Coronation Street - Season 19

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  • Wed 27 Dec, 1978
    Wed 27 Dec, 1978
    Episode 103
    Albert goes down with flu and spends Christmas in bed. Ron has enough of driving people to parties and throws one himself at No.11. Karen tells Ken that Dave is out of Risley and thinks she's been having an affair with Ken. Tim Gibbs hears about Ron's party and decides to gatecrash it with mate Brian Tilsley. Gail takes a fancy to Brian. Tim is annoyed that Suzie is not about but makes a play for Deirdre instead. Emily gets drunk on Eddie's home made wine. Brian gets drunk and asks Gail for a date. She agrees to meet him at the cinema. Tim takes Deirdre home and intends to stay the night. She is amused at his shock finding Ena babysitting. Deirdre gets him to walk Ena home instead. Dave warns Ken off Karen.moreless
  • Wed 20 Dec, 1978
    Wed 20 Dec, 1978
    Episode 102
    Deirdre does some of the Yard work at home. Albert warns Ken that Karen fancies him. Ivy suggests the police are informed about Eileen's disappearance, the girls agree. Elsie talks them out of it as her kids will be affected. Hilda refuses to listen, planning to go to the police herself. Eileen turns up at the factory having spent all but £60 of the money. Ivy is shocked at her depressed state, Eileen tells her she's on valium. Mike tells Ivy it's up to her what happens to Eileen. Eileen offers to pay the money back weekly but Mike refuses. He replaces the missing money himself. He takes the money out of the bonuses without the girls' knowledge. Ray writes to Deirdre saying he needs money. He tells her either to join him or sell the house. She decides to sell the house. Ken reads a letter to Karen from Dave. In it Dave tells her that if Ken changes her he'll 'sort him out'.moreless
  • Mon 18 Dec, 1978
    Mon 18 Dec, 1978
    Episode 101
    Deirdre feels lonely with only Tracy to talk to. The factory girls look forward to their Christmas Club money payout. Karen tells Ken that Dave is in Risley. Albert accuses her of taking Ken for a ride. She wants to learn to write so she can send letters to Dave. Deirdre is upset when Ray calls to speak to Tracy. Club treasurer Eileen Tibson doesn't return from getting the £300 out of the bank. Ida, Ivy and Vera worry. Deirdre asks Len for more time to decide whether or not to return to work. Ivy calls on Eileen's house and finds she's disappeared with her kids and the money. The girls can't believe it.moreless
  • Wed 13 Dec, 1978
    Wed 13 Dec, 1978
    Episode 100
    Gail gets a letter from Suzie. Ken starts giving Karen lessons. Hilda thinks it's disgusting that Elsie has two men after her. Ken and Karen keep getting interrupted at the Centre so he takes her to No. 1. Hilda tells Ron that Elsie is seeing Harry behind his back. Harry calls when Elsie is out, Ron lets him think he lives at No. 11. Harry gets the message that he is being warned off. Gail starts work at the Corner Shop. Ron lets Elsie believe he bought Harry's champagne. Eddie tells Ken that Karen's husband is on remand.moreless
  • Mon 11 Dec, 1978
    Mon 11 Dec, 1978
    Episode 99
    Gail worries about Suzie's fate in London. Karen Barnes tells Ken she's illiterate and wants to be taught. Ron tries to make up with Elsie. Karen doesn't want to go to classes and asks Ken to teach her. He agrees when he sees she's desperate. Renee offers Gail a job at the shop over Christmas. Elsie is pleased when Ron calls. They go for a drink together. Emily and Betty plan to spend Christmas together. Eddie recognises Karen as having a husband in Risley.moreless
  • Wed 6 Dec, 1978
    Wed 6 Dec, 1978
    Episode 98
    Hilda is horrified that Stan has put £1 into the fruit machine. She refuses to let it leave the house whilst it has their money. Stan feeds the machine with the gas and electricity money but still doesn't win the jackpot. The residents try to put the girls off London. Gail begins to worry that they're making a wrong move. Bet uses the fruit machine and wins the jackpot. Hilda demands her £6 back but Bet says the money's hers as she won it. Eddie takes the machine away. The Ogdens can't watch TV as Stan took the plug off and put it on the fruit machine so he could use it. The electric goes off and they haven't any money left for the meter. Gail gets cold feet about London so Suzie goes on her own.moreless
  • Mon 4 Dec, 1978
    Mon 4 Dec, 1978
    Episode 97
    The Ogdens celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. Suzie and Gail take their redundancy money. Steve is hurt when Suzie accuses him of liking the power he wields. The Social Security cut Eddie's benefits from £13.50 to £8.45 because he keeps turning jobs down. Eddie stores a one armed bandit at No. 13 overnight for a friend. Stan feeds it with money hoping to win the jackpot, not realising it was empty to begin with. Suzie and Gail decide to go to London to find their fortunes.moreless
  • Wed 29 Nov, 1978
    Wed 29 Nov, 1978
    Episode 96
    Mike puts the Western Front on the market. Suzie and Gail decide they want compensation. They realise Mike sacked them to avoid redundancy payments but agree not to tell anyone if he gives compensation. Eddie helps Mavis out with the OAP supper when she cuts her hand. He leaves the pan on too long and the meal is burnt. Mavis decides she can prepare spaghetti in time. Elsie tells Ron it's up to her who she does or doesn't see. Eddie and Mavis beg ingredients from the residents to make the supper. Harry gives Elsie flowers and asks her out again. Ron accuses Elsie of fancying Harry. The OAP's struggle with the spaghetti and really enjoy it, they give Mavis three cheers. Mike and the girls settle on £100 each. Elsie tells Ron she likes him but she doesn't want him running her life.moreless
  • Mon 27 Nov, 1978
    Mon 27 Nov, 1978
    Episode 95
    Steve tells Mike he wouldn't have had to pay the girls redundancy and could now be done for wrongful dismissal as he didn't give the girls any verbal or written warnings. Mavis decides to cook the OAP's coq au vin for the supper. Ena tells her the OAP's won't like it. Gail looks for a job but Suzie isn't that bothered. Steve tells them Mike should have given them a written warning and they've got grounds for claiming unfair dismissal. Harry Payne arrives to Elsie's surprise. Ron is annoyed. Harry invites them out for a Spanish meal. Ron refuses but Elsie accepts. Suzie and Gail accuse Mike of unfair dismissal and demand compensation, threatening him with a tribunal. Gail wants her job back but Suzie wants to take him to the cleaners. Mike tells them to sort out what they want. Mike is furious that Steve told the girls about the unfair dismissal. Ron tells Elsie he doesn't like her going out with Harry. He tells her to make up her mind between Harry or him.moreless
  • Wed 22 Nov, 1978
    Wed 22 Nov, 1978
    Episode 94
    To avoid paying redundancy, Mike plans to sack Suzie and Gail for unsatisfactory work before he closes the shop. Steve wants to warn the girls but Mike threatens to sack him if he does. Elsie tells Suzie to watch herself at work. Suzie tells her she'll never lose her job, she goes with the shop. Len asks Deirdre to return to the Yard. Mike finds the girls have closed early again. He tells them that they're fired.moreless
  • Mon 20 Nov, 1978
    Mon 20 Nov, 1978
    Episode 93
    Elsie returns from Majorca. She enjoyed herself but refuses to tell the girls what the sleeping arrangements were. Ron is annoyed that they were followed everywhere by a man who fancied Elsie. Elsie is pleased that he was jealous. Deirdre misses Ray. Emily offers her financial help. Deirdre decides she won't return to the Yard but will have to find another job. Mike discovers the boutique doesn't make much money. He is annoyed at the girl's attitude to work. Steve warns Suzie that Mike is watching her movements. She isn't bothered. Mavis agrees to do the food for the OAP supper. Mike catches Suzie and Gail in the Rovers half an hour before they're meant to close the shop. He tells Steve he's going to close the shop.moreless
  • Wed 15 Nov, 1978
    Wed 15 Nov, 1978
    Episode 92
    The taxi arrives to take the Langtons to the airport, Deirdre is adamant she's not going. She feels a new start would make no difference; the marriage is finished as she can no longer trust Ray. Blanche urges Deirdre to try afresh in Holland. Deirdre feels a husband and a home aren't enough without love. Mike is pleased with having spent a romantic evening with Carole. Deirdre worries that Ray will take Tracy away from her but he realises Tracy needs her more than him. He tells Deirdre he's going to go to Holland. He leaves without saying goodbye to Tracy. Carole knows Mike is using her to be his inside person at Bradleys. She tells him she won't be giving him orders in that way. He tells her he'll see her around. She tells him Bradleys are opening a boutique which will be bigger than the Western Front. Len drives Ray to the bus station and promises to keep an eye on Deirdre and Tracy for him.moreless
  • Mon 13 Nov, 1978
    Mon 13 Nov, 1978
    Episode 91
    The Langtons pack and sell No. 5. Ken asks Mavis to help cateer for 30 OAP's at the Centre. Deirdre can't face the farewell party that Annie has laid on at the Rovers. Carole tells Mike she's staying at Bradleys as they've given her a better offer. Mike is glad as he wouldn't have been able to afford her and now has a promising relationship with Carole. Len presents Deirdre with a carriage clock at the party. Deirdre tells Blanche she's waking up again, like she did when she broke her engagement with Billy. She tells Ray she's not going to Holland.moreless
  • Wed 8 Nov, 1978
    Wed 8 Nov, 1978
    Episode 90
    Carole ups the order by 50%. Mike thinks she'd make a good sales rep. Blanche quizzes Emily and Len about the emigrating but no one will tell her the true reason. Jim Douglas, on old friend of Ray's, returns from working in Amsterdam. He tells Ray his firm have a plumbing contract going. Deirdre is forced to tell Blanche about Ray's affair. Blanche tells Ray she's going to do everything she can to stop Deirdre and Tracy leaving the country. She hits him across the face. Mike offers Carole a 10% rise if she'll work for him as sales rep. She agrees. Blanche urges Deirdre to leave Ray. Ray tells Deirdre they're going to Holland, not New Zealand, as he can get a job. Deirdre agrees to go to Holland.moreless
  • Mon 6 Nov, 1978
    Mon 6 Nov, 1978
    Episode 89
    Emily is upset to hear the Langtons are emigrating. The Langtons look forward to their fresh start. Mike tells Steve to entertain a buyer from Bradleys. They are both surprised when Carole Gordon turns out to be the buyer. Steve takes her for lunch and falls for her, Mike tries to steal her from him but he insists on showing her the boutique. Blanche arrives to find out why the Langtons are emigrating. She accuses Ray of taking her grandchild away. Carole gives Steve a big order. Mike fancies Carole and hints that he would employ her. Deirdre lets Ray back into her bed as Blanche is staying.moreless
  • Wed 1 Nov, 1978
    Wed 1 Nov, 1978
    Episode 88
    Deirdre feels that she will only be able to forget the affair if they move away. She says she's going with or without Ray. Elsie's passport is out of date as she has to get a temporary one. The police superintendent wants Stan and Eddie arrested for stealing the lead. Mavis can't cope with working for Len at the Yard. Ray tells Len he's ending the partnership. Len calls him an idiot. Elsie is nervous about being with Ron as she feels she doesn't really know him. They set off for Majorca. Hilda tells Eddie she won't have Stan arrested and that he'll have to tell the police who really stole the lead. Deirdre can't decide whether she wants to live in Canada or Australia.moreless
  • Mon 30 Oct, 1978
    Mon 30 Oct, 1978
    Episode 87
    The police search for Eddie, he sleeps rough. Hilda overhears him talking with Stan and worries that they're habouring a criminal. The police find Eddie at No. 13. Stan says that Eddie was with him at the races. Ray forgets to submit a tender for a Corporation job for £3,000. Len is furious as they've missed the submission date. Ron gives Elsie a brochure for winter holidays in Majorca and tells her he's got the tickets. She is furious that he takes her for granted. The police clear Eddie when his alibi checks out. The police stir things by telling Hilda Stan won £50 at the races. Len gets Mavis to help out at the Yard as Deirdre refuses to work. She can't cope with the system. Len realises the business is going down hill because of Deirdre's absence. He urges Ray to sort her out. Hilda gives Stan £10 so he can pay Tiny back the £25. Deirdre tells Ray she wants them to get away from the area. Elsie agrees to go to Majorca. The police demand an alibi from Eddie from when the lead was nicked from Farraday St. His alibi is that he and Stan were window cleaning - in Farraday St.moreless
  • Wed 25 Oct, 1978
    Wed 25 Oct, 1978
    Episode 86
    Ray has enough of sleeping on the sofa. Stan and Eddie are forced to carry the ladders as they don't have the cart. Peter tells Ken he realises how difficult it must have been for him afrer Val died. Deirdre feels that everyone knows about Ray's affair and are talking about her. The police tell Stan they've checked his alibi and he's clear, he can also have the cart back. The police find Eddie's fingerprints on the cart. Stan says he hasn't seen Eddie for years. The police tell Hilda that Stan was at the races when the cart was stolen. She goes for Stan. Peter returns to Glasgow. Eddie is horrified that the police are after him and that Stan has ruined his alibi by saying he hasn't seen him. Ray accuses Deirdre of punishing him. She doesn't know what she wants from the marriage anymore.moreless
  • Mon 23 Oct, 1978
    Mon 23 Oct, 1978
    Episode 85
    Eddie and Stan don't tell Hilda that they lent the cart to Tiny but let her think he stole it. Stan tells the police he was at the races when they want an alibi as the lead is stolen. They keep the cart for fingerprints. Eddie realises his prints will be all over the cart. Deirdre refuses to let Ray sleep in her bed. Ken realises Peter wants to go back to Glasgow. Peter is thrilled when he says he can. Tiny tells Stan the cart was stolen and gives him £25 compensation. Eddie tells Stan that Tiny will kill them both if he finds out the truth.moreless
  • Wed 18 Oct, 1978
    Wed 18 Oct, 1978
    Episode 84
    Ron spends the night in Suzie's bed. As his taxi is parked outside the neighbours think he spent the night with Elsie. Ken arranges for a Chief Petty Officer from the Navy to call about a Centre talk but really for him to talk to Peter. Stan and Eddie go to the races for the day. Hilda sees Tiny with Stan's cart and thinks he's stolen it. She takes it when he's not looking. Hilda and the cart are stopped by the police who find the cart is full of lead. The CPO tells Peter he'll have to be useful to earn a place on board and that he'll have to pass exams to get in. He tells him that if he gets 'O' Levels in Physics, Maths and English he won't have to sit an extra exam. Ken tells Peter he's going to get his 'O' Levels and join the Navy. Peter agrees. Hilda tells Stan his cart has been impounded by the police.moreless
  • Mon 16 Oct, 1978
    Mon 16 Oct, 1978
    Episode 83
    Peter is called for a medical for the Navy. Stan lets Eddie's mate Tiny Hargreaves use the handcart for £3. Steve takes Suzie and Gail to an all night party. Ken doesn't like the idea of Peter being in the Navy but Albert thinks it'll be the making of him. Two thugs beat Ron up after refusing to pay their fare. Elsie takes him in. Tiny returns the cart late at night. He arranges to use the cart the following day for £10 in advance. Elsie makes Ron stay the night.moreless
  • Wed 11 Oct, 1978
    Wed 11 Oct, 1978
    Episode 82
    Deirdre tells Ray she's leaving him. He swears he's finished with Janice and never wanted to hurt her. He says he never loved Janice and it was only a game. She tells him to stay away from Tracy as he's cheated on her as well. Emily tells Janice not to think of herself as a tart and tells her she will find someone one day. Janice knows the affair is over. Annie feels completely healed by Garfield's touch. Deirdre says she and Tracy will leave in the morning. He tells her he doesn't want her to go and talks her into staying. Janice gives up the cafe. Annie is horrified when Emily tells her Sid Garfield is a porter. She is repulsed that he handled her. Ken discovers Peter has applied to join the Navy.moreless
  • Mon 9 Oct, 1978
    Mon 9 Oct, 1978
    Episode 81
    Mavis dresses up for work in the hope that Mr Garfield will call. Deirdre accuses Ray of lying to her. He says it was the Legion in Salford. Annie talks herself into thinking her back is causing her agony. Deirdre realises Ray is up to something. Annie summons Peter to tea to give him a little pep talk. Mavis takes Mr Garfield to the Rovers to see Annie. Deirdre tackles Emily about Ray. Emily confirms that he's seeing Janice. Annie willingly allows Garfield to probe her back. Deirdre confronts Janice who tells her to ask Ray about their relationship. Ray sees Deirdre in the Street. She tells him to get lost with his fancy piece.moreless
  • Wed 4 Oct, 1978
    Wed 4 Oct, 1978
    Episode 80
    Annie is intrigued by Mavis' tale of the miraculous Mr Garfield. When he is forced to cover up for Ray to Deirdre, Len explodes and refuses to do it again. Mavis is thrilled when Mr Garfield checks up on her. Ray takes Janice out after a week of not seeing her. Garfield gives Mavis a massage. Annie asks her to ask him to call on her. Ena tells Bet that Garfield isn't a specialist but a porter. As Ray has taken the van, Rita can't get to a signing engagement in Warrington. She gets Deirdre to phone the Legion - where Ray has said he'll be playing in a snooker game. They discover that there's no snooker on and Ray isn't there.moreless
  • Mon 2 Oct, 1978
    Mon 2 Oct, 1978
    Episode 79
    Rita is annoyed to discover the LPs aren't sale or return. She orders Mavis to become pop conscious to see what will sell. Peter starts at Weatherfield Comprehensive. Mavis' back goes whilst she's alone at the Kabin. Janice makes Emily feel guilty, telling her she hasn't seen Ray for days. Mr. Garfield from the Hospital sees Mavis and straightens her back. Ena's free bottles of stout start. She is thrilled. Len is annoyed when Janice uses him as a messenger boy to see Ray. He tells Ray to keep him out of it in future and warns him that he could lose Deirdre and Tracy.moreless
  • Wed 27 Sep, 1978
    Wed 27 Sep, 1978
    Episode 78
    Emily watches Ray and Janice at the café, willing her suspicions to be unfounded. Ron tells Elsie he is embarrassed when people know about his dancing. Emily sees Janice and Ray together in his van. Emily urges Janice to think of the consequences about her relationship with Emily. Deirdre lays on a romantic meal for Ray. Janice calls and tells him she needs to see him so he leaves the meal. Janice tells Ray Emily knows about them. He tells her they'll have to lie low for a bit but he's not giving her up.moreless
  • Mon 25 Sep, 1978
    Mon 25 Sep, 1978
    Episode 77
    Emily returns from a painting and sketching holiday in Wiltshire. Dawn Sampson turns up at No. 11 demanding to see Elsie about Ron. She accuses Elsie of ruining their seven-year relationship and demands to know if they've danced together. Ray spends dinner time in Janice's bed. Elsie struggles to keep a straight face as Dawn reveals she's Ron's dancing partner and thought she was a rival dancer. Len realises Ray has another woman. He tells him he's a fool. Dawson tells Emily that Janice is seeing Ray.moreless
  • Wed 20 Sep, 1978
    Wed 20 Sep, 1978
    Episode 76
    Renee is upset that everyone thinks the shop is full of germs. Elsie goes down with the illness again. The only thing she has eaten is salad. Everyone else ate salad too. Renee reveals she buys her salad stuff from Albert. Albert is confronted by Annie and Renee. He confesses to spraying his allotment with a new mixture. He then reads on the label that the food musn't be eaten for seven days afterwards. Elsie is too ill to go to the dance so she and Ron stop in. Ray takes Janice out again. She takes him back to her flat.moreless
  • Mon 18 Sep, 1978
    Mon 18 Sep, 1978
    Episode 75
    Deirdre worries that Ray is wearing himself out doing too much overtime. Elsie discovers Ron is often seen with another woman. Dawson has his pies cleared by an analyst. Albert investigates the cause of the illnesses. Annie goes down with the stomach bug. Ray is nervous when he finds himself between Deirdre and Janice at the Rovers bar. Elsie tries to find out who Ron's other woman is. Suzie and Gail do a survey to see what all the ill people have eaten. They realise everyone bought something from Renee.moreless
  • Wed 13 Sep, 1978
    Wed 13 Sep, 1978
    Episode 74
    Elsie receives tickets for Miami Modes annual dinner and dance. Some of the factory girls are ill, Albert blames Annie's pies. Janice tells Ray she thought he was joking about a date. They arrange another date. Annie discovers everyone is talking about her pies being off. Deirdre plans a night out with Ray but he says he's got overtime. Annie tells Dawsons that the pies she ordered from him are bad. Ray takes Janice to a pub, he tells her he fancies her and they enjoy each others company. Eddie buys all the untouched pies off Annie at half price. Dawson gets to Annie first and buys them at full price. She tells him she doesn't want his pies again. Janice refuses to let Ray come into her flat but agrees to another date. Elsie invites Ron to the dance. Ray feels guilty about two-timing Deirdre.moreless
  • Mon 11 Sep, 1978
    Mon 11 Sep, 1978
    Episode 73
    Elsie and Gail both suffer from stomach complaints. Albert has a stomach ache and blames it on Annie's beer. At the cafe, Janice gets fed up with Ray flirting with her. He asks her out, telling her Deirdre doesn't keep him in chains. He tells her he'll meet her that night. She isn't sure if he means it or not. Ray tells Deirdre his evening appointment is with a contractor. Annie is annoyed when all the customers who are ill say they ate pies in the Rovers. Albert accuses her of starting a food poisoning epidemic. Ray waits for Janice but she doesn't turn up.moreless
  • Wed 6 Sep, 1978
    Wed 6 Sep, 1978
    Episode 72
    Mike suffers from a bad hangover. Edith and Peter pack and plan to sneak off to the station but Peter wants to say goodbye to Albert first. Mike loses the order as the buyer goes else where. Mike is furious. Ron calls on Mike for his money. Mike refuses to believe he didn't pay him and accuses Ron of trying it on. Ken finds Edith and Peter with their packed bags. He tells them Peter is staying with him. Ron tells Mike he wouldn't bother fiddling him for £1.40. Mike pays up and is made to look stupid. Ken makes Peter see that for his own sake he should stay so Ken can supervise his re-sits. Alf decorates the living room, covering the damp patches. Hilda cadges the rest of the paint of him to use at No.13. Edith returns to Scotland alone. Ken promises Peter it'll be alright and asks him to trust him.moreless
  • Mon 4 Sep, 1978
    Mon 4 Sep, 1978
    Episode 71
    Edith arrives in Weatherfield to find out why Ken doesn't want Peter to return to Glasgow. Renee worries about the dampness in the wall. Ken tells Edith it's his responsibility to decide what is best for Peter. Ken believes it's more important for Peter to pass his exams than to be happy in Glasgow. Edith is forced to give in. Mike entertains a buyer and gets drunk. Elsie takes his car keys off him and gets Ron to take him home in the taxi. Mike has no money to pay the fare, Ron trusts him. Edith tells Peter she's going back to Glasgow and it's up to him if he wants to return with her.moreless
  • Wed 30 Aug, 1978
    Wed 30 Aug, 1978
    Episode 70
    No. 13 suffers from the flood of bath water. Hilda is heart broken as her mural is damaged. She tries to repair it but tears it instead. She decides she wants another mural. Peter feels he's failed Ken. He confesses he didn't do enough work. He doesn't want to take the exams again but leave school to get a job. Ken tells him he's going to make sure he re-sits the exams by making him take them in Weatherfield. Annie has enough of Ena and Albert rowing over the competition and tells them she wants proof. Ken takes Peter's return ticket off him. Albert remembers he first came into the Rovers on Whit Monday 1919 on a pub crawl. Annie believes he is the longest drinker. Hilda buys a new mural, this time of a seascape. Ena produces a friend, Lizzie Hinchcliffe, who tells Annie that she took her one and only strong drink in the Rovers on Christmas Eve 1918 with Ena. It was Ena's first drink as well. Annie agrees to put Ena's name to the brewery. Peter phones Edith and asks her for money so he can go home. Stan discovers the Roberts' ceiling is wet he and Hilda agree to keep quiet about their flood. Edith tatlock phones Ken and tells him she's coming up to sort him out.moreless
  • Mon 28 Aug, 1978
    Mon 28 Aug, 1978
    Episode 69
    Albert accuses Ken of having washed his hands of Peter. Hilda is annoyed that Stan hasn't paid the water rates and makes him work on the Bank Holiday. She discovers the water is based on the ratable value and not on the number of people in the house. She thinks it's criminal that she pays 50p more than Elsie. The brewery looks for each pub's longest-drinking customer with a prize of a free pint each day for life. Edith phones Ken and tells him about Peter's bad exam results. Ena and Albert row about who's been drinking in the Rovers the longest. She swears she came in during the First World War and he only started in 1919. Peter runs away from No. 1 when he discovers Ken knows about his results. Ken starts to contact the police but Peter returns of his own accord. Hilda tells Stan they're going to get their money's worth with the water; he's got to have a bath every night. Stan falls asleep in the bath with the taps running.moreless
  • Wed 23 Aug, 1978
    Wed 23 Aug, 1978
    Episode 68
    Bet has a date with the photographer Norman Hill. Peter reveals he has a girlfriend called Jenny. The sales figures are down so Mike pushes the staff harder. Edith phones Peter with his 'O' Level results. He's disappointed with them but can't bring himself to tell Ken. Annie and Bet are furious to see Betty and Eddie are on the magazine cover. Elsie is pleased when Ron calls again. Norman apologises to Bet about her not being on the cover and invites her out to the Gatsby she refuses. Ken is annoyed that Peter tells Albert more about himself than Ken. Peter's behaviour surprises him when he's uptight. Ken swears to find out what's going on.moreless
  • Mon 21 Aug, 1978
    Mon 21 Aug, 1978
    Episode 67
    Albert dons a pinny and hoovers the house as Peter is coming to stay. Suzie attempts to bring Elsie out of herself and suggests a night on the town. Elsie is keen. The Brewery launch a new house magazine called 'Over the Bar'. The Rovers is chosen to be on the cover of the first magazine. Annie and Bet get dolled up for the photographer. Peter arrives at No. 1. Suzie feels off-colour and calls off the night out. Elsie decides to go to the pictures on her own. The photographer tries to take relaxed shots but Annie insists on posing for him. Elsie has a rotten evening and takes a taxi home. She doesn't have enough money to pay the driver Ron Mather. He takes a cup of tea instead as payment.moreless
  • Wed 16 Aug, 1978
    Wed 16 Aug, 1978
    Episode 66
    Fred worries as it's obvious Wendy wants him. She terrifies him. Joe Williams arrives at the Rovers to see Fred. Fred fears that he's going to beat him up but is even more alarmed when Joe tells him Wendy loves him and he can have her. Joe tells him they'll stage an argument and he'll back down so Fred can have Wendy. Joe confronts Wendy and accuses her of being with her lover. He expects Fred to beg Wendy to stay but Fred gives in gracefully and tells Wendy it's obvious Joe wants her. She is thrilled but Joe is horrified. Rita and Deirdre break the news to Len and Ray that Conran has found another developer and the hotel job is back on. The four celebrate.moreless
  • Mon 14 Aug, 1978
    Mon 14 Aug, 1978
    Episode 65
    The police tell Elsie it is now a crime to hit a child but let her off with a warning. The Kabin cafe is closed and Rita starts a record selection. Dawson's cafe opens with Emily running it. Janice Stubbs is taken on as waitress. Dawson is furious when trade is slow. Wendy Williams calls on Fred and tells him her husband is up to his old tricks. Wendy feels that she could be happy with Fred. He feels uncomfortable as she stares at him all the time. He allows her to stay the night at the Rovers but gets Betty to act as chaperone. Mavis is upset by rockers at the Kabin.moreless
  • Wed 9 Aug, 1978
    Wed 9 Aug, 1978
    Episode 64
    Suzie and Gail have to wash all the clothes again as they're covered in mud. Len realises he can't afford to install toilets because of the space they'll take up. Mrs Pearce confronts Elsie in the Rovers and accuses her of hitting an innocent child. Elsie threatens to hit her as well. Annie throws them both out. Mavis suggests Len turns the cafe section into a record shop. Mrs Pearce tells Elsie she's going to get the police onto her for assault.moreless
  • Mon 7 Aug, 1978
    Mon 7 Aug, 1978
    Episode 63
    Elsie has trouble with kids playing in the Street. Alf finds out Dawson reported the Kabin. Emily applies for the job of manageress at Dawsons and gets it. Elsie keeps the kids' football when it is kicked into the house. Len and Rita are furious that Dawson is opening a cafe next door as their trade will suffer. When he discovers it was Dawson who reported the Kabin, Len goes for Dawson. Dawson dodges him and threatens him with the police. Rita begs Len not to hit him knowing it'll end in jail. Rita tells Dawson that if he takes Len to court she'll finish the job. Len decides not to hit him. One of the kids, Jason Pearce, cuts down Elsie's laden washing line. Elsie belts him round the head.moreless
  • Wed 2 Aug, 1978
    Wed 2 Aug, 1978
    Episode 62
    Stan and Eddie have to get bigger ladders to clean the stained glass windows. The Kabin is reported for having no toilets for customers. An inspector from the environmental health calls and tells Rita she has to provide two toilets in the cafe. Len is threatened with a fine or imprisonment. Stan and Eddie are exhausted after cleaning the church. They are horrified when the vicar thanks them for their charity. Len asks Alf to find out who reported him to the Town Hall.moreless
  • Mon 31 July, 1978
    Mon 31 July, 1978
    Episode 61
    With Hilda away for the day Stan and Eddie decide to go to the races but need money. Workmen start work on the shop next to the Kabin, changing it into a tea room for Joe Dawson. Emily grows tired of working at the hospital, as she's carrying around the depression that has built up during the day. Dawson tells Rita he's a baker with a shop in Armitage Street, the new shop will be an outlet. Eddie and Stan offer to clean the windows at St Margaret's Church. The vicar is grateful, thinking they're doing it out of charity. Rita works the grotty working men's clubs. Dawson decides not to tell Rita the shop is going to be a cafe.moreless
  • Wed 26 Jul, 1978
    Wed 26 Jul, 1978
    Episode 60
    Ray and Len start doing emergency work on Sundays. Emily is annoyed at Brenda's lack of drive as she spends all her time thinking about John. Ralph assures Rita she's not past it and suggests she tries the British Legion. She doesn't like the idea of working in a Working Man's Club. John tells Brenda he wants her to come home. Emily tells him Brenda is not returning to him. Ray and Len can't bring themselves to con the customers by charging the earth. Rita and Deirdre think it's sweet. Emily is speechless when Brenda returns to John.moreless
  • Mon 24 Jul, 1978
    Mon 24 Jul, 1978
    Episode 59
    Deirdre plans to get a job as a barmaid but Ray stops her. Len tells Rita he'll have to get a job on an oil rig to earn a lot of money. She is horrified and goes to see Ralph. Emily tries to look after the children as Brenda withdraws into herself. She tries to get her to talk to Ken but she refuses. Emily urges Brenda to take out a court injunction against John. She doesn't want him to go to prison. Betty calls in an emergency plumber when she has a leak and is charged £20. Alf worries that she's been conned. Len looks at the pipe and tells her it's only been patched. She is annoyed with herself. Ray suggests he and Len go into the emergency call-out game. Rita asks Ralph for a job but he tells her he's booked up. She feels past it when she sees he's got a new band in.moreless
  • Wed 19 Jul, 1978
    Wed 19 Jul, 1978
    Episode 58
    Emily promises to help Brenda start a new life. Len tells Rita he may have to sell the Kabin. Emily is horrified when John Summers pushes his way into the house looking for Brenda. He accuses Emily of coming between him and his wife. Len decides he's going to hang on to the Kabin. The bank agrees to the Yard paying back the loan £60 a week for two years. He tells the Langtons they've got to find their £30 share. Rita calls Len a hypocrite when he asks her to start singing at the Gatsby again to help financially. She refuses to be used. John Summers dumps the children on Brenda at Emily's.moreless
  • Mon 17 Jul, 1978
    Mon 17 Jul, 1978
    Episode 57
    The Langtons and Faircloughs can't believe the job has backfired. Ray tells Conran's partner Rawlins that the Yard still wants payment from him. Rawlins tells him the Receivers have been called in and they'll eventually get some money. Emily feels sorry for battered wife Brenda Summers who she meets at the hospital. Rita worries that Len will want to sell the Kabin. Emily tells Brenda she can stay at No. 3 for the night. She hopes she'll see a social worker.moreless
  • Wed 12 Jul, 1978
    Wed 12 Jul, 1978
    Episode 56
    Neither Renee nor Alf want Daisy to live with them. Elsie decides to take the job at Spencers sewing room. Emily is embarrassed as she, Ray and Eddie break into Ena's flat. They take Ena's old bed and replace it with a new one. Elsie tells Mike she might work for him or Spencers. Alf and Renee decide to let Bet stay at the flat so Daisy can't move in. Elsie tells Mike she'll return to the Factory but wants a £5 rise. He refuses the rise but is glad she's returning. Renee tells Bet she can stay. Bet doesn't let on she knows Daisy wants the room. Ena is thrilled with the bed but tells everyone she's contacted the police; her life savings were in the mattress. When the residents begin to panic she tells them she's only joking. Ray tells Len the hotel developers have gone bust. They've lost the £3,000 plus the profit.moreless
  • Mon 10 Jul, 1978
    Mon 10 Jul, 1978
    Episode 55
    Bet looks for a new flat. Renee feels bad about it. Joe leaves Daisy so Renee goes to visit her. Eddie and Emily collect £40 for Ena's new bed. She is touched but refuses to accept their charity. Albert suggests the residents replace Ena's bed with a new one so she can't object. Bet finds a flat in Gas Street but needs a cooker. Alf says she can have his old one. Elsie lands a supervisors job in Salford. She doesn't know if she wants it or not; she wants to reassess her life. Eddie breaks into Ena's flat and leaves the money. She returns it. Emily gets Eddie to steal Ena's bed so she has to accept the money. Renee is upset as Joe has taken all Daisy's money. She feels that she'll have to let her have the flat. Alf is horrified.moreless
  • Wed 5 Jul, 1978
    Wed 5 Jul, 1978
    Episode 54
    The black-legs refuse to touch the machines as they didn't know anything about the strike. Mike pays them to sit around and chat to make the pickets think they are working. Annie phones the police over the riot at the factory. The black-legs fear the pickets will get them and refuse to stay in the factory. Annie lifts the ban on Eddie drinking in the Rovers. Ena refuses to ask the Social Services for a bed. The police make a clearing in the picket to get the black-legs out of the factory. Eddie starts a collection to buy Ena a new bed. Mike tells Ivy he'll take Hilda back but refuses to pay the girls for the time they've had off. The girls vote to return to work. Mike offers Elsie her old job at the factory. She asks for time to think it over. She feels that the job belonged to Elsie Howard and she wants a fresh start for Elsie Tanner. Hilda is horrified that the strikers have gone back to work and she's got her job back. She worries that the factory girls will beat her up if she continues at the Abbottier so gives it up.moreless
  • Mon 3 Jul, 1978
    Mon 3 Jul, 1978
    Episode 53
    Emily sees Ena at the Hospital and worries that something is wrong. Mike brings in black-legs to make the orders up. Steve urges him to talk to Ivy and negotiate. Ena tells Emily she's having back trouble. Fred shelves the idea of his own pub and finishes with Alma. Ray is working so hard on the hotel job that he forgets his wedding anniversary. Ivy demands Hilda takes her turn on the picket. Emily worries about Ena's back and asks Eddie to try to help her. Ena tells Eddie her bed is causing her back trouble. Hilda leaves the picket line to go to work at the Abattoir. Mike brings the black-legs in. Muriel tries to stop them but fails. The pickets smash the van up and break a window demanding that the black-legs leave.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jun, 1978
    Wed 28 Jun, 1978
    Episode 52
    Alf tells Rene he moved out to stop people talking about him and Bet. She tells him it was the worse thing he could have done; now people will think something was going on. Hilda goes for a job cleaning the offices at the Abattoir. Mike plans to switch the important orders to another firm, Cottams. Ida tells Renee that she saw Alf and Bet in their nightclothes at the same bedroom window. Hilda gets the Abattoir job but feels guilty as the girls are still striking. Renee realises there's only one way to stop Bet's tricks. Fred takes Alma out again. Ivy tells the Union Rep at Cottams about the strike. She agrees that her girls won't touch the orders. Renee tells Bet to find somewhere else to live. Mike decides to bring in non-union labour to finish the orders.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jun, 1978
    Mon 26 Jun, 1978
    Episode 51
    Bet tells Alf he did the wrong thing sleeping at the old house; Renee will think they've been up to something. Suzie and Gail discover that if the strike affects sales at the Western Front through shortages then one of them might lose their job. Renee returns home a day early. Hilda can't cope without the factory money. Suzie and Gail cross the picket line to get stock for the shop. They are mobbed on their way out and have the denim taken off them. Ken tells Renee that Alf was driven to sleeping in the old house because of Bet.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jun, 1978
    Wed 21 Jun, 1978
    Episode 50
    Alf is annoyed as Bet refuses to give him any privacy. Elsie looks for a job. When the pickets make too much noise, Alf and Bet appear at the same bedroom window to quieten them. Steve crosses the picket line to get into work. Mike doesn't want to miss an order so he sends the denim to London to be made up. The van driver refuses to cross the picket line so Steve has to get the denim out. Ivy catches him trying to leave with the van and gets the girls to block his path. She steals the van keys so he can't move it. Alf gets annoyed as people talk about him living with Bet. He sleeps at his old house. Mike and Steve man the sewing machines but can't do the job properly. Elsie changes her name back to 'Tanner'.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jun, 1978
    Mon 19 Jun, 1978
    Episode 49
    Steve tries to stop Ivy from calling a strike. Annie returns from the Health farm. Elsie returns from Birmingham to find a load of unpaid bills. Ida opposes the strike as Hilda isn't a member of the union. The majority of the factory girls agree to strike. Ivy is shaken when the union refuses to back the strike as Hilda is not a union member. Hilda is thrilled that the factory is on strike because of her. Mike accuses Ivy of striking to get at him. The girls walk out. Vera organises a picket line at the factory.moreless
  • Wed 14 Jun, 1978
    Wed 14 Jun, 1978
    Episode 48
    Alf talks Renee into visiting Daisy. Ivy is appalled that Mike sacked Hilda. She feels that if he gets away with sacking her he could sack them all. Fred takes Alma out in the Rover. Ivy accuses Mike of victimisation. He accuses her of stirring. The Rover has a flat tyre, whilst Fred changes it, Alma chats him up. Ivy calls a union meeting. She tells Mike that the work force demand Hilda's reinstatement. When he refuses she threatens to bring the factory out on strike. Renee goes to see Daisy, leaving Alf with Bet.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jun, 1978
    Mon 12 Jun, 1978
    Episode 47
    Betty worries that Fred will get hurt whilst he looks for a wife. Hilda needs a new brush to clean the factory. Steve agrees to her having one. She puts a bill in for new cleaning equipment. Mike refuses to give any to her, thinking she'll use it all at home. Renee worries that Daisy's having trouble at home with Joe. Alf thinks she's fussing over nothing. Fred's date stands him up. Hilda refuses to clean the factory until she gets new cleaning equipment. Len and Ray work overtime on the hotel job to meet the finishing date. Fred takes an interest in Alma Walsh when he discovers she isn't married. Mike accuses Hilda of cutting up her broom. She threatens to strike so he sacks her.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jun, 1978
    Wed 7 Jun, 1978
    Episode 46
    Alf tries to match make between Bet and Fred to get rid of her. Rita wants to borrow the money from Eric Summers but is quite pleased by Len's possessiveness. Fred proposes to Bet. She tells him she'd have to love whoever she marries and turns him down. The bank refuses to give Len any more money. Rita arranges for Eric to see Len. Len agrees to see him to get Rita off his back. Eric offers Len £3,000 at 30% interest. Len tells him to forget it. Rita is disappointed that she couldn't help. The bank agrees to lend Len £3,000, putting him £6,000 in debt. Fred goes wife hunting.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jun, 1978
    Mon 5 Jun, 1978
    Episode 45
    Fred looks forward to taking the tenancy of The Mechanics on Commercial Road but needs a wife. He asks Betty if she'd take him on. She doesn't want to get married again. Len asks Alf to lend him £3,000. Alf tells him he hasn't got it; he's paid off Renee's mortgage and can't sell his house. Fred considers Bet as a wife and starts being nice to her. Len refuses to take more money out with the Kabin as security and tells Ray it's up to him to find the money and advises him to take a second mortgage out. Deirdre refuses to take out a bigger mortgage on No. 5. She tells him there's no way Len or Rita will stand by and let the business collapse. Rita is furious with the Langtons. She reveals that she knows a rich man who once offered to lend her any money if ever she needed it. Len doesn't like the idea. Betty tells Bet that Fred is going to propose to her.moreless
  • Wed 31 May, 1978
    Wed 31 May, 1978
    Episode 44
    Steve is hungover after drinking the beer and has to take the day off work. Rita and Deirdre refuse to be kept out of the fact that the Yard is in trouble. When Eddie refuses to pay Fred the £5 wager they had on the race, Fred bars his from the Rovers. Ray decides to ask Emily to lend him £3,000 from Ernie's compensation money. Deirdre threatens to leave him if he does. Rita refuses to let Len take more security out on the Kabin. Eddie drinks in the Flying Horse and helps drink the free beer from the pram race prize. When he makes a play for barmaid Alma Walsh she bars him. Cresswell tells Fred he could get his own pub, if he had a wife.moreless
  • Mon 29 May, 1978
    Mon 29 May, 1978
    Episode 43
    Clayton's Warehouse is gutted. Len worries about losing the penalty clause. Another supplier agrees to supply the material for cash. They wait for the insurance company to pay up. Steve, Fred and Eddie dress as babies and the race starts. The men have to drink a pint in 8 pubs. Steve finds it hard. Mavis finds it hard work pushing Eddie. They change places and go down the back alleys. Suzie and Steve win the race by a neck. Ena, as steward, reveals that Suzie drank half of Steve's last pint so they are disqualified and the Loftus' are proclaimed the winners. Mavis and Eddie's pram wheel buckles and they don't finish the course. Clayton calls at No. 5 and tells Len and Ray that the Warehouse was insured, but not the contents.moreless
  • Wed 24 May, 1978
    Wed 24 May, 1978
    Episode 42
    Len sleeps through someone stealing piping from the Yard. Annie worries that Billy is sacrificing Jersey for her sake. Fred worries about is future at the Rovers if Billy takes over. Cresswell tells Annie that the take-over has fallen through and she can stay licencee. Billy admits he put up for the licence for Annie's sake and is relieved he doesn't have to take the pub on. She decides to have a holiday in a health farm to celebrate. Suzie and Steve, Gail and Fred and Mavis and Eddie practise for the pram race. Clayton's Warehouse has a fire, Ray and Len have £3,000 worth of material stored in it.moreless
  • Mon 22 May, 1978
    Mon 22 May, 1978
    Episode 41
    The hotel job is the biggest the Yard has ever done. They run out space to store all the material. Eddie enters the pram race for the free ale on the pub crawl. Fred worries about his position if Morleys take over the brewery. Steve agrees to be Suzie's partner in the pram race. Billy goes to the brewery to find out about Annie's future. Richard Cresswell tells him she would probably have to go if Morleys took over. Billy tells him he'd like to apply for the licence, whether or not there's a takeover. Len stores some of the material in Doug Clayton's warehouse, to safe guard the rest he spends the night in the Yard. Mavis is pushed into agreeing to be Eddie's partner in the pram race. Billy tells Annie he's been accepted as tenant of the Rovers. She is overcome with emotion and happiness.moreless
  • Wed 17 May, 1978
    Wed 17 May, 1978
    Episode 40
    Betty enjoys having someone to boss around at home. Joan feels Annie seems fine enough. She refuses to believe the brewery will throw her out. Billy tells Joan that Annie will have to live with her. Joan doesn't want her. Ralph takes the Ogdens out to celebrate Stan's birthday. A police Inspector tells Annie she is responsible for the after hours drinking even though she was absent at the time but lets her off with a warning. Billy realises the responsibility of the Rovers is too much for Annie. Joan tells Annie she's welcome to live with her. She is relieved when Annie tells her she couldn't live with her; they wouldn't get on. Ralph wears the Ogdens out sightseeing. Hilda can't help thinking how things might have been. Joan returns to Derby. Len tells Billy there is a way for Annie to stay in the pub and that is if Billy were the landlord.moreless
  • Mon 15 May, 1978
    Mon 15 May, 1978
    Episode 39
    Billy arrives from Jersey. He contacts Joan in Derby and tells her to come over. Annie is delighted to have both her children with her. She tells them she's worried that whoever takes over the brewery will throw her out. Ralph gives Hilda a scarf from Pennsylvania. Conran gives Ray and Len the hotel job. Betty puts Fred up for the night as Joan takes his room. Hilda is embarrassed when Stan falls asleep whilst Ralph is talking. Glenn Miller is on the radio so they start to jive.moreless
  • Wed 10 May, 1978
    Wed 10 May, 1978
    Episode 38
    Ken and Emily organise a pram race for the Hospital's Kidney Machine Appeal. Suzie accuses Gail of being jealous of her and Steve. She is furious when Steve stands her up to take Angie out. The police find the Rover. Hilda tells Stan about Ralph and wants to meet him. He refuses to have a Yank in the house. The Rover is unmarked but the thief left a note with it saying the tappits needed adjusting. Albert tells Annie and brewery rep Barry Goodwin about the police catching the Rovers opening after hours. Goodwin tells her he'll have to report her to the brewery and that there's a takeover bid for Newton and Ridley. Hilda phones Ralph and arranges for him to visit. Annie is certain she'll lose the pub. Billy realises something is wrong and phones to tell her he's flying over from Jersey.moreless
  • Mon 8 May, 1978
    Mon 8 May, 1978
    Episode 37
    Gail is upset that Suzie conquered Steve. Fred worries about picking Annie up from the airport without a car. Hilda is thrilled to get a letter from her old flame, GI Ralph Curtis. He wants to meet up with her again. She doesn't tell Stan. Annie is furious when Fred collects her from the airport in Len's van and tells the Rover has been stolen. Suzie is annoyed when Steve bosses her around at work. Hilda doesn't know if she can get in contact with Ralph or not.moreless
  • Wed 3 May, 1978
    Wed 3 May, 1978
    Episode 36
    Albert recites a poem 'To Sarah' at the party and has everyone in tears. Angie gets annoyed when Suzie makes a play for Steve and he responds. Fred is embarrassed when Wendy Williams calls on him. Deirdre is amused when a teenager makes a play for her. A gatecrasher, Batesey, leaves No. 11 when the booze runs out. He then steals Annie's Rover. Fred discovers the theft. The police arrive to talk about it and find the party in progress past closing time. When Steve refuses to leave the party Angie walks out. Suzie lures him up to Elsie's bedroom. Ray frightens Tim off Deirdre. They both think it's funny that she was chatted up. Gail finds Steve and Suzie together after they've had sex.moreless
  • Mon 1 May, 1978
    Mon 1 May, 1978
    Episode 35
    Rita refuses to go to Len's last Council dinner because of the gossip. Suzie and Gail decide to throw a wild party at No. 11. Suzie plans to seduce Steve and tells Gail she can have her ex, Chris Wheelan. Steve takes Angie to Suzie's party. Suzie feels disappointed. In Annie's absence, Fred holds a Lancashire evening in the Select. Gail enjoys herself with Chris. Rita refuses to sing at the Rovers. Suzie is furious as she has no man at the party. The Langtons enjoy Suzie's party by splitting up and flirting with others. Fred basks in the success of the Lancashire evening.moreless
  • Wed 26 Apr, 1978
    Wed 26 Apr, 1978
    Episode 34
    WPC Rogers tells the court that Len told her she looked sexy in stockings before becoming abusive towards her. Len swears he did not make a pass at WPC Rogers and wasn't drunk. In court, on her first wedding anniversary, Rita is forced to admit she denied knowing Len because she was angry with him for getting drunk. Mike wants Suzie and Gail to stock-take on May Bank holiday. The girls ask Steve to talk Mike out of the idea. The Magistrates find Len not guilty. Annie flies to Jersey for the Bank holiday weekend. The paper carries a report of Rogers' allegations against Len. Rita sees it and is furious. She locks Len out of the bedroom.moreless
  • Mon 24 Apr, 1978
    Mon 24 Apr, 1978
    Episode 33
    Beryl accuses Mavis of being Derek's bit of fluff. She tries to drag Derek off to their engagement party. She accuses him of infidelity with Mavis. Beryl accuses Mavis of not being able to let Derek go. Mavis is upset that Beryl has an engagement ring. Beryl is annoyed that Derek talked to Mavis about them and breaks off the engagement. She tells Mavis she can have him. Mavis is upset that Derek finds her too sympathetic to marry and throws him out. Len gets a solicitor and Alf agrees to be his character witness. Ena and Hilda go to court to see Len's case. WPC Rogers tells the court that Len made advances towards her when she'd arrested him, putting his hand on her knee and telling her she was good looking.moreless
  • Wed 19 Apr, 1978
    Wed 19 Apr, 1978
    Episode 32
    Bet is quite pleased that Mike is subsidising her rent but agrees to look for somewhere else to live. Len tells Alf he's pleading 'not guilty' in court and is defending himself. Bet tells Mike he can continue to pay the extra £2 a week but he's not getting anything from her. He tells her she's down as hospitality and entertainment on his tax returns. She decides to pay the extra in future so the Roberts can't use it to evict her. Derek tells Mavis he never wanted to cause her pain over the house. He tells her his mother is making his life difficult again and is pressing him to marry Beryl Challis. He asks her advice, she tells him to stand up to his mother. Renee is forced to tell Alf about Mike subsiding Bet's rent. He is horrified that they're living with a kept woman. Beryl catches Derek with Mavis and knows who Mavis is.moreless
  • Mon 17 Apr, 1978
    Mon 17 Apr, 1978
    Episode 31
    Alf is furious to find Cliff Mottram, a boyfriend of Bet's in the bathroom. He feels it's the last straw. Mavis refuses to see Derek. For the first time in their relationship she takes control and tells him not to bother her. Renee is too loyal to evict Bet. Len refuses to attend any Council meetings although he is still a Councillor until the elections. Derek makes Rita see that it is important that he sees Mavis. Bet is annoyed when Alf refuses to let Cliff wait for her in her room. Cliff tells her he wants to spend another night with her. Rita manages to get Mavis to see Derek but she still refuses to speak to him. Renee tells Bet that someone else has been subsidising her rent for the last year.moreless
  • Wed 12 Apr, 1978
    Wed 12 Apr, 1978
    Episode 30
    Mavis celebrates her fortieth birthday. Alf and Renee steal themselves to tell Bet she has to vacate the flat but she tells them she's moving out. Len realises he won't be able to get credit for the materials for the hotel job. Bet tells Hilda she didn't squirt Stan with scent. Len puts the Kabin down on security to get a bank loan. Bet tells the Roberts the new flat is a dump so she's not moving. Bet admits to Hilda that she did spray Stan but Hilda refuses to believe her. Derek sends Mavis flowers and arranges to meet her.moreless
  • Mon 10 Apr, 1978
    Mon 10 Apr, 1978
    Episode 29
    Ray fears that Len will have lost them a big contract by being thrown off the Council. Alf tells Renee Bet will have to go; he can't get into the bathroom. Len tells Alf he doesn't blame him for the Council's reaction. Bet knows the Roberts want her out of the flat and evades the issue. Annie considers putting up for the election. Stan buys Hilda misshapen chocolates as a present, she thinks it's because he's feeling guilty over an affair. He is annoyed when Bet sprays him with perfume. Mavis is upset because she's forty tomorrow. Len gets a big contract purely because the contractor didn't like the idea of him doing the job whilst working on the Council. The contractor, Jim Conran asks him to put a tender in for a twenty roomed hotel.moreless
  • Wed 5 Apr, 1978
    Wed 5 Apr, 1978
    Episode 28
    Mike tells Steve he has to interview the machinists for the supervisor's job. Len tells the Council he intends to stand in the next elections. Vera is puzzled at her interview as Steve and Mike give her a trick question to answer. Ivy surprises Mike at the interview by establishing the money and terms straight away - an extra £15 a week. She tells him she'd do the job her own way and would side with the girls if she felt they were right. Alf tries to stand up for Len but the Independents agree to tell the Ratepayers that they will back whoever they put up for Council, knowing it won't be Len. Mike tells Steve he's making him supervisor. Steve feels he can't produce the production schedules and suggests they give Ivy an extra £5 a week, call her senior machinist and get her to do the schedules. Mike agrees. Ivy is pleased. Ida is furious. Len blames Rita for his being thrown off the Council.moreless
  • Mon 3 Apr, 1978
    Mon 3 Apr, 1978
    Episode 27
    Alf and Renee return from Capri. They feel Bet is in the way at the shop. With Elsie gone, Ivy considers applying for the supervisor's job before her enemy Ida Clough does. Len's party, the Ratepayers Association, inform him that they don't want him as their representative any more. Len is furious. Ida has her eyes set on Elsie's job and gets daughter Muriel to flirt with Steve. Vera applies for the supervisor's job as well causing Ida to row with her and Ivy. Mike tells Ivy, Vera and Ida that he'll hold a selection board for the supervisor's job.moreless
  • Wed 29 Mar, 1978
    Wed 29 Mar, 1978
    Episode 26
    Albert and the committee camp on the Rovers' doorstep in order to get to the snug before Ena only to find her there already, cleaning the horse brasses. Ena keeps interrupting the Legion's committee meeting. They try to ignore her. Elsie stays away from work. When Mike calls she tells him about being picked up. She's depressed and feels she's lost everything, even her self respect. Ken asks Ena to try and get on with Albert, for the sake of their working together. Ena breaks the committee up by causing them to fall out with each other. Elsie leaves No. 11, taking her clothes with her. Chapman tells Len the Council are angry about him being charged with being drunk and disorderly. He asks for Len's resignation.moreless
  • Mon 27 Mar, 1978
    Mon 27 Mar, 1978
    Episode 25
    Ken holds an Easter Bonnet parade on the Red Rec. He gets Mike to judge the contest. Suzie borrows a hat from Annie to wear in the Bonnet contest. Albert and the rest of the British Legion Domino Committee take over the snug for their meetings. Elsie phones Alan asking to stall the divorce. He tells her he's going to marry Elaine. Ena returns from Hartlepool to find Albert and his pals in the snug. Albert demands she leaves the snug but she refuses. Elsie tries to drum up support for a girl's night out. When no one is interested she goes on her own. Elsie is picked up by Bernard Lane at a bar. The Lomaxs wanted Ena to stay with them permanently but she wanted to return home. Suzie marks Annie's hat with a bunch of grapes. Annie tells her she'll never lend her anything again. The paper reports that Len has to go to court. Elsie is horrified when Bernard thinks she's a prostitute and asks her if she'll go to a hotel with him. She is thrown out of the bar when she creates a fuss.moreless
  • Wed 22 Mar, 1978
    Wed 22 Mar, 1978
    Episode 24
    Renee's step father Joe congratualtes Alf for marrying Renee for her money. Annie lays on the wedding reception in the Select. Joe's coarseness gets to Alf. Joe tells Alf that Renee was lucky to get married as she's not very attractive. Alf hits him to the floor. The Roberts fly off to Capri. Elsie breaks down and tells Gail her birthday present was her divorce from Alan; she never thought it would end this way.moreless
  • Mon 20 Mar, 1978
    Mon 20 Mar, 1978
    Episode 23
    Len spends the night in a police cell. Rita regrets denying him. Elsie celebrates her birthday. Ken, Mavis, Bet, Daisy and Joe gather for Alf and Renee's wedding. Len tells Rita he can't believe she let the police arrest him. He has to attend court. Renee is upset that Len hasn't arrived at the Registry Office as he has the ring. Daisy offers her hers but it doesn't fit. Elsie receives a depressing letter which puts her off going to the Roberts' wedding but she won't tell Gail what's in it. Len and Rita arrive just in time for the wedding. Len and Bet witness the marriage. Alf and Renee are married.moreless
  • Wed 15 Mar, 1978
    Wed 15 Mar, 1978
    Episode 22
    Deirdre feels guilty over having bought the plate off Betty. Ray refuses to tell Betty it's worth anything. Eddie threatens to tell Betty about the plate's value unless Ray pays him commission. Ray refuses. Ernie's murderers get life. Mrs Lester accuses Emily and Mike of ruining her David's life. Deirdre tells Eddie he can have £10 if he sells the plate for £100. Eddie tells Betty about the true value of the plate. Deirdre gives her £45. Ray calls Deirdre a fool for giving the money to Betty. He refuses to accept any money from her. The women throw a hen party for Renee. The lads get Alf drunk. Len smashes a bottle in the Street and is stopped by a WPC. When he asks Rita to tell the WPC he's a Councillor she is disgusted at his state and denies knowing him. The WPC arrests him for creating a nuisance.moreless
  • Mon 13 Mar, 1978
    Mon 13 Mar, 1978
    Episode 21
    Alf pretends to book a honeymoon in Scarborough to see Renee's reaction. She puts on a brave face. Emily and Hilda watch the trial. Renee is thrilled when Alf reveals they're really going to Capri. Mike gives evidence at the trial. Deirdre buys a plate at the flea market. Eddie tells her it could be valuable. Eddie takes it to be valued. Terry can't make the wedding, Renee is upset. Eddie has the plate valued at £100. Deirdre tells Ray it used to belong to Betty.moreless
  • Wed 8 Mar, 1978
    Wed 8 Mar, 1978
    Episode 20
    Hilda plans to go to court to see Ernie's murderer's trial. Mike is adamant that Suzie is to be sacked. Steve gives Suzie a week's notice. She can't believe it. Mrs Lester calls on Mike and tells him her son David is one of the lads charged with Ernie's murder. She asks him to tell the court it was an accident. Suzie offers to pay the £20. She thinks her good record as an employee entitles her to a second chance. Mike decides to take her back but Steve is adamant she must stay sacked. Alf plans to sell his house and move into the shop. Bet fears they'll want her out of the way. Steve tells Suzie he's reconsidered and she can have her job back. Alf tells Renee they could turn Bet's bed sit into a living room. Emily is determined to go to the murder trial.moreless
  • Mon 6 Mar, 1978
    Mon 6 Mar, 1978
    Episode 19
    Ivy collects signatures on a petition to bring back hanging for murderers. Alf tells Renee they're marrying next Saturday. Emily refuses to sign the petition; she doesn't believe in hanging. The Western Front's phone bill is £20 higher than normal. Mike tells Steve to sort it out. Suzie asks Steve to cover up for the phone calls. Steve tells Mike one of the girls has been phoning France. Mike tells him to find out who it was and sack her.moreless
  • Wed 1 Mar, 1978
    Wed 1 Mar, 1978
    Episode 18
    The Ogdens claim for the ceiling damage. Hilda verbally attacks Elsie disrupting the proceedings. Bet accuses Betty of being jealous of Renee being engaged to Alf. Suzie phones Roger again. They plan a holiday together. The Arbitrater decides that Elsie and Hilda pay for their own repairs. Elsie is satisfied but Hilda is furious. Suzie tries to put Gail off going to France. Steve is amazed to discover Suzie has been phoning France. He tells her he'll tell Mike if she does it again. The residents celebrate Alf and Renee's engagement. Len toasts the happy couple. Alf tells Renee he wants to get married at the end of the month.moreless
  • Mon 27 Feb, 1978
    Mon 27 Feb, 1978
    Episode 17
    Hilda borrows Rita's black coat to go to the Arbitration court. Suzie uses the Western Front phone to ring Roger in France. She is on for fifteen minutes and puts the phone down when Mike arrives. Renee is thrilled when Alf buys her an expensive engagement ring. Suzie phones Roger again. He invites her over for the Winter sports. Alf and Renee throw an engagement party. The Ogdens and Elsie go to court. Elsie dresses down to appear poorer than she is whilst the Ogdens are in their best.moreless
  • Wed 22 Feb, 1978
    Wed 22 Feb, 1978
    Episode 16
    Hilda throws all her rubbish into Elsie's yard. Elsie threatens to take her to court. Deirdre begins to get anxious as Emily spends so much time with her and Tracy. She feels that Emily is taking over Tracy. Renee tells Alf she can't marry him, it would be a mistake for both of them. Betty advises Deirdre to let Emily see Tracy; the child might help her bring herself out of the void she's in. Alf tells Hilda the small claims court will only cost her £1 and she could put in a counter claim. Emily thanks Deirdre for helping to bring her out of herself. Deirdre is touched and encourages her to be with Tracy. Renee tells Rita that she didn't like the way Alf proposed, taking it for granted that she'd say yes. She tells her that she does want to marry Alf, but she wants him to want her, not her availability. Rita tells Len. Len advises Alf to be more romantic with Renee and not take her for granted. Renee agrees to marry Alf.moreless
  • Mon 20 Feb, 1978
    Mon 20 Feb, 1978
    Episode 15
    Len tells Elsie he'll mend the ceilings for £20 each or £30 for the two; she can pay him £10, the Ogdens £20. Len gives Hilda a £20 estimate for the ceiling. Alf returns from London. He brings Renee an expensive bottle of scent. Hilda is furious when Renee starts banging on her side of the wall to make Hilda shut up. Stan uses an electric drill which interferes with Elsie's TV reception. Hilda gleefully looks around for things to drill. Alf proposes to Renee.moreless
  • Wed 15 Feb, 1978
    Wed 15 Feb, 1978
    Episode 14
    Elsie throws her rubbish into Hilda's yard. Hilda turns her radio on full to annoy Elsie. Eddie advises Hilda to stand aloof to confuse Elsie. She refuses; she's going to fight fire with fire. When Len accuses Elsie of being too old to rage battle with Hilda she goes crazy. She storms into No. 13 and turns Hilda's radio off. Stan and Len stop Hilda and Elsie from fighting. Len suggests they go into arbitration. Steve sends Gail and Suzie Valentines. Suzie is disappointed it wasn't from Nick Partington. Gail sends Steve one. Phillipa goes to the youth club at the Centre. Len suggests Hilda and Elsie start afresh. Elsie agrees but Hilda refuses. Ken realises Phillipa is after a father. He tells Sally it doesn't bother him.moreless
  • Mon 13 Feb, 1978
    Mon 13 Feb, 1978
    Episode 13
    Elsie thinks she and the Ogdens should pay for their own ceilings. Len tells her it'll cost £25 to repair. Stan receives a Valentine card. Hilda knows who it's from. Ken invites Sally and Phillippa to a meal at No. 1. Albert isn't pleased. Hilda tells Stan the card was obviously sent by No. 11. They decide to play them along and stage a loud row. Eddie sits back and enjoys the performance. Hilda is put out when Stan enjoys the shouting so much. Hilda beats the bedroom carpet in the yard, covering Elsie's washing in dirt. Albert gets out of the way as Ken entertains Sally. Ken gets on well with Phillipa. Hilda plans a showdown with Elsie.moreless
  • Wed 8 Feb, 1978
    Wed 8 Feb, 1978
    Episode 12
    Hilda grabs Suzie's leg and tries to pull her down. She manages to keep hold of her shoe. She is horrified when a pigeon flies down from the hole. Stan demands that Suzie pays for the damage to the ceiling. She puts on a limp and threatens to sue him for not having a safe ceiling. Ena is holidaying with the Lomax's in Hartlepool. Fred offers to help Emily with any manual jobs now Ernie is dead. Hilda demands money for the ceiling. Elsie physically throws her out of the house. Emily sorts through Ernie's clothes to give to the Mission. She asks Mavis not to treat her like an invalid. She plans to return to work at the Hospital. Hilda goes up into the loft and puts her broom through Elsie's ceiling to pay her back.moreless
  • Mon 6 Feb, 1978
    Mon 6 Feb, 1978
    Episode 11
    Elsie is woken up in the night by noises in the loft. She fears it's a rat. She and the girls make so much noise they wake the Ogdens. Renee's mother is taken ill so she goes to Lancaster. Mavis looks after the shop for her. Eddie investigates the noises in Elsie's loft. He finds pigeons nesting in the loft. Emily returns home. She feels very much alone. Len tells Elsie there's slates missing in the Ogden's roof and as there's no dividing wall the pigeons are come into her part. Hilda is astounded to hear she's got a slate missing. She tells Elsie she won't repair the roof as the pigeons aren't bothering her. Mavis arrives at Emily's with her case and tells Emily she's moving in to look after her. Suzie tries to block the hole in the roof with newspaper, she slips and her foot goes through the Ogden's ceiling.moreless
  • Wed 1 Feb, 1978
    Wed 1 Feb, 1978
    Episode 10
    George hits something in the car, knocking Bet against the windscreen. Bet realises she could have gone through it. Renee shows Bet in the paper that a man was knocked down at Parrswood at the time they had their bump. A witness saw the car drive away. George admits to Bet the bump was a person. She tells him she's going to the police but he tells her he shouldn't have driven; he lost his licence six months ago. She agrees to tell Mike about it. Mike agrees with Bet that they should go to the police but George threatens not to give him the order. Albert is shocked to discover Sally is divorced. In his mind it blackens her. He warns Ken that she's looking for a husband. Mike makes George contact the police. When George tells him he hasn't got the order Mike wins it by threatening to tell his wife he was with Bet. Ken and Sally assure each other they don't want a serious relationship. Emily phones to say she's returning.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jan, 1978
    Mon 30 Jan, 1978
    Episode 9
    Albert is pleased when Ken takes Sally out. Bet arranges to go to a club with Renee. When she sees Mike's friend George Livesley she changes her mind. Mike isn't pleased that she fancies George. Mike is forced to lend George his car so he can take Bet out. Ken is surprised when Sally takes him to Rugby League match. Sally tells him she's got a thirteen year old daughter called Phillipa. Bet is worried when George insists on driving home when they've had three bottles of wine.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jan, 1978
    Wed 25 Jan, 1978
    Episode 8
    Tracy's first birthday. Steve decides to finish at Baldwins if he doesn't get the job at the Dairy. Fred refuses to let Annie treat him like dirt. Steve tells Mike he's disgusted at the way Mike has treated him over the reference. Mike tells him he's not going to give him a good reference; he wants him to stay on and train in management, he wants him as his right hand man. The Rover is repaired and passes its MOT. He dresses up as a chauffeur, including hat, to prove a point to Annie but she takes no notice and likes the idea of having a chauffeur, especially when her Lady Vic friends are impressed. Mike asks Bet to entertain a client, she refuses. Steve agrees to take Mike's job. Albert pushes Ken to take Sally to see Star Wars. He accepts the order.moreless
  • Mon 23 Jan, 1978
    Mon 23 Jan, 1978
    Episode 7
    Annie plans to take a friend to Southport but the Rover is overdue for its MOT. She blames Fred for not noticing. She orders Fred to get it done in time for the trip. Steve goes for a job interview for an electrician's job at Bristow's Dairy in Mike's time. Suzie lets it slip to Mike. The Rover fails its MOT. It needs a new shock absorber and silencer. Albert matchmakes between Sally and Ken. Ken isn't really interested in her. Steve gets the job if he can get a good reference from Mike. Annie orders Fred to put the car right. He is shocked. Mike gives Steve a reference which says he can't comment on his ability.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jan, 1978
    Wed 18 Jan, 1978
    Episode 6
    Emily makes an effort to cope with Ernie's funeral. She is surprised by the amount of wreaths that arrive. Annie has a cold so she has to miss Ernie's funeral. As a mark of respect she doesn't open the Rovers until after the funeral. Norah, Ken, Bet, Betty, Mike, Ivy, Mavis, Ray, Elsie and Suzie help Emily bury Ernie. Suzie can't stop crying. Ernie's friend Rev Hope from the Mission conducts the service. Emily shows no emotion at the graveside. Ernie is buried in the family plot. Albert's foot keeps playing him up. Ivy breaks down at the funeral. Mike pays for the funeral and offers Emily any financial help. Bet is depressed after the funeral and tries to get the residents to get back to normal as soon as possible. Norah takes Emily home with her.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jan, 1978
    Mon 16 Jan, 1978
    Episode 5
    The police question two men about the shooting. Mavis takes charge of Emily. Emily can't see any point in life going on. Reporters descend on the Street. Mike and Emily identify Ernie's body. Albert is surprised when his chiropodist is a woman, Sally Robson. Elsie lays on lunch for Emily and Ken. Emily can't eat anything but is grateful for their support. Norah Seddon arrives to sort Emily out but Emily isn't grateful.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jan, 1978
    Wed 11 Jan, 1978
    Episode 4
    Ernie is rushed to hospital. The police question Mike and force him to give accurate descriptions of the gunmen. Ernie undergoes emergency surgery. Ivy and Vera are in shock after Ernie's shooting. Emily returns from work to find the police in the Street. Going into the corner shop, she realises from Renee's reaction that something has happened at the factory. She runs across and Elsie breaks the news to her. She collapses in a faint. Betty takes Emily to the hospital. Mike blames himself, thinking he panicked the gunmen. A doctor breaks the news to Emily that Ernie is dead.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jan, 1978
    Mon 9 Jan, 1978
    Episode 3
    Tommo and Dave follow Mike and Ernie back to the factory. Emily plans a summer holiday abroad. Hilda is bitter that she hasn't got a colour TV. Eddie promises to get her one. Steve is embarrassed when the factory girls tease him about Suzie. Renee is flattered when Alf rings her from London. Ernie makes up the wages. Eddie gives Hilda a green and blue screen to put on the black and white TV. She thinks it's useless and refuses to have it. Tommo and Dave, with shotgun demand the wages from Ernie. He is in the middle of handing it over when Mike comes in. Tommo fires the gun and Ernie hits the floor. Mike calls an ambulance as he's still breathing. Tommo and Dave escape through the factory as the girls pour into the wages office and see Ernie on the floor.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jan, 1978
    Wed 4 Jan, 1978
    Episode 2
    Hilda is the first in the queue at the sales. Fred sports a black eye. Annie tells him that if it happens again he'll have to leave the Rovers. Ernie feels in a bit of a rut as a wages clerk. Alf arranges a date with Renee. Hilda is too busy being interviewed by local radio to notice the store doors opening. She misses the TV. Two thugs, Tommo and Dave, follow Mike and Ernie when they go to the bank. Alf has to call off his date with Renee because of work. He's got to go on a course in London for a couple of weeks. He assures her they'll go out when he returns. Fred and Rita each pay Ray £5 towards a new table. Rita blames Elsie for stirring trouble between Fred and Len and they row in the Rovers. Fred takes Rita's side causing Len to stand by Elsie. Annie has to stop them all from fighting. Tommo and Dave have a sawn-off shot gun with them.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jan, 1978
    Mon 2 Jan, 1978
    Episode 1
    Len has a black eye, he swears vengeance on Fred. Annie reprimands Fred for fighting Len. Fred refuses to pay Ray any money for the coffee table. Hilda decides to camp out for Perkins Sale to buy a colour TV for £5. The residents hang around the Rovers in the hope of a fight. Hilda camps outside the store. Len hits Fred in the Rovers. Rita drags him home. Hilda is horrified when a meths-drinking tramp, Ozzie, camps down with her.moreless