Coronation Street - Season 18

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  • Wed 28 Dec, 1977
    Wed 28 Dec, 1977
    Episode 104
    Eddie stores the turkeys in Renee's deep freeze. Albert sells them for him, telling people they're in aid of the Legion's War Heroes Tribute. The Langtons throw a party. Alf goes to the Langtons party when he hears Renee is going to be there. When Fred pesters Rita for a dance, Len tells him to lay off. Fred hits him, smashing Deirdre's prized coffee table.moreless
  • Mon 26 Dec, 1977
    Mon 26 Dec, 1977
    Episode 103
    The Langtons return home. The Ogdens entertain Eddie for lunch. They all get drunk together. Elsie and the Faircloughs have a good meal before Rita and Elsie start sparring off each other again. The Langtons decide to throw a party, he is glad that she seems so much better. Eddie's stock of turkeys arrive - a day late for Christmas. Elsie gets her own back at Rita's age remarks and tells her people are talking about her and Fred.moreless
  • Wed 21 Dec, 1977
    Wed 21 Dec, 1977
    Episode 102
    Ken drags Rita from the factory party to entertain the OAP's. Ivy and Vera go with her and lead the pensioners in old Music Hall songs. Mike is annoyed as Suzie flirts Robin in front of him and breaks the party up. Eddie entertains the OAP's with some jokes and is booed off. Still dressed as Charlie Chaplin, Hilda blacks up and sings an Al Jolsen song to the OAP's. Ivy and Vera do their Hylda Baker routine. Bet, Fred and Eddie sing 'Sisters' at the party. Mike has plans for the evening with Suzie but she goes off with Robin. Rita invites Elsie to lunch on Boxing Day.moreless
  • Mon 19 Dec, 1977
    Mon 19 Dec, 1977
    Episode 101
    Ken throws an OAP party at the Centre. Ivy tells Elsie the girls want to play a joke on Mike and need her help. Mavis is depressed over losing the house and Derek. Hilda turns up for the factory Christmas party dressed as Charlie Chaplin after Bet tells her its fancy dress. Mike is annoyed when Suzie invites a lad, Robin Smethurst, to the party. Both he and Steve are furious at her cheek. Ivy, Elsie and Vera play their joke - complaining about their small bonuses before descending on Mike with mistletoe. Mavis helps out at the OAP party. Gail tries to lure Steve away from the factory party but he's too occupied by Suzie and Robin. The comic booked for the OAP's doesn't turn up so Mavis recites poetry to them.moreless
  • Wed 14 Dec, 1977
    Wed 14 Dec, 1977
    Episode 100
    Eddie wants to advertise in the Kabin window for a girl but Rita refuses to let him. Derek discovers people are talking about him and Mavis setting up house together. Suzie doesn't know where she stands with Mike as he didn't try anything after their meal. Fred refuses to serve Elsie. She realises her flirtation with Len is getting out of hand. Suzie is triumphant when Mike asks her out again. She refuses a romantic meal and says she wants to go to a disco. Derek tells Mavis he's being moved to another area and will need his money; he can't buy the house. She accuses him of backing out on her and tells him to leave her alone. Len tells Fred to keep out of his business. Fred tells him he should treat Rita with more respect.moreless
  • Mon 12 Dec, 1977
    Mon 12 Dec, 1977
    Episode 99
    Bet bets Hilda £1 she can't find out the true story of the Len/Elsie/Rita relationship. Derek tells Mavis he wants to buy the house because it will be a good investment. Hilda accuses Elsie of breaking up the Faircloughs marriage. Annie invites Alf for Christmas dinner, he tries to get out of it but can't. The building society valuator gives the house the all clear. Mavis celebrates. Suzie goes out with Mike. Rita tells Len she's sick of hearing people going on about him and Elsie. Gail tells Suzie she's riding for a fall.moreless
  • Wed 7 Dec, 1977
    Wed 7 Dec, 1977
    Episode 98
    The Ogden's washing machine breaks so Stan has to clean the washing by hand. Suzie and Gail get more money in their wage packets. Suzie thinks it's because Mike fancies her. Fred suspects that Len is two timing Rita with Elsie because of the atmosphere between them. The washing gets soaked as it is rained on. Hilda enjoys Stan and Eddie's anguish. Rita tells Len she trusts him but she'll never let him alone. Stan returns the washing, Ruby pays him £1. Fred tells Rita the neighbours are talking about Len and Elsie and offers her comfort. Mike arranges a date with Suzie.moreless
  • Mon 5 Dec, 1977
    Mon 5 Dec, 1977
    Episode 97
    Ruby Green demands her washing back from Stan, she tells Hilda he took it in for £1 to wash. Hilda tells Stan she's not doing the washing. Rita agrees to sing at the Gatsby again. She is annoyed when Len says he'll go with her and take Elsie. Hilda washes and irons Ruby's clothes, she is amazed at her own weakness. She has to go to work at the factory and doesn't have time to tell Stan it's done. He puts it all in the machine again. Len and Elsie decide not to go to the Gatsby and get drunk together at No. 9. Rita is furious. Hilda is furious to discover Stan and Eddie have washed and ironed Ruby's clothes after she spent three hours on them. She throws the clothes around the room in her fury, dirtying them again. RITA: (about Elsie) "She thinks she can treat you like you were her property. And you're daft enough to let her. Bloody woman."moreless
  • Wed 30 Nov, 1977
    Wed 30 Nov, 1977
    Episode 96
    RITA: (about Mavis) "Mavis is the only person in the world who looks six times both ways before crossing a one way street." Elsie pays the phone bill and demands £10 off each of the girls. Mavis and Derek view a house with a view to a joint mortgage. They fall in love with it. Suzie shows Mike she is interested in him. The building society agrees to give Mavis and Derek a 90% mortgage to buy the £6,000 house. Elsie threatens to cut the phone lead with scissors if the girls don't give her £20. They pay up. Rita tells Mavis that the joint mortgage is obviously Derek's way of proposing.moreless
  • Mon 28 Nov, 1977
    Mon 28 Nov, 1977
    Episode 95
    Elsie's phone is cut off. She is furious as it was Suzie and Gail's turn to pay the bill. Steve worries that Suzie will get hurt by Mike. When Gail refuses to tell her about the bet Steve does. Mavis feels put upon by the Faircloughs. Derek advises her to use Edie's money as a deposit on a house of her own. They go house hunting. Suzie stands Mike up and is annoyed that Gail didn't tell her about the bet. Mavis goes to the building society to see if she could get a mortgage. Eddie tries to sell turkeys for Christmas. Mavis can't get a mortgage on her salary. Derek tells her not to give up, he might have the solution.moreless
  • Wed 23 Nov, 1977
    Wed 23 Nov, 1977
    Episode 94
    The Bishops take care of Ray and search for Deirdre. Ray reports Deirdre missing to the police. A lorry driver brings Deirdre out of herself by asking for directions. The police look for Deirdre. Ray worries that Deirdre is so depressed she will kill herself. Steve overhears Mike going on about the bet to take Suzie out. Deirdre returns home after two hours. Ray's relief takes the form of anger. Suzie looks forward to her date with Mike. Gail feels sorry for Steve. Deirdre tells Ray that she wasn't going to return, that she couldn't trust anything or anyone any more. She tells him she's going to see a doctor and they plan a break at Blanche'smoreless
  • Mon 21 Nov, 1977
    Mon 21 Nov, 1977
    Episode 93
    Ray finds Deirdre has gone, Emily takes care of Tracy. Ray searches for Deirdre. Suzie says she saw her by the canal. Gail tries to get Steve to take her to a disco but he wants to be with Suzie. Ray contacts the police. The menfolk bet Mike he won't take the first woman to enter the Rovers out, it is Suzie. He takes them up and arranges a date with her. Deirdre stands on a motorway bridge, contemplating suicide.moreless
  • Wed 16 Nov, 1977
    Wed 16 Nov, 1977
    Episode 92
    The hotel manager presents Hilda with a bouquet of flowers. The Ogdens leave the hotel after Hilda has made the bed. Emily has to work and can't babysit for the Langtons. Ray is furious and tells Deirdre they're still going out. Returning home, Hilda feels that Cinderella has turned into a pumpkin. Ray gets Gail to babysit, when Gail tells Deirdre she looks sexy Deirdre refuses to go. Ray tells her she's going mad and walks out. Deirdre leaves Tracy crying and leaves the house.moreless
  • Mon 14 Nov, 1977
    Mon 14 Nov, 1977
    Episode 91
    The Ogdens go on their second honeymoon. She enjoys the luxurious room, he enjoys the drinks cabinet. She stops him watching the TV and tries to make him see how other people live. They have champagne in Room 504. Deirdre agrees to go out for a meal with Ray. She is pleased when she says she's had enough of moping. Hilda has plans for the night but Stan falls asleep.moreless
  • Wed 9 Nov, 1977
    Wed 9 Nov, 1977
    Episode 90
    Ray feels out of his depth with Deirdre. Annie persuades Fred to return to the Rovers. She moves Charles into the pub so she can keep an eye on him. Annie discovers that Charles has conned other members of her family. Ray tells Len he's at the end of his tether, Deirdre's turning against him. Annie asks Charles to leave and makes sure he pays his debts.moreless
  • Mon 7 Nov, 1977
    Mon 7 Nov, 1977
    Episode 89
    Ray persuades Deirdre to return to work. Rita lends Hilda her negligee for the honeymoon. Deirdre locks herself in the Yard office when a man calls. She breaks down and Ray takes her home. Fred has enough of people ordering him about. He tells Annie she can stick her job, he's had enough. Annie discovers Charles has been borrowing from her staff and customers. He admits to being a con man and she gives him money to pay off his debts. She realises the Walker name is more important to her than the Beaumont one.moreless
  • Wed 2 Nov, 1977
    Wed 2 Nov, 1977
    Episode 88
    Deirdre can't bear to have Ray touch her. Renee gives Charles Beaumont credit as he's a relation of Annie's. Deirdre refuses to return to work or leave the house. Annie is annoyed when Charles flirts with Elsie. Alf lends Charles £15 to take Annie out for a meal.
  • Mon 31 Oct, 1977
    Mon 31 Oct, 1977
    Episode 87
    Hilda is furious when Stan expects her to take in washing. Annie's cousin Charles arrives. She is delighted. The Ogdens win third prize in 'Loving Cup Shandies' competition - a second honeymoon night in a five star hotel with £25 spending money. Deirdre worries about being left on her own in the house. Hilda reveals her winning slogan "Be a mistress as well as a wife and your husband'll still be a boyfriend". Stan doesn't want to go and suggests she goes on her own. She tells him he's going - even if she has to chain him to her.moreless
  • Wed 26 Oct, 1977
    Wed 26 Oct, 1977
    Episode 86
    Hilda's washing machine breaks down. Emily tells Ray that Deirdre knows who her attacker was. The repair man finds a button in the machine and gives Hilda a £6 bill. Ray forces Deirdre to tell him that the man tried to rape her. She tells him she feels dirty and refuses to tell him who she thinks the man is. Mike invites Bet out for a meal but she refuses. Annie is upset that Billy is going back to Jersey so soon. Stan thinks that Hilda can take in washing. The paper carries a report of a man attacking another woman. Deirdre tells Ray it was the same man.moreless
  • Mon 24 Oct, 1977
    Mon 24 Oct, 1977
    Episode 85
    Bet and Mike agree to bury the hatchet. Deirdre breaks down and tells Ray she doesn't want to bring the police in. She has a bruised head and ripped clothes. She becomes hysterical and tells Emily the man tried to rape her. Suzie fancies Billy. Deirdre doesn't want the police because of their questions. Billy calls on Deirdre and sees Tracy. Deirdre tells Emily she thinks she knows who the man is. Hilda buys Renee's old washing machine. Stan is appalled that she spent £20 on it.moreless
  • Wed 19 Oct, 1977
    Wed 19 Oct, 1977
    Episode 84
    Gail apologises to Suzie when she discovers how Bob really is. Bet plans a party to celebrate Annie being in the Rovers for forty years. Bob accuses Elsie of turning Suzie against him and tells her he doesn't want Suzie living with a tart like her. Elsie throws him out. Bob tries to force Suzie into his car, Steve stops him and Bob hits him. Bob tells Suzie he never wants to see her again. Annie is touched when the residents throw a party for her. She is astonished when Billy arrives as a special guest. Richard Cresswell comes from the Brewery and presents an emotional Annie with a commemerative silver tray. Deirdre is followed home and is assaulted under the viaduct.moreless
  • Mon 17 Oct, 1977
    Mon 17 Oct, 1977
    Episode 83
    Deirdre starts keep fit classes at Bessie St School. Annie is annoyed when the gas board sends her a final demand when she's already paid the bill. Annie is furious to discover Hilda has seen the bill and Stan thinks she can't afford his window money. Suzie is furious when she hears Bob has told Ernie she's leaving the shop. She packs and tells Elsie she's going somewhere where Bob won't be able to find her. Elsie advises her to stay and fight, and she'll fight with her. Suzie breaks down.moreless
  • Wed 12 Oct, 1977
    Wed 12 Oct, 1977
    Episode 82
    Gail is puzzled at the easy way Suzie has taken the news that her mother has left home. She feels sorry for Bob. Alf has enough of everyone teasing him about Renee. Renee and Alf assure each other that they weren't serious about marrying. He feels lonely as it's his birthday. Suzie gets in contact with her mother and promises not to tell Bob where she is. She tells Gail that Bob only wants a skivvy. When Gail questions why Suzie left her mother in Bob's 'clutches' Suzie slaps her face. Bob tries to force Suzie to return home with him and look after him. She tells him to leave her alone.moreless
  • Mon 10 Oct, 1977
    Mon 10 Oct, 1977
    Episode 81
    Hilda went down well at the Gatsby singing. Now sober, Alf and Renee aren't sure where they stand with each other. Suzie is going out with a clerk called Robin. Bob Birchall arrives with the news that Suzie's mother has left him. Suzie tells Bob she's glad Margaret's left him - she should have done it years ago. Renee is upset that Alf is avoiding her. Bet tells her that Alf is telling people that they are engaged.moreless
  • Wed 5 Oct, 1977
    Wed 5 Oct, 1977
    Episode 80
    Vera finds Terri writing a love letter to Mike. Ivy worries that Terri's slow work will affect the girl's bonuses. Mike tries to get rid of Terri, she threatens him with a tribunal and accuses him of treating her like a tart. Ivy tells the girls that if Mike can't get rid of Terri they will. Renee makes Alf get rid of his bowler hat; he looks younger without it. The girls scare Terri off. She leaves the factory. Alf, Renee, Gail, Ray, Deirdre, Len, Stan and Hilda go to see Rita at the Gatsby. The Rovers' bar flap falls on Ernie's hand so he can't play the piano. The replacement can't play any of Rita's numbers, she is furious. A drunken Alf proposes to Renee. She accepts.moreless
  • Mon 3 Oct, 1977
    Mon 3 Oct, 1977
    Episode 79
    Len tells Rita she can sing at the Gatsby for the one night. Vera and Ivy have enough of Terri's flirting with Mike. Mike tells Terri not to make things difficult for him at the factory. Ernie agrees to be Rita's pianist for the charity function at the Gatsby. Terri's work is rejected as being below standard. Terri accuses Ivy of not teaching her right. Elsie threatens to walk out unless Mike removes Terri. Mike tries to tell Terri off but she wears him down by nibbling his ear.moreless
  • Wed 28 Sep, 1977
    Wed 28 Sep, 1977
    Episode 78
    Alf tells Len he's serious about Renee. Ivy tells Elsie the machinists want Terri to go back to packing; she doesn't do any work. Len is angry when Rita lunches with Ralph. Len tells Ralph to keep away from Rita. Ivy rows with Terri for the slackness. Elsie tells Mike there's trouble brewing the machine room over his girlfriend Terri.moreless
  • Mon 26 Sep, 1977
    Mon 26 Sep, 1977
    Episode 77
    Mavis returns from holidaying in the Isle of Man. Mike tells Elsie to move Terri Clayton up to the machine room from packing. She starts her as a learner. Alf and Renee enjoy the fact that people are talking about them. Rita discovers that Len has told Ralph she isn't singing anymore. Ralph offers her three nights work. Mavis reveals Derek spent a day with her on holiday. Ivy feels it's suspicious that Terri is a learner as Mike doesn't like training people up. Renee is embarrassed by Alf's attention. Rita tells Len she's considering Ralph's offer.moreless
  • Wed 21 Sep, 1977
    Wed 21 Sep, 1977
    Episode 76
    Len lets Mavis have the Kabin flat. Annie prepares for her party. Bet tells her that the carpet is from the Alhambra Weatherfield Bingo Hall. Annie is horrified and is too late to stop her friends from coming. Renee cooks Alf a meal. Lady Vic Olive Gallop recognises the carpet, Annie feels humiliated. Ralph Lancaster offers Rita more singing at the Gatsby but Len tells him she's given it up. Annie threatens to report Eddie to the police if he doesn't get rid of the carpet and give her a refund.moreless
  • Mon 19 Sep, 1977
    Mon 19 Sep, 1977
    Episode 75
    Annie returns from Jersey. Hilda discovers Annie's carpet is a cut-off from the Alhambra Weatherfield Bingo Hall. Bet warns her not to tell Annie. Betty agrees to return to the Rovers as senior barmaid. Annie decides to throw a sherry morning for the Lady Vics to show off the carpet. Alf helps Renee with her VAT. Elsie is furious when Rita refuses to refund her for a pair of tights when they ladder. Rita is livid when Len gives Elsie another pair. Alf takes Renee for a ride in the country.moreless
  • Wed 14 Sep, 1977
    Wed 14 Sep, 1977
    Episode 74
    Mike hears that Steve has not made the Southport delivery. Steve and the girls try to free the van from the sand. With the tide coming in they empty the van of the gear. Mike and Dawn enjoy their date. Steve moves the van by letting down all the tyres. The clothes from the van are covered in sand. Steve returns to the Street, he tells Mike what happened and is sacked. Mavis looks for somewhere to live when Len tells her she can't have the flat. She tells Rita she will no longer be able to do the morning papers. Steve gets a week's pay in lieu of notice. He considers looking for work abroad. Bet gets Betty to admit she'd like to return to the Rovers. Rita is furious when Len tells her she'll have to do all the morning papers. She refuses and tells Len he'll have to do the papers. Gail and Suzie tell Mike they talked Steve into going to Southport. He admires their loyalty and tells Steve he's not fired. Bet orders Dawn to clean the toilets. Dawn refuses and throws Mike in her face. Mike has to stop them fighting. Dawn walks out of the pub.moreless
  • Mon 12 Sep, 1977
    Mon 12 Sep, 1977
    Episode 73
    Mavis is given notice to quit by Edie's bank. She looks forward to moving back to the Kabin flat, especially now Len has made alterations to it. Suzie and Gail persuade Steve to take them on a delivery trip to Southport on their half day. Bet is annoyed when Mike makes a play for Dawn. Steve is hooked on Suzie but she is indifferent, Gail however throws herself at him. Len wants £15 for the flat now it has a separate entrance and is horrified when Mavis moves back. The girls delay Steve from making the delivery. Betty spies out Dawn her replacement at the Rovers. Mike makes a date with Dawn.moreless
  • Wed 7 Sep, 1977
    Wed 7 Sep, 1977
    Episode 72
    Ken asks Peter if he and Susan would like to live in Weatherfield. Bet and Dawn clash behind the bar. Peter can't decide whether or not to live with Ken. He tells Ken he'd like to but Ken feels he's not sure. ANNIE: "I've never denied there was a big wide world outside. We're not tied here by any chains, other than habit." Annie plans to visit Billy in Jersey. She asks Bet to get on with Dawn in her absence. Ken tells Peter he knows he doesn't want to live with him. Peter says he'd miss Glasgow too much. Annie goes to Jersey leaving Bet in charge. Bet tells Dawn to empty the ashtrays.moreless
  • Mon 5 Sep, 1977
    Mon 5 Sep, 1977
    Episode 71
    Ken returns home with torn ligaments. Annie is annoyed that Betty shows no sign of returning to the Rovers. She interviews mousy Dawn Perks for the job and takes her on. The mountain rescue team praise Peter for his level-headedness. Annie's new carpet is laid with an "AW" monogramme pattern. She gladly pays £71 for it. Ken decides to ask Peter if he'd like to return permanently. Dawn turns up for work transformed in a low cut dress. Bet is put out.moreless
  • Wed 31 Aug, 1977
    Wed 31 Aug, 1977
    Episode 70
    Peter scrambles about the countryside trying to reach help whilst Ken lies in agony. Peter gets lost on the moors and has to spend the night in the open. Albert worries about Ken and Peter when they stay out all night. Renee tells Betty she can't keep her on full time. Peter stops a car and tells the mountain rescue people about Ken's state. He helps them in their search for Ken. Gail is pleased that Steve will be working with them. The rescue team find Ken and take him to hospital. Eddie shows Annie a sample of the carpet, she like it and gives him £10 deposit. Peter stays by Ken's bedside in hospital.moreless
  • Mon 29 Aug, 1977
    Mon 29 Aug, 1977
    Episode 69
    Renee returns to the shop. When Mike has a flat tyre, Steve Fisher changes it for him. Mike offers him a job. Ken and Peter leave on their walking outing. Eddie tries to get Annie interested in a new carpet but she tells him she doesn't trust him. Steve lies to Mike and says he has no qualifications, Mike gets the truth from him that he has too many qualifications to land a job. Mike takes him on as a driver. Eddie tells Annie the carpet will be monogrammed in gold. Ken falls down a ravine and crushes his leg. Peter runs off into the night to get help.moreless
  • Wed 24 Aug, 1977
    Wed 24 Aug, 1977
    Episode 68
    Ray tells Len he wants a 50-50 partnership. Len refuses and tells him he can always leave if he doesn't like the set up. Albert is annoyed when his home-made kite fails to fly. He enjoys telling Peter about the War. Ken is too busy at work to spend time with Peter. Rita warns Len not to give Ray more money; she'll never forgive him. Len worries that Ray may leave the Yard and take Deirdre with him. Deirdre pushes Ray to leave the Yard and set up in competition against Len. Ray tells Len he's leaving the business. They both decide on a new contract and swear each other to secrecy. Edie's will is read, she leaves two pot dogs to Ethel and her estate to Mavis. Ethel threatens to contest the will. The solicitor tells Mavis that the house was sold to a finance company and isn't hers. Ray and Len refuse to tell their wives the terms of their new partnership.moreless
  • Mon 22 Aug, 1977
    Mon 22 Aug, 1977
    Episode 67
    Mavis blames herself for Edie's death. Derek supports her at the funeral. Peter arrives for a couple of weeks. He and Ken feel like strangers to each other. Rita, Emily and Alf attend Edie's funeral. They are horrified at the way Ethel puts Mavis and Derek down. Rita rows with Ethel over her hypocrisy in not looking after Edie. Deirdre refuses to let Rita dictate as to how much money Ray gets. Mavis tells Derek that Edie told her she was leaving everything to her in her will.moreless
  • Wed 17 Aug, 1977
    Wed 17 Aug, 1977
    Episode 66
    Hilda searches No. 13 for the tandem money. Ethel accuses Mavis of making Edie worse by carrying on with Derek. Ken and Albert prepare for a visit from Peter. Edie begs Mavis not to leave her on her own but Mavis worries about losing her job. Deirdre pushes Ray into tackling Len for a 50% partnership. Len refuses. Rita makes Mavis work until 7 to make up for all the hassle she's caused. Hilda takes possession of her new clothes. Eddie produces the tandem's bell as proof of its fate. Deirdre accuses Ray of being scared of Len. Len feels that the Langtons have got a case but Rita refuses to let them have more money. Len tells her it's nothing to do with her; it's Yard business. Mavis returns home to find Edie dead.moreless
  • Mon 15 Aug, 1977
    Mon 15 Aug, 1977
    Episode 65
    Rita has to work longer hours whilst Mavis is running around after Auntie Edie. Hilda orders new clothes whilst waiting for her share of the tandem money. Mavis leaves Ethel looking after Edie whilst she goes out with Derek. He tells Mavis that Edie is taking advantage of her. The yard gets an unexpected big cheque from a bankrupt firm, Ray and Len plan a big night out. Hilda refuses to believe the demolition story, she feels that Stan and Eddie are keeping the money from her and demands her share. Deirdre is not happy with Ray getting only 40% of the Yard's profits. She tells Ray he's a mug and she's not satisfied with the set up.moreless
  • Wed 10 Aug, 1977
    Wed 10 Aug, 1977
    Episode 64
    The Ogdens tell Suzie and Gail that they don't want to sell the tandem anymore. The girls refuse to hand the bike back. Len plans alterations to the Kabin flat, certain that Mavis will stay at Aunt Edie's for ever. Annie offers to make up with Betty but she's not interested. Eddie buys the tandem off the girls for £15. He tells the Ogdens he'll go halves with them when he sells it. Annie asks Betty to put a card up in the shop saying that she, Annie, has the upmost trust in Betty's honesty. Betty refuses to put it up; people will think she's dishonest. Eddie and Stan, on route to the bike dealer, leave the bike in a street whilst they go to a pub. Betty discovers Albert isn't exactly sure what he heard Annie say. Len tells the girls the tandem is worth £100. Betty accepts Annie's apology and drops action. She refuses to return to the Rovers though. The tandem is buried when the wall it was against is demolished.moreless
  • Mon 8 Aug, 1977
    Mon 8 Aug, 1977
    Episode 63
    Hilda tells Stan to sell the tandem for £12. Mike offers Eddie a labouring job at the factory but he refuses it. Albert tells Annie he heard her on the telephone to Nellie telling her about Betty being a thief. Suzie and Gail are interested in the tandem but ask for a test run. Albert tells Betty he'll swear in court that Annie slandered her. The girls buy the tandem off the Ogdens for £7. Len tells the Ogdens the bike is worth £100.moreless
  • Wed 3 Aug, 1977
    Wed 3 Aug, 1977
    Episode 62
    Annie is upset that Nellie Harvey has been telling everyone that she sacked Betty for having her hand in the till, which is what she told her. Annie apologises to Betty but Betty isn't satisfied. Ethel warns Edie that Mavis may marry Derek. Edie assures her she'll put a stop to it. Hilda holds a séance with Bet, Elsie, Gail and Suzie. Hilda goes into a trance and the table collapses. Bet tells Betty that Nellie has been talking about her honesty. Mavis tells Edie she wants to live her own life and she may have to go into a home. Betty tells Annie she's going to sue her for defamation of character.moreless
  • Mon 1 Aug, 1977
    Mon 1 Aug, 1977
    Episode 61
    Mavis moves back to look after Edie, and takes time off work. Betty looks after the shop whilst Renee looks after her mother. Edie makes Mavis run round after her. Annie is shocked to find Betty working at the shop. Betty feels victorious. After two predictions come true, Hilda's clairvoyancey attracts attention. Edie and Ethel gang up on Mavis. She feels trapped. The police tell Annie that the decorator Gary Hawkins has admitted to making an impression of her key and stealing the £45. Annie is horrified.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jul, 1977
    Wed 27 Jul, 1977
    Episode 60
    Hilda gets the tandem out again but Stan refuses to go on it. Rita advises Mavis to put Auntie Edie in a home, she refuses. Elsie sees a solicitor over her divorce. Mavis resolves not to go back to Auntie Edie but knows she will. Derek challenges Ethel but she is adamant she's not moving in with Auntie Edie; Mavis owes her Aunt for living rent free all these years. Betty is angry when Annie gives Fred a key to the living room. She confronts her but Annie thinks she's lapsed into theft and recommends a psychiatrist. Stan borrows a car to give Hilda a day out. Mavis is furious with herself for giving in yet again. Annie is convinced Betty stole the money. Betty walks out of the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jul, 1977
    Mon 25 Jul, 1977
    Episode 59
    Mavis makes Sunday lunch for Derek. Annie discovers £45 is missing - she is certain it's been stolen from her sewing basket. Mavis hears that Auntie Edie has had an attack. Mavis blames herself for not being with her. She fears going back to look after her as she'll never escape. Annie refuses to go to the police over the money. Mavis asks her cousin Ethel to look after Auntie Edie but Ethel refuses. Stan feels sick from all the homemade beer. Albert offers his allotment vegetables to Renee, she agrees to buy them market price. Annie locks the living room door. Betty and Fred realise she suspects them of stealing the money.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jul, 1977
    Wed 20 Jul, 1977
    Episode 58
    Annie is horrified as the drinkers leave because of the lack of beer in the Rovers. She is forced to ration the remaining beer. Renee has to go to Lancaster to look after her mother, she asks Betty to look after the shop. Annie is forced to buy all Renee's beer to sell at the Rovers, before discovering the strike is off. Stan and Eddie sell their beer until the Brewery can deliver. Ted wants a date with Elsie but she puts him off. Hilda hears that brewing beer is illegal and pulls the plug out of the bath. She is horrified to discover it isn't illegal after all. Elsie is upset to receive a letter from Alan telling her that they could never get back together and he wants a divorce.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jul, 1977
    Mon 18 Jul, 1977
    Episode 57
    Elsie returns after having had a laugh in Newcastle with Alan. Annie returns from visiting Joan to find the draymen on strike and only half the Rovers decorated. Elsie has landed a buyer for Baldwin's. She likes the idea of being a full time rep but Mike tells her she won't get the chance. The factory goes back to full time operations. Stan is horrified that Annie might start beer rationing. Elsie tells Len that she'd like to get back together with Alan. Stan and Eddie brew beer in the bath.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jul, 1977
    Wed 13 Jul, 1977
    Episode 56
    Gail throws herself at Roger but their intimate moments are ruined by Suzie. Roger can't decide which one of them to invite to France. Maurice and Gary work at the Bishops when they should be at the Rovers. Ray sees them and is furious, he phones the Brewery are reports them for moonlighting. Maurice and Gary are sacked by the Brewery. Maurice goes for Ray but Len stops him. Maurice swears to get even with Ray. Roger can't choose between Suzie and Gail so he invites them both. The police tell Renee that Eric and Les have been caught. Roger returns home to Lyons. The Brewery draymen go out on strike over Maurice's sacking, and the Rovers' cellar is nearly out of beer.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jul, 1977
    Mon 11 Jul, 1977
    Episode 55
    The police investigate the theft of £400 worth of stock and £15 cash from the shop. Renee feels she's made a fool of herself. In Elsie's absence, Suzie feels they should take a foreign student in, especially when she learns the Tec will pay £3 a night. Ray gives Ernie an estimate of £50 to decorate the bedroom. Police Sgt Bolton suspects Eddie of being involved in the shop break-in. French student Roger Floriet arrives to stay at No. 11 for two weeks. Suzie and Gail both fall for him. Ray and Len are put out when the Brewery painters start work on the Rovers. Gail is upset that Roger is in love with a nun, she feels that it's a waste. The Brewery painters, Maurice and Gary tell Ernie they'll decorate the bedroom and the landing for £60. Roger tells both Suzie and Gail that they are beautiful and one of them will have to come to France with himmoreless
  • Wed 6 Jul, 1977
    Wed 6 Jul, 1977
    Episode 54
    The Bishops, Alf, Len and Ken join forces to secure Ena's job. Bet and Renne prepare for a party in Ashton with the lads. Rita and Mavis shut the Kabin for the afternoon to shop in Manchester, to spite Len. Tattersall tells Ena she has no right to live in the flat as she doesn't do anything at the Centre. He tells her he's going to put her in an Old Folk's home. She begins to feel frightened. Les and Eric make sure Bet and Renee have left for their 'date' in Ashton before breaking into the shop. Emily sees the men loading their van from the shop and thinks it's strange. Ernie threatens Tattersall with violence if he evicts Ena. When Tattersall insults Ena in the Rovers, Len has to be stopped from hitting him. Tattersall tells Ena he's lodged an official complaint about her. Alf tells him he's discovered Tattersall wants Ena out so his niece can have the job and flat. Tattersall is furious. Rita makes Len a special tea and they apologise to each other. Bet and Renee return from their wild goose chase to find the shop has been ransacked.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jul, 1977
    Mon 4 Jul, 1977
    Episode 53
    Ena returns home. Her legs are still weak. Eddie looks after her. She is furious that he has arranged to have a team of helpers looking after her all day. Mavis makes Rita realise that she's going to have to put Len first in everything. Les Fox arranges a date with Bet. She gets Renee to tag along for his friend Eric. Ena throws the home help out. Council Tattersall criticises the way Albert and Ena run the Centre. Rita tells Len she will always be independent and have a will of her own. Tattersall tells Ken he thinks Ken is letting Ena live at the Centre under false pretences; she's too old to work. He plans to get her out of the flat.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jun, 1977
    Wed 29 Jun, 1977
    Episode 52
    Len tells Rita to get rid of Terry. The residents feel that Ena is too old to live at the Centre. Rita lies to Len and tells him she's told Terry to go. Mike assures Ernie that business will pick up. Eddie organises a visiting rota for when Ena returns. Len throws Terry out despite Rita begging him to let Terry stay.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jun, 1977
    Mon 27 Jun, 1977
    Episode 51
    A student surveys the Street, Bet kids Annie he's from the Council and is planning some redevelopments. Terry Bates turns up to see Rita. Ernie goes after a job as Accounts manager at P&V Cables. Terry tells Rita he's having hassle from Harry's girlfriend. She feels sorry for him. The Council decide not to improve the area around Coronation Street. Alf tries to keep the news secret. Len tells Rita not to worry about Terry. Annie goes to the Town Hall to find out if the Street is going to be demolished. She discovers that the Council voted against including the Street in an Improvement Area, thus denying the residents grants to modernise their home. She is furious that Alf voted against the proposal, in favour of the area around the Red Rec. Terry hits Doreen and leaves home. Rita takes him in.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jun, 1977
    Wed 22 Jun, 1977
    Episode 50
    Stokes buys the cabinet. Albert makes a nuisance of himself at the hospital trying to find the truth about Ena's condition. The doctor tells him she is suffering from severe concussion and is slightly improving. Ivy wants the girls to form a workers co-operative, Vera isn't keen. Mike gets Suzie and Gail to model the new denim designs in front of Ivy and the girls to show them how good they are. He tells them to have faith in their work. He convinces them that only he, not a workers co-op, will lift them out of the slump. In the mean time they'll have to go on a three day week. Stokes tells Annie that Alf and Betty are an item. Alf tries to make him see he's got it wrong but Stokes continues to tell everyone. Albert talks to Ena whilst she is unconscious. She opens her eyes. Mike switches the denim work to London and concentrates on the new models in Weatherfield. Elsie goes to Newcastle to see Alan and try to interest buyers in the new designs. Ena regains consciousness and snaps at Albert to stop talking!moreless
  • Mon 20 Jun, 1977
    Mon 20 Jun, 1977
    Episode 49
    Stuck in the train, Ray and Deirdre become fearful over the unanswered phone. Tracy cries at No. 5, next to unconscious Ena. Emily grows concerned about the crying. Elsie fears something has happened and persaudes Ernie to break a window so they can enter the house. Emily takes care of Tracy whilst Elsie phones for an ambulance. Ena is rushed to hospital. The Langtons return home at midnight. When they see the broken window and Tracy gone Deirdre becomes hysterical. Alf helps Betty when a buyer for the cabinet is expected, to make sure she isn't conned. Elsie tells Ivy that if they strike Mike will be pleased; he'll get out of paying them. Betty passes Alf off as her husband to Stokes who turns out to be a fellow Councillor. Stokes assumes they are living together. Ray blames Blanche for the accident.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jun, 1977
    Wed 15 Jun, 1977
    Episode 48
    Ivy tells Mike he can't take their work away from them. Betty worries as noone is interested in her china cabinet. Mike tells the girls that his London factory is already on a 3 day week and if he doesn't divert some of the work he'll have to close the factory down. He rows with Ivy when she tells him the girls don't care what happens to the London factory. The Langton's train from London is delayed. As Blanche has to return home, Ena babysits. Ray phones from Crewe, in her haste to answer the phone, Ena trips and falls and knocks herself unconscious.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jun, 1977
    Mon 13 Jun, 1977
    Episode 47
    Ivy is certain something is wrong with Mike. Mike tells Ernie and Elsie that there's a slump in the denim market. He orders Ernie to cut costs where he can and tells them not to mention anything to the girls. Betty worries about her finances when she can't pay the gas bill. Deirdre gets emotional over leaving Tracy with Blanche. Ivy tricks Ernie into telling her about the three-day week. Betty advertises her china cabinet for sale. Ivy leads the girls in a go-slow on an important order. The Bishops are hurt to discover the Langtons are going to London and Blanche is looking after Tracy. Emily is upset as she realises Deirdre doesn't trust her with Tracy. Mike rows with Ernie for telling the girls about the firm's problems. Deirdre and Ray go to London. Ivy discovers Mike is moving the work down to his London factory.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jun, 1977
    Wed 8 Jun, 1977
    Episode 46
    Bet goes to the park to see the other floats, dressed as Britannia. Ray tells the Bishops they're not going to London after all. Annie is annoyed when everyone blames her for getting a duff lorry from the Brewery. Hilda comments on how Stan left the lights on all night to protect the lorry. Alf then informs everyone that it was Stan's fault. The residents demand a kangaroo court for Stan in the Rovers. Albert is the judge, Fred prosecutes and Eddie defends. Stan is found guilty and has to buy drinks all round. Ray arranges with Blanche to look after Tracy. Bet is highly commended in the fancy dress parade. Mike tells Elsie business is failing and they may have to go on a three day week.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jun, 1977
    Mon 6 Jun, 1977
    Episode 45
    Deirdre tells Ray they're not going to London if they can't find someone to look after Tracy. Ray gets the Bishops to agree to look after Tracy. Eddie and Ken talk Ena into being Queen Victoria on the float. Fred portrays Sir Francis Drake, with one of Jack Walker's bowls. Ernie is Walter Raleigh, Ken Sir Edmund Hilary and Eddie plays a caveman. Annie is Queen Elizabeth I. Emily is thrilled to have Tracy for a weekend. Stan has to move the lorry in the night and leaves the lights on. Deirdre refuses to have the Bishops looking after Tracy; they've never had children. The players sit on the lorry and wait for the off but the lorry's batteries are dead and it fails to move.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jun, 1977
    Wed 1 Jun, 1977
    Episode 44
    The committee bribe Albert into playing Sherpa Tensing. Bet agrees to play Britannia to get at Annie. Hilda is a late entry in the 'Glamorous Grannie Contest'. Ken compares the competitions at the Centre. Elsie drops out of the grannie contest. Dot Baker wins. Vera is annoyed that she isn't placed in the grannie contest. Tracy wins the 'Bonny Jubilee Baby Contest'. She is presented with a Jubilee crown piece, and the Langtons get a free weekend in London.moreless
  • Mon 30 May, 1977
    Mon 30 May, 1977
    Episode 43
    The decorators start work on the Rovers. Alf's contact lets him down over the Street's float. Ernie is adamant that Emily is going to be Queen Elizabeth. Emily wants to back down but Ernie refuses to let her. He tells Annie that she can't be Queen Bess. Annie is furious. Betty refuses to portray Britannia on the Street float. Emily fears that she's going to make a fool of herself. Annie gets the Brewery to provide a lorry for the float, on the condition that she plays Queen Bess.moreless
  • Wed 25 May, 1977
    Wed 25 May, 1977
    Episode 42
    Elaine tells Elsie she works with Alan and they are having an affair. She asks her to give Alan a divorce so she can marry him. Eddie wants Hilda to go into business with him, making curtains. Elsie realises that Alan has been using her as an excuse not to marry Elaine. Eddie buys a load of curtain material. He and Hilda go into business. Elsie asks Ted's advise on the divorce. She realises Alan is conning Elaine and doesn't want to marry her. Ted advises her to tell Elaine the truth. She does but Elaine doesn't believe her. Elsie tells her she will divorce Alan. Mike catches Hilda making curtains on his machine and discovers she's making them whilst he's paying her to clean. He tells her she can't make anymore. Emily plans to play Queen Elizabeth the First but Annie tells Ernie she's playing her and has ordered her costume already.moreless
  • Mon 23 May, 1977
    Mon 23 May, 1977
    Episode 41
    Elsie is furious when she sees the paper. Vera is pleased to be a finalist in the Grannie contest. Elsie tells the girls she's sick of them interfering in her life. Ted sees Elsie's picture in the Gazette and arranges a date with her; he realises what he's missing. They agree to put the past behind them. Ernie is given the job of organising the Street's float. Hilda runs up curtains at Baldwins late at night. Elaine Dennett calls on Elsie and says she wants to talk about Alanmoreless
  • Wed 18 May, 1977
    Wed 18 May, 1977
    Episode 40
    Len tells Rita to get Mavis out of the flat. Rita tells Mavis there's a lot wrong with it. Hilda makes denim cleaning mittens from offcuts at the factory. She plans to make curtains on the machines. Emily suggests 'Britain through the Ages' for the float. Elsie convinces Mavis that there's nothing wrong with the flat. Len tells Mavis the flat rent will be £10 a week, not £6. Tracy gets into the finals of the baby contest. Elsie refuses to enter the Glamorous Grannie contest. Mavis tells Len she wants to stay in the flat and threatens to take him to the rent tribunal. Suzie eats carrots instead of smoking. Len and Mavis settle on £8 a week. Unknown to Elsie, Suzie and Gail enter her picture in the glamorous grannie contest. It is printed in the Gazette as a finalist.moreless
  • Mon 16 May, 1977
    Mon 16 May, 1977
    Episode 39
    Ray wants to enter Tracy in the Jubilee Baby Contest but Deirdre refuses; it would be degrading. Rita and Len can't contact Mavis. Her Auntie hasn't seen her all night. The residents get to Deirdre so she enters Tracy in the contest. Elsie and Suzie give up smoking. Mavis turns up in tears after having rowed with Auntie Edie. Edie has thrown him out and she's had to stay in a hotel. Rita tells her she can move into the Kabin flat. The residents decide to enter a Street float in the Jubilee parade. Len is annoyed that Rita has let the flat to Mavis as he had plans to do it up and get a big rent.moreless
  • Wed 11 May, 1977
    Wed 11 May, 1977
    Episode 38
    Elsie's dress returns from the cleaners. She's annoyed as it's obvious it's been cleaned. Rita spends the day preparing for the dinner party. Elsie wears the dress to the Fairclough's, annoying Rita who feels outdone. Hilda grows fascinated about how the sewing machines work and has a go on one. Ted is astonished when Rita tells him that Elsie has had three husbands. Mavis phones Len and hysterically tells him she won't be in work. Ted gives Elsie the brush off.moreless
  • Mon 9 May, 1977
    Mon 9 May, 1977
    Episode 37
    The Faircloughs return from honeymoon. Ray has redecorated the house for them. Mike uses pictures of Albert in the denim as a promotion. Hilda applies for the post of cleaner at the factory. Renee is pleased when Alf invites her to the pictures. Elsie gives Hilda the cleaner's job. She starts work straight away. Ted takes Elsie out for a meal. Len arranges for them to have a meal at No. 9. Rita is furious.moreless
  • Wed 4 May, 1977
    Wed 4 May, 1977
    Episode 36
    Ken gives Tracy a silver rattle which Ena gave the twins and was given to her when she was christened. Mike gives Albert his denim suit. The Langtons, Blanche, Emily, Ken, Betty, Ena, Ernie and Annie attend Tracy's christening. Alf works at the shop during the day and at the GPO at night. When he catches Renee's cold she moves him into her bed. The Langtons throw a party for Tracy. Ena recites 'Th'art welcome little bonny bird'. Bet finds Alf in Renee's bed.moreless
  • Mon 2 May, 1977
    Mon 2 May, 1977
    Episode 35
    Renee takes to her bed with flu. Bet looks after the shop. Ray is furious that the vicar has turned them away and is determined to have Tracy christened. When Bet has to work at the Rovers, Alf looks after the shop. Ena advises Deirdre to go to St Mary's and see if they'll baptise Tracy. Blanche arrives to sort out the sale of her house. She tells Deirdre that she and Steve have had second thoughts. Mike hears Albert talking about the Western Front and decides it's the ideal name for the shop. Albert refuses the denim suit and asks for money instead. Mike refuses. Smedley agrees to baptise Tracy. Emily, Betty and Ken agree to be Godparents. The doctor tells Renee to stay in bed for a week. Alf feels lumberedmoreless
  • Wed 27 Apr, 1977
    Wed 27 Apr, 1977
    Episode 34
    Alf, Fred, Mavis and Renee set off on their fishing trip. Deirdre refuses to listen to Ray over the christening. A hungry Suzie arranges a date between Ted and Elsie hoping he'll bring food with him. Renee falls in the river. Mavis tries to rescue her and is pulled into the water, the boat overturns and Fred falls in. Ted arrives and takes Elsie out for Sunday lunch. Suzie is stunned. The vicar of St Luke's tells Deirdre he won't baptise Tracy because the Langtons don't go to church.moreless
  • Mon 25 Apr, 1977
    Mon 25 Apr, 1977
    Episode 33
    Elsie gets the dress cleaned and gives the girls the bill. Fred agrees to take Mavis fishing at the weekend. He worries about being on his own with Mavis and gets Alf to join them. Deirdre wants to have Tracy christened, Ray doesn't see the point. Suzie and Gail entertain Rod and Kevin. Elsie is pleased when Ted makes a date with her. She tells the girls they can't have the lads round. Ted provides expensive food for a meal with Elsie. They enjoy each other's company. Mavis gets Renee to make up a fishing foursome.moreless
  • Wed 20 Apr, 1977
    Wed 20 Apr, 1977
    Episode 32
    Len and Alf's car has a puncture. Rita is told to drive round the block by Ken as the groom hasn't turned up yet. Len and Alf make it to the church before Rita comes back and the wedding takes place. The manager of the Green Vale hotel, Ted Brownlow, thinks he recognises Elsie when she makes it to the reception. Stan and Hilda gatecrash the reception but are too late for the free bar. Len and Rita Fairclough are waved off on honeymoon.moreless
  • Mon 18 Apr, 1977
    Mon 18 Apr, 1977
    Episode 31
    Len has a sprained ankle. Rita makes him go to see a doctor. Rita's uncle Sam arrives to give her away. Annie helps Rita organise the reception at the Greenvale Hotel. Alf gets drunk with Sam and has a hangover on the wedding day. Elsie discovers the mark on her dress. She is very upset and decides not to go to the wedding. Rita and Len leave for the church with their attendants.moreless
  • Wed 13 Apr, 1977
    Wed 13 Apr, 1977
    Episode 30
    Bet helps out at the shop in penance for the freezer mix-up. Fred makes up a lethal punch for Len's stag night and the men gather in the select. Mike lays on Marie and Vera for Len's stag party. The women throw a hen party for Rita. Marie plans to get Len into bed. Mike is astonished when Len tells him he doesn't want any women; he's Rita's. Marie is furious. Mavis is thrilled to hear Derek is coming to the wedding. Len falls down stairs whilst drunk.moreless
  • Mon 11 Apr, 1977
    Mon 11 Apr, 1977
    Episode 29
    Mike offers a denim outfit to whoever can rename Sylvia's. Len refuses to invite Stanley to the wedding. Elsie spends a week's wages on a new dress for the wedding. Rita asks Mavis to be her bridesmaid, she is thrilled. Suzie tries on Elsie's new dress. Albert jumps up at her and covers the dress in tar paw prints. She tries to wash it off before discovering the dress is dry clean only. Len and Rita meet the vicar, Rev Smedley to talk over the wedding. Hilda is horrified to discover that the Ogdens have been invited to drinks after the Fairclough's reception but not the actual reception. Len plans a stag night. Suzie finds a home for Albert. She doesn't know want to do about the dress.moreless
  • Wed 6 Apr, 1977
    Wed 6 Apr, 1977
    Episode 28
    Elsie is furious when she finds Albert has eaten one of her shoes. She tells Suzie to get rid of him. Mavis refuses to let go of the manageress job without a fight. Len asks Alf to be his best man, Deirdre is furious that he didn't ask Ray. Mavis threatens to take Len to an Industrial Tribunal. He agrees to give her a small rise in compensation. Nobody wants to take Albert off Suzie's hands. Rita wears the engagement ring Len originally gave her. Benny Stone confronts Rita and tells her he wants the £400 he lost on the deal. Len discovers he wants commission he already received by providing the hotel with a replacement singer. Benny is forced into accepting £200 from Len. Rita and Len row over his asking Alf to be best man when she wanted Ken. Suzie hides Albert in her room. Ray and Ken are both relieved that Alf is best man.moreless
  • Mon 4 Apr, 1977
    Mon 4 Apr, 1977
    Episode 27
    Mavis enjoys being in charge of the Kabin. Elsie decides there's too many people in her house and tells Suzie to leave. Mavis thinks that Rita letting the plane go to marry Len is true romance. Rita tells her she's thrilled. Deirdre returns to work part time with Tracy in the Yard. Suzie falls for a stray dog and names it Albert. Bet is upset at the news of Len and Rita's engagement but puts a brave face on. Len breaks the news of his engagement to Elsie. She wishes him luck. Rita is shocked when Len tells her he wants to marry in three weeks. Elsie refuses to let the dog stay at No. 11. Mavis is upset that Rita wants to be manageress again. Rita's agent, Benny Stone says he's going to take her to court for not going to Tenerife.moreless
  • Wed 30 Mar, 1977
    Wed 30 Mar, 1977
    Episode 26
    Elsie assures Rita she'll look after Len for her in her absence. Ken contacts Janet's sister Helen. She doesn't know anything about the money. Denton accuses Ken of trying to keep the money. He shows Ken paper work to back up his claim. Rita throws a farewell party. The Bishops give her a shield with the Weatherfield coat of arms on it. Len tells Mavis she's manageress. Helen tells Ken they should keep the money and split it half way. Deirdre gets drunk at the party and doesn't relieve Ray from his babysitting shift. Ken tells Denton he can have his money and Helen can have Janet's. Albert calls him a fool; the twins need money too. Len takes Rita to the airport. She lets the plane go without her.moreless
  • Mon 28 Mar, 1977
    Mon 28 Mar, 1977
    Episode 25
    The Langtons move into No. 5. Deirdre makes Ray carry her over the threshold. Ken returns from staying with Dave Robbins. Mavis tells Len she doesn't want to resign. Denton tells Ken Janet had £7,520 on his in a building society and he wants it back. He tells Ken the money was a tax dodge. Ken says he can have it - if he can prove it's his. Ernie gives Rita a going away present; he's transposed all her song arrangements. Ken discovers that £1,500 of the money was Janet's. He doesn't trust Denton about the rest. Rita packs. Len accuses her of going to spite him. He tells her that he's modernise No. 9 for her and she can give up work. She tells him she's going to Tenerife. The residents decide Rita needs a farewell party.moreless
  • Wed 23 Mar, 1977
    Wed 23 Mar, 1977
    Episode 24
    Rita doesn't know whether to marry Len or go to Teneriffe. Mavis tells Elsie about the proposal. Renee discovers the freezer stock, worth £100 is ruined. Elsie tells Len he's stupid to marry again and tells him Rita is bound to accept. He convinces her he needs Rita. Renee makes Bet feel better by telling her she's insured. The insurance man tells her she's not insured as it was an act of carelessness. Len refuses to give Mavis the job of manageress. She is upset and resigns. Eddie sells off Renee's defrosted food. Bet offers to work in the shop when she can to repay the damage. Len gives Rita the engagement ring he gave her in 1974. She refuses to take it and tells him she can't marry him; he's three years too late. Vince Denton looks for Ken.moreless
  • Mon 21 Mar, 1977
    Mon 21 Mar, 1977
    Episode 23
    Rita looks forward to Tenerife and her job at the Hotel San Antonio. Len worries that she'll never return. Bet goes flat hunting. Len begs Rita not to leave. Hilda wants to get into No. 5 before the Langtons but Stan doesn't want to move. Mike tells Renee he'll pay an extra £2 a week on top of Bet's offered £6 to let her have the flat but doesn't want Bet to know about it. Renee tells Bet she'll lower the price and Bet can move in. Bet is delighted. Mavis asks Len for Rita's job but he refuses to talk about it. Rita signs the signing contract. Bet moves into the shop flat. She unplugs the freezer in the shop instead of the heater. Len proposes to Rita and tells her he loves her.moreless
  • Wed 16 Mar, 1977
    Wed 16 Mar, 1977
    Episode 22
    Deirdre can't type at home as the noise wakes Tracy up. Fred jokingly invites Mavis to go fishing, she accepts. Rita's agent sends her a telegram asking her to call him. Mike agrees to sell the house to Ray for £2,500 plus the price of the conversion and the furniture. He tells Ray he'll have to get Bet out though. Bet agrees to the Langtons having the house because of Tracy. Albert and Ena fall out, living under the same roof. Mike takes a long term room in a hotel. Renee tells Bet she can have the shop flat for £8 a week. Bet thinks it's too expensive. Rita gives Len notice from the Kabin; she's going singing in Tenerife for four months. He is stricken.moreless
  • Mon 14 Mar, 1977
    Mon 14 Mar, 1977
    Episode 21
    Ena worries that the shock of Janet's death will kill Albert. Mike sends Hilda the key to No. 5 to clean it for his return. Bet throws her out. Ena meets Albert's train and breaks the news about Janet. Mike returns. Bet tells him she's not giving the house up. Ray wants Deirdre to type at home for the Yard. She agrees. Ray changes the locks at No. 5 for Bet. Len arrives to put a lock on for Mike. Ray squares up to him. Ena takes Albert in for a few days. Mike is amazed to find he can't get into No. 5.moreless
  • Wed 9 Mar, 1977
    Wed 9 Mar, 1977
    Episode 20
    Hilda fears the chimney might be collapsing. Len tells her the brick hasn't come from the house. BET: (about Annie) "She really believes there's her and the rest of us. She isn't being condescending or owt. She really believes it." Hilda discovers Gail and Suzie dropped the brick. She threatens them with the police. Rita discovers Len hasn't gone to Nottingham for the wedding. Suzie and Gail give Hilda a box of chocolates for compensation. Bet wonders about seeing a solicitor about her rights at No. 5. Rita is pleased when Len makes a pass at her.moreless
  • Mon 7 Mar, 1977
    Mon 7 Mar, 1977
    Episode 19
    Elsie agrees to let Suzie stay another week when she buys her a birthday present. Bet refuses to leave No. 5. Suzie buys Elsie a face mask. To please her Suzie decides to clean her chimney with a brick. Len receives an invite to Stanley's wedding. Rita tells him she'd like to go with him. He tells her how Stanley doesn't really want him to go. Suzie drops the brick down the wrong chimney and covers the Ogdens' parlour, and the Ogdens, in soot.moreless
  • Wed 2 Mar, 1977
    Wed 2 Mar, 1977
    Episode 18
    Betty offers Bet her back room. Anne tells Bet she knows she's Mike's girlfriend; her perfume and hairs are all over the house. Renee agrees to let Bet stay at the shop flat. She is horrified when Anne tells her she is not married to Mike; she's his mistress, the children are hers. The Gazette reports on Janet's death. Anne tells Mike she'll forgive him if he dumps Bet. Bet calls Mike a stinking rat. He tells her he told her he was married to stop her getting ideas. BET: "Hope keeps people like me going. You hope that one day there'll be someone who won't cheat or lie or pretend they care about you when all they really want is a willing tart. I've been kicked in the teeth often enough so it doesn't really come as a surprise. But it doesn't stop hurting." Mike tells Bet he didn't mean to hurt her. She slaps his face. He tells her he's going to London and wants her out of No. 5.moreless
  • Mon 28 Feb, 1977
    Mon 28 Feb, 1977
    Episode 17
    Len goes with Ken to Janet's inquest. RITA: (to Ken) "We've all had our nightmares, Ken. We're all the walkin' wounded love. It's just that some of us get more wounded than others." Mike tells Bet to clear her stuff out of No. 5 for a bit; his wife is coming up. Mike shows Anne Baldwin the factory and the house. The coroner brings a verdict of suicide. Mike assures Anne he loves her. Bet is upset when Mike brings Anne into the Rovers. He tells Bet that Anne's staying for a few days.moreless
  • Wed 23 Feb, 1977
    Wed 23 Feb, 1977
    Episode 16
    Emily blames herself for not having time for Janet. As it becomes clear that Janet killed herself, Emily breaks down. The police tell Ken that Janet died of barbiturate poisoning. Using Bet's story, Suzie tells Elsie she's scared of her landlord as he's into the Nazis. Elsie tells her she can move in for a week whilst she's looking for somewhere else. The CID investigate Janet's death and the residents are questioned. Elsie discovers the landlord story was Bet's, she surprises Suzie by telling her she can stay - for her cheek. Hilda criticises Emily in the Rovers over her treatment of Janet. Len is impressed by the way Rita helps to bring Ken out of himself.moreless
  • Mon 21 Feb, 1977
    Mon 21 Feb, 1977
    Episode 15
    In the morning, Ken finds Janet unconscious in his bed and calls the ambulance men. Suzie tries to worm her way into Elsie's affections. Elsie tells Suzie she doesn't want her at No.11, she can't move in. Janet is rushed to hospital but she is already dead. Ena takes care of a stunned Ken. Emily is shaken by Janet's death. Bet gives Suzie lots of stories about rotten landladies. Ken is taken into questioning.moreless
  • Wed 16 Feb, 1977
    Wed 16 Feb, 1977
    Episode 14
    Ken thinks Janet wants a divorce but she tells him she doesn't. Janet phones Vince and begs him to take her back, he refuses. Emily tackles Thelma about the valentine and accuses her of throwing herself at Ernie. Thelma accuses her of not understanding Ernie. Emily warns her off. Eddie takes a champion darts player under his wing. Len realises the darts player is a hustler and warns him off. He disappears with the money Eddie has won betting on him. Janet tells Ken she's left Vince, she tells Ken she's changed and asks him to give her another chance. He refuses; he doesn't want her back. He tells her she's no longer his problem but does agree to her spending the night at No. 1; he'll sleep on the sofa. Elsie agrees to let Suzie stay for the night. She realises she's been conned. Janet takes an overdose in the night.moreless
  • Mon 14 Feb, 1977
    Mon 14 Feb, 1977
    Episode 13
    Albert goes to visit the twins. Ernie receives a Valentine, he realises it's from Thelma. Emily accuses him of encouraging Thelma. Mavis gets a Valentine from Derek. Janet searches for Ken. She tries to get Emily to talk to her but Emily is too preoccupied with Thelma and Ernie. Suzie looks for somewhere to live when her landlady throws her out. She decides she'd like to move in at No. 11. Ken finds Janet on his doorstep.moreless
  • Wed 9 Feb, 1977
    Wed 9 Feb, 1977
    Episode 12
    Deirdre comes round to calling the baby Tracy. She tells Ray it would be a good idea if Blanche married; they might have her part of the house. Ray pushes Steve to propose to Blanche. Ernie asks Thelma not to follow him about; they're giving the wrong impression. Betty is horrified that she's got to entertain a man. Mike is horrified that Betty is at the party, he was expecting Rita. He is surprised when the client loves Betty's company. The client agrees to do business with Mike because Betty makes him laugh so much. Steve proposes to Blanche. She accepts. Deirdre and Ray are delighted and agree to leave with them for a holiday in Warwickshire. Janet tries to get in contact with Ken.moreless
  • Mon 7 Feb, 1977
    Mon 7 Feb, 1977
    Episode 11
    Mike grows annoyed as Bet treats No. 5 like a tip. Deirdre and Ray clash over the baby's name. Blanche wants her to be called 'Maureen'. Mike is furious when Bet hires Hilda as a cleaner to sort No. 5 out. He tells her she is the housekeeper. Emily walks out of the Rovers when she sees Ernie drinking with Thelma. Ray registers the baby 'Tracy Lynette' behind Deirdre's back. Deirdre and Blanche row with Ray over the name. Deirdre accuses him of being sly. Steve Bassett arrives, Blanche shows him off. Mike asks Bet to lay on a dinner party for a client and to get a woman for him. Blanche tells Deirdre that she only works for Dave; they split up. Emily warns Ernie that Thelma is after him. Bet is annoyed when she thinks Mike thinks she's a bit tarty. In revenge she asks Betty to join the dinner party.moreless
  • Wed 2 Feb, 1977
    Wed 2 Feb, 1977
    Episode 10
    Hilda's birthday. Blanche refuses to change the baby's nappy until Ray agrees to do his share. Alf agrees to vote in favour of Stan's house number change. Eddie taunts Ray about being a 'soft' father. Ray buys a football ticket off him. Stan changes the number to 12a. In showing the door to Hilda, they get locked out. Deirdre stops Ray going to the football with Eddie when Eddie wakes the baby up. Hilda's roast lamb burns so she makes Stan smash a window to get the spare key. Alf tells Stan he can't change his number as he didn't apply for permission; he'll have to change back. Blanche tells the Langtons she's invited her boyfriend up, and it isn't Dave Smith.moreless
  • Mon 31 Jan, 1977
    Mon 31 Jan, 1977
    Episode 9
    Hilda has enough of the Ogden's misfortunes. Ray worries that he won't make a good father. He brings Deirdre and baby home. The residents coo over the new baby. Hilda tells Stan she wants their door number changed; No.13 brings too much bad luck.
  • Wed 26 Jan, 1977
    Wed 26 Jan, 1977
    Episode 8
    Deirdre names the baby 'Lynette'. Blanche rows with Ray for going to the dance. Eddie gives Mavis her money back. Deirdre becomes curious about her ward mate, Sally Norton. Eddie puts the watches down the grate. Ernie is forced to tell Emily that he walked Thelma home. Deirdre tells Blanche she made Ray go to the dance and gets her to apologise to him. Ray is determined to call the baby 'Tracy'. Hilda overhears Bet saying the watches weren't stolen. She tells Stan to get the watches from the grate so they can sell them. Ernie convinces Emily there is nothing between him and Thelma. Unmarried Sally doesn't know what to do with her baby son. Eddie discovers Bet was having him on about the police. Monkey swears the watches weren't stolen. Stan gropes down the wrong drain for the watches. Eddie watches in horror as the Council clean the drains.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jan, 1977
    Mon 24 Jan, 1977
    Episode 7
    The Langtons wait in hospital together. Bet sports a bruised face. Deirdre is taken to the delivery room. Ray is relieved when he doesn't have to be present at the birth. Eddie sells watches. Mavis buys one for Derek. Deirdre is delivered of a daughter, Ray is delighted. Bet buys one of Eddie's watches. Mavis discovers hers has stopped. Blanche arrives to meet her granddaughter. Hilda tells Emily that Ernie left the dance early. Emily is suspicious as he was late coming home. Eddie refuses to refund Mavis' money so Bet tells him the police were around looking for stolen watches. Ray throws a celebration at the flat. Hilda tells Blanche that Deirdre was on her own when she went into labour.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jan, 1977
    Wed 19 Jan, 1977
    Episode 6
    Ray puts people off visiting Deirdre in the hospital. Betty suspects him of having a woman. VERA: (about Bet) "I've seen gongs in boarding houses less brass-faced than her." Alec invites Gail to the dance. She plays hard to get so he takes Suzie. Ray tries to get Deirdre to go to the dance but she refuses. She persuades Ray to go on his own. Emily dresses up for the dance. She is hurt when Ernie isn't complimentary about the outfit. She refuses to go so Ernie goes on his own. Marie spikes Thelma's drinks and makes a play for Ken. Eddie takes Gail to the dance. Once there she dumps him. Vera tells Bet Marie is going after Mike. Ernie dances with Thelma and agrees to walk her home. Deirdre goes into labour whilst on her own. Bet finds Marie dancing with Mike and fights her off. Ray returns home to find an ambulance driving away.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jan, 1977
    Mon 17 Jan, 1977
    Episode 5
    Deirdre locks herself away in the flat, ashamed and embarrassed. The residents buy tickets for the dance at the Centre. Deirdre phones Emily and asks her not to tell anyone she's left the hospital. Emily tells Ernie she wants to go to the Centre dance; she wants to dress up and enjoy herself. He isn't at all keen. Vera and Marie feel that Mike should pay for his workers to go to the dance. He agrees when they nag him. Ray makes excuses for Deirdre, 'still in hospital. 'Stan refuses to buy tickets for the dance for Hilda. Mike decides to give the shop a new image. He gives electrician Alec Barker the job of redesigning the place. Suzie flirts with him. Eddie buys the Ogdens tickets for the dance. Hilda kisses him. Marie tells Vera she's got plans to catch Mike.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jan, 1977
    Wed 12 Jan, 1977
    Episode 4
    Eddie runs a book on the Langton baby. Ena knits a yellow shawl for the baby. Gail and Suzie battle for command at Sylvia's. Mike is furious when they interrupt a business meeting to ask him. Mike tells the girls that Gail is the manageress. Suzie tells him the shop needs a new image. Deirdre breaks down when the hospital send her home, she feels a failure.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jan, 1977
    Mon 10 Jan, 1977
    Episode 3
    Deirdre's contractions stop. She grows impatient in hospital. Suzie Birchall looks for work in the area. Ray worries that the pregnancy might not be right. Suzie tackles Mike for a job at the factory. The doctor tells Ray not to worry, although they can't hear the baby's heart beat. Ernie tells Suzie they can't employ her - she has no experience. Ray tries hard not to show his concern to Deirdre. Mike takes Suzie on at Sylvia's. Gail returns from her lunch to find Suzie serving. She is furious when Suzie tells her Mike's put her in charge. The nurse tells Ray she's heard the baby's heartbeat.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jan, 1977
    Wed 5 Jan, 1977
    Episode 2
    More chocolates arrive for Albert. Hilda continues to feel ill. Annie threatens to sack her. Hilda tells Stan he'll have to stand in for her. Stanley is annoyed at Len's flirting with the women. Stan intimidates the customers as he cleans the Rovers. Annie only pays him 50p an hour. Len tells Liz he'd like to hear Stanley invite him to the wedding. Annie refuses to give Hilda to rest of her wages as Stan did such a bad job. The chocolate company sends an official to the Kabin to investigate Albert's complaints. Rita is furious. Stanley tells Len he doesn't want him at the wedding. Deirdre is taken into hospital.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jan, 1977
    Mon 3 Jan, 1977
    Episode 1
    Albert receives a parcel of chocolates. He tells Ken it's his third; he's been buying bars from the Kabin and complaining to the manufacturers about them. Hilda is too hung-over to work. Stanley and Liz arrive to see Len. Len and Stanley don't know what to say to each other. Albert asks Rita for any old stock and sends it back. Liz is keen to mend the rift between Stanley and Len. Len is put out when Stanley refuses to sleep in the house instead of a hotel. Liz asks Len to attend their wedding on April 4th. Stanley tells her he doesn't want him there.moreless