tells the police that Tony's friends killed Des. Tony is taken in for questioning.moreless
    • Fri 11 Dec, 1998
      Fri 11 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 197
      Natalie comes to terms with shopping her son to the police. Kevin tells her she's got nothing to blame herself for. Tony returns after a night at the police station to tell Natalie he despises her for having him arrested. Fred chases Greg for the two months rent he owes. Les returns from hospital to a welcome from his family. Gail is furious to see the party and rips down his welcome home banner, telling him he doesn't deserve a welcome for spreading evil lies against Martin. Ashley is pleased when Zoe returns from her retreat but is stunned when she reveals she's been chosen by Nirb to have a baby. Tyrone finds the front and back door keys to No. 7 and plans to use the house as his den. Tony is furious when Natalie tells him she flushed his drugs down the toilet. When he calls her a cow she slaps his face and tells him she makes him sick. She writes him a cheque to pay off his debts and tells him it's all he's ever going to get off her; he's dead as far as she's concerned. Ashley tells Zoe it's obvious Ben just wants her for sex. She tells him he'll never understand and packs, saying they're finished. Natalie returns to work at the Rovers. Maxine tells Sally she's glad Greg's finished with her as it'll show her she can't go stealing other women's men. Ashley is distraught as Zoe leaves with Ben to live at the Foundation.moreless
    • Sun 13 Dec, 1998
      Sun 13 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 198
      Gary and Judy urge Ashley to tell the police about Zoe being lured away by the Foundation. Martin asks Janice to get Les to admit he's lying before he loses his job. She tells him it's time he admitted he made a mistake and nearly killed Les. Sally offers Mike her stock at a good price. She asks for £2,500 but he only offers £500 so she decides to rent a market stall to sell them. Greg arranges a meeting between Les and solicitor Neville Green. Ashley and Gary go to the police who know all about Nirab. The police know it's all a con to lure young people away but admit they can't do anything about it. Jackie follows Tyrone into No. 7 and takes the keys from him. Neville takes Les' case on the understanding he plays up for the courts and they get a bundle of compensation. Ashley decides to snatch Zoe back.moreless
    • Mon 14 Dec, 1998
      Mon 14 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 199
      Gary and Nick tell Ashley they'll help him snatch Zoe. Ruth and Ben prepare Zoe to have sex with him. Tyrone tries to chat Toyah up but she's not interested. Roy takes an interest in shop premises being converted in Victoria Street. He contemplates opening a bistro selling peasant food. He alarms Alec by asking questions about getting a licence to sell alcohol. Deirdre is amazed when Jackie tells her she's moving out as she's found somewhere less cramped. Mike is amused when Greg tells him he's landed a contract but needs money upfront. He suggests he passes the job onto him and they split the deal. Ashley, Gary and Nick watch the Foundation people at their food wagon. When Zoe appears they bundle her into a van. Gary goes for Ben who begs him not to hit him before they drive off with Zoe.moreless
    • Wed 16 Dec, 1998
      Wed 16 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 200
      Zoe tells Ashley he's warped for kidnapping her and keeping her locked up in her room. She accuses him of treating her like a child. She tells him he can't keep her prisoner forever and she intends to leave with Ben. Martin feels useless and can't understand why he didn't lock the trolley. Gail worries about him. Ashley is stunned when Zoe tells him she and Ben are going to live in America. Jackie and Tyrone leave Deirdre's, much to her relief. Ashley begs Zoe not to go and is hurt when she tells him she can't stay with him because he's boring and behaves like an old woman. She urges him to get stronger or he'll go through life having his heart broken. ZOE: (to Ashley) "I've got devils inside me. I want to do things, exciting things, mad things, dangerous things. Inside you there's this little old woman saying 'Can you shut the door please." Alec asks Audrey to stop Roy from getting a drinks licence but she refuses. Jackie and Tyrone move into No. 7. Hayley and Roy sing carols for charity but Roy is out of tune with everyone else. Alma is horrified to find Jackie squatting in Curly's. When she threatens to call the police Jackie goes for her and throws her out. Martin lunges at Les in the Rovers when Les says he deserves to lose his job. Judy and Leanne try to comfort Ashley as Zoe leaves but he is distraught.moreless
    • Fri 18 Dec, 1998
      Fri 18 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 201
      Ashley decides to be harder. Maud advises him to set boundaries and not be pushed around by people. Deirdre is amazed to discover Jackie is squatting at No. 7. Nick and Leanne argue over Martin and Les falling out. Sally is thrilled when Kevin suggests they make arrangements for Christmas Day. Mike tells Greg he's sorted out the contract but has no intention of giving him any money for setting it up. Greg is furious. Spider struggles with the idea of squatters at Curly's as he doesn't know whose side he should take. A compensation doctor interviews Les and encourages him to act more affected by his experience. Alma asks Mike to sack Jackie so she has no ties to the Street. Jackie is furious to hear Deirdre plotting to have her evicted. She warns her that she'll make her life hell if she crosses her. Roy looks forward to Christmas with Hayley but she tells him she's got to spend it with her Aunt Monica. Sally is shocked when Kevin tells her he wants a divorce.moreless
    • Sun 6 Dec, 1998
      Sun 6 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 194
      Janice, Leanne and Toyah worry about Les as he is put on a drip after having his stomach pumped. Sally takes the girls and sneaks away from Greg, her face cut and swollen. Rita, appalled by her injuries, takes them in. Zoe is angry with Ashley and tells him she's going on a retreat with the others. He worries that she'll never be allowed to leave. Sally tells Rita she knows she's been a fool. Rita advises her to stay with her and let Kevin have the girls. Kevin is happy to take the girls in but is horrified to see Sally's cut face. She says Greg didn't hit her. Martin is troubled to hear Les had an overdose and is questioned by the hospital manager. Leanne agrees to let Nick carry on modelling as she realises they need the money. She goes along to the art class to watch and shocks him by volunteering her services as a nude model. He refuses to let her be a model but she says all she wants to do is feel comfortable about what he's doing. Miranda wins her round by giving her a painting of Nick. Sally tells Rita how she's lost most of her inheritance money through Greg. Martin admits to leaving the drugs trolley unlocked and is immediately suspended.moreless
    • Fri 4 Dec, 1998
      Fri 4 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 193
      Leanne is annoyed that Nick lied to her over his job and is upset when he tells her Roy and Hayley sketched him. Jackie starts work at Underworld. Sally tells Greg he's got a drink problem but he doesn't agree. To please her he promises to cut down. She is annoyed that he keeps all the business details in his head and doesn't treat her like a partner. Whilst giving out medication, Martin rushes to help a patient who's suffered a heart attack. He leaves the drugs trolley unattended and unlocked so Les swallows some tablets to ease the pain in his leg. Sally is furious to discover Greg has spent the day drinking. He tells her to stop nagging him and accuses her of being more interested in her spoilt girls than him. She is furious and tells him the business is no good because he's an amateur. He is furious and hits her. Zoe is purified to become a daughter of Nirab. Ashley tries to stop the ceremony, upset to see Ben kissing her. He urges her to leave with him but she chooses to stay with Ben. Ashley is distraught. Martin finds Les' lifeless body.moreless
    • Wed 2 Dec, 1998
      Wed 2 Dec, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 192
      Leanne convinces herself that Nick is being unfaithful. She finds Miranda's phone number and address in the phone book. Fred tells Ashley he can't run Zoe's life and if she's happy with her new friends he shouldn't interfere. Jackie badgers Mike until he agrees to give her a machinist's job. Zoe tells Ashley she's going to be purified to become one of Nirab's followers. Greg spends Sally's money entertaining clients for expensive meals whilst she and the girls can only afford to eat beans on toast. Deirdre is stunned to hear Jackie's going to be working at Underworld. Leanne spies on Nick and Miranda at her house. When she sees Nick taking his clothes off she bursts into the house. Miranda and Nick explain how he's modelling for her and show her Miranda's sketches but Leanne calls her a pervert. Ben accuses Ashley of being small-minded and viewing Zoe as a possession. He tells Ashley that Zoe is better off without him. Greg gets drunk when he fails to clinch a deal. When Sally gets upset over her money being spent he throws her across the room.moreless
    • Fri 24 May, 2002
      Fri 24 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 86
      Fiz offers to take the boys for a pint as she has earned some cash telling fortunes. Richard tells Gail not to worry about about Patricia ever again. Toyah tells Maria about Goran's proposal. Maria warns her that he could be asking her to marry him just so that he can stay in England. Steph and Carol Mills spot Kirk and Jason in the pub and ask them to join them in a celebration drink as they have won £200 at the bingo, the boys accept. Mike tells the factory girls he is looking for a new manager. Toyah confronts Goran about his reasons for wanting to marry her. She is shocked when he admits he wants to stay in Britain, but claims to genuinely love her. She is clearly distressed by his predicament. Fred starts to do his own research into the civil war, hoping to liven it up a little. Fiz overhears Toyah and Maria discussing Goran needing a passport. Fiz later teases him by saying she will marry him for a price. Gail finds the bracelet that was Patricia's in Richard's coat pocket. Karen sucks up to Baldwin thinking he may offer her the job of manager, but her efforts go over Mike's head. Roy is frustrated by Fred's proposal to alter the re-enactment details beyond recognition. Richard acts suspiciously when Gail mentions finding the bracelet, but covers his tracks by lying and saying it was his grandmother's bracelet and he wants her to have it as a wedding gift. Simon and Trish Farrar find Fiz in their caravan. Fiz thinks it is they who are mistaken and refuses to leave. She is later taken away by a police officer. Toyah tells Maria that she is determined to help Goran by marrying him.moreless
    • Mon 23 Nov, 1998
      Mon 23 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 187
      Deirdre makes it clear to Jackie that she wants her to go but Jackie keeps thanking her for being a mate. Gail refuses to talk about moving the cafe, annoying Roy. Ashley donates old stock to the Foundation for the homeless although he's angered to discover they've told Zoe she can talk to Shannon. Nick feels uncomfortable when Miranda tries to befriend him. Jackie gets Deirdre to introduce her to the residents and cadges drinks off them all. She makes a big play for Les who can't believe his luck. Miranda takes Nick back to her house and shows him her sculptures. She asks him to pose for her as a private commission for £300. He agrees. Ashley accuses Ben of filling Zoe's head with rubbish. Zoe tells Ashley he doesn't understand; she will talk to Shannon.moreless
    • Sun 26 May, 2002
      Sun 26 May, 2002
      Season 43 - Episode 87
      Maria tries to convince Toyah that marriage is not the right option for her and Goran. Jason and Kirk spend the night in Carol and Stephanie's caravan. In the morning as they are leaving Steph calls Carol 'mum'. Kirk thinks he is in love, and Jason is amused that Carol is Steph's mum. At the caravan, Tyrone and Maria give Kirk grief about renting out someone else's caravan and getting Fiz into trouble over it. Karen is convinced Baldwin will ask her to be manager when he goes on holiday. Kirk boasts about his conquest with Carol, much to the distaste of Maria and Jason. Tyrone goes to meet Fiz as she is released from the police station. Fiz winds Kirk up about Carol having a vicious husband who is out to get him. She does this as revenge for her having spent the night in a police cell on account of it not being their caravan. Toyah tells Goran that she will marry him. Richard surprises Gail by asking her to become his business partner. Fred has turned the re-enactment into an entertainment show and Roy is disturbed by Fred's lack of regard for authenticity and historical facts. Toyah realises she has gone too far and takes back her acceptance of marriage. Goran is very understanding. Joe Carter is released from prison and Mike Baldwin is waiting outside. Joe gets into Mike's car and they drive off.moreless
    • Wed 25 Nov, 1998
      Wed 25 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 188
      Deirdre feels depressed on her wedding anniversary. Fred decides to raffle a luxury hamper in the shop, telling Audrey that if she invites him for Christmas dinner he'll make certain she wins it. Zoe upsets Natalie by saying Des died because she is a sinner. Outraged Lorraine throws her out. Ashley feels Zoe has no time for him anymore and that the Foundation is taking over her life. Natalie returns to work as she can't face being alone. ALEC: "Les Battersby's a beast in human form. Well, almost human form." Jackie entertains Les in Deirdre's flat. He gets her drunk but just as they get physical Deirdre returns and throws him out. Ashley is furious when Zoe tells him she's not going to have sex with him anymore. He begs her not to shut him out.moreless
    • Fri 27 Nov, 1998
      Fri 27 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 189
      Colin Barnes arrives for Des' funeral with his wife Kath and parents. He is amazed that everyone believes Des was killed by burglars and not drug dealers. Lorraine and Kevin support Natalie at the funeral. Gary, Judy, Martin, Gail, Janice, Les, Alma, Mike, Ken, Emily, Alec and Deirdre attend the cremation. The mourners are stunned when Colin interrupts the funeral, telling everyone that Natalie knows the truth about Des' death but she's protecting Tony. Later, Colin tells Natalie that Des phoned him and told him all about Tony's drug dealing. She denies it all. He tells her she can rot in hell. Les arranges to entertain Jackie in his house but Janice returns from work unexpectedly and finds them together. Janice accuses him of infidelity but he swears Jackie is mad and just let herself in. The regulars throw Colin out of the Rovers when he shouts at Natalie and tells them Tony's drug dealing killed Des.moreless
    • Sun 29 Nov, 1998
      Sun 29 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 190
      Les feels there must be something wrong with his foot as it hurts more than ever. Natalie confesses to Judy that Des was killed by Tony's drug dealing associates. She feels no one else must know as Tony needs to be protected. Judy is staggered when Ruth tells her her babies would be better off dead. Les is admitted to hospital with osteomyelitis. Janice is remorseful as she didn't believe he was in pain. Martin is annoyed that he has to look after him on the ward. Roy and Hayley audition for the Operatics Society. Roy is petrified but Hayley encourages him and they're both accepted to take part in "The Sound of Music". Natalie worries about Kevin's motives in comforting her and spells it out to him that they're never getting back together. Sally gives Greg her cash card when he needs money.moreless
    • Mon 30 Nov, 1998
      Mon 30 Nov, 1998
      Season 39 - Episode 191
      Greg tells Sally she can't take the girls out as they need to save money. Leanne is fed up that she never sees Nick as he's always working. Ashley worries that Zoe is being brainwashed. Maud advises him to find out more about the Foundation. Les gives Martin the runaround in hospital. Zoe is pleased when Ashley asks to attend a meeting at the Foundation. Deirdre is horrified when Jackie moves her fifteen-year old son, Tyrone, in after his father throws him out. Alec sends Natalie home as her depression affects the customers. Greg suggests to Sally that she puts her money in a joint account so they can both have access. She is uneasy but goes along with the idea when he accuses her of not trusting him. Leanne waits outside the college to surprise Nick and is devastated to see him driving off in Miranda's car. Jackie warns Tyrone not to steal off Deirdre. Ashley finds the meeting terrifying as everyone moans and sways. He walks out but Zoe refuses to leave. Nick explains to Leanne that Miranda is his boss in the lab and they went for a drink with a load of others as it was her birthday. Ashley tells Zoe he won't have her mixing with nutters. She warns him not to force her to choose between him and the Foundation.moreless
    • Fri 24 Sep, 1999
      Fri 24 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 153
      Audrey and Doreen throw themselves into the wedding preparations. Tom tries to keep out of randy Doreen's way. Proud Fred prepares nervous Ashley for the wedding. He tells Ashley never to neglect passion in his marriage. Maxine is driven to the church in a Rolls and is given away by Derek. After seeing Sally and Danny kissing in the street, Sharon closes the shop and gets drunk. Maxine and Ashley exchange vows and are married. Judy feels ill from the pain in her leg. Gary doesn't like leaving her with the twins to go to the wedding. Kathleen hangs around outside the church to see Ashley married. Fred insists she says hello to Ashley, who hugs her in delight. Ashley insists Fred and Kathleen are on the wedding photographs, telling the stunned congregation that they're his parents. Melanie determines to have a final fling before her own wedding and drags Tom off to christen the bridal suite. Drunk Sharon phones Ian and leaves a message on his answerphone saying she's sick of men making a fool of her. She starts to take tablets. Gary's speech is full of how important love is in a marriage. Judy suffers pains in her ribs and collapses in the backyard whilst bringing in the washing. Emily hears the babies crying and investigates. She finds Judy lying in the yard.moreless
    • Sun 26 Sep, 1999
      Sun 26 Sep, 1999
      Season 40 - Episode 154
      Emily tries to comfort the twins and rings for an ambulance. She raises the alarm and breaks down when Ken feels Judy's pulse and realises she's dead. Sharon comes round after taking some pills and is filled with self disgust at trying to kill herself. Natalie goes to the wedding to bring Gary home, saying Judy is ill. He is concerned and rushes home only to discover she's dead. He embraces her body and cries over her, not believing she's dead. Rita discovers Sharon's flat full of pills and drink. Sharon tells her she's sunk as low as she can get and couldn't even do a proper job of suicide. Gary breaks down, remembering Judy is the only woman he's ever loved. He doesn't understand why she died.moreless
    • Mon 13 Nov, 2000
      Mon 13 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 185
      Eileen tries to figure out Janice and Dennis' relationship. She finds him attractive and can't believe Janice doesn't. Steve is horrified when Jim tells him he and Liz may be getting back together. Steve tells him they must be mad to either consider it and that Liz is just leading him on to make him feel better. Hayley and Roy talk to Rita about her experiences as a foster parent. She tells them fostering was better than adoption for her as the children needed her more than she needed them. Ashley and Maxine are delighted when the butcher's shop, Elliott & Son, opens. Toyah warns Les that Dennis is getting his feet under Janice's table and if he doesn't act soon it might be too late. Hayley fears she won't be able to cope with giving foster children back to their parents. Dennis packs, telling Janice he doesn't trust himself being alone with her. She kisses him and begs him to stay. They are interrupted by Les who begs Janice to take him back, saying he loves her and they belong together. Steve asks Liz to leave Jim alone and not mess his life up again. She tells him it's not his business. Janice is confused by her feelings for Dennis and Les. She wishes she could hate Les.moreless
    • Episode 7616
      Episode 7616
      Season 52 - Episode 112
      Becky thinks she knows where Max is, and sets off to bring him home. Chesney tells Owen that he intends to stand by Katy and honour his responsibilities. Owen is not convinced. The police tell Fiz that John was at Joy's before she died. John snatches baby Hope.
    • Fri 14 Apr, 2000
      Fri 14 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 61
      Les spends the night stuck on the island until the police rescue him, thinking he's a flasher. Guilty Tyrone stops the police from arresting him by vouching for him. Les says he owes him. Ashley is alarmed when Maxine becomes a vegetarian and stops serving him meat. Vinny has enough of Debs treating him with indifference. Rebecca tells Martin that being apart for a few months will prove if their love is as big as they think it is. Fred urges Ashley to stamp on Maxine's vegetarianism before she goes too far. Ashley tells Maxine she's free to do what she wants but he needs meat. Natalie decides to offer a £10,000 reward for information on Tony's killer.moreless
    • Sun 16 Apr, 2000
      Sun 16 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 62
      Gwen complains to Jim that No. 11 is full of signs of Liz which make her uncomfortable. Danny and Sally name their shop D and S Hardware. Jez returns to the Street and discovers that Steve needs money to start up a mini-cab firm. Rebecca gives Martin her resignation but he refuses to pass it on telling her he doesn't want her to leave. She tells him that if he really loves her he'll let her go. Leanne confesses to Natalie that it was she who let it out in the pub about her and Colin. She is horrified when Jez drinks in the Rovers and warns him to stay away from her. Colette tells Curly she hates the idea of being stalked by Cavanagh. He leaves her at No. 7 whilst he goes for a curry. Cavanagh watches him go and then lets himself in. Jim agrees to redecorate No. 11 but Gwen was hoping for much more. Natalie apologises to Vinny for thinking he told everyone about her and Colin. They agree to put the past behind them. Jez offers to lend Steve the money he needs but Steve refuses. Colette is terrified at being alone with Cavanagh. He warns her that Curly is after her and mustn't be trusted. When he finds them together Curly tells him the police are on to him. Cavanagh tries to flee but Curly gives chase and gets Duggie to rugby tackle him to the ground.moreless
    • Mon 17 Apr, 2000
      Mon 17 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 63
      Natalie has reward posters put up around the area. Curly and Colette are pleased that Cavanagh has been taken into custody. She wishes him luck in finding a girlfriend. Ashley is furious when Maxine keeps on refusing to serve him meat. Vik is furious when the mini cab firm licence is put in jeopardy because of Steve's criminal record. He tells him to forget all about their partnership. Sarah feels lonely as she seems to have no friends her own age. Emma praises Curly on his bravery and surprises him by asking him out for a drink. Maxine tricks Ashley into eating veggie sausages when he thinks they're meat ones. Martin apologises to Rebecca and tells her he's been too selfish. She confesses she's really unhappy and doesn't know what to do but knows she couldn't bear to be away from him for six months. He is thrilled when she agrees to stay. Gwen tries to interest Jim in buying a new bed. Leanne notices Jez's horrified face when he sees the reward posters about Tony's death. Curly drinks with Emma and is thrilled when she agrees to a date with him. Leanne tells Steve she thinks Jez was involved in Tony's murder.moreless
    • Wed 19 Apr, 2000
      Wed 19 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 64
      Curly is nervous about going on a date with Emma as he wasn't dated in years. Steve advises Leanne to forget all about Jez being involved with Ton's death as she shouldn't get involved. Fred is appalled to learn Ashley has eaten veggie sausages and determines to stop the rot. Vinny is hostile towards Duggie, annoyed that Natalie prefers his company. Duggie suggests his attitude is alienating her. Vinny tells Natalie he's sick of her giving him the cold shoulder. She accuses him of trying too hard to make their relationship work. She is annoyed when he refuses to drop the fact she slept with Colin. She refuses to apologise any more and tells him there's nothing left to say between them. Sally and Danny set their shop up. Vik tells Steve he can come into the business if he comes up with the money immediately. Emma tries to put Curly at ease as they eat together and chat over their life histories. After Maxine asks him to stand up for her, Ashley warns Fred not to keep on at her over her believes and in defiance tells him he is going to be a vegetarian too. Steve asks Jez for a £8,000 loan, saying he'll pay him back quickly. Jez assures him they'll be no rush for the repayment and hands over the money.moreless
    • Sun 12 Nov, 2000
      Sun 12 Nov, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 184
      Les is furious at the size of his hotel bill which wipes him out. Alma tells Fred she's disgusted by the way he's ignoring Audrey. She tells him that Audrey's really hurting. Natalie doesn't care where Vinny and Debs have gone so long as she never has to see them again. Liz is appalled to discover Jim has been fighting in prison. Jim is amazed when she tells him she's finished with Michael and wants to be back with him. He tells her he wants her and always has. Roy and Hayley entertain another couple wanting to adopt. She is moved when Roy gets impassioned about the needs of problem children. Audrey tells Fred she doesn't want to lose their friendship and only turned him down because she cares for him. He melts when she twists her ankle on the cobbles and rushes to her aid. Les offers to take Janice out for a meal but she tells him she's not interested. Natalie goes on holiday leaving Liz in charge of the pub. Roy tells Hayley he feels that rather than going for adoption they should be foster parents so they could help many children rather than one. Dennis comforts Janice when she gets upset about not wanting Les back in her life. She feels their marriage is really over. Audrey tells Fred he'll always be a dear friend and she'd be honoured if he'd care for her. Toyah feels sorry for homeless Les and agrees to let him stay overnight at the Rovers. Geena decides to organise a karaoke night at the pub. Janice is stunned when Dennis tells her she's got so much going for her and is a beautiful woman. He kisses her before apologising for over-stepping the mark.moreless
    • Fri 21 Apr, 2000
      Fri 21 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 65
      Gwen skives off work to go to a retail park with Jim. He is alarmed when she tries to get him to buy a £600 bed on credit. When she accuses him of not trusting her over money he backs down and agrees to buy it. Steve gives Vik the £8,000 and they start to plan their business. Sally and Danny open for business with Duggie the rugby celebrity performing the opening ceremony for the benefit of the local press. Hayley realises Gwen is taking advantage of her so challenges her about her shoddy work and attitude. Gwen is shocked when Hayley threatens to report her to Mike. Jez tells Steve to look upon him as a sleeping partner and warns him not to cross him.moreless
    • Wed 12 Apr, 2000
      Wed 12 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 60
      Maxine starts questioning why she eats meat after Toyah tells her how much animals suffer. Natalie is embarrassed when the police question her about her sex life. She realises they want to believe she and Colin killed Tony together and breaks down, saying she could never kill her child. Vik asks Dev to lend him £8,000 for his taxi firm until he can sell the house. When Vinny keeps pestering her about sleeping with Colin Natalie tells him it's nothing to do with him. Leanne lets slip to the customers about Natalie sleeping with Colin and is horrified when the word spreads. Emma tells Curly that, unofficially, she thinks Cavanagh is stalking him. She explains he's done it before but she has no proof and needs his help to trap him. Vera lays into Natalie for sleeping with Colin, accusing her of having no feelings for Des or his memory. Les is trapped on an island in the lake when Tyrone steals his rowing boat. Dev agrees to lend Vik the money on the condition he pays interest. Vik is forced to agree. Natalie accuses Vinny of telling everyone she slept with Colin. Scared of crocodiles, Les is stranded on the island. Rebecca grows tired of only stealing hours with Martin and stuns him by saying she's going to take a six month contract in Dubai. He begs her not to go but she's adamant.moreless
    • Mon 10 Apr, 2000
      Mon 10 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 59
      Curly is stunned to find his furniture has been moved around in the night. Les is sent to work in the park for his Community Service. The park keeper warns him that a crocodile lives in the lake. Nervous Hayley starts as supervisor with responsibility for quality control. Martin organises all the shifts at work so he and Rebecca are always together. Colin turns up at the Rovers, telling Natalie the police had to let him go as they know what Tony was killed and at the time he was in bed with her. Natalie is mortified. Tyrone is enraged when Les turns his hose pipe onto Monica in the park. Nita horrifies Vik by saying she's invited all the family to his party but cheers him up by saying she will sell the house. Sgt Emma Taylor investigates Curly's mysterious break in. She's interested to hear Cavanagh is involved in the case. Vinny is stunned when Natalie tells him how she spent the night with Colin. Leanne hears them arguing about it.moreless
    • Wed 29 Mar, 2000
      Wed 29 Mar, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 52
      Natalie turns to drink, feeling responsible for the way Tony ended up. Audrey is forced to pay Pat £50 when he says he's caught ten mice. She knows she's been had. Maxine is distraught when she hears Tony is dead. Linda tells Mike that instead of selling seconds to Sally they should take their own market stall. Gail is visited by Neil's father who wants to shoulder his responsibilities. She refuses to let him become involved and assures him they want nothing from Neil. Natalie doesn't understand why she's grieving so much as she hated Tony since Des' death. Colette recognises the handwriting on Curly's note but refuses to talk to him about it. Tyrone admires Pat mouse trap scam. Gwen is scared when her debt collector tells her the debt has been sold on and urges her to pay fast. Drunk Natalie accuses her customers of being two faced hypocrites for feeling sorry for her.moreless
    • Wed 1 Jan, 1986
      Wed 1 Jan, 1986
      Season 27 - Episode 1
      Audrey gets annoyed with Alf using the flat as a storeroom. Mike and Susan return from London. He tells her she makes him feel good. Gloria's arm is bruised from where Frank hurt her. She asks Jack to stick around her so Frank can't get at her again. Ken learns from Susan's taxi driver that she's returned from Mike's flat. Susan is forced to tell him she's been in London with Mike. Ken is furious. Jack tells Frank to keep his hands off Gloria. Frank tells Bet that Gloria has made a pass at him and has been slagging her off to the customers. Bet tells him she'll sort Gloria out. Ken tells Susan that Mike is unsuitable and too old for her. He tells her so must never see Mike again. Gloria tells Bet about Frank hurting her. Bet realises she's telling the truth, she tells Frank to get out of her life.moreless
    • Fri 31 Mar, 2000
      Fri 31 Mar, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 53
      Natalie refuses to let anyone comfort her, saying no one knows what its like to have a husband and son murdered. Debs and Vinny feel helpless. Curly is puzzled when his car moves down the Street in the night. Pat agrees to lend Tyrone his mice so he can pull the infestation trick at the Kabin. Linda tells Sally she can't have any more seconds and is miffed when Sally tells her she's giving the stall up anymore to open her own shop. Tyrone's mouse plans backfire when Rita sees through the scam and throws him and his mice out. Jim is amazed when Gwen says she'd like to move in with him. She says she wants a new start so has sold all her belongings. Duggie helps Natalie by listening to her and not trying to comfort her. She agrees to let him make the funeral arrangements. Steve agrees to move out of No. 11 as he doesn't want to cramp Jim and Gwen's style. Audrey hears about Tyrone pulling the mouse scam in the Kabin and threatens Pat until he gives her her £50 back. Frightened Gwen collects her most precious belongings from her home under the cover of night.moreless
    • Sun 2 Apr, 2000
      Sun 2 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 54
      Curly is bemused when his car is moved in the night and blocks the entrance to the shop. Vik tells Steve he's setting up his own mini-cab firm. Debs encourages Natalie to think of Tony as he was as a child, when he needed his mum. The police question Natalie over the last time she saw Tony. She has to admit they rowed and is stunned when the police know she gave him £4,000. Vinny is frustrated as Natalie won't let him comfort her. Gwen is uncomfortable when Janice questions her about her motives for moving in with Jim. She tries to convince her she wants the security. Natalie breaks down when the police question her about why she paid off Tony and if she blamed him for Des' death. Curly buys a clamp to put on his car. The residents think he's gone mad. Gail is surprised when Sarah takes it for granted that she'll bring up the baby for her. Gail tells her her problems are only just starting. Gwen tells Jim she's going back to using her maiden name, Davies. He is delighted, thinking she's making a great commitment to him.moreless
    • Mon 3 Apr, 2000
      Mon 3 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 55
      Nick Horrocks arrives for Tony's funeral and is appalled to have Natalie say Tony wasn't any good. She tells him she won't be weeping over the grave. Vik invites Steve to move in with him and Nita in the hope Nita will want to move out and agree to sell the house. Debs, Vinny, Duggie, Kevin and Maxine support Natalie as she buries Tony. Colin turns up to make certain Tony is dead and ends up brawling with Nick. Linda worries about the Cooper order as the girls keep producing shoddy work. She annoys Janice by threatening the girls with the sack unless their work improves. Nita is appalled to learn Steve's moving into her home. Janice calls a meeting of the factory girls and urges them to make a united stand against Linda.moreless
    • Wed 5 Apr, 2000
      Wed 5 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 56
      Janice is furious when Linda sacks Bobbi for substandard work. She warns Mike that the girls won't stand for being bossed by Linda. Nita demands Vik gets rid of Steve as his presence makes her feel uncomfortable. Debs and Duggie decide to distract Natalie by cooking her a meal. Duggie encourages Natalie to let those who care for her to share her grief. Vinny is put out when she opens up to Duggie and not him. Janice leads the factory girls in striking until Mike sorts Linda out. Bobbi feels bad and thinks she should resign but Janice refuses to let her. Hayley defuses the situation by suggesting they put their case against Linda to Mike. Janice goes with her but is put out when she's not allowed to be very militant. Hayley asks Mike to clarify the chain of command. He agrees to tell Linda she's not the girls' boss and in return they return to work. Natalie takes Vinny along to the meal with Debs and Duggie. Natalie feels better for getting out of the pub. Angry Mike tells Linda she has nothing to do with the workforce, just sales.moreless
    • Fri 7 Apr, 2000
      Fri 7 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 57
      Curly is summoned by the police who say his car was doing 85 mph at night when it was clamped outside his house. Tyrone has his driving test practical but has to abandon it as his examiner suffers a heart attack. Tyrone drives him to hospital and saves his life. Mike decides to split the factory girls up by making Janice supervisor. Linda begs him not to and instead suggests he gives the job to Hayley. DC Simon Cavanagh shows Curly a photograph of his car on a motorway at night. Curly is amazed. Hayley is delighted to be offered the job of supervisor and accepts although she worries about being alienated by her friends. Steve offers to go into partnership in Vik's taxi business. Nita is furious when Steve and Vik decide to throw a party at the house. Linda tells Janice she tried to get Mike to make her supervisor but he insisted on Hayley.moreless
    • Sun 9 Apr, 2000
      Sun 9 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 58
      Steve finishes the Victoria Street development so Duggie starts to sell the units. Steve is annoyed that he can't be paid until the Council pay Duggie. Sally and Danny take possession of their shop. Curly finds Cavanagh fiddling with his car. Cavanagh says he frightened a man off and tells him he believes he is being hounded by someone. Curly takes him into No. 7 where Cavanagh steals his back door key. Hayley helps Sarah make costumes for Grease. Vinny tells Natalie how useless he feels, unable to help her in her grieve. He warns her that she's becoming totally obsessed by Tony's death and urges her to let go of both Tony and Des. Dev makes Nita see she's only against selling the house because it's Vik's idea. Dev urges her to agree to selling the house so Vik can set up his own business. She agrees. Natalie is shocked when the police tell her they're questioning Colin over Tony's murder.moreless
    • Sun 23 Apr, 2000
      Sun 23 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 66
      Steve and Vik sign the lease on their new premises. Hayley feels she isn't hard enough to be a good supervisor. Dev's Aunt Maya comes out of retirement to start work in the shop. Martin promises Rebecca one day everything will be sorted. She tells him she's decided to start divorcing Jerry so she's able to move on. She tells Martin she needs to be certain of the future. Debs invites Duggie for a meal, planning to seduce him. Jim and Gwen start to redecorate but he feels uncomfortable by the way she wants expensive paints and papers. Fred gets frustrated when people laugh at him for employing a vegetarian. He tells Ashley that unless he changes his views he can't be a butcher. After kissing passionately Debs invites Duggie up to her bed but he chickens out and runs off.moreless
    • Mon 24 Apr, 2000
      Mon 24 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 67
      Debs feels humiliated by Duggie and feels he's had his chance. Steve is adamant that Jez is not his partner and won't be distributing any packages for him. Gary struggles to make ends meet and feels bad as he can't afford new shoes for the twins. Tyrone has his driving test again, with the same examiner. When the car breaks down desperate Tryone gets the examiner to let him fix it, reminding him how he saved his life. The car working again, Tyrone passes his test. After reminding himself how much Ashley means to him, Fred tells him he's welcome to his own beliefs. Linda investigates performance related pay and thinks Underworld should adopt it but Mike isn't sure. Steve agrees to employ Gary as a taxi driver once he's got a licence. Duggie apologises to Debs, explaining he had a panic attack as he was scared. She tells him he's very screwed up and should get sorted out. Steve tries to give Jez his £8,000 back but Jez refuses it, telling him to do as he says or he'll end up like Tony Horrocks, the last person to cross him.moreless
    • Wed 26 Apr, 2000
      Wed 26 Apr, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 68
      Gail is put out when Hayley tries to help Sarah, giving her literature to read and listening to her problems. Jerry refuses to let Rebecca divorce him, accusing her of being infatuated with Martin. He promises her a fight. Steve and Vik buy cars at auction. Steve is frustrated when Jez refuses to accept he has no part in the firm and orders him to take one of his lads, Rich, on as a driver. Vik is furious when Steve takes Rich on without consulting him. When he sees Linda is determined to give performance related pay a go Mike agrees to implement it although he's certain it won't work. Maxine is put out to find Ashley has invited Spider and Toyah to dinner without telling her. Gail doesn't like the way Sarah finds it easier to talk to Hayley than her.moreless
    • Mon 15 May, 2000
      Mon 15 May, 2000
      Season 41 - Episode 79
      Steve is relieved to hear that Jez has been arrested. Gail is very concerned that Sarah is thinking of having the baby adopted. Nita tells Vik that they have now completed on the sale of their house. Jim tells Tyrone that Kev is thinking of selling his share of the garage. Tyrone is worried that he might lose his job. Curly finds out that he failed to get the Area Manager's job. Sarah bursts into tears in the Kabin - she's frightened about the birth. Rita calms her down. Steve and Vik move into the flat about the minicab office. Nita tells Curly that he's in the running for a job in Scotland. He doesn't know what to do as he doesn't want to leave Emma. Sarah sobs in Martin's arms, she's so confused and wishes the whole pregnancy were a bad dream.moreless