Coronation Street - Season 23

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  • Wed 29 Dec, 1982
    Wed 29 Dec, 1982
    Episode 104
    Hilda is cross not to be invited to the Rovers staff party so Annie is forced to invite her. Emily manages to convince Mavis there is nothing between Victor and her. Deirdre wants to see a film at the pictures and is annoyed when Ken refuses to take her as he wants to watch a documentry on TV. Mavis apologises to Victor and is thrilled when he agrees to start afresh with her. Deirdre has a boring time over Christmas and goes to the pictures alone. Victor tries to get Mavis to take her into her flat but she refuses. Fred gives the girls presents and realises Bet has conned him as they haven't anything for him. HILDA (to Bet): "You'll have sequins on yer flippin' shroud." After the pictures, Deirdre refuses to go straight home and calls on Mike. They drink together.moreless
  • Mon 27 Dec, 1982
    Mon 27 Dec, 1982
    Episode 103
    Deirdre is touched when Ray sends Tracy a Christmas card. Ken annoys her by saying Ray should face up to his responsibilities more often. Mavis is cool towards Emily and Victor, especially when Victor tells her Emily is a wonderful person. Rita advises Mavis to fight for her man. Elsie tells Mike that Maggie has married Harry Redman. He is stunned. He doesn't like the idea of another man bringing his child up. Mavis accuses Emily of monopolising Victor. Emily gets annoyed and tells her that she gave Victor some supper. Annie discovers Nellie is throwing a party for her staff and decides to throw one herself. Bet tells Fred that they'll have to buy each other presents. Mavis refuses to drink with Victor. He is flattered by her jealousy. She tells him he's a rotten writer and she never wants to see him again.moreless
  • Wed 22 Dec, 1982
    Wed 22 Dec, 1982
    Episode 102
    Hilda gets Stan to wear Dr Lowther's dress suit to see what he looks like. Deirdre agrees to spend Christmas at home to please Ken. Elsie and Vera tell Mike that Ivy knew nothing about the bag making and plead with him to reinstate Ivy. He refuses. Annie calls on the Ogdens and is put out to find they have dressed for dinner. Mavis and Victor take Emily to the dance. When Mavis is shy about dancing Victor drags Emily onto the floor. Bert breaks his arm at work and has to wear it in a sling. Jack and Vera sing at the dance and are a success. Deirdre feels bored at the dance as Ken is busy as MC. Chalkie makes a play for Bet at the dance. Mike tells Ivy she can return to work, as a Christmas present. Mavis feels like a wall flower as Victor and Emily spend the evening together. Mavis walks out of the dance. Deirdre is pleased when Mike dances with her. He tells her to call on him over Christmas if she gets bored. Fred and Chalkie jostle each other to dance with Elsie. Marion tells Elsie that Maggie has married. Fred undoes Elsie's dress whilst dancing with her.moreless
  • Mon 20 Dec, 1982
    Mon 20 Dec, 1982
    Episode 101
    There is conflict between Ken and Deirdre over his refusal to go away for Christmas. Ken tries to recruit cabaret for tomorrow night's 'do'. The factory workers are shocked at the news of Ivy's sacking by Mike.
  • Wed 15 Dec, 1982
    Wed 15 Dec, 1982
    Episode 100
    The girls in the factory continue turning out illicit handbags, but a furious Mike finds out, and sacks Ivy. Emily volunteers to look after Albert so the Barlows can go to Blanche's for Christmas. But Deirdre finds out that Ken doesn't want to go.
  • Mon 13 Dec, 1982
    Mon 13 Dec, 1982
    Episode 99
    Hilda is thrilled when Eddie returns with Marion. They are reconciled. The factory girls make up denim handbags behind Mike's back for Christmas presents. They make extra ones to give to Sammy Patel to sell on his market stall. Eddie plans to make up the £1,000 by stopping drinking and smoking. Marion is amused by his determination. Blanche invites the Barlows and Albert to spend Christmas with her at the club. Deirdre is keen but Albert refuses to go. Ivy refuses to have anything to do with the handbags which Vera and Elsie are making. She warns them that Mike will kill them if he finds out.moreless
  • Wed 8 Dec, 1982
    Wed 8 Dec, 1982
    Episode 98
    Marion looks up all Eddie's old friends but no one has seen him. Fred chats Elsie up in the hope she'll accompany him to the Centre dance. Len accuses Brian of leading Sharon on and dropping her. He tells Brian that he wants to thump him for driving Sharon away. Marion persuades a lorry driver to put out a call on his CB for 'Slim Jim'. A breaker comes on saying he spotted Eddie the previous day. Marion traces Eddie to his digs only to find he's moved as he has no money. Rita is close to tears as Sharon leaves for Sheffield. Len tries to control his emotions but fails. Marion is approached by a man who mistakes her for a prostitute. She tries to escape him. Eddie turns up, sees her plight and scares the man off.moreless
  • Mon 6 Dec, 1982
    Mon 6 Dec, 1982
    Episode 97
    Ken organises a dance at the Centre in aid of a children's' chairty. Marion grows distressed, fearing that Eddie will fall in with his old friends and end up in Walton again. Len offers Sharon an apprenticeship in order to keep her in Weatherfield. Marion goes to Liverpool to search for Eddie. Stan realises that Hilda is worried about Eddie and tries to comfort her. Sharon tells the Faircloughs she'll never get over Brian if she stays in the Street so she's decided to go to Sheffield. Len is furious that Brian is driving her away. Marion arrives in Liverpool.moreless
  • Wed 1 Dec, 1982
    Wed 1 Dec, 1982
    Episode 96
    Phyllis cooks an early Christmas dinner for the Whiteleys but everyone's too excited to enjoy it. Marion discovers that Eddie hasn't been at work. Rita decides that Sharon should be told about the job. Sharon is delighted with the prospect of a proper job but doesn't like the idea of leaving the Faircloughs. Bet is sad that Bob is leaving and tries, in vain, to get him to write to her. Len is angry that Rita has told Sharon about the job. Elsie is annoyed when Hilda accuses Marion of driving Eddie away from his home. Hilda turns on Elsie, blaming her for bringing Siddall into their lives. Phyllis sobs as Craig and Bob leave for Australia. Chalkie is sad to see them go. Social worker Carter tells Sharon that if she takes the job she will live with the Stringers who own the kennels. He tells her he'll need to know soon if she wants the job. Marion is told that Jack saw Eddie making his way to Liverpool.moreless
  • Mon 29 Nov, 1982
    Mon 29 Nov, 1982
    Episode 95
    Chalkie assures Craig he loves him but he'd be better off in Australia. Sharon is still depressed over not seeing Brian. She feels she'll never get over him. Marion is sorry for her outburst and wants to apologise but she can't find Eddie. The Social Services contact the Faircloughs and tell them they have found Sharon a job as kennel maid in Sheffield. Rita doesn't like the idea of Sharon moving away. Len agrees with her and they decide not to tell Sharon about the job offer. Marion and Hilda are upset to find Eddie has disappeared.moreless
  • Wed 24 Nov, 1982
    Wed 24 Nov, 1982
    Episode 94
    Ken convinces Chalkie that there would be more opportunities for Craig in Australia. Geoff's boss tells Elsie that Geoff has left the country, taking company funds with him. Elsie breaks the news to Marion. Mavis and Victor try to tune in to listen to their story but can't find the station. Elsie is furious that her holiday has been cancelled. Marion is distressed as they've lost their savings. Marion rows with Elsie for picking up Geoff in the first place. Mavis is relieved that no one else has remembered to listen to the story. Chalkie tells Craig it would be in his best interests to emigrate. Bob is pleased. Eddie is stunned to discover Geoff has run off with his money. Marion tells Eddie he's a failure and they might as well finish for good. She tells him to stay out of her life.moreless
  • Mon 22 Nov, 1982
    Mon 22 Nov, 1982
    Episode 93
    Chalkie tells Bob he's going to stay in England. Elsie shops for her trip abroad. Chalkie and Phyllis decide to join forces to persuade Bob to let Craig stay with them. Eddie convinces Marion that his motives were good and he wants the money to grow for their new home. Phyllis tells Chalkie she'll never forgive him if he lets Bob take Criag away from her. Bob asks Chalkie not to interfere with his plans for Craig; he wants to make things up to him for his absences in the past. Elsie waits in vain for Geoff to pick her up, she discovers Geoff has disappeared. She breaks the news to Eddie and Marion.moreless
  • Wed 17 Nov, 1982
    Wed 17 Nov, 1982
    Episode 92
    Craig doesn't want to leave Weatherfield or Chalkie. Bob tells Chalkie he's welcome to join them. Marion discovers that Eddie has withdrawn £1,000 from their building society account. Phyllis is upset that Craig is keen to live in Australia. She tells him he could live with her. Marion rows with Eddie and accuses him of cheating her out of their savings. Chalkie decides he's too old to uproot himself and leave England. Bob tries to convince him that he can start again and points out he'll be miles away from Phyllis. Elsie decides to accompany Geoff to Belgium. Mavis and Victor's story 'A Night to Forget' has been selected to be read over the radio. Mavis worries, feeling that pieces may be too rude. Craig tells Bob he's not leaving without Chalkie. Marion feels that she can't trust Eddie any more.moreless
  • Mon 15 Nov, 1982
    Mon 15 Nov, 1982
    Episode 91
    Geoff plans a trip to Belgium to collect some cars. He asks Elsie to come with him. Chalkie throws a welcome home party for Bob. Eddie wants to invest his £1,000 in Geoff's business but Marion feels it's too risky. Phyllis gatecrashes Bob's party to Chalkie's annoyance. Chalkie makes a play for Bet at the party whilst Bob chats Deirdre up. Mavis and Victor clash over how to end their short story. Mavis wants a happy ending but Victor wants it left in the air. Eddie gives Geoff a cheque for £1,000 to invest in his business but he doesn't want Marion to know. Bet makes progress with Bob at the party. Craig interrupts their intimate moments until Bet threatens to kill his pigeons. She is stunned when Bob announces that he's leaving the Navy and has decided to emigrate to Australia, and take Craig with him. Phyllis and Chalkie are horrified.moreless
  • Wed 10 Nov, 1982
    Wed 10 Nov, 1982
    Episode 90
    Victor and Mavis decide to enter stories in a radio competition. Bob fancies Deirdre. Elsie enjoys going out with Geoff as he drives an expensive car. Bet tells Bob it's her night off and she'd like to see him. She wears her tartiest top to impress him. He is more interested in Deirdre. On finding Deirdre is married he decides Bet will do. Bet is pleased when Bob invites her round to No. 9. She arrives to find the entire family watching TV and is forced to join them. Victor gives Mavis his story to read. She finds it very strong and envies his worldly experiences. He suggests they collaborate together on a story for the radio competition. She thinks its a good idea. Eddie tells Geoff he has £1,000 and would like to invest it. Geoff tells him he has a private venture going on and offers him a share in it.moreless
  • Mon 8 Nov, 1982
    Mon 8 Nov, 1982
    Episode 89
    Bob Whiteley returns from the Gulf after being away for 5 months. Mavis admits to Emily that she's taken with class mate Victor Pendlebury but is too shy to find out if he's married or not. Bob thinks No. 9 is a bit pokey. Bet is taken with Bob and flirts with him. Eddie is interested in Geoff's business: bringing cars over from the continent and selling them for vast profits.moreless
  • Wed 3 Nov, 1982
    Wed 3 Nov, 1982
    Episode 88
    Brian thinks Sharon will grow out of fancying him without his intervention. Sharon is upset that Rita won't let her see Brian. Elsie enjoys going out with Geoff Siddall. Rita tells Sharon that Brian doesn't love her. Sharon refuses to believe it. Fred and Eunice go to the hotel to fetch her bags. Fred fears Critchley will become violent. He is shocked when Critchley is charming and gives him the bags. Eunice tells Fred that Critchley didn't really hit her and wants him to have her back. He tells her he has no feelings left for her. Sharon calls on Brian at the garage and begs him to stop everyone splitting them up. Brian tells her he doesn't love her and doesn't want her. He makes it clear that he's not going to throw his marriage away for her. He throws her out of the garage, causing her to tell him he's horrible. Fred drops Eunice at her fathers' and tells her they're finished for good. Sharon breaks down and tells Rita it's over. She is forced to tell Len about her crush on Brian. Len is furious and thinks Brian has been interferring with her. Rita tells him Brian was innocent.moreless
  • Mon 1 Nov, 1982
    Mon 1 Nov, 1982
    Episode 87
    Brian accuses Gail of not trusting him. Rita tackles Sharon about her relationship with Brian, she asks her for her side of the story. Sharon tells her she and Brian love each other and Brian started it. Eunice phones the Rovers causing Annie to tell Fred to put his house in order. He arranges to see Eunice. Eunice calls at the Rovers. She tells Fred she's unhappy. Sharon refuses to take Rita's complaints serious. Sharon refuses to give Brian up or to leave him alone. When Sharon tells her she's a hypocrite; living with Harry Bates, Rita slaps her face. Eunice shows Fred her black eyes and asks him to get her gear from Critchley's hotel. He agrees. Rita tells the Tilsleys that Sharon is adamant that she loves Brian. Brian tells Rita that he's not encouraged Sharon. Rita asks him to tell Sharon that he doesn't love her.moreless
  • Wed 27 Oct, 1982
    Wed 27 Oct, 1982
    Episode 86
    Someone lets Craig's pigeons loose. Sharon tells Brian she's got a photo of him. He tells her he wants it back and tries to take it from her. Gail sees them struggling together and realises what has been going on. Brian tries to tell her nothing has been going on but she takes the picture off Sharon. She realises that Sharon has flung herself at Brian and he hasn't been able to refuse her. Mavis enjoys her English Literature course at the Centre. Chalkie accuses Len of letting the pigeons loose. Len throws him out. Phyllis admits that she let the pigeons out. Chalkie accuses her of interferring in their lives. Gail tells Brian she believes nothing happened between him and Sharon. Chalkie apologises to Len for accusing him. Len gives him a lift to Wigan to see if the pigeons have returned to their original owner. Gail tells Rita that Sharon is in love with Brian. She wants her to sort Sharon out. Debbie calls on Fred. She tells him Critchley has been knocking Eunice about and needs his help. Fred feels it's nothing to do with him. Debbie reminds him that he's still her husband.moreless
  • Mon 25 Oct, 1982
    Mon 25 Oct, 1982
    Episode 85
    Rita guesses that Sharon is in love. Craig's pigeons arrive. He is warned not to let them out of their basket. Brian tells Sharon to leave him alone as he's happily married. She tells him she loves him and is willing to share him with Gail. Hilda starts work for the Lowthers. Brian tries to get out of going out with Gail as he doesn't want Sharon to babysit. Len doesn't like living next door to pigeons and complains to Chalkie. Rita worries that a lad is making Sharon unhappy.moreless
  • Wed 20 Oct, 1982
    Wed 20 Oct, 1982
    Episode 84
    Brian regrets his session with Sharon. Sharon steals a photo of Brian whilst babysitting. She carries it around in a locket. Alf is taken aback at the speed in which Joyce is pressing him into the merger as she makes an appointment with a solicitor. Hilda is thrilled when Mrs Lowther gives her the job. Brian tells Sharon he doesn't want her to come to the house again. He tells her he's fond of her but loves Gail. Alf tells Joyce she's taking him for granted and he's decided not to change the shop. She tells him he's throwing away the chance of a lifetime. Alf is relieved when she leaves. Hilda buys a new overall for her new job. Gail plans a night out with Brian, telling him Sharon can babysit.moreless
  • Mon 18 Oct, 1982
    Mon 18 Oct, 1982
    Episode 83
    Sharon starts to phone Brian at home, putting the phone down when Gail answers. Alf is tempted by Joyce's offer of a partnership. Gail gets Sharon to babysit as she and Brian are both going out. Mrs Lowther rings Annie and gets a verbal reference about Hilda, Hilda worries about what Annie said. Annie is furious to discover Joyce is trying to persuade Alf to convert the shop into an off licence. Brian returns home drunk. Sharon makes a pass at him which he enjoys. Nicky's crying stops their romantic mood.moreless
  • Wed 13 Oct, 1982
    Wed 13 Oct, 1982
    Episode 82
    The Lowthers ask Hilda to go for an interview. Sharon is upset that Brian hasn't replied to her letter. Alf warns Fred off Joyce. Bet has to stop Fred from hitting Alf. Mrs Lowther interviews Hilda at their house – "Goldenhurst". Joyce tells Alf he should come into partnership with her, turn his shop into an off licence and join her chain of shops. He is interested. Sharon discovers it's Brian's birthday. She gives him a key ring. Brian asks her not to send him anymore letters. He enjoys the attention but doesn't want to encourage her.moreless
  • Mon 11 Oct, 1982
    Mon 11 Oct, 1982
    Episode 81
    Hilda discovers a big house in Oakfield Drive, Bolton Road, home of Dr and Mrs Lowther, is advertising for a cleaner. She wants to apply as it's her ambition to clean in a big house. Ron returns from Quatar. Sharon writes Brian a letter, thanking him for running him home. Joyce looks at off licences in the area and asks Alf to give her advice. Ron opens Sharon's letter, telling Brian he's a special person. He advises Brian to sort her out. Mike writes Hilda a glowing reference. She sends it to the Lowthers.moreless
  • Wed 6 Oct, 1982
    Wed 6 Oct, 1982
    Episode 80
    Sharon replaces a washer for Gail and agrees to babysit for her when she asks. Fred is put out when Joyce flirts with Alf. Chalkie and Craig build a pigeon house. Len rows with them for making too much noise. Brian is alarmed that Sharon is babysitting for them. He makes a point of kissing Gail in front of her. Joyce shows a lot of interest in Alf's shop. She makes him see that he should think bigger. Gail gets Brian to drive Sharon home in the van. When she kisses him goodnight he doesn't stop her.moreless
  • Mon 4 Oct, 1982
    Mon 4 Oct, 1982
    Episode 79
    Annie's old friend Joyce Lomax comes to stay ay the Rovers. Craig skives off school, when Phyllis catches him out he pretends he has stomach ache. Phyllis accuses Chalkie of drinking whilst Craig needs him. Fred throws himself at Joyce when he discovers she is a wealthy widow. Sharon can't understand what Brian sees in Gail. Craig wants a pet and talks Chalkie into getting some pigeons like they used to have. Phyllis disapproves, finding them dirty. Annie introduces Joyce to Alf hoping romance will blossom. Sharon overhears Brian looking for a babysitter.moreless
  • Wed 29 Sep, 1982
    Wed 29 Sep, 1982
    Episode 78
    Ivy puts Milly up as she stays over. Mike tells Ivy that Milly is poisonous. Ivy tells him that Milly thinks the London factory is in trouble, not them. Rita is sad that Uncle Sam has died a few weeks ago. Milly threatens Mike with a strike in London. She wants the girls to strike with them. Sharon tries to seduce Brian, he isn't interested. Ivy feels that the London girls should sort their own problems out. The girls accuse her of siding with management. Elsie thinks Mike's trying to transfer the business to Weatherfield as he wants to close the London factory down. The majority of workers vote against the strike, thinking Elsie is right. Eddie fears Annie will bring in the police over her watch. He visits Billy's fence and looks through his stuff, he finds Annie's watch and Marion's ring. Milly can't believe the girls won't support her. She tells the girls they're chicken. Emily tells the girls that the report favoured them and not London. Eddie tells Hilda that Billy was on the run from the police and tells her that he stole Annie's watch. Hilda 'finds' the watch in Annie's kitchen. Annie is delighted. Eddie plants Marion's ring in the sugar basin. Marion is delighted when she finds it.moreless
  • Mon 27 Sep, 1982
    Mon 27 Sep, 1982
    Episode 77
    Marion searches everywhere for her ring. Sharon refuses to be put off Brian just because he's married. Mike is surprised that the Weatherfield factory is more efficient than the London one. Annie's wrist watch goes missing. Vera reads the time and motion report in Mike's office. She doesn't understand a word of it. Mike lets the girls think he's closing the factory before telling them they're not as efficient as the London office and the report recommends he makes redundancies. He tells them he's not going to sack anyone if they agree to no pay rise this year and to work harder. Sharon borrows a friend's bike and punctures it, she asks Brian to repair it. The girls thank Mike for saving their jobs. The London shop steward tells Ida that Mike is making 25% of them redundant and asks her to support them. The girls are puzzled. Brian repairs Sharon's bike, knowing she fancies him. Eddie hears that jewellry has been stolen from the area. Milly Webster travels up from London and tells the girls that they should join forces to strike back at Mike.moreless
  • Wed 22 Sep, 1982
    Wed 22 Sep, 1982
    Episode 76
    Eddie is forced to tell Stan that Billy is on the run. Stan tells Eddie to get Billy out. Hilda is upset that Eddie and Stan are picking on Billy. Phyllis thinks No. 9 is a tip and tries to lure Craig into her house. Sharon decides she's in love with Brian and finds out where he works. Billy disappears when Stan lets him believe a police car is watching No. 13. Sharon chats Brian up. She feels he's interested in her but is stunned to see him kissing Gail. Broadhurst gives Mike his study. Phyllis upsets Albert by sitting on his chair in the Snug. Marion loses her engagement ring.moreless
  • Mon 20 Sep, 1982
    Mon 20 Sep, 1982
    Episode 75
    Eddie tells Billy to leave No. 13. Sharon sees Brian and thinks he's dishy. Phyllis Pearce, Craig's maternal grandmother, tracks Chalkie and Craig down to the Street. She wants Craig to live with her but Chalkie refuses to give him up. Hilda gets Billy to go to the Rovers, he hides in a corner. He sees a CID man in the pub and panics. Eddie tells him to leave in the morning.moreless
  • Wed 15 Sep, 1982
    Wed 15 Sep, 1982
    Episode 74
    Rita pays for the Post Office to redirect their letters, Len is annoyed that Chalkie has won. Jack overhears Broadhurst telling Ken that it's his job to see if a factory should close. Jack warns Vera that her job may be on the line. Vera tackles Mike, he tells her he has no plans to close the factory. Rita finds out where the trap door at No. 9 is for Chalkie to make the peace. Len realises why she's asking and gives her the wrong information. Rita tells Len he's childish for carrying the feud on. Billy tells Eddie he's escaped from custody and the police are looking for him. Eddie realises the Ogdens could get done for habouring him.moreless
  • Mon 13 Sep, 1982
    Mon 13 Sep, 1982
    Episode 73
    Ivy doesn't trust Broadhurst as he carries out his study. Mike wants to know which the most expensive factory to run: London or Weatherfield. Eddie's jail bird friend Billy Nelson calls at No. 13 and gains Hilda's sympathy with his tales of woe. The factory girls guess that Broadhurst is studying them, Ida decides to bring in the Union. Mike tells the girls he has to have the study carried out. Len discovers that Chalkie has redirected his mail. He is furious as the Wilson order would have earned him £600. Hilda falls for Billy's tales and tells him he can sleep on the sofa. Eddie warns her that Billy is a thief.moreless
  • Wed 8 Sep, 1982
    Wed 8 Sep, 1982
    Episode 72
    Chalkie gets frustrated when Craig keeps skiving off school. He refuses to pass on letters for Len. Hilda is upset that Mike has sacked her. She lays into Mike, telling him she's served him well, he tells her the job is still hers. Chalkie's boiler goes wrong. He accuses Len of not looking after it and threatens to send him the repair bill. Len tells him No. 9 is nothing to do with him so Chalkie writes 'not known at this address' on Len's letters. Elsie and Hilda decide to get Eddie and Marion back together. They set up a meeting between them. Len hears Wilsons have sent him a tender form and he has now lost the job as he hasn't replied. Eddie and Marion meet and realise Hilda and Elsie have been plotting. Marion tells Eddie he's the only man she wants. Len accuses Chalkie of keeping his post. Eddie gives Marion her ring back. Mike employs a time and motion study man, Eric Broadhurst, but he tells Ivy not to tell the girls.moreless
  • Mon 6 Sep, 1982
    Mon 6 Sep, 1982
    Episode 71
    Mike refuses to let Maggie walk out of his life with his child. Marion returns to No. 11. Eddie is delighted to see her. Mike tells Deirdre that pregnant Maggie has left him. His story upsets her. Marion tells Elsie she went to live with Phil but found she no longer loved him. An important cheque is sent to Len at No. 9. Chalkie gives it to Len a week later, Len is furious and shouts at him. Chalkie tells them that he won't forward any letters in future. Eddie fears that Marion doesn't want to see him again. Mike hears people talking about Maggie leaving him and sacks Hilda, even though she swears she hasn't told anyone. Marion feels that Eddie doesn't want to see her anymore.moreless
  • Wed 1 Sep, 1982
    Wed 1 Sep, 1982
    Episode 70
    Customers pull out of the garage because of McKellar's notice. Mike feels Maggie would feel better if they were married so he proposes to her. Brian takes the notice down. Skinner tells him he's being too soft with McKellar. Annie is intrigued to see Fred with the posh Mrs Chadwick. She tells Fred it's obvious that they're having an affair and advises him to finish with her. She gives him the lighter to give to Mrs Chadwick, Fred agrees to finish his 'affair'. Brian tells McKellar that he got the job he paid for and tells him to remove the car. McKellar tells him he's a conman. Gail is upset to see Brian bullying McKellar. Maggie tells Mike that she can't marry him; she doesn't love him. He accuses her of using him. She leaves the flat when he insists she keeps the baby.moreless
  • Mon 30 Aug, 1982
    Mon 30 Aug, 1982
    Episode 69
    Fred returns from holiday feeling fit. Maggie feels the baby is an inconvenience. McKellar is furious that Brian won't re-spray the car. He refuses to remove the car until he's satisfied with the job. Annie finds an expensive ladies cigarette lighter in the Rover. Fred swears he hasn't used the car whilst she's been away. Mike is thrilled that he's going to be a father. Maggie is annoyed that he's told Len about the baby as she isn't sure if she wants to be a mother. Brian thinks McKellar will give up and take the car away. He hears that McKellar has put a notice in his windscreen saying that the garage does a rotten job. Mrs Chadwick tells Fred she's left her lighter in the Rover.moreless
  • Wed 25 Aug, 1982
    Wed 25 Aug, 1982
    Episode 68
    Brian hits trouble when one of the customers he passed on to Frank Skinner, Mr McKellar, complains of bad work - and Skinner refuses to put it right. Maggie behaves oddly all day - then breaks it to Mike that he's going to be a father. Rita keeps on finding fault with the new house till Len blows his top.moreless
  • Mon 23 Aug, 1982
    Mon 23 Aug, 1982
    Episode 67
    The Faircloughs move into No. 7. Len is nostalgic about leaving No. 9. Hilda finds Marion's ring in Eddie's room. He is forced to tell her the engagement is off. Marion goes to visit her aunt to think things over. Hilda tells Eddie she's sure Marion will return to him. Maggie feels the shop is a bargain. Mike tells her she's a bad risk as she's offering him nothing in return. She is furious. Skinner does a re-spray for one of Brian's clients. Maggie borrows the money from Harry Redman. Mike is jealous and wonders what Harry means to her. Len enjoys living in a house he built. Craig's drumming practice upsets the Faircloughs.moreless
  • Wed 18 Aug, 1982
    Wed 18 Aug, 1982
    Episode 66
    Bet finds a flat but tells Alf she doesn't really like it. Ken warns Alf that Bet moving out quickly could look suspicious. Eddie sees Marion with Phil and grows jealous. Phil tells Marion he loves her and wants her back. He tells Eddie he wants Marion to break their engagement. Marion doesn't know who to choose. The Faircloughs throw a party. Alf asks Bet to stay on for a while. She agrees. Chalkie is put out to find a party in progress at No. 9 when he calls to do some jobs. He is cross to see people walking food into the carpet. Maggie asks Mike to lend her £3,000. Rita is horrified when Bet moves the party into No. 7. Eddie is upset that Marion won't choose him over Phil. He suggests they call off the enagement to give her more space. She gives him her ring back.moreless
  • Mon 16 Aug, 1982
    Mon 16 Aug, 1982
    Episode 65
    Fred goes off on his holidays at a holiday camp. Annie returns from holidaying with Mrs Taylor Brown. Maggie looks over a lock up shop in Station Road, thinking of buying it. Marion is shocked to see Phil again. The Gazette carries Bet's picture and a report saying that Bet lives rent free with Alf. Alf tells her he was a fool to take her in. Phil tells Marion he's missed her. She tells him she is now Eddie's girl. Chalkie is annoyed to hear the Faircloughs are taking their carpets with them. Marion tells Eddie that she was nearly engaged to Phil. He tells her it makes no difference to him. Bet apologises to Alf, feeling like a cheap tart. He tells her he wants her to leave the flat. Rita sells the carpets to Chalkie for £100. Len decides to throw a farewell party at No. 9 rather than a housewarming at No. 7. Maggie needs £3,000 to open the new shop. Phil tells Marion he wants them to start up again.moreless
  • Wed 11 Aug, 1982
    Wed 11 Aug, 1982
    Episode 64
    Brian gives a body repair job to Frank Skinner. Wainwright, manager of the Luxy is furious that Alf has banned his film. He is interested to discover he has a blonde barmaid living with him. Mrs Chadwick tells Fred the Rover broke down in Wigan. Fred gets Brian to run him over to fetch it back. Wainwright gets the Gazette to call at the shop, in Alf's absence they interview Bet. She tells them how Alf took her in, despite the neighbours gossip, and she doesn't pay rent. Brian manages to repair the Rover for Fred. Ron tells Brian that Skinner is not to be trusted. Annie decides to stay with Mrs Taylor Brown for another day. Marion's boyfriend Phil Moss turns up looking for her.moreless
  • Mon 9 Aug, 1982
    Mon 9 Aug, 1982
    Episode 63
    Brian is nervous on his first day as a boss. Len offers to look after the maintanance of the place in return for van repairs. Alf joins the watch committee and has to clear a blue movie. A competitor calls on Brian and tries to suss him out, he asks him to send any jobs he can't do to him for 10% commission. Alf votes against the showing of the X rated film and it is banned from Weatherfield. Fred panics when he discovers Mrs Chadwick is in Blackpool with the Rover, as Annie is returning in the morning.moreless
  • Wed 4 Aug, 1982
    Wed 4 Aug, 1982
    Episode 62
    Mavis nurses the egg and watches it, waiting for it to hatch. Gail looks over the garage, she thinks it's a dump and isn't keen to put all their money into it. Fred offers Sammy weekly instalments. Sammy demands payment in full as he needs to get a hire car for his wife. Mavis carries the egg around in her bra to keep it warm. She calls in the RSPCA. As Annie is away, Fred hires the Rover out to Sammy for the week to wipe off his debt. The RSPCA man tells Mavis the egg won't hatch but offers to supply a cock bird for her to mate Harriett with. Mavis refuses, worried that Harriett won't like him. Brian and Gail decide to take a chance on the garage. They start advertising Sykes and Tilsley's Garage. Annie shocks Fred by telling him she wants to take the Rover away with her. He tells her the brakes are pulling. She is convinced to take the coach. Fred hands the Rover over to Sammy.moreless
  • Mon 2 Aug, 1982
    Mon 2 Aug, 1982
    Episode 61
    Mavis receives a letter from the Palace thanking her for her jumper. She worries as Harry appears to be unwell. Fred watches horse racing on Annie's TV, putting it on the bar top. Harry lays an egg, Mavis realises he must be a girl. Ron shows Brian round a garage. It has been empty for 15 years and is going cheap. Ron wants to rent it and asks Brian to come into partnership with him, 60-40. Brian is interested. Mavis renames Harry Harriett. Brian will have to invest all his money, £2,000 in the garage to make it a success. Annie is annoyed to find her TV on the bar top. Fred tells her he brought in down for a customer. Eddie tells Mavis that the egg won't hatch unless it's been fertilised. She refuses to believe him and feels it will hatch if kept warm. Sammy Chadwick tells Fred he owes him £85 and he's closing his credit account. He wants repaying in the morning.moreless
  • Wed 28 Jul, 1982
    Wed 28 Jul, 1982
    Episode 60
    Hilda is upset that Maggie and Mike are living together. She accuses Maggie of letting her sex down. Len shows the Barlows round No. 7 and tries to get them to buy it. Deirdre tells him that if they wanted to move they wouldn't want another house in the Street. Len decides No. 7 shouldn't be sold as no one else would appreciate it as much as him. He tells Rita they can move in. Brian keeps out of Ron's way. Hilda tells Mike her morals are offended by Maggie's presence, he shuts her up by offering her an extra £1 a day whilst Maggie is there. Len tells Chalkie he can definitely buy No. 9. Fred owes Bookie Sammy Chadwick money and has to keep betting to pay him back. Ron tells Brian he wants to see him in the morning in Albert St.moreless
  • Mon 26 Jul, 1982
    Mon 26 Jul, 1982
    Episode 59
    Rita reluctantly shows the Slaters around the house, they have a survey carried out. Fred is annoyed when Annie refuses to let him go to the bookies. Ivy is shocked to find Brian still in England. She is thrilled he's staying. Fred gives Mavis £15 and instructions to put a bet on. Ron is furious when Brian tells him he's not returning. Chalkie is horrified to hear No. 9 is no longer for sale. He accuses Chalkie of taking him for a ride. Maggie moves into Mike's flat. Slater's surveyor down values the house at £12,500. Len refuses to lower the price of the house so Slater withdraws from the sale. Fred's horse looses. Ron tells Brian that he's signed a contract for work and the employers aren't going to be pleased. Ron knows he's going to be blamed and tells Brian to return to Quatar.moreless
  • Wed 21 Jul, 1982
    Wed 21 Jul, 1982
    Episode 58
    Frankie leaves Mike £3,000, he decides to give Sylvia £500. Rita points out to Len that after estate agents charges and tax he might as well sell No. 9 instead of No. 7. Len gives in and tells Rita she can have No. 7. Maggie tries to dissuade Mike from giving Sylvia £500. Ivy and Gail throw a farewell party for Brian. Rita tells Chalkie he can buy No. 9. Maggie falls out with flatmate Kathy whose boyfriend is always around. Mr Slater tells Len he'd like to buy No. 7 for £13,750. Len agrees but Rita is horrified. Brian tells Gail he's not going back to Quatar; his family is more important than money. Gail is thrilled. Mike invites Maggie to move in with him. She agrees.moreless
  • Mon 19 Jul, 1982
    Mon 19 Jul, 1982
    Episode 57
    Hilda reads Mike's tea leaves and tells him he's in for some trouble. Brian refuses to believe in Gail's innocence. She makes him see that she and Les kept company as they were both lonely. Rita breaks it to Len that Chalkie wants to buy their house. Len tells Chalkie that No. 9 is not for sale. Rita is furious. Brian upsets Ivy by telling her not to interfere in his marriage.moreless
  • Wed 14 Jul, 1982
    Wed 14 Jul, 1982
    Episode 56
    Brian tells Gail he doesn't like her working amongst all the lorry drivers. Rita tells Chalkie he could buy No. 9 for cheaper than £14,000. He's interested in it for £10,500. Brian gets angry when he overhears pub talk that Gail has been going out with lorry drivers. Chalkie looks round No. 9 and likes it. He tells Rita he'll buy it for £10,000. Rita worries what Len will say. Mike tells Maggie he wants to get married. Les calls on Brian and is confused by Brian's presence. Brian wants to know who he is. Brian goes for him and throws him out, upsetting Gail who swears he's just a friend. Brian accuses Gail of having an affair with Les and tells her that he was unfaithful as well, with a nurse. She slaps his face.moreless
  • Mon 12 Jul, 1982
    Mon 12 Jul, 1982
    Episode 55
    Ivy is adamant she's missed Brian more than Gail has. Chalkie Whitely looks at No. 7 with a view to buying it. Gail is upset that Ivy has taken to day off to welcome Brian home as she wanted to be alone with him. Maggie stops Mike from drowning his sorrows. Brian returns home, he can't believe how much Nicky has grown. Ivy and Gail are delighted. Ivy stops Brian and Gail's passion. Chalkie tells Rita he'd like to buy No. 7. Rita tells him it's £14,000, he thinks it's too expensive. Sharon suggests Rita sells him No. 9. Brian has signed up to return to Qatar for another spell in a couple of weeks. Ivy tells Brian about Nicky going missing and Gail returning to work.moreless
  • Wed 7 Jul, 1982
    Wed 7 Jul, 1982
    Episode 54
    Eddie and Marion spend the night together. Ivy apologises to Gail for thinking she's been unfaithful. Gail tells Ivy she's missing Brian and wants him to return. Hilda guesses that Elsie is away. Stan tells her that Eddie spent the night with Marion. Deirdre celebrates her twenty-seventh birthday. Hilda makes Eddie run up and down stairs to 'invalid Elsie'. Gail asks Les not to call on her anymore. He tells her he likes her company but agrees not to see her again. Mike feels vulnerable now all his family is dead. Maggie tells him he's always got her. Ken buys a weekend trip away in London for Deirdre's birthday. Eddie tells Hilda he's off to Liverpool again so Hilda brings Stan round to spend the evening with Marion. She tells Eddie she knows what he's up to. Eddie maintains they've done nothing to be ashamed of. Ivy tells Gail that Brian is coming home next Monday.moreless
  • Mon 5 Jul, 1982
    Mon 5 Jul, 1982
    Episode 53
    Eddie and Marion plan to spend the night together at No. 11. Mike is upset to hear Frankie has died of a heart attack. Brian writes to Gail telling her he's signed up for another two months. Mike goes to London to organise the funeral, Maggie comforts him. Eddie tells Hilda he's going to Liverpool for the night. Les pesters Gail for a date. Hilda feels sorry for Elsie ill in bed and calls round. Eddie has to hide in the back yard. Ivy calls on Gail and finds Les visiting her.moreless
  • Wed 30 Jun, 1982
    Wed 30 Jun, 1982
    Episode 52
    Gail decides to give up work to look after Nicky, she realises it was her fault in the first place. Alma finds Ken attractive. Gail gives in her notice at the cafe but helps out with the lunchtime rush. Hilda demands that her front door is finished. When Eddie tells her the paint came from the tip she demands the house be repainted, purple. Bet plans a dinner party for Elsie and Rita and gets Alf to do all the cooking whilst she's working. Les asks Gail out for a drink, she says she'll see her around. Elsie tells Marion she's going to see Linda for a couple of days and asks her to tell everyone she's ill. Gail decides to keep working part time.moreless
  • Mon 28 Jun, 1982
    Mon 28 Jun, 1982
    Episode 51
    Alf and Jill search for Nicky. Jill thinks someone has taken him. Ken and Annie organise a search party. Les takes Gail to the Farrier's Arms. Jill innocently tells Ivy that she's lost Nicky. Ivy rushes to tell Gail and is furious to find she's been out with a lad. Elsie takes charge of distraught Gail. Annie fears that Nicky might have fallen down the cellar trap door but Bet finds he's not there. Hilda tries to comfort Ivy. Ivy decides to phone the police and hears Nicky crying in No. 7. Eddie smashes a window to get in and brings Nicky out. Whilst Alf searches for Nicky, someone has nicked £20 worth of cigarettes from the shop. Ivy blames Gail for Nicky's disappearance; she shouldn't be working.moreless
  • Wed 23 Jun, 1982
    Wed 23 Jun, 1982
    Episode 50
    Hilda supervises the painting of No. 13. Gail tries to get out of her date with Les but he persuades her to go for a lunch time drink. Betty tells Bet that Cyril never knew Gordon was hers. Eddie and Stan run out of homemade paint. Betty tells Ted that Gordon wasn't Cyril's son. He half guesses that he's the father and tells her he couldn't live with himself if Gordon was his son. Betty lets him believe he is not Gordon's father. Nicky disappears from Jill's care whilst she's shopping in Alf's shop.moreless
  • Mon 21 Jun, 1982
    Mon 21 Jun, 1982
    Episode 49
    Hilda tells Stan she wants the outside of No. 13 repainted and gives him money to buy a bright colour. Lorry driver Les Charlton fancies Gail but is too shy to flirt with her. Eddie tells Stan he'll get the paint for free from the tip. Gail is upset that Brian has decided to stay in Qatar for another two months. She feels that he doesn't want to come home. Eddie and Stan mix all the different coloured paints together. Betty is shocked when Ted Farrell turns up after thirty-five years. She never thought she'd see him again. Gail employs Jill Mason as a childminder whilst Jackie is away. Ted tells Betty he read about her attack whilst visiting his sister. He tries to explain why he never returned to her after the War. She can't bring herself to tell him that he has a son. Hilda approves of Eddie and Stan's 'Jamaican Sun' paint. Les invites Gail out for a drink. She agrees, deciding to have some fun. Betty tells Annie that she doesn't know if she should tell Ted about Gordon.moreless
  • Wed 16 Jun, 1982
    Wed 16 Jun, 1982
    Episode 48
    Alf is horrified Bet has no flat to return to. He suspects she knew all along that it was going to be demolished. The factory girls make Cleo an official union member. Mike can't believe it. Bet swears to Alf she knew nothing of her flat's demolition. Emily works out the sewing room bonus and tells them they'll each get £10. Mike tells them they'll only get £9 as Cleo has to have an equal share. Bet tries to win Alf's sympathy by pretending to leave but he discovers her bags are empty. He admires her cheek and agrees to her staying in the flat. Rita tells Len she really would like to have No. 7. He promises to put the money they make from No. 7 into a building society and offers to redecorate their bedroom.moreless
  • Mon 14 Jun, 1982
    Mon 14 Jun, 1982
    Episode 47
    Alf is alarmed to hear the neighbours think he is after Bet as a wife. Mike tells the girls he has taken Cleo to be put down. Vera goes to the RSPCA and fetches the cat back. Mavis completes her red white and blue sweater and sends it off to the Palace. Mike tells the girls to get rid of Cleo or he'll drown her. Sharon tries her charms to persaude Len to let them have No. 7. He maintains they can't afford it. Emily suggests to the girls that they make Cleo a Union member so Mike can't get rid of her. Bet discovers her flat, and the whole of Ludlow Ave has been demolished.moreless
  • Wed 9 Jun, 1982
    Wed 9 Jun, 1982
    Episode 46
    Rita and Sharon decide they want No. 7 and set about persuading Len. Ivy persuades Emily to cover up for Cleo spilling the coffee but she is forced to show Mike a coffee stained order sheet and tells him about Cleo. He goes after the cat and is furious when Cleo rips his jacket. Eddie and Marion look round No. 7. They both like it but Marion doesn't want to rush the engagement. Eddie is disappointed. Vera is ill and Jack collects her wages from Emily. Sharon lets it slip to Len that Rita wants No. 7. Len tells her he wants to make a big profit on the house for them both; using the money as a deposit on a nicer house in the country. Rita doesn't believe him. Vera is furious to find Emily has given her wages to Jack. Jack pays off his road tax. Vera goes for Jack with her handbag, providing Street entertainment. Mike takes Cleo to the RSPCA.moreless
  • Mon 7 Jun, 1982
    Mon 7 Jun, 1982
    Episode 45
    Sharon helps Len complete the new house at No. 7. Vera brings a cat into the factory to keep the mice down. She calls her Cleo. Mike is furious to find clawed denim and blames the cat. Eddie tells Len he's interested in buying No. 7. Len tells him it will cost £14,000. Ken warns Deirdre that they could have twins if she becomes pregnant. Jack's car tax is three months overdue, he needs £40 to renew it. Cleo knocks Emily's coffee cup over her accounts. Rita decides she wants No. 7 for herself.moreless
  • Wed 2 Jun, 1982
    Wed 2 Jun, 1982
    Episode 44
    Fred warns Annie that the Rover won't pass its MOT. Bet begs Alf to take her in. The Faircloughs tell Worthington they'd like to foster Sharon long term. Worthington isn't convinced it would be in Sharon's best interest to be with them. He accuses Sharon of forcing the Faircloughs to take her in, and asks her to reconsider. Bet wins Alf round with emotional blackmail, he refuses to charge her rent as she won't be staying for long. Len tells Sharon they really want her to stay. Ken is amazed when Albert encourages him to have another child. Worthington doesn't want the Faircloughs to have Sharon long term as he doesn't feel they're up to it. Rita tells him that Sharon has brought their parental feelings up and they all want to be together. Bet moves into the shop flat. Worthington agrees to let Sharon stay with the Faircloughs as she's nearly eighteen. He tells them all they can never go back on the decision.moreless
  • Mon 31 May, 1982
    Mon 31 May, 1982
    Episode 43
    The Faircloughs love having Sharon back. Sharon refuses to return to the Boltons. Ken wants to spend the Bank Holiday reading but the rest of the family demand a day out. Sharon begs Worthington to let her stay with the Faircloughs; the Boltons are too posh for her and she feels out of place there. Worthington feels she needs a long term home. Eddie makes a book on the date of the Royal birth. Bet's new landlord tells her to vacate her flat whilst he has the roof repaired. The Barlows have a peaceful picnic. Len and Rita decide to apply to have Sharon permanently. Bet asks Alf to rent her the flat for a couple of weeks, he refuses. Ken tells Deirdre that he would like another child. They decide to try for one.moreless
  • Wed 26 May, 1982
    Wed 26 May, 1982
    Episode 42
    Sharon runs away from her long-term foster parents. She tells the Faircloughs she wants to return to them. Hilda is angry and ashamed that she's on a blacklist. Ivy is thrilled to win a ticket to see the Pope in Heaton Park. A customer gives Eddie £5 to take her old suite away. Eddie gets Hilda out of the way for an hour and installs the suite as a surprise. Hilda likes the suite and agrees that payment will be a week's free lodgings for Eddie. Vera discovers Kathy told Mike about the extra £4's and makes her cry by rowing with her. Emily defends Kathy and lays into a surprised Vera. Maggie checks up on Mike before telling him she's interested in going out with him.moreless
  • Mon 24 May, 1982
    Mon 24 May, 1982
    Episode 41
    The Ogdens have £56 towards a new suite. Eddie offers to get them a new suite from a junk shop but Hilda wants one from a store. Mike discovers his wages clerk has overpaid the machinists and is furious. He tells the girls he'll be stopping the money from their wages. Hilda and Stan go to a store and decide to buy a £300 suite on easy terms. Mike asks Emily to work at the factory as his wages clerk. She is delighted to accept. Hilda is horrified when they are refused HP at the store as they are on a credit blacklist. Emily is pleased when Mike says she doesn't have to work in Ernie's old office. Mike is flattered by Maggie's attention as she's got style.moreless
  • Wed 19 May, 1982
    Wed 19 May, 1982
    Episode 40
    Eddie repairs the chair. Maggie causes a stir at the factory by having a look round. The factory girls get another £4 in their pay packets, they don't know if it's a mistake or a bonus. Alf sits on the Ogden's armchair and breaks it. Hilda is ashamed and gets Stan to throw the chair out. Emily looks for a job. The girls decide not to tell Mike about the extra £4 until he finds out. Hilda tells Stan she wants a three piece suite on HP. New girl Kathy thanks Mike for the rise.moreless
  • Mon 17 May, 1982
    Mon 17 May, 1982
    Episode 39
    The factory girls find they have an extra £4 in their wage packets. Eddie breaks the Ogden's old armchair by sitting on it. Maggie calls on Mike with flowers, he is delighted. Eddie and Stan try to repair the chair before Hilda sees it. Hilda returns home to see Eddie sawing up the chair leg. Mike tells Maggie he wants her, she is pleased.moreless
  • Wed 12 May, 1982
    Wed 12 May, 1982
    Episode 38
    Ken tries to explain to Betty why he didn't report Attwood before she was mugged. She doesn't understand him. Len realises he has to replace the joists. Betty returns to the Rovers. She tells Annie she might have to give up the Rovers because of the walk home at night. Fred agrees to drive her home in the Rover every night. Eddie buys Marion a diamond engagement ring. Mike falls for Marion's boss Maggie Dunlop at the engagement party. The McGregor brothers arrive from Liverpool to Eddie's delight. When the party goers fail to leave the Rovers Annie phones the police. Elsie takes everyone back to No. 11. The McGregors roll the piano into the Street. The police arrive and clear the premises.moreless
  • Mon 10 May, 1982
    Mon 10 May, 1982
    Episode 37
    The Building Inspector looks over Len's new house. Hilda returns from visiting Archie to find Eddie engaged. Betty leaves hospital. Ken is horrified that Deirdre has told the police about Attwood, he calls her irresponsible. Deirdre tells him the world is a jungle, he is not living in an ideal world. She says that whoever mugged Betty was an animal and must be stopped. The police tell the Barlows that Deirdre was right; Attwood was the mugger. Eddie and Marion decide to throw an engagement party. Hilda is upset that it's going to be at the Rovers and not No. 13. Eddie wins her round by asking her to act as his stand-in mother. The Inspector tells Len to replace his joists and cavities. Len accuses him of being fussy and refuses to replace the joists. The Inspector threatens to take him to court if he doesn't complymoreless
  • Wed 5 May, 1982
    Wed 5 May, 1982
    Episode 36
    Betty is in Weatherfield General. Bet rushes to her side, Fred is furious that she was a victim. Ivy has told Brian that Gail is back at work. He rings Gail and rows with her. Betty has a broken arm and a battered face. She tried to fight the muggers for her handbag but they kicked her. Eddie is furious to discover Stan didn't pass on Marion's message and she thinks he stood her up. Deirdre visits Betty in hospital and is sickened when Ken still refuses to tell the police about Attwood. Eddie lays into Stan for ruining his chances with Marion. Marion forgives him. Gail refuses to hold the fort at the cafe alone and threatens to walk out when she does. Deirdre tells the police about Attwood's new found wealth. Eddie tells Marion he has been in prison. She tells him it makes no difference to her. He builds up enough courage to suggest they get engaged. She agrees.moreless
  • Mon 3 May, 1982
    Mon 3 May, 1982
    Episode 35
    Ken refuses to tell the police about Attwood's spending. Marion is thrilled that Elsie is taking her in at No. 11. Gail is upset when Alma goes off with a man leaving her alone at the cafe, missing Brian phoning home. Marion moves into No. 11. She tells Elsie that she wanted to move from Mrs Moss' because she was involved with her son. Marion is upset when Eddie goes to the Legion instead of keeping a date with her, arranged via Stan. Betty is mugged whilst walking home at night.moreless
  • Wed 28 Apr, 1982
    Wed 28 Apr, 1982
    Episode 34
    Vera is shocked to find Jack living with the Tilsleys. Marion enjoys being in love with Eddie. Having Jack around depresses the Tilsleys. They decide they don't want to be lumbered with either Jack or Vera and conspire to get them together. Elsie is surprised that Marion is such a nice person. Bert and Ivy get Vera and Jack together for their teas. Ivy tells them that their marriage is worth fighting for. Deirdre is suspicious of Ray Attwood as he throws money about. Jack and Vera refuse to be reconciled and insult each other. Ivy tries to do some marriage guidance on them. She tries to find out why Jack felt the need to flirt with Bet. Ivy tells Vera and jack they both want attention and they need each other. She urges them to work at their marriage and not neglect each other. Jack and Vera are reconciled. Deirdre tells Ken about Attwood's spendings and asks him to tell the police. Ken refuses to get involved.moreless
  • Mon 26 Apr, 1982
    Mon 26 Apr, 1982
    Episode 33
    Jack sleeps rough and pesters Bet to take him in, she refuses. The residents are upset by a spate of muggings in the area. Marion's rent is put up, she feels she can't afford it. Vera gives Bet Jack's dirty washing. Bet tells her she hasn't got Jack and has never had him. She advises her to look on the Council tip. Jack dumps himself on Bert. Eddie asks Stan if Marion can lodge with them in Hilda's absence but Stan refuses, saying it will offend Hilda's morals. The police ask Ken to keep an eye open at the Centre as the local muggers are youngsters. The police expect that the muggers will flash money about. Ken is reluctant to spy on the kids. Ivy is horrified to find Bert has taken Jack in.moreless
  • Wed 21 Apr, 1982
    Wed 21 Apr, 1982
    Episode 32
    Jackie looks after Nicky as Gail returns to work at the cafe. Bet enjoyed her night out with Jack and is keen to continue seeing him so long as no one finds out. Vera tells Bet she had a great night out with Vic. When Jack tackles Vera about her whereabouts she tells him she was with Bet, he tells her she's a liar; he spent the evening with Bet. Ivy is furious to find Gail working in the cafe and tells her she has no need to as Brian is sending lots of money home. Vera goes for Bet in the Rovers, accusing her of having a joke at her expense. Bet calls her a hypocrite. Vera tells Bet to get back to the gutter. Annie throws Vera out and blames Bet for attracting the row. Bet tells Jack he's daft for telling Vera about them, she refuses to see him anymore. Vera dumps Jack's clothes on the Rover's bar and tells him she's throwing him out.moreless
  • Mon 19 Apr, 1982
    Mon 19 Apr, 1982
    Episode 31
    Alma Sedgewick looks for an assistant again. Marion cooks for Eddie and Stan as Hilda is away. Jack is pleased to spend the day with Bet, having her pamper him. Bet tells Jack she's tired of just seeing him in her flat and wants him to take her out or she wants them to finish. Gail decides to lower her standards and asks Alma for her job back. Alma is delighted but Gail refuses to start work until the terms are favourable. Jack tells Vera he's going to the Legion with Bert. Vera asks Bet to be her alibi for the night as she's going out with Vic. Eddie tries to tell Marion he loves her but can't put it into words. Jack takes Bet to a pub in Stockport and tells her he really fancies her and wants to spend more time with her.moreless
  • Wed 14 Apr, 1982
    Wed 14 Apr, 1982
    Episode 30
    Mavis dreams of going on a cruise with Derek. Gail lands a job interview on her birthday. Jack pesters Bet but she's too tired to see him off. Gail has to type a test letter, the interviewer tells her she is very impressed with her letter of application however Gail's test letter is awful and she admits that a friend typed the application letter. The interviewer accuses her of wasting her time. Jack tries to get Bet into bed. She's put off because he's married. He tells her they'll be good together and she gives in to his advances. Gail tries to explain to Ivy why she needs to get out of the house but Ivy tells her she ought to put Nicky first. Gail tells her it's none of her business. Mavis tells Derek she's delighted about the cruise, she is horrified when he tells her it's his sister he's taking. He gave her the brochures as he valued her opinion. She throws the brochures at him. Vera tells Bet she's going out with her fancy man Vic.moreless
  • Mon 12 Apr, 1982
    Mon 12 Apr, 1982
    Episode 29
    Gail asks Mike if he can help her find an office job. Rita tricks Mavis into talking to Derek on the phone. She apologises to him about his mother and agrees to go for a drink with him. Jack surprises Bet by telling her he fancies her. Derek is looking forward to moving in with his sister. Bet cooks lunch for Jack and realises he's after refuge from Vera. Ivy is annoyed to hear Gail is job hunting. Bert tells Ivy not to interfere. Mavis asks Derek to look at some cruise brochures for him. Jackie types Gail an interview letter for a job as her typing is better than Gail's. Gail is determined to get a job.moreless
  • Wed 7 Apr, 1982
    Wed 7 Apr, 1982
    Episode 28
    Mavis celebrates her forty-fifth birthday. The Faircloughs give her an expensive watch. Gail is thrilled when Brian phones up. She asks him why he went to Cairo instead of coming home. He tells her how much it would have cost him to come home and she understands. Alec recognises the wheels as his old ones that were stolen and refuses to pay for them, threatening to bring the police in. Eddie threatens him but Alec tells him he's a Judo expert. Derek turns up with flowers for Mavis and invites her out for a drink. She refuses and tells him to go back to his mother. She feels awful when he tells her his mother is dead. The scrap man refuses to give Eddie his £36 back and thumps him. Alec sets off to the Lake District. Betty is sad to see him go. Gail considers getting a job.moreless
  • Mon 5 Apr, 1982
    Mon 5 Apr, 1982
    Episode 27
    Len takes Audrey on at the Kabin as Rita is visiting Sam in Blackpool. Derek is promoted and sends Mavis his love via one of his salesmen. Len is sad Sharon has been replaced. The police tell Alec to move his van or be fined £25. He can't move it as he still hasn't any wheels. Eddie offers to sort out some wheels for Alec. He buys some for £36. Bert babysits so Jackie and Gail can go to a disco. Mavis knits a jumper for Princess Diana's baby. Brian phones home, Bert tells him Gail in out. Eddie offers Alec the wheels for £50.moreless
  • Wed 31 Mar, 1982
    Wed 31 Mar, 1982
    Episode 26
    Len refuses to let Sharon take Steve up to her bedroom. Sharon accuses him of spoiling all her fun. Len throws Steve out, telling him she can't see him again. Hilda makes Stan wear a suit when Marion comes to tea. Worthington finds a more permanent home. Sharon thinks the Faircloughs don't want her anymore because of Steve. Gail goes out on the town; if Brian can, so can she.moreless
  • Mon 29 Mar, 1982
    Mon 29 Mar, 1982
    Episode 25
    Sharon convinces Len she wasn't getting up to anything at the party. He tells her he thinks Steve is too old for her. Hilda doesn't like Eddie staying out late at night with Marion. Eddie thinks he's in love. Gail is upset that Brian preferred to be in Cairo than with her. She gets upset when Ivy goes on about how wonderful Brian is and tells her about Brian living it up in Cairo. Eddie tells Hilda his relationship is suffering as he hasn't got a place to court Marion. She tells him he can court at No. 13. Len doesn't trust Steve and is amazed when Sharon considers going on the Pill. She asks Len to trust her; she knows what Steve wants from her. Hilda decides she wants to get to know Marion better and invites her for Sunday tea. Eddie is horrified.moreless
  • Wed 24 Mar, 1982
    Wed 24 Mar, 1982
    Episode 24
    The Faircloughs buy Sharon some earrings and a tool kit for her birthday. The wheels are nicked off Alec's van whilst he sleeps in it. Ron reveals Brian is homesick and didn't want to come home as he's getting settled and doesn't want to be disturbed again. Gail has a phone installed at the house. Len and Rita spoil Sharon's party by their presence. Sharon convinces them to leave them to it. Ron tells Gail that Brian is missing her but couldn't get leave. Sharon is pleased when Steve Dunthorpe tells her he fancies her. She is annoyed when her brother Wayne turns up and starts causing trouble. Betty offers Alec the £40 back so he can get some new wheels, he accepts. When Wayne starts a fight with Steve, Sharon gets Len to return and sort Wayne out. Alec agrees to stay with Betty until his van is repaired. When all the guests are gone, Steve tries to get Sharon upstairs. Len throws him out, upsetting Sharon. Gail phones Brian and discovers he's in Cairo on leave.moreless
  • Mon 22 Mar, 1982
    Mon 22 Mar, 1982
    Episode 23
    Rita and Len decide to throw a party for Sharon's 17th birthday as she's never had a party before. Gail is upset that she hasn't heard from Brian for a while. Ron returns home on leave. Alec returns, Betty is thrilled to see him. He gives her her £40 back. Elsie is sad she's finished with Wilf. Betty hopes Alec will move back in with her but he wants to live in his van. Sharon is thrilled that she can have a party for her friends. Len has misgivings. Ivy hears Ron is back. She and Gail are upset that Brian didn't return with himmoreless
  • Wed 17 Mar, 1982
    Wed 17 Mar, 1982
    Episode 22
    Fred tarts himself up for his massage. Elsie uses her state of Coventry to insult the other girls as they can't reply. Annie thinks it's wonderful that Fred is expecting a Swedish massage. Bet and Annie try not to laugh as Nipper Harris sets upon Fred. Wilf threatens to resign unless the order is reinstated. Nipper tells Annie there's nothing wrong with Fred after he's pulled him all over the bed. Elsie tricks Vera into speaking to her. The mood is broken to everyone's delight. Fred tells Annie that Nipper has put him back weeks. Annie tells him that he'd have to give up the Rovers if he's got a suspect back. Webster calls Wilf's bluff and accepts his resignation. He plans to make a new start and asks Elsie to take him in, she refuses; she can't make a big commitment to him. Fred returns to work.moreless
  • Mon 15 Mar, 1982
    Mon 15 Mar, 1982
    Episode 21
    Ivy and the girls decide not to speak to Elsie. Elsie is amused that the girls are playing childish games. She carries on talking as usual, telling them about her date with Wilf and singing at the top of her voice, driving the other women mad. Eddie finds out for Fred that he can claim on Annie's insurance. Mike is furious to discover Elsie has been sent to Coventry, he tells the girls it has to stop. They refuse. Elsie tells Mike she doesn't care, she can cope. Annie returns home to find Fred in bed and Eddie working as pot man. Fred tells her the cellar steps are in bad repair and he could sue. Annie determines to find out if he's really ill or not, she calls in the Rugby Club back specialist. Bet tells Fred that Annie has arranged for him to have a Swedish massage. Wilf refuses to let Elsie carry the blame for his mistake and says he's see Webster about getting the order back.moreless
  • Wed 10 Mar, 1982
    Wed 10 Mar, 1982
    Episode 20
    Fred's back is better but he decides to make the most of the attention he's getting and stays in bed. Ivy and the girls feel sure Dot Stockwell has had the Websters order cancelled. Mike puts them all back on a three day week. Vera tells Elsie she's to blame, Elsie tells the girls she doesn't care what they think. Eddie helps out behind the bar as Bet and Betty can't cope with the cellar. Sharon has a great time with Len pulling out a boiler. Len finds she's too much for him and can't wait for her to be taken home. Eddie tells Fred he could claim compensation for falling down the steps. Vera tells Ivy they should send Elsie to Coventry.moreless
  • Mon 8 Mar, 1982
    Mon 8 Mar, 1982
    Episode 19
    Sharon refuses to work at the Kabin and persuades Len to take her on at the Yard. Ivy is put out that Brian has written to Gail but not her. Betty finds Fred unconscious at the bottom of the cellar steps. Eddie and Mike carry him up, he regains consciousness but suffers back pains. He fell down the stairs. Betty calls for an ambulance. Sharon surprises Len with her carpentry skills. Websters cancel their order with Mike. Mike realises that Dot Stockwell has put the boot in and using her influence to damage Mike and Elsie. He lays into Elsie, she tells him to get off her back. Fred is taken to hospital for an X ray. He is signed off work with a bad back and is told to go to bed until it's better. Mike tells the girls they could be on a three-day week soon because Websters have cancelled the order. Ivy realises Elsie has caused trouble.moreless
  • Wed 3 Mar, 1982
    Wed 3 Mar, 1982
    Episode 18
    Eddie fears Marion will drop him when he tells her the truth. Sharon spends the day organising the records at the Kabin and is thoroughly bored. Eddie entertains Marion to a meal at the flat and tells her she means a lot to him. She tells him she doesn't want to see him again as he's too rich for her and the flat makes him feel uncomfortable. He thinks it's hysterical and tells her the truth about his life. She tells him she'll still go out with him if he's telling her the truth. Gail buys a new dress with some of the money Brian has sent home, Ivy isn't impressed. Sharon goes out with a girlfriend but refuses to tell the Fairclough where she's going. Rita wins her round by doing her makeup to make her look less tarty. Eddie gets Fred to insult him to prove to Marion he's only a grotty binman. She is delighted. Elsie refuses to commit herself with Wilf.moreless
  • Mon 1 Mar, 1982
    Mon 1 Mar, 1982
    Episode 17
    Mike finds a letter to Eddie amongst his mail. He realises Eddie has been using his flat as a love nest. He tackles Hilda, she swears she hasn't helped Eddie. Donald Worthington asks Rita to take in a 16 year old girl for a few days. She agrees as it's an emergency. Sharon Gaskell moves in. Mike tackles Eddie, he tells Mike about his copied key. Mike threatens to bring the police in. Eddie tells him he's got nothing to offer a woman and used to flat to impress Marion. Mike agrees not to tell the police, feeling sorry for him. Eddie asks Mike if he could tell Marion the truth in the flat, Mike admires his cheek and agrees. Jackie and Gail go out for the evening. Jackie's husband Jeff babysits. Len finds Sharon at No. 9 who introduces herself as his new foster daughter. Sharon enjoys having a room of her own. Len enjoys Sharon's spirit. Ivy calls on Gail to find Jeff babysitting. She is furious that Gail is on the town.moreless
  • Wed 24 Feb, 1982
    Wed 24 Feb, 1982
    Episode 16
    Mike warns Elsie that Dot is on the warpath. Dot stops production and asks Ivy who Wilf has been sleeping with. Elsie owns up, Dot tells her to stay away from Wilf. Elsie refuses to listen to Dot's threats and tells her it's clear why he left her. Dot feels sure Wilf will return to her if Elsie finishes with him. Jackie persuades Gail to come out with her and the girls. Eddie entertains Marion at Mike's flat again, drinking all Mike's brandy. Marion tells Eddie she'd like to stay the night with him. Elsie tells Wilf to sort Dot out. He doesn't mind facing a big divorce settlement if he can have happiness with Elsie.moreless
  • Mon 22 Feb, 1982
    Mon 22 Feb, 1982
    Episode 15
    Gail meets her new neighbour Jackie. Hilda calls herself 'Shady Lady' and uses Eddie's CB. She finds it fascinating. She contacts 'Tricky Mickey' who tells her he wants an eyeball. Mike receives a phonecall from Stardust Lil, who got his number when she was at the flat. Gail enjoys being with Jackie. Mike tells Hilda about Stardust. She realises Eddie has been meddling with her keys. Wilf wants to see Elsie but she tells him to stay away for a few days. Len warns him not to hurt Elsie. Hilda tells Eddie to stay away from Mike's flat. Eddie has copies made of the keys to Mike's flat. Dot Stockwell calls on Mike and tells him she wants to know the name of Wilf's mistress.moreless
  • Wed 17 Feb, 1982
    Wed 17 Feb, 1982
    Episode 14
    Eddie meets up with Stardust Lil at Mike's flat. Wilf Stockwell confirms that he has left his wife. Hilda thinks Alf has given her the card - but then is corrected by Alf. Deirdre confirms her wishes to have a baby.
  • Mon 15 Feb, 1982
    Mon 15 Feb, 1982
    Episode 13
    Alf finds the card and realises he forgot to post it. He pushes it through No. 13's door. Eddie's 'Slim Jim' contacts 'Stardust Lil' on the CB. Hilda finds her Valentine and hides it from Stan. Deirdre is cool towards Ken. Hilda thinks she's got a secret admirer, Stan says he sent it but she refuses to believe him as he's never sent her one before. Eddie spends the day talking to Stardust Lil. He tells her he's a business man. She is impressed by him. He asks her for a date, she agrees. Hilda dresses up in case her admirer makes himself known to her. Wilf turns up to see Elsie. She worries that he's left home. He tells her that he would never leave Dot for her. She feels better when he tells her his marriage has been wrecked for a long time, now he wants a bit of happiness. Eddie decides he'll nick Hilda's keys to Mike's flat to entertain Lil.moreless
  • Wed 10 Feb, 1982
    Wed 10 Feb, 1982
    Episode 12
    Ken tells Deirdre it wouldn't be practical for them to have a baby. When she persues the subject, Ken stuns Deirdre by telling her he does not want another child. Stan feels guilty for not remembering Hilda's birthday and buys her a Valentine. Deirdre accuses Ken of marrying her under false pretences, as he'd agreed to have a child before they married. He feels he's too old to be a father again. She tells him she feels cheated. Stan gets Alf to write the Valentine and asks him to post it through the door on the day, so Hilda won't know its from him. Wilf tells Elsie he wants to leave his wife.moreless
  • Mon 8 Feb, 1982
    Mon 8 Feb, 1982
    Episode 11
    Fred dry cleans Alf's suit. Elsie worries that Wilf is taking her for granted as his 'Manchester tart'. Betty misses Alec. Fred is shocked when a barmaid turns up saying he offered her a job at the dance. Ken is put out when Deirdre tells him she wants a baby. He refuses to discuss the matter. Deirdre grows frustrated. Wilf tells Elsie that he's very fond of her and misses her when he doesn't see her. She is pleased.moreless
  • Wed 3 Feb, 1982
    Wed 3 Feb, 1982
    Episode 10
    Gail is flattered when Alec flirts with her. Hilda gives Stan money to buy her a birthday present and give it to her in the Rovers. Fred goes for a test drive in a Rover Limo, witnessed by Annie. He tells the salesman he'll be in touch. Alec needs another £40 to get his van back. Betty lends him the money. Gail gets fed up with Ivy calling all the time, bossing her about. Fred returns Alf's dinner suit in a terrible state. Alf insists he cleans it. Deirdre wants another child but fears Ken doesn't want one.moreless
  • Mon 1 Feb, 1982
    Mon 1 Feb, 1982
    Episode 9
    Fred enjoyed his evening, dancing with Sarah Ridley. He can't remember where he left the Rovers. Betty thinks it's a shame that Alec has to move on. Brian leaves for Qatar. Annie is furious about Fred's exhibition at the Dance. Gail refuses to sit around moping whilst Brian is away. Fred finds the Rover where he left it at the hotel. A space invader machine is delivered to the Rovers, ordered by Fred at the Dance. Annie is furious. Fred can't remember ordering the machine. Alec can't afford the repairs for the van. The mechanic refuses to release the van until he's paid. Annie insists the space invader is removed. Fred discovers that he's ordered a Rovers Limo at the Dance.moreless
  • Wed 27 Jan, 1982
    Wed 27 Jan, 1982
    Episode 8
    Bert starts work at Longshaws. Chairman of the LVs, Gerald Bannister agrees to escort Annie to the party. Ron tells Brian he needs his decision on Quatar as soon as possible. Brian is keen but needs to convince Gail. Annie orders Fred to chauffeur Bannister and her to the party. Vera gets an electric shock from her sewing machine after Alec has mended it. Mike takes her to hospital for a check up. Mike tells Alec he's not paying for his work and won't employ him again. The hospital clears Vera. She considers suing Mike. Bannister backs out of the dance at the last minute. Fred borrows Alf's dinner suit and Annie is forced to take him with her. Gail realises Brian will have to go to Quatar and puts a brave face on the situation.moreless
  • Mon 25 Jan, 1982
    Mon 25 Jan, 1982
    Episode 7
    Bert goes to court for non-declaration of earnings. He pleads guilty. Ivy attends court with him. Alec works at the factory, repairing the sewing machines. Annie buys an expensive tea-service for Gordon. She is stunned that Gordon has already married. Bert is given £90 in fines and has to repay £200 dole. Ron tells Brian that he's having to sell the garage and sack him. He's landed a contract in Quatar in the Gulf States to service government departments' motor fleet. He offers Brian a job, telling him the money will be very good. Annie is stunned when Fred offers his services as escort to her. She tells him she has someone else lined up. Brian tells Gail that he's going to lose his job and wants to go to Quatar for six months. She is stunned.moreless
  • Wed 20 Jan, 1982
    Wed 20 Jan, 1982
    Episode 6
    Betty enjoys looking after Alec but begins to wonder if he's taking her for granted when he repairs his van on her drive. Annie and Betty go to Altrincham to buy outfits for Gordon's wedding. Emily still decides to buy the hospital bed and tells Mrs Swain that she deserves the £2,000. Emily gives her a cheque. Mike asks Alec to do some industrial repairs at the factory. Gordon phones Betty and tells her he and Caroline have got married in a registry office. She is upset. Fred decides that he should escort Annie to the brewery dance, with the hope that he can chat up Sarah Ridley.moreless
  • Mon 18 Jan, 1982
    Mon 18 Jan, 1982
    Episode 5
    Annie is invited to the 200th anniversary party of Newton & Ridley. Alec's van breaks down. Margaret Swain calls on Emily, she tells Emily how Arnold ran out on her after their honeymoon. Emily is appalled that all Arnold told her about his unhappy marriage was lies and that he took her on honeymoon to the same hotel where he took Margaret. Annie has difficulty in finding an escort to the party. Margaret Swain tells Emily that Arnold left her nothing in his will and thinks it unfair that Emily inherited £2,000. Emily feels sorry for her. Betty takes pity on Alec and takes him in.moreless
  • Wed 13 Jan, 1982
    Wed 13 Jan, 1982
    Episode 4
    Mike stops the three day week and starts a four day week. Ivy feels Bert should tell Longshaws he has to attend a funeral but Bert wants to tell the truth. When Alec disappears with her teasmade and toaster, Annie calls the police. She feels awful when Alec returns and has to cancel her complaint. Ivy is furious that Bert is going to risk his job by telling the truth about the court case. Gordon tells Betty she can bring Annie to the wedding, Betty tells him she will if Caroline agrees. Bert tells Longshaws about his court case. They tell him that if they'd known about the case they wouldn't have employed him. Caroline tells Betty she must bring Annie. She tells Gordon she's not surprised the Rovers aren't bringing a chara. Longshaws admire Bert's honesty and keep him on. Gordon and Caroline return to London. Betty worries that he's making a mistake marrying Caroline.moreless
  • Mon 11 Jan, 1982
    Mon 11 Jan, 1982
    Episode 3
    Alec Hobson advertises for business in the Street, camping out in his van. Bert gets a job interview as warehouse man, but the job has been filled when he gets there. Gordon turns up to see Betty. He tells her he's getting married. Len tells Bert Longshaws Foundry are taking on fitters. Betty takes a shine to Gordon's fiancée Caroline. Bert is taken on at Longshaws, he can't believe it. He discovers his first day at work clashes with his court appearance.moreless
  • Wed 6 Jan, 1982
    Wed 6 Jan, 1982
    Episode 2
    Fred tries to forget all about Eunice. Wilf gives Mike the order. Frankie feels sure Sylvia and Mike spent the night together. Mike tells him he's being stupid. Elsie cooks Wilf lunch at No. 11. She tells him his wife is checking up on him. Emily gives Ken a cheque for £1,200 for a trampoline. She wants to use the other £800 to buy a bed at the hospital in Ernie's name. Mike gives Frankie £500 to clear him. Gordon rings Betty, saying he's coming to visit her.moreless
  • Mon 4 Jan, 1982
    Mon 4 Jan, 1982
    Episode 1
    The girls grill Elsie about her night out. She swears nothing happened between Wilf and her. Vera wants to tell Frankie that Sylvia went out with Mike but Elsie warns her off. Frankie tells Mike the tax man wants £500 off him. Mike refuses to give him any money. Frankie hears that Mike and Sylvia spent the evening together. He is upset that they didn't tell him. They assure him it was an innocent evening. Deirdre urges Emily to spend the money and forget it. Ken tells her he needs a trampoline for the kids at the Centre. She thinks it's a brilliant idea. Wilf takes Elsie to the Rovers. Mike tells her to keep away from Wilf as his wife could cause trouble. She refuses to listen - she likes Wilf.moreless
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