Coronation Street - Season 12

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  • Wed 29 Dec, 1971
    Wed 29 Dec, 1971
    Episode 104
    Dave transfers Eddie to Torquay. Kitty and Nellie look on as Lt Commander Gerald Prince dance the night away. Eddie asks Bet to go with him to Torquay but she refuses as she knows football is more important to him than she is. Elsie tells Ken that Alan has left her.moreless
  • Mon 27 Dec, 1971
    Mon 27 Dec, 1971
    Episode 103
    Ken goes for the interview at Bessie St and gets the job. Ena sorts Bet and Betty out so Annie can go to the ball. Elsie and Alan avoid each other. Annie is the belle of the ball but doesn't like the coarseness of comic Bernard Manning.
  • Wed 22 Dec, 1971
    Wed 22 Dec, 1971
    Episode 102
    Annie plans to go to Kitty's Boxing Day Ball but both Betty and Bet have dates. Ken upsets Albert by going to Glasgow for Christmas. Stan sells the cocktail bar in order to buy drinks for Christmas. Ena takes Albert in. for Christmas. Elsie refuses to have anything to do with Alan.moreless
  • Mon 20 Dec, 1971
    Mon 20 Dec, 1971
    Episode 101
    Maggie is amazed when Lucille steps in to help her out at the shop. Annie puts Nellie and Kitty Stonely out by expressing an interest in their Life Boat Function. As Laura is going to the Med for Christmas, Alan invites Mark to stay. Elsie goes berserk. Alan decides he's had enough and leaves.moreless
  • Wed 15 Dec, 1971
    Wed 15 Dec, 1971
    Episode 100
    The men grow disappointed with Eddie. Stan gets fed up with cocktails. Hilda drinks all the cocktails with Albert and Minnie. Alan can't go to Blackpool because a customer's vans needing MOT's. County win 3-2 with Eddie scoring all the goals. He tells Bet he's sticking around.
  • Mon 13 Dec, 1971
    Mon 13 Dec, 1971
    Episode 99
    Irma has disappeared telling Maggie she doesn't know when she'll be back. Elsie wants to spend Christmas in a Blackpool hotel. Eddie tells Bet he's not bothered about Irma and asks her out. Hilda investigates cocktails. Maggie is upset that none of the OAP's can afford their goods for Christmas. Eddie gets drunk and needs somewhere to sleep for the night. Bet takes him in. Stan drinks Hilda's miniatures and fills the bottles with cold tea. Alan agrees to spend Christmas in Blackpool.moreless
  • Wed 8 Dec, 1971
    Wed 8 Dec, 1971
    Episode 98
    Emily is upset as today should have been her wedding day. The Ogdens go shopping to spend their spare £95. Eddie isn't on form for the cup tie. County loose 2-nil. Dave blames Eddie. The Ogdens buy a coffee percolator, a tray, a table centre, a cocktail bar and an electric tooth brush - all useless. Annie, Lucille, Ena and Minnie throw a tea party for Emily. Len gets a phone call from a woman and tells Ray he's taking a couple of weeks off. Dave tells Eddie if he doesn't tow the line he's finished.moreless
  • Mon 6 Dec, 1971
    Mon 6 Dec, 1971
    Episode 97
    Dave wants Eddie kept pure for the evening, on the eve of the cup tie. Hilda decides to spend the money. Eddie tells Irma he's taking her to a party in Liverpool. Stan tells Dave about the money and agrees to pay back the outstanding £370. Emily resigns from the warehouse in order to look after the studio. Hilda can't spend the money. Eddie takes Irma to Liverpool.moreless
  • Wed 1 Dec, 1971
    Wed 1 Dec, 1971
    Episode 96
    Stan tells Hilda they should pay Dave back. Ray organises a go-go evening at the Rovers in Annie's absence. Len tells Irma that Eddie is getting too old for football when he is dropped from a match. Emily is upset when Ernie's shop front is smashed by hooligans. Lucille and Bet go-go for the regulars. Irma tries to take better care of Eddie. Stan is haunted by the £500.moreless
  • Mon 29 Nov, 1971
    Mon 29 Nov, 1971
    Episode 95
    Emily returns from Spain. Annie insists that Lucille resigns from the Aquarius. Stan insults Eddie's playing to his face - not knowing who he is. Lucille drafts a letter of resignation to the Aquarius bosses, Newton and Ridley, expressing Annie's dislike of disco pubs. Annie backs down. Ernie is released and is on his way to Malta. Alf tells Ken he should apply for the vacant Deputy Head teaching post at Bessie St. Hilda wins £500 on the premium bonds.moreless
  • Wed 24 Nov, 1971
    Wed 24 Nov, 1971
    Episode 94
    Nellie does some investigating over 'Lita Laverne'. The men watch Eddie play. Eddie feels disheartened about County. Nellie lures Annie to the Aquarius. Annie is horrified to see Lucille dancing there. Eddie agrees to have tea with the Ogdens.
  • Mon 22 Nov, 1971
    Mon 22 Nov, 1971
    Episode 93
    Lucille gets a job at a disco pub and tells Annie she's on the night shift at the YWCA. Irma's boyfriend turns up, County's star footballer Eddie Duncan.
  • Wed 17 Nov, 1971
    Wed 17 Nov, 1971
    Episode 92
    Elsie decides not to go to Solihull. Maggie decides not to tell Gordon about Jennifer. Annie learns that Ernest is in prison in Santa Eulalia - on a morals charge, and having three regular women visitors.
  • Mon 15 Nov, 1971
    Mon 15 Nov, 1971
    Episode 91
    Maggie is worried that Jennifer will push Gordon into the rat race. Elsie slowly wins Alan round to the idea of moving. IRMA: "Cultivate people round here and you'll get a crop of raspberries." Annie is worried when she doesn't hear from Emily and goes to the consul. Ray recognises Jennifer from his youth in Burnley. Alan discovers Maxwell is charge of the Solihull branch. Annie reports Emily's disappearance to the consul. Maggie puzzles over Irma's mysterious boyfriend. Ray thinks Gordon ought to be warned that Jennifer is a gold digger. Alan isn't happy about Solihull if Dennis is involved.moreless
  • Wed 10 Nov, 1971
    Wed 10 Nov, 1971
    Episode 90
    Elsie wants to take the job but Alan doesn't want to leave Weatherfield. Irma has taken on Stan's debt to Dave and is finding it hard to pay him back. Jennifer snubs Lucille. Ray remembers knowing a Jenny Swann. Irma tells Stan she can't continue to pay the debt and that Dave has said Stan has to pay it. Alan tells Elsie if she goes to Solihull she goes on her own.moreless
  • Mon 8 Nov, 1971
    Mon 8 Nov, 1971
    Episode 89
    Elsie is put up for promotion in Birmingham. Jennifer Swann turns up and tells Maggie she's going to marry Gordon. Elsie's new job will be £1,800 a year. She doesn't know what to do. Maggie is put out by the way Jennifer looks down at her.
  • Wed 3 Nov, 1971
    Wed 3 Nov, 1971
    Episode 88
    Emily tries in vain to phone Spain. Stan discovers the Ogdens are on a credit blacklist. Piggott foots the bill to send Emily to Spain, on the condition she sends back the photographs. Albert and Minnie go to a radio shop to listen to Albert's interview. Maggie gets a call from Gordon's girlfriend.moreless
  • Mon 1 Nov, 1970
    Mon 1 Nov, 1970
    Episode 87
    Ernie is in jail in Santa Eulalie. With Len away, Ray takes Jerry on at the Yard. Emily goes to the Spanish consul. Annie tells her Ernie is being charged with offending against the public morality. The Ogdens go after another colour television on approval. BBC Manchester interview Albert about the Great War. The TV man refuses to give the Ogdens a TV on approval.moreless
  • Wed 27 Oct, 1971
    Wed 27 Oct, 1971
    Episode 86
    Bet and Len are called to give evidence at the court case. The magistrates conditionally discharge Jerry for twelve months. Yvonne would have liked to have married Ken but doesn't feel she can be a replacement for Val. A report in the paper says Ernie has been arrested in Spain.
  • Mon 25 Oct, 1971
    Mon 25 Oct, 1971
    Episode 85
    Ken decides to let the twins stay in Glasgow for the foreseeable future. Jerry goes to court. Ken takes Yvonne on a picnic on the canal and asks her to marry him. In court, Jerry pleads guilty to assault.
  • Wed 20 Oct, 1971
    Wed 20 Oct, 1971
    Episode 84
    Stan and Jim Stoker rile Jerry for sucking up to Len. Yvonne refuses to step into Val's shoes. Stoker gets at Jerry in the Rovers and Jerry knocks him unconscious. Ken decides to go to Glasgow to see the twins. Jerry is arrested for assault.
  • Mon 18 Oct, 1971
    Mon 18 Oct, 1971
    Episode 83
    Jerry feels he doesn't have the right to take Stan's job. Annie is upset over Lucille's laziness. Hilda accuses Jerry of being after Stan's job. Lucille's dole is stopped as she keeps refusing jobs. Yvonne feels alone and shut in and turns to Ken for comfort.
  • Wed 13 Oct, 1971
    Wed 13 Oct, 1971
    Episode 82
    Ena double books Ken and Albert's classes at the Centre. Lucille turns down another job. Yvonne and Ken start afresh, getting to know each other. When Stan wastes another day, Len and Ray decide to sack him and replace him with Jerry.
  • Mon 11 Oct, 1971
    Mon 11 Oct, 1971
    Episode 81
    Len gets Jerry to live at No.9 for £4 a week. Emily grows annoyed at Lucille's carefree attitude on the dole. Irma returns. Yvonne doesn't want to commit herself but agrees to see more of Ken.
  • Wed 6 Oct, 1971
    Wed 6 Oct, 1971
    Episode 80
    Len is horrified to hear Jerry is out of work and wants him back at the Yard. Ken shows a lot of interest in Yvonne. Lucille gets a job at a button factory but doesn't want it. ALAN: (about Jerry) "He's a born loser if ever I saw one." Len wants to take Jerry on at the Yard but Ray doesn't think they've got enough work. Yvonne tells Ken she's not a substitute for Val - he has to decide what he wants.moreless
  • Mon 4 Oct, 1971
    Mon 4 Oct, 1971
    Episode 79
    Lucille goes for a job at a travel agents. Ken shows Yvonne around the Street. Minnie catches a chill from paddling and takes to her bed. Elsie warns Ken that people are talking about him. Lucille bumps into Jerry at the labour exchange.
  • Wed 29 Sep, 1971
    Wed 29 Sep, 1971
    Episode 78
    Dave takes Minnie to Blackpool for her birthday. Annie is worried as Lucille can't find a job. Minnie visits the bingo parlour, to Dave's embarrassment, and wins a tea set. Minnie and Dave paddle in the sea and see Ken with the twins and a young woman - Yvonne Chappell.
  • Mon 27 Sep, 1971
    Mon 27 Sep, 1971
    Episode 77
    Stan locks himself in No.13 in an attempt to finish the hatch before Hilda returns. Dave wants to pay for a treat to take Minnie to Blackpool on her birthday but Ena refuses to go with her on Dave's money. Hilda returns and loves the serving hatch. Minnie calls Ena a bigot and decides to go to Blackpool on her own.moreless
  • Wed 22 Sep, 1971
    Wed 22 Sep, 1971
    Episode 76
    Dave tells Lucille he's going to set the heavies onto Frank. Lucille advises Bet to warn Frank. Stan's hole takes on gigantic proportions. He begins to worry what Hilda will say. Bet warns Frank but it is too late; Dave and his men arrive and advise her to leave.
  • Mon 20 Sep, 1971
    Mon 20 Sep, 1971
    Episode 75
    Bet promises not to shop Frank. Ray and Len refuse to let Stan do a job because they don't think he's capable. Lucille recognises Frank's voice but he and Bet deny all knowledge of the attack. Minnie advises Stan to show Len and Ray how skilled he is by building a serving hatch in No.13. LUCILLE: "Frank Bradley's just a load of rubbish – with a nice face on top." Ken gets a job at the Centre teaching immigrants. Bet is confused about how Frank feels about her, but realises she wants him out of her life. She phones Dave and tells him Frank will be in her flat the next day.moreless
  • Wed 15 Sep, 1971
    Wed 15 Sep, 1971
    Episode 74
    Elsie confronts Janet who breaks down, telling her all she wants is a man. JANET: "I just want what everyone else has already got. Someone who cares what happens to me. Not out of pity or some kind of smug sympathy. Someone who cares because he cares. And where's the rule that says a man can only care what happens to one woman?" Elsie tells Janet that Alan is hers and she's going to fight for him. They shock the residents by drinking together before Elsie makes sure she leaves the area. Dave offers Lucille her job back when the insurance money comes through. She tells him to stick it. Bet bumps into Frank and when he asks about Lucille she realises he mugged her.moreless
  • Mon 13 Sep, 1971
    Mon 13 Sep, 1971
    Episode 73
    Janet accuses Len of being jealous of Alan. Lucille goes for a job at the warehouse and gives Emily as a referee. Emily tells Lucille she can't recommend her for a job because she shouldn't have taken the money on her own. Elsie forgets a dress for Betty and in anger Betty tells her Alan and Janet were together in Leeds. Elsie confronts Alan. He tells her Janet followed him to Leeds but nothing happened.moreless
  • Wed 8 Sep, 1971
    Wed 8 Sep, 1971
    Episode 72
    Det Sgt Sharp suspects Lucille of being in on the robbery. Lucille reveals that after the attack she heard someone say her name. Dave sacks Lucille and takes on Jackie. Hilda gets Stan to tell Len about Alan and Janet in the hope he can sort it out. Janet tells Len she and Alan spent the night together at the hotel.moreless
  • Mon 6 Sep, 1971
    Mon 6 Sep, 1971
    Episode 71
    Dave refuses to give Lucille a rise. Unknown to anyone, two thugs plan to nick the betting shop's takings when Lucille and heavy Norman go to the bank. Irma is convalescing in Llandudno. Lucille goes to the bank on her own and is mugged of all the takings. She is taken to the Infirmary with bruises, shock and slight concussion. Dave is horrified that £435 was taken. Helen Ormerod tells the Ogdens that Janet didn't visit her.moreless
  • Wed 1 Sep, 1971
    Wed 1 Sep, 1971
    Episode 70
    Emily tells Annie that she is jealous. ANNIE: "Where men are concerned a woman can't afford principles." Piggott points out to Emily that he chose Ernie can he is moral. Colin can't understand why Janet is hot and cold. Ken advises Janet to stop playing with Alan. Emily sees Ernie and the models off. Alan asks Janet to stop fooling around with Colin. Maggie tells Janet that her sister is coming.moreless
  • Mon 30 Aug, 1971
    Mon 30 Aug, 1971
    Episode 69
    Janet and Alan return from Leeds. Piggott wants Ernie to go abroad for a month to take photographs for his travel brochures. Ernie realises the opportunity is too great to miss. Piggott tells Ernie he has to go with Sheila Miller. Janet uses Colin as an excuse to see Alan. Emily is alarmed when she meets glamourous Sheila.moreless
  • Wed 25 Aug, 1971
    Wed 25 Aug, 1971
    Episode 68
    The Burgesses cadge off the Ogdens. Norah Seddon turns up to give Emily a present of a teapot. Laura and Alan get together in Leeds. Betty advises Maggie not to see too much of Alf as he's married. Sidney breaks Norah's teapot whilst rowing with Ernie. Ernie throws the Burgesses out. Janet arrives in Leeds.moreless
  • Mon 23 Aug, 1971
    Mon 23 Aug, 1971
    Episode 67
    Emily starts preparing Ernie's home as their new home. Ernie cuts Edie's allowance down from £4 to £2 a week and the Burgesses turn up to complain. Edie accuses Emily of robbing her. Janet tells Maggie she wants the day off to visit her sister. Ernie stands firm against the Burgesses, but the Ogdens take them in for the night. Alf takes Maggie out to the pictures. Janet books herself into Alan's hotel in Leeds.moreless
  • Wed 18 Aug, 1971
    Wed 18 Aug, 1971
    Episode 66
    Alan takes Colin on at the garage. Alan and Janet exchange a kiss. Janet realises Colin fancies her. Elsie refuses to believe that Alan is not playing around with Maggie. Alan tells Elsie he's going to Leeds on business. She feels he just wants to get away from her.
  • Mon 16 Aug, 1971
    Mon 16 Aug, 1971
    Episode 65
    Alan and Janet play up to each other. Janet agrees to move into Irma's flat whilst she's working at the shop. Janet's ex colleague Colin Harvey turns up after a job at the warehouse. She tells him Alan is looking for an assistant. Alf agrees to paint Maggie's ceiling for her. Maggie warns Alan off Janet. Elsie accuses Alan of having a thing with Maggie. Alan realises he's going to have an affair with Janet.moreless
  • Wed 11 Aug, 1971
    Wed 11 Aug, 1971
    Episode 64
    Annie and Ernie celebrate their birthdays. Ena and Lucille prepare the Community Centre for Ernie's party. Irma is rushed into hospital with appendicitis. The Ogden's TV is repossessed. Stan gives Ernie the ring back. Nellie tries to get at Annie over her age. Emily gives Ernie cuff-links for his birthday. He gives her the ring. Guests at the engagement party: Ena, Stan, Hilda, Lucille, Bet, Elsie, Betty, Maggie and Mavis Riley, a fried of Emily's from the warehouse. Maggie takes unemployed Janet Reid on at the shop. Janet confesses she fancies Alan.moreless
  • Mon 9 Aug, 1971
    Mon 9 Aug, 1971
    Episode 63
    Ernie searches in vain for the ring and accuses the Ogdens of stealing it. ANNIE: (about the Ogdens) "I have never in my whole life known a couple who'll go to such lengths to obtain something for nothing." Emily gets her bottom drawer ready. Hilda discovers the ring in Stan's turn up.moreless
  • Wed 4 Aug, 1971
    Wed 4 Aug, 1971
    Episode 62
    Alf goes on a sponsored slim. Ernie suspects that Stan sold the ring to pay for the TV. LEN: "Ena Sharples might be old, but when it comes to battling she's no lady." Annie is upset when Emily decides to hold the engagement party at the Community Centre.
  • Mon 2 Aug, 1971
    Mon 2 Aug, 1971
    Episode 61
    Emily and Ernie decide they're going to get married. Annie breaks open the sherry to toast Ernie and Emily. Ena is told by Len and Alf that she has to be careful not to overstep the line at the Centre. She says she wants a job description. The Ogdens have a colour television delivered. Ernie discovers in the Rovers that he has lost the engagement ring.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jul, 1971
    Wed 28 Jul, 1971
    Episode 60
    PC Dancy takes Beattie's complaint to Ken. Ernie kicks Stan's shin when he insults Emily. Dancy is a guitar player and sides with Ken. Beattie is reconciled with Norman when she realises she needs him. The trio disbands when Tim and Dave take on another trumpeter to play in pubs. Emily and Ernie are reconciled when she finds him trying to cope without her. Ena's stand in, Nancy Crossley proves to be very efficient and Len reveals that Ena's job is on the line.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jul, 1971
    Mon 26 Jul, 1971
    Episode 59
    Maggie tells Emily that Ernie is suicidal and Betty tells Ernie that Emily is ill. They pamper one another but refuse to follow it through. Alan and Irma flirt with each other heavily. Beattie threatens Ken over the noise of the group. Emily declares her independence. Beattie complains to the police about Ken.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jul, 1971
    Wed 21 Jul, 1971
    Episode 58
    Albert tells Beattie to take a firm stand with Norman. Betty tells Emily about the engagement ring. Len puts Hilda off a shower by telling her it would cost £300. Ernie gets drunk in the Rovers. Beattie leaves Norman when he goes to a wrestling match.
  • Mon 19 Jul, 1971
    Mon 19 Jul, 1971
    Episode 57
    Hilda discovers Betty has had a shower installed and tells Stan she wants one. Beattie Pearson is worried as Norman starts to go out a lot. Emily returns Ernie's dress ring, not knowing he has an engagement ring for her.
  • Wed 14 Jul, 1971
    Wed 14 Jul, 1971
    Episode 56
    Annie suspects Ken of drawing the cartoon. Ernie admits to Emily that he drew it and tells her he's landed a contract to do more. Ken puts Dave at ease over Val. Ernie tells the residents he did the cartoon. Annie and Emily call it offensive. Drummer Tim Wade joins Ken and Dave. Albert complains about the noise and is insulted by Ken. A friend asks Annie for the original of the cartoon and Annie decides she's flattered after all. Emily finishes with Ernie.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jul, 1971
    Mon 12 Jul, 1971
    Episode 55
    Annie tries, in vain, to find out who drew the cartoons. Dave Robbins and Ken become friendly again. Hilda points out to Annie that Emily is not represented in the cartoons. She accuses Emily causing her to walk out in anger. Dave and Ken reminisce about their old band. They decide to start it up again. Annie feels Ken is avoiding her. Emily finds some cartoon sketches in Ernie's draw at the studio.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jul, 1971
    Wed 7 Jul, 1971
    Episode 54
    The judges arrive: Annie on cakes, Emily on wines, Alf on beer, George on flowers and veg. Maggie bakes a cake for Ray to enter. Alan agrees on £5 a week more plus 15%. Minnie gets drunk helping Alf test the beer. Emily gets drunk on the wine. Len is horrified to learn that he has won the cake competition. He realises Ray has set him up. George recognises the Orchid as one of his own, to Hilda's shame. Harriet Esmondhalgh wins the beer and wine prizes. Albert is praised for his Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Geraniums, Cabbages and wins the challenge cup. Hilda is sad that she has to stay with Stan and not George. Billy packs for London. A cartoonist has drawn cartoons of the judges for the Gazette - Annie is horrified at hers.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jul, 1971
    Mon 5 Jul, 1971
    Episode 53
    Ena organises the flower show. Billy secures a loan to buy a garage in Chiswick. He plans to let Alan run the Canal Garage. Alf asks Emily to judge the flower show. She refuses. She accepts when he begs her. Alan tells Billy he wants a partnership and a share of the profits. Billy refuses and offers him a £5 a week rise. Emily worries about getting drunk on the wine. Stan meets George, they like each other. Hilda agrees to keep in touch with George. Billy agrees to give Alan 15% of the garage profits. Stan nicks an orchid from the park and enters it in the show. He tells Hilda that he's bound to win as her fancy man is the judge.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jun, 1971
    Wed 30 Jun, 1971
    Episode 52
    Annie tells Billy not to be so hasty in his approach to Lorna, later she tells him that Lorna is engaged. Billy asks Lorna if this is true, Lorna leaves. Mr Marcus arrives at the warehouse, the head personnel are invited for drinks to meet him, Dennis Maxwell is promoted. Hilda Ogden comes face to face with George Greenwood.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jun, 1971
    Mon 28 Jun, 1971
    Episode 51
    Arrangements are taking place for the flower show, Mr George Greenwood, Assistant parks superintendent comes to assist Mrs Sharples, he has some connection with Hilda Ogden. Maxwell and Elsie hear from Peter Bromley that Marcus Berlin is visiting the factory. Lorna tells Annie that she is getting engaged to somebody who is coming home from Zambia.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jun, 1971
    Wed 23 Jun, 1971
    Episode 50
    Billy takes the afternoon off to take Lorna to Belle Vue. Elsie warns the girls about minding their mouths. The twins are settling down well in Glasgow. Dennis invites Elsie out for the evening. Alan tells her it's okay so long as everything is above board. Alf warns Ena that the flower show is going ahead. Dennis tells Elsie of his dishonest schemes for using his position of authority.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jun, 1971
    Mon 21 Jun, 1971
    Episode 49
    Billy moves Lorna into the Rovers. Alf announces a flower show at the Centre. Alan overhears Ivy and Edna talking about Elsie and Dennis. Ena refuses to have the flower show in the Centre because of her hay fever. Alan invites Dennis round for a drink and puzzles Elsie. Billy gets upset when Lorna serves behind the bar.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jun, 1971
    Wed 16 Jun, 1971
    Episode 48
    Ivy Tyldesley and Edna Gee think there's something going on between Elsie and Dennis. The Ogdens call in Unionist Charlie Dickinson. Billy persuades Annie to invite Lorna to tea again and dresses to impress. Dennis takes Elsie out for a 'business' lunch. Charlie tells Len and Ray that Stan must have more money. They agree to pay him £1 over the union rate. Stan then discovers he was already on £2 over the rate. Annie invites Lorna to come and stay at the Rovers for a while.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jun, 1971
    Mon 14 Jun, 1971
    Episode 47
    Len and Ray tell Stan he'd better form his own union. Stan forms the Stanley Ogden District Union - SODU. Annie tries to match-make between Billy and her friend Lorna Shawcross. On Ken's advice Stan renames himself the Stanley Ogden Labour Organisation - SOLO. Billy refuses to have anything to do with Lorna before he sees her.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jun, 1971
    Wed 9 Jun, 1971
    Episode 46
    The Mayor opens the Community Centre, dedicating it to the memory of Thomas Walsh. Irma gets her earring back from the chauffer. Emily forgets to order the food for the opening and the residents have to make sandwiches. The Mayoress thinks Irma is the Mayor's mistress. Stan tells Len and Ray he wants what he's entitled to as a working man - industrial relations.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jun, 1971
    Mon 7 Jun, 1971
    Episode 45
    Ray has a black eye. Election night at the Centre for the committee. Stella gives Ray a £50 bill for damages. At the elections the residents from the Victoria Street precinct clash with the Street's residents. Arnold Shoppard is elected chairman by one vote over Ernie. Emily is voted secretary, Mr Barton is treasurer. The committee members are Alf, Emily and Mrs Maude Braddock. Emily gets a job at the warehouse. Arnold takes a fancy to Emily. Irma wonders if she can find her lost earring in the Mayoral Rolls when the Mayor opens the Centre.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jun, 1971
    Wed 2 Jun, 1971
    Episode 44
    Emily feels she can't go on working with Ernie and applies for a job at the Warehouse. Ray and 'Irma Barlot' arrive at the Carousel to be greeted by Mel and Francoise Dubois. Irma manages to avoid speaking French to Francoise. Ena has a small flat warming party, glad to be back in Coronation Street. Ray doesn't like Mel's ideas of using bad workmanship and realises he's being used. They argue and then fight in the club. Irma and Francoise join in.moreless
  • Mon 31 May, 1971
    Mon 31 May, 1971
    Episode 43
    No one can help Ena move into the flat so she gets Dirty Dick to move her in his cart. Mel Ryan and Ray go into business selling saunas. The wheel comes off Dick's cart in the Street and the residents are forced to help Ena move. Mel arranges with a French girlfriend to join the party.moreless
  • Wed 26 May, 1971
    Wed 26 May, 1971
    Episode 42
    Harold and his son John turn up and explain that the woman was John's wife. Annie tells Billy that she ditched Harold for a Mr. Chambers. Minnie is disgusted at Ena's treatment of Hetty. Irma agrees to become French for a date with a business friend of Ray's.
  • Mon 24 May, 1971
    Mon 24 May, 1971
    Episode 41
    Ena tells Hetty tales of vandals and the roughness of the area. Harold calls on Annie and they laugh about the way they both fell for others on the cruise. Hetty turns down the job and Ena takes it. Storeman, Bob Skelton, fancies Irma. She pretends to be French to kid him. When his mate Keith Mason arrives she pretends to be Irish. Harold turns up at the Rovers with a woman. Billy throws them out.moreless
  • Wed 19 May, 1971
    Wed 19 May, 1971
    Episode 40
    The Mark Brittain Mail Order warehouse opens. Irma begs Edith not to take the twins from Ken. Ena gets it out of Alf that Hetty Thorpe has got the job. Ken persuades Edith to cancel her appointment at the Town Hall and they take the twins to Glasgow to talk it out. Ena orders Minnie to invite Hetty to tea.moreless
  • Mon 17 May, 1971
    Mon 17 May, 1971
    Episode 39
    Ena relies on Ernie and Alf to stand by her over the caretaker's job. Bet is upset when Edith says she's too tarty to be near the twins. Alf and Ernie realise Ena is the best person for the job. Edith tells Ken she's going to the Town Hall to ask for custody of the twins. MINNIE: (about Ena) "She bullies me. She's always bullied the name of Christianity." Ena has her interview. Len tells Ken he's going to have to fight for the twins. Alf has to tell Ena she hasn't got the job.moreless
  • Wed 12 May, 1971
    Wed 12 May, 1971
    Episode 38
    Edith tells Bet she's no longer required at No.3. Len and Edith talk Ken into going to the opening night of the Carousel. Maxwell offers Elsie the job back. She takes it. Ken gets drunk at the club and has to be taken home by barmaid Candy Brown, where they are greeted by Edith.moreless
  • Mon 10 May, 1971
    Mon 10 May, 1971
    Episode 37
    Pollard returns to London and is replaced by Dennis Maxwell. Edith turns up unexpectedly and catches Bet dressing at No.3. Elsie goes for a job at Stella Randell's club - the Carousel, but she is too much like Stella. Annie and Maggie put their case to Maxwell and he decides to take Elsie on.moreless
  • Wed 5 May, 1971
    Wed 5 May, 1971
    Episode 36
    The residents turn against Hilda for sneaking on Elsie. Alan sees Pollard and tells him about the case but he refuses to take Elsie back and insults Alan. Ray gets Stan to work at No.19 Inkerman St and then threatens to tell Hilda. Stan buckles under. Albert tells Bet not to bother decorating - he'll do it himself. Maggie and Annie decide to see Pollard and put him straight about Elsie.moreless
  • Mon 3 May, 1971
    Mon 3 May, 1971
    Episode 35
    Elsie is officially made checking supervisor on £30 a week. Ray is fed up with Stan messing up jobs. Elsie refuses to take Hilda on as a checker. Pollard requests a reference from Miami Modes from Elsie and she realises someone has told him about the court case. He tells her he can't employ her. Billy agrees to pay for the material when Bet offers to decorate No.1 for Albert. Hilda admits she told Pollard about Elsie's court case. Maggie tells Alan.moreless
  • Wed 28 Apr, 1971
    Wed 28 Apr, 1971
    Episode 34
    Emily feels used by Olive and snubs her. Annie refuses to tell Billy about the cruise. Ken puts Olive in her place. Ray reveals to Elsie that his hand is better. Ernie reveals that Elsie has landed the job of supervisor at the warehouse.
  • Mon 26 Apr, 1971
    Mon 26 Apr, 1971
    Episode 33
    The students begin to notice that Olive is after Ken. Albert refuses to fill his census form in. Stan gives Ray the run around at the Yard. Olive tries to manipulate Emily to get closer to Ken. Elsie tells Hilda she saw Harold with another woman. Olive manoeuvres Ernie and Emily and ends up spending the evening with Ken.moreless
  • Wed 21 Apr, 1971
    Wed 21 Apr, 1971
    Episode 32
    Ray cannot be found anywhere and Hilda fears the worse. Annie bars Stan from the Rovers. Ernie returns and is forced to pay out for a wedding dress over the photo mix-up. Stan lets Ray off because he's sprained his wrist jumping out the window. Annie has to lift the ban on Stan when he repairs the ladies' door. Betty and Billy wonder what happened on Annie's cruise.moreless
  • Mon 19 Apr, 1971
    Mon 19 Apr, 1971
    Episode 31
    Stan tracks Ray down, he escapes into the ladies at the Rovers. Teacher, Olive Rowe has designs on Ken. Annie returns to find the Rovers in chaos. Ken has a telephone installed at No.3. Stan breaks down the ladies' door but Ray escapes through the window. Emily is in trouble when she sends the wrong details into the gazette with a wedding photograph. Stan traps Ray in the Yard and Ray begs for mercy.moreless
  • Wed 14 Apr, 1971
    Wed 14 Apr, 1971
    Episode 30
    Irma tells Ray to own up but he's worried about the police. Emily does the shop's accounts and discovers Maggie and Irma owe £132.30. Feeling guilty, Ray offers Stan his old job back at the Yard. He takes it but Hilda discovers it'll mean a 20% cut in wages. Irma tells Hilda that Ray drove the van away. Stan is furious when Hilda tells him.moreless
  • Mon 12 Apr, 1971
    Mon 12 Apr, 1971
    Episode 29
    Ray drives the van, with Stan asleep inside, onto waste land where Stan is picked up by the police. Stan is sacked from the Bakery and swears vengeance.
  • Wed 7 Apr, 1971
    Wed 7 Apr, 1971
    Episode 28
    Ken takes Bet on to look after the twins. She alters her hours at the Rovers so she can have the days free. Billy tackles Barbara about Alan and warns her off. She tells him Alan only sold her car for her, for which she paid him £25. Lucille accuses Billy of favouritism in giving Bet dinners off. Ray and Irma decide to teach Stan a lesson when they discover he sleeps during his night's watch.moreless
  • Mon 5 Apr, 1971
    Mon 5 Apr, 1971
    Episode 27
    Albert tells Elsie he saw Alan with a woman. Margaret keeps the twins in their room on their birthday. With Annie away, Emily, Bet and Betty pamper Billy. Margaret, Ken, Albert and Lucille throw a party for the twins. Lucille tells Ken about Margaret, who resigns, although he doesn't want her to go.moreless
  • Wed 31 Mar, 1971
    Wed 31 Mar, 1971
    Episode 26
    Mrs Fielding tells Ken the twins have become unruly at school and have become hard. Annie announces her planned cruise. Hilda reminds her that she's only going because Jack is dead. Billy buys the bike back for £7 as Stan can't shift it. Lucille tells Margaret she's telling Ken but Margaret begs for a second chance. Alan meets with a mysterious woman, Barbara Bromley.moreless
  • Mon 29 Mar, 1971
    Mon 29 Mar, 1971
    Episode 25
    Elsie advises Lucille not to say anything to Ken but she is worried about the twins. The residents notice the twins are becoming very moody. Stan buys an old motor bike from Billy for £5. Margaret recognises Lucille and asks her not to tell Ken about her past. Annie is worried about the cost of the cruise but Billy orders her to go. The twins teacher, Mrs Fielding, calls on Ken.moreless
  • Wed 24 Mar, 1971
    Wed 24 Mar, 1971
    Episode 24
    Lucille is convinced she's seen Margaret before. Ken gives Margaret permission to discipline the twins if she needs to. Annie discovers Harold and Elsie are 'old friends'. Lucille discovers that Margaret has locked the twins in their room. Harold asks Annie to go on a cruise with him. Lucille remembers that Margaret locked her in a coal shed for half a day at the orphanage when they were both there ten years before.moreless
  • Episode 6980
    Episode 23
    New Year's Eve Neither Steve, Lloyd nor Eileen want to work on New Year's Eve so they close the cab office. Jason arranges to meet Molly in the Rovers. Tyrone overhears and is immediately jealous. Molly and Tyrone have a row. Leanne kisses Peter under the mistletoe in the Rovers.
  • Mon 22 Mar, 1971
    Mon 22 Mar, 1971
    Episode 23
    Albert is put out when Margaret makes it clear she doesn't want him around the twins. Annie discovers Harold has a reputation as a womaniser but still goes to the Pack Horse for a meal with him and agrees to another date.
  • Episode 6979
    Episode 22
    Lloyd pulls away from Liz as Danielle approaches. Liz is hurt thinking he's embarrassed to be seen with her. Tony gets a call to say he's sold another two flats. He's delighted. Danielle and Poppy continue to flirt with Lloyd. Liz is quietly jealous.
  • Wed 17 Mar, 1971
    Wed 17 Mar, 1971
    Episode 22
    Minnie locks herself in No.5. Ken tells Edith he doesn't want her to leave but she feels unwanted. Harold tells Betty the bowling club need Jack's trophy to bring in funds. Ken employs Margaret Lacey as housekeeper/nanny. Ena makes Minnie accept money from her to buy coal for the new fire. Edith can't get on with Margaret and leaves. Annie gives the trophy to the club when it is named 'The Jack Walker Memorial Cup' and agrees to have dinner with Harold.moreless
  • Episode 6978
    Episode 21
    Peter wins his bet with Blanche and she pays him ??20 for staying off the booze. Emily and Norris search in vain for Jed. However they find Jed's cat Sonny Jim and bring him home in a basket.
  • Mon 15 Mar, 1971
    Mon 15 Mar, 1971
    Episode 21
    Ena refuses to help fight as she looks after her own interests. The Tatlocks get an offer for their house. Maggie tells Betty she'd smoother the twins and Ken doesn't want her. Minnie buys a grate which she can't afford and returns to her bed in a bid to keep warm. Harold Dewhurst calls on Annie and pays his respects. Ken tells Edith and Betty that he's hired a housekeeper/nanny to look after the twins.moreless
  • Episode 7240
    Episode 20
    Liz is having trouble selling tickets for New Year's Eve. Steve's unimpressed. Kevin tells Bill about Sally's breast cancer. Molly asks Kevin if they can still be together once Sally's recovered. Kevin's non-committal. Bill calls round to see Sally. She realises Kevin's told him about her cancer but he assures her he won't tell the girls. Rosie asks Graeme's opinion on the size of her boobs. Graeme's speechless. Becky reads nursery rhymes to Amy. She tells Steve how Claire makes her feel totally inadequate when it comes to looking after children. Nick tells Gail that she's accepting too little for the house and should pull out of the sale. Joe's sweating, desperate for the cash. David tells Gail how Audrey only invited Nick to stay in the hope he wouldn't like Joe and would scupper her wedding plans. Gail's furious with Audrey. Blanche lets slip to Peter that Ken's organising a petition opposing his bar. Peter's angry and tells Ken his baby-sitting services won't be required on New Year's Eve after all. Bill finds Kevin alone in the garage obviously upset. Kevin confesses he's been having an affair with Molly. Nick leaves for Nottingham but promises to return for Gail and Joe's wedding. Bill's furious with Kevin and tells him to pack the tart in and get back to his family where he belongs. Kevin's ashamed.moreless
  • Wed 10 Mar, 1971
    Wed 10 Mar, 1971
    Episode 20
    Lucille is accused of riot in the papers. As the builders dumped bricks on Lucille's foot, Maggie refuses to serve them. Hunter, PR man for the warehouse, turns up and tries to win the residents over. He shows them a model of the warehouse. Ken is worried that the neighbours are spoiling the twins and thinks about getting someone in. Ken reminds Emily that Ena is returning. Betty tells Maggie she wants to look after the twins.moreless
  • Episode 7239
    Episode 19
    Tyrone sings along to the karaoke machine which gets on Molly's nerves. Becky finds herself press-ganged into going for a walk with Claire and the kids. Liz puts a poster up advertising New Year's Eve at the Rovers with a ??5 per head entry fee. Steve reckons it's a bad idea and it'll put the punters off. Rosie drops some photos on the caf?? floor. Sophie's horrified to see they're of Rosie scantily clad. Rosie explains she's applying to agencies to become a glamour model. Ken calls at Peter's with the mended bike. Simon's delighted. Ken tries to make peace and offers to baby-sit on New Year's Eve. Peter begrudgingly accepts. Sally and Kevin go for an appointment at the hospital. The nurse tells Sally she should have her operation within the next 4 weeks. It's Sian's birthday but her hopes of a romantic evening with Ryan are dashed when Sophie gives her tickets to a gig and invites herself along too. Sally asks the nurse what her chances of survival are but she's non-committal. Ken tells Deirdre he's getting a petition together opposing Peter's bar. Blanche scolds him for continually provoking Peter. Gail tells Joe she's accepted an offer on the house. Joe's thrilled. Kevin's worried sick about Sally. Bill wants to know what's bothering him.moreless
  • Episode 6976
    Episode 19
    Maria tells Fiz how Tony threatened to kill her. Fiz is sympathetic but it's clear she thinks Maria's losing her mind. Liz drags Lloyd along to the Boxing Day Brazilian Crunch aerobics class. Joe gives Gail a bouquet of flowers as a peace offering. She forgives him. Dev finds Maria trying to post a letter to Tony through the factory door. She accidentally sets the alarm off. Dev realises she's in a state and takes her to the Rovers to calm her down. He phones Tony and tells him what's happened.moreless
  • Mon 8 Mar, 1971
    Mon 8 Mar, 1971
    Episode 19
    There's little response for the march on the Town Hall. Lucille tells Len that if a peaceful demo won't work she'll organise a violent one. Edith tells Ken she wants to sell up and move to Weatherfield. The women stage a sit in at the building site.
  • Episode 6975
    Episode 18
    Christmas Day - hour long special Tony and Carla exchange Christmas presents. He gives her the negligee he used to strangle Jed. Carla wonders why it's so creased. Joe puts the finishing touches to Gail's kitchen and gives her an expensive watch for Christmas. Tina's secretly worried about her dad's finances.moreless
  • Wed 3 Mar, 1971
    Wed 3 Mar, 1971
    Episode 18
    Edith doesn't think Ken should take the twins away. Ernie has to look after his sister's shop for a few weeks. Hedley demands action over his car. Ken gets a letter telling him his job at the Tec is still open. Billy tells Hedley they'll repair his car for nothing. Alan makes Ken realise he's going to be lonely and unhappy in Jamaica. Ernie awkwardly gives Emily his mother's dress ring to act as a bound between them. Len tells Billy he's been had - Hedley's insurance had run out. Ken decides not to go to Jamaica. The residents plan a demo against the warehouse.moreless
  • Episode 6974
    Episode 17
    Jed tells Emily and Norris that he's come into some money and should soon be out of their hair. Norris is pleased. Rosie chats up Gary and reminds him about her birthday party. Jed finds Tony alone in the factory. He threatens to go the police and tell them what he knows about Jimmy, Tony's hired killer. Tony loses his temper and strangles Jed with a negligee. He then bundles Jed's lifeless body into a big wicker basket.moreless
  • Mon 1 Mar, 1971
    Mon 1 Mar, 1971
    Episode 17
    Len rents No.3 out for Ken and the residents prepare it for Ken's homecoming. The Rolls has to have body work, costing Billy and Alan £75. The Barlows return with Edith but Ken doesn't like the idea of living at No.3. Hedley tells Len about the crash. Ken tells Elsie he's still going to Jamaica.moreless
  • Episode 7235
    Episode 16
    Tina's drunk as she climbs in Jason's van and starts the engine. She drives a few feet and clips David on the arm. He wrestles the keys from her telling she's too drunk to drive but Tina screams at him to stay away from her. The dress rehearsal for the panto takes place. Claire sacks Sean for being late and gives the part of ugly sister to Jesse instead. Audrey phones Nick again. He tells her he's in Manchester, he's checked into an hotel and he'll see her in morning. Sophie's Christening takes place. Sophie makes a speech saying how much she loves her parents. Kevin's visibly moved. Tina heads into town by herself. She finds a bar and sits and broods about Jason. Nick sidles over and starts to chat her up. Tina finds him attractive. Unwittingly Nick tells Tina how he's been summonsed by his Gran to try and stop his mum from marrying her latest idiot of a boyfriend. At Sophie's christening party Emily gives her a silver cross necklace as a present. Sophie's touched. Sally puts the christening photos on the TV screen. She accidentally flicks on to one of her and Kevin in Paris. Molly's gutted realising that's where Kevin spent the weekend.Nick and Tina kiss but Tina pulls away and leaves feeling guilty.moreless
  • Episode 6973
    Episode 16
    Peter swears he'll give up the drink and wants to be a decent father to Simon. He agrees to let Simon stay with Ken and Deirdre until he's sorted himself out. Jed and Maria discuss Tony Gordon. Maria's relieved to have found an ally. Michelle tells Steve she's got a gig on Christmas Eve. Steve tells her to go for it and they'll manage without her. Michelle's delighted.moreless
  • Wed 24 Feb, 1971
    Wed 24 Feb, 1971
    Episode 16
    Elsie and Irma enjoy the charade. Irma poses as the Howards' daughter. Ernie decides he can't ask Emily. The Howards bump into Annie but she has to play along as she's putting on false airs herself. The imposters escape when the Mayor arrives. Maggie tells Ernie that Emily knows. He gives up the Mission but the committee apologises and everything is sorted out. The Rolls is hit by a car driven by Tom Hedley.moreless
  • Episode 7234
    Episode 15
    Joe tells Tina and Jason that he and Gail have set a wedding date. Jason wonders if Sarah will turn up. Tina's jealous and asks him if he's still got feelings for her. When Ashley pulls out of the panto saying he's too busy at the butchers, Becky and Claire bully Steve into taking the part of Prince Charming. Sally and Kevin arrive back from Paris. Rosie, dressed in hotpants tells Sophie she won't be able to attend her baptism as she's going to work. Tina and Jason continue to row over Sarah. When Jason admits they're not actually divorced Tina's furious as he'd led her to believe they were. Ryan tells Sophie how Ben made a pass at Michelle. Sophie's shocked. Tina and Jason row in the street. David watches, delighted to see they're not getting on. Deirdre begs Peter to spend Christmas Day with them for Simon's sake. Molly wants to know where Kevin's been all weekend but he's preoccupied with Sophie who's clearly upset. Molly feels left out. Tearful Sophie dumps Ben for making a pass at Michelle. Ben leaves feeling guilty. Peter calls at No.1 and tells Ken and Deirdre that he, Leanne and Simon will be coming for Christmas Dinner so long as George, Eve and Janice can come too. Tina calls to see Jason hoping to make it up with him. However she's gutted to learn that he's gone into town. She grabs the keys to his van.moreless
  • Mon 22 Feb, 1971
    Mon 22 Feb, 1971
    Episode 15
    Ernie doesn't know how to ask Emily to marry him. The residents hold a meeting about the warehouse and sign a petition. Billy, Irma, Alan and Elsie take the Rolls out on a joy ride. Len tells Emily about Ernie's dilemma. Len reveals he voted against the warehouse. At the Brookside Motel, Annie arrives and the Rolls company find themselves at the Motel where the Howards and Irma are mistaken for the Mayoral party.moreless
  • Episode 7233
    Episode 14
    Hayley calls a meeting of the factory girls and persuades them cut Carla a bit of slack and give her a chance. Audrey and Norris arrive at the Weatherfield Traders' Association Christmas party. Audrey bumps into Claudia and her dashing other half Lewis. Tyrone surprises Molly with a huge Christmas tree. He tells her about the miserable Christmases he had as a child and how he wants this one to be special. Molly feels horribly guilty. Rosie's all dolled up in hot pants and a boob tube for her first night as a promotions girl. Kevin's unimpressed. Audrey's shocked when Claudia tells her that Lewis isn't her boyfriend but an escort. She gives Audrey Lewis's card. Ben feels uncomfortable around Michelle and decides it's time to move back home. Michelle explains to Ryan how Ben made a pass at her. Hayley, Julie, Sean and Fiz tells Carla they are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Carla's grateful. Gail and Joe set their wedding date - 8th January. Audrey's disapproving. Sally and Kevin are excited as they set off for Paris. Molly watches from a distance and cries. Audrey phones her grandson Nick to see how he is.moreless
  • Wed 17 Feb, 1971
    Wed 17 Feb, 1971
    Episode 14
    Hilda goes to the Town Hall to put her name down for one of the new flats but comes up against a brick wall. Annie and Nellie try to outwit each other. Workman, Fred Chapman, tells the residents a mail order warehouse is being built. Nellie decides to perform the opening herself. Emily, the Ogdens, Minnie and Maggie confront Len. He tells them they can't have the Community Centre without the warehouse. Annie puts in her bid first and is invited to open the motel. Ernie is told if he wants to remain a lay preacher he has to get married. Billy plans to take the Mayoral rolls on a test drive for a day.moreless
  • Episode 7232
    Episode 13
    Rosie's smug as she tells Sophie she's been head-hunted by a guy called Alfie to work as his promotions girl flogging Vodka to all the cool bars.When Kevin finds out they'll lose their deposit of ??250 if they cancel the Paris trip he relents and agrees to go. Sally's thrilled. Carla turns up for work but the factory girls are frosty towards her. Gail shows a prospective buyer round the house but when she makes a low offer of ??105k Gail turns it down. Michelle's angry and upset that Carla kept quiet about Tony. Ben comforts her and then tries to kiss her. Michelle's shocked and Ben leaves embarrassed. As competition winners Norris and Freda have their photos taken for a magazine. Kevin and Molly spend the afternoon in bed at the motel. Kevin keeps quiet about his weekend in Paris knowing Molly will be upset. Audrey and Norris meet in the Rovers for a pre-party drink. Claire compliments Norris on how dapper he looks in his tuxedo. Carla explains to Hayley how she panicked when Tony told her he'd murdered Liam and she just had to get away. Roy persuades Hayley to forgive Carla. Molly asks Kevin to meet her later in the garage so she can give him his Christmas present. Kevin promises to do his best.moreless
  • Episode 6970
    Episode 13
    Simon tells Peter he's going to be the inn-keeper in the school nativity play. Peter promises he'll turn up to watch. Carla wants to sack Rosie for showing Tony the video on her phone but Tony persuades her it's best to just ignore it.
  • Mon 15 Feb, 1971
    Mon 15 Feb, 1971
    Episode 13
    The residents try to come to terms with decimalisation. Elsie starts demonstrating sandwich makers. Annie agrees to give Hilda a 10p an hour rise whilst the builders are using the pub. Annie discovers the LVA's president can't open a new motel. Elsie and Alan decide they want one of the new flats. Minnie can't understand the new money. Len announces the new Community Centre plan. Billy and Alan land a contract at the Town Hall. ELSIE: "I've left home so many times me suitcases pack themselves every time I whistle." Annie and Nellie Harvey have to find someone to open the motel. Alf tries to keep it quiet that a warehouse is being built in the street.moreless
  • Episode 6969
    Episode 12
    The police question Tony about Liam's death. Tony denies any involvement and suggests that Maria's lost the plot. Leanne helps Peter decorate his Christmas tree with Simon. Donna's surprised the Salon isn't open later in the run up to Christmas. Natasha's given food for thought.
  • Wed 10 Feb, 1971
    Wed 10 Feb, 1971
    Episode 12
    Ena joins Mrs Parsons at Tony's first concert. Handel returns to Whaley Bridge. Yvonne tries to draw Ken out of his shell - he tells her about Val and says he's not grief stricken. KEN: "Life turns out to be just a bloody cheat, and I can't even whimper." Len asks Ena to keep quiet about the site, in return he'd try to get her the position of caretaker at the Centre. Ken phones Edith and tells her he's travelling up. Ena is summonded to St Anne's as Mr Foster is ill. She tells Minnie about the Centre job.moreless
  • Episode 7230
    Episode 11
    Carla admits to the police that Tony told her he was responsible for Liam's murder but she makes out she didn't believe him. Dev's feeling sorry for himself since Bernie blew him out. When Blanche complains about his char-grilled aubergines he calls her a gruesome old bat. Dev's drunk and maudlin as he tells Steve how he doesn't understand women. Steve advises him to try and build bridges with Sunita for the sake of his kids. Michelle overhears the factory girls gossiping about Carla and how she was hauled in for questioning again. Blanche gives Dev one of her home-made Christmas cards bearing the message 'You'll die a sad and lonely old man'. Dev feels even more depressed. Blanche gives Ken and Deirdre a Christmas card with a message telling them to pull themselves together. Ken and Deirdre take Blanche's advice and agree to put the newspaper article behind them. By way of an apology Norris offers to look after Graeme's window-cleaning round whilst he's out of action. Graeme's grateful. Norris is secretly thrilled at the prospect of nosying into other people's houses. Michelle gets a call from Maria to say that the police have arrested Jimmy, Tony's hitman. Michelle wonders why Carla never mentioned it. Ken tries to make it up with Peter for Simon's sake but Peter's not interested. Michelle reckons Carla knows a lot more about Liam's murder than she's letting on. She voices her suspicions to Hayley.moreless
  • Episode 6968
    Episode 11
    Tony doesn't answer but it's clear to Maria he's Liam's murderer. Tony tells Maria that Carla and Liam were having an affair for months. Steve persuades Eileen to step in and play Hia-Lowa, General Custard's sidekick and the children's entertainer agrees to go ahead with the party.
  • Mon 8 Feb, 1971
    Mon 8 Feb, 1971
    Episode 11
    The residents worry about Ken's whereabouts. Bet reveals the flats are being demolished. Alf tells Ena a Community Centre is being built. Ken books into a Weatherfield hotel. The Parsons, Emily and Minnie hatch a surprise for Ena. Len contacts the police about Ken. Yvonne Chapel worries about Ken's festering at the hotel. Alf confesses to Len that he's told Ena about the Centre.moreless
  • Episode 7229
    Episode 10
    Deirdre's horrified when she sees the article in the Gazette. It mentions Jon Lindsay, her stint in prison and Tracy's life sentence for murder. It's clear Norris is enjoying the gossip. Graeme arrives in the Kabin with his foot in plaster. He's cross with Norris for letting go of the ladder and Ashley's fed up as Graeme isn't fit for work. Mr Rickson of Rickson's Robes calls in the factory for a meeting with Carla. He's impressed with the girls and Carla hopes he'll place another large order. Deirdre's furious with Ken for giving the journalist so many family details. Ken explains how he did it for Peter - he's an alcoholic and shouldn't be running a bar. Deirdre's unimpressed and tells him to shove his principles. DS Smith calls in the factory and tells Carla she's needed at the police station for further questioning. Carla's embarrassed whilst Mr Rickson is bemused. Kirk tells Norris and Emily that Graeme didn't break their window but it was some lads kicking a ball about. Norris apologises to Graeme. Dev meets up with Bernie for lunch and asks her to move in with him. However Bernie takes offence realising he's just trying to get even with Sunita. Blanche gives Norris a home-made Christmas card which reads 'You're a charmless, petty little man'. Norris is offended whilst Tina thinks it's hilarious. DS Smith tells Carla that they've got Jimmy Dockerson in custody. Carla's scared witless but tries not to show it.moreless
  • Episode 6967
    Episode 10
    Carla wonders what she did with her mobile. Tony says she must have lost it knowing full well he stole it. Tyrone's miserable. It's his birthday and Molly's refusing to speak to him. Steve looks like a tramp. Michelle's getting more and more annoyed with his attitude. Hayley persuades Roy they should open the caf?? as a drop-in centre on Christmas Day and serve food and drink to the homeless.moreless
  • Wed 3 Feb, 1971
    Wed 3 Feb, 1971
    Episode 10
    Frank Barlow, Beattie, Dave Robbins and Esther Hayes arrive for the funeral. Irma tries to help Ken but he is not convinced Val died loving him. The Council starts to move out the other maisonette dwellers. Mourners at Val's funeral: Ken, Albert, Beattie, Frank, Esther, Irma, Annie, Lucille, Stan, Hilda, Maggie, Len, Ray, Ena, Minnie, Alan, Handel, Betty, Emily, Dave. Ken leaves for Glasgow but doesn't arrive there.moreless
  • Episode 7228
    Episode 9
    Tony tells Carla that Jimmy's still alive. Carla's shocked and disgusted with Tony for letting her believe she'd killed Jimmy just to save his own skin. Matt calls to see Dev and makes it clear that if he continues to upset Sunita or the children he'll ban him from the house. Dev's fuming. Carla's worried wondering where Jimmy might be and if he'll come looking for her. Telling Tony he'll burn in eternity for what he's done, Carla leaves the prison. The casting for the pantomime takes place: John Stape Director Roy Cropper Prompt Hayley Cropper Costume Claire Peacock Cinderella Graeme Proctor Buttons Betty Williams Fairy Godmother Sean Tully Ugly Sister Lloyd Mallaney Ugly Sister Becky McDonald Dandini Ashley Peacock Prince CharmingBernie's sick of Dev moaning about Matt and Sunita and storms out of the pub. Peter gets a call from the Gazette asking for his side of the story. Peter's livid and marches round to have it out with Ken. Peter tells Ken what he thinks of him for going behind his back. Deirdre's disgusted with Ken too. Dev calls round to Sunita's again. He ends up rowing with Matt and Sunita threatens to stop his access to the children. Graeme's up a ladder fixing Emily's window when Freda excitedly tells Norris they've won ??1k in a competition. Norris lets go of the ladder and Graeme loses his balance. Carla, alone in her flat, anxiously wonders where Jimmy might be.moreless
  • Mon 1 Feb, 1971
    Mon 1 Feb, 1971
    Episode 9
    The firemen arrive to try to save Val. They have to drag Ken back from the house. Val is rushed to the Infirmary but is dead on arrival - electrocuted by the faulty plug. ALBERT: "I've had my life. I've had a good run. Why couldn't He have taken me 'stead of our Valerie?" IRMA: "It's something to do with being born a Barlow, or marrying a Barlow... life seems to have it in for us." Lucille and Ray take the twins to Glasgow. No one knows how to help Ken. The Council decide to demolish the flats.moreless
  • Episode 7227
    Episode 8
    Ken considers putting an article in the Gazette opposing Peter's bar. Deirdre's furious and tells him if he goes ahead he'll be spending Christmas on his own. Graeme winds Norris up pretending the ladder he's using is stolen. Norris reports him to the police but Graeme pulls out the receipt for the ladder and Norris looks a fool. Becky and Claire put up posters advertising the auditions for the panto. John gives Becky a copy of his version of Cinderella. Becky's delighted. Becky, Michelle and Betty argue over who's going to play Cinderella. Dev's preoccupied and Bernie guesses that he's dwelling on Sunita's new relationship. Dev pretends he's not bothered when he clearly is. Peter and Bill are discussing building work for the new bar when Ken accosts them in the street. Ken's furious at Peter for ploughing ahead with the venture. Peter tells Ken he's past caring what he thinks. Norris notices a crack in a window pane at No.3 and assumes that Graeme broke it when he was cleaning and the windows. Dev calls to see Sunita again. They are in mid-row when Matt arrives back with the children. Dev leaves feeling dejected. Ken meets up with a reporter from the Gazette and asks him to run a story opposing Peter's proposals for the new bar. Carla goes to visit Tony in prison.moreless
  • Episode 6965
    Episode 8
    Molly arrives home in a state having spent the night crying. Michelle's finding it impossible to talk to Steve who snaps at her for the slightest thing. Michelle's hurt and wonders why he's acting so strangely. Molly accuses Tyrone of having an affair with Minnie. Tyrone denies it. Eileen tidies the house in preparation for her dad's visit.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jan, 1971
    Wed 27 Jan, 1971
    Episode 8
    The Barlows finish packing. Nobody wants to be Albert's housekeeper. Annie agrees to lay on a farewell party for the Barlows. Billy sells Ken's car for £130. Charlie and Gina tell Len and Ray that she's found a better job, they throw Gina out. The residents gather at the Rovers to bid farewell to the Barlows. As Ken waits in the pub, Val gets ready. She tries to mend a plug and electrocutes herself, starting a fire by knocking an electric fire into a packing case.moreless
  • Episode 6964
    Episode 7
    Molly confronts Tyrone about the gym and demands to know what's really going on. Tyrone continues to lie. Molly's hurt and suspicious. Donna tells Eddie to call in at Street Cars and ask for a job. Maria starts back at the Salon. Audrey and Natasha do their best to keep Maria's mind off Liam and her conspiracy theory surrounding his death.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jan, 1971
    Mon 25 Jan, 1971
    Episode 7
    Ray thinks someone's been sleeping in his bed. Handel and Minnie decide to lead Ena a dance. Stan is sure Albert is wealthy. Albert tells Hilda he isn't. She is furious. Minnie and Handel hide in the shop as Ena searches for them. Ken gives Billy the car to sell. Albert advertises for a housekeeper. Len and Ray catch Charlie shaving at No.9.moreless
  • Episode 7225
    Episode 6
    Becky and Claire are delighted when Liz agrees to a Christmas panto. Peter and Leanne meet with the architect at Turners and excitedly discuss their plans. George offers to pick Simon up from school and Peter's grateful. Ashley and Graeme call in the bookies and place a bet after receiving a tip. Sally suggests Rosie could get a bar job in the run up to Christmas but Rosie's scathing and reckons bar work is below her. George takes Simon to the precinct for a burger. Simon asks if they can go and see Father Christmas after their tea. Gary announces he wants to join the army full-time. Anna's worried he'll be killed but Eddie's proud of his son. Rosie offers to lend Sophie her white top for her baptism. Sophie unimpressed pointing out it isn't a wet t-shirt competition and Ben backs her up. Dev takes Bernie back to his flat for a romantic meal. She's impressed at the effort he's gone to. George and Simon arrive at Santa's grotto. George is amused to discover that Ken is the Santa whilst Ken is inwardly seething. Simon's oblivious. John finds himself unwittingly roped in to direct the Christmas panto. Ken starts rowing with George in the grotto. The row escalates and George rips Ken's beard off. Simon's shocked to discover that Santa is really his granddad. The store manager is appalled at Ken's behaviour and sacks him from the Grotto.moreless
  • Episode 6963
    Episode 6
    A row breaks out on the street between the Windasses and the Platts. Gail finds out how David ripped their kitchen out and how they stole hers in return. Tyrone joins a posh gym in an attempt to cover his tracks. Donna tells Eddie and Gary she doesn't want any trouble with the neighbours as she's fed up of being evicted.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jan, 1971
    Wed 20 Jan, 1971
    Episode 6
    Hilda starts to call on Albert. He sets her to work cleaning the house. Stan is confident Albert has hundreds stashed away. Elsie goes for a job demonstrating equipment in the ironmongery department of Harrison and Platt. Gina entertains her boyfriend Charlie Braddock in Len and Ray's absence. Elsie takes the job, which entails training in Liverpool and long hours. Albert enjoys putting Hilda to work. Minnie worries that Ena is coming home. Len tells Hilda that Albert is penniless.moreless
  • Episode 7224
    Episode 5
    George tells Peter and Leanne that Turner has accepted his offer and the planning application has gone in. Ken asks Deirdre to have a word at the council planning department and scupper Peter's plans. Deirdre refuses explaining that she's hoping to get another job there. Kevin tells Molly he thinks they should delay getting together until Sophie's GCSEs are out of the way next July. Molly's fed up. Steve finds a box of old photos of Rovers' pantos from past Christmases. Betty reminisces as she shows them to Becky. Becky and Claire reckon it's time the Rovers had another Christmas panto. Steve's not so sure. Ken sees the planning application for the bar. He rows with Peter in the street. Gary arrives back from his Army taster weekend. He tells Eddie what a fantastic time he had. Kevin apologises to Molly explaining he only wants what's best for everyone.Graeme tells Becky and Claire how he once played Juliet in the Young Offenders' production of Romeo and Juliet, and he'd love to take part in the panto. Deirdre gets a call from the Council and discovers Ken's been behind her back and tried to scupper Peter's plans for a bar and has ruined her chances of a job. Ken arrives home to Deirdre's wrath. Blanche accuses him of acting out of spite because he's jealous of George. Deirdre storms out in a fury.moreless
  • Episode 6962
    Episode 5
    Darryl packs his things and tells Teresa to do the same as the new tenants are due at No.6. Teresa sends Darryl out to get her some fags and while he's gone she barricades herself into the house. Molly clocks Tyrone chatting to Minnie. Molly's quietly jealous. The new tenants, the Windasses arrive at No.6 ready to move in. Darryl begs Teresa to come out of the house but she refuses to budge.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jan, 1971
    Mon 18 Jan, 1971
    Episode 5
    Ray and Len climb over each other to please Gina. Minnie and Handel find Albert too regimental. Handel prepares No.5 for them but Minnie is too frightened to return. Handel plans to ask Minnie for lodgings. Minnie agrees to move back and takes Handel in. Albert takes the news badly. Val wants to see Edith before they emigrate. Albert confides in Len that he is penniless but Ray hints to the Ogdens that he is wealthy.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jan, 1971
    Wed 13 Jan, 1971
    Episode 4
    Painter insists Mavis has only two weeks to sort herself out. Irma advises the Barlows not to leave England. Painter has enough of Mavis and fires her. Elsie refuses to sack her and is fired herself. Mavis reveals to Elsie that her husband left her a year ago - it was only an excuse. The Barlows decide to go to Jamaica. Alan is annoyed over Elsie's firing because of his debts.moreless
  • Episode 6960
    Episode 3
    Maria's determined to find out the truth. She rifles through Liam's receipts looking for evidence. Michelle tries to convince her the video kiss could be from ages ago. Sally's hungover and Kevin and Rosie are cross with her for spilling the beans to Maria.
  • Mon 11 Jan, 1971
    Mon 11 Jan, 1971
    Episode 3
    Elsie is summoned by her boss, Mrs Dawn Painter. Alan wants her to ask for an extra £3 a week to help pay off the debts. Painter tells her Mavis Sidlow didn't sell anything for a month and wants to know why. Minnie prepares for Handel's arrival but Albert refuses to have a conchie in the house. Ken is afraid that there is too much poverty in Jamaica to feel comfortable there. They worry about Albert living on his own and try to get him interested in living with Beattie. Handel looks for accommodation. Mavis tells Elsie she's had a breakdown. She asks Elsie to let her do her area a bit at a time. Elsie says she'll do her best. Albert agrees to Handel staying at No.1 when Minnie threatens to return home with him. Mavis tells Elsie she had a breakdown because her husband left her.moreless
  • Episode 6959
    Episode 2
    Steve purposely instigates a row with Michelle. Michelle strops off to the wedding alone. Steve's secretly pleased his plan is starting to work. Tony and Carla's wedding takes place. Carla looks a million dollars and Tony's the happiest man alive as they exchange vows. Pat is Tony's best man and Leanne is Carla's bridesmaid.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jan, 1971
    Wed 6 Jan, 1971
    Episode 2
    Annie is given a date for the court hearing. Len and Ray audition Gina and Eileen. They are taken with Gina but her cooking is hopeless. Stan tells Len about Burrows. Eileen wows Len and Ray with her cooking. Len and Ray trick Burrows into admitting he watered the gin. They take him to the police and Annie is cleared. Gina is taken on. Val doesn't know how to tell Albert that the family is emigrating to Jamaica when Ken is offered a job.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jan, 1971
    Mon 4 Jan, 1971
    Episode 1
    Stan is annoyed to discover Len and Ray have advertised for a housekeeper. Hilda is upset when she is told they don't want her anymore. The Brewery plans to prosecute. Annie agrees to take Hilda back at the Rovers. Stan overhears Burrows talking about getting his own back on Annie. He thinks he might have something to do with the gin. Annie gives Betty a week's notice as the staff outnumber the customers. Len and Ray have to choose between competent Eileen Hutchinson and glamorous Gina Fletcher.moreless