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  • RubbishNation Street

    I used to love watching Coronation street, but not any more. It is gone completely bonkers. Where do i start,,Oh yes Pat Phelan story line... the writers and producer did a over kill on this story line.. i got so sick of it, it went on and on and on,,,did i mention that the pat phelan storylline went on and went on and on. But i said to myself i will stick this out to see how and the hell this bloody story line would end. At last the final week, it was like watching paint dragged it out all week, but friday was comical . It was the worst ever tied up by Gary, Gary knocked out by Phelan. Gary and Sara tied up by Phelan, Anna to the the hell did she come out of.. i thought she was locked up. Phelan goes to Eileen with gun Phelan shoot we see Anna tracking blooded foot prints out the back of Eileen is take daughter {sorry cant think of her name} to the bistro Oh my a joke. wedding going on at bistro mischell and Robert. then Phelan is shouting to save daugher but does not want anyone to ring are throwing everything at us he takes michelll as hostage dragging her into guess who is waiting for them. yes then stabs Phelan in the chest not before the gun goes off and shoot god do i have to go throught all this crap again.... this episode was a complete have promised myself never to watch Coronation Steet is just not enjoyable anymore.. the light humor is storyline that annoyed me was when carla after her kidney have her drinking wine. Michelle hen do come to Bye Bye Coronation Street. I just cant bear to watch you anymore.
  • Coronary Street

    I'm so sick, fed up, disgusted of the Phelan storyline. The man is overweight and aged, but he can outrun and outfight very fit young men. What a farce. Have no idea why they're so desperate to hold onto this hate to hate actor (NOT love to hate) so much that they have turned Corrie into a piece of trash no longer worth watching just to keep him employed. Beloved characters are killed off, and hated characters that you can't stand so much that you change the channel when you see them are desperately held onto LONG, LONG, LONG after veiwers are downright sick and disgusted of. The internet is FULL of "I'm so sick of Phelan" yet Corrie producers are too arrogant to listen. It'll be too late when viewers (like me) stop tuning in.
  • Therapy e-room

    For the last couple of years I've thought how ironic it is for the voiceover at the end of yet-another highly disturbing episode to suggest we log in to if we've been affected by the issues raised. I know this is meant to relate to people who have experienced similarly distressing circumstances in their lives, but I strongly suspect that far more people have actually been disturbed and distressed by the programme content. Maybe we need a Coronation St. coping mechanism, such as a therapy e-room. And why is it that script writers are so sensitive to every conceivable "minority" except for christians, who are either treated as old and irrelevant (Emily)or , in Billy's case, systematically torn apart by drug abuse? Does this seem "equitable"?
  • Way too miserable

    I can't be the only one who is sick of Michelle,her winging,crying and judging? Plush someone should check her wardrobe before filming,my entire family pointed out in unisen about her fake bottom.

    The terrible acting from Leanne and her sister who sound like they have asma!

    I used to love watching this programme since I was a child but it's become non stop misery and violence, there is enough of that on this planet. Certainly don't need a TV show to make me feel constantly bad at the end of it

    In the words of a very bad actress I have got paint to watch dry.

    Who ever writes this and doesn't think how they all seem to have affairs with eacher other and I can't keep up with whos baby is who's and what lies who is covering up, thought you would have found some characters that can not only act but lighten the mood

    Not that it matters but you have lost 5 long term fans here.


  • Scriptwriters hell bent on killing Corrie!!

    I can only conclude that after a record-breaking 57yrs the current script writing team are determined to kill off this once entertaining soap with THE most ridiculous storylines. So we had the stupid Phelan storyline and now that he has the opportunity to get away with his crimes, what does he do? Goes back to have a go at Eileen. In real life that sort of scenario would result in the perpetrator thanking his/her lucky stars and getting as far away as possible!! ITV you ARE losing viewers! Time to change the script writers for a more talented team!!
  • Terrible.

    Apart from terrible writing and awful storylines. I accuse Coronation St with racism and misogyny.
  • Two words to sum-up Corrie these days...

    TOO. MUCH. I stopped watching Corrie after 40+ years during the episode where Phelan turned-up 'Freddie Kruger-esque' in a B&B after falling into the raging sea off the pier. It was the straw that broke the camel's back for me after watching my beloved Corrie descend into utterly unbelievable farce. Too much political correctness, too much sensationalism, too much darkness, too much aimed at 'the younger generation', TOO MUCH CORRIE!!!
  • Humour no more!

    As a long time Coronation street fan I am on the brink of giving up! I find myself shouting at the TV in utter frustration. The storylines are shocking, any attempt at a credible story has been sacrificed for sensationalism. Rather than make the story believable it appears to be an easier option to make the police act like a bunch of incompetant idiots. The regular clever humour has long gone in fabour of these idiotic dark storylines. I hear the script writer is ending their time with Coronation street, Good Ridance!
  • Where have all the good scripts gone?

    I have become increasingly disillusioned with the extremes in the scripts of Corrie. The storylines are ridiculous to say the least and totally unrealistic. You get the boring family of Ty and Fiz and then it goes to the dark storylines of David. Corrie was once known for its humour represented through its cosy characters but that is fast disappearing. I appreciate the scriptwriters are trying to attract a younger audience but in so doing they are losing their regular viewers who like me are fed up with these I feel depressing scripts. There are a lot of very good actors in this soap opera who are being wasted. Take note scriptwriters.
  • Cloned Brunettes

    Sadly I have to agree with so many of the previous comments here; I've been a "Corrie" fan ever since it first began but I've increasingly found myself remarking to my husband at every episode these past months as to how much it no longer resembles the show we dedicated followers knew and loved for years and years.

    I predicted that there would be viewers complaining as to the level of violence,threatened violence and bullying,child sex-grooming,homosexual political correctness being OTT in the unbelievable amount of characters in one small street,murders undiscovered and months long kidnapping in a dark house that defies belief and I've seen it come true not only online but in newspaper letters,too.

    To call it Coronation Street these days really is too far removed from any semblance of the "real thing" that was loved by so many generations but nowadays I daresay there are likely very many parents who will not allow viewing even at the early hours.

    Another strange phenomenon is that confusion often abounds in that so many of the female characters look strikingly similar with long dark hair and facial features that are very alike so we do tend to get a bit lost at times in the storylines.

    That may well not be much of a problem,though as far as we are concerned as I feel every time we watch it it gets ever more absurd and it will not be too difficult to ditch what really is no longer the enjoyable programme it once was.

    How "Phelan" carries on these days without wanting to chuck it all in is amazing; he must go home and think in the dark hours how stupid his role has become and a good actor is just wasted on it as are practically all the "greats" still hanging on in there to the last.

    How sad they must feel inside when they remember the fabulous years gone by,especially now with the loss of dear "Vera".

    The show always defends every crisis by saying they are raising important issues of today which may seem commendable but there really can be too much realism in what is or was once a light relief of an evening for families to share together yet now there will be even more of it all with an extra episode each week!

    Also there are so many new characters now it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the storylines and remember who is who and doing what in which family.

    An addition being placed on March 21st.2018......

    Simply to say that it seems nothing months on is any better; if anything it has become ever more ridiculous in violence, emotional pain,characters acting out of their normal selves in that Tyrone would never have considered taking anyone to bed other than "Fizz" despite their problems and the usually fun-loving, sassy Gemma would never have betrayed "Fizz" or let it go that far,a beer or two extra or not and Tyrone would never DREAM of a loss of control in smacking Ruby.

    Also,it would seem next week is about to ditch the title Coronation Street in favour of Waking The Dead in order that the normally-clued-up Eileen can finally wake up to the serial-killer husband that is Phelan.

    How much more human depravity does this once fabulous family-friendly Soap need to stoop to to hit the wake-up button that enough is far more than enough.

    David has always had his problems but this background has been part of who he is,making him vulnerable,aggressive,yet underneath it all has been able to feel and give love despite his failings and his little family has been his salvation,now he has been flung into ever-darker depths that are quite frankly unnecessary for the show and viewers alike.

    We already know he has had his troubles that tend to crop up and impact upon himself and those around him,giving plenty of scope just as any real person would have to create stories for years without this added trauma.

    It has all become far too desolate,dark,violent and full of despair and angst.

    I bet there aren't too many cosy family-viewing nights of it these days and that utterly ridiculous Moira,what is SHE all about? is she the "light" part of Corrie now? It is truly beyond it all,it really is.

    Finally,that utterly horrific scene where Phelan abused the once-lovely,gentle now utterly degraded junkie of a vicar,Billy,reduced to unrecognisable tramp-like condition was just too awful for words.

    Coronation Street??? Not-long-for Telly Street.....

    The likes of Ken,Rita,Audrey,Gail et al of the "old-school" must surely lie in bed at night wondering what the Hell they now are part of.

    Can there ever be a turn-around? It might seem unlikely right now but somewhere there must be a super,right-thinking person who can make it loveable and funny once more whilst still being able to raise "issues" in a far-less violent,upsetting way.

    Practically every episode now is in hospital,the police cells or scenes of deceit,murder or violence.

  • What has happened to Coronation Street

    It used to be so good and funny but now I think it's time the new producers moved on or back to where they come from. Sick of all the dark storylines it's gone too far now
  • Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.....

    I just saw a short clip of David Platt in tonight's Corrie on Lorraine. So glad I've given up watching, it was absolutely dreadful. Who on earth would call that entertainment, so harrowing. I feel very sorry for people of my nans generation who are elderly and housebound who have always watched Coronation Street, it's so far removed from their lives or anything they could comprehend. Completely unwatchable now, pure sensationalism on seedy storylines that have no bearing on most people's everyday lives. I remember the days you could sit down as a family and watch it but not any longer. Wake up Corrie before you completely lose your loyal fan base.
  • Appealing to New generation?

    There are some excellent points made below from other loyal Corrie fans. The inappropriate scenes so early in the evening, the poor writing and sensationalism to gain awards, the lost ethos of Corrie that provided a balanced picture of life adding a little of escapism for those coping with real life!

    One question asked, was are they trying to appeal to a new generation? as someone who is close to that generation, it is failing.

    The new generation are switching from programmed TV to Netflix etc.. choosing what they watch and when. Corrie is not for them and if it is, it used to offer a uniqueness from all other soaps.

    This is now lost.

    So get back to the winning formula, of writing not to compete with others and stay true to your roots!

    I will not be watching the male rape story, you really have gone too far now. Good story lines and drama does not need to be graphic and sensationalist. It only serves to demonstrate a lack of imagination and lethargy in your writing.

    I have young children, who by the way loved Corrie and loved watching quirky Norris and Rita and all the other wonderful actors. We will be watching Netflix! Wake up Producers before all is lost!
  • Please make it believable again!

    Coronation street should be real people, normal daily events, wry humour to help monotonous days go by.

    Its the humour and believability that made the show. Pretty obviously no one writing scripts has a real life and cant have any affiliation with the sort of people the show is about. Its turning into a Game of Thrones light.
  • Corrie farce

    What a farce last nights episode was phelan falling into a pit of falling water which was supposed to be at concrete any body can see concrete is thick and stony plus a concrete mixer would not have been left on site and it certainly wouldn't hold the amount of concrete it was pouring about time phelan episode came to an end it's boring and I'm sure other fans are fed up with it
  • Twaddle

    tell me how this once great programme reflects real life, it's even over cooked the same sex relationship line which is now n every programme on TV. Yes, TV producers everywhere the message has been heard loud and clear. Although there are three lesbians and one gay man, or rather three at one point, in one street, it doesn't reflect my day to day life or that of most people in the vicinity. Nor do I know of anywhere where someone can murder so many people and not get caught. Nor do I know of any Muslims and I know a few, who go to the pub or would openly admit to loving someone of the same sex. To reflect real life Rhana would likely have been killed or sent to Pakistan to be married off to a distant cousin. Get back to true, everyday northern life and win back some viewers. Another point is the terrible child actors in it. With the glut of stage schools I'm sure better ones could be found. Amy is hopeless. In tonight's episode one if Tyrone's kids said "Get a room" how old is she 5 or 6! Absolutely ridiculous.
  • Sad and boring, the end of Corrie as you knew it.

    I agree with almost all other posters. 40 plus years of being a fan - the new directions are boring! It started with the Phelan stories, ad infinitum! Every day/week, I was muttering "finish it off already!" And the other stories were equally long-drawn out and tedious! As an experiment, I stopped watching a month ago. I haven't missed it and I won't be going back - unless there is a clear change of artistic direction. Reality is all very well but soaps are not the right vehicle to deal with it at depressing and tedious length. Bye Corrie!
  • Watch 80s re-runs!

    I agree with everyone on here. The response from the scriptwriters (and others) is that they have to show 'real life'. In that case, why aren't they mentioning Brexit, terrorism, the state of the Nhs, etc. It's not the place of a soap to go into serious issues all the time. That is the remit of serious documentaries such as Panorama. We don't watch soaps to give us an awareness of 'real issue's.

    I can only conclude that, like another poster said, the scriptwriters are young people who are used to playing video games and watching horror films. These scriptwriters need to take a look at the 80s re-runs to see how a brilliant soap should look. These repeats are a pleasure to watch and there's something to chuckle at in every episode. My advice: boycott the current ones and watch the reruns. They'll soon get the message!!

    Coronation Street has definitely lost its way. I cant believe that the actors who have been in it for years, arent disillusioned by the way it has gone. They should all go on strike until the scriptwriters come to their senses!! Hilda Ogden must be turning in her grave!
  • Awful

    Coronation Street has turned into a load of rubbish recently. The only good story is the Phelan one. I was getting sick of it as it's been dragged out for years, but compared to the other stories on the show it's brilliant. The casting is awful. Sinead, Daniel and Summer have to be the worst characters and actors I've seen. Really needs a change of writer and get rid of some characters. The older characters are the best.
  • Summer

    Does anyone have a problem understanding Summer when she speaks?
  • I Wonder...

    I agree with the comments on here but most are from the older generation (like me) and start with comments like "I've been watching for 30 years". So I wonder if the writers are trying to attract a new generation that are more interested in unrealistic fantasy rather than a dying breed of us traditionalists. You only have to look at computer games to understand what today's youth is into and it's not light hearted fiction with an occasional laugh.

    Sadly that doesn't suit us but it would be interesting to know if more younger viewers are watching and if so I will happily give way.
  • I've give up on this garbage and gone back to the 80s!!

    Thank goodness we can now watch classic Coronation St on ITV3, real characters, real story lines and far superior acting. I would urge all genuine Corrie fans to watch classic Coronation St. Instead of this absolute rubbish that is on our screens now masquerading as life in a Northern Street.

  • Transformation street

    This should be the new name as coronation street is now in full change from a good show to a total load of garbage ! After 40 plus years of watching it's got to be the worst it's ever been now

    Pathetic story lines with more serial killers in the street and now the way Todd Grimshaw has been written out !!! Come on writers you could have done better than that surely ?!

    Think it's time I bowed out of watching unless scripts improve however I doubt that will happen

    What next Pat Phelan for mayor ? Oh no he's too busy getting another lucrative building job !!!! Pathetic
  • Ridiculous Phelan storylines

    Please can the writers do something to end all our frustrations at Phelan forever getting off scot-free. Everyone I know is sick to death of him. We know he is a good actor but PLEASE. I uaed to enjoy Corrie, but am beginning to tire of current storylines.
  • Corrie hasn't won NTA serial drama for a few years... who dunnit?

    I have been watching Corrie for 25-odd years since I was little (as my mum watched it since she was little) and without getting personal, it seems that since the current producer has taken the helm, the storylines have spiraled into the ridiculous.

    As Radio Times writer David Brown quite rightly noted about the creation of Coronation Street, Tony Warren originally wanted a street 'that people could relate to an urban landscape of battleaxes, snobs, tarts with hearts and feckless fellas but one where neighbourliness trumped family ties and any adversity was met with backbone and wry The 'insiders' now protest that producers are simply making people aware of a wide range of sensitive subjects etc. but with a different helpline at the end of almost every episode for people to call who have been 'affected' by these scenes, perhaps too much is too much now.

    And I am not looking forward to the male-rape storylines following the peodo ring and all the other CONSTANT doom and gloom deaths, murders, miscarriages etc. Next storyline for Jack P Shepherd after this one surely must see him (more realistically) being institutionalised after years of relentless trauma to him and his family. But he did famously hint to OK magazine amidst rumours of leaving, that "As long as I am getting dramatic storylines, I will And as a well-respected actor and owner of an acting/drama academy, perhaps the pressure is on the producer from all sides.

    It is a shame that the show seems (to me) to have turned into more of an insatiable ego fest about winning awards rather than what the long-standing viewers want. They need to get the balance right.

  • Nearly 40 years and I am giving up !!! drawn out story line is boring now

    Is anyone else totally fed up with the Pat Phelan story. This has gone beyond intrigue to boring and dragged out. This is where Corrie has crossed the line into Fantasy. I think its time to stop my weekly watch of this and I have got to the stage where i really don't care about Pat Phelan or anything to do with him it is boring now.
  • Boring boring

    I wish I had fast forward button Phelan storyline now sooo stupid I will watch again when it's finished and hope writing gets better as I used to luv Corrie but sorry not at minute
  • Visiting times ??????

    Just watched tonight's 2 episodes mind boggling trash who is writing these scripts .It is turning some decent actors into cardboard cutouts .They must be in it just to pay there mortgage not for the love of comment as I could go on forever it's late on at night on Corrie yet" come on Eileen" gets a visiting order to visit Hannah now I've never been in prison nor visited but that just can't be right or am I wrong .Get rid of the writers directors and get it back to where it used to be !!!!!
  • Dark Dark show now!

    Unbelievable dark story lines. The writers must be complete psycho morons! Have just quit watching this! Absolute trash now. Used to love the show, been watching since the 60'S! Too bad ... : (
  • 15th January Coronation St, Episode 1

    Never seen two more unanimated extras than those sitting behind Eileen at her prison visit!!! Are they actually actors who can't act. Hope l don't see them again - they spoilt the scenes!!!