Coronation Street - Season 21

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  • Wed 31 Dec, 1980
    Wed 31 Dec, 1980
    Episode 105
    Martin buys Karen an engagement ring with his Christmas money. Elsie worries that Karen won't accept him. Martin tells Karen they should do something positive and gives her the ring. He tells her he wants to be engaged. She likes the ring and says she will marry him. Ken buys a VW. Albert refuses to go in it as it's German. Gail refuses to see New Year in at home so the family go to the Rovers. Karen gives Martin the ring back, telling him they're too young to get engaged. She tells him it would be best if they finished. Gail feels unwell in the Rovers. Martin packs and leaves for Birmingham. Elsie is upset to see him so hurt. He tells her he doesn't like it in the Street anymore. Gail goes into labour, Annie lets the family wait in the living room and calls for an ambulance. Gail and Brian go to hospital, through the Rovers' bar. Elsie sees the New Year in alone and in tears. Brian phones the Rovers and tells Audrey that Gail has had a 7lbs 2oz son. She passes on the news to the delighted regulars, Ivy and Bert.moreless
  • Mon 29 Dec, 1980
    Mon 29 Dec, 1980
    Episode 104
    Ken considers buying a car so he can go to Glasgow more often. Gail has stomach pains. Ivy makes Bert call for an ambulance. Martin apologises to Karen for creating a scene. Gail goes to hospital in an ambulance. Brian rushes to hospital to be with her. Hilda tells Mrs Palin she can't afford her anymore and reluctantly lets her go. Gail's contractions stop and she is discharged. She feels embarrassed that it was a false alarm. Martin asks Karen out for the night but she has made other arrangements with Paul. She assures Martin she loves him but she had arranged to see Paul. Martin is jealous. She tells Martin she doesn't want him running her life for her. Elsie tells Martin it's not as if he was engaged to Karen.moreless
  • Wed 24 Dec, 1980
    Wed 24 Dec, 1980
    Episode 103
    Karen wants to apologise to Martin but he has gone to Birmingham. She decides to give his Jam record to Paul Siddall. Emily realises she has to contact the police but doesn't want to get Arnold in trouble. Hilda dons a new wig and dress for the party. Emily goes to the police and finds herself being interrogated. She has to force them to believe she is not stupid. Karen goes out with Paul. Eddie's binmen friends turn up for the party. Hilda is annoyed when no-one wants her food. Martin returns from Birmingham in order to spend Christmas with Karen. He finds her with Paul and shoves him across a table at the Rovers. Karen tells Martin he doesn't own her. Binman Barney Holt chats Hilda up, she is upset when Stan doesn't see him off. Fred makes a big play for Audrey at the Ogdens', she escapes from his clutches. Barney pesters Audrey so she says Fred is taking her home. Barney and Fred fight, ruining Hilda's party.moreless
  • Mon 22 Dec, 1980
    Mon 22 Dec, 1980
    Episode 102
    Emily returns her wedding presents with covering notes explaining her marriage wasn't legal. Hilda delights in telling Annie she has a daily. Audrey asks Gail if she can stay for Christmas. Gail is glad to have her near. Eddie gives out invites to the Ogdens' party. He gives Fred a special one, telling him he's not invited. Emily tells Annie and Mavis about Arnold. Martin is invited to spend Christmas Day with the Oldfields. Elsie tells him he's got to spend Christmas in Birmingham. Annie helps Emily by putting the regulars straight about Arnold. Audrey arrives at the Tilsleys and tells them she's got a job and things are looking up. They tell her she can stay as long as she wants to. Martin is torn between letting Karen or his Mum down. Karen is upset and tells him if she doesn't see him Christmas she doesn't want to see him again.moreless
  • Wed 17 Dec, 1980
    Wed 17 Dec, 1980
    Episode 101
    Hilda starts to investigate Arnold's whereabouts. Eddie suggests the Ogdens throw a Christmas party. Hilda doesn't like the idea. Mrs Palin starts work at No. 13. Stan is shocked to discover Hilda has hired a cleaner. Bert spends his time doing housework and cooking. Hilda agrees to hold a party when Eddie agrees to pay half. Deirdre urges Emily to come out of her shell as the Street is full of rumours.moreless
  • Mon 15 Dec, 1980
    Mon 15 Dec, 1980
    Episode 100
    Emily refuses to answer the door to anyone but Deirdre. Deirdre tries to comfort her. Emily doesn't know if she's legally married or not. Bert hunts for a job. Ivy tells him there'll be nothing until New Year. Bet tries to get out of Boxing Day lunch with Annie but fails. Emily puts Ernie's ring back on her finger. Flora asks Emily to take Arnold back, she refuses. She tells Flora she's getting on with her life. She gathers Arnold's things together and gets Flora to take them away. Hilda employs Mrs Palin as a cleaner as a Christmas treat for herself, at £1.75 an hour. Hilda spots Emily getting rid of all Arnold's things and wonders what's going on..moreless
  • Wed 10 Dec, 1980
    Wed 10 Dec, 1980
    Episode 99
    Arnold tells Emily Margaret has been dead to him for fifteen years. Margaret left him after three weeks and they never divorced. He was so humiliated he couldn't tell anyone Margaret had left him. He told his family Margaret was dead. He started to believe she was dead himself. Emily tells him she's not his wife but he feels it shouldn't matter to them. She doesn't understand how anyone could be a bigamist and tells him not to touch her. Emily tells Arnold to leave her; he's not her husband. She tells him he lied to her when he married. All she can think of is that he's a bigamist. He breaks down when she gives him back her wedding ring. Arnold packs and leaves. Bert is made redundant from the foundry. The factory is shutting down. The doctor does tests on Stan. Bert goes to the Job Centre but finds that there are no jobs going. He breaks down, telling Ivy he's finished. Stan discovers he's allergic to eggs and not beer, he celebrates. Emily keeps herself occupied, cleaning the house. She tells a shocked Deirdre that Arnold is a bigamist.moreless
  • Mon 8 Dec, 1980
    Mon 8 Dec, 1980
    Episode 98
    Emily is stunned and waits for Arnold to return from Birmingham. She hides herself at No. 3 and asks Flora to call. Flora tells Emily she has always thought that Margaret was alive. Emily doesn't understand why Arnold told her Margaret was dead. Stan finds it hard to cope without beer. Len tries to get out of having Mavis for Christmas. To his horror Rita invites Mavis to Boxing Day tea as well. Flora is horrified that Arnold could be bigamous. Arnold returns from Birmingham. Emily gives him the insurance form and he breaks down.moreless
  • Wed 3 Dec, 1980
    Wed 3 Dec, 1980
    Episode 97
    Derek sends Mavis a card with his new address. She wonders if it's a hint. Mike refuses to back Frankie, he tells him he doesn't think he'll be successful with videos. Frankie is hurt. Doctor Crawford tells Stan he's overweight and he may have an allergy to beer. He tells him not to drink anymore beer until he sees him again. Bert worries that Liveseys may be laying off workers. He fears he'll lose his job. Ivy begins to worry that they won't be able to pay the mortgage. Arnold goes to Birmingham on business to pick up a load of parrots for Christmas. Emily takes over the pet shop. Mavis phones Derek. She hopes they'll get together for Christmas but he's visiting relatives. Stan is devastated that he can't drink anymore. Mike tells Fred Frankie is a dodgy character. Fred asks for his money back but Frankie dodges him. Rita persuades Len to have Mavis with them for Christmas. An insurance man calls at the pet shop telling Emily that Arnold's wife, Mrs Margaret Swain wants to finish her policy.moreless
  • Mon 1 Dec, 1980
    Mon 1 Dec, 1980
    Episode 96
    Stan's scratching upsets his customers. He is covered with spots, Hilda insists he sees a doctor. Frankie Baldwin arrives from London to see Mike, Mike is sure he's after something. Frankie tells Mike he wants him to invest £2000 in a deal. Mike tells him he's got no money. Frankie tells him he's lying. Hilda borrows a home medicine book to look up Stan's itching. She gets engrossed reading about strange illnesses. Mike wants to get rid of Frankie but he decides to stay over. Hilda feels certain she's ill and tells Stan she's going to die. Eddie convinces Stan to see the doctor, saying he could be in line for some compensation. Frankie convinces Fred to invest in his video recording scheme. Fred gives him £70.moreless
  • Wed 26 Nov, 1980
    Wed 26 Nov, 1980
    Episode 95
    Rita dresses up to impress Atkinson. She is pleased when Len shows his jealousy and she agrees to return to the Kabin, leaving him to visit Atkinson on the site. Atkinson tells Len he's planning to get Rita into a motel. Len tells him he's Rita's husband and sees him off; no contract is worth his price. Annie lays on sherry for Eddie and Johnny and withdraws the remarks that started the dispute. Stan's itching drives him frantic. Len accuses Rita of encouraging Atkinson.moreless
  • Mon 24 Nov, 1980
    Mon 24 Nov, 1980
    Episode 94
    Rita is willing to return to the Kabin if she can land Len a big contract to prove she is a good business woman. Arnold starts a petition about the rubbish. Mavis tells Len to stop joking about with Rita and dominate her as she's tired of running the shop on her own. Bet begs Eddie to move the rubbish, telling him she could be sacked. He refuses to budge. Annie returns. Bet takes the blame for the paper but Annie also blames Betty as she was in charge. She makes them both apologise. Stan develops an itch. Atkinson tells Rita about an extension he wants building on his business garage. He gives her the contract. He makes it clear he fancies her and arranges to show her the site. Alf tells Annie the bin situation is getting out of hand and could spread nationally unless one of the involved parties acts with wisdom and intelligence. Annie decides to apologise to the binmen for the sake of the country. Rita tells Len she's got him the contract and she'll return to the Kabin. He is annoyed that Atkinson is showing such an interest in her.moreless
  • Wed 19 Nov, 1980
    Wed 19 Nov, 1980
    Episode 93
    Martin smuggles Len's tool bag out of the Yard so he can do plumbing jobs behind Rita's back to keep the company going. Bet's picture is on the front page of the Gazette along with the bin boycott story. She worries when the article quotes her as criticising Annie. Betty begs Eddie to take the rubbish away as Annie is away but the bin men refuse to touch it still. Ken can't bear to see Albert depressed over no longer having his medal and buys it back for him. Albert is annoyed but accepts it back in remembrance of his dead friends. Len is adamant that marriage is not a partnership, there has to be a boss - the man. Bob Atkinson offers the Yard work and asks Rita out for a drink to discuss the contract. The Brewery sees the paper and demand to see Annie. Nellie Harvey phones Annie and tells her about the article. Annie phones Betty and says she's coming home, blaming the staff for betraying her to the gutter press. Bet panics.moreless
  • Mon 17 Nov, 1980
    Mon 17 Nov, 1980
    Episode 92
    Len thinks working in the Kabin is easy. Rita challenges him to swap jobs, he agrees. Martin finds it hard working for Rita. Mavis doesn't enjoy sharing the shop with Len. Bet phones the Gazette and tells them about the rubbish row. Reporters investigate the bin story. The residents complain to them about the smell. Photographer Tony Watkins takes a fancy to Bet and takes her photograph sitting on the dustbins. Mavis has to run the Kabin as Len spends his time in the Rovers. She threatens to resign if he doesn't pull his weight in future.moreless
  • Wed 12 Nov, 1980
    Wed 12 Nov, 1980
    Episode 91
    Annie tells Fred to take the rubbish to the tip in the Rover. Hilda starts cleaning at No. 9. ALBERT: "If you've bin in a trench with a chap you know him. And he knows you. If you can still be pals after that you will always be pals." Albert puts on his medals and takes the bus to Manchester where he lays a wreath for Monty. The bin men at the tip recognise Fred and refuse to let him dump the rubbish. Eddie longs to heal the breach but Annie refuses to budge. Annie goes to visit Joan, unable to cope with the smell any longer. Len is annoyed that Rita is paying Hilda out of the Kabin's takings. He tells her that she should try running the Yard if she's so clever.moreless
  • Mon 10 Nov, 1980
    Mon 10 Nov, 1980
    Episode 90
    Annie's bins are not emptied. The mess and smell upsets her. Sam Littlewood invites the Faircloughs for Christmas, Rita isn't keen on the idea of having another man to feed. She tells Len she'd like to spend Christmas in a hotel. The smell from the Rovers' bins starts to infiltrate the bar. The accountant tells Rita the Kabin makes 30% more profit than the Yard. Albert hears Monty died of a heart attack before setting out to London. Albert is upset that he missed the parade. Annie gives Stan £3 to move the rubbish on his cart. Eddie and Johnny accuse him of strike breaking and threaten to blacklist his bins. Stan leaves the rubbish. Albert feels he wants he wants to make a tribute to Monty by laying a wreath at the Cenotaph in London. He plans to sell his Military Medal to raise the money. Alf asks Annie to apologise to the bin men as he's frightened the Street will become rat infested. Rita is angry when Len refuses to share the housework, she points out that she is the main breadwinner. The medal dealer offers Albert £21 for his MM, Albert can't believe it's worth so little but sells it to him. He decides to buy a wreath and lay it at the Cenotaph in Manchester. Rita takes Hilda on as a daily for two hours a day for £1.50 an hour. She decides to make Len pay for her.moreless
  • Wed 5 Nov, 1980
    Wed 5 Nov, 1980
    Episode 89
    Annie refuses to let Eddie and Johnny touch her bins. Martin tells Karen he's going back to Birmingham as he's not allowed to see her anymore. He couldn't stand bumping into her all the time. Oldfield catches them together and is surprised that Martin loves Karen so much he is leaving the area. Monty gets Albert a place on the Remembrance coach but he still refuses to go. He feels no one cares about the old soldiers anymore. Gail asks Ron to take Brian back when he refuses she breaks down and tells him they can't cope. Ron takes pity on her and the baby and agrees to take Brian back. Oldfield agrees to let Karen see Martin but threatens him with violence if he gets her drunk again. Brian is pleased that he's back in employment but feels that Ron will think he's a coward having women acting on his behalf. Eddie tells Annie that no other crew will touch her bins if he and Johnny aren't allowed to. He tells her the Rovers has been blacklisted.moreless
  • Mon 3 Nov, 1980
    Mon 3 Nov, 1980
    Episode 88
    Martin assures Karen everything will be alright. Brian wants to take Ivy's £200 but Gail wants to wait until they're desperate. Elsie buys a new sideboard. Len tells Elsie that the police found Martin and Karen in the Yard. She can't believe his stupidity. Johnny and Maureen are reconcilled. Annie is furious when Eddie and Johnny discuss the contents of her bins over the bar, especially the soup tins she throws out. She tells them her bins are her own affair. Oldfield warns Elsie that he'll take Martin to court if he speaks to Karen again. Brian feels they should forget Christmas but Gail wants to carry on as usual. Elsie tells Oldfield Karen is scared of him. She asks him to guide the kids, not drive them apart. Oldfield refuses as he thinks Martin is a bad influence. Eddie returns a can of hair colouring to Annie from his bin round as it's still half full. Annie is furious. Bert agrees to Brian having the £200. Gail refuses the money as it's charity. Annie phones the cleansing department and tells the manager she wants new bin men. Gail tells Brian their baby is not going to be born on the dole; she's going to beg Ron to take him back.moreless
  • Wed 29 Oct, 1980
    Wed 29 Oct, 1980
    Episode 87
    Gail can't stop crying as she fears Brian won't be able to get another job. She blames Audrey and tells her to leave the house. She calls Audrey selfish and says she's ruined their lives. Annie finds her sideboard has been scratched. Len repairs Emily's door. Annie assumes Hilda made the scratch but Bet tells her it was Fred. Brian searches for work but no one will employ him without a reference. Emily allows Arnold to believe Len weakened and repaired the door without being asked. Ivy tells Ron he sacked Brian illegally and threatens him with a tribunal. Ron tells her to get lost. Fred tells Annie the door was an accident, she tells him to pay for a French polisher to mend the scratch. Audrey finds a flat and leaves the Tilsleys. Gail apologises to her for shouting at her. Arnold makes a big deal about paying Len not knowing Emily has already paid him. He is furious when Len tears his cheque up. He is furious that Emily went behind his back. Ivy offers the Tilsleys her £200 savings if they need it. PC Maskall catches Martin and Karen at the Yard at night. Len is called for and clears the matter up but Karen gives her name as Smith.moreless
  • Mon 27 Oct, 1980
    Mon 27 Oct, 1980
    Episode 86
    Tony Newall makes Ron Sykes knock £50 off his bill as Brian used the car. Ron is furious as Tony involved the police, thinking the car had been stolen. He sacks Brian on the spot. Gail breaks down when Brian tells her he's been fired. The Swains' door sticks more and more but Arnold still refuses to pay the bill so Len still refuses to mend it. Annie returns from visiting Joan. Fred tries to draw her attention from the sideboard. Emily arranges for Len to repair the door, saying she'll pay him as she can't stand it going on any longer. Martin's ear goes septic so he takes the ring out. Ivy can't believe Brian has lost his job and blames Audrey. She plans to see Ron about getting his job back.moreless
  • Wed 22 Oct, 1980
    Wed 22 Oct, 1980
    Episode 85
    Gail tries to let everyone think the cafe doesn't tire her out. Fred celebrates his birthday. He is annoyed that Annie has gone away without acknowledging the event. Albert helps Monty train for walking in Whitehall. Gail refuses to rest or stop work for another month as they need the money. She breaks down and Brian realises she can't cope. He tells her she must stop work immediately and she agrees. Audrey offers to take them for a meal. She persuades Brian to use a customers' car to take them out for the night. Betty gives in to Fred's whining and agrees to let him hold a party at the Rovers. No one wants to go to Fred's party but Mike, Bert, Ken and Alf feel sorry for him and attend. Alf and Mike have a contest to see if Alf can eat cheese quicker than Mike drink a pint with a spoon. Mike wins. Monty asks Albert to go to London with the regiment. Albert refuses, saying he's too old. Alf and Fred have a contest, this time with Alf drinking the pint. Fred beats him by cutting the cheese into bits first. Fred discovers his 'mates' set him up and a tumble ensues. Fred, Alf and Bert fall over, scratching Annie's sideboard. Tony Newall spots Brian, Gail and Audrey out in his car.moreless
  • Mon 20 Oct, 1980
    Mon 20 Oct, 1980
    Episode 84
    Audrey arrives at Gail's with her suitcase. Les has thrown her out and she has no where to stay. She has given up her job. Gail lets her stay on the sofa. Deirdre panics when Tracy disappears. Ken and Alf search for her. Alf finds her locked in the toilet. Tracy doesn't like it in the toilet and starts to cry. Albert's old pal from the Somme, Monty Shawcross, visits him. Deirdre reads to Tracy through the key hole. Alf gets a ladder up to the toilet window but is too high up for Tracy to pass the key to him. Albert is jealous as Monty is marching with their old regiment to the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. Jim decides he doesn't want a pregnant waitress and tells Gail it's time she left the cafe. Tracy lets herself out of the toilet after Alf has spent an hour trying to climb through the window.moreless
  • Wed 15 Oct, 1980
    Wed 15 Oct, 1980
    Episode 83
    Eddie tries to convince Maureen that Hilda is happily married but she is certain Hilda and Johnny are living in sin. Martin and Karen have their ears pierced. Elsie and Oldfield think they're stupid. Karen tells her Dad she's with a girlfriend but really she sees Martin at the Yard. Maureen confronts Hilda and accuses her of being Johnny's mistress, Hilda is indignant and convinces her she isn't by introducing her to Stan. Hilda throws Johnny out of the house. Len offers to knock £5 off the door bill as a goodwill gesture but Arnold sees it as an admission of guilt. Len tells him if the bill isn't paid in full in two weeks he'll take the door off its hinges. Audrey phones up Gail and asks if she can stay.moreless
  • Mon 13 Oct, 1980
    Mon 13 Oct, 1980
    Episode 82
    Martin persuades Len to give him a key for the office. Len refuses to repair the Swains' door until he's paid for putting it in. Johnny plans to move in with his girlfriend Sandra. Hilda returns from Chesterfield. She is annoyed to discover Stan has taken Johnny in but is impressed at his £25 a week rent. Johnny is now sharing Eddie's room. Vera tells Maureen that Johnny is living at No. 13. Karen has her ears pierced. Martin goes with her and has his done. Len offers to repair the door for Emily so long as Arnold will pay his £80 bill. Maureen Webb arrives at No. 13 to have it out with Hilda.moreless
  • Wed 8 Oct, 1980
    Wed 8 Oct, 1980
    Episode 81
    Martin and Karen continue to see each other in secret. Len puts a new glass front door on at No. 3. Emily finds the new door sticks, she pushes on the glass panel, her hand goes through and she is cut. Arnold takes her to hospital. Angry Arnold confronts Len in the Rovers, telling him Emily has had six stitches in her hand and the door doesn't fit properly. Arnold tells Len he may sue him, calling him incompetent. Martin uses his key to the Yard and entertains Karen there at night. He swears to Karen that he loves her. Arnold decides not to sue Len but swears not to pay him for the door. Vera decides to make mischief for Hilda by telling Maureen Webb that Johnny is staying with his fancy woman - Hilda.moreless
  • Mon 6 Oct, 1980
    Mon 6 Oct, 1980
    Episode 80
    Emily is alarmed to discover Arnold has been telling people they're buying a bungalow in Derbyshire. She feels she doesn't want to live in the country but he tells her she will. Johnny Webb needs somewhere to live for a couple of days, Eddie suggests he asks Stan. Stan agrees when he offers money but specifies that Johnny must leave before Hilda returns. Johnny pays £25 and Stan has to sleep on the sofa. Arnold asks Len to fit a new front door at No. 3. He wants the house looking perfect for selling. Arnold shows Emily brochures of cottages in Bakewell. She doesn't want to leave the Street. Martin and Karen plan to continue seeing each other in secret at No. 11. Elsie refuses to let Martin get into trouble and tells Karen she can't visit No. 11. Martin accuses Elsie of being rotten.moreless
  • Wed 1 Oct, 1980
    Wed 1 Oct, 1980
    Episode 79
    Oldfield tells Alf he'll have him prosecuted if he hears he's sold drink to minors again. Betty organises a party at Bet's flat to drive away all presence of the intruders. Martin asks Karen out, she tells him she can't see him. Mike gives Bet some denim outfits. Ken gives her £56 from the regulars, she is touched. Martin gets Karen to meet him behind her father's back. Oldfield arrives instead and accuses him of pestering Karen. He tells Martin he's a police sergeant and warns him to stay away from his daughter.moreless
  • Mon 29 Sep, 1980
    Mon 29 Sep, 1980
    Episode 78
    Elsie rows with Martin for getting Karen drunk. The Swains return from Shanklin, Isle of Wight. Arnold carries Emily over the threshold. Bet is distraught that her only picture of Martin has been taken. Arnold tells Emily he'd like to sell No. 3 and buy a country cottage. Annie gives Bet some of her clothes, Rita gives her makeup. Karen has her first hangover. Her father tells her not to see Martin again. Bet is horrified when Annie gives her her old gowns. Elsie rows with Deirdre for selling Martin cider as he's underage. Deirdre tells her he told her it was for Elsie. Ken organises a whip round at the Rovers for Bet. Bet wears Annie's dress back to front, the plunging back is turned into V-neckline to her waist. Martin vows not to let Oldfield stop him seeing Karen.moreless
  • Wed 24 Sep, 1980
    Wed 24 Sep, 1980
    Episode 77
    Ivy hears that her sister Noreen in Canada has become a grandmother. She is put out that she wasn't first. Marshalls phone Bet and tell her they have her bag. Bet goes to the store to collect it but Eddie fears it may be a put-up job to get her out of the way whilst someone raids the flat. He and Len rush to the flat and find it ransacked. Bet returns to find everything has been taken, she breaks down. Bert and Brian plot to get Ivy and Gail together. Bet isn't insured. She refuses to stay in the flat until the lock's changed, Betty takes her in. Martin gets Elsie out of the way so he can entertain Karen. MAVIS: "Me mother said I was to save meself. And I saved meself till the danger was completely passed." Martin just wants to neck with Karen but she wants intellectual conversation. He plies her with gin. Bert and Brian get Ivy and Gail together for a drink and they make the peace. Gin makes Karen sick. Elsie returns to find Karen in a drunken heap.moreless
  • Mon 22 Sep, 1980
    Mon 22 Sep, 1980
    Episode 76
    Mavis returns from London. Bet and Rita go to the sales. Bet loses her handbag and is locked out of her flat. Brian tries to make the peace between Ivy and Gail but Gail refuses to see Ivy. Len manages to break the lock to Bet's flat so she can get in. Elsie gets to know Karen. Karen is amazed she is so youthful. Rita is furious when Len spends more time than is necessary with Bet.moreless
  • Wed 17 Sep, 1980
    Wed 17 Sep, 1980
    Episode 75
    Alf tells Deirdre he can't babysit as he's got Council business. Gail lays on a beef dinner to impress Ivy. Deirdre starts work at the Corner Shop. Audrey and Les plan to visit Gail and Brian so Ivy tells them that they're out for the day as she doesn't want the lunch spoilt. Deirdre takes Tracy on her date with Alan. He is disappointed. Albert is furious to discover his newspaper crossword has been completed before being delivered. He realised someone took it from his letter box. Deirdre refuses to let Alan get too close to her. He tells her he'll see her again when he's next in town. Ivy and Bert enjoy their lunch at Brian and Gail's. Audrey and Les Boden call round on the off-chance. Audrey is annoyed that Ivy lied to her. Gail is furious that Ivy told Audrey to keep away. Audrey and Ivy start rowing which upsets Gail. Gail tells Brian that Ivy is no longer welcome in her house.moreless
  • Mon 15 Sep, 1980
    Mon 15 Sep, 1980
    Episode 74
    Audrey visits Gail and is envious of her nest building. Ivy misses seeing Brian all the time. She is annoyed to discover Audrey has seen them since she has. Deirdre and Tracy settle into the flat. Deirdre hates the smallness of it but is content. Mike's London manager Alan Skidmore pays him a visit. He sees Deirdre and falls for her. She lets him help her move into the flat. With Hilda away, Eddie refuses to give his rent money to Stan. Alan asks Deirdre for a date but she makes excuses about not having a baby sitter. Brian invites his parents to Sunday dinner. Deirdre talks Alf into babysitting so she can go out with Alan. Alf worries that this might be a taste of the future.moreless
  • Wed 10 Sep, 1980
    Wed 10 Sep, 1980
    Episode 73
    Vera tries to get everyone in the Street to ignore Hilda. She is put out when Bet tells her she's pathetic. Arnold and Emily go to the registry office. George and Deirdre act as witnesses. Annie and Betty watch. Karen falls for Martin and shares her barm cake with him. Arnold and Emily are married. Martin arranges to go to a dance with Karen after they establish they are both unattached. Hilda tells Stan she can't stand being stubbed and goes to stay with Trevor. The Swains hold a small reception at No. 3. Emily is touched when Leonard Swindley sends a telegram of congratulation.moreless
  • Mon 8 Sep, 1980
    Mon 8 Sep, 1980
    Episode 72
    Martin swears he never touched the coupon. Hilda refuses to stand by and let Martin be blamed, but she can't find the courage to tell the girls she is to blame. She confesses to Mike and he agrees to tell the girls. Mike gets the girls to drop their ideas of a lynching mob before telling them it was Hilda. When Ivy and Vera threaten her Mike tells them he'll sack them if they touch her; Hilda only meant it as a joke. Annie throws a hen party for Emily. Rita toasts Emily. Arnold has his stag night in the Rovers. His best man George Turner gets him drunk. The factory girls send Hilda to Coventry and refuse to work with her. Mike is forced to sack her. Arnold falls into a drunken sleep in the Rovers.moreless
  • Wed 3 Sep, 1980
    Wed 3 Sep, 1980
    Episode 71
    Vera celebrates her birthday with the knowledge she's won £12,000. Mike is furious that production has stopped because of the girls' excitement. The pools company rejects the girls' claim as their coupon did not include a winning line. The girls accuse Vera of copying down the wrong numbers. She makes them see not even she could copy down all the wrong numbers. Alf attends the inquest on Renee. The verdict is accidental death. Deirdre tells Alf she'd like the job as his assistant. He gives it to her and agrees to her having the flat as well. Vera and Ivy accuse Martin of fixing the coupon. Elsie defends him. Hilda overhears and feels awful.moreless
  • Mon 1 Sep, 1980
    Mon 1 Sep, 1980
    Episode 70
    Emily and Deirdre close the agency. Hilda has copied eight score draws onto the factory coupon to let Vera think she's won a bit of money. Stan tells her there were only ten score draws that week and Vera would have won thousands. Suddenly the joke doesn't seem so funny. Hilda tries to get to the coupon but is too late as Vera has checked it. Ivy, Ida, Vera, Karen and the other girls celebrate, thinking they've won a fortune. Mike fears they'll pack up working in the middle of his orders. Vera buys drinks all round at the Rovers. Ivy sends a telegram to the pools company. Hilda and Stan agree to keep quiet about fixing the coupon. Emily buys bridesmaids dresses for Deirdre and Tracy. Alf tells Deirdre he's hanging on to the shop flat as he wants a resident assistant. Hilda is forced to accept champagne from the factory girls. Vera buys a £60 fur coat, spending the mortgage money.moreless
  • Wed 27 Aug, 1980
    Wed 27 Aug, 1980
    Episode 69
    Mavis tells Emily she can't be a bridesmaid as she's going to be in London. Hilda is adamant she paid Vera her pools money. Vera is adamant she didn't. Deirdre asks Alf if she and Tracy can have the shop flat. He is taken aback. He worries what people will say if he takes a woman in so soon after Renee's death. Emily braces herself and tells Deirdre she'll have to move out. Deirdre tells her it's alright; she's arranged to take on the shop flat. Hilda copies the winning pools numbers onto the factory girls' copy.moreless
  • Mon 25 Aug, 1980
    Mon 25 Aug, 1980
    Episode 68
    Mavis decides she doesn't want to be another bridesmaid and decides to be away on holiday during the wedding. Deirdre and Emily agree to finish the secretarial agency after Emily's wedding. Karen Oldfield applies for a job as machinist at Baldwins'. Mike makes her wait two hours before seeing her. Hilda asks Annie for next months' wages in advance but Annie refuses. Mike tells Karen there are no jobs going. She tells him she'd be a good worker and he'd be a fool not to take her on. She impresses him and he takes her on as a trainee. Deirdre starts looking for somewhere else to live. Emily assures her she will never throw her out. Martin repairs the water boiler at the factory and takes a fancy to Karen. Vera refuses to accept Hilda's money for the pools syndicate as she missed paying a week. She tells her she's out of the syndicate. Hilda is annoyed when Stan only gives her £15 housekeeping. She tells him she's tired of making ends meet. Arnold tells Emily there is no way the Langtons can stay in the house after the wedding.moreless
  • Wed 20 Aug, 1980
    Wed 20 Aug, 1980
    Episode 67
    Ivy works on her machine at work to make curtains for Gail in her spare time. Eddie is given a table on his rounds. Arlene realises Fred fancies her and plays him along. Eddie sells the table to Gail and Brian for £5. He feels guilty as they're broke so gives them £2 back. Ivy is forced to tell Mike his machine work is not up to standard. He tells her he's been waiting for her to spot that, he just wants to keep the girls on their toes. He withdraws from the machine room and gives the girls overtime. Brian carries Gail over the threshold. Fred gets Arlene to work late 'tidying up'. The girls finish the big order. Ivy tells Gail the first sensible thing Brian ever did was marry her. Fred is shocked to meet Arlene's big husband, Arthur. He is warned off. Arlene tells Fred the pub is grotty and she won't be returning.moreless
  • Mon 18 Aug, 1980
    Mon 18 Aug, 1980
    Episode 66
    Gail and Brian move into 5 Buxton Close. They haven't a bed and don't know if they can take the one at Ivy's. With Annie and Betty away, Fred is instructed to take on a relief barmaid. The brewery sent Arlene Jones. Fred fancies her. Bet kids her that Fred has something mentally wrong with him. When machinists fall ill, Mike mans a machine himself to get an important order out. The girls are amazed. The Faircloughs return from a motoring holiday to the news of Renee's death. The Tilsleys have a new sofa delivered. Gail is glad to be away from Ivy. Fred feels certain Arlene fancies him. Bert and Ivy give the bed to Brian and Gail as a housewarming present. Ivy starts to cry at the thought of Brian leaving home.moreless
  • Wed 13 Aug, 1980
    Wed 13 Aug, 1980
    Episode 65
    Brian accuses Gail of emotional blackmail. He refuses to be pressured. Emily decides she would really like a church wedding. Deirdre tells her to stick up for herself. The NSPCC inspector tells Betty she should be proud of what she did. Gail worries when the Buxton Close manager needs an answer by the end of the day. She can't get hold of Brian. Alf finds it hard coping with the shop on his own. Arnold tosses a coin to see where they should marry. Gail is furious to find Brian has been drinking in the Rovers. Alf tells the Bannister's he's no longer selling the shop. Emily and Arnold agree on a Registry Office. Deirdre steps down to allow Mavis to be bridesmaid with Tracy. Brian signs for the house to Gail's delight.moreless
  • Mon 11 Aug, 1980
    Mon 11 Aug, 1980
    Episode 64
    Bert is tired of working nights. Annie tries to keep her birthday a secret. Deirdre agrees to be Emily's Matron of Honour, with Tracy as a bridesmaid. Ivy goes with Brian and Gail to view the new house. Mrs Fletcher calls on Betty and tells her Sudworth has left her. She accuses Betty of ruining her life. Annie assures her she did the right thing. Emily is surprised that Arnold wants to marry in the Registry Office. She agrees but is upset that he is not a religious person. The Tilsleys look at 5 Buxton Close. Gail thinks it's perfect. Mavis is put out that Emily hasn't asked her to be her bridesmaid. Annie is furious when Hilda sings 'Happy Birthday' to her in the middle of the pub. Ivy is against the new house because it is two bus rides away. Gail tells Brian she wants the house and if she doesn't get it she'll leave and live with Audrey.moreless
  • Wed 6 Aug, 1980
    Wed 6 Aug, 1980
    Episode 63
    Stan refuses to go to the funeral so Eddie has to. Annie, Elsie, Ivy, Betty, Ken, Mike, Hilda and Eddie attend, along with Alf and Renee's family. Renee is cremated. The Fletchers' 'uncle' Sudworth turns on Betty, realising she reported him. He calls her interfering and threatens her. Mike and Eddie walk in and scare Sudworth off. Ivy takes care of the catering at the funeral tea. The police tell Alf his blood test is negative. Alf gives Daisy a photograph of Renee and him. She tears him off the picture and accuses him of murdering her baby.moreless
  • Mon 4 Aug, 1980
    Mon 4 Aug, 1980
    Episode 62
    Alf blames himself for letting Renee drive. He is upset as he can't remember what she looked like when she smiled. Hilda buys a new hat for Renee's funeral and tells Stan and Eddie one of them will have to accompany her. Betty controls her grief by looking after the shop for Alf. Daisy Hibbert arrives and puts a strain on Alf by demanding all the grief for herself. Inspector Vaughn - an NSPCC official - visits Betty, she tells him about the Fletchers' neglect and her fears for the children. She is assured her name will be kept out of the investigation. Daisy discovers Alf was breathalysed and had a blood test. She believes he killed Renee.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jul, 1980
    Wed 30 Jul, 1980
    Episode 61
    Police and ambulance man arrive at the crash. Renee is rushed to hospital. Alf goes with her. Alf is breathalysed. The crystals turn green. Renee undergoes emergency surgery but she dies in the theatre. Her spleen and her liver were both ruptured. The news of Renee's death shocks the residents. Alf doesn't know what to do about anything. The police make him go over the accident for their report. The NSPCC make an appointment to see Betty. The Willow Crescent Estate salesman calls on the Tilsleys and tells them he has a cheaper house to offer them for £13,000 with repayments at under £100 a month. Brian doesn't want to know but Gail is keen. The house is vacant but only has the one bedroom. Alf begins to break down. Ken tries to comfort him.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jul, 1980
    Mon 28 Jul, 1980
    Episode 60
    Alf refuses to take Renee out in the car again. Betty worries that if she alerts the authorities over the Fletchers their 'uncle' will take it out on them. Gail isn't keen on Peterloo Place. The Post Master tells Alf he can have the sub post office. The Roberts celebrate. They go to a country pub. As he's been drinking, Alf lets Renee drive home. Betty phones the NSPCC about the Fletchers. Bert and Ivy look at Peterloo Place and think the house is a bargain. Gail tells Brian to make an offer on the house. The Roberts get lost in the country, Renee stalls the car at some road works in a narrow lane. Alf gets out to take over. A lorry comes down the lane and hits Renee and the car head on.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jul, 1980
    Wed 23 Jul, 1980
    Episode 59
    Brian goes to the Building Society and cancels the mortgage. They get the deposit back but not the plot fee or the survey so they are £80 down. Eddie moves into No. 13. Hilda enjoys being a landlady. Brian gives the £300 back to Bert and Ivy. Gail can't face living with Ivy when the baby is born. Betty takes the Fletchers in and feeds them. Alf gives Renee a driving lesson. She scares him with her dangerous driving. Brian and Gail try to see possibilities in 15 Peterloo Place, valued at £7,250.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jul, 1980
    Mon 21 Jul, 1980
    Episode 58
    Alf tells Renee he doesn't like her driving with another man but she refuses to stop them. Bert works out for Brian how much his weekly outgoings will be. Stan and Hilda decide to invite Eddie to move in, they feel they're the nearest to family he's got. Betty worries about the Fletchers. Ken advises her to report their mother to the NSPCC. Brian discovers they'll have £17 a week left to live on. Gail is sure they'll cope. When Renee spends all morning driving, Alf storms out of the shop and drinks in the Rovers. He worries about money; he wanted £16,000 for the shop and is having to find £28,000 for the new shop. Hilda offers Eddie her front bedroom for £20 a week. He agrees. She makes sure he pays the rent to her and not Stan. Renee tells Alf he's pathetic being jealous of Lorimer. He forces her to make a decision over accepting the Bannister's offer. She does and they are reconciled. Brian and Gail decide not to buy the house. The Fletcher's 'uncle' - Reg Sudworth - tells Betty to keep her nose out of the family's affairs.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jul, 1980
    Wed 16 Jul, 1980
    Episode 57
    The Gibbons throw Eddie out of his room and he looks for fresh digs. Hilda refuses to take him in until he has a job. Elsie refuses to buy any more drinks for Hilda. Ken gives Eddie a reference as he goes job hunting. Ivy is annoyed to discover Gail has been looking into child minders. Eddie gets a job, Hilda agrees to him becoming their lodger before discovering he's a bin man. She tells him she's not having rubbish in the house. Elsie buys Hilda a notice board so she can note down when she's out of things and won't keep borrowing off her. When Hilda refers to the fact that she saved her again Elsie explodes and tells her that next time her house is on fire to walk past. The Bannisters tell the Roberts they want to buy the shop but only offer £15,000. Hilda discovers Eddie could be earning up to £80 a week on the bins. Betty is concerned for Wayne and Sharon Fletcher, two latch key children. When Wayne falls whilst his mother is drinking, Betty takes them in.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jul, 1980
    Mon 14 Jul, 1980
    Episode 56
    Elsie can't settle at Emily's. She has a chesty cough from the smoke. She refuses to stop smoking. Hilda makes a nuisance of herself by checking up on Elsie all the time, pushing home the point that she saved her. Eddie turns himself into a decorating business but no one wants his services. Alf is annoyed when Renee dresses up for her driving lessons. Elsie has difficulty referring to Hilda as her friend and feels obliged to buy her drinks.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jul, 1980
    Wed 9 Jul, 1980
    Episode 55
    Hilda calls round to Elsie to borrow a cup of sugar. She finds the sofa ablaze and tries to drag Elsie clear, she has to call for Stan to help. Ken and Deirdre talk to each other at the party for the first time since they split. He tries to be close to her but she isn't interested. Stan and Hilda drag Elsie out of the smoke filled house. Hilda breaks up Arnold and Emily's party for help. The fire brigade arrive but Ken and Stan have already put the fire out. Elsie is full of smoke but refuses to go to hospital. The doctor advises her to give up smoking. Emily takes her in. Elsie has convulsions when she hears she owes her life to Hilda. Renee shows the Bannisters around the house. Hilda is proclaimed a heroine. She makes the most of the situation and over-dramatises the events.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jul, 1980
    Mon 7 Jul, 1980
    Episode 54
    Deirdre is delighted that Emily and Arnold are engaged. Arnold buys Emily an engagement ring and drinks all round. Deirdre persuades Emily to throw a party. Renee starts driving lessons with Mr Lorimer. Alf is jealous. The Roberts put the shop up for sale. Mavis is shattered by the news of Emily's engagement. She gets depressed at the party. With Martin out at a disco, Elsie falls asleep on the sofa with her cigarette still alight.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jun, 1980
    Wed 30 Jun, 1980
    Episode 53
    The vendors tell the Roberts the post office is theirs if they want it. Renee can't believe it. Eddie forms his own company, and tries to sell shares in it for £10 a time. Mike chauffeurs Hilda around. She has her hair done for their night out at the Ristorante Roma. Mavis feels she's on her way to becoming an old maid and is upset. No one is interested in Eddie's company. Emily drags Mavis along when Arnold takes her out. Mavis feels sick in his car. Mike offers Hilda the £40 the meal will cost as he doesn't want to spend the evening with her. She tells him she's not stupid, but she wants the meal. She wants to spend an evening in style. He agrees. Renee decides to learn to drive. Mike enjoys Hilda's company at the meal and the obvious pleasure she has during the evening. Emily tells Arnold she's become more fond of him. He proposes again and she accepts.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jun, 1980
    Mon 25 Jun, 1980
    Episode 52
    Ken refuses to tell who the mystery man is although everyone thinks it's him. Renee is desperate to move and wants to view premises. Annie remembers Jack as it's 10 years to the day he died. Deirdre tells Emily she'd be silly to let Arnold go. Emily tells her she is not marrying Arnold and is annoyed he has asked Deirdre to be on his side. Mavis is horrified that Emily has turned down Arnold's proposal. She thinks it's a miracle that someone has proposed to her. Emily agrees to be Arnold's friend so long as he realises she won't marry him. The Roberts find a sub post office in Grange but someone else is interested. The vendors say they'll let them know if the others drop out. The women gather at the Rovers for the raffle draw. Mike is revealed to be the mystery man. Annie performs the draw, Hilda has the winning ticket. Mike isn't pleased.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jun, 1980
    Wed 23 Jun, 1980
    Episode 51
    Arnold tells Emily he realises he tried to rush her. He tells her he'll keep trying. She is embarrassed and asks him to forget it. She tells him she's made up her mind and will never want to marry him although she is flattered. Arnold tells Deirdre that Emily won't marry him. She tells him she'll try and win Emily round for him. Martin tells Eddie that Len is planning to sack him. Arnold sends Emily roses. Len tells Eddie there isn't enough work for three. Eddie is upset that he's been cast aside. Renee wins Alf round to the idea of moving by saying they could take a sub post office. Mavis moves back to her flat and is put out when Len makes her pay for the repairs. Betty tells Emily about her proposal from Frank and advises her to follow her heart.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jun, 1980
    Mon 21 Jun, 1980
    Episode 50
    The Roberts return from a week's holiday in Grange. Renee is fed up to be back. Emily doesn't know whether or not to accept Arnold's proposal. Eddie bosses Martin around at the Yard and makes him call him 'Mr Yeats'. He tells Martin he only got his job because Len fancies his gran. Eddie is annoyed when Len gives Martin good jobs whilst he has to continue labouring. Ken organises a raffle for the OAP's. It is to win a date with the mystery man. Eddie tries to impress Len but he is only interested in Martin's work. Renee tells Alf she wants to move to the country. Emily tells Arnold she is fond of him but can't marry him.moreless
  • Wed 18 Jun, 1980
    Wed 18 Jun, 1980
    Episode 49
    Elsie is concerned for Martin as he is despondent about getting a job. She tells him he can stay with her if Linda agrees. Martin looks for a job at a builders. Eddie puts him off talking to Len. Elsie urges him to take no notice of Eddie and speak to Len himself. Arnold takes Emily and Tracy to the park. Rita is annoyed that Len is so impatient with Mavis. Martin tells Len he wants to be a plumber. Len takes him on as an apprentice. Len upsets Mavis by shouting at her when she prepares him a pineapple salad for his tea. He tells Rita he's not having the house turning into a health farm. She is angry to discover he's done Elsie a favour by taking Martin on but won't be nice to her best friend. Arnold tells Emily he loves her and wants to marry her.moreless
  • Mon 16 Jun, 1980
    Mon 16 Jun, 1980
    Episode 48
    Mavis stays with the Faircloughs. Len puts Eddie to work repairing the ceiling straight away as he wants rid of Mavis. Mavis is jealous that Emily has got a man. Len catches Martin Cheveski climbing over Elsie's back wall. He grabs hold of his leg, thinking he's a thief. He is shocked to discover he is Elsie's grandson. Mavis' twittering gets to Len. Albert takes advantage of Martin and gets him to whitewash his yard. Martin tells Elsie he's fallen out with Ivan and there's nothing for him in Birmingham. He asks Elsie if he can stay with her.moreless
  • Wed 11 Jun, 1980
    Wed 11 Jun, 1980
    Episode 47
    Brian is angry with Gail for forgetting to take the pill. Emily finds it difficult believing that a man is interested in her. Gail is sad that Brian isn't happy about having a baby. She is stunned when he suggests she has an abortion. Ivy is horrified and reminds him that she lost three babies before he was born. Gail is upset that it was Audrey who first suggested an abortion. Ivy slaps Brian across the face. Eddie fixes the hanging basket up in Mavis' flat. Deirdre makes excuses to be out of the way so Emily can entertain Arnold. Renee pushes Alf to take up tennis to help him lose weight. He isn't keen. Ivy accuses Audrey of putting vile ideas into Brian's head. Gail refuses to talk to Audrey. Audrey accuses Ivy of poisoning Gail against her and breaks down. Mavis loves the chair, although it is a bit high. Eddie sits in it and brings the ceiling down as the joists are rotten. Gail tells the family she's having the baby no matter what else happens. Audrey begs her forgiveness.moreless
  • Mon 9 Jun, 1980
    Mon 9 Jun, 1980
    Episode 46
    Gail suffers from morning sickness. Eddie sells a hanging basket chair to Mavis for £20. Bert tells Brian he feels they won't be able to afford the mortgage. Brian doesn't want to lower his sights. Bert and Ivy urge them to back out of the mortgage as the debt will be crippling. Gail feels that she doesn't want a cheaper house and they'll manage. Brian tells her he thinks his parents are right. Audrey arrives as soon as she hears about the baby. Eddie agrees to fix the chair up for Mavis. Emily takes Arnold to the Rovers. Annie gives him the once over and decides he is suitable. Audrey tells Brian he doesn't have to have the baby if he doesn't want it.moreless
  • Wed 4 Jun, 1980
    Wed 4 Jun, 1980
    Episode 45
    Brian and Gail are pleased that she's pregnant. Ida tells Ivy she shouldn't be shop steward as well as supervisor. Ivy agrees and tells her she can be shop steward. Ida is furious when Ivy tells her her work isn't up to standard. Gail and Brian tell the Tilsleys about the baby, they are delighted. Deirdre phones Arnold's stockbroker and discovers he has all his money well invested. Emily is relieved. Deirdre advises her to make contact with Arnold. Arnold is pleased when Emily calls at the pet shop. He introduces her to his sister Flora. Mike tells Ivy that if she arranges the rota, the girls can have their shopping hour. She promises there won't be a fall in production. Arnold and Emily make a date to go out together. Gail can't get in contact with Audrey to tell her about the baby. Bert worries that Brian and Gail will have to let the house go.moreless
  • Mon 2 Jun, 1980
    Mon 2 Jun, 1980
    Episode 44
    Gail tells Brian she thinks she's pregnant. He doesn't see how she can be as she's on the pill. Mike offers Ivy the supervisor's job on the condition that she mans the machines during sickness and holidays. He offers her an extra £10 a week. Ivy takes it. Arnold gives Emily his stockbrokers name and invites her to the theatre. She turns him down and makes it clear she doesn't want to go out with him in the future. Gail tells Brian she's definitely pregnant.moreless
  • Wed 28 May, 1980
    Wed 28 May, 1980
    Episode 43
    Arnold advises Emily to invest her money in stocks and shares. Ivy works out a shopping rota for the machinists. Deirdre types up a letter for Arnold to his bank manager, asking for his overdraft to be extended. Emily wonders what his financial position is. Hilda gets bored, stuck in bed with Stan. Emily fears Arnold is after her money. Annie pays a sick visit to the Ogden, to Hilda's shame. Mike refuses to let the girls have a shopping hour. He tells Pauline he's not running a charity. Pauline is furious and accuses him of destroying her authority with the workers. She tells him he's humiliated her and she's had enough. She quits and walks out.moreless
  • Mon 26 May, 1980
    Mon 26 May, 1980
    Episode 42
    Hilda and Stan stay in bed as the flu bug hits them. Mike and Pauline flirt together in the factory after their night together. Arnold gives Tracy a hamster. Emily breaks a date with Mavis to go out with Arnold. Bet is touched when Annie shows understanding over Dan's departure. Eddie discovers the Ogdens are ill and looks after them. Ivy wants the girls to have a shopping rota, Pauline agrees the idea without asking Mike. Eddie moves into No. 13 to keep an eye on the Ogdens. Emily cooks Arnold a meal. They are both contented with each other.moreless
  • Wed 21 May, 1980
    Wed 21 May, 1980
    Episode 41
    Bert is furious that Brian has taken the £300 for granted. Keith tells Bet Dan has warned him off her. Pauline is annoyed when Mike is cool towards her. Bert tells Brian the £300 was their holiday money. Brian and Gail are stricken and give the money back. Pauline has to make the first move towards Mike before he asks her out for a meal. Gail and Brian asks Audrey to ask her rich fellah for £300. Audrey confesses Alan has gone back to his wife. Bert tells Gail and Brian they can still have the money; the holiday wouldn't have been enjoyable anymore. The Ogdens go down with flu. Mike entertains Pauline at his hotel. Dan catches Bet talking to Keith and hits him. He tells Bet he doesn't want her talking to other men. She calls him a hypocrite, he packs and leaves, telling her he can always find another tart like her.moreless
  • Wed 14 May, 1980
    Wed 14 May, 1980
    Episode 39
    Vera refuses to speak to Ivy. Ida enjoys mixing things between them. Hilda accuses Annie of victimisation. Annie is annoyed when some of the customers take Stan's side against her. Ken accuses her of being bias against the Ogdens. Mike invites Pauline out for a drink, telling her to break her date. Stan puts the price of his window cleaning up. Some of his customers refuse to pay and tell him not to call again. Ken brings Stan into the Rovers for a drink and tells Annie if she doesn't serve him her regulars will walk out. Annie tells Ken it was merely a misunderstanding and invites Stan back to the pub. Pauline puts off boyfriend Roy to go out with Mike. Bert tries to get the deposits back from the travel agents but it's non-returnable. Vera is livid to lose the £60.moreless
  • Mon 12 May, 1980
    Mon 12 May, 1980
    Episode 38
    Bert guesses that Ivy has given Brian their holiday money. He is furious; they need a holiday. Bet befriends neighbour Keith Sadler. Stan refuses to drink in the Rovers when Annie puts the prices up, he goes to the Legion. Vera looks forward to holidaying in Benidorm. She is furious when the Tilsleys back out as she's a deposit on an apartment for four. Brian pays the deposit on the house. Stan pins the Labour Club's bar price list on the Rovers' wall so everyone can see how more expensive the Rovers is. Annie is furious and bars Stan from the pub. Hilda is furious that Annie has barred Stan for freedom of speech and declares war on her.moreless
  • Wed 7 May, 1980
    Wed 7 May, 1980
    Episode 37
    Deirdre makes Emily excited about her date with Arnold. Rita offers Louise an extra £1 a week to return. When she refuses Rita gives her her cards. Deirdre makes Emily up and she goes for a French meal with Arnold. Bert and Ivy look forward to their holiday in Benidorm with the Duckworths. Brian sells his record player to help with the deposit. Louise's father accuses Rita of sacking his daughter and threatens her with violence. She sees him off but feels sorry for Louise. Ivy gives Brian and Gail the £300 they need to make their deposit up.moreless
  • Mon 5 May, 1980
    Mon 5 May, 1980
    Episode 36
    Deirdre is amused to type a manuscript from a local authoress. Arnold is impressed by Emily's work and gives the Bureau more jobs. He asks Emily out some time. The building society gives the Tilsleys a 95% mortgage. Gail is delighted. Mavis is annoyed that Rita has returned to work as manageress. Rita tells her it'll only be part time. Emily is touched by a poem Arnold has written which she finds in his typing. Brian discovers they'll need £1000 cash to buy the house and they've only got £400. Louise can't face the idea of working under Rita and decides to give her job up. She walks out. Len is annoyed and tells Rita it's her fault and she'll have to do the morning papers. Brian asks Bert to loan him £500 but Bert hasn't got any money. Emily agrees to go out to a pub with Arnold.moreless
  • Wed 30 Apr, 1980
    Wed 30 Apr, 1980
    Episode 35
    Bet enjoys having a love nest with Dan. Rita gets tired of looking after Mavis and gets Albert to sit with her. He makes her feel worse. When Bet is an hour late for work, Annie warns her not to let her love life upset her working life again. Rita decides she's missed working at the Kabin and tells Len she wants to return permanently. She plans to supervise Mavis and Louise. Bet is upset when Dan has to return to London. Gail and Brian put the deposit down on a plot for a £16,000 house. Gail longs to live in it, 16 Willow Crescent. Ivy feels they're taking on more than they can afford but Bert encourages them.moreless
  • Mon 28 Apr, 1980
    Mon 28 Apr, 1980
    Episode 34
    Mavis goes down with flu. She struggles with the shop, feeling Louise is too young to run it alone. Louise makes her go to bed. Ivy and Gail realise No. 5 is too small for two wives. Dan returns, he is put out to find Bet has left the flat. Ivy is annoyed when Gail makes her feel guilty for doing things for Brian. Rita agrees to help out at the Kabin as Mavis is ill. Bet views a bedsitter on Ludlow Avenue, she is depressed that she's still living in grotty flats with shared bathrooms. Hilda and Vera row in the Street over the bingo prize. Hilda calls Vera a liar. Vera tells Hilda she'd compromise and take Stan on the holiday with her. Hilda tells her to stick the holiday. Ivy snaps at Gail when she cooks the wrong thing for tea. Gail tells her she's had enough of living with her. Bert tells Brian there's a new estate being built of small houses. Dan helps Bet move into Ludlow Ave. Annie is angry when Bet says she has a headache, Annie knows she wants to spend the evening with Dan. Brian agrees to look at the new houses for Gail's sake.moreless
  • Wed 23 Apr, 1980
    Wed 23 Apr, 1980
    Episode 33
    Bet assures Betty she won't bring Dan to her house. Arnold Swain gives his pet shop books to Emily to work on. Hilda drags Stan to the bingo. Ivy and Vera go together and pool their money. Bet is disappointed when Dan is caught up in Birmingham. Stan sneaks off and leaves Hilda to mark his card as well as her own. She is upset when she doesn't win the jackpot. Vera wins a game but Hilda thinks it's with Stan's card. She wins a holiday for two in Blackpool. Emily disapproves as Deirdre goes for a drink with Fangio. Vera threatens Hilda for slander when she insists it was Stan's card.moreless
  • Mon 21 Apr, 1980
    Mon 21 Apr, 1980
    Episode 32
    Renee is furious when Dan spends another night with Bet. The Coronation Street Secretarial Bureau opens. Deirdre deals with typing whilst Emily book keeps. Bet is besotted with Dan. Fangio gives Deirdre typing to do, she is attracted to him. Alf and Renee tell Bet that if she doesn't stop letting Dan stay the night she'll have to leave the flat. She is furious but refuses to give Dan up. She packs and leaves the flat. Hilda sees 'money' in Stan's teacup and tells him they're going to bingo, after the £1,000 jackpot. Betty takes Bet in for the night. Bet feels sure Dan will take care of her.moreless
  • Wed 16 Apr, 1980
    Wed 16 Apr, 1980
    Episode 31
    Hilda hurts Stan by telling him the idea of him having another woman is like expecting to find a whale in a tin of sardines. Gail is upset that the dinner party has to be put off. Renee is furious when Bet and Dan leave the flat in the morning through the shop in front of Annie. Hilda tells Eddie he can bring Pat round again if he wants to; she'll throw water over Stan if needed. Bet promises to keep her private life more private but Renee isn't convinced. Hilda and Pat get on well together and have a moan about men, ruining Eddie's planned night of passion. Renee decides to throw Bet out if she lets Dan stay again.moreless
  • Mon 14 Apr, 1980
    Mon 14 Apr, 1980
    Episode 30
    Hilda gets the chance of a free lift to Chesterfield and takes advantage of it. Gail buys a seascape picture, Ivy lets her hang it at No. 5. Bet gets a night off to spend with Dan. Hilda gives Eddie permission to entertain Lorna at No. 13 in her absence but he brings Pat Marshall round instead. She frightens Stan. Eddie is put out when she wants to hang round Stan instead of him. Dan assures Bet there was nothing between him and Elsie. Brian and Gail plan to throw their first dinner party for some friends but Ivy invites the Duckworths round for the same evening. Alf and Renee are upset when Dan spends the night with Bet. Hilda returns at 1am to find Eddie and Pat in her parlour. She throws them out. Stan thinks Hilda is one of Pat's tarty friends and expresses his joy to Eddie but Hilda hears him.moreless
  • Wed 9 Apr, 1980
    Wed 9 Apr, 1980
    Episode 29
    Rita is thrilled to have a warm house. Susan tells Ken that both she and Peter wish he'd marry again. She is angry that Ken doesn't trust her with Duncan and makes him see that she isn't a child anymore. Duncan and Susan leave for Wales. Ivy snoops round Len's alterations at No. 9 and is surprised that it looks so nice. Mavis fears noone will come to her party. When Rita sees the poor turn out she sends Len to the Rovers to pressgang the regulars into attending. Bet is pleased when Dan phones to say he'll be seeing her soon. Mavis is thrilled when the guests arrive. She is touched when Emily presents her with a birthday cake and her friends sing 'Happy Birthday'.moreless
  • Mon 7 Apr, 1980
    Mon 7 Apr, 1980
    Episode 28
    Susan returns with boyfriend Duncan Craig, as they're on a cycling holiday. Ken is delighted to see them but is shocked that they're holidaying together. Rita is annoyed that the radiators are old, she accuses Len of palming her off with rubbish. Renee dresses up as a man for the contest. Rita is pleased when Len finishes the central heating. Tony Hayes complains about Renee being in the quartet but backs down when Ivy threatens a female boycott on the Flying Horse. Fred has to admit that the Flying Horse quartet are better singers. Emily organises a party for Mavis' birthday. Albert tells Ken he can't allow Susan to go on holiday with Duncan as he's nineteen and she's only sixteen.moreless
  • Wed 2 Apr, 1980
    Wed 2 Apr, 1980
    Episode 27
    Ida challenges Ivy for the stop steward job. Albert doesn't like Ena staying at No.1 and urges Ken to get her flat ready. Flying Horse landlord Tony Hayes challenges Fred to a barber shop competition. Fred tries to find a quartet. Ida wants the election to be a secret ballot. Alf, Bert and Eddie agree to join Fred in the quartet. Pauline holds the election. Fred sets up the competition for Monday. The men are horrified. They practice, singing 'Sweet Adelaide'. Ena points out that Fred is out of key and the others drop him. Ida gets 14 votes but Ivy wins with 17. Pauline points out to Mike that the vote split the girls down the middle; Ivy won't be so confident now on. Fred and Alf realise nothing says the quartet must all be men and press gang Renee into joining them. When her flat isn't ready, Ena angrily tells Ken she's going back to St Annes and may not return.moreless
  • Mon 31 Mar, 1980
    Mon 31 Mar, 1980
    Episode 26
    Len paints old radiators to look new to make up the central heating system at No. 9. Pauline does a time keeping assesment. Mike is disturbed to find she reads "Socialist Worker". The Centre frontage is redesigned and the whole building is decorated. Ena returns but can't get in as it's a new door. She is furious to discover the decorators are still in her flat and dumps herself on Albert. Mike is annoyed when Pauline gets on with the girls. Ivy tells Pauline that the girls want a rest room, Pauline checks with the Garment's Worker's Union to see if Ivy is the official shop steward. Fred discovers the Flying Horse has started a barber shop quartet. Pauline discovers Ivy is not official. Mike tells her the girls will have to hold an election.moreless
  • Wed 26 Mar, 1980
    Wed 26 Mar, 1980
    Episode 25
    Len is furious that the porn salesman managed to leave stock at the Kabin. He tells Mavis to burn it all but she points up it's sale or return and they all cost £10. Mike lets Ivy believe she's going to be supervisor. Emily admits to Deirdre that she feels trapped in the house with Tracy. Deirdre realises she's been taking her for granted. Mavis is aghast when the porn salesman offers her a commission for selling his magazines. She throws him and the magazines out. She complains to the salesman's boss. Aspinalls offers Pauline £10 a week more to stay but Mike offers £15. The salesman is sacked as he was moonlighting with 'Teaser', when he threatens Mavis Len throws him out. Pauline agrees to start as supervisor at Baldwins. Deirdre decides to give up the Rainwear job. She and Emily contemplate starting their own secretarial agency. Ivy shocks Mike by telling him Pauline is a well known unionist.moreless
  • Mon 24 Mar, 1980
    Mon 24 Mar, 1980
    Episode 24
    A salesman takes advantage of Louise being on her own and gets her to sign for a load of magazines. The magazines turn out to be pornographic, Mavis is horrified but Bert buys one. As penance for losing the handbag, Fred gives up his day off to drive Olive home to Derby. Mike considers making Ivy supervisor. Bert tells Ivy. When Elsie tackles her about Dan, Bet apologises. Elsie warns her not to make a fool of her. Bet tells her Dan told her he was a free agent. Elsie accuses Bet of throwing herself at Dan. When Bet accuses her of keeping an open house for lorry drivers Elsie calls her a foul mouthed cheap floosey. Len stops them fighting. Aspinall's buyer, Pauline Stringer looks over the factory, checking their order. Deirdre gets a job at Weatherfield Rainwear. Emily is pleased for her but isn't sure if she's up to looking after Tracy all day. Pauline finds some duff denim hidden at the bottom of the order. Mike likes the way she works and offers her a job as production controller, supervising the work force. He offers her £5 a week more than her present salary.moreless
  • Wed 19 Mar, 1980
    Wed 19 Mar, 1980
    Episode 23
    Annie has the staff waiting on her lunch table to impress Olive. Bet flirts with Dan. He takes a fancy to her and asks her out. Betty warns her that Elsie won't like it. Fred is forced to chauffeur Annie and Olive to their Ladies Evening. Dan tells Elsie he's meeting a mate but really goes out with Bet. Fred puts Annie's handbags on the car roof. It falls off. Stan finds it and gives it to Hilda. Hilda sets off to the function with it as it has the tickets in it. Hilda saves Annie from the embarrassing situation and she gives her £7 reward. Rita is pleased with the new kitchen. Len tells her he's going to install central heating. Elsie sees Dan kissing Bet goodnight, she throws his things out into the street and tells him she never wants to see him again.moreless
  • Mon 17 Mar, 1980
    Mon 17 Mar, 1980
    Episode 22
    Len installs new kitchen units at No. 9. A lorry driver tell Gail that Dan has a woman in every city. She tells Elsie. Elsie tells her it's nothing to do with her. Olive Taylor-Brown calls on Annie from Derbyshire. She is impressed by Annie's bell. Elsie is cool towards Dan when he arrives to stay. She warns him not to take her for a fool.moreless
  • Wed 12 Mar, 1980
    Wed 12 Mar, 1980
    Episode 21
    Rita and Len view a house in Handforth. Brian is annoyed that Gail is chatted up alot by lorry drivers at the cafe. Elsie is flattered as Dan appears to fancy her. Brian finds Fangio with his arm round Gail. Elsie has to stop him from fighting. Len doesn't like the house as it's surrounded by golf-playing neighbours who have Sunday morning drink parties. Things are awkward between Ken and Deirdre when they meet. Rita realises the house isn't Len and is taken aback when he offers to make an offer on it. She tells him she doesn't want the house. Gail makes Brian see that the lorry drivers don't mean what they say to her. Annie enjoys ringing the bell, once for Betty, twice for Bet and three times for Fred. Dan makes Elsie feel cared for. Behind her back he rings his girlfriend in Bristol, telling her he'll be visiting her.moreless
  • Mon 10 Mar, 1980
    Mon 10 Mar, 1980
    Episode 20
    Annie decides to extend the food menu at the Rovers. She starts soup and sandwiches. Betty, Bet and Fred realise it'll mean extra work. Fred is voted to ask Annie for more money. Len and Rita look at some houses on the East Lancs Road. Deirdre returns from Blanche's. Elsie continues to put Dan up. Rita wants a semi but Len is horrified at the thought of paying £25,000 for a house. Annie agrees to give the staff a pay rise and considers having a bell fitted so she can ring when food is ready to be served. Dan's lorry has to repaired so he'll be around for a few days. Elsie isn't sure if she trusts him.moreless
  • Wed 5 Mar, 1980
    Wed 5 Mar, 1980
    Episode 19
    Elsie puts Dan up for the night but tells him it's a one-off. Rita tells Len she's not returning to the Kabin. She tells Len she wants to be a housewife. Louise starts work at the Kabin, she provides a record player so they can play the stock. Stan is unable to cash his inheritance cheque as he hasn't got a bank account. Annie cashes the cheque for him. Rita braves the Rovers customers. She tells Louise she can stay on at the Kabin as she's retired. Rita tells Mavis she wants to start afresh with Len, away from the Street. Hilda threatens to leave Stan unless he shares the money with her. He gives her £20. Dan gives Elsie a new handbag and persuades her to let him stay another night. She worries about her reputation but allows him to take her to the Rovers.moreless
  • Mon 3 Mar, 1980
    Mon 3 Mar, 1980
    Episode 18
    Mavis decides to take someone on at the Kabin without consulting Len. Len realises his marriage is over. He breaks down, telling Elsie he loves Rita. Mavis takes paper girl Louise Clayton on at the Kabin full time. Rita returns home for good. She tells Len she realises he's the closest person to her and she can't leave him. She can't face the future on her own. Len thanks her for returning. Stan is left £100 and a pot dog by Mrs Entwistle for always being so cheerful. Lorry driver Dan Johnson turns up at No. 11 after Ian recommends it to him. Elsie is annoyed and tells him she's not running a boarding house but he charms her.moreless
  • Wed 27 Feb, 1980
    Wed 27 Feb, 1980
    Episode 17
    Elsie enjoys having a man about the house. The solicitors write again telling Stan that Dora Entwhistle of 2 Chapel Yard has named him as a beneficiary in her will. Hilda wants to know who she was to Stan. He says he's never heard of her. Len finds Rita working at a launderette. She is shocked that he's tracked her down. She tells him they've got nothing to talk about. He begs her to return home and have a fresh start. He promises he'll change but she doesn't believe him. She knows he means it now but also knows that really he doesn't care enough about her to change.moreless
  • Mon 25 Feb, 1980
    Mon 25 Feb, 1980
    Episode 16
    Fred upsets Hilda by telling her Stan doesn't care about her and it's obvious she's spent her whole life supporting him. She is so angry she walks out of the Rovers in the middle of her work. Stan gets a letter from a solicitor asking him to call. Betty is furious that Fred has upset Hilda into resigning, especially as Annie is away and she's responsible for the pub. Ken tries to explain to Emily why he can't marry Deirdre. Hilda urges Stan to go to the solicitors, but he fears they might have something on him. Elsie is persuaded to take Ian McAllister in for the night on a B&B basis. She enjoys the neighbours thinking she's taken him in permanently. Fred apologises to Hilda and she agrees to return to work. Len decides to go to Blackpool to find Rita.moreless
  • Wed 20 Feb, 1980
    Wed 20 Feb, 1980
    Episode 15
    Renee and Alf discover Bet owes over £20 for cigarettes. Alf tells Renee it's nothing to do with him. Bert tries to give Brian some marital advice but Brian isn't interested. Doreen treats Mavis like a junior. Ivy thinks Brian has fallen out with Gail over her overspending. She is outraged and gets Brian to tell Ivy it was him who was overspending. Mavis puts Doreen onto a better job at a dress shop and is relieved when she's taken on. Brian and Gail make up. Sam Littlewood arrives looking for Len. He tells him Rita's with him in Blackpool. He urges him to fetch her home.moreless
  • Mon 18 Feb, 1980
    Mon 18 Feb, 1980
    Episode 14
    Brian spends the night on the sofa. Deirdre goes to see Blanche so Mavis is alone again. She tells Len she can't cope so Len tells her to hire someone. Ivy wants to know why Brian and Gail are arguing. Mavis doesn't like Doreen Lovell who is sent from the Job Centre as she's bossy but Len takes her on. Len gets dressed up to go to a new club in town with Mike but Mike dumps him for a girl. Brian accuses Gail of being a nag. Gail is upset that Brian isn't saving. Elsie cheers her up by telling her it'll get a lot worse. Len tries to get Elsie or Bet to spend the evening with him as he's so lonely. Gail refuses to let Brian off the hook and makes his bed up on the sofa again.moreless
  • Wed 13 Feb, 1980
    Wed 13 Feb, 1980
    Episode 13
    Len searches out Harry Bates to see if he's seen Rita. Albert thinks Deirdre is taking Ken for a ride. When the caller rings Mavis tells him off for not turning up. She arranges to meet him again. Albert tells Ken Deirdre is a load of trouble and advises him to stay clear of her. Mavis waits in the same spot. Eddie sees her and stops for a chat, the police jump him and arrest him for being the caller. Mavis makes them see he's not the man. Gail discovers Brian has received a Valentine from an unknown woman. Eddie is shocked that the police think him capable of being a sex-maniac. Lover boy phones Mavis and tells her he saw the police arrest Eddie. He tells her she's disappointed him and he won't ring again. She feels like apologising to him. Ken tells Deirdre he doesn't want to risk a third marriage and thinks he's too old for her. Deirdre is upset. Len is adamant Ralph knows where Rita is. When Ralph offers him a prostitute Len hits him. Ralph has him thrown out.moreless
  • Mon 11 Feb, 1980
    Mon 11 Feb, 1980
    Episode 12
    Mavis is haunted by phone calls from a mystery man who knows her name and tells her he wants to see her in her nightie. Albert tells Ken that Deirdre is aftert a husband. Ken tells him it's none of his business. Deirdre helps Mavis out at the Kabin for some pocket money. Mavis calls in the police over the caller. They think the caller is a customer. Gail is annoyed when Brian spends money on records rather than saving up for a house deposit. The police persuade Mavis to agree to meeting the caller, they will be watching. Mavis waits in the precinct but the man doesn't turn up. Len visits the Gatsby and asks Ralph where Rita is. Ralph says he doesn't know and threatens him with his bouncer.moreless
  • Wed 6 Feb, 1980
    Wed 6 Feb, 1980
    Episode 11
    Deirdre hasn't heard from Ken and fears she's frightened him off. Carter discovers the English party were given an official dinner, and some of the women left to party with a load of Ex-paras. They ended up playing football with a gendarme's hat. The next day a pair of knickers were found flying on the flag pole. Carter gets hold of a photo of three of the women can-canning. Alf refuses to identify any of the women. Vera confess to Ivy that she brought the gendarme's helmet home with her. The Gazette prints the story. Hilda is upset that Stan doesn't believe she took part in the rave up. Ena tells Elsie that if she stays with her they'll be at each other's throats so she's going to St Annes.moreless
  • Mon 4 Feb, 1980
    Mon 4 Feb, 1980
    Episode 10
    The Town Hall receives a letter from Charleville complaining about the workers' behaviour. Ivy tells Vera she's get in trouble. Ena doesn't like the idea of living with Elsie but has little choice as the builders move into the Centre. Vera worries that the Charlesville police might be after her. Ena moves into No. 11. Les Carter, reporter on the Gazette investigates the French going-ons. Vera and Ivy say they can't help him. Vera, Ivy and Hilda agree to keep quiet about the rave-up because they don't want their spouses to find out. Elsie welcomes Ena but refuses to drink in the snug. Carter swears to get to the bottom of the story.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jan, 1980
    Wed 30 Jan, 1980
    Episode 9
    Stan tells Hilda the £3 was a bet from Fred and the house is tidy as Lorna tidied up. She refuses to believe Lorna exists. Elsie starts work at the Cafe. Alf looks for somewhere for Ena to stay as her flat is being decorated. Fred tells Hilda that Stan has been renting the house out to couples. She is horrified and threatens Stan with a poker for using the house for lust and immorality. Eddie turns up with Lorna, Hilda is surprised that she's so respectable. Hilda encourages Lorna to go steady with Eddie. Ken cooks Deirdre a meal. Len makes an announcement in the Rovers that Rita has left him. Elsie agrees to take Ena in. Ken feels he has to propose to Deirdre when she tells him she's open to offers.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jan, 1980
    Mon 28 Jan, 1980
    Episode 8
    Deirdre throws a party for Tracy's third birthday. Lorna helps Stan tidy No.13 as Hilda is returning. Len is angry with himself for letting Rita slip through his fingers. Hilda, Vera and Ivy return from France. Hilda is suspicious as the house is so tidy. She gives Stan a model of the Eiffel tower. ELSIE (to Len): "It's like a flippin' see-saw, with us two. One down, the other up." Len offers Elsie Rita's job at the Kabin. She turns it down for Rita's sake. Fred tells Hilda he wants £3 from Stan. Mrs Bolton walks out of the cafe, leaving Gail on her own. Elsie agrees to join the staff.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jan, 1980
    Wed 23 Jan, 1980
    Episode 7
    Elsie cooks for Len. She tells him he should swallow his pride; his marriage is worth fighting for. Eddie goes for his dinner with Lorna. Rita gives Mavis her address. Brian is annoyed that Sedgewick is working Gail too hard. Fred gives Stan £3 to let him entertain a woman at No. 13 for the evening. Elsie advises Mavis to give Len Rita's address, telling her she's the only one who can reconcile them. She gives him the address. Eddie tells Stan he wants to entertain Lorna in the house; Fred will have to go somewhere else. Ralph shows Rita the flat and offers it to her rent free. He tells her her future bookings at the Gatsby rely on whether or not she takes the flat. Len arrives and is furious to see Ralph. Ralph tells him Rita's finished with him but Len scares him off. Len promises to do the alterations but Rita tells him he's only missing her as a housekeeper. She tells him she's a woman but he's too wrapped up in his grotty world to see that. He hits her across the face. She breaks down and throws him out. Elsie helps Gail out at the cafe. Sedgewick is impressed at the way she handles the lorry drivers. He offers her a job but she refuses it. Fred and Eddie clash over using No. 13. Eddie throws Fred and his girl out. Len returns to Rita's flat to find she's gone.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jan, 1980
    Mon 21 Jan, 1980
    Episode 6
    Rita asks Mavis to get her cabaret clothes out of the house behind Len's back. Mavis refuses to get involved. Eddie asks Stan if he can use the house whilst Hilda is away to court Lorna Ferguson. Stan agrees. Gail can't cope on her own as Mrs Bolton is too slow. Sedgewick helps out and tells her she'll have to work Sunday as well. She protests but he threatens to sack her if she doesn't. Rita returns home for her dresses. Fred tells Len he's seen her and Len returns home in time to catch her. He assumes she's back to stay and gloats. She tells him she's only come for her things and leaves. Len loans Elsie money. Lorna encourages Eddie to think of his future. He realises he wants to settle down. Len tells Elsie that Rita has left him. Ralph offers a flat to Rita. She knows there's strings attached.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jan, 1980
    Wed 16 Jan, 1980
    Episode 5
    Sedgewick names the cafe 'Jim's Cafe'. When one of the girls can't go to France, Ida and Ivy both want the place. Mike tosses a coin. He tells Ivy she can go even though the coin comes up in Ida's favour. Elsie goes for an interview at a gown shop. She doesn't get the job. Hilda, Vera and Ivy leave for France. When a lorry driver, Fangio, pats Gail's bottom, Emily threatens to throw him out. She tells Sedgewick the place is a pig sty and refuses to work in it anymore. Len tells Mavis Rita will be back. Rita contacts Ralph for work, telling him she's left Len. He asks her to see him.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jan, 1980
    Mon 14 Jan, 1980
    Episode 4
    Rita gets a room at a theatrical lodging house in Clarence St, Salford. Len tells the neighbours that Rita is ill. Sedgewick changes the cafe around, getting rid of the counter and installing the cooking equipment in the shop. Elsie rows with Ivy in the Rovers calling her a "tinypot busybody" and blames her for not getting the job. Rita phones Mavis and tells her she's left Len for good. Emily tries to make the greasy meals more attractive but the lorry drivers' coarseness upsets her. After paying her £25 rent Rita only has £10 left. Hilda tells Mike she can't go to France as she hasn't any spending money. He gives her £10 and tells her not to tell the others. Rita feels alone and isolated.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jan, 1980
    Wed 9 Jan, 1980
    Episode 3
    Hilda discovers Aspinalls are paying their girls' fares to France. Emily is unhappy when Sedgewick installs a one-armed bandit. Mike refuses to reemploy Elsie as she walked out on the job. Rita is fed up with No. 9 and Len's attitude towards her. She tells Len she's had enough. Gail tells Elsie that she might have got the job if Ivy hadn't have wanted it as well. Rita packs and leaves Len.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jan, 1980
    Mon 7 Jan, 1980
    Episode 2
    Rita tells Len she wants a decent home to live in. Len tells her to make a list of alterations. Jim Sedgewick tells Emily and Gail he's bought the cafe off Dawson. Susan returns to Scotland. Elsie asks Mike for her old job back, promising she'll be reliable. He tells her he does need someone to help him at the factory. Gail fears Sedgewick will sack her. Rita gives Len her required alterations, which include knocking the two rooms into one and a fitted kitchen. She accuses him of not caring and rips the list up. She tells him she's sick of the way they live. Ivy tells Mike she wants to be made supervisor as she's been doing the job in all but name. She warns him that the girls won't stand for Elsie being taken back on. Sedgewick tells Emily the jobs are safe. He intends to bring a juke box in, telling her he's turning the place into a transport cafe. Emily is horrified.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jan, 1980
    Wed 2 Jan, 1980
    Episode 1
    The men return at 7am after spending the night with fifteen women. They decide to tell everyone Alf tripped and fell and they all took him to hospital. As soon as they see their wives they crack and tell the truth. Elsie runs short of money. Fred tells Annie about Alf going to hospital and is annoyed that the others have confessed. Annie realises the truth and pleases the women by presenting their husbands with a bill for their wives drinks. Rita is tired of living in a dump. Elsie considers asking Mike for the supervisor's job now Steve has left. Susan asks Ken if he intends to marry Deirdre.moreless