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  • Tod Mugging

    was very disappointed when Tod looked in the mirror that his scar had changed sides
  • david boring platt yawnnnn.

    How many more times does david platt need to brush that floor everytime I look up he has that damn strippy brush in his hands and how small is that new community room/library hardly room to turn around seriously.. like everyone else I record so I can wind past the terribl acting of the new family cant bear her shes like a hyena screechin in my earhole reminds me of an employer I used to have they way she looks over her glasses makes you feel like nothin... get rid of that tony with puffy eyes cant look at his face anylonger he cant act get rid of maddie waste of space sofie whats her purpose.. sniffling crybaby les dennis sick of him and gails relationship sooooo cringing to watch.. tims funny cant bear looking at fizz's cakeole her gobs always wide open with disbelief when talking to roy jeez I cud go on n on and yawn n yawn
  • The new family

    And yes, it is unfortunate I mean the 'new muslim family'. That woman screaming her lines is so irratating and I have to switch over albeit to the news such is the hurry I'm in! Please do not bring racisim into this, because I do know the actor 'Dev' and he and his family fitted in to Corrie quietly with some great story lines. I fear we shall have marriages, babies, fights and more visits from overseas re same family. I tried (with fingers crossed) to watch Peter's trial and with remote control at the readyin case that woman - extended brood popped up. Great hearing the news of Jim returning with Cilla, but 'up' that family pops again and off I go (C 66 COPS). So I daresay when Curly returns I will miss out any storyline involving him. Why didn't Corrie opt for a West Indian family/ Greek family/Chinese family? We have recently being subjected to harrowing news re our British men being murdered - so Corrie should have known their would have been some un-rest thus affecting the viewing. Of course not all muslim people are to be tarred with same brush, but it is unfortunate this family cannot act and the viewers are turning off.

    Same thing happened with EE and look at the ratings despite winning the Soap Awards. I'm not a saddo, but have enjoyed Corrie for years with great storylines - alas no more. As someone said on another site: will the last person watching Corrie turn the lights off on their way out....
  • Conventions of Coronation St. (1)

    There are hardly any aspirational females. Any female character with a career will soon lose it and happily revert to the norm: ie barmaid/waitress/shop assistant.

    However, all females can transform themselves, seemingly without training, into skilled seamstresses.
  • Terrible acting and story line.

    Can the writers please press the DELETE button on Andria and Lloyd - sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo boring I change the channel for a few minutes.

    I don't mind the gays and lesbian story lines, but come on - PC is ok but there would not be that many gay and lesbians people living on a small street like that.
  • carry on corrie

    wot an absolute joke,supposed 2 b real life, more like real joke, things iv seen lately r more from a comedy sketch, get rid ov the writers and put someone normal writing ur scripts. idiots
  • deirdre Barlow

    Why has coronation street changed deirdre Barlow's character? She has been turned into a simmpering,pathetic woman and I find that the more she is on the less I want to watch!
  • Too many cooks spoil the plot!

    I don't understand why Corrie has so many different writers and directors in the pot. It seems there is no end to the the writers and directors. Each episode has a different writer and director. The story lines aren't cohesive. The show goes from one crisis to another. Is anybody faithful on the show? I think the producers need to rethink the way Corrie is going. Pretty soon it will be going going gone!
  • Can we have a change of storyline please Corrie

    I love Corrie - have watched it since I was a kid - very funny and usually a good range of story lines, but the last year has seemed like one story - is there any character who hasn't had a cheating storyline ?.

    Not sure if the Corrie writers read feedback - check Corrie Facebook. Seems fans are getting fed up with repetitive cheating storyline.
  • Has Coronation Street finally jumped the shark?

    The success of Coronation Street over the years has always been the balence between comedy and tragedy. Lately though it is just one awful event after another and it is really starting to wear a bit thin. The murder of Tina followed by the loss of Carla's baby follows the death of Hayley. Then there was the car crash involving Gail's two sons which almost left one of them brain dead. A murder in the Rovers caused by a fire, an ongoing blackmail by a building contractor - the list goes on and on. It really has turned into Eastenders at its worst. I can't see it getting any more cheery for the forseeable future and in fact it has become depressing. It's a real shame that the writers now need a murder or attempted murder every other week to keep veiwers interest ed.
  • Going down the toilet

    I've watched Cori for the past 10 years, but lately I like to PVR it so I can skip through to the good parts which are getting fewer. Todd should never have come back into the show - the conduct of him and Marcus makes me sick - and Maria, who used to be sweet young girl has turned into little tart - as has Peter's little thing on the side. Why so many perverted relationships?? Sophie and Maddie for instance.

    Lets get back to the good clean storyline where we could use our imaginations instead of having undesirable conduct shoved in our faces. Seriously I'm not all that keen on the show any more. I used to hate to miss it - now I almost hate to watch it.
  • Put the kettle on!

    Owing to a busy life, I had 39 (yes, 39) episodes of Corrie recorded and finally sat down to watch some of them the other day. Amazing what trends you notice when seeing so many episodes one after another. In every single episode and in half of the scenes, the people are holding mugs of tea - it's as though they've lost the plot and can only say their lines with a cup in their hands. The 'put the kettle on' phrase is used hundreds of times and is becoming exceedingly irritating. You may have missed this little bit of trivia, but watch next time, and I'll bet you'll see it cropping up. I know it's no big thing, but can't they think of another 'prop'. Poor script writing again.

    I do so agree with the comment from a viewer about Maddie - her character drives ME mad and the whining voice of Sophie is just so irritating.

    Wish we could see more of Mary and Norris in the story lines - they're both brilliant!
  • Pathetic Fun Run ... Well Pathetic Everything!!! What's Going On With Our Corrie???

    Just watched Corrie catch up from last week and can't believe how bad it's getting!! The acting, the storylines, well just about everything is going rapidly downhill. I've always loved the characters so the bad actors amongst them were bearable but now even the good ones are melting fast. It's as though they've been told to change how they act! Nothing seems "real" anymore! The fun run was a complete joke! Since when have extras been allowed to grin straight at the camera ?? Did anyone notice the guy who kept popping up everywhere with a stupid grin on his face?? He was stood at the start line waving a banner, leaning over everyone to be seen , even squashing poor Amy Macdonald in the process, then he popped up right between Eileen and Leanne with a big grinning face as well as loads of other places!! I couldn't believe it! What a Wally! It was like watching something from a Harry Hill sketch! I thought extras were meant to be insignificant in the background. How come no one told him you can't stand their grinning at the camera so all your mates can see you!? Everything about the show has changed and I'm not liking it! I always watch it because I always have but please bring back the "real feel " or I don't think I can take much more!! Such a shame
  • Table Manners or the lack of - Corrie

    Has anybody noticed the lack of table manners in Coronation Street, I know the actors are acting when they eat but please, if you are going to mimic real life scenarios, please show some decorum! I have been watching Coronation Street since I was a young girl and have never noticed the lack of table manners before until recently. The actors eat with a fork or fingers,there is no sight of a knife at all. If a knife does actually appear, they clearly do not know what to do with it. They chew their food with their mouth open and slump over with elbows on the table! OMG, If this really is representative of our society today,god help us! Please, Please, come on the script writers of coronation street, show us some good table manners! We are not all Neanderthal up north,honestly!
  • Please bring back the 'old' Corrie

    Who is writing this rubbish?

    Maddy, Karl & Leanne, Chesney buys a nice red

    Will record next week's episodes so I can fast forward over the rubbish (that should reduce watching time to 5 minutes or then stop watching altogether the following week.

    Thank god for Steve
  • please make maddie homeless again

    the maddie character who is involved with sophie - please make her homeless again - preferably as far away and off our screens as possible - so far she had robbed, assaulted, kidnapped and been seen to suffer no consequences. what sort of a message is this sending to young people - apart from her acting is beyond wooden and unpleasant.

    get rid now please
  • corrie

    Corrie has got more + more depressing iv given up watching as the writers are rubbish and getting characters to do unbelievable unrealistic crap its one disaster after another trying to boost ratings - they forget you only get high ratings if people care about the characters - i dont anymore. The storylines are an insult to intelligence.
  • Gaynation Street

    After 15 years I am done with this show---there was 10 of us faithful watchers and now we are down to 2 of 3 of the people in our group are gay before anybody comments on that.

    The writing on the show has dropped in quality and are they trying to

    make a statement or entertain?

    The gay/bisexual/lesbian storyline are pathetic and insulting to gay

    people - I watch the same storyline 30 years ago-lets focus on gay


    Sad but I am done - the American soaps are far more entertaining which

    is a sad thing to say. Are the idiot writers think that they will gain or keep followers by shocking them with gay/bisexual story lines (Hello it is 2014 out there).

    There must be a gay/lesbian writter or someone in the closet that wants to live a fantasy by having the actors engage in home sexual activity for there own pleasure -

    Please hire better writers, drop the sexual fetish storyline or make the homosexual actors focus on something other then " Oh my God they kissed" or "He is gay now he's not gay"


  • Kim marsh

    Unfortunately her personal life is spoiling corrie for me as she's not proving to be a nice person
  • Please not cancer at xmas

    I do consider all are brilliant characters in this series. I am not a melodramatic or depressive but consider it is inconsiderate to deal with cancer, especially terminal cancer, as main subject material in programmes over xmas period.

    Hayley portrays a brilliant example of strength and determination to try to continue enjoying what life she has remaining and should have been allowed to continue with this until after the xmas period.

    It is a time when many (incl myself) also endeavour to ignore the illness and consequences and just get on with the festive time. Last week we also said goodbye to a life long friend who lost this same battle.

    Please be more considerate on the timing of such episodes. Surely a little light relief is warranted over the festive period,

  • Lloyd is the racist

    Lloyd, with his look full of hate, is the racist. Well, rather mean-spirited. I always thought the storylines were a bit axxagerated, and I hope it`s the case here in that it does not reflect the average Manchestarian
  • Racist v Fattist

    How can Lloyd make such a fuss about Paul saying 'Play the white man' when Lloyd himself then calls 'Fat Brenda' in to cover for Eileen. So wrong,
  • the storyline in cornation street is presenting very negative images on public thoughts about faye and her dad's story

    hi there , i would like to alert you of a matter that has really offended me on national telelvision on cornation street soap on week ending 07/07/2013. you have faye and her dad's story line scenes which are not only distrubing on themselves but also represent children to have similar thoughts and why it is fair for anna to have faye is still debating in my opinion. why do mum's always get custody of children? i do believe that faye was lying in this story line hence all the confusion was created but imagen what other dad's are experiencing at this time who have no acess to see their children. this legal system is so unfair towards dad's and its like they are not classed in anything as equal partners but yet they are because they have half created a child . i find this very offensive and know that many people who have watched this will agree. why do hou have the need to bring in such stupid tory lines which offend parents abilities and put ideas into children's heads ? i think you should be banned from presenting such redicilous storylines which are so influrencing and mean towards dad's . this is why a dad's rights are taken away , watching too much bloody cornation street with such crap in it.
  • how sad

    i agree with whats been said. from the 50th anivarsary it all went wrong .such great drama re train crash and after. then the whole john stape thing ,falling of roof (6 floors)

    an insult to my minimal intellegence.

    have been watching since episode 1 and its now so awfull i cant watch any longer.

    I do feel for the actors in the show ,ken dedrie rita etc to have to endure this load of ole rubbish. the word its turned into is "vile" yes its vile

    ps all my other corrie mates ,you know the ones you would mull over the episode next day . not one of them watches now,says it all
  • most depressing soap on tv

    This has become one of the most depressing shows on tv-almost topping reality tv, lol! Nowadays anyone can send their ideas in to the producers in a bid to write for it, and it does show. The storylines seem to now be written by the viewers of Jeremy Kyle, all non stop misery and manic shouting with the occasional crying for an hour. In a desperate bid to maintain the next generation of viewers that live on Jeremy, by any chance? Unlike Jeremy's shows however (which has its comedy moments), for those watching coronation street, it certainly isnt likely to make them feel any better about themselves or generate a good atmosphere. A fair difference compared to the show 10 years ago, it now has far more negative than positive moments. Its the soap equivalent of what movies have become-where constant 'special effects' are more important than the storylines. In soap terms, its the radical storylines and high vocal argumentative tone throughout that rule to draw in the crowds. Some may argue 'but this is life', but that sounds more of a reflection on their own life than anything else.. terrible show-no depth, miserable.
  • Coronation Street

    I have been watching Coronation Street for many years, all good things come to an end!!

    I WILL NOT be watching it again, it has turned into the most negative TV show ever. What alot of backstabbers are on it now. It is no longer a pleasure to watch, nothing uplifting about it, just a street full of people hurting other people.

    I would rather watch Maurey Povich at this rate.

    What alot of rubbish the great Cornation Street has come to!!!
  • replacement parts

    My friend and I have been bemoaning the choice of Nick the adult. He is so dissimilar to the original lad who played Leanne's teen husband. THEN y'all came up with replacement Ryan!

    Who needs laser surgery in the casting department? None of this is a reflection on the actors,

    but the only thing they got right with replacement Ryan was blue eyes. Shame on all of you! In both cases you have replaced beauty with grit...and the viewing public is not impressed!
  • Love the show its the best bring Becky Back Please!!!

    My whole family loves the show its awsome even my husband watches with me after work everynight lol.. and he aint much for soaps! We really miss Becky though she was our favorite actress in the show would be nice if she returned !!! HINT HINT and Iam sure alot of others would also love to see her back she kept the show alive and fun always wondering what was to happen next just love it use should make the episodes longer!! lol but bring becky back to start some fun!
  • Depressing

    Coronation Street has become a dark depressing dour clone of Eastenders, soulless and humorless and devoid of interesting and engaging characters. It should be renamed, how about Northenders or Depression Street ?
  • beacky!

    no affence but all the years i have been watching beacky has been in it and i cant imagen corrie with out her please can you just tell me if she is going to come back?

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