Coronation Street - Season 22

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  • Wed 30 Dec, 1981
    Wed 30 Dec, 1981
    Episode 104
    Vera accuses Elsie of being Mike's favourite when he gives her time off to have her hair done. Elsie is forced to tell the girls about the date. Vera is jealous. Mike takes Sylvia on the date as Sonia is ill. Hilda refuses to feed Stan as he spends all his time at Annie's cocktail hour. Nellie Harvey starts a Happy Hour between 6.30 and 7.30. All Annie's customers desert the Rovers for the Laughing Donkey. Emily discovers Arnold has left her £2,000 in his will. She doesn't want the money and feels Arnold is haunting her from the grave. Annie decides to stop the cocktail hour as her regulars have deserted her. Mike, Sylvia, Elsie and Wilf Stockwell go on the town. Wilf makes a play for Elsie whilst Mike and Sylvia flirt. Frankie turns up to see Mike.moreless
  • Mon 28 Dec, 1981
    Mon 28 Dec, 1981
    Episode 103
    Sylvia calls on Mike whilst visiting her parents. Eddie tells Annie about a pub which has started a cocktail hour. She refuses to consider the idea. Emily phones the solicitors and discovers Arnold has died. Annie hears from Mike that all the best pubs have a cocktail hour. She feels it could help trade. Mike asks Elsie to help him win a business deal by making up a foursome with a buyer. She agrees. Emily feels guilty for not visiting Arnold in hospital when he wanted her. Annie announces a cocktail hour between 5.30 and 6.30, during which time beer will be 10p cheaper and spirits half price. The regulars get drunk.moreless
  • Wed 23 Dec, 1981
    Wed 23 Dec, 1981
    Episode 102
    Deirdre invites Emily for Christmas, she is delighted to accept. Fred goes to the hotel and tells Eunice he loves her and pleads with her to make a new start together. She tells him she's tired of struggling. He goes for Critchley, accusing him of taking his wife off him. Eunice tells Fred she likes Critchley more than him. Mavis goes to the wholesalers to see Bobby and is upset when he isn't interested in her. Rita tells Mavis that Bet took her place on the date. Fred realises his marriage is over. He is grateful when Annie offers him his old room back. Albert feels unwelcome in his own home. Fred moves back into the Rovers. Hilda is upset when Stan gives her an air freshener as a Christmas present. Deirdre feels sorry for lonely Alf and invites him for Christmas, pleasing Albert. Mavis gets drunk and tells Bet what she thinks of her. Emily receives a letter from Arnold's solicitor asking to see her.moreless
  • Mon 21 Dec, 1981
    Mon 21 Dec, 1981
    Episode 101
    Ken warns Fred that if Eunice doesn't return he'll have to leave the flat. Alf tells him a new caretaker has been appointed. Fred accuses him of letting him down. Albert feels in the way at No. 1. Fred is too proud to beg Eunice to return. Eunice comes back for her clothes. He begs her to stay and promises it will be different. Ken asks Albert to be more considerate towards Deirdre. Eunice enjoys the security the hotel job gives her and refuses to return to Fred.moreless
  • Wed 16 Dec, 1981
    Wed 16 Dec, 1981
    Episode 100
    Stan and Hilda are tempted by the £8000 but realise they need a house. They decide to try for a council house. Fred is forced to tell Ken Eunice has left him. Mavis waits for Bobby to contact her. Stan offers Alf money to secure a council house for them. Alf throws him out. Stan goes to the town hall and is allocated a three bedroomed house on Lime Kiln Road for £10 a week. Hilda discovers the road is in a rough area and returns the Bells' cheque, deciding not to sell. Betty urges Fred to fight for his marriage.moreless
  • Mon 14 Dec, 1981
    Mon 14 Dec, 1981
    Episode 99
    The Bells tell the Ogdens they want to buy No. 13 and offer them £7,500 cash. Hilda tells them the sale is off. Fred pretends Eunice is ill and tries to cover for her at the Centre. Elsie is disappointed that the Ogdens aren't moving. She encourages the Bells to offer Hilda more money to move. The Bells offer the Ogdens £8,000 and leave a cheque for £800 with them as a deposit. The Ogdens don't know what to do.moreless
  • Wed 9 Dec, 1981
    Wed 9 Dec, 1981
    Episode 98
    Annie is amazed that the Ogdens can afford to buy a new house. Fred feels Critchley just wants to break up his marriage. Elsie encourages Hilda to use her phone, hoping the Ogdens will quickly move. Bet finds Bobby boring. She promises Rita she won't tell Mavis. The Bells view No. 13. They like the house and are cash buyers. Bobby calls at the Kabin. Mavis apologises to him for standing him up and they arrange another date. The Ogdens are denied a mortgage as Stan doesn't earn enough. Bet is shocked when Mavis takes Bobby into the Rovers. He is stunned. Bet tells him to forget all about their evening together. Eunice packs and leaves Fred to work for Critchley. She tells him she hopes he'll follow her.moreless
  • Mon 7 Dec, 1981
    Mon 7 Dec, 1981
    Episode 97
    Hilda wants to buy the River Park Estate house for £17,000. Critchley offers Eunice a job, with or without Fred. Mavis tries to get out of her blind date. Stan refuses to move house. Eunice looks round the hotel and wants the job. She urges Fred to see it but he refuses and accuses her of fancying Critchley. Hilda tells Eddie he can move with them and works out that, with his rent they can afford to move. She puts the house up for sale. Mavis stands Bobby up. Bet is horrified to hear she's let a man escape and meets him herself, calling herself Mavis.moreless
  • Wed 2 Dec, 1981
    Wed 2 Dec, 1981
    Episode 96
    Eunice feels nothing will ever go right in her marriage. Critchley offers the Gees jobs at his hotel. Eunice is thrilled at the chance of being a barmaid again. The Ogdens look round the showhouse. Hilda feels it's a palace. Deirdre feels sorry for Alf and agrees to return to the shop. The estate agent tells the Ogdens they could sell No. 13 for £7,000 and use it as a deposit on a modern house. Mavis agrees to meet Bobby. Fred feels Critchley is a creep and refuses to work for him. Hilda tells Stan she wants to sell No. 13.moreless
  • Mon 30 Nov, 1981
    Mon 30 Nov, 1981
    Episode 95
    Hilda returns from visiting Archie. She is taken by Archie's new house and feels No. 13 is a dump. Critchley tells Alf it looks as if he pulled strings to get Fred the Centre as he's a friend. He says there'll either have to be an official investigation or he can tell the Gees to leave. Alf tells the Gees they have to vacate the flat in two months. Eunice blames Fred. Mavis is intrigued by rep Bobby Simpson, a voice on the phone. He asks her for a date but she feels she couldn't go on a blind date. Hilda decides to take Stan to see a modern show house. Alf is sad to hear that Audrey has returned to Tony. Fred rows with Ken in the Rovers when he says he can't help him. Fred refuses to leave the Centre.moreless
  • Wed 25 Nov, 1981
    Wed 25 Nov, 1981
    Episode 94
    Eunice is upset by Fred and Debbie's constant rowing. Critchley forgets all about the complaint when he sees Eunice. He makes her feel uneasy. Audrey tries to avoid being alone with Alf. Ivy and Bert are upset that Len has bought No. 7 and is building a new house as they had plans to buy it themselves but didn't have the money. Alf closes the shop and offers Audrey a future at the shop as his wife. She tells him that she doesn't want to be tied down at the moment and turns him down. He feels dejected. Critchley tells Eunice that he doesn't want to upset her. Debbie decides she's bored in the street and decides to return to her dad. Audrey resigns from the shop and contacts Tony. He agrees to take her back. Critchley feels Alf had no right to give the Gees the Centre and decides to bring them up at the committee meeting.moreless
  • Mon 23 Nov, 1981
    Mon 23 Nov, 1981
    Episode 93
    Charles Hardcastle dies and the residents are given the chance of buying their ground rents for £48. Debbie tells Eunice she's turned into a skivvy living in a rabbit hutch. Eunice is upset by the truth. Len buys the plot of land where No. 7 used to stand off Hardcastle's estate. Bert realises he's applied for 60 jobs since he's been redundant. Councillor Ben Critchley tells Alf people are complaining about Fred and Eunice's attitude at the Centre. Fred has had a row with the Town Clerk's sister. Fred rows with Debbie about her attitude towards work. Eunice feels caught in the middle. Rita thinks Len's throwing money away with his plans to build a new house. Alf warns the Gees that Critchley could cause a lot of trouble for them and for him for getting them the job. Elsie warns Audrey that Alf is planning to propose.moreless
  • Wed 18 Nov, 1981
    Wed 18 Nov, 1981
    Episode 92
    Fred is forced to sleep on the sofa as Debbie sleeps with Eunice. John spends the night in his old room at No. 9. The Faircloughs find him. He tells them he wants to stay with them but they tell him he must return. Mrs Spencer takes him home and makes it clear to the Faircloughs she doesn't want them to see John again. Elsie tells George she won't be able to cope with the market work and refuses his offer. Audrey expresses an interest and talks it over with George. She realises she can't leave Alf in the lurch. Debbie and Jeff search for a flat of their own. Mrs Spencer and her boyfriend Bill call on the Faircloughs. Bill accuses them of luring John away from home and tells them they'll never see John again. Len throws them out of the house when Bill threatens to report them to the fostering people. Debbie and Jeff get a flat in Rosamund Street. Eunice is horrified that her daughter is going to live in sin. Fred doesn't care so long as they leave the Centre flat. Eunice tells Debbie she'll have to stay with her until she's married.moreless
  • Mon 16 Nov, 1981
    Mon 16 Nov, 1981
    Episode 91
    Eunice doesn't want to spend long living in a council flat. Fred finds Debbie and boyfriend Jeff Walters snogging in the Snug. John Spencer tries to escape the arguments at home as his mother's boyfriend hits him. Audrey asks Alf to take her wrestling. He fears she'll go out with another man if he doesn't agree and asks Deirdre to work late. She tells him she's not a mug and walks out, giving her job up. George Carter asks Elsie to work with him on the markets, running a stall for him. He tells her she's got the knack. She is interested but asks for time to think it over. Eunice is pleased to see Debbie. John sneaks into No. 9 behind Rita's back. Elsie is tempted by the money but doesn't like the idea of working out doors. Debbie tells Eunice her dad has thrown her out. Eunice takes her in despite Fred's protests. Debbie demands that Jeff stays with her. Mrs Spencer asks the Faircloughs if they've seen John as he's disappeared. Rita worries that he's alright.moreless
  • Wed 11 Nov, 1981
    Wed 11 Nov, 1981
    Episode 90
    Brian is charged with unlawful wounding, he agrees to be tried by the Magistrates and pleads not guilty. Audrey goes for a drive with Alf rather than watch Brian's case. Michelle Fenton gives evidence against Brian, saying that Brian was all over her and turned on Burgess out of jealousy. Gail is upset when Michelle swears Brian made eyes at her. Audrey changes her mind and says she wants to go to court but the car breaks down. Magistrates find Brian not guilty. The police are pleased at the outcome.moreless
  • Mon 9 Nov, 1981
    Mon 9 Nov, 1981
    Episode 89
    Brian hopes Burgess will not be found as the case will be dropped. Annie accuses Audrey of leading Alf on. Audrey tells her to mind her business. Alf buys a black MG sports car. Audrey is delighted with it. The Tilsleys go to court and wait to see if Burgess turns up. Deirdre refuses to be taken for granted by Alf and Audrey anymore. Brian is alarmed when Burgess arrives for the court case.moreless
  • Wed 4 Nov, 1981
    Wed 4 Nov, 1981
    Episode 88
    Audrey goes with Alf to choose a car. Ivy discovers Vera is spending all day on George's stall and lays into her, telling her she's meant to be trying to save their jobs. Vera decides to leave Baldwins to work for George. Annie tells Alf people are talking about him and Audrey. Alf tells her he likes the way Audrey makes him feel young again. Elsie warns Audrey that Alf could be thinking of a long term relationship with her. Jack refuses to let Vera work for George. Burgess disappears from police custody.moreless
  • Mon 2 Nov, 1981
    Mon 2 Nov, 1981
    Episode 87
    Deirdre is alarmed to find she has to man the shop whilst Audrey spends the day in her back room salon. Ida and Ivy find the market stall hard as they are too shy. Mike takes them off and puts Vera and Elsie back on. Vera leaves Elsie to man the stall whilst she helps George Carter on his lingerie stall for a larger commission, splitting half with Elsie. She enjoys the work and is tempted when George offers her a permanent job. Audrey decides she wants a car and tells Alf he should have one so he can have more fun. Burgess is remanded for social reports instead of given a sentence. The Tilsleys are horrified. Deirdre is left alone as Alf takes Audrey out. Alf decides to buy a car.moreless
  • Wed 28 Oct, 1981
    Wed 28 Oct, 1981
    Episode 86
    Alf lets Audrey continue with her salon. Vera and Elsie start on the market. Mike puts them on 5% commission on top of their wages. Vera hopes she'll click. The regular denim seller takes all the customers as his prices are much cheaper than Baldwins. Burgess pleads guilty to the robbery charge so Brian doesn't have to give evidence against him but still has to appear in court himself. Mike sorts out the market stall rival by threatening a price war. Audrey helps Alf to paint out Renee's name above the shop. Mike tells Ivy and Ida he's booked another stall - for them.moreless
  • Mon 26 Oct, 1981
    Mon 26 Oct, 1981
    Episode 85
    Elsie returns from holiday to find herself on a three day week. Alf returns from Scarborough and keeps Audrey on as Deirdre is ill. He discovers Audrey has been opening the shop at irregular hours as well as running a hair salon in the back room. Solicitor Tony Mulholland talks to Ron and Brian. He fears the prosecution will make a lot of Brian's fitness. Mulholland fiercely questions Brian to make him crack, accusing him of using his strength to beat Burgess up. Alf feels that Audrey has got initiative doing hair. Mulholland agrees to take Brian's case. Ivy suggests to Mike they try to see the Johnson order on the market. He books a stall and tells the girls they'll be selling the gear in pairs, starting with Elsie and Vera.moreless
  • Wed 21 Oct, 1981
    Wed 21 Oct, 1981
    Episode 84
    Ivy is worried when Mike tells her to call for voluntary redundancies as she can't accept last in first out. Audrey closes to shop to style Mavis' hair. The factory girls raise £28 towards Brian's solicitor. Ivy assures the girls that Mike is in a bad way but Vera doesn't think things are that bad and demands a three day week. The rest of the girls back her. Ivy is forced to join the vote. Brian tells Ron he risked his life for him and he feels he owes him some support. Fred goes to Audrey to have his hair cut. Mike can't believe the girls want a three day week. They assure him they want to work to make the business a success and ask him to take a gamble on them. He agrees to give it whirl. Eunice finds Fred in Audrey's back room. She marches him out and tells Audrey to keep her hands off her husband. Mike is delighted that the girls fell for his trap and opted for the three day week he always wanted. Bert can't believe the Tilsley's luck now Ivy is on a three day week. Ron finds a solicitor for Brian and tells him he'll pay his fees.moreless
  • Mon 19 Oct, 1981
    Mon 19 Oct, 1981
    Episode 83
    Mike tells his work force that if he can't find new outlets he'll have to make a third of them redundant. He tells Ivy and Ida that he'll close the factory if they don't produce twelve names for him to lay off. Ron returns from Spain to the news of the filling station robbery. He tells Brian he's an idiot for leaving the till in the first place and refuses to help him. Audrey does Bet's hair in the back of the shop. Ivy and Ida can't make up their minds who to make redundant. Mike gives them another day. Ivy feels Ron owes Brian and wants to tell him so. Bert tells her it's Brian's battle.moreless
  • Wed 14 Oct, 1981
    Wed 14 Oct, 1981
    Episode 82
    Mike is horrified to discover Johnsons have closed down. Brian celebrates his 23rd birthday. He is determined to enjoy himself. Fred flirts with Audrey, annoying Eunice. VERA: "Trouble follows you about, Ivy Tilsley." Mike discovers Peter Johnson has run his business down. He is annoyed with himself for not finding out sooner. He starts looking around for another buyer. Bet dresses up in order to win more tips. Fred and Betty are annoyed at her smugness. Audrey stirs things between the Gees by telling Eunice she thinks Fred is sexy. No one wants Johnsons' order. Audrey and the Tilsleys throw a party for Brian, they forget their troubles with wine. Gail makes a birthday cake. Betty refuses to speak to Bet and uses Fred as a go between. Annie tells the staff the situation has become unbearable and in the future all tips must be shared. Bet is pleased as she's proved her point.moreless
  • Mon 12 Oct, 1981
    Mon 12 Oct, 1981
    Episode 81
    Vera organises a donation box towards Brian's legal fees. Bet thinks she is responsible for getting most of the tips in the Rovers. Betty thinks she's got a cheek. Brian has to appear as a witness against Ronnie at his trial and then appear in court, charged with unlawful wounding. Mike gets the girls to work through their lunch hour to get an important order out to Johnsons. Bert is annoyed that Jack is so cheerful about his moonlighting. Bet sets out to prove to Betty that she gets the most tips. Fred is furious when Eunice orders £60 curtains. Ivy lets it slip to Gail and Brian that Bert is going to court as well as Brian. Bernard takes the order to Hartlepool only to discover Johnsons has gone bust. Bet introduces separate glasses for tips to see who gets the most.moreless
  • Wed 7 Oct, 1981
    Wed 7 Oct, 1981
    Episode 80
    Gail fears that Brian will be sent to prison. Mike makes his dislike of Sylvia show. Audrey fails to take the shop as a priority and makes her hours very flexible. Stan receives a letter from Hilda wanting to buy the round for him. He is appalled. Eddie finds the situation hysterical. Stan tells Hilda it is his round; he doesn't want to spend another winter cleaning windows. She tells him she doesn't like her life either. Ivy grows hysterical at the news that Brian has been arrested. Frankie decides to throw a party at Mike's flat. Audrey closes the shop to be with Gail when she hears of Brian's arrest. Mike is annoyed as Frankie's party takes over his flat. He tells Sylvia she's a gold digger. Bert gets a summons to appear in court. Ivy doesn't understand where they've gone wrong as a family.moreless
  • Mon 5 Oct, 1981
    Mon 5 Oct, 1981
    Episode 79
    Stan advertises his window round for sale; he's fed up with working and plans to live off the Social, Hilda and Eddie's rent. Brian fears Ronnie will die. Mike fears Sylvia is after Frankie's money. Hilda reads an advertisement for a window cleaning round for sale and considers buying it for Stan without telling him. Audrey refuses to work Alf's hours and closes at 5.30. Brian discovers Ronnie is out of danger. Det Sgt Whitely tells Brian that he's got to be charged with unlawfully wounding Ronnie. He is taken to the police station.moreless
  • Wed 30 Sep, 1981
    Wed 30 Sep, 1981
    Episode 78
    Ronnie is taken to hospital. Brian has to make a statement. Audrey fancies a day shopping with Elsie so phones Mike and tells him Elsie is ill and won't be in work. Ivy hears from the factory girls that Brian has been involved in a fight, she fears he's been hurt. She is relieved to find he's alright. Alf wants to take a holiday but doesn't want to leave the shop as Deirdre is only part time now. Gail tells Tony where Audrey is staying, knowing Audrey wants him back. He calls at No. 11. Elsie tells him he's got a cheek turning up after he's hit Audrey. Mike fears Frankie will marry Sylvia. Audrey is stunned when Tony tells her he doesn't want her, that's why he threw her out. The only thing he wants is his car back. She is furious and throws them at him. Frankie buys Sylvia a mink. Mike tells him to be careful that Sylvia doesn't spend all his money. Frankie doesn't care; he's having a good time. Audrey looks for a job. Alf asks her to run the shop for him whilst he holidays. She accepts. Brian is proclaimed a hero but discovers Ronnie is critical in hospital and is still unconscious.moreless
  • Wed 23 Sep, 1981
    Wed 23 Sep, 1981
    Episode 76
    Audrey makes herself at home with the Tilsleys. Her smoking gets on their nerves. Rita doesn't like the idea of Len covering up for Bert. She rows with Ivy over getting them in trouble. Ken refuses to make a statement about Bert's decorating. Elliott warns him that he could be subpoenaed. Bert's conscience gets to him and signs a statement admitting illicit earnings. Ivy thinks he's a fool to himself. Alf is keen on Audrey and tells her he's available if she finishes with Tony. Ray phones Deirdre and tells her he refuses to let her change Tracy's name. Ken considers changing it without Ray's permission. Brian tells Gail she must get rid of Audrey.moreless
  • Mon 21 Sep, 1981
    Mon 21 Sep, 1981
    Episode 75
    Tracy starts at Bessie Street school. Bert is ashamed of the prospect of being stigmatised a fraud and a cheat. He doesn't want Brian to find out. When Elliott talks to Len, he refuses to confirm that he employed Bert. Audrey visits Gail with a bruised face. She tells her she bumped into a cupboard. Tracy is upset at school as she's called Langton whilst Deirdre and Ken are Barlow. Ivy asks Ken not to tell Elliott about paying Bert for decorating. Ken and Deirdre decide to change Tracy's name to Barlow. Ken tells Deirdre they should inform Ray. Audrey tells Gail that her boyfriend Tony has been hitting her. She's left him and wants to give him chance to calm down. She is sure he'll come after her as she's still got the car he bought her. The Tilsleys agree to put her up. Bert tells Ivy it was she who stopped him declaring his earnings and it's her fault he's being investigated.moreless
  • Wed 16 Sep, 1981
    Wed 16 Sep, 1981
    Episode 74
    Hilda doesn't switch off Mike's burglar alarm in time before it goes off and the siren alerts the police. She is questioned by Sgt Reed who recognise her as Eddie's landlady and calls Mike in to identify her. She is relieved when Mike laughs it off. Vera tells Hilda Stan gave the right answers in the quiz; she is useless and he is worthless. They argue in the Street about Jack's answers about his other women. Vera turns on Jack and he tells her to get lost once and for all. Vera agrees to stay away and persuades Elsie to take her in for the night. Elliott gets Bert to confirm he decorated No. 1 for £30 before telling him he's from the DOS and he's being investigated for having illicit earnings.moreless
  • Mon 14 Sep, 1981
    Mon 14 Sep, 1981
    Episode 73
    Hilda gives up cleaning for the Faircloughs. Jack moonlights on the taxis whilst claiming his dole. DOS Investigator Tom Elliott looks for Bert. Hilda goes for a cleaning job for a businessman. She is shocked to discover it's Mike. He agrees to take her on as she's honest and trustworthy. She is thrilled. Annie is horrified at the course manner in which Bet compares the contest. Bet is assisted by Len and Rita. Ivy is embarrassed by Bert's answers about their sex life in the quiz. Vera loses the quiz for the Duckworths by swearing Jack has never been unfaithful. Brian and Gail are persuaded to enter the quiz at the last minute. The Ogdens fail to get questions right. Brian and Gail are declared the winners and given champagne.moreless
  • Wed 9 Sep, 1981
    Wed 9 Sep, 1981
    Episode 72
    Alf pushes Ken to employ the Gees, fearing he'll be lumbered with them. Tracy is given the all clear but Albert prefers to live with Emily. Annie is delighted that Nellie is celebrating her 60th birthday. Hilda considers coaching Stan in the right answers for the 'Mr and Mrs' competition. Bet questions the stability of the regulars' marriages to enlist them for the contest. Fred isn't keen to take on the Centre but Eunice wants the flat. Emily tells Albert she wants him to leave when he keeps criticising her cooking. He tells her he was leaving anyway. Ken warns Alf that Fred could be the worse person to have as a caretaker as he might start being heavy. The Gees are taken on at the Centre.moreless
  • Mon 7 Sep, 1981
    Mon 7 Sep, 1981
    Episode 71
    The brewery starts a 'Mr and Mrs' competition to encourage couples to drink together. Emily decides to drop the idea of the Community Centre flat because of the risk of vandals. Fred and Eunice are upset that Emily isn't leaving No. 3. Alf refuses to let the flat to the Gees as he needs it for a new assistant. Fred tells him Eunice will work the shop but Alf isn't keen. Tracy is upset that she's missed her first day at school. Annie searches for a compare for the competition but no one is interested. Bet agrees to compare it herself. Alf puts Fred and Eunice down as caretakers at the Centre to get them off his back. Albert gives Emily the run around. Mike tells Ivy the business is going through a bad patch which could result in a three day week. He tells her to keep the news to herself. Annie is annoyed when no one wants to enter the competition. She fears the reputation of the Rovers will be ruined.moreless
  • Wed 2 Sep, 1981
    Wed 2 Sep, 1981
    Episode 70
    Emily is interested in doing more work for the community, Ken tells her he is looking for a caretaker cum assistant at the Centre. She tells him she is interested. Mrs Spencer calls for John, Rita and Len are sad to see him go. Fred discovers Emily is thinking of moving. He and Eunice pounce on Emily and ask if they can rent her house when she takes over at the Centre. Eunice is furious when Fred tells Emily she'll have trouble at the Centre with vandals.moreless
  • Mon 31 Aug, 1981
    Mon 31 Aug, 1981
    Episode 69
    The Faircloughs take John to Jodrell Bank. Tracy goes down with chicken pox. Albert worries that he'll catch shingles from her. Eunice house hunts whilst Fred works. She doesn't get anywhere. Mrs Spencer is coming out of hospital and John prepares to leave No. 9. Rita is sad that he's leaving. Albert decides he can't stay at No. 1 whilst Tracy is ill. Emily takes him in as no one else wants him. He starts bossing her around.moreless
  • Wed 26 Aug, 1981
    Wed 26 Aug, 1981
    Episode 68
    Bert is upset as Ivy falls out with Vera over the driver's job. Hilda forces Stan to go for the driving job by threatening to withhold his food. John worries about his mother's operation. Eddie starts breeding rabbits. Ivy and Vera row over who deserves the driving job. Mike interviews Bert, Jack and Stan. Hilda refuses to let Eddie breed rabbits to be eaten. John's mother's operation goes well. Mike gives the driver's job to Bernard Clough. He tells Ivy Bert didn't get the job as they'd have wanted to take their holidays together. He didn't give Stan the job as a favour to him. Rita is upset that Mrs Spencer will soon be out of hospital.moreless
  • Mon 24 Aug, 1981
    Mon 24 Aug, 1981
    Episode 67
    Rita wants the police calling in when John hasn't returned by 2am but he returns. Rita stops Len rowing with him. Len tells John that if he doesn't tow the line he'll have to leave them. Jack doesn't want to work with Vera and tries to put her off going after the driving job for him. Brian assures Gail he fancies her more than he fancied Glenda. John buckles down and becomes more domesticated. Vera asks Mike to give Jack an interview, Mike agrees. Ivy tells Vera he's also seeing Bert for the job. Hilda tells Stan he should apply for the driving job.moreless
  • Wed 19 Aug, 1981
    Wed 19 Aug, 1981
    Episode 66
    The van driver at the factory leaves, Mike advertises for a replacement. Brian tells Gail that Glenda is no longer in the country. Jack plans an anniversary party foursome with the Tilsleys. They get drunk together. Gail and Brian make up. John wants to go to a Reggae show with Matt. Len refuses to let him. Ivy tells Bert he could get the van driver's job, Vera thinks Jack should get it. Len and Rita discover John has slipped out to a pop concert.moreless
  • Mon 17 Aug, 1981
    Mon 17 Aug, 1981
    Episode 65
    Jack signs on the dole. Gail finds out that Mrs Fox is called Glenda. She confronts Brian, telling him she saw them together and it's obvious he fancies her. He swears he's done nothing. Bert tackles Brian about Glenda, warning him that he could be putting his marriage on the line. Vera looks forward to her wedding anniversary. Rita is alarmed when John copies his friend Matt Stapleton by having his ear pierced. Brian discovers Glenda has gone on a Greek holiday. He feels she has dropped him.moreless
  • Wed 12 Aug, 1981
    Wed 12 Aug, 1981
    Episode 64
    Gail tackles Brian about the hankie with 'G' on it. He tells her he doesn't know where it came from. Gail asks Elsie for advice. She tells her Brian loves her and must be trusted. Brian is cool towards Glenda when he sees her. Jack Duckworth is made redundant from driving lorries. Ken accuses Mike of sending Susan off without his permission. Mike tells him the whole plan was Susan's idea, and his problem is he's got a guilt complex. Glenda takes Brian to a posh pub. She tells him she just wants a laugh with him. Ken phones Susan and demands her return but she refuses. Gail sees Glenda fondling Brian's muscles at the garage.moreless
  • Mon 10 Aug, 1981
    Mon 10 Aug, 1981
    Episode 63
    John starts to enjoy living with the Faircloughs. Len feels that Rita is spoiling him. She hopes they can hang onto John for longer. Brian finds it exciting that Glenda fancies him. The Barlows return for Corfu. Ken carries Ken over the threshold. Glenda tries to get Brian drunk with champagne and feeds him. John's schoolmate punk Matt takes him to a pop concert. Rita feels Matt will be a bad influence. Ken is horrified that Mike got Susan a job in London. Brian gives his overalls to Gail to be cleaned, forgetting he has one of Glenda's hankies in a pocket.moreless
  • Wed 5 Aug, 1981
    Wed 5 Aug, 1981
    Episode 62
    Vera considers warning Ivy that Brian has got another woman. Fred hates living with Sid. The small bed gives him a bad back. When Ivy reprimands Vera for gossiping all day, Vera tells Ivy about Brian's girlfriend. Glenda takes Brian to the lunch. Len borrows Bert's rod to take John fishing. Ivy hears from Gail that Brian always works late. John and Len don't catch anything so bring home fish and chips. Ivy tackles Brian about Glenda. Brian tells her she's just a customer.moreless
  • Mon 3 Aug, 1981
    Mon 3 Aug, 1981
    Episode 61
    Elsie starts as a machinist at Baldwins. She tells Ivy she realises she's going to be treated as one of the girls. Rita isn't sure if she's up to fostering. Glenda Fox asks Brian to look over her car personally. John Spencer and rabbit George arrive at No. 9. He is sullen and frightened. Fred moves his things into Eunice's room. Rita tries to win John's confidence. Elsie's work isn't up to scratch. Ivy finds it hard to tell her what to do. Glenda flirts with Brian. He finds there's nothing wrong with her car. Len is put out when John doesn't like football. John says he likes fishing so Len agrees to take him. Elsie and Vera see Brian and Glenda out in her car, with Glenda stroking his hair.moreless
  • Wed 29 Jul, 1981
    Wed 29 Jul, 1981
    Episode 60
    Mavis and Betty set off to London to see the Royal Wedding. The residents prepare the Street with Union Jacks to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Hilda is upset that she has to watch the Royal Wedding on a black and white television. Annie moves her television into the Select. Emily enjoys looking after Tracy. Eddie borrows a colour TV for the day for Hilda. She takes her curlers out to watch. Annie tells Fred she'd rather employ him than Pritchard. Fred tells her he'll let her know his decision. Annie's TV breaks down. No one can make it work. Eddie hires Annie Hilda's TV for £10. Mike gets Susan a holiday job as a barmaid in a Chiswick wine bar. Susan is thrilled. Eunice tells Annie Fred can stay on at the pub only on the condition that he no longer lives in and is given an extra £12.50 a week. Fred is amazed when Annie agrees. The Faircloughs are asked to foster a thirteen-year old boy immediately.moreless
  • Mon 27 Jul, 1981
    Mon 27 Jul, 1981
    Episode 59
    Deirdre takes off her glasses for the wedding. Mike is upset that Deirdre is marrying Ken. Blanche, Stan, Hilda, Elsie, Annie, Rita, Albert and Mavis attend All Saints Church to see Ken and Deirdre marry. Alf gives Deirdre away, Len is best man, Emily is Matron of Honour, Tracy and Susan are bridesmaids. Eunice's friend Ronnie gets Fred a labouring job. Annie lays on a wedding spread in the Select. Deirdre is touched when Ray sends a telegram wishing her luck. Pritchard rings Annie and says he's found another job. She is furious. The Barlows leave for Corfu.moreless
  • Wed 22 Jul, 1981
    Wed 22 Jul, 1981
    Episode 58
    Fred stays with Eunice at Sid's. Susan considers getting a hotel holiday job. Blanche organises a hen party for Deirdre. Fred works at the Rovers under sufferance. Betty advises him to be gracious and let Annie feel obligated to him. Mavis worries about posing for Maurice. Fred gives the Rover a special polish to please Annie. The effect is spoilt when Annie sees him talking to Eunice in the car. She takes the car keys off Fred causing him to tell her he's finished. She warns him that if he doesn't serve notice she will black him at the brewery. Eunice tells Fred to pamper to Annie in order to get a good reference from her. Ken has his Stag Night at the Rovers. Eddie entertains on his accordion. Maurice guesses that Mavis doesn't want to pose. She feels she's letting him down and is upset when he says goodbye to her. Hilda does her Carmen Miranda impersonation at Deirdre's hen night. Mike and Ken get drunk together at the stag night. Annie writes to Pritchard asking him to start work in a week.moreless
  • Mon 20 Jul, 1981
    Mon 20 Jul, 1981
    Episode 57
    Eunice has walked out on Fred. Blanche and Susan arrive for the wedding. Peter can't get leave from the Navy. Fred refuses to make the first move towards a reconciliation with Eunice. Betty warns him he could loose her for good. Emily puts Blanche up at No. 3. Fred finds Eunice at her dad's. He tells her he doesn't want them to split, she agrees. Susan is planning to go to University when she gets her exam results. Rita assures Maurice that Mavis is dead keen to be painted. Eunice tells Fred to ask Annie about him keeping his job but living off the premises. Maurice makes arrangements to paint Mavis the next evening. Billy phones and tells Annie he can't get time off to visit.moreless
  • Wed 15 Jul, 1981
    Wed 15 Jul, 1981
    Episode 56
    Rita is astounded that Maurice wants to paint Mavis in the nude. She advises Mavis to steer clear of him. Annie phones Billy and tells him she's being held hostage in her own home. Mavis is upset when everyone thinks Maurice is kinky. Annie tells Fred that Billy is returning and his room is being decorated so he'll have to have Fred's room. She tells Fred he must leave before Billy's return. Mike is annoyed to find the girls having a party for Lynne. The girls win him round. Maurice wants to start painting Mavis, she puts him off. Elsie asks Mike for Lynne's job, even though it's on a machine. Eunice accuses Annie of putting them onto the street. She tells Fred she's sick of the situation and is leaving.moreless
  • Mon 13 Jul, 1981
    Mon 13 Jul, 1981
    Episode 55
    The Faircloughs return from holiday. Annie returns home and is furious to find the Gees still in residence. Eunice tells Annie she can't throw Fred out - she owes him so much. Mavis enjoys drawing with Maurice. She thinks he's romantic. Annie feels as if she's got squatters. The factory girls plan a send off for Lynne Watts who is marrying. Maurice tells Mavis she needs to be more confident and express herself in her paintings. He wants to try drawing a nude but needs a model. He tells Mavis he'll draw her in the nude if she'd let him.moreless
  • Wed 8 Jul, 1981
    Wed 8 Jul, 1981
    Episode 54
    Fred and Eunice agree to face the future together. He goes for a job interview as relief manager for Grassingtons Brewery. Deirdre asks Emily to be her Matron of Honour. Emily is pleased. Stan starts with his new poles. He finds them much easier. Annie phones from Derby to remind the Gees they have to leave. Fred is put on a waiting list of twenty-five and is told the brewery are looking for a younger man. All Stan's customers want to buy poles, saying they can do their own windows with it. He demands his money back from Eddie. Maurice takes Mavis painting on the canalside. He gets her to appreciate the beauty of the Northern landscape. The regulars advise the Gees not to leave the Rovers until they're ready and Annie can't sack Fred as he's done nothing wrong. Fred decides to face Annie's wrath by refusing to leave.moreless
  • Mon 6 Jul, 1981
    Mon 6 Jul, 1981
    Episode 53
    Stan refuses to work his round as his back causes him pain when he climbs the ladder. Annie agrees to exhibiting Maurice's paintings in the Rovers. Bet tells Eunice that Fred was suspended for drinking from the optics. Ken is delighted when Susan agrees to be a bridesmaid. Eunice tells Fred his suspension was just as bad as her sacking. She calls him a hypocrite. He tells her he's had enough of married life. Eunice suggests they move back in with her dad, Fred refuses. Eddie tries to sell Maurice's paintings but no one is interested. Deirdre asks Emily if she'd look after Tracy during the honeymoon. Emily is delighted but realises she'll have to cancel her London trip. Eddie gives Stan an extending window sponge so he can clean 1st floor windows. Stan tells him he's a genius. Ken agrees to having another child. Mavis admires Maurice's paintings. She tells him she envies his talent. He sells her a picture for £5. He encourages her to paint and offers to help her.moreless
  • Wed 1 Jul, 1981
    Wed 1 Jul, 1981
    Episode 52
    Elsie is run off her feet at the cafe as Alma is so lax. Deirdre tells Ken she'd like another child. Maurice starts work at the Rovers. Fred goes to the brewery and is told Eunice is a thief. She accuses Fred of wanting to believe she was guilty. She swears her innocence and tells him it's up to him to believe what he wants to. Deirdre doesn't know what to do with Tracy whilst they honeymoon. Fred advises Pritchard to look for another job. Eddie offers to sell Maurice's paintings for him. Maurice tells him he's welcome to try. Annie tells Fred he had no right to put Pritchard off. Ken books a honeymoon in Corfu, they don't want to take Tracy with them. Elsie walks out of the cafe, sick of being a dogsbody as Alma skives off all the time. Fred tells Eunice he believes she was innocent. Annie tells the Gees that Pritchard will be moving in as potman. She is going away for a week and wants them to have left the pub by her return.moreless
  • Mon 29 Jun, 1981
    Mon 29 Jun, 1981
    Episode 51
    Annie tells Eunice she must tell Fred about her past before the brewery do. Bert decorates No. 1 for the Barlows. Ken pays him £30 in cash. Alf is upset that Len is Ken's best man. Eunice tells Fred about the £30. She swears she didn't steal the money. He tells her he only married her to get a pub. Fred swears to make the brewery change their mind as she's innocent. Ken and Deirdre buy her wedding ring. She asks Alf to give her away. He tells her he'll be proud. Fred phones the brewery and arranges to see Ridley. Eunice begs Fred to leave it alone for her sake. Elsie is furious when Alma takes time off all the time. Annie hires Maurice Dodds to decorate the Rovers' living quarters. She is shocked to discover he's normally an artist.moreless
  • Wed 24 Jun, 1981
    Wed 24 Jun, 1981
    Episode 50
    Ken and Deirdre struggle with the decorating. Elsie feels it's a bit of a come down to be a waitress. Alf and Emily agree to provide references for the Faircloughs. Annie phones Cresswell and discovers the Gees have been rejected because Eunice was sacked for stealing. Bert is thrilled when Deirdre asks him to decorate for them. Ken gets a minister to marry them on the 27th. The Faircloughs go on holiday to the Cotswolds and look forward to fostering when they return. Annie tells Eunice that her past has caused the rejection.moreless
  • Mon 22 Jun, 1981
    Mon 22 Jun, 1981
    Episode 49
    Ken plans to decorate No. 1 himself, Deirdre doesn't think he's capable. Len goes to the Social Services about fostering. Alma Sedgewick tries to cope at the cafe single-handedly. Eunice thinks Annie's reference might have put the brewery off. Social Worker Don Worthington interviews the Faircloughs. The vicar at St Mary's refuses to marry Ken and Deirdre as she is divorced. Ridley tells Fred he was turned down as the Gees are unsuitable. The Faircloughs fill in fostering forms. Annie interviews Mr Pritchard, the prospective new potman. Elsie asks Alma for a job at the cafe. Alma agrees to take her on - as her assistant, for less money than before. Annie arranges with Pritchard to move in as soon as the Gees leave. The Gees are forced to tell her about their rejection. Annie tells them she'll get to the bottom of the matter with the brewery.moreless
  • Wed 17 Jun, 1981
    Wed 17 Jun, 1981
    Episode 48
    Eddie and Stan tell Hilda all about the strippers at the Social Club but Hilda is adamant that Stan spent the night with Freda at the Legion. Hilda washes her hands of Stan and tells him she's not feeding anymore. Fred gets a letter from the brewery saying he can't have a pub. Hilda goes to the Legion to see Freda and accuses her of having an affair with Stan. Freda doesn't remember who walked her home on the night in question. Mrs Turnbull tell Rita she and her husband have decided to take the baby on themselves. Rita wishes her well. Hilda tells Stan he's a fool to see other women. She realises he's weak. He promises not to be weak again. Elsie searches for a job. Bert's dole is cut as he's been claiming for over six months. Eddie takes Freda to the Rovers. She doesn't recognise Stan and upsets Hilda by saying she'd have to be desperate to spend the night with him. Fred swears to Eunice he'll find out why they've been turned down. Len tells Rita they should look into fostering. She agrees.moreless
  • Mon 15 Jun, 1981
    Mon 15 Jun, 1981
    Episode 47
    Stan returned at 3am. Hilda refuses to believe he spent the whole evening at the Legion. Stan and Eddie say there was a snooker tournament on. Annie writes Fred a glowing reference to Mr Cresswell. Elsie returns from Birmingham. Legion manager Ernie Sadler agrees to swear there wasn't a Stag Night on to please Eddie and Stan. Rita hears that Gladys Turnbull's daughter is expecting an unwanted baby. John Ridley interviews the Gees. Fred is very uncomfortable trying to sell himself. John tells them there will be vacancies very shortly. Hilda overhears Ernie asking after Stan's wife Freda and grows suspicious. She discovers the new barmaid at the Legion is called Freda. George Newton recognises Eunice by her maiden name. Eddie swears to Hilda they went to the Social Club when she accuses Stan of spending the night with Freda from the Legion. Rita visits Mrs Turnbull and tells her she'll take Sandra's baby when it's born. Len tells her she must be mad.moreless
  • Wed 10 Jun, 1981
    Wed 10 Jun, 1981
    Episode 46
    Deirdre threatens not to live at No. 1 if Tracy has to sleep downstairs. Stan pays £3 for a ticket to the Social Club Stag Night. Ken feels he can't win as he tries to do his best for everyone. Eddie makes Albert see he can't expect Tracy to sleep downstairs and points out he'd have privacy in the front parlour. The Faircloughs go to the adoption society. They say they'd like a 5 year old and say a child would be loved. Albert tells Ken he's moving into the parlour but wants it decorating. The adoption officer, Mrs Ramsden, tells the Faircloughs they are too old to adopt. Rita breaks down saying she wants a child. They are refused adoption despite Rita's pleas. Stan and Eddie go to the Social. Deirdre tells Ken she wants a church wedding with Tracy as bridesmaid. They set the date for 27th July. Rita refuses to believe she's too old to be a mother. She refuses to give up. Len tells her he can't face going through it all again. Eddie and Stan are still out at 2am. Hilda fumes.moreless
  • Mon 8 Jun, 1981
    Mon 8 Jun, 1981
    Episode 45
    Len agrees to talk about a child. Deirdre agrees to live at No. 1 on the condition that Albert moves into the front parlour so Tracy can have his room. Len gets holiday brochures to take Rita's mind off children. Eddie plans to attend the Social Club Stag Night. Albert refuses to sleep downstairs. Rita begs Len to agree to have a child. Eddie offers to get Stan a ticket to watch strippers. Stan tells Hilda he's going to go to the Legion. Len agrees to see the adoption society. Rita is delighted.moreless
  • Wed 3 Jun, 1981
    Wed 3 Jun, 1981
    Episode 44
    Albert recovers in bed after his fall. Ken thinks he's making the most of it. Len tells Rita they'll be too old to adopt. She can't accept she'll never be a mother. Fred wants to spend his day off at Old Trafford but has to chauffeur Annie and Eunice to Altrincham. The brewery write to Fred giving him an interview as they've got a vacancy. Doctor Hollins tells Ken the only thing wrong with Albert is his age and he shouldn't be left on his own. Fred gets drunk as a celebration and slaps Annie's bottom. She is amused. Ken tells Albert that he and Deirdre will be living with him when they marry. Len tells Rita he was a bad father and wouldn't be any good. He tells her no one will let her adopt a baby and asks her to forget all about it.moreless
  • Mon 1 Jun, 1981
    Mon 1 Jun, 1981
    Episode 43
    Emily and Mavis decide to travel to London to watch the Royal Wedding. Ken starts to organise Social Services for Albert. Eddie has a day off and digs Albert's allotment over. Len doesn't understand Rita when she is moody. Annie feels that the Gees are putting up with her. She wants them to leave. Albert refuses to have a home help. Eunice sits behind the bar and acts as hostess of the Rovers. Annie bites her tongue. Rita tells Len she wants to be a mother, and she'd like to adopt. She feels she needs a child to fill a gap in her life. Len feels too old to have a child. Albert tells Ken he might as well shut him away in a home. Deirdre finds him collapsed in the Street.moreless
  • Wed 27 May, 1981
    Wed 27 May, 1981
    Episode 42
    Annie tries to keep her meals solitary but Eunice feels she needs company. Ken and Deirdre look at houses. Colin apologises to Gail and asks her not to tell Sue. She agrees. Eddie considers advertising for a lady companion. Sue invites the Tilsleys on a caravanning weekend. Gail isn't keen and tells Brian about Colin's pass. Brian wants to thump Colin but Gail thinks it would be a bad idea. Ken and Deirdre find a house in Meadow Bottoms, 5 miles out. Deirdre tells Beattie they will not be taking Albert with them. She tells her Ken has been doing her duty for years. Beattie refuses to have Albert with her. The Tilsleys tell the Jacksons they can't go away for the weekend. Brian tells Colin to keep away from them. Eunice lays on a special tea for Annie. Albert realises no one wants him and has a quiet weep.moreless
  • Mon 25 May, 1981
    Mon 25 May, 1981
    Episode 41
    Beattie arrives. She congratulates Ken on his engagement but doesn't think much of Deirdre as she's divorced. The Gees return from honeymoon. Eunice starts bossing Fred around and makes herself at home in the Rovers. Beattie looks through Albert's Post Office account. Albert complains to her that she hasn't seen him for six months. The Jacksons and Tilsleys have a picnic. Colin flirts with Gail, Brian thinks he's harmless. Albert accuses Beattie of wanting something. She tells him she wants to know what arrangements Ken has made for him. Eunice starts to take over the Rovers. Annie doesn't like the way the Gees are taking over her home. Beattie accuses Ken of abandoning Albert. He suggests she takes him in but she says she hasn't the room. Knowing Brian is at work, Colin calls on Gail. He makes a pass at her, telling her he fancies her. She says she doesn't fancy him and slaps his face.moreless
  • Wed 20 May, 1981
    Wed 20 May, 1981
    Episode 40
    Ivy is upset that the residents know Vera has been entertaining a man in her house. Albert feels alone with his memories. Jack doesn't care if Vera wants to return to him or not. Vera thinks Jack will beg her to return and is stunned when he tells her that if she doesn't give Harry up and return home he'll change the locks and never take her back. She returns home. Electrician Colin mends the Tilsley's stereo for them. Gail expresses her thanks to him. Beattie contacts Albert, saying she's going to visit him. Colin tells Gail she needs company in the evenings whilst Brian is working.moreless
  • Mon 18 May, 1981
    Mon 18 May, 1981
    Episode 39
    Brian is tired from working nights at the petrol station. Ken assures Albert he'll keep an eye on him when he moves out but Albert pretends not to be bothered. Vera feigns illness to get away from work to entertain Harry at No. 5. Hilda witnesses Vera kissing Harry and letting him into No. 5. She tells Ivy. Ivy dashes home to find the door bolted. Harry escapes and Vera answers the door. Ivy is furious. Gail and Brian entertain Sue and Colin Jackson. Bert asks Jack to take Vera back. Jack claims he's enjoying his peace too much. Bert persuades Jack to see Vera and tell her she must apologise or never return home.moreless
  • Wed 13 May, 1981
    Wed 13 May, 1981
    Episode 38
    Eunice doesn't care about the stripper - just that Fred took her home. Fred's bed hasn't been slept in. Bert and Ivy start bickering at each other over Vera. Eunice searches for Fred. He turns up half an hour before the service, having spent the night on Sugar's husband's floor. Ivy phones Jack and tells him Vera is with her and wants to return to him. She begs him to make the first move. Fred tells Eunice he saw Sugar off to protect their chances of getting a pub of their own. She thinks he did the right thing. Ken finds it difficult to tell Albert he and Deirdre won't be living with him. Fred and Eunice are married at Weatherfield Registry Office. Sid Clarke - Eunice's father, Alf and Debbie - Eunice's daughter - are witnesses. Jack dumps all Vera clothes in the Tilsleys back yard. After the wedding the Gees stop at three pubs before arriving at the Rovers. Annie lays on a wedding breakfast for the guests. Sid's crudeness upsets Annie. Fred and Eunice leave for Rhyl. Albert is looking forward to having a child around the house. He is upset when Ken tells him they won't be living with him.moreless
  • Mon 11 May, 1981
    Mon 11 May, 1981
    Episode 37
    Deirdre returns home from seeing Blanche. Eddie organises Sugar La Marr to appear at Fred's Stag Night. Bet warns him that Annie will not stand for a stripper. To help Eddie out Bet phones Nellie and gets her to invite Annie over for the night. Bet wants to see Fred with a stripper. Sugar La Marr arrives for Fred's stag night, he is horrified. Albert wishes Deirdre happiness with Ken. Fred refuses to let Sugar perform at the Rovers. Vera finds the Tilsleys' house too quiet. Ivy gets rid of Vera for 10 minutes by getting Bert, under protest, to take Vera to the Rovers. Sugar refuses to leave without her £15 payment so Eddie is forced to pay her. Deirdre and Ken wonder how to tell Albert they won't be living with him once they're married. Eddie is jealous when Fred drives Sugar home. Eunice phones the Rovers and Eddie tells her Fred has taken the stripper home.moreless
  • Wed 6 May, 1981
    Wed 6 May, 1981
    Episode 36
    Bert is horrified to find Vera sleeping on the sofa. Annie assures Fred that he and Eunice can stay with her as long as they need to. Elsie's insurance company tells her she can't claim if she hasn't contacted the police. She is frightened of the newspaper headlines and refuses. She just wants to get things back to normal. Bet and Len are forced to tell the residents that Elsie has had vandals at No. 11 when Hilda starts snooping. Eunice feels that the wedding ought to be postponed until they've got a pub. She doesn't want to start her married life living with Annie. Jim is furious when Elsie takes more time off and sacks her. She feels it's the last straw. Fred is told the Shipwright's Arms is coming up. He is horrified as it's a docker's pub. Len threatens to summon Linda if Elsie doesn't agree to go and stay with her. Elsie talks to Linda and arranges a visit. Hilda touches Elsie by giving her some clothes. Vera refuses to return to Jack and she can't stay with Harry as he's married. Bert and Ivy tell her to beg Jack to take her back but she refuses. Eddie organises Fred's stag night and plans to include a stripper. Ken tells Albert that Deirdre has agreed to marry him and has gone to tell Blanche.moreless
  • Mon 4 May, 1981
    Mon 4 May, 1981
    Episode 35
    Vera boasts about a night on the town she's had with another man. Elsie realises all her clothes have been ruined. She tells Len what happened but refuses to contact the police. Vera tries to get Jack to take her out but he doesn't want to be seen out with her. She plans another night with Harry and tells Jack she's seeing Ivy. Elsie is disgusted with herself and sick of everything. Fred and Eunice shop for a wedding ring. He buys her one for £89. Eddie's friend lets him down with the mini bus. He looks around for another car to take to London. Alf agrees to be Fred's bestman. Fred discovers the Crown and Kettle has been given a new landlord. Jack finds out about Vera and Harry and throws her out. She dumps herself on Ivy and Bert.moreless
  • Wed 29 Apr, 1981
    Wed 29 Apr, 1981
    Episode 34
    Elsie can't believe she was so drunk as to spend the night with Bill. He insists on staying for his breakfast and is upset when he tells her he must have been desperate to picked her up. His wife Muriel turns up when she's on her own. She thinks Elsie is his regular tart. Annie tells Fred she wants an extra £10 a week if Eunice is to live in. Fred and Eunice set the date for 13th May. Fred asks Alf to be his best man. Elsie returns home to find the house is ruins and all her clothes cut to shreds. She breaks down in tears.moreless
  • Mon 27 Apr, 1981
    Mon 27 Apr, 1981
    Episode 33
    Elsie stays away from work. Fred asks Annie if he and Eunice can stay at the Rovers once married until they get a pub of their own. Bet persuades Elsie to have a night on the town to cheer her up. Eunice persuades Annie to let them stay at the Rovers. Elsie is picked up at a pub by Bill Fielding, Bet feels that he's too rough for them but Elsie thinks he's better than nothing. Bet leaves them to it. Elsie takes Bill back to No. 11. She agrees to let him stay the night.moreless
  • Wed 22 Apr, 1981
    Wed 22 Apr, 1981
    Episode 32
    Emily takes Tracy to Blackpool. Gail refuses to live with Ivy again, even if they have to starve. Ron advises Brian to send Gail out to work for more money. Fred and Eunice hear they're in line for the tenancy of The Crown and Kettle. Ron finds it difficult running the garage and his filling station. When his night shift employee resigns he offers the job to Brian. Annie gets Mr Cresswell to agree not to give Fred a pub until she has found a replacement cellarman. Gail gets a part time job at the cafe but Brian refuses to leave Nicky with a child minder and decides to take the job at the filling station. Fred and Eunice view the Crown and Kettle. Elsie breaks down and admits to Len that Wally rejected her. She is upset when he doesn't sympathise with her. Gail is upset at the prospect of Brian working nights as well as in the day.moreless
  • Mon 20 Apr, 1981
    Mon 20 Apr, 1981
    Episode 31
    Brian works through Easter as they need the overtime. Elsie forces herself to go into work. When Hilda insults her about throwing herself at Wally, Elsie tells her to drop dead. Elsie hits the gin in her depression. Gail goes to see Elsie and is offered a part time job at the cafe, Brian refuses to let her return to work. She doesn't feel they can cope as they owe so much money. Brian tells Gail only a slut would return to work with a baby. Ivy advises Gail and Brian to sell up and return to living with her and Bert. Eunice shows off her engagement ring.moreless
  • Wed 15 Apr, 1981
    Wed 15 Apr, 1981
    Episode 30
    Fred lays into Frankie about his bounced cheque. Mike stops him from hitting Frankie. Frankie swears he'll get the cash from the bank. Alf is furious when Fred believes him. Wally moves into No. 11. Eunice tells Fred she'd like an engagement ring. Frankie repays Alf and Fred in full. The police have dropped their enquiries and the business is booming. Ken plans an Easter trip to see Susan. He invites Deirdre to join him but she has promised to take Tracy and Emily to Blackpool. Mike gets rid of Frankie and entertains Sonia again. Emily tells Deirdre she can take Tracy to Blackpool on her own so Deirdre agrees to go to Glasgow with Ken. Frankie turns up at Mike's again after missing the London train. Mike takes him to the station personally to get him on the next one. Fred wants to marry as soon as possible. Eunice wants to wait until they have a pub set up. Elsie tells Wally she enjoys his company. He realises she is in love with him and wants a relationship with him. She tells him she admires him for not making a pass at her. He tells her she's got it all wrong, he only wants to be a lodger. She tells him she wants him but he makes her realise that she's too old for him and leaves. She breaks down.moreless
  • Mon 13 Apr, 1981
    Mon 13 Apr, 1981
    Episode 29
    Bet is astounded to hear Fred is engaged. Fred tries to keep the engagement a secret but Eunice tells everyone and he is forced to buy drinks all round. Mike entertains Sonia to an intimate dinner at the flat. Elsie shows Wally round No. 11. She is glad to have a man about the house. Mike gets drunk on purpose so Sonia has to spend the night in the flat. He is furious when Frankie arrives and ruins his plans. Sonia cooks a meal for him. Eunice tells Fred she has faith in him. He is touched. Frankie invites himself to spend the night on Mike's sofa. Sonia goes home in a taxi. Elsie gives Wally a key.moreless
  • Wed 8 Apr, 1981
    Wed 8 Apr, 1981
    Episode 28
    Elsie and Wally enjoy a night out together in Macclesfield. Fred checks with the brewery that he's still entitled to his own pub if he's married. Annie is surprised that Fred is planning to marry to get a pub. Brian apologises to Gail for being so horrid. He realises he has to grow up and fight for his family. They agree to face the future together. Fred goes to the Brewery to see Mr Cresswell, he is told he can certainly have a pub of his own. Brian pleases Gail by taking her out for the evening. Rita babysits. They thank Bert for helping them to sort things out. Wally dislikes his digs so Elsie invites him to lodge with her. Fred tells Eunice he can only get a pub if he's married and proposes to her. She accepts, he is delighted.moreless
  • Mon 6 Apr, 1981
    Mon 6 Apr, 1981
    Episode 27
    Mavis and Emily return from Malta. Fred considers marrying Eunice to get a pub of his own. Betty tells him it's obvious that Eunice is keen to marry. Brian is upset when Gail cuts down on his food to save money. Elsie misses Wally when he has to work away. She is delighted when he turns up. Eunice tells Fred she's having too much fun being divorced to think of marrying again. Rita and Len grow bored of Mavis' holiday stories and are embarrassed when she gives them presents. Betty tells Fred Eunice is bound to accept a proposal if he tells her he could get a pub for them. Ivy takes Gail out to the pictures so Bert can speak to Brian. Eunice tells Fred she's always wanted to be a landlady. Fred tells her he's in line for a pub of his own. Bert tells Brian he needs to grow up and enjoy his family before he loses them. He tells Brian many more are worse off than him and he has to make the most of what he's got.moreless
  • Wed 1 Apr, 1981
    Wed 1 Apr, 1981
    Episode 26
    Stan, Eddie and Hilda spend the morning searching through the tip for their washing. They give up as there are thousands of identical bags on the tip. Hilda is distraught. Ron tells Brian that due to the recession there will be no more overtime. Len offers Richard a 50p rise instead of £1. Mike apologises to Deirdre for taking her for granted. She still maintains that their relationship is over. Eddie organises a whip round for the Ogdens but the residents are reluctant to chip in. Len and Richard settle on 65p. Richard calls off the strike. Brian tells Bert he's fed up with Gail being tired all the time, bills, mortgage and a crying baby. He upsets Ivy by saying he wishes he'd never married. Deirdre invites Ken for a meal. He accepts. Annie gives Hilda some spare blankets. Fred admits to Betty he'd like to marry Eunice.moreless
  • Mon 30 Mar, 1981
    Mon 30 Mar, 1981
    Episode 25
    Len employs Bert as paper boy whilst the strike is on. Hilda puts her washing in a black bag. She is horrified to discover Eddie has taken it to the tip instead of the rubbish, also in a bin bag. Deirdre is furious that Mike dumped her but is pleased she spent the evening with Ken. Ivy is furious to find the regulars joking about Bert having a paper round. Mike plans an evening out with Deirdre. Richard asks Bert to stop his paper round as he's strike breaking. Bert agrees. Deirdre refuses to go out with Mike telling him he's a rat and she's not going out with him again. Eddie confirms he threw out the bin bag from the kitchen. Hilda tells him it contained all their laundry. Eddie tells her the bag will be on the tip until the morning. Hilda swears they'll try to salvage itmoreless
  • Wed 25 Mar, 1981
    Wed 25 Mar, 1981
    Episode 24
    When Len still refuses to meet Richard's demands for an extra £1 a week, Richard brings the paper boys out on strike and blacks the Kabin. Gail assures Brian things will get better as Nicky gets older. Annie lays on a duck supper for Eunice. She wants to make sure Fred doesn't entertain Eunice in his bedroom. The Tilsleys get a huge rates bill. Gail is frightened to show it to Brian. Rita offers paper girl Penny Shaw an extra £1 a week on the quiet to do the papers but Richard frightens her off. Annie interrogates Eunice and encourages her to pursue Fred. Deirdre acts as hostess at Mike's flatwarming. She is annoyed when Mike spends the time dancing with Sonia. Fred and Eunice enjoy their supper. She agrees to visit his bedroom but Annie spoils their plans by getting Eunice to wash up. Gail shows Brian the £158 rates bill, he is furious that they're so in debt. Mike takes Sonia and the partygoers to the Panda Club, leaving Ken and Deirdre behind to wash up.moreless
  • Mon 23 Mar, 1981
    Mon 23 Mar, 1981
    Episode 23
    Gail asks Brian to take more responsibility with Nicky and stop acting as if he is single. Annie returns from visiting Joan to discover Fred has a girlfriend. Eunice arrives at the Rovers. Annie and Bet are amazed she seems so nice. Len refuses to give the paper boys a rise. One of them, Richard, threatens a strike. Len doesn't believe him. Gail is annoyed when Brian tries to get out of spending an evening at home with his family.moreless
  • Wed 18 Mar, 1981
    Wed 18 Mar, 1981
    Episode 22
    Bet and Betty are amazed to discover Fred has got a girlfriend. Rita gets a singing job in Eccles. Sonia thinks Ken loves Deirdre. He assures her Deirdre's in the past as he's concerned. Len agrees to Mavis going on holiday. Vera and Ida measure Mike's flat up for curtains. Rita refuses to do the early papers in Mavis' absence as she's singing - Len will have to do them. Emily puts an advert in the paper saying that she's changing her name back to Bishop. Mavis and Emily decide to go to Malta. Bet tricks Fred into telling her his girlfriend is called Eunice Nuttall. At Mike's flat Vera reads a letter saying Mike owing £1,300. Mike tells her the letter is for the former occupant. Mavis and Emily book for the next day for two weeks in Malta. Deirdre is jealous that Ken is taking Sonia out. Rita tells Len he has to do the papers at 6am. Fred tells Bet and Betty he'll bring Eunice into the pub to stop them joking about her.moreless
  • Mon 16 Mar, 1981
    Mon 16 Mar, 1981
    Episode 21
    Fred amazes Bet and Betty by being cheerful. Sonia asks Ken to take her to Mike's flat warming. He is pleased to agree. The police tell Emily Arnold has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Sonia uses Mavis as her model for the beauty classes. Sonia takes Ken for a drink. They enjoy each others company. Emily decides to get away from the Street for a break and invites Mavis to come with her as her companion.moreless
  • Wed 11 Mar, 1981
    Wed 11 Mar, 1981
    Episode 20
    Len puts a new lock on Emily's door. Rita takes care of Emily and takes her to the police. Sonia takes a fancy to Ken. Emily is upset when the neighbours what to know all the details of Arnold's visit. She feels sorry for Arnold. Arnold phones Emily and asks to meet her at the park. She tells the police, they ask her to act as bait for them to catch Arnold. She feels she is betraying Arnold. Ivy feels sure Len will keep Bert on at the Yard. Bet flirts with Wally but Elsie sees her off. He asks Elsie if he can become her lodger, she refuses. Mike plans a flat warming and asks Deirdre to organise the food. Emily arrives to see Arnold with the police. Arnold is arrested and taken away.moreless
  • Mon 9 Mar, 1981
    Mon 9 Mar, 1981
    Episode 19
    Emily tells Arnold to leave her life but he tells her it's not possible. He is upset she reported him to the police. He tells her he has no regrets. Bet is upset when the customers don't show their gratitude in her return. She tells Annie she wants to leave but Annie sorts things out for her. Arnold is obviously mentally disturbed and frightens Emily. He tells her they must be together in the next life as well as this life. Emily threatens to call the police if he doesn't leave her. He physically stops her from leaving the house. He tells her he knows God wants them to die. She tells him she is not prepared to die. Wally takes Elsie on the town. Sonia Price starts Yoga and Beauty classes at the Centre. Arnold urges Emily to pray with him before they commit suicide. She begs him to let her go. He demands to see her Bible. She tells him it's in her bedroom. As he goes upstairs she runs out of the house. She finds Len and tells him that Arnold is inside. Len checks but Arnold has already left by the back door.moreless
  • Wed 4 Mar, 1981
    Wed 4 Mar, 1981
    Episode 18
    Annie forces herself to be nice to Carole and Diane. Bert enjoys working again, even if it is labouring. Bet likes working at The Rifleman but misses the Rovers. Gordon is furious that Annie has taken Fred back. He tells her she's made a mistake but she tears him off a strip. Mike buys the flat and furniture for £25,000. Annie realises she made a mistake not trusting the staff by bringing Gordon in. He tells her she's too old to run the pub. Annie tells him she's made a report on him for Mr Cresswell at Newton and Ridley's. Betty gets a job at The Rifleman. Annie offers Bet and Betty more money to return but they are upset that she didn't trust them to run the pub. Annie apologises. The girls agree to return on the guarantee that in future Betty will be in charge in her absence. Emily finds Arnold waiting for her at home.moreless
  • Mon 2 Mar, 1981
    Mon 2 Mar, 1981
    Episode 17
    Deirdre looks over the flat Mike is planning to buy, 46b St Mary's Place for £28,000. Annie returns from Casablanca to find Carole and Diane behind the bar. She cannot believe that Bet and Betty have walked out and that Fred has stolen and threatened Gordon. Bert asks Len to take him on as a labourer. Len feels embarrassed as he's a skilled man but agrees. Fred puts his side of the story to Annie. She sides with him. She arranges to see Betty and Bet only to discover Bet has another job and could get Betty one.moreless
  • Wed 25 Feb, 1981
    Wed 25 Feb, 1981
    Episode 16
    Mike tells Deirdre that Emily warned him off. Emily tells Deirdre she has her best interest at heart and points out that Ken is reliable. Gordon stops Bet from smoking behind the bar. Deirdre tells Ken he's been unreliable with her in the past and she will not marry him. They are over. Ken tells Mike the field is clear for him and asks him not to hurt Deirdre. Gordon throws a hot pot supper. Gordon sees Fred helping himself to a short and confronts him. Fred argues that it's a perk of the job. Fred threatens to hit him when Gordon accuses him of stealing. Gordon suspends him. Wally takes Elsie to the Rovers. Bet and Betty walk out of the Rovers when they hear about Fred's suspension. Gordon calls in old friends Carole and Diane to replace them.moreless
  • Mon 23 Feb, 1981
    Mon 23 Feb, 1981
    Episode 15
    Deirdre isn't sure what Ken wants from her. Bert hears that Aspinalls are taking men on. Ken tells Deirdre he's like to end their open relationship and become unofficially engaged. Bert is too late at Aspinalls to get a job. He wishes Len had told him about it earlier. Emily is pleased that Ken has proposed to Deirdre. She pushes Deirdre to accept. Deirdre feels confused about her feelings. Elsie is pleased to discover Wally is divorced. She fishes for him to invite her out. Emily tells Mike Deirdre is emotionally confused and asks him to stay away from her for a while.moreless
  • Wed 18 Feb, 1981
    Wed 18 Feb, 1981
    Episode 14
    Gordon does the cellar just as he wants it. Fred is furious. Gordon tells him he'll check it every day. Ken tells Deirdre she should have told him she is seeing Mike. Len puts a new washer on at the Rovers. Gordon is furious when Bet gives him a drink before opening hours. Bet apologises and tries to flirt her way out of the situation. Ken asks Mike what he feels for Deirdre. Mike tells him he's enjoying himself. Johnny is annoyed when Sandra doesn't give him discount at the cafe. When a lorry driver paws Sandra Johnny warns him off. The lorry driver threatens to hit Johnny. Wally stops the fight. Elsie thanks him. Ken tells Deirdre he is jealous of her seeing Mike. He accuses her of taking him for a ride, she tells him he's got a cheek and he has no right to moralise about her. He tells her he wants her and finds it painful that she's seeing Mike.moreless
  • Mon 16 Feb, 1981
    Mon 16 Feb, 1981
    Episode 13
    Elsie takes a shine to café customer Wally Randle. Gordon charms Betty and Hilda but shows contempt for Bet and Fred. Mike asks Deirdre for a meal. Instead of accepting she invites him for a meal at her flat, he agrees. Emily is upset that Deirdre is seeing Mike and not Ken anymore. Elsie takes a liking to Sandra Webb and takes her on at the cafe. Ken asks Deirdre out for the evening. She tells him she's busy. Stan accuses Betty of short changing him. Gordon sides with Stan and gets Betty to give him the extra money. Betty accuses Gordon of making her seem dishonest. Deirdre cooks steak for Mike. He assures her he isn't the womaniser that people think he is. He tells her he fancies her. Gordon tells Fred his cellar is a shambles and he wants it putting right. Ken sees Mike kissing Deirdre goodnight.moreless
  • Wed 11 Feb, 1981
    Wed 11 Feb, 1981
    Episode 12
    Lorraine fails to come into work. Elsie can't cope on her own. Deirdre agrees to go to the pictures with Mike. Elsie docks Lorraine's wages when she turns up two hours late. Johnny plans to leave Maureen, he contemplates asking Elsie to take him in. Ken apologises to Deirdre. They agree to make another arrangement some other time. Annie goes off on her cruise, she nearly misses her train as Fred thinks 13.19 is 3. 19pm instead of 1.19. Johnny asks Elsie if he can be her lodger. She refuses to take him in as he's married. When Lorraine accuses Elsie of flirting with Johnny Elsie sacks her. Gordon takes over the Rovers. He appears to have no sense of humour. Johnny makes up with Maureen. Johnny tells Elsie his niece Sandra needs a job. Elsie agrees to see her. Deirdre and Mike go to the pictures. They end up kissing in his car.moreless
  • Mon 9 Feb, 1981
    Mon 9 Feb, 1981
    Episode 11
    Ken books a restaurant to take Deirdre out. Elsie is run ragged as Lorraine is useless. Lorraine agrees to go to Liverpool with a lorry driver. Emily is pleased Ken and Deirdre are back together. The Brewery sends Gordon Lewis to the Rovers as temporary manager. He assures Annie the pub will be safe in his hands. Elsie is furious when Lorraine walks out of the cafe early. Annie tells Fred she's brought Gordon in as she doesn't trust him to look after the pub in her absence. Deirdre gets ready for her date with Ken but he doesn't turn up. Mike invites her to join him for a meal. She goes with him. Ken breaks down on the moors. He is annoyed to have let Deirdre down. Deirdre and Mike enjoy each others company. They agree to repeat the experience.moreless
  • Wed 4 Feb, 1981
    Wed 4 Feb, 1981
    Episode 10
    Ivy tells Bert to go to Holland; she realises how much he needs a job. Fred throws pie crust onto the dust cart, birds perch on it and dirty it. Eddie has to clean it again. Deirdre is cool towards Ken for not seeing her. He realises Albert never gave him the message. Bert is offered a 3 month contract as a fitter in Holland but tells Ivy he hasn't got a job as he doesn't want to leave her. She is delighted he's staying. Stan buys Hilda a pendant for her birthday. She is touched. Ken tells Albert to stop interfering in his life. Elsie has trouble with cafe assistant Lorraine Tindall. The dust cart wins first prize. Annie books a winter cruise with Mrs Taylor-Brown. Ken cooks Deirdre a meal, they agree to see more of each other, starting with another night out. Annie tells Alf she doesn't trust her staff and has arranged for a manager to take over the pub.moreless
  • Mon 2 Feb, 1981
    Mon 2 Feb, 1981
    Episode 9
    Annie complains to Eddie about parking the dust cart in the street. Ken is short with Deirdre. Bert tells Ivy he wants to work in Holland. Fred is jealous that Eddie could win cup final tickets. Ivy is upset at the idea of Bert working abroad. Deirdre decides she must make the first move if she wants Ken. She asks Albert to tell Ken she's available for the evening. Eddie fears Fred will try to sabotage the dust cart. Brian and Gail upset Ivy be agreeing with Bert that he should go where the jobs are. Albert doesn't pass on Deirdre's message to Ken. Eddie parks himself in the dust cart for the night.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jan, 1981
    Wed 28 Jan, 1981
    Episode 8
    Ken quizzes Dirk about his intentions towards Deirdre. Audrey and Ivy are surprised by the Tilsley's choice of names - Nicholas Paul as the baby is christened by Father Harris at St Boniface. Elsie and Andy are Godparents. Eddie and the crew clean their dust cart in the Street. The Tilsleys toast Nicholas Paul in champagne. Deirdre is sad to see Dirk leave for Holland. Bert asks Dirk if there is any chance of a job in Holland for him.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jan, 1981
    Mon 26 Jan, 1981
    Episode 7
    Eddie acquires an accordion, swapping it for a washing machine off the tip. The exhaust falls off Ken's car. Eddie and the dust cart crew including Arthur Wesbter enter the cleanest dust cart competition as the prize is cup final tickets. Father Harris sorts out the christening with Gail and Brian. Ivy insists on being around for the preparations. Dirk tells Deirdre he's staying longer in England and he enjoys her company. They arrange another date. Hilda tells Elsie that Ivy doesn't want her to be Godmother. Elsie drags Hilda to the Rovers to see Ivy. Ivy tells Elsie she doesn't approve of her because of her morals. Annie stops them fighting. Alf can't babysit for Deirdre so she has to let Dirk down. He agrees to spend the evening with her in the shop. Hilda gives Eddie permission to clean the dustcart outside the house. Ken is jealous to see Deirdre with Dirk. Andy Rowlands points out that David's initials will be DDT. Gail is horrified.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jan, 1981
    Wed 21 Jan, 1981
    Episode 6
    Len thinks Hilda thinks Rita has a fella. Rita tells him to ask Hilda. Fred's cheque bounces when Alf banks it. He demands his money back from Fred, Fred has already spent the money. Bert does DIY for Gail to fill in time. Gail finds the baby hard work, she had no idea it would be so difficult. Det Sgt Cross of the CID calls on Fred and questions him about Gee Wizz Video Enterprises as he's got financial interest in the blue movies they produce. Fred tells him all about Frankie. Mike refuses to honour Frankie's cheque for Fred. Tracy's present from Ray is a dolls house. Dirk turns up again and asks Deirdre out. She admires his persistence and agrees to stand Ken up in his favour. Rita tells Len that Ralph got her the job in Stockport and Hilda has been thinking she's been unfaithful. Len finds the news disappointing. Ken stands aside like a gentleman to let Deirdre go out with Dirk.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jan, 1981
    Mon 19 Jan, 1981
    Episode 5
    Rita enjoyed singing but found it hard. Ken asks Deirdre for a date. She agrees. Len feels that Hilda is trying to tell him something. Dirk Van Der Sterk calls to see Deirdre. He's a friend of Ray's. Ray has made Tracy a present and Dirk delivers it. Deirdre feels awkward about giving the present to Tracy. He tells her Ray has split with Annie after she lost her baby. Bert sets up a baby alarm for the Tilsleys. Dirk asks Deirdre out for a date on the evening she was to see Ken. Dirk tells her he can't make any other night.moreless
  • Wed 14 Jan, 1981
    Wed 14 Jan, 1981
    Episode 4
    Rita tells Hilda that the phone message was about a singing engagement. Brian asks Ivy to accept Elsie as Godmother as he doesn't want anymore fights. Hilda feels she should give Len some Marriage Guidance before Rita goes astray. She advises him to take more notice of Rita. Fred doesn't have a bank account so asks Mike to cash his cheque. Mike says it's too much money for him. Alf cashes Fred's cheque and agrees to put money into the venture himself. Rita sings at the Ace of Clubs. Mike knows Frankie hasn't got enough money in his account to cover Fred's cheque. Frankie asks him to give him the money, he refuses. Alf gives Frankie a £100 to invest in the wedding video venture.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jan, 1981
    Mon 12 Jan, 1981
    Episode 3
    Bert goes for a job at the dairy but he is too old. Ralph tries to interest Rita in singing in Stockport. She agrees but tells him not to tell Len. Frankie returns. He tells Mike the vice squad are after him. He tells him his partner Terry is also making blue movies. Terry has disappeared and Frankie refuses to hang around. Frankie swears to Mike he knew nothing about the venture. Len tells Rita she can sing at Stockport when she swears Ralph isn't involved. Gail is adamant that Elsie will be Godmother despite Ivy's thoughts on the subject. Whilst cleaning at No. 9, Hilda takes a phone message from Ralph. Fred asks Frankie for his £70 back. Frankie gives him a cheque back for £150, telling him that's what his investment is worth now. Fred is astounded and gives Frankie another £50 to invest. Hilda gives Rita the message, thinking Rita has a lover.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jan, 1981
    Wed 7 Jan, 1981
    Episode 2
    The paper boys don't turn up at the Kabin. Brian feels pushed out of things by Audrey and Ivy. Bert tells him that Ivy won't stop hanging around until Audrey leaves. Eddie accuses Neil of leaning on the paper boys. Eddie threatens him and tells him to apologise to Mavis. Gail and Brian settle on Daniel. Gail is pleased when Audrey says she must return to her flat. Neil apologises to Mavis. She takes him back. Elsie agrees to be Daniel's God mother. Ken entertains Deirdre at No. 1. He rents a garage in Viaduct Street to keep the car. Ivy is horrified to discover Elsie is going to be her grandson's Godmother.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jan, 1981
    Mon 5 Jan, 1981
    Episode 1
    Brian brings Gail and the baby home. Audrey and Ivy fuss. Albert tells Ken to move the car from outside his front door. Gail goes off breastfeeding. She can't decide between David or Daniel for a name. Eddie returns a load of papers from the Kabin to Mavis. She realises paperboy Neil Grimshaw has been throwing them instead of delivering them. She admits she's frightened of Neil. Eddie promises to sort him out. Albert reports the car for obstruction. The police arrive but let Ken park as he lives at No. 1. Ivy thinks the baby should be called David, Audrey favours Daniel. Bert and Brian get drunk together in celebration. Eddie and Mavis confront Neil, he swears he hasn't thrown the papers and resigns. Ivy feels that Audrey's way of childrearing is wrong.moreless
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