Coronation Street - Season 17

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  • Wed 29 Dec, 1976
    Wed 29 Dec, 1976
    Episode 104
    Gail is depressed as she's not doing anything with her life and people think she's a tart. Annie had to provide a blood sample in the police station. Annie discovers her car insurance is £200. She is annoyed as Kitty spreads the word round the Lady Victuallers about the breathalyser. Bet holds a housewarming. The residents are jealous of the modern house. Annie's blood sample proves she was below the limit. Mike arrives half way through the party but doesn't mind. Len gets a letter from his son Stanley saying he's coming up to visit with his fiancée.moreless
  • Mon 27 Dec, 1976
    Mon 27 Dec, 1976
    Episode 103
    Mike and Bet move into No. 5. He immediately returns to London. Annie gets one over on Kitty Stoneley by offering to take her to a LVC lunch in her Rover 2000. She quickly buys the car off Lanky. He gives Eddie commission. Bet's wall units are delivered but she has to assemble them. She lures the men round with a bottle of whisky. Renee accuses Gail of being responsible for Terry's leaving and calls her a tart. Annie is stopped after the lunch, doing a three-point turn in the street, by the police and is breathalysed. The crystals turn green.moreless
  • Wed 22 Dec, 1976
    Wed 22 Dec, 1976
    Episode 102
    The girls continue to undress Ernie. Vera pulls his shirt off. He runs off in his vest and pants. Gail gets drunk and kisses Terry, he reads more into it, especially when she tells him she doesn't want him to leave the area. Annie refuses to lend glasses for the party as they got the drink from Renee. Terry asks Gail to go out with him; he'd like to settle down. She laughs at him and says she's only with him as there's no one else. He calls her a tart and slaps her face. Len is angry when Marie dumps him for Mike. Ernie's clothes can't be found so he has to wear denims. Annie test drives the Rover 2000. Terry leaves for Lancaster, planning to join up. Renee is upset at being on her own. Bet goes to the party fearing Vera has her claws in Mike but finds him on his own. He gives her the key to No. 5 as a Christmas present.moreless
  • Mon 20 Dec, 1976
    Mon 20 Dec, 1976
    Episode 101
    Marie hangs mistletoe over her sewing machine and kisses Mike. Eddie tells her debters he'll pay half-odds as any bet made on licenced premises is illegal and therefore invalid. Mike throws a party for his workers, and gets the drink from Renee, she is delighted. Bet is angry as she isn't going to the party and she knows the machinists are after Mike. Vera and Marie throw themselves at Mike at the factory party. Ivy has her eye on Tom Pickup and sends Gail out to get more men for the girls. Eddie sets his pal Lanky Potts up to sell Annie a Rover 2000. Terry tells Gail he fancies her, she is pleased. Len and Marie break off from the crowd and lock themselves in an office. The girls debag Ernie.moreless
  • Wed 15 Dec, 1976
    Wed 15 Dec, 1976
    Episode 100
    Ivy tells Elsie the girls will strike if they're not paid on Thursdays. Renee pushes Terry to find work. Ernie refuses to give way to the girls, he is certain he has Mike's backing. Annie is nervous about her test. The factory girls strike. Mike tells Ernie he hopes for his sake that they're soon back at work. The girls don't believe Elsie when she tells them she's on their side. She convinces them that their argument is with Ernie not Mike. She offers to put their case to Mike. Terry tells Renee he doesn't fit in in the Street and he's returning to the army. Ivy wants a fight but the other girls want to return to work. Elsie tells Mike their request and he agrees. Ernie is humiliated. Annie passes her test. Fred wins £20, Terry £5, Annie £10 and Betty £1. Eddie is horrified at the pay-outs he has to make. Ken advises him to find a car for Annie and pay his debts out of the commission.moreless
  • Mon 13 Dec, 1976
    Mon 13 Dec, 1976
    Episode 99
    Elsie starts work at Baldwins. Ivy, Vera and Marie Stanton work under her. Terry grows tired of being treated like a lad at the Yard; he's a tradesman. Annie's test comes through for the next day. Her instructor doesn't think she's ready. The factory girls want to be paid on a different day, Mike tells Ernie to sort it out. Terry tackles Len about the boring jobs he gets given. Len agrees with him and gives a week's notice; there's not enough work for three. Ernie refuses to change the pay day from Friday to Thursday for just the sewing room girls. Eddie runs a book on Annie's driving test. Annie puts £1 on herself to pass. Elsie rows with Ernie - the girls are going to hold a strike meeting.moreless
  • Wed 8 Dec, 1976
    Wed 8 Dec, 1976
    Episode 98
    Elsie is furious that Mike would fire her from the shop. She thinks he's going to replace her with Bet. Eddie gets a mac for Hilda. He tells her it's exclusive and is only £10. Gail tells her it's a bargain. Elsie tackles Bet about Sylvia's. Bet denies all knowledge of it. She confronts Mike about his plans to get rid of her and is speechless when he tells her she's past it. Hilda shows her mac off in the Rovers and sees a woman wearing an identical mac. Mike apologises to Elsie and offers her the job of sewing room supervisor. She is pleased.moreless
  • Mon 6 Dec, 1976
    Mon 6 Dec, 1976
    Episode 97
    Bet makes plans for No. 5. Sylvia's holds a clearance sale. Syvia tells Elsie that she and Gail go with the shop. Hilda doesn't think it's fair that Bet should be treated by Mike and his big wallet, especially when he buys her a new mac. She refuses to do any housework until Stan has bought her a mac. Elsie tells Mike Sylvia's would make a good outlet shop for him. Mike looks around the shop and tells Gail he likes it but wouldn't want to employ Elsie; she's too old.moreless
  • Wed 1 Dec, 1976
    Wed 1 Dec, 1976
    Episode 96
    Ena is upset to discover Bet and Mike will be living together in Minnie's old house. Eager to write about real life, Mavis asks Terry about army life. Annie tells Bet to stop the gossip in the bar over her living arrangements and tell everyone she is Mike's housekeeper. Mavis is shocked by Terry's tales and decides to give up writing. Elsie reveals Sylvia's is closing.moreless
  • Mon 29 Nov, 1976
    Mon 29 Nov, 1976
    Episode 95
    To show Mavis she won't be sued, Rita reads a bit of the novel to Stan, about Santos Olivier. Stan doesn't recognise himself. Bet doesn't know whether or not to live with Mike. Mike shows Bet round No. 5 to Len and Ray's amazement. Mavis asks Ken to read the book to see if any of it is libelous. Rita and Elsie try to dissuade Bet from moving into No. 5. Ken doesn't think the book is libelous but doesn't like it. Bet tells Mike she'll move in with him.moreless
  • Wed 24 Nov, 1976
    Wed 24 Nov, 1976
    Episode 94
    Mavis is horrified that Rita has read her book. Rita tells her she liked it. Mike gives Len the job. Eddie tries to sell Christmas trees. Bet enjoys herself with Mike. Mavis sends her book off to the publishers. Emily warns her that she could be sued if anyone recognises themselves in the book. Annie lays on a party for Ena. She is touched. Mavis tries to retrieve her parcel but the postman refuses to give it to her. Mike invites Bet to move into No. 5 with him.moreless
  • Mon 22 Nov, 1976
    Mon 22 Nov, 1976
    Episode 93
    Bet is angry when Betty tells her to look out for herself; Mike has a family. She wants to enjoy herself. Mavis plans to send a romantic novel she has written to a publishers. Rita tries to read it. Mike thinks Ray's estimate for the work on No. 5 is steep, especially when Deirdre shows him Ray's own plans and his costings. Mike tells Len he'll get someone else to do the job. Len is furious as Ray could have lost them jobs on the factory as well. Rita takes Mavis' manuscript from her bag and starts to read it. Eddie takes Ena to see 'Gone With The Wind' for her 77th birthday treat. Len offers Mike a new estimate, down 20% but Mike refuses it. Bet asks Mike to take Len's estimate as a favour, he agrees. Rita tells Deirdre about 'Song of a Scarlet Summer' and how Mavis has written about them all, changing their names: 'Rosalind Lane' is Rita, 'Lionel Forrest' is Len, 'Lady Annabel Ryder' is Annie. The book is very steamy: "…she glided on to the shadowy balcony and into the waiting arms of Lionel. Her white throat gleamed in the moonlight as she raised her face to his. She tossed back her chestnut curls and unable to control his passion Lionel bent his strong mouth to her waiting rosebud lips…"moreless
  • Wed 17 Nov, 1976
    Wed 17 Nov, 1976
    Episode 92
    Edie throws herself at Stan. Ken organises the Old Folk's Christmas Party. Eddie is forced to sleep at Monkey Gibbon's but wants to return to No. 13. Mike asks Len and Ray to do a conversion job on his new house - No. 5. Ray is furious. Hilda is horrified that Edie washes Stan's underwear. She goes to the chippie and has a slanging match with Edie. Edie gets Norman to defend her, causing Stan to stick up for Hilda. Norman throws them both out. The Ogdens are reconciled. Hilda tells Eddie they want to live alone - he can't move back. Mike takes Bet out. Rita is horrified; she wanted him.moreless
  • Mon 15 Nov, 1976
    Mon 15 Nov, 1976
    Episode 91
    Ray completes his plans for modernising No. 5 but Deirdre doesn't want the house. He thinks it's a snip at £2,500 but she refuses to look at the plans. Rita takes a fancy to Mike and flirts with him. Norman threatens to throw Stan out unless Hilda takes him back. She agrees to take him back without an apology. Stan refuses to return until she has apologised to him. Mike asks Bet out, telling her he has a wife in London but is in the North during the week. The residents advise Deirdre to take No. 5. She looks at the plans and likes them. She agrees to buying the house. Ray is delighted. Stan asks Eddie to get some of his clothes for him. Hilda dresses up for Stan's return and is upset when Eddie tells her he's not coming back; he's being looked after by Edie. Ray is horrified to find someone else has bought No. 5.moreless
  • Wed 10 Nov, 1976
    Wed 10 Nov, 1976
    Episode 90
    Mavis considers taking driving lessons. Betty sees Nellie Harvey for a job. Annie finds it hard work at the Rovers, with Fred still doing his afternoon job. She pays Eddie to wash glasses. Hilda fills out a form for the Sally Army. Stan enjoys being looked after by Edie. Norman calls on Hilda and tells her Stan is with him. She is furious that he didn't tell her sooner. Hilda refuses to beg Stan to return. Nellie refuses to give any of Annie's cast-offs a job. Fred tells Bet and Betty that Annie wants to see them, when she really only wanted to see Betty. Stan plans a night watching Edie's colour TV and isn't happy with the prospect of being reunited with Hilda. Eddie decides he'll reconcile the Ogdens so he can return to being their lodger. Annie offers Bet and Betty their jobs back without the £2 cut, they return to work and Gail gets the push. Stan decides to return home until Eddie tells him that Hilda wants an apology from him.moreless
  • Mon 8 Nov, 1976
    Mon 8 Nov, 1976
    Episode 89
    Annie tells Hilda she won't tell anyone about Stan's disappearance. Bet refuses to crawl to Annie to secure her job. Betty fears she'll never work again. Stan arrives at Norman Crabtree's chip shop in Oakhill. Annie refuses to take Betty and Bet back. Hilda contacts the Salvation Army. Stan tells Norman and assistant Edie Blundell he's been hitching all over the country. Edie feels sorry for him. He asks Norman if he can stay with him. Eddie returns to No. 13 from staying in Liverpool. Hilda tells him he can't stay with her as Stan is away. Gail starts work at the Rovers. Bet and Betty, as customers, give her the runaround, ordering cocktails which Annie has to instruct her on how to make up. Norman resents the way Stan lounges around the shop, eating the profits and entertaining Edie to a drink. Stan phones the Rovers to tell Hilda he's alright. The residents begin to realise Stan has left her.moreless
  • Wed 3 Nov, 1976
    Wed 3 Nov, 1976
    Episode 88
    Hilda is still worried about Stan and finally breaks down when everyone is sending her up about his absence in the Rovers; Hilda confides in Annie who rises to the occasion by comforting her and ringing the police. Bet & Betty are shattered when they are told they won't get the factory jobs and Annie has started to make alternative staffing arrangementsmoreless
  • Mon 1 Nov, 1976
    Mon 1 Nov, 1976
    Episode 87
    Ernest has begun his new job and is slightly unnerved when he has to interview girls for jobs in the factory, particularly when Bet appears as an applicant. Annie has decided she can't keep on Bet & Betty in the Rovers unless they will take a salary cut, so they both apply for jobs in the factory. Hilda is worried about Stanley who has been missing from home for some days.moreless
  • Wed 27 Oct, 1976
    Wed 27 Oct, 1976
    Episode 86
    Handel Gartside arrives in the Street and tells Ena that Minnie isn't returning from Whaley Bridge. Ray arranges to look round No. 5, thinking he can buy it cheap and do it up. Deirdre refuses to live in Coronation Street. Stan buys the mac back for 10p. To his surprise Hilda refuses to have it back. Handel tells Ena he's fond of Minnie and will take care of her. Hilda plans to buy a new mac out of Christmas money but discovers Stan has taken half of it. She is furious and calls him a liar and a thief. She tells him she hates him and their rotten lives. She tells him tells him to go away from her and he does. Handel oversees Minnie's things being taken away, Ena takes a picture of her and Albert her Coronation mug. Ena sadly tells Handel to take care of Minnie and watches her stuff leave the Street. The Langtons view No. 5. Ernie finds out the address of the woman who bought Emily's engagement ring. He tries to buy it back but she's emigrated to Australia. Emily says she's glad as she's got her eye on another ring. Hilda wonders where Stan is when he stays out all evening.moreless
  • Mon 25 Oct, 1976
    Mon 25 Oct, 1976
    Episode 85
    Hilda grows tired of working at the Rovers and the Centre. Ernie doesn't enjoy interviewing machinists for jobs. Emily decides to stay on at the Hospital even though Ernie has a job. Albert is horrified as the landlord puts Minnie's house up for sale. Ray wants to buy No. 5 but Deirdre isn't keen - she wants somewhere with a garden. Hilda's mac disappears. Ena determines to find out why Minnie's house is for sale. Hilda is hurt when her mac turns up - on a bonfire guy.moreless
  • Wed 20 Oct, 1976
    Wed 20 Oct, 1976
    Episode 84
    Rita and Elsie don't enjoy running around after Len and clash. Ena is the first off-licence customer and gets her two stouts free. Ray tells Rita that Len is putting it on. She pours a pint over Len's head in her fury. She throws all the washing she has done out of a window. Terry tells Harry that Renee wants to settle down. Ena worries as she hasn't heard from Minnie in ages. Renee tells Harry she'll wait to marry him and assures him she didn't buy the shop in the hope he'd settle down. He tells her he can't see their marriage working out and returns to sea, their engagement broken.moreless
  • Mon 18 Oct, 1976
    Mon 18 Oct, 1976
    Episode 83
    Rita runs herself down, doing the papers and looking after Len. The regulars tease Alf for helping Renee put some shelves up at the shop. Renee's fiancée Harry McLean arrives on leave. She introduces him to Terry. Rita finds it hard to cope at No. 9. Her agent demands to know what she's going to do about Torquay. Len tells her to take the job if she wants it but declines it as she feels Len needs her. Ray has a check up at the doctor's and learns the doctor signed Len off the sick two days ago.moreless
  • Wed 13 Oct, 1976
    Wed 13 Oct, 1976
    Episode 82
    Len comes to. Elsie rows with Rita for hitting him. Mavis entertains the customers in the Rovers with her comic songs and has too much to drink. Bet makes her stay at the Rovers for the night as Annie is in Jersey. Dr Brooks gives Len the all-clear but advises him to take it easy. Rita apologises to him. Mike gives Ernie the job for £45. Doreen tells Elsie that Roy has moved in with Sylvia so she's citing her now and not Gail. She also tells her Roy and Sylvia are moving on and giving the shop up. The Bishops celebrate with an Italian meal. Bet, Rita and Elsie fuss round Len, he enjoys it. He tells them that if he doesn't rest he'll end up in hospital.moreless
  • Mon 11 Oct, 1976
    Mon 11 Oct, 1976
    Episode 81
    The Warehouse is opened up again. Elsie challenges Len to take her out for the night to prove he can still show a girl a good time. Londoner Mike Baldwin supervises his new factory. As the office isn't finished, he interviews Ernie at No.3, catching him unaware. He tells him he's opening a denim factory and is after a wages clerk. Rita gives Len two free tickets for the Gatsby. He says he'll take Ken. Rita is annoyed when Len takes Elsie to the Gatsby. Elsie is annoyed that Len didn't pay for the tickets. Len grows jealous of Rita's agent. He tells her she can't have a week off to sing in Torquay. She is adamant that she's going so he threatens her with the sack. Rita hits him and he falls to the floor, hitting his head.moreless
  • Wed 6 Oct, 1976
    Wed 6 Oct, 1976
    Episode 80
    Ernie tries to find someone to cover for him. Annie is convincing in her case that an off-licence is not needed in Coronation Street. Stan enjoys not being able to work. Bet puts her foot in it when she lets slip that they send out for wine when it's needed. Hilda is depressed because Stan spends all day in the Rovers, Len decides to build Stan a cart for her sake. Ernie hands the shop over to Terry. Annie puts her hopes on Jenkins but he launches into an attack on pubs. The magistrates grant the application and Renee gets her licence. Renee offers Annie the hand of friendship but she doesn't want it. Bet is angry when Annie blames her, she tells Annie that everyone knew she wasn't going to win, she was just fighting it out of spite. Annie offers Renee an olive branch and offers her any help she might need about selling alcohol. Hilda finds the new cart outside No. 13 and guesses who made it. To their horror she kisses Len and Ray. Ernie gets an interview at the warehouse.moreless
  • Mon 4 Oct, 1976
    Mon 4 Oct, 1976
    Episode 79
    Ernie looks after the shop whilst Renee goes to court. Stan spends £4 of the compensation on drink. Bet goes to court with Annie, Ken with Renee. The magistrates hear their case. Ernie gets a job interview and worries that Renee won't be back in time. Renee has 276 signatures on her petition she feels that the area needs an off licence. Annie's solicitor brings up the fact that Renee has been reported for opening on Sundays. He accuses her of just being after the profits. Ken tells the magistrates that an off licence would be convenient. Annie tells the court that she believes the Rovers fulfills all the neighbours' needs.moreless
  • Wed 29 Sep, 1976
    Wed 29 Sep, 1976
    Episode 78
    Ken decides to stand by Eddie although Eddie does offer to give the job up. Fred and Terry fear legally they were responsible for the crash as the dog owners. Alf's car repairs are £60. Len chairs as Annie, Alf, the Ogdens, Fred and Terry meet to sort out responsibility. The parents refuse to give Eddie the benefit of the doubt. Eddie is hurt that he can't look after the kids anymore. Hilda demands compensation and loss of earnings. Len reminds the Ogdens that Alan gave Stan the cart for free and Ray sold him the ladders for £2. Alf reveals he can't claim on his insurance because it'll cost him more than the £60 repairs; he'll loose his no-claims bonus. Terry and Fred say they're the injured party as their £30 dog has run off. Annie refuses to pay anyone. Bet advises Annie to set a good example. Annie agrees to pay half the cost of the car repairs and suggests that she, Alf, Fred and Terry all pay £2.50 compensation to Stan. Stan agrees but Hilda is disappointed. Renee decides to sell the shop if she doesn't get the licence.moreless
  • Mon 27 Sep, 1976
    Mon 27 Sep, 1976
    Episode 77
    Annie and Alf are stunned after their crash. Alf blames Annie, she blames Terry, he blames Albert who has disappeared. Hilda lays into Alf when she finds the cart under his car. Eddie disciplines the kids by tickling them. He gets an old car for the playground. Fred searches for the dog after the crash. Hilda claims £50 damages from Annie and Fred. Albert goes to Glasgow when Hilda threatens to sue him for letting the dog loose. Ken decides that Eddie should be paid for his work. Len organises a meeting to sort out Hilda's claims. The parents tell Ken they don't want Eddie being near their children because of his criminal record and threaten to go over his head.moreless
  • Wed 22 Sep, 1976
    Wed 22 Sep, 1976
    Episode 76
    Deirdre tells Ray she wants her bike back - as a bike. Albert enjoys looking after Fred's Folly. Eddie stores playground equipment at the Centre. Len agrees to take Elsie to a Council dinner, entertaining a delegation of French men. Stan lends Eddie his cart to move some of the playground stuff. Walter Jenkins, from the Weatherfield Anti-Drink League petitions people outside the shop. He swears to oppose Renee at the court. Alf is tricked into giving Annie a driving lesson. Terry gives the bike to Eddie for the playground. Eddie and the kids start to build the playground. Ken offers to testify to Renee's good character in court. Annie swerves to avoid the dog in the Street and hits Stan's cart.moreless
  • Mon 20 Sep, 1976
    Mon 20 Sep, 1976
    Episode 75
    The doctor tells Deirdre to stop riding her bike. Betty is forced to do Annie's shopping at Renee's. Renee calls Terry 'Judas' for drinking in the Rovers. When the Centre's nursery leader is ill, Eddie gives Ken a hand with the children. Albert charges Fred and Alf for keeping the dog at his house. Ken is impressed by Eddie's handling of children. He wants to build an adventure playground at the back of the Centre. Eddie agrees to help the kids organise themselves. Mavis agrees to buy Deirdre's bike for £5 but Ray and Len turns it into an exercise machine for Fred's Folly but the dog isn't interested.moreless
  • Wed 15 Sep, 1976
    Wed 15 Sep, 1976
    Episode 74
    Fred, Alf and Terry search for the dog. Albert has taken Fred's Folly in. Renee starts a petition in favour of the off-licence as it will help in court. Hilda signs it 'Crabtree' so as not to offend Annie. Deirdre agrees to Ray's pram when he says he'll change the baby's nappies. Annie starts a petition against the off-licence. Albert discovers who owns the dog and suggests that Fred and Alf offer a reward. He then returns the dog for the £3 reward. Alf takes the dog to his house but it escapes again and returns to Albert. Ray can't have the pram back as the lad has turned it into a trolley. Annie bans Renee from the Rovers. Renee tells her she won't be served in the shop.moreless
  • Mon 13 Sep, 1976
    Mon 13 Sep, 1976
    Episode 73
    Fred, Alf and Terry buy a greyhound, Fred's Folly. Fred keeps it in the Rovers' cellar. They can't believe they spent £30 when drunk on the dog. Fred tries to keep Annie away from the cellar. Ray does the pram up in the Yard as a surprise for Deirdre. Annie finds the dog in the cellar and releases it, thinking it fell through the trap door. The dog runs away. Deirdre gives the pram to a lad for his bonfire. Terry is so hung over he can't remember buying the dog. Renee puts up notices that she is applying for a drinks licence. RENNE: "In darkest Africa they use a set of drums. Here we've got Hilda Ogden. I suppose that's civilisation." Sylvia agrees not to sack Gail. Ray is furious that Deirdre gave the pram away, she is furious that he wanted it for their child. Albert buys dog food. Renee worries that he's hard up.moreless
  • Wed 8 Sep, 1976
    Wed 8 Sep, 1976
    Episode 72
    Gail refuses to work her notice. Fred, Terry and Alf plan another night with the dogs as the track wasn't open the night before. Albert is in profit as he sells his vegetables to the old folk. Elsie forces Gail to work at the shop. Ray buys a second hand pram. Deirdre thinks Gail could take Sylvia to the Industrial Tribunal for unfair dismissal. Elsie threatens to take Sylvia to a tribunal on Gail's behalf.moreless
  • Mon 6 Sep, 1976
    Mon 6 Sep, 1976
    Episode 71
    Gail runs away. She thinks of going to London but Rita puts her off and lets her catch up on some sleep at the Kabin. When she feels better she returns to work. Fred, Alf and Terry go to the dogs for the night. Eddie and Stan start selling Albert's vegetables off Stan's cart. Albert stops them when Ena suggests he sells them direct to the Darby and Joan club. Sylvia tackles Gail over her affair with Roy and sacks her.moreless
  • Wed 1 Sep, 1976
    Wed 1 Sep, 1976
    Episode 70
    Roy asks Gail to brazen it out and lie in court, she refuses. Stan returns the washing when he hears Jim Haggertry is in prison. Elsie decides to see Doreen when Gail says she can't. Stan runs into newly released Jim when he returns the washing. Doreen tells Elsie she had Gail and Roy followed; they spent two hours in the shop after midnight together. Jim gives Stan a black eye. Doreen refuses to believe Gail was the innocent party. Elsie asks her if she could name someone else. When Doreen thinks Gail is a trollop Gail appears and breaks down. Doreen refuses to believe she isn't a home wrecked.moreless
  • Mon 30 Aug, 1976
    Mon 30 Aug, 1976
    Episode 69
    Ray stays in hospital for observation. The Haggerty boys, Kevin and Jimmy, run amok in the Street. Roy doesn't know Doreen is divorcing him or that she is citing Gail. Elsie asks him not to defend the divorce. Hilda's washing is stolen, she thinks the Haggerty boys took it. Ray discharges himself from hospital, his arm in a sling. Roy apologises to Gail. She tells him she hates him; her reputation will be ruined. Stan steals the Haggerty's washing. Gail breaks down when Roy decides to defend the divorce. Renee returns the Ogden's washing; she took it in when it was raining and put it in her machine.moreless
  • Wed 25 Aug, 1976
    Wed 25 Aug, 1976
    Episode 68
    Barker rigs some scaffolding. Mrs Wilton thinks there's something wrong with Mavis for not marrying before. Ray falls from the scaffolding and is rushed to the Infirmary. Mrs Wilton doesn't like Mavis and tells Derek that she won't do; she and Derek are too alike, he needs someone with spirit. Len realises Barker rigged the scaffolding and fights him. Annie learns how the car was crashed by the vicar. Gail discovers Doreen Thornley is citing her in her divorce case when she gets a court petition.moreless
  • Mon 23 Aug, 1976
    Mon 23 Aug, 1976
    Episode 67
    Derek tells Mavis he's taking her to see his mother. She is terrified. Annie returns. Bet and Betty can't bring themselves to ask about the crash. Len prompts an investigation at the site and Barker is reprimanded by the unionist. Mrs Wilton gives Mavis the third degree.
  • Wed 18 Aug, 1976
    Wed 18 Aug, 1976
    Episode 66
    Ray discovers a load of plumbing stock has been stolen from the site, Len tells the contractor. Stripper, Josie Steel goes through her routine with Ernie at No. 3. Emily walks in half way through. She accuses Ernie of thinking more of letting Rita down than her. Rita throws Emily out of the Kabin when she groups her in the same category as the strippers at the Gatsby. Jack Barker and Doug West steal tiles from the site. The Bishops apologise to each other. He tells her he'll give the job up. Len and Ray suspect Barker of being the thief.moreless
  • Mon 16 Aug, 1976
    Mon 16 Aug, 1976
    Episode 65
    Rita gets Ernie a job at the Gatsby, two nights a week, but one of them is a stag night. Len, Ray and Terry do contract work on a building site, with Terry working full time. Hilda tells Emily that Ernie will be playing at Stag nights. Annie goes to see Joan, the residents wonder why. Ernie tells her he needs to feel that he's earning money. Builder Barker taunts the Yard men just for the sake of it. BETTY: (to Hilda) "Your good name went bad years since. And the only reputation you've ever 'ad is for tootin', yakkin' - an' generally muck- rakin'." News reaches the Rovers that Annie's driving lesson ended with her crashing the car into a lamp post. To Emily's disgust, Ernie agrees to play at the Gatsby.moreless
  • Wed 11 Aug, 1976
    Wed 11 Aug, 1976
    Episode 64
    Elsie doesn't know if she should tell Gail that Roy is married. Emily finds the hospital exhausting. Elsie tells Gail about Roy's family, she doesn't believe her. Annie is annoyed when Hilda broadcasts the fact that it's her birthday. Elsie gives Roy the message from his wife in front of Gail. He tells Gail it was only a game - what did she expect? She gives him back his bracelet but he tells her he can't give her back her virginity. Eddie does a paper round at the Kabin. Instructor Don Grady gives Annie her first lesson to the residents' amusement.moreless
  • Mon 9 Aug, 1976
    Mon 9 Aug, 1976
    Episode 63
    Annie decides to learn to drive. Gail is angry at Elsie's interference in her life. She accuses her of being jealous of her youth. Gail walks out of the shop. Annie is annoyed when the regulars hint she's too old to drive. Elsie threatens to tell Sylvia about the affair if he doesn't stop it. Deirdre agrees to talk to Gail for Elsie but Gail tells her she's only jealous. Roy's wife phones and tells Elsie she and the kids will be returning from London in the morning. Gail tells Roy she loves him.moreless
  • Wed 4 Aug, 1976
    Wed 4 Aug, 1976
    Episode 62
    Terry misses the Army. Bertha apologises to Albert and gives him £10. Annie discovers Nellie Harvey had to have eighty-six lessons to pass her test. Albert is horrified when Bertha kisses him. Elsie is upset when Gail loses one of her earrings whilst out with Roy. Nat threatens to thump Albert when he hears about the kiss. Elsie finds the lost earring in the stock room. She realises Roy must be married if he has to entertain Gail at the shop. Nellie challenges Annie to learn to drive in less than eighty-six lessons.moreless
  • Mon 2 Aug, 1976
    Mon 2 Aug, 1976
    Episode 61
    Elsie worries that Roy will hurt Gail. Ernie is horrified that Emily has sold her ring for £100. She makes him see that they are not beggars. Nellie shows off her new mini and shocks Annie by telling her she's passed her test. Albert demands money from Bertha, she refuses to give him any. Emily gets a job as an orderly at the Hospital. She tells him they also need a porter, he refuses.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jul, 1976
    Wed 28 Jul, 1976
    Episode 60
    Len asks Rita if she wants a break in the Lakes with him. She turns him down as she's singing. Elsie makes Gail stay in the shop for her lunch so Roy joins her. The Inland Revenue demand £300 from Ernie, he hasn't got it. Nat asks Albert to keep taking Bertha to bingo for his sake. Gail is nervous as Roy comes on strong. Ernie decides to sell his cameras. Emily is horrified. Albert agrees to take Bertha to bingo twice a week if he covers all his expenses. Elsie discovers Gail and Roy have closed the shop for lunch and that Gail is drunk. Albert and Bertha win £20 at bingo. She refuses to share it with him. Emily sells her engagement ring.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jul, 1976
    Mon 26 Jul, 1976
    Episode 59
    Emily goes in search of a job, Ernie doesn't like the idea of her working if he isn't. Fred is annoyed as Annie spoilt his evening with Vera. Roy takes Gail out for lunch, to her surprise. Bertha thinks Albert's lucky and refuses to leave him alone. Elsie advises Gail to watch herself with Roy. Renee tells Ernie she'll let them have credit if they want it. Mavis looks for clothes for her holidays and gets on Rita's nerves. Nat Lumley looks for Albert. Roy takes Gail out for the night.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jul, 1976
    Wed 21 Jul, 1976
    Episode 58
    Bertha doesn't let Albert forget £50 of the winnings is hers. Vera tries to get Fred to skive off work, he refuses but agrees to see her for the night. Annie agrees to him entertaining her for a meal and promises to be discreet. Ernie receives £17. 50 a week social, plus the interest on his mortgage. He discovers he owes £100 VAT. RAY: (about Vera) "I'm told she's anybody's for price of a gin." Eddie chats Vera up. She lets him buy her four gins before getting ready for her date with Fred. Albert plans to go to Glasgow and treat the twins. He is worried that Bertha is after him. Annie is horrified that Fred's lady friend is the common Vera. She decides to play gooseberry. Bertha's daughter tells Albert she's always getting off with men at bingo and her dad has threatened to kill the next one.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jul, 1976
    Mon 19 Jul, 1976
    Episode 57
    Albert mourns his vandalised marrow. The Gazette refuse to take Ernie on the staff as he's not in the NUJ. Hilda spreads the news round that Ernie has gone bust. Albert accuses Ray of vandalising his marrow. Ernie goes to the job centre. Ray apologises to Albert and gives him £2 compensation. Ernie doesn't qualify to go on the Executive Register and has to claim supplementary benefit. Edna's friend, Vera Duckworth, calls on Fred. Albert goes to bingo and meets Bertha Lumley, they go halves and win the £100 jackpot.moreless
  • Wed 14 Jul, 1976
    Wed 14 Jul, 1976
    Episode 56
    The Bishops feel it's unfair that they should have to close the shop whilst the Ogdens just sail through life. Ena tells Len and Eddie about Holmes. They hide as she talks to Holmes. She realises he is a con man. Ernie goes to the bank to ask for a loan. Len and Eddie stop Holmes from leaving. Eddie nearly throttles him. Len takes him to the police station. Albert supervises the residents to sort out his allotment. Eddie is embarrassed about making a citizen's arrest. Ena tells Len she twigged Holmes because Hettie has been dead for five months. Hilda shows the mural off. Annie is horrified that the wallpaper is the same as her bedroom paper. Ray carves "Albert Rules OK" on Albert's prize marrow. Ernie is refused a bank loan and goes into liquidation.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jul, 1976
    Mon 12 Jul, 1976
    Episode 55
    The Ogdens put the Canadian Rockies mural up - or "muriel" as Hilda calls it. The lease on Ernie's shop is trebled. His account advises him to close the shop. Con man Frank Holmes pretends to be from the Welfare and tries to sell Ena a shower for £60. Frank tells her he's sold one to Hettie Boothroyd. She says she'll have the £20 deposit on Monday.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jul, 1976
    Wed 7 Jul, 1976
    Episode 54
    Only three walls are papered at No. 13. Eddie offers Hilda different paper but she refuses it. Ray refuses to invite Eddie to the party but has to let him in when he brings the pies from Renee. The party is a success. Terry tries to get off with Gail but Renee watches him like a hawk. She warns Gail off him. Eddie's pal gives him special wallpaper which creates a mural. Hilda loves it. Ken and Rita get together at the party, she invites him back for a night cap. Deirdre tells Ray she's pregnant. He announces it at the party.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jul, 1976
    Mon 5 Jul, 1976
    Episode 53
    Eddie decides to seek his fortune in London when he can't find work. Ray refuses to asks Annie for the deposit back. Hilda decides she wants the living room decorated. Eddie promises to get Stan half price wallpaper from a mate. Hilda is suspicious until she sees the wallpaper. Deirdre refuses to go to the party so Ray turns it into a stag night. Behind his back, Deirdre asks for the deposit back. Betty gives it to her in Annie's absence. Eddie offers to help the Ogdens decorate. In return Hilda takes him in as a lodger. Blanche tells Deirdre she'll pay for the party and they can have it in her part of the house. Hilda discovers half the paper is faded and they can't get anymore.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jun, 1976
    Wed 30 Jun, 1976
    Episode 52
    The residents tell Ken that Albert doesn't encourage them to take an interest in his affairs so they don't. Albert goes off and Ken searches for him. Ken finds Albert at the allotment. Albert tells him the Council are taking it off him because he's too old to look after it. Renee accuses Emily of reporting her as she's religious. Ken pays Albert's electricity bill. Albert tells him people don't give a toss about old folk. Ken tells Alf he's changed his mind - he wants to stay on. Gail tells Renee it was Tricia who reported her. Renee apologises to Emily. She tells Emily she only wants to make friends with everyone. Emily gives her advice on running a shop. Ken asks the men to help Albert on his allotment. Ray gives Annie a £25 deposit for the party. Deirdre finds out and is furious and tells him to get the money back.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jun, 1976
    Mon 28 Jun, 1976
    Episode 51
    Ken returns from holiday. Renee suspects the customers of reporting her. Ken tells Albert he's decided to leave Weatherfield. Tricia writes to Gail, telling her she's making humbugs at Bailey's. Ray plans a party for Deirdre's 21st and their 1st wedding anniversary. Ken gives the committee his resignation. KEN: "Don't let Ken Barlow near you for God's sake. He's like a human weed killer, a one man plague. He strips the bark off the trees." He tells them he's tired of failure, he wants a new start. He gets digs in Fairview Road as he doesn't want to stay in the Street whilst he serves his notice. Albert tells Ken his electricity was cut off a fortnight ago.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jun, 1976
    Wed 23 Jun, 1976
    Episode 50
    Eddie and Monkey spend the night in Elsie's living room after she chucks them out. Elsie threatens them with a milk bottle whilst Gail phones the police. Eddie convinces her not to report them. Elsie asks Ray to put new locks on the windows. Bet tells Elsie it was Ray who set Eddie up. Renee refuses Hilda credit. Hilda threatens to take her custom elsewhere. Elsie lets Ray off the hook until he tells her he thought she'd be desperate for two fellas. She puts a glass ash tray in her handbag. The regulars try to stop her but she belts him with the bag. Annie throws Ray out. Mavis doesn't understand what she can do to show Derek she wants him. Rita asks Derek to take a liberty with Mavis. Annie threatens Elsie with legal action if she lets rip again. Fred gets a job as a storeman in the afternoons and plans to work evenings at the Rovers. An Inspector calls on Renee and tells her she has been reported for opening after 9.30pm, selling tobacco after 8pm and selling non-perishable goods on Sundays.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jun, 1976
    Mon 21 Jun, 1976
    Episode 49
    Terry paints over the Cleggs' sign. The day arrives for Gail to vacate the flat but she has nowhere else to go. Renee tells her she to go as it's a condition of her bank loan that the flat is vacant. Mavis is furious to discover Rita set her and Derek up. Renee becomes the legal owner of the shop. Eddie Yeats returns to area with his friend Monkey Gibbons from Walton. No one is happy to see him. The new shop sign reads 'Renee Bradshaw'. Elsie takes Gail in as a lodger despite her better judgement. As Minnie is away at Handel's, Eddie is homeless. Ray tells him Ken is away and No. 11 is empty. He and Monkey break in whilst Elsie and Gail are at the pictures seeing 'Jaws'. They return home to find Eddie and Monkey in Elsie's bed.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jun, 1976
    Wed 16 Jun, 1976
    Episode 48
    Deirdre wonders who Len has taken out when Elsie, Rita and Bet are all in the Rovers. Annie gives Elsie a letter from Newcastle for her via the Rovers. Derek and Mavis have a romantic time together. Terry agrees to move into the flat so long as he keeps him independence. Rita, Bet and Elsie hit the town together. Rita phones Mavis and asks her to stay the night and do the morning papers. The women pick up a couple of Reps - Neville Radd and George MacDonald. They take them back to No. 11. Elsie reads the girls Alan's letter; he wants to know if they have a future together. To Mavis' delight Derek kisses her and refuses to apologise. He leaves the car with her, shakes her hand and takes a taxi home. She cries as she wanted him to stay the night with her.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jun, 1976
    Mon 14 Jun, 1976
    Episode 47
    Renee thinks of opening an off-licence in the shop. Elsie moves back into No. 11. Surveyors look at the Warehouse. Annie is furious to discover Renee will be in opposition to the Rovers. Rita lends Mavis the Kabin flat to cook Derek a meal. Albert enters No. 11 and takes Ken's things from under Elsie's nose. Terry and Ray plan a fishing weekend but Renee wants Terry to do some jobs at the shop. Mavis and Derek are both nervous as she entertains him. Bet invites Rita to stay with her for the night to give Mavis and Derek a boost.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jun, 1976
    Wed 9 Jun, 1976
    Episode 46
    Derek is scared of Rita even after she has explained her actions. Fred tells the regulars in the Rovers about Rita's boyfriend, Mavis realises he is talking about Derek. Mavis accuses Rita of being man-mad. Ken assures the committee that is private life is now beyond reproach. He tells them he has no confidence in them and is taking two weeks holiday to think about whether or not he wants to remain in the job. Renee is furious when Tricia drinks in the Rovers instead of delivering an order. Albert invites Ken to move in with him, Ken agrees. Tricia tells Renee she's sick of her - she can have the job and the flat; she's leaving. Rita convinces Mavis that there is nothing between her and Derek. She phones Derek to apologise on Mavis' behalf. Tricia leaves the Street and returns to her mother. Gail is upset. Fred realises Derek is Mavis' boyfriend and gets the picture. Tricia departs as Ken leaves on holiday.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jun, 1976
    Mon 7 Jun, 1976
    Episode 45
    Ken is surprised when Albert shows him compassion. Albert tells him he still cares what happens to him. Derek returns. Mavis is annoyed as he hasn't kept in touch but forgives him. They arrange a meal. Ken is angry and bitter as he loved Wendy. He tells Elsie she can have No. 11 back. Fred asks Rita out. She tells him she's going out with someone else although she isn't. He gives her a pot plant. Derek has to work and cancels the meal. When Fred arrives to see if Rita's date's turned up, she pounces on Derek and passes him off as her boyfriend. Fred admits defeat.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jun, 1976
    Wed 2 Jun, 1976
    Episode 44
    Stan tries to get out of his chains. Len refuses to saw him out. Hilda enjoys having Stan chained up. Roger tells Wendy he needs and wants her. He tells her she doesn't belong living in a slum with Ken. He gives her his front door key and asks her to return. Ena wins a glass goblet in the raffle. Renee finds Wally trapped in the ladies toilet, drunk. He gives Len the keys to free Stan. Betty tells the girls to vacate the flat in a fortnight. Len advises Elsie to get Ken out of No. 11. Wendy tells Ken she's returning to Roger; she doesn't feel right with Ken. She leaves.moreless
  • Mon 31 May, 1976
    Mon 31 May, 1976
    Episode 43
    Stan's friend Wally Fisher arrives to be the escapologist. Wendy doesn't feel part of the Street's oneness. The street celebrates with clog dancers, a barrel organ and punch and judy. Ken takes care of Geoffrey Hardcastle MP. Wally proves a success. He offers five pounds to anyone who will try to escape from the sack and chains. Stan volunteers. Wendy leaves the party to meet Diana. Stan is let out of the sack when he can't breath. He can't get out of the chains and Wally disappears. Wendy meets Roger.moreless
  • Wed 26 May, 1976
    Wed 26 May, 1976
    Episode 42
    Fred starts putting sandwiches on at lunchtimes. Bet and Betty decide he's after his own empire. Ena accuses Renee of leading the residents into temptation by opening on Sundays. As senior barmaid, Betty is annoyed as Fred acts like landlord. Ken accuses Emily of meddling in his affairs when she tells him she told Wendy. He is surprised as Wendy hasn't mentioned it. Wendy offers to move out but Ken refuses to let her. She knows she can't support him on her wages. No one wants the sandwiches. Ken and Wendy decide to stand against the committee. She is touched when she discovers Roger has paid her car insurance. The residents prepare for the party.moreless
  • Mon 24 May, 1976
    Mon 24 May, 1976
    Episode 41
    Ken organises a Bank Holiday street party, in aid of the deprived. Bet and Betty persuade Fred to donate a bottle of sherry to the tombolla in Annie's absence. Ken tries to get the Centre committee enthusiastic about the party. The committee, Alf, Ernie and Chapman, tell him they've had complaints about his living in sin. They spell it out that he has to give up either his job or Wendy. Ken is angry that Alf or Ernie didn't tip him off about the ultimatum. He calls them both hypocrites over the Gatsby raid. Elsie asks Len if she lodge at No. 9. He refuses as he's a Councillor and he would start to fancy her again. Renee agrees to buy the shop on the condition that the whole shop and flat is vacant. Renee tells Betty that she'll have to tell Elsie and the girls. Emily thinks Wendy knows about the meeting and asks her not to hold it against them. Wendy forces her to tell her about the ultimatum.moreless
  • Wed 19 May, 1976
    Wed 19 May, 1976
    Episode 40
    Elsie advises Tricia to try to please Renee. Wendy worries that her happiness won't last. Fred enjoys himself at the Gatsby. Mavis discovers he danced with Rita. Alf writes his letter of resignation when a lad he trained is put over him. Rita kicks Mavis when she taunts her over Fred. Renee assures Elsie that Tricia can stay at the flat, although she'll lose her job. She tells Elsie that she'll want to live in the shop, so Elsie will have to move out. Ernie plans a camping holiday but Emily wants to go to Italy. Rita wonders how she can put Fred off. ELSIE: "If you can't make it work with one fellah, you've not got much chance of making it work with another. Least that's bin my experience." Len is amused at Fred's infatuation with Rita. Fred gives Rita a single red rose. Alf chickens out of resigning. Ken tells Wendy he's sure they will marry.moreless
  • Mon 17 May, 1976
    Mon 17 May, 1976
    Episode 39
    Alf considers resigning before he's sacked. Rita gives Fred tickets for the Gatsby. Ken shows Wendy off in the Rovers. Tricia realises she, Gail and Elsie will be evicted when Renee buys the shop. Alf takes a shine to Renee. Fred tries to build up courage to ask Rita out.
  • Wed 12 May, 1976
    Wed 12 May, 1976
    Episode 38
    Betty shows Renee round the shop. Len tells Gail that someone else stole the dresses, Gail tells Sylvia. Rita is embarrassed by Fred's attention. Elsie goes for Hilda in the Rovers but is stopped by Fred. Diana tells Wendy that Roger wants her back but she's not interested. Renee secures a loan from the bank. She plans to make a good home for Terry. He isn't keen. Sylvia asks Gail to give Elsie her cards but Gail tells Elsie that Sylvia wants to apologise. Elsie arrives and she and Sylvia apologise to each other. Elsie returns to work. Hilda tells Albert that Wendy has moved in with Ken. Renee tells Betty he'll make Gordon an offer, in the meantime she'll work in the shop with Tricia. Albert tells Ken he's disgusted with him. He says that he's finished with him.moreless
  • Mon 10 May, 1976
    Mon 10 May, 1976
    Episode 37
    Terry's elder sister, Renee, looks around the shop. Gail worries that Sylvia thinks she's a thief. She decides to resign. Ken contacts Wendy at Diana Kentons'. She tells him she's missed him. Di thinks she's mad. Ken invites Wendy to move in with him. Diana accuses him of breaking up the Nightingale home. Elsie tells Sylvia that she was up in court and resigns. Fred has to have four stitches in his hand from a glass wound. Wendy moves into No. 11.moreless
  • Wed 5 May, 1976
    Wed 5 May, 1976
    Episode 36
    Elsie refuses to take the top back as Hilda has worn it, ironed it and scorched it. Sylvia refuses to exchange Hilda's top. Hilda tells her she's employing someone has been accused of shop lifting. Alf fears he's going to be made redundant. Terry worries that his sister Renee is coming to see him. Sylvia asks Gail if she's ever been in trouble with the police. The quiz semi-finals take place at the Rovers. Emily tells Elsie what Hilda told Sylvia. Bet loses the quiz but goes out with the quiz master, Philip Lightfoot.moreless
  • Mon 3 May, 1976
    Mon 3 May, 1976
    Episode 35
    Sylvia's holds a sale. Hilda buys a teenager's top. Ray feels there isn't enough work for Terry. Everyone is too embarrassed to tell Hilda she looks a fool so Tricia tells her. Terry agrees to work part time at the Yard. Alf is told to train a lad in his job but he feels he's getting too old to work. Elsie tells Stan he ended up at the wrong pub on purpose. Gail refuses to take the top back. Hilda says she'll force Elsie to give her her money back.moreless
  • Wed 28 Apr, 1976
    Wed 28 Apr, 1976
    Episode 34
    Ernie is depressed that the Mission circuit superintendent, Mr. Mortlake, is going to call on him. Ena tells him to say he was at the Gatsby to study filth and obscenity. Gail starts work with Elsie. Ernie tells Mortlake he went to the Gatsby out of a sense of duty. Stan doesn't know so much about the Western desert. The regulars decide to nobble him and send Bet instead to answer on detective novels. Ernie agrees to deliver a sermon on his experience. Len gets Stan drunk and sends him to the wrong pub, whilst Bet gets through to the semi-finals.moreless
  • Mon 26 Apr, 1976
    Mon 26 Apr, 1976
    Episode 33
    Ernie spends the night at Lens'. Elsie grows tired of having to flatter Merchandising Manager Roy Thornley. Stan picks 'The Western Desert' for his next round. The Council raps Alf for being at the Gatsby. Ena advises Emily to stick by Ernie. Tricia and Gail both ask Elsie for the assistant's job at Sylvia's Separates. Emily dumps Ernie's clothes at Len's. Ernie apologises to Emily and asks if they can start again. She agrees. Elsie decides to take Tricia on but the girls toss a coin and Gail wins.moreless
  • Wed 21 Apr, 1976
    Wed 21 Apr, 1976
    Episode 32
    Ernie and Ray return home. The Gazette runs a picture of Alf and Annie with a report on the raid, including Ernie and Ray's names. Emily refuses to talk to Ernie. He blames her for driving him out by inviting Mavis to stay. Ray sports a bruised face where Deirdre threw something at him. Annie holds the first round of the Rovers' Superbrain. She reads the questions. Stan answers on Manchester United and wins with seventeen points. Deirdre and Bet hit the town together to get back at Ray. Emily locks Ernie out.moreless
  • Mon 19 Apr, 1976
    Mon 19 Apr, 1976
    Episode 31
    Aunt Edie goes away for a few days and Mavis doesn't want to sleep in an empty house. Emily invites her to stay. Ernie is annoyed as it's their 4th wedding anniversary. Ray tells Deirdre he's doing a foreigner but really goes to a charity stag night at the Gatsby with Alf. Ernie agrees to join them. Annie considers putting on a Street mastermind competition. Ernie gets drunk and is used as a prop by a stripper. The Brewery promise a prize to Annie. Deirdre feels sorry for Ray working not knowing he is catching strippers' bras. The Gatsby is raided by the police.moreless
  • Wed 14 Apr, 1976
    Wed 14 Apr, 1976
    Episode 30
    Gail finds Ken bleeding in No. 11. He tells the neighbours he slipped and hit his face. Len realises what happened. Elsie goes for an interview at Sylvia Matthew's lingerie shop. Wendy arrives at Ken's and tells him she's left Roger. Elsie proves to be a match for Sylvia and gets the post of manageress on £40 a week. Wendy refuses to move in with Ken. He accuses her of using him as an excuse to leave Roger. She tells him she needs some peace. Elsie discovers the sales assistant Kim Wilson is leaving at the end of the week. Roger blames Ken for the marriage break up. Betty, Rita and the girls clear up the shop room for Elsie. Ken tells Roger he loves Wendy. Roger tells him he wants her back.moreless
  • Mon 12 Apr, 1976
    Mon 12 Apr, 1976
    Episode 29
    Elsie searches for a job. Ena sees that Elsie is back and tells her she's showing her age. ENA: (to Elsie) "You'll be as tough as old boots till day they shut lid on yer." Ena advises Elsie to move out of No. 9; she's still a married woman. Wendy's friend Sheila Flynn warns Roger that she is seeing someone else. Ken phones Roger not knowing he suspects him. Elsie tells Ken she wants No. 11 back. Ken is furious and refuses to leave. Betty offers Elsie the living accommodation at the shop. Wendy feels torn between Ken and Roger. She feels that she can't give Ken up. Rita is pleased Elsie is moving into No. 15. She shows her a job advert; she's worried that Len will give Elsie the Kabin. Ken tells Wendy to leave Roger and move in with him. Roger arrives and knocks Ken to the floor.moreless
  • Wed 7 Apr, 1976
    Wed 7 Apr, 1976
    Episode 28
    Elsie feels at home, back in the Street. She tells Len she's having a trial separation from Alan; she didn't like looking after him. Deirdre tells Ray she wants a cheque book. Len enjoys watching Rita and Elsie weigh each other up. The residents react as Elsie and Len drink in the Rovers. Elsie tells Ken she's looking for a job. Rita is jealous of her friendship with Len.moreless
  • Mon 5 Apr, 1976
    Mon 5 Apr, 1976
    Episode 27
    The word spreads that Deirdre is pregnant. She puts the gossipers right. Len receives a phone call from someone who wants to stay and he gets Hilda to tidy the house in readiness of the guest but won't say who it is. Ray enjoys everyone buying him drinks before Rita tells them he's not going to be a father. Rita thinks Len is making the house tidy for her but it is Elsie Howard who arrives at Len's, suitcase in hand.moreless
  • Wed 31 Mar, 1976
    Wed 31 Mar, 1976
    Episode 26
    The Langtons wait for the pregnancy test's results. They're both scared of the responsibility. Len is surprised that Harry Bates has asked Rita to marry him. She wants Len's advice but he isn't bothered. The doctor tells Deirdre she's not pregnant. Tom tells Bet he's run away from his family. Bet tells him how lonely life is being single and advises him to return home. Rita decides not to marry Harry.moreless
  • Mon 29 Mar, 1976
    Mon 29 Mar, 1976
    Episode 25
    Deirdre takes the day off work. Tom Russell moves into Carlos' room. Bet likes him. Rita cooks Len a meal. Bet and Tom spend the evening together, she begins to fall for him before discovering he's just left his wife and children. Rita tells Len she's had a proposal of marriage. Deirdre tells Ray she's pregnant.moreless
  • Wed 24 Mar, 1976
    Wed 24 Mar, 1976
    Episode 24
    Wendy tells Ken she's never been unfaithful before. Fred moves into the Rovers. Hilda spreads the news that Wendy's car was parked outside No. 11 all night. Cresswell asks Fred to look after Annie for the Brewery; she's a trusted friend. Annie agrees to let Albert and Stan return to the pub. Wendy begs Ken not to rush her. He tells her he thinks he loves her. She refuses to stay the night. When a drunk pesters Rita, Fred evicts him. Ray wonders what's wrong with Deirdre when she bursts into tears.moreless
  • Mon 22 Mar, 1976
    Mon 22 Mar, 1976
    Episode 23
    Fred Gee is made redundant and looks for work. Richard Cresswell of the Brewary sends for Annie. Whilst Roger is away, Ken asks Wendy out. The Brewery tells Annie they want her to take on a resident potman. She isn't keen. Rita puts Fred onto the Rovers' job. Annie warms to him because of his bereavement. They agree on a two week trial. Bet and Betty are suspicious of Fred. Ena stands up for Albert and Stan but Annie refuses to unbar them. Wendy cooks Ken a meal. He persuades her to stay the night.moreless
  • Wed 17 Mar, 1976
    Wed 17 Mar, 1976
    Episode 22
    Hilda searches for Stan and fears he's dead. Albert and Stan help themselves to the beer barrels. Hilda fears Stan is with Clara. Albert and Stan get drunk in the cellar and sing wartime songs. Hilda decides to report Stan missing to the police. Annie finds Albert and Stan in the morning. The Bishops sleep badly on their bed. Annie bans Stan and Albert from the Rovers. Ken tries to get Wendy into bed but she resists.moreless
  • Mon 15 Mar, 1976
    Mon 15 Mar, 1976
    Episode 21
    Ken grows tired when Wendy takes an interest in Albert's War record. The Ogdens eat caviare and chips. Emily confesses to Ernie that she's bought a new bed for £130. Albert recites World War One poems at Wendy's class. The Bishops' bed is delivered. KEN: "The Story of My Life: two marriages, two kids, several jobs, a variety of dreams and ambitions - some shattered, some just getting a bit tatty round the edges." Ken kisses Wendy. The Bishops' bed squeaks. Stan and Albert carry crates down the cellar for free drinks and get locked in.moreless
  • Wed 10 Mar, 1976
    Wed 10 Mar, 1976
    Episode 20
    Because Hilda has taken all the wrappers off the tins, Stan eats dog food by mistake. His back goes suddenly. Deirdre stands in for Stan and they rush about the store in two minutes. They grab £107.32 worth of goods. Derek sends Mavis a brooch. Deirdre tells Hilda she did it for a laugh; she doesn't want any of the goods. Annie, Ken, Tricia, Gail, Mavis and Alf attend Wendy's class. The shop owner agrees to give the Ogden's £75 and caviare instead of the goods so they can pay the TV bill. Wendy and Ken flirt.moreless
  • Mon 8 Mar, 1976
    Mon 8 Mar, 1976
    Episode 19
    The Ogdens don't know what a delicatessen is. Wendy Nightingale does a survey in the area on people's reading habits. Mavis returns from Kendal. Her mood ring is green for contentment. Wendy is relieved to find Ken reads books as no one else does. The Ogdens have a practice in the Corner Shop. Mavis dreams about her lovely weekend. Wendy offers to run a Literary Appreciation Class at the Centre, Ken agrees.moreless
  • Wed 3 Mar, 1976
    Wed 3 Mar, 1976
    Episode 18
    Gordon decides to get rid of the girls. He plans to buy the shop off Maggie and give it to Betty. She is overcome. Rita is disgusted when Mavis appears to put Derek off. Gordon deducts rent, food and the slate from the girl's wages and advises them to return their dole. Betty tells Gordon she doesn't want the shop; the responsibility would be too much for her. Gordon throws the boys out of the shop. He tells the girls he's putting the shop up for sale. Mavis agrees to go away with Derek. Hilda wins a competition - a trolley dash at a delicatessen.moreless
  • Mon 1 Mar, 1976
    Mon 1 Mar, 1976
    Episode 17
    Gordon arrives to stay with Betty. He calls at the shop to find the girls and boys are partying. The Ogdens enter all competitions they can find. Gail presents the boys with a bill for £18. They have no money. Gordon is horrified to discover the girls are still drawing dole. Derek gives Mavis a mood stone ring. Gordon goes through the shop's accounts. Derek invites Mavis to spend the weekend in the Lakes.moreless
  • Wed 25 Feb, 1976
    Wed 25 Feb, 1976
    Episode 16
    It is Rita's 43rd birthday. Derek asks Mavis out for lunch, she accepts. The girls can't stop the boys having things on tick. Derek and Mavis enjoy themselves and arrange a date for Saturday. Rita warns Mavis that he's probably married. Stan discovers another Mason has to propose him. He gives the idea up. The girls discover they're owed £26.70.moreless
  • Mon 23 Feb, 1976
    Mon 23 Feb, 1976
    Episode 15
    Apprentices Brian Jones and Pete Dawson make a play for the girls. Stan borrows Ena's radio but drops it. Ena tells him she wants it back. Len agrees to mend it. Betty is shocked that the girls are still drawing the dole. Hilda decides to enter competitions to win money. Pete and Brian refuse to pay for goods at the shop. Tricia goes against Betty's rule and allows them credit. The Ogdens enter competitions to the resident's amusement. Len can't repair the radio. Derek Wilton starts work in the area. Hilda discovers TV Rental man Wilson is a Mason. She pushes Stan into joining them.moreless
  • Wed 18 Feb, 1976
    Wed 18 Feb, 1976
    Episode 14
    Stan informs the Rental shop that the TV burst on fire. Len tries to convince Donna to rent Rita's not Blanches'. The TV man realises what's happened and tells Stan he owes them £75 to replace the set. Rita tells Donna she'll accept £3,000, £500 on it in advance. Donna agrees. Terry flaunts his fitness at Ray. Donna gives Rita £500. Alf is called to the Kabin and Len gives him the money. Alf tells them Donna paid back the money a few weeks ago and gave him the watch as a present.moreless
  • Mon 16 Feb, 1976
    Mon 16 Feb, 1976
    Episode 13
    Terry settles into working at the Yard. Len talks Rita into showing Donna the Kabin flat as premises for her Salon, to get a £500 deposit off her so they can return it to Alf. Ray meets Donna. When she tells him about her plans he considers getting Blanche to sell her the house. The TV repair man realises the TV was dropped and refuses to touch it. Donna tells Len about the Langton's plan. Betty tells Stan about a friend who's TV caught fire and was replaced by the rental people. Rita tells Donna she wants £3,500 for her flat. Stan sets light to the TV with lighter fuel but goes too far.moreless
  • Wed 11 Feb, 1976
    Wed 11 Feb, 1976
    Episode 12
    Annie pays for a new licence but is made to feel guilty. Rita feels that Len might fall for Donna. Donna asks Len to give her an estimate for extending her Salon. Len begins to fancy Donna. Annie doesn't like Betty disappearing to help at the shop all the time. Donna tells Len she's going to look for another shop to add to her empire but needs more money. Ray puts the Ogdens on to an electronics genius who will mend the TV for £40. Hilda tells Stan to go to the rental shop and come clean. Ray offers Terry a job at the Yard. He agrees to also work at the Rovers at nights until Bet is well.moreless
  • Mon 9 Feb, 1976
    Mon 9 Feb, 1976
    Episode 11
    A TV detector van roams the area. Len and Rita have a date at the Gatsby. Stan poses for Hilda. Rita is furious when Len spends their date chatting to a woman her recognises there - Donna Parker. He arranges to see her again. Stan tries to hide the TV but drops it. Hilda reveals she's just bought a licence. Len explains to Rita who Donna is. He tells her he intends to get £500 out of Donna for what she did to Alf. The Ogden's TV is bust. Annie offers Terry a permanent job but he wants to return to being a chippie. She is caught with an out-of-date TV licence.moreless
  • Wed 4 Feb, 1976
    Wed 4 Feb, 1976
    Episode 10
    Alf acts out of character, spending more and more money. Alderman Chapman tells him the Council have had an anonymous letter accusing Alf of taking a bribe from Dave. The women rush to the art class to see the male model. They are shocked when Albert turns out to be the model. Alf accuses the regulars of suspecting him. He pins the letter to the Rover's darts board.moreless
  • Mon 2 Feb, 1976
    Mon 2 Feb, 1976
    Episode 9
    Tricia and Gail take over the running of the shop, with Betty overseeing. Ken tackles Alf about having an adventure playground on the Warehouse site but the land is too valuable. Ken starts art classes at the Centre. The residents feel that Dave has paid Alf to look after his interests. With Annie and Bet ill, Betty advertises for temporary staff. The girls show an interest in Terry Bradshaw who visits the area. Alf shows off a new digital watch. Ken is pleased to see old pupil Terry. Terry is after a job after leaving the army. Betty takes him on at the Rovers for a couple of weeks. Hilda, Deirdre, Tricia, Gail, Ken and Mavis go to the art class. Tricia shows talent. Teacher Peter Milton promises them a male model next week.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jan, 1976
    Wed 28 Jan, 1976
    Episode 8
    Hilda is certain Stan has another woman. She tarts herself up to make him more interested in her. She is cross when he doesn't notice. Deirdre asks Blanche not to go with Dave. Blanche tells her she wants to marry Dave. Stan convinces Hilda he loves her. Blanche packs her bags and leaves with Dave.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jan, 1976
    Mon 26 Jan, 1976
    Episode 7
    Emily starts a petition against the night club. Deirdre isn't impressed by her 'Uncle Dave'. He is shocked to find she is married to Ray. Hilda returns from Chesterfield to find the house suspiciously clean. She thinks Stan has been spending his time with Mrs Regan. Deirdre thinks Dave is too smarmy. Bet tells Hilda that Minnie has been looking after Stan. She refuses to believe them. Alf tells Emily that Dave doesn't want to open a night club but a cash and carry. She is even more concerned. Dave asks Blanche to manage his Country Club in Kenilworth for him.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jan, 1976
    Wed 21 Jan, 1976
    Episode 6
    Lane tells Gail he has to monitor her calls. She begins to be suspicious when he knows her name. Ernie calls on Gail. She introduces him to Lane. Gail worries when Lane shows no signs of leaving at 11pm. He tells her to get into bed. Emily is suspicious about Lane and calls the police. John breaks down once the police arrive. He is arrested. The news reaches Stan that Polly has had an eight and a half pound baby girl. He buys drinks all round. The residents think that Dave is planning to open a club on the warehouse site. Dave is shocked to find Blanche in the Street and dumps Brenda for her.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jan, 1976
    Mon 19 Jan, 1976
    Episode 5
    Gail is bothered by anonymous phone calls. She worries about their dole being stopped because they keep refusing jobs. Dave Smith returns to the Street. Annie wonders what he's up to. John Lane continues to phone Gail. Brenda Holden borrows Rita's flat whilst she's away. Bet flirts with Dave. Gail worries about the phone calls and alerts the Exchange. Dave takes Brenda out, to Bet's annoyance. With Tricia out on a date, Lane calls on Gail posing as a GPO engineer.moreless
  • Wed 14 Jan, 1976
    Wed 14 Jan, 1976
    Episode 4
    Ray is pleased with Jill's work. Betty tells Blanche Gordon has decided to sell the shop. Blanche doesn't know what to do. Deirdre is upset by the fact that she has no real skills, unlike Jill. Mavis cooks Albert and Alf a meal. Jill tells Ray she doesn't want to work at the Yard; it's not a proper firm.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jan, 1976
    Mon 12 Jan, 1976
    Episode 3
    Deirdre is shocked that Blanche is selling her business. Ray advertises for a joiner. Ethel Needham is interested in the business but Blanche doesn't know how much to ask for. They agree on £300. Jill Marriott applies to be a joiner at the Yard. Ray doesn't think it's a job for a girl. Alf puts Albert down for meals on wheels. Ray takes Jill on.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jan, 1976
    Wed 7 Jan, 1976
    Episode 2
    Everyone advises Ken not to talk well of the Marsh's. Tricia is tired of being unemployed. The Bishops worry about their reputation. They search for the postal order. Ken tells Marsh he can't speak up for the lads. Marsh begs him; the lads need a friend. Ken agrees. Blanche puts Albert off the idea of a lodger. Ernie is asked to resign from scout secretary. He finds the postal order in a book. The Marsh's get three months in a detention centre. In court, Ken blamed the parents. Marsh is furious and blames Ken. In the Mission, Ernie shows the postal order and gives a talk about trust and honesty and rumour.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jan, 1976
    Mon 5 Jan, 1976
    Episode 1
    Tricia thinks she's destined for fame. The Marsh's are due in court on a charge of breaking and entering. Ernie misplaces a £5 postal order for the scout's fund. Albert finds he has no money to live on. Tricia spreads a rumour that Ernie has been embezzling. Marsh asks Ken to give a character reference for the lads in court. Albert advertises for a lodger. Tricia tells Ken he can't stand up for the Marsh's; they killed Edna. The Bishops discover people think they have been stealing from Mission funds.moreless