Coronation Street - Season 16

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  • Wed 31 Dec, 1975
    Wed 31 Dec, 1975
    Episode 103
    Tricia is sent chocolates by an admirer. The women folk hold a meeting to talk about how to catch - and keep - a man. Bet urges them to be organised for Leap Year. Mavis tells them that if historically the man turned the woman down he was fined £1. The residents prepare for a sing song. Concepta tells Annie she knows Sean sleeps around and she knows what happened to Bet; she's just not letting Bet know she knows. Ena entertains on the piano. Ray lets the New Year in.moreless
  • Mon 29 Dec, 1975
    Mon 29 Dec, 1975
    Episode 101
    Tricia basks in her success. Rita fixes Bet up with a blind date at a posh motel. Annie lends her a mink stole. Concepta comes to stay. Annie wonders why. The local paper hails Tricia as a rising star. Bet worries when Concepta arrives. Concepta thinks Bet went after Sean. Bet's date breaks his ankle and she is let down. She is delighted when Mavis reminds her it will soon be Leap Year.moreless
  • Wed 24 Dec, 1975
    Wed 24 Dec, 1975
    Episode 100
    The audience assembles in the Centre. The cast: Cinderella – Tricia, The Prince – Bet, Buttons – Len, Dandini – Deirdre, Ugly Sisters - Alf and Hilda, Fairy – Betty, Baron – Albert, Baroness – Mavis. Hilda discovers from Betty that Polly Ogden is expecting. Deirdre refuses to take her glasses off as she won't see. Bet mimes to Rita's singing. The panto ends with 'Happy Days Are Here Again'. Trevor tells Hilda that Polly has Toxaemia and has to go into hospital early for a month; this is why they want her to stay - to look after Damian. Hilda realises he only wants her to skivvy and breaks down.moreless
  • Wed 17 Dec, 1975
    Wed 17 Dec, 1975
    Episode 99
    The residents put the last minute touches to the panto. Tricia refuses to speak to Deirdre, on stage or off. Bet talks her round by threatening to black the other eye. Albert gets drunk to squash his nerves. Hilda reveals Stan is stranded in France with a lorry and can't make the panto. Hilda steps in. She is delighted when Trevor arrives to watch. Trevor invites Hilda to spend Christmas with them.moreless
  • Mon 15 Dec, 1975
    Mon 15 Dec, 1975
    Episode 98
    Rita plans to get Bet to mime to her singing. The Langtons aren't speaking to each other. Tricia spreads the word that Ray has another woman. Eunice gets three months suspended sentence and is a known shoplifter. Ray arranges for Blanche, Deirdre and his "woman" - Pauline Jarvis - to be in the Rovers at the same time. He introduces them; Pauline is a customer who he took to choose tiles for her bathroom. Tricia shows Rita she has a black eye, given by Deirdre.moreless
  • Wed 10 Dec, 1975
    Wed 10 Dec, 1975
    Episode 97
    Emily gets Mavis to play Baroness Stoneybroke to take her mind off the shoplifting not knowing that Rita has cast Annie. Alf tells Len he's seen Ray with a woman. Len confronts Ray who tells him to get knotted. Mavis tries to make amends to the Wheelers by giving them presents for the children but Bob throws them back. Blanche worries Deirdre by asking Ray what his feelings for Deirdre are. Rita gets round Annie by asking her to give the cast speech lessons. Blanche tells Deirdre that Ray has another woman. She tells him she knows he's not being unfaithful.moreless
  • Mon 8 Dec, 1975
    Mon 8 Dec, 1975
    Episode 96
    Mavis catches Eunice Wheeler walking out of the Kabin with a wind up toy. Len orders her to get the police in. Blanche is cool towards Ray. Mavis has to make a statement as Len decides he wants Eunice prosecuting. Rita is put in charge of producing the panto to Emily's anger. The residents are amazed at Tricia's singing voice. Bob Wheeler tells Mavis she has ruined Christmas for his family.moreless
  • Wed 3 Dec, 1975
    Wed 3 Dec, 1975
    Episode 95
    Annie returns to the Rovers. Ken and Emily plan the panto. Blanche alters the costumes. Tricia tells Blanche sees seen Ray with a woman. Coates shows Annie a picture of a Cheshire pub which could be hers next month. He tells her she has to move to the quieter pub. She phones Douglas Cresswell, MD and he tells a shaken Coates to leave Annie alone. Blanche and Len grow concerned that Ray is being unfaithful.moreless
  • Mon 1 Dec, 1975
    Mon 1 Dec, 1975
    Episode 94
    Ken tries to set up a one-man band competition. Hilda tells Coates about the burglars. Ena advises Emily to put on Cinderella themselves, in three weeks. Emily starts casting the residents. Coates tells Betty the Brewery want what's best for Annie.
  • Wed 26 Nov, 1975
    Wed 26 Nov, 1975
    Episode 93
    Annie is taken to hospital. Ken plans a production of Cinderella as a panto for Christmas. The residents worry about Annie but the hospital has no news. Rita phones and pretends to be Joan. They tell her Annie has extensive bruising and is still unconscious. The hospital feels that Annie's close family should be with her. Betty and Len inform the Brewery. Hilda goes shopping for Damien but can't afford anything decent. She gets a book on making soft toys. Annie comes round but is not allowed visitors. The Panto is called off when the company disbands after Ken has sold two hundred tickets. Betty and Blanche stay the night at the Rovers. The Brewery rep, Warren Coates, finds out from Betty that Annie lives on her own; they thought Billy was still in residence.moreless
  • Mon 24 Nov, 1975
    Mon 24 Nov, 1975
    Episode 92
    Les and Neil find nothing of value in the living room so go upstairs. Les doesn't like the idea but Neil pushes him. Annie catches them in her bedroom. She refuses to tell them where her money is and has a battle of nerves with Neil. Albert tells Len and Ray there's something going one at the Rovers. Neil refuses to believe Annie keeps her money in the bank. Les and Neil run off when Ray and Len arrive. They fight but the lads escape. Annie goes into delayed shock. Len sports a black eye. Annie refuses to bring the police in. She tells Len that someone has written to the Brewery complaining about her visits to Joan. She's worried that they will think she's vulnerable. Annie falls downstairs and knocks herself unconscious. Betty phones for an ambulance.moreless
  • Wed 19 Nov, 1975
    Wed 19 Nov, 1975
    Episode 91
    Annie wonders why Sean leaves in the night. Minnie hears of a young family who have lost everything in a fire. She wonders if the residents can help them. Bet tells Betty about Sean and shows her the letter she's written Concepta. Mavis feels that Len can't look after himself and cooks him a meal. Annie refuses to believe Sean would make a pass at Bet. She calls Bet a tart and sacks her. Minnie, Hilda and Mavis plan to make cakes and sell them to raise money for the family. Len tells Annie that Bet was telling the truth. Annie apologises to Bet and explains that Concepta's happiness in important to her. Bet tears up the letter and Annie invites her to return to the Rovers. Bet isn't sure. Tricia is chatted up by tow young lads - Neil Foxall and Les Grimes. Bet returns to the Rovers. Les and Neil hide in the Rovers' gents at night, waiting for everone to leave.moreless
  • Mon 17 Nov, 1975
    Mon 17 Nov, 1975
    Episode 90
    Annie returns from Jersey to discover Sean Regan is coming over. A TV detector van roams the area. Ken doesn't know whether or not to believe Mary. Bet isn't pleased to find Sean staying at the Rovers. Frank tells Bet he wants their relationship to continue. Janice tells Ken the other girls are jealous of her. Sean makes a pass at Bet. She tells him to leave her alone. Ken discovers Janice elected herself. He arranges an election. Sean doesn't like being rejected by Bet. Janice's supporters pressurise the kids. Sean tells Frank that Bet wants to spend the evening with him and not Frank. Frank tells Bet he'll leave her with Sean. Mary is elected youth leader and Janice leaves the Centre. Bet pretends to Sean she likes him and lets him kiss her before belting him. She tells him she's going to write to Concepta and tell her what sort of rat she married.moreless
  • Wed 12 Nov, 1975
    Wed 12 Nov, 1975
    Episode 89
    Janice refuses a girl admittance to a dance when she doesn't bring her cigarettes. Len, Mavis, Emily, Deirdre and Ray go to Jerry's funeral. Janice makes it clear to Ken she fancies him. Bet feels that Frank will only use her when he wants to. Betty contacts the brewery to see if Stan's attendance at the Rovers is a record. They plan to send a photographer round. Ken invites Ernie to give a film show for the kids. He begins to realise Janice is not what she seems. The Brewary take Stan's photo for publicity and grant him free beer for a week. Mary tells Ken that Janice blackmails the kids. Bet lets Frank stay the night with her.moreless
  • Mon 10 Nov, 1975
    Mon 10 Nov, 1975
    Episode 88
    Frank Bradley returns to Weatherfield, working for the Brewery. Ken wonders what the Community wants. Rita tells Mavis she has to chase up unpaid paper bills. Ken meets Janice Berry who runs the youth section of the Centre. Bet is delighted to see Frank again. BET: "When they knock Rovers down they'll knock me down with it. I'll disappear in a cloud of brick dust playing Land of Hope and Glory on a row of empties with a pickle fork." Hilda starts work cleaning the Centre. Len tells Ray that Jerry has died of a heart attack. Janice warns Mary Broughton off talking to Ken. Frank wants to stay the night with Bet but she refuses.moreless
  • Wed 5 Nov, 1975
    Wed 5 Nov, 1975
    Episode 87
    Ken throws himself into his new job, planning a special evening for November 5th. Gordon invites Betty to live with him in London. Bet advises her to go but she feels she'd be miserable. Deirdre shows off her talent on the mouthorgan to prove to Ray that she can play it. Only one boy turns up at the Centre, he Ken and Emily act out the story of Guy Fawkes for themselves.moreless
  • Mon 3 Nov, 1975
    Mon 3 Nov, 1975
    Episode 86
    The residents wonder if Sophie is right and that Betty is Gordon's mother. Betty feels she can't go into work and have everyone talking about her. Annie and Bet feel sorry for Betty but Hilda thinks she ought to be ashamed. They try to pretend they don't know, for Betty's sake. Betty is upset at the pretence and leaves work. The Centre committee interview Ken. Alderman Chapman makes it clear he doesn't like him. Bet tells Betty she should be proud to have Gordon for a son. Betty decides it's a good thing that everyone knows. Alf tells Ken that unofficially he has the job.moreless
  • Wed 29 Oct, 1975
    Wed 29 Oct, 1975
    Episode 85
    Annie's speech goes down well. Ena cooks a thank-you meal for Jerry, Tricia and Gail. Annie tells Ken she's disappointed with him. He should have a proper job. He tells her he's applied for the Centre job. Betty worries when Sophie drinks in the Rovers. Sophie tells the drinkers that Betty is Gordon's mother.moreless
  • Mon 27 Oct, 1975
    Mon 27 Oct, 1975
    Episode 84
    Gordon Clegg turns up and finds a new girlfriend - barmaid Sophie Edwards.
  • Wed 22 Oct, 1975
    Wed 22 Oct, 1975
    Episode 83
    Ray offers the girls money if they'll tell him who's interested in insulations. Ernie can't believe Alf is reinstalling Ena. Tricia uses the phone to make a date with Peter Dawson. Hilda considers going vegetarian. Pete turns up with Brian Jones, who fancies Gail but Tricia has got rid of her expecting a night of passion. Alf tells Ken that the Marsh's have been taken in for starting the fire. He points out the Community needs him. Tricia is amazed when Pete leaves her with Brian. Ken turns the job down and Alf reveals he hasn't asked Ena if she wants the flat and has moved her stuff in.moreless
  • Mon 20 Oct, 1975
    Mon 20 Oct, 1975
    Episode 82
    Annie and Blanche miss the warehouse custom. Tricia and Gail become agents for Weatherfield Heating Bureau, phoning people up. The Bureau installs a phone for them. Hilda worries about Stan's diet. Ernie thinks of applying for the job of Community Development Officer at the Centre. Alf thinks Ken would be a good choice. Hilda puts Stan on a healthy diet. Alf decides he wants Ena back at the Centre and Ken running it.moreless
  • Wed 15 Oct, 1975
    Wed 15 Oct, 1975
    Episode 81
    Tricia and Gail attend their first modelling class, and sell their things to raise the fee. Stan receives a letter from Eddie Yeats. Annie suspects everyone of stealing sovereigns. Bet finds the sovereigns and gives them to Annie. Annie is asked to give a speech for Lady Victullers and asks Ken to write it.moreless
  • Mon 13 Oct, 1975
    Mon 13 Oct, 1975
    Episode 80
    Police allow residents back into the street after the fire. The Rovers is flooded, regulars bail it out and Annie is worried about something of Jack's in the cellar. Deirdre and Gail, having lost their jobs at the warehouse apply for a modelling course.
  • Wed 8 Oct, 1975
    Wed 8 Oct, 1975
    Episode 79
    Deirdre refuses to let anyone in the flat so the Ogdens, Tricia, Gail, Len, Ken, Ena and Minnie battle for space at Blanche's. Emily is upset that no one is using the facilities at Bessie St. Bet is disappointed that the refugees don't want to party. Tricia and Gail worm their way into the Langton's flat. Ginny Spencer allows credit at the New Old Inn as the residents are refused entrance to the Street. Annie hears the Rovers' cellar is flooded.moreless
  • Mon 6 Oct, 1975
    Mon 6 Oct, 1975
    Episode 78
    The residents seek refuge at Bessie St School. As Annie is still shopping, Bet and Betty save her valuables. The Bishops lay on food. Minnie and Bobby find themselves at the New Old Inn. She is joined by more residents. As word spreads that the pub is open, the refugees leave the distress centre in favour of the New Old Inn. The firemen find two bodies in the Warehouse. Len finds out that Edna is dead. Ivy and Gail break down. Ivy tries to comfort Fred Gee. The police refuse to let the residents return to their homes. The Langtons invite Len and Ken to stay at Blanche's. Deirdre is furious when the others follow.moreless
  • Wed 1 Oct, 1975
    Wed 1 Oct, 1975
    Episode 77
    The lads stop out all night. The cigarette starts a fire. Rita packs her case. Ivy threatens Edna with the sack if her work doesn't improve. Edna sneaks off to the storeman for a cigarette. As she opens the door she is engulfed by flames. As the fire spreads, the workers vacate the warehouse. Tricia suffers from shock and is laid out on the bench. Fireman battle to control the fire. Len settles Rita by saying he'll pay £2 extra a week to Mavis and will charge Rita £1 a week rent for the flat. Ivy searches for Edna. The residents remember the fire at the maisonettes. The fireman can't control the blaze as the Warehouse is full of flammable goods and liquefied petroleum gas. Bet and Betty move the spirits and cigarettes into the living room as the police evacuate the Street.moreless
  • Mon 29 Sep, 1975
    Mon 29 Sep, 1975
    Episode 76
    Ken is horrified at the state of No.11. Rita refuses to give Mavis any money. Ken shows Mr. Marsh the house. Marsh offers him £30 to keep quiet but Ken makes him see that the boys have to be sorted out. Edna celebrates her forty-fifth birthday. The women clean up No.11 for Ken. The lads consider running away after Mr. Marsh lays into them. Jerry tells Rita that she's cruel, bullying and ungrateful. The Tilsley's and the Gee's go out. Edna isn't pleased when husband Fred flirts with Ivy. Rita has enough of everyone getting at her and decides to leave the area. The lads seek refuge in the Warehouse storeroom where Kevin leaves a cigarette burning.moreless
  • Wed 24 Sep, 1975
    Wed 24 Sep, 1975
    Episode 75
    Rita is furious when she has to make up the papers. Mavis tells her she's not her slave. Rita threatens to sack her. ALBERT (to Ken): "You're trouble is yer soft. You see life through rose coloured specs. Or bury yer 'ead in't sand altogether if there's sumat you don't want to even see." The lads tip rubbish over Ken's back yard. Rita asks Len to sort militant Mavis out. Mavis tells Len how how often works a twelve hour day and he realises Rita is taking her for a mug. Ken tells Kevin to break the chain before he ends up in Borstal. The lads let Ken's tyres down so he can't work. Len tells Rita either to pay Mavis £2 a week out of her earnings or find another job. Mr and Mrs Marsh threaten to have Ken charged with assault for hitting their boys whilst the lads set about wrecking No.11.moreless
  • Mon 22 Sep, 1975
    Mon 22 Sep, 1975
    Episode 74
    Bernie Marsh, Chris Ashton and Kevin Marsh from the Gossamer St flats run amok in the Street. Mavis' workload is increased because of Rita's singing engagements. She is angry when Bernie, Chris and Kevin steal magazines. Betty looks after the shop for a holiday. Ken stops Len reporting the kids to the police as he used to teach them. Eddie is charged with dishonest handling. Ken catches the lads playing truant and takes the magazines from them. He tells them to go back to school. The lads smash a window at the Centre, just missing Albert. Ken tells Len he'll pay for the windows so long as the police aren't bought in. Albert contacts the police. Kevin tells his father that Ken is trying to frame them and that he hit them when he came round. Mavis tells Rita she's tired of being exploited by her.moreless
  • Wed 17 Sep, 1975
    Wed 17 Sep, 1975
    Episode 73
    Minnie realises she's made a mistake when Taylor finds stolen goods in the case. Bert gives Betty half a salmon. She realises she'll have to invite him to tea. Eddie admits to being a naughty boy to Minnie. He waits in the Rovers for Taylor to find him. Annie thinks the salmon is for her and goes after Bert, scaring him off. The residents are amazed at Eddie waiting for the police. Bet makes Annie realise the salmon is Betty's. Eddie is taken away.moreless
  • Mon 15 Sep, 1975
    Mon 15 Sep, 1975
    Episode 72
    Bert Gosling flirts with Betty. Eddie splits his time between Stan and Len. The police interview Stan about the burglaries. Hilda suggests they talk to Eddie. Len tells Eddie the police are after him. He stores the case at Minnie's, telling her it's for the Sally Army. Tricia is depressed at not having a man. Betty is embarrassed by Bert's sexual overtones. She is amused when he flirts with Annie. Minnie gives the case to Det. Sgt. Taylor thinking he's from the Sally Army.moreless
  • Wed 10 Sep, 1975
    Wed 10 Sep, 1975
    Episode 71
    Janet spends the night at No.11. Eddie stores a suitcase in the Yard. Ken tells Janet it does upset him to see her with another man. Ray finds the suitcase. He and Len allow Eddie to get rid of it. Vince arrives for Janet. He tells Ken he'd like to settle down with Janet.moreless
  • Mon 8 Sep, 1975
    Mon 8 Sep, 1975
    Episode 70
    Deirdre spends the night at Blanche's. She is annoyed when Ray cleans the flat up to show her up. Eddie tries to get the burn mark off the table with sandpaper. Deirdre and Ray act cool towards each other. Eddie makes a mess of the table, Len has to mend it. Deirdre makes up with Ray thinking he has mended the table. Eddie has been casing houses for Monkey Gibbons to burgle. He thinks of giving it up and considers working at the Yard as a chippie. Ken is astonished when a fare turns out to be Janet. He helps her get rid of her lover, Vince Denton.moreless
  • Wed 3 Sep, 1975
    Wed 3 Sep, 1975
    Episode 69
    Mavis tells Rita her date frightened her and that she thinks he has been following her. Rita finds out his details and tells Jerry his name is Brian Collect and he works at Fosters. Deirdre takes possession of her coffee table. Jerry warns Brian off. Eddie looks after Michelle, a friend's girlfriend. The residents approve the Langton's flat. Eddie and Michelle gatecrash the party. Bet gets off with Don whilst his friend Steve makes a play for Gail. Ray can't keep his eyes off Michelle and Len and Blanche hit it off. Deirdre stops Michelle in the middle of a strip tease and is horrified to see her cigarette has burnt the table. She orders everyone out of the flat.moreless
  • Mon 1 Sep, 1975
    Mon 1 Sep, 1975
    Episode 68
    Ena returns and stays with Nellie Bickerstaffe in Pinfold Street. Mavis refuses to come to work and won't tell Rita what the matter is. Eddie tries to mend the drift between Ena and Minnie. Ray completes the flat. Tricia and Gail trick Ray into agreeing to a flat warming. Minnie and Ena make up and Ena agrees to move in with her. Deirdre is annoyed about the party and feels they haven't got any furniture. The Langtons have their first row. Ray is furious when Deirdre tells him she's bought an expensive coffee table.moreless
  • Wed 27 Aug, 1975
    Wed 27 Aug, 1975
    Episode 67
    Betty decides to stand with Ernie and not pay the rates but the Bishops pay up. The Ogdens have no money to pay theirs. Len tells the police about Alf's trouble. Hilda tells the Gazette she's standing against the rates, only to discover everyone else has paid theirs. Alf refuses to give the police Donna's name. They think he's got a fraud case against her. They find out who she is via the GPO. She tells them the money was a gift. Ray converts the house. The Council suggests the Ogdens apply for benefit. Hilda refuses to have a means test. Rita worries about Mavis' whereabouts; she hasn't been seen after another date.moreless
  • Mon 25 Aug, 1975
    Mon 25 Aug, 1975
    Episode 66
    Alf stays in the Rovers and is startled to find a half empty milk stout bottle in the snug. Len, Jerry and Ray join Alf. They are terrified when the lights go out and a candle appears. Ray realises it's Eddie, Tricia and Gail. They all have a midnight party. Alf tells Len about Donna and the £500. Eddie, Ray and the girls try to get in touch with Martha. Len makes plans to help Alf.moreless
  • Wed 20 Aug, 1975
    Wed 20 Aug, 1975
    Episode 65
    Jerry returns on a milk float with the wrecked tandem. Blanche and Deirdre want Ray to do the flat on his own but he wants it to be a Yard job. Jerry reveals Gail went off with a Porsche driver called Nigel to mend the bike's inner tube and never returned for him. Tricia is jealous when Gail turns up. Jerry rows with Gail for leaving him all night. Len puts in a £300 estimate to do the flat. Ray tells him he'll do it himself cheaper. Alf looks after the Rovers for the night with Annie away. To prove they're not frightened of the ghost, Len, Ray and Jerry decide to spend the night in the snug.moreless
  • Mon 18 Aug, 1975
    Mon 18 Aug, 1975
    Episode 64
    Blanche feels that her house is no longer her own. Tricia and Gail cause a stir with their hotpants as they prepare for their tandem picnic with Jerry. Tricia gets tired of biking and returns on Jerry's bike, leaving Jerry and Gail with the tandem. The Langtons try to persuade Blanche to let them convert the upstairs into a flat. She agrees. Tricia worries about Jerry and Gail's whereabouts.moreless
  • Wed 13 Aug, 1975
    Wed 13 Aug, 1975
    Episode 63
    Tricia and Gail look after Ena. Rita tells Ken about Mavis. He realises he's going to have to ask her out. Len is furious when Ray gives Deirdre time off. The girls worry about Ena when she has a turn in the market. The residents are amazed when Ken takes Mavis out. Annie suggests that the Langtons divide Blanche's house up. Ken and Mavis enjoy themselves as the Roebuck Inn. Mavis tells Ken she has another date from the agency. Jerry arranges a tandem trip for Gail and Tricia.moreless
  • Mon 11 Aug, 1975
    Mon 11 Aug, 1975
    Episode 62
    Ena reorganises Annie's life. Ray considers building a house. Ken fills in a questionnaire for a computer dating agency to humour a taxi customer. Ena hates being idle and being hampered by old age. She packs and leaves the Rovers. Rita fills out a dating questionnaire and tries to interest Mavis. Ena dumps herself on Tricia and Gail. Ken tells the men about his computer pairing. He tells them he might arrange to meet 'Mavis Armitage'. Rita guesses that she is Miss Armitage.moreless
  • Wed 6 Aug, 1975
    Wed 6 Aug, 1975
    Episode 61
    Tricia and Gail keep Albert occupied as the residents dress the Street. He tells them all about the War. Ernie faces jail if he doesn't pay his rates. Hilda flies a Union Jack from her bedroom window. Albert is astounded by the party. Rita is furious when Len kisses her. She refuses to start it all again. A bugler plays 'Cookhouse Call' for Albert and his old mates turn up. The residents have a whip round to get Albert's Glasgow rail fare together. Albert enjoys the day.moreless
  • Mon 4 Aug, 1975
    Mon 4 Aug, 1975
    Episode 60
    Ena returns from St Anne's to check up on Minnie. The residents feel they should lay something on for Albert. Ena finds Minnie is away at Handel's. The residents plan a party for Albert but he tells Ken he's going to Glasgow. Albert feels nobody likes him and locks himself in No.1. Beattie arrives but he refuses to talk to her. Albert can't afford the fare to Glasgow. No one wants to put Ena up. Len suggests a street party for Albert. Ena reminds Annie that the Rovers is an inn and tells her she's moving in.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jul, 1975
    Wed 30 Jul, 1975
    Episode 59
    Albert prepares for his eightieth birthday. Donna gives the money back to Alf. He refuses it. The Ogdens put their prices up 50%. Annie is the only customer willing to pay. Donna puts Alf off taking her to the Rovers. She goes to look at the shop and visit her mother. Stan sets Hilda up to clean Ken's cab. Alf discovers Donna has left him.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jul, 1975
    Mon 28 Jul, 1975
    Episode 58
    Alf tells Donna he'll be offended if she doesn't take the money. Emily looks after the shop whilst Blanche goes to Majorca. Mavis has a week off and agrees to help out for some holiday money. Hilda calls a meeting to fight inflation, between the Ogdens and Eddie. Eddie suggests Hilda joins the round to clean the insides. She refuses. Alf gives Donna £500 and takes her out for the night.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jul, 1975
    Wed 23 Jul, 1975
    Episode 57
    Albert has an operation to remove a lump on his bottom. With Albert out of action, Emily tries to find a replacement at the Centre. She is surprised to find Donna at Alf's. Donna leaves Alf's, telling him she's looking for somewhere else, but really leading him on. Albert shows off the piece of shrapnel he's had removed. Donna tells Alf she's found a flat in a slum area. Alf forbids her to go and tells her she's staying with him. He tells her he'll give her £500 so she can buy her own hairdressing business.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jul, 1975
    Mon 21 Jul, 1975
    Episode 56
    Alf is happy to have Donna around the place. Blanche returns home and starts bossing the Langtons about. Minnie and Emily grow concerned about Albert's health. Alf and Donna are aware of the chemistry between them. Alf tells her he feels responsible for her. She offers herself to him. He tells her there's plenty of time. Ken realises something is wrong with Albert.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jul, 1975
    Wed 16 Jul, 1975
    Episode 55
    Bet tells Jerry Len is bound to want him back. When he finds Eddie installed at No.9 he doesn't tell Len he's homeless. Deirdre and Ray take a break in their honeymoon to help out at the Yard. Donna is upset when the lady gets her letter. Alf is flattered by her attention. Bet tells Len about Jerry's state. Minnie tells Ena that if she's too old to look after Eddie, she's too old to look after her. Len and Eddie 'persuade' Jerry to join them at No.9. Blanche tells Deirdre she'll be moving back in the morning. Donna's boyfriend throws her out of the flat he bought her. Alf takes her in.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jul, 1975
    Mon 14 Jul, 1975
    Episode 54
    The Langtons are excited about the fact they don't know each other. Ena tells Eddie to leave No.5 as he's too much work for Minnie. When Jerry complains about Len's habits Len tells him to move in with Betty - quick. Alf is flattered when Donna Parker asks for his help. The Langtons have a picnic. Donna asks Alf to retrieve a letter for her from the sorting room; she's written to her lover's wife telling her of the affair. Alf tells her he can't tamper with the mail. She kisses him for being sweet. Len refuses to let Eddie lodge at No.9. Eddie wins him over with his cooking. Betty tells Jerry she no longer wants a lodger. Minnie is furious to hear Ena has persuaded Eddie to leave. Jerry beds down at the Yard. Donna tells Alf she fancies him.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jul, 1975
    Wed 9 Jul, 1975
    Episode 53
    Jerry makes a speech whilst the Langtons try to get away. They have to cut a mis-spelt cake. Hilda is certain Deirdre is pregnant. Stan is kept waiting at the hospital and is upset at missing the free drinks. Rita gives Deirdre the black nightie for her honeymoon. The Langtons keep missing the trains to London. Billy rings in the middle of the party. Annie tells him the news. He wishes Deirdre luck. The Langtons decide not to bother with London until the morning. Rita puts Blanche up so they can have her house.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jul, 1975
    Mon 7 Jul, 1975
    Episode 52
    Blanche is amazed by Deirdre's calmness. Ray is annoyed that Len got him drunk at the stag night. He doesn't like the way Len is taking him over. Blanche is upset that Deirdre is getting married in her work suit. Annie thinks Deirdre is unstable. Len plans a reception in the Rovers. Blanche gets Ernie to take photographs. She and Len are witnesses and Jerry and Rita look on as Ray and Deirdre are married. Stan has a check up in hospital. Deirdre goes to the Rovers under protest and the regulars toast the Langtons with champagne.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jul, 1975
    Wed 2 Jul, 1975
    Episode 51
    Len, Jerry and Blanche can't believe Deirdre and Ray are marrying. Blanche thinks Deirdre is a fool. Deirdre has no doubts at all. Deirdre tells Blanche they're marrying in the morning. Ernie worries that Ken will tell Emily she's seeing Rita. He tells Emily about the partnership. She is pleased. Deirdre tells Blanche they'll live with her. Jerry wakes Ray on his wedding day.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jun, 1975
    Mon 30 Jun, 1975
    Episode 50
    Len and Jerry row with Ray for taunting Deirdre. He refuses to apologise to her Ernie doesn't want Emily to know he's playing for Rita. Deirdre tells Ray he's been getting at her since she first went out with Billy. Betty prepares her spare room for Jerry. Ray apologises to Deirdre but she refuses to return to work. Annie is annoyed at the way the taxi firm are always ringing the pub for Ken. Ernie is horrified when Ken picks him and Rita up. Ray tells Len and Jerry that Deirdre is returning to work -and marrying him.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jun, 1975
    Wed 25 Jun, 1975
    Episode 49
    Len, Ray and Jerry sport hangovers. They realise the incident cost them £20. Deirdre is annoyed by their childishness. Mavis takes possession of the tights. Rita discovers they have one leg shorter than the other and tells Mavis to put it down to experience. Ernie realises he'll have to close the studio in order to pay the rates. Rita asks him to be her pianist at the Claremont Hotel. Deirdre rows with Ray when he taunts her over Billy. She resigns and smashes the Yard office up.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jun, 1975
    Mon 23 Jun, 1975
    Episode 48
    Ray and Len, working at the Rovers nick drinks for themselves, Alf and Eddie before discovering Annie has marked the optics. Len tops them up with water. Annie is warned that the Custom and Excise man is expected. Ray buys replacement bottles of spirits. Len drops out of Torquay and the radio station issues an apology so Ernie won't be sued. The men have to drink all the spirits so Betty can change the optics. They get completely drunk, forcing the drink down. Deirdre is furious when they force Bacardi down Tricia and make her ill. Annie is astonished by the drunks. Deirdre points out that Betty doesn't need the replacement bottles. Before she can return them to Len, Annie finds them and uses them. In Rita's absence, Mavis orders two gross of tights. Betty and Annie see the same glasses on the bar again. A customer claims them.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jun, 1975
    Wed 18 Jun, 1975
    Episode 47
    Betty tells Bet she heard a woman's voice in the snug and she saw someone in there wearing the glasses in the middle of the night. They discover the glasses are missing. Ena tells Betty she saw the ghost of Martha Longhurst. DEIRDRE (to Ray): "You've got your guardian angel on that shoulder, and a little devil on t'other, talking in yer ear." Deirdre and Ray puzzle about their feelings for each other. Ernie and Cllr Garrett are interviewed on radio. Ernie brings up the tractors and Garrett can't explain them. Len tells the residents that the tractors were sold last month at a profit and Ernie could be libelled.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jun, 1975
    Mon 16 Jun, 1975
    Episode 46
    Ray and Maurice are thrown out of the Gatsby. Rita fears she might lose her job. The residents wonder why Ray was fighting over Deirdre. Deirdre wonders as well. Bet finds a pair of glasses on the bar. Ralph Lancaster tells Rita her contract won't be extended at the Gatsby. Betty sees something that disturbs her in the snug.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jun, 1975
    Wed 11 Jun, 1975
    Episode 45
    Mavis organises a trip to the Gatsby to see Rita sing. Rita lends Hilda a dress so that she can go to the Gatsby. Ernie discovers the Council has bought eight tractors which haven't been used. They were very expensive and were bought from the brother of a Councillor. Len, Deirdre, Ray, Mavis, Jerry, Alf, Blanche, Bet, Ken and Hilda go to the Gatsby. Deirdre is embarrassed to see Maurice there. He is all over her. Ernie arranges an interview on local radio to tell residents about the tractors. Maurice tries to force Deirdre to dance with him. When she resists Ray tells him to stop and fights him.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jun, 1975
    Mon 9 Jun, 1975
    Episode 44
    Emily is infuriated by Ernie's pompousness. Goulden discovers the Council are sending Councillor Lucas to a conference in Torquay, out of the rates, in the Mayoral Rolls. He and Ernie confront Len who tells them they're just a joke. The residents feel sorry for Ken's downfall but he enjoys cabbing. Ernie tries to get Len's comments on tape but Len smashes the machine. Ernie goes for Len in the Rovers and Len pushes him to the floor. Lucas calls off his trip to Torquay when he hears of the hassle. Len vows to resign if he can't get Lucas to change his mind but the Town Hall refuses to accept it and he agrees to go to Torquay.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jun, 1975
    Wed 4 Jun, 1975
    Episode 43
    Betty and Bet look after the pub. Len tries to stop Jerry moving in with Betty. Ken gets a job but is evasive as to what it is. Emily is annoyed when Ernie is chosen to be on the WARP committee and she isn't. Rita is surprised when Ken turns up in a taxi.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jun, 1975
    Mon 2 Jun, 1975
    Episode 42
    Betty offers Jerry her spare room to lodge in. Ena discovers the Council spends a lot of money entertaining VIPs. Hilda suspects Stan of seeing Blanche when she gives him some tea. Ernie chairs the WARP meeting. Jerry agrees to move in with Betty. The residents row with Alf at the meeting. Betty puts Jerry off for a couple of weeks as she has to look after the Rovers; Annie is going to visit Billy. Betty asks Bet to stay with her at the Rovers. The residents decide to hold a rates strike.moreless
  • Wed 21 May, 1975
    Wed 21 May, 1975
    Episode 41
    Ray claims off the insurance. Eddie demands £20 compensation. Blanche is astonished that Deirdre spent three hours in a strange man's hotel room. Ray refuses to pay Eddie a penny. Blanche calls Deirdre a tramp. When Deirdre insults her Blanche hits her. Ernie tells Alf the people aren't going to put up with anymore. Ray rattles Deirdre into knocking off everything on her desk. The thief leaves a letter at the yard saying he has taken Fury in and only thought to rob the yard because they had a guard dog. The residents discover the Council plan to spend £2,000 on a statue and fountain for the precinct. Ernie promises Alf a fight.moreless
  • Wed 19 May, 1975
    Wed 19 May, 1975
    Episode 40
    The copper is stolen from the Yard, valuing £200. Fury is missing. Ernie and Harry Goulden form WARP. Rita arrives at the Gatsby whilst Blanche tries to finish her outfit at home. Deirdre gets the outfit to Rita on time and agrees to stand in behind the bar for the night. Ray accuses Eddie of being in on the break-in. Blanche returns the wedding presents. The regulars tell Stan and Eddie they'll be responsible if Fury bites any body. Stan and Eddie search for him. Deirdre and Rita are picked up by a couple of oil riggers. Blanche is furious when a drunken Deirdre returns home at 3am.moreless
  • Wed 14 May, 1975
    Wed 14 May, 1975
    Episode 39
    Rita auditions for Ralph Lancaster at the Gatsby. Ray chats up Cindy Beswick. The Council put the rates up 30%. Ralph likes Rita but tells her they have their own pianist. Rita refuses to sing without Ernie but he tells her not to be stupid. Jerry has a cycle meeting in the house so Ray takes Cindy to the Yard for an evening of passion but Cindy is frightened of Fury. The residents decide to form a rate payers association. Local thief Clarkie breaks into the yard, with a bone for Fury.moreless
  • Mon 12 May, 1975
    Mon 12 May, 1975
    Episode 38
    Deirdre thought Billy would agree to play things down for a bit, not finish completely. Billy tells Annie he's leaving. He's glad he's not marrying Deirdre. Annie tells him that she is as well. Alec gets Rita and Ernie a spot at the Gatsby. Billy tells Deirdre he's going to Jersey, alone. She breaks down.moreless
  • Wed 7 May, 1975
    Wed 7 May, 1975
    Episode 37
    Ray is amused to hear Billy and Deirdre's wedding is off. Emily isn't happy about Ernie playing with Rita. Gail doesn't get the hostess job. Rita thinks Deirdre is stupid dropping Billy. Billy tells Blanche he loves Deirdre. Blanche tells him to give Deirdre time. He tells her he can't hang round. Billy answers an ad in the paper for a barman at the Hotel Carlotta, St Helier, Jersey.moreless
  • Mon 5 May, 1975
    Mon 5 May, 1975
    Episode 36
    Deirdre tells Blanche she doesn't know what she wants from life. Ray and Jerry see that Eddie is right and rent Fury £5 for a week. Mavis suggests Rita practices her songs with Ernie. Rita is amazed that Ernie can really swing. Billy tells Deirdre to make up her mind if they're getting married in ninteen days or not. Rita tells Alec she'll work for him. Billy tells Annie and Blanche the wedding is off.moreless
  • Wed 30 Apr, 1975
    Wed 30 Apr, 1975
    Episode 35
    Ken takes Peter back to Glasgow. Deirdre is jealous of Gail's chances with the airline. Alec Gilroy tells Rita he's gone into theatrical management and wants her to return to singing. Eddie spends the £20 profits on an alsation guard dog called Fury. Albert boards him at No.1. Ray and Jerry refuse to employ Fury at the Yard to protect some copper piping. Eddie breaks in and steals some, leaving a message that they need a guard dog. Billy worries that Deirdre is having second thoughts. She tells him she feels unsettledmoreless
  • Mon 28 Apr, 1975
    Mon 28 Apr, 1975
    Episode 34
    Stan and Eddie start their partnership. Annie discovers about Blanche's bombshell. Peter misses Glasgow. Annie agrees to the newly weds living with her when Deirdre begs her. Stan and Eddie make a profit on the new estate. The girls throw a party to celebrate Gail's success at the airline. Billy plans to ask Len to be his best man. Ken agrees to take Peter home and sort out his school. The Henshaw brothers warn Eddie and Stan off the estate; it's their territory.moreless
  • Wed 23 Apr, 1975
    Wed 23 Apr, 1975
    Episode 33
    Ken realises Peter needs a father. Eddie considers starting his own round on the Parksway Estate. Tricia is jealous when Gail gets a second interview for an air hostess job. Annie is hurt when Billy tells her they'll be living with Blanche. The local kids poke fun at Peter's accent. Ken tries for an interview with a firm of educational publishers. Stan rows with Eddie over their profit cuts. They agree on a 50- 50 partnership. Blanche shocks Deirdre by telling her she doesn't want them living with her.moreless
  • Mon 21 Apr, 1975
    Mon 21 Apr, 1975
    Episode 32
    Ken realises something is wrong with Peter. Deirdre buys her wedding dress material for Blanche to make up. Annie tries to get Blanche to change her outfit but Blanche tells her it doesn't matter to her. Ken discovers Peter has been playing truant. Deirdre is surprised to find Billy siding with Annie over the dresses. He accuses her and Blanche of ganging up on Annie. She tells him she no longer wants to live in the Rovers when they're married. Peter tells Ken he doesn't like Glasgow; he wants to be with him.moreless
  • Wed 16 Apr, 1975
    Wed 16 Apr, 1975
    Episode 31
    Annie returns with her wedding outfit. The residents react to the news of Ken's redundancy. KEN: "I'm an expert at not coping... I always wanted Val to be something she wasn't... No wife, no kids and now no job. You couldn't have a bigger mess than that." Deirdre is amazed at Billy's "cost-no-object" approach to the wedding. Albert feels Ken should return to teaching. Annie is horrified to discover Blanche's wedding outfit is the same colour as hers - daffodil gold. Peter arrives to see Ken.moreless
  • Mon 14 Apr, 1975
    Mon 14 Apr, 1975
    Episode 30
    Jerry enjoys doing the housework rather than the Yard jobs. Ivy thinks Ken is stalling her on the redundancies. Stan worries when Hilda goes to the doctor for a tonic. IVY: "There's no such thing as a boss on our side. It's us and them... and you're one or the other." Marcus tells Ken that 20% of the workers have to go. Ray tells Jerry that Billy is laughing at his domesticity. Hilda discovers Stan has been signed off. She goes for Stan. Marcus tells Ken he's got to go.moreless
  • Wed 9 Apr, 1975
    Wed 9 Apr, 1975
    Episode 29
    The packing department is put on a three day week. Tricia worries that she will lose her job in the cuts. Len and Ray think Jerry is becoming too homely and wifey. Stan tells Hilda the doctor has given him another sick note. Ivy asks Ken to find out about their job security. Stan tells Eddie the doctor says he can return to work. He doesn't tell Hilda. Marcus fobs Ken off about the redundancies.moreless
  • Mon 7 Apr, 1975
    Mon 7 Apr, 1975
    Episode 28
    Bet can't face returning to work. Deirdre and Billy go to see the vicar. Bet is touched when Eddie washes her tights in a launderette so that she can go to work. Billy and Deirdre change the date to May 24th as the church is booked. Billy asks Ernie to take the photos but Annie takes the job elsewhere. Betty tells Bet that she lost her son as well. Annie and Billy row over the photographs. She tells him she's had enough of his interference and is going away - he can sort everything out.moreless
  • Wed 2 Apr, 1975
    Wed 2 Apr, 1975
    Episode 27
    Steve tells Bet that Martin is dead. Annie and Betty try to help her but she leaves the pub. Bet considers taking a load of aspirins. Eddie forces Bet to let him into her flat and refuses to leave. He forces her to tell him about Martin and takes away her aspirins.moreless
  • Mon 31 Mar, 1975
    Mon 31 Mar, 1975
    Episode 26
    Rita is certain Bet and Len won't last long. Billy decides not to tell Annie he's going to pay for the wedding and not Blanche. Len refuses to commit himself to Bet; he just wants her at the moment. She tells him she'd like them to live together. When it is clear he wants the occasionally one night stand she tells him she's having none of it. Annie is horrified that Billy is to foot the bill. She announces the date to the regulars. Steve Baker arrives looking for Bet.moreless
  • Wed 26 Mar, 1975
    Wed 26 Mar, 1975
    Episode 25
    Eddie tells Carlos he is Bet's husband. Deirdre is annoyed that she is still engaged and not married. Len tells Eddie he doesn't mind if he takes Bet out. Billy tells Deirdre he's worth £526; he can't afford to marry. Deirdre says she'll willingly live in the Rovers if she has to. Eddie tells Bet that Len gave him the go ahead. She is furious. Billy and Deirdre fix the date - June 1st. He tells Annie it will be a full white wedding.moreless
  • Mon 24 Mar, 1975
    Mon 24 Mar, 1975
    Episode 24
    Hilda and Eddie work well together. Len begins to feel trapped by Bet when she buys him a sweater. Eddie runs a book on the Personality competition. The residents are amazed at Stan's cheek as he drinks in the pub. Eddie is entertained by Clara Regan. Hilda and Eddie do better than Stan. They only give Stan £1. Bet plans a night at the pictures with Len. Annie counts the votes and Betty is the winner. Len stands Bet up.moreless
  • Wed 19 Mar, 1975
    Wed 19 Mar, 1975
    Episode 23
    Ena returns from St Annes. The Brewery run a 'Personality of the Pub' contest. Hilda is run ragged looking after Stan. Eddie tries to sell a pheasant, Ken buys it off him. Ena and Eddie both ask Minnie for digs. Bet tries to get Len interested in a foreign holiday. Ena tells Eddie he can stay in the front parlour if he gets a job. She tells Minnie that Henry's sister-in-law has taken him over. Stan takes Eddie on to help Hilda with the windows.moreless
  • Mon 17 Mar, 1975
    Mon 17 Mar, 1975
    Episode 22
    The girls and Eddie oversleep and Eddie is forced to stay in the flat when they go to work so Blanche won't see him. The Yard has no jobs. Alf thinks he can smell gas in the Street. News reaches the residents that Ena is returning. Hilda tries to get Stan to do the housework. She is pleased when he is given an injection in the backside. Eddie leaves the flat late at night, witnessed by some neighbours.moreless
  • Wed 12 Mar, 1975
    Wed 12 Mar, 1975
    Episode 21
    Len and Bet spend the night together. Eddie returns from serving his time. With Minnie away he is homeless. Len and Bet start to flaunt their relationship. Hilda gets her third job: washing up in the Warehouse canteen. Tricia and Gail are locked out of the flat. Eddie breaks in for them and they let him sleep on the floor.moreless
  • Mon 10 Mar, 1975
    Mon 10 Mar, 1975
    Episode 20
    Blanche agrees to give the girls credit if they'll help out occasionally in the shop. Len tries to make things up with Bet. The Social Services vet the Ogdens for support whilst Stan is ill. Hilda is furious when it is revealed that Stan hasn't paid his stamps for the last six months. They threaten to prosecute him for the arrears. Wharton agrees to Len doing the job if he'll do it immediately. Stan's benefit will be £7.65 a week. The Bishops offer them Mission money but Hilda refuses charity. Stan worries that someone will pinch his round. Hilda decides she'll do the round. Bet entertains Len.moreless
  • Wed 5 Mar, 1975
    Wed 5 Mar, 1975
    Episode 19
    Len goes for Ray and calls Jerry an old woman when they tell him they're disgusted with him. Now she's eighteen, Tricia gets Annie to serve her with a Bacardi. Stan returns home. He has otitismedia; his balance is disturbed and he's got anemia and the district nurse is to call on him. Len tells Bet he just wants her as an occasional bit on the side. She tells him to get lost.moreless
  • Mon 3 Mar, 1975
    Mon 3 Mar, 1975
    Episode 18
    The Yard only has one job on. Len agrees to do it whilst the others advertise. Tricia and Gail get Jerry and Ray to help them decorate. Bet cooks Len a meal. He stays with her instead of doing the job. Rita has a rotten birthday as only Terry remembers. Wharton cancels the job when Len doesn't turn up. Ray and Jerry are furious when they catch him at No.9 with Bet.moreless
  • Wed 26 Feb, 1975
    Wed 26 Feb, 1975
    Episode 17
    The residents grow concerned about Stan going to hospital. Len considers having Deirdre just working mornings and putting her in the Kabin in the afternoons. Stan goes into hospital. Len realises someone will have to go. Jerry refuses to leave the business. Hilda fears that she might lose Stan.
  • Mon 24 Feb, 1975
    Mon 24 Feb, 1975
    Episode 16
    Rita reveals Harold Digby sent the gifts. She rings him up and tells him to stop it. Dawn arrives and tells Rita that Digby always sends presents to attractive women. The doctor thinks Stan should have a checkup in hospital. Tricia and Gail's boyfriends are put off the party when they discover the residents are going. Grinrods pull out of a Yard order, Len fears bankruptcy. Ray thinks one of them will have to leave the firm. Albert gets drunk at the party.moreless
  • Wed 19 Feb, 1975
    Wed 19 Feb, 1975
    Episode 15
    Stan is told to rest. Gail and Tricia move into the flat as Blanche takes control of the shop. The girls plan a flat warming. Jerry worries about lack of work at the Yard. Rita tries to find out who sent the nightie. Stan continues to feel giddy. Rita is sent a bracelet in the post with a signed note.moreless
  • Mon 17 Feb, 1975
    Mon 17 Feb, 1975
    Episode 14
    Hilda offers her services to a horrified Gordon. Alf gives Rita some perfume as a thank-you. Gordon wants Blanche to run the shop for him. Deirdre thinks it's a great idea. The residents laugh about Alf and the nightie. He is horrified. Tricia and Gail ask Gordon to rent them the shop flat. Hilda pushes Stan to work although he swears he's ill. Alf tells Rita he didn't buy the nightie. Blanche agrees to run the shop. Gordon tells the girls they can have the flat. Stan collapses in the Street after falling from his ladder.moreless
  • Wed 12 Feb, 1975
    Wed 12 Feb, 1975
    Episode 13
    Stan is sent a Valentine, but it is not from Hilda. Ray tells Bet he sent it for a laugh. The Hopkins send Gordon back the shop keys. Stan feels ill and doesn't need Hilda rowing with him. A letter from Vera explains that she and Idris felt too ashamed to stay in the Street. When Annie won't give Betty time off, Gordon realises he'll have to run the shop. Tricia is angry about Granny. She plans to leave the Hopkins. Stan is off his beer. Rita receives a see-through nightie in the post. She thinks Alf sent it.moreless
  • Mon 10 Feb, 1975
    Mon 10 Feb, 1975
    Episode 12
    Mavis worries about what to cook for Alf's guests and works herself into such a state she has to go to bed. Rita takes her place, in a revealing dress. Gordon arrives and tells Betty that Granny has written him a letter telling him about his mother. Harold and Dawn Digby turn out to be very basic and get on well with Rita. Gordon tells Granny he won't be signing the final contract for the shop. Idris and Vera beg him to reconsider and Granny breaks down. Gordon tells Betty he's only frightening the Hopkins. The Hopkins leave in a van at night.moreless
  • Wed 5 Feb, 1975
    Wed 5 Feb, 1975
    Episode 11
    Len is upset that Rita didn't visit him and thanks Bet. Alf has to find a hostess to help him entertain a visiting Councillor. Mavis tells Jerry about Carlos. Hilda offers her services to Alf. Idris pretends to have stomach ache to get out of eating Granny's fish. She thinks he has food poisoning from a Rovers' pie and rows with Betty. Alf agrees to letting Mavis help but thinks she's too fanciful. Betty demands a refund for an off tin of mincemeat and calls Granny untrustworthy. Granny decides to get her own back.moreless
  • Mon 3 Feb, 1975
    Mon 3 Feb, 1975
    Episode 10
    Johnson swears he never hit Lynne. Len is kept in the cells overnight. Patterson questions the Barlows about what they heard. He tells Len he's got enough evidence to charge him with murder. Bet tries to visit Len but is turned away by the police. Patterson doesn't trust Johnson as Lynne carried old bruises. The Pathologist says Lynne died from brain damage caused through excessive beating. Lodger Clifford Fenton sticks by Johnson. The police tell him he could be charged with being an accessory after the fact and concealing evidence. He cracks. Bet finds it hard to believe that Rita hasn't tried to see Len.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jan, 1975
    Wed 29 Jan, 1975
    Episode 9
    Deirdre is questioned about Len's involvement with Len. Patterson thinks Len is lying to him about where he was working. The police get Ray to say that Len is hard fisted. Ray and Jerry are released. Johnson tells Patterson that Lynne was trying to finish a romance with Len but he wouldn't let her go. Rita is distraught. The lodger denies seeing Len. Patterson tries to get Len to admit to hitting Lynne.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jan, 1975
    Mon 27 Jan, 1975
    Episode 8
    The police set up their headquarters in the Community Centre. Len is questioned. He tells them how he was helping Lynne and is staggered when they tell him she's dead. Annie is questioned about Lynne drinking in the Rovers. Len says he called on Mr Johnson but he was out and he spoke to the lodger. The police refuse to let Len, Ray or Jerry go. Albert tells the police about the scream and tells them he heard Len's voice.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jan, 1975
    Wed 22 Jan, 1975
    Episode 7
    Jerry calls the police. DCI Patterson arrives as does Dr McKay. Lynne died from a blow to the head. Ray and Jerry are interviewed by the police. Patterson is suspicious of Ray, especially when he says he was just doing odd jobs all morning. The photographer spreads the news about a murdered woman. The police think Ray tipped Len off and he has run away. Len's van is stopped by the police.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jan, 1975
    Mon 20 Jan, 1975
    Episode 6
    Rita tries to find out why Mavis is upset but Mavis is silent. The residents are pleased that the Barlows are back together. Lynne agrees to go to the police if Len will go with her. Albert catches Bobby on Gilbert's loft surounded by feathers. The Barlows like being just good friends. Len lets hysterical Lynne stay at No.9. When he tries to go to work she begs him not to leave her alone, heard by the Barlows. Minnie tries to console Albert. Mavis tells Rita about Carlos. Janet and Ken agree to get together to talk about a divorce. Albert overhears a woman screaming in No.9. Ray and Jerry find Lynne's body.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jan, 1975
    Wed 15 Jan, 1975
    Episode 5
    Albert threatens to sue Stan and Jerry. The residents wonder who Lynne is when Len meets her in the pub. Janet visits Ken. Len advises Lynne to keep out of her husband's way. He grows annoyed at the way she keeps turning up. She wants him to tell her what to do. Gilbert returns home. Ken is pleased when Janet agrees to stay the night.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jan, 1975
    Mon 13 Jan, 1975
    Episode 4
    Gordon doesn't know what to think; he's relieved Les isn't his father but doesn't like the idea of being Betty's bastard. Jerry makes a cote for Gilbert. Deirdre tries to give Jerry some confidence in himself. Maggie breaks down as Gordon gets drunk to celebrate the fact that Les is not his father. Gilbert flies back to No.1 when he's released from the Red Rec. Len is amazed by Lynne's weakness. She doesn't want a divorce. Stan and Jerry release Gilbert two miles away, he doesn't return.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jan, 1975
    Wed 8 Jan, 1975
    Episode 3
    Albert is adopted by a pigeon. He calls it Gilbert. Ray tells Jerry that Mavis is getting married. Betty and Maggie realise they're going to have to tell Gordon. Battered wife, Lynne Johnson, asks Len for help but refuses to go to the police. He tells her he's willing to talk to her husband. Stan tries to get Albert interested in racing Gilbert and goes in 50-50 with him. Maggie tells Gordon that Betty is his mother.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jan, 1975
    Mon 6 Jan, 1975
    Episode 2
    Mavis doesn't know what to say to Carlos. Bet is annoyed that Eddie stood her up. Annie tells Eddie she'll Bet the night off if he can come up with a replacement. He talks Blanche into it. Mavis decides to accept Carlos. Big Arthur wants his ham back but Minnie has already started on it. Eddie has to pay compensation and give it all back. Carlos gives Mavis his ring. He tells her they must marry at once as he needs a work permit. He offers her money but she refuses to marry him. Bet and Eddie are just getting passionate when the PC Sadler of the police arrives and arrest him.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jan, 1975
    Wed 1 Jan, 1975
    Episode 1
    With Ena back in St. Annes, Minnie and Eddie settle down. Rita loans Mavis the Kabin flat to entertain Carlos. Eddie's and Bet's dates continue to be cancelled. He refuses to go back to Walton until he's slept with Bet. Nobby stores some stolen goods in Minnie's coal hole. Eddie tells her he won it at bingo. Eddie and Bet plan another night out. Big Arthur accuses Eddie of telling the police about the break-in and keeps him from his date with Bet. Carlos asks Mavis to marry him.moreless