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Corrie Cuckoo Clock

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    I'm working on a project for a marketing course where we have to come up with a product based on a tv show. I was thinking about making a Corrie cuckoo clock in the shape of the Rover's Return...or perhaps the pub with some other Corrie shops / places of interest.

    As part of my "consumer research" I'd love to get some thoughts from devoted fans about a product like this. What would you like to see on the cuckoo clock, what other buildings would you like to see, would you like to see the inside/outside of the pub, if I put characters on it, who would you like to see?

    My initial thought is the body of the clock is the exterior of the pub with characters popping out at the top of the hour from doors, windows, etc - Jack Duckworth with a pint in his hand, Betty with a hot pot, and other characters to fill out the scene. Maybe the swinging weights could be the three flying ducks.

    Any way, don't want to get too involved with the details until I get your thoughts! Appreciate any ideas


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