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  • closed caption issue

    i wanted to watch Coronation street on Hulu but there is no closed caption ,,,,
  • Michelle

    What a boring story line with Michelle! OMG she only kissed him get over yourself & move one
  • Absolutely Dire muck, corny, bad acting, predictable

    What a load of KELT. Everytime a new character is introduced you can see the plot coming a mile off like michelles gormless ex who she is organising a wedding for. Stupid Sally who isn't the slightest bit funny. And do the producers actually watch the acting performances of these people? Dev and Mary must be the worst actors in the world. Its more like Carry On Coronation Street. Just watched the episode with all the drunks in the pub and it was embarrassing, seriously awful. Get rid of Dev, Mary, Micheal, Carla, Gail, Sally, Kirk (pleaseplease Kirk), Sarah and BOREDREY oh and rubbish at acting Rita, she is dire. In fact just scrap the program it is tripe
  • The slippery slope to the bottom

    Corrie used to be my favourite show- I couldn't wait for it to come on. Now I can't wait for it to end.

    What has happened- to everything? I'm sick of Tracy/Carla/Nick, Anna/Pat/Eileen and the story about Marta. It's as though the same record has been playing over and over and ............. I'd love to see Ken and Audrey get together, and something interesting for Leanne. Billy seems so out of place, still wearing the clerical collar, though. Eva's quip "tic-tac", instead of "tactic" was childish. Where are the clever lines and actors of yesteryear? Is Callum dead or alive? Will we ever find out? Will we care?
  • Fresh ideas needed for Corrie.

    Yes, storylines are getting jaded now!! Pat Phelan is a revolting character, how could ANYONE even like him let alone FANCY him!!LOL. Just unbelievable, isn't it? The lies are just TOO much. Bring in some new and fresh acting talent and ditch the unpleasant characters.
  • get rid of PAT

    why have they brought back that disgusting man PAT, the story lines are just totally CRAP, bring a better writer in. The story lines have gone stupid, boring, repetitive, get rid of Tracey, get rid of Pat, get rid of the newest girl who is supposed to be in contact with Callum.

    Just waiting for Callum to walk back in the door. what utter nonsense and boring rubbish will the script writers come up with next. SACK them all and find a proper script writer, the street is crap, crap, crap, sort your act out its BORING BORING BORING
  • Corrie needs some new storylines, ASAP

    I think if the writers are running out of ideas they should look to the fans of the show, Ive been watching Coronation for 12yrs and turned alot of my friends on to it, being more realalistic. I can't stand the soaps that the major stress of the day is little Ashleys BMW does'nt come in

    And if so the writers use one of our ideas they should give use a small spot on the show (eg. Bar fly, Kabob customer, Hit and Run Driver that runs down Ken Barlow) Any ways "Cheers for now" I wonder if Rita or Emily are reading this now that they are Internet Sauvy..
  • Coronation Street busters

    Drop an Nuke on the street. It's high time that crap was gone from on screens
  • boring!!!!

    Can the writers not think of a new story line!! The old Tracey and Carla war is dull! And really? bringing scumbag Pat back. Why do I watch this crap? no wonder it can't win awards!!
  • Why show someone hit their Dad

    I think it was really disgusting that you would show a son punching his dad this is really out of order and should not have been shown this was really low
  • Rubbish

    1) Who is writing this rubbish ?? As if an 84 year old woman would even consider travelling to Peru ?? Get real !!

    2) Carla's voice has to be the most boring monotone voice I have heard in a long time and she is an actress..... ??

    3) I have watched this programme for more years then I care to remember, but sadly, I feel the acting and the storyline has become a huge joke, no longer interesting or realistic.
  • Ridiculous "American" dialogue.

    I love Corrie, but what really gets me angry is the ridiculous habit of using the term "my bad" lately. This is a quintessentially English programme, and I consider this a dumbing down of the show to American tv culture. Ive never met one person young or old who uses the term in this country. It may be used by certain people but it is not widespread,and these sort of things contribute to our Americanisation. What are we going to have next, the cobblestones replaced with "sidewalks"? This is not trendy or clever, and If this childish and pathetic trend escalates I will desert my favourite programme.
  • Camera work difficult to watch

    Is it me? The Corrie camera work has suddenly changed. It would painfully flit from up nostril shot to a distance shot so quick they'd hardly finished talking. It was incredibly difficult to view - dreadful. Where has the camera men gone from the last 30 years I've been watching. Bring them back!!

    Also the sets and lighting have suddenly got that cheap feel like Neighbours/crossroads. Not a bit like Corrie. I don't know what you've done but it's really gone downhill. I'll give you a month to see if you go back to normal, then If not, I'll switch off. They ruined 'the bill' with ridiculous camera work and look what happened to that! The story lines lately have been very disappointing and are not getting better.
  • A Great Show For Many Years

    I've been watching coronation Street & Emmerdale since was a child :D

    What I like about the two show is

    1. Always Happiness scenes

    2. Always a laugh & Joke like in Life

    3. They have there Sad scenes & bad times like losing love ones ect

    4. Storylines are all perfect you always sometimes get the idea what's going to happen next or is going to happen

    5. I recommend corrie & emmerdale

    Should be the best winning soaps

    I don't see any Storylines in Eastenders Just violence & Arguments 24/7 Annoying Cockney fuckers :D Rock & Roll corrie & emmerdale
  • Unbelievable and chronically boring

    After years of faithful following, I am finally giving up on Coronation St - at least until the current rubbish runs its course. I cannot endure yet another 'hide the dead body' scenario. The police knew Callum was a drug-dealing bully who was terrorising the Platts. HELLOOOO. They would have CALLED THE POLICE.

    Also, Lloyd suddenly ups sticks to Jersey for a 'new life' with Andrea, who has been offered a fantastic job which must pay trillions more than Lloyds established business (but will they still want her when they know she's pregnant before she even starts???) Peppa Pig has more believable story lines. Corrie is one of the most popular shows in the world and can afford top class writers. Where are they???
  • G young

    Absolute rubbish!!!! Writing appalling completely stupid story line whst have you done to coronation street?
  • Coronation street copy of Den Watts death story line.

    How are we supposed to enjoy our favourite soaps if they keep on using the same old story lines and killing off the bad guys in the same old ways. Den Watts Callum same old same old it's just getting tedious now. Please rectify this
  • Callum story is ridiculous

    I have just watched the episode where Callum gets it. Come on. Do you think this is even feasible in reality? It is just infuriating to the point where I just can't watch anymore. He was attacking Sarah for god's sake. That's a perfectly legitimate reason to be hit on the head. Call the cops. Explain. The only action that makes sense. But instead we have this convoluted, far-fetched, coincidental stream of events. P-leeeeze. Do you think we are all a bunch of morons?
  • Absolutely dreadful- and getting worse

    The programme has deteriorated so far so fast it's incredible. It's like a bad joke... Not one story line adds up and nothing is even remotely real. Sack the writers
  • Terrible

    Who the hell is writing this? The story lines are appalling. This would never happen. I cannot believe that there is a street like this anywhere in the world, the people who lived there would have had many nervous breakdowns by now. I have gone off this soap as it is so depressing, nothing cheerful in it at all really. I used to love this programme but it is just ridiculous now, the writers must think the people who watch it are brain dead and have no views on life!
  • W T F

    How is this tipe in the top 5, british television is pure rubbish when they make a good show it gets cancelled because of old lady rubbish like this you have gone down in my ranking of websites for allowing this to happen. and yes i am British
  • Callum story line

    The more this story line rumbles on the more preposterous it becomes - 20k from David - a hourly paid hairdresser workint at this nan's salon - owns his mothers's house - where did David get this money - never mind finding 20k - no bank would lend this money, and of course he can afford the garage conversion at whatever cost as well. Numerous residents at no 6 the Nazirs and at the Platts - serious overcrowding - rich Nazir family who own the gym complex living in a 2 up 2 down - Alya - uni leaver bidding for the factory. Tracy - another murderous crime - same stories over and over - so many weddings - what is happening to Gail - will they divorce or did the script writers just pair the wrong two up and change their minds? Please get back to basics - so many irrelevant characters especially Callum, Sarah Lou and Bethany - where is Audrey, where is Norris? great characters and laid aside - need to go back to the original and interesting script lines - even switched onto Eastenders the other day after not watching for 10 years - and managed to recognise most of the the characters!
  • Corry, seriously lost the plot! Again!

    What on earth are the writers of Coronation Street on? Do they have no regard for the intelligence of their viewers or are its writers picked from the ranks of this year's Secondary school entrants? In what reality would the British police arrest someone for murder when the two 'victims' were just in the wrong place at the wrong time? I think that is commonly known as an accident. Had Maddie stayed where she was told to stay she would still be alive. Had Kal not gone into the building to save Amy he would still be alive, had the bottle of gas not been on the balcony Kal would still be alive, had Sinead not given Carla that candle Kal and Maddie would still be alive. You could just as easily say it's all Sinead's fault so send Sinead down as some less informed person on your Facebook page suggested you do to Tracey. I could understand if Tracey was being arrested for attempted murder of Carla but that is the best the police would be able to pin on her. At least that would have some grounding in reality. Unfortunately some people that watch Coronation Street seem to have less of a handle on reality than the writers and buy into this rubbish. You'd have lost me years ago had my partner not asked me time and time again to give it another go. Personally I'd rather sit in the garden and watch the grass grow. At least that is real, something Coronation Street has not been for years. I understand it's a drama but is it really to be taken in the same vein as the The Singing Ringing Tree?
  • crap story line again calum ????

    Come on corrie. Its getting from bad to worse. My hubby and i have watched for years but the story lines are awful. The callum story ??? couldve been brill but the writers and actors are awful. Taken the calum story way to far out there. THATS it for us we are no longer watching corrie.
  • Dire!

    Used to love love corrie but now it's painful to watch just absolutely dire! Any spark left in this show vanished with Michelle Keegan, the Katy character also should have stayed she had much more to offer. If I was in charge I'd immediately axe the following, Norris and emily, fiz chesney sinead and kirk, that Faye child! Roy is pointless also, that Bethany platt who lived most of her life in Milan but has a strong manc accent haha not buying it!!, the nazir family need to go as does Izzy! No more weddings for Gail its ridiculous! Carla went from alcoholism to gambling shes got no money but jets off to las Vegas to go to a corrie?! Bring back Tyrone's mum Jackie back permanently! She was hilarious bring her back with a scouse family in tow! Maria also bores the life out of me\everyone! Shape up corrie or youll go the same way as brookside!
  • Some characters must go! And quick!!!!!

    Recent writing of episodes has been appalling. Introduction of some characters has been puerile and a waste of time. These characters must go and go quick. They include: Bethany and her mum. The Callum storyline is pathetic, bring it to a conclusion quickly. There is no role for Todd, get shot now. Cathy Mathews is not believable and not required. The whole Nazir family should go, no role for them. Where did Dev ( I have a voice problem) learn to act and why is he tolerated?

    Like many others I could go on forever. I and my wife are also addicted but are very close now to being able to stop watching as it is no longer enjoyable. A shame as we have been there since the beginning. We did the same with Eastenders and Emmerdale and haven't looked back. Get it right or close it down!
  • Coronation Street needs new writers/directors

    I have watched Corrie for decades. It just doesn't make sense anymore. My husband and I (both Canadians) groan every night--why do we even continue to watch this? Yes, we are addicted, but we are going to try to go cold turkey and turn Corrie off for good. It's the small details that make a novel or a show believable. If Deirdre asks in a letter for the best ham from Freshco at her wake, can they at least show one person eating a ham sandwich and saying, "This is lovely," rather than mourners eating mini-burgers? Where was the ham? It is as if her last requests were ignored. Deirdre was Carla's mother-in-law at one time--Carla, being a responsible person, would not avoid the funeral even if she had a gambling addiction. Or at least have her not attend because she's afraid of seeing Peter. And don't get me started about Carla bunking with Roy. They are good friends, yes, but Carla would never move into Roy's poky flat with her glamorous life--can you imagine her getting ready in the morning--where would she put her clothes and all her make-up? Nor would Roy be comfortable sharing digs with anyone except for of course his beloved Hayley. She would stay in a posh hotel. Now Bethany, who was a cute, shy child, is not only a rebellious teenager, but has no redeeming qualities. I get that she acts out like we all did at her age, but to destroy her grandmother's wedding dinner and then have not an ounce of regret--that is unbelievable-have her at least be sorry for the big things. Then Gail acted as if it was nothing. "Nobody got to eat at my wedding--no The writers are writing the characters like cartoon characters so they are no longer believable. It's not the acting--it's the writing that is pathetic. One more thing--Deirdre's only biological grandchild almost perished in a fire in recent weeks, and Deirdre doesn't find this a reason to come home? Hell nor high water would have stopped Deirdre--she would have attended Kal's funeral to express her gratitude for giving his life to save Amy. We all know she couldn't have attended, but the writers could have had her killed in a train crash en route--it at least would have made sense. For her to continue her stay at Bev's in the aftermath of the fire was totally out of character. I could go on and on. When Hayley died, Becky would have shown up at the funeral. She and "Hayles" were very close--Becky's husband has money--she would have been there for Roy. I read that the actress, Katherine Kelly, offered to return for a guest appearance, but was turned down by the powers-that-be. I couldn't stop asking, "Where is Becky?" Coronation Street doesn't ring true anymore. I'm a freelance writer--hire me--even in faraway Canada, I figure I could do a better job. I at least know the characters.
  • Let's Rid The Street Of ' Tracey Luv ' PLEASE !!

    I have watched Corrie for many years and the last couple years (since they brought Tracey back from prison ?) I am losing almost all my interest in it. I never dreamed that could happen. I cannot believe how evil Tracey & Todd are without consequences ? It's ridiculous to watch & especially Tracey Barlowe. I realize there are nasty people wherever you go but her character is beyond believable. It was great when she was gone from the show but miraculously she was released from prison after killing a man & brought back to begin her evilness Who writes this stuff ?? Her character doesn't have one nice quality & right from the day she arrived back, she was creating havoc. She started making nasty comments to poor Claire about Ashley (who had just died) & was grinning in that gummy smile of hers that was unbelievable. Who writes such nasty horrible lines? I can't imagine anyone getting away with that kind of behaviour without being beat to a pulp. And from then on, it has been one conniving situation after another. It's great to have a personality in any show that we love to hate, but the way this woman gets away without any consequences, has made it so annoying to watch.

    She's a grown woman living off her family & the entire storyline is not realistic. (Although, it seems normal to have adult children living with their parents on Corrie Street)

    Why can we not see her get what's coming to her? Now, she has caused another death or two & the blame is put on Carla. I have always liked the Carla character & now she's leaving )-:

    Why can't Kate Ford be the one to leave? I realize it's a soap & storylines can be unrealistic but so many people that watch this popular soap, hate the Tracey character & yet they continue to keep making her vindictive backlash worse than the last. She verbally attacks everyone within earshot which makes viewing unpleasant. There are so many of the characters on the street that have met with her wrath.

    Now there's Todd, another complete psycho that is getting worse & unbelievable in this story. How could they have him sexting his own Mother ? Ewe !! That boggles the mind & just makes you want to throw up a little bit. I love the Eileen character, but she really needs to throw that creep out on the street. He was once a nice guy with compassion but now he's the extreme opposite?? He's busy creating hell for his family members & believes it's some kind of revenge / payback for how they turned their back on him. lol that is just stupid. He actually ruins his brother's life with losing the woman he loved & then does something similar to his Mother. The guy should be in an institution somewhere. There is such a thing as sibling rivalry, but that's messed up.

    There are so many great characters in Corrie but the storylines are laughable lately. The chickens (WTH), Kal's annoying Mother, Michael's constant whining, Sarah & her delinquent daughter that disrespects everyone, David Platt & his ongoing miserable face without barely a mention of Lily etc etc........ Come on Corrie it together before you lose your loyal fans.

    Sometimes, it's just feels good to voice the way you feel !!!.
  • Carla in mortal danger again

    Carla is like Penelope Pitstop , always in mortal danger. With her experiences of fire you would have expected her to cope better. And how was she unconscious on the pavement for ages then up and about refusing treatment the next. It's as pathetic as the wild overacting this week.
  • what's with the copycat

    I absolutely cannot stand the way

    Corrie - single teenager mom can't cope mum takes over

    eastenders - single teenager mom can't cope mum takes over

    I could go on and on and on but we all know it's true

    I know watch it on YouTube and fast forward all the boring parts which is most all of it.

    Eastenders is amazing and I sometimes go on YouTube and watch episodes from 2008 it's brilliant.

    Coronation street writers do you not see how pathetic and downhill the show is going!!@ good grief
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