Coronation Street - Season 11

Tuesday 7:30 PM on ITV Premiered Dec 09, 1960 In Season


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  • Wed 30 Dec, 1970
    Wed 30 Dec, 1970
    Episode 96
    Annie awaits the analyst's report. She feels she could lose the licence. Len agrees to Hilda working at No.9. The report shows the gin was watered down. Annie reads the report out in the Rovers. She tells the regulars she was not responsible. Hilda starts at No.9 and feeds Stan there as well. Albert gives in to Minnie and allows Bobby into the house. Len and Ray realise they need a housekeeper, but not Hilda. Hilda gives her job up at the Rovers. Hilda accuses Elsie of shopping Annie to the Town Hall. The regulars stay away from the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 28 Dec, 1970
    Mon 28 Dec, 1970
    Episode 95
    Irma is grateful when Billy brings her out of herself. Betty is annoyed when Annie gives Bet a holiday over Christmas. Annie wins her round by telling her she'll call her Elizabeth from now on whilst Bet will remain Bet - common. Billy finds two boxes of bitter lemons short on the drayman's delivery. He realises drayman Arthur Burrows is trying to rob them. Annie refuses to give Hilda a rise. Ray has trouble cooking so Hilda lends him a hand. Elsie is surprised to find the gin has been watered down in the Rovers. Hilda offers her services to Len and Ray as housekeeper. Albert is tired of Minnie moving his things around. Sampling officers from the Health Department arrive at the Rovers following a complaint.moreless
  • Wed 23 Dec, 1970
    Wed 23 Dec, 1970
    Episode 94
    Everyone except Albert cancels the panto because of Joe's death and the tickets are given to underprivileged children. They turn out to be completely wild and Albert has to look after them. Emily realises he won't be able to cope and goes with him. Elsie tells Alan she always thought Len had killed Steve. Gregg and Gary decide to throw a farewell party in the Rovers. Det Chief Insp Castle interviews Irma, Stan, Minnie and Elsie. Albert handles the children but Emily disappears. Emily tells the residents Albert was a bigger handful than the children. Maggie is sad that Gregg is leaving for Germany. Minnie doesn't like living with Albert.moreless
  • Mon 21 Dec, 1970
    Mon 21 Dec, 1970
    Episode 93
    The police surround the house. Joe fires a bullet out of No.5 and refuses to come out. Ena fears for Minnie. Minnie isn't frightened, just worried about Joe. Irma breaks down about not telling anyone about him. Stan is angry that Joe threatened her. Stan breaks into No.5. Joe releases Minnie and holds Stan at gun point. Deranged, he makes Stan sing carols before turning the gun and killing himself. Stan is proclaimed a hero by the residents. Albert takes Minnie in when she doesn't want to stay in No.5.moreless
  • Wed 16 Dec, 1970
    Wed 16 Dec, 1970
    Episode 92
    Joe lets himself into Irma's flat, locking it behind him. She is terrified. Gregg and Gary tell Maggie that they think Irma is in danger. Gary rings Ryan. Maggie tells the regulars whilst Gregg breaks the news to Elsie. The residents don't know what to do about Irma. Ena suggests they throw a welcome home party for Ken, inviting Irma and Joe. The residents persuade Joe and Irma to come to the party in the Rovers. Major Ryan and the police rush to the Street. Joe escapes through the toilet window when he realises the Ogdens know nothing about the party and realises it's a set up. Joe takes refuge with Minnie and his gun.moreless
  • Mon 14 Dec, 1970
    Mon 14 Dec, 1970
    Episode 91
    Ken returns from America. Joe feels trapped. Emily organises a Christmas trip to see a panto. Val invites Ray and Emily to tea. Gregg worries about Irma. When she realises he doesn't know about Steve she tells him. He laughs it off and tells her that Joe was with Gary that night. Val gets Emily and Ray to prove to Ken that she was not unfaithful. Gary tells Gregg he gave Joe a false alibi. Joe hides himself in the Corner Shop as Maggie locks up.moreless
  • Wed 9 Dec, 1970
    Wed 9 Dec, 1970
    Episode 90
    Val decides to give people something to talk about. Major Ryan summons Gregg and Gary to Burtonwood. Jean accepts £20 off Gregg. Betty is made senior barmaid. Irma thinks all the Yanks are in with Joe and shows she is scared of Gregg. Emily confesses to Val. She tells her she realises she was completely wrong in her assumptions. Gregg and Gary tell Ryan they don't know where Joe is. Ryan tells them Joe put a German woman in hospital. Irma feels trapped by Joe.moreless
  • Mon 7 Dec, 1970
    Mon 7 Dec, 1970
    Episode 89
    Billy bets Annie that having Bet behind the bar improves custom. Val accuses Ena of writing the letter. She is hurt. Jean Mosley arrives looking for Joe. She shows Gregg bruises which Joe gave her. She wants compensation. Irma worries about being alone with Joe. Ray accuses Elsie of writing the letter. She tells him to get lost. Irma begs Joe to leave her alone. Annie realises Bet is an asset and agrees to let her stay. Emily tells Ena and Elsie that she wrote the letter.moreless
  • Wed 2 Dec, 1970
    Wed 2 Dec, 1970
    Episode 88
    Joe refuses to leave the flat. Irma promises she won't tell anyone about Steve. He tells her that he owed Steve $2,000. He threatens her if she tells anyone. Billy tells Annie he'll get her a new barmaid. Val shuns Ray. Bet agrees to be the new barmaid at the Rovers. Annie tells Billy to get rid of her; she's lowering the tone. He refuses. Val tells Ray about Ken's phone call.moreless
  • Mon 30 Nov, 1970
    Mon 30 Nov, 1970
    Episode 87
    Lucille is pleased to see Gary. Bet warns her off. Ken phones Val and tells her he's had a letter warning him about Val and Ray. Annie decides to take on a hostess' role in the pub and leave the work to her employees. Ernie tells Emily the Mission people are talking about her working in the Rovers. Emily tells Annie she won't work the bar anymore. Irma is frightened when Joe comes on strong. Annie feels that she'll have to run the pub on her own with Billy. He is against the idea. A drunken Joe tells Irma how he killed Steve Tanner.moreless
  • Wed 25 Nov, 1970
    Wed 25 Nov, 1970
    Episode 86
    Joe refuses to return to the Army. Bet moves the last of her stuff into her new flat at 44 Victoria Street. She packs up the Laundryer and throws herself at Gary. He doesn't refuse. Gregg tells Elsie he's lonely. Val realises she's a hopeless driver. Elsie gets Gregg to pretend he's interested in herbs and introduces him to Maggie. The Ogdens entertain Irma and Joe. Stan goes on about the Yanks and the War.moreless
  • Mon 23 Nov, 1970
    Mon 23 Nov, 1970
    Episode 85
    Stan can't understand why Annie has cancelled their tea. Ray agrees to teach Val to drive. Irma tells Hilda Stan is obviously keeping the truth from her. Ray gives Val her first driving lesson. Hilda thinks Annie wanted to warn Stan from being amorous with Betty. Bet tells her the truth. Elsie and Emily worry about Val's reputation. Gregg and Gary turn up. Hilda and Stan are upset that people think they're a joke. Elsie warns Ray off Val. Gregg and Gary ask Joe why he deserted and tell him they're taking him back.moreless
  • Wed 18 Nov, 1970
    Wed 18 Nov, 1970
    Episode 84
    Handel returns to Whaley Bridge upsetting Minnie. Billy kids Annie that Irma is pregnant. She summons Irma and Stan to tea to sort things out. Alan makes Mark leave. Joe Donnelli returns after being demobbed. Minnie takes him in. Ena suspects that Ray may make a play for Val with Ken away. When Irma backs out, Billy tells Annie she jumped to the wrong conclusion. Irma goes out for a meal with Joe. Emily keeps company with Val on Ena's instructions. Val tells her to leave; if she wants Ray around he shall be around.moreless
  • Mon 16 Nov, 1970
    Mon 16 Nov, 1970
    Episode 83
    Alan tells Elsie that Mark found it embarrassing to be in the house with Elsie and Len. Annie tells Irma to keep away from Billy. Elsie is angry at Mark's allegations and gets Len to tells Alan that nothing went on between them. Alan is angry when Elsie calls Mark a liar. Billy moves back to the Rovers. Mark tells Elsie he wants Alan to be happy. She walks out. Billy plans to teach Annie a lesson. Alan accuses Mark of being jealous of Elsie and tells him he will not let him turn him against Elsie. Billy tells Annie he can't finish with Irma, even if he wanted to.moreless
  • Wed 11 Nov, 1970
    Wed 11 Nov, 1970
    Episode 82
    Minnie throws a birthday party for Ena but refuses to invite Albert. Len returns from a Council trip to Holland. Lucille tells Elsie that Mark asked her point blank to sleep with him and his language was offensive. Minnie tells Annie that Billy entertains Irma at her house. Annie has Billy's room finished so that she can move Billy back in. Mark overhears Elsie and Len flirting in No.11.moreless
  • Mon 9 Nov, 1970
    Mon 9 Nov, 1970
    Episode 81
    Mark tells Elsie he didn't get on with Lucille. Albert tells Minnie she's been deceived by Handel; he's a conscientious objector. Minnie tells him she admires Handel for his courage of conviction. Albert gives Handel a white feather. Billy takes Irma out. Lucille tells Mark he's spooky. Annie is upset at her lack of civility towards him. Ena thinks Mark is too good to be true. Billy gets Billy Sweeney to lend Irma enough money to buy more of the shop and pay back Dave's £600. Irma tells Billy she's very grateful and plans to thank him. Ena tells Annie romance is blossoming between Billy and Irma. Annie refuses to believe her.moreless
  • Wed 4 Nov, 1970
    Wed 4 Nov, 1970
    Episode 80
    Albert doesn't like Handel hanging around Minnie as he's a stranger. Mark tells Elsie that Alan is not happy. Maggie tackles Irma about her plans. She agrees to let her buy more of the business to make them 50-50. Lucille is impressed by Mark as he treats her like a lady. Elsie thinks Mark is trying to upset her marriage. Albert is shocked to discover Handel was a conscientious objector in the War. Lucille tells Elsie that Mark is dangerous.moreless
  • Mon 2 Nov, 1970
    Mon 2 Nov, 1970
    Episode 79
    Ena feels put out with Handel hanging around No.5. Minnie is disappointed when he tells her his intentions are honourable. Irma decides to buy Maggie out with borrowed money. Annie thinks Mark is a nice young man and hopes Lucille will like him. When his room is decorated, Billy moves in with Minnie. Maggie returns to Irma's surprise. Handel is upset to hear Billy is Minnie's new lodger. Lucille agrees to go out with Mark to spite Ray. Elsie is worried that Mark is trying to lure Alan back to his mother. He tells her he hates Laura. Ena tells Maggie that Irma is planning to buy her out.moreless
  • Wed 28 Oct, 1970
    Wed 28 Oct, 1970
    Episode 78
    Lucille is released in the morning with a caution. Elsie tells Mark he is welcome to stay as long as he wants. Irma is tired of doing all the work with Maggie away. Billy advises her to buy Maggie out. Annie doesn't know where Lucille is. Handel gives Minnie a brooch from the Blue John Mines. Lucille returns and lets Annie know she knows she led the petition. She tells Billy she wanted to go away with the gypsies but they wouldn't take her. Handel asks Minnie if he can be her lodger. Mark tells Elsie Alan really loved his mother.moreless
  • Mon 26 Oct, 1970
    Mon 26 Oct, 1970
    Episode 77
    Ray gets together some heavies to get the scrap back from the gypsies. Annie petitions the police to get rid of the gypsies. Alan is surprised to see Mark. Lucille tries to stop the fight. Irma and Hilda ask Elsie to get them jobs as Charm girls. She puts them off. Flora and Lucille cower in the caravan as Ray's mates fight the gypsies. An axe is put through the caravan wall. Elsie agrees to let Mark stay at No.11 until he can find somewhere else. The police break up the fight and move the gypsies on. When Lucille hears Annie led the petition she throws a brick through a police car window. Elsie is annoyed that Alan didn't tell her he had a son. He promises her he has no more secrets. Lucille is locked up in a cell.moreless
  • Wed 21 Oct, 1970
    Wed 21 Oct, 1970
    Episode 76
    Lucille stays out for the night. Annie calls the gypsies liars when they say they haven't seen her. Ena helps the gypsies when the Smith baby is ill. John tells her they can't get a doctor to visit them. Ray suspects the gypsies of stealing the scrap. Lucille spends the night at a friends'. Annie bars the gypsies from the Rovers. When the Ogdens and Elsie threaten to leave Annie tells Betty to serve them. Ena phones a Catholic Priest and asks him to find a doctor for the Smiths. Elsie is stunned when her stepson Mark arrives.moreless
  • Mon 19 Oct, 1970
    Mon 19 Oct, 1970
    Episode 75
    Irma lets Hilda clean the shop as a penance. Annie is annoyed when Billy and Lucille help the gypsies. They allow Lucille to visit their site. Val is annoyed that ken is having a holiday without the family. Ray catches Reuben looking for scrap in the Yard and throws him out. Val considers learning to drive whilst Ken is away. Stan hits it off with Reuben. Hilda cooks them a meal. Minnie hides in Ena's flat with Bobby fearing the gypsies will eat him. Ray discovers the scrap he has put aside for Tommy has been taken. Ken leaves for America. Annie forbids Lucille to go to the camp again.moreless
  • Wed 14 Oct, 1970
    Wed 14 Oct, 1970
    Episode 74
    Gypsies camp on a slum clearance site. Irma returns and is horrified to discover the shop is empty. Ken is given a grant to visit New York and study technical education, leaving next week. Irma tells Hilda she's made a loss of £7, 2/9. Gypsies Reuben Ward and John Smith collect junk in the Street. Tommy rows with them for operating on his patch. When Reuben goes to hit Tommy Ray scares him off. Irma discovers Hilda sold Stan cigarettes at cut price. She tells him to pay the rest. When Tommy argues with the gypsies in the Rovers, Billy shocks Annie by threatening to sack him and not the gypsies.moreless
  • Mon 12 Oct, 1970
    Mon 12 Oct, 1970
    Episode 73
    Frank is annoyed that Bet is trying to make him go straight. Bet wants him to drop Jud but he refuses. Bet gets a flat for her and Frank. He tells her he doesn't want reforming and doesn't want to move in with her. He tells her she's hemming him and finishes with her. Shoppers descend on Hilda's sale. She sells things at less than cost. Ken waits to hear news about a trip to America. Hilda empties the shop. Stan thinks they're £20 down.moreless
  • Wed 7 Oct, 1970
    Wed 7 Oct, 1970
    Episode 72
    Hilda doesn't have any basic food in the shop. Frank and Jud work on a stolen car. Billy realises they're ringing the car with false plates, log book and paint job. He throws them out. Ken advises Billy to go to the police, he refuses. Val tells Bet about the incident. Frank sells the car. Bet tells him the police are onto him and hides him in the flat. Hilda refuses to back down and let Betty take over the shop. She decides to hold a bargain sale. Billy agrees not to tell the police when Bet tells him she'll keep Frank straight.moreless
  • Mon 5 Oct, 1970
    Mon 5 Oct, 1970
    Episode 71
    Hilda shows off her exotic wears. The salesman suggests she tries some free offers. Frank promises Bet he won't steal anymore cars. Frank tells Jud he's got a project lined up. No one wants Hilda's fancy goods. Frank plans to steal a car, fix it with a false log book at the Canal Garage and sell it. He tells Bet he may give up the lorries. Billy tells Frank he can work on his car at the garage. Hilda realises she's ruining the business.moreless
  • Wed 30 Sep, 1970
    Wed 30 Sep, 1970
    Episode 70
    Hilda gets behind with the stock. Minnie is upset when Ena forgets her 70th birthday. Bet is annoyed when Jud returns. Hilda doesn't know where to order stock from. Albert reminds Ena and she buys Minnie a hotpot pot. Hilda orders exclusive stock from Unifoods. Frank steals a car to take Bet out.moreless
  • Mon 28 Sep, 1970
    Mon 28 Sep, 1970
    Episode 69
    Annie is not sure she can cope with the pub. Hilda rows with Bet when Frank stays the night. Ena sorts Noblett out and gives him her old radio. Ena thinks Frank will hurt Bet.
  • Wed 23 Sep, 1970
    Wed 23 Sep, 1970
    Episode 68
    Billy wrecks the radio. Bet is worried about the age difference between her and Frank. Ray puts Annie's name up above the door. Billy gets Noblett a TV but he wants his radio. Bet gets jealous of Frank's involvement with Judy Cookson.
  • Mon 21 Sep, 1970
    Mon 21 Sep, 1970
    Episode 67
    Bet tells Irma that she's not going to go on holiday with her to Torquay and Irma has to find someone to look after the shop for her since Betty cannot get away from the Rovers. Lucille is still persevering with Mr Noblett. Irma decides to ask Hilda to look after the shop for her when she goes on holiday and Hilda is delighted with the thought.moreless
  • Wed 16 Sep, 1970
    Wed 16 Sep, 1970
    Episode 66
    Lucille goes to see Mr Noblett and tries to help him in the house. He is not very cooperative. Annie goes to court to see about transferring the licence to her name. Irma and Bet have a tiff and Bet tells Irma that she had baby when she was sixteen. Annie comes back from the court with the news that she is the new landlady of the Rovers. Bet decides not to go on holiday with Irma after all.moreless
  • Mon 14 Sep, 1970
    Mon 14 Sep, 1970
    Episode 65
    Elsie starts work. Bet stands Irma up to go out with Frank. Lucille wants to become a helper at the Salvation Army to prove she can help people. They take her on and give her Arthur Noblett to look after. Irma interrupts Frank and Bet in the flat.
  • Wed 9 Sep, 1970
    Wed 9 Sep, 1970
    Episode 64
    Elsie gets a job selling cosmetics door to door. Ray plans a trip to the Salvation Army for a laugh. Bet takes up with Frank. Lucille gets annoyed when Frank, Bet and Ray have a free laugh at the Sally Army. Billy and Alan make up and Alan realises he is no longer a boss.moreless
  • Mon 7 Sep, 1970
    Mon 7 Sep, 1970
    Episode 63
    Hilda feeds Duke up before discovering he won't run if he's full. Ken's mini goes wrong. Elsie goes job hunting. Duke is too ill to run. Alan mends the mini as a favour, which annoys Billy causing Alan to walk out.
  • Wed 2 Sep, 1970
    Wed 2 Sep, 1970
    Episode 62
    Val thinks the Barlows need a car. Billy buys the Canal Garage. Tommy lodges his greyhound Duke at No.13. Alan agrees to being Billy's mechanic. Ken buys a mini.
  • Mon 31 Aug, 1970
    Mon 31 Aug, 1970
    Episode 61
    Maggie gets a telegram telling her that Les is in hospital critically ill. Elsie tries to stop Sandra but she leaves with Jud in the middle of the night. Maggie goes to Birmingham. Alan asks too much for the garage from Billy. Billy looks over the Canal Garage and asks Alan to work for him as a mechanic.moreless
  • Wed 26 Aug, 1970
    Wed 26 Aug, 1970
    Episode 60
    Billy returns to start afresh in Weatherfield. Bet takes Lucille and Sandra to a party, they meet Frank and Jud. Alan tells Billy he'll show him around his garage. Jud takes a fancy to Sandra and invites her on a trip to London.
  • Mon 24 Aug, 1970
    Mon 24 Aug, 1970
    Episode 59
    Elsie tells Sandra to leave. Maggie gets a worrying letter from Les' brother telling her Les is drinking again. The Howards put on a brave face. Billy phones Annie with some news.
  • Wed 19 Aug, 1970
    Wed 19 Aug, 1970
    Episode 58
    Alan's accountant explains that he is insolvent, he owes £5,132 and his assets amount to £2,350 in three months time. Ena gets Mrs Parsons to encourage Tony. The creditors don't petition and Alan celebrates, but Elsie tells him she won't let it happen again.
  • Mon 17 Aug, 1970
    Mon 17 Aug, 1970
    Episode 57
    Elsie is amazed when Alan still wants to buy the house in Bramhall. Ena takes Tony to see Telford and discovers there is a chance of a scholarship. Alan meets his creditors.
  • Wed 12 Aug, 1970
    Wed 12 Aug, 1970
    Episode 56
    Piggott wants Len and the other creditors to gang up on Alan and bankrupt him. Alan is forced to give his car as a settlement to a creditor. Alan owes Annie £30 for drinks. Piggott, Sid Lambert, Joe Makinson, Ray, Irma and Annie tell Alan he's got seven days to settle or they will sue him. Ena arranges for Tony to see a music teacher at the college of music. Alan tells Elsie he doesn't know if he can pay anyone.moreless
  • Mon 10 Aug, 1970
    Mon 10 Aug, 1970
    Episode 55
    Irma refuses to give Hilda credit at the shop. Annie puts up for the licence of the Rovers. Alan's cheque to Ray bounces. Ena gives Tony lessons in the Mission.
  • Wed 5 Aug, 1970
    Wed 5 Aug, 1970
    Episode 54
    The Howards return in Alan's new white Mercedes. Ray pressures Alan into writing a cheque. Ena discovers Tony Parsons breaking into the Mission to play the harmonium and realises he has talent. Alan thinks Sandra is in the way at No.11.
  • Mon 3 Aug, 1970
    Mon 3 Aug, 1970
    Episode 53
    Emily thinks Irma needs psychiatric help and asks Ken to help her. Ena agrees to meet Handle's friend. Val is upset when she hears Irma took the baby. Ena, Minnie, Handel and George Mulliner form a foursome and Ena hits it off with Handel. Bet brings Irma out of herself. Ray investigates Alan's garage.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jul, 1970
    Wed 29 Jul, 1970
    Episode 52
    Emily recognises the baby as the missing one, Anthony Lock. Minnie feels tied down by Ena when she'd rather be with Handel. Annie returns from Derby. Irma is confused and thinks the baby is Darren. She lets Bet return the baby. Handel takes Minnie out but she worries that Ena'll be jealous. Handel arranges a blind date for Ena.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jul, 1970
    Mon 27 Jul, 1970
    Episode 51
    Irma is disturbed by the wedding into thinking of David and Darren. A baby is stolen from outside Hopwood Street post office. Ray discovers Alan owes Piggott £200. Emily and Bet find Irma with a baby.
  • Wed 22 Jul, 1970
    Wed 22 Jul, 1970
    Episode 50
    Elsie asks the Barlows to be witnesses but they can't. Handel Gartside returns to Weatherfield from Canada after thirty-three years and bumps into old friends Ena and Minnie in the Rovers. He hears of the death of Martha seven years before. Len and Bet turn up at the Registry Office and surprise Alan and Elsie as their witnesses. Irma and Bet move into the shop flat. Elsie and Alan marry. The residents throw a surprise party for the Howards when they return to the Rovers before they honeymoon in Paris. Ray tells Len that Alan owes them £350.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jul, 1970
    Mon 20 Jul, 1970
    Episode 49
    Emily feels there's something wrong with Ray. Alan proposes again to Elsie and this time she accepts. Elsie asks Len to be bestman but he refuses. Maggie agrees to let Bet and Irma move into the shop flat at £4 a week. Emily and Ken rally round Ray and Ken pretends to be a policeman to scare Frank and Jud off. Alan gets a marriage licence and tells Elsie they're marrying on Wednesday.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jul, 1970
    Wed 15 Jul, 1970
    Episode 48
    Jud and Frank threaten to tell Emily that Ray set them up to nick the camera unless he goes in with them on one job - doing over an electrical shop. Cyril gets a job in a solicitor's office, with a flat. Emily tells Ray she's calling in the police if she doesn't get the camera back. Ray agrees to help on the job if they give the camera back. Elsie tells Alan she loves him and they are reconciled. Ray returns the camera to Emily and tells her he's moving on.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jul, 1970
    Mon 13 Jul, 1970
    Episode 47
    Elsie asks Len to sort Alan out. Emily tells Ray that a £30 camera is missing from the studio. Len warns Alan off Elsie. Ena advises Elsie to take Alan on. Alan decides to leave. Elsie tells Val she wants Alan.
  • Wed 8 Jul, 1970
    Wed 8 Jul, 1970
    Episode 46
    Annie goes to Derby when news reaches the Street that Jack has died at Joan's. Frank Bradley and Jud Johnson look for Ray. Maggie tells Len she knows she's second best for him after Elsie. She realises he is using her to make Elsie jealous and refuses. Ray is annoyed to see ex Borstal pals Frank Bradley and Jud Johnson. They tell him they're going straight and he takes them on to make some cabinets for the studio. Len tells Alan he has to mop up after him as he cares for Elsie. Emily isn't happy about having Frank and Jud in the studio. Alan asks Elsie to marry him so that they can never get away from each other, she doesn't believe him and refuses.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jul, 1970
    Mon 6 Jul, 1970
    Episode 45
    Susan undergoes an operation. Len tells Elsie she's turning hard and bitter. Alan returns. The Barlows are relieved when Susan's operation goes well. Sandra, Irma and Bet go to Alderley Edge for a laugh. Alan is horrified to find Elsie has let herself go. She accuses him of coming back thinking she'd jump at the chance to go out with him again.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jul, 1970
    Wed 1 Jul, 1970
    Episode 44
    Dr Crawford refuses to see Susan and thinks Val is panicking. Cyril hands in his resignation and it is accepted. Dave puts the Ogdens off by telling them they'd have to pay for the wedding reception. Ena thinks Susan has got appendicitis. Ken calls in another doctor who recognises accute appendicitis and rushes Susan into hospital.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jun, 1970
    Mon 29 Jun, 1970
    Episode 43
    The Ogdens prepare for tea but Dave says he's taking them out for a meal instead. Susan has tummy ache but the doctor says it's nothing to worry about. Cyril tells Len not to cover up for him. Irma dashes Bernard's hopes for romance. Cyril is upset that he could behave in such a way. Dave wines and dines the Ogdens. Irma finds out about the deeds and is upset. Bernard takes a job near his mams' and leaves the Street. Susan is in bad pain.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jun, 1970
    Wed 24 Jun, 1970
    Episode 42
    The Ogdens butter Dave up and invite him to tea. Cyril goes in search of Lucas. Irma can't stand the thought of being married to Dave but thinks it'll be fun to kid her parents along. Len stops Cyril from beating Lucas up after Lucas attacks him with a lead pipe.moreless
  • Mon 25 May, 1970
    Mon 25 May, 1970
    Episode 41
    Stan tells Hilda the reason he can't tackle Dave is because of the deeds. Betty hits breaking point with Lucas. Hilda sees the benefits of having a bookie for a son-in-law. Cyril returns from a course and Betty tells him about Lucas. Cyril goes to sort him out.
  • Wed 20 May, 1970
    Wed 20 May, 1970
    Episode 40
    Lucas begins to follow Betty. Dave gives Minnie caviar to give to Bobby. Emily sees Betty paying for Lucas' drinks. Irma tells Stan that Dave is just a bit of fun. Betty is terrorised by Lucas.
  • Mon 18 May, 1970
    Mon 18 May, 1970
    Episode 39
    Bernard asks Irma not to go to the dogs with Dave but she doesn't listen. Hilda is ashamed that Irma is going out with one of Elsie's cast offs. Stan wants to warn Dave off but can't because of the deeds. At a club after the dogs Dave and Irma bump into Bet Lynch and Bob Chadwick. Keith Lucas takes an interest in Betty. Irma and Bet enjoy themselves. Lucas tells Betty that Cyril put him in prison three years ago and he wants his own back.moreless
  • Wed 13 May, 1970
    Wed 13 May, 1970
    Episode 38
    Audrey leaves the Street for Preston. Annie refuses to have Ernie playing the piano for the party because he's not a professional. The residents gather for the party in the select and Annie is forced to ask Ernie to play. Sandra lays on a romantic meal for Ray. Lucille, Len, Irma, Dave and Bernard slip away from the party and have a private bash in the Salon. Irma agrees to a date with Dave. Sandra tells Ray she's finished with him.moreless
  • Mon 11 May, 1970
    Mon 11 May, 1970
    Episode 37
    Val advises Irma to take the shop on to pay Dave the money back. Annie plans Lucille's 21st birthday. Irma agrees to join Maggie at the shop. Sandra has a slanging match with Audrey. Bernard hits Ray in the Rovers and knocks him to the ground. Audrey resigns from the yard. Irma starts work at the shop.moreless
  • Wed 6 May, 1970
    Wed 6 May, 1970
    Episode 36
    Ray refuses to have anything to do with Audrey. Maggie accepts the £600. Irma is horrified to discover the deal; she doesn't want to return to the shop. Dickie gets drunk in the Rovers. Irma tells Maggie she hates the shop. Sandra buys her wedding dress. Ray tells Sandra he's not interested in Audrey. Dickie tells Audrey he's had enough. He packs and leaves, telling Sandra about the affair.moreless
  • Mon 4 May, 1970
    Mon 4 May, 1970
    Episode 35
    Stan tells Maggie he's like to buy a part of the shop business for Irma. Audrey stays with her friend Lorna Smeaton who tells Dickie. Ena tells Dickie to fetch his wife home. Maggie agrees to the deal as Gordon needs the money. Stan asks her to keep the deal quiet. Dickie fails to bring Audrey home. Audrey phones Ray and they plan a meeting.moreless
  • Wed 29 Apr, 1970
    Wed 29 Apr, 1970
    Episode 34
    Irma tells Hilda she can't tell her how she feels. Dave tells Elsie that Stan signed over the deeds to No.13 for the £600. The editor of the Gazette tells Stan to keep the donated money. Irma tells Ken the crash was her fault. He rows with her. Stan decides to pay Dave back the £600. Mrs Bright turns up and tells Dickie Audrey is with her. Dickie tells her about Ray. Stan wants to help Irma with the money. Mrs Bright promises Audrey's return but she is not on the Preston train.moreless
  • Mon 27 Apr, 1970
    Mon 27 Apr, 1970
    Episode 33
    Ken and Val go to the airport to meet Hilda and Irma. Dickie grows desperate to find Audrey. Irma comes home. Ena forces Irma to break down to bring her out of her daze. Dickie feels frustrated when Ray calls round.
  • Wed 22 Apr, 1970
    Wed 22 Apr, 1970
    Episode 32
    Stan gets a cheque for £95 from his workmates. Dickie feels that he's done something wrong. Audrey tells Dickie she's waiting on Ray. Ray and Len go off to Huddersfield to help build a school. Stan gets £600 in all for his ticket to Australia. Maggie tells Lucille she's to blame for anything that happens to the Flemings. Ena tries to make Audrey see Ray is too flighty but Audrey is adamant that Dickie is too boring. Cyril books Stan a flight. Audrey breaks down when she discovers that Ray and Sandra have set the date. Stan hears that Hilda and Irma are coming home. Audrey packs and leaves.moreless
  • Mon 20 Apr, 1970
    Mon 20 Apr, 1970
    Episode 31
    Stan sends a message to Hilda telling her of Darren's death. Lucille is annoyed to discover Sandra and Ray have set the date. Ken is angry when he discovers Albert has talked to the press about David. Lucille tells Dickie about Audrey and Ray kissing. He refuses to believe her so she tells him to ask Maggie. Wellwishers start to send money to No.13. Dickie confronts Audrey and Maggie tells him what she saw. Audrey tells Dickie she loves Ray.moreless
  • Wed 15 Apr, 1970
    Wed 15 Apr, 1970
    Episode 30
    Hilda asks Val for £600 for the flight but the Barlows save their money for Ken's flight. Ken thinks it's a waste of money just to see David buried. Dave lends the Ogdens £600. Hilda flies out to Australia. After she has gone, Stan gets a telegram saying Darren has died.moreless
  • Mon 13 Apr, 1970
    Mon 13 Apr, 1970
    Episode 29
    Ken breaks the news to the Ogdens and they wait for a phone call from Australia. Stan blames David for taking Irma away and nearly comes to blows with Ken. Australia phones with the news that David is dead, Irma is suffering from shock and Darren is critical.
  • Wed 8 Apr, 1970
    Wed 8 Apr, 1970
    Episode 28
    Maggie advises Ray to tell Sandra about the kiss. Sandra books St Mary's for the wedding. Len warns Ray that if he loves Audrey he can't marry Sandra. Audrey tells Ray she's never loved Dickie, she's only been fond of him; he's too weak. She tells Ray she'll never feel the same for Dickie as she does for him. Ray loses control and tells Audrey he loves her. Len tells Lucille. PC Conway tells Ken that the Barlows have been involved in a car accident in Australia and are in hospital.moreless
  • Mon 6 Apr, 1970
    Mon 6 Apr, 1970
    Episode 27
    Ena tries to persuade Audrey to stay on the right path. Ray decides to move in with Len. Ray and Sandra set the date for May 23rd. Ken and Val hold a 6th birthday party for Peter and Susan. Lucille taunts Sandra and is warned off by Jack for her behaviour. Audrey begs Ray not to give her up but he stands firm. She weakens him and at night they kiss in the builder's yard, witnessed by a passing Maggie.moreless
  • Wed 1 Apr, 1970
    Wed 1 Apr, 1970
    Episode 26
    Albert tells Dickie it's time he put his house in order. Val misses being a hairdresser. Dave pleads with Elsie to return and agrees to take Bernard back. Sandra tells Ray Audrey fancies him. Val returns to the Salon on £15 a week plus commission. Bernard refuses to return until Dave takes Sandra back on and gives them both a rise. Dave takes Lucille back on at the Betting Shop. Dickie and Sandra watch as Audrey throws herself at Ray.moreless
  • Mon 30 Mar, 1970
    Mon 30 Mar, 1970
    Episode 25
    Bernard starts up his own business. Lucille returns from Ireland. Ray starts back at the Yard with Len. Lucille discovers Ray is engaged to Sandra. Dave finds it hard to cope at the Salon with only Adam and Jasmine. Lucille lodges with Minnie. Sandra feels put out about Audrey's closeness to Ray. The Salon's takings are only 4/6 for the day.moreless
  • Wed 25 Mar, 1970
    Wed 25 Mar, 1970
    Episode 24
    Ken's cheque is returned by Alan's solicitor. Audrey pampers Ray and cuts off Dickie more. Len shaves his moustache off. Dave gives Val a rise and Bernard the sack. Dickie tries to believe Audrey and Ray are not going to have another fling. Albert tells Bernard to set up in opposition against Dave. Lucille tells Annie she's returning, but her room is being decorated. Val, Elsie and Sandra walk out of the Salon in protest of Bernard's sacking.moreless
  • Mon 23 Mar, 1970
    Mon 23 Mar, 1970
    Episode 23
    Audrey prepares the house for Ray's homecoming. Ken and Val plan the new Salon. Ray returns, with the use of his legs. Dave offers Elsie a job, she accepts. Ray swears vengeance on Dave for getting rid of him at their yard. Dave tells the Barlows that he has bought the Salon off Alan and thanks Ken for tipping him off about it.moreless
  • Episode 7218
    Episode 22
    In a panic Kevin heads downstairs. Sophie finds her mobile but is surprised to see her dad at home. She and Sian head back to school. Kevin and Molly are hugely relieved. Helen and Michelle confront Carla wanting to know if she already knew Tony was Liam's killer. Carla lies saying she had no idea. Lloyd begs Teresa to try and get on with Liz for his sake. Eddie and Anna put up their Christmas lights on the house. Gary's embarrassed as carols blare out from No.6. Claire calls a truce with Becky and suggests they should go to drama classes together. Becky's speechless. Rosie tells John she's thinking of going back to college. John's pleased but Fiz warns him that Rosie is bound to have an ulterior motive. Hayley tells Roy that Tony's been locked up and it's time to move on and forget about him. Teresa tries to be nice to Liz but it's clear the two women hate each other. They're soon trading insults and Liz bars Lloyd and Teresa from the Rovers. Helen, Barry, Maria and baby Liam set off back to Ireland. Kevin and Molly meet up and agree that they want to be together and it's time to break the news to their families.moreless
  • Wed 18 Mar, 1970
    Wed 18 Mar, 1970
    Episode 22
    Ena's song turns out to be 'Onward Christian Soldiers'. The bank refuses Ken a loan. Annie sends Elsie on a mission to weaken Len's resistances. Stan is forced to give Ena £10 for 'Dreaming Time'. Elsie weakens Len but Bernard interrupts. Ken asks Dave for a loan. The men and women begin to weaken. Dave refuses to give Ken a loan so he takes it out of the insurance money. The football bus is moved to Bessie Street because Coronation Street is too narrow. Bernard hears that Ray will be back soon.moreless
  • Episode 7478
    Episode 21
    Michelle challenges Carla when she is unpleasant to Izzy at the factory. She is intrigued when she runs Carla home and spots Peter entering the flat. Deciding to confront them she is surprised when Peter explains what is really going on and Carla is forced to explain about her drink problem.moreless
  • Episode 7217
    Episode 21
    Hayley starts her new job as manager of Underworld. Janice enjoys rubbing Sally's nose in the fact that she's been demoted back to machinist.Carla announces to the factory girls that from now on she's Carla Connor again. Michelle and Helen leave for court. Maria's too upset to go with them. Gail and Audrey have a heart to heart. Audrey's quick to point out Gail's terrible track record with men. But Gail's adamant she loves Joe and intends to marry him. Claire announces she's going to take up amateur dramatics. She shows Graeme her Charleston moves and he joins in. Ashley watches them bemused. Audrey warns Joe that if he doesn't treat Gail properly he'll have her to answer to. Pam tells Molly she needs to sort her marriage out. Molly's defensive. Michelle, Helen and Carla attend Tony's hearing at the magistrate's court. Helen screams at Tony, calling him a murdering bastard and has to be restrained. Molly and Kevin nip back to No.4. They're having sex in the Websters' bed when they hear noises downstairs. Sophie and Sian are home. Sophie heads upstairs looking for her mobile phone. Kevin and Molly freeze in the bedroom.moreless
  • Mon 16 Mar, 1970
    Mon 16 Mar, 1970
    Episode 21
    The Men form a 'Kibbutz' in self defence against women's 'Lysistrata' plan. Ena sets a trap to pay Stan back for stealing her song. Ken admits he's thinking of buying the Salon.
  • Wed 11 Mar, 1970
    Wed 11 Mar, 1970
    Episode 20
    Men start to suffer effects of women's 'Lysistrata' campaign. Ena discovers Stan has sold her song to Mickie Malone. Ken starts to think the business life may have its appeal after all.
  • Episode 7215
    Episode 19
    Maria tells Carla how Tony's confessed to Liam's murder. Carla feigns ignorance and tells Maria the reason she left was because she was still in love with Liam and could no longer live a lie with Tony. Maria believes her. Sally studies the garage books. She's furious to see profits are down and all sorts of miscellaneous expense claims. Tyrone can't explain it. Becky and Hayley do their best to cheer Roy up but he's worryingly quiet.Dev takes Bernie for a drink in the Rovers. Steve realises that like him, Dev is also having secret golf lessons. Steve makes Bernie promise not to say anything. Audrey and David are bitching about Joe in the salon when Audrey receives an invitation to the Weatherfield Traders' Association Christmas Party. Kevin and Molly meet in the motel for sex. When Sally phones and leaves a message on Kevin's mobile they fear the worst.Leanne quizzes Carla wanting to know if she was aware that Tony killed Liam but Carla lies to her too and denies all knowledge. Audrey invites Norris to accompany her to the Weatherfield Traders' Association Christmas do. Kevin arrives home and is relieved when it's clear Sally knows nothing of his affair and is simply angry about the state of the garage accounts. Carla is questioned by the police. She denies all knowledge of Tony's crime and lies saying she hasn't seen Tony since January.moreless
  • Mon 9 Mar, 1970
    Mon 9 Mar, 1970
    Episode 19
    Stan tells Ena no one was interested in her song and asks her for another. Alan writes to his staff putting the salon up for sale and giving them first refusal. Malone pushes Stan to come up with another song. A football bus starts in the Street. Football yobs, including Spider and Nobby, descend on the Street, insulting Annie and graffiting the walls. Ken thinks of buying the salon for £30 a week. The men refuse to sign Annie's petition against the bus. Annie gets the women to deny their husbands all services until they sign.moreless
  • Episode 7214
    Episode 18
    Rosie wonders if it was her mobile video of Liam kissing Carla that tipped Tony over the edge. Kevin and Sally assure her she's not to blame.Audrey's shocked to see a for sale board outside No.8. Gail shocks her further by telling her she and Joe are engaged. Audrey warns her she's making a mistake. Sally asks Kevin for the garage accounts. Kevin's secretly worried she'll spot his motel expenses and the lack of breakdown call-outs. Dev has a golf lesson from the club pro Bernie. He suggests they go for a drink afterwards. Maria is interviewed by DS Smith. He questions her about the night of Liam's murder and Maria gets upset. Rick the deb-collector turns up at No.8 masquerading as a potential buyer. Gail's oblivious as she shows him round whilst Joe is inwardly panicking. Maria confides in Audrey how she hates herself for allowing Tony to wheedle his way into hers and baby Liam's lives. Audrey makes her see that it wasn't her fault. Helen and Barry ask Maria to come and live with them in Ireland. To their delight she jumps at the opportunity saying she and Liam need a fresh start.There's a knock at the door of No.7, Maria's stunned to discover it's Carla.moreless
  • Wed 4 Mar, 1970
    Wed 4 Mar, 1970
    Episode 18
    Annie, Betty and Hilda go to the Better Homes exhibition. The residents gossip about Elsie moving to Bramhall. Alan tells Elsie he doesn't want to marry her, just to live with her. He wants to give her half the house. Malone's agent thinks Stan's got talent as a song writer and wants another song to buy. Hilda buys an inflatable chair. Alan gives Elsie an ultimatum but she lets him walk away from her and out of her life.moreless
  • Episode 7474
    Episode 17
    Joy Fishwick's appearance has sent John into a tailspin as she reveals that she just wants to see her son again as she is ill. Fiz tries to help telling Joy about Colin's job but Joy discovers that Colin has left his bedsit and has not been seen since he was attacked at work a few months ago. Alone Fiz tells John that she thinks she should tell the police she knows who Colin's attacker was!moreless
  • Episode 7213
    Episode 17
    Helen and Barry arrive on the Street. George and Eve leave the Barlows' tea party. George is short with Leanne and Peter after learning about their dodgy pasts from Blanche. Joe admits to Gail about his massive debts, but keeps quiet about the debt collector. Gail walks out in a state of shock. Steve learns that his guest membership at the golf club has also expired. Dev's smug. The secretary tells them that there is one full membership place available. They agree to play a deciding round of golf to determine who gets it. Michelle explains to her parents that Liam had an affair with Carla and Tony had him killed out of revenge. Jesse nervously informs Eileen that he always spends his birthday with his parents. Eileen's annoyed but decides to use the limousine and accompany him. Gail returns home after a long walk. She tells Joe she is prepared to sell No. 8 to pay off his debts. Joe is hugely grateful. George calls in at the betting shop and apologises to Leanne and Peter for over-reacting, presenting them with flowers and gifts. Leanne and Peter are bemused. Helen upsets Maria by accusing her of sleeping with Tony to get revenge on Carla and Liam. Maria's deeply hurt and takes baby Liam out for a walk. David takes a call from the estate agent and is angry to learn that Gail is selling up. Barry and Helen track down Maria to Liam's grave. Helen apologises for her outburst but Maria is distraught, feeling unfit to look after her son. Barry and Helen watch as Maria breaks down.moreless
  • Mon 2 Mar, 1970
    Mon 2 Mar, 1970
    Episode 17
    Annie moves the furniture around, to Jack's annoyance. Alan tells Elsie he has a surprise for her, she thinks it's a new house. Stan brings in Mickey Malone to hear Ena's songs. Alan shows Elsie her new house in the country.
  • Episode 7212
    Episode 16
    Audrey and Michelle have spent a restless night tending to Maria. Ryan arrives and Michelle breaks the news that Tony was responsible for Liam's death. Audrey tells Fiz and Kirk about Tony. Kirk helps hysterical Maria to remove all traces of Tony from No. 7. The factory workers visit the caf??, wanting to know why Tony did not return from the police station. Furious to hear them gossiping, Hayley blurts out that Tony had Liam murdered. Sean and the girls are stunned. Ryan returns from school early in a fury, swearing revenge on Tony. Michelle tries to calm him and Ryan breaks down. Gail and Joe set out to go shopping for their wedding but Joe gets a phone call and sends Gail without him. The Barlows prepare to welcome George and Eve to tea. Everyone is astonished when Blanche, dressed to the nines, openly flirts with George. Eve is unthreatened and amused. Joe's debt collector visits him and threatens to take the boat as payment. Joe is horrified when he is told that the debt has doubled.Ryan tells Michelle he's going to live with his grandparents as he can't bear to stay in Weatherfield any longer. Michelle advises him to phone Barry and Helen first. Lloyd provides a limousine as Eileen's surprise present for Jesse's birthday. Dev takes Steve to play golf but is embarrassed to learn that his guest membership at the club has expired. Steve is highly amused. After speaking to Barry, Ryan decides to stay. Michelle's relief is short-lived when Ryan explains that Barry and Helen have flown in from Ireland and are at the airport.moreless
  • Episode 6954
    Episode 16
    Steve's under pressure. Michelle wants him to get the Rovers ready for her parents' party whilst Becky wants him to testify for her in court. Amber says goodbye to Darryl and leaves for Finland. Dev realises he's over-stepped the mark. Barry takes Steve to one side and tells him the family would be delighted if he married Michelle. Steve's evasive.moreless
  • Wed 25 Feb, 1970
    Wed 25 Feb, 1970
    Episode 16
    Bill Gregory leaves to go back to his ship today and Alan has to fight to the last to get Elsie to stay. Annie Walker wants revenge on Old Ben, the nightwatchman, and the street gets together to block it. Stan gets the idea of selling himself as a composer using Ena's songs.moreless
  • Episode 7472
    Episode 15
    Molly tries to convince Kevin they should be together but he's having none of it and heads off for his romantic night with Sally. Molly is not going to give up easily though and lets Kevin know that she plans to spill the beans...
  • Episode 7211
    Episode 15
    Tony stands on the canal towpath as Roy fights for his life in the water. At the caf?? flat, Maria tries to convince herself that Tony is innocent but Hayley firmly insists upon calling the police. Tony cannot watch Roy's suffering any longer and dives into the canal and drags him to safety. Roy is shaken and bewildered by Tony's actions. Tony walks away into the night. Hayley calls for Becky and they head to the canal to search for Roy.Maria tells an incredulous Michelle about her suspicions of Tony. Hayley and Becky discover Roy, soaking wet on the towpath. Roy tells them that Tony tried to kill him. Tony marches up to the desk at the police station and confesses to murder. Becky takes care of Roy back at the flat, while Hayley calls the police to report Tony's attack. She is stunned to hear that Tony is at the station after handing himself in and phones Maria with the news. Tony is interviewed by DC Smith. He confesses to paying Jimmy to run over Liam out of jealousy and revenge, and admits to trying to kill Roy at the canal. Maria arrives at the police station. DC Smith explains about Tony's confession. Maria is horrified to have her worst fears confirmed. Police officers take a statement from Roy. Hayley hugs him, relieved to have him home safe. DC Smith allows Maria to speak to Tony. She demands answers. Tony explains that his feelings for her were genuine and that he has tried to make amends for his evil deeds. Maria feels sickened and stupid. She tells Tony she would like him to hang, and departs in tears, leaving Tony a broken man.moreless
  • Episode 6953
    Episode 15
    Michelle asks Becky if she'll work behind the bar at her parents' party but Becky's evasive realising it clashes with her court case. Graeme starts work at the butchers. Ashley shows him the ropes. Dev and Amber are at loggerheads, neither willing to apologise to the other.
  • Mon 23 Feb, 1970
    Mon 23 Feb, 1970
    Episode 15
    Alan and Len learn of Bill's proposal to Elsie and Elsie tries to make up her mind. Annie Walker falls down a hole dug in the street and Ray hears he can go to Buxton Recuperation Centre and celebrates. Stan hears one of Ena's original tunes and becomes interested.
  • Episode 7210
    Episode 14
    Tony grabs the set of keys to the caf?? and heads off into the night. Eileen's offended that Jesse did not tell her about his fortieth birthday on Friday. Tony watches as Roy and Hayley close up the caf?? for the day. Roy gets a call from his conservation group - there's been a sighting of bats and he's invited to go on night watch. Roy's reluctant but Hayley insists he goes. Maria returns home to find Tony is nowhere to be seen.Tony lets himself into the caf??. He hides when the Croppers come downstairs and listens as Hayley sees Roy off. Roy leaves and Hayley goes back upstairs to the flat. David meets Zoe at the bus stop. They discuss Gail and Joe's wedding and Zoe correctly deduces that David would never approve of Gail's choice of man. Tony picks up a kitchen knife and heads towards the flat but is startled by Maria banging on the caf?? door. He hides again as Hayley admits Maria, and listens as Maria sobs her heart out, realising he has nothing to lose anymore. Eileen tries to force Jesse to tell her about his birthday. Hayley informs Maria about Tony's confession and his threats to her and Roy. Maria can't believe the man who loves her and her son could be a killer. Tony approaches Roy, who is bat-watching by the canal, and reveals he has come seeking revenge. Roy is horrified to learn that Tony was inside the caf??. He demands to know what Tony has done to Hayley. Lloyd suggests to Eileen that she should throw Jesse a surprise fortieth birthday party. Tony produces the blood-stained knife. Believing Tony has killed Hayley, Roy lunges at Tony. They fight, and Tony beats Roy into submission before dropping him into the canal. Roy struggles to stay afloat, but Tony watches as Roy slips beneath the water.moreless
  • Wed 18 Feb, 1970
    Wed 18 Feb, 1970
    Episode 14
    Ena and Minnie ask Cyril to help get Albert out of No.1. Albert enjoys telling Sandra all about the war. Alan is puzzled why Len doesn't get Bill to move into No.9. When Len discovers Bill is after Elsie he gets him to stay for competition with Alan. Tommy reveals he sent the Valentine to Annie hoping for a free drink. Elsie is amazed to see Bill. She agrees to go out with him. Cyril breaks into No.1 and makes Albert realise people are worried about him. Len tells Alan and Bill they're both after Elsie. Annie is horrified to discover Tommy sent the card. Bill tells Elsie that Phyllis is dead and he is buying a bar in Portugal. He asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Episode 7209
    Episode 13
    Tony packs Maria off to a health spa for the day in case the police come calling. Julie argues with Eileen about getting her sacked, insisting she has no designs on Jesse. Tony returns to work but the morning is interrupted when the police arrive and arrest him on suspicion of Liam's murder. He is interviewed at the station about the Croppers' allegations and is perturbed when DC Smith decides they will need to speak to Maria. Eileen makes a discovery while nosing through Jesse's wallet. Roy and Hayley return to the caf?? and are relieved to hear from Fiz that Tony went to the police station and did not return. The police release Tony on bail and warn him to steer clear of the Croppers. The factory workers gossip about Tony's police encounter in the Rovers. Gary reveals he is to go on an army taster weekend. Anna tries to discourage him. Maria returns home and Tony does not tell her about his arrest. Gail asks Ted if he will give her away at the wedding. He delightedly accepts. Fiz calls round and tells Maria that the police took Tony away. Maria challenges him and he is forced to admit that the Croppers reported him for confessing to Liam's murder. He tries to bluff his way out of it but it's clear that Maria is unnerved and she slips out of the house. Tony is devastated, knowing he's lost her.moreless
  • Episode 6951
    Episode 13
    Hayley's finding it hard to adjust to life back in Weatherfield. Joe and Gail set off on their weekend away. Tina and David see them off. Hayley gives Becky a present from Africa. Becky's made up.
  • Mon 16 Feb, 1970
    Mon 16 Feb, 1970
    Episode 13
    Bill Gregory turns up. Annie is horrified when Alan reveals in the Rovers that she bleaches her hair. He tells Elsie that if they'd used her cheap lacquer on Annie's hair it would have turned green. Ena and Minnie try to get Albert out of No.1. He refuses. Annie receives a mysterious Valentine card. Annie tells Bill that Elsie married. He thinks she married Len. Len puts him straight. Sandra takes food in to Albert. Bill tells Ena he's not leaving the Street without Elsie.moreless
  • Episode 6950
    Episode 12
    Tina, David and Graeme break into the Windasses. Norris enters a competition to meet Cliff Richard. Rita despairs of him. Nina rows with Dev over Tara. Dev's disgusted that Nina could have an affair with her daughter's boyfriend. Nina reminds him of their own affair. Amber overhears and is secretly appalled at her Dad's behaviour.moreless
  • Wed 11 Feb, 1970
    Wed 11 Feb, 1970
    Episode 12
    Emily is sure Piggott will cancel the lease when he discovers Len has got the contract. Roscoe and Pitts get the student hostel contract to Emily's relief. Stan goes on the rampage to discover who shopped him. Hilda tells him she knows nothing about it. Ena discovers Len and Ray sold Roscoe their cheap material so that he could undercut them, saving the Studio and getting one up on Piggott. Cyril gets sick of everyone having a go at him because he's a policeman. He considers leaving now that he's served his twenty five years. Albert decides to drop out of society.moreless
  • Episode 7468
    Episode 11
    Leanne is regretting the previous evening and can't even face going in to work leaving Nick covering for her. Will she be able to continue running the bar for him after what has happened? Meanwhile Carla and Peter have a heart to heart.
  • Episode 7207
    Episode 11
    Hayley hasn't slept. She tells Roy she's sorry she ever doubted him and suggests they go to the police. But Roy reckons the police will never believe them. Sally continues to rant about John Stape. Rosie and Kevin are tired of hearing it. Kevin promises to go and see a solicitor to find out where they stand. Molly's in a bad mood. She snaps at Kirk. Kirk tells Tyrone it's time he found somewhere else to live. Jesse's behaving oddly and Eileen's suspicious. She pays Eddie to watch his movements and report back. Sally tells Tony that Hayley's failed to turn up at work. Tony goes round to the caf?? to find out what's going on. John redecorates the outside of No.5. Graeme admires his handywork. Kevin and Molly arrange to meet up in a motel. Molly lies to Tyrone saying she's meeting an old school friend. Hayley tells Tony she's not well. Tony makes it clear he knows she's lying and intimates he'll sort her out as well as Roy if she's not careful. Steve arrives back from his honeymoon. He tells Dev what an amazing time he had. Eddie clocks Julie climbing into Jesse's van. It's obvious she doesn't want to be seen. Roy and Hayley hide in their flat, terrified of what Tony might do to them. Roy concedes they'll have to go to the police.moreless
  • Episode 6949
    Episode 11
    Becky excitedly helps Roy prepare for Hayley's home-coming. Joe tells David he won't be able to pay him this week as the cheque they got from the Windasses won't clear. Amber introduces her friend Mini to Darryl in the takeaway.
  • Mon 9 Feb, 1970
    Mon 9 Feb, 1970
    Episode 11
    The Victoria Street Mission opens. Ena starts to play the harmonium there. Ernie preaches. Piggott tells Emily his tender is £11,900. Emily and Hilda are frightened by Ernie's sermon on betrayal. Emily confesses to Ray and Len. Len, Ray and Piggott toast to the tender.
  • Episode 7206
    Episode 10
    Fiz and John wake up to discover that someone has painted all their windows black. Kevin's furious when he sees Fiz's windows realising Sally must be the culprit. Rosie finds the whole thing amusing whilst Sophie points out Sally's a criminal. Fiz is spoiling for a fight with Sally but Chesney calms her down. Gary apologises to Ted and asks him what it was like to serve in Malaysia. Ted tells him it was the making of him and turned him into a man. John sets to and scrapes off all the black paint, determined not to let Sally get to him. Jesse and Julie prepare for a kids' party when Jesse spots Simon in the audience. Sally proudly admits to Fiz that she's responsible for vandalising her house. Fiz wants to report her to the police but John talks her out of it. Tony reaches a decision, he goes to visit Roy and tells him to forget his wild accusations as it's time they both moved on. However when Roy refuses to let it drop Tony sees red and threatens to kill him. Roy's shaken. Kevin's fed up with Sally and tells her if she pulls another stunt like the last one he'll call the police himself. Sally's hurt. Peter arrives to collect Simon from the party. Jesse asks Peter and Simon not to mention to Eileen that they've seen Julie. Hayley wonders why Roy's looking so worried. Falteringly Roy tells Hayley how Tony's threatened to murder him.moreless
  • Episode 6948
    Episode 10
    David barges past Carl Windass and jumps in Joe's van. He shows Joe the money he managed to get out of them (??500 and a cheque). Joe admonishes him for threatening the customers but he's impressed nonetheless. Prem finally relents and tells Dev that although he disapproves he is free to see Tara.moreless
  • Wed 4 Feb, 1970
    Wed 4 Feb, 1970
    Episode 10
    Emily finds out that the tender is £12,300. Hilda phones the bakery and tells them Stan is not doing his job. Elsie is annoyed that Val is entertaining Alan to meals. Emily tells Piggott about the tender. Alan demands the best treatment when Annie calls at the Salon. Sandra is petrified. Audrey and Sandra make up. Stan is suspended for one night from the bakery. Emily agrees to be Ernie's partner. She is stunned when Len tells her he has been able to lower his tender to £11,700.moreless
  • Episode 7466
    Episode 9
    Peter's at Leanne's side at her request but as she sets about her work he's left to talk to Carla. As she asks him how he resists alcohol Peter explains in the past he hasn't but he'll never go there again now he's got Leanne. Carla's stung (growing feelings for Peter) and secretly downs a few drinks before leaving alone. The night's a massive success but when Leanne goes to find Peter he's gone AWOL. As she calls him she starts to panic, where is Peter?moreless
  • Episode 7205
    Episode 9
    Roy admits to Hayley he went for a walk in the middle of the night. Hayley implores him to stop obsessing over Tony. Roy assures her he will.Anna asks Peter to consider giving Gary a job at the betting shop. Molly tells Kevin she's fed up of pretending there's nothing between them and that if he really cares about her he'll leave Sally. Kevin's stunned. Fiz collects John from prison. They go for a picnic on the way home and John savours his new found freedom. Tony tells Hayley how he's very grateful to Roy for saving his life but he's worried he may have said some crazy things to him whilst he was drugged up. Joe buys Gail a cheap engagement ring. Gail's thrilled pointing out they'll now have more money to spend on the wedding. Joe's quietly worried. Fiz and John arrive at No.5 ready to start married life. As John goes to carry Fiz over the threshold, Sally storms across the street shouting the odds and calling John a paedophile. Kevin tries to calm her down and Rosie's embarrassed. Gary makes disparaging comments about Remembrance Sunday. Ted puts him in his place and Peter tells him he's just blown his chance of a job at the bookies. Anna's furious with her son. As Fiz and John settle down for their first married night together Sally sets off to No.5, a woman on a mission.moreless
  • Episode 6947
    Episode 9
    Tina and David aren't speaking to Gail and Joe, horrified to think their parents are in a relationship. Gail's upset whilst Joe's annoyed. Ken accuses Peter of wasting Simon's inheritance on buying the bookies Peter points out the money is legally his and not Simon's.
  • Mon 2 Feb, 1970
    Mon 2 Feb, 1970
    Episode 9
    Stan enjoys working nights as he can drink all day. Sandra realises that Audrey really does love Ray. Emily tells Len she'll work on the estimate but he tells her he and Ray are working on it. Ernie asks Emily to come into partnership with him. She tells him she'll let him know. Ray asks Dickie to get Audrey off his back. Ernie and Ena suspect something is wrong with Emily. Hilda discovers Stan is spending his nights at a club instead of working.moreless
  • Episode 7204
    Episode 8
    Tony lies to Maria and pretends that he and Roy were discussing newts and his donation to the Weatherfield Conservation Society. Roy remains silent. The debt collector tells Joe he owes him ??5k and he's not leaving without it. In desperation Joe is forced to give him his van. Kirk, David, Darryl and Zoe redecorate No.5 as a surprise for Fiz. She's delighted. Graeme tells Freda that he successfully delivered the false leg to the charity shop. Roy continues to harangue Tony. Tony's feeling the pressure and Maria's worried about him. Gail and Joe celebrate their engagement in the Rovers. Joe tells Gail he's sold his van so he can buy her an engagement ring. Gail's touched. Jack confronts Connie about the fact he keeps hearing her at his bedroom door. Connie's mortified and explains that she's sleepwalking and can't help it. Jack's relieved and they laugh about it. Maria calls to see Roy and tells him to stop stalking Tony and back off. Joe suggests to Gail they have a Christmas wedding. Gail's thrilled.Tony wakes in the middle of the night. He looks out of the window and sees Roy staring up at him from the street. Roy disappears and Tony wonders if he imagined it. Maria tries to calm him down.moreless
  • Episode 6946
    Episode 8
    Ted and Tina bop to some early disco whilst they get No.8 ready for the party. Lloyd warns Becky that Michelle's worked out that Steve had a one night stand with another bird. Ken tells Ashley how Irma Ogden was an amateur artist and enjoyed copying Lowry's paintings. Ashey's disappointed to discover his 'Lowry' is a fake.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jan, 1970
    Wed 28 Jan, 1970
    Episode 8
    Stan starts at the bakery as a night watchman. Piggott asks Emily to tell him how much Len's tender is. When she refuses he threatens to refuse to renew the studio lease. Alan turns up alright. Ray asks Emily to go over the tender figures for them, she refuses. Ena tells Emily she enjoys living at the studio. Sandra accuses Audrey of being jealous of her and Ray. Elsie buys a load of hairspray off a salesman because she feels sorry of him; he reminds her of Dennis. Audrey tells Sandra that Ray is only with her because he's in a wheelchair. Emily agrees to spy for Piggott.moreless
  • Episode 7464
    Episode 7
    As Molly insists the affair is over Jack isn't judgemental and implores her, if she loves Tyrone, to leave Weatherfield with him and start afresh. Hopeful their marriage can be saved Jack slips out unnoticed and heads home. Alone in his armchair Jack looks at a picture of Vera as he falls to sleep.moreless
  • Episode 6945
    Episode 7
    Peter shows the social worker in. Ken's appalled at Peter's intentions. Julie, Janice, Sean and Vicki confront Tony about their missing wages. He assures them it's just a problem with the bank and it's being sorted out. Julie's sceptical. Ken, Blanche and Peter argue over Simon's future.
  • Mon 26 Jan, 1970
    Mon 26 Jan, 1970
    Episode 7
    Ernie gets a contract to photograph models for a mail-order company. Emily fears that Piggott is not going to renew the lease. Alan looks for someone to take a night shift job for a friend. Elsie suggests Stan. Dave sacks Audrey for taking the time off to visit her mother. Ray installs her at the Yard. Len and Ray put in a tender for a student hostel. Elsie convinces Hilda that Alan will sack her if Stan doesn't take the job at the bakery. Piggott agrees to have the studio converted into two rooms for Ernie. Elsie watches Alan in a motor rally on TV. She watches in horror as Alan's car goes out of control and crashes. Piggott wants the hostel contract and discovers Len's plans. Elsie tries to find out what has happened to Alan. Maggie tells Len she is happy with them going out occasionally. Ray has given Stan's window round to someone else and refuses to take Stan back. Piggott tells Emily he has a business proposition for her.moreless
  • Episode 7463
    Episode 6
    Jack's overwhelmed as he walks into the surprise birthday party Tyrone and Molly have arranged at the Rovers. As they hide their pain Jack holds court reminiscing about his years on the street and making a speech over his cake. But Molly's taken aback when Jack sits her down and reveals he knows about the affair with Kevin and the DNA test.moreless
  • Episode 6944
    Episode 6
    Ken's been up early looking after Simon. He's annoyed with Peter. Sally and Kevin fuss round Rosie who's secretly enjoying the attention. John keeps phoning Fiz from the police station where he's being held. Fiz makes it clear she doesn't want to speak to him.
  • Wed 21 Jan, 1970
    Wed 21 Jan, 1970
    Episode 6
    Len proposes to Anita, she accepts. He tells her he will meet her parents. Ray moves his toes. Audrey makes Dickie and Ray do all the work. When she tells Dickie she's only joking they decide to make Ray do all the work. They kid Ray that Emily is returning to be his private nurse. When he begs Audrey not to let her she tells him it's a joke. Len is annoyed that Stan went to school with Anita's father. Len tells Anita that he's not ready for marriage. She tells him they'd better not see each other again as she's only interested in marriage. Alan takes Elsie to ashton to show her his garage. Emily hears the Studio's landlord Willie Piggott is coming to see her.moreless
  • Episode 7462
    Episode 5
    Kevin takes in the DNA results but he's forced to snap back to reality when Sally arrives to take him to the pub so they're out of the way for Sophie's party. In the Rovers Kevin's distant, the results occupying his mind, he makes an excuse to go and heads to the Dobbs. Finding Molly alone he hands over the test results. Molly's appalled that he went behind her back but how will she react when she reads the findings?moreless
  • Episode 7201
    Episode 5
    Roy wants to call the police and report Tony for murder. Hayley dissuades him telling him Tony was just drugged up and talking rubbish. Ted tells Maria how his partner James died of a heart attack and how lucky she is to still have Tony. Peter explains to Ken how Simon's other granddad, George, has been in contact and is picking Simon up from school later. Tony's discharged from hospital. Tyrone and Molly meet Jack and Connie for a drink. Jack's in a funny mood and Tyrone wonders why. Graeme sends Norris on a wild goose chase to buy a crack hoe on the pretence that it's for getting the weeds out from between paving slabs. Hayley visits Tony at No.7. She's flattered when Tony offers her the job of relief manager at the factory as he needs some help. Roy's sceptical and tells Hayley that Tony's only trying to buy her silence. Norris interviews Horace Steel and offers him the job in the Kabin at once. Joe plans a surprise romantic evening for Gail. Roy confronts Tony and tells him he believes he did kill Liam. Tony remains calm and hands Roy the phone suggesting he dials '999'.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jan, 1970
    Mon 19 Jan, 1970
    Episode 5
    Anita wants Len to meet her parents. He puts her off as he's the same age as her father. Emily returns to the Rovers. Ray agrees to return to the Yard as Len's partner. Maggie takes Ena back on at the shop. Audrey returns and takes over where Emily left off. Bernard accuses Sandra of marrying Ray out of pity. Ray tells Sandra he will marry her when he can stand up again. Anita tells Len he has to choose between her or Maggie.moreless
  • Episode 7461
    Episode 4
    As Kevin's told he can have the test results by the end of the day he arranges for a courier to deliver them, desperately hoping the baby is Tyrone's. He's on tenterhooks but when Sophie insists she needs his help at the house the package falls into Tyrone's hands. Kevin's horrified to find Tyrone holding the letter, has he read the contents and what is the result?moreless
  • Episode 7200
    Episode 4
    David and Joe finish working on the boat and agree to take her out fishing. Roy feels uncomfortable when he receives champagne and theatre tickets from Tony as a thank you for saving his life. Graeme offers to clean Emily's windows. Emily's grateful. Sally's worried about running the factory in Tony's absence. She suggests to the girls they cut down their tea-breaks and get more work done. Joe tells Gail he's been made redundant from the hardware shop. Gail tells him not to worry, she'll support him until he gets another job. Freda moves into No.3. She tells Emily how Mrs Firth sacked her for tutting and how to get her own back she stole Mrs Firth's prosthetic leg. Emily's disapproving whilst Graeme thinks it's funny. Roy visits Tony in hospital and confronts him about his confession. Tony lies saying of course he blames himself for Liam's death as it was his stag night. George and his wife Eve visit Peter, Simon and Leanne. They get on well and Peter makes it clear that they're welcome to visit Simon as often as they like. Roy tells Hayley he's convinced Tony did murder Liam. But Hayley's less sure and warns Roy that people will think he's mad - just like they did with Maria.moreless
  • Episode 6942
    Episode 4
    Peter's got a hangover and Ken's annoyed with him. Ken arranges for Simon to play football with Joshua. Sophie takes Rosie her breakfast in bed and gives her a necklace she's bought with her birthday money. She tells Rosie about the post card which she sent.
  • Wed 14 Jan, 1970
    Wed 14 Jan, 1970
    Episode 4
    Elsie persuades Alan to take Hilda on as cleaner at the Salon. Cyril tells Bernard he won't be sent to prison. Alan, Elsie, Len and Anita have a date together. Elsie tells Anita she hopes Len will settle with her. Len tells Anita that Maggie is just a friend. Ray and Sandra start a liaison. She asks him to marry her, he accepts. Betty returns to the Rovers. Alan and Elsie get to know each other better.moreless
  • Episode 7460
    Episode 3
    Kevin's dreading the christening, posing as godfather when he may be the actual father, and snaps at everyone. Molly's also troubled but despite Kevin's strange mood the service goes without a hitch. Back at the pub Kevin urges Molly to consider the DNA test, if she's so sure Ty's the father they can get confirmation and all move on. But when Molly refuses, saying she's already moved on, Kevin is forced to take matters into his own hands.moreless
  • Episode 7199
    Episode 3
    Maria tells Roy how Tony's making a remarkable recovery and it's all thanks to him. George shows Peter some paperwork proving he's Lucy's father and Simon's grandfather. He asks Peter to meet him for a drink so they can talk. David brings his new girlfriend Zoe home to meet Gail and Joe. Maria insists Roy visits Tony saying how Tony want to thank him for all he's done. Sally bosses the factory girls around enjoying her new role as PA. Tony fishes trying to find out how much he told Roy while he was sedated. Roy's uncomfortable wondering how much Tony remembers about his confession. Jesse and Julie arrive back from the kids' party having had a great time. They arrange to meet up again for another party booking. David takes Zoe to the Rovers. Tina's surprised to see he's got a new girlfriend. George explains to Peter how he was a useless father to Lucy and just wants a chance to be a better grandfather to Simon. Peter promises to think about it. Jake taps on the window of Michelle's flat startling her. He tells her he's got a contract in Penrith and wants her to go with him. Michelle refuses although she's secretly tempted. Tony insists on making a donation of ??5k to the charity of Roy's choice. Roy knows that really Tony is trying to buy his silence.moreless
  • Episode 6941
    Episode 3
    Fiz catches up with Rosie outside the house. She calls the police. It's Sophie's birthday and Kevin and Sally are doing their best to be cheerful when the phone rings. It's Rosie. Sally cries tears of relief. John regains consciousness and staggers out of the house. He begs Fiz for forgiveness but Fiz ignores his pleas. The police arrest John.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jan, 1970
    Mon 12 Jan, 1970
    Episode 3
    The Walkers' takings are down £15. Ray was taken to hospital after fainting in the Flying Horse. The doctor reveals he is getting better - slowly. Val tells Maggie to fight Anita for Len. Alan returns. He tells Elsie he stood her up because he doesn't want to get involved. She tells him they could just be friends. Anita tells Maggie she likes Len. Elsie tells Hilda that Irma hates Australia. Len and Alan plan a foursome with Anita and Elsie. Elsie realises Sandra has fallen for Ray. Bernard dresses as a nurse and pushes Ray along the streets. They are stopped by a policeman who takes Bernard's name.moreless
  • Episode 7459
    Episode 2
    John reels as he reads the letter, he needs to speak to Charlotte but Fiz has organised for Owen and Katy to come to dinner in a bid to sooth relations. John's desperate to escape and when Owen criticises Ches he jumps down his throat brining the evening to a close. Finally free he bursts into Charlotte's accusing her of sending the letter but when she pulls out a carbon copy John pales. Who saw what they did?moreless
  • Episode 7198
    Episode 2
    Roy tells Hayley about Tony's confession. Hayley puts it down to the drugs Tony was on and tells Roy not to worry. Ryan's appalled to discover Michelle's spent the night with Jake. Michelle's embarrassed and ushers Jake out of the flat. Ben disappears to have a shower leaving Ryan and Michelle to argue. Simon's got a black eye and a cold. Peter keeps him off school for the day. Julie, Kelly, Janice, Sally and Fiz all gossip about Tony and wonder if he's dead. Dev refuses to pay Jake's bill as it's too steep. In retaliation Jake removes a section of roof tiles from the cornershop. Dev's furious. Gail puts on some overalls and borrows a sander from Bill, intent on helping Joe with the boat. Joe's impressed.Julie and Jesse arrange to meet for a children's party. Eileen wonders what they're up to. Maria arrives back from Cyprus in a terrible state and desperate to see Tony. George approaches Peter, Leanne and Simon in the street. He introduces himself as Simon's granddad and is quick to comment on Simon's black eye. Roy goes to the hospital expecting the worst. However he's shocked when Maria throws her arms round him and thanks him for saving Tony's life.moreless
  • Episode 6940
    Episode 2
    Fiz can't find the cat but she comes across some girl's underwear. Immediately Fiz is suspicious thinking John must be having an affair. Maria questions Tom about Carla and Lad Rags. Tom admits that Carla is a partner in the business. Maria's upset wondering why they kept it a secret from her.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jan, 1970
    Wed 7 Jan, 1970
    Episode 2
    Emily is fed up with looking after the ungrateful Ray and Dickie. She tells them they can fend for themselves and walks out. Val tells Len that Maggie and Les are divorcing. Ray bets Bernard £5 to dress up as a nurse and wheel him through the streets. Ray and Dickie can't cope and beg Emily to stay. The Rovers and Flying Horse teams compete in darts and dominoes. Everyone is amazed as Ray stands to play darts.moreless
  • Episode 7458
    Episode 1
    John waits at Underworld and as he sees someone placing flowers he pounces but it soon becomes clear it's just a florist who has no idea who ordered the wreath. On edge John heads out to find Charlotte, accusing her of sending the flowers, but it's news to a horrified Charlotte. Meanwhile Fiz is at the hospital for her 20 week scan, will John make it in time? And who will find the letter waiting for the Stapes at home?moreless
  • Episode 6939
    Episode 1
    Maria quizzes Tom about Liam's calls to Carla. Tom covers saying Carla was just keeping tabs on the stag do. Tom lies saying he made some of the calls. Rosie's regained consciousness. She picks up the towel rail and forms a plan. John and Fiz arrive back from Whitby. John gives a couple a lift in his taxi, intending to call in at his grandmother's house when he's dropped them off.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jan, 1970
    Mon 5 Jan, 1970
    Episode 1
    Ken has enough of Albert living in the maisonette. Betty takes no notice of Annie's apology and refuses to return to work. The residents start drinking in the Flying Horse when Annie makes a resolution to only serve them if they're dressed smartly. Alan goes to Leeds. Len falls for Flying Horse barmaid Anita Reynolds. Betty takes a job at the Flying Horse. Tommy puts her on the darts team against the Rovers to Albert's annoyance. She decides to lay for the Rovers out of loyalty. Maggie reveals Les is off the drink but is scared he'll start drinking again if he returns to Maggie. Maggie agrees to a divorce. She feels she can now go out with Len. Maggie is upset when she realises Len is serious about Anita.moreless