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  • OH come on !

    My deceased aunt got me hooked on Coronation St about 20 yrs. ago. I just loved that show so much everybody knew not to call me when I was watching it !

    I don't understand what is going on with the show.... the scripts are CRAP !!!! Fed up of police, murder, manipulation, lies, deceit, change of characters..... & where is everybody's sense of humour gone ?

    Please change writers & get back to what Corrie St was you're about to lose another faithful listener ( my girlfriend has stopped watching because she can't stand the show anymore)
  • Queer st.

    Absolutely fed up with the ridiculous story lines and all the homosexual PLEASE get rid of Anthony really does turn my guts actor EVER.
  • Common sense leaves the building

    So having invested around 65k from Jason's inheritance, his mothers takes it upon herself to spend 30k on tiles and we are expected to be convinced? Given the size of the development based on the model and the live shots of the building, both Jason's proxy investment and Eileen's profligacy are simply unbelievable. Even more ridiculous is the idea that the proposed purchasers from Sarah to Rita would sign a contract without the advice and support of a solicitor. It's one thing to suspend disbelief quite another to abandon common sense. For God's sake get some new writers.
  • Losing the will to watch

    I don't know who will read this, if anybody. But I used to hate soaps and change the channel every time Corrie came on the tv. I broke the habit of a lifetime and watch Corrie on a slow day a few years ago and was completely sucked in. For the last few years I've had it on a series record and couldn't wait for the next episode. I think the last time I really felt Corrie was Corrie, was when Callum was killed by Kylie Plat. And although I think the plot line with Phelan has merit and I am desperate for him to get his comeuppance, the plots are starting to feel very contrived and don't ring true for some of the characters that I have come to know and love over the last few years. I'm beginning to feel like I'm watching a northern version of East Enders. Corrie used to be mostly gentle everyday stuff with a lot of humour and a pinch of dastardly every now and then to get your blood boiling and calling for justice. For me it now feels like a mish mash of half cooked plots that stop and start whenever we need a space filling in the program. Sorry for the rant, but I'm beginning not to care whether I watch or not.
  • Paternity check

    Maybe Peter Barlow is returning to find out why his son is mixed race (bearing in mind Peter and his ex wife/partner are white)?

    Glad to hear that Sharif is leaving - his acting skills are non-existent as are Dev's, Nick's, Eva's .........

    Also I'm curious to know why Eileen and the rest of the people that live in her house don't use the front room that they walk past every episode to use the back room and kitchen?
  • Get rid of Alex - please!

    Alex ruins it - to the extent I'm verging on giving up after 40 yrs viewing. His silly voice makes me want to turn off. V politically correct I'm sure but after a hard day I watch to be entertained not to give the disabled an opportunity.

    Phelan is fantastic. Alia's family are not like any Muslims I've ever met (but the story with the mistress has Andy is pointless. Love Sally (show's funniest moments) and Amy is showing potential as great little actress.
  • Coronation st

    Been watching for years but the last year has been so boring I just can't do it anymore. The plot lines are so uninteresting and boring and they go on and on. You feel like you are watching the same episode a hundred times over. Every one drinks at all times of the day it's their only answer to a problem . They only eat takeaways ,every one is horrible to one another and angry . The days of Maureen and reg and curly and racquel I used to fall around laughing. So uplifting . They got les Denis comedian and he is another miserable character always down in the dumps angry at the world. Terrible script writing , Maria running around in a lions out fit for no reason ,that says it all really.
  • Mumbling cast

    When are you going to tell tha cast to SPEAK UP, some of the conversation is appalling, no wonder we have to have the subtitles on.

    I sometimes wonder if 'th' is going to be discarded from coversation, the actor who plays Craig is blatant when sounding 'fink' instead of THINK, and 'I fought' instead of thought. What an example to the younger gemeration who listen to this garbage
  • Corrie and The Implausibilty Matrix

    Corrie darling what are you doing????

    I have loved you for years and still watch but I am soooo fed up with these contrived storylines and implausible rubbish.

    If it weren't for the corpse under the granny flat this show would have almost nothing good going for it at all. Why have you brought back the nauseating Phelan and the irritant Jenny? Can't you think of anything new? No wonder Carla left the show after you thought we would believe that she wanted to marry Nick. Eileen would never have got together with Phelan. How tedious was that massively improbable storyline about Carla being Johnny's daughter and that's why his wife died blah blah and Aidan wanted to thump him but now they have all completely forgotten about it. And you REALLY expect us to believe this crap about Leanne Battersby and Steve?????? Of course on the same day Michelle decides she wants a baby. No wonder Liz is so po-faced about everything.

    KEEP: Tracy, Mary, Gemma, Todd, Sally, Tim, Beth and Steve (but give him the comedy storylines back for goodness' sake).

    LOSE: PHELAN, JENNY, that boring couple from the restaurant, Fizz (PLEASE) and those rotten bit-part actors who can't act!!!

    BRING BACK: TED ROBBINS!!! Ask Kate Robbins if she will join the cast too, she is awesome.

    And STOP introducing actors from other soaps!!!! No one buys it!

  • new ideas

    aftrer alot of research i think a true story line should be false accusations there are thousands out there inneed of this story lines to be seen maybe ken barlow have a false accusation against him which he already had yrs ago or jason have a false accusation against him on a rape charge just to show how the justice system in this day and age is a joke how a person can make a false alligation with no evidence at all there is plenty of info out there on how a fa can ruin innocent lives also how the police and cps hide any evidence that can help the accused so they can get a guilty verdict plus how the accuser gets compo just for making the accusation were as in most cases this day an age its the accused who is the innocent person and when found to be innocent it still stays on record and the accuser walks free to do it again no charges brought against them were is the justice i think it would be a great story line to gain more research check out on face book thanks
  • closed caption issue

    i wanted to watch Coronation street on Hulu but there is no closed caption ,,,,
  • Michelle

    What a boring story line with Michelle! OMG she only kissed him get over yourself & move one
  • Absolutely Dire muck, corny, bad acting, predictable

    What a load of KELT. Everytime a new character is introduced you can see the plot coming a mile off like michelles gormless ex who she is organising a wedding for. Stupid Sally who isn't the slightest bit funny. And do the producers actually watch the acting performances of these people? Dev and Mary must be the worst actors in the world. Its more like Carry On Coronation Street. Just watched the episode with all the drunks in the pub and it was embarrassing, seriously awful. Get rid of Dev, Mary, Micheal, Carla, Gail, Sally, Kirk (pleaseplease Kirk), Sarah and BOREDREY oh and rubbish at acting Rita, she is dire. In fact just scrap the program it is tripe
  • The slippery slope to the bottom

    Corrie used to be my favourite show- I couldn't wait for it to come on. Now I can't wait for it to end.

    What has happened- to everything? I'm sick of Tracy/Carla/Nick, Anna/Pat/Eileen and the story about Marta. It's as though the same record has been playing over and over and ............. I'd love to see Ken and Audrey get together, and something interesting for Leanne. Billy seems so out of place, still wearing the clerical collar, though. Eva's quip "tic-tac", instead of "tactic" was childish. Where are the clever lines and actors of yesteryear? Is Callum dead or alive? Will we ever find out? Will we care?
  • Fresh ideas needed for Corrie.

    Yes, storylines are getting jaded now!! Pat Phelan is a revolting character, how could ANYONE even like him let alone FANCY him!!LOL. Just unbelievable, isn't it? The lies are just TOO much. Bring in some new and fresh acting talent and ditch the unpleasant characters.
  • get rid of PAT

    why have they brought back that disgusting man PAT, the story lines are just totally CRAP, bring a better writer in. The story lines have gone stupid, boring, repetitive, get rid of Tracey, get rid of Pat, get rid of the newest girl who is supposed to be in contact with Callum.

    Just waiting for Callum to walk back in the door. what utter nonsense and boring rubbish will the script writers come up with next. SACK them all and find a proper script writer, the street is crap, crap, crap, sort your act out its BORING BORING BORING
  • Corrie needs some new storylines, ASAP

    I think if the writers are running out of ideas they should look to the fans of the show, Ive been watching Coronation for 12yrs and turned alot of my friends on to it, being more realalistic. I can't stand the soaps that the major stress of the day is little Ashleys BMW does'nt come in

    And if so the writers use one of our ideas they should give use a small spot on the show (eg. Bar fly, Kabob customer, Hit and Run Driver that runs down Ken Barlow) Any ways "Cheers for now" I wonder if Rita or Emily are reading this now that they are Internet Sauvy..
  • Coronation Street busters

    Drop an Nuke on the street. It's high time that crap was gone from on screens
  • boring!!!!

    Can the writers not think of a new story line!! The old Tracey and Carla war is dull! And really? bringing scumbag Pat back. Why do I watch this crap? no wonder it can't win awards!!
  • Why show someone hit their Dad

    I think it was really disgusting that you would show a son punching his dad this is really out of order and should not have been shown this was really low
  • Rubbish

    1) Who is writing this rubbish ?? As if an 84 year old woman would even consider travelling to Peru ?? Get real !!

    2) Carla's voice has to be the most boring monotone voice I have heard in a long time and she is an actress..... ??

    3) I have watched this programme for more years then I care to remember, but sadly, I feel the acting and the storyline has become a huge joke, no longer interesting or realistic.
  • Ridiculous "American" dialogue.

    I love Corrie, but what really gets me angry is the ridiculous habit of using the term "my bad" lately. This is a quintessentially English programme, and I consider this a dumbing down of the show to American tv culture. Ive never met one person young or old who uses the term in this country. It may be used by certain people but it is not widespread,and these sort of things contribute to our Americanisation. What are we going to have next, the cobblestones replaced with "sidewalks"? This is not trendy or clever, and If this childish and pathetic trend escalates I will desert my favourite programme.
  • Camera work difficult to watch

    Is it me? The Corrie camera work has suddenly changed. It would painfully flit from up nostril shot to a distance shot so quick they'd hardly finished talking. It was incredibly difficult to view - dreadful. Where has the camera men gone from the last 30 years I've been watching. Bring them back!!

    Also the sets and lighting have suddenly got that cheap feel like Neighbours/crossroads. Not a bit like Corrie. I don't know what you've done but it's really gone downhill. I'll give you a month to see if you go back to normal, then If not, I'll switch off. They ruined 'the bill' with ridiculous camera work and look what happened to that! The story lines lately have been very disappointing and are not getting better.
  • A Great Show For Many Years

    I've been watching coronation Street & Emmerdale since was a child :D

    What I like about the two show is

    1. Always Happiness scenes

    2. Always a laugh & Joke like in Life

    3. They have there Sad scenes & bad times like losing love ones ect

    4. Storylines are all perfect you always sometimes get the idea what's going to happen next or is going to happen

    5. I recommend corrie & emmerdale

    Should be the best winning soaps

    I don't see any Storylines in Eastenders Just violence & Arguments 24/7 Annoying Cockney fuckers :D Rock & Roll corrie & emmerdale
  • Unbelievable and chronically boring

    After years of faithful following, I am finally giving up on Coronation St - at least until the current rubbish runs its course. I cannot endure yet another 'hide the dead body' scenario. The police knew Callum was a drug-dealing bully who was terrorising the Platts. HELLOOOO. They would have CALLED THE POLICE.

    Also, Lloyd suddenly ups sticks to Jersey for a 'new life' with Andrea, who has been offered a fantastic job which must pay trillions more than Lloyds established business (but will they still want her when they know she's pregnant before she even starts???) Peppa Pig has more believable story lines. Corrie is one of the most popular shows in the world and can afford top class writers. Where are they???
  • G young

    Absolute rubbish!!!! Writing appalling completely stupid story line whst have you done to coronation street?
  • Coronation street copy of Den Watts death story line.

    How are we supposed to enjoy our favourite soaps if they keep on using the same old story lines and killing off the bad guys in the same old ways. Den Watts Callum same old same old it's just getting tedious now. Please rectify this
  • Callum story is ridiculous

    I have just watched the episode where Callum gets it. Come on. Do you think this is even feasible in reality? It is just infuriating to the point where I just can't watch anymore. He was attacking Sarah for god's sake. That's a perfectly legitimate reason to be hit on the head. Call the cops. Explain. The only action that makes sense. But instead we have this convoluted, far-fetched, coincidental stream of events. P-leeeeze. Do you think we are all a bunch of morons?
  • Absolutely dreadful- and getting worse

    The programme has deteriorated so far so fast it's incredible. It's like a bad joke... Not one story line adds up and nothing is even remotely real. Sack the writers
  • Terrible

    Who the hell is writing this? The story lines are appalling. This would never happen. I cannot believe that there is a street like this anywhere in the world, the people who lived there would have had many nervous breakdowns by now. I have gone off this soap as it is so depressing, nothing cheerful in it at all really. I used to love this programme but it is just ridiculous now, the writers must think the people who watch it are brain dead and have no views on life!
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