Coronation Street - Season 20

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  • Mon 31 Dec, 1979
    Mon 31 Dec, 1979
    Episode 83
    Len refuses to let Rita sing at the Gatsby as its New Years Eve. Ken returns from Glasgow with Susan. Rita is furious when Len promises her a big night out at a new club but forgets to get tickets. Deirdre and Susan like each other. Ken is put out at Susan's sexy clothes when she dresses up for a Community Centre disco. Ken and Deirdre decide not to go out but see the New Year in together at No.1. Alf is chosen to let the New Year in at the Rovers. He gets kidnapped by a group of women going to a party. Fred goes looking for him and goes to the party too. Fred phones Len and alerts him about the party - he and Alf are the only men. Len sneaks out with Bert and Eddie. Rita, Ivy and Renee realise their men have deserted them.moreless
  • Wed 26 Dec, 1979
    Wed 26 Dec, 1979
    Episode 82
    Stan and Eddie are alarmed when Hilda serves up chicken soup for Boxing Day dinner as its all she has. Albert spends Christmas on his own as Ken is in Glasgow. Ivy lays on a big spread to impress Audrey. Elsie hates telling Mira and Mrs Ellis that she's no longer selling No.11, especially when the pregnant Mrs Ellis starts to cry. Ivy is annoyed that everyone is too full to eat all her food. Bert decides to throw a party to get everything eaten up. Stan and Eddie attack the food at the Tilsley's party. Ivy drags Elsie to the party to bring herself out of her depressionmoreless
  • Mon 24 Dec, 1979
    Mon 24 Dec, 1979
    Episode 81
    Ron worries about Elsie's whereabouts. Stan refuses to buy Hilda a Christmas money as she's sold the Christmas club food. Elsie returns to No.11. Ron doesn't believe she felt homesick. Ivy invites Audrey to spend Boxing Day with the family. Rita is furious when her Christmas present from Len turns out to be a box of chocolates. Elsie tells Ron their boss Pickering couldn't keep his hands off her. He admits he knew Pickering fancied her. She accuses him of turning a blind eye and throws him out.moreless
  • Wed 19 Dec, 1979
    Wed 19 Dec, 1979
    Episode 80
    Bert puts a bolt on Brian's door to give him and Gail some privacy. Mike rows with Suzie for coming to work late. She accuses him of being narked at her shunning him. Suzie gives Mike a week's notice. She uses his office phone to call some friends. Mike catches her and throws her out, telling her she's sacked. She calls him vindictive. Hilda sells her Christmas Club at the shop to Vera for £20 to go to France with. Brian and Gail return to No.5. Gail tells him he's got to stick up for her against Ivy. Ron arrives, looking for Elsie. Suzie decides to leave the Street and seek her fortune in London.moreless
  • Mon 17 Dec, 1979
    Mon 17 Dec, 1979
    Episode 79
    Norman does Suzie's washing as a thankyou for putting him up. Hilda has £24.90 towards France. Hilda is horrified to see punk Norman next door. Mike is displeased when Suzie spends her time with Norman. Suzie tells Hilda that Norman is buying No.11. The Tilsleys have a double bed delivered for Brian and Gail. Mavis is depressed when Jack doesn't get in touch with her. Hilda wants to start up a petition to get Norman out of the Street. Suzie makes Norman wear more makeup to frighten the residents. Annie realises Norman is well educated and gets on well with him. Ivy looks forward to Brian's return. Bert reminds her that he'll be with his wife.moreless
  • Wed 12 Dec, 1979
    Wed 12 Dec, 1979
    Episode 78
    Hilda can't raise the £60 to go to France. She is disappointed. Mike persuades Suzie to take him to a party, in return he says he'll help her find a flat. Bert decorates Brian's room for the newly weds. Hilda discovers her old clothes are worth a lot of money as they're now trendy. Vera rubs it in to Ivy that she's going to France. Suzie enjoys herself with Mike and encourages him. Hilda takes her frocks to a dress agency. Mike and Suzie plan to spend the night together but her punk friend Norman Mannion turns up looking for a bed. Suzie lets him stay the night, Mike feels humiliated. Hilda is touched when Eddie gives her £5 towards her French trip.moreless
  • Mon 10 Dec, 1979
    Mon 10 Dec, 1979
    Episode 77
    Alf explains to Renee how he had some fun with Bet, she isn't impressed. Ivy is determined to go to France as she's senior machinist and shop steward. Ida decides she doesn't want to go to France as she's never left England. Mike organises a draw to decide who's going to France. Mike tells Steve he's too naive for the job. Steve tells him it's his fault for not delegating enough. Mike thinks he should move to the London office to help Eric Williams. Deirdre feels redundant as Tracy starts play group. Bet is furious to discover Alf's been pretending to fancy her. Hilda demands that her name be included in the draw. Mike pulls the draw, Vera, Hilda and three machinists win. Ivy tries to hide her disappointment. The estate agent warns Suzie not to put people off buying the house. Suzie advises Steve to take the London job, to get away from Mike. Deirdre worries that once she's divorced she'll have to make a commitment to Ken. Mike delights in telling the girls the French trip isn't free, and will cost them £60 each. Steve tells Mike he will go to London. Elsie phones Suzie and tells her she's got till the end of the week to get out.moreless
  • Wed 5 Dec, 1979
    Wed 5 Dec, 1979
    Episode 76
    Mike refuses to get involved in an exchange trip to Charleville as the machinists are too busy. Renee returns from her mothers'. Suzie rouses Hilda into having a slanging match on the other side of the connecting wall to put buyers off No.11. Steve tells Ivy the Trades Council are organising a French exchange for 5 of the machinists. He realises he shouldn't have told her too late. Suzie puts 6 buyers off the house. The factory girls challenge Mike about the French invite. He tells them he's been too busy to tell them. The estate agent tells Suzie he's not happy with the way no one is interested in No.11. The machinists row over who's to go to France. Mike isn't happy with Steve's attitude.moreless
  • Mon 3 Dec, 1979
    Mon 3 Dec, 1979
    Episode 75
    Annie lays on the wedding breakfast in the Select. Hilda tries to cadge an invite to the reception to no avail. Ivy spends the reception stopping dirty jokes as Father Harris is present. Brian kids Suzie that Andy is a footballer, she shows interest in him. Ivy is thrilled when Father Harris dances with her. Vera is annoyed when Jack spends the reception drinking in the pub rather than the Select as he doesn't know anyone. She marches him into the Select. Ray phones Deirdre saying he still wants a divorce but will let her divorce him; he's desperate to marry again. Vera rows with Jack when he leaves early to go to the Legion. Gail and Brian set off for the Isle of Man.moreless
  • Wed 28 Nov, 1979
    Wed 28 Nov, 1979
    Episode 74
    Gail tries to compose herself. Brian isn't at all nervous. His best man Andy Rowlands has a terrible hangover. Elsie has tonsillitis and can't attend the wedding. Audrey's fella Frank Wilson arrives. Steve enjoys being an usher, ushing people around. Ivy struggles to keep her parents in order, Vera struggles to keep Jack under control. Albert, Ena, Bet, the Ogdens, Ken, Deirdre and the Duckworths gather at the church to watch the wedding. Mike walks Gail down the aisle. Suzie is bridesmaid to Gail. Gail and Brian are married at St Boniface, Lower Broughton and exchange rings.moreless
  • Mon 26 Nov, 1979
    Mon 26 Nov, 1979
    Episode 73
    Ivy feels that the Rovers isn't good enough for her family. Audrey refuses to let Ivy pay the extra for a reception at the Co-op. Ivy thinks it would be good if Brian bought No.11. Brian and Gail refuse to buy No.11; they don't want to live so near Ivy. Audrey decides she's going to be Gail's Matron of Honour. Ivy tells Annie to lay on the most expensive spread she can and she'll pay the extra. Alf has a great time frightening Bet. Gail is annoyed that Audrey has upset Ivy by being Matron of Honour. When Audrey tells her all she wants is to be of some support as she's never been a good mother, Gail is proud to ask her to be her Matron. Audrey makes her peace with Ivy and tells her she won't be Matron of Honour. Gail and Brian look forward to the wedding.moreless
  • Wed 21 Nov, 1979
    Wed 21 Nov, 1979
    Episode 72
    Suzie stalls would be buyers who are interested in No. 11. Brian and Gail decide to go to the Isle of Man on honeymoon. Alf doesn't like the way Bet tries to embarrass him by being provocative. He decides to play her at the same game to scare her off. Audrey arrives to take over the wedding preparations. She tells Ivy she can't afford a reception at the Co-op hall. Suzie shows Mrs Hindle around No. 11 and puts her off by suggesting the foundations aren't safe. Audrey books the Rovers' Select for the reception. Bet is horrified when Alf comes on strong. She locks herself in her room. Ivy refuses to have the reception at the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 19 Nov, 1979
    Mon 19 Nov, 1979
    Episode 71
    Elsie promises to return for Gail's wedding. Mavis is excited about spending the evening with Jack. Rita gets Deirdre and Ken to join the meal as Len doesn't fancy being stuck with Mavis and Jack. Gail buys her wedding dress. She is upset that Suzie has bought a daring dress and fears that she'll be the centre of attention. Ron tells Gail he won't be able to give her away. Ivy books the Co-op hall for the reception. Elsie is determined Suzie won't steal the limelight from Gail and tells her to change her bridesmaids outfit. Suzie agrees and Gail is thrilled. Elsie is quite sad to leave No. 11 but looks forward to the future. She and Ron leave for Torquay. Rita embarrasses Len at the meal by trying to bring Mavis and Jack together. She tries to show them some marital harmony. Gail asks Mike if he'll give her away. He is touched.moreless
  • Wed 14 Nov, 1979
    Wed 14 Nov, 1979
    Episode 70
    Gail and Brian see Father Harris. She tells him she's willing to have their children brought up as Catholics. Deirdre falls over one of Tracy's toys and has fifteen stitches to her face. Elsie gives Mike a week's notice. She is furious when, in front of the machinists, he tells her she can leave straight away. Renee visits her mother leaving Alf to fend for himself. Gail is upset that she has no one to give her away. Brian surprises his parents by wanting a formal wedding. Rita matchmakes between Mavis and Jack. Mavis is annoyed as she's been to the dentist and her jaw is frozen. Gail asks Ron to give her away. He tells her he'd be honoured. Rita invites Mavis and Jack for a meal. Elsie stuns Suzie by telling her she's put the house in the hands of an estate agent.moreless
  • Mon 12 Nov, 1979
    Mon 12 Nov, 1979
    Episode 69
    Hilda gives Eddie the ring to get it valued. Ron pushes Elsie to return to Torquay with him. ENA (about Elsie): "There've bin times when her life's kept mine going. I've a lot to thank her for." Eddie's friend tells him the stone is a white sapphire and is worth £10. Harry is ill so his friend Jack Walsh turns up to decorate for Mavis. Mavis is a mite confused. She names the budgie Harry. Hilda hands the ring in at the Rovers. Vera claims it as hers. Elsie tells Ron she will come to Torquay with him.moreless
  • Wed 7 Nov, 1979
    Wed 7 Nov, 1979
    Episode 68
    Hilda finds a ring whilst cleaning the Rovers and pockets it. Ron turns up from Torquay. Elsie is delighted. Ken goes to Glasgow to see the twins. Mavis is pleased that widower Harry takes so much interest in her. Hilda hopes the ring is real diamond. Harry volunteers to redecorate for Mavis. Ron tells Elsie the Torquay job is still open to her.moreless
  • Mon 5 Nov, 1979
    Mon 5 Nov, 1979
    Episode 67
    Len agrees to Eddie breaking the chimney breast when Mavis says she'll pay for the redecoration. Len tells Rita that Ray has got a girl pregnant in Holland and wants a quick divorce so he can marry her. She tells Deirdre. Elsie is furious when Mike orders her to be at work an hour earlier than usual to go through an order. RSPCA man Harry Scott takes an interest in Mavis' bird. He puts his hand in the chimney hole and produces a budgie. She is thrilled when Harry says she can keep it. Ken apologises to Deirdre for his reaction and tells her he was acting out of self protection. He says he doesn't care if Ray cites him. He doesn't want to lose her.moreless
  • Wed 31 Oct, 1979
    Wed 31 Oct, 1979
    Episode 66
    With Ivy and Bert on holiday, Brian struggles to look after himself. Gail looks after him. Eddie feels that there's a bird trapped in Mavis' chimney. He uncovers the fireplace but can't reach the bird. Mavis worries about the bird's health and phones the RSPCA. Deirdre refuses to please Ken and cite Janice as she doesn't want everything to be dragged out. She's willing to take the blame herself for Tracy's sake. Mavis demands that the chimney breast is broken into to free the bird. Deirdre decides to leave the divorce to Ray. Ken worries that the papers will have a field day because of his job. He asks her to get Ray to cite person or persons unknown. She is horrified that he is grasping at anything to keep himself out of the divorce and accuses him of not caring what happens to her or Tracy. She tells him to get out of her life.moreless
  • Mon 29 Oct, 1979
    Mon 29 Oct, 1979
    Episode 65
    Ken objects to taking the blame for the break up in the Langtons' marriage. He's worried about his reputation. He tries to persuade Deirdre to divorce Ray, citing Janice. To Mavis' embarrassment the Faircloughs are amused to discover Eddie spent the night in the flat. Len is shocked to discover Ray is divorcing Deirdre because of the letter he wrote to Ray informing him of Ken's involvement. Deirdre realises Len wrote to Ray hoping to reconcile Ray and her. She feels that Ken can have no real feelings for her. Eddie spends another evening with Mavis. He hears the noise too. Deirdre is upset that her relationship with Ken is obviously over. Eddie is scared of the noises.moreless
  • Wed 24 Oct, 1979
    Wed 24 Oct, 1979
    Episode 64
    Mavis hears mysterious noises in her flat at night. Deirdre reveals Ray has asked for a divorce and wants to cite Ken as co-respondent. Deirdre wants to know who told Ray. Eddie offers to spend the night with Mavis to sort the noises out. She doesn't like the idea but agrees to his staying until bedtime. Alf provides a chair in the shop for customers to sit on. Mavis hears the noises again and begs Eddie to stay the night. Deirdre shows Ray's letter to Ken. She is shocked when he tells her that she's got to keep him out of the divorce.moreless
  • Wed 8 Aug, 1979
    Wed 8 Aug, 1979
    Episode 63
    Ken and Deirdre return from the Lakes. The factory alarm goes off all day whilst Mike is in London. Steve is in trouble as he's left the alarm key in the factory and is locked out. Annie promises a pint of beer to whoever silences the alarm. Stan hits it with a poker, hitting the electricity supply and cutting off the street's electricity. The lights go on on the house side of the street but the factory continues to be without electricity. Steve worries that production on Brown's order will be affected. Ivy feels that she'd like Brian to marry in church. The factory girls refuse to enter the factory as the electricity is still off. Vera gives Stan a kiss of gratitude. Len tells Ken to remember Deirdre is a married woman. Mike returns from London to the news that the factory is closed. He has to restrain himself from hitting Stan. He threatens to have him charged with trespass. The residents side with Stan saying the alarm noise was unbearable. Brian and Gail agree to marry in Church. Deirdre receives a disturbing letter from Ray.moreless
  • Mon 6 Aug, 1979
    Mon 6 Aug, 1979
    Episode 62
    Gail and Bert join forces to bring Ivy and Brian together. Eddie finds Herbie, he tells him he's sold the clock. Eddie tells him he's taking him to see Betty. Herbie refuses to admit he took the clock and Eddie is forced to let him go. Ena tells Eddie she doesn't believe he stole the clock. Hilda masters Beautiful Dreamer on her chart at home. Fred refuses to let her use the Rovers piano but Ena tells her to take no notice. She is quite good and is proud when Ena applaudes her. Eddie begs Betty not to contact the police as they'll pin something on him because she's one of them. She agrees to give him a break but is still upset. Gail tells Brian she thinks it would be a good idea for them to live at No.5, as they could save up for a house. He is amused that she's organising his life and tells Ivy they'll take her up on the offer. Ivy is thrilled that he's back.moreless
  • Wed 1 Aug, 1979
    Wed 1 Aug, 1979
    Episode 61
    Bert tells Ivy that Brian is moving to Stockport to get away from home. Hilda buys a chart to teach herself how to play the piano. Fred is furious that Eddie stole from Betty and threatens him. Eddie tells him about Herbie. Fred warns him he'd better get the clock back. Len isn't pleased that Ken and Deirdre are away together. Bert tells Ivy that her selfishness is ruining their marriage. She breaks down and begs forgiveness. Hilda uses the Rovers' piano to learn 'Beautiful Dreamer'. Gail is surprised when Ivy makes the first move towards a reconciliation. Annie stops Hilda from using the pub piano as she's putting the drinkers off. Mike's alarm at the factory keeps going off. Eddie tells Betty he can't find Herbie and asks her to wait 24 hours before contacting the police. She doesn't know if Herbie exists or not. Ivy tells Gail she'd be welcome to live at No. 5 after she's married to Brian. Brian feels that he doesn't want to live with Ivy again.moreless
  • Mon 30 Jul, 1979
    Mon 30 Jul, 1979
    Episode 60
    Betty is upset over the clock as Cyril's friends gave it to them on their silver wedding. She felt she could trust Eddie and tries to believe he didn't steal the clock. Emily threatens Hilda with legal action if she continues to make wicked insinuations about Deirdre and Ken. Betty challenges Eddie over the clock. He realises Herbie took it and begs her not to involve the police as they'll suspect him. Betty doesn't know if she can believe in Eddie's innocence. Ken, Deirdre and Tracy go to the Lakes. Ena surprises everyone by being glad that Ken and Deirdre are having a clandestine holiday. Eddie can't bring himself to grass on Herbie as he knows he couldn't stand another prison sentence. Ivy hears that Gail and Brian have found a flat in Stockport. Albert is annoyed to find he's got to have his meals with Ena. Betty decides to contact the police.moreless
  • Wed 25 Jul, 1979
    Wed 25 Jul, 1979
    Episode 59
    Albert is staggered that Ken is taking Deirdre on holiday. Emily is shocked at the news but talks herself into liking the idea. Betty wants her loft insulating. Eddie says he'll do it for her cheap. Len agrees to her just paying for the materials, so long as it's done today. Betty gives Eddie the keys and he starts to work. Ken hires a car to take to Ullswater. Eddie meets Herbie Cook who had the next cell to him in Walton. Herbie is a down and out so Eddie makes him a cuppa at Betty's. Deirdre is upset when Hilda tells her Tracy won't know who to call 'daddy' next. Herbie pockets Betty's carriage clock before leaving. Albert tells Ken he should be taking the twins on holiday not Tracy. Ken tells him it's none of his business. Ivy can't bring herself to ask Gail where Brian is living. Betty discovers her carriage clock is missing.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jul, 1979
    Wed 18 Jul, 1979
    Episode 58
    Suzie takes her overall in to make it fit her figure. Betty dreams of how to spend her £300. Suzie decides she could do worse than Steve and thinks of the machinIsts' reactions if she were to go out with one of the bosses. Deirdre helps Ken by typing up his annual budget report. In return Ken takes Tracy and her for a picnic. Alf discovers Betty got free legal aid and Mike got £600 for his compensation. Deirdre tells Ken their age difference doesn't bother her. Hilda applies for a job as machinIst at the factory as she wants some independence. Mike tells her she's too old to be taught the machines. Ken decides to rent a holiday cottage in the Lakes. He asks Deirdre and Tracy to join him. Deirdre isn't sure if he's propositioning her but agrees to go along.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jul, 1979
    Mon 16 Jul, 1979
    Episode 57
    With Albert away, Ken invites Deirdre for a meal. She is pleased. Suzie starts at Baldwins, learning the machines from Ivy. The girls force her to make the tea for everyone. Betty's compensation from the Rovers' crash comes through. The factory girls think Suzie got her job because Mike and Steve fancy her. Elsie asks them to give her a chance but they give her the run around. Alf and the insurance company settle on £800 compensation for him. Suzie shows that she's a good machinist. She is hurt when the girls seem to ignore her but refuses to let them get to her. Ken cooks Deirdre steak au poivre. Alf discovers Betty got £300 compensation for only a cut. Deirdre gets on well with Ken and enjoys his company.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jul, 1979
    Wed 11 Jul, 1979
    Episode 56
    Ivy is distraught over Brian's absence. Gail is horrified to discover Elsie told Ivy about Roy. Elsie accuses Ivy of having a big mouth and calls her a hypocrite. Elsie threatens to chuck Suzie out if she doesn't pay her rent arrears. Steve tells Mike they need 3 more machinists to finish the order. Mike tells him to sort them out. Brian refuses to come home. He tells Gail he wants her and the future is what matters, not the past. He tells her he wants to marry her as soon as possible. Steve offers Suzie a job as trainee machinist, she realises she'll have to take it. Mike refuses to have Suzie working at the factory and tells Steve to withdraw his job offer. Steve refuses as Mike gave him the job of hiring the new staff. He threatens to resign. Mike tells him he'll have to be responsible for Suzie. Gail and Brian set the date for 11th August at the Registry Office. Bert is pleased for them.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jul, 1979
    Mon 9 Jul, 1979
    Episode 55
    The Faircloughs and Bet return home. Brian calls Ivy a gossipy old biddy but wants to know who Roy is. Bert is furious that Ivy has told Brian and refuses to eat with her. Gail breaks down in tears when Brian asks her who Roy Thornley is. She tells Brian all about the affair with Roy. She assures Brian she loves him but he's jealous and annoyed that she isn't innocent. Bert tells him he's a hypocrite as he's not a virgin. Suzie is fed up with the phone job, she considers a career in modelling. Elsie advises her to come down to earth. When Ivy insinuates Roy was one of many Brian packs and walks out, saying he can't stay living with Ivy anymore.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jul, 1979
    Wed 4 Jul, 1979
    Episode 54
    Len doesn't like Bet spoiling his fun at the caravan. Bert warns Ivy not to try to split Brian and Gail up. Renee isn't keen when Alf does a time and motion study at the shop. Bet refuses to leave the caravan. Brian asks Gail to marry him soon. She agrees. Suzie gets a job phone canvassing selling dancing lessons. Len goes fishing with Alec and Tony leaving Rita and Bet to entertain themselves. Bert is pleased that Brian plans to marry next month and tells Gail he couldn't have found a nicer girl. Alf reorganises the selves so Renee can't find anything. He forgets where he's put some products. Bert tells Ivy to keep her mouth shut but she tells Brian to ask Gail who Roy Thornley is.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jul, 1979
    Mon 2 Jul, 1979
    Episode 53
    Eddie and Stan pack up the beer selling because of the police. Len can't cope with looking after himself and burns the frying pan. Rita makes it clear to Alec Keegan that she is not interested in having an affair but enjoys a laugh with him. Bet is disappointed when Rita makes the men leave early in the evening. Elsie tells Ivy about Gail's affair with Roy Thornley. Alec and Tony are locked out of their caravan, Rita and Bet let them stay as they're scared of prowlers. The men don't let on they were the prowlers. Len has enough of being on his own and arrives at the caravan to find Alec and Tony in with the women in their night things. Alf has his first full time day at the shop. As an Assistant Inspector he could either get early retirement, with £1,800 a year pension with a £5,500 gratuity or he could medically retire with a lump sum of £6,000 and £2,000 a year pension. Rita is annoyed when Len doesn't believe her story and tells him Alec is her long lost lover from Australia. Suzie demonstrates non-stick pans. Ivy feels that Gail must have known Roy was married and plans to tell Brian. Len decides to stay for the rest of the holiday and get Bet to return homemoreless
  • Wed 27 Jun, 1979
    Wed 27 Jun, 1979
    Episode 52
    Mike is pleased with the standard of the Brown order. Eddie stocks up with cash and carry beer. The factory girls look forward to a big bonus from the Brown order but Mike feels the profit margin will be slight. Hilda decides she's entitled to a bonus as well as the machinists. Stan gleefully joins Eddie in his ice cream round. Bet and Rita go fishing with Tony and Alec. Eddie finds ready customers for his beer. A policeman sees an open beer can in the van and breathalyses Eddie. He is cleared but the policeman tells him he's suspicious of him and will watch him. Bet enjoys herself with Tony Ball and hopes Rita doesn't scare the men off.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jun, 1979
    Mon 25 Jun, 1979
    Episode 51
    Rita is determined to have a holiday. Fred agrees to give her a lift to the caravan. As Bet is on her holidays, Rita asks her to join her in Morecambe. Bet agrees. Ivy asks Mike for a better rate for the Browns order as the girls are having to spend more time ensuring the garments are perfect. He's not interested. Len is furious when Rita and Bet go off to the caravan. Fred plans to have a lark with Rita whilst driving her to Morecambe and is put out to discover Bet's with her. Ivy threatens a work to rule. Mike tells the girls they can have a bonus when he gets paid by Browns and not before. The order could make or break them all. Eddie gets a weekend job working for Pagliaci's ice creams. He shows off the ice cream van and tells the Ogdens he's going to use it as a cover to sell beer on Sundays. Hilda refuses to let Stan have anything to do with the scheme. Rita and Bet befriend two men in the next caravan. Bet hopes they'll liven things up. Rita is annoyed when Bet encourages them.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jun, 1979
    Wed 20 Jun, 1979
    Episode 50
    Vera takes liberties at work, knowing that she's serving her notice. Deirdre has second thoughts about Billy. Lucy likes the tria1 order but refuses to let Mike wine and dine her. Billy assures Deirdre he'll treat Tracy like his own child. She tells him she can't go to Jersey as she isn't sure that they'd work out. He swears he loves her. She tells him he doesn't excite her the way that Ray did. Annie is upset for Billy but tells him the money is his. Lucy gives a big order to Mike. Everyone celebrates and Vera decides to withdraw her notice. Len is given a month's work which clashes with the holiday. Rita thinks he's done it on purpose and tells him she's going on her own.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jun, 1979
    Mon 18 Jun, 1979
    Episode 49
    Vera gets a job at Harrison's supermarket as a check out girl. She gives her notice in to Mike. Lucy Goodwin, a buyer from Browns calls on Mike. He shows her the factory. Annie tells Emily that Billy has asked Deirdre to join him in Jersey. When Annie tells her she thinks Deirdre is unsuitable Emily tells her that she feels Billy is unsuitable. Lucy knows Mike is desperate for work. Deirdre tells Billy she'd love to come to Jersey with him. Lucy tells Mike she'll recommend they place a small trial order with him. Mike tells the girls they'll have to pull out all the stops to make the order perfect. Billy decides he'd rather have Deirdre than Annie's money. Rita tells Len she's rented Ralph's caravan in Morecombe for £20. Ken wishes Deirdre luck in her new life with Billy. Deirdre begins to have doubts that Billy will be a good father to Tracy.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jun, 1979
    Wed 13 Jun, 1979
    Episode 48
    Annie decides not to lend Billy the money but to give it to him. Mike goes on the road trying to sell denim. Steve refuses to tell the girls how bad the situation is. Mike tells the girls they'll have to go on a three day week. Deirdre is frightened to commit herself to Billy. She doesn't feel sure that he wants Tracy. Alf gives himself a week's trial to see if he's suited to working in the shop. Rita tries to interest Len in a holiday but he isn't keen. Billy tells Annie he's invited Deirdre to live with him in Jersey. She is horrified and tells him she won't give him the money if he takes Deirdre, the choice is his.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jun, 1979
    Mon 11 Jun, 1979
    Episode 47
    The Roberts return from Spain. Ken lends Deirdre books to help her teach Tracy to read. Annie agrees to lend Billy the money. An important order is returned to the factory as being substandard. Ken wants to take Deirdre to the local opera but she's arranged to go out with Billy. The factory workers fear for their jobs, as does Steve as he oversaw the order. Mike is furious about the shoddy workmanship. He tells the girls they're idle and tells them to start working on the Marshall order as its the only one they've got left. Emily is stricken when Deirdre looks for somewhere else to live. Emily begs her not to leave, she agrees. Mike tries to get rid of the left over order. Emily goes out so Deirdre can entertain Billy at No. 3. Mike tells Steve that when the Marshalls order is finished they have no more work so will have to go on a three day week. Billy tells Deirdre he'd like her ands Tracy to return to Jersey with him.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jun, 1979
    Wed 6 Jun, 1979
    Episode 46
    Annie asks Billy to be careful with Deirdre; she's still a married woman. Emily is annoyed that Deirdre is going out with Billy and not Ken. Deirdre tells her it's nothing to do with her. She refuses to babysit when she knows Deirdre wants to spend time with Billy. Deirdre goes greyhound racing with Billy. Ken is disappointed as he wanted to take Tracy and her to the park. Albert watches as Eddie and the Ogdens dig over the allotment. They don't find anything. Hilda realises he's had them for mugs. Billy asks Annie to lend him £2,500 for the wine bar. She is upset that he only visits her when he wants something. Emily tells Deirdre that as she's living in her house she has a right to give her advice on her suiters. Deirdre doesn't agree.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jun, 1979
    Mon 4 Jun, 1979
    Episode 45
    Eddie takes possession of a metal detector. He plans to search for precious metals with it. Stan doesn't think it will work. Albert tells Eddie he found an old coin on his allotment once. Ena realises he's lying. Billy persuades Deirdre to go out with him. She lets Emily believe she's going out with Ken. Hilda complains of back ache. Albert gives Eddie permission to look for treasure on the allotment. Ken calls on Emily whilst Deirdre is out. She is shocked that he's not with Deirdre. Albert tells Ena there's a lot of old nails in his allotment which Eddie's detector will pick up and will cause him to dig the allotment up for him. Billy reveals he wants a loan of £2,500 off Annie to buy a wine bar in St Helier. Deirdre thinks it's a good idea.moreless
  • Wed 30 May, 1979
    Wed 30 May, 1979
    Episode 44
    Brian gives Gail the ring back. Annie decides to let Fred leave and writes a reference for him. Ivy is furious to hear Brian and Gail are back together. Suzie gets a job demonstrating cheese. Billy realises Ken is a rival for Deirdre's affection. Ken tells him he has no real feelings for Deirdre. Fred is shocked when Annie gives him his reference and wishes him well. Billy gives him £28 and gets him to back down and let Annie dock his wages. Fred tells Annie he'd like to stay. Annie is touched by his sincerity and agrees. She suggests they pay half the fine each. Fred is pleased he's £14 better off. The factory girls work overtime to finish an important order. Billy asks Deirdre for a date. She is confused about her feelings for him and Ken.moreless
  • Mon 28 May, 1979
    Mon 28 May, 1979
    Episode 43
    Fred fears for his job now Billy is coming over. Annie docks him £5 from his wages. Steve has a black eye. Brian blames Ivy for the fight. Billy arrives on holiday. Fred tries to get Annie to think the Legion are interested in his services. Billy worries as Annie hopes he'll stay and she can get rid of Fred. Gail makes the first move back to Brian and they arrange a date. Billy discovers Ray has left the country and Deirdre is free again.moreless
  • Wed 23 May, 1979
    Wed 23 May, 1979
    Episode 42
    Gail feels that everything's gone wrong. She refuses to be comforted by Suzie. Fred returns to the Rovers without the pigeons or the car. Annie cancels the LV supper and retires to bed with a migraine. Ivy is furious that Gail has broken the engagement off. She tells the factory girls that Brian wanted to finish with Gail. Elsie rows with her over who was to blame and who finished with who. Ken takes Deirdre for a meal but the food is awful. The police want £28 before they'll let the Rover go. Gail realises she's acted like a fool. Elsie advises her to apologise to Brian before she loses him forever. Gail tries to talk to Brian but he just asks her if she had a good time at the pictures. Annie gives Fred the money to retrieve the car, she tells him she'll be docking his wages. Fred doesn't think its fair and threatens to leave the pub. Elsie accuses Ivy of never wanting Brian and Gail to be happy. When Vera sides with Elsie the sewing room erupts into a row. Steve tells Brian that Ivy is making trouble at the factory and calls him a mummy's boy. Brian hits him. A punch up develops and the window of No. 5 is broken. The factory women pull them apart. Steve has a cut face. Annie speaks to Billy on the phone, he says he'll visit.moreless
  • Mon 21 May, 1979
    Mon 21 May, 1979
    Episode 41
    Deirdre doesn't give the ring to Brian, waiting for Gail to cool off. Brian tries to talk to Gail but she refuses to see him. Deirdre tells Ken she enjoyed their evening together. Gail is relieved that Deirdre still has the ring and takes it back. Annie cooks wood pigeon for some LV friends. Brian refuses to see that he did anything wrong in dancing with Suzie. When he tells Gail that Suzie is a great mover she gives him the ring back. Annie is annoyed that the butcher forgets to order her pigeons. She orders Fred to go into town to get her two brace. He is aghast. Gail turns on Suzie, feeling she is no longer her friend. Deirdre realises that Ken really does like her and agrees to let him take her out. Bert tells Brian to get after Gail and demand they get back together. Elsie tries to bring Gail and Suzie together. Brian calls for Gail but Elsie lies and tells him she's gone to the pictures. He thinks she has gone with someone. Fred parks the Rover wrongly in a street. He returns from the shops to see the police towing the car away.moreless
  • Wed 16 May, 1979
    Wed 16 May, 1979
    Episode 40
    Deirdre considers joining an evening class at the Centre. Elsie organises the refreshments for the party. Brian and Gail go to a used car lot where she is impressed by his knowledge. Alf has a brain scan and an electro-encephalograph and is given the all clear. He's put on tranquillisers. Gail feels sorry for Suzie being on her own and invites her to the disco with her and Brian. Ken feels old at the disco. Gail doesn't like it when Brian shows off his dancing. She makes him dance with Suzie and they start to dance wild. Alf tells Renee they're going to Benidorm next week. She is delighted. The dancers gather round Brian and Suzie's exhibition dance. Gail is not amused when he prefers dancing with Suzie to talking to her. She takes her engagement ring off and asks Deirdre to give it to Brian.moreless
  • Mon 14 May, 1979
    Mon 14 May, 1979
    Episode 39
    Bert asks Brian not to do anything rash about a car. Ken organises a disco at the Centre. The specialist has a cancellation so Alf has an early appointment. He is pleased as he wants a holiday in Spain. Brian sells the bike to a work mate. Ivy shouts at Gail in the cafe, accusing her of twisting Brian round her finger. Renee tells Alf that Gillespie is a psychiatrist. He is stunned. She begs him to trust the doctor and still go. He agrees. Alf returns after talking to Gillespie. He realises how lucky he is but has to see a neurologist. Brian realises a car will cost more to run than the bike. Ken invites Deirdre to go to the disco with him. She agrees.moreless
  • Wed 9 May, 1979
    Wed 9 May, 1979
    Episode 38
    Stan feels miserable on his birthday and has no presents. Ena remembers Martha as it's fifteen years since she died. Alf goes to see the doctor. The Ogdens and Eddie grow somber at the sight of Hilda roasted. None of them can bring themselves to carve the bird. The doctor makes an appointment for Alf to see a specialist. Hilda gives Albert the cooked chicken and tells Eddie to get rid of the rest. Brian and Gail make up. Eddie sells the hens to a butcher for £3. Hilda calls him Judas. Brian decides to sell the bike. Ivy is delighted until she discovers he's doing it for Gail. Bert accuses her of being jealous. Renee discovers that the specialist Alf has to see is a psychiatrist.moreless
  • Mon 7 May, 1979
    Mon 7 May, 1979
    Episode 37
    Gail catches a cold from riding on Brian's bike. Alf refuses to see a doctor. Gail tells Brian she'd like him to get a car instead of the bike. He plans to keep the bike for another ten years. Hilda tells Eddie to kill the hens for them to eat. He and Stan can't bring themselves to perform the deed. Albert agrees to kill them in return for one of them. Annie tries to get Alf to see a doctor at least to put Renee's mind at rest. Albert kills Hilda the chicken. The Ogdens plan to have it for Stan's birthday. Brian wants to take Gail on a biking holiday. She isn't keen and feels the bike is too important to him. He rows with her for nagging him. Renee tells Alf that if he doesn't see a doctor she'll leave him.moreless
  • Wed 2 May, 1979
    Wed 2 May, 1979
    Episode 36
    Suzie puts the hard boiled eggs in the coop. Hilda gives Ena a couple of eggs as a present. Alf wants a foreign holiday but Renee isn't sure he's up to it. Steve builds up enough courage to tell Deirdre she's sexy. She is amused by his embarrassment. Ena corners Hilda in the Rovers and cuts one of her eggs open to show her it's hard-boiled. Hilda is rocked with embarrassment. Eddie accuses Renee of planting the hard-boiled eggs. Hilda tells Eddie to get rid of the hens; everyone's laughing at them. Ken and Mavis are the only two to turn up for the jogging session. Ken can't cope with the exercise and has to stop early. Alf's boss Frank Roper calls and hints that he thinks Alf isn't really sick and should be back at work. Alf explodes at him and criticises him for his work record.moreless
  • Mon 30 Apr, 1979
    Mon 30 Apr, 1979
    Episode 35
    Alf refuses to talk about his 'bit of temper' and apologises to Renee. The hens only lay one egg. Eddie plans to give them a helping hand again. Renee grows suspicious of Eddie buying eggs and watches as he plants them in the coop. Steve encourages Mavis to take up jogging. They plan an early morning jog. Ken considers starting a keep fit class at the centre. Renee tells Betty that she's frightened by Alf's personality change. Betty advises her to get Alf to see a doctor. Ken drums up support for a jogging class. When Eddie insults Suzie over the size of her bottom she is furious. Elsie tells her about Eddie keeping the hens stocked with shop bought eggs. She decides to get her own back by planting hard boiled eggs in the coop.moreless
  • Wed 25 Apr, 1979
    Wed 25 Apr, 1979
    Episode 34
    Eddie buys eggs from the shop and plants them in the coop. Renee feels that Alf went too far with Annie but Alf refuses to talk about it. Hilda is delighted to find nine eggs in the coop. Rita is furious that Ken got the novelties off Renee rather than her. Renee apologises to Annie and tells her that Alf isn't over the crash yet and suffers from side affects. Fred grows tired of everyone laughing at him and throws his wig away. Betty fishes it out of the bin and persuades Fred to keep it for best. Alf apologises to Annie. When she tells him Renee's explained things to her, Alf turns on Renee in the Rovers, telling her he's had enough of her and the whole Street. Renee collapses in tears, unable to stand the strain anymore.moreless
  • Mon 23 Apr, 1979
    Mon 23 Apr, 1979
    Episode 33
    The Ogdens are delighted when the hens lay six eggs. Rita is annoyed that she's left with a load of Derek's Easter novelties. She offers Ken three boxes at 12p each novelty. Ken makes Hilda see that the hens are costing a lot to feed, more than the eggs would cost. Alf ventures into the Rovers. He looks forward to going back to work. Fred buys a wig. Annie and Betty can't believe it, they decide not to mention it as he'll be self-conscious about it. Ken decides to buy the novelties from Renee at 10p each. The residents are amazed at Fred's wig. Albert tells him he looks daft. Fred gets annoyed when everyone laughs at him. Hilda decides the hens aren't laying enough to earn their keep; they'll have to go. Annie criticises Renee's soup selection causing Alf to shout at her in the shop telling her she's nothing without her airs and graces. Annie and Renee are shocked at his out-of-character outburst.moreless
  • Wed 18 Apr, 1979
    Wed 18 Apr, 1979
    Episode 32
    The party continues at No. 11. Fred, Betty and Hilda leave the washing up to go to the party. Audrey flirts with Len and sits on his knee. Rita is not amused. Fred fancies Audrey. She isn't keen on him. Suzie feels a bit used as Pete suggests they use her bedroom. Mavis gets drunk in an attempt to break her personal headache level. Fred offers to drive Audrey home but she finds him boring. Audrey apologises to Gail for being a rotten mother and asks for a second chance. They are reconciled. Fred is upset when Audrey remarks on his bald patch. Renee is disturbed as Alf has angry outbursts over little things.moreless
  • Mon 16 Apr, 1979
    Mon 16 Apr, 1979
    Episode 31
    Gail celebrates her 21st birthday. Elsie returns from holiday and is delighted to hear Gail is engaged. Hilda persuades Fred to let her wash up behind the bar as Annie and Bet are away, just so she can mingle with the party. Alf returns from hospital. Renee treats him like an invalid. Gail's floozy mother, Audrey Potter, arrives and gives her approval of Brian. Gail isn't happy to see her. Brian tells Ivy he's letting her down by not going to the party. Suzie fancies the disc jockey Pete Hockley and lures him away from his turn table. Audrey dresses up and is the centre of attention. The men fall over themselves to please her. Bert persuades Ivy to attend the party. She and Audrey are cold towards each other. Fred has to end the Select party as its closing time so Elsie invites everyone round after Bert has announced the engagement. Audrey leads the congo down the street. Rita is taken aback to see Len eagerly following Audrey.moreless
  • Wed 11 Apr, 1979
    Wed 11 Apr, 1979
    Episode 30
    Gail isn't looking forward to her 21st as she feels she can't celebrate the engagement. Hilda treats the hens like pets. Stan feels they're taking over the house. Suzie feels sorry for Gail who wants approval from her mum. Mavis cooks Boeuf Bourguignon for Derek. Gail is thrilled when Brian suggests they throw an engagement party on her birthday. It doesn't matter what Ivy thinks. Bert is pleased that Brian is standing up to Ivy and offers to pay for the party. Brian buys Gail a ring. She keeps it on a chain round her neck until the party. Mavis is disappointed when Derek leaves early after the meal. He tells her he feels guilty about not giving the cutlery to his mother. She is outraged when he takes it back. Ivy refuses to attend the party; she'd feel like a hypocrite. Suzie tells Gail her mum is coming over for her birthday. Gail thinks it's a terrible idea and she'll ruin everything.moreless
  • Mon 9 Apr, 1979
    Mon 9 Apr, 1979
    Episode 29
    Ivy asks Brian not to tell anyone about the engagement until she's had time to come to terms with it. She wants time to think about breaking them up. Eddie names the hens after the Street's residents. Gail doesn't like the idea of keeping the engagement quiet but goes along to keep the peace. Suzie tells her to get things straight with Ivy. Hilda returns home to find a chicken on her table. She is amazed to see the yard full of hens and tells Eddie to get rid of them. Gail and Brian choose an engagement ring from a catalogue. Rita tells Derek he's a louse to give the cutlery to his mother after Mavis risked her job to help him win the prize. He tells Mavis the cutlery is hers but she doesn't want it as it wasn't offered to her in the first place. Hilda is horrified that one of the hens is named after her. Suzie is angry to hear Ivy putting Gail down and tells her she doesn't think Brian is good enough for Gail. Eddie tells Hilda the hens are going to be slaughtered. She agrees to let them stay so long as they lay eggs and are profitable. Gail writes to her mum telling her about the engagement. Derek makes Mavis accept the cutlery, she promises to cook him a meal to christen it.moreless
  • Wed 4 Apr, 1979
    Wed 4 Apr, 1979
    Episode 28
    Ivy tells Brian that Gail isn't right for him. Eddie makes a coop for the hens. Rita tells Derek she doesn't want the chocolates Mavis ordered. She feels they won't sell. He tells her he'll lose the prize of a weekend for two in Paris. She feels blackmailed and agrees to keep the chocolates. Ivy is annoyed that Brian is missing night school to be with Gail. Bert tells her not to interfere in the relationship. Gail tells Brian she thinks they should finish because of all the trouble they're causing. Brian thinks Ivy will get over it. He suggests they get engaged, she agrees. Stan tells Eddie to get the hens moved, fearing Hilda's reaction. Derek wins the 3rd salesman prize, a canteen of cutlery. Mavis expects him to give it to her for her help but he's giving it to his mother. Brian and Gail tell Ivy they're engaged.moreless
  • Mon 2 Apr, 1979
    Mon 2 Apr, 1979
    Episode 27
    Ivy feels Brian is too young to settle down. Eddie plants to keep chickens on Albert's allotment. He agrees to pay Albert in eggs. Derek calls on the shop and is surprised to find Mavis working there. He tells her he's left office furniture and is now working for Sandicroft's confectionery. He asks her to order some chocolates for the shop. Gail wants Brian to go on holiday with her. Ivy discovers she's C of E and tells her they're Catholics. Len can't get to an important job as Eddie has taken the van. Mavis gets Renee to give Derek an order. He forces her to take a gross of Easter bunnies. Eddie takes possession of 6 hens. He talks Stan into storing them in the backyard in Hilda's absence. The Council refuse to let Albert have chickens on the allotment. Gail feels Ivy doesn't like her. Derek assures Mavis he never sees Beryl. He's in for a chance of the salesman of the month prize. Mavis orders some more chocolates for the Kabin to boost the order. Eddie is stuck with the hens as Albert can't have them.moreless
  • Wed 28 Mar, 1979
    Wed 28 Mar, 1979
    Episode 26
    Ivy shocks the girls by siding with Steve against Vera. Alf comes too out of the coma. Vera discovers Steve is doing a time and motion study on the girls. The girls accuse him of spying on them. When he refuses to rip the study up Ivy calls a stop to the work. Steve is shocked that Mike told Ivy to keep an eye on him. Ivy phones Mike. Mike can't believe that the girls have stopped working on an important order. He orders Steve to get them working again. Steve accuses him of undermining his authority. Mike decides to leave the hospital. The nurses refuse to help him so he struggles with his crutches. Alf can't remember the crash at all. Mike tells Ivy there'll be no more clock watching. She gets the girls back to work. Mike tells Steve he has a lot to learn. Alf tells Renee he will return to the GPO. Ivy realises Gail has wedding bells in mind and doesn't like the idea.moreless
  • Mon 26 Mar, 1979
    Mon 26 Mar, 1979
    Episode 25
    Renee refuses to close the shop as it's the only thing that's keeping her going. Betty looks after the shop for her whilst she goes to the hospital. Len has a whipround for Alf. Steve finds Vera coming into work when someone has already clocked her in. Vera is sure he won't do anything about it. Betty asks Suzie to help out at the shop but she thinks it's beneath her. When nothing else crops up she offers her services but Renee doesn't want her. Gail and Brian have been going out with each other for three months and four days, Gail has never been out with anyone for so long. She drops heavy hints about the future. Vera is furious when Steve gives her a ticking off in her time. He docks her pay. Vera tells him he's not her boss. He refuses to back down. Ivy asks the girls to give Steve a chance. Renee is relieved when Len says Mavis can run the shop for her until Alf is better. Vera is outraged that Ivy let her be victimised and feels she's betraying their friendship. Renee talks to Alf about a holiday in the Dales they had. Alf opens his eye lids. Renee is ecstatic but the doctor doesn't know how well he'll recover.moreless
  • Wed 21 Mar, 1979
    Wed 21 Mar, 1979
    Episode 24
    Len and Eddie board up the Rovers. Deirdre slowly recovers from the trauma of the previous day. She feels she'll always be grateful to Sally for saving Tracy's life. Mike tries to charm the nurses into letting him have a telephone. Alf is still unconscious. Renee sits with him. The nurses encourage her to talk to Alf. Annie fears the brewery will pull the Rovers down. Mike pays to have a private room with a phone. It's Alf and Renee's wedding anniversary. She puts their cards around Alf's bedside. She can't find anything to talk to Alf about so Len helps out. The brewery assures Annie the Rovers future is safe. Mike is happy in his private room. He gives Steve responsibility for the whole set up. Renee feels that Alf won't come out of the coma.moreless
  • Mon 19 Mar, 1979
    Mon 19 Mar, 1979
    Episode 23
    Renee and Ena wait by Alf's bedside. Mike worries about the running of the factory. Alf has a fractured skull and needs a brain scan. Emily remembers about Sally and gives the police her description. Steve takes over the running of the factory from Mike's bedside. Mike worries about Deirdre's whereabouts. The police find Sally and Tracy in a park. They return Tracy to Emily who goes for Sally telling her she deserves to die. Len drives Emily around in the van. They find Deirdre on the canal side. She refuses to believe Tracy is safe and threatens to throw herself into the water. Len dashes back for Tracy whilst Emily talks to Deirdre. When she sees Tracy, Deirdre's trance is broken and they are reunited. Mike is relieved to hear Deirdre and Tracy are safe.moreless
  • Wed 14 Mar, 1979
    Wed 14 Mar, 1979
    Episode 22
    The last pieces of timber are cleared from the Rovers. The CID are called in to look for Tracy. They search No. 3 thinking that Deirdre might have killed Tracy herself. Mike has two broken ribs, slight concussion and a fractured ankle. Len has a head cut and wrenched shoulder. Betty is treated for cuts. The lorry is moved. Len is discharged, Mike has to stay in hospital. Alf, still unconscious is put into a hospital bed. Ena prays at his bedside. Rita feels Len should contact Ray about Tracy and Deirdre but he doesn't agree. Deirdre walks the streets, crying, before standing on a canal bridge, contemplating suicide.moreless
  • Mon 12 Mar, 1979
    Mon 12 Mar, 1979
    Episode 21
    Whilst Deirdre tries to free Tracy, the police are called for. Inside the pub, Alf lies unconscious on the floor and Mike's leg is trapped under the timber. Ken helps Deirdre from the Rovers, she has to crawl over the timber. Emily takes her in. Renee is shocked to see Alf unconscious, he is still breathing. Bet takes care of Mike. Ena and Emily take charge of Deirdre and try to calm her. Alf, Len and Mike are taken to hospital. The driver of the lorry is dead. Deirdre is convinced Tracy is dead. Annie is in shock and has to be cared for by Betty. Bet breaks down at the thought of Tracy under the timber. A piece of glass cuts Betty's arm. A fireman finds Tracy's doll but Tracy herself is not to be found under the timber. Deirdre runs away from the house before anyone can tell her this.moreless
  • Wed 7 Mar, 1979
    Wed 7 Mar, 1979
    Episode 20
    Renee isn't happy with the idea of Alf working with her full time. She doesn't know how to tell him. Gail confesses to springing the trap, Emily is glad. They worry as the news of the mouse keeps customers away. Deirdre is touched as Sally buys Tracy a doll. Deirdre makes escuses to stop Sally taking Tracy out. When Hilda goes on about Dawsons mouse Ena reminds her that she had to have No. 13 fumigated. Alf can't wait to give the GPO up. Renee tells him she doesn't want him working with her; they'd get on each others nerves. She accuses him of marrying her for the shop. Eddie provides a cat to catch the mouse for £3 a night. Emily and Gail don't like the idea of bloodsports and refuse the cat. Eddie baits the trap again. Alf is upset that Renee doesn't want him. The mouse is killed in the trap. Deirdre leaves Tracy outside the Rovers whilst she calls on Annie. They are disturbed by a terrible crashing sound. Deirdre races outside to find a lorry has spilt its load of timber into the front of the Rovers. Hysterically, she claws at the timber where Tracy is under.moreless
  • Mon 5 Mar, 1979
    Mon 5 Mar, 1979
    Episode 19
    Deirdre is too aware of Mike's reputation to just go out with him. Deirdre is surprised to see Sally Norton again. She tells Deirdre she had to give her daughter for adoption. She takes Tracy to the park. Ena sees a mouse at Dawson's. Emily doesn't believe her. Emily tells Deirdre that Sally is a psychiatric patient at the hospital. Alf tells Renee he's got a lot of savings and wants to retire from the GPO to work at the shop all day. Renee's not sure what she thinks about the idea. Deirdre is anxious as Sally is late bringing Tracy home. Hilda sees the mouse, as does Gail. Hilda spreads the news that Dawson's has mice. Eddie offers his services as mouse catcher to Emily and lays a mouse trap in the cafe. Gail gets Brian to spring the trap as she can't stand the idea of the mouse being hurt. Deirdre agrees to Sally taking Tracy out again but tells Emily she doesn't want her to.moreless
  • Wed 28 Feb, 1979
    Wed 28 Feb, 1979
    Episode 18
    Elsie asks Mike to keep her job open for her incase she returns. He refuses, saying he's already advertised it. Bert and Stan make their peace and go to watch football together. Elsie worries about her future, Len tells her it's obvious she doesn't want to go. She doesn't want to let Ron down. Ron loves driving the Rolls. Elsie tells him she's changed her mind and can't come to Torquay. She's not cut out to be a servant. To give her a treat, Ron gives Elsie a spin in the Rolls. The Tilsleys throw a party. Brian is bored as all the guests are his parent's friends. Gail tells him to stop moaning. Hilda is annoyed when Stan goes to the Tilsley's party. As Jack isn't at the party, Vera invites Fred to take her home. He isn't interested. Mike starts the party with Suzie but dumps her for Deirdre. Stan drags Hilda to the party where she and Ivy make the peace. Mike asks Deirdre out, she is surprised. Elsie and Ron are sad that their relationship is over. He offers her marriage but she refuses. He leaves for Torquay.moreless
  • Mon 26 Feb, 1979
    Mon 26 Feb, 1979
    Episode 17
    Suzie goes job hunting. Elsie doesn't know if she can start afresh in Torquay. Stan decides to ignore the fact that Ivy doesn't want his custom and clean her windows. Ivy refuses to let Bert pay for the windows. Stan is outraged as Ivy watched him clean them and didn't stop him. Hilda throws a bucket of dirty water over the windows. Renee tells Ivy the best way to get back at Hilda is to ignore her. Elsie goes for the housekeeper's job and is given it. The Tilsleys decide to have a house warming party. Ron sells his taxi. Elsie tells him she will go to Torquay.moreless
  • Wed 21 Feb, 1979
    Wed 21 Feb, 1979
    Episode 16
    Elsie encourages Steve to ask Suzie out as she's depressed. He doesn't think it would work. Eddie fixes Mrs Fox's roof for her. Her husband tells Len there was nothing wrong with the roof and threatens to keep the ladders and tools unless Len gives him the money back. Len accuses Eddie of conning him and the customers and sacks him. Eddie is upset that Len doesn't believe him. Len believes him when Eddie describes what was wrong with the slates and takes him back. Rita spends £45 on a dress. Len is furious. Ron tells Elsie he's got a job as a chauffeur. He asks her to join him as housekeeper.moreless
  • Mon 19 Feb, 1979
    Mon 19 Feb, 1979
    Episode 15
    Len and Eddie have a roofing job. Suzie tells Stringer she's had enough of his scene, she's tired of late nights and doesn't like the tarty way she's been acting. Vera tries to mend the rift in Brian and Gail's relationship. She is thrilled when they make up. Brian apolgises to Gail. Eddie pulls a few slates loose from the roof next to the one he's working on. The lady of the house agrees to him replacing the slates. He notices another house has loose slates and plans to put them straight as well. Ivy shows off her new cocktail cabinet. Vera and Ida christen the house. Ron is annoyed when Elsie refuses to believe he'll give up the taxis.moreless
  • Wed 14 Feb, 1979
    Wed 14 Feb, 1979
    Episode 14
    Bet agrees to be 'kidnapped' by the students. She advises them that they'd best take her from the Rovers during the lunchtime rush. Eddie gets some lino for Ivy. Ralph asks Rita to sing at the Gatsby for the week. Len thinks it's a good idea as he can have a night out watching her. Bet puts on a good act as the students kidnap her. Ivy hears about Eddie's criminal past and refuses to buy the lino from him, preferring to go to a shop. Ken steps in to help Annie serve behind the bar. Gail joins Suzie at the Gatsby and makes up a foursome with Stringer's mate Frank. Bet returns when the regulars only cough up £4 to release her. Annie tells her she'll be docking her wages. Gail doesn't enjoy being pawed by Frank. He grows tired of her frigidness and rows with her. She walks out of the Gatsby, telling Suzie she's not that cheap. Suzie doesn't like being classed as the same as a tart who Frank picks up.moreless
  • Mon 12 Feb, 1979
    Mon 12 Feb, 1979
    Episode 13
    The Tilsleys settle into No. 5. Ivy demands Bert and Brian keep the house tidy. Brian refuses to get in contact with Gail. Hilda offers Stan's window cleaning services to Ivy but she refuses, thinking she can do a better job. ALBERT (about Annie): "Cut glass on the outside and broken glass inside." Stringer buys Suzie a new dress and asks her to wear it on a date with him. She feels tired of going out with him every night. Suzie tells Gail she should forget about Brian and join her on the tiles. Students sell rag-mags in the Rovers. Rita tells them that if they want someone to kidnap they should choose Bet.moreless
  • Wed 7 Feb, 1979
    Wed 7 Feb, 1979
    Episode 12
    Deirdre puts her furniture into storage and moves in with Emily. Len and Eddie take Florrie Todd's fireplace out. Ron helps Deirdre move out of No. 5. Deirdre tries to make Emily see the move is only temporary. Len is amazed when Eddie secures another fireplace job. Ron considers giving up the taxi as its becoming more and more dangerous. Brian strips the bike down at the garage rather than take Gail to the pictures. She is furious. Annie refuses to serve Brian as he's covered in oil. Ivy rows with her.moreless
  • Mon 5 Feb, 1979
    Mon 5 Feb, 1979
    Episode 11
    Len doesn't like being treated like an invalid. Rita is furious when he goes to work. She arranges with the job centre to send a labourer round to help him. Ivy threatens Deirdre with her solicitor. She breaks down and Emily has to restrain her from hitting Deirdre. Gail gets bored as Brian keeps talking about motorbikes. Alf tells Deirdre there won't be another flat for six months. He tells her the Council would look better on her if she'd sold the house. Emily is delighted when Deirdre asks if she and Tracy can move in with her. She prepares for them at once. Rita gets Len and Eddie together. Eddie agrees to work for Len for £35 a week.moreless
  • Wed 31 Jan, 1979
    Wed 31 Jan, 1979
    Episode 10
    Hilda finds Len collapsed in the factory. Mike brings him round and he's adamant he doesn't want a doctor. Rita accuses Len of being drunk before Mike tells her he had a black out. She calls the doctor. Alf tells Deirdre she's been allocated a Council flat in Appleton Court. The doctor tells Len he fainted and should ease up and drink less. Rita tells Len he has to take a week off work. Elsie agrees with her. Alf shows Deirdre the flat, it is near the top of a high rise block. She refuses to live there. The Tilsleys sell their house. Deirdre tells Ivy she's backing out of the deal. Ivy tells her they've got a verbal agreement and she's not letting her out of it. Stringer and Suzie get physical at No. 11 but Elsie disturbs them. Elsie makes it clear she doesn't like Stringer and he leaves. Suzie calls Elsie a cow and tells her to stop acting like the Sally Army. Elsie slaps her face, telling her if she wants to be a slut she can leave No. 11.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jan, 1979
    Mon 29 Jan, 1979
    Episode 9
    Elsie is shocked to discover Ivy is interested in buying No. 5. Len rushes about trying to do the work of two. Deirdre shows Ivy and Bert around No. 5. Bert doesn't want to move but Ivy likes the modernised house. Gail doesn't like Suzie walking round the house in her underwear whilst Brian is there. He quite likes it. Ivy accuses Bert of being stubborn and awkward. He realises he's going to have to give in. They offer Deirdre £7,000 for the house and she accepts. Len installs a sink in the factory. Vera is put out that Ivy is moving from Inkerman Street. Ivy asks Mike to lend her the deposit on the house for a lower rate of interest than a bank. He agrees to a £500 interest free loan on the condition she talks the girls into a new work rosta. Suzie thinks Gail is chucking herself away on Brian. She introduces Elsie to her new man, fifty-two year old Paul Stringer. He runs a model agency. Alone in the factory, Len collapses.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jan, 1979
    Wed 24 Jan, 1979
    Episode 8
    Suzie tells everyone she's demonstrating perfume. Annie tells Betty she's disappointed with the way she allowed Fred to carry on in her absence. Suzie feels daft dressed as a chef. Her boss tells her she must have faith in the sausage. Hilda considers buying No. 5 but Stan isn't keen. Brian wants Gail to meet his parents but she isn't keen. She tells him he'll have to tell Ivy he's seeing her. Hilda sees Suzie demonstrating in the supermarket and tells Elsie and Gail that she's cooking sausages. Suzie is embarrassed when Elsie and Gail laugh at her in the supermarket. Brian and Gail babysit for Deirdre. Their snogging is interrupted as Tracy wakes up and cries. Ivy calls at No. 5 to talk to Deirdre and finds Brian and Gail together. She is annoyed to find they're going out together. Ivy tells Brian she wants to buy the house.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jan, 1979
    Mon 22 Jan, 1979
    Episode 7
    Suzie is forced to tell Elsie the truth about London, that she had a lousy time and couldn't get any money. Betty offers to lend Fred the money but he is annoyed that she wouldn't in the first place and refuses the loan. Annie returns from Derby and finds Fred's IOU in the till. Suzie gets a job as a demonstrator. Annie is furious to discover Fred has been telling pals that he is the landlord at the Rovers. He shows her he's got the £40 to repay the till but she is furious that he took it in the first place. She tells him not to do it again. Deirdre is asking £7,000 for No. 5. Emily tells her she can always move in with her. Gail is shocked to discover Brian is Ivy's son. Suzie is given the job of cooking German sausage in a supermarket dressed as a chef.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jan, 1979
    Wed 17 Jan, 1979
    Episode 6
    Suzie enjoys lounging around the house whilst Elsie and Gail have to work. Alf agrees to help Deirdre find somewhere to live. Fred asks Betty to lend him £40. She refuses. Gail rows with Suzie over her laziness. Fred manages to get the money and repays Mike. Elsie delights in telling Suzie her Paddington flat mate phoned wanting the £10 rent she owes. Alf pulls strings and gets Deirdre a flat. She's thrilled. Fred is forced to tell Betty he got the £40 from the till. She is horrified and makes him put an IOU in.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jan, 1979
    Mon 15 Jan, 1979
    Episode 5
    Suzie returns, having a lift from a jag driver with tales of the good life in London. Deirdre puts No. 5 on the market. In Annie's absence Fred wants to watch a race at the bookies. Betty refuses to let him. Deirdre is forced to take from Tracy's money box in order to live. Rita is embarrassed to see Deirdre searching for money and offers her help. Deirdre refuses. Fred puts Annie's TV on the bar so he can watch the race. He is embarrassed when a mate who thinks he owns the Rovers comes for a drink. They persuade Fred to take bets over the bar on the race. He phones the betting office but the line is engaged, he pockets the bet money and tells everyone the bets are on. Mike 's horse wins 20-1. Fred realises he has to find £40 to give him.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jan, 1979
    Wed 10 Jan, 1979
    Episode 4
    Hilda is thrilled to see her picture hanging in Annie's living room. Gail starts work at Dawson's Cafe. Ken feels that in court Karen might side with Dave and confess to an affair. Albert agrees not to inform the police. Brian is upset to hear Gail thinks he stood her up. He tells her he was so drunk at the party he forgot about the date. Bet and Annie take the picture out of its frame to fit a better one. On the back is a message written to Stan from Hilda. Annie is horrified and plans her revenge. Brian asks Gail out again, she agrees to see him. Ken stops Karen's lessons. They are both sorry. Bet throws the painting away, Annie tells Hilda she sold it to an art dealer for a huge profit. Hilda is livid. Brian and Gail are pleased they've sorted things out. Suzie phones to say she's returning from London.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jan, 1979
    Mon 8 Jan, 1979
    Episode 3
    Eddie gives Hilda a frame for her painting. Albert finds Dave in the house and orders him out. Dave shoves him away and waits for Ken. Eddie shows the painting off in the Rovers without telling anyone who did it. Annie likes it and buys it for £20. Emily takes Gail on at Dawsons. Brian meets Gail in the Rovers, he is chatty but she tells him to get lost. Ken finds Dave at No. 1 holding Albert prisoner. Dave threatens to kill Ken but Ken somehow manages to knock him unconscious to the floor. Albert keeps him in check with the poker when he comes too. Ken tells him he is not having an affair with Karen and advises him to learn to read and write himself. Albert thinks he's a fool when he lets Dave go. Hilda is thrilled that Eddie got £20 for the picture and they split the money in half. She is delighted that Annie has bought it and kisses Eddie. Dave wants the police informed so he can tell a court about Karen and Ken's affair. Albert tells Ken he's going to report Dave to the police.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jan, 1979
    Wed 3 Jan, 1979
    Episode 2
    Karen wants the lessons to continue and begs Ken not to give up on her. He agrees to continue. Len feels he needs Deirdre at the Yard but Rita feels they can't afford her. She accuses him of being too soft hearted. Hilda takes up painting as a hobby. Rita tells Deirdre there's no job for her at the Yard. Gail feels humiliated that she was stood up. Karen kisses Ken on the cheek in gratitude. Dave forces his way into No. 1.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jan, 1979
    Mon 1 Jan, 1979
    Episode 1
    Rita wants a dishwasher but Len refuses to let her have one. He says they can't afford one. Deirdre tries to sort out her Social Security entitlements. Alf helps her. She finds she can only claim £24.70 a week. She tells Len she'd like to start again at the Yard, part time. Hilda paints the skirting boards and finds by mistake that she can copy abstract art. Rita is amazed that Len is taking Deirdre back on at the Yard when he has no money. Gail waits outside the Roxy for Brian but he doesn't turn up. Dave finds Karen at No.1 and rows with her for continuing to have lessons. Ken realises Dave himself can't read and is frightened that Karen will find out. Rita tells Len that she'll walk out if he employs Deirdre.moreless