Coronation Street

Season 1 Episode 1

Fri 9 Dec, 1960

Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Dec 09, 1960 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • This episode was featured on the Network DVD "Coronation Street - 1960" released in 2006.

    • As well as being the first episode of "Coronation Street" to be broadcast, this episode of the programme was also the very first to be repeated. Until 1981, no episode was ever repeated. This was supposedly due to a strict policy on the part of Granada TV who did not wish to confuse viewers (although actors for old 'out of contract' programmes could apparently veto second showings and it is alleged that Philip Lowrie, who played Dennis Tanner, was so disenchanted with his time on the programme that he refused until 1981 to grant permission to allow repeats).
      The episode was repeated at 10.30pm on Monday 4th May 1981 as part of a week-long series of repeats to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Granada TV. The whole of the ITV network joined in these special repeats, therefore viewers in the Newcastle and Birmingham regions were given their first chance to see episode 1 (It had not been broadcast originally there).
      As the episode had been broadcast live, Granada's recording of it included all of the original adverts and these were broadcast too in this repeat showing.
      The other five episodes to be repeated in this week were:
      5/5/81 - The Gas Leak (episode 16)
      6/5/81 - Emily jilts Swindley (episode 375)
      7/5/81 - The viaduct collapse (episode 668)
      8/5/81 - Elsie and Steve's wedding (episode 702)
      9/5/81 - The Lakes coach crash (episode 923)
      The repeats were very successful and six months later and shorter set of episodes were repeated to celebrate the programme's own 21st anniversary.

    • The very first episode of Coronation Street was broadcast live from Studio 2 at Granada studios in Manchester at 7pm on Friday 9th December, 1960. It aired to all the existing regions on the 5-year-old ITV network with the exception of Tyne Tees TV in the North East of England (who started transmission with episode 14 on Wednesday 25th January 1961) and ATV Midlands (who started with episode 25 on Monday 6th March 1961 when the programme was fully networked for the first time). It should however be noted that there were several ITV stations that had not yet started broadcasting - Westward, Border, Grampian, Channel TV and Wales TV. Within a year, the programme was No 1 in the UK charts and reaching an international audience.

    • First appearances of following regular characters (with the dates of their last appearances in brackets):
      Ena Sharples (2 April 1980)
      Elsie Tanner (4 January 1984)
      Annie Walker (12 October 1983)
      Albert Tatlock (25 January 1984)
      Dennis Tanner (12 June 1968)
      Florrie Lindley (02 June 1965)
      Frank Barlow (03 February 1971)
      Ida Barlow (06 September 1961)
      David Barlow (10 April 1968)
      Linda Cheveski (20 June 1984)
      and, of course, Ken Barlow who is still in the show

  • Quotes

    • Elsie Tanner: (To her son, Dennis) Sometimes I wish we were more like them Barlows. At least they're not rowin' all the time!

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