Coronation Street - Season 13

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  • Wed 27 Dec, 1972
    Wed 27 Dec, 1972
    Episode 104
    Jerry takes Norma to see Jacko on Boxing Day. Emily is convinced Christine knows something about Jason's disappearance. Christine gives Minnie a pair of mittens to pass on to Jason. Cyril tells Betty Mrs Regan's benefit is being cut because it is suspected she is cohabitating with a window cleaner - Stan. Alan rows with Elsie for giving Minnie a bottle of scotch.moreless
  • Mon 25 Dec, 1972
    Mon 25 Dec, 1972
    Episode 103
    Ken goes to Glasgow and Ena goes to visit the Lomax's for Christmas Day. Elsie realises that Alan is on his way to getting a drink problem. The residents gather in the Select for the show: Billy as Master of Ceremonies, Alf and Ernie as the Western Brothers, Rita as Marlene Dietrich, Annie sings "There'll Always Be an England", Ray and Jerry as Flanagan and Allen, Norma, Bet and Betty as the Andrew Sisters, Albert as Rob Wilton and Emily as Carmen Miranda. Christine Peters puzzles Minnie and Emily as she talks fondly of baby Jason, having never met him.moreless
  • Wed 20 Dec, 1972
    Wed 20 Dec, 1972
    Episode 102
    Ernie sweet talks Annie into singing 'There'll Always Be an England'. Hilda tells Elsie she was sacked because she knew too much about Alan and Rita. Ken makes Norma see he can not love her - its over. She breaks down in the backing, unaware that Jerry has seen her. Rita tells Elsie there's nothing between Alan and her – it's the booze she's got to worry about.moreless
  • Mon 18 Dec, 1972
    Mon 18 Dec, 1972
    Episode 101
    Stan does all the housework quite happily. Alan tries to make Elsie see there's nothing between him and Rita. He tells her he's scared that he's losing her. Albert tells Ken he has to sort Norma out. Emily agrees to Ena singing 'The White Cliffs of Dover' not knowing that Ernie has told Annie she can sing it. Hilda buys a moving oil lamp, and electric tongs. Stan spends his money on drink and neither of them have enough for the housekeeping. Hilda incinuates that Alan is seeing Rita and is sacked by Alan. ALAN: "You're a trouble maker Hilda. Mean, loose mouthed." Hilda reveals she signed up for a fridge on HP. Ken reads a poem to Norma, to make her see what he thinks of her.moreless
  • Wed 13 Dec, 1972
    Wed 13 Dec, 1972
    Episode 100
    Alf provides new decorations for the Centre. Ken is affectionate towards Norma. Hilda tells Stan that if he retires he can take on the housework. Rita carries Alan home in the early hours. She takes his keys and gives them to Billy in the morning. Bet and Norma want to be the Andrew Sisters but need another sister. Ena plans to sing 'They'll Always Be an England'. Billy gives the keys to Elsie. Norma plans to cook Christmas dinner at No.1. Elsie gives the keys back to Alan, viciously.moreless
  • Mon 11 Dec, 1972
    Mon 11 Dec, 1972
    Episode 99
    Rita worries that Alan is drinking too much. When Albert mislays the Centre Christmas decorations, Ernie orders him to find them. Albert threatens to resign. Stan thinks of retiring and letting Hilda do all the work. Elsie becomes suspicious of Alan's involvement with Rita. Bet, Norma and Elsie go to the Club along with Ken, to Alan's surprise. Ernie and Emily organise a 40's night at the Rovers. Ernie gets Albert to take back his resignation. Lucille tells Hilda that Stan is thinking of retiring.moreless
  • Wed 6 Dec, 1972
    Wed 6 Dec, 1972
    Episode 98
    Annie is horrified to learn she is paying Hilda 60p an hour. Len tells Alf he and Rita have split up - he wants the Mayor to know. Ernie gets landed with organising Christmas events at the Rovers and the Centre. Len asks Elsie to be his Mayoress, if he's made Mayor. Len wants Ray to go to Scarborough so he can keep an eye on things but Ray refuses. Hilda agrees to do the washing up at the Club for £1.50 a night - her 5th job. Alf tells Len he's running for the Mayor as well. Len realises he has to go to Scarborough himself. Elsie tells him she'll be his look out. Alan and Rita consol each other at the Club.moreless
  • Mon 4 Dec, 1972
    Mon 4 Dec, 1972
    Episode 97
    The paper carries a report of the fight. Alf tells Rita Len is up for Mayor. Annie tells Billy she wants another cleaner. Billy offers Hilda the job back - half as much again on top of her old wages. Hilda agrees: Rovers till 10.30, then Capricorn, then the Betting shop and flat. Ken worries that Norma is serious about him. Rita rows with Len when he accuses her of being too common, and walks out on him.moreless
  • Wed 29 Nov, 1972
    Wed 29 Nov, 1972
    Episode 96
    Tommy and Dick are served with notice to quit the stable. Alf and Len bend over backwards to be nice to people. Maggie tells Ken that Norma is vulnerable. Hilda is annoyed that she is paid the same as Bessie. Billy and Rita embarrass Len in front of the Mayor at the opening of the Capricorn. Rita gets into a fight with a drunken woman and ends up on Chapman's lap.moreless
  • Mon 27 Nov, 1972
    Mon 27 Nov, 1972
    Episode 95
    With the Capricorn opening, Hilda lords it over fellow cleaner Bessie Proctor. A pipe bursts in the cloakroom causing a flood. Billy reveals Alan turned Edna down for a job. Benny has to crawl to Len to get him to mend the pipe. On the condition that all maintenance work for the club goes to the Yard. Jacko tells Norma Franny has no form. Benny reveals he's invited all the Council to the opening of the Club and Jimmy and Alan can't make it. Norma and Ken spend a romantic evening together.moreless
  • Wed 22 Nov, 1972
    Wed 22 Nov, 1972
    Episode 94
    Len asks Benny to drop Rita from the Capricorn. He refuses. Ken gets Vine barmaid Brenda to find out Sharon's whereabouts. Alan, Benny and Rita hold auditions for dolly birds, hostesses and strippers. Billy, Albert and Stan gatecrash. Edna auditions for a job as hostess but Alan is not in favour. ELSIE: "Only one thing would worry me if I was Rita. Where could I get a hat to put on that hair?" Rogers tells Alf he's backing him for Mayor. Brenda tells Ken that Sharon is in London with Franny. Len tells Alf he's up for Mayor.moreless
  • Mon 20 Nov, 1972
    Mon 20 Nov, 1972
    Episode 93
    Hilda suggests Benny names the Club 'The Capricorn' and puts herself forward as the cleaner. Elsie catches Alan drinking at the Vine with floozy Deirdre Hunt. Rita decides to take the job of hostess at the Club, keeping on the betting shop as well. Mayor Harold Chapman tells Len he's in for a chance of being the next Mayor and tells him to look out for a suitable Mayoress.moreless
  • Wed 15 Nov, 1972
    Wed 15 Nov, 1972
    Episode 92
    Benny feels life is looking up, with the new business venture. He tells Ken about Sharon being in the flat. Len tells Ray he can't have the Scarborough job. Jerry tells Ken £5,000 was taken; way out of Jacko's league. With the borough coming to an end, the Mayor meets with Alderman Rogers to discuss who will be the final Mayor of Weatherfield. The Mayor wants to cast out the parties by electing an independent. Jimmy and Benny go into the new club venture 50-50 with Alan looking after Jimmy's interests in his absence. Ray tells Ken and Norma that before Sharon left she bought a load of new clothes. Rogers on the Mayor decides the new Mayor will either be Len or Alf and decide to observe them both very closely.moreless
  • Mon 13 Nov, 1972
    Mon 13 Nov, 1972
    Episode 91
    Elsie is not happy with Alan's partnership with Jimmy. She thinks it will change him. Jacko is in Risley. Jimmy asks Benny to go into partnership with him at a new club venture. Len puts in for a contract in Scarborough, Ray wants to prove himself again. Norma persuades Ken to take up the fight for Jacko.moreless
  • Wed 8 Nov, 1972
    Wed 8 Nov, 1972
    Episode 90
    Inspector Patterson questions Jacko on the robbery at Benny's flat. Lucille finally accepts Sean as Concepta's husband to be and agrees to be a bridesmaid. Benny sacks Len and Ray and this leads to arguments between them. Concepta and Sean go back to Ireland and Alan and Frazer discuss their business partnership.moreless
  • Mon 6 Nov, 1972
    Mon 6 Nov, 1972
    Episode 89
    Ray Langton comes under suspicion of having robbed Benny's flat. Concepta's fiance Sean makes a pass at Bet. Jim Frazer approachs Alan Howard on the possiblity of a business partnership. Hilda Ogden remembers she let Jacko Ford into Benny's flat and goes to tell Inspector Patterson.
  • Wed 1 Nov, 1972
    Wed 1 Nov, 1972
    Episode 88
    Benny tells the police only £500 is missing. Franny gives Frankie £500 and Sharon £1,000. He warns Sharon not to betray him. The police interview Rita, Lucille, Hilda, Ray and Len. Alan tells Elsie he's seeing Jimmy again and asks her to join him. Ray discovers Sandra has quit the Flying Horse. He tells Len about giving the key to Sharon. On their own, Sean kisses Bet.moreless
  • Mon 30 Oct, 1972
    Mon 30 Oct, 1972
    Episode 87
    Whilst Jacko is stranded in the middle of nowhere with a drunk, Franny wrecks the flat. Benny returns from Spain to find the flat ransacked. The residents give Sean an after-hours welcome. Benny realises nearly £5,000 has been stolen. Elsie rows with Alan over his night out. Lucille thinks Concepta is buying Sean with Harry's garage. Norma catches Jacko with the money, he tells her he won it in a card game. She doesn't believe him. The police tell Benny it's an inside job because someone used a key to turn the alarm off.moreless
  • Wed 25 Oct, 1972
    Wed 25 Oct, 1972
    Episode 86
    Jimmy Frazer tries to interest Alan into starting to sell used cars. Franny takes a copy of Ray's key. Jacko accepts the Rovers' job back. Concepta arrives to stay with Annie and Lucille. Hilda shows Jacko round Benny's flat. Sharon wants Ray to take the blame for the robbery Franny is planning but he wants to stick it on Jacko. Concepta reveals she's getting married to a younger man - Sean Regan.moreless
  • Mon 23 Oct, 1972
    Mon 23 Oct, 1972
    Episode 85
    Jimmy Frazer tries to interest Alan into starting to sell used cars. Franny takes a copy of Ray's key. Jacko accepts the Rovers' job back. Concepta arrives to stay with Annie and Lucille. Hilda shows Jacko round Benny's flat. Sharon wants Ray to take the blame for the robbery Franny is planning but he wants to stick it on Jacko. Concepta reveals she's getting married to a younger man - Sean Regan.moreless
  • Wed 18 Oct, 1972
    Wed 18 Oct, 1972
    Episode 84
    Stan has alcoholic poisoning. Hilda discovers that his mates have bet against him and fires him up. Stan wins the beer drinking, Betty wins the darts contest, Ena wins dominos but Jacko loses at crib and Len loses at billiards. Franny Slater tells Sharon the truth about Ray's penthouse. The Rovers win the Olympics. Annie gets a call from Concepta saying she's arriving. Sharon persuades Ray to give her the key to the flat.moreless
  • Mon 16 Oct, 1972
    Mon 16 Oct, 1972
    Episode 83
    Jerry packs up the lessons. Maggie and Alf find Jacko in Salford. Norma tries to persuade Jerry not to give up the lessons but he's adamant. Jacko returns to the Street and makes an appearance at the Rovers. Maggie takes him in. Len and Ray bet against Stan in the contest and ply him with drinks the night before.moreless
  • Wed 11 Oct, 1972
    Wed 11 Oct, 1972
    Episode 82
    Emily tries to drop hints about her birthday but in the end Ena has to remind Ernie. Ray finds it difficult keeping the truth from Sharon. Ernie resigns as Captain, the residents refuse it and offer to throw a party for Emily after the contest. Maggie tells Jerry he's gooseberrying between Norma and Ken.moreless
  • Mon 9 Oct, 1972
    Mon 9 Oct, 1972
    Episode 81
    Jerry can't find anywhere quiet to study. Stan goes into training for the Olympics. RAY: "James Bond? Now there's a role suited to me many talents." Ray entertains Sharon in 'his' luxury pad. Ernie agrees to captain the Rovers team, on Emily's birthday.
  • Wed 4 Oct, 1972
    Wed 4 Oct, 1972
    Episode 80
    Ken takes Jerry on at the lessons as well, to Norma's annoyance. Len sets up a rota so he can have time alone with Rita at No.9. The lads get the contract to finish Benny's flat in his absence, and Ray arranges to entertain Sharon Duffy there. Annie enters the Rovers in the pub Olympics against the Flying Horse.moreless
  • Mon 2 Oct, 1972
    Mon 2 Oct, 1972
    Episode 79
    Rita tells Len that her landlady Lena Norris has told her she can't have men visitors. Albert takes to his bed with his old war wound. Ken agrees to teach Norma English Literature for 50p an hour. Ray takes Mandy Taylor out, she spends all his money. Jerry decides he wants a relationship with Norma.moreless
  • Wed 27 Sep, 1972
    Wed 27 Sep, 1972
    Episode 78
    Annie is rushed to hospital. Ena blames herself, as do a lot of the regulars. Lucille reveals Annie only took four tablets and has had her stomach pumped. KEN: "Annie Walker being subjected to a stomach pump operation for no good reason is like the Queen falling off her horse at the Trooping of the Colour." Annie thanks Lucille for her concern and tells her she feels years younger. Minnie collects £30 for Tommy. Dick reveals Tommy is lying and they give the money to Dick to install a stove in the stables. Norma confesses that she likes Ken.moreless
  • Mon 25 Sep, 1972
    Mon 25 Sep, 1972
    Episode 77
    Billy goes to London in an attempt to get Annie behind the bar. Tommy tricks Dick into signing a form and then announces Dick's plan to sell Dolores to the slaughterhouse for £30. Minnie starts the 'Save Dolores Fund' to enable Tommy to buy Dolores off Dick. Annie takes four sleeping tablets but Lucille thinks she has taken the whole bottle.moreless
  • Wed 20 Sep, 1972
    Wed 20 Sep, 1972
    Episode 76
    Maggie is upset that Alf hasn't told her about Phyllis. Tommy and Dick try to lure Dolores to them in the Street but Dolores goes to sleep. Alf tells Maggie that he can't see so much of her because of his feelings towards her. Tommy gives Dolores to Dick. Dr Mitchell tells Billy they have to get Annie up and about.moreless
  • Mon 18 Sep, 1972
    Mon 18 Sep, 1972
    Episode 75
    Maggie is alarmed to discover Dick and Tommy have reopened the viaduct stables for Dolores. Annie refuses to leave her bed so Billy calls in the doctor who gives her sleeping tablets. Alf breaks down and tells Jerry that Phyllis is dead. Dick and Tommy row over who is the legal owner of Dolores. Ray tells Tommy to let Dolores decide and tips off the newspaper.moreless
  • Wed 13 Sep, 1972
    Wed 13 Sep, 1972
    Episode 74
    Minnie overhears Billy on the phone to Betty and tells the Lomax's that Jason has been found. They arrive with the police to find Jason asleep in the pram. Ena thanks the residents for their help, and leads them in a hymn to God. Karen wants to go home but they haven't the fare. Alan drives them home. Annie can't forgive herself.moreless
  • Mon 11 Sep, 1972
    Mon 11 Sep, 1972
    Episode 73
    The police set up a mobile HQ. Frogmen drag the Irwell. Ena breaks down. ENA: "I've always believed in God. It wasn't just that I was brought up to it... I wonder if He knows what He does to us at times." Margaret Beecham tells the police how she took Jason and after killing him, buried him. The police follow up her story but she is obviously ill. Emily and Betty find the pram on waste ground.moreless
  • Wed 6 Sep, 1972
    Wed 6 Sep, 1972
    Episode 72
    Karen becomes hysterical as the residents search for Jason. Elsie and Annie take charge. Annie blames herself. The police are called in. They contact the army. Ena is shocked when she is summoned from Preston.
  • Mon 4 Sep, 1972
    Mon 4 Sep, 1972
    Episode 71
    Ena, Minnie, Bet, Betty, Albert, Billy, Ray, Jerry, Norma, Edna, Stan and Hilda go to Preston. MAGGIE: "Maggie Clegg attracts alcoholics like iron filings to a magnet, must be me own special brand of charm." Maggie doesn't know what to do about Ron. The Lomax's, Colin, Karen and baby Jason, turn up to find Ena is away. Annie refuses to let them keep Jason in the Rovers so they put him outside. Maggie tells Ron she can't take him on. Jason is taken from outside the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 30 Aug, 1972
    Wed 30 Aug, 1972
    Episode 70
    Phyllis goes into a coma. Maggie introduces Alf to Ron. Ron takes Maggie to Heaton Park. Norma agrees to go to Preston with Jerry. Ron tells Maggie he's an alcoholic and asks her for help.
  • Mon 28 Aug, 1972
    Mon 28 Aug, 1972
    Episode 69
    The hospital do tests on Phyllis Roberts. Norma persaudes Maggie to phone Ron, he calls round. They both like each other and feel they need more excitement in their lives. Alf wants to talk to Maggie but Ron's presence puts him off. Phyllis is put on the danger list.
  • Wed 23 Aug, 1972
    Wed 23 Aug, 1972
    Episode 68
    Maggie realises Alf is avoiding her. Nellie discovers all the tickets for the Guild have been taken. Norma tells Maggie about the ad when she receives some letters. Maggie realises Lucille knows all about it. Benny tells Rita to keep the ring. Annie gives up her ticket for Ethne Willoughby. Maggie gets a letter from Ron Cooke and is unsure about getting in touch with him.moreless
  • Mon 21 Aug, 1972
    Mon 21 Aug, 1972
    Episode 67
    Maggie is depressed about her manless life. Rita ignores Len's order that she should give Benny back his ring. The national President of the Lady Victuallers calls on Annie.
  • Wed 16 Aug, 1972
    Wed 16 Aug, 1972
    Episode 66
    Benny gives Rita a ring then learns that, for Rita, Len is really the one. The Ogdens face the facts of their continued existence in the Street.
  • Mon 14 Aug, 1972
    Mon 14 Aug, 1972
    Episode 65
    The Street turn on Stan. Jerry calls him sick. Len tells Rita to choose between him and Benny. The residents decide not to call in the police over Stan. Hilda sticks by him. Benny asks Rita to marry him and she accepts him. Hilda tells the residents what she thinks of them and spits on the Rovers' floor. PC Conway tells the residents they've caught the man in Bessie Street.moreless
  • Wed 9 Aug, 1972
    Wed 9 Aug, 1972
    Episode 64
    Elsie disturbs the man in her backyard. Ernie suggests starting a vigilante committee and the residents patrol the area. Len tells Benny he's got no serious intentions towards Rita. The committee catches Stan down the backing.
  • Mon 7 Aug, 1972
    Mon 7 Aug, 1972
    Episode 63
    Elsie admits she was wrong over the money as it was only what Laura owed Alan but Alan makes her stand by her decision. Lucille is frightened that the man will come back. The ice between Rita and Elsie begins to thaw. RITA: "You think you've found a man to lean on, 'alf the time you wind up with a little lad 'oo just wants motherin'." Emily finds a man watching her at No.3. Jerry advises Benny to tell Rita he's serious about her as Len doesn't want anything permanent. Ken feels the man might be someone they know.moreless
  • Wed 2 Aug, 1972
    Wed 2 Aug, 1972
    Episode 62
    Elsie takes the day off work to prepare herself for Laura's arrival. Billy tests Jacko by planting £3 under the phone. Ken collects signatures on an inner tube. Len asks Elsie not to meet Laura for Alan's sake but Elsie wants to meet her. Annie and Emily are appalled at Billy's trap. Laura and Elsie meet and respect each other. Laura tells them she's getting married and wants to drop the loan but Elsie refuses to let her. Maggie moves Jacko's stuff into Gordon's room to make him more secure. Ken and Ray present the inner tube to Jerry for his birthday. Jacko resigns from the Rovers over the trap and moves on. Lucille spots a peeping tom on the Rovers' shed roof.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jul, 1972
    Mon 31 Jul, 1972
    Episode 61
    Alan tells Colin he's going away for a fortnight. He tells Elsie he got the money from Laura. Betty is worried about being alone with Jacko when the Walkers plan a night out. Billy tells her he's going to prove that Jacko is going straight. Laura tells Alan she's coming up, Elsie is determined to make sure she doesn't get Alan back.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jul, 1972
    Wed 26 Jul, 1972
    Episode 60
    Emily tries to sort things out between Ena and Minnie by getting Benny to put a 50p a week limit on Minnie he refuses. Bet and Billy change their holidays. Ena and Minnie turn on Emily telling her she can't boss them around. Norma and Ernie persuade Annie to take Jacko back. Laura phones for Alan.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jul, 1972
    Mon 24 Jul, 1972
    Episode 59
    Maggie asks Betty to keep quiet over Jacko. Rita stands Benny up to go out with Len. Emily tries to sort the peace between Minnie and Ena. Rita skives off work to be with Benny. Jacko tells Annie he's done time. She sacks him.
  • Wed 19 Jul, 1972
    Wed 19 Jul, 1972
    Episode 58
    Minnie is furious when she discovers Ena has got her barred from the Betting Shop. Jacko tells Cyril he's going straight and asks him not to reveal he's been inside. Len plans a romantic evening with Rita. Minnie tells Ena she's had enough of her interfering - their friendship is over. Len has to attend an emergency meeting so Benny entertains Rita. Cyril tells Betty that Jacko is a petty thief. Rita tells Benny she will work for him.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jul, 1972
    Mon 17 Jul, 1972
    Episode 57
    Annie disapproves of Lucille changing jobs. Hilda gives up the Rovers to clean the Betting shop. Benny gets Ray and Jerry to transform his flat into a bachelor pad. Norma recognises Cyril then discovers Betty is married to him. Annie warns Benny that he'll make enemies if he continues. Ena asks Benny to ban Minnie from the shop. Benny asks Rita to join the staff permanently.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jul, 1972
    Wed 12 Jul, 1972
    Episode 56
    Benny realises he needs a bookkeeper. Jacko tells the Bishops he's just out of Strangeways. Hilda suspects Stan of seeing Mrs Regan again. Lucille gets the job at Benny's for £3 a week more. Ted tells Hilda that Benny is looking for a cleaner.
  • Mon 10 Jul, 1972
    Mon 10 Jul, 1972
    Episode 55
    Lucille thinks Billy and Bet have planned a dirty holiday. Jacko starts at the Rovers. Benny Lewis opens a new betting shop in Dave's old shop, keeping clerk Ted Loftus on. Benny's hostess Carol Webb gets drunk at the opening function and flirts with Billy. When she tells Det Insp Patterson that Benny doesn't bank his money he sacks her. He offers the job to Rita but she's not interested. Ernie tells Emily he wants her at home, not in the shop. She thinks he wants her out of the way. Benny talks Rita into an afternoon job as hostess. Len thinks he's got designs on Rita.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jul, 1972
    Wed 5 Jul, 1972
    Episode 54
    Norma reveals she shopped Jacko. Jerry doesn't like the idea of having Rita around. The police catch the real crook and release Jacko. Annie is invited to the Guild by the Lady Victuallers and hands over the outing to Albert. Billy and Bet discover they've booked in at the same villa in Italy at the same time. Jerry thinks Rita is a gold digger. Annie takes Jacko on a potman. Maggie lets him sleep in the stock room. Len spends the night with Rita.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jul, 1972
    Mon 3 Jul, 1972
    Episode 53
    Annie organises a Preston trip from the Rovers. Albert organises one from the Centre. Norma refuses to give Jacko a false alibi. Maggie believes Jacko didn't do the jewellers. Rita cooks for the lads at No.9. Annie refuses to advertise Albert's trip and Emily and Alf are forced to come down against Annie. PC Conway and the police take Jacko away.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jun, 1972
    Wed 28 Jun, 1972
    Episode 52
    The Henshaws swap one of Stan's streets for a bigger one. Len wants to get to know Rita again. She agrees. Stan discovers his new patch is being demolished. The police want Jacko over a break-in in Longsight.
  • Mon 26 Jun, 1972
    Mon 26 Jun, 1972
    Episode 51
    Len gets tickets from Alec Gilroy for the opening of the New Victoria Street Working Man's Club and invites the Howards. Minnie wants to start a coach to Preston Guild. Elsie is well overdressed at the WM's club to her embarrassment. Len is shocked when Rita appears on stage, singing. Stan thinks two men are pinching his customers and goes on the war path. Ray tells Stan the Henshaw brothers have pitched his patch but Stan doesn't believe him. Albert organises a trip to the Preston Guild. The big Henshaws call on Stan.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jun, 1972
    Wed 21 Jun, 1972
    Episode 50
    NORMA (about Jacko): "He's a thief and a jailbird, so how can he be a father. Father's don't keep going to prison. They stop at home and look after you." Norma wants Maggie to throw Jacko out. Ray tells Sue he's in love with her. TOMMY SILCOCK (to Ray): "You're my sort. Plenty of spunk and a bit sly with it." Tommy asks Ray to work for him. Jacko swears he's a reformed character. Maggie feels he ought to be given a chance to prove himself. Ray wants to become engaged to Sue but she only wants fun and tells him to stick with Tommy. When the binmen boycott No.13 the Ogdens dump their rubbish in the Yard in protest. Jacko agrees to leave Norma alonemoreless
  • Mon 19 Jun, 1972
    Mon 19 Jun, 1972
    Episode 49
    Tommy finds out more about Ray. Norma rows with the customers in an attempt to get Maggie to sack her, Maggie refuses to. Tommy tells Ray he'd like him for a son-in-law. Jacko turns up and Maggie tells Norma he can stay.
  • Wed 14 Jun, 1972
    Wed 14 Jun, 1972
    Episode 48
    HILDA: (about Elsie): "I've always said that woman were a Jezebel. And this is proof of it. I mean why else would anybody want a pink bath?" Elsie wants black wallpaper in the bathroom. Sue takes Ray home to meet her father Tommy and Ray take the micky out of Sue's poshness. Ritchie tells Norma Jacko is coming out and knows where she is. Maggie forces Norma to tell her the truth about Jacko.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jun, 1972
    Mon 12 Jun, 1972
    Episode 47
    Alan tells Elsie to spend the money how she wants. She calls Len and Jerry in. Ray entertains Sue at the Rovers to everyone's surprise. Elsie has a pink bathroom suite installed to Alan's amazement. Norma tells Maggie her father is in a miner's home.
  • Wed 7 Jun, 1972
    Wed 7 Jun, 1972
    Episode 46
    ALF (about Ena): "When it comes to sticking the oar in, she's got Boat Race knocked into a cocked hat." Ned gives Elsie a cheque for £296. Ray chats Sue up but she doesn't give anything away. Ritchie thinks Norma is being hard on Jacko. Ray fixes Sue's car so that it doesn't work. He 'repairs' it for her. Ena plays piano for the silent movie until the film breaks, but the Bishops and Ken enjoy it more than the old folks. Ray makes a date with Sue. Norma goes to prison to visit her father.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jun, 1972
    Mon 5 Jun, 1972
    Episode 45
    Elsie avoids Ned as she can't pay him. Ray takes a fancy to Sue Silcock and her flashy car. Ernie is forced to disband the orchestra through lack of interest although they have promised a concert for the Darby and Joans. Ned Fox tells Elsie her endowment policy on Dennis has come up. Norma is annoyed when Ritchie Levitt turns up to see her. Ernie decides to give a film show instead of the concert. Norma tells Ritchie she doesn't want her dad to know where she is.moreless
  • Mon 31 May, 1972
    Mon 31 May, 1972
    Episode 44
    Hilda starts Stan up again but he needs a ladder. Norma's fanciful stories begin to amuse Maggie. Ray sells Stan his old ladders back. Len goes to see the new Mayor, Alderman Chapman. Hilda wants Stan to get the Centre's windows. Chapman tells Len to be careful and entertains him to lunch in the Rolls. Ena agrees to let Stan do the Centre and Alan gives him an old handcart in return for free cleaning for six months. Ena reveals the clubman, Ned Fox, is retiring.moreless
  • Mon 29 May, 1972
    Mon 29 May, 1972
    Episode 43
    Maggie advertises for an assistant. Rita goes back to Harry. Ellen Page tries out for the job but reminds Maggie of Betty too much. Stan begs Len and Ray for his old job back but they refuse. Norma Ford applies for the job but Maggie feels obliged to Mrs Page. Hilda tells Stan to start his round up again. Norma poses as Maggie's niece to let Mrs Page down gently and Maggie takes her on.moreless
  • Wed 24 May, 1972
    Wed 24 May, 1972
    Episode 42
    Billy turns down the licence. Ray refuses to take Stan on at the Yard. Warburton goes to the road works to find Len. Harry tells Len he'll take Rita back but not before they fight, watched by Warburton. Annie is reassured of the Brewery's faith in her. When Ken lectures Rita about the kids' welfare, she tells him they're not hers. Rita tells Len she doesn't want to go back to Harry, she wants him. Len is summoned by the Mayor.moreless
  • Mon 22 May, 1972
    Mon 22 May, 1972
    Episode 41
    Rita refuses to return to Harry but Len refuses to have her at No.9. The orchestra starts up - Ernie on piano, Billy and Ken on trumpet and Alan on guitar. When Elsie refuses, Maggie takes Rita in. Stan discharges himself from hospital. Billy tells Annie about the brewery's offer, she calls him Judas. Annie goes to the Brewery. Len goes to see Harry at his roadworks.moreless
  • Wed 17 May, 1972
    Wed 17 May, 1972
    Episode 40
    SID BOLTON: "You want to hear them in the brewery on the subject of Annie Walker. They tend to speak in hushed tones." Stan celebrates his 50th birthday in hospital. The Bates are offered a flat but need a marriage certificate, they reveal to Len that they are not really married. He refuses to pull strings for them. With Stan returning, Hilda throws Archie out. Ernie wants to start up a street orchestra. Harry kicks Rita out and she dumps herself on Len.moreless
  • Mon 15 May, 1972
    Mon 15 May, 1972
    Episode 39
    Maggie returns. Archie swears vengeance on the porch thief. Rita tells Len she has to vacate by the end of the week. ERNIE: "I sometimes think the corner shop replaces the chapel for telling troubles." Rita introduces Len to her husband Harry, convinced Len will get them a house. Sid Bolton, Brewery Rep asks Billy if he's thought of running the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 10 May, 1972
    Wed 10 May, 1972
    Episode 38
    Billy and Ray plan to use the shop flat as a love nest in Maggie's absence, and trick the key off Alf. Archie goes to the Town Hall. Rita entertains Len after getting Terry out of the way. The girls stand Billy and Ray up. Warburton tells Archie the porch has to come down. Alf reveals that Rita's house is due for demolition and Len is on the housing committee. Hilda discovers the porch is missing.moreless
  • Mon 8 May, 1972
    Mon 8 May, 1972
    Episode 37
    Councillor Warburton is annoyed when Len won't back a housing plan. Len entertains Rita at No.9 and causes a stir. Archie completes the porch but Jerry tells him they'll need planning permission.
  • Wed 3 May, 1972
    Wed 3 May, 1972
    Episode 36
    Alf instructs Maggie to close the shop and visit Gordon. Rita fools around with Ken at the PTA to Perkin's annoyance. Maggie decides to take Alf's advice. Rita tells Perkins to keep his nose out of her business; there's nothing between Ken and her. Jerry tells Billy that Hilda will need planning permission for the porch. Rita leaves Bessie St and joins her date - Len.moreless
  • Mon 1 May, 1972
    Mon 1 May, 1972
    Episode 35
    Archie Crabtree turns up to look after Hilda. KEN: "Mrs Bates isn't a bad mother, or a stupid one. Just a bit happy-go-lucky." Perkins warns Ken about his involvement with Rita. Maggie starts to feel lonely. Hilda has plans for the outside of No.13 with Archie staying. Rita turns up at the Rovers. Hilda and Archie decide on a porch. Terry tells Rita about Perkins wanting to see her and she goes off to school.moreless
  • Wed 26 Apr, 1972
    Wed 26 Apr, 1972
    Episode 34
    Stan recovers in hospital after being covered with bananas. Fitzpatrick warns Elsie over the fight and advises her to throw Ivy out. When Rita threatens to tell Terry's dad about him disappearing from the match, Terry threatens to tell him Rita is interested in Ken. Ivy goes out with George Harrop and he invites her to come and live with him. Alan gets Jack to take Ivy back and Elsie tells her to leave No.11. ELSIE: "You know summat, Ivy Tilsley? You've got a hard face. As hard as this table top." Ivy returns to Jack. Perkins overhears Mark Hillkirk talking about Ken and Rita.moreless
  • Mon 24 Apr, 1972
    Mon 24 Apr, 1972
    Episode 33
    The day of the football match. Ivy can't work through worrying about Jack. Terry disappears during the match when he's needed but Bessie St wins the match. Ivy rows with Edna for not taking her in. Rita Bates is there and chats Ken up. The hospital phone Annie to tell Hilda that Stan's had a crash in the lorry. Ivy goes for Edna when she suggests romance is in the air with her and Alan. The boss, Johnny Fitzpatrick, catches them and summons Elsie.moreless
  • Wed 19 Apr, 1972
    Wed 19 Apr, 1972
    Episode 32
    Alan feels that Ivy is in the way. Hilda reveals Stan is going back on the lorries and gives his notice in. Elsie gets rid of Ivy by pointing out that Jack will be all on his own with Cheryl. Alf paints the Bishop's ceiling white. Ivy returns with her bags.moreless
  • Mon 17 Apr, 1972
    Mon 17 Apr, 1972
    Episode 31
    The Bishops return and are alarmed at their purple ceiling and the unfinished bedroom. Ivy catches husband Jack with his fancy woman in her house and walks out. Ray is depressed over Vicky. The Bishops can't be alone and end up sleeping with the decorating unfinished. Ivy dumps herself on the Howards.moreless
  • Wed 12 Apr, 1972
    Wed 12 Apr, 1972
    Episode 30
    Vicki doesn't know what to do about the baby. The residents finish decorating, painting the living room purple. Vicki tells Ray she'll give up her baby for him. Albert talks Ivy into washing the football team's kit. Ena makes Ray realise that Vicky will always miss her child. He tells Vicki he wants the kid. ELSIE: "There you go again, Hilda - lowering the rateable value wherever you go." Len tries to put Vicki off marrying Ray. Perkins tells Ken Bessie St have to win the match. Vicky tells Ray she can't marry him and leaves Weatherfield.moreless
  • Mon 10 Apr, 1972
    Mon 10 Apr, 1972
    Episode 29
    Ray leaves Vicki to make up her mind; the offer is still there. The decoraters let Annie down at No.3 and Annie threatens to bar the regulars if they don't all lend a hand. Hilda tells Ray she saw Vicki leaving on the Preston bus. Hilda and Elsie start work on the decorating. Vicki comes back from Preston and tells Ray she might have the baby adopted. Ken is made temporary sports master in order that Bessie Street can beat Regents Road in football.moreless
  • Wed 5 Apr, 1972
    Wed 5 Apr, 1972
    Episode 28
    Emily refuses to let the delay upset her and she sets out for the Mission, surprising everyone. Ernie follows Emily to the church and they are married. At the reception, Mavis takes a shine to Jerry. Ken reads the telegrams from Dave, Jed and Dennis. The Bishops honeymoon walking in Edale. Ray asks Vicki to marry him. She tells him she's pregnant.moreless
  • Mon 3 Apr, 1972
    Mon 3 Apr, 1972
    Episode 27
    Ernie worries that Emily won't turn up to the Mission. Annie takes charge of Emily, to Norah's annoyance. The guests arrive at the Mission - Esther Hayes down from Scotland, Mavis Riley, Minnie, Albert, Vicki, Maggie, Alf, Betty, Alan, Elsie, Hilda, Stan, Norah, Annie, Edna and Ivy. Ernie is very nervous and keeps driving round the church whilst Emily waits in the Rovers for the all clear.moreless
  • Wed 29 Mar, 1972
    Wed 29 Mar, 1972
    Episode 26
    Albert reopens negotiations when Ken tells him he'll pay £3 a week. Ernie shaves off his beard. The residents plan a stag and hen party. Ray tells Vicki he's fallen for her. Albert allows Ken to move in. The men take Ernie on a pub crawl whilst Annie lays on a party for Emily. Ernie gets drunk and is horrified when Stan reveals Emily jilted Swindley.moreless
  • Mon 27 Mar, 1972
    Mon 27 Mar, 1972
    Episode 25
    Emily asks Ernie to shave off his beard. Audrey doesn't want to come to the Street and sends friend Vicki Bright in her place. She agrees to the sale of No.3. Ken plans to move in with Albert. Ray and Vicki take a liking to each other. He persuades her to stay around for a bit, at No.1moreless
  • Wed 22 Mar, 1972
    Wed 22 Mar, 1972
    Episode 24
    Stan takes to his bed with flu. Minnie is two weeks behind with the rent. Albert lends her the money. Ken tells Emily and Ernie they can have the Flemings' house - it'll do him good to have a change. Ernie gets in touch and tells Ray that Audrey Fleming is coming to see them.moreless
  • Mon 20 Mar, 1972
    Mon 20 Mar, 1972
    Episode 23
    Jerry tries to get out of sailing the Shangri-La but the regulars are adamant. Ernie and Emily try in vain for a house in the Street. Minnie worries that she can't afford the rent. Lucille launches the boat, with Stan, Ray and Jerry sailing on its maiden voyage. The boat overturns in the water.moreless
  • Wed 15 Mar, 1972
    Wed 15 Mar, 1972
    Episode 22
    Jerry asks the sea cadets on advice on sailing. ANNIE: "Some marriages, Mrs. Howard, are made in Heaven and some in haste." Ernie wants to hang onto his house in Eccles but Maggie advises him to start somewhere new. Emily moves back into the Rovers in readiness for the wedding. Jerry gets upset when Ray varnishes the boat. Ernie tells Emily he's going to sell his house. The boat is christened.moreless
  • Mon 13 Mar, 1972
    Mon 13 Mar, 1972
    Episode 21
    Jerry calls the boat Shangri-La. Emily gives wedding present lists to everyone. Maggie decides to stick by Lucille. Ernie and Emily spend the day in his peaceful, large, old house. Emily decides she could never live in it.
  • Wed 8 Mar, 1972
    Wed 8 Mar, 1972
    Episode 20
    Jerry is annoyed when Len and Ray take over the building of the boat. As Lucille starts work, Maggie confides in Ken that she feels Lucille got the job with false references. Alan and Paul play football in the Street and Alan smashes the Ogden's window. Lucille admits to Maggie she made up a reference on her behalf. Paul tries to poison Bobby. Maggie is summoned to the Warehouse. Paul returns to Birmingham.moreless
  • Mon 6 Mar, 1972
    Mon 6 Mar, 1972
    Episode 19
    Paul Cheveski, recovering from flu, comes to stay at No.11. Lucille goes for a job as wages clerk at the warehouse. Alan enjoys having Paul around, Elsie doesn't like being called 'Gran'. Len and Stan start to take an interest in the boat. The Howards take Paul to Belle Vue. Lucille gets the job. Paul wears Elsie out and exhausts Alan's pocket.moreless
  • Wed 1 Mar, 1972
    Wed 1 Mar, 1972
    Episode 18
    Maggie plans to go and live in London. ALF: "This is us Maggie, dirty canals, tall chimneys, terraced houses and corner shops." Maggie summons the Turpins and Annie to the shop and tells them she's getting a bank loan to buy Irma's share herself. Ray and Len discover Jerry is building a boat in the Yard.moreless
  • Mon 28 Feb, 1972
    Mon 28 Feb, 1972
    Episode 17
    As Ray and Len refuse to pay the increase, Jerry refuses to cook. Lucille tells Annie she doesn't want the shop. Ernie tells Emily to make a decision. Annie tells Maggie the offer still stands - she will be a sleeping partner. Emily books Aunt May into the Bluebell Home for the Elderly. Maggie tells Alf that whoever offers her the most can have the whole shop. Emily asks Ernie to marry her on Easter Monday, he agrees.moreless
  • Wed 23 Feb, 1972
    Wed 23 Feb, 1972
    Episode 16
    Jerry, Len and Ray go to the supermarket to get their own shopping. Maggie apologises to Betty, making Betty think she's still in with a chance at the shop. With Auntie May still present, Emily and Ernie despair as the wedding seems further away. Cyril tells Annie he thinks the shop should sell alcohol. Len's bill comes to £5.92, Ray's £5.30 and Jerry's £3.44. Annie makes a firm offer for the shop on Lucille's behalf. Emily and Ernie decide on an Easter wedding when Ernie decides that May can live with them. Jerry demands £6 a week off Ray and Len or else he's packing in housekeeping. Gordon offers to lend Maggie money to buy Irma out but Maggie thinks it's his wedding money. Aunt May refuses to live with Ernie and Emily.moreless
  • Mon 21 Feb, 1972
    Mon 21 Feb, 1972
    Episode 15
    Annie tells Billy she's thinking of buying Irma's share for Lucille. Billy tells her Lucille is too irresponsable. Cyril tries to blackmail Maggie by using the fact that Betty came to look after her. Alf warns Cyril to stop putting pressure on Maggie, Billy stops them from fighting. Jerry demands more housekeeping from Ray and Len. Maggie feels beholden to the Turpins, but tells Betty she doesn't want her in the shop. She tells them she doesn't care if she ever sees them again. Betty walks out, telling her to rot. Ray and Len decide to go shopping for themselves, not believing Jerry's excuse of the cost of living.moreless
  • Wed 16 Feb, 1972
    Wed 16 Feb, 1972
    Episode 14
    Betty is excited about owning half the shop but Maggie tells Alf she could never work with Betty. Annie enquires as to the selling price of the shop. Ena scares off anyone thinking of being her helper at the Centre. Albert is accepted as co-caretaker but Ena refuses to work with him until it is pointed out that if she doesn't she'll lose the job. She insists on being called 'Senior Caretaker'. Betty is upset by Maggie's attitude but Cyril is adamant she's going to get the shop.moreless
  • Mon 14 Feb, 1972
    Mon 14 Feb, 1972
    Episode 13
    Maggie gets a letter from Irma in Llandudno; she wants all her money out of the shop. Len reveals Ena forgot to lock the Centre. Cyril wants Betty to pack in the Rovers. The Town Hall leaves Ena's fate to the committee. They decide Ena will have to have a helper. Cyril tells Betty they could put money into the shop and become Maggie's partners.moreless
  • Wed 9 Feb, 1972
    Wed 9 Feb, 1972
    Episode 12
    MINNIE: "Some of us wouldn't keep living in this street if we could do without company." EMILY: "I'm just very glad I'm marrying somebody who checks three times if they've locked up at night." Ena agrees to let the Bishops have their reception at the Centre. Lucille tells Ray he doesn't stand a chance with Lorraine. Maggie reveals she's enrolled in the Open University, taking a Social Services course. Aunt May has a relapse and cannot be moved. The colour TV is stolen from the Centre.moreless
  • Mon 7 Feb, 1972
    Mon 7 Feb, 1972
    Episode 11
    Billy takes an interest in Lorraine. Maggie becomes very nosey suddenly. Len enquires about how Ena is coping at the Centre. Ernie wants to put Auntie May in a home. Ena is put in charge of the Centre's colour TV. Ray warns Billy off Lorraine.
  • Wed 2 Feb, 1972
    Wed 2 Feb, 1972
    Episode 10
    The Ogdens miss the plane to France and decide to spend the day in the airport. ENA (to Minnie): "From the reputation your tom cat's got round this neighbourhood, he realises his ambition several times each night." Ken and Mrs Bates set to writing to each other over Terry. The Ogden's kid on they've been to France. Minnie worries about Ena's sanity when she nearly gasses herself.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jan, 1972
    Mon 31 Jan, 1972
    Episode 9
    Ken visits Mrs Bates. She accuses him of making Terry feel small by visiting her. He tells her he just wants Terry to do well. Alan is nervous when Laura entertains him. Mrs Bates promises not to work Terry too hard. Laura blames Alan for Mark being unstable. Annie is delighted when Billy agrees to work at the Rovers and be on the pay roll. Alan promises to see Mark. Laura promises Alan there are no strings attached to the loan. Stan is scared of flying but Hilda looks forward to Paris.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jan, 1972
    Wed 26 Jan, 1972
    Episode 8
    Elsie confronts Alan over the money, he tells her he got it from a business source. Ken wants to meet Mrs Bates. Hilda reveals Stan's taking her to Paris for the day. Alan tells Len he got the money from Laura.
  • Mon 24 Jan, 1972
    Mon 24 Jan, 1972
    Episode 7
    Elsie asks Len to find out where Alan got the money. Stan promises to take Hilda anywhere she likes for her birthday. Ken tells Terry to tell his mum not to work him so hard. Elsie performs the opening ceremony at Alan's garage. Mrs Bates is angry over Ken's interest in Terry.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jan, 1972
    Wed 19 Jan, 1972
    Episode 6
    Ken starts at Bessie St School. The Howards are reconciled. Alan hears Laura has opened a salon in Harrogate. Betty wants to help Maggie but Annie can't spare her. Alan finds it difficult to come up with the money. Perkins doesn't approve of Ken's caring teaching techniques. Betty decides to make the shop a family business.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jan, 1972
    Mon 17 Jan, 1972
    Episode 5
    Ken starts at Bessie St School. The Howards are reconciled. Alan hears Laura has opened a salon in Harrogate. Betty wants to help Maggie but Annie can't spare her. Alan finds it difficult to come up with the money. Perkins doesn't approve of Ken's caring teaching techniques. Betty decides to make the shop a family business.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jan, 1972
    Wed 12 Jan, 1972
    Episode 4
    Billy gives Alan £112.22, his share of the profits, and tells him that is he can come up with £2,500 the garage is his. Ray gets the girls a booking in Oldham. Maggie needs a permanent assistant. Elsie asks Alan to come home.
  • Mon 10 Jan, 1972
    Mon 10 Jan, 1972
    Episode 3
    Ernie is completing his assignment in Holland. Annie wants to give Billy the £2,000 she got from the insurance company when Jack died. Billy refuses it. Len returns. Ernie returns, with a beard. Lucille and Lorraine agree to let Ray be their agent. LEN (to Elsie): "Every time you came a cropper, you turned to me. And every time you opened it all up. You turned me down alright. But would you let me go! Would you hell as like." Len refuses to consol Elsie. He tells her she's hurt him enough in the past. Alan wants to know why Billy is avoiding him. Ernie is concerned about Aunt May's presence. Billy tells Alan he's sold the garage.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jan, 1972
    Wed 5 Jan, 1972
    Episode 2
    Betty blames the Ogdens for Irma's disappearance. Billy tells Annie he's back for a while. Ivy and Edna worry about Elsie. She agrees to go out with them to the Red Lion Hotel. Annie entertains Gerald and tells him she only wants a friendship. Billy tells Annie that Chiswick fell through and he owes £3,000. Elsie feels alone at No.11.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jan, 1972
    Mon 3 Jan, 1972
    Episode 1
    Maggie and Lucille scrub the slate as a resolution. ELSIE "I'm an expert on marriage breakdowns." ELSIE (to Hilda): "You're the biggest gas bag since the Graf Zeppelin." Gerald calls on Annie at the Rovers. Edna and Ivy try to bring Elsie out of herself. Emily is forced to live in Ernie's flat with her Aunt May. Alan, sleeping in the garage, is disturbed as Billy returns.moreless