Coronation Street - Season 15

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  • Mon 30 Dec, 1974
    Mon 30 Dec, 1974
    Episode 103
    Eddie offers himself as a slave to Ena and Minnie for the day. They are surprised that he is a good cook. The Bishops make the most of the children and are surprised when their father, Winston, arrives early. Jerry gives his lunch tickets to Ray and Len and shuts himself away in No.9 as Carlos entertains Mavis. Eddie is shocked when Bet agrees to spend the evening with him. Mr. Foyle takes the children home. Everyone eats so much at Blanche's they have no appetite for Annie's spread. Eddie takes advantage of the blackout to sell the candles at a vast profit. Bet has so much time in the blackout that she doesn't want to leave with Eddie.moreless
  • Mon 23 Dec, 1974
    Mon 23 Dec, 1974
    Episode 102
    Scouser Eddie Yeats turns up and tells Minnie that Jed Stone - her expected visitor - can't make it. Eddie's on parole from Walton Jail where he met Jed and has nowhere to go. She tells him he can stay. He falls for Bet. Jerry gets two tickets for Christmas lunch at the Claremont Hotel. Nobby Harris tries interest Eddie in a supermarket raid during a planned blackout. Eddie doesn't want to know; he wants to find a woman and settle down. Blanche agrees to Annie's idea. Hilda is upset when Stan sells her Christmas tree to Eddie. Eddie buys the shop's supply of candles.moreless
  • Wed 18 Dec, 1974
    Wed 18 Dec, 1974
    Episode 101
    Maggie arrives for Christmas. Betty tells her that the Hopkins know their secret. She thinks Gordon should be told but Betty doesn't. Vera and Idris out-bid Granny and tell Maggie they'll pay the £400 for the stock. Mavis is upset that Jerry is so decent about Carlos. The residents expect Minnie's visitor to be Ena. Annie agrees to dinner at the Hunts if they'll have tea in the pub. Ena does arrives on Minnie's doorstep but she's expecting someone else.moreless
  • Mon 16 Dec, 1974
    Mon 16 Dec, 1974
    Episode 100
    Blanche invites Billy for Christmas Dinner. Minnie prepares for a mystery visitor for Christmas. Deirdre tells Jerry about Carlos. Annie is upset about Billy's Christmas plans. He's annoyed that she's still against the Hunts. Jerry rows with Ray and calls him a louse. Gordon arrives for Christmas. Rita advises Mavis not to tell Jerry about the mix up. She tells Jerry it's nothing to do with him. Granny asks Gordon to come down on the price of the stock. He demands to do business with Vera as she's signing all the cheques. Granny gets annoyed and the Hopkins have to stop her from telling him about Betty. Blanche invites Annie to dinner but she refuses charity and says she'll eat alone.moreless
  • Wed 11 Dec, 1974
    Wed 11 Dec, 1974
    Episode 99
    Andy tries to chat Deirdre up, telling her Billy is too old. Vera is forced to tell Idris about Betty and Gordon. Rita tells Carlos that Mavis will see him tonight but Mavis has plans to see Jerry. Andy asks Deirdre if he can photograph her. Jerry is upset when Mavis drops him for Carlos. Emily can't cope with the children. She feels she's not up to it and is too old to look after them. Mavis agrees to let Carlos cook her Christmas Dinner. Betty hears Gordon and Maggie are arriving for Christmas.moreless
  • Mon 9 Dec, 1974
    Mon 9 Dec, 1974
    Episode 98
    Carlos tells Mavis about the trick. She feels a fool and is angry. He asks her for a meal and she accepts. Granny assures Betty no one else will get to know her secret. Rita and Mavis pretend she met Pedro to fool Ray and Bet. Betty tells Vera that Gordon doesn't know about his parenthood. She's worried that Granny will tell him. Vera advises her to keep on her good side. Gordon annoys Granny by chasing up the stock money.moreless
  • Mon 4 Dec, 1974
    Mon 4 Dec, 1974
    Episode 97
    Granny determines to find out who Elizabeth Preston is. Hilda gives Betty £2.50 for the sideboard but she wants to see how much Bet will offer. Minnie tells Granny that Betty's maiden name was Preston. The Ogdens try to move the sideboard in secret. Bet catches them and sits on it. Hilda goes for her. Jerry stops them fighting. Annie tells Bet to let Hilda have the sideboard or she's fired - to keep the peace. Emily is worried as the children don't want to eat. Carlos tries to get Bet to tell Jerry the phone call was a joke but she can't bring herself to. Jerry gives Mavis the message. She goes to the rendezvous with Jerry following her. Carlos meets her. Granny and Vera give a shocked Betty the birth certificate and tell her her secret is safe with them.moreless
  • Mon 2 Dec, 1974
    Mon 2 Dec, 1974
    Episode 96
    The Bishops find looking after the children hard work. Ray and Bet decide to have a laugh at Mavis. Betty agrees to sell the sideboard to Hilda for £2 but Bet says she wants it. Ray gets Carlos to ring Jerry and pretend to be Pedro arranging to meet Mavis. In shifting the sideboard, Granny finds Gordon's birth certificate: father unknown, mother Elizabeth Preston.moreless
  • Wed 27 Nov, 1974
    Wed 27 Nov, 1974
    Episode 95
    Marcus and Sir Julius are in agreement and ask Pollard for his resignation - they think more of Ken than him. Billy advises Betty to fight back at Granny and charge them backdated rent for using Maggie's furniture. She demands £3 a week - £72 in all. Granny threatens to throw the furniture onto the Street. Ken is touched when Flo and Ethel buy him some cufflinks. He is shocked to hear Pollard has been sacked. Gordon tells Betty to sell the furniture. Bet agrees to have the settee and sideboard. Lucy and Vernon Foyle arrive at No.3.moreless
  • Mon 25 Nov, 1974
    Mon 25 Nov, 1974
    Episode 94
    The Hopkins considers exchanging Maggie's old furniture for Vera's mother's. Pollard tries to poison Marcus against Ken but Ken doesn't give him the chance. Emily feels the Bishops should put themselves up to be foster parents. Ernie agrees. Ken suggests that the women to be retired could be kept 'on call' to fill in in emergencies. Gordon refuses to think about the furniture until after Christmas, meanwhile Vera has to pay £3 a week for storage. The Bishops are interviewed for fostering. Ken, Marcus and Pollard throw a retirement party for the workers. They all like Ken's idea. Pollard tells Marcus that Ken is seeing Peggy. Granny demands £4 a week storage money off Maggie. The Social Services have an emergency and ask the Bishops to take in two black children straight away.moreless
  • Wed 20 Nov, 1974
    Wed 20 Nov, 1974
    Episode 93
    Ernie thinks Emily will like to give up working but she doesn't know what she wants. Ken and Pollard tell Ivy the retirement issue is nothing to do with them. She tells them she's calling in the union. Ernie offers Andy a part-time job. Andy asks for £15 a week. Peggy tells Ivy there's nothing she can do; the union have been asking for a lower retirement age. Ivy accuses her of sucking up to the bosses. Ernie agrees to take Andy on for £10. Ivy accuses Peggy of siding with her boyfriend - Ken. Peggy worries that she'll lose her job if the union thinks her loyalties are divided. She tells Ken that the only relationship they can have is as good enemies.moreless
  • Mon 18 Nov, 1974
    Mon 18 Nov, 1974
    Episode 92
    Pollard tells Ken that Sir Julius won't like him mixing with unionists. Ivy worries when the firm announces the retirement of all women over sixty, as they've always let them stay till sixty-five . She gets Flo Broadbent and Ethel Fox to put their cases to Ken. Ken realises Pollard is planning to tell Marcus Berlin about Peggy. Ernie considers taking amateur photographer Andy Simpson on.moreless
  • Wed 13 Nov, 1974
    Wed 13 Nov, 1974
    Episode 91
    The Bishops sleep in separate rooms. Peggy confides in her father, George, that she likes Ken. Pollard wants to sack Gail but Ken thinks she'll do well with training. Ray makes the most of Deirdre and Billy's coolness to chat her up. Len makes Deirdre realise that Billy was helping someone who was in a lot of trouble. She realises she's been acting like a child. Gail is thrilled to hear Ken thinks highly of her. Deirdre and Billy are reconciled. The Bishops are polite to each other. Emily refuses to see the Guidance people. Ernie accuses her of not wanting to try. Pollard sees Ken and Peggy drinking together. Emily tells Ernie they're friends but they have nothing else.moreless
  • Mon 11 Nov, 1974
    Mon 11 Nov, 1974
    Episode 90
    Kim Dudley listens to Ernie's woes. Ken is pleased to receive a visit from Peggy. Emily is angry when Ernie refuses to tell her where he went. Peggy takes Ken home. Billy tells Deirdre he had to lend her ring money to someone. She sulks. Ernie tells Emily where he was and tells her he's worried about their future.moreless
  • Wed 6 Nov, 1974
    Wed 6 Nov, 1974
    Episode 89
    Bet is put out by Derek's appearance. He tells her he wants to take her out, but he's too normal for her. Billy gives her £70 to pay Derek back for her plane fare. Emily regrets marrying Ernie. Bet gives Derek the money and tells him she doesn't want to go out with him. Deirdre wants an engagement ring but Billy tells her he has no money. Ernie visits the Marriage Guidance Council.moreless
  • Mon 4 Nov, 1974
    Mon 4 Nov, 1974
    Episode 88
    Annie returns from Derby. The residents refuse to tell her about Billy. Tony, Paul and Fred are sacked. Tony and Paul are charged with theft. Bet returns and pretends she's just flown in. The Bishop's differences grow bigger. Billy tells Annie about his night in the cells. Ernie refuses to visit Sheila. Emily threatens to go on her own. Derek Whitely turns up looking for Bet, whom he met in Majorca.moreless
  • Wed 30 Oct, 1974
    Wed 30 Oct, 1974
    Episode 87
    Betty and Deirdre grow anxious about Billy. The police refuse to believe Billy's innocence. They think he's the receiver, in with Paul. Mavis stays away from the Kabin thinking Rita will have to open it but she doesn't. Deirdre is permitted to visit Billy. She asks Ken to help him. The Spanish police can't find any trace of Bet. Fred hits Tony for getting involved with Paul. The police charge Billy with receiving. Ken makes Fred see that Tony needs a shock to break from the hard mob; if Billy goes to jail he'll never get that shock. Fred agrees to tell the truth. Len realises he needs Rita and gives her her job back, with an extra £3 a week. Billy is released without an apology. The milkman tells the regulars that Bet has been back two days.moreless
  • Mon 28 Oct, 1974
    Mon 28 Oct, 1974
    Episode 86
    Betty contacts the Spanish police for news of Bet. Billy is interviewed by the police. Mavis tells Jerry she doesn't want the job anymore and asks him to tell Len. The police interview Paul. He denies all knowledge of the jackets. Billy tells the police about Fred and how he found the jackets. Jerry accuses Len of getting at Rita through Mavis. The police take in the Boltons, they stand by Paul. Billy is told he'll have to spend the night in the cells.moreless
  • Wed 23 Oct, 1974
    Wed 23 Oct, 1974
    Episode 85
    Mavis doesn't like running the Kabin. Tony and Paul agree to bring the stuff back. Blanche accepts Annie's apology. Billy services Paul's van and finds the jackets in the back. Fred asks him to keep them until the boys can move it back, tonight. Rita refuses to cooperate with Mavis. Paul phones the police and tells them Billy has stored stolen goods in his van. The paper boy walks out on Mavis. The police call at the garage to look in the van.moreless
  • Mon 21 Oct, 1974
    Mon 21 Oct, 1974
    Episode 84
    Fred tells Tony the jackets are missing and he suspects Paul. Blanche refuses to serve after hours but Billy sees to it. The women return. Annie catches the men in the Rovers and blames Blanche. Billy tells her the truth. Paul stops Fred from bringing in the police by telling him Tony is involved. Emily tries to find out what happened to Bet. Fred tells Tony to get the stuff back. Len is annoyed when Rita spends the morning in bed. He makes Mavis the manageress, demoting Rita. Billy tells Annie that she has to apologise to Blanche.moreless
  • Wed 16 Oct, 1974
    Wed 16 Oct, 1974
    Episode 83
    Deirdre worries about her sun tan. Mavis amazes everyone with Pedro. The girls all go to the club where he works. Rita dances a flamenco. Blanche is worried about Billy opening the pub after hours. Paul and Tony nick stuff from the warehouse and store it at Billy's garage. Pedro swears undying love to Mavis. Ernie feels awful about lying to Granny but she isn't bothered. Mavis realises her fling with Pedro was just a holiday romance. The ladies worry as the return plane sets off without Bet. Bet stays behind to be with Martin. He tells her to get lost.moreless
  • Mon 14 Oct, 1974
    Mon 14 Oct, 1974
    Episode 82
    The women laze around in Majorca. Deirdre is pursued by Brian Dodds. Emily is eaten by mosquitoes. Bet picks up a property developer, Martin Barrett. Vera doesn't like it when Tricia flirts with Tony Bolton. Storeman Fred Bolton is pleased that his son, Tony, has started at the Warehouse. There's a hold up in the delivery and he has to store a load of leather and suede jackets in the store. Tony is interested and tells Paul Meggitt. To the girls' surprise, Mavis falls for a Spaniard called Pedro. Granny invites Ernie for a meal. Tony steals Fred's store key and gets a copy cut. Ernie and Stan go to an Italian. Ernie tells Granny he has to work late. Mavis is delighted when Pedro kisses her.moreless
  • Wed 9 Oct, 1974
    Wed 9 Oct, 1974
    Episode 81
    The girls are excited about Majorca. Annie feels she can't go because there would be no one to run the pub but agrees to let Billy find a replacement. Ernie doesn't want Emily to go on the trip. Len is adamant that Mavis has to stay behind if Rita goes. Blanche tells Billy she'll look after the Rovers. Annie covers her anger well. Jerry tells him he'll run the Kabin for Rita and Mavis and will live in. Bet sorts out the sleeping arrangements: Annie and Emily, Rita and Mavis, Bet and Deirdre and Betty is landed with Hilda.moreless
  • Mon 7 Oct, 1974
    Mon 7 Oct, 1974
    Episode 80
    Annie is upset over the engagement and the difference in their ages. She thinks Blanche has got Deirdre to snare him. Billy gets angry with her attitude. Bet is interviewed by the Gazette over winning the competition. She is determined to go to the Bahamas. All the girls want to go on the holiday. Annie suggests a draw but they all decide against it as they don't want to be landed with going with Hilda. Hilda thinks they should ask for money. Jerry and Mavis make up. The travel agents change the holiday to one in Majorca for eight, next week. Bet agrees.moreless
  • Wed 2 Oct, 1974
    Wed 2 Oct, 1974
    Episode 79
    Billy returns to Deirdre's delight. Ernie is annoyed that he and Emily have to clear up whilst Sheila is in bed. Jerry apologises to Mavis. She is short with him. Billy proposes to Deirdre, she accepts. Sheila makes Emily realises that she and Ernie are always falling out. Mavis accuses Jerry of living on memories of a woman he can't have and asks him to leave her alone. Annie fears something is going on between Billy and Deirdre and takes to her bed. Bet is told they've won the competition - a holiday for two in the Bahamas.moreless
  • Mon 30 Sep, 1974
    Mon 30 Sep, 1974
    Episode 78
    Blanche advises Deirdre to fight Ray back. Sheila plans to throw a party to show her appreciation to the Bishops. Deirdre hates working with Ray. Blanche is angry when he makes her cry and hits Ray in the Rovers for harrassing Deirdre. Jerry wants to take Mavis to the party but she isn't sure about going. Bet enters 'Find the Football' in the Gazette and ropes in some of the girls when Len insinuates a woman could never win it. Ray spikes Jerry's pale ale with vodka. Rita flirts with Ken to make Len angry. To Mavis' horror, Jerry gives a speech, saying how much Sheila means to him. Mavis runs out and Jerry is sick. Annie is annoyed to hear Billy has phoned Deirdre and not her.moreless
  • Wed 25 Sep, 1974
    Wed 25 Sep, 1974
    Episode 77
    Jerry neglects Mavis and entertains Sheila. Stan finds the freshly painted tandem in the Yard. He paints it blue again and Ray is forced to give it back. Mavis grows upset about Sheila and Jerry.
  • Mon 23 Sep, 1974
    Mon 23 Sep, 1974
    Episode 76
    Granny wants the shop to be called 'M and I Hopkins' but Vera decides it will be called 'V and M Hopkins'. Sheila Crossley arrives for a short stay with the Bishops but Ernie isn't happy about the set up. The Ogdens return and go on about their biking holiday. Jerry is shocked to see Sheila again. Ray sprays the blue tandem white.moreless
  • Wed 18 Sep, 1974
    Wed 18 Sep, 1974
    Episode 75
    Vera agrees to return to the shop, and put up the deposit of £1,000, but on her terms. Rita is upset when Jimmy goes off with his family. She realises he doesn't really want to lose them and breaks with him. Syd brings the tandem back, leaving it with Ray and telling him the Ogdens went on the train.moreless
  • Mon 16 Sep, 1974
    Mon 16 Sep, 1974
    Episode 74
    Gordon gives the Hopkins forty-eight hours to buy the shop but the bank manager refuses a loan. Len returns. Rita tells him she's still seeing Jimmy. Granny hears Vera's mother has died and gets Idris to get in contact with her because of her inheritance. Rita returns her ring to Len. Jimmy and Rita are caught together by Muriel but Jimmy introduces Rita as a client.moreless
  • Wed 11 Sep, 1974
    Wed 11 Sep, 1974
    Episode 73
    The residents clear up the damage. Albert worries as he can't afford new glasses. Mavis thinks Rita is breaking up the Grahams' marriage but Rita isn't bothered. Minnie draws up a petition and ropes Alf into going to the Hopkins' bank to speak on their behalf. The manager butters Minnie up. Albert makes himself assistant caretaker. Jerry tells Jimmy that Len is returning. Jimmy tells Rita he'll leave Muriel for her.moreless
  • Mon 9 Sep, 1974
    Mon 9 Sep, 1974
    Episode 72
    Ray has a black eye. Alf is determined to get Albert installed in the Centre. The bank manager refuses to lend Granny £1,000. Deirdre resigns from the Yard but Ray says he's fired her. Albert takes over the Centre but refuses to move out of No.1. Jerry asks Deirdre to return, when Ray makes the peace she agrees. Annie bars a bunch of football hooligans. They terrorise Albert, breaking his glasses, smash up Idris' car and Len and Ernie's windows and the select.moreless
  • Wed 4 Sep, 1974
    Wed 4 Sep, 1974
    Episode 71
    Alf asks Ken to persuade Albert to take on all of the Centre. Annie is annoyed at Billy's holiday plans. Tricia tells Ray that Deirdre is going on holiday with Billy. Hilda plans the holiday - cycling to the station and then train to Morecombe. Ray refuses to let Deirdre take her holiday. The Ogdens leave the bike with porter Syd Greaves, finding it too hard. Billy fights Ray in the Street over Deirdre.moreless
  • Mon 2 Sep, 1974
    Mon 2 Sep, 1974
    Episode 70
    Ray picks at Deirdre's work at the Yard. The Hopkins discover the self-service shop in Bessie Street is closing. Jerry tries to dissuade the Ogdens riding the tandem but Hilda is adamant. Granny decides to buy the shop now the compensation is gone. Deirdre agrees to go on holiday with Billy. Idris grows tired of his night shift work. Granny's unit trusts go down in value and she can't afford the shop.moreless
  • Wed 28 Aug, 1974
    Wed 28 Aug, 1974
    Episode 69
    Billy sells Stan a tandem for £8.50. Ken and Peggy strike a bargain - the girls get their union and Ken gets Peggy's resignation. Sir Julius is pleased. Ray starts jeering at Deirdre over Billy. Hilda decides they won't give the residents the pleasure of seeing them fail on the tandem, she puts them both on a keep fit campaign. Billy asks Deirdre to come on holiday with him.moreless
  • Mon 26 Aug, 1974
    Mon 26 Aug, 1974
    Episode 68
    The debate turns into a battle between Ken and Peggy. Deirdre is short with Ray when he tries to cuddle her. The girls vote to strike until they get union representation. When Hilda wants a holiday, Stan organises a biking tour. Ken learns that Peggy is up for a union job. Ray catches Deirdre with Billy.moreless
  • Wed 21 Aug, 1974
    Wed 21 Aug, 1974
    Episode 67
    Edward Pollard tells Ken that Sir Julius doesn't like unionisation. He asks shop steward Peggy Barton not to push the unionisation. Mavis has a new hair do and is caked in makeup but it does nothing for her ego. Peggy tries to make the girls see that Ken is not on their side but Sir Julius'. Peggy agrees to Ken seeing a delegation of the girls before they strike. Billy takes Deirdre to a disco.moreless
  • Mon 19 Aug, 1974
    Mon 19 Aug, 1974
    Episode 66
    The warehouse workers want a union. Ken is in favour but the management is opposed. Billy gets Deirdre to help out at the Rovers. Rita and Jimmy return, shocking everyone. The workers refuse to be pushed around by the management and threaten a strike. Sir Julius tells Ken it's up to him to sort everything out. Mavis withdraws £20 to go to the beauty parlour. Billy runs Deirdre home to Victoria Street and meets her mother, Blanche. He kisses Deirdre.moreless
  • Wed 14 Aug, 1974
    Wed 14 Aug, 1974
    Episode 65
    Alf and Jerry advise Len to forget about Rita and Jimmy. Deirdre tells Tricia that Idris warned Ray off. She threatens to run off to her mum's but Idris makes her realise it was for the best. Len confronts Rita, she refuses to go on holiday with him telling him to go on his own until he's blown off steam. She takes her ring off and goes away with Jimmy for the weekend.moreless
  • Mon 12 Aug, 1974
    Mon 12 Aug, 1974
    Episode 64
    Len and Rita make up and plan a holiday, Jimmy is pleased for her. Idris tackles Ray about Tricia. Ray tells him their relationship is all in Tricia's mind. He helps Idris by going after Deirdre in front of Tricia. Alf tells Len that Jimmy spent the night with Rita.
  • Wed 7 Aug, 1974
    Wed 7 Aug, 1974
    Episode 63
    The Ogdens pack and agree to sell No.13 to Jimmy for £2,500. He gives them a cheque for 10%. Gail takes a polaroid of Tricia and Ray in an embarrassing pose. The Town Hall turns the Ogdens down because of their record with the Health Inspector. Annie has to do the cleaning herself. Rita is annoyed when Len becomes heavy over her seeing Jimmy. She gives her engagement ring back to Len. The Bishops tell the Ogdens they haven't got the jobs. Granny finds the polaroid. Rita lets Jimmy stay the night.moreless
  • Mon 5 Aug, 1974
    Mon 5 Aug, 1974
    Episode 62
    Hilda gives in her notice at the Rovers and agrees to move into the Centre. Wormold's assistant Jimmy Graham makes enquiries around the Street of properties for sale. Tricia dresses up to break down Ray's defences. Rita stands Len up at the Rovers and agrees to go to a restaurant with Jimmy.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jul, 1974
    Wed 31 Jul, 1974
    Episode 61
    The committee want the Ogdens as caretakers. Len and Ken are shocked when Billy introduces Gaynor Burton, Maureen Hicks and Jean Wilkins into their after hours drinking session. Gaynor and Ken get physical in the back room and the party finishes at 3am. The Ogdens are offered the caretakership but Hilda tells them they'll have to think about it. Ken is told to discipline Gaynor for being late. Rita overhears the warehouse girls discussing the party.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jul, 1974
    Mon 29 Jul, 1974
    Episode 60
    Ken starts work at the Warehouse. Rita takes Mavis back at the Kabin. TRICIA: "Gail Potter, I sometimes think your mouth'd make a good bus stop." Tricia persuades Idris to get Ray to make her a dressing table. The Bishops advertise for a new caretaker. No one tells Ken what his job function is and he is not given a secretary. Trica tries to seduce Ray with Bacardi. Billy and Len hatch a plan to bring Ken out of his depression.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jul, 1974
    Wed 24 Jul, 1974
    Episode 59
    Gertie agrees to move into the Flying Horse. Granny rows with Vera over her mother moving in and the way she puts the customers off. Annie reveals Lucille will not be returning and takes Hilda back. Vera packs and leaves for her mothers'. Granny is delighted, Idris isn't bothered. Ken leaves Bessie St School.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jul, 1974
    Mon 22 Jul, 1974
    Episode 58
    Vera refuses to open the shop until 9am but Granny lets it be known that customers will be served any time. Freda Barry takes over the Flying Horse. Trica throws herself at Ray. Bet gets to know her new neighbour, Carlos. Vera is annoyed when Idris' car arrives - with bricks - outside the shop. Gertie finds the Centre work too hard. She mentions to Annie that she could be her housekeeper. Annie can't cope with Freda's outspokenness. Hilda asks Annie for a rise and gets the sack. Annie offers Gertie the job of housekeeper. Bet feels her age and is upset at Trica's youthfulness. Freda tries to poach Gertie off Annie.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jul, 1974
    Wed 17 Jul, 1974
    Episode 57
    Hilda refuses to pay the bill. Gordon upsets Betty by sleeping with Beverley in her house. The Hopkins take over the shop and refuse Hilda credit. Hilda pays the bill to show Granny she pays her debts quickly. Granny sacks Mavis. Gordon leaves for London without Beverley who realises she's been used.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jul, 1974
    Mon 15 Jul, 1974
    Episode 56
    Stan goes to court. Gordon upsets Betty by flaunting Beverley and planning to take her to London. Granny hammers Gordon over the price of the shop. They agree that the Hopkins should rent it for £14 a week with the money coming off the purchase price of £3,500 with £450 for the stock. Tricia, with her friend Gail Potter, tries to get Ray's attention. Stan is let off with a £50 fine but is horrified at Mervyn's bill of £143.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jul, 1974
    Wed 10 Jul, 1974
    Episode 55
    Gordon gives Maggie away and she marries Ron with guests: Betty, George, Norma, Sidney, Mavis, Annie, Billy, Bet, Albert, Minnie, Jerry, Stan, Hilda, Len and Rita. Alf drowns his sorrows. The reception is held at the Community Centre, with telegrams from the Bishops and Jacko. The Hopkins show Granny round the shop. She thinks they could get it for a bargain. The Cookes leave for Africa.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jul, 1974
    Mon 8 Jul, 1974
    Episode 54
    The residents prepare for the wedding. The Hopkins view the shop, Vera isn't keen. Deirdre discovers Ron's best man, George Farmer, is wealthy and flaunts herself. Norma arrives, dripping in mink, with her sugar daddy. The women throw a surprise hen party for Maggie. Annie reveals Lucille has gone to Ireland for a break. Betty and Maggie look forward to the future.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jul, 1974
    Wed 3 Jul, 1974
    Episode 53
    Martin discovers his mother does work at the pub and is Bet. Gordon confronts Ron who makes him realise he loves Maggie and is dry. Gordon takes Beverley Marshall out. Martin is horrified to see the coarse Bet in her revealing dress and leaves the Rovers without talking to her.
  • Mon 1 Jul, 1974
    Mon 1 Jul, 1974
    Episode 52
    Two soldiers, Steve Downes and Martin Baker wander round the area looking for a barmaid called Elizabeth. Gordon arrives to meet Ron. Annie worries how Lucille will react to Gordon's return. Mavis gives up her job after a row with the vet. Lucille beautifies herself in the hope of seeing Gordon. Maggie takes Mavis on at the shop. Martin leaves the Rovers without talking to Betty or Bet. Alf tells Gordon that Ron was an alcoholic.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jun, 1974
    Wed 26 Jun, 1974
    Episode 51
    Ron and Maggie become engaged. Hilda agrees to pay the solicitor's fees. Alf is angry with Maggie and accuses her of leading him on. Maggie agrees to go to Africa with Ron, they set the date for July 10th. She refuses to tell Gordon that Ron was an alcoholic.
  • Mon 24 Jun, 1974
    Mon 24 Jun, 1974
    Episode 50
    Rita tells Ron about Alf's proposal. Stan decides to get a solicitor. He refuses legal aid and employs Mervyn Traynor. Ron says goodbye to Maggie and leaves for Zaire. At the airport he has second thoughts and returns for Maggie, she is thrilled.
  • Wed 19 Jun, 1974
    Wed 19 Jun, 1974
    Episode 49
    Rita celebrates the Kabin's first birthday. Hilda demands Dolores' removal before a summons is issued. Maggie has her hair done and is pleased to see Ron. He tells her he's after a new job in Zaire. Hilda brings Deirdre home a sexy dress and she sets the temperature rising in the Rovers. Hilda discovers Stan has had lodgers when Michael calls for Dolores. Ron tells Maggie that he's been dry for two years, she is delighted. Hilda tells Stan he's not having any of her money to pay his fines. Alf proposes to Maggie.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jun, 1974
    Mon 17 Jun, 1974
    Episode 48
    Bet returns from Morecambe. Maggie tells Alf she doesn't want him putting money in the shop. Ron Cooke returns. Hilda arrives home as the Health Inspector finds Dolores still at No.13. A policeman arrives and issues a summons to Stan for the driving offence. Annie returns from Derby and takes Bet back on.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jun, 1974
    Wed 12 Jun, 1974
    Episode 47
    Rita doesn't believe Alison's story about her rich boyfriend. Len tracks him down, phoning him and calling him a creep. Maggie gets worried with Alf in the shop. With Hilda returning, Minnie agrees to take Dolores in if Stan looks after Bobby. Harvey Shaw turns up and is put in the picture about Alison. Ken rows with Albert, telling him to stay out of his life. Harvey and Alison make up and leave. Minnie hears the Health Inspectors are still about and puts Dolores back in the Ogden's Yard. Hilda returns to Manchester.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jun, 1974
    Mon 10 Jun, 1974
    Episode 46
    Albert returns and demands Dolores' removal from his yard. Billy has put Alison up but demands that she goes before Annie returns from visiting Joan. Albert is sickened to hear the Barlows have split. Stan takes the donkey back and is reported to the Health Inspector by Maggie. He is given forty-eight hours to move the donkey. Alf tries to get Maggie interested in the modernisation again but she's not bothered. Rita takes Alison in and spoils Len's evening by babysitting.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jun, 1974
    Wed 5 Jun, 1974
    Episode 45
    Jonathon's crying keeps the household up all night. Stan tells Maggie he has moved the donkey. Janet and Ken have lunch together. Minnie can't keep Dolores in her yard anymore as Bobby is jealous. The Barlows realise that if they get back together it will be because they are lonely and that the marriage wouldn't work. JANET: "I never fitted in in this street because I never wanted to. I despised round 'ere. The place. The littleness of it, the dinginess, the acceptance that this was all there ever was or ever would be. Streets like this suck you down to their level in time." Stan stores Dolores in Albert's yard in his absence. Len snaps over the situation and orders Alison and the baby out, immediately.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jun, 1974
    Mon 3 Jun, 1974
    Episode 44
    Len returns to No.9 to find Alison asleep in his bed. Rita helps Ken by cleaning No.11. Maggie threatens to report Stan to the Health unless he moves Dolores. Len is convinced Ray is Jonathon's father. Janet returns for some clothes. Alison pleads with Len to let her stay at No.9, he agrees.moreless
  • Wed 29 May, 1974
    Wed 29 May, 1974
    Episode 43
    Stan spends the night in the police station, his fines could top £100. Betty tells Stan he can be reported to the Health Inspector for selling manure from his backyard. Tommy and Michael plan to leave but demand compensation when Stan tells them to leave. He is forced to give them their money back, they persuade him to keep Dolores. Ken decides to take the job and hands in his resignation at Bessie St.moreless
  • Mon 27 May, 1974
    Mon 27 May, 1974
    Episode 42
    Ray grows alarmed to hear of the girl with the baby. Michael refuses to be tempted by Deirdre - he's keeping himself pure for Mary. Stan, Tommy and Michael go to the races in a chauffer driven Rolls Royce. Alison Wright meets Ray and tells him they met at a party when he was drunk. She tells him she's left the father and needs Ray's help. Ken tells Rita he doesn't want Janet back. After a few drinks, Stan drives the Rolls home and is breathalysed by PC Blakey. Alison and baby Jonathon move into No.9.moreless
  • Wed 22 May, 1974
    Wed 22 May, 1974
    Episode 41
    Stan discovers Tommy and Michael have paid in advance for half board. Rita helps Ken see his influence should be used to teach children, not look after factory workers. Tommy stores manure in the back yard. Ray is chased by a woman with a child. Deirdre and Lucille fall for Michael once he gets rid of the muck. JANET: "I was only a very poor second, a substitute, a computer wife." Janet packs and leaves Ken - she was never what he wanted from a wife.moreless
  • Mon 20 May, 1974
    Mon 20 May, 1974
    Episode 40
    Janet tells Ken she knows about the job and they consider it together. Alf starts work as Maggie's assistant. As Stan's agents, Lucille and Deirdre take Tommy and Michael O'Ryan on at No.13. They pay the fortnight's rent (£28) in advance. Ken doesn't know what to do about the job. Stan is horrified to find Tommy at No.13 and Dolores in the yard.moreless
  • Wed 15 May, 1974
    Wed 15 May, 1974
    Episode 39
    Stan nearly forgets it's his own birthday. To bring in extra money he helps Betty shift bottles but his back goes. Maggie agrees to let Alf help her out at the shop part time. On board, Hilda starts to relax more, enjoying the sun. Stan thinks of taking in two 'businessmen' as lodgers after seeing their ad in the paper. Perkins tells Janet he doesn't want Ken to sell himself for an extra £1,000 and a company car. She is very surprised.moreless
  • Mon 13 May, 1974
    Mon 13 May, 1974
    Episode 38
    Stan wants to know who his minder is. JANET: "You've got the brains, Ken, and even the commonsense. I just wonder if you've got the guts to use it for yourself just once in your life." Stan splashes out. Ken asks Perkins' advice on the job offer, he isn't sure. Maggie refuses Stan credit. He realises he isn't going to survive as he's spent nearly all Hilda's money. Aboard the HMS Monte Umber, Hilda works like a slave. Janet has no faith in Ken at all. She doesn't think he's capable of finding opportunities.moreless
  • Wed 8 May, 1974
    Wed 8 May, 1974
    Episode 37
    Hilda joins the Seaman's Union. Bet prepares for her working holiday at a camp in Morecombe. Gary refuses to be a footballer as he wants to get a degree. Eric tells talent scout Bob Maskell he'll have to tackle Gertie to get at Gary. Annie coaches Hilda on etiquette on board ship. Maskell tells Gary that if he joins the Rovers they will pay Gertie thousands of pounds to look after him. Sir Julius summons Ken to the Warehouse. Gertie tells Gary they don't need the money - he's not to sign. The residents say goodbye to Hilda. Sir Julius offers Ken a job with £1,000 a year more - as Northern Executive Administrative Assistant, with a car.moreless
  • Mon 6 May, 1974
    Mon 6 May, 1974
    Episode 36
    Hilda gets a telegram calling her on board on 8th May. Ken puts the residents' complaints to the director, Lionel Porteous and company boss, Sir Julius Berlin. Sir Julius is interested in him. Hilda asks Gertie to spy on Stan in her absence. Eric Turner isn't keen on Gary being a chef. He wants him to be a footballer and tries to push him into contract with Rovers, to give his wife and himself financial security.moreless
  • Wed 1 May, 1974
    Wed 1 May, 1974
    Episode 35
    Hilda becomes more depressed about the lorry noise. Gertie agrees to nephew Gary staying with her if his parents agree. The residents persuade Hilda to take the cruise ship cleaning job. Annie invites Lucille to return to the Rovers. She doesn't want to return as she feels she is getting nowhere. Ken gets a meeting with the Warehouse boss regarding the traffic noise. Lucille returns to the Rovers. Annie bars the lorry drivers from the pub. Hilda gets the cruise job and tells Stan she could be away for six weeks.moreless
  • Mon 29 Apr, 1974
    Mon 29 Apr, 1974
    Episode 34
    Hilda finds out just what kind of "holiday" Stan has planned for her - a working holiday, by herself, cleaning on a cruise ship in the caribbean.
  • Wed 24 Apr, 1974
    Wed 24 Apr, 1974
    Episode 33
    Hilda is on the verge of a breakdown. Stan asks Len if they can use the money frrom the smoking syndicate but Len refuses. Mrs Morris wants her sugar bowl back during the show. When Mavis refuses to give it to her she calls the police. Stan finds something in an advertisement to help Hilda and gets her to sign an application form. The production goes well, despite Mrs Morris snatching her sugar bowl back. Mavis is shocked when she walks into the mens' dressing room to be confronted by a naked Billy. Cast: Algernon – Ken, Jack – Jerry, Cecily – Bet, Gwendolyn – Deirdre, Lady Bracknell – Annie, Lane – Len, Miss Prism – Emily, Cannon - Ernie Masters – Billy.moreless
  • Mon 22 Apr, 1974
    Mon 22 Apr, 1974
    Episode 32
    Danny packs his job in at the garage. With the dress rehearsal starting, Annie hires a costume from a theatrical costumier. The doctor tells Hilda she's run down and needs to get away from everything. Albert agrees to run Front of House for the play. Hilda needs to be in the sun but the Ogdens have no money. Annie ruins her dress by sitting on a freshly painted chair.moreless
  • Wed 17 Apr, 1974
    Wed 17 Apr, 1974
    Episode 31
    Sandra tells Lucille she's been laid off from work and hasn't had any maintenance from Danny for six weeks. Ernie starts insulting his cast. Sandra tells Lucille she and Danny have only been parted for six months and she'll have to wait eighteen months for a divorce; they broke up because he didn't want children. Lucille gives her £5. When Danny refuses to commit himself to Lucille she packs and leaves. Rita takes her in. When his leadership is challenged, Ernie walks out. Emily takes over the show to the casts' delight.moreless
  • Mon 15 Apr, 1974
    Mon 15 Apr, 1974
    Episode 30
    Preparations for the play get Ernie down. Minnie tells Alf she's not putting Ena up anymore. It is up to him to find her somewhere to live. Lucille pushes Danny for his future plans. Alf asks Albert if he'd 'foster' Ena. He refuses. Annie goes away for the weekend leaving Ernie in the lurch. Gertie tells Minnie should let Ena live in her front parlour, and store her furniture at the Centre. Ernie grows exasperated with his cast. Lucille is shocked when Danny's wife Sandra turns up.moreless
  • Wed 10 Apr, 1974
    Wed 10 Apr, 1974
    Episode 29
    Annie feels sorry for Hilda when everyone takes up Gertie's theme and tells her to stand up to them. HILDA (about Gertie): "She likes the sound of her own tonsils clacking." Betty's buyers drop their price by £500. Annie visits the bedsit and tells Danny they can live with her when they're married. Betty decides to return to her house. Danny tells Lucille he doesn't want to see Annie again. Rita tells Lucille to find out what Danny wants from their relationship.moreless
  • Mon 8 Apr, 1974
    Mon 8 Apr, 1974
    Episode 28
    Danny doesn't want to meet Annie because he wants his freedom but agrees for Lucille's sake. Betty tells Maggie she plans to stay at the shop until she can afford another house. Annie and Billy entertain Lucille and Danny with sherry and hors d'oevres. Annie invites herself round to see the bedsit. Gertie has some fun with Stan, bringing up Mrs Regan but Hilda overhears and is upset.moreless
  • Wed 3 Apr, 1974
    Wed 3 Apr, 1974
    Episode 27
    Lucille decides to stay with Danny. Annie lets it be known she's going to take on Gertie to replace Betty. Mavis and Jerry bump into each other. Emily refuses to play Miss Prism and Ernie realises it's their wedding anniversary. Lucille tells Annie she's living with Danny. Annie tells her she's sad but she does understand and invites him to tea. Emily forgets the anniversary as well. Ernie presents her with a copy of the works of Oscar Wilde. Annie takes Betty back on at the Rovers. Emily agrees to be Miss Prism. Betty tells Maggie she's got a couple interested in the house - now she's living with Maggie she might as well sell it.moreless
  • Mon 1 Apr, 1974
    Mon 1 Apr, 1974
    Episode 26
    Annie and Alf's year in office finishes and they bow out as the last Mayor and Mayoress. Mavis returns and takes a job as a vet's receptionist. Emily eagerly passes on the prompt to her and takes the role of Miss Prism. Billy tells Bet that Danny is married. Bet discovers Lucille doesn't know. Annie takes Gertie on at the Rovers for the odd hour. Maggie asks Annie's help in getting Betty back at the pub. Mavis doesn't want to do the play because Jerry's about. Billy tells Lucille Danny is married. She confronts him, he tells her he's been separated for eighteen months and she can leave if she wants to; it's up to her.moreless
  • Wed 27 Mar, 1974
    Wed 27 Mar, 1974
    Episode 25
    Albert and Janet prepare for the twins' homecoming. Ken is shocked to discover the twins don't want to live with him. Ernie finds rehearsals hard. Albert accuses Ken of not wanting the twins but Edith puts him right. From his P45, Billy discovers Danny is married.
  • Mon 25 Mar, 1974
    Mon 25 Mar, 1974
    Episode 24
    Ken goes to Glasgow to fetch the twins but Edith expresses doubts about Janet as a mother. Ernie makes Emily the prompter. Rita is cast as Miss Prism. Ernie doesn't like Rita's send up of Miss Prism and she walks out. Bet and Billy think Danny is going out with Lorraine. Lucille tells Billy the truth. Edith tells Ken to ask the twins if they want to return to Weatherfield.moreless
  • Wed 20 Mar, 1974
    Wed 20 Mar, 1974
    Episode 23
    Lucille tells Rita she's been living with Danny for a month. Emily has her heart set on being Lady Bracknell. Ernie favours Annie and suggests Emily plays Gwendaline. Albert rows with Janet over her attitude towards the twins. Deirdre wins the part of Gwendaline for herself. Billy takes Danny on at the garage. Ken gets the part of Algernon. Janet tells Ken to take the day off tomorrow and bring the twins home.moreless
  • Mon 18 Mar, 1974
    Mon 18 Mar, 1974
    Episode 22
    Gertie starts work at the Centre. The Ogdens are disappointed they didn't get the job, Stan feels the Bishops have sabotaged it. The residents are amazed at 'Rain'. Emily is very against it. Albert decides he's not going to like Gertie but she wins him over. Lucille flaunts her boyfriend Danny Burrows around. Ken tells Albert the twins won't be living with them. Emily exposes Rain's author - Shelley Summers - as a 17 year old income tax clerk, Sheila Birtwhistle, who's copied the works of Delaney, O'Brien and Lawrence and made up the play. They realise they can't put it on. In its place a victorious Emily suggests 'The Importance of Being Earnest'.moreless
  • Wed 13 Mar, 1974
    Wed 13 Mar, 1974
    Episode 21
    Deirdre enjoys the way Ray and Billy battle for her affections. Vera and Rogers have decided they want the Ogdens. The Bishops and Alf count on Gertie. Bet tries to get Betty to return to the Rovers for Maggie's sake, but Betty's enjoying working at the shop. The committee are swung to Gertie's favour because she needs the accommodation. Cyril's executer, Bert Daniels, works out Betty's money: £14 a week for six months, then £10.89. His policies just come to £859. She does have the house but Bert tells her it'll be a waste of money if she moves. Hilda hands in her notice at the Rovers. Emily discovers Ernie's choice of play - 'Sand' - is pornographic.moreless
  • Mon 11 Mar, 1974
    Mon 11 Mar, 1974
    Episode 20
    The Ogdens prepare for their interviews. Annie tells Betty she's under no pressure to return to the Rovers. Ernie thinks the committee ought to be impartial over the Ogdens but everyone else disagrees. Chairman Mr Rogers, Alf, Emily, Ernie and Vera Hopkins interview the Ogdens. Betty tells Maggie she's going to sell the house. The Ogdens impress the committee, as does Annie's tongue-in-cheek reference.moreless
  • Wed 6 Mar, 1974
    Wed 6 Mar, 1974
    Episode 19
    Betty, Maggie, Alf, Len, Bet, Ernie. Emily, Sgt Bert Daniels and Mr Porter bury Cyril. Gertie Robson helps Billy out at the pub whilst waiting to see the Bishops for the caretaker's job. Maggie worries about the price she'll have to pay in helping Betty. Betty packs her bags and moves in with her at the shop. Ernie tells Emily the Ogdens have been short listed.moreless
  • Mon 4 Mar, 1974
    Mon 4 Mar, 1974
    Episode 18
    Maggie finds it hard to cope with Betty. She's still confused and distant. Maggie decides she won't let her attend the funeral. Billy annoys Ray by getting Deirdre to do a spot of relief work behind the bar. The Bishops worry that no one wants the caretaking job at the Centre. Stan gets a letter from the Town Hall telling him they're still considering his application for the post of caretaker. The mourners gather at Betty's and are surprised when she appears, ready for the funeral.moreless
  • Wed 27 Feb, 1974
    Wed 27 Feb, 1974
    Episode 17
    Draper refuses to move the car, obstructing the pavement and blocking the Rovers' entrance. The police arrive and get Draper to remove the car. Draper goes for Billy and they have to be parted by the police and taken away. Betty agrees to let Cyril's police friends be pallbearers. The police clear Billy. Betty calls at the Rovers to tell Bet she can't work because she's going out with Cyril. Ernie volunteers himself to be producer of the RADA play without giving anyone else the chance. Cyril's boss calls at Maggie's and tells her that Betty is at his house, looking for Cyril.moreless
  • Mon 25 Feb, 1974
    Mon 25 Feb, 1974
    Episode 16
    Annie stops the party as the news is broken to Betty. Draper puts a note on the car outside the garage telling of Billy's crookedness. Billy tows the car away. Emily and Ernie start the Rovers Amateur Dramatic Association up. Betty feels she caused Cyril's death by hurrying him to come to the party. She becomes confused. Billy tells Draper he hasn't a leg to stand on legally. Draper manically drives the car into the Rovers' door, smashing it.moreless
  • Wed 20 Feb, 1974
    Wed 20 Feb, 1974
    Episode 15
    Draper tracks Billy down and accuses him of fraud. Albert tells the Barlows he's marrying at Easter. Ken thinks he's mad. Emily confesses to breaking Len's window. She accuses Len of making her feel defiled. Minnie tells Albert she won't marry him. He's glad and they start to insult each other again. Len and Rita throw an engagement party at the Rovers. Billy refuses to look at the car. PC Smith of the police tells Maggie that Cyril has collapsed and died outside the house. They want her to tell Betty.moreless
  • Mon 18 Feb, 1974
    Mon 18 Feb, 1974
    Episode 14
    Ken and Janet continue to sleep apart. Minnie is tired of being engaged and tells Albert she wants to marry at Easter. Draper tells Annie her son is a cheat and a fraud as the car was only worth £400. Ena tells Minnie she'll lose out financially if she marries. She suggests she jilts Albert. The Barlows make up. Len proposes and Rita accepts, giving him the Kabin back.moreless
  • Wed 13 Feb, 1974
    Wed 13 Feb, 1974
    Episode 13
    Ena tries to discourage Minnie from marrying Albert. The Gazette is not bothered with the protest. The residents feel no one cares. Len goes to the planning meeting as someone throws a brick through his window. The redevelopment plan is thrown out by the committee. Alf reveals Len voted against it. Janet cooks Ken a special meal but he goes out with Billy. Stuart Draper turns up and tells Bet to tell Billy he's not leaving till he's seen him.moreless
  • Mon 11 Feb, 1974
    Mon 11 Feb, 1974
    Episode 12
    Ken spends the night on the sofa. Len is not bothered by the Street action committee at all. The Bishops start up a petition. Billy decides not to sell the garage to Wormold. Rita still refuses to sell the Kabin. Len knows that without its sale he won't make any profit from selling No.9 and the Yard. Hilda discovers the Ogdens would profit if they sold No.13 to Wormold. Cyril has advised Maggie to sell the shop to Wormold. She refuses to sign the petition. Len tells Rita to choose between him and the Kabin. She picks the Kabin.moreless
  • Wed 6 Feb, 1974
    Wed 6 Feb, 1974
    Episode 11
    Emily counts on Alf to bring Len to the meeting. Len refuses to attend and tells Alf he's in favour of the development. Janet makes enquires at the Linden Boarding School. Ken and Emily trick Alf into turning up to the meeting. Ken chairs it. They decide to write a petition of no confidence in Len and Alf is verbally attacked. Ken refuses to talk about boarding schools and Janet confesses she doesn't want the twins at all.moreless
  • Mon 4 Feb, 1974
    Mon 4 Feb, 1974
    Episode 10
    The regulars form an Action Group to face the re-development threat. Ken fixes to fetch the twins down to live but Janet has other plans.
  • Wed 30 Jan, 1974
    Wed 30 Jan, 1974
    Episode 9
    Rita starts putting two and two together and warns the regulars about the re-development scheme. Janet doesn't want the twins but Ken has yet to discover this.
  • Mon 28 Jan, 1974
    Mon 28 Jan, 1974
    Episode 8
    Janet invites her friends round for a meal. Billy reveals he sold a man a second hand Alfa Romeo for £1,100 and passed it off as new. Douglas Wormold alarms Rita by turning up at the Kabin. Ena and Minnie return. Billy agrees to do Deirdre's bike up if she'll do his typing. Wormold offers Len £5,000 for the Kabin and wonders how he'll vote in the forthcoming committee meeting. Albert annoys Janet by interrupting her dinner party. Maggie is annoyed that Alf didn't tell her about the shop before Len and snubs him. Ken doesn't like the snobby Bassetts. Len celebrates when Wormold writes Rita down payment cheque of £1,000 but she rips it up; the shop's in her name and she's not selling.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jan, 1974
    Wed 23 Jan, 1974
    Episode 7
    The Barlows plan to entertain Ken's colleague, George Hawthorn and wife. Alan has a cash offer from Wormold for the garage. Len advises Billy to go after the garage. He buys it. Maggie pays £50 for the shop plans. Annie worries about where Billy got the money from. The Barlows give Hilda Elsie's painting of the green girl. Maggie asks Len to do the conversion but he tells her to forget the idea. She realises he knows something. The Barlows' guests don't arrive so they have a candlelit dinner. Billy gives Annie the £200 he owed. She discovers a man is after him.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jan, 1974
    Mon 21 Jan, 1974
    Episode 6
    The Barlows instal themselves at No.11. Dougie Wormold is the frontman for the London Development buying up properties. Maggie tells Alf she plans to enlarge the shop - knocking into the storeroom and making it self service. Alf worries about Maggie's plans because the shop could be demolished. Maggie gets an architect in who tells her it'll cost over £1,000. Billy returns, Alan has offered him first refusal on the garage. Annie finds wads of money in Billy's case.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jan, 1974
    Wed 16 Jan, 1974
    Episode 5
    Hilda applies to be Rita's assistant but Rita gives Lucille the job. Len insists they both have trials. Hilda proves her worth and spikes Len's tea with whisky. Wormold wants £7 a week for No.11. The Barlows take it. Lucille gives up her job at the Betting Shop and asks Alan if she can live with them in Newcastle but they want to break all ties. She moves in with Lorraine. Stan bodges things up for Hilda and Lucille gets the job. Len confirms Alan's suspicions that the Street is down for redevelopment.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jan, 1974
    Mon 14 Jan, 1974
    Episode 4
    Rita is fed up at the Kabin on her own; no one has answered her advertisement for an assistant. Alan returns without Elsie. Rita takes on 16 year old Chris Cullen but isn't sure she's doing the right thing. Alan tells Lucille they're settling in Newcastle. He plans to sell the garage and give up the tenancy of No.11. Hilda considers giving up charring to become Rita's assistant to prove her worth to Trevor. Albert suggests the Barlows take out the tenancy on No.11. Chris makes Rita feel very uncomfortable. Albert makes Janet see that renting No.11 would give them time on their own. She tells Ken that she's not going to live in the Street. Alan tells Ken the house will be rented fully furnished. Chris makes advances to Rita when they close. She makes him realise it wouldn't work and he leaves for good. Janet is won round by the furniture and Ken makes plans to move the twins in.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jan, 1974
    Wed 9 Jan, 1974
    Episode 3
    Alf reassures Annie that the Gazette won't be touching the Harvey's divorce. Mavis wants Jerry to make a move for her and asks him if he thinks she should go to Grange. He thinks she wants to go. Maggie and Alf are witnesses when Annie meets Arthur. She tells him that unless he goes back to Nellie she'll never speak to him again. Jerry tells Mavis he was married, she is shocked. Nellie takes Arthur back when he promises her he's finished with Annie. Mavis decides to go to Grange. Nellie apologises to Annie. Alan sends Lucille a telegram - he's returning tomorrow.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jan, 1974
    Mon 7 Jan, 1974
    Episode 2
    Jerry books a table at Mario's Italian Restaurant to take Mavis out. Mavis tells Maggie her parents are returning to Grange and if things don't work out with Jerry she's going with them. Arthur turns up with chocolates for Annie. She tries to get him to return to Nellie. He tells her he's not returning; he wants to live with Annie. Mavis and Jerry can't understand the Italian menu so they copy from another couple. Annie visits Nellie who refuses to believe her story and threatens to sue Annie for enticement as well as announcing her divorce plans in the Gazette.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jan, 1974
    Wed 2 Jan, 1974
    Episode 1
    Arthur tells Annie it's because of her they're splitting up; he told Nellie that Annie was a real lady unlike her. He is drunk and Annie lets him stay in Billy's room for the night. With Ena gone, Minnie and Albert consider running the Centre together when they are married. Nellie turns up at the Rovers and finds Arthur in pyjamas. She tells him she's contacting her solicitor for divorce, citing Annie. Albert tells the Bishops he doesn't want Ena's job because he doesn't want to give up his house. He tells Minnie the Bishops won't give him the job because he's too old. She goes to visit Ena and tells him when she returns she wants to know whose house they're going to live in. Arthur leaves the Rovers but is not returning to Nellie.moreless