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  • crap story line again calum ????

    Come on corrie. Its getting from bad to worse. My hubby and i have watched for years but the story lines are awful. The callum story ??? couldve been brill but the writers and actors are awful. Taken the calum story way to far out there. THATS it for us we are no longer watching corrie.
  • Dire!

    Used to love love corrie but now it's painful to watch just absolutely dire! Any spark left in this show vanished with Michelle Keegan, the Katy character also should have stayed she had much more to offer. If I was in charge I'd immediately axe the following, Norris and emily, fiz chesney sinead and kirk, that Faye child! Roy is pointless also, that Bethany platt who lived most of her life in Milan but has a strong manc accent haha not buying it!!, the nazir family need to go as does Izzy! No more weddings for Gail its ridiculous! Carla went from alcoholism to gambling shes got no money but jets off to las Vegas to go to a corrie?! Bring back Tyrone's mum Jackie back permanently! She was hilarious bring her back with a scouse family in tow! Maria also bores the life out of me\everyone! Shape up corrie or youll go the same way as brookside!
  • Poor Acting and rubrish story lines

    Making an unrecognised new family the main characters overnight - especially militant granny with fake accent replacing popular characters such as Ken, Dierdre etc with militant poor replacements ie Emily (library story) side-lining Owen and his family etc is just a turn off - wind on of the recording- no one wants to see this dross - get back to basics Coronation Street - clever humour and strong characters/Months later still the same old garbage get rid of the very poor Asian family story line - totally ridiculous - the Platts - gangsta storyline - rubbish - get back to basics fun and humour - starting to be a not watchable show - very sad - weeks later and still the same old crap - 1/8/15 how much longer can this go on and on and on
  • Some characters must go! And quick!!!!!

    Recent writing of episodes has been appalling. Introduction of some characters has been puerile and a waste of time. These characters must go and go quick. They include: Bethany and her mum. The Callum storyline is pathetic, bring it to a conclusion quickly. There is no role for Todd, get shot now. Cathy Mathews is not believable and not required. The whole Nazir family should go, no role for them. Where did Dev ( I have a voice problem) learn to act and why is he tolerated?

    Like many others I could go on forever. I and my wife are also addicted but are very close now to being able to stop watching as it is no longer enjoyable. A shame as we have been there since the beginning. We did the same with Eastenders and Emmerdale and haven't looked back. Get it right or close it down!
  • Coronation Street needs new writers/directors

    I have watched Corrie for decades. It just doesn't make sense anymore. My husband and I (both Canadians) groan every night--why do we even continue to watch this? Yes, we are addicted, but we are going to try to go cold turkey and turn Corrie off for good. It's the small details that make a novel or a show believable. If Deirdre asks in a letter for the best ham from Freshco at her wake, can they at least show one person eating a ham sandwich and saying, "This is lovely," rather than mourners eating mini-burgers? Where was the ham? It is as if her last requests were ignored. Deirdre was Carla's mother-in-law at one time--Carla, being a responsible person, would not avoid the funeral even if she had a gambling addiction. Or at least have her not attend because she's afraid of seeing Peter. And don't get me started about Carla bunking with Roy. They are good friends, yes, but Carla would never move into Roy's poky flat with her glamorous life--can you imagine her getting ready in the morning--where would she put her clothes and all her make-up? Nor would Roy be comfortable sharing digs with anyone except for of course his beloved Hayley. She would stay in a posh hotel. Now Bethany, who was a cute, shy child, is not only a rebellious teenager, but has no redeeming qualities. I get that she acts out like we all did at her age, but to destroy her grandmother's wedding dinner and then have not an ounce of regret--that is unbelievable-have her at least be sorry for the big things. Then Gail acted as if it was nothing. "Nobody got to eat at my wedding--no The writers are writing the characters like cartoon characters so they are no longer believable. It's not the acting--it's the writing that is pathetic. One more thing--Deirdre's only biological grandchild almost perished in a fire in recent weeks, and Deirdre doesn't find this a reason to come home? Hell nor high water would have stopped Deirdre--she would have attended Kal's funeral to express her gratitude for giving his life to save Amy. We all know she couldn't have attended, but the writers could have had her killed in a train crash en route--it at least would have made sense. For her to continue her stay at Bev's in the aftermath of the fire was totally out of character. I could go on and on. When Hayley died, Becky would have shown up at the funeral. She and "Hayles" were very close--Becky's husband has money--she would have been there for Roy. I read that the actress, Katherine Kelly, offered to return for a guest appearance, but was turned down by the powers-that-be. I couldn't stop asking, "Where is Becky?" Coronation Street doesn't ring true anymore. I'm a freelance writer--hire me--even in faraway Canada, I figure I could do a better job. I at least know the characters.
  • Let's Rid The Street Of ' Tracey Luv ' PLEASE !!

    I have watched Corrie for many years and the last couple years (since they brought Tracey back from prison ?) I am losing almost all my interest in it. I never dreamed that could happen. I cannot believe how evil Tracey & Todd are without consequences ? It's ridiculous to watch & especially Tracey Barlowe. I realize there are nasty people wherever you go but her character is beyond believable. It was great when she was gone from the show but miraculously she was released from prison after killing a man & brought back to begin her evilness Who writes this stuff ?? Her character doesn't have one nice quality & right from the day she arrived back, she was creating havoc. She started making nasty comments to poor Claire about Ashley (who had just died) & was grinning in that gummy smile of hers that was unbelievable. Who writes such nasty horrible lines? I can't imagine anyone getting away with that kind of behaviour without being beat to a pulp. And from then on, it has been one conniving situation after another. It's great to have a personality in any show that we love to hate, but the way this woman gets away without any consequences, has made it so annoying to watch.

    She's a grown woman living off her family & the entire storyline is not realistic. (Although, it seems normal to have adult children living with their parents on Corrie Street)

    Why can we not see her get what's coming to her? Now, she has caused another death or two & the blame is put on Carla. I have always liked the Carla character & now she's leaving )-:

    Why can't Kate Ford be the one to leave? I realize it's a soap & storylines can be unrealistic but so many people that watch this popular soap, hate the Tracey character & yet they continue to keep making her vindictive backlash worse than the last. She verbally attacks everyone within earshot which makes viewing unpleasant. There are so many of the characters on the street that have met with her wrath.

    Now there's Todd, another complete psycho that is getting worse & unbelievable in this story. How could they have him sexting his own Mother ? Ewe !! That boggles the mind & just makes you want to throw up a little bit. I love the Eileen character, but she really needs to throw that creep out on the street. He was once a nice guy with compassion but now he's the extreme opposite?? He's busy creating hell for his family members & believes it's some kind of revenge / payback for how they turned their back on him. lol that is just stupid. He actually ruins his brother's life with losing the woman he loved & then does something similar to his Mother. The guy should be in an institution somewhere. There is such a thing as sibling rivalry, but that's messed up.

    There are so many great characters in Corrie but the storylines are laughable lately. The chickens (WTH), Kal's annoying Mother, Michael's constant whining, Sarah & her delinquent daughter that disrespects everyone, David Platt & his ongoing miserable face without barely a mention of Lily etc etc........ Come on Corrie it together before you lose your loyal fans.

    Sometimes, it's just feels good to voice the way you feel !!!.
  • Carla in mortal danger again

    Carla is like Penelope Pitstop , always in mortal danger. With her experiences of fire you would have expected her to cope better. And how was she unconscious on the pavement for ages then up and about refusing treatment the next. It's as pathetic as the wild overacting this week.
  • what's with the copycat

    I absolutely cannot stand the way

    Corrie - single teenager mom can't cope mum takes over

    eastenders - single teenager mom can't cope mum takes over

    I could go on and on and on but we all know it's true

    I know watch it on YouTube and fast forward all the boring parts which is most all of it.

    Eastenders is amazing and I sometimes go on YouTube and watch episodes from 2008 it's brilliant.

    Coronation street writers do you not see how pathetic and downhill the show is going!!@ good grief

    I was weaned on Coronation Street and now have grandchildren! Corri has lost it's way. The storyline with Gayle Platt and her ridiculous robber man, Bethany Platt, David taking off again, the drug pushing twit of a boyfriend .. it's all gone off the rails and almost the final straw for us. I like Steve but his portrayal of being depressed was not great.. I could go on and on...

    The lovely humour that used to be around - the real human pathos just seems to have gone. It feels like it has lost its way trying to be all things to all people, instead of being the unique show it is full of great acting and good quirky storylines.

    Roy and Hayley together were brilliant and you have killed that off, Roy is a treasure and so was Norris but his lines don't suit him any more he has turned into a nasty little man when he used to be amusing little man with a good heart before. Eileen is great and Mary and Julie but seems to hardly be in it now . Raquel was fab .. but sadly she has gone too. Our family used to look forward to it and watch it all the time, and we don't watch loads of TV, we just used to really like Corri, now if we watch once a week we don't feel like we have missed anything and that is really sad.

    Corri is a national treasure and it has lost it's lustre and lovely sparkle, get some new polish Corri and your elbow grease going, before you are completely covered in dust and lost to us all!!!!
  • Spoilt Brat - Bethany Platt

    What is going on writers? She and her mother are just beyond a joke. Surely with the storyline of her mother all those years ago, the writers could have shown a positive outcome . show that a single mother can make good and not bring up a daughter to mimic herself! Sorry but the writers really need to start re-thinking the storylines not to twin those of their arch rival Eastenders! Corrie used to have funny lines but they seem to be gone. Single 12 yr old mother, Nick an unmarried father, Bethany child from hell, Callum it goes on and on. Get your act together Please please please
  • a psychopath in the making.

    First and foremost it's bloody difficult to get in here I must say. I filled in the form but couldn't 'click' on anything in the email - nothing to click! You could do with sharpening it up a bit I do have to say!

    Anyway, Bethany Platt is completely unbelievable - unless she is a psychopath in the making. She has no empathy with anyone, no understanding of anything, no manners, nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if she stole one of the Street's new chickens and boiled it on the stove in the near future.

    Is any teenager really that impervious? I mean I thought Tracey was a bit OTT but compared to Bethany she's Mother Theresa!

    Please, could we have a bit more reality in this story? No one seems remotely shocked by the way she behaves - her mother alternately shouts at her or laughs with her, it's so unrealistic! When do we watch her tipping Sinead out of her wheelchair and chuckling as she skips off down the road while everyone else just sighs, raises their eyes and gets on with their own business?

    Come on Corrie, you're the only one I've stuck with (except the Archers) and I did it because I believed in most of your characters, but the whole thing is getting completely out of hand these days!
  • Why has it gone downhill?

    A loyal Corrie fan for over 30 years, I've had to stop watching as the scripts and new characters are dreadful! Short snippets of unbelievable storylines, with far too many characters and poor acting from newcomers. Bring back the old favourites and some decent plots, please!
  • Rubbish Coronation Street

    This show in the last 12 months has really gone down hill. Very poor acting, coupled with the introduction of new very boring characters make this soap not one to watch any more I'm afraid to say.

    The script writers quite honestly are talentless and the unrealistic story lines are pathetic as a result. The cast is way too big; way too PC with the so called plots they push down our throats, and quite frankly some of the risque in your face scenes should not be shown until after the watershed. Who are the scriptwriters trying to impress I wonder? Certainly not the general public I would suggest.

    It really wouldn't bother me now if ITV got rid of the lot including the lousy production team and script writers and make a completely fresh start. We, as the viewing public are fed up with Coronation Streets 3rd rate performances which have been going on for way too long now. Bring back the old style Corrie with decent plots, a decent bit of humour and decent actors who can portray real life believable situations that you could actually find in the North of England.
  • need likeable characters and some fun story lines/ comedy

    There is very little comedy in this show, and too many rubbish story lines. There are too many arguments and characters which I do not like. I do not wish to switch on a soap and listen to seemingly endless shouting. I am sick of the character anna and her family. All she can do is yell at everyone and look worn out. Tracy and liz's boyfriend having an affair. character doesn't do anything other than meet up with him. The pregnancy storyline dragged on and filled out a lot of time but was pathetic.
  • Not Corry - Corny

    Have watched Corrie illicitly all over the globe for the past ten years and its current content of a thousand storylines, one more boring than the next, has now reached a low that is unlikely to be ever attained again. Add to this a cast of hundreds, most of whom lack any credibility, and the series is doomed. None of the problems engage me, the people are nerds, idiots, the plot lines crass beyond belief and with all this going on, who needs continuity or reality?? The series is out of touch, an insult to the intelligence of even the dumbest viewers (Tip: there are some - they are the only ones still watching I'd rate it with a zero, but I can't.
  • Over Hyped and weak Storylines are Killing The Street

    Am so disappointed with Corrie at the moment its one bad storyline after another, Please please please sort it out, you are losing touch with life today as nearly all of the things that happen are over hyped and lose all sense of connection to your regular viewer.
  • Have the writers changed ?

    I was wondering if there has been a change of writers recently ? It seems suddenly over the last few months to be trying to appeal to youngsters like Emmerdale. Please don't change the great tradition of strong women,great older characters and camp,as whilst you may attract more youngsters with all these horrible young characters,you will loose older loyal viewers.
  • No Storylines

    It seems there are no storylines in Corrie, the full half hour (or as my Nan would say 'You never get the full half hour, twenty minutes at most' will come and go and nothing will have happened. There are no storylines that are exciting and unpredictable; who do they think we are? Pregnancies, keeping chickens and quickly announced marriages just don't cut it. Even the train crash was badly done and a copy from other soaps . The last decent one was the brilliant John Stape capture story involving Rosie Webster. Before that probably the Joe McIntye boat incident or the Richard Hillman suicide pact.

    I am so not interested in whether Les Dennis (aka Michael) finds out whether Andy is his real son or not and what does it matter anyway? The blackmail scenes between Gavin and Andy were pathetic and the characters played not interesting. We need more characters like Blanche, Curly Watts and Roy Cropper.
  • A bunch of morons!

    These writers. Why is almost every character becoming nasty? Get some decent storylines with nice guys being heroes & tough guys!
  • Scriptwriters

    Get rid of these scriptwriters, they are ruining Coronation Street with pathetic story lines and insulting our intelligence with a load of nonsense.........
  • Actors have no standards

    How can the actors on Coronation Street and Emmerdale (I havent watched Eastenders since lil' Mo left!) have any standards? I've heard of people doing anything for money but I thought real actors questioned poor scripts? Gail acts like a comic sidekick, Steve McDonald can only act when he's talking to his daughter, and his impersonation of someone going through depression was an insult to people with depression! Crap in it!
  • Corrie going down the pan

    There's nothing clever about the plots anymore, the characters change personality from week to week and the scripts do not portray the way real people think or behave. A classic example is the way everyone is treating Steve McDonald post minibus crash. It's pathetic. It looks and sounds nothing like real life, and if soaps are supposed to do one thing, it's to create credible scenarios that viewers can relate to.

    It's dumbed-down so much that at times it's almost offensive. Who appointed the scriptwriters, and how much are they paying them? Too much, obviously.
  • What's happened to Corrie?

    I have been an avid fan of Coronation Street for 40 years. My children have also watched it. Now it's switched off. Where is the humour, interesting story lines and great acting gone? I know we are supposed to be PC in this country but the ridiculous storyline about the Asian family with the community bookshop and the chickens had just gone too far. So unrealistic!! Get rid of the scriptwriters now or Corrie will never be up there as the best show ever again. Bring back good old fashioned actors with humour. And I know many people feel the same. Thank you.
  • What has happened to this classic show????

    I have watched this show for years, and it was always one of my favourates. But over the past couple of years it has turned into a joke. The acting is shocking. Why have you changed all the characters as if they are simple?? What has happened to Gail, it's embarrassing. All the characters are made out now to be a sandwich short. And why does Anna have to put on that squeaky annoying voice it goes through me. I think you need to pay more attention to the quality of acting instead of your wardrobe. You seem more obsessed with making the women look like something from Towie or Essex girls. If I wanted to watch that I would... Please sort it out. We put Coronation street on to watch Coronation Street.... Stop changing it because it's becoming a joke!!!! It's a back street in Manchester not footballers wives, I want to see Coronation Street please!!!

  • Repeats

    Coming up is the same story line as Emmerdale Barton family with the errant same story for Izzy and happens all the time so no wonder Coronation St is getting also agree with the other soap watchers -- please get rid of the Asian family the mother/gran could join Sandie and Marlon from Emmerdale at the overacting school.

  • all is lost

    been watching this show since I was a child growing up in England, now in Canada. I am distressed about the quality of writing and the ridiculous appears the writers are making it up as they go along. The actors are obviously struggling, you can almost see the pain on their faces. and what is with all the american references, characters wearing US team and location clothing and heading off to LA at the drop of a hat? if you are trying to get low attention span american viewers you may be succeeding but the show is going downhill for true aficionados. pls Grenada hire some writers who can see further forward than a week!
  • Love them all can't choose

    Love this show I have been watching it for forty years
  • Oscar winning performances by Marc Baylis, Kate Hudd and Simon Gregson.

    Some of the actors in Coronation Street really have given Oscar winning performances in the past few months. Marc Baylis (Rob), Kate Hudd, (Tracey) and Simon Gregson (Steve) have all been so impressive. Marc and Kate were so believable in their perfomances in the run up to thier wedding and the wedding itself and Kate's portrayal of Tracy's devastation and Marc's portrayal of Rob's anguish were second to none. Meanwhile Simon Gregson continues to impress with the diversity of his acting skills as he portrays depressed Steve. His comedy timing is always brilliant when he plays happy go lucky Steve, but Simon has shown new depths in his ability to convey the tragedy of Steve's depression. So believable it brought tears to my eyes - and that is a first when watching Coronations Street. Well done!!
  • in general

    Coronation st. is desperately needing characters! I mean coming straight into the street opening a gym, a hub and having no personality whatsoever, doesn't make good viewing. They are getting rid of good characters and bringing in absolute rubbish, we don't need every minority brought in for political correctness, we get the drift! Hint:- good characters, good story lines good humour.
  • Debbcatt

    Roy Cropper in a cell !!! Is there anyone on the street who hasn't been in prison ????
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