Coronation Street - Season 14

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  • Mon 31 Dec, 1973
    Mon 31 Dec, 1973
    Episode 105
    Ena goes off to St Annes in a chauffer-driven Rover despite the news that the caretaker's job is still hers. Minnie reveals Ena was invited to go and live with Mr Foster weeks before she was fired. The residents party in the Select with Renee on the piano. Mavis lets go of her inhibitions and sits on Jerry's knee. Arthur Harvey turns up to tell Annie he's left Nellie.moreless
  • Wed 26 Dec, 1973
    Wed 26 Dec, 1973
    Episode 104
    Annie lays into Ernie for firing Ena. He calls the residents hypocrites. Emily breaks down. Deirdre and Rita demand a party in the Yard. The Bishops offer to resign unless Ena is reinstated but she isn't sure she wants her job back. Ray, Len, Jerry, Deirdre, Rita and Mavis have their party. Rita bets Mavis £1 that Len proposes to her in 1974.moreless
  • Mon 24 Dec, 1973
    Mon 24 Dec, 1973
    Episode 103
    Len decides it's going to be Fairclough and Booth. Ena moves in with Minnie. Ray turns up, still a partner. Deirdre persuades Len and Ray to make Jerry a third partner. The residents have a sing-a-long in the Rovers. Minnie tells them Ena has been thrown out of the Centre by the Bishops.moreless
  • Wed 19 Dec, 1973
    Wed 19 Dec, 1973
    Episode 102
    Ena realises she's going to get the sack. Trevor blames Stan for his lack of parental guidance. Under interrogation Polly breaks down and tells the Ogdens she thought they were dead. Rita refuses to talk to Len but when he tells her he was a navvy on a motorway construction she forgives him. Jerry wants a partnership. The committee tells Ena she has a month to vacate the flat. She tells them she'll be out by Christmas Eve.moreless
  • Mon 17 Dec, 1973
    Mon 17 Dec, 1973
    Episode 101
    The Ogdens meet their daughter-in-law Polly. She is shocked to meet them. Albert plays Santa at the kid's Christmas party at the Centre. Len returns. Trevor told Polly his parents were dead. The Ogdens discover they have a grandson, Damian. Ena disappears with the Centre keys so the children can't have any presents. Jerry refuses to let Len just walk back into the Yard now it is a success. Trevor is not happy and Stan suspects he came by his wealth dishonestly.moreless
  • Wed 12 Dec, 1973
    Wed 12 Dec, 1973
    Episode 100
    JERRY (about Ray): "He rides on the backs of others." Jerry realises Mavis is jealous of Deirdre. Stan tells Hilda he got the pearls from Maggie - she's got a lousy husband and a lousy son. Deirdre makes Mavis realise she's not after Jerry. Stan tells Hilda he's coming with her. In Chesterfield they discover Trevor lives in a large detached house.moreless
  • Mon 10 Dec, 1973
    Mon 10 Dec, 1973
    Episode 99
    Stan refuses to think of Trevor as his son after nine years absence. Hilda tracks Trevor down to Chesterfield. Maggie reveals Norma has left to nurse a sick Jacko. Ernie and Alf have complaints about Ena's temper towards the Centre users. Ray gets a job as area rep for Weatherfield Developments. Hilda tells Stan she's going to see Trevor.moreless
  • Wed 5 Dec, 1973
    Wed 5 Dec, 1973
    Episode 98
    The Ogden's Pearl wedding. Ena accuses Minnie of being jealous, and refuses to accept Albert's explanation - she's still thinking about it. Hilda gives Stan pearl cufflinks. He can't afford a present for her so Maggie gives him her pearl necklace. The building society won't give the Barlows a mortgage for six months. Janet refuses to have the twins down until they're out of No.1. Ena gives in gracefully and Minnie accepts Albert's proposal. The Ogdens throw a party. Norma, Maggie, Ken, Janet, Emily, Ernie, Annie, Deirdre and Betty attend. When Hilda starts insulting Elsie, Betty tells her she went to see Dennis and asks her if she got a card from her son.moreless
  • Mon 3 Dec, 1973
    Mon 3 Dec, 1973
    Episode 97
  • Wed 28 Nov, 1973
    Wed 28 Nov, 1973
    Episode 96
    Ken takes the deposit to the estate agents. Albert thinks it would be a good financial idea to marry Minnie. As Jerry relies more on Deirdre, Mavis feels jealous. Albert proposes to Minnie. Ray clears out of the yard. Janet invites the Bishops to her birthday meal. Ken is late at the agents and loses the house. When Janet insults Val he hits her. She tells him she's useless. Minnie tells Albert she needs to ask Ena's advice before deciding on his proposal.moreless
  • Mon 26 Nov, 1973
    Mon 26 Nov, 1973
    Episode 95
    Hilda finds a postcard from Rene and thinks Stan has had a woman in. Janet wants the house and goes to see it with Emily when Ken stalls. Alf reveals Len has gone indefinitely. Albert doesn't know how he'll pay the rent when the Barlows leave. The residents tell Hilda Rene was a man. Ray tells Jerry he's leaving. Jerry and Deirdre are left to fire themselves. Ernie has a new rabbit called Samuel. Mavis tells Jerry to fight back. Janet wants the house for a birthday present. Deirdre persuades Deirdre they can make a go of it together - Booth and Hunt.moreless
  • Wed 21 Nov, 1973
    Wed 21 Nov, 1973
    Episode 94
    The judge reveals the case is over as someone from the Yard has paid in the VAT money owing. Len and Ray are furious. Alan blames himself for Mark's accident. Jerry tells Len and Ray he stood the money because he didn't want to see the end of the firm. Mavis reveals to Jerry that the Kabin has been transferred into Rita's name, making her the owner. Ray, Jerry and Rita turn on Len for selfishly protecting his investment; if the Yard goes bust he won't have to sell the Kabin. Janet refuses Ken's choice of a semi for a £12,000 detached. Wormold puts the rent on Numbers 1 and 5 up 50p a week. Janet reveals she has £1,500 saved, Ken agrees to see the house properly. Len packs and leaves the area.moreless
  • Mon 19 Nov, 1973
    Mon 19 Nov, 1973
    Episode 93
    The residents wonder at Janet's big plans. Ray and Len go to court. Ray gives evidence and their defence to Judge Carson, asking is it fair to stick the boot in? The judge adjourns the case because of a development.
  • Wed 14 Nov, 1973
    Wed 14 Nov, 1973
    Episode 92
    Emily is put out when Ernie's French is better then hers. Stan, Rene and Marcel start a poker game at the Rovers but Bet beats them. Janet talks Ken into going to see a £10,000 house. Bet guesses Marcel is happily married but allows the regulars to fantasise about their night together. Janet is confident Ken will be a headmaster and tells him they'll need to pay more than £10,000 for a good house. The French return to Charleville. Ray and Len prepare for court.moreless
  • Mon 12 Nov, 1973
    Mon 12 Nov, 1973
    Episode 91
    Stan prepares for Rene's arrival but worries that Hilda will find out. Janet wants a house but Ken will only go up to £8,000. Stan is landed with lorry driver Rene. Mark has to have plastic surgery. The Bishops' Frenchman, Charles Follette, speaks no English. Stan and Rene get on like brothers. Bet refuses to stay at the Rovers with Marcel Lebeque until she sees him.moreless
  • Wed 7 Nov, 1973
    Wed 7 Nov, 1973
    Episode 90
    Annie organises a reception for the Barlows. Mark has to have a skin graft on his leg. The Gazette get Len to be spokesman for a new anti-fireworks campaign. Norma refuses to go to the Barlow's reception where Janet shows off in an expensive dress. With the French coming over, Stan agrees to take in Rene Dubois in Hilda's absence, mistaking him for a woman.moreless
  • Mon 5 Nov, 1973
    Mon 5 Nov, 1973
    Episode 89
    Bonfire night. There's no one to supervise the communal bonfire. Norma is devastated to learn Ken is married, she feels she can't take anymore humiliation and plans to leave. KEN: "Uncle Albert is your original crusty old codger. He actually spends a large part of his time thinking of things to grumble about." Alan agrees to supervise the fireworks. Len talks Ena into going to St Anne's. Norma forces herself to wish Ken congratulations. The residents watch the fireworks. A spark lands in an open box of fireworks, setting them off and burning Mark Hillkirk. Ken smothers him with his jacket.moreless
  • Wed 31 Oct, 1973
    Wed 31 Oct, 1973
    Episode 88
    Janet and Ken return as man and wife. Ena has a mild heart attack, she is moved into No.5. Ken has to talk Albert round to the idea that he is married. Janet wins him round. Len stops Rita selling fireworks to Mark Hillkirk and bans them from the shop. Ena tells Minnie she had another attack in Wales - that's why she left. The VAT still want their £200 from the yard, if they don't pay it could mean prison. Ena refuses to go to St Annes, preferring to die in the street.moreless
  • Mon 29 Oct, 1973
    Mon 29 Oct, 1973
    Episode 87
    Plastics owe £40,000. As the Yard's creditors discover this they demand their money. Emily tries to get the truth out of the Welsh landlady but fails. Emily tells Ena she's in danger of being dismissed from the Centre. The bank will only give Len a £500 overdraft. Ena collapses in the snug.moreless
  • Wed 24 Oct, 1973
    Wed 24 Oct, 1973
    Episode 86
    In Scotland, Edith refuses to give Ken her approval on Janet. Albert reveals he helped liberate Charleville in the War. Minnie tries to get the truth out of Ena but can't. When the cheque doesn't arrive, Len and Ray go to Plastics and discover they've gone bust.
  • Mon 22 Oct, 1973
    Mon 22 Oct, 1973
    Episode 85
    Len and Ray refuse to pay the VAT until they're paid. Annie's 36rd wedding anniversary. Albert returns, hurt to find Ken has taken the twins back to Scotland. Plastics avoid Len and Ray. Bet discovers Janet has gone to Scotland. Ray tells Len Plastics are sending a cheque. Alf and Annie prepare for a Mayoral visit to France. Albert reveals Ena came home early because she was chucked out.moreless
  • Wed 17 Oct, 1973
    Wed 17 Oct, 1973
    Episode 84
    Len calls in a solicitor who tells him he has to pay the VAT. The Barlows and Janet have a day out. The villa syndicate folds through lack of commitment. Janet agrees to a holiday in Scotland with the Barlows.
  • Mon 15 Oct, 1973
    Mon 15 Oct, 1973
    Episode 83
    Janet lends Ken her mini to bring the twins down. She takes them to the park to get to know them. The VAT man tells Len the Yard has to pay £200 VAT on the plastics job although they haven't been paid yet.
  • Wed 10 Oct, 1973
    Wed 10 Oct, 1973
    Episode 82
    Ken makes Len realise there was nothing between him and Rita and tells him to trust Rita. They get drunk together. Jerry sees the necklace on Mavis and assumes a man gave it to her. When Janet hears about Ken and Rita she walks out. Len unfastens the necklace for Mavis. Weatherfield Plastics still owes the Yard £2000. Rita invites Len for an intimate dinner but he drags along Ken and Janet. They all have a good time. Ken tells Janet he wants the twins to meet her.moreless
  • Mon 8 Oct, 1973
    Mon 8 Oct, 1973
    Episode 81
    Ray carries his arm in a sling. Len gives Rita an expensive necklace from France. Ena returns from Wales a week early, to get away from Albert. Mavis tries on the necklace and can't get it off. Ken surprises everyone by seeking Len out for himself. The Howards go to Newcastle for a few weeks.moreless
  • Wed 3 Oct, 1973
    Wed 3 Oct, 1973
    Episode 80
    Ken and Janet realise they're each what they're looking for. Elsie is offered a new job with Brittain in Newcastle. Alan tells her she should take it. Lucille starts smoking again. Ray tells Len about Rita and Ken. When he insults Rita, Len hits him.
  • Mon 1 Oct, 1973
    Mon 1 Oct, 1973
    Episode 79
    Len returns, he doesn't approve of Deirdre and makes it up with Alf and Annie. Norma is voted treasurer for the villa team. Elsie smokes in secret. Len tells Ray Deirdre will have to go, Ray threatens to leave if she does.
  • Wed 26 Sep, 1973
    Wed 26 Sep, 1973
    Episode 78
    Stan takes up a pipe. Tricia turns out to be a schoolgirl. Her mother threatens Annie with the police for serving her but Annie turns the tables on her and bars the family. Leach gets seven years. Alf discovers the reason Len didn't get to the Town Hall was that he rescued a woman from the canal.moreless
  • Mon 24 Sep, 1973
    Mon 24 Sep, 1973
    Episode 77
    Alan starts the no-smoking syndicate. Ken returns and wants to bring the twins back as soon as he's found a new mother for them. Rita, Bet, Lucille, Alf, Ray and the Ogdens join the Howards for the villa. Ken discovers Janet Reid working in the department of education and she agrees to a date. Deirdre is annoyed when Ray chats up Tricia Hopkins. Rita is put out when Ken entertains Janet in the Rovers, as is Elsie.moreless
  • Wed 19 Sep, 1973
    Wed 19 Sep, 1973
    Episode 76
    Albert is sent on his way to Wales. Deirdre insults a customer whilst searching for her lens. He finds it for her and she lands the contract. Alan discovers the street's residents spend £8 a week per household on cigarettes. He feels that if they all saved the money they could buy a villa in Spain.moreless
  • Mon 17 Sep, 1973
    Mon 17 Sep, 1973
    Episode 75
    Emily organises a draw for free OAP holidays in Wales. Deirdre has contact lenses fitted. Minnie and Mrs Toft win holidays but when Emily discovers Albert's name was not in the draw it has to be done again. Albert, Ena and Mrs Toft win, Minnie loses. Deirdre loses a lens. Ray reveals to Jerry they need more work.moreless
  • Wed 12 Sep, 1973
    Wed 12 Sep, 1973
    Episode 74
    Albert tells Ken he's ashamed and hurt by him. Ken refuses to marry another Val to please Albert. At the pool, the residents cheer for Mavis. Albert shames Ken into going to Glasgow. Mavis nearly collapses after 18 lengths. Albert doesn't tell Rita Ken has gone and she is stood up.moreless
  • Mon 10 Sep, 1973
    Mon 10 Sep, 1973
    Episode 73
    Jerry volunteers Mavis for a sponsored swim but she is horrified. Betty tells him the swimmers have to wear bikinis. Norma builds up resentment towards Ken. Emily clears it for Mavis to wear a swimsuit and she agrees to swim. Norma tells Ken he used her, he's selfish and she wonders what the twins think of him.moreless
  • Wed 5 Sep, 1973
    Wed 5 Sep, 1973
    Episode 72
    Alan has a cut nose and Stan a black eye. Rita invites Ken to cook her a meal at the Kabin flat. Annie reveals to the Howards that Billy has sent her a London newspaper clipping about Dennis. She threatens to bar anyone spreading rumours. Norma is hurt by Ken and Rita.moreless
  • Mon 3 Sep, 1973
    Mon 3 Sep, 1973
    Episode 71
    Deirdre starts as secretary at the Yard. Norma starts to throw herself at Ken again. The neighbours try to cover up Hilda's gossiping for Elsie's sake. Ken stands Norma up to see Rita. Maggie persuades Elsie to brave the Rovers. When the Ogdens insult her, Alan hits Stan and a fight breaks out.moreless
  • Wed 29 Aug, 1973
    Wed 29 Aug, 1973
    Episode 70
    Rita throws Hilda out of the Kabin for spreading rumours about Elsie. Emily is master of ceremonies at the cabaret, introducing: Renee Delafonte on the piano, Rita singing as Danny La Rue in drag, Norma impersonating Ken Dodd, Bet and Betty doing a Laurel and Hardy act. Alan worries as Elsie refuses to leave No.11 in fear of the neighbours. Alf tells Rita that Len could have taken her to France if he wanted to.moreless
  • Mon 27 Aug, 1973
    Mon 27 Aug, 1973
    Episode 69
    Ray decides he's going to be referee at the bowling match. Annie puts Jack's tankard up as a trophy for the winner. Albert and Betty coach their teams, refusing to call it a friendly match. The Howards return. Betty, Rita, Norma and Mavis vs Albert, Ernie, Ken and Jerry. The first heat is a draw so Rita and Ernie have a play off. Rita, in a tight skirt, tries to put Ernie off but he is steadfast and wins. The ladies forfeit is to produce a cabaret in drag.moreless
  • Wed 22 Aug, 1973
    Wed 22 Aug, 1973
    Episode 68
    Len tells Rita only wives are allowed on the French trip. Alf tells Len what he thinks of him and the residents shun him. The residents plan a bowls competition for the Bank Holiday. Hilda discovers Elsie is returning and is warned by everyone about her gossiping. Len gives in to Ray and Jerry and says they can have a secretary at the Yard.moreless
  • Mon 20 Aug, 1973
    Mon 20 Aug, 1973
    Episode 67
    Rita discovers Len is off to France on council business. Alf goes to the Town Hall and gets Len to tell him the news to stop him resigning. Rita feels used and upset over Len. Len doesn't turn up at the Town Hall but the clerk tells Alf about Leach in time.moreless
  • Wed 15 Aug, 1973
    Wed 15 Aug, 1973
    Episode 66
    Elaine tells Ken she doesn't love him and can't marry him. He feels bitter as she wants to remain friends. Alf is worried about the pending court case and plans to resign. Alan returns to Elsie and she tells him about Dennis. Ken uses Norma to pull back into life. Elsie doesn't think she can face the street. Alf goes to resign but Annie learns that Leach is pleading guilty.moreless
  • Mon 13 Aug, 1973
    Mon 13 Aug, 1973
    Episode 65
    Ken dons very casual romantic clothes to impress Elaine. News of Elsie's accident spreads to the Street, to Hilda's delight. Ken and Elaine go looking at flats in Didsbury for him. Alan discovers a man called Dennis identified Elsie and thinking it was Maxwell, goes off to get drunk. Elsie comes to after four days. Ken tells Elaine he loves her and wants to live with her.moreless
  • Wed 8 Aug, 1973
    Wed 8 Aug, 1973
    Episode 64
    Alan reports Elsie missing to the police. HILDA: "Elsie Tanner's heart is where a feller's wallet is - and the bigger the wallet, the more heart she's got." Ken takes Elaine to a cricket match. The police discover Elsie's in London and Alan travels down but the hospital tells him he'll have to be patient.moreless
  • Mon 6 Aug, 1973
    Mon 6 Aug, 1973
    Episode 63
    Perkins tries to matchmake between Ken and Elaine. Alan erupts on Lucille for lying to him. Alan discovers Maxwell is now in Manchester. Ken has plans to settle down with Elaine.
  • Wed 1 Aug, 1973
    Wed 1 Aug, 1973
    Episode 62
    Lucille gets the truth out of Sheila. Ken discovers Elaine is involved with a Liberal politician. Lucille lies to Alan and tells him Elsie is unwell in Sheffield. In the morning, Alan goes to Sheffield to fetch Elsie.
  • Mon 30 Jul, 1973
    Mon 30 Jul, 1973
    Episode 61
    An unconscious Elsie is rushed to hospital. Emily wants to help Betty behind the bar but Ernie doesn't approve. Ken stimulates Elaine by talking about censorship. Elsie has a frontal fracture of the skull and severe concussion and can't be identified. Sheila covers for Elsie by telling Alan she's in Sheffield.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jul, 1973
    Wed 25 Jul, 1973
    Episode 60
    Lucille plans an anniversary party for the Howards and invites Deirdre. Ernie tries to brew his own beer but it makes him sick. Alan makes Lucille cancel the party. Elsie is upset by visiting Dennis and blames Jenny for everything. Elsie is worried that she has been a bad mother. She leaves her handbag on a park bench. Returning for it she is knocked down by a taxi.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jul, 1973
    Mon 23 Jul, 1973
    Episode 59
    When she hears Elsie is away, Annie asks Lucille to move back to the Rovers. Lucille refuses so Norma volunteers to stay at No.11 with them both. Elsie arrives at Ernie Sutton's, he tells her Dennis has been in prison for a week. Perkins entertains the staff of Bessie St at his home and Ken takes a fancy to his daughter Elaine. Jenny refuses to see Elsie now that she's left Dennis. Elsie goes to Pentonville.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jul, 1973
    Wed 18 Jul, 1973
    Episode 58
    Alf tells the police everything, but Leach has already been arrested - his finger prints were on the bag. Elsie tells Alan that Sheila Crossley wants her to visit her in Sheffield. Leach refuses to plead guilty to either mugging or blackmail. Alf contemplates resigning but Annie and Bet talk him out of it. Alan sees Elsie off, but she catches the train to London.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jul, 1973
    Mon 16 Jul, 1973
    Episode 57
    Alf confides in Maggie but she is upset he didn't tell her about Bet in the first place. Bet's handbag is recovered with everything still in it. The vicar gives Ernie a budgie to get rid of. Alan gets the budgie for Elsie but she doesn't want it so Mavis has it. Elsie receives a phone call which upsets her and she refuses to tell Alan about it. Rita feels that she's not happy in her relationship - she wants something more permanent. Alf goes to the police station.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jul, 1973
    Wed 11 Jul, 1973
    Episode 56
    Ena tells Annie the regulars have a right to know she's leaving. Bet assures Alf she didn't tell the police about the blackmailing. Ena starts a petition to make Annie stay. Ena, Len, Lucille, Minnie the Bishops, Hilda and Albert descend on Annie. The petition has 47 names on it. She is very touched and agrees to stay on. Glyn is made landlord of a new hotel in Runcorn New Town. The police tell Bet that Leach's mother has provided an alibi for him but she is sure it was him.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jul, 1973
    Mon 9 Jul, 1973
    Episode 55
    Bet moves into the Rovers to recover, she was mugged of her £75. The press interviews the Ogdens. Annie returns and is not bothered by the changes in the Rovers. Norma overhears Annie telling the Brewery she's leaving, Patrick Ridley persuades her to take a few more days to think it over. Annie tells Lucille she is leaving, Lucille asks Ena for help. Bet suspects Leach of attacking her and the police tell her they'll need to know the whole story.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jul, 1973
    Wed 4 Jul, 1973
    Episode 54
    Ray demands Stan's 50p stake money before giving him £5 compensation. The residents feel Ray is a rat. Glyn charges 12p to go into Renee's concert in the select where drinks are up 1p. Jerry comes to a sort of understanding with Mavis. Elsie feels guilty about Stan and gives him £5, only later finding out that Ray did the same. On the way back from Jackson's chip shop, the Ogdens find Bet bleeding and unconscious in the back entry.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jul, 1973
    Mon 2 Jul, 1973
    Episode 53
    Elsie tries to stir Alan into action over the money but he's not bothered. Ray discovers he has won £300. Organist Renee Delafonte is taken on to play in the select. Ray agrees to pay Alan and Bet £75 each but nothing for Stan. Stan confesses he didn't give Ray the money. STAN: "Bad luck's a mate of mine." Bet is followed home.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jun, 1973
    Wed 27 Jun, 1973
    Episode 52
    Stan says he gave Ray Alan and Bet's money but Ray denies it. Glyn hires a pop group to play in the select. Len leans on Glyn to quieten things down. Stan tells Hilda he spent Alan and Bet's money. She's ashamed of him.
  • Mon 25 Jun, 1973
    Mon 25 Jun, 1973
    Episode 51
    Elsie 'trims' Alan's moustache and ruins it. Ray and Hilda celebrate a win on the pools - 23 points. Glyn installs a one-armed bandit in the public. Albert spends all his housekeeping on it. Mavis has tea with Jerry at No.9. Ray tells Maggie he has won the pools on his money; he's the only winner.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jun, 1973
    Wed 20 Jun, 1973
    Episode 50
    Hilda starts to design and make her own ballroom dress. Rita and Mavis agree to do the papers three mornings a week each with Len doing Sundays. Jerry gets annoyed when Len and Ray kid him about Mavis. Glyn tells the brewery he has ideas for the Rovers. Ray thinks he's won the pools.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jun, 1973
    Mon 18 Jun, 1973
    Episode 49
    The Kabin starts delivering newspapers. Glyn disapproves of the staff gossiping with customers. Stan is entrusted with Bet and Alan's pools money. Betty worries that Glyn wants the Rovers as his pub.
  • Wed 13 Jun, 1973
    Wed 13 Jun, 1973
    Episode 48
    Mavis starts work at the Kabin. Glyn has plans for enlarging the public into the select. Albert gets Norma to find out more of Glyn's plans by using her charms. Len and Rita discover Pig Producer's Monthly is a cover for porn. Muriel shows off her champions to the Centre dancers. Hilda sees a lot of money in Stan's tea cup and danger from a dark man.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jun, 1973
    Mon 11 Jun, 1973
    Episode 47
    Stan gives Hilda permission to go to the dance classes. The shop is named 'THE KABIN' and opened. Glyn wants Bet or Betty to be his cook whilst he's at the Rovers. Betty agrees to be Ernie's dance partner with Emily away. Mavis goes for the interview at the Kabin, but she catches hiccups, her bottle goes and she runs out. Muriel Chapman starts the dancing lessons. Hilda, Ted and Ernie are the only ones interested. Glyn refuses to look on Betty as senior barmaid. Rita tells Jerry the job's Mavis' if she wants it. Rita is puzzled by men asking for the Pig Producers Monthly.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jun, 1973
    Wed 6 Jun, 1973
    Episode 46
    Rita tells Elsie the main reason she packed the shop in was Len will have a key to the flat. Ernie starts ballroom dancing at the Centre. Ted asks Hilda to accompany him to it. Jerry offers Mavis the job at the shop but she doesn't like the idea of all the responsibility. Len backs down and gives Rita his duplicate key to the flat and promises her an assistant. Rita wants the shop to be called 'RITA'S', Len wants it called 'THE KABIN'. Ted wants Hilda to be his dance partner, she agrees. Annie leaves the Rovers, being driven off in the Mayoral Rolls.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jun, 1973
    Mon 4 Jun, 1973
    Episode 45
    Annie tells the staff she's going away for a while. Jerry makes a date with Mavis Riley for the evening. Relief manager, Glyn Thomas, turns up. Rita is worried that the shop won't be profitable. Mavis tells Jerry she's tired of the Warehouse. When Len refuses to give Rita an assistant, she tells him he can keep the job.moreless
  • Wed 30 May, 1973
    Wed 30 May, 1973
    Episode 44
    Annie prepares herself to meet Princess Alexandra. Ken reassures Ena he has no intentions on Faye. Faye tells Ena there's nothing going on - she should ask Tom. Tom reassures Ena that Faye just likes experiencing people. Bet can't cope with the cellar. Alf advises Annie to go to see Joan for a while. Ray starts a summer pools syndicate, with Bet, Alan and Stan, for 25p each, four numbers each, sticking to the same 16 all season. Minnie gives the Schofields a china cat, Ena gives them a Lowry print and they return to America. Annie tells the Brewery she wants a break and is not sure if she's coming back- she's got nothing left to stay for.moreless
  • Mon 28 May, 1973
    Mon 28 May, 1973
    Episode 43
    Billy's note explains he has gone to London. As the residents prepare for a Festival Day party at the Community Centre, Ken takes Faye to Platt Fields. Annie blames the Howards for Billy's disappearance. Elsie tells Annie Billy is a failure. Annie opens the fete. Ena realises Faye is after Ken, Minnie advises her to let well alone.moreless
  • Wed 23 May, 1973
    Wed 23 May, 1973
    Episode 42
    Minnie buys a teatowel off the Duke of Bedford. Billy asks Alan for a job but Elsie doesn't approve. Len tells Ray the shop is his, he has bought it for £3,000 and he's got Rita running it. Deirdre can be her assistant. Ena finds an old friend working in Woburn - Dora Wainwright - who introduces them all to the Duke. Billy packs his bags and leaves quietly. A note is left for Annie by him.moreless
  • Mon 21 May, 1973
    Mon 21 May, 1973
    Episode 41
    Deirdre Hunt turns up and tells Ray she's looking for work. Ena, Annie, Ken, Minnie, Stan, Hilda, Tom, Faye and Norma go to Woburn. Ray wants Len to buy the shop - cafe/newsagent/lending library with him. Biddulph tells Ray he's already done a deal - with Len. Ray offers Deirdre the job of looking after the shop. Norma plays gooseberry as Faye tries to take control of Ken. Len offers the shop job to Rita, with a flat thrown in.moreless
  • Wed 16 May, 1973
    Wed 16 May, 1973
    Episode 40
    Annie discovers Billy has been gambling with the pub's takings, they're down £200 and she fears the Brewery will find out. Alf tells her to get rid of Billy as manager. Norma realises Faye fancies Ken. Annie takes Billy's cheque book off him and makes Betty manager. Faye takes Ken's class and gives a lesson on America. Tom tells Ena they have an 'open' marriage. Ray tells Norma that Walter Biddulph is selling his newsagents/cafe shop and he's interested. Billy swears to Annie he'll make good.moreless
  • Mon 14 May, 1973
    Mon 14 May, 1973
    Episode 39
    Billy wins £100 on the dogs. The caterers agree to reinstate the supplies, in return for the money. Tom and Faye arrive from the US. They tell Ena her brother has died in his sleep and give her an old brooch belonging to her mother. Minnie arranges for Alf and Annie to give them a special welcome and Ken plans a trip to Woburn Abbey. The bank manager tells Annie that Billy's cheque has bounced.moreless
  • Wed 9 May, 1973
    Wed 9 May, 1973
    Episode 38
    The caterers threaten Billy with the Brewery but Garbutts deliver alright. Lucille agrees to be Concepta's bridesmaid at her wedding. Annie feels to busy to attend. Billy avoids Annie as the regulars celebrate the installation with a party in the Rovers. Hilda tells Annie she saw Billy in the betting shop and Annie demands to know what has been going on.moreless
  • Mon 7 May, 1973
    Mon 7 May, 1973
    Episode 37
    The caterers grudgingly agree to put on food for Annie's official party at the Rovers. Billy cries off from the instalment, as does Len, with flu. Ken, Lucille, Betty and Ena are invited as a representation of the community. Ernie takes the photographs. Maggie gives Alf her blessing. Ena tells Albert that Tom and his wife are coming over for the Manchester Festival. The caterers refuse to deliver the food until their bill is paid. Alf and Annie are installed. Billy gets Garbutts to do the food and puts all his hopes on a 3.30 race.moreless
  • Wed 2 May, 1973
    Wed 2 May, 1973
    Episode 36
    Hilda accuses Maggie of reporting her but Lucille tells her it was Elsie. Alf enters Weatherfield in the Manchester Festival. Ken discovers Albert and Jerry got a lift back. Hilda nearly goes for Elsie in the Rovers but Stan stops her. Ken persuades Bet to embarrass Albert in the Rovers, but Albert reveals Herbert has died of a heart attack. The caterers get onto Billy when he owes them £200.moreless
  • Mon 30 Apr, 1973
    Mon 30 Apr, 1973
    Episode 35
    Jerry and Lucille help Stan clean up No.13. STAN: "The world's always picking on me." Hilda turns up to find the fumigation in process. Nellie tries to get an invite to the Mayoral ceremony from Annie. Billy starts getting into debt through gambling. Hilda swears vengeance on whoever reported Stan.
  • Wed 25 Apr, 1973
    Wed 25 Apr, 1973
    Episode 34
    Emily has to photograph the strippers. With Stan in the Rovers, Elsie keeps watch as Norma investigates No.13. She finds it a tip. They decide to call in the Health Inspectors. Len advises them against it but Elsie is adamant. Rita is full of admiration for Emily, who forms friendships with the strippers, Ernie can't believe it. The Health Inspector calls at No.13. He finds mice and cockroaches and assures Stan he's done nothing wrong - they'll fumigate No.13.moreless
  • Mon 23 Apr, 1973
    Mon 23 Apr, 1973
    Episode 33
    Maggie and Norma try in vain to get rid of the mice. Jerry and Albert go walking on the Pennine Way. Rita gets Ernie a job, photographing Terry Slade's strippers but he's not interested. Elsie finds a mouse at No.11 and discovers, with Hilda away, Stan's let the back yard become full of rubbish. To prove herself to Ernie, Emily takes on the strippers assignment. Elsie discovers the bin men aren't calling at No.13 but Stan refuses to let her inspect his kitchen. Albert tires Jerry out.moreless
  • Wed 18 Apr, 1973
    Wed 18 Apr, 1973
    Episode 32
    Annie tries to patch over her embarrassment but Ethel is too down to earth to mind and tells Annie she used to be a char. When Herbert talks of walking the Pennine Way - all 270 miles of it - Albert tells him he'll do it as well. Annie is alarmed when Ethel tells her that she and Minnie are old friends and that she's glad Annie is working class. Alf tells Annie he'll be proud of her if she turns out like Ethel. Elsie puts Maggie right about Mike but Maggie still refuses to have anything to do with Alf - she doesn't like people interferring in her life. ALBERT: "You never stop having to prove yourself. Not if you're a man. Not until you're dead." Norma finds a mouse in the store room of the corner shop.moreless
  • Mon 16 Apr, 1973
    Mon 16 Apr, 1973
    Episode 31
    Bet and Betty are forced to decorate. With Hilda away at Archie's, Annie advertises for a temporary cleaner. Albert is annoyed by Herbert James' boasting of his fitness. Maggie refuses to have anything to do with Alf, upsetting him. Len advises him to tell her about the Wichita widow. Retiring Mayoress Ethel Bostock arrives at the Rovers but Annie mistakes her for the new cleaner.moreless
  • Wed 11 Apr, 1973
    Wed 11 Apr, 1973
    Episode 30
    Rita makes Emily realise she has no reason to feel jealous of her. Mike tells Len his widow wants him back. Annie gets tired of Sybil and tells her she thinks she doesn't need anymore lessons. Mike tells Maggie he's returning to the States, she hopes he will take her with him but he's going alone. Maggie blames Alf for influencing him. Annie is told to expect a visit from the retiring Mayoress and is horrified to discover the living room is in the middle of redecoration.moreless
  • Mon 9 Apr, 1973
    Mon 9 Apr, 1973
    Episode 29
    Rita starts as a rep for Ernie, to Emily's disgust. Alf taunts Mike and appears a bigot. Sybil Cudlipp gives Annie lessons in speech. Rita gets six orders and eight possibles. Emily is still not convinced. Mike confides in Len he's in love with a widow in the States but is waiting for her to say 'yes'. A letter arrives for Mike from Wichita.moreless
  • Wed 4 Apr, 1973
    Wed 4 Apr, 1973
    Episode 28
    Len, Ray and Jerry start to decorate the Rovers. Elsie and Alan aren't talking. Maggie starts giving Mike the cold shoulder. Ena tells Mike Alf is interested in Maggie. When Jerry tells Elsie the truth she allows Alan to tell her his side. Annie calls in an elocution teacher. Ernie takes Rita on as a roving photographer. Mike tells Maggie he might be returning to the States. Ernie tells Emily of his roving idea. She thinks it's a great job for her.moreless
  • Mon 2 Apr, 1973
    Mon 2 Apr, 1973
    Episode 27
    Elsie returns to find Deirdre at No.11, she refuses to believe Alan's explanation. The Bishops worry as business is very bad. Alf is alarmed to find 'lover boy' has landed.
  • Wed 28 Mar, 1973
    Wed 28 Mar, 1973
    Episode 26
    When Ray and Len gatecrash the party at No.11, Deirdre gets Caroll Wyett to join them. As the party warms up, Rita and Mike arrive and Bet skives off the Rovers. Len and Rita declare their love for each other. Norma lets Jerry read Ken's poem. Everyone leaves at 2am with Mike sleeping on the parlour floor. Unknown to Alan, Deirdre crashes out on Lucille's bed.moreless
  • Mon 26 Mar, 1973
    Mon 26 Mar, 1973
    Episode 25
    With Elsie away at Linda's, Annie worries about Lucille being in No.11 with Alan. CORGI clears the Yard. Annie has Billy's bedroom decorated to get him to stay at No.11. Mike Ritchie arrives at the shop from the States. Billy plans a wild night at No.11 with girlfriend Julie Quinn and asks her to bring a friend for Alan. He persuades Lucille to stay with Lorraine for the night. Annie takes Mike in for the night, horrifying Lucille who says Maggie has a date with Alf so leaves Mike with Norma. Billy entertains Julie, Alan is delighted to meet her friend - Deirdre Hunt.moreless
  • Wed 21 Mar, 1973
    Wed 21 Mar, 1973
    Episode 24
    Norma rows with Beattie over her weekly £5 from Jerry. Ken tells Rita she faces a six month imprisonment if she hides Terry. Norma asks Albert to stop Beattie. Elsie receives the photo and shows it to Len, he shows her he has the same tattoo and explains it's the number of the Chief Petty Officer's daughter, Lil. Rita calls in Len but he can't help her. They call in the authorities and Terry is taken away. Albert tells Jerry to keep his money; they'll be no compensation. Beattie is disgusted and leaves. Len hears CORGI are sending an inspector round. Rita gives up the Capricorn. Maggie gets a telegram - 'lover boy' is arriving tomorrow, she is baffled.moreless
  • Mon 19 Mar, 1973
    Mon 19 Mar, 1973
    Episode 23
    Terry tells Rita they're going to put him in a home. Beattie gets £5 out of Jerry but he refuses to sign anymore away. Terry confesses he's already been taken into care. Len fears they may get struck off the CORGI list. Albert comes home. Elsie rings the number in Portsmouth and discovers a Mrs Adams lived there. Albert tells Jerry not to bother himself over the gassing and gives Minnie a brooch for raising the alarm. Rita wants to foster Terry but Ken tells her the authorities will need to be brought in. Lucille persuades Portsmouth to send an old photo of Mrs Adams to Elsie. Rita lies to the social services and hides Terry.moreless
  • Wed 14 Mar, 1973
    Wed 14 Mar, 1973
    Episode 22
    Elsie tries to see a tattoo Alan has on his chest as it carries a phone number. Beattie wants compensation for Albert. Ray and Len stick by Jerry. Hilda tries to write a best seller. Albert is out of danger. Hilda gives her play about a gas leak to Ken to read. Elsie and Lucille manoeuver Alan so they can read the tattoo. Elsie rings the number but chickens out. Len goes to the club to try to get Rita to leave but she doesn't want to know. At home, Rita discovers Terry Bates on the doorstep waiting for her.moreless
  • Mon 12 Mar, 1973
    Mon 12 Mar, 1973
    Episode 21
    Jerry discovers Len knew Albert had a meter with gas still in the house but didn't tell him. Alf is sent to the Capricorn on a Watch Committee. Beattie arrives to find Albert on the danger list. Jerry breaks down convinced that he killed Albert. Alf and Ray discover the Capricorn has slumped, now owned by Dougie Bowker with Rita waiting on. They find Dougie using the club as a cover for porn movies. Rita feels trapped by it all. Beattie forces Ken to tell her about the gas installation.moreless
  • Wed 7 Mar, 1973
    Wed 7 Mar, 1973
    Episode 20
    A reporter investigates Albert's plight. Billy pushes Bet and Betty too hard at the Rovers. Jerry blames himself for the gassing. The Bishops decide to start creative writing and formation dancing at the Centre. News reaches Ken that Beattie is arriving. Ken reveals the leak was from the cooker pipe; it wasn't sealed properly.moreless
  • Mon 5 Mar, 1973
    Mon 5 Mar, 1973
    Episode 19
    Albert is rushed to hospital and the Street folk are evacuated to the Centre. Minnie is upset when Bobby can't be found. Elsie has to sit around in her freshly washed hair and Hilda worries about Stan's whereabouts. Albert is put into an oxygen tank, Ken keeps vigil. HILDA: "It makes you wonder about them Barlows. You get that with certain families. It's as if there's summat out there. Huntin' 'em down. One after another." As the police give the all clear it becomes apparent that Jerry might be to blame as he installed the new cooker.moreless
  • Wed 28 Feb, 1973
    Wed 28 Feb, 1973
    Episode 18
    Hilda finds the bedroom door locked and thinks Stan is in there with Edna. MINNIE (about Edna): "She's a bright spark if ever there were one. I bet she's got one or two fur coats." Stan is cleared but Hilda throws Edna out. The residents speculate on who it was with Edna. Ernie is favourite as he suffered a black out and can't remember his actions. Billy admits it was him with Edna. Albert is gassed at No.1.moreless
  • Mon 26 Feb, 1973
    Mon 26 Feb, 1973
    Episode 17
    Hilda substitutes lemon jelly for aspic over eggs, and dons false eyelashes to meet her guests: Ted, Minnie, Jerry, Edna, Norma, Bet, Len, Lucille, Emily, Ernie, Ray, Ken and Billy. Hilda is chatted up by Ted, to her delight. They tango. As the party goers couple off, someone enters the Ogden's bedroom.moreless
  • Wed 21 Feb, 1973
    Wed 21 Feb, 1973
    Episode 16
    Leach forces Alf to write a cheque for £200. Ernie takes photographs of the Ogdens ala the Queen and Prince Philip. Ken buys a new cooker for No.1, Albert is not impressed. Bet threatens Leach with the police, guessing he's got form. He gives her the cheque back. Lucille entertains Keith Burgess in the Howard's absence. The residents get ready for the coming of VAT.moreless
  • Mon 19 Feb, 1973
    Mon 19 Feb, 1973
    Episode 15
    When Alf refuses to pay up, Leach threatens him. The Ogdens study Annie's etiquette book. Annie takes to her bed with the news about Lucille. Alf stands firm and Leach tells him he's going to the papers.
  • Wed 14 Feb, 1973
    Wed 14 Feb, 1973
    Episode 14
    Alan threatens Scully with the police. Scully gives the case back and Alan tells Lucille she can stay at No.11. Hilda tells Stan she wants a 'commemorial album'. Norman Leach writes to Alf demanding £200 compensation. Stan decides to throw a party for Hilda so the Bishops can take official photographs. Billy worries what Annie will say when she discovers Lucille is living with Elsie.moreless
  • Mon 12 Feb, 1973
    Mon 12 Feb, 1973
    Episode 13
    Alan refuses to have Lucille at No.11. Hilda's birthday - when Stan is adamant she's fifty she produces her birth certificate to prove she's forty-nine. Scully turns on Lucille, holding her case as security for £4 damage she didn't do. Alan agrees to let Lucille stay the night. Giving Bet lift home, Alf reverses into a private drive where the owner Mrs Leach walks into his bumper.moreless
  • Wed 7 Feb, 1973
    Wed 7 Feb, 1973
    Episode 12
    Alf asks Annie to be his Mayoress and she accepts. Rita, Len and Johnny drink together with the two men getting at each other. When Len challenges Johnny to a fight he accepts. During it they realise how stupid they are. Billy wants Lucille to return to the Rovers. Ena gives Jerry a treasured old print of Manchester. Elsie tells Lucille to leave the bedsit and move into No.11.moreless
  • Mon 5 Feb, 1973
    Mon 5 Feb, 1973
    Episode 11
    Billy and Annie visit Lucille and are alarmed at the flat. Maggie is frightened to say yes to Alf as she's worried about his feelings for her. Rita allows Len to buy her a drink. Maggie turns Alf down. Rita introduces Len to her 'manager' Johnny Mann. Billy takes Lorraine out.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jan, 1973
    Wed 31 Jan, 1973
    Episode 10
    Emily tells Ena that Minnie has found the letter. Ken starts to decorate No.1, as does Lucille her bedsit. Ena explains the letter and makes Minnie realise there was nothing in her friendship with Armistead. Billy, Ken, Alan, Jerry and Len play poker at the Rovers. Ken wins but instead of taking their money they agree to decorate for him. Lucille feels lonely and depressed in her flat.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jan, 1973
    Mon 29 Jan, 1973
    Episode 9
    Ken feels No.1 is depressive and wants it decorated. Annie is distraught over Lucille moving out. Minnie tells Emily she's upset over something Ena did in her past. Lucille walks the streets looking for a bedsit, before being taken in by George Scully for £6.50 a week in Mossley Range. For Elsie's sake, Alan dissolves his partnership with Jimmy. When Jerry puts in a steep estimate, Ken decides he'll do the decorating himself. Minnie lets Emily read the letter - a love letter from Armistead Caldwell to Ena.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jan, 1973
    Wed 24 Jan, 1973
    Episode 8
    Jacko is offered a job by a man in Oakhill. Minnie ignores Ena. BET: (about Ena) "All the millions of sweet old ladies there are in the world. And we're saddled with Wallace Beery." Len tells Ray he's going to have to go to Huddersfield. Jacko takes the Oakhill job, as resident handyman. Lucille has enough of being treated like a kid by Annie and leaves home to find somewhere else to live.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jan, 1973
    Mon 22 Jan, 1973
    Episode 7
    Maggie is worried about the shop, if she's Mayoress. Annie decides she is the ideal choice to be Mayoress. Clive Shawcross investigates Jacko's case for the Gazette. Len decides to take a job in Huddersfield. Lucille tells Maggie Alf has asked Annie to be his Mayoress. Preparing for Ena's return, Minnie finds an old 1919 letter in the flat which upsets her. Maggie advises Alf to have Annie as Mayoress. Norma asks Len to take Jacko on. Christine is put on probation. Rita agrees to go to the pictures with Ray, annoying Len.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jan, 1973
    Wed 17 Jan, 1973
    Episode 6
    Elsie tries to get Rita to see Len but she still feels that Len thinks she's not good enough even though she needs him and knows he needs her. The Howard's finally come to blows over Alan's drinking. ELSIE: "You think you've found one to lean on an' next thing you know 'e's doin' all the leanin' an' you're the one that's strugglin' to survive." Elsie tells Maggie she thinks Alan is an alcoholic. Len reveals he didn't get Mayor because of working in Scarborough. Alan asks Elsie to give him a second chance.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jan, 1973
    Mon 15 Jan, 1973
    Episode 5
    Annie plans a party for the new Mayor-to-be. Alan turns to drink more and nearly burns the house down whilst drunk. Alf tells Maggie he's been chosen as the next Mayor, he asks her to be his Mayoress. She is scared but agrees to think it over. Elsie worries as Alan begins to rely on drink. BET (about Alf): "He must have looked pompous in his cradle." At the party, Len toasts Alf. Alf announces he has chosen Len as his Deputy Mayor. Rita avoids Len. He gives her an invitation via Jerry for a private drink.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jan, 1973
    Wed 10 Jan, 1973
    Episode 4
    Lucille discovers Emily has seen Christine. Ken is horrified to learn Jacko is pleading guilty. Lucille thinks Christine needs treatment but Ernie wants the police brought in. Jacko's solicitor, Hillbray, tells him his case could be postponed. Patterson tells Ken they've taken Freddie in but can't prove anything. In Ena's absence, Minnie takes charge over Albert. Ernie tells Det Insp Patterson about Christine.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jan, 1973
    Mon 8 Jan, 1973
    Episode 3
    Lucille discovers Emily has seen Christine. Ken is horrified to learn Jacko is pleading guilty. Lucille thinks Christine needs treatment but Ernie wants the police brought in. Jacko's solicitor, Hillbray, tells him his case could be postponed. Patterson tells Ken they've taken Freddie in but can't prove anything. In Ena's absence, Minnie takes charge over Albert. Ernie tells Det Insp Patterson about Christine.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jan, 1973
    Wed 3 Jan, 1973
    Episode 2
    Norma goes for her visit to Risley. Hilda goes to see No.19 to Stan's horror. The Bishops call on Jean and see Christine, they discover Christine stole Jason and Jean left him on the croft. Hilda tells Stan Mrs Regan is cohabitating with Tommy McAllistair, Stan is upset. Ernie wants to go to the police but Emily sides with Jean and tells him of Irma's baby. Norma reveals Jacko is pleading guilty.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jan, 1973
    Mon 1 Jan, 1973
    Episode 1
    New Years Day. Betty grows suspicious of Christine drinking alone in the Rovers. Mrs Regan tells Stan she doesn't want him coming round anymore. The residents kid Stan that the Social Security people are after him. Emily visits Christine's sister, Jean Cooper, who denies knowledge of Christine, whilst hiding her. Stan confesses to Hilda about Mrs Regan, Hilda believes him and makes him promise not to see her again. Stan tells Emily that Christine is bonkers.moreless